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Can a women REALLY ever beat a man at arm wrestling?

Question: Can a women REALLY ever beat a man at arm wrestling? To my way of thinking, no she can't, even the average man would beat a body builder female at armwrestling. I've never been given a hard time arm wrestling a women - ever, and I am no body builder, just a average guy about 5 foot 8 inches and slim. I would be very confident that I could beat ANY women at arm wrestling on here. That's my opinion - what's yours?
Created by: bb77bb77 at 08:20:17 AM, Sunday, September 06, 2009 EDT


I am a tall thin guy. I have been beaten by women at armwrestling so the answer to the question "Can a woman REALLY ever beat a man at armwrestling" is: DEFINITELY YES!!! One of my short heavyset girlfriends easily beat me at armwrestling. And after she beat me, there was nothing I could do about it but to accept the fact that she beat me. I tower over her by 12 inches (A WHOLE FOOT!!!) but that did not matter because of her weighing 40 lbs more than me with much bigger muscles than mine. It was NO CONTEST!!! I also had another girlfriend who was also short and heavyset, also with bigger muscles than mine and also weighing more than me. I am also taller than her but that also did not matter. She and I never armwrestled against each other but she did something to me that I consider even more shocking. SHE LIFTED ME OVER HER HEAD!!!

The Thin ManSep 06 2009 2:47pm

C'mon, now!!! Is there really a man anywhere who doesn't believe that any woman could ever beat a man at armwrestling? I am not religious. In fact, I am an agnostic so I don't pray at all but I just might have to make an exception and pray (or, is that PREY!!!) for any man who decides to challenge ALL women to any test of strength, not just armwrestling!!!

AnonymousSep 06 2009 3:18pm
When I was in high school, there was a girl who was two or three years younger who was my height, but much more solid than I was, and when we armwrestled she won every time. Part of it was that I was really excited, part of it was that she was quite strong. When she flexed her arms, we were both surprised at how hard they were.

T-manSep 06 2009 6:40pm
Was at a party some nights ago, about 12 people around 40 years old. Late in the evening one of the men challenged a big buxom woman to an armwrestling match. She was sort of famous for being strong. And she pinned his arms, both left and right, in seconds. Of course all men and some of the women wanted to see how they could do against this woman. She actually could beat all the men and women that challenged her, me included. There were other matches as well. I won against 2 men and 2 women but lost to one more woman. This woman could beat half of the men. Of coures there is technique involved but the big woman that started all this was really strong, she had big hard biceps, amazing triceps and shoulder muscles that could be the envy for most men. The question for this poll is of course a bit provocative, the founder want us to tell about cases when a woman beats a man in this classicals test of strength. Over the years I have seen other women win over men in arm wrestling and wrestling.

OrvarSep 07 2009 11:12pm
I just get the tape measure. I have 10 inch biceps and 9 inch forearms. If I see a man or woman, who has larger stats, there is no question that they will beat me in arm wrestling. its common logic

AnonymousSep 13 2009 8:57am
Bigger arms doesnt just mean fat. Its means bigger bones, and that means bigger muscles

AnonymousSep 13 2009 8:59am
I have armwrestled about 20 girls and women over the years. I have lost 14 of these matches. I am weaker than the average man, I know from tests in the army, but not a lot weaker. I have challenged or been challenged by rather big athletic women but also once lost to a rather small but sinewy woman. She was perhaps 5'4 and 120 lbs. She was a gym rat but never lifted heavy. She could do hunreds of reps with lighter weights, something that gave her a fantastic endurance. She just held me until my arm lost its power and then just pushed my arm down.

H GSep 14 2009 12:32am
In my 41 yrs, I have had 10 arm wrestling matches. 5 were against men and 5 women. I lost them all. When I was 17, I even lost to my 60 yr old aunt. I am unusually small and weak though, even to the point that I am smaller and weaker than most women. So it can happen. But the man must be extremely small and weak and/or the woman must be unusually big.

AnonymousSep 15 2009 7:55am
I have had many armwrestlint matches against the opposite sex over the years. When I was a teenager the girls were in general stronger than me, i lost perhaps 75% of the matches, I grew a bit in my late teens and suddenly won more matchen than I lost. For many years after in my 20's and 30's I didn't armwrestle that often, I married when I was 27 and my wife was a lot stronger than me in her left arm and I was a bit stronger in my right. Since she had a stronger lower body she always won our friendly wrestling matches. We are now in our late 40's. She is today a lot stronger than me in both her arms. I lost strength and she gained. Her sisters are stronger than me as well, as well as two of our neighbours (women). I have lost 100% of my matches against women the last 5 years, perhaps 25-30 matches all together. I hated loosing when I was younger but today I am actually a bit turned on about it, one reason is that it seems that women want men to be stronger when they are younger but the older they get the more proud they get being physically strong. This is my experience.

ZamoraSep 15 2009 11:40pm
Should females be allowed to armwrestle males on an equal basis. A much heavier woman could defeat a punier man, but could an average sized woman do as well. There are several illustrations of such contests on the net,though only one I know which features a scantily clad female armwrestling a clothed man this is at This is important because it brings into question the whole sphere of women challenging men in anything. When the two contestants meet each other each of them is a representive of their genders, something that does not apply in male vs male or female vs female contests. He is by his very nature the arrogant one looking down on this semiclad female who would dare to challenge his power. If she loses then being the challenger she has lost nothing but has everthing to gain by a victory. If however he should start to be seen to be losing his arrogance would soon turn to desperation and finally total despair as she won. It would be a total reversal of the expected norm. He would be a broken man his masculine energy utterly spent and his dominant status gone.

hymatOct 01 2009 1:53pm
I have armwrestled about 10 women the last year, with both left and right arms, meaning 20 matches. I have won 4 of those. The women I have armwrestled have all been physically active, gym, swimming, aerobics, boxing etc. I am active but only doing tennis and badminton. The reason for armwrestling these women have mainly been that my girlfriend easily beats me when it comes to armwrestling and she has told our friends and relatives about it, the women have been interested in finding out if they can beat a man as well. I am not too embarrassed loosing but I honestly do my best. Many women are stronger than they think.

Paul SDec 03 2009 6:15am
I have been challenged to arm wrestles by dozens of girls and only ever beat two of them, who were much younger than me and even skinnier than me.

Ticklish girly-armsFeb 10 2010 11:53pm
women are generally relatively weak and giggly. some strong though. some can beat men at arm wrestling, sometimes.

dividioJul 30 2010 7:07pm
My wife is much stronger than I am. She beats me wrestling arm wrestling and she can pick me up and carry me around

AnonymousAug 06 2010 11:38pm
When you get to my age, late 50's, it seems like the women the same age is loosing their strength slower than men. The also seem to be more physically active. My wife works out at a gym 3-4 times a week since she turned 50 7 years ago, I never go to the gym, I play golf and jog now and then. My wife challenged me to an armwrestling match some months ago when I said something about weak women. We were both surprised when she won rather easily. She of course told her female friends and severela of them had similar experiences, they had become stronger than their men. My wife told me she was only the third strongest of a group of four women, this would make me weaker than all of these women she said. When you are our age it is not too bad to loose to your wife in a test of who is stronger, 30 years ago I had joined a gym the day after and worked out until I would be the stronger.

A BAug 17 2010 12:50am
A 10 - 12 years old trained kid (for example a gymnast) can beat also a female fitness girl or exceptionally also a female bodybuilders... at this age the kids grows fast and their arms gets bigger than an average woman... so if the kid is trained he will certainly be stronger also than a woman who trains... over 13 years he will already be stronger than any female bodybuilder in the world... this is absolutely normal... the amazons was only a legend...

AnonymousAug 24 2010 3:18am
no women has ever beaten me at arm wresling god ment for man to be stronger but if a women whats to spend 24 7 on waight traing it well be possble

raymond minnieAug 25 2010 2:26am
lol at the fetishists

hahahaAug 31 2010 2:48pm
my wife beats me in armwrestling easily. she is pretty big and althoug i'm slightly heavier her arms are much bigger. i have lost heaps of armwrestles v women and have won some too

mishySep 07 2010 12:13am
found this poll and plenty of others with male-female strength related topics. I justd recently armwrestled my husband for the first time since we got married and I won rather easily. We were both quite surprised. I am heavier and shorter than my husband and have a more robust physique but I have never been lifting weights, just regularely been doing a fitness program twice a week for many years. And of course doing pushups and situps every morning. My husband has been playing soccer for fun with his friends and been jogging. The reason for the armwrestle was that we had seen a commercial where a woman won against a man in an armwrestling match. So after dinner we started to armwrestle. I had a sleeveless top on and my husband looked at my biceps when I started to wrestle, and it was like I had never realized that I actually have rather big biceps. My hands are strong and a bit bigger than my husbands and I squeezed his hands really hard. I threw in everything I had and to my surprise my husbands hand hit the table straight away. We were both really surprised how easy it was for me to beat him so we had another match. I could win in seconds again. We switched arms with the same result. I felt great beating a man at this classicla test of strength. I have actually taken up weight lifting after this, to see how strong I can get. My husband has taken it all very well, he realizes he has a strong wife.

NattieSep 13 2010 12:30am
for the last 5 years my wife has won about 75% of our armwrestles. but recently she has started working out to lose weight and she has got even stronger. i now have no chance and she loves it. we start with me a couple of cm from winning she just holds for 30 seconds and then she starts pushing and beats me in about 10 seconds. she wants me to start working out with her. the armwrestles where i sometimes win are more fun. i am 20 kg hevier but her arms are 16" and mine 14". it is embaracing that shes stronger but she never tells anyone.

mishySep 22 2010 3:24am
Seems a bit weird, like most of you have some sort of fetish for strong women. Because 99% OF POSTS ON HERE CLAIM THEY HAVE BEEN BEATEN BY MOST OF THE WOMEN YOU HAVE WRESTLED. What that is saying is that most women are stronger than men. Wrong. If 2 or 3 of you had posted this up then possibly. But as the overwhelming majority have posted it, then I am under the assumption you are lying. It is possible, but the figure would be nearer 1%. Possibly even less. Thats like saying out of 100 matches, there would be 1 woman winner. And even that is been very generous.

chapSep 22 2010 1:23pm
If you are a skinny man like me that never liked sports except for jogging, that never have lifted a weight, that never wrestled for fun as a kid, just reading books, I would say most girls and women have been stronger than me. My biceps are very small, triceps non visible, I have thighs that are the size of most women's upper arms. I have lost armwrestling to girls and women many many times. It seems like they enjoy to show they are stronger than a man, even if I am a very skinny man. I met my wife several years ago and she from day one showed me how strong she was, she also said that a weak man like me needs a strong woman like her. What can I say? I have started to work out just recently to get some strength in my body, I have started to experience some problems with my back. My best bench lift in bench machine (not free weights) is 35 kgs. My wife can do reps with 80 kgs in the same machine and she also can bench 65 kgs free weights for reps. I don't dare to lift more than 25 kgs for a couple of reps with free weights. I know this sounds just too bad for a man but I am not alone, there are some skinny men like me around. I am lucky to have found a woman that can lift the heavy stuff at home.

too skinnySep 27 2010 6:16am
too skinny, I think you are right, a small man needs a big strong woman to take care of him. But how do you find them?

AnonymousOct 05 2010 7:41am
An arm wrestling match with a woman vs a boy (with the same weight or similar) the woman has no chance of winning! A 10 - 12 years old average kid can easily beat a mature woman! So a 10 - 12 years old trained kid (for example a gymnast) can beat easily also a female fitness girl or exceptionally also a female bodybuilders! Because all women are smaller by nature! All women have tiny forearm and slim wrist! Also female bodybuilders may seem to have big muscles or pumped bicep, but they have slimmer bones than a teen grown boy! The real strenght is in the hand, wrist, forearm, bones, tendons (and the men have them bigger and stronger by nature)! All female bodybuilders may seem to have big muscles because they work in gym for grows the muscle mass or for the muscle definition (or because they use steroids) but they are still just women with bulging muscles (not strong muscles)! have seen many under 12 years kid able to beat easily also female bodybuilders... I don't joke, I have seen really! I always speak to a woman vs a boy with the same weight or similar! Many people are surprised when a teen girl can beat an adult man... but this happens because it is stronger or heavier or more trained (this is perfectly normal if she is trained and the man is weak)! But when a teen boy is trained exactly as a adult woman the parties are reversed because the boys are stronger by nature! So a teen kid is able to easily beat an adult woman trained like him because men are stronger by nature! So a 10 - 12 years old trained kid (for example a gymnast) can beat easily also a female fitness girl or exceptionally also a female bodybuilders... this is absolutely normal!

AnonymousOct 09 2010 8:28am
This is just a myth that men are are stronger than women by nature. I am a proud guy, i like to win, but the women that I know beat me easily in armwrestling! How do you explain this?

Beat by womenOct 27 2010 8:45pm
some men are in denial that women can be stronger than them, it seems to be a big issue. I was a gymnast as a girl, from 4 years old until I was 16, I then grow too big, big boobs but also too tall. When I was 15 me and my girlfriends were invited to a party where there were a lot of good looking guys, one and two years older than us. In the evening after drinking some beers the boys started to armwrestle. My girfriends told the guys that I was very strong and that they would never be able to beat me, the 15 year old girl. I wasn't too sure about this but seeing the guys that very rather thin I realized I had wider shoulders, bigger upper arms so why not, I had nothing to loose. And I totally outclassed all of the boys, they were so ashamed loosing to a 15 year old girl. This encouarged my girlfriends that was also into sports, not gymnasts but swimming and track and fields. Some of the boys lost to more than one 15 year old girl that night. I fancied one of the boys, a very good looking, slim 17 year old. I asked him if he wanted to get even and armwrestle me again? He said that I might just have been lucky so we went at it again. I slammed both his arms down, I was just so much stronger. We went into a room where we made out, with me on top, no sex but more like a play wrestling match. Nothing more happened between us and we didn't see each other until 15 years later. We met at a party, both single. I had kept myself in good shape and was still strong. He was a little bit bigger but still a good looking slim man. I asked him if he remembered our armwrestling matches as teenagers, he blushed and said that it was tought to take loosing to a girl, and a girl two years younger was of course even more embarrassing. I asked him if he thought he could take me now as an adult. He looked at me, I had a sleeveless, short dress. He saw my muscular arms and legs and honestly said that he would probably loose again. We kept on talking and then he followed me home after the party. We undressed and started to wrestle. He was right, I was still a lot stronger than him and we both loved it. We are now married. I am sure there are many couples where the man is weaker than his woman, but few tell the world about it. Two of my old friends are married to men that are physically weaker. I am sure that a majority of men are stronger because they are bigger, but more and more women work out hard and are really strong.

Liz YNov 01 2010 12:28am
I'm a somewhat stronger than average guy, and I have been beaten by at least 37 women in arm-wrestling since 2001! I'm 34, and my last defeat was to a 16 y/o girl 2 months ago. My oldest opponent who beat me was 52 y/o. Sometimes when I notice a woman's muscles are at least the size of mine, and tell her she might be able to beat me at armwrestling. Most of time, that motivates them to challenge me, and they usually win!

Good SportNov 02 2010 10:38pm
Whaw, Good Sport, tell me about a woman who beat you and you thought you had he rreally, but she could come back and teached you a lesson!!!

MrJeanNov 04 2010 6:34am
I beat my wife 5 X in a row armwrestling but I must admit by number 5 I was starting to tire. She then wanted to wrestle me which I thought was kind of silly but I agreed. We moved the furniture and laid out a sheet and she suggested we remove our clothes. I was great with that. I am 6'4" 220 lbs and she is 5'6" 140 lbs but runs 30 miles a week, lifts weights 3 X a week and can do 50 pullups. Needless to say she is a fairly strong muscular hard body. I won the first two falls but the second one I was getting tired. I asked her if she wanted to quit and she just giggled and said no. The third fall she tripped me. And got me in a rear head scissors. I tried to pry her legs apart but she poured it on and made me rap out. She eased up a bit on the hold and when I started to get out she sunk her calf in under my chin for figure four head scissors. I had to tap out again. She said it was 2 to 2 a d she would give me a tie. This infuriated me so we lined up for fall 5. I was gassed by this time and when I lunged at her she slipped aside and got my back rolled over and got me in a rear body scissors. She then pulled my head back under her arm a d cut off all air to my nose and mouth smothering me. When shw stretched me out in this position I had to tap again. She submitted me 3 more times and finally in a reverse bead scissors forced me to admit she was a better wrestler. That was 20 years ago and I have enjoyed losing to her ever since. it is now our regular foreplay.

WrestleDadNov 17 2010 2:39pm
bb77, I have wrestled 25-30 female BB frm http// I ca. Assure you they would all beat the vast majority if men. This is not just a male female thing. These are trained athletes who routinely bench 250 pounds for multiple reps. Every one of them benched over 200 pounds. Two of the women benched over 300 pounds. One had 21" biceps. If you are a 5'8" male I can safely say you would lose to every one of them. NO CONTEST

AnonymousNov 22 2010 5:52pm
i can now beat my wife right handed arm wrestling as Ive atarted to work out aswell. she still can beat me with the left.

AnonymousJan 03 2011 9:55am
if any woman ever beat me in armwrestling i would not leave gym for a year lol

eightballJan 28 2011 4:58pm
My sister beat me at armwrestling. In fact, it was very easy for her. She exercises and I don't. She is so much stronger than me now, it looks like the roles have reversed for good

AnonymousJan 30 2011 1:32pm
Well I'm 13 I'm a female I dnt do any weights or anything but I beat ALL the guys in my class I'm now know as the strongest one in class :D your just sexist

Brandy The StrongFeb 10 2011 5:05pm
I have arm wrestled my cousin 3 times. She was in her late 30s and I was in my 20s. She is also very skinny. But she surprised me her strength and easily beat me on all ocassions.

MaxFeb 22 2011 6:05am
Brandy, I knew a girl like you. She was awesome. She used to beat the boys in fights and wrestling matches, too. Watch out, though - some boys will start passing you this year. More will next year.

realistMar 08 2011 8:47pm
When i was young there was a girl who always said she was stronger. I am a male so of course i did not believe her. One day she challengend me. And she won easily pushing me down without any effort. than i friend of mine passed by. My friend is pretty big and strong and had won of several guys in my school. The girl also won from him with no effort. she pushed his arm down with no problem. I was shocked that i girl could do that. Than we both armwreslted here at the same time, and she won again. i was so turned on by it. From that moment i knew girls can be much stronger than guys.

AnonymousMar 20 2011 6:39am
I am today 51 years old, over the years I have lost to more than 30 women armwrestling and won against perhaps 10, all wins came when I was less then 35 years old. I have of course lost to men as well and won some. I believe men are stronger than women normally but if we are of similar size, if the woman is more active physically the outcome of the match is hard to predict. Many women won't do their best since they don't want to be unfeminine. Most men are using all their power if the feel they might loose. I armwrestle my wife now and then and the last 15 years I have lost, my wife had two of her friends over for dinner recently and they both could beat my wife when they armwrestled. Well, of course women could beat a man in an armwrestling match. It happes all the time

RonMar 24 2011 8:24am
If the body weight is same.Its more likely that the woman is stronger. Because they have larger muscles than same sized men

AnonymousApr 12 2011 4:51pm
The fact is that males are, on a general basis, more physically inclined than a female, if a male and female are the same age, same relative siZe and do the same natural amount of physical activity, then it is heavily in the males ga our that he should win. I am fourteen and have beaten quite a few girls and women older than me (up to 25 years) with relative ease, even ones who do much physical activity, such as gymnastics and swimming, however, I also participate n many physical activities such as soccer, martial arts and dancing, so the odds may be slightly in my favor.

JoeApr 16 2011 5:37am
Your kidding, right? I have been married 25 yrs. My wife has always been stronger than I am. She works out and rides a bike. She grew up on a farm and we met when she was 17. She was stronger than me then and still is stronger. When we wrestle, she wins and we always have sex later. When we armwrestle, I put up a good fight, but lose. There are many women stronger then men. This should not be a surprise to anyone. The best part is I have a beautiful wife who loves to wrestle. BYW I am 6' tall and weigh 180, my wife is 5'11" and weighs 160.

A beliverApr 20 2011 4:56pm
Women have better flexibility which helps them put their whole body into it but that may not help in a straight bench press where men hold the records

KevinMay 11 2011 9:38pm

wwwwJun 21 2011 7:10am
I am 63 years old and go to the YMCA 4 times a week. My wife is 57 years and just started lifting dumbbells 5 months ago. She has gottem alot stronger. I like to arm wrestle her. She hates arm wrestling. When she has arm wrestled me, she has been very competitive for the first 20 seconds, but since I am in better shape, she tires out and I win. I am trying to find ways to get her to enjoy arm wrestling me. I was going to change the rules saying we would set a time limit of 20 seconds. After 20 seconds whoever has the advantage wins. That way she would feel she has a chance to win. She is very competitive in everything else she does, cards, dominos, and any game, except this. Does anyone have any advice or opinions on this. Your help would be appreciated.

JimJun 29 2011 10:26am
Once I was challenged by my ex Vicky into armwrestle. She beats me badly, I cannot move her arms how hard I tried and she slammed me down with ease time aftewr time. I knew she was strong but I never thought she was that strong, it made both of us very exciting and after the matches she lifted and carried me in many different positions. She really showed me she was much stronger then me.

ZicoJun 30 2011 1:14pm
She armwrestled me yesterday but she won easily. I was scared. We wrestled after that and she knocked me unconsciencious

JimJul 11 2011 11:32am
Yeah women can win certainly but it's not common

AnonymousJul 11 2011 11:33am
I am 23 years old, married to a 26 year old woman. We are both 5'8 tall, wife weighs 163 lbs while I am 139 lbs. We are both physically active, I jogg and do some pushups every morning, she is going to the gym 3, sometimes 4 times a week. We went for dinner to my 36 year old sister-in-law, she is 6' tall, her husband 5'9. My sister-in-law always teasing me for being so small, in a friendly way but I always feel challenged. This particular time she patted me on my head and called my half-pint. I then said that I might be small but that I could whip her butt in anything physical. She laughed at that and asked me I we should armwrestle. her husband told me that this was a very bad idea, she was a lot stronger than him and he was bigger than me. But now we were sitting at the kitchen table. I for the first time felt my sister-in-laws powerful hands, I could see her muscular fore arms and then she took her sweater off and was sitting in a sleeveless top. Her biceps were impressive. My wife cheered her sister that rather easily could lower my hands to the kitchen table, firsts my right and then my left. She tole me she used perhaps 50-60% of her power. She then went on armwrestling her sister, my wife. The match was very tight but at the end my sister-in-law won. My wife looked at me and asked me if I wanted to go down from another woman? I said no so my wife armwrestled her brother-in-law, a match she won after a few minutes. When we came home my wife surprised me by draping me over her strong shoulder. She threw me to our bed and pinned me. She said I was weak as a kitten. I of course wanted a match where we started equally. We wrestled three times and she easily could pin me to the bed. Every time she won she took a peace of cloting off me so I was almost naked when she pinned me the last time. The sex we hade after was amazing, something that worried me. Did I actually enjoy looisng to my wife (and to my sister-in-law)? The night after we armwrestled for the first time. My wife could win quite easily. I felt embarrassed but my wife said she was both bigger than me and worked out more, she also said that her sister was a very strong woman, stronger than many men we know, even bigger ones. The strength came from my wife's mother's side. She told me that my mother-in-law probably was stronger than me as well, even if she was soon 60. The weekend after we went to my mother-in-law's place. My wife challenged her mother to an armwrestling match. I could see the muscles in my mother-in-law's arms, very beefy and quite firm for a woman her age. My wife won after a very long struggle. My mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to have a go? I really didn't but my wife told me to try. I lost again to a woman in that family, a woman 37 years older than me! Again I felt aroused, my mother-in-law is a very good looking woman, she has fantastic legs and big boobs, and seein her dominate me with her muscular arms and crossed legs in black pantyhose made me hard. I don't think the women saw that but when we came home I jump my wife in an attempt to take her down, she stood up with me hanging on to her back and then just took us down where she quickly had me in a head scissors. Again we had fantastic sex and now I was sure I liked to be dominated physically by women. So I am lucky to be a rather small and below average strength man. I always thought that this was a handicap. Sorry about the long posting but it just had to come out

BerraAug 31 2011 5:07am
Berra, good for you. Being small is a drag, few women like us small men. Have been with 3 women bigger than me, they all left me soon after that they discovered they are physically stronger than me. I haven't been looking for bigger and stronger wome in particular but there is more to a woman than a big or small frame, I have been interested in them because of their personalities.

No farSep 05 2011 7:41am
Berra it's great that you fantasise often but could you at least be honest on the internet? There's no way anyone is going to believe that half-baked pile of bullpoo. Anyway, as for me, I have armwrestled with a few girls in 21 years of my life. I usually consider myself average, though I have a considerable weight advantage. My height is nothing special - 5'8 but I'm quite stocky at 180 pounds. I usually win around 50%-60% of my wrestling matches but I've never lost to a woman. When I was a teenager I used to armwrestle with girls quite often, usually out of boredom and I always won without even having to use half of my real power. There was one buxom girl though, 2 years younger than me whom I had trouble with. She was stronger than most average girls and I thought it would be good to challenge her to an armwrestle. At first I thought the match would be over in a few seconds if I used half of my strenght as I always do when armwrestling agains girls. But then... her arm wouldn't go down and she slowly started taking my arm down! I thought WTF a girl isn't gonna beat me! So that was the first time I had to use nearly all my strenght (I'd say 95%) to beat a girl. So yeah, I have lost plenty of armwrestling matches but never to a woman. If there ever is a girl who can beat me I'll let you guys know ;)

Shiro-samaSep 06 2011 10:19am
Shiro-sama, the world consists of more people than you. People are different, you are 30 lbs heavier than me, I have never been strong. I don't give a poo about you believing me or not, good for you that you win over all the women you have met. I am not the only person with experiences like mine. Compare a similar sized woman and man, let's say the woman is working out more than the man, teach them both the basics for armwrestling, my money is on the woman.

BerraSep 19 2011 7:38am
I think most arm-wrestling games on the internet where women often beat guys are fake!

leo boyOct 15 2011 2:06pm
I have a very interesting question - if women are really so strong,why do they get raped? Just a offense please

leo boyOct 15 2011 2:17pm
I wonder why it is so hard for some people to realize that if you generelize, men are stronger, they are bigger and have more testosterone, once again if you generelize. BUT there are millions of exceptions to the rule over the world, some women are very big and strong, some just strong and some just big. Many men are small and non athletic, and weak. So the question of this poll is rather stupid or just there to get people to writed about their experiences. Some men write about their experiences from being small and weak, and the meetings with bigger and stronger women. This is still freaky for many people, really strange. It seems more strange than if you are a homosexual (which is not really strange at all). But people look more after a couple with one big woman and a small man than a gay couple. My best friend is a big woman, she used to be a basket ball player and has always lifted weights, she is 6'4 tall and 250 lbs today. She fell in loved with the basket coach she had, a man 5'9 and 145 lbs at the most. And he was 15 years older than her. They started to date after she had left the team. And people look after them, staring. When they have been to a bar it has happened that men get aggressive towards this man, they start to call him a pussy, just because he is smaller than his girlfriend. She has more than once beaten up stupid men that has threatened her man. Besides being quite a bit bigger and stronger than the average man she knows hot to box. Shiro-sama will probably meet his match some day, if he dares to armwrestle a big and strong woman. Leo, it would take 3-4 men to rape my friend while other, smaller easily scared women can get raped since they face stronger aggressive men. Leo, you have to understand that if the average man is stronger than the average woman doesn't automatically give all men the power to violate women. Just look at some of the body building women or shot putters, javelin throwers, female boxers and wrestled and think about them going up against you or another man that you know, the outcome?

Lene WOct 20 2011 5:12am
I never exercise and my girlfriend does. Well, she made fun of the fact that I have no muscles in my arms and said she was stronger than me. I took her up on the challenge and we decided to armwrestle. She had pulled something in her right arm (both of our dominant arms), so we agreed that we would only do our left arms. As soon as we started she burst out laughing. I tried as hard as I could but I could barely move her arm. She laughed and said "how cute, you are shaking!" She won with no problem at all. In fact, it was so easy for her that she decided to try the right arm. As soon as we started with the right arm she said, "babe, seriously?" She said she wasn't even trying and when I told her to try she slammed my arm down. She loved it and laughed and said, "hah hah, you got beat by your girlfriend"

AnonymousNov 17 2011 9:40pm
i am a man of 35 yr age i would like to arm wrestle with strong woman of girl i am staying in navi mumbai area if anybody interest pl call nine eight two zero three three one eight one seven

sanjayDec 03 2011 1:48pm
I witnessed a woman at the pub challenge a man to an armwrestling match. Quite a few people gathered around them to watch this war of the genders. The man was strong looking, not very big but he still looked strong. But so did the woman. They were the same height, they both had wide shoulders but the women's shoulders looked a bit more sturdy and together with her big tits looked big. The man took off his sweater and armwrestled in a sleeveless shirt. The woman had a short sleeved skirt on and when she showed her arms you could see she was strong. So they started, both were straining really hard and the woman showed that she was at least of equal strength. The match went on for seconds, minutes and after a while the man's arm started to shake. And the woman suddenly changed position and went for the kill. Bang! His hand was smashed to the table and the woman was a winner. The women around the table screamed and cheered this strong woman. The guy looked embarrassed but was brave enough to ask for a rematch with left arms. Exactly the same scenario, tough start but the woman ended up as the winner. I understood that this woman could easily kick my ass since the guy that she just defeated was bigger and stronger looking than myself. I came home to my wife and told her about what I had seen. She said that this was not really that surprised, she knew several women that was stronger than their men and she added that she thought that she was stronger than me! I asked her why she thought so and she just answered that she was born with a strong body and that she worked out more than me. Of course we had to find out. The match with right arms was a bit like the one I witnessed at the pub but the sad thing is that my wife is left handed. So I lost with my strongest and then was outclassed with left arm. My wife just patted me on the head and walked away while I sat there almost devastated. I have looked at my wife in a different way since. I have realized that she actually is rather strong looking, that she actually has rather big biceps, wide shoulders, big muscular thighs etc. And my wife has pointed out sometimes that that some women we both know are stronger than her, meaning they are stronger than me. She likes to tease me a bit but it is not a big thing for her, she sad that she never really thought that I was stronger than her but that she didn't take me for my muscles. I still feel a bit ashamed of this, started to work out for a while to become stronger but really didn't like the gym. My wife laughed when I started to work out since she knew I did this just to be stronger than her and she told me that it was cute that I worked out but that she would always be stronger. I now is OK with this situation but still I don't like when my wife tell other people that she is stronger.

WernerDec 13 2011 4:33am
yes i would also like to arm wrestle with strong woman if anybody interested pls call nine eight two zero three three one eight one sevena my name is sanjy and i am 34 yrs of age.

sanjayDec 17 2011 12:14pm

AnonymousDec 23 2011 8:03pm

AnonymousDec 23 2011 8:04pm

AnonymousDec 23 2011 8:04pm
I'm a fan of female bodybuilders, but unfortunately I have to admit that women bodybuilders are not so strong how seem, and is true that even the boys around 12 years may be stronger than them! Unfortunatelly I noticed this in recent years due to youtube or similar sites! In fact in recent years on youtube and easy to see many videos and channels of kids also very young around 10 12 years that send videos of their muscles... these kids at that age are interested at their muscles and so they send proudly on youtube the videos of their muscles, the progress or the size of their biceps...! So I have made a comparison between the measure of biceps of these young boys and women bodybuilders... I found that most women bodybuilders have biceps around 14.5 inches... also if many can easily overtake 15 inches... but there are many that have also less than 14 inches... so the average size is 14,5! The women Fitness have the biceps around 12,5/13 inches and rarely more than 14! Then seeing many videos unfortunately I found that these teen kids who send their videos on youtube, already just 12 years old may have biceps over 13 inches... already bigger than women fitness and also some women bodybuilders ... Then around 13 years, their biceps far exceed the 14 inches, so already bigger than most of female bodybuilders in the world ... and over 14 years, they may also exceed the 15 inches... of course I'm talking about boys trained...! I am a fan of women bodybuilders... and this fact made me a little disappointed... but unfortunately I had to admit and had to accept reality... Here is a simple example boys 12 years : biceps of 13 1/2 inches or over boys 13 years : biceps of 14 1/2 inches or over boys 14 years : biceps of 15 1/2 inches or over boys 15 years : biceps over 16 inches Women Fitness : biceps around 12,5/ 13 inches or sometimes bigger Women Bodybuilders : around 14,5/15 inches or many times bigger Notes: most women bodybuilders of the world have biceps of 14,5/15 inches... but many can have also much bigger biceps than 16 inches

SurveyMar 01 2012 7:32am
Ich bin ein Mann von schmächtiger Statur, 55 Jahre alt und nicht trainiert,rauche und bin nach 100 m Spurt am Ende,165 m groß. Eine Freundin, die 20 jahre jünnger ist als ich, hat mich kürzlich bei einem Ringkampf auf einer Party, für mich vollkommen verblüffend und demütigend- peinlich, obwohl ich ihre sportliche Trainertheit kennne und sie einen Kopf größer ist als ich, innerhalb von weniger als einer Minute vollkomen außer Gefecht gesetzt. Es ist absolut kein Sonderfall, wenn Frauen stärker sind als Männer. Entscheidend, glaube ich, sind Proportion und Alter (ältere Männer sind nicht mehr stark, genausowenig wie sie noch potent sind), Training und Titness sowie das eigene Zutrauen von Frauen.

MixMar 28 2012 4:56pm
I started arm wrestling with my wife 40what yearscago but she did not at 63 when I ask her she is ready.the other night after dinner I grabbed her left arm and she easily won.I then used both arms she still won.the scary part is she is right handed and I am left handed.she then just flexed her biceps and gave me a look and said she is stronger and I could not say a word because 1% she was looking for any reason to beat me into the floor.she knee I was scared.

jersey boyApr 13 2012 7:06pm
I started arm wrestling with my wife 40what yearscago but she did not at 63 when I ask her she is ready.the other night after dinner I grabbed her left arm and she easily won.I then used both arms she still won.the scary part is she is right handed and I am left handed.she then just flexed her biceps and gave me a look and said she is stronger and I could not say a word because 1% she was looking for any reason to beat me into the floor.she knee I was scared.

jersey boyApr 13 2012 7:07pm
I started arm wrestling with my wife 40what yearscago but she did not at 63 when I ask her she is ready.the other night after dinner I grabbed her left arm and she easily won.I then used both arms she still won.the scary part is she is right handed and I am left handed.she then just flexed her biceps and gave me a look and said she is stronger and I could not say a word because 1% she was looking for any reason to beat me into the floor.she knee I was scared.

jersey boyApr 13 2012 7:07pm
Some years ago I realized that women can be very strong and even stronger than a man, me. I had (still have) a female boss, 15 years older than my 34, good looking and also quite strong looking with wide shoulders and hips, powerful looking arms and hands. One night we cleaned the office and that involved a lot of lifting, big heavy boxes needed to be moved. I could see my boss lifting these boxed rather easily, while I had to really fight to lift them. I said that she seemed to be really strong...for a woman. Stupid of me to say. She smiled, looked at me and said that it was quite obvious that she was stronger than me, a young man in his prime. I laughed, unsure where this would go and said that we might be of similar strength. She then sat down behind her desk and put her arm up for an armwrestling match. I was surprised but sat down on the other side of the desk and put my arm up. We were both sleeveless and it was quite clear that her arms was bigger and when we started they swelled even more. It was a tight match from the start but it was soon clear that she had better endurance and my hand was soon pinned to her desk. She smiled and told me not to underestimate the strength of women. She then wanted a left handed match as well, her strongest. My left is really weak so this was very embarrassing, she just moved my hand to the desk in one single movement. I could see that she enjoyed the dominance over me. I had very mixed emotions after being shown that a much older woman could be so much stronger, embarrassed of course but I also was a bit turned on, and that caused even more embarrassement. She looked fantastic when she pinned my arms. Sexy even. I came home late and told my wife what had happened (I left out the turned on part of course). She laughed at me and talked to me like you do with a child, my poor week little husband, weaker than a woman that could almost be my mother. She told me that she wasn't suprised that I was beaten since she thought that my boss looked strong. My wife is not as strongly built as my boss but she is athletic, weighing about the same as me even though she is 2 1/2 inches shorter. She looked at me and asked me if I was prepared to loose to another woman or if this was too tough for my male ego. I had never armwrestled my wife before, we have had some friendly playwrestling matches but matching strength for real was new. I didn't want to loose this match so I started with everything I had and took my wife's arm halfway down before she could stop me. She fought hard and I could see that she took this seriously. I almost panicked when she started to move our arms to the start position again. I understood that I was about to loose, she looked strong and fresh and my arm felt like a wet noodle. I tried once again with everything I had but her arm didn't budge, after this try I didn't have any power left and my wife felt that and just moved my arm to the table. She patted my head and told me that women are stronger than you thing baby, how about left arms? As I already said my left arm is much weaker so even if my wife is right handed I didn't fancy my chances. When my wife felt how weak I was she played with me and let me have the upper hand and when I had her hand about an inch from the table she just reversed and threw in all the power she had and just smashed my hand to the table. She walked around the table and kissed me she was very turned on, just like my boss she seemed to like showing me she was stronger. She dragged me to the bedroom, ripped my clothes off and then we wrestled very briefly, she pinned me in a flash and I was just too tired to stop her. Wrestling and arm wrestling has since then often been our foreplay. My wife has increased her work outs and I have no chance against her strong body. My boss sometimes flexer her arms to tease me, she also display her strong legs knowing I can't stop looking but nothing has happened, I am very much inloved with my wife.

SamuelApr 18 2012 8:16am
Ok, this is kind of a silly thread. I mean of course somewhere out there, there's a woman who could beat me at arm wrestling, but I would never, ever, ever admit it, lol. Seriously I'm a pretty big guy, well, not huge, but very strong. I actually arm wrestle a lot, not professionally or anything but, a lot none the less at parties and with friends and relatives and such and as far back as I can remember I've only lost three times before. Once to my dad, obviously, once to my older brother, and when I was like 11 or so, to my mom, lol. However, none of them can beat me now, as an adult and I would be shocked if any woman ever beat me. I feel safe saying that I will never loose to a woman. I might eventually find a dude strong enough to beat me but never a woman. It's just impossible.

Big MikeMay 01 2012 4:56pm
If you are a big strong man, that know how to arm wrestle it of course limits the number of women that can beat you. Men have a strength and size advantage. But think about all the men that aren't working out at all, work too much and think they are still as strong as they were in their late teens. I was one of those. Never really been a big strong man but I was a bit below average strength for a 19 year old young man doing military service. I armwrestled a lot of people then, we just did when we were on parties etc. I won more than I lost but I also remember loosing to a couple of girls, very embarrassing but I did my best and lost. I remember when I had been doing my service for about 3-4 months I came home for a party and after some drinks people started to armwrestle. There was this girl, very attractive, 17 years old, that beat most guys. She was a gymnast. I challenged her and lost badly with both arms. There was actually just one guy that could beat her. Then we all got shocked when the strong girls little sister showed up. She was also a gymnast but more powerfully built than her big sister, her shoulders were impossibly wide and tron looking, as well as her very muscular legs. She amrwrestled her big sister and after a long struggle won. When she heard that only one of the boys had been able to beat her sister she looked very happy and challenged this 20 year old young man. The fight was very intense, the young girl lost a very long fight with her weaker right arm but won with her left. I have to admit that none of us guys were really big but like I said, I was almost of average strength for my age group and the stronger guy was probably stronger than the average 20 year old. So this young girl was stronger. 20 years later I was really out of shape after a long period of working only. Soft and a bit over weight. My wife was a gym rat. She one night told me that she used to beat the boys in her class at armwrestling, she was a swimmer and a lot stronger than all the boys. I told her about my experiences in my late teens and how I lost to one girl that wasn't even the strongest of the girls. This lead to an armwrestling match. It wasn't a competition. My wife could more or less just press my arms to the table. She had never stopped working out after her swimming years and I knew she was strong but I actually thought that being a man would make things rather even. I am not ashamed loosing to a stronger person, man or woman. After loosing to my wife I started to work out to get in shape. We armwrestle now and then today, it is closer but I still haven't been able to beat her. And I am very proud of her.

SmithMay 03 2012 2:06am
Interesting with the female/male muscle issue. I read somewhere on this board a posting where the man and woman had a series of armwrestling matches with push ups in between and that the woman's endurance made her over all stronger. I was curious to see if that was also the case in my relationship. I am bigger than my girlfriend and the few times we have armwrestled since we met I have won comfortably. Wrestling has always been very playful so none of us have won. My girlfriend is physically active, works out, yoga and doing push ups and situps almost daily. I am working out as well but not as often as my girlfriend. When I told my girlfriend of the competition she was straight away game. So we started out armwrestling, both arms. I won easily with my right arm (our strongest) but had to use most of my power to win with left. My gf smiled and I guess she thought that she had a chance with that arm. We then did 20 pushups. I already now felt that my left arm was tired. So I again won with right arm, not as easy but anyway. Left arm was a loong struggle before I won. Now 15 pushups,I had big difficulties doing the last two reps with my left arm. Gf looked fresh. My right arm felt really tired and the match was really hard, the theory seemed to be true. But I won. Left hand was another story. My gf more or less could slam it to the table. Yes!! she screamed with delight, her first victory. But 5-1 to me. We had decided the winner to be first one to 10 victories. Now we did 10 pushups. Both my arms were really shaky but I could do them, Normally I can do three times 25 pushups without too much trouble but with the armwrestling in between my strength dissappeared a bit too quickly. The right hand match was perhaps one minute long but my gf came out as the winner! And left hand was no match. Suddenly the result was 5-3. I understood that I really needed to do my best with my right arm next time or I would be the looser. So we rested 5 minutes (both agreed) and then did 10 more pushups. The rest hade made it possible for me to do 10, my girlfriend now looked very confident since she could do 10 pushups without any trouble. So we gripped right hands and now my girlfriend had a new strategy. She just held my right arm still in the upright position, slowly draining the little power I had. I understood that my only chance was to throw in everything that I had. I took her halfway down before it was stop again. She smiled and slowly took us up again to the upright position and then just pushed my hand to the table. She didn't say anything but we now both knew that she would win this competetion. Left hand again was no match. It was a draw 5-5 but I wasn't sure I could do 10 more pushups. My gf was no so sure of herself so she agreed to have a 10 minute break. She of course by now knew she recovered much quicker than me. After the 10 minutes I could do 10 more pushups and give my gf a rather good match with my right arm but she was never close to loose to be honest so now it was 7-5 in her favour and I gave up, I knew I couldn't do 10 more pushups even with a 10 min break and most of all I knew she was stronger than me at that time. I wasn't embarrassed loosing to her in this way, it is a rather fair way to compete. My gf really loved showing me that she was strong and had good endurance. This happened almost a year ago. My gf has increased her work outs and added one extra day at the gym building max strength. She can now beat me with left arm but I am still quite a bit stronger in my right, that is if we armwrestle once. Anybody else tried this?

Stronger or?May 03 2012 2:57am
Many of these stories seem fake and written by lovers of muscular women! But the reality is that an adult muscled woman also the bodybuilders can easily be beaten even by teen boys of 12 13 years old if they are trained! In my gym I have seen many big and muscular women bodybuilders loosing at arm wrestling against teen boys around 13 year old... after those humiliations they always have refused to do other matches againtst teen boy... because the teen boys don't let them win like many adult men

TheTruthMay 11 2012 5:13am
Well the Truth, it seems like your truth is not really true. I have seen rather skinny girls beat adult males at armwrestling. I can agree that having big muscles doesn't automatically give you the strength advantage. My mother is 58 today, she has been working out most of her life and has a physical work. She doesn't look very strong being 5'8 and 140 lbs but she beats almost all her male friends and relatives when they armwrestle. My father has never been near her in strength even if he is quite a bit bigger at 6' and 200 lbs.

The real truthMay 13 2012 10:51pm
I've had my milky wrist slammed down hard on the table by many a giggling amazon half my height. That said I've won a few. In my honest experience most men are stronger than most women, but most women are a lot stronger than most men think, and that's where I've had a few surprises.

The voice of experienceMay 31 2012 6:54am
what a people are really in need of a hobby!

homerJul 03 2012 12:17pm
For many here, Homer, this IS a hobby ....... I'm 5'8 and slender. The girls I have dated who can down me at LEG-wrestling lost interest in me. They want a protector ......... And the everyday females who gave me a bad time at ARM-wrestling fled even faster ............ Reportedly, armwrestling involves as much technique as it does strength. So a girl who has the technique will drop a guy who doesn't have it ......... The last "civilian" gal I arm-wrestled really turned it on the third time we went at it. She was a big ol', hourglass healthy ex-farm girl, maybe 170 lbs. It was the only time in three shots either of us was able to get an advantage. And I was the one going over! But she either ran out of gas or let up to be noble. In sheer force she had more. I'd say she had a little over an inch on me in the upper arms, and it was natural farm-girl muscle, not that veiny gym type. But she wasn't able to keep up and "go the distance" the way I did ........ So sheer might is certainly one factor. Sheer size is another. Technique is yet a third factor. Add in "experience" and "endurance" -- two other variables -- and the possibilities are too numerous. All I know is that this woman at her greatest blast had more than my best shot ........ By "civilian" I mean a girl who is not a night-owl, like an escort or a massage place girl is. Those everyday "civilian" girls who are willing and eager to give a guy a horrific time at arm-wrestling have to be very few and far between. Those gals are looking for a shield, not a target.

WaynieDJul 04 2012 6:30am
I can't believe why some men have difficulties to understand that many men are weaker than women. It is insulting. I am a woman, 42 years old that has ben working out for many years together with three friends. We work out for max strength and go to the gym three times a week. We all have athletic back grounds and have always been strong. Now in our 40's we are stronger than ever before. Our husbands are not interested in the gym since they spend almost all their free time at the golf course. About a year ago we had a pool party all 8 of us. We are all in good shape, the men do jog as well but it was clear that the four women were the most muscular. I said that, look at us, here the women have the muscle. One of the men said something that we were pretty buff and strong looking but he still thought the men were stronger. Us women have often talked about that we all were stronger than our men but that it was no big deal. Now it was a challenge, they didn't believe that a woman could be stronger, even if we had bigger muscles and worked out. We had an armwrestling tournament that ended with women on place 1-4. The men were silent. We also had a tug of war that the women won and leg wrestling that again women came 1-4. We enjoyed this day very much and our men are more humble. My husband have started to work out to get stronger but I am far ahead of him and I still work out more often. Perhaps we are not normal, but for relationships where the women are stronger proves a lot.

AnnieJul 20 2012 9:00am
My story is similar to many others. I discovered in my late 40's that my wife had become stronger than me. When we were younger we often playwrestled and fooled around, we also arm wrestled quite often, often arm wrestled friends and relatives. We were both in good shape and our tussles were often competative but not too serious. I won most of these tests of strength. My wife occasionally won a wrestling match if I was careless to let her use her very strong legs. I had to give some times to scissors that was unbreakable. Arm wrestling I won almost 100%, I lost a few times when I was tired from something physical, my wife might have done the same job but her endurance was better than mine. We got kids, and worked more and more after that and we completely stopped to fool around like we used to. The arm wrestling games with friends and relatives alos stopped. I remember when I met my wife that I actually lost with both arms armwrestling my sister-in-law to be. She was and still is a bigger version of my wife, bigger and stronger. When me and my wife had passed 45 we decided to get in shape again, our bodies had changed as many do at that age. I had become soft and out of shape, my wife had grown with each of out three kids and was now considerably heavier than me. We are both 175 cm and I was about 77 kgs and my wife almost 10 kgs more than that. But it wasn't only fat, she felt more massive after the kids, like her muscles and bones had grown. My wife had kept herself in better shape than me because she had been biking back and forth to work, almost 1.5 hours every day. I started to jog, working out once a week at the company gym and playing tennis every saturday. We also started to eat properly. I rather quickly lost 7 kgs and was down to 70. My wife started to work out at a gym as well, first twice a week but soon added another day. She kept on biking. Funny enough (not that funny for her) she didn't loose a lot of weight like I did. After 6 months I was actually down to 69 kgs, slim again and my wife had lost 1 kg! But she also said that she had become a lot stronger since she workt out for max strength. 6 months later, a year after starting our "new lives" we stood in front of the mirror. I had weighed in at 67 kgs and my wife was down to 84, only three kgs down. But her body had changed dramatically, She had firmed up, she had visible muscles all over her body. Her shoulders wide and muscular, biceps swelling when she fixed her hair, her thigh muscles were pillars of muscle. Still a feminin rounded body but now a powerful one. Standing in front of the mirror it almost became a joke, my wife looked so much stronger than me. She said that it seemed that she was now the one with the muscle and strength in the family and if we had still playwrestled liked we did when we were younger I would be in trouble. I realized she was right and actually wanted to have a go, seeing her attractive strong body. I had of course seen it many times over the year but this night it was the first time I really understood that my wife most certainly was stronger than me. We agreed to arm wrestle both arms and then wrestle best of three falls. I was surprised that I could rather quickly force my wife's right arm almost down to the table before she stopped me. She was playing with me and held me like that while I was loosing my strength trying to win, only one inch left to pin her hand. She then adjusted her body and just wrestled our arms up and then she almost slammed my strongest arm to the table. She smiled and didn't say anything. This was actually worse than I had thought and I got a bit frustrated even if I was prepared to loose. Left arms the same. But the real joke was wrestling my 17 kgs heavier wife. She so totally dominated me for about an hour. We forgot about the best out of three falls, she just kept on putting my in holds I couldn't get out, she took my clothes off and when I was totally exhausted we had sex. All the way she had been teasing me for being so weak and that made me really mad and I really did my best but she was just so much stronger. I quickly got over it and I could even talk to friends and relatives about that she was now stronger than me. For some time after we once again armwrestled outher people. My wife could beat several of the men and most wome but her big sister is stronger. I am in good shape but thin and nowhere near my wife's strength, and I am proud of her and it is of course possible for a strong woman to be stronger than a man, even if the man is not a wimp.

DenAug 14 2012 12:49am
I want to read here more exciting female vs male muscle stories!!!!

MrJeanAug 27 2012 6:18am
I'm convinced that the "everyday" girls I date or dated want just to show resistence at armwrestling. Kind of like them saying "no" for the time being. And yet, I think some of them held back. It's not POSSIBLE that the vast majority of girls I've armwrestled possess exactly the same strength. I estimate that I've armwrestled girls who range in bicep size (unflexed) between 11 inches and 15 1/2 inches and they all had the same force? No way ......... Yet, many of those same girls showed no hesitation in pumping me over at legwrestling. Maybe some of the females on this site, who are not gym addicts, can say why.

WaynieDAug 29 2012 11:58am
One here for Mr Jean ........ I took one gal out to dinner, specifically because I hoped for an armwrestling matchup later. I had delivered a package to her house and was impressed by her arms, and later called for a date. We went to dinner and had a few laughs over it. She met me at the restaurant in her car. She was the same height as me, 5'8, and probably outweighed me 150 to 142. In the parking lot outside the place afterwards, on the hood of her car, she approved an armwrestle. She took her purse off her arm, we clasped full hands rather than just thumbs, and went at it. She pinned my knuckles after about fifteen seconds. Then she laughed and said "being a nurse and helping 250 pound patients up and down will do that".

WaynieDAug 29 2012 12:09pm
Whaw, did you meet her more often? I know for sure she was a sexy nurse and maybe you can let her armwreste against other men and women. Haha, you even can make money with bets.

JeanAug 30 2012 5:15am
Jean: One-time date. Even though she was my height and had several pounds on me just like the high school girls did, and otherwise perfect for some light rough-housing, I moved away ......... At legwrestling I know she probably would put my foot through a cement pavement, but her arms were really interesting. When I get a chance to lock horns sometimes it's the arms, sometimes the legs. But it will never be in public. The quest continues, though :- ) We each have our secret list of specifications.

WaynieDAug 31 2012 7:55am
I was on a train between Hamburg and Paris about 10 years ago. I was then a slim, 32 year old man, in good shape from hours of joggqing and playing tennis. I shared my compartment with three ladies that were about 10-15 years older than me. They were all attractice and in good shape I could judge since it was summer and all three wore short skirts and sleeveless tops. They were all very friendly and chatty and we had a good time. I notices more and more that all three had very muscular arms and legs. After about two hours they unpacked great food and wine and invited me. We drank quite a lot of wine and I started to get drunk. After taking the food away the ladies surprised me when they started to armwrestle! The biggest of the ladies took on the smallest, that was probably the same size as me. I was shocked to see the muscles in their arms. The ladies smiled at me when they noticed my stare at their muscles. The big lady won with both arms after two really long matches. Then the winner took on the thírd woman, again two long matches that the smaller woman won, probably because the big lady was tired from previous match. The weakest of the ladies then looked at me and asked me if I dared to wrestle her, smiling saying so. I couldn't back out even if I was pretty sure that this muscular woman, almost 50 years old (I found out later) could be stronger than me. I took off my shirt and was now sitting in my t-shirt. I felt that her hand was very strong and when the match started I didn't have a chance. She played with me. The ladies weren't surprised to see me, a younger man, go down, They told me that they had worked out together for a long time and they all had athletic backgrounds from track and field. I armwrestled the other ladies as well and lost badly. They then started to do something they called thigh wrestling. Sitting oppostie each other trying to close the opponents legs together with your knees outside the others. I gor quite excited to see their muscular legs on display, these ladies were muscular yet very feminine. Again I took on the looser only to experience another big loss. These ladies legs were extremely strong. When we arrived at Paris they asked me if I wanted to share their apartment they had rented for a week. They had a spare room. Since I didn't have a lot of money then I accepted their offer. I shared the apartment and they shared me! I had moe sex that week then I had ever had before. These ladies were fantastic and will stay in my memory for ever. About three years later I got married, to a woman bigger and stronger than me. And my ladies from Paris were all invited. They certainly changed my preferances for women.

april in parisSep 02 2012 4:21am
Whaw, what an exciting story!!!! Did you meet those ladies more, outside the wedding party of course? Did they also armwrestling other maybe stronger men and women and what were the results?!

JeanSep 03 2012 5:51am
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 4:39am
I was a boyish 40 when this girl at work, age 20, caught my eye. Sarah was 5-6 and hourglass, with incredible dimensions. I'd say she went around 155. She accepted a dinner invite, which surprised me. I was looking to maybe getting some armwrestling in. She looked facially a little like Janis Joplin, but was a very voluptuous kid and fairly buxom, draped in baby fat. She had some pair of arms, too. That's what caught my eye first. And she knew it. She'd come to work in sleeveless tops, and would sometimes even roll up the sleeves of her work top up to her shoulders. Maybe she went a softish but still impressive and shapely 12 1/2 - 13 inches unflexed. She was no fitness gal, just pretty, with freckles, and compellingly built ....... After dinner on the way home, SHE volunteered talk about wrestling, not me! Sarah mentioned that some younger guy at work, my size, and she were doing some beers after closing and goofing around, and she wound up with her "legs around his neck". With stuff like that coming out of HER first, it was no problem coaxing her into armwrestling at a table in her backyard ......... After her disclaimer "I'm not real good at this" (does any girl NOT say that?) we clasped hands and I looked over at that provolone-roll of an arm. She saw my staring and just grinned. Her first shot was electric but she wound up doing one of those ten-second fades and pulled away giggling after I had gotten a few inches out of her. I smiled, "Is that all you have?" and she repeated that she wasn't very good. I said "Let's try it again." The second time she BLASTED into it and I could feel her upper arm going right through mine for about 2 or 3 inches. I couldn't muscle any of it back for about fifteen seconds -- and then she exhaled and went soft. Sarah was a disappointment, except for that one massive, naturally muscular explosion. She had more power, but couldn't keep it for long. Or didn't want to.

WaynieDSep 07 2012 6:15am
What disappointing WaynieD for you!!!!!

JeanSep 11 2012 11:48am
know women will beat me in arm wresling i mean avrage know women ever has just not build for it i was good at school at thats the way it is they are the weeker sex

ray Sep 22 2012 11:03am
1 am 55 i stilly take on anvrage girl in armwresling

raySep 22 2012 11:15am
Ray -- the reality is that most men are probably good at armwrestling simply because it's a macho thing. There was this story once where Mark Gastinaeu the football player once lost big-time to a bartender who was maybe half a head shorter and sixty pounds lighter. The bartender must have been more skilled at it over all those years ......... I don't consider myself "skilled" at armwrestling. I also prefer the "natural" girl next-door as opponents, not the workout girls. I'm looking for a form of physical and everyday equality, not a woman who is a professiona wrestler or bodybuilder. To me there is no point in that. ......... Yet, some of these "everyday" girls with good arms have given me nasty times at armwrestling. They are not as "into it" as the gym girls might be so they tend not to be as skilled or durable. But neither am I. The mystery and preliminaries are the magic for me. There's little mystery in me going elbow-to-elbow on the table with a girl who has more veins and vascular appearance than I have. What's the point? ......... Still, a good number of "everyday" girls who consider armwrestling a guy as unfeminine or distastetful can match me for a while. And sometimes even can win fair and square.

WaynieDOct 23 2012 7:30am
my wife beats me at arm wrestling all the the time. it's fun and we both like it. she has bigger arms than me and she works out a bit. we have for the last few months kept score of our battles. It was close for the 1st 20 with the score being 12 -8 to her. it's now 70 -15 her way. we are doing best out of 100. I hope I can win 5 more out of the last 15 but i doubt it, she is usually to strong for me. We have been arm wrestling for about 7 years and she has always been stronger, but I still get the occasional win.

mishyNov 05 2012 9:47pm
final tally 81 - 19

mishyNov 19 2012 7:56pm
women are the weaker sex thats the way the lord has made them no womem has beating me in arm wresling i which they would try not one that sits in gem all day avrage girl lady like

raymondNov 22 2012 3:25pm
if the women is lady like she is easy to beat i will take most women down in armwresling

raymondNov 22 2012 3:31pm
when i dated girls even if i beat them in arm wresling same would use to hands to try to get me down they still broke of with me i dont thing thats the problem you click or you dont click

raymondNov 23 2012 1:23am
i think most women would take me down in a wresling match because i lost left leg in a motor bike accident in 2002 i would like to wresle with a women it would be fun but that could never happen now

raymondNov 23 2012 2:31am
the real truth is no they cant beat men i could beat female bodybuilders when i was 12 without any training or working out at all and im not even very strong so sorry to disapoint you but all those videos on youtube u see of women beating a men at wrestling is bogus and these stories on here are bogus aswell. They are written by men who arent trying thier hardest cos they get off on women being stronger than them

roggieNov 26 2012 5:25am
the man would have to be a weak 10 year old and the woman would have to be a world champion ive never even lost when supposedly strong girls have used both hands

mikeNov 26 2012 5:31am
both arms and thier whole body lol and im an average man

mikeNov 26 2012 5:32am
Way too many absolutes, Roggie. For one, guys get off on the drama more than they do being bested. That all goes back to age 14 or so when the gals had developed more quickly and became intriguing. The same curiosity might be true for a sore-armed pitcher who has been told by a doctor not to throw for three weeks -- and he winds up throwing after two. He just has to "know" ........ For another, girls may indeed have more stamina (they certainly do at legwrestling). I'm in pretty good shape, but the last SEVERAL girls I've armwrestled gave me some wicked competition the second or third time we went at it ......... For a third issue, you might be surprised at how frightful a time a nurse or even a home-caregiver or cleaning lady will give you. Those females are not bodybuilders but they make a living hoisting 200 pound people around every day. The average man does nothing even close. Factor in that extra natural durability a female seems to have after two or three battles, and the odds become closer ......... Now I've won the majority of armwrestling bouts against girls and women. But those gals who make a living at physical employment can win either by sheer strength or by wearing me out.

WaynieDDec 11 2012 7:48am
never lost to a woman and actualy i find i have had way more stamina than them too ur chatting air waynie

AnonymousDec 27 2012 7:41pm
I have arm-wrestled 174 women and girls both left and right, and i have only won 8 of them....i even lost to 6 young girls that were 7 years old both arms and 0ne 6 years old that told me that i couldn't beat her, so we arm-wrestled and she beat me...5X each, yes women and girls nowadays are getting stronger.....i am the living proof....

chrisJan 11 2013 10:40am
I have another one of my good friends Shari --we made out a contract--we would arm-wrestle 500X--250X each arm....the loser would would have to pay the winner $50.00 and kiss their ass 500X...we both signed it...well, me weighing 195 lbs and she weighed 95 lbs...i thought this was gonna be easy for me--WRONG....she beat me down quit easily both arms and won 500-0.....and yes i paid up the bet...the $50.00 bucks and the 500 kisses on her ass!---we have had around 20 competitions and she has won all of them pretty easily--i just never learned that how a woman that weighed 95 lbs with 9 1/2 arms can beat a 195 lb man with 12 1/2 arms that bad...well, she has won around $600.00 and i have kissed her ass around 8,000X.....

chrisJan 11 2013 11:16am
I said "may" have more stamina, anon, and I'm talking about the average male and average female, not the fitness sector. There are too many variables like size and age and agenda to apply absolutes ........ I've outlasted 200-pound girls with 14 1/2 - inch upper arms and have been downed by lighter girls with 11 1/2-inch arms in long battles decided by which had more left.

WaynieDFeb 08 2013 8:26am
Some years ago I was at a party when a female guest took me on at arm wrestling and beat me. Several male guests were amusing themselves at arm wrestling and this woman and I were watching them. She asked if I arm wrestled and I said I did occasionally and that I was thinking of joining in. She told me she had done it a couple of times but only against women. She eyed me up and down and then, to my surprise, suggested the two of us had a go. I was none too keen on taking on a woman but couldn’t think of a good reason why I shouldn’t. I was a bit taken aback when she remarked that being of a roughly similar age and size we should be well matched. The fact I was a man seemed to be of no consequence to her which gave me the impression she didn’t rate me. However, my worst fears soon materialized. My opponent was much stronger than me and defeated me, swiftly and decisively, with two consecutive wins on each arm much to the delight of a predominately female audience which had gathered around to watch. I felt humiliated as it had almost amounted to a ‘no contest’. If she had assessed me as beatable how right she was.

RicMar 22 2013 4:44pm
I can totally relate to Ric's story. No only has my wife defeated me at arm wresting 100s and 100s of times, but several of our female friends have done so as well. These women are very proud of "female power" and say that they expect to win. I guess I learned a valuable lesson. Never assume, just because you are a male, that you can beat a female at arm wrestling. Our female friends have very impressive arm strength and appear to be unbeatable as far as I am concerned.

JackApr 01 2013 12:38pm
I armwrestled my wife today. Three times and she beat me every time! The last two times it just took around 3 seconds for her to slam my hand down! I am really heart in my right arm (we just armwrestled with right arm, which is also my stronger arm). She doesn't feel a thing. But I am happy and really proud of my strong wife. She is much stronger than me and I accept it gladly!

TommyApr 08 2013 8:40am
I meant hurt in my right arm*

TommyApr 08 2013 8:40am
to Ric and Jack, you should know that been challenged to armwrestle a woman means that she either is very strong and know how to or that she is weak as a kitten and is hitting on you. I have been challenged by quite a few women, probably because I am not a big guy and have a slim body. This is actually how I met my wife. We met at a party where the women started to armwrestle, several of them were into sports of different kinds and looked strong. Then they started to threw challenges at us guys and we were surprised to see many of us Young men go down, loosing to a stronger woman. I lost to most of the women I have to admit, they were all very sporty and athletic and I was jogging, never lifted a weight in my Life. One of the woman that I hadn't arm wrestled seemes to be interested in me and we Went back to her place after the party. She asked me how it felt to loose strength Contests to women and I told her that it was a bit embarrassing but not that bad since the women were so athletic. She asked me if I thought I could beat her and I said that I fancied my chances. She took off her cardigan and had a sleeveless muscle shirt on. She had very wide shoulders and firm arms, hard to say if she was muscular or not. She put her albow on her kitchen table and we started. She held me easily and I got tired and she could just put me down. She told me that I was very weak, not in a teasing way because she was the weakest of her female friends. She asked me if I wanted to come home to her apartment and work out with her, she had some weights, rubber bands and other stuff in one of her rooms. I said yes, and we started to work out together, wrestle (I lost badly) and made love. I got stronger but the difference between us in strength got bigger since she got muscles more easily than me. I have armwrestled many of her friends and our relatives and lost to, and still loose to many women. Some men aren't that strong and many women are much stronger than you Think.

N O T AmstrongApr 13 2013 6:00am
TO 'NOT ARMSTRONG': I can totally relate to what you said in your last posting. The more we have arm wrestled over the years the stronger my wife gets so it looks like she will remain the arm wrestling champion in our house. My wife thinks that many, many women are capable of beating their husbands at AW, but they just don't talk about it. I have lost to a number of our friends. I totally agree. I am a believer in the ability of women to beat men at arm wrestling. It's just a fact of life.

JackApr 17 2013 1:50pm
I armwrestled a fitness gal a few years back. She was 5'6 and had tremendous arms, and was as solid as they come, head to toe. And she pulled away first. In legwrestling, she said after two ties that she was only "resisting". Huh? She didn't want to sprain herself before her workout later that day. Oh, brother. I have since lost at armwrestling to two separate girls at a so-called "massage" place. Both had bigger upper arms than me. Yet, neither of them went for the solid, undeniable win. They were content with "matching" me, as if they knew I'd wear down. Those girls no doubt have seen a LOT more armwrestling than I have. I always was puzzled about a girl not showing her full stuff armwrestling, yet they will legwrestle to kill.

WaynieDMay 11 2013 10:01am
rarely have i met woman to beat me in armwrestling. this board seems to be from another planet although interesting

dividioMay 31 2013 8:56pm
There are no females out there who will beat me in Armwrestling REST ASSURED!! I will lay out money on the table if there is any female out there who seriously thinks they even stand a chance at putting my arm down on the table!!!!! Any female challengers which I doubt highly any takers my email is

BB 28 QOJul 21 2013 12:07pm
I'm not a pussy like most of the guys on here. I can bench 250, squat 375 because I'm a football player and I lift real weights. I also weigh 215. But I have lost to a girls gymnast (a huge one that was 5ft5, but still) a softball player. I'm 17 and both were 16. The gymnast was just crazy muscular (155, no fat, 8 pack abs) and honestly she put me down without a huge struggle. The sprinter was a big, thick girl. She had legs the size of tree trunks. I thought it would be easy to beat her because she was shorter and her arms weren't bigger than mine. I was wrong haha. So yeah, its honestly possible

Embarrassed to admit itJul 28 2013 4:37pm
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AG9Jul 31 2013 7:15pm
In Penile Vaginal Erotic Chastity Lock Yoga the Male Penis's Tip just enters the Female Vaginal Lip & is just held there in a light Penetrative Intercoursal Kiss ! Both Man / Wife or GF take in a deep breath & squeeze the base of tgeir own Organ / Genitalia / Penis / Vagina ! They silently chant the Mystic Mantra " Victory Lord Penis ! Victory Lady Vagina ! " Intense orgasmic-but- non Ejaculatory Pleasure results in both participants ' sexual Organs / Genitalia / Penis / Vagina ...... Then hold breath & Muscle hold/ root lock for as long as possible then .....Exhale. , Relax .....Rest ..... Repeat Cycle ...... ,!!

AG9Jul 31 2013 7:24pm
No way I arm wrestle lots and never lost and never will

AnonymousAug 04 2013 4:19am
I armed wrestled strong female wrestlers I always win !!!! And am just a avarege man So the answer is "NO"

EdAug 04 2013 4:24am
Would take a very very strong woman to win against me.

DividioAug 10 2013 3:32pm
4OLljn I really liked your blog article. Keep writing.

sDOrFHtuxEudvVbKpSUSep 13 2013 2:16am
h170Ve I appreciate you sharing this article.Much thanks again. Great.

RZudqhVgLOct 15 2013 3:54pm
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together Any race.

Chris POct 20 2013 8:47pm
QLhPAA Thanks-a-mundo for the post.Really thank you! Awesome.

bsFKmSgorcCoehOct 26 2013 2:36pm
Been armwrestling girls since teenage days. By far most of them were girls-next-door types, not into weights or gyms. Nor were they much into armwrestling. Now, I'm not a bar-contest expert -- far from it. But I have been amazed that so MANY girls can match me for a while with what seems like identical force to all of them. It is as though they just want to resist, not win. Girlfriends and dates must not want to show their full fury. It is impossible for me to believe girls ranging in upper arm size from 10 1/2 inches to 14 1/2 inches (where all my dates and GFs were) all have the same force. Some of them had to have been holding back ....... I DO notice that the second time using the same arm, though, they start to find the range and get the hang of it, start to show a bit more. Maybe their muscle is naturally more durable. The second time, say righthanded, I've felt myself starting to buckle to a few of them. Then they pull away. Oddly, most of these girls show no hesitation is pumping me over at legwrestling, three, four times in a row. Might it be that the average female is brought up to consider armwrestling a "guy's" province? Might they consider legwrestling as something they don't want to lose so their fanny isn't sticking up in the air in an unfeminine way? ..... I've never lost at armwrestling to a steady, or a date, or a fiance, or even to a co-worker with pretty big arms (natural farm-girl chunkiness) who dropped by for lunch to "return a favor" in a neutral, fun way. I think she could have put my knuckles to the table in maybe 30 seconds, but no. Yet, she had the exact same show of force, the identical intensity, as so many of the others had. The gym-goers, the escorts and the massage girls (the "strangers") are the ones who go all out. I got downed once by a 35-ish home caregiver/nurse in a restaurant parking lot after a one-time dinner date. "That's what happens when you go up against a girl who lugs around 250-pound people all day," she laughed, wisely ....... Yet, all the girlfriends and steady dates are all so identical in power. A few of them HAD to be holding back.

WaynieDNov 02 2013 4:31am
I have a girlfriend who can beat me arm wrestling any time she wants. She is 20 pounds heavier and many years younger than I. We both love it and think it's sexy. But pound for pound, probably no way, unless the man is really out of shape and the woman isn't.

KingBeeNov 14 2013 9:29am
wow you all are some sissy blokes.. some getting happy that now women could spank you lol. Instead of sharing all those stories of your humiliation , go join some gym or some day your women will start beating you physically and people will laugh at you and you will be suffering from tbe domestic violence lol

God made women to be loved and men to protect themDec 02 2013 9:08am
The last remark is so typical from men that can't understand even of men in general are stronger than women there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. Just look at gyms for instance, or Cultures where women work physically harder than men. Me and my first bf met when I was 15 and he was 17. He was very skinny and quite a bit lighter than me despite the age difference. I was into gymnastics and swimming while he was into books. Both his parents were skinny, good looking but with bodies that just couldn't pack any muscle. His thin mother was actually a bit bigger than his father and also stronger even if she wasn't very strong. After some weeks of dating we were at my place one weekend when my parents were away. The topic of strength difference between the sexes came up and my bf actually thought that he was stronger than me, just because he was older and a man (well a boy). I was surprised about that, I was pretty sure that I was quite a bit stronger than him, you could see that just by looking at our bodies, I had wide shoulders, strong arms, wide hips, muscular legs while he was just skinny. I challenged him to arm wrestle me and he took the challenge straight away. I totally creamed him with both arms, it was so easy to win that I was surprised and he thought I was cheating, how could I cheat? We arm wrestled perhaps 20 times with each arm until his arms were too tired to do anything. He was sulking but I told him that I liked him even if he was weaker than me, that was true. I liked being bigger and stronger than this older boy. Some hours later I asked him if he wanted to get even in a wrestling match. He now hesitated but I could see him looking at my body and thought about other things than wrestling so we cleared space and decided to do a best out of 5 falls, submissions only. Again I was surprised how much stronger I was. I could easily win in seconds the two first falls, I wanted this to last so in the third fall I let him have the upper hand now and then, I zapped him from the little strength he had until he begged for mercy. I felt fantastic having this 17 year old boy at my mercy. We had sex for the first time and even if he was embarrassed being so girl handled by me he enjoyed the sex, I took his virginity. After that evening we wrestled a lot and it often ended up with him under me and that we had sex. We were a couple for almost four years until we drifted apart because of studies. He grew a bit but stayed slim while I was growing so much I had to quite gymnastics but kept on swimming and added gym visits to my training. About three years ago,25 years after we had split up we met again one night at a hotel in our home town. We had both moved to the big city and were now visiting friends. He looked very handsome, still slim but had filled out a bit. I had grown a bit, some fat but also more muscular, after having two children and from regular work outs. I was divorced and so was he. We drank some drinks and ended up in my room both rather drunk. I suddenly remembered our wrestling matches and realized that this man would be no match for me still. I put an elbow up on the table and asked him if he wanted to have revenge from all his losses when we were Young. He got embarrassed and stammered that he had been working out since and gotten stronger but also that his body just couldn't get muscular. We arm wrestled with both arms and I could just easily press his arms down, he couldn't resist my greater strength. I walked over to where he sat and just lifted him out of the chair and threw him at the bed where I undressed him and we had great sex. We have been together since and are now married. Some men are just weak, I don't think less of my husband because of that, he is funny, considerate, my children loves him and he has learnt to like the role reversal, as a matter of fact I am sure he likes me being stronger, he would never admit it though.

LisDec 18 2013 5:34am
My wife is much stronger than me. Her hands, forearms and biceps are bigger than mine. She dominates me wrestling arm wrestling. For any guy out there that thinks that a woman can not be stronger than a man, think again. My wife doesn't work out, she is built strong. My wife has beaten plenty of men. I am not making this it's absolutely true!

TommyDec 19 2013 8:40pm
My god! Most of these men are below average. They are not what nature meant them to be. As of with me not even a single man has been able to defeat me at arm wrestling, let alone a girl. 1've also been asked by muscular women (some of them even claiming that they had beaten even men at arm wrestling) to compete at arm wrestling with them. Huh , I even could have taken on 2 of them at once. As usually none of them had in mind that it was a MAN they were asking to compete with them. All of them returned home with hateful shame. And let me tell you, I'm just an average guy of average height (5' 8'') and an average built, but I am just what nature intended me to be in this current form of social circumstance. Come on all of you losing lot, stop enjoying being dominated by a weaker sex and show them what you all are actually capable of(at least physically)! And to some of those WOMEN who are rejoicing over their victories, hold on a bit and listen. Most of these men you lot have "defeated" may have been kind and may have let you win just for YOUR temporary joy cause as I've read some of the men you've "defeated" are your BFs, some your husbands and some, who just may have an infatuation on you. As of now be happy but don't even think that men are actually weaker physically, there are tons of pages on the net that will enlighten you as why men are stronger than women, if you are interested (the main reason being different hormones and muscle mass). Many of you may find this comment to be misogynistic but trust me, it is not. It is just a universal truth and that is all I'll have to say for now.

ViiroMar 30 2014 6:32am
good job, viiro. i agree that the greater most of women would lose to men at arm wrestling.

DividioApr 12 2014 10:48pm
Am in my 50's and consider myself "fit", at a sinewy 5'8. A few days ago a gal I met via the internet knocked at the door for a light-wrestling session. Laurie was busty, toothy, and cheery blonde, and an honest 5'10. Said she was 37, but would not say her weight. I'd put her between 210 and 220 (60 lbs more than me). She had a bit of looseness, but with 27 3/4 inch upper thighs (not a typo) positively smeared me at legwrestling -- the lying on your backs kind. She took every one with ease, with us alternating it with armwrestling and talking, drinking wine ....... Her bust was 47 inches (she inhaled for it :-). And at 210 she probably outweighed me above the waist by twenty pounds. A bit of that was in her tummy, but I was noble enough not to have taken that measurement. And her bicep, with some housewife-arm looseness, still went 14 1/4 inches unflexed (almost three inches on me)...... Laurie took me all three times at it, righty with full-hands grip, lefty with the thumbs clasped, and righty again with the thumbs. She was not "toned" at all, just one big, strong gal. I had to pull away all three times because her might was starting to sprain me in addition to her getting me going over. She seemed to enjoy feeling me turning it all on and then making me feel that she had more. And I don't think she had hers up full blast, either...... So to the original poster bb77: I'm a slender 5'8 myself. I just lost all three armwrestling battles to a 5'10 lass who was not a devout gym-going attendee, just a big ol' girl who left me with sprains under both biceps I still mildly feel. Softish or no, Laurie still had a big pair of arms. The encounter got me to wondering how much less "arm" on a girl would have made things more even. 13 1/4 inches? 12 1/4 ? I *do* know that 14 1/4" biceps on a 5'10 ex-farmgirl is out of my league!

AnonymousJun 17 2014 4:27am
In my whole "active" athletic life, I have lost to maybe six females at armwrestling. An odd thing is that I managed to "take" two gals I battled who were gym-types -- the ones with the veins everyplace! (The third one, 5'2, took me). Those other two were rather sorry representatives from the female side, considering their tone and emphasis on looking big. It seemed as though they disliked the idea of getting sprained for their next weight-training ....... Give me the "average" gal as an opponent, the ones with the impressive upper arms my size or bigger. Though I've won against most of them, like maybe two dozen, the duel itself is always mesmerizing, as I feel I have little technique other than male stubbornness. I'm no "pro" or trophy winner. But the six or so gals who took me fair and square were not schooled in technique, either. They just turned it on and kept it on. And I've found that girls who are righthanded give me, a righthander, much tougher times LEFTHANDED. The difference between arm strength in a girl is more evenly distributed than in even an athletic guy who throws and lifts and so forth with his main arm. So Viro, I have to disagree. Your claim is not a universal truth. An average, medium-build female can win against a sinewy 5-8 male. I did not "let" those six or so gals win in the least. Ha! I should know! I was THERE!

WaynieDJul 02 2014 7:03am
any summer arm wrestling matches against short sleeved women in the making?

DividioJul 10 2014 7:56pm
There's a rematch planned here in a few weeks v Laurie, Dividio. She was opposed to ANY pictures or video, but might not mind just the a/w portion this time. I'll work on getting her so that both of us have sleeves rolled up to our collar bones, and I'll report back.

WaynieDJul 17 2014 9:55am
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IrRZKAScolSwibAug 04 2014 3:29pm
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UPSAug 09 2014 1:04pm
On that light-wrestling rematch with Laurie, 5'10 and an hourglass 200 or so pounds vs. me, 5'8 and 145 : We alternated "events" and I still have not been able to take this woman at anything. (And yes, Divido, the first of the a/w matches was with arms bared up to the collarbone). Despite not being gym-toned -- she's actually a little loose in some places -- Laurie won that one fair and square. She actually was 3/8ths inch longer from the elbow to fingertips that I was, but the pulling power she gets from 14 1/4-inch arms (unflexed) was too much for me ....... Two unexpected highlights happened. After she trashed me at legwrestling, the lying on your backs style with your arms clutching each other's shoulders for leverage, I suggested BOTH of my legs against one of hers, high up at the ankles. I swear to goodness she felled both of my legs with one of hers -- in one second! 28-inch thighs, loose or not, don't grow on trees; they ARE trees! ....... The second "unexpected" was when I asked her to combo-hold me from behind, to see if I could endure both a stranglehold and a bodyscissors long enough to break the hold before she got me to submit. Well, I didn't have a chance to submit. The stranglehold from that big, fleshy arm blacked me out! It wasn't a choke hold; the pressure was at the sides of the neck. She said I was out for maybe 3 seconds and she was scared ....... In other events, she got me to give to two out of three bodyscissors, the face-to-face kind. And she said she hadn't been used to ANY of these things, never mind all in the same day ....... I tried her twice more at armwrestling, both righthanded, and, well, I am now oh-for-six against her. She is just too good, too big, and too strong at it for me to handle her ....... The undersides of both my upper arms were sore again for a day or so, and my lower ribs were a bit sore when I woke up next day. When thighs as big as 28 inches flatten out going into your sides, they affect a bigger area of you than a smaller pair of thighs ...... And for some reason I'm convinced that this woman (who is not a vascular gym-type in the least) was not using her full force at any of those skirmishes -- just enough to win. And to black me out. What LIMBS on this lass!

WaynieDAug 17 2014 6:55am
I would never lose to a female no matter whom it was(period) and by the way, I only weigh 160. But then again I never armwrestled a women because I'd feel like a wimp. I beat 99% of males under 200lbs

A guy that arm wrestles about once a monthSep 10 2014 9:40pm
Melanie chisholm a good arm wrestler

AnonymousSep 14 2014 12:06am
I can vouch that girls can beat men at arm wrestling , it happened to me. In a RAF camp gym when I was challenged by a servicewoman. I am no weakling , I regularly worked out with weights and tried to beat my opponent who was about my weight and height and had well toned muscles. Especially her boceps. I soon found out how powerful were her wrists and arms. She pinned me , both arms, after about two minutes. The biggest put down was at the end of our wrestle she squeezed my biceps and said they were soft and needed more work. She made a statement that I have always remembered that my biceps were like knots in cotton. I was leg pulled for months afterwards so left me warn you men never underestimate womens strength. There was one good thing I had a great erection when we arm wrestled!

ThomasSep 18 2014 4:32am
Round Three with the 5'10 205-lb Laurie was a few days ago. She is a fleshy but not fat, hourglass gal of 37 who claims never to have done any "light-wrestling" before me -- at least not the full retinue we do. Once more she smeared me at legwrestling, this time after she said she was just playing with me. Against thighs that are a fraction less than 28 inches, I didn't stand a chance of winning; never will. She has fantastic thrust from those flanks ....... At armwrestling, I *finally* beat her, after seven straight losses (including a first loss to her that session). Her upper arms go 14 1/4" at the delectable muscle part and she's a bit "loose". Yet, once again, all of my effort took place with her having a good lead. I have yet to get this gal bending back, even by a quarter inch, into her territory! The time I won, I think I simply out-stubborned her in a battle that lasted 49 seconds. You see, neither of us are "pro's" or trophy winners. And she said that she was a bit tired -- even though the one duel I won she was downing me. The seven previous times she won, I could feel her turning it on; feeling that big upper arm going through mine ....... One of the reasons she might have been tired was the effort she displayed by gagging four bodyscissors submissions out of me. I can take a lot, and she was exerting herself, and had as much trouble getting her breath as I had getting mine! Nonetheless, she and those big legs had too much pressure every time. The fourth time, with her behind me so I could watch those 16-inch calves of hers stretch and gnarl and harden, I gave because she was literally blacking me out. I was spinning. She told me she wasn't using her full might, and I believe her, even though she was a bit out of breath after each one. I'm convinced that this gal literally could crush a person to death with her upper legs, or at least hospitalize them with grisly internal injuries if she pursued things with interest and practice ....... And once more, I doubt I'd be able to take one in ten falls body-wrestling this pretty, big ol' ex-farm girl. At the end of her visit we kneeled like opposing football players do, and I challenged her to try and get past me to the far wall while carrying a toy football. One-two-three-HIKE! She trampled me. Her legs and weight just ripped open mine and my arms and left me on my back while touching the wall ....... I am amazed at this woman's strength ; this average gal, this non-gym female. I really think I may need to find someone smaller to be more competitive with. Yet, I really enjoy these throwbacks to when I was 14 and was curious as blazes about the physical capabilities of the average 14-year old neighborhood girl, one about my height, but broader and softer.

WaynieDSep 18 2014 6:27am
Never take a woman on at a party if their arms and shoulders are coveted. You just cannot gauge her muscles development.instead excuse yourself and say you have strained your wrist. Offer to arm wrestle her at her or your house then humiliation is not public. T he woman will usually. Not refuse as many of them love to test their strength against a man. One reason men sometime lose is because they do not concentrate but are. Fascinated by their opponents biceps. Mixed arm wrestling is a great sport t he sexes testing out their strength and techniqueb

BillySep 18 2014 12:24pm

UxVdCXxbNRSSep 25 2014 11:36pm
There will be a fourth session soon with the cheery, pretty 5'10 Laurie. In what has been a quest to find the perfect "average 14 year old girl" for this lifelong "average 14 year old guy" to compare development, she has been terrific ....... Looking back now, Billy, I'm convinced that if I had been given the chance to try out the girls back then, I'd have lost to most of them at legwrestling, and been smeared at it by two or three of the really leggy ones. It would be touch-and-go armwrestling about half of them to the finish, although most probably would be the types to put up a ferocious battle (maybe even gain a notable advantage) before doing that maidenly "fade" ....... I've been dumped by three girlfriends who have taken me fair and square at legwrestling, the kind where you lie on your backs, so apparently the idea of them winning at armwrestling against their "protector" is something they would find even more distasteful ....... No, the truest gauge for a curious guy who still enjoys reverting to being a 14 year old and finds that form of physical intrigue compelling -- a few years before actual sex can be realized -- is someone you would NOT likely be able to keep as a girlfriend or steady. The very best I've been able to arrange for physical comparisons like that have been complete strangers. The kind you encounter in the "massage parlors" and the private rooms at "gentlemen's clubs". You are then an opponent, not a potential suitor. As the Rolling Stones song goes, "Gimme the honky-tonk girls". They are the ones who will put out at those silly but erotically compelling duels a lot of us guys still enjoy ; those too-few and precious years when girls suddenly stopped looking like pests but you as a 13 or 14 year old guy had not too much to go on except that those girls started to look like they really could be useful and fun ...... Great post, Billy. You are right about the privacy part -- the behind-closed-doors caution.

WaynieDSep 27 2014 5:04am
I don't know where else to put this contest. This seems to be a good place ....... I had a fourth encounter with Laurie. One thing I always was curious about was CALF-wrestling. I never did it. We arranged it so we both laid on our stomachs on the mat, and arranged for our right calves to latch at the ankles, like armwrestling, using knees in place of elbows, if you get the picture. Then you pull your foot toward you ....... I have 13 1/2 inch calves. Always have. Laurie's, measured with the knee bent so that the muscled part is more pendulous than it is while standing, measured exactly 16 ....... Her feminine softness there was not a factor. Her size was. Since we were both new to it it took maybe three long seconds for us both to get it up full. At that point, I not only felt myself being buckled, but my entire calf and shin was on fire. After about five more seconds I'd had enough. Laurie won. Oddly, she said she didn't feel any strain in her calf, but in the front of her mid-thigh instead. Heavily arc'ed at the front, the way all girls are, she goes 23 1/4 inches to my 17 ....... Oh, yes: In armwrestling I am now 1-10 against her, with one tie. She took all three of those battles again. She took me in 18 seconds righty (with the full palm grasp), 35 seconds lefty (using the thumb grip) and I forget the duration of the third one, righthanded again ...... Legwrestling her twice was the usual farce. I had no chance against those things. At 5'8 1/2 and 145, I will have to think a smaller size opponent when comparing natural (not gym-toned) muscle with a female.

WaynieDOct 04 2014 7:16am
Mel.c a good strong arm wrestler

AaaaaaaaOct 07 2014 1:46am
Leggy celine dion stronger than mel c,would take mel at armwrestling and in a fight.microskirted celine is queen celebrity girlfighter

nickOct 07 2014 8:16am
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nickOct 14 2014 5:31am
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PotatoOct 15 2014 5:39pm
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How long are you planning to stay here? diflucan price philippines "The man could be dying. He is 89 years old with a broken hip," Levent told WFTS. "You have insurance, shouldn't it cover you? They drop you in a hospital that's not capable of even doing the surgery."

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Could you send me an application form? buy diflucan 150 mg online It wasn't America's first desire to become so reliant on the Russians, or any one country for that matter. However, the U.S. drone campaign in Pakistan has prompted that country to cut off America's use of its land for supply lines. Russia's ability to exert control over its former Soviet empire, Kuchins says, allows the U.S. to turn to the "Northern Distribution Network" and lean on allies to get in and out of landlocked Afghanistan to the north.

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Will I have to work on Saturdays? misoprostol brand name The original 1992 programme was pushed through by a British single market commissioner, Lord C*ckfield, backed by a British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. David Cameron should attempt to repeat the trick. He should aim to get another vigorous Briton in as single market commissioner when a new Commission is chosen next year. And he should secure agreement from fellow leaders to set a deadline – say, end-2019 – to complete the single market.

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An accountancy practice wellbutrin xl 150 mg vs 300 mg Borel made it a point to thank Jerry Hissam, his longtime agent of 22 years who retired in April because of several health problems but was in attendance Friday. “We work really hard,” Borel said of Hissam, who had bypass surgery in December and is currently battling an infection in his pancreas as a complication from gall bladder surgery. “I’ve been riding for 38 years and I’ve never seen a rider and a jock (agent), stay that long together and get along.”

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We need someone with experience generic diflucan no prescription Of course, required minimum distributions must be factored into the decision. Beyond the RMD, a little tax planning can go a long way. For example, distributions could be designed to keep a retiree in a certain tax bracket. If tax changes will go into effect, as they did this year with changes to the capital gains rate, withdrawals in the previous year could be designed to avoid the tax hike.

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I'm unemployed purchase diflucan no prescription The scheme is "only trying to get us back to the place we were before the cuts started kicking in", Mr Wood added. "This isn't on top. This is trying to make up the difference."

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Please wait diflucan pill over the counter Reliance, whose telecoms start-up is the only company inIndia to hold nationwide permits for 4G services, plans to offercheaper high-speed Internet and related services. The companyhas yet to say when it will launch services.

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What's the interest rate on this account? much does wellbutrin xl 300 mg cost Some of the “Real Housewives of New York” will trade couture for crickets on an upcoming camping trip. From left: Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, Aviva Drescher, Caroline Radzwill and Heather Thomson.

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An estate agents get orlistat prescription The perhaps surprising hearts-and-minds approach advocated by the 30-something Wahishi, who spent years as Osama bin Laden's personal secretary, is a sign of a broader shift within al-Qaida. After its failure in Iraq, say experts who were shown the correspondence, the terror network realized that it is not enough to win territory: They must also learn to govern it if they hope to hold it.

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It's serious nizagara online Ioane Teitiota, 37, asked New Zealand's High Court in Auckland to let him appeal a decision that refused him asylum on the grounds his claim fell short of the legal criteria, such as fear of persecution or threats to his life.

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I sing in a choir much does ventolin inhaler cost ireland The type of mortgages that borrowers take could also alleviate "rate shock" when eventually mortgage rates normalise. In yesterday's data about the resurgence of first-time buyers, the Council of Mortgage Lenders said the vast majority of first-timers were fixing their rates, giving protection against future increases at least for some years.

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I saw your advert in the paper anafranil buy One dart against Quins in a 15-metre channel, when he looked swamped in the rain at the Stoop, had defenders clutching at air. Northampton have also looked to the lower leagues for some class and have added Sam Dickinson from Rotherham in the back row to add strength, and now the squad looks deep. In the front row Mike Haywood and Alex Waller come charging off the bench and I have long been fans of these kids.

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In tens, please (ten pound notes) Buy Serevent Buckingham Advertiser provides news, events and sport features from the Buckingham area. For the best up to date information relating to Buckingham and the surrounding areas visit us at Buckingham Advertiser regularly or bookmark this page.

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An accountancy practice Megalis 20mg One article said the two-stage Cedar launched its four-minute flight on a 68-mile trajectory before splashing down in the Mediterranean. “With the setting sun glistening on its red-coloured sides… the 350kg rocket climbed slowly from the launch pad into the southwestern sky – leaving a vapour trail across the Bay of Beirut.”

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Until August Buy Lovegra Syria's President Bashar al-Assad speaks during an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel in Damascus, in this handout photograph distributed by Syria's national news agency SANA on October 7, 2013.

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One moment, please bromazepam usa “We’re able to have an ER that caters to the comfort of our patients in a way that hospitals typically don’t,” King said. “They don’t often have the luxury of providing things like rooms with televisions, coffee bars and a treasure chest for children to pick out toys. We try to make it as comfortable as possible.”

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What qualifications have you got? prescription sleeping pills zopiclone "Now it is probably more. The point is that these extreme elements have their own agenda and certainly not a democratic agenda that they are seeking to impose," investigator Vitit Muntarbhorn told Reuters. "That is a major worry from our side of the fence."

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I'm doing a phd in chemistry buy cheap ambien no prescription Rouhani, a cleric, was swept up in the 1979 Iran's Islamic Revolution as a firm opponent to the shah and became an ally and part of the inner circle of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, serving in various roles in the government after Khomeini's ascension to power. Rowhani served as head of the Supreme National Security Council during the presidency of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani from 1989 to 1997, and was the country's top nuclear negotiator with the West from 2003 to 2005 during the administration of reformist leader Mohammad Khatami at a time the U.S. and other European allies grew concerned over Iran's nuclear program. He negotiated a temporary suspension in Iran's uranium enrichment activities before resigning in 2005 after hard-liner President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took office.

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I'm sorry, he's bromazepam australia To celebrate the season 11 premiere of "Top Chef," set in New Orleans on Wednesday, Bravo has teamed up with Grub Street to roll out a Top Chef food truck serving Big Easy specialties throughout the city from beignets for breakfast to po' boys for lunch.

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Will I have to work shifts? can you overdose zopiclone 7.5 mg On a trip to India to see how young graduates are trained within the company he has just realised that the time taken to prepare the hotel rooms for bedtime - the so-called turndown service - is not standardised.

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What sort of music do you listen to? lorazepam with benzos A group of three gunmen attacked a police station in the morning, about 10 km (6 miles) from the border with Pakistan, killing five policemen. They then hijacked a truck and raided an army camp, security forces said. One civilian was killed.

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Where are you calling from? zopiclone 7.5 mg overdose Thirteen people have been taken to hospital, including two with serious injuries, after a coach carrying passengers home after a work party in London collided with a Tesco lorry on Sunday morning.

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Can you put it on the scales, please? zopiclone 15mg tablets Aggressive Sales and Lease Portfolio Growth: Due to notable sales and lease origination growth in recent years, there could be a substantial increase in the supply of used Hyundai and Kia vehicles available for sale at auction in the coming years. Fitch has accounted for this in its residual loss analysis, as growth in used vehicle volume could impact RVs.

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I'm on work experience naprosyn sr 750 mg They’re not afraid of the free-agent market (see: big deals over the years to players such as safety Antrel Rolle, center David Baas and defensive tackle Chris Canty) but they also have a history of success with smaller deals and under-the-radar players (see: safety Stevie Brown just last year).

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Jonny was here Order Tylenol With Codeine And Archie Manning, when the first weekend of the season is finally over, knowing that on the second Sunday Peyton and Eli will be playing against each other at MetLife Stadium — and maybe for the last time — is able to step back and say, “Olivia and I still pinch ourselves, because we do both understand this isn’t normal.”

npgokxNRVuNov 18 2014 7:30pm
Three years Betamethasone Buy Nine senators and 23 members of the House of Representatives in a letter said they have "great concern" about allegations of possible criminal activity related to the Mi-17 program. They urged Holder "to utilize all available resources, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation" to support the Pentagon's investigation.

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Canada>Canada there generic naprosyn Planetary nebulas form when a star uses up all of the hydrogen in its core--something that our own Sun will experience in about five billion years. When this happens, the star begins to cool and expand, increasing its radius by tens to hundreds of times its original size. The outer layers of the star are then carried away by stellar winds, which strip away material and leave behind the hot core. This core then continues to eject more layers in a much faster wind. Eventually, this creates the complex and filamentary shell of a planetary nebula. In time, the remnant will collapse to form a white dwarf star.

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How much does the job pay? Tylenol 325 Taiwan’s Taiex Index sank 0.4 per cent, while Singapore’s Straits Times Index gained 0.2 per cent. South Korea’s Kospi index rose 0.6 per cent after the jobless rate remained unchanged in July for a third month.

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Can you hear me OK? rogaine printable coupons 2010 Which individual within the corporation actually laundered money or manipulated LIBOR or decided arbitrarily to cut the flow of funds to certain people or institutions? It is only when individuals within the corporation directly and personally suffer the consequences of their individual misdeeds that other corporate employees will hesitate before committing similar acts.

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I'm not interested in football lumigan bimatoprost eye drops “A strong bank needs a strong home market, and the UK is ours,” he said. “We are an international bank because our customers trade globally, but the UK is where the majority of our customers run businesses, create homes, build financial security for their families and put their ambition to work in multi-national companies.”

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Would you like a receipt? what is lamisil The ban against the use of chemical weapons, even in war, has been agreed to by 98 per cent of humanity. It is strengthened by the searing memories of soldiers suffocating in the trenches, Jews slaughtered in gas chambers, Iranians poisoned in the many tens of thousands.

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Yes, I play the guitar emergency no credit check loans from direct lenders DDoS is a type of cyber attack where multiple compromised systems – which are usually infected with a Trojan – are used to flood a single system with so much traffic that it crashes. In 2010 the technique was famously used by ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous to bring down the websites of organisations that opposed Wikileaks.

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I'd like to send this parcel to loan commercial Forbes writers have the ability to call out member comments they find particularly interesting. Called-out comments are highlighted across the Forbes network. You'll be notified if your comment is called out.

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US dollars why didn't i get my personal loan last night On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand sits down with reliever Dave Robertson to chat about his recent shoulder injury, Mariano Rivera's impressive September workload, the Yankees' chances of reaching the postseason as well as last week's rookie hazing.

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I'm training to be an engineer job in credit Of the 28 analysts who follow Lululemon, 12 have a "strong buy" or "buy" rating, 13 have a "hold" and 3 have a "strong sell" or a "sell." The median price target is $76, slightly off Monday's close of $75.88.

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I'm training to be an engineer installmentloansonline That attitude may be part of the reason that while Samberg gets pegged all the time for being a comedian, mostly by “Saturday Night Live” fans, he doesn’t think he’d ever be mistaken for a real cop.

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I'm not interested in football loan and security agreement The 969 movement has been accused of stirring anti-Muslim sentiment in a deeply Buddhist nation, where curbs on freedom of speech and assembly have eased since the end of military rule two years ago. A Reuters investigation last month showed 969 monks were providing a moral justification for a wave of anti-Muslim bloodshed that could derail Myanmar’s nascent reforms.

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Hello good day avanafil price The Food and Drug Administration plans to apply the same strict regulations to mobile apps as it does to medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors, if those apps perform the same functions as stand-alone or computer based devices.

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Withdraw cash tetracycline 500 mg recall "The search has been conducted and we are confident there is no issue," Australian Federal Police Acting Superintendent Darren Rath told reporters outside the embassy. "It was a precautionary measure."

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I'm not interested in football price proscar Savouri said Toscafund's founder Martin Hughes first signaled his confidence in the UK economy by backing a bid to take housebuilder Redrow private last September. The proposal, tabled by former Redrow founder Steve Morgan, was unsuccessful but triggered a rerating for UK housebuilders.

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It's a bad line proscar 5 mg tablet sale price The Duke and Duchess’s child will be born into unimaginable wealth and privilege, but all I can say is thanks to the Lindo Wing, where every woman is treated like royalty. More importantly, every child born in that ward is given an astounding amount of care and attention — future monarch or not.

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I can't hear you very well propranolol bupropion JP Morgan Chase & Co, the biggest U.S. bank byassets, reported a rare quarterly loss after incurring $9.2billion in legal expenses. Its shares seesawed throughout thetrading session, and ended flat at $52.51.

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Where do you study? seroquel 100 mg One thing that will be interesting to watch is whether the company is hit with the same production problems that struck last year. After the iPhone 5 went on sale, demand was so heavy that some customers had to wait weeks to get theirs. 

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I can't hear you very well proscar results hair “There is a lot of passion behind this franchise,” he says. “It’s really important for us to (balance) . . . what can we bring new to this franchise, to insure that it is not just a souvenir, but it is a part of your future?”

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Gloomy tales proventil inhaler coupon The attack, which investigators blamed on a 30-year-old woman from Dagestan - the North Caucasus province at the center of an insurgency - also wounded 28 people, of whom eight were in critical condition, the federal Investigative Committee said.

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I came here to study omni loans locations "It's awesome just to be part of this division and competing in it every day," said Myers who batted .333 in his four games against the Yankees this season. "It's going to be a tough fight until the end and I'm really looking forward to it."

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Do you know each other? winning cash "There are details of our policy that we were not aware of. If the building is damaged, our lost revenue is covered for 12 months," he said. "If there is no damage to the building, we get two weeks. This was shocking when we learned this. They told us that it is the same for other companies here as well."

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Can you hear me OK? real estate mezzanine loan "It's really hot, really tiny and I really haven't been sleeping much," she said. "But the good part is that I've made friends from Italy, from France, from Brazil, from all over. Seeing how God can bring us together and make us a family, it's amazing."

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Lost credit card financing a startup Halfway into a two-year review of Portuguese evidence, British Police yielded information in 2012 that Madeleine was alive. Scotland Yard opened its own investigation in July 2013 leading to last night's broadcast.

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What university do you go to? approval guaranteed On the other, the Swiss People's Party, the biggest in parliament, has long made opposition to immigration a key plank of its electoral appeal. It has been accused of racism for its campaigns which once featured a poster of a white sheep kicking a black one from a Swiss flag.

iEwoWMxSEcwHlNYtvcyNov 19 2014 10:19pm
We went to university together loan and The countries were elected in the first round of voting by the 193-member General Assembly. Lithuania was the top vote-getter with 187 votes followed by Nigeria and Chile with 186 votes, Chad with 184 votes and Saudi Arabia with 176 votes.

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What do you do? loans for 603 credit score Professor Mitchell added: "What is striking in extensively looking through files is the disjuncture in public statements playing down the value of oil and the private acknowledgement that this oil was a godsend."

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I live here Personal Finance Loans Missouri statutes allow for exemptions when a juror would face “an undue or extreme physical or financial hardship,” and Roldan said he has exercised that discretion. On some occasions as a trial judge, Roldan said, he has excused potential jurors who just had a death in the family or teachers who were scheduled to give midterm exams.

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I can't get a signal faxless same day pay day loan Those investments have come under scrutiny as America Movilhas accumulated deep paper losses. However, a deal announced byTelefonica this week to buy the German unit of Dutchtelecoms group KPN - in which Slim has an almost 30percent stake - could help pare the losses.

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