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PENIS OR VAGINA? Which one is superior to the other?

Question: We know all about PENIS ENVY and VAGINA WORSHIP which leads to the ultimate question: WHICH ONE IS SUPERIOR TO THE OTHER?
Created by: A NON-SUPERIOR at 04:47:22 PM, Sunday, July 26, 2009 PDT


What good is a penis?

AnonymousJul 27 2009 5:27am

I wish, EVEN FOR ONLY ONE DAY, that I could have a vagina (along with a clitoris for maximum pleasure!!!) so that I could know what it feels like to TRAP members of the opposite sex who would then fall easy prey to my insatiable lust just as that most unfortunate fly falls easy prey after becoming TRAPPED inside a Venus's Fly Trap. HOW LUCKY WOMEN ARE!!!

A MAN WITHOUT A VAGINA (who is also deprived of a clitoris)Jul 27 2009 12:24pm
I voted neither, for they're both needed to make babies.

an intelligent life formAug 01 2009 2:15pm
Of course the vagina is more powerful than penis. Let?s look at what happens when a penis is taken by a vagina. During intercourse, it is the vagina that engulfs the erect penis. From that moment on, the mans erection is on a journey that can only end in defeat. The penis from the start, it is in turn, devoured, manipulated, massaged and finally forced to surrender its sperm. The penis then collapses into a state of flaccid defeat. The male orgasm, although pathetic compared to a woman?s, nevertheless leaves a man weak and unable to perform any further. In sport, boxing for example, women were sometimes sent to seduce a contestant before a contest, to weaken him. Mens? repressed awareness of female sexual superiority has been at the root of misogyny throughout history. All of the patriarchal religions reflect this fear in their efforts to deny any expression female sexuality.

AlanAug 03 2009 10:55am
Well said, alan

AnonymousAug 03 2009 12:38pm
Now, Alan, don't be so defeatist, why else do you think it's called "that sweet surrender"? Because that's exactly what it is. Even though she wins, and he loses, THEY BOTH WIN! It's a win-win for all, this nullifies the defeat.

an intelligent life formAug 03 2009 3:28pm
I think that is a healthy way to look at it. Although I'm not sure "win-win" necessarily nullifies the defeat. Anyway, "sweet surrender" I like that description.

AlanAug 04 2009 12:51pm
Anonymous, thank you very much for that detailed information. Just about says it all.

AlanAug 05 2009 10:46am
This question makes no sense, because nobody can choose which one they have.

AnonymousAug 06 2009 7:15pm
Of course no one can chose which one they have. But how does that mean the question makes no sense? That statement is what makes no sense. It may be difficult for males to accept, but contrary to what women have been told for centuries, and contrary to what Women for generations have actually been forced to accept, it is the Female who is superior to the male, especially when it comes to Her genitals.

AnonymousAug 09 2009 3:16pm
I don't care who may be superior to whom. All I care about is when a woman wants me to caress or suck her firmly-erect glans clitoris or penetrate her muscular vagina with my hydraulic penis, HER WISH IS ALWAYS MY COMMAND!!!

a SLAVE of a woman's desires!!!Aug 09 2009 11:48pm
Penis envy is a myth. Freud came up with the idea of penis envy because the fact that so many men actually have vagina envy was too troubling in a patriarchal society. So 'penis envy' was' invented in order to draw attention away from the truth. Males are far more likely to want to become women than the other way around. Male-to -female sex changes are more and more common, but fem-to-male sex changes are relatively rare. Most women are not at all turned on by the sight of a penis, in fact most women find penises either silly looking or disgusting. Males can't seem to get enough of the vagina, however. Women don't spend huge sums of money buying porn so they can look at penises. Men - as we all know - are fascinated by female sex organs so much that they go into debt to satisfy their obsessions.

AnonymousAug 16 2009 10:45am
Vagina is a muscle that can be trained. If trained it can get very strong. most women don't train the vagina muscles but if they would I guess they could make men beg for mercy.

marfamApr 07 2010 11:20am
It is the clitoris that packs the real punch and last time I looked between my legs, we unfortunate boys do not have one ! Infact the clit is the only human organ who's sole purpose is orgasm! Or should I say, ORGASMS? The average girls clit is endowed with 2-6 times the number of nerve fibers found in the penis! Research has suggested that compared to the clitoris the penis is "virtually without sensation". As if girls don't already have boys by the balls, another 15,000 to 20,000 nerve fibers are located in the labia, vagina cervix-uterus and breasts! You do the math, my wiener is shrinking even as I type these envious words...

Mr. MikeJun 03 2010 6:21pm
ANYTHING female by nature is superior to anything that is male.

KathyJul 12 2010 6:57pm
I was in a gender study for ten years. Early on my lesbian Control Partner and I had our sex organs scanned by infra red sensors. Lara's tiny clitoris alone had over 12,000 nerve receptors while my hefty penis lagged woefully behind with only 2800 nerve endings! This sobering fact meant that she had the equivalent of roughly 5 of my penis in orgasmic fire power tucked snugly between her legs! As if that wasn't bad enough, she had another twenty-some thousand sexual nerve fibers located through out her vagina - vulva. This gave her a total of over 30 thousand nerve fibers devoted solely to sexual pleasure - or ten times of what passes as my silly male notions of orgasm! She gladly used this envious advantage to routinely milk my penis in to post-ejaculatory impotence, usually in less than a minute, during the twelve Control Partner Sex Tests required of us each study year! Also I matched the male average with my typical orgasm petering out after 3 - 4 seconds whereas Lara typically had lab orgasms of 2 - 3 minutes!!! What a deadly blow to the male ego - but one that only made me even happier to be Gay! I learned a lot, to be sure!

Mr. MikeJul 24 2010 4:33pm
Guess there are a few honest men out there. They all seem to be gay but maybe if enough of them speak up and acknowledge the truth, straight men will realize that there's no where left to hide. I'm a woman who's had sex with men & women and I have to say that the girls beat the boys hands down when it comes to sex. We are just stronger at it. If that hurts the male ego too bad. That's life boys. One sex has to be the superior one and you guys lose out from birth to the grave. As for this instigator, Mr Mike, thanks for the down low on what goes on for males down low. Are you still involved with the Gender Study & are you and Lara friends outside of it? And for a gay guy what was it really like being inside a vagina? You could probably write a book. If ya do I'll buy it!

bi-GrryllAug 03 2010 1:59pm
8/3/2010. Thank you, ever so, "bi-Grryll" for your encouraging words. I am not in this to blaze trails for hetero men. I think most of them are programmed sexually in the womb to be rigidly in denial about their penises which they presume to be the final word on what it takes for women to have good sex. All of my dyke friends (and, no, Lara and I do not mix beyond the cloistered confines of the Study), who have had sex with men, agree with your hands-on synopsis: men are lousy at sex. Lara would wholeheartedly concur. While I have a very large penis, which she none the less can fully accommodate vaginally, she would tell you that I haven't a clue how to use it. Also I tend to ejaculate very fast inside her due to her tight vaginal canal and it's amazingly muscular clenching power. That makes for an embarrassing situation for me and a frustrating sex act for her when I am limp and unable to thrust long enough to initiate an orgasm for her. In all 120 of our Sex Tests it took Lara's vastly superior vaginal muscles two minutes or less (mostly less) to wring the sperm out of my balls! I am an athletic man, yet there was never a question as to who had the stronger, superior sex organs. She did, and as of our last test (Dec.'09), still does. This though she weighs 100 pounds more than me and is nothing close to being as muscular as I am. Lara has beaten me at all sorts of stamina tests and can whip me at arm wrestling! So no surprise that she can beat the stuffing out of me sexually. My propensity for rapid insemination was quite a sore point at first. She quickly adapted to my hair trigger ejaculatory reflex by rubbing herself to orgasm repeatedly before I entered the lab and penetrated her. Her partner, Jo, would sometimes give an assist. But once I was inside, her on-going orgasms defied description in their sheer intensity (clenching power) and duration (easily outlasting my entire time from penetration to ejaculation to loss of erection to withdrawal). She would often continue on, rubbing out several additional orgasms after my penis had shriveled up in to a useless remnant of it's formerly just hard self as I made my way down the gangway on weak legs, naked and limp past her fellow Study dyke pals! For Lara, milking my penis limp as my just shot semen pooled and was then sucked up into her cervix as caught on the Vag Cam monitor overhead, "was the best part of sex with Mr.Mike". Depriving me of all sexual function only added to her's! And as proof of male inferiority, there was nothing either me or my penis could do about it!!! That said, the penis is designed to be a sprinter not a marathon runner. It has neither the nerve supply or the stamina for long bouts of sex and certainly orgasm. The average male orgasm in the Study's lab tests lasted a mere 4 seconds ! Mine average just three! The penis is not a clitoris even if it is derived from the same embryonic flesh. Penises are designed to quickly and accurately deliver sperm in hard squirts against the cervix, that we might easily reproduce ourselves. Nothing more or less. If the male happens to enjoy those squirts (as I do), so be it. That is immaterial to the masters, make that, Mistresses, plan. As my late-in-life, dyke grandmother once explained after pulling down my adolescents shorts before my little sister and a girl cousin, that they might be "enlightened" at my horrified expense, "In sex it's the girl who possesses the heavy machinery... the boy merely contributes a few drops of oil!" At 13 I knew my "oil" would be reserved for other boys. I've never looked back and even the Gender Study has not dissuaded me.

AnonymousAug 03 2010 3:02pm
Sorry, that last post was from me.

Mr. MikeAug 03 2010 3:03pm
Don't be sorry Mr Mike. Those of us with c*nts & clits are lovin this. Male honesty is so refreshing. Men brag and then brag some more about their non existent talents in bed. They all claim to be the exception but it sounds like that gender study proved them liars. Certainly the ones I've had are full of B.S. Talk on, boy! Talk on.

bi-GrryllAug 04 2010 4:05pm
8/04/2010. Male denial surprises me, "bi-Grryll". The woman is right there having sex with them and yet guys are so clueless that they think that the girl is incapable of drawing direct penis vs. clit-vagina comparisons. Those girls are obviously just being nice. Lara was nice to, at first, until about the fifth or sixth test when it became abundantly clear to her with me collapsed on to her back and spewing sperm deep inside her after a minute or so of sex - that this was sex for me. She could look up at the huge Vag Cam monitor and see the outcome of her vagina's victory over my penis as it shot off and then shrank inside her. No mystery there. Yes, I had being a vaginally inexperienced Gay man on my side, but Lara was convinced that I could control my semen despite her tight, milking, squeezing muscles. Of course I often protested that her squeezing actually hurt. And, yes I told her that I could last longer if she would only let up a bit. She only laughed that men can't handle sex with women and that I should stick to men. If not for the Study requirement that we engage in sex 12 times a year - you had better believe I would have taken her advice. It didn't help being thrust into this battle-of-the-sexes already limited by male inferiority sexually, to also realize that I was routinely showing up to be balled stupid by a woman who's I.Q. score bested my own by some 25 points. All in all a very humiliating situation that I somehow endured for ten long years.

Mr. MikeAug 04 2010 4:29pm
Men suckkkk!

AnonymousAug 05 2010 12:05pm
Here we go again! Another "person" with an opinion yet no name!

Mr. MikeAug 05 2010 6:23pm
Ignore "it", Mr Mike. I LUVVV Ur stories ----- they actually get me hot! These posts were sooo boring & predictable til U came along! Don't make me beg for more!!

bi-GrryllAug 05 2010 7:43pm
8/6/2010. So that's it then! I have been reduced to a pornographic novel-by-installment? Either that or my honesty is taken as some sort of pathetic whine after the fact, when in fact, neither applies. If I am guilty of anything, it would be using posts such as this as a sort of free therapy as I continue to struggle trying to assimilate the last ten years of my once idyllic gay life into that of a Gender Study veteran. A life once unencumbered by female sexuality and it's "superiority" over the piss-poor male imitation that I am stuck with. It didn't hurt when I didn't know how the other 52% of the worlds inhabitants have sex!!! Now I am bitter as Hell! Actually, nearly a year out from the end of the Study, I seldom have the random attacks of shame and humiliation that were part and parcel of nearly every aspect of the Study. I don't know how I lasted 10 years (the money helped!), but I believe my self the better man for it. As for you, "bi-Grryl", the last thing Mr.Mike needs nor desires is still another lesbian groupie. Y'all either love me or hate me. What's up with that? You need to assuage your firey female multiple orgasms on the internet like the rest of the poor lonely souls which make up the lions share of our readers. As for me, my left hand and 3 seconds of lame, awaits!

Mr. MikeAug 05 2010 8:07pm
So where does this leave us, fellas? Do you boys respect girls more or hate us because we are superior to you? Mr Mike you must have a whole range of emotions cuz it sounds like the sex tests were personally very humiliating to you. They sure sound one sided with you as the male, always on the short end of it. Do you admire lara her many victory's over you or resent how easy it was for her to rub your nose in your sexual inadequacies? Another book, huh? But I'd like to know otherwise all this poll is, is just a bunch of guys gripping and/or getting off that their dicks are so worthless. You have the answers to the hidden male ego issues that this polls original questionasked. As a woman I trust you to give us the truth dude.

bi-GrryllAug 06 2010 7:28pm
8/07/2010. That's a lot to put on my plate. I'm not sure if the casual reader of this post cares to wade through the drama of my post-Gender Study mindset, fluid as it still is. Likewise I appreciate your interest and I could easily go on and on, but is this really the place? I've tried to keep my posts focused on the vagina as the superior, penis as the poor relations, parameters of this post. We seem to be veering off course a bit.I have to wonder the motivation behind your curiosity. I must say, however, that lesbians have always enjoyed my reflections on Lara and the Study. Men are too quick to blame and judge my honesty as some sort of character flaw. And we both know that many men are sexually aroused by female dominance. My experience was that such men in the Study lost such silly notions quickly once they witnessed Lara pulverizing my admittedly huge erect penis. If a woman could do that to my 10 inches surely their own c*cks wouldn't stand a chance! But, dearest "bi-Grryl", I am sure you have heard the old saying: "be careful what you hope for..." Let me mull this over and choose the best course. As always...

Mr. MikeAug 06 2010 8:37pm
I must add a footnote now that I have perused my previous post: Why the random fruitless censorship, LikeLike? What is so offensive about the word "c*ck" that yet allows me to type "penis" and vagina and boner"? Stop regulating my life. LikeLike is in no position to do so when it allows truly offensive posts such as "male castration" to see the uncensored light of day!!! ENOUGH!

mAug 06 2010 8:44pm
Again, I erred in signing the above post. Such a bitchy tirade SHOULD only be credited to THE SUPREME BITCH, himself: MR.MIKE MULLER !!!!!!!!

Mr. MikeAug 07 2010 5:40pm
8/09/2010. Previous posts contain a lot of misinformation and outright nonsense. That said, the facts still favor the vagina-clit, leaving the penis as the male's less adequate version of the much larger and exquisitely sensitive "clitoral system". In light of this posts male preference for sexual arousal in lieu of the facts, I have decided to continue on with my Gender Study experiences. Those of you looking for a jerk-off lube may find my words to be erectile anathema. You may resume such endeavors post haste, upon my departure. Due to the inability to paragraph these posts, I shall break things up in to separate posts as need be. This will also give relief to those among you whom find my musings insufferably tedious and long.

Mr. MikeAug 09 2010 3:08pm
Allow me to address a few of "bi-Grryll's" questions from previous posts. First of all, I totally do not hate women. If anything, after my Study experiences, I am extremely envious of the stronger sex. Not only do they possess the sex organ to beat all sex organs, the clitoris and all the raw orgasmic superiority that goes with it - they do not have to deal with a limp penis ending sex for the duration. Women live longer and are quantifiably smarter than men. Female sensory perception is generally 50% greater than the male's. What's not to envy? Being a Gay man this has had little effect on me except while being put through my paces in the Study by women such as Lara and her partner, Jo. As a man and a Gay man who had a history of sexual contact with girls only as a boy and even then only during a handful of episodes, sex in the Study shook my confidence in my own penis. It had worked fine and without much complaint with other men. Only women found it lacking and why was I going to lose sleep over their needs? It really wasn't about my penis being inferior to the vagina since I've always found my sexual pleasure in the arms of men who were thus equipped as I am and therefore had nothing to lord over me. So to find myself so quickly and routinely, sexually incapacitated inside a vagina, was profound for me and my notions of manhood. Very emasculating indeed! I had to accept that, within the rigid confines of this Study, I was merely a cog in the machinery set to glorify the enviably limitless female orgasm. It was never male orgasm that this Study sought to investigate. Mr.Mike was there simply to provide the penis, even as it failed to initiate much since I seldom lasted long enough to effect Lara's orgasmic potential. (My shortest time inside was 8 seconds. My longest 2:27. My longest orgasm lasted 5.1 seconds; My shortest: 2.1 seconds). The proof of female sexual superiority was in the data these 120 tests amassed. Test #8/13/05 was indicative of the static male response of the other 119. In the lab, Lara, up on the Dais, on her back, masturbated to orgasm 7 times before I entered the lab naked with a serviceable erection. There before me sat 26 "observers" (i.e. other Study lesbians with nothing better to do on an early Saturday morning!). They stared as I mounted the Dais via the ascending ramp. Lara rolled on to her hands & knees. I then immediately knelt down behind her, penetrated her vagina until all of my 10 inch boner was fully engulfed up to my balls and began humping. Of the 33 seconds that I spent "inside" her that Saturday morning, only 3.2 were involved in male orgasm. I had thrusted 77 times in those 33 seconds and began ejaculating at the 27 second point. My orgasm started at second 25.8 and met an early end exactly at second 29! My emaciated, spent and benumbed penis, fell out at second 33 - half of it's 10 inch erect length milked away, dissolved into history as if it had never existed, by Lara's on-going eighth blockbuster (ballbuster!!!) orgasm which would ride out for an amazing 1 minute-14 seconds! Bitch! Orgasm#8 had begun before I entered her and was still goin' strong as I rolled off her back into a shriveled, panting heap at her cum-crazy side, semen still oozing from my foreskin-festooned wiener. My single orgasm had activated 2100 nerve endings, mostly in the head of my penis. Her eighth orgasm alone involved over 16,000 nerve fibers in just her clitoris!!! This meant that she had 8 times the pleasure from her clit alone as my penis had been able to muster- and her tiny clit is miniscule compared to my hard-on! With over 30,000 nerves fired during this minute-plus 8th orgasm, she had over 10 times the intensity of what my blink-&-you've- missed-it, little 3 second long male orgasm managed to put out! This was getting personal! Talk about defeated. I really wondered why the Study even bothered with male input. Why not hand Lara a vibrator and be done with it? Every test was the same, identical to the last squirt from my flailing, rapidly failing, boner. Even when I somehow managed to hold out for a few seconds longer than usual, I knew I had to turn and face judgment and my biggest fear: going limp in front of lesbians! YIKES! Something I had done with men all my life - shooting sperm, and had found so enjoyable, had now become so disagreeable and defeating to the purpose I was engaged in: sexual release. Yes, I was the fool humping at her like there was no tomorrow, but in many ways I felt raped - like my sexual function had been held hostage and then disposed of by someone and something I had no hope of ever controlling! I eventually solved this dilemma in my own head by realizing that men are simply not as equipped for orgasm as are women. It's apples & oranges. And a lot of good it did me to have a 10 inch erect penis: all the more for her to grab a hold of and literally choke into submission. Basically I was forced to tackle the very sensitive subject of male sexual inferiority in the semi-public forum of a lab filled with mostly women observers who found it great fun watching me do just that - prove male sexual inferiority! Unfortunately the few males brave enough to show their faces at my Tests, displayed a nearly pervasive male-pattern denial that ignored all the data assembled by the numerous wireless sensors aimed at and affixed to our bodies. Men just don't get it! The lesbians, however, while they would grin and giggle at me - especially as I left the platform with my wrinkled wiener jiggling, proved far more mature and understanding. I often found my greatest support among them. When Jo, who often sat in a chair directly in front of her partner Lara as I balled her, complained that my thrusts were so vigorous as to qualify as "near rape", sending Lara's head thumping against her knees, the dykes watching would later come to my defense and point out the DVD evidence that showed that rapid thrusts were essential if I was to keep my penis a moving target as Lara's muscle power zeroed in for the kill. My penis was basically dead meat inside her once I'd shot my wad - flattened in seconds by her vise-grip c*nt. In the end I was amazed at just how easily a vagina could put an end to all sexual function in both my penis and my brain - in effect stopping my dick dead in it's tracks! This, while she easily continued on and on wallowing in ever stronger, ever longer orgasms. For me, Lara could not fathom how 3 or 4 seconds of male second rate mild orgasm would make it worth all the embarrassment that I went through. I explained to her, as she surveyed my wrecked penis after a Test recently, that not knowing what I'm missing and being biologically incapable of ever experiencing female orgasm - my own were obviously inspiration enough. The $5,000 I mad per Study year helped as well. I'll leave it at that for now. I would appreciate any feedback out there. Just keep it friendly.

Mr. MikeAug 09 2010 5:13pm
8/10/2010. I am further amazed at the number of males in denial about male sexual inferiority on similar LikeLike posts. I was hardly the only male in the Gender Study, though I was one of the few Gay men. The other 50 or so men (against 150 women), displayed a nearly carbon copy propensity for exactly the same sort of penile limitations that I had so embarrassingly exposed before dozens of lesbians each week I found myself giving-up-the-ghost inside Lara. Each male had his own Control Partner matched roughly to his age and sexual orientation. I personally attended many other Control Partner Sex Tests and was almost glad to see that my penchant for rapid ejaculation was shared by 99.9% of my Study brothers. As hard as it was to discover that my entire sex got short changed in the sexual pleasure department, it helped knowing my lame penis was not alone. There were many that were worse than mine. I had sex with other females in the Study as well. Once a year we had a Study-Wide Sex Test involving one young girl Study volunteer and all of the males in the Study plus 100 or so college boys who were each paid $50 to line up with us and have a go at the girl in the lab. This was done, ostensibly to see how many orgasms an 18 year-old girl could have so long as the supply of hard penises held out (A LOT!!!). During these Tests it was found that the males on average, lasted about one minute inside the young lass. Even more humiliating to the flimsy male ego, was the sad fact that all the other Study women got to watch us , one after the other, humping this very lucky girl who easily dispensed with our penises - all of them - in usually an hour or so. 150 males to one girl in about an hour! That really defined the inferiority of the penis for me. I had my vindication, at least where the men were concerned. With Lara, however, I was always left eating her dust. When it comes to orgasms she is not just superior to me, but so far advanced that the word orgasm does not really apply to my male ass at all. You cannot logically compare a 3 second orgasm (me) to a female orgasm that can last several minutes (Lara). And I am sick & tired of people (always men) telling me that most women don't have orgasms like Lara's. That may apply to women who have sex with only men since males do not have the erectile endurance to last long enough inside the vagina to bring about one orgasm much less Lara's normal lesbian variety. She is the first to admit that she does not cum like that every day. So what? Every male in the Study would give up his left nut to be able to have just one female level orgasm in his entire life! We all saw them taking place. We sat, staring dumbfounded at the lucky bitches sensor readings as seconds and often minutes ticked by. And, like me we'd all had our boners milked and squeezed into mush by female orgasm too many times to mention. Hell, I would be happy to cum like that once every Blue Moon or so! Lara knew that my dick was not strong enough to get her there. She did what a woman being screwed by a man had to do: She took matters into her own hands. More later.

Mr. MikeAug 10 2010 4:30pm
ya huh, ya huh, and?

AnonymousAug 13 2010 4:03pm
*yawn* same poo. It's funny how some women complain about men thinking the penis is sperior yet bi-Grryl seems like the type that should eat her own words. Reciprocating the same egotistical words of the "egotistical" man. Surely, it is important for her to feel superior.

SomeoneDec 20 2010 3:39am
Great. More Feminazis.

O_oDec 20 2010 3:43am
Something tells me most of these feminazis are fat pigs who can't socialize with the other sex to save their lives thus they end up on some pooty website via trying to inflate their self-worth by typing something stupid about being superior to men in the google box and thus found this.

Mike HuntApr 25 2011 12:08pm
I read somewhere that vagina dentata was real, like there was this this woman who was found to actually have teeth in her vagina! I know this is completely changing the subject but thought i should let others know

KristoffApr 26 2011 1:01am

Frank sinatraApr 26 2011 1:03am
Yeah.. Scary right?

KristoffApr 26 2011 4:07pm
Mr. Mike, you sure seem to be a sexy guy. Muscular and strong you say, and ten inches of masculine male power. I always believe men are superior because of the fact we can pee standing, and have external sex organs. And moreover, we have Balls! And Balls create testosterone inwhich pump throughout the male body, making muscles, abs, and a solid hard c*ck of maleness. I believe the male sex is superior to any female. So Mr. Mike be proud to be a superior Male, show them ladies what having balls is all about.

burtonfan111Nov 13 2011 2:25pm
Girls are infinitely superior to boys.

FelipeNov 22 2011 11:46pm
The truth hurts... girls always win.

FelipeNov 22 2011 11:47pm
Boys always win, we are stronger.

burtonfan111Nov 23 2011 4:53pm
f*ck yeah mr mike. you are a real man that admits how inferior our male orgasm is compared to the powerful orgasms that women can have in just a day. a healthy virile man can masturbate up to 14 times a week normally, but a woman with a tiny clit can masturbate way more than that, in fact 2 times more than us IN A DAY THAN WHAT MEN CAN DO IN A WHOLE f*ckING WEEK. talk about c*ck power, those sluts are the real winners hands down.

alphamaleNov 29 2011 8:35am
aphamale; you comment is going to make me cry.

burtonfan111Nov 29 2011 9:59am
why burtonfan111, finally admitted to the sheer power of the female sexual powers?

alphamaleDec 03 2011 10:33pm
What's ironic is that even the penis is part of the male body it gives the woman more pleasure than the male. This proves female is superior. The role of the penis is servile. The only reason for the brief, single male orgasm is to motivate the male to mate with the woman. The penis is the most beautiful object in the world, especially if it is circumcised.

FemSupremeDec 04 2011 8:04pm
i totally agree man, brief, single male orgasm, that's how it is for guys and their penises. ladies: 20, men: ONE.

shamedmaleDec 08 2011 10:04am
I hate the thought of the penis beginning inferior to the pussy. It's the penis that stands tall, creates a proud bulge in out jeans, and enables us to piss standing. I love my penis, its what makes me the dominate male.

burtonfan111Dec 08 2011 10:40pm
males have to dominate, otherwise women will simply outwin us with their sheer sexual orgasmic powers burtonfan111. speaking of piss, women can piss way more forceful and further than men in distance, another loss for men.

superiorpussyDec 09 2011 12:24am
Whatever, being a man is the best. The feeling of testosterone coursing through my veins, lifting heavy weights. The Balls and Penis give me power, masculine power.

burtonfan111Dec 11 2011 11:41am
The penis is the most sacred object in the world. This is because it gives a woman the greatest pleasure in life. The way it becomes erect all by itself is magnificent. I love how it hangs down and swings around when the naked male walks around. The most beautiful part of the penis is the glans. The penis can be made even more beautiful by circumcision, which leaves the glans permanently exposed, rendering the male more naked. Circumcision also leaves a beautiful, sexy scar which is so hot! However, this does not make the male superior. The male is still the inferior, servile sex. In marriage the male along with his penis should become the property of the woman. Males have used their penises to rape women, but if males were properly brought under control, rape would no longer happen. The penis would become a servile organ as it should. The penis only gives the male one brief orgasm, but gives the woman several, stronger orgasms.

FemSupremeJan 03 2012 4:20pm
LOL,'s men that are superior cause of the penis. It is very magnificent, and something only the male body is lucky enough to have. Females will never have such a sacred object that hangs and swings around with thick glands exposed. The male and the penis will never be the property of a woman, for it's only the superior gender inwhich owns it.

burtonfan111Jan 05 2012 11:44am
Burtonfan111, I agree, the penis is the most sacred object in the world because it gives the woman the greatest pleasure known. However, the penis as well as the testicles are extremely vulnerable organs because since they are external, they can be easily injured. Males should also be circumcised, not at birth, but during the marriage ceremony with no anasthetic. This extermely painful ordeal would be a very humiliating experience for the male. It would be an attack on his entire sexuality since the penis is the ultimate, most obvious sign of maleness. For a male, nothing is more frightening than the thought of having a sharp knife taken to the genitals. Feeling this intense pain on his penis would make the male feel very violated. This is why circumcision would be such an excellent tool to control the male and remind him of his inferior, servile role. Circumcision is the ultimate form of sexual sadism. Also, onlt the best looking males with the largest penises should be allowed to breed.

FemSupremeJan 05 2012 7:54pm
FemSupreme, that will never happen though. And it's the female that is always violated by the penis, that's so awesome.

burtonfan111Jan 06 2012 10:10am

burtonfan111Jan 06 2012 10:11am
Nut Power!

burtonfan111Jan 09 2012 10:03am
Males like you are proof that males are sub-human beasts that need to be controlled and disciplined by a real woman. Males are only useful and productive when properly controlled. If not, they are a danger to themselves and others.

FemSupremeJan 09 2012 11:00pm
burtonfan111 can a man's nuts store as much fluid as a highly orgasmic female pussy? the answer is no.

femaleorgasmicJan 10 2012 7:50am
Haha, A mans nuts store enough fluid to impregnate all of Europe. And that's with just one simple ejaculate. So that there is prove how powerful the male member and his balls are. That is what make men proud and strong.

burtonfan111Jan 10 2012 1:26pm
male sex organs are superior , who says if females have more nerve ending or poo makes them superior ? a manes fire is far greater xD thats why we rape women , even if we have less nerves in our sex organ we still are more egar to have it , we want it all the time , it shows how much more pleasurable it is for us

a real manJan 12 2012 12:38pm
One vagina can take on multiple penis and win easily.

manJan 20 2012 4:35pm
I have been in a few male, male, male, female sessions. The female has always outlasted all the men without much effort.

manJan 20 2012 4:39pm
The penis owns the vagina. It's like a thick male sword that penetrates it, and because of that the penis is much more superior. I'm proud to be a man, and have a penis.

burtonfan111Jan 20 2012 5:58pm
Nothing makes you feel more sexually inferior to a woman than three males standing there with spent c*cks limp and useless while the woman you are with is demanding for more.

manJan 21 2012 9:39pm
True, but many men can go all night without orgsaming. Plus three men standing there nude, bodies of solid maleness it just intimidating and superior. While the woman is leaking their male juices. The men made their mark, and the proof shows. The penis and the man are satisfied. While she isn't, that penis power. And that's why to female envies the nuts and dick.

burtonfan111Jan 22 2012 4:13pm
male orgasms 1, female orgasms 134. pussy wins.

limp manJan 25 2012 3:03am
Male Orgasm 150, Female Orgasm 0. The Penis rules! Men Rule!

burtonfan111Jan 27 2012 4:59pm
Balls Rule!

burtonfan111Feb 08 2012 10:54pm
I am trying to format paragraphs for easier reading. Solly: I agree too. I have done a bunch of swinging and the women absolutely love having a few men. There were and are many nights that are called Greedy Girl Nights. Each woman or couple gets to bring other guys with them. The hoped for preference is 2 or 3 extra men per woman, i.e. 4 men for each woman. The women are limited. Perhaps 5 women in total and 20 men (More are not forbidden. They simply must be known and accepted by the women. The highest number of men I recall was about 40. 8 men for each woman. And a few of the women could have drained more. In San Francisco, I believe there is a swingers club that regularly has a night / afternoon for a few women and many men. There are more than a few women who need a few or a lot of men at once to feel satisfied. The men are tacitly understood to use Viagra / Cialis etc., so they can go longer. . In my personal life, I had a female friend who when she broke up with her boyfriend, while pregnant, still had sex, on average, with both of us, up to twice a day for each of us guys. The obligation was that we had to last for a decent amount of time. I could often go for an hour. I would leave after my c*ck got soft and 10 minutes later her "boyfriend" would get a call from her to come over and repeat the hour of sex. So often we guys would have sex with her in the morning (not the hour kind) and we would come over in the evening for more. The logistics got tough so often one of us would quickly go sleep in the guest bedroom after blowing our load into her so the other guy could join her right away after we went soft. She was a very hungry woman. . I had another girlfriend (monogamous), who actually studied male sexual response, so she orchestrated my orgasms to allow her more pleasure. After we broke up, she came to my home one Saturday late afternoon all aglow and asked to take a shower. (She only had one old fashioned tub). She took a shower. When she came out she said she had slept with one of her male firends overnight and had sex with him three times. He left in the morning and she started a bath. She was in the bath for a short while when one of her exes came to the door. She said she was back in bed with him less than 45 minutes after the other guy had left. She said she had sex with him three time before he left. . She came for her shower about 5:30 PM. After her shower and her telling me about her sex day, I responded by saying she should've called me and had a triple play of men. She looked at me and smiled and aske dif i wanted to have sex with her as her lucky 7th. We ran to the bedroom. . I have been blessed with horny female friends. I have more life experiences too where the woman like more than one man. Another female friend who worked at a bar invited guys she liked to gangbang her. I contributed to three of her 7 man gangbangs. (She chose men she liked who were not too freaked out about is and kept it confidential. . Another female friend wanted to have 5 guys at a time for each woamn. i.e. 2 girls. 10 men. There are more. . So guys. Enjoy your penis and give its gift to women who want it. Even if there are 10 or moore of your for the girl. Let her milk you dry. She likes it. . Solly. I have more experiences too. I don't mind if a women want a few guys at a time as long as i am one of them.

SollyApr 09 2012 3:22pm
No one is considered inferior, and if someone is, it is us humans, not a gender or organ. Now I also have asked this question many times "Which is better when it comes to sex? or "Which has the best orgasm?" From everything that I've read, it seems like the women win overall. Now If someone could please kindly answer me these questions: Why do men normally want more sex than women? Shouldn't it be the other way around? If women get much much better pleasure and orgasms, then why generally women have a lower sex drive? I mean there's exceptions, but still. I think it should be the opposite. Also I think are a little complicated, they dont get horny or aroused that easily or that often, again this does not apply to all girls, just something I've noticed on a lot of them. I dont know exactly the percentage, but I've read that men masturbate more than women. Why is that? Cause of society nowadays? I would like girls to be more open when it comes to sex and that stuff. They enjoy it much more than us after all. So any opinions on this? Btw FemSupreme: Please don't call men that, I don't think of myself as a sub-human beast. That sounds offensive and insulting. I know you girls are "better at bed" "Have multiple and more intense orgasms" "Have sex whenever they want", but just because you have all that doesn't make me less of a human. All those features that you have are very interesting, and I found women to be kinda superior when it comes to sex, orgasm and all that stuff. I would like to have a female orgasms If I could, would be really good!!. I LOVE WOMEN :*!! Also I agree with one thing FemSupreme said: "In marriage the male along with his penis should become the property of the woman." I would appreciate if someone answers my questions. Thanks!! *Also if anyone found what I wrote offensive or rude, I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound inappropriate, sorry If caused any trouble. Btw Those are my own personal opinions. Thanks for reading and have a good day!!

Just a boy!!Apr 13 2012 2:03am
No one is considered inferior, and if someone is, it is us humans, not a gender or organ. Now I also have asked this question many times "Which is better when it comes to sex? or "Which has the best orgasm?" From everything that I've read, it seems like the women win overall. Now If someone could please kindly answer me these questions: Why do men normally want more sex than women? Shouldn't it be the other way around? If women get much much better pleasure and orgasms, then why generally women have a lower sex drive? I mean there's exceptions, but still. I think it should be the opposite. Also I think are a little complicated, they dont get horny or aroused that easily or that often, again this does not apply to all girls, just something I've noticed on a lot of them. I dont know exactly the percentage, but I've read that men masturbate more than women. Why is that? Cause of society nowadays? I would like girls to be more open when it comes to sex and that stuff. They enjoy it much more than us after all. So any opinions on this? Btw FemSupreme: Please don't call men that, I don't think of myself as a sub-human beast. That sounds offensive and insulting. I know you girls are "better at bed" "Have multiple and more intense orgasms" "Have sex whenever they want", but just because you have all that doesn't make me less of a human. All those features that you have are very interesting, and I found women to be kinda superior when it comes to sex, orgasm and all that stuff. I would like to have a female orgasms If I could, would be really good!!. I LOVE WOMEN :*!! Also I agree with one thing FemSupreme said: "In marriage the male along with his penis should become the property of the woman." I would appreciate if someone answers my questions. Thanks!! *Also if anyone found what I wrote offensive or rude, I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound inappropriate, sorry If caused any trouble. Btw Those are my own personal opinions. Thanks for reading and have a good day!!

Just a boy!!Apr 13 2012 2:37am
well i would say that the woman is more superior as the male only does one job fertilizeing the eggs.the women createing the life and feeding it with her own body so def one for the the ladys being above the men

AnonymousApr 15 2012 1:20pm
The penis is superior to the vagina. My penis can give four women orgasms before I give up mine.

A ManApr 21 2012 11:49am
Dun forget that which one is the symbol of strength.its obviously the penis.vagina is the symbol of slavery,weak n poor. Penis do attack vagina in a high speed manner wic cn lead to paioful experiences for vagina but vagina cant attack penis with high speed. Even if she can it wil only gv pleasure to penis.ther are many cases of injured vagina cause by penis.we juz pity u gals bcoz u r da weak do penis pity da vagina dun dream.u r nt even close to us.

cockyMay 01 2012 5:35am
Dun forget that which one is the symbol of strength.its obviously the penis.vagina is the symbol of slavery,weak n poor. Penis do attack vagina in a high speed manner wic cn lead to paioful experiences for vagina but vagina cant attack penis with high speed. Even if she can it wil only gv pleasure to penis.ther are many cases of injured vagina cause by penis.we juz pity u gals bcoz u r da weak do penis pity da vagina dun dream.u r nt even close to us.

cockyMay 01 2012 5:53am
Only the strong manipulate and hurt the weak.thats y penis rape the vagina.vagina cant ever rape a penis. Penis the best.

da truthMay 01 2012 5:58am
im a married woman with three kids. The real truth is penis is ultimately stronger me..once penis is in a vagina, they actualy control us.dats nutting much a vagina cn do. Even a frens of mine who are doctor and scientice have aproved and admitted fully penis are superior.

rossanaMay 01 2012 6:08am
While hvng sex Penis in pleasure Vagina in pain + pleasure After sex Penis find another vagina Vagina suffer because pregnant and hv to gv birth. Stil thinking vagina superior.hahaha.

weakyginaMay 01 2012 6:37am
Penis dominate while hvng sex.vagina juz lay down helplessly and seek for pityness from the rampant penis.

pussyda loserMay 02 2012 9:58pm
Penis dominate while hvng sex.vagina juz lay down helplessly and seek for pityness from the rampant penis.

pussyda loserMay 02 2012 9:58pm
there record showing penis succesfuly pulled a huge truck. Wat a vagina cn do? Juz carry a iron balls. Is dat so dat wat u gals have.

AnonymousMay 02 2012 10:43pm
Haha.funny topic.penis is stronger.i beat many vagina with my penis

irondickyMay 03 2012 3:13am
Vagina is da superior. Wanna ask u guys who wil b in pain while f* it vagina? Is da penis.hahaha.proven guys.juz accept dat guys.u knw diz so dun hide.

AnonymousMay 03 2012 3:18am
Vagina is da superior. Wanna ask u guys who wil b in pain while f* it vagina? Is da penis.hahaha.proven guys.juz accept dat guys.u knw diz so dun hide.

penis eaterMay 03 2012 3:19am
Vagina is da superior. Wanna ask u guys who wil b in pain while f* it vagina? Is da penis.hahaha.proven guys.juz accept dat guys.u knw diz so dun hide.

penis eaterMay 03 2012 3:19am
The penis isn't so strong once you drive a knee into it's balls. hehe.

anonymousMay 04 2012 4:22pm
Well individual stamina's aside, speaking purely from a point of view designed to drain all the fun out of this discourse, the penis is evolutionarily designed to not require consent from the vagina. Rape is a viable means of passing on genetic legacy in certain especially choosy species, namely orangutangs. Given the lack of any preventative measures or consent beyond physical struggle, which is mostly rendered useless by lesser average muscle mass and size, as well as the positions of helplessness from which penetration can be achieved, the victor, if the goal of one party is to achieve insemination, and the other to avoid it, as is the traditional conflict between the chooser sex, and the choosee sex, then the Penis wins as it cannot be denied through the agency of the vagina. The lubrication caused by arousal is not neccessary for penetration, though, with a suffcient size disparity might prove critical to avoid injury. However, the vaginal tearing is far more painful than the "chapped-dick" that the male expieriencing, including but not limited to, internal bleeding, vaginal rupturing and pelvic bruising. Also in the case of endurance, though the vagina can be penetrated theoretically an infinite number of times, there is a concrete limit to the pain thresholds of the human being bearing the vagina, as well as a strength limitation created by the sopophoric effect of orgasm on women. Male Orgasm causes no loss in muscular abilty, save in elderly specimens, of whom the vagina's fare no better. Thus if the goal is to f*ck into submission, which the vagina can certainly absorb "more" orgasms before it quits a man at his sexual prime will maintain erection for as much as 15 minutes after ejaculation and then return through the refractory period to orgasm again before the effects of the engorged memeber on vaginal situmulation become inconsequent. Furthermore the taxing nature of sexual stimulation on the woman means that despite her abilty to take a f*cking she cannot give one, thus the victory categorically cannot be hers. Translation: You can f*ck a woman till her legs don't work. You can't do the same to a man. You can f*ck a woman whether or not she wants you to You can impregnate a woman whether or not you want to Penis's can bring backup, and gang up. Vagina's gain no advantage in numbers.

da trurhMay 09 2012 10:39pm

AnonymousMay 16 2012 10:25pm
both are like 2 side of coins.

yogeshJun 09 2012 5:16am
both are like 2 side of coins.

yogeshJun 09 2012 5:16am
Mr.Mike isn't gay, if he was he wouldn't go anywhere near a vagina as like me they would find them gross and like a slimy pile of pigs carvings or something GUYS RULE!

The hurtful truthJun 16 2012 11:32am
What a load of post feminist misandry.

BollocksAug 02 2012 7:31am
A vagina has stronger muscles but so does an anus and I wouldn't say an anus was superior to a penis. Penises are dominant by their very nature and going into these extreme paroxysms of effort to claim vaginas are more dominant or even as dominant is just post modern feminism of the worst kind. Women have virtues in different areas they have emotional intelligence, aesthetic beauty and they can give birth. The only reason we don't drag them home by their hair to a cave is sociological control because without it they would be raped the same way female dolphins and chimps are. Yes you heard that right dolphins rape. It is a myth perpetrated by feminists that the clitoris has more nerve endings is not true they are just more condensed due to its tiny size. In fact it is often difficult for a woman to achieve an orgasm due to having such low testostetone and a tiny organ to play with. We can grab our pendulous meat and orgasm any time and every time and being tired afterwards is called being satisfied which we can get quickly and easily. Men born with tiny micro penises who are D.H.T deficient also have a lot of difficulty achieving orgasm. Having a big toy that sticks out of your body to play with is great- you can pee standing up, make funny shapes with it slap people with exactly does a luke warm hole with a micro penis and no balls and low testosterone compare to that? We don't have to bleed, carry a baby for 9 months, we have testosterone coarsing through our bodies that makes us tall, strong, assertive gives us energy and clear rational thinking. I am not going to believe in post modern feminist rhetoric that angles for this hermaphroditic agenda turning men into a bunch of pussys. Men and women are different and I'm sorry but we are physically stronger and have dominant genitals that penetrate. If we put it in the act starts when we take it out it stops. Women receive we give- not the opposite way around. Any man who thinks differently is going to be poo in bed or gay. Women like to be f*cked they love fore play and like dominant men like me who don't believe in all this bullpoo. The internationally best selling book fifty shades of grey proves that women like being dominated. Women are emotionally superior and can give birth and are beautiful aesthetically compared to us. They look younger and live longer where as we live harder and shorter. Physically are genitals and bodies are dominant. God ran out of play dough when he created women and a flat smooth crotch and having to sit to piss is not superior or dominant. Vaginas are very cute but completely submissive. Women want fore play and to be f*cked and when it's reversed it's kinky. So I'm glad all you girly boys exist as it leaves less real men and more real women for me. The only downside is there is less real men to have the impetus to rise up and use our strength against the elite. Which Incidentally is exactly what they want and the reason post modern feminism exists. I'm not talking about old school feminism of equality I'm all for that. I'm talking about this absurd hermaphrodite agenda where women are physically as dominant. Any guy who looks down while they are making love to their g.f doggy style and doesn't feel dominant is a f*cking faggot and probably wants to f*ck their mum.

AnonymousAug 02 2012 8:15am
I'm a girl and I would like to have a penis so I don't wee down my legs when I try to stand at the disgusting toilets at festivals. :-(

Men are from mars women have no ....Aug 02 2012 8:28am
Dicks rule!!!!...but only mine!

Custard cannon!!!!! :-DAug 02 2012 8:33am
Women also have aids to help them pee standing up when they are not even transsexual. They play with toys shaped like penises strap on penises and I have heard countless women admit penises are cooler. Also people often notice their daughters becoming envious of boys penises so although Freud put to much emphasis on penis envy the proof is in the pudding. Half the time the the fact that the nerves on a clitoris are denser causes women not to be able to have direct stimulation meaning they may as well have a penis. Besides having multiple orgasms which are quite rare having a penis wins hands down. Not even a contest. Vaginas look better in a weak soft, cute way and I'm attracted to them but I just want to penetrate and dominate them and possess a woman by giving her tons of pleasure. Call me a sadist but what woman who isn't a Lesbian or feminist doesn't want to worship a c*ck. Since when do women want to be f*cked by nice guys!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 11:59am
The vagina is invinsible.despite all my determination to last as long as possible as soon as she repositions her hips,thrusts back,she tightens up and it's game over,she can make me cum in 2 minutes easy,and she wants to do that,it makes her feel superior to me,she's always done that since we lost our virginity together,it's man against woman and she always wins

PaulAug 14 2012 11:55pm
I think lara would think the same if you lasted 10 or 20 minutes inside her vagina,she wants to make you cum and no man could stop that,her total victory over you was watching the monitor of your penis cuming inside her and watching the helpless look on your face as she tightened her vagina and made you cum,her knowing you were trying hard not to cum made her victory even more satifying,it reinforces her own thoughts of how sexualy powerful she is

AnonymousAug 15 2012 2:15am
My wife has had 3 vaginal births,after our last child was born and when she heeled up she was worried about how well her vagina would perform during intercourse,she went on top and engaged me,she destroyed me,it took her 45 seconds of slow super tight thrusting to make me cum inside her merciless vagina,she giggled as I came in her and I seriously tried not to cum,I think that made it all the more enjoyable for her was been in absolute control and she said later that she never felt so powerful and superior to me,

AnonymousAug 15 2012 12:31pm
My wife is very competitive when it comes to sex,she is not a feminist but is always very confident during intercourse,the quicker she makes me cum in her the better,I told her my goal is to last as long as possible in her,she just laughed and said mine is to make you cum,she never let's me pull out and when she knows she is winning she clamps her legs around me,gets really wet and tight and makes me cum in her,since our first time I have never questioned who is in superior,I would like to read some woman's opinions on this

Dave409Aug 16 2012 11:41am
My girlfriend is the same way,we have our foreplay,but as soon as I enter her vagina its like a switch is turned on and she turns into this nucleor powered goddess,her vagina is relentless,for a few minutes I think ya this is going good,but then she starts to gently push back,matching my thrusts and she gets a lot more wet and tight,that is the turning point and she clamps me in with her legs and does the last few thrusts herself,within seconds I am cuming in her.and there is nothing I can do to delay it,now that is female superiority

NonameAug 17 2012 11:39am
Jesus f*ck. Get off your vagina high horse. Congrats for being born... i guess. A firm kick to the c*nt will take any silly bitch down. Same goes for guys. It seems as if women are fully aware of how, overall, their vaginas are pretty nasty spots regardless of how much you consider yourself a 'goddess'. They know that. So they have to flatter the f*ck out of themselves in a public manner nonstop to possibly cover that up or at least convince themselves that they've fooled everyone. With my dick i could impregnate every woman alive. We produce billions of sperm in a few nuts. While women lay back and become glorified cum dumpsters.... then brag about it. Your high outlook on female sexuality is laughable to pretty much everyone. Get back to gagging on the c*ck. you'll always be on your knees and inferior all around. Lol blame nature. While your bleeding chunks of your uterus out of your precious vagina, i'll be having multiple orgasms a day. And i'll lolololololol all day.

FeminismIsLOLZAug 20 2012 8:39am
That video made in Britain really shows it all,first of all she is smoking hot beautifull,the camera inside her vagina shows the different stages of intercourse and how she tightens up to force the cum out of him,you see it when she starts watching him,she knows she has won and gives him a I just beat you kiss,that woman is a goddess

AnonomousSep 18 2012 8:33am
Some women have vaginal muscles strong enough to block the sperm from entering her, can compress the erect hard c*ck several millimeters in diamter, create a pressure that feels overwhelming and slightly painful, and, with technique and strengh, block the penis from entering her. The woman/vagina makes the c*ck hard, the vagina engulfs the c*ck and forces it to give up its seed, uses the sperm to create life and then can give birth to a large baby. The vagina is truly superior.

PeterOct 03 2012 3:27pm
It would be nice to hear from some women about the obove comments.I know woman are invinsible during intercourse.I desperatly try to outlast my wife and that just makes her enjoy making me cum in her even more, Do woman look at sex this way i.e ,man vs woman,i love my wife but i feel competitive as soon as i enter her,i know she always wins but the battle is pretty fun

Vagina loverOct 12 2012 9:47pm
First, I'm caling BS on the "ANYTHING female by nature is superior to anything that is male." because it's oviously not true. If that was true, it would be women who are biologically stronger and bigger than men and not the other way around like it's always been. Second, anyone who actually believes in the patriarchy is deeply mistaken and their comments are to be ignored. Third, Everyone knows penises are superior. They're like a symbol of the dominant sex. Penises can change sizes and alternate between soft and hard and can be used to f*ck anything. Vaginas have nothing, they can't do anything, vaginas can only have things done to them.

SamOct 19 2012 8:50am
Easy and Obvious..who show white flag in the end..hahaha

AneethaOct 29 2012 9:53am
i would love to take aneetha on,i will gladly wave the white flag as she rides me till i cum in her

AnonymousNov 10 2012 6:51am
Without foreplay or oral there is no chance I can outlast my gf. With straight up penetration I can try all I want I'm done before she is even close. She gets on top and it is even quicker. Usually I make her cum a few times with oral and then it is my time. She is satisfied and I get to pump for a few minutes to get mine too. I have never made her cum with just penetration. Penetration is basically her taking a break while I do my thing. She doesn't seem to get really anything out of it.

AnonymousNov 22 2012 10:18pm
Just to add, when she has not been in the mood she has even watched tv while I was doing my best to pound her. Without oral your dick is useless.

AnonymousNov 22 2012 10:21pm
There is something about woman on top during intercourse that makes me cum way quicker,she feels much tighter and yet more lubricated,a deadly combination,they also look so confident and sexy on top its my favorite position for sex

AnonomousNov 25 2012 11:51am
Does it really matter who is better? We are all human, just accept that you are who you are, and stop trying to prove to the opposite sex that you are better than them in any way.

AnonymousDec 28 2012 1:32pm
I find the male genitals very ironic. They are the source of a male's greatest pleasure but also his worst pain. His testicles are the source of his strength and, at the same time, his biggest weakness. It's a safe bet that man's worst nightmare is having his penis cut off. All the guys I know would rather die than lose his penis. I'm glad I don't have to live with that fear! This is not surprising as most men masturbate daily (or more). It's well-known that men think about sex several times a day, while women can go days or even weeks without that thought crossing their minds. The variety of masturbation frequency in women seems to be much wider: some do it multiple times a day, some weekly, some don't don't masturbate at all. I think this difference from men is the fact that women may enjoy masturbation, but they don't have the strong need to do it like men. There are times when I've masturbated every day, and times when I hardly do it at all (like when I'm busy). All the guys I know (including my past boyfriends) say that the urge continues building until they finally ejaculate. And of course, if males completely refrain from masturbating, they will eventually have a nocturnal ejaculation anyway. It's another well-known fact that all men are obsessed with sex. This is apparent by the overwhelming amount of porn geared toward men. It seems like they can't live without it. There's a lot of truth to the phrase “Thinking with his dick”. Women can get men to do almost anything with the promise of sex. Guys get into SO much trouble with their sex-obsession: cheating, molesting, rape, losing all their money trying to get laid. It's funny how much POWER females have over males in this respect! It's funny how men are so much more DESPERATE for sex than women, but women can get it ANY TIME! All a woman has to do is ask for sex and the men line up. A guy usually gets slapped for doing the same! BUT, despite the male's insatiable desire for sex, his capacity for it is extremely LIMITED compared with a female's. The average male's orgasm lasts around 5 seconds, while a females can last anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds! PLUS, a female can have multiple orgasms while a male goes completely limp after his ONE! I know I can keep going on after my boyfriend cums. He often says he's jealous that I can enjoy so many orgasms and that they last so long. Ironically, if a male is struck in his genitals, the pain is so excruciating that is affects his WHOLE body! I've seen guys curl up into a ball and stay like that for 15 minutes or more, puke or completely PASS OUT from a hit to the testicles. Guys have said that being hit in their genitals often results in a nauseating feeling (I guess that's why males will vomit) and difficulty breathing. I've been hit between the legs before (pretty hard), but I've never come close to feeling what they've described. It must be weird to have one small part of your anatomy affect your WHOLE BODY! I've witnessed females double over from being kicked in the groin, but never with such severe consequences. They recover after a minute or two. A man's genital pleasure lasts but a moment, is limited to one orgasm at a time, and is limited to his penis. His genital pain, though, lasts a long time, and affects his whole body. Conversely, a woman's orgasms last 3 to 4 times as long, she can have almost unlimited orgasms. And if a female is kicked or hit in the groin, the pain is only minor, temporary, and limited to her groin. She won't retch, throw up, or pass out like a man! If this isn't life's ultimate irony, I don't know what is! At any rate, I'm GLAD I'm female!

Asian GirlApr 20 2013 12:48pm
I agree with you. Another male inconvenience is the anxiety from the penis. They worry about the size of organs, being able to erect, lasting long enough, and what girls think if it's uncircumcised. I grew up in a small town in Indonesia. All boys are circumcised around puberty, about 13 to 15 years old. I remember watching my younger brother circumcision ceremony (we call it 'sunat') and how frightened and agony he was! I was SO thankful at moment that I was a girl and did not have those vulnerable penis to be cut between my legs! Even though it is extremely painful for boys to have the penis circumcised, I think it is necessary. Keeping the skin (kulup) makes the penis smell more, it is dirtier (uncircumcised have that white stuff, I don't know how to say it. We call it 'daki'), and look ugly. It makes the ejaculation quickly too. I thought all males must circumcised, but I found out some did not when I came to USA. I dated an Asian guy once who was Vietnamese. He did not have the operation. It smelled bad only after a few hours from the shower, even though he never had any of the white stuff. I know it wasn't infection because I never got anything when having sex. He also couldn't last long (only 2 or 3 minutes) before he needed ejaculation. I could not do oral very long because of the smell and the feeling of the long skin. Even when he asked me a lot for it, I could only suck sometimes. It's disgusting for me. I don't tell him because I don't want his hurt feeling. All the other guys (most of them White American) I dated were circumcised (and BIG)! I did not know how big a White penis was until I saw one (we hear stories back in Indonesia). The guys say they had circumcised as babies here, so I think them lucky to not have the pain of Indonesian boys. But I think the babies must cry so much! I still think it is necessary for circumcision of boys. So this is why I am glad for being a girl!!

Marika SutandiApr 20 2013 1:21pm
I wish I was a girl

ShokoApr 26 2013 7:56am
Un-Cut Rules! Unforget what you girls think.

twonutbusterMay 03 2013 9:12am
This page is abruptly disgusting and distasteful, men and women are equal, don't forget that men and women fought for women to he able to vote and have the same rights as men, and with this talk of females who think they are superior to men disgust me. This is sexist and what women fought to end, I am very disappointed in all of you. No wonder so many men feel unappreciated, its because women expect so much, but I can't say this for all women, cause I have met nice women and all you women make me want to give up on women entirely. But no gender shall be stereotyped or prejudice against. What happened to those days where all men and women got along. No sex is superior. We are all made equal at birth, we experience different things sexually, and we should be thankful of difference not making it into a competition. This conversation is offensive to both men and women who do not want to be criticized by this crap. Grow up, and if you aren't good enough to appreciate your man or women then find someone else, nobody gives a f*ck tbh. These women feed off being worshiped by men. I think that men and women are equal and that we should be proud of our genders, we have diversity. I am a man and I am happy to be a man, I hope you are too. Please, make this world a better place for everybody and appreciate both sexes and all people. We are all human beings, treat everybody with respect and show love, the world will be a better place

Speaker of the truthMay 13 2013 10:10pm
I think being a university girl and not married nor virgin.that penis is superior one .

Ruby SrivastvaMay 21 2013 12:25am
Being a girl I can say with prodly that male penis is superior one. His penis is meant for our vigina.when his penis were in side of her every girls go to haven from earth.u know ever one love and like to take in their mouth neat and clean thinghs for eating. Girls or womens are most vigilent on this issue ,she wash it clean it and then take

AnonymousMay 21 2013 12:39am
Being a girl I can say with prodly that male penis is superior one. His penis is meant for our vigina.when his penis were in side of her every girls go to haven from earth.u know ever one love and like to take in their mouth neat and clean thinghs for eating. Girls or womens are most vigilent on this issue ,she wash it clean it and then take it in their mouth for eating purpose.but on sex bed every girl or weomen is crazy to suck his penis as she knows very well that this is dirty thing and know as pee tube but every girls take it in her mouth and sucked his c*ck and swallow his cum which come out from his pee tube and also ckean it with their sweet tonque. She do it only for her own pleasure and also love and like this dirty thingh known as manhood because it is for her and with man hood. Our vigina never feel pleasure .therefore male penis is super one.male penis is creater of our population with his act not possible to give birth of any gender.

km.Urvashi SaxenaMay 21 2013 12:47am
Male penis is superior as against our vigina.u know penis may be f*cked four womens at a time and also give them orgasm.I. Think being a young unmarried and not virgin girl that womens love and like male penis, if she does not like male penis it look that her body is without her neck. U know number of pros. Sexd worker ,porn star and call girls are also know

AnonymousMay 21 2013 1:52am
Male penis is superior as against our vigina.u know penis may be f*cked four womens at a time and also give them orgasm.I. Think being a young unmarried and not virgin girl that womens love and like male penis, if she does not like male penis it look that her body is without her neck. U know number of pros. Sexd worker ,porn star and call g

AnonymousMay 21 2013 1:56am
Male penis is superior as against our vigina.u know penis may be f*cked four womens at a time and also give them orgasm.I. Think being a young unmarried and not virgin girl that womens love and like male penis, if she does not like male penis it look that her body is without her neck. U know number of pros. Sexd worker ,porn star and call girls are also know this fact and they in one sound say that penis is superiour against vigina as male penis give him viginal sex pleasure including penis entery fee in her vigina.therefore, I am in view that penis is superior one.

km.Reshma SinghMay 21 2013 2:07am
U know penis is eleder brother of Mrs vigina and mrs.viginaalways wish and hope that her eleder brother Mr.penis is care taker of her little sister Mrs Vigina.u know when Mr penis pissing his flow is very high and covered one meter distance and when her little sister Mrs.vigina pissing her golden sower flow always down toward earth and distnce

AnonymousMay 21 2013 2:35am
U know penis is eleder brother of Mrs vigina and mrs.viginaalways wish and hope that her eleder brother Mr.penis is care taker of her little sister Mrs Vigina.u know when Mr penis pissing his flow is very high and covered one meter distance and when her little sister Mrs.vigina pissing her golden sower flow always down toward earth and distnce cover is not long as Mr.penis covered at pissing time. Mr penis is able to cool sex itching when her little sister Mrs vigina feel and after that she say in pleasure that really Mr penis u r great and I am with with their act or perforance shown on bed with her little sister mrs vigina.therefore, being a girl that penis is super one.

zakia Ali.May 21 2013 2:40am
Our vigina is superior.though penis attack on vigina with prior notice and push directly as against slow firing,but our vigina feel pain and bears load with pain+ pleasure. Penis take pleasure withour vigina. Vigina tear after giving pleasur and nicely handedled their all. Sex act with pain and pleasure. Therefore our vigina is supper and o

AnonymousMay 21 2013 2:59am
Penis hang from the body, while vagina stays attached to the body

AnonymousMay 27 2013 1:31am
Most women can't even have an orgasm anyways. Most men can. A great percentage of men are capable of having multiple orgasms. I myself had an 8 minute orgasm once.

Chauvinistmuthafucka xDMay 30 2013 4:54pm
Over the past few decades, the advances in technology have allowed us to take a closer look at what is happening within both the female and male brain. Male brains are larger than female brains, yet females can think and calculate faster than men can. Magnetic resonance imaging and other brain imaging techniques have shown that most female brains are more active than most male brains. Even when the female brain is resting it has been shown to be as active as an activated male brain. Considering such information, it appears that many girls will have an intelligence advantage over boys by being consistently engaged, even when they aren’t trying as hard as a boy. As a further result of MRI scans we are able to see and view the ways in which some boys and girls process information. Generally speaking, the female brain processes more responding stimulants, through more senses, and more completely than the male brain. When information content comes into the female brain it travels in through the limbic system up to the top four lobes of the brain where thinking occurs. On the other hand, many males seem to move this content through the limbic system down to the brain stem. Basically, this means that females are more likely to process the information faster and reach a conclusion, as more of the activity moves into the hemispheres that handle thinking. Comparatively, men take longer to process information than women because their brains have less neurons available for activity and the connections between those neurons are fewer in number than those found in women’s brains. It is hypothesized that because of this, women constantly operate on a superior level of awareness than men, as their brains are always taking in more sensory information. Because of the limited processing in male brains, they are more likely to need a rest period than in females. The study proved that many male brains frequently enter a reboot phase as they become overloaded easier than female brains, which aren’t as limited in terms of calculation. This phenomenon is similar to the fact that a computer with less RAM and a slower processing speed is more likely to lock up than one which is more powerful. In addition to processing speed and greater sensory intake, females also have a larger corpus callosum, which connects both brain hemispheres. Because the female brain can use both sides more efficiently and more effectively than the male brain, it is able to carry more information throughout more connections, increasing its speed and giving the female greater resources for thought. The differences between intelligence between the genders can be explained through biology. At conception, all life begins as female, marked by the XX chromosome. To roughly half of these embryos, a Y chromosome is introduced, turning the original female embryo into a male. Testosterone surges throughout the growth of the baby while in the womb at a much higher rate than in the female. This chemical transforms the original female brain, enlarging the sex and aggression centers. Testosterone also has been shown to kill off brain cells and damage connections within the brain, as while as put the male at a much higher risk for diseases and brain related disorders. To compensate for this, nature has made 105 males be conceived to every 100 females. Because males are more likely not to survive birth or to die at a younger age, their higher numbers shrink quickly, as females become roughly 52% of the population. These biological differences not only explain the limited cognitive abilities of the male brain in relation to the female, but also explain why females outlive males in humans as well as in the all animal kingdoms. These advantages of the female brain go even beyond intelligence. There are many different chemicals in the brain that affect the ways in which we act, feel, and respond in different situations. The feelings experienced as a result of these chemicals are caused by receptors in the brain which produce the effect of the chemical when activated. Because girls have more brain activity and more neurons in their brains than boys, they also have more receptors. A perfect example of a chemical reaction in the brain is orgasm. We feel orgasms as pleasurable because of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin are released in our brain during climax. Because receptors are greater in number in the female brain then in men, orgasm will feel much better for a girl than it does for a boy. Brain scans show that during orgasm the female brain experiences 10 times the amount of pleasurable chemicals than in the male brain. In addition, the chemicals stick around in women’s brains longer than in the male brain, so the pleasurable experience lasts longer. Girls are also capable of multiple orgasms, so their brain remains ready to experience the pleasure over and over again for as long as she desires. Because of the refractory period men experience after they have an orgasm, they remain unable to have another orgasm for a period of time. This results in girls being capable of more powerful and longer lasting orgasms then in men, where orgasms are shorter, weaker, and fewer in number. In scientific studies, the equivalent of the male orgasm was played through the brains of volunteering women. Their experiences were recorded in written testimonies. Common remarks was that the intensity of the male orgasm was much weaker than what they normally experienced from orgasm and that the orgasm ended much quicker than they anticipated. When these women had female orgasms in the lab, they were much more vocal and their bodies contorted as their muscles contracted in response to the orgasm. When the same women experienced the male-style orgasm, they remained mostly quiet and stood almost completely still. They were actually quieter and moved less during the male orgasm then men who had their orgasms studied in the lab. Scientists hypothesized this was due to the females being used to experiencing a more powerful orgasm than the male-style orgasm that they experienced in the lab, while men experiencing the orgasm saw it as normal and had never felt anything better. Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides. There was a theory that if the intensity of a girl’s orgasm was played through a boy’s brain, the shock to his system would kill him. Because of this, it appears the female orgasm remains a treat which can only be enjoyed by women. "I definitely feel blessed that I was born female" study coordinator Sheryl Task joked. "If I was a man, I'd definitely be really jealous."

from a recent scientific articleJun 03 2013 8:10am
Men should be jealous-matriarchy is coming

SarahJun 05 2013 5:42am
What do you mean by that sarah,

Anonomous Jun 05 2013 8:32pm
so it must be true that a guy with a penis has lesser orgasmic receptors than a woman who has gspot, clitoris and entire vagina walls in her to begin with. men should be really jealous of that!

AnonymousJun 11 2013 10:40am
you all shuld read and lern rotgers university reaserch everything you wrot about man penis and pleasuer and orgasmic is totaly twisted and my geuss is you all under 35 age you have a primitive unknoledg i am a man

chik-chakJun 11 2013 11:58pm
Love the article posted, its awesome to know a man can never experience a womans orgasm. While a Woman can feel a mans. I agree that if a man experience a womans orgasm, he would faint and go unconscious, because he male brain wouldn't be able to comprehend what is happening to his body, brain, balls and dick! Awesome article....Men really do Suck!

anonymousJun 23 2013 5:14pm
I think that penis's are bettet because we have been the superior gender for many centuries

Polar taco Jul 10 2013 6:44pm
Let's just look at all of the advantages of being male over female. Athleticism: Men are better at Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Table Tennis. Strength: Men are better at Arm Wrestling, Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Javelin Throw, Hammer Throw, Discus and Shot Put. Speed: Men are better at Sprinting, Long Distance and Swimming. Jumping: Men are better at High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump. Intelligence: Don''t ever tell me that women are smarter than men. Look at who is the Prime-minister of the UK, the President of the US, infact the leader of all of the important countries they are all males and Angela Merkel doesn't count because she is the Chancellor not the Prime-minister. The world chess champion is male. All the great scientists and mathematicians Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Einstein, Newton, Hawking just look all of them are male. Where are the Female world leaders and great thinkers, oh wait there aren't any. Others: Women get raped and get pregnant. So woohoo women can have more fun and last longer in bed but compared to everything that males are superior in who gives a poo? So if any woman know tries to say that females are superior then you are just brain dead and further my point about males intellignce.

13 year old English boyJul 18 2013 12:00pm
Sorry auto correction 'now' not 'know'

13 year old English boyJul 18 2013 12:05pm
All of these things are only in this life... In the next who knows

MeAug 08 2013 6:58pm
I'm a guy but definantly vagina wins i wish i had one.

PersonWithNoNameAug 10 2013 12:27pm
Actually "13 year old English boy", I'm a guy but, if all we think about is sex, h maow should it not matter, at least to us, plus in a 2006 research, it was found that 40% of woman have an IQ of over 90 and only 20% of men have a IQ of over 80? the truth may, or "will" hurt but ANYTHING female nature is superior and more powerful than . you should be greatful you don't have to suffer with periods, or childbirth. In a 2004 research it was found women mature 4x faster than males. we don't have tits, vaginas, or clitoris. just put it this way. girls are better.

PersonWithNoNameAug 10 2013 12:41pm
Penis. If superiority is equated with dominance, and human's biological purpose is the reproduce, the male dominates the female. Men are physically stronger, smarter (look up sex differences on google), and thus on average can force a woman to bear his children, thus men are the ones in control. And if control is power, then men have more of it. Furthermore childbearing is an extremely submissive act, consider: If one forced someone to do something extremely unpleasant for just minimal rewards, many would say they had considerable control over the person they were forcing. The same applies to childbearing. A man can force a woman to go through 9 months of pregnancy (morning sickness, aches, etc.), and of course 8 hours (on average) of painful childbirth (pain calculated to be more painful that finger amputation, and described by many women as the most painful thing they've ever experienced), that in natural settings would kill 1/80. Men can, and do, choose to do this to a woman for the satisfaction of an orgasm that lasts on average 7 seconds. 7 seconds vs 28800 seconds. Could a woman do this to a man? No. Is it worth it? f*ck yeah! ;P

a bitch that knows her placeAug 10 2013 11:57pm
All I can say is I absolutely love giving my girlfriend orgasms that make her shake uncontrollably. Its damn sexy and satisfying. I love her to death. And she pleases me too ;) now for the woman wanting men to have to be circumsized, what gives you the right? You should be ashamed of yourself it isn't your body, and, contrary to what you might think there are women serial killers and sexual deviasts out there. You are an embarrassment to humanity.

(uckSep 04 2013 12:50pm
H5YcTK Major thankies for the blog article.Really thank you! Cool.

DkJBrVGNgykCxhysXbHSep 13 2013 7:33am
Who cares? What important can a Oman can't ? And vilcman do that a a

AnonymousSep 29 2013 11:11pm
Penis. men rape women and women are scared of it.

peniswinOct 07 2013 2:53am
Porn star lisa Sparxxx took on 919 penises and won easily. I would have loved to have been her 120th.

AnonymousOct 20 2013 3:00pm
half you guys here are retards in saying that vaginas are superior, they are all equal really. Sure guys have weaker orgasms but they sure as hell dont have to put up with periods or babies and the clitoris is what would actually what would have become a penis.....

AnonymousOct 20 2013 4:00pm
OHAZg6 Great, thanks for sharing this blog post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

AtSbfxHYvByFVMOct 25 2013 7:09pm
This has just become a place to insult the other sex. I prefer vagina because well I am lesbian. But I just think this is awful. Egotistical males threatening rape, messed up feminists saying they can do everything. Men are physically stronger and thus society has deemed them rules but woman are proven smarter and mature quicker. Women have a higher pain tolerance. Men have shorter bathroom lines. Being the sexually dominate one varies by personality, on average that is the males, which is sometimes simple based on expectations. You may love your dick, but I wouldn't want a tent in my pants after seeing a hot girl (embarrassing...).

LauraNov 14 2013 10:12pm
Sorry, they not them

LauraNov 14 2013 10:13pm
Personally, even though I'm a guy, I hate my penis so bad that I try to hurt it. I think that vaginas are SO much better. Also while we are on the subject, I have gotten my penis into my anal. I can't wait until technology to figure out how to turn a guys penis into a vagina.

somebodyNov 20 2013 4:23pm
I really want to see a pussy in person but because I'm young I can't see one for a while

Same somebody as beforeNov 20 2013 4:30pm
Right now, I'm trying to get into my mouth. Since I'm young, the fore-skin is still there. I have only reached that.

SomebodyNov 20 2013 6:13pm
I said neither. I mean yeah men did this and this and this but women did this and this and gave birth to all men. All the guy had to do was stick his penis in her.

AnonymousNov 25 2013 12:51am
The penis is a better looking organ than the vagina. Its like a massive open wound. If you had something like that on any other part of your body you'd want to go to a doctor for stitches. Some of them look like a roast beef sandwich, that drips sauce if squeezed. Others look like someone stuck gum to a wall. There are the scattered few that look like art, but for the most part they are a complete train wreck. (Yet we men LOVE THEM!) Plus, the penis is on the outside... It can be cleaned easily and doesn't constantly leak sludge or bleed like the axe wound disaster of the vagina. Imagine a tall narrow glass, whats going to be easier to clean, the outside or the inside? You gotta wonder how clean the inside bottom of a glass really is. Especially a glass that generates various liquids on its own, constantly. The outside of the glass on the other hand stays fairly clean until it is used. (I'm a guy who LOVES vagina for many many reasons. But when I hear women say the penis is ugly, I have to wonder if they have ever looked at their vagina. You women who don't like touching our parts or giving oral because "It's ugly/gross", remember that we men eagerly take any chance to dive into or play with the disaster you have between your legs, maybe you should all be a little less objectionable.)

Captian ObviousDec 01 2013 7:46am
The penis is obviously inferior to the vagina. First, it is very flimsy and puny and could easily be snipped off with a decent pair of scissors when it is soft. Even when it is hard a kitchen knife is all that is needed to amputate it. It would be much more difficult to damage a vagina. Also, penises often don't work at all, going limp and therefore becoming nearly useless. A vagina is always capable of receiving a hard penis.

soft and limpDec 18 2013 3:23pm
The Penis is a symbol of manhood and power, it's thick and hard. The male body is so much stronger and better than the female. Men have balls and those balls make him strong. Men win!

burtonfanDec 25 2013 9:54am
Balls equal Power and superiority, Balls make men tough, strong, confident, and muscular.....women don't have balls.

burtonfanDec 25 2013 9:57am
I can't believe I just read all of the posts.

A Male Homo SapiensJan 04 2014 9:02pm
women dont realize wat they miss on by not having a penis, lets be honest here..........during sex, when you have a stick, you have more control over you (and your partner's) pleasure/stimulation. While women can grind and move in certain ways about the penis, but the penis can be moved in any direction using a the hips to achieve any degree of pleasure. Think about it, who really has more control when having sex? The hole, or the stick? Eff all the other metaphors and symbols, the fact is the penis grants men with a greater level of control in sex. And plus we can pee anywhere without making a mess,

TrutihJan 20 2014 10:40am
Penis looks better in all sense, it is stronger too when get erect, on the other hand vagina its Funny looking.

AlinaJan 21 2014 12:41am
As a girl I Say penis because it is gorgeous, Vagina is pretty ugly

JessicaJan 21 2014 12:46am
PENIS ,PENIS,PENIS,It is the most pretty thing i have ever seen,When i was young I was jealous about penis , I tried to cut a boys penis out of jealous and failed.I always think why this penis so beautiful, when it get erect it is stunning like a bloomed flower.Vagina it is pretty ugly with lot of curves and foldings and ugly cut in the labia,as total it is most ugliest thing i have ever seen in the world

NANCYJan 21 2014 12:56am
I do like to support you Nancy you are absolutely correct

Thara , Ceena,Elizabeth and EleenaJan 21 2014 1:02am
I guess the vagina is more of a soup than a clam chowder

NancyStewJan 23 2014 10:22pm
Men are more taller, stronger, muscular and its because their BALLS make them that way. Testicles aren't weak.

johnJan 26 2014 7:36am
The Penis is the Champion, its Male, It's Mighty, It's Solid, and It's Masculine!!!!!!

LukeFeb 28 2014 7:59am
It's sad to see woman trying to hide their envy. The woman has a clitoris dictated for sexual pleasure...the men have the glans AND the foreskin! The foreskin is the most erogenous organ in both men and women, as much as circumcised men and women don't want to admit it. Sadly, so many men are cut that of course it would seem that they're inferior...a cut penis is! But an uncut c* god, the potential is huge. Almost to a fault that it makes men addicted to it. If the reason you get your dick chopped off started because men did not want to equate to women. Not only that, but men can experience so many different kinds of orgasms. There can be the initial ejaculatory orgasm, which feels good in its own right...but when you head deeper and use a vibrator on the foreskin/glans or a toy in for the prostate...that is really the definition of unlimited. Men are a creation of a woman and something else. A woman is just a woman; so now a man can choose whichever he wants. FtM changes are almost impossible, because women don't have any men in them. Men do, so if they choose to lose their penis (hey, different strokes for different folks) they can. The only problem is men can give into their testosterone and make themselves vulnerable. It's those alpha males that control their testosterone, and balance it with estrogen that truly become great. However as long as there is inequality, there will be strides to end it. In a way, it's not fair for men. There are some that battle with too much testosterone, while others give into it. It's how natural selection intended, but for the men who were made to control their testosterone, superiority awaits them. Circumcised men, testosterone indulged men, and woman don't want to hear this. It's natural for them not to, but we must all be open-minded.

AdrianMar 05 2014 9:16pm

1Apr 02 2014 7:12am

-1'Apr 02 2014 7:13am

gCMuBFWLLasYuApr 08 2014 3:02am

7th Grade Futanari. (No Joke)Apr 12 2014 8:52pm
ejATRK I am so grateful for your blog.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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AnonymousMay 04 2014 8:55am
Holy poo people you fools ate straight up crazy. I mean I've probably been spending to much time on tumblr but almost all of you are being so freaking sexist.I personally have a penis, so I nauteraly think thier better but poo man, don't be so rude. Also I call complete total bullpoo on that so called "scientific" arrival a while back. Thier is absolutely no way to test a female orgasm on a male, and to say that it would kill them is just retarted. Yes men do tend to have weaker orgasms, but its traded for us being able to have them quite often. And our brains are not that much freaking slower than girls, if it was like it said, wed be the ones rallying for the right to vote no matter how much physically stronger we were. Also on the other hand the rest of you sicken me on another level, we don't dominate women, like I said its actually not that rare for women to not even have an orgasm during intercourse, just because your proud of your work doesn't mean that they are and have been "dominated" also rape should have nothing to do with this topic that's just being rude, men rape because thier stronger, not because thier penises are superior. Wrapping things up I'm still on team penis and probably will stay that way until I get married and get to experience the beauty/grossness of the vagina first hand, then I'll probably either adamantly stay on team penis, or I might switch over

lifeLessonSonMay 06 2014 2:41am
your all crazy out there I think NEITHER IS BETTER because males orgasm and female orgasm are equal their penis or vagina is EQUAL I cant believe almost all of you think one is superior because your lying when you say PENIS IS SUPERIOR TO VAGINA OR VAGINA IS SUPERIOR TO PENIS

an intelligent life formMay 06 2014 2:20pm
What's wrong with perfering one over the other? I'm not saying the penis is serperior, but I am saying I like it better, its easier to clean and way more cost effective. Plus I've never er really had a vagina so its not like I have a firsthand reason to like it.Opinions are a part of life, learn to deal with it.

lifeLessonSonMay 08 2014 4:05am

an intelligent life formMay 08 2014 5:36pm
Cool then, see you around I guess

lifeLessonSonMay 08 2014 6:08pm

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I'm a guy and the vagina its SO much better. The penis is just a stupid rod thing that can't do anything. The vagina, however, can store things and it doesn't dangle outside of the body.

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