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Which sport has the hottest male players?

Question: What sport has the hottest male players?
Created by: pooter at 12:08:37 AM, Tuesday, June 27, 2000 PDT



~Jul 24 2000 7:21pm

derek jeter is the sexiest man alive so MY answer of course was baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cute_sublime_gurl@yahoo.comJul 24 2000 7:21pm
definately skateboarding. BOB BURNQUIST is so hot!! and all the skaters at my local skatepark are so sexy!!

pro hoSep 04 2000 8:23am
eew, rugby grosses me out. peja stojakovic is hotter than the sun! go basketball!

kingsbabyJun 29 2002 3:35am
hockey players are s hot.I remember a guy in the ECHL Patrick Barton,wow I saw him walk out of the dressing room I nearly fainted.So I say Hockey Players

wonderwomanMar 16 2004 11:55am
OMG I also remember him as I follow hockey as well.He was a very nice guy and great with the kids,he was my sons favorite player in Wheeling a few years back.

AnonymousMar 16 2004 11:58am
great topic ladies,but I agree hockey players kick ass.

tinkerbellMar 16 2004 12:00pm
baseball guys are ok.Its a toss up for football and hockey

ladydancerMar 16 2004 12:04pm
what about bodies?

checkersMar 16 2004 12:06pm
Hockey guys have those legs and bum.

ladydancerMar 16 2004 12:07pm
male sprinters!! way the hottest and sexiest

female sprinterJul 19 2004 1:48pm
Hockey is a girls' game and the men that play it are too weak to play Rugby or practice martial arts.

Kung-Fu HarrisSep 01 2004 2:19am
you guys here have never heard about cricket ?????

GAMar 06 2012 7:13am
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