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Which of these three types of girls does the average guy REALLY go for? A fat girl, a skinny girl or an average girl?

Question: Which does he REALLY prefer?
Created by: COOLGUY at 04:55:03 PM, Saturday, September 26, 2009 PDT


I think an average girl, although a skinny girl could be just as attractive. I think only a minority of men would go for the fat girl.

hymatApr 23 2010 9:01am

I think the best looking girl has super thick legs and a huge perfectly round butt, leading up to a well filled out nice soft stomach (but not too huge or with any overhang or "love handles".) and massive huge perfectly round bouncy breasts. Her legs should be as thick at the knees as they are at the hips.

Fat is where it's at.Sep 18 2014 10:31pm
One of my girlfriends was really skinny. After she has start serious working out she became bigger and bigger with visible muscles and nowadays she’s bigger and stronger than me. I think nowadays it’s not uncommon that guys go for taller and bigger girls. I see more and more often couples were she is bigger and stronger than him. I’m also smaller and weaker than my current girlfriend.

Henni Aug 18 2020 11:31pm
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