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To all non-LikeLike poll creators: Do you vote or comment on LikeLike polls? Or do you do both? Or do you do neither?

Question: This is the very same question I addressed to LikeLike poll creators (ops).
Created by: *POLL CREATOR* at 08:00:17 AM, Monday, September 14, 2009 PDT


I would certainly love to know the amount of traffic that comes to this site. At best, it is the tall skinny guy, short skinny guy and a few others

AnonymousSep 16 2009 5:23pm

I would certainly love to know the amount of traffic that comes to this site. At best, it is the tall skinny guy, short skinny guy and a few others

AnonymousSep 16 2009 5:23pm
Farah,matt and Rockwave, how about this one?

SaraJun 24 2012 9:43am
i am in

farahJun 24 2012 9:50am
found it

RockwaveJun 24 2012 9:52am
so rockwave are you ready

farahJun 24 2012 9:54am
well ill pick up where i left on the other poll.. sara you right as farah is to strong for me and a punch from me will send me back to cyprus. even sara might be able to beat me in a fist fight

RockwaveJun 24 2012 9:59am
Rockwave,see i have notice on these polls for some reason after a number close to 300 they stop commenting! Glad you found it!

SaraJun 24 2012 10:06am
i like guys who knows that they cant win a match against woman good for you

farahJun 24 2012 10:09am
Farah, the question i asked that didn't get answer because it wasn't! Farah do all the men that you are going to wrestle beat them and humilate? do these men have wives or girlfriend's? because if they do/ it would be a real trip if you trained these women to be able to wrestle them and beat them! if they do? You invite these women home with you and use your husband to show what they could do if they got strong and got muscles! and then you can flex your biceps for these women to show what they could be!

SaraJun 24 2012 10:12am
SARA DONT you wrestle any one these days

farahJun 24 2012 10:12am
SARA yes you right, the other one wont show our replies.. good think you knew. FARAH well i can beat most woman but you and sara could easily beat me at wrestling and you can beat me in a fight but i dont know about sara

RockwaveJun 24 2012 10:13am
SARA i like your i deas cause today i challange some one work with me wedesday night my home and i know his wife i ll invite her LOVE YOU SARA

farahJun 24 2012 10:15am
Farah,i wrestle a lot of guys! and have found at my age they can't be me! See, i learned to wrestle with one of the trainers at my gym that was a college wrestler and he would work with me and at first i couldn't beat him but as i got stronger lifting weights so did my wrestling to where i was holding my own and now i can over power him to where he is no match for me! and my secret weapon or my ace in the hole was the power and strength i have in my thighs and legs to know once i get my legs around some one they don't get out unless i want to! and here is better feeling then to knock them out with the strength in my thighs! what was it like for you Farah the first time you over powered a boy or man?

SaraJun 24 2012 10:22am
wow sara if you keep this up you will even overtake farah

RockwaveJun 24 2012 10:26am
this is great sara i wish all the young girl like you first time i wrestle someone i was 15 he was my friend at school it was for fun but i trrapped him so he cant move ans start crying

farahJun 24 2012 10:32am
Rockwave,i can only hope to be able to be like Farah! i can't imagine what great strength and muscles she has and no telling what she is going to be when she keeps getting bigger and stronger and she is only 24 years old! i don't know if her husband is going to survive? if he wants to be able to he is going to have to work out!

SaraJun 24 2012 10:32am
i am sure sara that you will be stronger than me in the future OMG your husband will suffer very much

farahJun 24 2012 10:33am
SARA i make a new rule for my husband he is not allowed to work out and he has to be thinner i will put him under diet

farahJun 24 2012 10:35am
Farah,when was the very first time you showed your husband or when he was your boyfriend that you were bigger and stronger than him? and what was his reaction to you? and i also Love You Too!

SaraJun 24 2012 10:36am
Farah,you should allow your husband to work out because it won't be any fun if he keeps getting weaker and you should allow him to eat! and it won't matter if you allow him to do these things he will never be able to match your muscles and strength!

SaraJun 24 2012 10:40am
farah is 24 with 16 inches and you sara are 16 with 14 inches..

RockwaveJun 24 2012 10:40am
no he wasnt my boyfriend when we were engaged the car tier broken so he try to change it but he was facing many troubles he cant move it cause its heavy so i told him let me try and take it off in one hand he was shocked he touches my muscles and never said a word

farahJun 24 2012 10:42am
after we get married i wrestle him once and beat him but it was for fun but he did his best and he was much better than now at this night i showed him my real muscles

farahJun 24 2012 10:44am
farah,whats the wife like the one you are going to wrestle like? and when are you going to start wrestling the other men?

SaraJun 24 2012 10:54am
sara i know that my hubby will never be match for because he is nturally weak person but i want to make him very weak and i am getting stronger to show the people that this kind of relationship works

farahJun 24 2012 10:55am
sara i am going to wrestle a mail work with me at wedensday night and we agree that we can bring people to watch he is a jerk so i am going to invite his wife to see her husband screaming btween my thighs

farahJun 24 2012 10:58am
Farah,whats his mother and father like? does he have any brothers or sisters? and what about you?

SaraJun 24 2012 10:58am
this guy (jamal) he is engineer he is so arrogant dont like big woman he is taller than me but thiner and not much musclar

farahJun 24 2012 11:01am
Farah,you are going to have to tell me how the wrestling match with the male from work goes? your going to destroy him! he won't know what hit him? if you want some ideas on wrestling holds to try on him i will be glad to tell you! so.whats the size of the male worker you are going to wrestle?

SaraJun 24 2012 11:03am
sara this guy will fear me after the wrestling i want to break him using my thighs

farahJun 24 2012 11:05am
Farah,maybe before you wrestle your male worker you can practice on your husband? there is nothing like practice!

SaraJun 24 2012 11:05am
because he always says that he loves western women because their thighs are nit huge as us

farahJun 24 2012 11:07am
you mean practice with my dummy HAHA

farahJun 24 2012 11:08am
Farah,you ever try a reverse head scissors? a reverse head scissors is when you have your husband or the man you are going to wrestle lie on the floor with his back on the floor you on top with you facing their legs and wrap your thighs around his head with their face almost into your ass or bottom or backside and apply pressure by squeezing! thats probably the most tremendous scissors you can do!

SaraJun 24 2012 11:14am
Farah,after you beat your male worker! maybe you have his wife have a go at him? you can use him and allow his wife to try to what you did to him!

SaraJun 24 2012 11:18am
ofcourse my husband head spend alot of time there i like it very much have you donit befor

farahJun 24 2012 11:19am
exactly this is the point after few weeks from bwating him i am sure that his wife will wretle him every day because she is also big woman

farahJun 24 2012 11:22am
Farah,i have used the reverse head scissors many times! and i have knocked out a number of men with them! because we women can produce a tremendous amount of pressure on their heads!so what are some of your favorite wrestling holds you like to apply?

SaraJun 24 2012 11:24am
sara i will go to the gym right now try to be om line after two anhalf hour so we can continue

farahJun 24 2012 11:25am
Farah,have a great work out! be glad to continue in two hours!

SaraJun 24 2012 11:27am
wow missed a lot here.. anyways good workout farah.. and sara you got any brothers?

RockwaveJun 24 2012 11:41am
Rockwave,yes i have two older brothers which are 20 and 18 years old and when i was 8 and 9 they use to pick on my a lot and were very big fans of Professional Wrestling and they thought it would be great fun to use their little sister and practice the holds they saw the professional wrestlers used and i use to cry from the painful holds they would put on me and even my parents use to think it was funny to see me cry from what my brothers use to do to me! so this went on for awhile and i stopped trying to complain to my parents because i knew it was useless! so ,when i was introduce to sports at 9 and then at 12 was introduced to weight training and i started to like i was getting stronger and i was getting muscles and in the meantime my brothers were off to college and kept lifting and getting stronger and the first time that was summer my brothers came home from college which i wasn't looking forward to because i thought they would started picking on my again! but,that all changed because of my lifting weights and getting muscles.well like i said my brothers came home and by the way i was in sweats and they had no idea what i looked like.and so as i saw them looking at their muscles i could see mine were bigger!by the way my brothers are 5'10 and 5'9 and weigh between 150-160 but no muscle! and when i saw that i knew it was my time to pay them back for all the times they picked on me now at 16 i am bigger and stronger than them and the first night they were home! they tried to pick on me and i still had my sweats on.then i started to take them off and i could see their eyes pop out of their heads! they had no idea what i have become so i spent the next two hours manhandling them and put them through the same professional wrestling holds they used on now they fear me! which i keep reminding them!

SaraJun 24 2012 1:00pm
wow sara you manhandled your 2 older brothers by yourself? and so much younger. why dont you show your parents how you felt by doing wrestling moves on them too? =p

RockwaveJun 24 2012 1:15pm
Rockwave,actually,i showed my parents a couple of weeks ago by wrestling my brothers in their presents!my father was the stunned one that his young daughter could do this to his big sons! My father was one of those guys that thought we girls couldn't get stronger then males! but,i really enjoyed showing him how wrong he is! matter of fact i am planning to challenge my father arm-wrestling and i am sure i can beat him! that would really blow his mind his little girl is now bigger and stronger than him!

SaraJun 24 2012 1:36pm
well do so and is your mother also strong or you the only one in your family?

RockwaveJun 24 2012 1:42pm
Wow great sara i am sure that your brothe learned the lesson

FarahJun 24 2012 1:47pm
Farah im coming to Egypt in September

RockwaveJun 24 2012 1:56pm
Thats great i am waiting and ready for you

FarahJun 24 2012 1:59pm
well im not ready for you.. you will be crushing me and manhandling me bad

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:01pm
Yes thats right but if you come to egypt you cant escape my advice perpare your self

FarahJun 24 2012 2:04pm
how could i prepare myself against you?

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:05pm
You should used to be under pain

FarahJun 24 2012 2:09pm
well i will try work out enough to beat you

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:12pm
Haha try your best

FarahJun 24 2012 2:15pm
im going for a fist fight =p

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:17pm
Rockwave, i am now the strongest one in my family and even my mother was shocked at what i did to her older sons and my brothers! its great to be able to turn the tables on my family! so what about you? have any brothers or sisters?

SaraJun 24 2012 2:18pm
What ever you want i just want to meet you and show you what can i do with you

FarahJun 24 2012 2:19pm
i have 1 younger brother

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:20pm
farah i feel that you are going to make me regret this =p

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:22pm
Rockwave, i hope you know what you are doing going to Egypt and challenging Farah!You don't stand a chance with her great strength and big muscles! especially if you are going to wrestle her! its going to like Farah as a cat and playing with you like a mouse!

SaraJun 24 2012 2:23pm
Farah,how was your work out at the gym? you lift weights? and do you work out along side Men at your gym ? and if do how do they react to you flexing your muscles in front of them?

SaraJun 24 2012 2:26pm
sara yes i know ill be toyed by farah.. it will definitively be like cat and mouse

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:27pm
It was great i play with musclar man but i lift more than him he was so embaressed

FarahJun 24 2012 2:30pm
Rockwave,how you going to explain the bruises all over your body to your family? because of the hurting Farah is going to cause you? and you better hope Farah doesn't break any part of your body? and can you take pain? because i have learned from wrestling men they can't take pain!

SaraJun 24 2012 2:32pm
Rockwave i will destroy you from now i feel sorry for you

FarahJun 24 2012 2:32pm
Farah,yea,i have had that experience a lot when i show the men at my gym that i can lift more then them and its great seeing men being embarrassed that a much younger girl then them can lift more than them and i love seeing their eyes pop out of their heads when i flex my biceps! i saw one wet his pants!

SaraJun 24 2012 2:36pm
well sara im going to say i got gangbanged by several gangsters

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:38pm
Farah,why would you be sorry for destroying Rockwave? he wouldn't for you! You know what a backbreaker is?

SaraJun 24 2012 2:39pm
Sara you are right men are so pusisies they cant take pain at all

FarahJun 24 2012 2:41pm
hey sara dont make things worse for me :-(

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:42pm
farah we are not pussies, we can take pain from men but not from woman like you and sara

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:44pm
Rockwave i will destroy you from now i feel sorry for you

FarahJun 24 2012 2:44pm
It was great i play with musclar man but i lift more than him he was so embaressed

FarahJun 24 2012 2:44pm
Farah,so what do you have planned for your male worker that you are going to wrestle this weds? are the rooms in your house sound proof? because if the male worker is going to scream? you are going to need a room that people can't hear him scream! you must be getting very excited and looking forward to this?

SaraJun 24 2012 2:46pm
Sara if he is going to scream every one in the street will hear him

FarahJun 24 2012 2:48pm
anf for my male worker he will be in two places at the lifted by me then throw him hardly un the floor or under my body or feet

farahJun 24 2012 2:50pm
sarah after im finished with farah ill be coming for you =p

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:51pm
rockwave trust you will stay lying at your home full week after this match

farahJun 24 2012 2:53pm
farah its going to be and your husband against you ;]

RockwaveJun 24 2012 2:58pm
sara you are so lucky cause you have brothers you are srronger than them i wish if i have one

farahJun 24 2012 2:58pm
Rockwave,how do you know Farah won't put you in the hospital all broken up? and you will be there for months! and if you are thinking coming for me next? we won't be fist fighting?and yea i would love bending your body in to positions you never thought would be possible!and we haven't gotten to the strength in my thighs!

SaraJun 24 2012 2:59pm
ROCKWAVE what a great idea i will crush you both . you will between my thighs and he will be between my arms screaming will be so loud

farahJun 24 2012 3:01pm
Farah,yea but you have a husband you can practice on? did you have any cousins?

SaraJun 24 2012 3:02pm
rockwave what do you think if me and sara wrestling you what will happened

farahJun 24 2012 3:03pm
me no but my husband have two i will invite them for wrestling they are also so weak maybe weaker than my husband

farahJun 24 2012 3:05pm
Farah,do you know what a backbreaker is? or a figure four leg lock?

SaraJun 24 2012 3:06pm
no please explain

farahJun 24 2012 3:07pm
Farah, a backbreaker is when you take your husband or the worker you are going to wrestle! you lift them over head with them facing the ceiling and place their back on your shoulders! you take one hand place it under his neck or chest near his head and the other hand on his legs and pull down on his body and sort of bend their back over your shoulder or you can use your knee and place his back on your knee and pull down on his chest under his neck and one on his legs and push down! your husband or your worker male will feel if you are breaking his back! try it on your husband tonight for practice!

SaraJun 24 2012 3:17pm
today after i come back from the gym i was in mood to sqeezw so i sqeeze (amer) my husband bear hug trraped him between my thihgs as usual he said i did nothing wrong i told him no ust practice after 20 min of crushing he went to sleep he find sleeping the safest thing he can do hahaha

farahJun 24 2012 3:19pm
Farah,if you learn this the backbreaker you will have any man that you put in this screaming!

SaraJun 24 2012 3:20pm
yes i know it i do it to my husband yesterday but i use the knee what about the other one

farahJun 24 2012 3:21pm
thats why his back hurting him

farahJun 24 2012 3:22pm
Farah,you sure you didn't make him sleep through putting through your bear hugs or squeezing him with your thighs? and i am sure you could do that!

SaraJun 24 2012 3:23pm
no he sleep to aviod my next practice

farahJun 24 2012 3:27pm
sara you should see the face for the one who prctice with him at the gym first i lift more than him in squt this is normal then bicebs he was shocked but when i kift more than him at chest he was so embarresed so he left the gym

farahJun 24 2012 3:34pm
Farah, iam going to leave the figure four leg lock for some other time! i am trying to figure out to explain it to you but i can tell you other holds if you like?

SaraJun 24 2012 3:43pm
okay if you know somthing new i can use in it my big thighs

farahJun 24 2012 3:46pm
so i think we lost the guys maybe they are scared

farahJun 24 2012 3:48pm
Farah,guys are all talk and when it comes down to the real thing like trying to wrestle as girls they chicken out! you know about camel clutches or boston crabs?

SaraJun 24 2012 3:52pm
yes i know aboutclutches qnd boston crabs . i know guys are afraid of meeting us cause they know how it will end

farahJun 24 2012 3:56pm
Farah,he is one you can use with your thighs! upside down bear hug with your legs around his head! you flip your husband or the male worker upside down with your arms around his stomach and back and place his head between you thighs and squeeze! they won't know whats happening to them!

SaraJun 24 2012 3:57pm
Farah,thats okay that the men are scared of us! its about time men fear us women! but,it doesn't mean you can use these wrestling holds on the men? it doesn't stop me!

SaraJun 24 2012 4:00pm
wow this is pefect move i love it tomorrow i will try it and iys easy specially if tha men is thin thank you very much

farahJun 24 2012 4:03pm
i love when i meet someone afraid from me if he comes to egypt i will break him the only thing he will see my thighs and the hospital

farahJun 24 2012 4:05pm
well sara im just joking.. im a no match for you and the 2 of you against me? ill probably get killed

RockwaveJun 24 2012 4:10pm
Farah,anytime i can give you ideas!and yea i would be very surprised if Rockwave really shows up in Egypt to take you on?but,you never know! whats the most you ever really hurt a man wrestling or squeezing him with your thighs? i bet its very scary for the men you scissor to feel the pressure you can produce?

SaraJun 24 2012 4:14pm
Rockwave,you better be scared of Farah because of all the things or wrestling holds i am teaching her!

SaraJun 24 2012 4:17pm
sara at university i wrestled someone and broke two of his rips another time i broke some one hand and many of guyslost their consciousness

farahJun 24 2012 4:20pm
i am sara.. i prefer you as you are younger and less of a threat =p

RockwaveJun 24 2012 4:20pm
ROCKWAVE sara or me nothing will change same result

farahJun 24 2012 4:25pm
sara is weaker

RockwaveJun 24 2012 4:26pm
Rockwave,how you know i would be less of a threat? i have wrestled bigger guys than you and have beaten them!

SaraJun 24 2012 4:28pm
i followed this poll from the other one. im like rockwve and matt, amazed by yous giant women. sorry for the writing, english is not my first language

GabrielJun 24 2012 4:29pm
sara i never said you cant beat me, you could manhandle me easily with one hand aswell. you are much superior to me in strength.

RockwaveJun 24 2012 4:31pm
Gabriel,welcome! whats your story? ever wrestled or felt girl's muscles?

SaraJun 24 2012 4:32pm
hello gabriel but are you also small thin and weak

farahJun 24 2012 4:32pm
i followed this poll from the other one. im like rockwve and matt, amazed by yous giant women. sorry for the writing, english is not my first language

GabrielJun 24 2012 4:32pm
Rockwave,i love proving to guys like you that you are wrong that i can't over power you with my strength and muscles!

SaraJun 24 2012 4:34pm
sara i am sure if you wrestl rackwaver you will destroy him

farahJun 24 2012 4:36pm
hi sara. i am from qu?bec and all my life i have been around bigger women. i have some girl muscles but i am shy and do not tell them how beautiful they are

GabrielJun 24 2012 4:37pm
Farah,you see there are weak small men like Rockwave,your husband,Gabriel and Matt! You and could take on all these men and they would never beat us women!

SaraJun 24 2012 4:38pm
but i already admitted that sara is stronger than me.. sara is to strong for me. she could take on 3 of me at the same time

RockwaveJun 24 2012 4:39pm
sara when i wrestle theis weak men i dont consider it wrestling match i sse it as practice having fun they arent at our level at all

farahJun 24 2012 4:43pm
GABRIEL you shouldnt be shy big musclar woman like it when some guy tell them that there muscles are prety

farahJun 24 2012 4:46pm
Farah,don't you like proving men a wrong about how strong and powerful we women are?

SaraJun 24 2012 4:47pm
SARA the only thing i like to pove it to men that they are soooooooo weak and i have unlimited power

farahJun 24 2012 4:49pm
Gabriel,you have any sisters that are bigger and stronger than you? and like i said have you ever felt a girl's muscle or wrestle one?

SaraJun 24 2012 4:51pm
in qu?bec many women go for bigger men farah. not all like me being smaller than them and it is difficult to know before you tell them

GabrielJun 24 2012 4:51pm
so farah you believe you could take on me, matt, gabriel and your husband at same time?

RockwaveJun 24 2012 4:51pm
Farah,you looking forward to beating and humalitating your male worker? and what are you going to do to him? and have you ever invited his wife to work out with you?

SaraJun 24 2012 4:54pm
i have felt some girls muscles sara and i like it very much. i have also wrestled girls in high school because the gym teacher felt i was too small to wrestle men.

GabrielJun 24 2012 4:54pm
ROCKWAVE if all of you like my husband yes i can but if tou are stronger than him i dont know plus i dont know gabriel size

farahJun 24 2012 4:54pm
Rockwave,yea Farah could take all four of you and beat you! with her great strength and big muscles you would be no match!

SaraJun 24 2012 4:57pm
SARA THIS WILL BE SO humaliting for him i invired his wife to watch me beating her husband she likes the idea i cant wait

farahJun 24 2012 4:58pm
Farah,i bet you could put all four in a bear hug and squeeze them and make them scream like a little baby! and probably lift all four together!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:00pm
well heres my stats: HEIGHT 1.80cm WEIGHT 65 kgs BICEPS: 25cm, THIGHS 45CM AND CHEST 80cm

RockwaveJun 24 2012 5:00pm
ya i can squeeze four of them in bear hug my arms are huge and maybe i wii put each two trapped in one thigh

farahJun 24 2012 5:06pm
Farah,you go and destroy your male worker and show his wife you can do? any chance your male worker won't chicken out?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:07pm
fara i am 5 foot 6 inches and i weigh 109 pounds

gabrielJun 24 2012 5:10pm
please do not laugh

gabrielJun 24 2012 5:11pm
sara you are underestimating man to much

RockwaveJun 24 2012 5:11pm
sara i dont know as you said they are all chicken but i hope not cause i am so excited any if he dosent show i know where he lives i will go there and wrestling him there

farahJun 24 2012 5:11pm
both my parents are small people and this is why i am small.

GabrielJun 24 2012 5:12pm
Gabriel,there are strong muscle girls like me like small shy and skinny boys and i am sure there are girls like that where you live!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:13pm
no i wll not gabriel dont be sad many men in these days look like you

farahJun 24 2012 5:15pm
gabriel how old are you?

farahJun 24 2012 5:16pm
Farah,it might be better to wrestle your male worker at their house than you won't have to worry about breaking anything at your home!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:16pm
there are some girls sara but not all are like that. i have dated a few of them and i am lucky to find they dated me. i am 19 sara

GabrielJun 24 2012 5:21pm
SARA i like to wrestle at my home because the room of the house is small so i will catch him faster and where ever he goes there are walls i like to crush the men between the wall and my body

farahJun 24 2012 5:21pm
Farah,maybe thats really going to be the future between us women and the men? we are going to be bigger and stronger than them and the men are going to be weak and small? and women like you and me are going to be the normal to where we women will rule them and if they don't like it we will squash them!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:23pm
GABRIEL i am also one of the women who likes small men an i married one of them i am syre you will find big musclar woman who loves you

farahJun 24 2012 5:25pm
sara i need some advice

RockwaveJun 24 2012 5:26pm
gabriel,do you have any good qualties about you? what are your strengths?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:27pm
haha i like this future looks fine for me. woman will crush men

farahJun 24 2012 5:28pm
Rockwave,glad to give you advice if i can help you?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:29pm
Farah,whats the future for your husband?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:31pm
Gabriel,there are strong muscle girls like me like small shy and skinny boys and i am sure there are girls like that where you live!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:32pm
Farah,you go and destroy your male worker and show his wife you can do? any chance your male worker won't chicken out?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:32pm
sara i am nice and quiet. i am not very strong but i clean good since i have done this since i was little. i like to read and play games. i am very funny but only in french lol

GabrielJun 24 2012 5:32pm
i want to tell my girlfriend to come onto this site so she can see she can also beat men but dont know how to say it to her

RockwaveJun 24 2012 5:33pm
i think he will be becom weaker and he suffer between my thighs to the rest of his life

farahJun 24 2012 5:34pm
Rockwave,just be honest to your girlfriend and tell her about this site! what is your girlfriend like? she like Farah and me? and do you wrestle her? she stronger than you?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:43pm
Farah,after weds you are going to have to tell us what happen to your male worker and how his wife reacted to you beating him and make him scream!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:46pm
she is smaller than me but she is stronger. dont know if she knows that though. she is 5.1 and weighs 110 pounds

RockwaveJun 24 2012 5:48pm
ofcourse as soon as i finish from him i will post here

farahJun 24 2012 5:49pm
Rockwave,even small girls like your girlfriend can be strong! you ever hear great things can come in small strong girls! i bet her legs and thighs can cause you to scream in pain from her squeezing you! You to ever try arm-wrestling with her?

SaraJun 24 2012 5:52pm
no we were going to before for fun but i avoided it

RockwaveJun 24 2012 5:56pm
Every body,i go off on-line soon to go to bed! i get up early tomorrow to go to the gym! farah i also lift for 2 and a half hours and do cardio for an hour! five -six times a week!

SaraJun 24 2012 5:58pm
good for you keep going

farahJun 24 2012 5:59pm
Rockwave,its more fun when you can share with your girlfriend what you like! and i am sure she is going to like being stronger than you! than you won't have to go to Egypt and face Farah and come back a broken man and trying to explain to your girlfriend what happen to you?

SaraJun 24 2012 6:01pm
you right but how can i open this topic with her?

RockwaveJun 24 2012 6:03pm
haha good advice sara ROCKWAVER if you want i can train it for you

farahJun 24 2012 6:04pm
Rockwave,just tell her about the topic or go up on YouTube and show her a mixed wrestling video and see how she reacts to seeing to watching a girl beat a male! Then tell her about this site! and show her our answers!

SaraJun 24 2012 6:07pm
ok, ill send her the link to this poll now. and better not get trained by either of you farah and sara as she will become a man destroyer

RockwaveJun 24 2012 6:10pm

FARAHJun 24 2012 6:11pm
i wish you luck too rockwave. hope your gf become big and strong for you.

GabrielJun 24 2012 6:15pm
so i suppose my bf nickname is rockwave?

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:18pm
Rockwave,you might not be able to stop her from Farah and i training her when she learns what kind of fun she can have being stronger than you?but,isn't what you want?

SaraJun 24 2012 6:18pm
gabriel tell me do you want a girlfriend who wrestle and beat you

farahJun 24 2012 6:18pm
Sofia,are you rockwave's girlfriend?

SaraJun 24 2012 6:20pm
sara i dont want her to be as strong as you and farah

RockwaveJun 24 2012 6:21pm
yes sofia is my girlfriend

RockwaveJun 24 2012 6:23pm
the biggest girlfriend i had was 5`8`` and 163 pounds. she was not biggest girl i had ever seen, but very much the biggest girlfriend. she would pick me up and make me put my legs around her and kiss her. she would dress me in her clothes sometimes too. always they were much to big for me.

GabrielJun 24 2012 6:24pm
Rockwave,was that your girlfriend Sofia?

SaraJun 24 2012 6:24pm
yes Farah i would like that.

gabrielJun 24 2012 6:24pm
rockwave now you tell her the truth and its her decission

farahJun 24 2012 6:27pm
Rockwave,why are you scared that Farah and i are going to get stronger than you? but,you got to remember Farah and i have had years to lifting and getting bigger and stronger! it would probably take your girlfriend a long time to catch up to us?

SaraJun 24 2012 6:28pm
so RW that's how you felt? I knew I was stronger than you even though you do karate but thought you would be embarrassed if I beat you in strength

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:29pm
sara im not scared that you will get stronger than me as you both already are. farah must be one of the strongest human on earth and you are too

RockwaveJun 24 2012 6:31pm
Sofia,you stronger than your boyfriend Rockwave?whats the strength in your thighs and legs like? because most girls or women are pound for pound stronger than a man's! and for me and Farah the strength we have is tremendous!

SaraJun 24 2012 6:34pm
i wouldnt mind as long as it is in private you beat me.

RockwaveJun 24 2012 6:34pm
Sara what does my legs have to do with me being bigger? I wont be able to kick if they are tremendous

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:37pm
Sofia,we women are pound for pound stronger than a man's and we women are the stronger sex and men are the weak sex!and i am sure you believe that too?

SaraJun 24 2012 6:39pm
Well Sara, I am smaller than RW and am stronger than him. My sister does martial arts and taught me aswell and so I know how to fight. I been reading from the other poll about wrestling, as if like that show smackdown?

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:43pm
Sofia,we women our legs are pound for pound stronger than men's! we can squat more leg press more and when we know how to use them in leg locks like scissors men can't get out of them unless we let them! take me i can weight squat 335 pounds can leg press 750 pounds and there are a lot of men that can't do that!

SaraJun 24 2012 6:44pm
rockwave as your girlfriend now will take care of you , so peace you are free to visit egypt without challange

farahJun 24 2012 6:46pm
I need to know more about this leg-lock and scissors

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:46pm
Sofia,no the wrestling isn't like smackdown and i wrestle men for real and i beat them! and i think its great you take martial arts and your sister is teaching you! but,no we girls do wrestle men for real and beating them! he we have girls wrestling in high schools against the boys and beating them!

SaraJun 24 2012 6:50pm
Farah what do you mean free to visit Egypt without challenge?

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:50pm
sofia, a scissors is when you put your legs around a man and cross them together then you squeeze. his body or head should be between your thighs. bigger your thighs more intimidating for men.

GabrielJun 24 2012 6:51pm
Ok then Sara, what kind of wrestling is the one you talking about?

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:51pm
rockwve at first wants to visit egypt to wrestle me then he quit so i told him no wrestling match no egypt this is it

farahJun 24 2012 6:53pm
Sofia,leg locks are scissors and if you know how to do scissors your boyfriend better watch out! and Farah and i will be glad to tell you anything you want to know about scissor holds!

SaraJun 24 2012 6:54pm
So he was planning on coming to Egypt without talking to me first? I will have a word with him tommorow. Thanks Gabriel will be trying it tommorow :p

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:55pm
Thanks Sara, please explain how this wrestling thing works as I love the idea of the scissors

sofiaJun 24 2012 6:57pm
guys always scared the first time they get scissored by girls. i was!

GabrielJun 24 2012 6:59pm
Sofia, i use college type wrestling and free style with using my great strength and muscles! i use alot of power wrestling moves! i am that strong i can lift a man over head and when i use my thighs in scissor holds i can be very scary for the men i wrestle!

SaraJun 24 2012 6:59pm
Ok thanks Sara, after i finish beating him in a fight I will take it down to the floor with wrestling. Wow I really like this change. Its nice knowing that females have become the stronger sex

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:02pm
welcome to the club sofia but tomorrow dont go so hard with him maybe he cant take it

farahJun 24 2012 7:04pm
Sofia,i think your boyfriend was kidding go to Egypt to take on Farah or maybe not? If rockwave goes to face Farah he will come back broken up and need medical help! you should let Farah tell you about her physical body1 she has 16 inch arms and 29 inch thighs and is very very strong and loves crushing men and let them scream!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:05pm
Sofia,i think your boyfriend was kidding go to Egypt to take on Farah or maybe not? If rockwave goes to face Farah he will come back broken up and need medical help! you should let Farah tell you about her physical body1 she has 16 inch arms and 29 inch thighs and is very very strong and loves crushing men and let them scream!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:05pm
sara, what is the most impressive or scariest thing you could do to me? I am 5`6`` and 109 lbs.

GabJun 24 2012 7:06pm
Farah he was going on a trip to you without informing me. He is going to pay :)

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:06pm
sure he was kidding he was too scared

farahJun 24 2012 7:07pm
Well now he will be scared of me. If males like being weaker then us females them I'll start kicking ass

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:10pm
Sofia,just put it this way after Farah and i teach you about how to manhandle Rockwave and we teach you about scissor holds you will be able to get Rockwave to do anything for you or you will teach him that you are to be feared and he will have to listen to anything you say!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:11pm
sofia this is how i treat my husband

farahJun 24 2012 7:12pm
what about you farah? what is the most impressive or scariest thing you could do to me?

gabJun 24 2012 7:13pm
gab if i want to hug you i will break you i weigh 78 kg can you take it

farahJun 24 2012 7:15pm
Sofia,once you learn what its like to over power a man like your boyfriend rockwave a man in wrestling and know how to use your legs in scissor holds! its a very over wheleming feeling that will go through you!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:16pm
Thanks, I can manage but more power wont harm

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:18pm
Sofia,Farah and i can teach also some wrestling moves you will enjoy using on Rockwave or other men if you like?

SaraJun 24 2012 7:19pm
sofia men who like to be weaker than woman also like to be himulated by woman

farahJun 24 2012 7:22pm
sofia,like i said Farah and i will glad to teach you anything you want to learn! and you can practice on Rockwave!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:22pm
I'm on the left Sara

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:23pm
fara, how do I turn 78kg into pounds?

gabJun 24 2012 7:27pm
GAB i think it is between 175 -180

farahJun 24 2012 7:29pm
sofia,WoW! and thanks for the photo of you!

saraJun 24 2012 7:34pm
oh. that is a lot bigger than my ex-girlfriend farah. she liked math and we had calculated that she was 149% of my weight. you must be even more than that. i never measured my biceps and thighs and stuff before. should i do that?

gabrielJun 24 2012 7:36pm
every body, i am finally going off on-line! talk to you all tomorrow! and Sofia i hope you come back as often as you want and tell us whats happening between you and Rockwave!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:37pm
Goodnight Sara, I will come back on tomorrow with the news. Going to go wake him up now I try the stuff I learnt

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:39pm
And everybody once we fill this poll up we will go to next one above this one!

SaraJun 24 2012 7:39pm
i think rockwave nght will be long and tough

farahJun 24 2012 7:39pm
So Farah how much is 16 inches?

sofiaJun 24 2012 7:41pm
Sofia 16 inches is 39 cm

FarahJun 25 2012 1:51am
Sofia 16 inches is 39 cm

FarahJun 25 2012 1:51am
Sofia 16 inches is 39 cm

FarahJun 25 2012 1:51am
Gab i was wrong 78 kg is 172 pounds

FarahJun 25 2012 1:52am
Wow Farah you have huge muscles. Even men don't have such big muscles

sofiaJun 25 2012 2:20am
Thanks sofia i have big muscles cause of my work . Sofia trust me men become weaker and weaker every day women will overpower them in every did you have a word with rockwave

FarahJun 25 2012 2:26am
Yes we had nice match last night

sofiaJun 25 2012 2:31am
Sofia did you overpower him? Did you use the moves that sara told you about. If you did it did you like the feeling . and how was rockwave reaction

FarahJun 25 2012 2:44am
Well I went there and woke him up. Pulled him towards me and wrapped my legs around his waist. It was so amazing how strong my legs are. He was screaming in pain but I wouldn't stop putting more pressure. I even saw tears coming out of his eyes. Female are much superior to men

sofiaJun 25 2012 2:53am
Wow sofia great start i am impresed you make him cry from the first time . I think you will have future in this cause your legs will become stronger after every time . Good for you

FarahJun 25 2012 2:59am
Thanks Sara, I think I might be sending him over to you for a wrestling match

sofiaJun 25 2012 3:02am
Sorry I mean Farah

sofiaJun 25 2012 3:04am
Haha as you i like sofia but i must tell you i could send him back brocken

FarahJun 25 2012 3:06am
Don't mind. He will break with me to :p

sofiaJun 25 2012 3:11am
Ok this is getting out of hand. you woman are becoming to strong these days. farah sara and now my gf

RockwaveJun 25 2012 3:19am
Rochwave this is normal you are men soooooo weak you should know that women are on top I will be so glad if sofia send you to egypt

FarahJun 25 2012 3:28am
rockwave, you are lucky you are as strong as you are. in the future men will be even smaller than you and it will be that much easier for women. for now they are often still shorter but when it is normal for them to be taller and heavier than us there won't be anything we can do. we will be like women used to be. we will be smaller, weaker, the new second sex.

gabJun 25 2012 4:45am
it is not all bad from my experience. im smaller than you and some are women very kind and caring to me. very few have actually hurt me. they will be better to us smaller men than we were to them when we were bigger. you and i just need to do like sara said and have qualitys and strengths(not real strength) that women like. farah, 172 pounds is still very big you must be a beautiful woman.

gabJun 25 2012 4:51am
i measured myself like yous guys, rockwave, sara and farah, and my numbers are not very big. i hope in future men are small, but maybe not as small as me. HEIGHT: 5'6''/ , WEIGHT: 109 pounds. BICEPS: 9 inches. THIGHS: 16 inches. CHEST: 31 inches.

gabJun 25 2012 4:59am
farah, i transferred it to metric for you. HEIGHT: 167cm. WEIGHT: 49KG. BICEP: 23cm. THIGH: 40cm. CHEST: 78cm. i figured out that 2.2 pounds is 1 kg and that 1 inch is 2.54cm. i know, im very small. but, if i were put next to you women i would make yous more beautiful. you would be amazon.

GabrielJun 25 2012 5:05am
GAB thanks for thinking me very beautiful . but OMG in some parts i am almost twice as you . gab i already feel like amazone when i stand next to my husband he is small but not like you

farahJun 25 2012 5:38am
girls i just want to say there is nothing like come back home after hard day of working pinned your husband crush him between your thighs then 45 min of worship your muscles and all the stress and tired will gone

farahJun 25 2012 7:00am
Sofia,great job on squeezing your Boyfriend Rockwave!and i knew you would enjoy using your legs on him with a scissors hold! it must of feel over powering for you knowing you have complete control over Rockwave?

SaraJun 25 2012 10:52am
Listen every body when we can't comment any more on this poll go to the one above this one! i will put my name on it so you can find it!

SaraJun 25 2012 10:54am
farah,how is your husband with massages?after beating him you should order him to give you a massage and if doesn't do a good job you crush him between your thighs!

SaraJun 25 2012 10:59am
SARA amer my husband he is doing one thing in his life in a good way massaging me since the day we got married and every day i have two hours of massage neck shoulder back thigh feet ofcource it is not easy for him because i am full of muscles but its his duity but i should be fair he is good at this

farahJun 25 2012 11:17am
poll title?

DavidJun 25 2012 11:19am
Farah,it seems we have got Sofia interested in what we are doing to men wrestling them and beating them and have them cry and screaming! i knew we would get her hooked! Once Sofia had a go at Rockwave with her legs in a scissors hold she would enjoy to!

SaraJun 25 2012 11:30am
sara tody i practice i did the up side down bear-hug its very easy and very effective and also i learned how to choke him by anckles or feet after you barried his hands with your thighs its very good case its reduce his oxygin so he lose his power

farahJun 25 2012 11:36am
SARA every day their is new woman becom intrested on beating their men its only matter of time and you will see all the women in the world doing this

farahJun 25 2012 11:39am
Farah,you know it would be better if Sofia comes to visit you instead of Rockwave and you could train Sofia and won't that be a real trip if that happen? then it would be Rockwaves biggest night-mare!

SaraJun 25 2012 11:49am
Farah,well done on the upside down bear hug! you try it on your husband? and what did you think about this wrestling hold? I have used the upside down bear hug on a lot of men and i have also knocked out men doing that hold!

SaraJun 25 2012 11:54am
yes sara you are so right i wish i can help other woman in this and they can come both so we will do out training on rockwave i really wish if that hapened

farahJun 25 2012 11:55am
SARA yes i did it to my husband i was so fast so he didnt know where is he

farahJun 25 2012 11:57am
Farah, i also wrestled a man today after i got done lifting weights! i wrestled a much older man and i put him in holds after holds and made him scream beg and cry and then i finally knocked him out with a standing head scissors!

SaraJun 25 2012 12:01pm
Farah,does your husband ever give you a fight or is he much to weak to give you a fight? you ever knock out your husband?

SaraJun 25 2012 12:04pm
WOW sara this is great did you beat him in public i am so roud of you , you have a great future in wrestling try to find some one like him every just to practice

farahJun 25 2012 12:04pm
Farah, i wonder if Rockwave is going to allow Sofia to come back and talk with us?

SaraJun 25 2012 12:06pm
SARA he tries his best but i dont feel any thing he becomes so weak almost every day i knock out him but after few days it will be other men tern

farahJun 25 2012 12:08pm
SARA sofia is strong woman she was befor in fighting and now in wrestling but i am not sure if she allowes him to come back

farahJun 25 2012 12:10pm
Farah,i wrestled the older man in a private room at my gym and the room is sound proof so he could cry scream and beg as much as he wanted because no one could hear him! and yes i love using my strength and muscles on men wrestling!

SaraJun 25 2012 12:11pm
farah,once we can't comment on this one we will go to the one above this one and i have my name on it already! and i love talking to you!i fill like you are older sister i never had and Sofia as well!

SaraJun 25 2012 12:16pm
what holds did you use over him?

farahJun 25 2012 12:16pm
thanks you are really my sis

farahJun 25 2012 12:18pm
Farah,the man i wrestled was a little bigger and weighed a little more than your husband!the wrestling holds i used on the man was bear hugs,camel clutches.airplane spin, ever tried that one? the airplane spin is you put your husband on your shoulders and you spin around with your husband on your shoulder! and i used a double hold a full-nelson and body scissors and then i moved my legs down around his hip and stretch his neck and stomach to where he feels like he is being pulled apart! you ever tried that one?

SaraJun 25 2012 12:29pm
sara you are fantastic yes i know this one but sara you are the new men destroyer i can imagin how he was screaming and beging

farahJun 25 2012 12:33pm
sara iam on situation where i becoma addicted to wrestle men yesterday i couldnt sleep befor i squeeze my hubby in bear-hug then lyed on above of him and give him the grassive by the he was sleeping do you think i need a doc

farahJun 25 2012 12:37pm
Farah,you ever when wrestling your husband or put him in wrestling holds go over to a mirror and watch your self doing these things to your husband? if you haven't you need to try it because it will blow your mind watching yourself!

SaraJun 25 2012 12:38pm
when i lift him we go to the mirror but never see my self wrestling but i will try it tonight

farahJun 25 2012 12:41pm
farah,no you don't need a doctor for you liking to wrestle men! besides what would you tell him? and if he didn't believe you? you would have to wrestle the doctor so he believe you! no you don't need a doctor! just go to your gym and invite the men at your gym to wrestle them or your workers!

SaraJun 25 2012 12:43pm
sara i am so excited about wed wrestling i promise you that this man will go to the hospital directlly

farahJun 25 2012 12:47pm
farah,is the male worker going to be missed at work? because if you put him in the hospital it might be awhile for you have him come back to work or he will be to embarrassed to come back to work after you destroy him!

SaraJun 25 2012 12:53pm
SARA he is a big jerk i am sure that he will leave the company after i beat him he has alot of what they called (male eggo) which i will daestroy

farahJun 25 2012 12:56pm
today he saw me while i was ljfting heavy stuff at work i wear short and a cut shirt so he saw my muscles he was shocked i saw the fear in his eys

farahJun 25 2012 12:59pm
Farah,i wish i could be there to watch you wrestle and destroy your male worker! you might want to cover your furniture with something so you don't get his blood on your furiture!

SaraJun 25 2012 1:03pm
Farah,don't knock your male worker so soon! you might want t take it slow so you can enjoy destroying him slowly and enjoy it more!

SaraJun 25 2012 1:07pm
i will remove the firniture to another and i buy a rubber carpet he told me its more safe with carpet i said you will be broken any way

farahJun 25 2012 1:09pm
i cant promise sara when i wretle a male i become very voilent but i will try i want to take a lot of time

farahJun 25 2012 1:12pm
Farah,what is your male workers size you are wrestling?

SaraJun 25 2012 1:12pm
high 180 cm weigh 70 kg he isnt musclar but he is in a good shape he says he play karate

farahJun 25 2012 1:18pm
Farah,so the wrestling match with your male worker is going to be interesting if he takes karate? but,my money is on you that you are going to destroy him!

SaraJun 25 2012 1:28pm
wish to be intersting i miss strong man who can be competetive with me any i will destroy him

farahJun 25 2012 1:36pm
No I can post but today we wre busy wrestling and fighting that we left this site

sofiaJun 25 2012 2:10pm
sofia,if your comment doesn't get printed here go to the poll above this one and you will see my name but until then we will keep commenting on this one!

SaraJun 25 2012 2:15pm
So sofia how was it do you have fun

FarahJun 25 2012 2:34pm
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