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Question: My wife shows her strength by lifting and carrying me and wrestling me. Is there anyone who wants to share his experience
Created by: ajaykanda at 08:59:54 AM, Tuesday, July 21, 2009 EDT


Awhile back, I had a very large, very strong girlfriend. She was 5'1" and 190 lbs while I was 6'0" and 140 lbs. I had a barbell set. One day, while she and I were in my apartment, I found out just how strong she was after she outlifted me. I was STUNNED!!! I was a tall guy and I was outlifted by a short girl but I realized that she was way bigger than I was with bigger muscles than mine. Still, I felt really funny (but also really turned on!!!) after she outlifted me. Several weeks later, while she and I were in her apartment, she lifted me up and then she walked while she was carrying me in her arms the same way that a groom carries his bride "over the threshhold" right after the wedding. I lacked the strength to do the same to her. In fact, I couldn't even pick her up, much less carry her in my arms. She never noticed that while she was carrying me in her arms, I WAS GETTING A HUGE ERECTION!!!

AnonymousJul 26 2009 12:50pm

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