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Who beats who at arm wrestling in your family and who usually throws down the challenge?

Question: Who beats who in your family at arm wrestling? Can/has your father beat your mother or vice versa? Can/has your Mum beat Daughter or vice versa? Let's hear about it here, who usually challenges who? Maybe a daughter who is curious whether or not she can beat her mother?
Created by: tr2345678 at 05:05:35 AM, Friday, September 04, 2009 PDT


One of my girlfriends from a long time ago was really strong!!! She and I had frequent armwrestling matches and no matter how hard I tried to get her down, I just could not do it!!! I stood way taller than her but she had big arms, especially compared to my small skinny arms. Then I saw her and her mother armwrestle one day and I almost could not believe how fast and how easily her mother brought her down which took only one second, maybe two at the most. Her mother was even shorter than her but her mother had unbelievably huge, powerful arms. She weighed more than her daughter and she weighed much more than me because I am so skinny!!! When I stood next to her mother, it was like a tall skinny pole standing next to a huge short boulder!!! It was incredible how much taller I stood than her mother but I was way too scared to armwrestle her mother because I knew I was no match for her, as easily as I saw her beat her daughter who I knew I could not beat. Every time I stood next to her mother and I realized, simply by looking way down at her, that I towered over her by way more than a foot, I had to do everything I could to keep from getting a big hard erection realizing how much bigger and stronger her mother is than I am which is why I was always too scared to armwrestle her. However, I was even more afraid of her daughter because I knew if I got a big hard erection over her mother in front of her, she would have beaten the living crap out of me FOR SURE!!!

A guy too scared to armwrestle my ex-girlfriend's motherSep 05 2009 4:06am

It all started when we watched TV. It was a film about a Swedish arm wrestling woman and her life. My wife said that she was impressed by this beutiful yet strong young woman. She also surprised us all saying that she used to be able to beat all the boys in her class at armwrestling. She was a gymnast and swimmer and also had learnt how to armwrestle. My 17 year old daughter that looks like a younger version of her mother wanted her mum to teach her. My wife then showed her daughter the right way to armwrestle. I looked at them with a smile but I also felt that this could lead to something that I wasn't sure I wanted. My wife is still in very good shape, I know she is strong, she never asks me to lift something she cannot lift, she can always pull the corks and open the jars. My daughter is a swimmer just like her mother. And I am a jogger, for sure the best runner in the family but I am actually lighter than both my wife and daughter. Mother and dauther then had a real match. Our daughter surprised us giving her mother a tough fight. I looked at their impressive muscles and I understood what would come next. When my wife had beaten her daughter she looked at me and said that I probably was the weakest in the family. My daughter wanted me to armwrestle her mother and I couldn't say no. I felt my wife's strong hand, she squeezed my hand harder than she had ever done before. When my daughter had counted to three I put my whole body behind and tried to shock my wife. Her hand was steady and almost didn't budge at all. I was beet root red from trying while my wife had a big smile. My daughter screamed, take him down mom, your muscles are much bigger thand dad's. My wife asked me if I was ready and then just slowly pressed my hand to the table. My daughter kept on screaming that she did much better than me against her mom. True. My daughter wanted to have a go straight away with me but I refused since I was tired. Left hand she said. It was kind of strange armwrestling my daughter. I felt that she was strong and tried to tire her out instead of using all my strength. But she is a long distance swimmer, she could hold me like this for ever. As soon as I put on more pressure she matched it until I was once again giving everything I had. She held my arm while I was quickly tiring. After perhaps 2-3 minutes like that my arm collapsed and I was beaten again. Dad is the weakest she screamed, as if I didn't know. My wife is 42 years old, I am 45. She is 172 cm and 76 kgs and I am 178 cm and 69 kgs. Daughter is 177 cm and 75 kgs. I was really embarrassed to be honest and didn't know what to say. My wife could see my embarrassement and tried to comfort me and said that women in her family had alwasy been big boned and strong. I thought about my mother-in-law that is a bit bigger than my wife and at 63 years old still very fit and strong looking. The weekend after this my mother-in-law visited us. My daughter told her about our tournament and wanted to armwrestle her grand mom. Your funeral my mother-in-law said. The match was very tight but at the end the bigger woman (mother-in-law is 176 cm and probably 80+ kgs). won. My daughter said that makes you stronger than dad as well. So here I was armwrestling my mother-in-law. Her grip was strong and even if she just had a touch match against her grand child she smoothly but powerfully forced my arm down. She told me not to be embarrassed, she told me she had won more than she lost against men and that she was stronger than her husband (not the grand dad since she re-married). I am still very very frustrated and googled armwrestling man against woman. I was really surprised when I realized that this was a hot topic. All these youtube videos, all these polls, all the stories for instance on that dealt with the issue where women were physically stronger than men came as a total surprise. I am not getting sexually turned on by beaing weaker than my wife but there is something sexy with her being proud of her strength. She teases me about me being weaker than all the women in her family (yes, I have lost to my sister-in-law as well). I then try to wrestle my wife down but the times I have tried have all ended with my wife on top pinning me. She gets hot when she has proven herself stronger. I like that part to be honest. I am not looking forward to xmas when we will be with my wife's family. I am sure that armwrestling will be a part of xmas this year. My wife claims that I would never have a chance against her aunt and aunts daughter, the aunt is 59, 185 cm and almost 100 kg, her daughter is 181 and also heavier than me. Than there will be my wife's best friend and her husband. Her best friend is a former javelin thrower. What the heck is happening? I realize that there are many men stronger than me but are all women stronger? I would appreciate comments, I can't sleep because of this. My wife thinks I am childish and that she is sure that several men are weaker than their wife's/girlfriends. She has changed her ways towards me since she showed us she was the strongest in the family. When we go to bed she doesn't want to lie with her head on my shoulder anymore, she wants me to lie with my head on her arm. I refused at first but then realized that it was kind of nice. Enough of that. If I get some reaction on this posting I will tell everybody what will happen at xmas.

Neil ArmstrongDec 17 2009 6:23am
Please, tell us what happenned at xmas...thxs...

AlexMar 20 2010 8:49pm
I beat my wife 5 X in a row armwrestling but I must admit by number 5 I was starting to tire. She then wanted to wrestle me which I thought was kind of silly but I agreed. We moved the furniture and laid out a sheet and she suggested we remove our clothes. I was great with that. I am 6'4" 220 lbs and she is 5'6" 140 lbs but runs 30 miles a week, lifts weights 3 X a week and can do 50 pullups. Needless to say she is a fairly strong muscular hard body. I won the first two falls but the second one I was getting tired. I asked her if she wanted to quit and she just giggled and said no. The third fall she tripped me. And got me in a rear head scissors. I tried to pry her legs apart but she poured it on and made me rap out. She eased up a bit on the hold and when I started to get out she sunk her calf in under my chin for figure four head scissors. I had to tap out again. She said it was 2 to 2 a d she would give me a tie. This infuriated me so we lined up for fall 5. I was gassed by this time and when I lunged at her she slipped aside and got my back rolled over and got me in a rear body scissors. She then pulled my head back under her arm a d cut off all air to my nose and mouth smothering me. When shw stretched me out in this position I had to tap again. She submitted me 3 more times and finally in a reverse bead scissors forced me to admit she was a better wrestler. That was 20 years ago and I have enjoyed losing to her ever since. it is now our regular foreplay.

WrestleDadNov 17 2010 2:49pm
Neal Armstonf if you are still around here is a suggestion. I have been using wrestling with my wife as sexual foreplay for 20 years. She loves it and having to tap out to a muscular set of thighs is actually pretty hot. Almost every woman can defeat a man I n a head scissors. It is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. Lay back and enjoy it.

AnonymousNov 17 2010 4:32pm
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:32am
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:35am
My sister is 21 and I am 19. Sister has been athletic and works out and plays soccer. Mom has been an athlete and is still very active physically at 45, working in her stables and uses our gym almost every day. Father is traveling a lot, joggs and is in good shape but not big and muscular. The other day my sister challenged my mother to an armwrestling match. They both hade sleeveless dresses on so me and my father could see their muscular arms when they wrestled. After a very long struggle my mom won, first with the right and then with her left. My sister than wanted to take me on, I have never been able to win over her since she has always been older and more athletic but now I thought I might have a chance. Unfortunately she could slam both my arms to the kitchen table. The my sister wante my mother to armwrestle our father. We have never seen them match strength even if we thought that father would have difficultied winning, justby watching their arms you would realiza that moms beefy arms would be stronger. My father tried to slam mother's arm down and got her halfway down to the table. We could see mom laughing, she was just playing with dad and let him almost take her down before she reversed the match and easily won. My father took it really well, he probably knew that she was stronger. With left arms mom slammed father's arm to the table. this of course meant that my sister would beat my father, mom had to fight a lot harder to beat her. So in our family the women are stronger.

Ron JohnSep 18 2011 8:12am
I used to arm wrestle my mum when I was about 13 and 14. I always lost. She was a nurse and I guess she was very fit. She was very competitive. I was a bit embarrasssed I guess. Well I am now 39 and my mum is 63. The wrestling came up a memory in conversation and I said well you wouldn't beat me now. I didn't expect her to challange me. I said no but she kept going on so we had a go. I was totally humiliated as she beat me easily. I felt like a kid again and her don't worry about it comments made it worse. She said she knew she would win.

AnonymousNov 07 2011 6:01am
My wife is still the strongest in our family. Me, her husband is both smaller and weaker. Our two sons. 16 and 18 are also weaker than her. For the kids it is kind of natural having a strong mom but I still feel uncomfortable when they tell people about my wife being the strongest in our family.

AnonymousDec 13 2011 5:23am
My daughter began challenging my wife to arm wrestle when she was about 15. My wife was 40 at the time and in good shape, about 5-4 and 115 pounds. My daughter was also in shape and about 5-2 and 110 pounds. Both were pretty brunettes and both wore the same bra size: 34-B. My wife won the first few times that they arm wrestled but about the time she turned 16 my daughter started gaining the upper hand and started winning a few matches. Within a few more months my daughter was consistently beating my wife with either arm and also had passed my wife in bra cup size. She was still about an inch shorter than my wife but getting very toned and strong looking. My daughter is 17 now and very confident. She enjoys the fact that she has a bigger and more feminine bust than my wife and also enjoys flexing her arms, which now have a noticeable bicep peak. My wife is somewhat intimidated by my daughter's strength and behavior, so she will change the subject if strength comes up.

JCFeb 05 2012 12:58pm
Anonymous: I have had similar go arounds. My mom is a nurse and always worked out, sometimes with weights. She was always really muscular. I never paid much attention to it until I was older. Even at 30 I can?t beat my 61 year old mother at arm wrestling. She still works out with 12 lb. weights and I smoke and drink like it?s my job. I see her once a week for Sunday dinner and she seems to like challenging me to an arm wrestle. I can?t win, she?s a lot stronger than I am. I tried lifting weights against her once and got my ass handed to me.

My mom is really srrong.....Feb 24 2012 10:22pm
Interesting with the female/male muscle issue. I read somewhere on this board a posting where the man and woman had a series of armwrestling matches with push ups in between and that the woman's endurance made her over all stronger. I was curious to see if that was also the case in my relationship. I am bigger than my girlfriend and the few times we have armwrestled since we met I have won comfortably. Wrestling has always been very playful so none of us have won. My girlfriend is physically active, works out, yoga and doing push ups and situps almost daily. I am working out as well but not as often as my girlfriend. When I told my girlfriend of the competition she was straight away game. So we started out armwrestling, both arms. I won easily with my right arm (our strongest) but had to use most of my power to win with left. My gf smiled and I guess she thought that she had a chance with that arm. We then did 20 pushups. I already now felt that my left arm was tired. So I again won with right arm, not as easy but anyway. Left arm was a loong struggle before I won. Now 15 pushups,I had big difficulties doing the last two reps with my left arm. Gf looked fresh. My right arm felt really tired and the match was really hard, the theory seemed to be true. But I won. Left hand was another story. My gf more or less could slam it to the table. Yes!! she screamed with delight, her first victory. But 5-1 to me. We had decided the winner to be first one to 10 victories. Now we did 10 pushups. Both my arms were really shaky but I could do them, Normally I can do three times 25 pushups without too much trouble but with the armwrestling in between my strength dissappeared a bit too quickly. The right hand match was perhaps one minute long but my gf came out as the winner! And left hand was no match. Suddenly the result was 5-3. I understood that I really needed to do my best with my right arm next time or I would be the looser. So we rested 5 minutes (both agreed) and then did 10 more pushups. The rest hade made it possible for me to do 10, my girlfriend now looked very confident since she could do 10 pushups without any trouble. So we gripped right hands and now my girlfriend had a new strategy. She just held my right arm still in the upright position, slowly draining the little power I had. I understood that my only chance was to throw in everything that I had. I took her halfway down before it was stop again. She smiled and slowly took us up again to the upright position and then just pushed my hand to the table. She didn't say anything but we now both knew that she would win this competetion. Left hand again was no match. It was a draw 5-5 but I wasn't sure I could do 10 more pushups. My gf was no so sure of herself so she agreed to have a 10 minute break. She of course by now knew she recovered much quicker than me. After the 10 minutes I could do 10 more pushups and give my gf a rather good match with my right arm but she was never close to loose to be honest so now it was 7-5 in her favour and I gave up, I knew I couldn't do 10 more pushups even with a 10 min break and most of all I knew she was stronger than me at that time. I wasn't embarrassed loosing to her in this way, it is a rather fair way to compete. My gf really loved showing me that she was strong and had good endurance. This happened almost a year ago. My gf has increased her work outs and added one extra day at the gym building max strength. She can now beat me with left arm but I am still quite a bit stronger in my right, that is if we armwrestle once. Anybody else tried this?

Stronger or?May 03 2012 3:00am
I'm a 20 year old son and my mom makes me and my dad do all sorts of contests. She makes us armwrestle, or bench-off or flex off and measure our muscles. I work out every day now and win every time.

Big_BoyJul 10 2012 5:08pm
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ChristelleAug 25 2012 12:48am
My wife has beaten me at arm wrestling for over 26 years now. Whether we arm wrestled righty or lefty it doesn't matter she always wins. Obviously she is stronger than I am. She refuses to lose. No matter how hard I try it is the same result. I am sure she can beat some of our male friends too.

The weaker sex?Sep 22 2013 8:38am
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together Any race.

Chris POct 22 2013 1:09pm
my husband really thought he was stronger then me until a few weeks ago. We had never really matched strength but since I am bigger than my husband, more robust and the fact that I work out several times a week made me sure I was stronger then him and many other men we know. No big deal. On this specifik evening we had dinner and drank some wine when I told my husband about a friend of mine, a woman he also knows, that had challanged her husband to both arm wrestle and wrestle her. She won the arm wrestling after long matches with both arms. The wrestling was much easier, her husband had been very tired in his arms while hers were as strong as ever. And her legs were much stronger than his so the match was rather one sided. My husband said that it sounded strange, that the man couldn't have done his best. I said that this man was bigger than my husband and that I was stronger than my friend. My husband looked at me and asked honestly surprised, do you really think you are stronger me? I put my elbow up on the table and he did the same after a while. He was upset at me and tried to slam my arm down, I could easily hold his arm in the uprigt position. I could see that he lost his Power rather quickly, he never touches any weights and is thin. I patted his head with one hand and then told him to accept who was stronger and then took his arm down. He wanted to try left hands as well and now I slammed his hand down. I could see how embarrassed he was, I told him that it wasn't a big deal, that I had Always known that I was stronger than him. Later that evening I pinned him in our bed, he half heartedly tried to stop me but by now he realized that I was much stronger and that my Heavy muscular body could outmuscle him easily. I enjoy being stronger and my husband is OK with it. We have had my friend with husband over for dinner and we have armwrestled each others husband, they have no chance. Women rule!

Strong NinaOct 27 2013 8:09am
Nina.ok youve beaten your husband and so has your friend,but how bout you and her?try taking her on in front of him.i bet hed love that.even better suggest to her that you settle things in a friendly wrestle after.guarantee hell ride you like never before aftewards

anonJan 03 2014 6:30am
Both our sons came home from University for Christmas, 19 and 21 years old.They are both slender good looking guys and have no problems finding girlfriends. They are very close to their mother since she stayed home and took care of them until the youngest was 15. I have had a job being traveling a lot so unfortunately I have often been an absent father. But we have a pretty good relationship anyway. I have the same body type as our sons, long lean and sinewy while my wife is shorter but full figured and robust (she would hate me for using that Word). She has been very physical with our sons, playing around, wrestling, basket arm wrestling etc. The boys have both been very frustrated that they never have been able to beat their mother at arm wrestling. Now when they were home again my wife asked them if they had gotten any stronger since they last arm wrestled, two years ago. So they were on, my wife could rather easily win over both our sons, her arms are very impressive, more muscular now when she is 50 than when we met. She and I used to play wrestle when we met and I Always had to use most of my strength to win, the same with arm wrestling. I sometimes suspected that she didn't do he best. When I now said to our sons that they should be able to win over their mother now when they were grown up they both said at the same time, why don't you take mom on? My wife smiled at me and said, yes why don't you darling and at the same time flexed her big arms. Of course I couldn't chicken so here we were, arm wrestling for the first time since we were in our 20's. I didn't do much better than the boys, she just powered both my arms to the table and patted me on my head. I was embarrassed and at the same time really impressed and proud of my strong wife. I knew she had a powerful body of course and since she had started to work out at a gym 3 times a week her sturdy body hade firmed up and she was now very strong, the three men of our family could vouch for that. A week later when our sons had gone back to Uni my wife one evening wanted to wrestle me, she said that she had anjoyed pinning my arms to the table and now wanted to schoolgirl pin me. We had a series of matches, first on the floor and then on our bed and I wasn't close to win, her strength is very impressive. We both enjoyed hoarsing around and of course the wrestling led to other bed related activities. I found this poll when I was googling families that arm wrestle and was surprised to see so many stories about women being stronger than men.

HarryJan 09 2014 10:40am
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aWMEcsrQKavfIfggJul 18 2014 6:14am
We'll I am the lone son of a single mom. My mom is about 35. My sisters are 9 13 and 17. All of them beat me, but my oldest sister and my mom almost hurt my arm!

LolJul 25 2014 5:03pm
Im father and weakest in the family. I cant even move my 14 yrs daugher's arm at all when we armwrestle... She´s just smiling.

weak dadNov 28 2014 3:11pm
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rllFEDqOytcQRuzDec 21 2014 5:57am
I am in my 30s and just got smashed at arm wrestling from my cousin who is a year older. she was shocked that she waas still heaps stronger than me. she beat me in about 20 seconds. I also arm wrested my 50 year old aunt who i beay in a close encounter. my wife can beat me in about 5 seconds and thinks that probably 50percent of girls are stronger than me.

charleyDec 30 2014 4:54am
I married late in life, had difficulties finding the right woman I suppose. So suddenly this woman appeared in my life, a co-worker, tall, wide shouldered and beautiful. We are the same height, 5'11 but she is considerably heavier than me, I have maintained my runner's physique from when I was young, jogging almost every day. My new wife is a formed active rower and still rows quite often when she is 50, (two years older than me). My new wife has two daughters, one is 32 and one is 25, both with similar body types as their mother. On our wedding day we had rented a bungalow by the sea. When we were about the enter I said that I should carry her over the threshold. My wife is about 90 kgs compared to my 68 kgs. She laughed and said that she didn't want me to hurt myself and at the same time she just scooped my up in her arms like I weighed nothing, carried me into the bungalow and threw me to the bed. She followd this up with a schoolgirl pin. She still laughed and said that in our new little family she was the one with the muscle. I was embarrassed and tried to get loose but she could pin me with her bodyweight alone. She undressed first me then herself and asked me if I wanted a wrestling match. I answered by throwing myself at her. She lifted me up in her arms again and pressed me to her strong, almost massive body and I understood that I was totally outclassed. We playwrestled for a while, she showed me a number of ways for her to make me give up and did this in a very sensual way. It ended with fantastic sex. Since our wedding night my wife is the dominant one in our relationship, most of the time we are equal but in the bedroom she is the boss. Her two daughters are actually stronger then their mother so I am for sure the weakest and smallest in our family. My wife's two sisters are also big boned and strong, my wife says they are both stronger than me. I have come to like being womanhandled the way I am. My wife is so much stronger she can use only half of her strength to make me surrender and she uses her body and the most sensual way. I am lucky to discover love late in life and the role reversal is not bad at all.

AndersJan 12 2015 3:17am
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PDJprXcqalkJan 15 2015 10:44am
I am a son of a single mother and have three sisters. I am 4'11" and about 70 lbs and is 13 years old. My youngest sister is 8 years and 5'3" 85lbs. My second oldest sister is 11 years old 5'9" and 125lbs. My oldest sister is 15 6'4" and 150lbs. My mom is 35 years old 6'7" and 170lbs. Yes, my family is very tall but I am short for some reason. My dad was 5'5" and 115lbs before he left so it must be because of him. All my sisters wrestle and play sports, and my mom wrestled in high school and even weight lifted! So one day it's just me and my mom in the house and she asks how much I weigh. I tell her. She says wow and asks to have a wrestling tournament, which is arm wrestle, leg wrestle , and then regular r Wrestle. I said fine. I knew I would get absolutely dominated, but I wasn't aware by how much. In arm wrestling, she got my hand down as quick as you could think, so I tried going both hands against one, and she got my hand down in about a second. We leg wrestled, and I obviously lost, so then, get this:I tried standing up, and pushing with my whole body weight against her one leg and I still lost. Then we wrestled. I lost 10 matches in about 2 minutes. At first, I thought I could use my smallness as an advantage, but when I tried to get around her, she grabbed me with one arm and forced me to the ground and pinned me. It kept going like this until she said wanna go again and I said I'm tired and she said no way. Then she asked is if she could cradle lift me And she could easily. Then she picked me up with one hand by wrapping her hand around my chest and lifting me up, still easily. Then she tried benching me, could, then tried benching me with ONE HAND. She had to struggle a tiny bit, but I kid you not, she could do it. She then randomly started lifting me up in a cradle all the time. I will add my sisters later.

BobJun 29 2015 5:37pm
my wife ,21,lost at wrestling my sister,18,I couldn't beleve it but said 'I lost the fight'.My sister actually,slapped my wife on the butt when she got off her.

bobSep 15 2015 5:50am
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IcVZsRSPFRHPQxWOct 15 2015 4:12pm
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jWBgNVHgEzNov 08 2015 6:28am
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PokjhNov 10 2015 7:01am
Last Christmas we went to my wife's family for some days. My wife then told me that they have a tradition to arm wrestle. And that the women are in general stronger than their men. I doubted her, I mean of course a woman can be both bigger and stronger than a man but that a majority of women would be stronger then men was unlikely. She smiled and said just wait and see. My wife is a little bit taller than me and much heavier, she is strong for sure and even if we never arm wrestled or wrestled I always felt that if we should have a fight I wouldn't have a chance. My mother-in-law is bigger than my wife and have amazingly muscular legs. My two sister-in-laws are my wife's size so the women in their family is certainly big boned and strong looking. So after dinner at Christmas day my mother-in-law challenged her daughters to a series of arm wrestling matches. I was amazed to see how muscular these ladies were. My wife won against one of her sisters but lost to the other and to her mother. The women's husbands then faced the women. None of us are small men even if we aren't the biggest but we all suffered defeat, the women in my wife's family are extremely strong. I was very embarrassed but the other men seemed to be used to loosing. The day after my wife's cousin with her daughter came over. They asked if we had the arm wrestling tournament and if they could compete as well. My mother-in-law told them they the women had come out on top as always. Then they wanted to arm wrestle as well. And the men once again lost to not only a woman but also to the 16 year old girl. She is a gymnast, a bit too big to become a top one but nevertheless extremely strong. I know this all sounds crazy but of coures genes is important one it comes to strength. All women in my wife's family are gym rats and the men are like me on the slim side. It seems like the women in their family enjoys men that are thinner. My mother-in-law's mother was a strong woman at a vaudeville show, she coujld bend iron, lift four men at the same time etc. My wife is turned on by the fact she is much stronger than me and can do whatever she likes with me. She loves to wrestle now that we have had the arm wrestling matches and established who is stronger. I can't say I love being weaker, I am still embarrassed when she outmuscles me but on the other hand we have sex much more often, with my wife on top of course but I like the sex. My first reaction after loosing to all these women during Christmas was to go the the gym. I lifted weights 2-3 times a week for about 5 months and then challenged my wife to both wrestling and arm wrestling. When I lost big time again, no big difference, I gave up the gym thing and went back to jogging, something that I am good at. And so it is. We will have a child soon, we know it is a girl, and it is probably only a matter of time until she will be stronger than her father.

married to muscleNov 13 2015 12:36am
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AnonymousDec 29 2015 10:15am
I'm a 50 year old man, my wife is 46 and we have two kids: A son who is 20 and a daughter who is 18. My wife and daughter joined a body pump fitness class and had been going strong for a year. I certainly noticed a change in my wife, she got much more toned and seemed to have lots of energy. Myself? I work a desk job and don't really exercise. My son is very smart, but he doesn't like doing physical activities and mostly just studies and plays video games. So one night when my wife and daughter came back from their workout, they tried to get us to join them. My son didn't have any interest until his sister started mocking him and calling him a wimp. She said she was stronger than him and that she would prove it. When I told her to stop, my wife took her side and said that if she wanted to be proud of her strength, she could do it. if he didn't like it, he could prove her wrong and that, frankly, she was probably stronger than me too. She said that she would be more than happy to arm wrestle to prove it. Well, we decided to have a family competition. It would be the men vs the women and the loser had to do chores and clean the house. The first match was my son vs. my daughter. She beat him in a couple of seconds with no effort. Women - 1 Men - 0 My wife is left handed, so we flipped a coin to see which arm to use. I won, so we used our right hands. Even though I put up an effort, after about a minute or two she wore me down and won. I was spent, I had nothing left. She told me later that she could have beaten me easily, but she didn't want to do that in front of the kids. Ouch. Women - 2 Men - 0 My daughter then challenged me and won easily. Women - 3 Men - 0 My son didn't want to arm wrestle his mom, so I guess you could say they won by forfeit. The ladies laughed and high-fived and went for a celebratory coffee, while my son started on the dirty dishes and I mopped the floor. The women are the stronger sex in our family.

AnonymousDec 29 2015 10:51am

fsOZFDrIuuEWMzcKWxZDec 31 2015 11:09pm
I have always been slim and sinewy, never had any real muscle tone. My wife is bigger than me with a very curvy figure. She has to work out all the time to get some fat off her lovey but a bit chubby body. Two of her best friends came over to our house for drinks. They discussed strength, work outs and soon they started to arm wrestl each other. The two friends are both bigger than me and rather muscular after years of work outs, we are all in our 50's. So they were surprised when my wife rather conveniently could win over her friends. She said she worked out daily not to be too big. I didn't know that she worked out that much. I know she is a very strong woman since I have seen her carry heavy stuff but we had never matches strength, not in a serious way. Now the friends of my wife asked if I was able to win over my wife when we arm wrestled. My wife said that we had never tried and I found an excuse to go out. When I came back the two friends of my wife had left. My wife smiled at me and asked me if I now dared to arm wrestle her. She surprised me and took of her top and skirt leaving her with only her bra an pantyhose on. She looked at me and flexed her arms, I was shocked to see tow huge biceps on her arms, she had never flexed like this before. We sat down at the kitchen table and then had 6 arm wresting matches, three with each arm. But you can't say matches since I was so totally outclassed. She wanted me to use both arms against her weakest and I still had no chance. She told me that her friends that just lefte were both stronger than me but that I didn't have to feel too bad about it since I could outrun them easily. She lifted me up in her arms and took me to bed where we wrestled for a while before we had great sex. Since then we wrestle and arm wrestle as foreplay. I have armwrestled some more women and lost since these women are all big and work out regularely. I am weaker than the average woman I think but I am a good jogger. I am surprised that I can take being weaker so easily but one reason is that my wife love me and also told me that me lean phusique was one reason for her to be interested in me since she had never liked the big muscular guys.

Jimmy DJan 27 2016 4:05am
My little sister is very tall and loves to show us her strenght. She always matches me to armwrestle.

AnonymousMay 05 2016 6:07am
Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderen da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. Sie hatte extrem breite Schultern und dicke Arme, an denen ich die Adern am Bizeps und Unterarm sehen konnte. Ihre Beine waren auch sehr durchtrainiert. Sie hatte auf jeden Fall viel mehr Muskeln als ich. Zu der Zeit wog ich gerade mal 62kg, war also eher schmächtig, aber ich hatte auch einen recht guten Bizeps. Ihr ist aber auch mein Blick auf ihren Körper aufgefallen, sie hat dazu aber nichts gesagt. Wir haben dann wir immer etwas gequatscht und waren wie immer. Dann fragte sie mich, wie viele Klimmzüge ich schaffe. Da hatte sie mich, ich konnte gerade mal einen. Ich sagte ihr, ich kann 5, und versuchte dann das Thema zu wechseln. Darauf ließ sie sich aber nicht ein und wollte dass wir das hier ausprobieren. Also musste ich ja doch ran. Ich stellte mich an die Stange am Spielplatz und habe versucht alles zu geben. Mit Mühe habe ich gerade mal einen Klimmzug geschafft. Sie lachte mich aus und sagte, ich zeige dir mal wie das geht. Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war so aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen. So wie das aussah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, das sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. Dann stand Sie mit den Händen in den Hüften über mir und sagte, dass ich aufstehen soll. Nun standen wir uns gegenüber, sie größer, schwerer und bedeutend muskulöser. Sie meinte, darauf habe ich schon seit unserer ersten Begegnung drauf gewartet. Ich hatte zwar schon im Fernsehen Wrestling gesehen, aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen soll und vor allem bei dem Gegner. Sie kam auf mich zu und wir packten uns an den Händen. Ich war sofort auf meinen Knien und hatte den Kräftevergleich verloren. Sie ließ mich wieder hoch und nahm mich in einen bearhug. Ich konnte meine Arme nicht befreien und meine Beine baumelten in der Luft. Ich habe kaum noch Luft bekommen und mir tat alles weh. Wie konnte sie nur so stark sein? Sie ließ mich wieder in den Sand fallen und ich konnte mich kurz erholen. Ich versuchte wieder aufzustehen, aber da griff sie mir schon am Bauch und hob mich kopfüber hoch und trug mich durch die Gegend. Sie ließ sogar einen Arm los und trug mich dann so weiter. Sie hob mich mit einem Arm noch höher und fasste mit dem anderen Arm an meine Schulter und schmiss mich so in den Sandhaufen. Ich war jetzt schon k.o., aber sie hatte gerade erst angefangen. Ich sag zu ihr hoch und sie spannte ihren Bizeps an. Oh mein Gott, ist der groß, dachte ich nur. Ich hatte ja auch einen Bizeps, aber im Vergleich zu ihr war der mickrig. Ich hatte 31cm Oberarmumfang, aber sie musste mindestens 36 oder 37cm haben. Sie hat mir wieder hochgeholfen und dann mit einem Arm zwischen meine Beine gegriffen und mit dem anderen an meine Schulter und mich hochgehoben und ist mit wieder eine runde gelaufen, als wenn wir Zuschauer haben, und hat mich wieder zu Boden geworfen. Das macht solchen Spaß, sagte sie dann zu mir. Ich wollte eigentlich nur noch weg und hatte Angst, was sie mit mir anstellen will. Ich hatte gegen ihre Kraft null Chance. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt, noch nicht mal die starken Jungs aus meiner Schule haben so viel Kraft wie dieses Mädchen. Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, das machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armen und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen. Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hing ich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

GeorgMay 07 2016 3:55pm
I was happily married to a woman for years, she was slim and fit, just like me. We often wrestled and arm wrestled where I most of the time won due to my bigger size. In arm wrestling I actually never beat my wife's left arm, it was either a draw or she won. Then my wife tragically died and I was extremely sad for a long time. Lost a lot of weight and since I didn't had much fat I lost my slim but hard muscles. I started to see a shrink and a physical therapist to get back on track. The PT was a warm and big woman, she was taller and much heavier then me and she said that due to my light weight she could treat me differently. This meant that she often lifted me in different ways. At first I found it odd to be lifted in a strange womans arms and hands but after a while I got used to her strong hands and I felt more and more safe and started to long for the rehab sessions. After a year going to her, Magda, the rehab was over. I really missed being with Magda and started to feel miserable again. And then one day somebody was ringin at my door. And there she was, Magda. She said that she had missed the sessions with me and now took a big step to come to my place, she had never been involved with a patient before. I then stood on my toeas to hug her, she just lifted me up in her arms and carried me in to my bed and then we had fantastic sex. We have been a couple since. Magda is probably more than twice as strong as me. We often play wrestle and arm wrestle and I can't win arm wrestling using two of my arms against her weakest right arm. Magda has two daughters, one is 14 and one 17. The are both big bodied and strong like their mother. When we got to know each other the daughters also wanted to test my strength, seeing that I the man was actually smaller than both of them. The 17 year old was far to strong for me, I didn't stand a chance when we arm wrestled. The 14 year old had more problems but she could pin both my arms after a struggle for some seconds. My new family with super strong females were all lifting weighrs regularely and also trained different kinds of self defense, boxersice etc. I also met my new mother in law. A big burly woman of 68 years. When she heard that I couldn't even beat the 14 year old dauther she also wanted to have a go and arm wrestle me. Again I was outclassed. There were no father in law, he had left with another woman and was never heard of again. So I was suddenly in a family with amazons. And I love it. I love to be in my strong wife's arms. I sit her her lap, she lifts me in dfferent ways and we are often fooling around. I have fully recovered but I am still very slim, being just under 60 kgs and I am 178 cm. Magda is 87 kgs and 180 cms and her daughters are smaller versions of her. It is not too bad to be the weakest in the family.

Slim JoeAug 20 2016 3:05am
Ex spice girl Melanie c a good wrestler

AnonymousDec 26 2016 5:43am
i'm stronger than my older brother and mom

AnonymousFeb 20 2017 6:17am
in our family my son is able to beat all he is only 15y but is stronger than my housband

AnonymousApr 04 2017 5:12am
Mel.c also a judo expert

AnonymousApr 07 2017 12:22am
My wife has bigger stronger muscles than me she enjoys defeating me in armwrestling. She make smile when when say don't worry darling I will protect you.i am green belt in koykushin karate and quite capable in defending myself.

Les Jul 07 2017 3:19pm
Mel would lose in a fight with miniskirt girl celine

AnonymousAug 05 2017 3:56am
I'm only 20 and I can beat both my mother and father in an arm wrestle as well as my 2 sisters and brother. Everyone in my family is weak compared to me

Young Muscle GuyOct 15 2017 5:55am
Mel would easy beat celine

AnonymousJan 08 2018 4:28am
Miniskirt girl celine celeb catfight champion.leggy celine would defeat mel wrestling and catfight

AnonymousJan 15 2018 2:27am
Mel.c would knockout Celine

AnonymousJan 21 2018 5:19pm
Mel not strong enough.celine would submit mel.

xxxFeb 07 2018 11:43pm
AFTER beating my FATHER IN LAW in a wrestling match with my husbands aunt as my tag team person, OH the JOY of watching him beg for MERCY!!!! BEING a big HUSKY WOMAN, @ 5'11", 238#s, size 11 feet, and his AUNT, 5'8", 225#s, size 9 feet, the guy had NOOOOOO CHANCE BUT CRY U N C L E !!!!!!!!!!! from leg drops to ball busting, he got it all!!!! then it was STRAPON TIME!!!!! BOY did he SUFFER... VIOLET and her evil ways, along with my TORTURING, my HUSBAND CRIED FOR HIS FREEDOM!!!!! to me being a BIG WOMAN FROM KANSAS, AND A REMALE MIXED WRESTLER, THIS WAS MORE THAN FUN... DON'T YOU AGREE???

SUE FROM KANSASMay 26 2018 7:27am

SUE'S HUSBANDMay 26 2018 5:04pm
NOW that my wife has her old boy friend playing along, RANDY loves to beat and TORTURE MY DAD IN FRONT OF ME while my HUSKY WIFE SUE WATCHES WITH HER STOCKING FEET ON THE TABLE!!!!! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!

SUE'S HUSBANDMay 29 2018 2:45pm
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AnonymousSep 21 2018 9:04am
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mZdhtmBfYhOhubiNov 07 2019 2:42am
I'm a 47 year old mother from Sweden. I have 2 sons who are 21 and 24. We arm-wrestle regularly but they are together against my one arm. But I still win without using all my strength.

SofieFeb 17 2020 12:43pm
Sofie do you do sport e.g. workout with weights ?

Henni Mar 12 2020 10:35am
My son's classmate has fully beat me once in armwrestling. I'm 39 and he is 12. It was really unexpected and shamed for me and I hoped my son would know about it

MarinaAug 15 11:50am
Marina, i don't know how tall are you or if you do workout. Of course a very small and untrained women cant keep up with bigger man. In the gym were i workout sometimes ithere are a lot women who workout, some women are pretty short but nevertheless i think because of their workout it would be hard for me to defeat one of them in an arm wrestling match. The bigger women are all stronger than me. My girlfriend is nearly tall as me but often she wears heels. So if she do so she‘s taller than me and because of her workouts she‘s stronger than me as well.

Henni Aug 23 12:35am
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tOct 19 10:45am
My wife is stronger than me. Last night, we arm wrestled three times and she won all of them. I am right handed and she is left handed. Round 1 - Right Handed - she won in about 45 seconds but I was never able to move her arm. I think she pretended to struggle. Round 2 - Left Handed - she won in 5 seconds Round 3 - Right Handed - she won in about 15 seconds because I was spent. She had a good laugh at the results.

AnonymousOct 19 10:48am
Did you realize it only now or did you know it before that she is stronger than you? What do you want to do now since you know she is stronger than you? Are you ok with it that you are the weaker one in your relatinship or it‘s bothering you?

Henni Oct 24 11:54pm
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