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With all other criteria being equal (health, activity, etc.), is a fat girl stronger than the average girl (or guy)?

Question: The average girl nowadays is pretty strong and the average guy, of course, is very strong. However, with all other criteria being equal such as health, physical activity, etc., many fat girls pack plenty of power!!! I myself have seen fat girls demonstrate incredible strength. Is this strength among fat girls more the rule or more the exception? Is a fat girl, as a rule (exceptions notwithstanding), actually stronger than the average girl? Is she, indeed, even stronger than the average guy?
Created by: Health advocate at 07:00:34 AM, Sunday, September 20, 2009 PDT


Just because she is fat does not make her stronger than the average girl let alone man. What makes her stronger is muscle not fat. Fatness in a muscular woman comes about when she becomes unfit.

hymatNov 07 2009 1:43pm

Most fat women and most fat girls have big muscles. They need bigger muscles than skinny women AND EVEN SKINNY MEN LIKE ME in order to carry their extra bodyweight around. That's why most fat women and most fat girls are bigger and stronger than I am (I am a really skinny guy!!!).

A Really Skinny GuyJul 10 2010 2:14pm
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