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Stronger Younger Sibling

Question: Does Anyone have a younger sibling of the same sex that is physically stronger than you? How old are you and how old is your sibling? How has it affected your relationship
Created by: holly84 at 01:40:29 PM, Thursday, August 06, 2009 PDT


My little sister (she's two years younger than me) is a gymnast and she's waay stronger than me. She's smaller than me, but she's really ripped so she's still much stronger. She's not really mean or anything, but I am really jealous of her body. Her abs are insane! And when I bring guys around they seem to completely forget about me as soon as they see, though I can't really blame them. I don't think she means anything it though.

jenAug 06 2009 9:22pm

I am the older of the two brothers in my family; older by about 14 years. I am only modestly endowed and stand at 5'8 1/2" and 165 lbs. I first noticed changes in my younger brother when he and our parents visited me at my beach home some years ago. I was 28 and he was 14 at the time. We were on the beach barefoot in our swimwear when I saw that he was almost as tall as I was. I looked down at the sand to see if we were on level ground and was shocked to see how much bigger his feet were than mine. We were standing with our feet next to each other and mine looked like a girl's foot in comparison to his. His big toe was almost twice as big as mine! I was so embarrassed that I immediately buried my feet in the sand. I asked him what his shoe size was and he asked me mine. I told him I wore a size 9 and he laughed at me, telling me he was now up to a size 11, and still growing. Through the week I was very aware that my 14 year old brother was indeed growing taller and stronger than me. I also wondered about his c*ck size, and if it was proportional to his feet. I kept glancing at his crotch, but I was detered by the baggy pants he was wearing. Additional guests arrived on Thursday, so my younger brother doubled up with me in my room. I stayed in my bed and he got the floor. He didn't like this, but what could he do? Quite a bit, I soon found out. Apparently, he was also noticing that he was becoming more and more of a man in comparison to his older brother. He would make comments that he was getting bigger and stronger than me, pointing to his bigger feet and hands (and muscles) as proof. I could feel the balance of power start to tip in his direction. We would look each other in the eye and both realize that he was becoming the more assertive one in our relationship, with me usually doing what he wanted. I felt kind of strange with this role reversal, but I was drawn to his adolescent awakening. My younger brother had slept on the floor Thursday night and wasn't happy with the sleeping arrangements, and he told me things were going to change on Friday. Well, Friday night comes and we are both in my bedroom getting ready for bed. The door is closed as we are undressing; everybody else already fast asleep in their other rooms. As we take off our clothes, my brother is flexing his arms and trying to get my attention. He continues to flex his teen muscles and I'm getting a little intimidated by the show of strength. Stripping down to his baggy boxer shorts, I can see the outline of what appears to be a big soft c*ck. He tells me that he gets the bed for the rest of the weekend and that I will be on the floor. I can't believe that he's bold enough to put me out of my own bed, so I start objecting. My younger brother interrupts me by telling me to be quiet and do as he says. As I try to say something in my defense, he throws me back onto the bed and pins me down. I am surprised by his aggressiveness and start to weakly struggle against him. I can't believe how strong he's gotten with his high school sports and he pins me on my back in seconds. He tells me that the bed is his and there is nothing I can do about it. I realize that he is right and I agree to do as he says. Looking up at him I start to get an er*ction under my white jockey shorts. My little p*nis is straining against the white cotton fabric, fully hard at a slender 4.5 inches in length. My younger brother takes a moment to realize this is happening to me and looks down at my small effort and laughs out loud. He throws me off the bed and onto the floor. He says he can't believe how weak and small I am. He's only half my age and more of a man than I'll ever be. He grabs his boxer shorts and pulls out a thick semi erect c*ck that is already bigger than my best effort. I'm on the floor, looking up at him, almost eye level with his growing c*ck. It looks huge from that vantage point, and it continues to grow and get even more powerful looking. He takes off his boxers and reveals a pair of b*lls that are full and pulsating, probably twice my size. His manhood is now fully stretching up to his belly, thick with a circumcised head. I can't believe how much bigger my "little" brother is than me. His teen c*ck is probably almost 7 inches long, half again as long as my little four and a half incher. It is at least 5.5 inches around. I feel weak looking up at powerful teen c*ck. He tells me that at 14 his body is still growing and his c*ck should get even longer and thicker. I agree and nod my head in awe thinking how he might look in a few years. There is no way I can ever be the bigger brother again. My younger brother did grow to 5'11" and about 170 lbs. over the next few years. We continued our relationship with me acknowledging he was bigger and stronger in many ways. We compared c*ck size and he did continue to grow even longer and thicker, topping out at 7.75" by 5.75". He still lets me know that he is in charge and calls me his "boy" on occasion. In fact, that's how I got the nickname "boysized". Because, next to him I am a boy.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comAug 09 2009 12:05pm
What about a 6-foot-2 skinny and weak 16-year-old girl who has a 4-foot-10 big and strong 14-year-old sister who outweighs her by more than fifty lbs; who is much stronger than she is; and who also has much larger, much more well developed breasts than her much taller, much skinnier sister? Would you call that sibling rivalry? I certainly would!!! I don't believe the 6-foot-2 skinny girl would ever be crazy enough to pick a fight with her 4-foot-10 much larger younger sister. In fact, I would bet that the 6-foot-2 skinny girl does whatever her big strong 4-foot-10 younger sister tells her to do. Like, for instance, caress and suck her younger sister's huge bare breasts -- OR ELSE!!!

AnonymousAug 13 2009 4:28pm
I am 15, and my little brother is 13. He is 5'9.8" and I am 5'3.6", his shoesize is 11 and mine is 8. He never mentioned anything about him being bigger, except for laughing a bit when our relatives made jokes about it he was really nice. But when we was finished in the gym we were the only ones in the locker room, I was going to shower, and hid my penis from him with my hands because I had noticed how huge his speedo and boxer bulges was, and I didn't want him to find out that my penis was smaller than his. He asked what my penis size was, I told him I wasn't sure, and he asked if I was ashamed of it since I was hiding it. I thought it would be silly to lie so I said "yeah kind of." I smiled, and told me to show him, I took my hands away, and he laughed when he saw my soft poking 1.5 inch nub. He removed his speedo, got in the shower next to me, and said "Looks like I'm more man than you'll ever become, in every area." I nodded, his soft penis was 3-4 times my size, and hanging, his balls were at least twice the size of mines, and he had lots of hair where I hadn't any. He asked me if I used to shave my pubic area, I told him I didn't, he laughed and said "Are you kidding me, haven't you grown hair yet?" Then he made me lift my girlish arms, there was no hair there either, but he was proud to prove that he had a forest of hair in his armpits. A friend of him suddenly came into the showers, they greeted, and I noticed the friend was tall and had big muscles, but not as much as my brother, he also had a big hairy c*ck, almost my brother's size. He said to my brother "You never told me you had a little brother." My brother smiled and said "Well, this is certainly not my big brother, so yes I have a little brother." His friend bowed down to face my eyes, and asked "So, how old are you, little fella? According to your body I would say 10 or maybe 11, but your wee wee is quite small so I'll go for 8, are you a tall 8 year old?" My brother said "He's 9" and his friend answered "Yeah I figured it had to be something like that, because he looks like he's 11, but when I was 11 my c*ck was at least twice the size of his." I admired the two 13 year old men, they weren't pathetic boys like me, but they were men, almost gods, at least compared to me. When we got home, and in to the room we shared, I confronted him, and asked him why I told him I was his little brother. He said "Because you are my little brother, and besides would you rather want me to tell him you were my 15 year old older brother, wouldn't that be humiliating?" I agreed. He put my left hand in my own pants, and my right one into his. His c*ck was gigantic compared to mine. He asked if I could feel the difference. I said "yes" still holding my hands in our crotches. And he said "That's the biggest proof I'm more man than you'll ever become." I nodded. Then he slammed me down to the floor, pinned me down, and said "admit I'm stronger than you" I tried to break loose for several minutes but the resistance was futile. I finally said "Ok, your stronger than me." He told me to call him big brother, I did, and this seemed to excite him, his c*ck became hard, and even tough his crotch was several inches above mine, as he laid on top of me, his huge penis bulge trough his boxers touched my penis, and it became hard too. He told me to promise to suck him, and then he would release me. I did, and his penis was still hard when I was finnished, so he said we had to compare. We found out that he is 7.9 inches and I am 2.3. Then our roles really reversed, he became the big brother, and I became the little brother he gets to bully around, I do all his chores, and everything he asks me to do, and call him big brother, he always calls me little brother or boy, and when he inttroduces me to friends he says I'm his little brother

tinyboySep 17 2009 3:57pm
I'm 12 years old and a girl. I'm way stronger than my 15 year old sister and I'm 7 inches taller with bigger boobs too. She's 5ft4 and I'm 5ft11 and she's a B cup and I'm a D cup she's also pretty much done growing. Once, my sister took me too the gym to work out. There, she discovered how much stronger than her i am. She could bench press only 45 pounds for 5 reps while i could do 100 pounds for 10. I could also curl about twice what she could do 70 push ups while she could only do 20. When we got into the shower, she was in awe of my womanly physique and my big boobs. She asked me if i knew how tall i was going to be and i told her that i was going to be at least 6ft3, which is what my doctor said and that my boobs were still growing really fast, which they are. She has never bothered me and she always does whatever i ask, which is awesome.

bigmegOct 11 2009 12:39pm
bigmeg, what do you weigh?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 13 2009 8:44am
I weigh 164 lbs

bigmegOct 13 2009 3:52pm
Whoops! I meant to say 174.

bigmegOct 13 2009 3:54pm
Whoops! I meant to say 174.

bigmegOct 13 2009 3:55pm
i like pie

jimmyOct 24 2009 12:39pm
Hey tinyboy. I can mepathize completely with you. When I was 14, I had a 9 year old brother who was almost my height. One day, he said to me: "I've got hairs." I looked at him in a confused manner as I thought he was referring to the hairs on his head. "Of course you've got hairs, idiot" said I. Realizing that I thought he was referring to his head, he said: "No, down here" pointing to his crotch. "don't be ridiculous" said I. Not wanting to be disbelieved, he dropped his shorts and showed me a 4 inche penis with some six hairs. I was shocked to the back teeth as I had not started in that department. "You must have heaps, show me how much you have" he pleaded. As I refused, he became more pressing, and began chasing me around our room, trying to lay his hand on my crotch. He finally cornered me at pushed his left hand down my waistband. When he realized just how small I was, he paused and looked me in the eye. I was fully erect at this point and was 2.5 inches He grabbed my free hand and shoved it down his waistband. His penis was now erect whereas it wasnt' before. And what I felt was something definitely bigger than 2.5 inches. "I am bigger than you by heaps" he said, and dropped my pants to reveal my 2.5 incher. Dropping his own pants to reveal his 4.2 incher with six publes was an eyeopener. He didn't know how to respond to this difference except to say 'wow...this is freaky. I thought you would be bigger than me" Six mnths later, he discovered cum and I was still hairless. By 10 he had a decent bush; and at 15, I finally grew a few pubes and peaked at 3 inches.

KyleNov 01 2009 7:40pm
Im 14 boy and my 11 sister bigger and stronger than I.

weakerNov 06 2009 8:08am
Wow bigmeg, you sound amazing! How tall are you now, do you have any other strength stories that you would like to share?

stronggirlsruleNov 14 2009 9:01pm
Hi. I'm 6ft1 now, i grew a couple inches in the last few months and my boobs grew to an E cup too. One time, my sister tried to steal my laptop. She was still used to being in charge of me and assumed that she could take anything she wanted from me. As she walked away with it, i stopped her and told her to give it back. She refused and said that she was taking it and there was nothing i could do about it. I told her that if she didn't give it back then she would regret it but she still did not listen. So i shoved her, i didn't think i shoved her hard, at least not for me, but she went flying back into the wall and she was stunned for a few seconds and then ran away in fear. Since then, she has done everything i want and never hesitates to do what i tell her. Being strong is awesome

bigmegNov 14 2009 9:15pm
hey weaker how tall are you

smalljoeNov 23 2009 12:05pm
And bigmeg how old are you now? and how tall is your sister?

smalljoeNov 23 2009 12:10pm
I'm 13 and 2 months old now. My sister is still 5ft4 and is now really scared of me. It's awesome.

bigmegNov 24 2009 3:00pm
I'm 13 and 2 months old now. My sister is still 5ft4 and is now really scared of me. It's awesome.

bigmegNov 24 2009 3:03pm
Bigmeg, are you taller than your parents? How tall are they?

littleguyNov 26 2009 10:44pm
My parents are 5ft11 and 5ft3. So i'm the tallest in the house and still growing fast. My doctor said i'd probably be 5ft10 last year. But now that i've outgrown that he thinks i'll be 6ft6 or so. I hope i get to be super tall and strong, it rules.

bigmegNov 26 2009 10:48pm
Wow that's amazing! I'm a 5ft4 100lb wimp. You'd look like a giantess next to me! Do you play any sports? Have you gotten stronger since your last posts?

littleguyNov 26 2009 10:51pm
Yeah, i play basketball and volleyball for my school. I was center in basketball and played front line on volleyball. I am the tallest kid in my school and played on the boys basketball team where i was the leading scorer and shot blocker. And yeah, i've been working out a lot and i can bench press 150 lbs now and curl about 80 lbs. Being strong and tall is absolutely the best!

bigmegNov 26 2009 11:00pm
When I was 15 and in the 10th. grade, my younger brother was 13 and in the 8th. grade. He was already a little taller than me, heavier, stronger, and with heaps of armpit hair, a really thick crop. I had nothing under my arms. We shared the same room and I would always face away from him when changing into my PJ's. I would pretend to be asleep if he came back from a shower and would sneak a peek. He too would turn away from me but sometimes I would see a glimpse of his package. His soft was definiely bigger than my hard, as I was only abut 3 inches at the time. One day, I walked into the room when he was standing there naked, and facing in my direction. He already had an adult dick with heaps of pubes. He didn't cover himself and caught me staring. "Like what you see?" he said. "Bet I have more pubes than you. Come on show me yours big bro." And he made me strip down, revealing my hairless crotch. Very humiliating.

cameronDec 09 2009 12:14pm
Hi bigmeg. Just wondering if you're still growing and what you stats are. You're like a dream girl and at the same time a nightmare for some of us. When you were 13 you could bench press me. Also do you have any other strength/domination stories over your sister or any one else. Keep us posted!

mickeeDec 14 2009 5:34pm
Hi bigmeg. Just wondering if you're still growing and what you stats are. You're like a dream girl and at the same time a nightmare for some of us. When you were 13 you could bench press me. Also do you have any other strength/domination stories over your sister or any one else. Keep us posted!

mickeeDec 14 2009 5:55pm
I know how you bro is 11.his penis way bigge than0me.he plays sports.stronger than me his friends r 10 1e 12.all more hung.lil bro is as tall as just 5/ ppenis is 2.f.his is g.0 and just 11 !he likes to push me to my friends make me suck ghim and his 10 e1 year oild buddies.i broike moms vase worth 9000 mopm hs my bro babysit0 me! he makes me obey him.

mikeMar 01 2010 8:09pm
Hey everyone. I'm 14 now and 6ft4 and my boobs are getting huge, they're up to a G cup now. I've been working out a ton and i can bench press 215 lbs and curl about 100. This is also my first year of high school and I'm the tallest girl there. I made the varsity basketball team and averaged 20 points a game. My teachers are all sort of scared of me and i can pretty much scare them into giving me better grades. Seriously, being strong and tall is the best.

bigmegMar 08 2010 1:26pm
Hey BigMeg. Thanks for keeping us posted. Have you ever had anyone approach you in the shower at school or are they just intimidated staring with their jaws dropping? How about guys? Crawling all over you or scared ****less? How big are your biceps?

mickeeMar 10 2010 8:33pm
My step brother was 4 years younger than me, and was already much stronger than me when he was 6 and I was 10 and moved into the same household. He used to pin me down and tickle me and beat me at arm-wrestling in front of his friends. Sometimes he would wear me down and let his friends wrestle me as well, and because I was so tired out I would be pinned down by them as well. One time when he was 13 and I was 17 he tickled me in front of his girlfriend. He also held both me and a girl under each arm and tickled us both at the same time. By this stage he was nearly twice my weight, I was still only 8 stones at 17, while he he had arms and muscles twice the size of mine. He was much more well endowed than me as well.

ticklish-girly-armsMar 23 2010 3:49am
ticklish-girly-arms, what penis size do you and your younger but bigger step brother have?

JuruApr 07 2010 9:22am
Hey everyone. Yeah, some people have come up to me in the shower. One time, this girl came up to me who was only 5ft. It must have been awkward for her, standing right next to me, having to look up just to see my boobs and feeling so small and weak. I loved seeing the jealousy and fear on her face, it was awesome. Guys at my school stare at me all the time, i know they want me, but are too scared to try. My biceps are 17 inches around.

bigmegApr 18 2010 2:58pm
Wow thats amazing bigmeg! I bet nobody would even think about getting into a fight with you, you could crush them without even trying! Do you have msn or anything cause id love to chat!

ZackApr 23 2010 7:24pm
Juru. My step-brother has about 9 inches, and developed quite early, and I have about 4 inches, and developed quite late, so during my teens the disparity was even more dramatic, as I barely had 2 inches until around 17. It was so emasculating and humiliating

Ticklish-girly-armsApr 26 2010 10:14am
Ticklist-girly arms: Wow...quite a difference. How old was he when he developed early and would you like to tell us about some of your experiences when he was say, 10 and you were 14? that is, some of your emasculating and humiliating experiences. Thanks for considering

ColinApr 27 2010 5:55am
You keep getting bigger and stronger BigMeg. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before those in the shower who admire you try to take it to the next level. Likely if you were inclined all you would have to do flex and point. Any girl or guy so motivated would be unable to resist giving your breasts the attention they deserve. That and muscle worship would be at your whim. If not, your strength could obtain any such pleasures. If you have any such incidents you're able to share you've got a few interested readers. If not any of this type of story have you ever lifted anyone or used your physical power to show who's boss?

mickeeApr 27 2010 11:57am
Colin: Up to the age of 10, I think he was about twice as big as me in that department, nearly four inches, while I was two inches through my teens. Then he started growing by about an inch or two a year. He was six inches at 12, and eight inches at 13. For a while he was actually four times as big as me. Mine was about the size of his thumb, while his was comparable to the size of my wrist, although a little shorter and thicker. He often used to show it off to me, to see my reaction. My most humiliating experience of all was probably when I was 14, when he had me pinned belly-down on a rug in just my shorts and was tickling the hell out of my tummy and sides. I was squirming as struggling beneath him so much that my groin was rubbing against the rug, and this on top of my arousal from being so helpless, caused me to orgasm beneath him. Being only 10, he had no idea what had happened, and just tickled me harder as the orgasm wore off and I became really sensitive. The sensation was so intense that I was actually crying for mercy, but he tickled me all over for at least another two minutes before he relented. Even when I was four years older, he was so much stronger than me that I didn't have a chance against him. I was so skinny and weak compared to him.

Ticklish-girly-armsApr 28 2010 3:11am
ticklish-girly arms. Thanks for the additional story. Not being able to escape this reality, would have been really difficult to cope with on a daily basis. What was his reaction when he would show off to you? Did he make you do things that humiliated you? And how old was (is) his girlfriend that you mentioned in the earlier story? Is she older than him, and does she humiliate you? How tall is he at 13 and how tall are you? What else would you be open to share?

colinApr 28 2010 4:55am
It wasn't so hard really. I was comfortable with being inferior to his strength, and we actually got on quite well most of the time. The hardest part for me was not having any girlfriends due to my gawky physique, while he has had dozens of girls, all of them with looks to die for. He was sexually active from the age of 11 while I didn't lose my virginity until I was 22. When our parents were out working, in the summer holidays for instance, I often used to hear him and one or more girls having extended and vigorous sex, as our bedrooms were next to each other. It was intensely frustrating to listen to and see him go through so many girls and get his way with them so easily when they wouldn't even look at me. Some of his girlfriends liked to tease me about my lack of strength or sexual experience, but my brother was sometimes quite protective about that sort of thing. Other times he actually encouraged them to wrestle with me to see if they were stronger, which most of them were. I didn't actually mind that so much though. Most of his girlfriends were a year or two younger than him, though the girl he tickled at the same time as me was actually 15, while he was 13 at the time. I don't know if he had relations with her although they were pretty intimate. The girl he tickled me in front of would have been about the same age as him. She thought the fact that I was so much weaker than him was hilarious. I'm six foot, and was 5'8 at 17, and put on most of my height quite late. I only surpassed 5 foot at 14. Even so, even when I was quite short in my early teens, I was very skinny.

Ticklish-girly-armsApr 28 2010 9:10am
Ticklish girly arms: Thanks again for your update. Nature can be cruel to some of us, and like me, the question "Why me?" probably crossed your mind many times. I didn't have any brothers but had a next door neighbour who was three years younger. He started coming over in the afternoons after school, mainly to play with my trucks and toys (which I had grown out of.) One day I noticed that his wrist was bigger than mine and found an excuse to wrap my hand around it. My fingers just touched if I squeezed hard. He noticed my fascination for his wrist, so grabbed mine. His fingers overlapped by over an inch. I was really skinny; he wasn't what you would call 'fat'; he was a solid kid. Naturally I got aroused by this and had an erection through my shorts. He noticed this and grabbed at my crotch. I pulled away out of fright. I had not had any sexual experience with anyone at that stage (I was 14) and had only just begun to get pubic hair. To my amazement, this 11 year old shoved his hand up my shorts and with another movement, had my dick showing. He was as tall as I was and a heavier kid. He looked at my 3-1.2 incher momentarily then grabbed my hand and shoved it down his waist band. I remember being stunned by the whole experience (eyes wide open) and immediately felt the difference in size without yet seeing it visually. He immediately dropped his shorts to reveal a bush that was more than mine, a 5 incher vs. my 3-1/2 incher. His was thicker too (4-1/2 around.) whereas mine was like his thumb (which was bigger than my thumb) I had not yet cummed and didn't know what this was, whereas this 11 year old showed me what he was capable of in that department. Every chance we had, we would be comparing with side-by-side comparisons. Today, I am still only 4-1/2.

colinApr 28 2010 4:25pm
Yes. I often wondered why and felt it was so unfair. It also made me wonder how much weaker than him I would have been had I been the same age as him, or younger, or been a girl instead of a boy. I had tiny little wrists too, they were 5 inches around from my childhood, right up to my early 20s. Whenever I bought a watch, I had to punch extra holes in the strap so it would fit. Quite often people with more muscular physiques used to grab my wrist and wrap their fingers around it easily, just to feel how slender and girlish I was. Skinniest of all were my upper arms and biceps. I could actually wrap my fingers around them so they met, as could quite a few other people who tried that out. I could do that with my ankles too. I also had neighbours who humiliated me over my strength. When I was 19, this guy my age who lived near me made me do bench presses. He could bench 100 kilos easily, and I could only manage 20 for a few reps before my arms got tired. Then he made me do 10 kgs for a while, I think I managed that about 20 times, until my arms became worn out from doing that too. Then he got a 3 litre bottle of water and made me raise it in the air overhead with each arm until I couldn't do that, and then with both arms together, until I could barely raise my arms at all, so at that precise moment he was probably 30 times as strong as me. Then when we went outside he called over this little girl who was his cousin, who must have been barely 7 or 8, and he made us arm-wrestle. She had tiny little arms like a pixie, but she still won, because my own arms were so exhausted and had no stamina left in them. He made us do it several times with each arm, and always brought it up to embarrass me. Interestingly, my arms never got stronger during the time he was making me to bench presses.

Ticklish-girly-armsApr 29 2010 1:03am
Thanks again T-G-arms for another update. When I was 14 yrs I was a mere 52 pounds; my 11 year old neighbour was 88 pounds and the same height as myself. One day, I had this inclination to jump on his back and ride him like a horse. He had no problem carrying my weight. I couldn't carry him though; I could only take two steps with him on my back before I had to put him down. He could carry me a 10-plus minutes if he wanted to. As my parents were never home when he came over, we always got naked very quickly. I yearned for his body and to do the comparison. One day, he carried me on his shoulders and had no problem standing erect and walk around the room with me on his shoulders. I could lift him when we reversed positions. We never bench pressed or lifted any weights, however he used to carry me like a baby and one day lifted me like he would a dumbbell. He tried to lift me completely above his head, so I remained very still so that he could achieve this. We did this while naked of course. I always wanted to arm wrestle knowing I would never win. Interesting he never humuliated me. I always wanted to see his 'white stuff' and he was always obliging. He tried to see mine, but I was always dry. For me, it didn't start until about 14-1/2 but this mini-man had begun at 10. We were pretty innocent as we never graduated to other activities.

colinApr 29 2010 4:30am
That reminds me of an instance when I was 18, and watched porn with my friend who was 16 in his living room. Neither of us had seen such action on video before and I looked up after 5 minutes to see he was wanking himself. He was 6 or 7 inches and quite thick compared to my 3 inches then, and I watched him do it for a while until I began to feel so horny that I started to do the same. Until then I had only ever masturbated by rubbing myself off against my bed, and my arm just wasn't strong enough to keep up a fast enough rhythm. My friend used his hand on me while doing himself with his left hand, and it felt amazing to be beaten off by a strong firm hand like that. Within 2 minutes I'd orgasmed in his hand, the first time I'd ever seen myself cum, and then he came too, loads more than me, all over his stomach. It was wonderful to watch a 'real man' cum like that, even if he was 2 years younger than me.

Ticklish-girly-armsApr 29 2010 7:32pm
Interesting how one story remind another of other experiences. After my 11 year old showed me how he produced his 'white stuff' I tried to produce the same on my own, but was always dry. The day he tried to make me cum, I could feel the power of his slightly large hand, which enveloped by 3-1/2 incher. I felt realllllly small when this occurred as his 5 incher with pubes was always right before my eyes. He seemed to know when I was climaxing an would release to watch my little thing twitch on its own. On his third attempt, he said: "How old are you again?" 14 said I. "Now do me" said he. And he would squirt volumes. On one occasion he made me smean his cream all over my crotch and to leave it there. I got a real shock one day when he invited me to service him four time in a hour. Each time he had a massive amount; any amount would have been massive in my eyes. More and more, I came to see him as a man and myself as a young boy. (Hey T-G-Arms: do you want to exchange email addresss?)

colinApr 30 2010 1:50am :)

Ticklish-girly-armsApr 30 2010 7:13am
Hey everyone. I hadn't had any of those types of stories until a while ago, but I've definitely got a few now. At one point, while i was showering after basketball practice, another girl came up to me and we caught eachother's eye. Soon, she was massaging my huge breasts and I was coiled around her. She started to finger me and i started to to finger her until we both exploded. It was the most incredible experience i've ever had.

bigmegMay 20 2010 7:14am
Hi BigMeg. Thanks for the story. It had to be only a matter of time before you had these types of experiences. It sounds like your friend was quite enthralled to have access to your physique. I imagine it could have been a one sided affair and she would have been happy. With your strong and gifted body there may come a point where you take charge in such situations or the other person so motivated will not expect a return of favor. At any rate it's nice that you enjoyed it and any other stories would be something for your readers to also enjoy.

mickeeMay 21 2010 8:53pm
bigmeg u bulpooing bitch

benJun 07 2010 3:46am
ok bigmeg, i'm sorry but you have some really serious issues. first off, a G cup is a monsterously HUGE size!! My cousin has the same size, and it's really not that pretty, trust me. Your center of gravity must be on those things. Second, your a disgusting she-man freak!! Who let's some random girl finger her in the shower? Pathetic...If your that sexually addicted, go get a vibrator or a real man. Lastly, if you have 17 in. muscles on your biceps, you basically have body-builder guns, which are not attractive on women AT ALL!! (do you know how many guys actually date girl body builders? ziiippp!) So stop bragging, I probably have a better body than you and I'm only 5'6 and weigh 135 lb. Plus, I'm the older sister, and let me tell you that my younger sister thinks I'm a DEMON. So yeah, if she even tries to pounce on me, I make sure not to kill her when I'm finished, really. So yeah, holla back gurrrlll!

krissy143Jun 20 2010 10:58pm
I totally agree with you krissy, bodybuilder females are revolting, and I'm pleased with my smooth non-muscle covered 5'5/130 lb body, and my C-cups.

SarahJun 22 2010 8:44am
This site is fantacy oriented so I'm not sure what the issues are. No email or any confirmation is required. Bigmeg could even be a guy but I find it interesting to goad him/her on.

samonJun 27 2010 7:57pm
This site is fantacy oriented so I'm not sure what the issues are. No email or any confirmation is required. Bigmeg could even be a guy but I find it interesting to goad him/her on.

purpleJun 27 2010 7:58pm
Bigmeg is obviously made up

AnonymousJun 28 2010 4:55am
a g-cup with 17 inch arms an 6ft4.yea right ha

AnonymousJun 30 2010 4:42am
My younger sister is stronger than me and she's only 8 and I'm 17. I'm 150 cms and she's 145 cms already and weighs the same as me, and she can run and swim faster than me too.

LucyJul 04 2010 8:47pm
I know big meg is a lying bitch. But its funny how some idiots on here actually believe her.

jimmyJul 16 2010 11:27am
And whats more f*cked up is they're turned on by her.

AnonymousJul 17 2010 11:16am
bigmeg is just a loser-guy

NierJul 17 2010 1:29pm
Super strong girls are really ugly.

jimJul 19 2010 12:17pm
I mean jimmy

jimmyJul 19 2010 12:18pm
Ticklish-girly-arms and colin, when did your brother and neighbour get bigger than you and were there any signs plus how do you get someone to compare?

Hopfully-still-biggerJul 27 2010 10:41pm
It was obvious whenever we happened to see each other nude that he was bigger than me, even when we were both pre-puberty. Even though I was older than him he began puberty first, at about 10-11 while I had to wait until 17. Almost every instance of comparison was instigated by him, and I didn't have much say or control over the matter.

Ticklish-girly-armsJul 28 2010 9:09pm
Thanks i didnt think someone would reply that fast but any tips on how to

Hopfully-still-biggerJul 28 2010 10:57pm
Thanks i didnt think someone would reply that fast but any tips on how to get someone to compare

Hopfully-still-biggerJul 28 2010 10:58pm
Thanks i didnt think someone would reply that fast but any tips on how to get someone to compare

Hopfully-still-biggerJul 28 2010 11:00pm
Hey H-still-bigger. Colin here and thanks for askking. As I said in my first story, I was 14 and he was 11. When he was 10, I hardly took notice of him. So I guess he was bigger than me then. How does one get someone to compare? Well, I didn't. He grabbed me. Being the shy type, I didn't initiate it and have still never initiated a comparison with anyone. So I suspect it comes down to personality. If I suspected someone was bigger, I don't think I would embarrass myself by asking for a comparison. A more extroverted person might do so however. It's up to you. I am reminded of a time when I was in boarding school and a boy one grade ahead of me actually told me that he didn't have any hair! I was 16 at the time and I had pubesl he didn't at 17. At the school's swimming carnival, as I was changing, he came up to me to check out my pubes. I didn't know him and so didn't speak to him. Several days later, he came up to me when I was alone and told me he didn't have pubes and pulled down his shorts to prove it. I didn't know what to do, despite all the past experiences with my neighbour at 14. Had I been more extroverted, I would have pounced on that opportunity, and looking back on it, I could kick myself. He was clearly distraught about his situation. I do remember him having about4 inches sogt, so he could have had a 6 incher, but hairless. Would you like to share the dilemma you are in that prompted your question.

colin 08/01Jul 31 2010 11:00pm

AnonymousAug 22 2010 10:07pm
my older bro is 16 junior wrestling champ. he's always been able to beat me even though i'm physically bigger. mostly fat. i started working out a couple of years ago and also got a job unloading trucks. This last year i've started muscling up. even have some hair on my abs. Feeling pretty confident. we were playing poker one night and my big bro was on a winning streak. his other two friends has bailed. He wanted one last game and said he wanted my t shirt. I took the challenge and lost my shirt. He came over and pulled it off and put it on. It kind of swallowed him up. He is 5'7" 140 all muscle. i'm 5'9" 190. he was laughing and then looked kind of funny at me. WTF, when did you get all animal on me? I wasn't sure what he was talking about. About that time one of his friends walked back in and commented damn bro you're jacked. He then told my bro to give me back my shirt that it swallowed him up. I sorta laughed. My bro landed into me out of nowhere. I fought back. At first he was beating the hell out of me. I then was able to fight back and pinned him. i couldn't believe how easy it was to hold him down. the others cheered me on. I let my bro go and he clobbered me with a gut punch. I stepped back a bit and landed a punch back and he doubled over. I knew he wouldn't stop so I got him in a bear hug and squeezed until he went limp and dropped to the floor. I pulled my shirt off and left.

9IVANKAOct 17 2010 8:35am
am at 23 bro is 16.we r of same height.but he is muscular than me.he takes me on his shoulders like baby.he look like older than me.he also hav hair on chest which i dont hav.

aaaDec 28 2010 3:29am
My bro challenged me to a rematch. He's gained a little muscle up to 150lb. 15 in biceps. I'm up to 210. He wanted to try out some new moves. He called me a fat ass. I won again. I have a husky build but some muscle as well. I proved again to be the man.

9ivankaDec 31 2010 9:28am
I am 17 5'4" 103lbs, I have 2 younger brothers who are both stronger than me. The 14 yo is 5'10" 175lbs, he been stronger than me since I was 8 and he was 5. My other brother is 11 yo and is 5'2" 115lbs, he got stronger than me when I was 15 and he was 9. I have also seen both of them naked. I am about 3 inches hard, I would guess the 14 yo is 7 inches hard and the younger brother about 4-5 inches hard.

skin and bonesJan 05 2011 10:05am
Hey S&B. Tell us more. Have they humuliated you?

cameron aboveJan 05 2011 11:27am
My younger brother has been stronger than me since he was 8 and I was 11 and he and I were very open with each other through our teens, and often used to play-fight naked, compare bodies and watch each other jack off. By the time he was 13 and I was 16 we would give each other handjobs and it felt great. Once he bet me that he could make me cum before I could make him cum, and he wrestled me to the floor and sat on top of me and beat me off in about two minutes, and I couldn't even touch him because my arms were stuck beneath his legs. He told me I would have to be his slave unless I submitted to him, and I said no, and then he started wanking me again, and within another five minutes I'd cum again, and I was really spent, but I still said no, and he carried on, and made me cum a third time a few minutes later. I was totally exhausted and so weak and defeated, and at the same time elated from the orgasms, that I submitted to him, and had to serve him even when he invited his friends round later that afternoon. He made me wear a girl's leotard and serve his friends drinks and food and they all called me Christina instead of Christopher. It was so humiliating, but it was funny too, and I like being the weaker brother.

ChrisJan 09 2011 5:31am
me too

meJan 09 2011 9:12pm
I am more of the acting singing type and I never bothered lifting weights. Im 16. My twelve year old brother has been lifting weights for two years and already he is way stronger than me. About half a year back he started testing his strength against me. It started with weight lifting but now he just starts wrestling me. One time he pinned me in only 6 seconds. He squeezed me until I cried. Then he pulled out his penis. He must have gotten a hard on from pummeling me and had his 6.5 inch glory in front of me. I am only 2 inches and got half an inch longer with my boner. He then forced me to suck him and he calls me fag boy all the time. Im intimidated and scared but I love sucking him.

2CluesJan 31 2011 1:57pm
Wow; thanks 2clues. How tall is he in comparison to you. How do you compare in the pubes department? Do you have a long humiliating experience with him that you wish to share? What about armpit hair?

cameron aboveJan 31 2011 3:23pm
Both of us are 5'6" but with a four year difference that sort of changes things. I only started puberty last year, and it started with pubes. I have a few here and there but not the bush he has. I've seen bigger bushes in the locker room at school but for his age it's amazing. I have no armpit hair though I've convinced him it's cause I shave while he has heaps of hair. What about you Cameron?

2CluesFeb 01 2011 5:12pm
Hi 2 clues. Thanks for adding. My short story is about halfway up. You and I are the same age now, as I am 16. Today, I have some pubes, but he is 14 and is fully developed, whereas I have about 20 hairs that is not yet a bush He makes me strip for comparisons a few times each week. One comment have made recently was 'Let's see if you have the pubes I had when I was 10.' and of course, I didn't. At 10, he had more than I have at 16. He is now about 6.8 and I am only 3.6 Does he make you stand side by side in front of a mirror like my brother does? It would be embarrassing looking him in the eye, being the same height. Do strangers think he is the older brother? Can you tell us more about your scaredness and intimidation.

cameronFeb 01 2011 8:24pm
Cameron, I don't really hang out with him a lot in public so people don't say anything on the street but when I take him to the pool people think he's taking me. I have really skinny arms and a flabby belly while he's part way to a six pack and has huge biceps. His penis is five inches flaccid and so he has a bulge that he brags about to chics at the pool. A lot of the time they just thought he was being a douche so he would take it out on me at home. We would get home and he would push me around and said that girls would be turned off cause he had to watch his baby brother. He would bat me around, then he'd say how if he couldn't get from a girl he said that I would do, and he knew I'd enjoy it. Then I had to suck his penis. It's so huge and when he cums it sprays all over me. A few days ago he and his girlfriend were in our room , cause we share one, and they were making out. I saw her hands grab his large biceps she had really large breasts for her age, and I got a hard on. She saw me and asked him if I was supposed to be his big brother. He laughed "haha barely. Now check this out babe" then he grabbed my crotch and gave me a 3 second hand job. I jizzed in my pants and doubled over and she just said "ewww can you make him leave" then he shoved me out and said "and stay out fag boy" Cameron, does your brother make you do anything sexual? It's all so messed up

2cluesFeb 02 2011 1:44pm
My sister who is 9 yrs younger can lift me conviniently...she's not as tall or as heavy as I am but she lifts me like a piece of paper..she still gives me the respect..but each time we are alone she puts me on her back nd ties me up wif a cloth for close to an hour wihout dropping me..I want to stop this cuz I notice I am really startting to like it gets those whiteish stuff out...please...any tips on how to stop all of this

oaFeb 03 2011 9:36am
2clues and others: I reckon guys like your brother need to realize and really appreciate that everyone is different. None of us plans our physical and he didn't plan his physical. For him, it just happened as it 'just didn't happen' for you (us). But for us, it will happen. Yes, he can be pleased that it happened for him early. This does not give him the right to slag on us who didn't have his luck. How guys like your brother learns this fact is unsure. Perhaps if you were to say this to him, he might listen to this fact and take it in. Then again, because it comes from you, he might only laugh out louder. That would say more about him and show up his lack of empathy. What could happen down the track, is that you could end up being physically bigger than him. Some early developers stop growing at say, 14, and the older late developer overtakes him several years later. I know a friend of my dads who was late and then overtook his younger brother. He is now 6 foot and his younger brother is 5 foot 6", and is bigger in all respects. In the meantime, we have to endure the embarrassment on a daily basis and this is not easy unless the younger-bigger has some degree of empathy. So how do we help him to be more sensitive to our situation?

cameronFeb 04 2011 11:54am
I'm 15, 5'2" and still haven't started puberty. My younger brother is 12 and I know from sneaking peaks at him when he's asleep that while he's not huge or anything he has definitely started puberty and is already 5'4". He can also pick me up whenever he wants to. I wear a padded bra and loose clothing so my brother doesn't know I'm less developed than him but it's still really humiliating, especially since boys are supposed to start developing later than girls even when they're the same age.

PoppyFeb 16 2011 5:38pm
I was bullied by older brothers. When I was around 6 I got fed up. I went online and got in-room oriented excercises to do. Thankfully we have a large house and have separate rooms, who knows what I wouldn't have been able to do if I had to share a room with one of my three older brothers. Our parents work a lot and we took vacations etc. But fortunatly my progress was largely ignored. I have very pale skin and can't really tan, and burn so easily that I have always wore a shirt when I swim. and long board shorts etc. So years go by, but I am motivated to keep lifting after seeing how incredible Richard Sandrak was able to get on an episode of Riply's Believe it or Not. Even if it was due to steroids, it was amazing. Now I get to see Guilerno Stroe and his brother's progress to help motivate now that I am older. Consistancy and puberty and a drive to be big enough to never get pushed around have payed off. I am stronger than my brothers, look amazing, and have a great girl friend, lots of friends in school, a

bulliedtobigFeb 22 2011 7:53am
I feel I ought to relate further about the time when my younger step-brother held down and tickled both me and his girlfriend at the same time. It was when I was 17 and he was 13, and this girl, Amanda, would have been 15. She was similar in build to me, with skinny arms and legs and a pretty face. It was summer and the three of us were sat in the garden. I had taken to hanging around Lewis and his girlfriends more over the last year, as it was at this time that I realised I was beginning to enjoy being humiliated by them, and frequently he had done so by tickling me or teasing me in front of them, or letting his girlfriends wrestle or tease me, which I found even more exciting. It was also exciting for me to see Lewis tickle his girlfriends, which he did almost as often as he did to me. I loved seeing them squirm and struggle helplessly in his arms and often used to masturbate later, thinking of it. Lewis was one of the most sadistic and merciless ticklers I have ever encountered too, and would love to hold someone down and tickle them for literally hours. The longest I had been tickled by him was two hours continuously, and I had seen him tickle girls for a similar amount of time as well. One of his girlfriends said to me that he had tickled her for 6 hours, and I can easily believe it. Lewis was strong, much stronger than me or any girl for sure, loved to tickle, and loved to watch weaker people in distress. It was a lethal combination. On this occasion Amanda was snuggling back against Lewis and Lewis was fondling her, like he often did, his hands roving all over her beautiful soft body. She was barefooted, and wearing a pleated miniskirt and a revealing boob tube that showed off her flat tummy and skinny arms. She had not been with Lewis long, and probably hadn?t realised that such a combination would be so tempting for Lewis to tickle. Or maybe she wanted him to tickle her, but had no idea how ruthless he was at tickling. Either way Lewis soon started ticking her gently, while saying to me how adorable it was that she was ticklish and weaker than him, and therefore completely under his control. He would wrap his fingers round her dainty little arms like he often did to me and let her squirm and struggle while tickling her tummy with his feet. She was certainly one of the weakest and most submissive girls I had ever seen him with, and seemed to enjoy being teased by him, smiling and moaning when he held her within his grasp. He began to start tickling her more and more persistently, and she started to squeal and struggle in his arms, but had no chance of escape. I was loving this and looked on with envy and lust as this cute, scantily clad, and tactile girl writhed against him. Lewis kept on teasing her about her lack of strength, in much the same way he would to me, and bet with himself that he could overpower both her and me at the same time. Sensing I might be in danger of a tickling myself I made to get away, but Lewis caught my little wrist and pulled me back until I was secure under his arm, before tickling my tummy with the same hand. He positioned Amanda under his other arm and tickled her the same way, and we were both laughing and squealing really hard, struggling to escape him, but both of us were too weak to stop him from holding us in place and tickling us with one arm and hand. It was so feminising to be tickled like this, to see Amanda being tickled at the same time and envisage it as myself being a girl Lewis was dominating. Two times Amanda managed to squirm free from Lewis, but both times he grabbed her and pulled her back by the arm before she could get away. The second time she did this he sat on top of her and hooked her ankles inside his leg and tickled her bare feet, which made her scream and laugh even harder. Then he would tickle her sides with his feet as well, making her laughs turn into high pitched squeals of helpless agony. At this point I managed to struggle clear of his arm, but he caught my ankle and yanked me back into his lap and used both hands to tickle me while tickling Amanda with his feet. His hands roved all over my vulnerable tummy and I screamed and cried for mercy, as did Amanda, but he relented for neither of us, and he would tickle us for minutes on end as we bucked and giggled hysterically in a unison of helpless and submissive laughter. After quite a long period of this he finally gave us a short break, while he wrestled me beneath him, so both me and Amanda were side by side on our fronts and he was sat on top of us, and he grabbed our ankles and hooked his legs around them so our feet were immobile and ready for him to tickle. With two big hands and four feet positioned securely next to each other, he could tickle all of them at the same time, and bring us into further hysterics and submission. He had been tickling us for almost an hour now, and we were both close to tears from exhaustion and emotion. He let me escape, and I squirmed free, half expecting him to grab me and drag me back as he always did, but I was able to run to my room and watch from my window as Lewis held an exhausted and compliant Amanda in his arms, while she recovered. Shortly after, he gathered he up and carried her light body up to his bedroom, which was next to mine, and within 10 minutes I could hear them having energetic sex through the thin wall. I rubbed myself off while listening to them make love for ages. Lewis regularly lasted more than 4 hours in bed, and he really put himself out on Amanda, whose gasps and whimpers spurred me on to climax myself, again and again. I heard Lewis himself orgasm three times, making manly grunts and rumbles each time, while Amanda must have had countless orgasms. I had the wonderful picture of her being tickled and teased by him still in my mind, and the beautiful sensation of his fingers on my tummy and feet, and the incredible noise of Amanda?s moans through the wall to bring me to a delicious orgasm, five times in a row. I have never masturbated so many in a row before or since. Finally, after f*cking her into a pulp for over 3 hours, and with one final noisy climax, Lewis finished and within ten minutes they had dressed and left, leaving me with a tiny and painful hard-on squirming in ecstasy in my bed.

Ticklish-girly-armsMar 01 2011 4:05am
Hi. Hot concluding lines. What were his dimensions compared to yours?

cameronMar 03 2011 8:03pm
Hi Cameron. I was 5'8" and 110 pounds at the time, while he was only an inch taller at 5'9", but much heavier, I think he was over 200 pounds. Lewis has 16 inch biceps while mine were probably about 8 inches at the time - my arms have always been really skinny and weak, and I could wrap my fingers all the way around them. As I saw on many other occasions his penis was 8 inches at the time and thick in proportion, while mine was still only 2 inches and quite thin.

Ticklish-girly-armsMar 04 2011 2:19am
Another memorable incident I recall from when I was 16 and Lewis was just 12, happened in almost the exact same spot in the garden that Lewis tickled both me and Amanda a year later. At this stage I was 5?6 and 95 pounds, while Lewis was 5?7 and about 170 pounds, and really beginning to gain a manly build, while I was still very effeminate and skinny. He had been to the local swimming pool earlier that day and had brought back with him two girls, who were about a year older than him, called Karla and Anne. They were both still wearing their bikinis with miniskirts and flip-flops, and looked stunning to me then, (even if they were way too young for me) with fully developed bodies and thin limbs and soft creamy skin. Karla looked especially gorgeous as she had red hair, and long smooth legs that seemed to go on for miles. I had joined them in the garden as Lewis shared a cigarette with them, and introduced me as his ?little sister? much to the amusement of the two girls, who knew I was older and still a virgin. Anne remarked how skinny I was and how my arms were even thinner and weaker than hers. She grabbed hold of my wrist and put her lean arm next to mine, and indeed it was slightly bigger and more muscular than my arm, but Lewis lifted her away from me, sensing perhaps how I was enjoying her teasing, and reminded her in a mock telling off tone that I was very sensitive about my ?puny body?. We sat there for a while longer as Lewis chatted up the girls, telling them how beautiful they looked in their bikinis, and how much fun they would have later once the ?little squirt? was out of the way. Suddenly he looked across at me and asked ?Are you looking up my girlfriend?s skirt?? It was true. In my boredom and desire I had been letting my eyes wander over Karla?s smooth milky inner thighs and my guilty glance said it all. The girls both gasped scandalised, and Lewis grabbed my ankles, a favourite move of his, and yanked my light body back onto his lap. I had been wearing a small pair of elastic cotton shorts that rode up when Lewis pulled me back, exposing my small bum cheeks to the girls and him. Lewis spanked me on the bare part, really hard, on the lower part of each buttock in turn, and both girls laughed as I struggled and squealed in vain. His spanks were really vicious, hard and firm, resonating right through me each time. Sometimes he caught me across both cheeks and it sent an added and unexpected sexual thrill to my g-spot that merely added to the humiliation and torture. Lewis spanked me for a good two minutes continuously, about a hundred times, and by the end I was actually crying and screaming for mercy. It was so humiliating being spanked like that in front of two girls by my step-brother, who was younger than me by four years. Finally he relented, and let me up from his lap, but still had a hold of my wrists. ?Now you have to apologise to Karla for looking up her skirt,? he said. Sobbing, I apologised. I must have been a pathetic sight to these two girls, my tiny body completely mastered by my younger step-brother, and tears trailing down my smooth face. ?Now you must thank me for correcting you,? he said, adding another dimension to the indignity I suffered. ?Th-thank you,? I whimpered, as the girls laughed and cooed. ?Now, lie on your front here,? he said, ?and we can use you as a bench to sit on.? I did as he told me, totally submissive now, and soon Lewis was sat on my lower back, Karla was sat on my shoulders and Anne on my legs, as Lewis continued to chat up the two girls. To my frustration and envy, I could see Lewis? fingers caressing the very legs I had been spanked for looking at, his hands roving all over Karla?s thighs, groping, feeling and searching. I could hear Lewis and Anne kissing noisily, and I squirmed helplessly as the three of them began to make out on top of me. This was so tantalising and tormenting that I began to cry again, silently as Anna?s soft bodyweight left my legs and sat instead in Lewis? lap. Meanwhile Karla shuffled closer to him and their limbs intertwined and she began to gasp as Lewis found her pussy, and stroked it through her bikini. I could hear his fingers dragging across the flimsy lycra. Lewis kissed each girl in turn, and fondled their small breasts, slipping his fingers underneath the bikini tops and groping and squeezing as I looked on. For a while I thought they were actually going to go all the way while sat on my helpless body, but Karla looked down on me for a moment and said ?Aww, he?s crying.? Lewis stood up a little and let me wriggle free, telling me to get lost, and I ran to the house, wiping the tears of humiliation from my eyes. I went up to my room and watched them from my window as they continued to make out, Lewis stripping each girl in turn of her bikini top, then miniskirt, then bikini bottoms, until they were both naked and malleable in his strong arms. He was now fingering both girls at once, and they were both completely yielding to him, moaning and writhing in ecstasy. I looked on as Lewis fingered them for ages, bringing them both to orgasm, and making them moan and gasp in harmony, an incredibly horny sound that was clearly audible through my window. Lewis stripped off too, and went down on one girl and began to f*ck the other. He was really strong and his strokes were hard and fast and furious, as he did first Karla, and then Anne in a multitude of positions, all the while keeping the other one satisfied with a hand or mouth, while impaling the first on his huge manhood. Even at that young age he had a thick 7 inches, which contrasted with my immature 2 inches at the time, and he used every inch of that to pleasure the two girls, making them climax again and again over the course of about 2 hours. Anne was particularly noisy and I was able to keep count of her orgasms, which would come in sets of four or five, while Karla sounded more like an exhausted athlete, struggling to finish a marathon. In all I think I must have heard about 20 climaxes from each of them, before Lewis himself came, and blew a huge load over Anne?s tummy and breasts as she lay panting and helpless beneath him. They lay in a kind of stupor for another half an hour, naked and obviously elated and exhausted, before they put their clothes back on and wandered off, presumably to the park or pool again. Feeling much less upset and very horny now, I laid belly-down on my bed and imagined they were on top of me making out again as I squirmed my groin into the duvet and whimpered my way to a succession of dry but incredibly intense orgasms.

Ticklish-girly-armsMar 07 2011 9:36am
This one kid that goes to the middle school named Rory found out that I have a bit of a small penis(long story.) Anyway he's 12 same age as my sister and they are good friends. Well later my sister came into my room in only shorts and her bra. I was like "uh sis you should go get dressed" and she just walked toward me. I stood up and started backing away an then she said " Do you think I'm hot Nick? I'm already 5'8" which is 7 inches taller than you were at my age(I'm 16 now) my boobs are c cup. You know most women aren't even that big." As she talked she took down my pants and I stood in shock. I didn't know why, she was my 12 year old sister, but I was turned on. Then she saw my penis and squealed. "oh my god! That's got to be like the smallest penis ever!" then she left. Why did she fake seducing me just to see my tiny penis. It's 2 1/2 inches hard.

jackMar 26 2011 5:40pm
Okay my real name's Nick.....that was a stupid mistake

NickMar 26 2011 5:43pm
Hi Nick. Hot story. You have my interest in the 'long story'concerning Rory and how he found out your are small. Is your sister taller than you are right now? It is normal to be turned on if any girl, sister or not, surprises you the way she does. A C-cup on a 12 year old is quite something.

cameronMar 26 2011 8:31pm
I agree with everything cameron said, and I would be icnredibly turned on in that situation. And yeah, I too am interested in the story about Rory, and does he have a bigger dick than you as well?

JayMar 27 2011 2:41pm
Well I was over at my town's middle school and basketball practice had just let out and I went into the bathroom to pee. I was at the urinal and somebody came in, I didn't bother to see who, and kept on unloading. Suddenly I got pushed into the urinal and I got pee all over me. I turned around to see Rory and I knew what he had come to do. He heard about how my sister beat me in a fight a week earlier despite being 4 years younger and an inch shorter, and he came to see if he could do the same. "What is wrong with you you little dick!?" I snapped. "Youre one to be calling someone a little dick!" he laughed "I've seen bigger dicks than that in the sixth grade showers. I'm 5 1/2 inches and I'm on the small side" then he ran out and told my sister. I ran home and found out how long I was. I cried when I learned that someone 4 years younger wad 3 inches longer, and that apparently he's small.

NickMar 28 2011 2:54pm
hi all, i am 15 right now and my younger brother is 11...i am currently facing all that u have faced in past...looking forward to share more

allahrakhaApr 22 2011 6:34pm
Looking forward to your story

AnonyApr 22 2011 11:51pm
well i'm 15 and weigh only 88 arms & legs are thinner than sticks (so is my dick).....practically speaking i am still a kid...whereas my younger bro has a body of greek gods...those arms, chest, thighs...actually people say that i look like his bicep while standing with him....he always knew that i am a mosquito in front of he has been "showing me my place" for the last one started last may when i accidentally broke his bat...he didn't said a word...just came choked me with his hand against a wall....i always knew he was bigger...but this freakishly strong....i couldn't believe...i was a feet in air hanging like a sheet...i begged for his mercy....he didn't said anything and walked off the room....but i think since that day he actually started dominating month later he has ordered me to follow this slavery ritual every night.....first i kiss his ass and say that he is the only man in this house (well he is actually right....2 sons to a single mother....and actually feel like a 6 yr old girl compared to him)....then i clean his feet by licking them....first i resisted...he pushed me down to a corner and started taking his clothes off and flexing.........i knew he is big....but for the first time i saw those bulging muscles, my mouth remained open in awe (it actually excited my lil weewee a lot).....he asked u think u can say no to me.....and for the first time i said "No Sir"....this was fine....until one day he learnt from some kid about blow jobs around some time in late my daily night routine involves sucking his 5 incher as well....and u know what this time he thought that i may he just hold my neck from back and forced my mouth on to that big hard and solid c*ck.....first 2 days it was i enjoy it a bit....the saddest thing is that his c*ck is almost the size of my flexed arms...looking forward to share more

allahrakhaApr 23 2011 6:57pm
well i'm 15 and weigh only 88 arms & legs are thinner than sticks (so is my dick).....practically speaking i am still a kid...whereas my younger bro has a body of greek gods...those arms, chest, thighs...actually people say that i look like his bicep while standing with him....he always knew that i am a mosquito in front of he has been "showing me my place" for the last one started last may when i accidentally broke his bat...he didn't said a word...just came choked me with his hand against a wall....i always knew he was bigger...but this freakishly strong....i couldn't believe...i was a feet in air hanging like a sheet...i begged for his mercy....he didn't said anything and walked off the room....but i think since that day he actually started dominating month later he has ordered me to follow this slavery ritual every night.....first i kiss his ass and say that he is the only man in this house (well he is actually right....2 sons to a single mother....and actually feel like a 6 yr old girl compared to him)....then i clean his feet by licking them....first i resisted...he pushed me down to a corner and started taking his clothes off and flexing.........i knew he is big....but for the first time i saw those bulging muscles, my mouth remained open in awe (it actually excited my lil weewee a lot).....he asked u think u can say no to me.....and for the first time i said "No Sir"....this was fine....until one day he learnt from some kid about blow jobs around some time in late my daily night routine involves sucking his 5 incher as well....and u know what this time he thought that i may he just hold my neck from back and forced my mouth on to that big hard and solid c*ck.....first 2 days it was i enjoy it a bit....the saddest thing is that his c*ck is almost the size of my flexed arms...looking forward to share more

allahrakhaApr 23 2011 6:57pm
Wow, allahrakha, that sounds amazing, and your brother truly seems like a great man, whereas you sadly got the "little kid genes" lol, anyway, it's good that you know your place, and serve him well. Do you have any more stories about your 11 year old big brother and you?

AnonymousMay 25 2011 2:49pm
hey allahrakha Haven't heard from you for weeks You said you are looking forward to share more

anonJun 14 2011 1:43am
I'm 13 my older sister is 26 I am 6 foot tall and she is five feet. It is fun to wrestle her down

MeganJul 05 2011 7:08pm
hi anybody here into cam to cam comparison? I am 24 year old, very skinny and my c*ck is kinda small as well. add me on yahoo: singhdhiren22....i dominate inferior guys and also love to serve real men.

singhdhiren22@yahoo.comAug 26 2011 1:22pm
btw i forgot to mention i have 24 cm arms (almost 9.5 inches)

singhdhiren22@yahoo.comAug 27 2011 3:49am
Bump its september 2011

Bumper and time tellerSep 18 2011 9:22pm
i am not shorter than my little bro but i am supper tall for my age im only 12 at 5ft. 9in. do you know any boys taller than me that is my age. if you would like to contact me me email is

cameron hodgesSep 23 2011 11:33am
So i am 16 and my brother is 14 and he is HUGE!!! he once made me suck his d**k. its wasnt that different from mine. i am 6.2 erect but he's like 7 inches! one day after school he made me feel his muscles and tell him how hot he was so he could get a boner. then i had to give him a hand job. after a few months have past he became sorry for me and started protecting me, it was weird. but then he'd always pin me down and say he was hot. but now he dosent let anyone else touch me. and he wants me to begin weight lifting so he could actually have some fun with me. i said yes but i'm still the little older bro.

AnonymousSep 30 2011 7:28pm
Well, my sister's a foot taller than me! I'm 15 (5 foot six flat) and she's 13 and 6 foot six flat (and growing). I'm short and chubby, she's tall and really well muscled. She makes me touch her all over and she's raped me a couple of times. She's really hot and I might have enjoyed it if she wasn't my sibling, but she is.

AnonymousOct 09 2011 1:27pm
Well, my adoptive sister is a couple years younger than me, and over a foot taller. We've been f*cking each other for a couple of years now (since I was 16 and she was 14). She's a ton stronger than me, and our parents always used her to discipline me (I was a huge partier as a teen).

JakeOct 09 2011 1:43pm
My twin "sis" is a hermaphrodite, and she's got a huge dick, compared to my tiny one. It's kinda hard to explain, but I have to worship her feminine parts (breasts and pussy) and her masculine parts (dick and muscles). It's awesome.

AnonymousOct 10 2011 9:13am
When I was 34 years old my niece came tonlive with was a big adjustment for both if us but there was no place else for her to go. She was just starting her senior year in high school...a great student but from a bad home life. Things went well..she was active at school and was no trouble...She made freinds easily and started to invite her girlfriends over for studying and hanging was great that she felt at home in my house and was making a life. Then she started to meet boys and felt awkward asking if she could start dating..I said of course..that is what senior year is about.. Gradually she would bring boys around and then they would be gone.. Till one guy seemed really interested in her..she was so happy...he started to be around alot and it seemed she had landed mister perfect. One night he stayed a little late and went out to his car to leave and he came back and said he needed a ride home.. His car wouldn't start.. I said no problem and we got in my car..that's when things went weird.." how tall are you he asked". I answered unashamed five foot one and a half... " and what do you weigh" he asked...again I answered one hundred fifteen pounds...then he said " man dude I was bigger than you when I was ten years old...are you a midget???" Then he asked me the most embarrassing question if all ... The one thing about my size I hated the most..."what size shoe do you wear?" I asked him why he wanted to know snd he said because little men turned him on and small feet was the most exciting thing for him...and he showed me the gigantic lump in his pants...then I was concerned... Drew was six foot five inches and weighed two hundred pounds even...with what appeared to be a small club in his pants..I didn't think I was getting out of the car the way I got in!!! Then I told him I wore a size. Five and a half which point he unzipped jus pants and let out his nine inch raging hard on... "SUCK IT" he said...I started to protest and he grabbed my pencil neck and shoved my face into his crotch. It was merely seconds until I felt his spasming c*ck release blast after blast of smoking hot cum up my throat....he zipped up.... Got out of my car and said. Now listen little dude...I expect alot more of that if you want your niece to he happy...I'll take her to the prom I'll make her the queen of the high school... But I gotta have my little dude takin care of me...and I wanna go shoe shopping with you in the boys department at least every couple of weeks...and don't forget I wear fourteens.... Little dude.". And that was my name for my brides whole senior tear...and yes we did go shoe shopping and yes I did suck Drew's nine inch pole almost everyday.

AnonymousOct 10 2011 12:59pm
When I was 34 years old my niece came tonlive with was a big adjustment for both if us but there was no place else for her to go. She was just starting her senior year in high school...a great student but from a bad home life. Things went well..she was active at school and was no trouble...She made freinds easily and started to invite her girlfriends over for studying and hanging was great that she felt at home in my house and was making a life. Then she started to meet boys and felt awkward asking if she could start dating..I said of course..that is what senior year is about.. Gradually she would bring boys around and then they would be gone.. Till one guy seemed really interested in her..she was so happy...he started to be around alot and it seemed she had landed mister perfect. One night he stayed a little late and went out to his car to leave and he came back and said he needed a ride home.. His car wouldn't start.. I said no problem and we got in my car..that's when things went weird.." how tall are you he asked". I answered unashamed five foot one and a half... " and what do you weigh" he asked...again I answered one hundred fifteen pounds...then he said " man dude I was bigger than you when I was ten years old...are you a midget???" Then he asked me the most embarrassing question if all ... The one thing about my size I hated the most..."what size shoe do you wear?" I asked him why he wanted to know snd he said because little men turned him on and small feet was the most exciting thing for him...and he showed me the gigantic lump in his pants...then I was concerned... Drew was six foot five inches and weighed two hundred pounds even...with what appeared to be a small club in his pants..I didn't think I was getting out of the car the way I got in!!! Then I told him I wore a size. Five and a half which point he unzipped jus pants and let out his nine inch raging hard on... "SUCK IT" he said...I started to protest and he grabbed my pencil neck and shoved my face into his crotch. It was merely seconds until I felt his spasming c*ck release blast after blast of smoking hot cum up my throat....he zipped up.... Got out of my car and said. Now listen little dude...I expect alot more of that if you want your niece to he happy...I'll take her to the prom I'll make her the queen of the high school... But I gotta have my little dude takin care of me...and I wanna go shoe shopping with you in the boys department at least every couple of weeks...and don't forget I wear fourteens.... Little dude.". And that was my name for my brides whole senior tear...and yes we did go shoe shopping and yes I did suck Drew's nine inch pole almost everyday.

AnonymousOct 11 2011 8:03pm
I'm actually more interested in the ones with stronger/taller younger sisters. My younger sis was and is quite a bit a stronger and taller than me. She couldn't do much about it, however, as she spent all her time training for volleyball.

AnonymousOct 14 2011 5:53pm
The one with the hermaphrodite sister: SAME. OMG everyone knew she was a girl from the start, her estrogen was like basically the same as any woman. But she had the dick. I'm 21 and she's 17, and we f*ck each other daily (c'mon it's kinda hot). Her dick is more than twice mine lol.

AnonymousOct 16 2011 6:44pm
I'm the second one with the herma sister. Today, I had to suck her c*ck while putting mine into her friend's pussy. But it was super hard considering her's is bigger than mine.

AnonymousOct 20 2011 2:07pm
will someone please answere my qestion im 12 and already 5'9'' do you know any boys taller than at the same age

cameron hodgesOct 25 2011 7:56pm
Hey cameron, wow, you're pretty tall. My younger brother is 5'10" but he's almost 14. Are you also developed in other areas? he's very well developed, he's muscular, his dick is over 7 inches, and he gets really hot girls up to like 18 years old. I'm the total opposite, I'm 18, I'm 5'5, I have a 3 inch dick, and i have barely touched a girl, but I love watching when he feels up really hot girls, lol

steveNov 07 2011 6:31am
My girlfriend's much stronger than her older sister,who are also WAY stronger than me. Yep, rape happens.

AnonymousNov 29 2011 5:52pm
my little sister is only 11, about 4 foot 8, about 75 pounds and much stronger than me, she has beaten the crap out of me before, but she doesn't do it much anymore, although she still loves to dominate me in basketball, wrestling, and especially armwrestling, where she can have me pinned on the ground in about 2 seconds. Just looking at her biceps leaves me very intimidated.

mb125Dec 02 2011 5:36pm
my girlfriend is also a lot stronger than me. shes a little bit taller than me, and shes the same weight as me. she plays on the school basketball team, and lifts weights constantly. she is probably about 2 times as strong as me. does anyone find this weird?

mb125Dec 02 2011 5:41pm
My younger sister is loads stronger than me. I'm 15 and she's 10.

DanielleDec 03 2011 3:08am
Hey steve above. tell us about your experiences and humiliations when you see you 14 year old brother have his 18 year old girls over. Does he let you watch or do you spy on him? How does he rub in his superiority in private and in public?

BertJan 22 2012 1:10pm
I?ve 4 children 1son ? 14 years 4feet 8inches 75pounds 2son- 11years 3feet1.5inches 60pounds 3daughter- 10 years 6feet 3.5 inches 154 pounds 4daughter ? 9years 5feet11inches 130pounds. my 1daughter could lift both of the boys on her hip at the same time, while my 2daughter could lift both boys on her hand at same time. My2son is not even the half height of my 1daughter, my 1 son is not even as half heavy as 1 daughter. So both my sons are very depressed. Outsiders feel that my 1daughter is the mother of the two boys in my absence. In my presence, they feel that 1daughter is the eldest, 2eldest is 2daughter, 3eldest is my 1son, the youngest as 2son. So they become very depressed. none of them have reached their puberty yet. What can I do now?

dfaJan 30 2012 10:54pm
To DFA, your younger daughters probably have already hit puberty at a very young age, it could have come from their mother. Also, your sons could be late bloomers, see if they are growing any taller. If it doesn't succeed, give them a little pep talk, because that is what fathers are suppposed to do, at least, that's what my dad does. Tell them that "if your not brawny or tough, at least you'll win in the battle of wits". This might be useless bull crap if you want to think of it like that.

mib117Feb 15 2012 1:02pm
All i am saying is that muscles is not everything. Sadly enough, a big penis isn't important enough either. Look at Napolean, he won many battles, recovered the Rossetta Stone, and believe it or not, they recovered his penis and it looks like a shrivelled seahorse the size of your small finger

mib117Feb 15 2012 1:06pm
All i am saying is that muscles is not everything. Sadly enough, a big penis isn't important enough either. Look at Napolean, he won many battles, recovered the Rossetta Stone, and believe it or not, they recovered his penis and it looks like a shrivelled seahorse the size of your small finger

mib117Feb 15 2012 1:06pm
I am at brother is day after coming from outside he said that u look like girl with tiny muscles.i got angry and shown my right muscles to him.he started to laugh and shown me his left hand muscles which was more than my right muscle.i was shocked i had never noticed that before.then i said but though u hav more muscle u cant be stronger than me.then he said he also has more facial hair than me.this irritated me and i asked my mother to solve this.she told both of us to stand together and said to me that dont feel bad he has more facial hair than grows differently for everyone.he is more strongly built than you.he already has lots of hair on chest which u dont hav at all..u hav little girly body.she went after that.but my rother was laughing.i got frustrated and jumped on his back.but he didnt fell down insted he holded my both legs.i was on his back.i was not expectd with this.he carried me till my room and dropped me on bed.i again tried to put him he lifted me on his right entire body ws on his right shoulder.however i tried i could not do any thing to him. i almost cried that day.

anonymousMar 01 2012 2:40am
I am at brother is day after coming from outside he said that u look like girl with tiny muscles.i got angry and shown my right muscles to him.he started to laugh and shown me his left hand muscles which was more than my right muscle.i was shocked i had never noticed that before.then i said but though u hav more muscle u cant be stronger than me.then he said he also has more facial hair than me.this irritated me and i asked my mother to solve this.she told both of us to stand together and said to me that dont feel bad he has more facial hair than grows differently for everyone.he is more strongly built than you.he already has lots of hair on chest which u dont hav at all..u hav little girly body.she went after that.but my rother was laughing.i got frustrated and jumped on his back.but he didnt fell down insted he holded my both legs.i was on his back.i was not expectd with this.he carried me till my room and dropped me on bed.i again tried to put him he lifted me on his right entire body ws on his right shoulder.however i tried i could not do any thing to him. i almost cried that day.

anonymousMar 01 2012 2:44am
hey guys, it is me again. i had another one of those stories. now i am 15 and 6 months and almost 6'6. the size of my breasts is an amazing H! just last week after basket ball practice, in the shower, a girl came up to me. as i was showering i stepped on her foot since i did not see her. my feet are a size 13 Mens and they are so long. her feet did not even come up to half of me foot. her hands were so small that mine was as big as both of hers! she used both hands to massage my boobs which were higher than her face. she was about 4 foot 5

bigmegMar 01 2012 6:46pm
wow bigmeg, you are a goddess

AnonymousMar 01 2012 6:52pm
i know!

bigmegMar 02 2012 5:29pm
bigmeg,you are amazing! i would love to lick your boobs i am only 4 feet 2 so i must be up to your abs or something!

AnonymousMar 02 2012 5:50pm
i bet you are!

bigmegMar 02 2012 5:50pm
wow big meg can i lick your pussy i would love to feel you up could you be mine i am 5'3 and22 years old with 9 inch biceps dominate me!

hotlittlebitchMar 03 2012 7:05pm
umm eww hotlittlebitch

tallbitchMar 03 2012 7:05pm
i dream of having a younger brother to own me...stronger, bigger, more of a man in every way i wish i had had someone to service like that growing up.

kyleisawesomer@live.comMar 07 2012 6:59pm
in addition to my last post, after compared sizes, we got excited and i started t orgasm, i never new how much could come out. it was amazing.

tall katMar 15 2012 1:53pm

AnonymousMar 15 2012 1:53pm
how come my poo did not turn red?

AnonymousMar 15 2012 1:53pm

tallbitchMar 15 2012 1:54pm
My 13 yr old is 5'9". He is more developed than me. Im 17, 5'5". His dick is 5.75 soft 8hard. Im 3.5 soft, 4.75 hard. He has a full forest of pubes n thick pit hairs. I have less than 50 pubes thats about 3 months of growth. Its embarrassing when we're both naked. I feel like a little boy next to him. When we were at the pool changing his friends came in as we were both naked. They thought i was his younger bother.i couldn't believe how much bigger these kids c*cks were n how hairy they were. They ask how old i was n before i answered my bro said i was almost 12. We walk home in silence. Just before goin to bed i ask him why he told them i was 11. He smiled and said to save me the humiliation. I smiled n thanked him. He gave me a huge hug. Now i look up to him n respect him.

donApr 03 2012 12:23am
by the way don the dick head it is so f*cking obvious that you are lying because you said he said you were 12 and then you said he said you were 11 it was not a typo, you just lied

hellApr 03 2012 3:16pm
by the way don the dick head it is so f*cking obvious that you are lying because you said he said you were 12 and then you said he said you were 11 it was not a typo, you just lied

hellApr 03 2012 3:16pm
i had another amazing moment i am the same stats as last time but this time the story was amazing. i was at school when all of a sudden i saw this really cute guy who just transfered in. he was medically a midget standing 3 feet 11 inches. i got turned on. i went to the bathroom and i cummed till i almost passed out. orgasm after orgasm ifelt better and better. i went back to class and at lunch break, i took him from outside or school and literally carried him to the girls room. there in the shower, i closed the. i let him ask his stupid questions but he could not speak. instead i just went on with what i wanted t do. i got nude and horny. m nipples were erect. then i ordered him to take of his clothes. he refused so i ripped them off. he was short, fat and his penis was tinny. it was 1 inch soft and 1.5 hard. i put his face in my boobs and i milked myself to cover his entire body. then i put his penis ballsack and everything in me. there was still room. by now the poor gu had cummed atleast 5 times. then i suckled his dick till he cummed. then i swallowed his entire package it fit in my mouth with room to spare. his cum - it was hot and murky. then i sat on his face and orgasamed repeatedly. after that i took his fist and put it in me. it felt soooooo good. i got dressed and paid him a doller for his services. then i punched him in the eye knocked out a tooth and left him there. JK guys, sheesh who do you tthink i am i am not a f*cking whore. i weent out and bought him new clothes and left. till this day (2 months) he has not returned to school.

bigmegApr 09 2012 6:20pm
i had another amazing moment i am the same stats as last time but this time the story was amazing. i was at school when all of a sudden i saw this really cute guy who just transfered in. he was medically a midget standing 3 feet 11 inches. i got turned on. i went to the bathroom and i cummed till i almost passed out. orgasm after orgasm ifelt better and better. i went back to class and at lunch break, i took him from outside or school and literally carried him to the girls room. there in the shower, i closed the. i let him ask his stupid questions but he could not speak. instead i just went on with what i wanted t do. i got nude and horny. m nipples were erect. then i ordered him to take of his clothes. he refused so i ripped them off. he was short, fat and his penis was tinny. it was 1 inch soft and 1.5 hard. i put his face in my boobs and i milked myself to cover his entire body. then i put his penis ballsack and everything in me. there was still room. by now the poor gu had cummed atleast 5 times. then i suckled his dick till he cummed. then i swallowed his entire package it fit in my mouth with room to spare. his cum - it was hot and murky. then i sat on his face and orgasamed repeatedly. after that i took his fist and put it in me. it felt soooooo good. i got dressed and paid him a doller for his services. then i punched him in the eye knocked out a tooth and left him there. JK guys, sheesh who do you tthink i am i am not a f*cking whore. i weent out and bought him new clothes and left. till this day (2 months) he has not returned to school.

bigmegApr 09 2012 6:20pm
damn you are a bitch bigmeg

AnonymousApr 09 2012 6:21pm
damn you are a bitch bigmeg

AnonymousApr 09 2012 6:21pm
It's 4/23/12

the date guyApr 23 2012 2:06pm
Actually a father here. A younger sister being the tallest in my family has sort of been the tradition. My father was 6'1, the third oldest in his family, my aunt (the youngest) was 6'4, the tallest in the family (the other girls were all shorter than the other boys). I'm 6'3, middle child, and my younger sister is 6'8 (once again, the other girls are all shorter than the other boys). Now, my oldest son, at 10, is 5'3, and my second oldest, a girl at 9, is 5'7. I suppose it's not surprising considering that my wife is 6'2 and I'm 6'3, but this has always been the case with my kids. Once again, my other kids fall into "normal height gender roles". It's quite interesting, and I've actually getting some doctors to look into this. But yes, I've been dominated plenty by my sister, and it seems my children will have the same experience. It got pretty scary at points. Bad memories with my sister, but now, we're closer, though she still enjoys showing me who's boss.

Son, Brother, and FatherApr 30 2012 5:41pm

MyselfMay 10 2012 7:59am

MyselfMay 10 2012 7:59am
:0 might like to explain himself, please

?May 10 2012 1:23pm
Hi Bigmeg, It sounds like you're getting into domination. Do you have any more stories along this line? Any body, muscle, boob worship adventures? Or ones where you physically overpowered someone to pleasure you?

mickeeJul 01 2012 3:49pm
i am 24 and my brother is 18. i am taller than him by inch. few days back, we were arguing for something. he said he has got more facial hairs than me. so we started to compare in mirror. wat he said ws true. i felt embrassed. he started to laugh at me. i got angry and pushed him in chair.. i went and sat on his laps thinking that he might feel pain.. but he put both hands arround me and grabbed me. i tried to get up in severl ways but could not..he said u r still boy, boys cant defeat men and lifted me in his arms.. i never expected that..he then threw me on floor and showed his ws twice as big as my..since then i stopped coming in front of him. he just laughs at me

MobiJul 30 2012 2:16am
Hell he said i was almost 12 which makes me 11. Understand what u read before embarassing ur pea brain.

donAug 17 2012 6:21am
Hey don, don't care about stupid people like that. Anyway, do you have any other stories or info you would like to share about you and your younger big bro, any developments?

AnonymousAug 21 2012 11:53am
My younger step brother is extremely taller and stronger than me. When I mean extremely I mean he is currently 7'1-3/4" tall and I stand only at 4'6" tall!! Those are barefooted heights! He kept just growing and growing and I never grew. He also was way smarter than me. When my mom and his dad got together he was a grade ahead of me even though he was younger by a year. He towered over me when they first got together, but he wasn't even six feet yet. When he went from me standing right below his shoulders to standing inches below his belly button to basically at his waist is when things changed drastically between us. He took on a more naturally big brother role with me even though at first he never pushed it on me. His body is absolutely amazing. Not only is he super tall, but I will admit that my step brother is extremely good looking. He sort of knows he is good looking so he even knows how to get what he wants from my mom as I have seen him flirt with her. All my friends including guys are always telling me how hot he is. He also is beyond well endowed. His c*ck is bigger soft than most of the biggest ones hard I had ever seen. It is scary huge as it is way past his belly button when it's hard! It is easily in the double digits, but if I told you how big he is you wouldn't believe me. He works out all the time and he only gets more ripped every time I see him or help him work out. Not only is it his body, but he has killer looks. His face is so good looking. When I was in the 8th grade and he was in the 9th grade is when the huge changes happened. He was pushing 6'6" at the time and I was only 4'1" tall so he still at that time had me down by his stomach area. Our parents came to talk to us and asked me what I felt about my step brother skipping a grade to the 10th grade. I had a mixture of feelings. I was upset how much he would have over me, but I also thought it was so cool how powerful he was becoming over me. I don't know what it was but deep down inside I actually loved the fact that my younger brother was getting so powerful and I was getting to be even smaller to him. When he asked me about it I told him to skip the grade. He brought up the fact that he would be 2 grades ahead of me and it was getting harder for him to think of me as his older brother. I told him that I understood and I knew he wasn't trying to embarrass me at all. I actually loved it that he told me that. I found my self naturally letting him take over more and more as the sibling in charge. When people would normally think he was the older brother I started to go along with it. It was cool though because he would always ask me was I okay with it. He loved it. I told him I absolutely was and it didn't bother me anymore. I was so little to him in every way and then when he hit a big growth spurt he redefined little by getting so buff as he got so super tall. His body was out of control. He loved comparing our body sizes. He got a huge kick out of how much more he was growing. He admitted to me that our parents looked to him to be the one in charge and told him they were hoping I would accept that as well. A chain of events led to a complete role reversal between us. First it was our parents sitting me down and telling me that for now on my younger brother would be in charge of me not only when they went away for the weekend, but even when they were around if it was needed.I first got upset, but then my inner conflicted feelings were sort of happy he was going to officially be in charge of me. I knew I made him happy when I told my parents that I understood and was okay with it. The next thing was Jason convincing me to give up my room for him and share the same room with him as long as I only had a twin bed. I said yes, and within hours he had set up my room as his work out weight room. The amount of barbell plates was ridiculous. I moved into his room and he had a custom oversized king bed and my parents had gotten him all larger size furniture made for him that would fit his super tall body even as it grew. For me though it looked like I was in a giant's room! His bed was gigantic and was way higher up off the ground! I could tell my step dad was liking what was happening between us. I won't lie that my younger brother and I grew closer together. He would help me with my homework all the time and he loved it that I was becoming more obedient to him when my parents would go out of town. Where things got so widespread and I finally told him I wanted him to be my big brother was after I got so sick from massive kidney issues. The doctors told me it also contributed to my short height. I was in the hospital constantly back and forth. I was missing so much school. I was getting so behind even though he would help me by tutoring me. I missed more than a month straight of school and it seemed his popularity at school was growing more than his super height. He was discovering girls too and they were all over him. He admitted he started loving stealing other guys girlfriends. He told me it was such a high getting any girl he wanted. His ego was shifting because he was having them practically worship him! They would do anything for him. Even though I was laid up in bed all the time I was sort of getting jealous as well. Finally towards the end of the school yearI went to a meeting with a school administrator and my parents. The assistant principal told me and my parents that there was no way I was going to advance to the 9th grade and I would have to repeat the 8th grade. All I could think was that my younger brother Jason would be 3 grades ahead of me now! On the car ride home my parents thought I couldn't hear them because I was wearing headphones with my ipod. They were talking about Jason officially becoming my big brother as it was getting to be too much between us with me trying to be the big brother and now with 3 grade difference he truly wouldn't be able to help take over. I actually for some reason started to get excited about it. In some ways I wanted to tell him, but in some ways I wanted to see if he would take over by force. All I could think of was how powerful he was about to become and how he and I would completely switch once and for all.

little big broSep 20 2012 10:52pm
All I could think

AnonymousSep 21 2012 1:14pm
All I could think about was how he would be three grades ahead of me! How he'd now be a junior and I'd be in 8th grade! I knew things were about to change rapidly for both of us.

Little big broSep 21 2012 1:54pm
thanks for your lengthy description of this humiliating experience. Just how big is his 'thing?'' I would believe it! It seems like he hasn't humiliated you 'down there.' Just what is the age difference?

peteSep 21 2012 3:05pm
When we got home my parents told me did I realize that three grades between us and Jason's growing size would make it harder on me for people to see me as his older brother. I nodded my head yes and told them that I was thinking about all of that. Then they asked me that I would have to choose to either ride the bus to my middle school or have Jason drive me in the mornings since they were going to buy him a car and he could take me to school. My dad said that they wouldn't be able to drive me next fall because of their job repsonsibilities were changing. It hit me that my younger brother would be driving me to school would cement our role reversal even more. I told them that I rather have Jason drive me than ride the bus. It got me thinking of how I would still be in 8th grade and he now would be a junior and how huge of a difference that would be. I went inside and I could hear the clanks and sounds of Jason's workout routine with his weights. I also could hear him grunt heavy a lot which means he was really trying to push himself. I tried to figure out how strong or powerful he really was but it was so hard for me to even imagine having a body that tall and big. He normally worked out by himself or when I wasn't around. I was really curious to see how much weight he was lifting or how muscular he really had gotten. I went up the stairs slowly and quietly. When I got to the top I could see the door was wide open. I popped my head around the corner and there I saw Jason standing doing standing cable flies working on his massive chest and upper body. I completely froze as he was beyond huge. He was like a giant. A giant with a body that was absolutely incredible. In my eyes and jealousy he was god like to me! He didn't see me and the amount of weight that he was working with was staggering. When he finally stopped for a rep I could see in the wall mirror he was facing on the floor platform that his pecs were totally burning with muscle and were beyond ripped or chiseled! They were truly amazing to look at. He had a complete V - shape going on with his upper body. Looking at his back his lats and delts were great ripples of muscle. He was beyond good looking. He is like a perfect male, but just on a 7 foot tall scale. He seemed bigger than life. His body was so out of control for how young he was. He was dripping wet sweating, but not only his pecs, but arms and legs, and abs were like a study of what a perfect body would look like but on a grand scale. He then went into a bicep pose in the mirror and I freaked out when I saw his already extremely large biceps keep growing, and growing, and growing to the point of where they looked bigger than a bowling ball!! I was feeling really weird when watching him do this. I was in awe watching him. All of a sudden a floor board creeked and he turned around real quick and could see me. He told me to come in. I was stunned a bit. He stood there in just his black shorts that hugged his body and some flip flops. That was it. As I walked to him I noticed he was still standing on the weight machine platform he had built so it didnt mess up the carpeting and put wear on it. The platform was several inches off the ground. When I got closer I could tell that there was no way I was going to be above his waist. I finally got to him where he was standing on the edge of the platform. My direct line of sight was the lower part of his crotch. The bulge was gigantic! I had to tilt my head way, way up to see his belly button! All I could think was how his legs were not only taller than me, but how powerful they were and how they were thicker than me by a long slide. I looked way, way up at him. He put his hands on his hips and then looked way down at me. His face seemed so far away now. He then smiled and said that he really liked how small I looked to him at this height. He just started laughing and said he could get used to this really easily! My head was now way below his waist line. His bellybutton now easily above me. I moved to stand in front of him in front of the wall mirror. His entire upper body was above me. He then freaked me out by standing up on his tip toes and I could see I was now low enough to fit in between his legs with several inches to spare!! His knees were practically near my shoulders! He then lowered back down and I could tell that even his calves were pumped and cut. He then asked me how did the meeting go at school? I took a deep breath and then asked him how did he see me as now and be honest. I asked him how did I look to him? He told me that I looked smaller and smaller to him now and in all honesty I looked like a small elementary kid and how small my body was probably like a 4th grader maybe. I told him that I was being retained again and now he would be 3 grades above me. I told him flat out that I wanted him to be my big brother completely. I told him that it was stupid for me to think I was the older or bigger brother. He asked me when did I want to make this happen? I told him right now. I told him that I would obey him and that I had no problem with him being in charge of me. He smiled at me and told me that he wanted me to tell our parents right away as they were planning to go away for several weeks on a trip and he wanted to officially take over right now.

Little big broSep 27 2012 9:26pm
I don't see why you need LOOKING AFTER!

anonSep 28 2012 5:51pm
Wow, you're really in an intresting situation, Little big bro. It's only right that you should be the little brother. I bet you have a small dick too, has he seen it? and if so, how did he react to that? And could you tell us anything about the girls he gets? and has anything new happened with you and your younger big brother?

kimOct 17 2012 8:40am
Jason seemed very happy when looking way down at me. He seemed so gigantic to me now. All I could do was stare at him in awe. Looking up to his face standing so close gave you a towering view of his out of control upper body. He had every muscle pumped and his complete V shape torso completely overshadowed me. All I could do was gaze up at the underside of his massive pecs. I loved looking at his chest as it was so perfectly chiseled. It was so hard to remember that I used to stand tall enough to be right under his shoulders and now was looking at his belly button and waist. His pecs jetted out so much that they blocked his face partially when I stood so close. The underside were like large shelves of muscle. He looked down to me and asked me could I believe it that he was now three grades ahead of me and how he wasn't done growing and he seemed to be getting even older and more mature than me rapidly. I told him that it just felt like it was a matter of time he become my big brother. He told me that he has wanted this for a long, long time. I told him I have too and I have looked up to him as the more mature one between us for a long time. I told him that I actually hope he grows even more and that his body is incredible.

Little big broOct 20 2012 1:34pm
He loves it when I talk about his body or how strong he is and his looks. He eats it up. Later that day when our parents were taking us out to dinner I told them both that I wanted to be Jason's little brother from now on and I was okay with it. I said it was fine that he be my bigger and older brother since he was so far ahead of me in school and how much bigger and smarter he was. I could see Jason was excited when I told them. My parents acted like they were waiting for me to say it. My dad asked me if I was sure about it and that would I handle Jason having complete authority over me and be able to tell me what to do and be in charge of me. I told them while looking directly at Jason that I wanted him to be in charge of me and I was happy he would from now on be my big brother.

Little big broOct 21 2012 9:17am
At the restaurant Jason and my parents brought up the whole 3 grades ahead of me thing and that it would impact is a lot as I was still a very small boy for my age and how Jason looked way older for his age and even grade. My step dad brought up the fact several times that me being older was no longer up for debate as Jason was bigger, ahead of me in school, smarter and getting further away from me maturity wise. He then brought up the fact that due to my tiny size that I looked more like an elementary sized boy. He asked me did I realize that most people saw me as this while they saw Jason as more of an older college age student in his 20's? I just looked at both my mom and dad and asked them how did they see me now or knowing this what should we do? They told me that they thought of Jason as an adult and due to his growing body and how physical he was they thought of him as a 21-23 year old under grad or graduate student. Then they said due to my size and stature I came across to peolle like a 4th or 5th grader to them. I was floored but at the same time sort of knew they may say that. I asked them is that what they want or if people treated me like that to go along with it? Jason chimed in and just said it was so hard for them at times to think of me being older because 5th graders towered over me and I was so small and tiny to him now that he didnt even see me as an 8th grader even though I was supposed to be in high school by now. He said to just go with it if people thought I was younger and him even older. He then told me he would pick me up from school every day when he could as they were going to buy him a car and he would drive me. It actually didnt bother me how we so massively were switching roles as I looked up to him for so long. He kidded me and told me that legally I didn't weigh enough to sit in the front seat and I technically could ride in a booster seat. All I could think about was how much bigger he was to me. I laughed about it but saw a look in his eye like he was serious about it.

Little big broOct 29 2012 2:37pm
When we got home that night we both went up to our room. He laid down in his huge bed and I laid down in my small twin bed on the side. We started talking about how it was going to be so different now with him being 3 grades ahead of me and him being my bigger and older brother. I could tell he was getting excited about it. He admitted to me that he loved the fact that he was going to be a junior and I would be in 8th grade. He asked me would it bother me that his younger age brother would be picking him up from school and driving him everywhere? I told him that I actually thought it was cool and was thankful he would drive me. He then asked me did it bother me that mom and dad saw him much more mature and older and me way younger and immature? I told him it didn't bother me, but was wondering if he was going to see me the same way. He told me that he wouldn't lie that if people thought him to be a lot older that he was going to run with it or not stop them from believing. He then said that it is harder for him to think of me at times being older than him let alone in middle school. He said that most 4th and 5th graders were bigger than me. He asked me if mom and dad keep treating him like a 21-23 year old would I accept that eventually. I nodded my head yes. I asked him if that continued was he going to treat me as a 4th or 5th grader? He nodded his head yes. He then stood up and took off his shirt. He was so damn ripped with muscle and not even pumped up. His pecs were so darn huge and powerful. All I could do was look way up at them.

little big broOct 29 2012 8:52pm
I loved looking way up at him. Loved it. He had such an amazing ripped v- shape going on that was like a work of art. His abs were like carved and the depth of his chiseled chest for someone such his age was almost god like. It was so unreal to be standing eye level pretty much with belly button almost. To be so short to your younger brother to the point in which I could not reach his shoulders or the top of his chest was so unreal. To know that he would only grow taller and stronger was overwhelming at times for me to wrap my head around. I was so close to him that with his shirt off I could feel his body heat radiating off him on my face. His abs were like beyond perfect. Sculpted. When looking up at his face standing so close that his pecs blocked my view of his incredible looking face. He told me that it was an incredible rush to look down and not see me completely because I was so small to him that his chest blocked his view. He said it made him feel so big and powerful. HE then backed up a bit and then laughed and said, "oh there you are down there!" His face was beyond model like and attracted everyone. I felt like I wanted to make the switch asap so I looked way up at him and just couldn't believe the over all strength and power he had. His entire body had the muscles in alll the right places. I took a deep breath while looking at his belly button and then said," Hey big brother, can I watch if you are about to work out?" I could tell that he totally loved it just then me calling him big brother. He smiled and then nodded his head yes and said," you can watch me any time I work out or exercise." He then unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans and took them off. He stood there directly in front of me in just his boxer briefs. The bulge in his briefs was beyond huge! I could tell they could barely contain what was inside of them and the outline was extremely defined. He was the biggest I had ever seen or comprehended. It looked like he was going to bust out of the briefs and what was scary was he wasn't even aroused! I am sure he saw my face and eyes because slightly edged closer to me and I was practically only a few inches away from him. His co%k looked like it was like a foot long or more! He knew he was huge. I could just tell by the confidence he emoted on his face and body. He also heard me somewhat take a gulp when I was staring at it. I was trying to fathom just how powerful my younger brother was becoming. He then went over to his dresser and put on some Nike basketball nylon shorts and then got some socks out and grabbed a pair of huge crosstrainer sneakers by Addidas. When he sat on the bed he put his sneakers on and they were gigantic to me. When he stood back up I knew due to the size of his shoes he would be even taller! Sure enough I was now looking up now at his belly button. His head was now a couple more inches higher up and his chest now was now way more above my head! His waist line was closer to me even more. I looked up to him and said, " man, when you said you wanted to be my big brother you really meant it!" " You are gigantic in every way to me," He then sort of flexed his arms a bit and asked me did I like him being this big to me? He then said

little big broOct 31 2012 9:33pm
as I was nodding my head that he wanted to become the biggest and strongest brother to me now more than ever before. He then asked me if I would love it if had to look up to his waist line?! I wasn't sure how to respond, but when you are looking way up at your younger brother from his belly button and he is completely ripped, you nod your head and say yes! He smiled down at me. He then told me he was going to work out a lot tonight as he felt his body was ripe for growing and getting more defined. He told me there was no way I could spot for him, but could I count the reps and keep track of his weight gains and settings. I told him sure. He stepped up on the platform and of course since it was inches above I was well below his waist. He just looked down and then flexed his calves up again and I was below his crotch. He just shook his head and said that he wanted to grow so bad now. I felt so tiny now and figured he might grow that much! He was beyond god like to me already and I knew he would only get stronger. After an hour or what seemed like an hour I was in shock of how many reps he could do and not get tired. His muscles were bulging and pumped and after I asked him was he going to stop he just looked way down at me and told me he wasn't tired at all and he wanted to stack on more weight as he was getting a good work out, but not any where close to maxing out. He did almost another complete set, but with way more weight and still he said he wasn't tired! His pecs looked like they were going to explode and his biceps were way bigger than softballs now. The amount of weight he was lifting was out of control and showing no signs of straining! He started to flex his upper body and it was amazing.

Little Big BroNov 03 2012 1:26pm
He kept commenting to me that the more he worked out he felt like he had even more strength to keep going! I could tell he was really into his body more than ever. He loved looking in the mirror and I can't say I didn't mind either. He was like a sculpted work of art. A Greek god. Later that night he came in the bath room while I was brushing my teeth. The counter was higher up since dad had it made to fit more of his towering height a few months ago. I used a small step stool or just step box thing at the sink. I did feel at times like a little kid when using it but I told him I didn't mind and I could adapt. Even with the step stool which was about 9-10' inches at best he still towered way over me. He then looked at me in the mirror and began taking off his socks and shoes. His feet were huge!!! His toes were like the length of my fingers practically. Then he removed his shorts and opened the long shower door and then moved a bit so I saw a full view of him in the mirror and I could see the gigantic bulge in his underwear. They were so strained. He then slowly pulled them down and out flopped his truly humongous c&$k!!! I had seen it before but it was definitely bigger and even on his 7 foot frame looked larger than life. His body was completely drenched in sweat and ripped and pumped and cut and of course he was even more perfect with his god like co$k!!!! He saw me just staring at him and at it. It had to be like a foot long and not even fully hard!! His body was completely out of control! His abs, arms, shoulders, neck, lats, pecs, thighs, and calves were so beyond ripped. I was frozen and in such awe of him. Every muscle popped and was so defined. All I could think about was what it would be like to have all that height and power and good looks was unbelievable and to be endowed the size he was incredible.

Little Big BroNov 07 2012 8:20am
I don't know what it was this time. It might of been after his super long time of working out and being so darn pumped up and buff, or was the way his muscles were the biggest I ever saw them and was dripping with sweat, but he had to be one of the best looking men on the planet! Yes, my younger brother who jumped three grades ahead of me was not a boy at all. He was a man. A man that was still growing and would get even bigger and probably better looking. I was just overwhelmed with his size and overall charisma. I was more afraid of how big his enormous C#%k was when aroused! The scary part of it was that it looked just as muscular as the rest of his body was! Seeing that I was staring at him in the mirrorI was afraid sort of what would happen next. I would of gotten right out of there quickly, but he was sort of blocking the one door exit and the other end door backed into a chest of drawers on the other side since we both were sharing the same bed room the other room got moved around. I decided to see and turned around and got down off my step stool. Good God he looked even bigger! He then said that he has been seeing me really look at his body a lot and stare at him all the time. He asked me did I want to see his body a lot more and did I like how little I was compared to him now? I just said yes very quietly. He boomed down at me that he didn't hear what I said. I spoke up just a little more and said yes. He then asked me to take off my clothes and get in the shower with him right now. All I could see was his enormous manhood in my eyesight. I wanted to so badly see if it was bigger than my arm. I didn't know how to react as I was so excited he asked me and all I could think about was his body, but nervous about what he would do and to be naked with my very tiny body with him. I think he knew I practically worshipped him and he wanted me to do so. He then told me that it was time his little brother helped his big brother out starting now. When I took my clothes off I still had my underwear on and he then told me to take them off. Compared to him I was only a couple of inches, even hard. I was very small for even my size.

little big BroNov 09 2012 8:57pm
I was very slow to take my underwear off and he then stepped closer to me and his gigantic c*ck was practically inches away from me. He was built like a young titan god to me. He then bent down and picked me up with one arm without any strain at all and cradled me like an infant and then with the other hand removed my underwear with great force. I seriously looked so small to him and he held me like I said like an infant or toddler in his arms. He then looked down at me and smiled and said I had to be less than 2 inches big. He then said he wanted to measure me and then wanted me to measure him. I begged him not to and said that I realize I am very tiny below the waist and he is enormous. He then told me that I didn't know what enormous was until I measured him completely hard! I was totally scared to death!! He then carried me over to the vanity and went into a drawer and opened it up and pulled out a cloth measuring tape. I begged him not to, but he told me that he wanted to see our size differences in everything and he wouldn't make fun of me to others, but that he wanted to see just how big a brother he was to me now. I sort of squirmed once and he put me down on the counter top and held me down with his one huge hand over my torso. He then asked me do I have to hold you down any more? I sort of was starting to tear up. He then got the tape measure. I told him I would be still. He then measured me and then grabbed me and

Little Big BroNov 12 2012 6:06pm
Hey there Little Big Bro, that sounds really exciting and scary. Why did you cut off in the middle of a comment? you have anything more to tell?

AnonymousNov 20 2012 12:01am
measured me again and showed me the measurement. I was only 1 3/4" long. I wasn't even 2 inches long. He didn't laugh out loud, but he told me he couldn't help it, but I was the smallest he'd ever seen. He said the head of his c%^k was bigger than my entire penis. He then stood me back up and handed me the tape and said to measure him now. I was trembling, because he soft c$%k seemed bigger than my entire forearm and I couldn't imagine how big it was completely hard. I started to stretch the tape out and I wasn't near the head or top of it yet and I was already passing the 9 inch mark and had a lot more to go! I got to the 11-1/2" mark and started to shake badly. It was ungodly. He had to be one of the biggest ever! He then told me to put my hands on it now. I did and I wasn't even close to getting to having my fingers around all of it. I could

little big BroNov 25 2012 8:33pm
not believe how big it was. It took both of my hands to get around it. Then little by little but quickly it started to grow and grow and grow! I could feel the blood just filling in and it got harder than what I thought was possible. It had to be well over a foot long. It had to be getting closer to 14 inches or more. It was beyond gigantic. All I could think how god like he was becoming. My hands kept slipping as it just kept getting bigger. He then told me to get in the shower with him. The water was running and was already steamy hot. He was unbelievable. He then grabbed my head and told me to start sucking him now. He forced my head forward and the size of the head of his monster c$%# I could barely get my mouth around it. I was just too tiny. He kept forcing it on me until I could stretch my jaw more and he pushed through. I started gagging a lot. He then told me that he was eventually going to train me to take more of him, but he knew I was so small to him now that I couldn't handle it. He bent down and handed me a bar of soap and large size wash rag and told me to scrub his legs, c#$%, and abs. It was beyond entrancing to wash your younger brother and feel all the muscles rippling everywhere on his body. His feet looked like they were more than twice the length of mine! He was so good looking. He was beyond what a fitness model looked like. He was beyond perfect and he knew it. He told me that I was going to bath him every time now and I needed to work on being able to pleasure more of him.

Little Big BroNov 29 2012 9:28pm
little big bro what do they mean that you will be treated like a 4-5 grader?

AnonymousDec 08 2012 6:28am
Hey LBO...thanks for the updates. What has been happening to you over the last week. As i come from a different country, can you tell me how old guys are in Junior, etc. So how old are you now, and how old is he?

JDec 14 2012 7:23pm
He then bent way down and sort of squatted on the shower floor and then sat back on the built in bench like back of the large size walk in shower. He told me to wash his upper body. He poured out like a shower gel on the big wash cloth I had. His pecs were beyond huge. They were massive for even his super tall frame. Beyond powerful, muscular and gave him that sports model or fitness model look. His upper body kept growing that incredible V shape look with awesome lats and delts. His shoulders rippled with muscle that led to his godlike biceps and triceps. I was beyond entranced. I could not comprehend how strong he was and how much stronger he was going to get. When I washed his pecs they were like rock hard and when I was scrubbing his biceps he flexed them even more and they became like mountains of steel to me! Even his forearms made Popeye look small. He was still taller than me sitting on the built in bench. I couldn't stop staring at his body. Especially his pecs. His face of course was beyond perfect and chiseled. He asked me did I like bathing him? I nodded yes. He told me he wanted me to do it every time I was home and I would have to get used to doing more than that. I was becoming more and more in awe of him. When he stood back up and I was staring at his belly button made me feel so small and tiny, but I was digging it how big he really was becoming. More to follow

Little Big BroDec 16 2012 8:59pm
Welcome to the Little Big Bro storytime

AnonymousJan 02 2013 12:01pm
Hi my name is Jack and i wanted to tell my story. I'm 15, i live with my mother and other brother Joshy. My dad died a long time ago. Joshy is 18 and even though he is older then me I'm the man of the house and he is the baby. Now i'm not mean to my baby brother, I love him very much in our relationship its very clear that i'm the adult and he is the baby. For starters I'm pretty big, i take after my father and am about 6'2 and over 200 lbs Joshe is much smaller about 5'2 and about half of my weight, it's funny he just never grew, its a good thing now because it makes out roles much easier. I've always been big and Joshy was always small. I have been bigger then him since I was 6. By the time I was 10 I was babysitting and by 11 I was in charge of all things Josh, from spanking to bathing to changing his diapers Ill continue if there is any interest

AnonymousJan 16 2013 9:50pm
So as I said before I love my little Joshy, he is pretty much the center of my world. In a lot of ways I’m the primary caregiver so heres how it works first off Josh isn’t slow or anything mom just says he’s fragile. He is a very gentle little boy and he cries very easily always has. He didn’t quite develop right, puberty just didn’t really happen it turns out he had a hormone problem but it cant be fixed easily so we leave it alone. This leaves Josh pretty much looking like a ten year old. And he never really got any adult feelings. He pretty much acts and feels like a very little kid more like six but has the working brain of an adult. This is not usually a big deal because his emotional needs usually come before his adult thoughts and he likes being babied most of the time. Anyway because of all of these things Josh was the constant target of bullies at school so at 16 he finally convinced mom to let him drop out.

JackJan 17 2013 8:19pm
That's really interesting, Jack, could you tell us more? and do you know what his size below the belt is compared to yours?

AnonymousJan 18 2013 9:24pm
Once Josh left school we all fell into a routine pretty easily. My mom is a nurse who works 3-11 so she has Joshy during the day and I have him at night. Under no circumstances do we leave him unsupervised despite his age he is nowhere near mature enough for that so we have some back up sitters who can watch Josh sometimes but mostly its just me but I love it. The best moment of my day is when I walk though the door after school and Josh jumps into my arms yelling Daddy’s home Daddy’s home. I know it’s weird that he calls me daddy it started about 3 years ago and he doesn’t do it all the time about half the time. Mom says its fine because clearly that’s what I am to him so I go with it.

JackJan 18 2013 10:06pm
Hi guys, Im seriously worried now. Im 18, and 5'8'' while my little brother is 14, and 6'2'' tall. When we met during the weekend, we arm wrestled, and he beat the crap out of me. I tried my best to win, but he won with minimal effort. This happened in front of the entire family. I feel like loser right now.

AkainuMar 31 2013 7:24am
Everyone realizes that everything Bigmeg says is bullpoo right? She doesn't even bother to make it sound real

BullshitdetectorMay 11 2013 10:52am
is this the only poll that is working

??May 19 2013 3:46am
i could beat bigmeg easily

randalfJul 04 2013 8:37am
Bullpoodetector, I agree with you and your name is making me laugh.

PersonJul 08 2013 8:59pm
Bull-s-h-i-t-detector. Damn the euphamiser.

personJul 08 2013 9:02pm
I would love to read more about Daddy roles of Jack towards Tiny Joshy

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Zqn8Dh Really informative post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

FROLocJtOhQEOct 25 2013 4:15pm
long ago, when i was 19 and in college and my brother was a freshman in highschoo, he was already stronger than me. he worked out with weights, played baseball, swam and had a great bod to begin with. he wasn't as big as me, weighed fifty lbs less than me, but he started to notice that he had muscles and i didn't and loved pointing it out. when he challenged me to an arm wrestling match, he beat me so easy that it made me feel weak and him feel like superman. within a week he was picking me up, tossing me in his arms. within three weeks, he pressed me overhead like i was a cotton ball, and then bragged about his strength, making me feel his flexed muscles, "hard as metal, aren't they?" And calling me names like "fatso" and "fats." One day he tackled me, and put me in a leg scissors and said "Feel how hard my quads are, fats. Solid brick. And softy you is between them. If I flexed them all the way, I could cut you in half fats. Or rather, crush you to pulp. Easy too. But if you give me that twenty sticking out of your pocket, I'll let you live for a while, so you can continue to worship my superior body for some time to come." He then gave this evil smirk and started flexing. "Give?" I did and handed him over the twenty. He smirked again, got up and left the room. He made my life hell..and my wallet empty...until he went off to college, and i moved about ten states away.

ilikmuscDec 13 2013 6:13pm
pWm6mC Really informative blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

LxTHobUBmoJJan 17 2014 3:50pm
U4DDnl I really liked your blog article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

jlOSTyLipfJan 30 2014 10:26pm
is this poll working

enquirerMar 10 2014 12:17am
I'm 19 years old 5ft 6 and have basically no muscle and resently gained a little fat that hangs around my waist and off my muscle less chest. All my clothes fit me still but now have a bulge by my stomache. Im also really ugly. My brother is eighteen and 6ft 4 he is really good looking and has even done some modeling. He is covered in muscle and every part of him is toned and perfect. Topless he looks like those guys on Hollister bags.

punybigbroMar 25 2014 2:47pm
One time he had to move into my room and we were getting changed for bed. Id already been humiliated as all our guests thought he was older and commented on how handsome he was and how hed grown or how strong he was while all theyd sed to me was u look healthy while looking at my bulge of flab. Anyway we were in our boxers and he came right up to me i could see his rock solid pecs and abs and his massive arms and he also had a massive bulge in his underwear. I was only 2.5 soft and 3 hard and he looked about 9/10 inches soft

punybigbroMar 26 2014 3:40pm
tell us more

AnonymousMar 28 2014 5:38pm
does anyone have younger sister with bigger feet male of female

crocroApr 01 2014 3:45pm
well im 16yo im 5.8 145lbs n my haf brother he is 14yo he is 5.10 185lbs of just muscle n we get along really well but he is a lil bit of a show off hes soo shreded he has even an 8 pack ive measured all compare our muscles he had 28¨quads 16 calfs 12" forearms my bíceps size :/ his arms 16 " bíceps n he keeps working out all day long we recently moved he pretty much did all the heavy lifting like it was nothing he caalls me his baby brother he has lifted me above his head curled me im like a feather my famli adores him they c hiim as the older brother my parents had to recently bought cloths for him he keeps out growing them yesterday he lifted a bottle of wáter he ripped his sleeves on accident n well he has walked in and showered with me!!! n his dick is huge!! n thick like 9 ¨n im only 7¨" a bit emabarassing but its all cool tho

olderbabybrotherApr 02 2014 4:00pm
It looks like your brother is enjoying the comparison between you. His older brother is smaller and weaker than he. It must give his ego a boost to know he trumps you in every way.

AnonymousApr 14 2014 10:07am
ooh yeah his ego is huge

olderbabybrotherApr 18 2014 7:46pm
How long before it stops being cool? Has he made you do things for him? Has he shown his dominant side over his older, smaller, weaker brother?

AnonymousApr 19 2014 3:01pm
he tells me to do the dishes nhis laundry also to shave his legs that another thing he has a lot more body hair then me also wants me to do his protein shake n food

olderbabybrotherApr 22 2014 11:31pm
How does it feel shaving his legs? Do you feel inferior to your younger brother, his body, his body hair, his strength, his muscles? Has he ever asked if you want to feel those muscles or maybe he makes you worship them? Do you or he get excited at this submission/dominance?

AnonymousApr 26 2014 3:50am
well i feel like weak n small n his legs r soo shredded that im scared of cutting him i like feeling his muscles he makes me worship him all the time i have to call him sir n watch him work out well spot him

olderbabybrotherApr 28 2014 10:22pm
I guess you didn't grow up together, I mean you didn't take the big brother role when you were younger and boss him about, so he's not going to get his revenge now he's bigger and stronger. He must enjoy the dominance over an older guy, let alone his brother. He'll like displaying his body and strength and get a rush from you worshipping his muscles. 16 inch biceps, 28 inch quads, a corrugated stomach - he'll be popular with the girls, so maybe he won't need to use you to ease his testosterone fuelled sexual tensions! You spot for him while he's working out, but does he encourage you to lift too? You'll never reach his standards but it would be great if you could work out together.

AnonymousApr 30 2014 11:12am
well about the sexual frustations man he does asks me to Jack him off while he flexes n he just likes being stronger n bigger i everyway

olderbabybrotherApr 30 2014 8:38pm
He's enjoying his dominance and control over you, worshipping his muscles and jacking him off. It sounds like you're enjoying it too, as you like feeling his body, submitting to this younger alpha male. You don't say that you put up a fight when he asks/tells you to do things for him. Maybe the jerk offs will lead to other things - would you be willing, do you want to take the next step in your special and intimate relationship? I'd take your place!

AnonymousMay 01 2014 1:37pm
he does enjoy it n i dont put up a fight since he was 12yo thats when he first beat me in armwrestling like he didnt know his own strentgh neither i did n he just smashed my arm agasint the table n then a bunch of stuff happened after that i tryed to fight him but he alway won so i jusst gave in well if he takes things further like he does in the shower all the time i cant really say no n i wonder how that be like tho

olderbabybrotherMay 01 2014 3:37pm
Wow, how I envy you. Getting to worship your brothers muscles, and feeling his strength over you. To see close up his biceps growing and abs chissled as he lifts and flexes. I'd be on my knees to him at the click of his fingers, worshipping and servicing his every need. You're lucky to have him and you know it. I'd take your place in a heartbeat. Mmmm

AnonymousMay 01 2014 4:12pm
haha i do like seeing his muscles growth its just crazy

olderbabybrotherMay 02 2014 6:35pm
Hey olderbabybrother, do you think your brother will grow even bigger? His dick is 9 inches erect when he is only 14 years old, wow! How bis is he soft? Are his balls big too?

codyMay 06 2014 1:53am
ooh yes man hell grow even bigger im sure his balls r def bigger tan mine

olderbabybroMay 07 2014 11:55pm
Wow, he seems to become a real muscle monster when he gets even bigger. Are there any other stories about your brother being bigger and stronger than you? Do you know if he is sexually active already? What do his friends thinnk about him being so freakish huge? Does he show off his penis frequently?

codyMay 08 2014 5:03am
well idk what his Friends say but mine r pretty impressed by him they challenge him to armwretlethey loose lol n well his room is being remodeled so he is staying in my room he is naked the entire time there sometimes he brings a girl he has sex with her in my bed tho

olderbabybroMay 12 2014 3:40pm
Does he play any sports too? Has he ever made you suck his c*ck?

codyMay 12 2014 11:24pm
he plays football n he is in the wrestling team yeah he has made me not often tho but he has before

olderbabybroMay 14 2014 11:35am
Did you put up a fight or did you willingly suck him. Maybe it felt bad at first, or do you enjoy it now? You get to see his body up close, feel his muscles. Do you feel jealous of the girls he has sex with?

AnonymousMay 16 2014 10:17pm
at the beguining yes now i actually enjoy it his body its really amazing n the girls yeah he has had sex with senior girls im amazed not jelous tho

olderbabybroMay 17 2014 12:59am
I take it that you're turned on by your brother's body, strength and dominance. He obviously enjoys the intimate time you spend together as much as you. He's had a baby brother for the past two years and you've both grown into your roles of Dom and Sub. I'd like to be in your shoes, worshipping such an alpha male. Does he use your money too? Does he behave like the Big brother he's become, making you do all his chores, making you serve him?

AnonymousMay 17 2014 3:21am
Nah we r fine with money yeah ill do his chores n now its not only him but my 12 yo brother started working out a few months ago we didnt know anything about it n hes becoming a beast too!

olderbabybroMay 17 2014 8:05pm
Is he your half brother too? They must have the same genetics. Has he started puberty, those testosterone levels will be up. Do you think things will go the same way, will you be dominated by him as well. You OK taking the role of baby brother to him? Again, I'd take your place in a heartbeat. Such a great feeling to be at the control of two younger muscle monsters. Hot!

AnonymousMay 17 2014 9:46pm
ooh yes he has really good genetics n hes been working out hard cuz me n my brother we were playing call of duty n then he got mad cuz he lost to me ;P so Jake walks in my room i noticed hes all sweaty n his shirt looks tight on him n im like O.o i asked him were u been? he says working out downstairs n im like no way he took his shirt off n he looks sooo diferent tan before he was stick n he is kinda nerdy he does have armpithair so i guess lots of testosterone already but hes got mean arms n his quads n calfs r insane now nobody noticed till 3 days ago

olderbabybroMay 18 2014 1:42am
Working out in secret eh. Do you think he's stronger than you already? Does he know what your brother makes you do for him, maybe he wants some of the same. He'll have those sexual frustrations of puberty, so I expect he'll be looking at ways to release, other than channelling that testosterone into changing his body. Have you accepted that he will also surpass you in height and muscle. How long before this little brother becomes bigger and starts getting his kicks from outmuscling and ordering his oldest brother around?

AnonymousMay 18 2014 6:41am
man omg today my brother made me armwrestle jake i thought i was going to win easy i lost!! as son as i start his bicep grew twice his size he destroyed my arm i swear idk were all that came from it was amazing n embarazingwe were all surprised even jake now im worried a bit :P

olderbabybroMay 19 2014 12:02am
You can bet that your bro will tell Jake that he can make you do stuff for him too. Get ready to do his chores as well!! If your biceps are 12 inches, how big are Jake's? What are the differences in heights, does it look like Jake will be bigger than you too? Two muscle guys in the house to worship now! You lucky guy!

AnonymousMay 20 2014 6:17am
well jake is 5.8 im still taller but he has 14" pumped n flex n i think jake will be bigger tan either of us hes got massive gains in short months

olderbabybroMay 21 2014 12:33am
Hey olderbabybro, is Jake´s c*ck also that big than the rest of his body?

codyMay 21 2014 1:57am
Cody, I doubt he's got that close to Jakes hard ck yet, perhaps that may take a few more weeks b4 that relationship begins! 14" biceps at 12 y o, this kid will be huge if those testosterone levels and workouts continue. I wonder if he gets his brother to worship him yet. Won't be long before the body & strength comparison leads to other areas.

AnonymousMay 21 2014 7:15am
OBB,it must be emasculating for you to have two younger brothers who are so muscular and stronger than you. Quite a buzz knowing that you are blowing a brother 2 years younger; worshipping his muscles and doing his chores. I'd be happy to take your place or be a fly on the wall to watch!

MikeMay 22 2014 5:54am
well ive decided workout n try to catch up hopefully ill be bigger but jake has been exploring n my other bro has been encouraging him to walk around shirtles test strentgh with me flex n compare with neighbors kids hes become a lot more confident latetly jake is able now to bounce his thick rippling pecs now im soo jelous of him

olderbabybroMay 22 2014 10:35pm
Great idea! Your brothers will be able to show you how to workout to get the best results. Encourage them to get bigger and stronger and they'll help you. It might not stop the strength comparison, challenges or intimate demands, but you'll feel better for it. Let us know how you progress. Three muscle boys in the house.

MikeMay 22 2014 10:48pm
ooh def will man ;)

olderbabybroMay 24 2014 9:39pm
OBB, don't forget to keep us posted on your progress. Have you started to workout yet, has the relationship between your brothers improved or are they still acting dominant?

MikeMay 28 2014 9:38am
well just a lil update my brothers started training me n ive got skinny burned a lil bit fat in me starting to get ripped tho however my brother jake hes got way to confident walking around in briefs n yesterday he took a pic we making out most muscular pose right after that he lifted me up up gorila bench press omg my soul almost left my body hes enjoying it far too much

olderbabybroJun 08 2014 11:13pm

1Jun 10 2014 1:52pm

-1'Jun 10 2014 1:54pm
Wow OBB, Jake sounds like a real muscle beast, getting a rush of excitement as his body changes with the onset of puberty and the reaction to hitting the weights. Great to hear that you're enjoying the development of your own physique, as you get stronger and your confidence grows. Still, your younger brothers look like they'll be lording it over you for some time, demonstrating their strength and control, feeding their egos and sexual dominance. Keep safe.

AnonymousJun 11 2014 12:39pm
wxnqrl I truly appreciate this article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

SSOIRnfHiBJun 17 2014 10:03am
Dang some of these stories r really fake

The Stories R FakeJul 08 2014 8:49pm
Fake or not, they're an interesting and entertaining read. Come on, don't tell me you're not intrigued to learn how these relationships develop.

AnonymousJul 09 2014 10:52am
Hi I'm Ryan and I'm currently 17 and a have a younger 16 year old brother named Luke. I stand at a measly 5'5 and 100 pounds, and I am very skinny due to a really fast metabolism. Luke stands at an enormous 6'4 and weighs a hulking 230 pounds of muscle. Whenever he hugs me I end up getting smushed in between his gigantic pecs that are bigger than my entire head and can't help feeling his massive bulge press against my torso. Although we have a good relationship, I can't help but feel intimidated and a little jealous. Every physical thing on him is at least twice as big as me, if not more. The other day he put on my loosest shirt and a pair of my baggy gym shorts. Watching him struggle to get his huge arms in the holes, and seeing how the shirt presses tightly on his two huge slabs of meat he calls pecs and shirt ending at his midsection was hilarious and it looked like a comical muscle shirt on him. But him struggling to put my baggy shorts over his massive thighs and looking like super short shorts when he finally got them on was icing on the cake. After he took my now ripped shirt off and the shorts, he saw me staring at him in just his underwear. I couldn't help it, he was like a muscle god. His wavy blonde hair, his deep blue eyes, his huge upper body, his defined abs and slim waist, his muscular legs and butt, his enormous outline of his boyhood and balls, all on a 16 year old wheeling way to small whitey tighties. He told me to take my clothes off, and I obeyed. We were both in my room, in only underwear, when he walked to me. He asked me "Do you like me being this much bigger than you Ryan". At this point he was pressed up against me and I cranked my neck to see barely half his face (the other half blocked from his gigantic chest) and simply nodded. He then forced my hand into his underwear, and I was completely shocked at how big his manhood was. I always saw his bulge and new it was at least twice as big as mine erect, but feeling his thick pubic bush and his massive sausage that was so big and thick that I had to get my other hand on it to wrap around it completely was not what I expected. He then forced my hand to feel his baseball sized testicles. He started to moan, and he then released the pressure this underwear was putting on the massive python by pulling them down and preceded to do the same with my underwear. His huge boyhood was now completely out in the open and was growing bigger and thicker. His entire body contracted and he released another moan, all of this while my hand was wrapped around his ever-growing rod. Soon it was getting difficult to keep my hands wrapped around it because of its rapid increase in thickness. I began stoking the massive manhood and grouping his gargantuan, pulsating balls when he reacted with a loud moan, quickly followed by a large flood of his c*m shooting from his large tube. After he regained his breath, he lifted me off the ground, about half a foot, and told me "Ryan, this massive body needs the worship it deserves. You are to play with my entire body, from juggling my massive pecs to squeezing my rock hard biceps to attempting to satisfy my gigantic boyhood. You are to satisfy your big muscular brother." From that day forward our relationship changed forever.

SmallRyanJul 14 2014 3:28am
Hope to hear more about this Ryan. What are his measurements compared to yours.

mikeJul 15 2014 4:59pm
Hey mike, as I said before he weighs 230 pounds and I weigh 100. His chest size is around 56 inches while his arm size is around 19 inches. He has a slim waist at around 32 inches. While he has that coveted v-chest shape I am relatively flat. My chest size and waist size are about the same at around 28 inches, with my arms around 10 inches. These are just approximations to give you a sense of our difference. Idk the exact measurements. My height and skinny frame causes me to shop in the boys department, while Luke gets to shop in the XXL men's sizes. After a while I got used to the fact that I shop for the same sizes as 11-12 year olds. Because he is constantly growing we're constantly going shopping for bigger clothes, and we sometimes pick up stuff for me as well. As for measurements downstairs, I can tell you that I am 3.5-4 inches erect, but it's really thin, like my body. His is way thicker than mine and although I don't know exactly how big it looks at least 7-8 inches but the thickness makes it look more manly and even bigger than mine.

SmallRyanJul 16 2014 2:35am
Ever since Luke learned he could use his huge muscles to control me he's been making me jerk him and his muscle friends off every chance he gets. His friends are on the wrestling team with him and range from 16-13. Even the 13 year olds were 5'8 and buff for their age, sporting at least thick 6' c*cks. What are they feeding kids these days? I find that I have to crank my neck to look at everyone who's over 12, and due to my skinny frame practically everyone is bigger than me and could probably squish me like a bug. It's a little weird but exiting and a little turned on...... I get to see things in an interesting perspective most males don't get to experience.

SmallRyanJul 16 2014 2:47am
So glad to come across this website. My name's Daniel and I just turned 20. For the past two years I've been attending college and doing a lot of traveling so I've been away from home, but I decided to spend the whole summer in my hometown with my family. When I left home at 18, I left two hardworking but mostly absent parents (always away on business) and my little 13 year old brother Henry. I am on the short end standing 5'4, and when I left home 13 year old Henry was 5' and a little chubby. When I arrive home, I was greeted by a tall, buff, hairy mid-to-upper-20s looking man that wore clothes that left little to imagine regarding his veiny muscles. I was confused and I knew this was my address, so I told him my name is Daniel and that I lived here, and then I thought he must be watching over Henry while my parents are away. When he replied that he was my 15 year old brother Henry. I thought at first that it was a joke. I couldn't even recognize him. He was just starting puberty when I left, but I naturally assumed he would follow in my footsteps. Now he was over 6' and ridiculously swole. Not only did his height and muscle throw me off, but his face was absolutely unrecognizable. His once smooth face with baby fat now transformed into a handsome face with a nice stubble and amazing jaw structure. I was completely shocked. That's probably an understatement of how I actually felt. I didn't really know how to feel. Next thing I know I'm lifted off the inches off the ground and given a huge hug by my "little" brother. God his muscles were huge. He smothered my face in his massive chest, and when I tried to hug back I realized my hands couldn't connect because of his insanely wide back. Those few seconds I took in how much his body changed. I looked at the burly arms supporting me, how his forearms were bigger than my biceps and how his biceps were bigger than my head. And jeez the hair. Even the thick strands of hair on his arms and legs couldn't hide the multiple thick veins all over. The tall height, the huge muscles, and the thick hair everywhere made him look like a decade older than his actual age, while my short height, hairless, virtually no muscles made me look like a 10 year old next to him. Soon I'm snapped out of my daydream and started to realize that this massive hulk I once called my baby brother was starting to crush me. "H-Henry, y-you're hurting m-me." "Sorry bro, I forget my own strength sometimes." After he set me back the ground, I instantly started comparing. I saw how his shirt sleeves fell and how tight they were on his massive arms, and how my sleeves left a ton of room. I saw how his chest and two meaty pecs were terribly noticeable and large in his shirt, and how I was completely flat chested in my shirt. I saw how his legs filled his shorts and showed how defined and built they were, and how mine were baggy and went down to my knees. Overall, his new bod filled his clothes nice and a little tight, really showing his muscles well, while mine were loose and baggy, making me look even skinnier. To make it worse, I later found out that his tight clothes were men's XXL while my loose clothes were boys large. He walked me inside with his hand on my back. Jeez, his hand felt huge. Felt like it was spread across my entire back. I looked up to my man of a brother. It wasn't enough for him to be huge and muscular, but he was terribly handsome. His face was without a blemish, and his facial hair gave him a mature and adult-like look. He showed me to the apparently newly built gym room that was created after my departure, which explains his bodybuilder frame. He then said he was going to freshen up with a shower, leaving me alone with my thoughts all over the place. I became extremely jealous and sort of angry. I'm related to him, how come he turned out looking absolutely nothing like me? We don't even look remotely related now. He's obviously much more of a man than me now, and I think it's safe to assume he is equally more than a man downstairs compared to me as well. I shiver when thinking about how much bigger his d*ck is than mind. He has everything that represents a grown man: muscle, height, hair, and probably a big d*ck and balls. While I have none of those things, making me look even more like a boy. It's just all new to me that my brother 7 years younger than me now all of a sudden looks 7 years older than me, probably way more. It's hard to comprehend it all. I try looking for ways to adjust or deal with this new situation, and I'm spending most of my days and nights looking for an answer online with no luck. It's relaxing to know I'm not completely alone though. I'm just really new to this and it's sorta awkward. I think it's awkward that my buff brother is so much bigger than me now in every single way and that he can do whatever he wants with me. So, my question is, how the hell am I supposed to deal with this? Can I salvage any part of a big brother role at all? Please help. Any sort of advice will mean the world and would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. PS: This all happened when I first arrived a month ago. A lot has happened since but I didn't include it, it would be too long. Still finding it hard to adjust to this new Henry.

Daniel in distressJul 16 2014 3:49am
Hi Daniel in distress. Your sums don't add up. You say you've just turned 20 and Henry is 15, but he's 7 years younger! Whatever the age gap it must've been quite a shock to see your kid brother dominating you physically. While you've been developing your mind, he's been developing his body. There must've been a drive for him to change so drastically. Did he feel little and bullied by his peers, or even you? You say a lot has happened since and judging by the tone of your post it's not something that you're at all happy with. The fact is that your brother is bigger, stronger and probably more sexually active than you. He's probably enjoying the role reversal as he has become the big brother. There are no magic elixirs to turn you into a superhuman overnight. Your brother has spent time in his gym working on his body and the rush of puberty and testosterone has helped to create a new better Henry. Be proud of your brother. If you want to change your body, it's not too late and I'm sure Henry would be pleased to show you as you workout together but you'll never match his size and strength as your growing years are coming to a head.

AnonymousJul 16 2014 1:31pm
Small Ryan. Those approximations of Luke's body are a little unbelievable to take in. Whatever his size, he's obviously enjoying his control over his older, smaller, weaker brother. Sharing you with his buds to get his sexual kicks. How do you feel about the domination by these younger guys? Is it a turn on, do you enjoy it? You know, if it's not something you really want then you really MUST speak out to someone in a position of trust.

AnonymousJul 16 2014 1:40pm
Sorry about that anonymous, my head's all over the place and I must've been thinking about 13 year old Henry when I said 7 years younger, I meant 5 years. But you are completely right. I left when Henry was going through his most intense years of puberty. I just expected to see my baby brother but I came home to a huge man. And you're right, for the better part of those two years he did spend most of his time in our home gym. He told me he ate about 6 meals a day and when he wasn't eating he was lifting. It's just so much to take in so soon. We've been going out in public lately, and I really don't know how to act with him. Should I let people assume he's the bigger brother?

Daniel in distressJul 16 2014 2:13pm
Daniel ID, I guess that's really a tough decision. Do you admit you're older and risk humiliation and possible ridicule or play the younger brother role? Maybe Henry might enjoy being the older brother for a change, after all he looks the more adult of the two of you. Remember, everyone else has witnessed the metamorphosis from chunk to hunk. It's only new to you. Henry will have his circle of buds and might've already spoken of his older bro. Tell me, you already feel intimidated by his size and strength, but do you look at your brother in other ways now - does this handsome muscle boy stir any feelings you never would have thought of before?

AnonymousJul 16 2014 3:08pm
I agree with 'anonymous' advice above to Daniel. there are no instant answers. I suspect there is no quick-fix to this and it all comes down to how you think about this reality. the ultimate aim is to arrive at a degree of acceptance of this reality. But how? Sharing all this might help. You made a choice to 'develop your brain' as stated above, and that is a real positive. His giftedness may not lie in that direction and just as you envy his frame, he might be envious of your brain and where that will take you in the future. I think an important aspect to all this is to not continually generating negative self-talk about these differences. You will have good days, followed by 'bad days' where acceptance of difference will seem impossible.

jamesJul 16 2014 4:31pm
Hi Smallryan. Thanks for your update. You are right, most of us don't get to experience this sort of stuff. Having to service 13 to 16 year old muscle gods but be a huge turn on as well as embarrassing. When this happens, is in in private or are other guys watching? it would be near impossible to not be turned on by this, but it would be wrong to allow yourself to be abused against your will

Anon -IVJul 16 2014 4:42pm
mRIi2M Great, thanks for sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

IejcYnNdSumcJul 16 2014 6:33pm
Thank you all so much for all the advice and rapid responses. I decided that Henry and I needed a way overdue talk. I asked Henry to come to my room, but after a few minutes of explaining how I felt about all the changes he started playing around and not take what I was saying seriously. He would pin me down and just giggle when I failed to break free at random times. He was seeing what should've been serious discussion as a fun way to successfully horseplay with me. I suddenly got fed up and screamed at him that this wasn't funny, and then he started looking angry and I darted out of there out of fear he'd do something destructive to me. I don't know if I can blame him, he's 15 and maybe cannot handle serious adult like conversations. But he looks upset and mad at me and I'm just trying to stay as far away because I can't imagine what a body like that could do to a body like mine if provoked. I feel like I made things a ton worse because he just looks more aggressive that when I first arrived, like he's realizing what his body can do for him regarding power. I think I made things a lot worse.

Daniel in distressJul 16 2014 9:48pm
I tried to express and share my feelings about all this with him but he just took it as a worthless joke. I don't know what to do but I don't want to make things even worse.

Daniel in distressJul 16 2014 9:50pm
Daniel I'D. It's clear to see that Henry really enjoys being the dominant alpha male between the two of you. He's full of himself and the difference between you now that he's bigger, stronger and so muscular at the side of his older brother. His body has changed but his mind is still that of an adolescent. All this is fun to him and he's eager to see how far he can push the relationship between you. You're his older brother, who he can now make squirm as he exerts even the lightest pressure. He'll be like a Greek god toying with a mortal. Yes, he'll be mad at your outburst but not just because you're pissed that he's stronger but because he'll have a mixture of emotions both mentally and sexually. What else might his brother be experiencing after coming face to face with his buff kid bro. Perhaps his buds have encouraged him to push you to your limits. Make you worship his body, strength and maybe more... Look at it from his point - what would you want to try if you were the younger alpha guy? Would you experiment with your control over a smaller, weaker guy behind closed doors?

Anonymous = yorkshireguyJul 17 2014 11:09am
More like face to chest but I understand what you're saying yorkshireguy

Daniel in distressJul 17 2014 8:44pm
So, how's it going. Has there been any other confrontation? Is Henry still mad at you or has his mood mellowed. Does he still dominate you with his size and strength; is he humiliating you for your weaker, inferior body?

YorkshireguyJul 17 2014 9:14pm
Small Ryan. Are you still in awe of your brother, do you still cater for his and his buds sexual demands. Jerking off Will lead to other things. If it's not what you want, it's time to make it stop.

YorkshireguyJul 17 2014 9:20pm
Luke is the best big brother in the world. He's not violent or abusive towards me, and neither is his friends. His huge body needs the muscle worship it deserves and his manhood needs the pleasure it deserves, and I'm more than happy to help my brother and his buddies with it.

SmallRyanJul 17 2014 10:39pm
He's a little calmer but I find that he's playing with my head now. We have regained a dialogue, but I think he's doing things to show his dominance now. I recently found out that his d*ck is bigger than mine because ever since the fight he's been walking around in just a pair of really tight and short compression shorts to where I could finally see the huge bulge that has until the point been obscured by baggy shorts. He's also doing stuff like rubbing himself a lot all over, especially over his privates, which he claims to just be an itch. He also is walking up to me closer than normal when I ask him a question or something, and since he's now usually shirtless, it results in me looking at the bottom half of his gigantic pecs just an inch or so away from my eyes.

Daniel in distressJul 17 2014 10:51pm
I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who is helping me through this, whether giving me advice or allowing me to vent out about it, and actually caring. I'm taking a lot out of this and don't mind asking me anything about my experiences with Henry, I'm an open book. I'm going to be up until 2am (central time zone) and I'll be checking the responses exactly every 15 minutes in case someone responds until I go to sleep. In case everyone contributing are already sleeping, I'll try to check for responses on the hour starting tomorrow when I wake up. I'm saying this in case someone wants to chat with me, they can hold their thoughts until the time I check it and if they want to just talk without having to wait long for my response. Thank you.

Daniel in distressJul 17 2014 11:00pm
SmallRyan, I've seen you are currently dealing with this just like me. But you seem to have a positive spin regarding your relationship with your bigger brother unlike mine. And you mentioned that in the beginning you felt intimidated and jealous and that is EXACTLY how I feel. Any tips? What made you change your feelings? You guys seem happy with one another now and that's all I really want with Henry.

Daniel in distressJul 17 2014 11:11pm
Daniel in distress, our stories of bigger brothers are different in some ways and similar in some ways. Unlike you, I was able to watch the gradual bulking and growth of my brother Luke. I have to admit, while he started gradually growing at a faster rate than me I couldn't help but get turned on and fantasize about the prospect of having an enormous little brother. It went by pretty fast, but Luke's 5'5 to 6'4 in 3 years for me is wayy longer than Henry's 5'0 to over 6'0 in 1 second for you. So yeah, I was prepared and ready to accept it, I had 3 years to accept that he was bigger than me before I decided to share my experiences here, you had what, a month? I've met many bigger younger teens because of my size, and I can tell you this. They all absolutely LOVE the fact that they are bigger than you. They want to take advantage of you, because it's such a rare occurrence. Most of Luke's friends have bigger older brothers. Most seniors are bigger than freshman compared to the other way around, so it's sorta like supply and demand. So Henry's going to eventually want to rub in his power and dominance on you because what he has with you is rare. While most 15 year olds are still getting pummeled by their older brothers, he gets the luck of the draw with the opposite of the norm. I accepted what Luke wanted. I knew that it wasn't worth fighting against him and having a terrible relationship when I was sorta already halfway fantasized what he asked of me. So I accepted him as the older brother, once I did that, everything worked out easily. Now I have to admit you have it harder, you have a larger age gap than I do with Luke, and you currently don't sorta seem to want to do the things I am doing with Luke from what I'm reading. But of course, you might not know what you want yet, or how far you are willing to go on what Henry may soon demand. But with me and Luke, his demands were okay with me so there was no friction, it was mutual. But just because you don't want something doesn't mean Henry feels the same. By what your saying, him rubbing his muscles may be a sign. It may just be to get you enraged, but it could also be something more. Luke started feeling himself a lot while growing, and he sorta turned himself on that. But soon he realized that the idea of how smaller hands on his big muscles would probably feel better than his big hands on his big muscles. It's like our size makes them feel even bigger for them, so my hands rubbing on Luke makes Luke feel bigger than if he was rubbing himself, and I think Henry's starting that.

SmallRyanJul 17 2014 11:49pm
Henry's starting to see that*

SmallRyanJul 17 2014 11:50pm
Daniel I'D. Small Ryan has hit it on the head. It seems that at the moment you've got a choice - you can continue to object to Henry's control and dominance as he displays his body and c*ck to intimidate you and make you feel smaller and weaker than you are OR you can accept the change in roles as he is the new older brother, the man and you're the boy. If he's rubbing himself in front of you, his muscles and his c*ck, then it's clear to me that he's moving towards the special bond that Small Ryan has with Luke. You could continue to fight it, but it looks like he'll make you in the end. Perhaps, if you really want to get back to a happier time between you, you should bite the bullet even if you never thought that you ever would. Sometimes we need a little push before we can accept the way things should be.

yorkshireguy@fsmail.netJul 18 2014 11:23am
UNXTO0 Really enjoyed this article.Really thank you! Really Cool.

sHVOJroXxkRYARSJul 19 2014 2:59am
Err, Daniel...are you ok?

YorkshireguyJul 19 2014 10:30am
Henry decided to invite his friend Dylan over today to our house today. I was upstairs in my room when he arrived, and when I went to look over the ledge to check out who this Dylan fellow was, I saw yet another muscular tall hunk! He was like my brother's twin, same tall height and same massive frame, except instead of the hairy, black haired, brown eyed Henry, Dylan was hairless and smooth, blonde, and blue eyed. I quickly ran back into my room before they saw me spying on them. I was in there for hours with no problem, I thought Henry was going to humiliate me or something. Soon enough, someone opened the door, but it was only Dylan. He instantly said "oops! I thought this was the bathroom, sorry little guy!" But instead of leaving, he proceeded with some small talk. "You must be the little brother Henry keeps talking about. Are you ready for your last year of middle school?" I couldn't believe Henry lied about my age. He labeled me as a 11 year old to his friend. I didn't know what to say, but before I could reply he left to go to the bathroom. I stayed in my room, rolling my eyes after hearing grunts coming from downstairs, indicating that they must be working out. But soon I heard screams, so I got worried and went downstairs to make sure everything was okay. When I peaked into the home gym I couldn't believe what I saw. They weren't working out. They were having sex! They were completely naked and they were all over each other. They didn't see me, so Henry doesn't know that I saw him and that I know he's gay, or at least bi.

Daniel in distressJul 19 2014 2:34pm
Wow Daniel. Well, that explains a lot. Henry is at least bi and all the tickling, pinning down, and shows of strength against you clearly shows that he wants to take your relationship to a newer level. That's why he got so mad with you. A mix of emotions. It must've been pretty hot to see those two muscle studs together. I wonder what would've happened if you'd made your presence known. Maybe you have a little leverage now, knowing his secret. Lots of young guys Henry's age experiment with their sexuality and if he's been working out with Dylan and they've both grown together, their friendship has blossomed in a new way. Perhaps you can talk to him about it; perhaps you might want to experiment a little yourself?

YorkshireguyJul 19 2014 4:39pm
Dear Daniel and Ryan your stories are really intense, I thikn it must be hard to go from being the big brother to being the little brother which seems to be the direction your both going in. Daniel, how do you feel about being 11, thats a blow. I wonder when Dylan was going to tell you and what you being his 11 year old brother means to him. Your lucky He didn't see you spying, He might have spanked you or put you in time out. i wouldn't put anything past your big bro at this point.

concerned Jul 19 2014 11:38pm
I'm going to tell my story about me and my older brother, who I am now bigger than. Throughout my childhood he had always picked on and wrestled me. I always had to do his chores because he was bigger and older. He played football so he was always working out. When I was 15 and he was 17 he asked me if I wanted to work out with him because he wanted more of a challenge when he wrestled me. I said yes and we began working out together. He continued to show how much stronger he was by lifting in front of me. I was tired of it so I started working out without him as well. I started to gain muscle. After a few months he was still bigger than me, but I had muscle. My brother then had to go away for college. Because I wouldn't be seeing him for a while, I decided that I should surprise him when he gets home. So I started working out like a maniac. After 5 months he had returned home, I was waiting in the basement where our home gym was. He had come down while i was working out. I was benching and he was surprised about the amount of weight I was lifting. Then I proceeded to take of my shirt and show him how much i have grown. He was shocked. I asked him to arm wrestle, he said yes and I won. I then grabbed him and knocked him down of the floor. He tried to push me off but i was too strong for him. I pinned him down and he begged me to get of of him. So I did. Someone then came downstairs. It was my brother's girlfriend. I told her that my brother was a pathetic boy and that I was the man. She agreed and pulled my pants off. I began to rip off her clothes and screw her. During every thrust I looked at my brother, he was begging me to stop. I finished and then told my brother to never pick on me again.

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YorkshireguyJul 25 2014 7:18am
Matthew, a great account of how you turned the tables on your brother. You sure showed him who was the boss, dominating and outmuscling him. Did you have any more fun at your (now) little brother's expense? Does he stay out of your way now, or has he tried to reassert his position as the alpha kid of the house?

YorkshireguyJul 25 2014 7:26am
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