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Will there ever be televised cage fights between big strong women and small weak men?

Question: In the future will there be extreme cage fights between big strong women and very small weak men available on pay per view?
Created by: dafuturist at 06:01:49 AM, Friday, July 24, 2009 PDT


Yes!!! I believe when there is a great enough demand for a big strong woman vs a small weak man caged fight, they will televise those matches because it is all about INTENSE EROTICISM!!! Caged matches between large and small (in this case, between a large woman and a small man), are all about SEXUAL AROUSAL FOR ALL OF THE PAYING SPECTATORS -- BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE ARENA!!! I would like to see ALL big strong women vs small weak men caged bouts but because I am a very tall, small and weak man, I would especially like to see a very short, big strong woman and a very tall, small weak man battlng each other even though the outcome (in her favor) is obvious. I would like to see how, inside a fighting cage, with the two of them standing in front of each other, there would be, for him, NOWHERE TO RUN AND NOWHERE TO HIDE!!! That alone would be enough to get me turned on. Her mouth being level with his breasts would enable her to look straight ahead while she sucks his nipples, making him become sexually aroused and rendering him even weaker than he was before which would make him easier prey for her imminent fierce onslaught, thereby hastening her inevitable victory over him. By this time, I would already be getting A HUGE ERECTION!!! Then she would grab him, pick him up and then she would throw him across the ring where he would go flying and then crash right up against the side of the cage. Finally (she would still go to work on him even more afterward), he would plunge helplessly down onto the canvas. By this time, I would not be alone in my sexual arousal. The entire crowd of arena spectators (and also TV viewers at home), already on their feet, would be IN TOTAL HEAT!!! The female spectators would be ALL WET AND JUICY while watching him being tossed around like a ragdoll by his short female opponent (the "weaker sex") while the male spectators, watching her tossing her tall male opponent (the "stronger sex") around like a ragdoll, would desperately be trying to control THEIR HUGE ERECTIONS!!! And then, while that very tall, tiny, weak little man in that cage lay helplessly on the canvas at the mercy of his much larger (although much shorter) female opponent, that big monster of a lady would grab him from the canvas, swing him up over her shoulders (PAST HER HUGE, SUCCULENT BREASTS!!!) and then she would push him right up over her head. Finally (this is where she would actually finish him off), she would slam him down hard onto the canvas with the force of an earthquake. Then she would go in for the easy pin. For that most unfortunate tall, tiny, small and weak man (just like that classic closing caption of a movie), it would be: **THE_END**!!!

A would-be AROUSED spectator of a strong female vs a weak maleJul 24 2009 5:56pm

There was a science fiction short story written forty or fifty years ago by a British author where that was an element of his futuristic society and a minor element in the plot. I will see if I can find the name and author and post it here.

obedient husbandJul 24 2009 7:52pm
It should be like back in rome. Arena fights! The woman should kill the weaker man at the end like a gladiator.

UzamAug 04 2009 11:01am
Uzam, great idea, she would look to the crowd, slice off his balls, then his dick. Shoved it down his throat, then dispose of him by her own way. Of course the arena would be filled with only women, with the naked males lined up with their straining hard c*cks pointing upward. Their full balls hanging low in their sacks. Knowing their fate is only hrs away.

AnonymousAug 05 2009 11:27am
You people need help.

an intelligent life formAug 06 2009 3:35pm
Anonymous you are very very sick! The world would be safer without YOU, forget about eliminating males.

10024Aug 06 2009 7:18pm
The story was Coming Attraction by Fritz Leiber and I do not think Leiber was actually British but the story was told from the viewpoint of a Britisher visiting a future America. The Big Woman wrestling a small man was only a minor element.

obedient husbandAug 14 2009 8:15pm
Anonymous, You are one SICK puppy!

JackSep 10 2009 11:19pm
Anonymous, how wet did you get, coming up with that S.H.I.T???

AnonymousSep 10 2009 11:21pm
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UpdateSep 10 2009 11:22pm

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