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Best Sport???

Question: Which one of the following sports is the best?
Created by: sportzgurl at 02:01:45 PM, Sunday, June 25, 2000 PDT



pro hoSep 04 2000 8:19am

laccross is the best sport once you play it. iT has double its players in half a year. Laccorss is aswome

pappaAug 20 2001 6:48pm

a rugged rugerJan 27 2002 9:56pm

a rugged rugger (mispelled it last time)Jan 27 2002 9:56pm
i choose other because boarding kicks ass!

DisturBedGrL 086Jan 02 2004 12:28am

twirlerAug 29 2004 10:58am
yeah, baton twoirling!!!!

AnonymousSep 24 2004 7:02am
loccross is competitive!

chadalacNov 02 2004 11:21am

bobNov 02 2004 11:22am
RUGBY OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnonymousDec 19 2004 12:15pm
Rugby and baton twirling

AnonymousDec 20 2004 11:48am
Netball does it for me, at least the short skirts do

AnonymousFeb 23 2005 1:11am

AnonymousMar 12 2005 3:09pm
You baton twirling supporters are being very silly. Now stop it at once!

Concerned of HampshireMar 13 2005 12:24am

lolMay 05 2005 9:40am
Im all Volleyball

sportyNov 24 2005 3:20pm
baton twirling!!!!!!!!!!

AnonymousNov 20 2006 11:36am
I enjoy playing football i find it really fun! Too play and watch

HeygabehereJul 14 2013 12:11pm
Basketball ;3

KαγlαJan 02 2014 9:27pm
Vive l'accent du Sud !!! Normal je suis Toulousain ! ... he9las maintenant que je suis en alscae, j'ai tendance e0 prendre un peu l'accent local, argh ^^Tigamer : hey moi aussi j'ai un hamster ! je pensais le mettre aussi dans la chaeene mais on va m'accuser de plagiat maintenant ! lolA propos de la chaeene, je suis e0 la bourre mais je devrais m'y mettre sous peu si tout va bien ;o)

9bxcEhmkEAkKMay 10 2014 2:16pm
Football, proper football which dumb yanks call soccer because they couldn't come up with a name for their American girly rugby which they stupidly call football. I mean the foot hardly ever touches the (rugby) ball.

Scouse supremoMay 20 2014 11:50am

JLafferMay 21 2014 5:07pm
RfiDeh Well I definitely enjoyed studying it. This subject provided by you is very practical for proper planning.

sqliYNJxUcZDec 21 2014 11:59am
cricket is best football,baseball and other games sucks.

David steynMar 22 2015 5:49am
I’m fascinated to female bodybuilder too. I love to see there muscles and strength and again and again i see that they lift much more than most men. I have seen how much wight a female bodybuilder shoulder press, bench press, curl or squat and i mean i could use nearly the same but wrong, i‘m much to weak i can press a curl partially not more than the half weight.

HenniDec 17 2018 2:22pm
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BldztncayHXWlVABlOct 18 12:37pm
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