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Ladies: Would you snuff out a small weak man, who is evil??

Question: He is a horrible human being. Overall, he isnt a very nice guy. Actually evil. He has ruined countless of lives. And yet he is very small and weak. He probably couldnt even even bench press not much more than the barbell and curl a 10 lb dumbell. You have 50 lbs on him and twice as strong. Knowing that this small weak demon has hurt so many lives,would you beat him up till he is 6ft under to prevent future suffering?
Created by: okwlekl2020 at 06:47:12 AM, Wednesday, August 05, 2009 PDT


A good example of an evil small weak man is Kim Jong, the leader of N Korea.

okwlekl2020Aug 05 2009 1:51pm

Hillary Clinton has said she would love to kill Bin laden with her bare hands. Well not sure about that. But she coulda snuffed out Mr Jong in a heartbeat when she was in N Korea. she missed a huge opportunity

okwlekl2020Aug 05 2009 1:55pm
Mr A. Hitler inadvertantly springs to mind.

an intelligent life formAug 06 2009 3:56pm
The most evil men in world history were small and weak

AnonymousAug 07 2009 6:22am

an intelligent life formFeb 04 2010 4:02pm
the Green Giant is gentle!!!

AnonymousApr 28 2010 1:06pm
Indeed he is.

an intelligent life formJun 05 2010 4:51pm
Osama Bin Laden was 6`6, but ONLY 140 lbs. Another notorious small weak man

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