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Have you being lifted/picked up by an small kid ?

Question: Can an 6 year old lift you ? Show picture
Created by: Pitoraq at 12:39:33 AM, Monday, October 05, 2009 PDT


I am a very skinny guy and I am slightly over six feet tall. In fact, I am so skinny that I actually weigh less than the majority of ALL women (not just heavyset women!!!). However, if a 6-year-old boy or a 6-year-old girl ever lifted me up, especially in front of others, I would be awfully embarrassed!!! I had one short heavyset girlfriend who lifted me over her head. However, she was an adult, not a child. When I was on a flight to Rome (Italy) awhile back, there was this 10-year-old American girl who claimed that she could lift 100 lbs over her head. She was actually BRAGGING!!! Judging from her small size, I found that impossible to believe. My girlfriend (the one who lifted me over her head) was short (quite a bit shorter than me) but she was BIG!!! She lifted me over her head because she was big enough to lift me over her head. She was not small like that 10-year-old girl. Perhaps that girl could do it now but that would only be because she is now an adult herself.

A guy who was never lifted by a small childOct 06 2009 5:45pm

I was front lifted by a 14 yr old girl of my neigbour, I am 32 yrs old

KaushikNov 11 2009 9:57am

loloJun 22 2010 10:56am
I am a woman of 39 years had an afternoon with my daughter and a friend of 12 years, I was on the beach in their water. I called them to go away , I saw that they were told something and the friend of my daughter came to me and I was raised in cardle lift and brought in water from my daughter. I was shocked speechless and dumb , my daughter said, mom we talked about doing this but I was sure it was a joke I did not think that my friend did it truly and above all I was sure that he could not lift you up ! Meanwhile, his friend continued to hold me in your arms ! it was embarrassing , I felt like the little girl ! I said : In fact, I was speechless I also thought I could not do that and instead is so strong not only lifted me up and brought here , it 's going to hold me in your arms ! ! the boy calmly said, it's easy because you're light and you'll see that even now I have the strength to get you back on the beach. and so he did. my daughter and we stayed really shocked by the force of the boy

AnonymousJan 07 2014 3:01am
fantasitc!! another story??

AnonymousApr 11 2014 5:23am
I'm 15 and 125 lbs. I don't know about a 6 year old, but my friend's 10 year old brother who's maybe 80 lbs carried me recently. He had me stand on a chair and lean over his shoulders. He slowly grabbed my legs and took me across the room fireman-carry style. Not for very long but it was still amazing.

C.P.Jul 24 2014 3:29pm
I had a play fight with my 8 year old son niece, and it got kinda embarrassing. I was 17, but I wasn't picked up, I was squeezed. We had this play fight, totally harmless, and when we finished I was out of breathe and fell to the ground on my back tired. My eyes was closed when I felt her on my stomach, as I tried to get up she pushed my head back onto the floor with her bottom. She then got me in a 69 position, and to make things worse, she wrapped her legs my head really tightly and she squeezed my face so hard. I was shocked at how strong a 8 year olds legs were, I was gasping for breathe. I screamed for her to stop squeezing as I felt I could be out cold any minute. It was so humiliating, and she kept taunting me saying,"your so big and strong, why are you screaming like a little girl". After she said that it really got me aroused, and I had a massive boner. It was so humiliating.

ewew Nov 22 2014 7:00am
i'm 42 years old and with my sorprise i was lifted by my son's friend. he is 12 years old

AnonymousSep 20 2017 4:43am

BobNov 15 2019 9:52am
I am a mom who is a dwarf and only reached 3'9" in height. I knew I would be smaller than my children but my son ended up being super tall to me. By 8 years old he could lift me up to hug him. I was only to his shoulders in height. Soon he towered over me and I was looking straight up to him. He started lifting me for hugs or to put me on his lap. It would of been embarrassing but he always did it out of love. We just recently went to a water park and we were in the wave pool and he held me on his hip like a child. It was so funny.

KatNov 15 2019 10:17am

anonymousFeb 04 2020 7:35am
This happened to me last week. I'm 17, but I'm only 5 foot 2 and 90 lbs, very skinny and scrawny, just skin and bones with no muscles or fat. I had to babysit my 8-year-old gymnast cousin one night, I hadn't seen her in about a year but her family had just moved to the town I live in and she was about to start in the elementary school connected to the high school I go to. I was shocked when I saw her for the first time, she had grown a lot in the last year, turning from a normal looking kid to an athletic prodigy with thick musclebound arms and a great-pack. After a couple of hours she asked me to give her a piggy-back ride, but I could hardly lift her. She could climb onto my back, but I just fell over after a few steps. My cousin was disappointed, and she suggested that she try to lift me. I eventually agreed, and my cousin stood up on a chair facing me, so her head was a little higher than mine. I was a bit confused about what she was doing, but then she put both her hands under my armpits and started to lift. I laughed, but then suddenly fell silent as I felt my feet rising off the ground. To my shock, I found myself hoisted high into the air, looking down at this smiling 8-year-old girl.

KeithMay 29 2020 11:20am
My cousin was shocked as well, shocked at how easy it was to lift me. She was laughing while she lowered and raised me repeatedly, marveling at how light I was. I started struggling and telling her to put me down, but instead she threw me over one of her shoulders and hopped off the chair. I was slung over her shoulder with my head facing backwards, and she was so short that it was almost touching the ground. My cousin walked over to a full-length mirror on the wall while I was struggled, and then she reached into her pocket and took out her phone. I could see what she was about to do and I started to beg her not to, but she just laughed. She posed in front of the mirror while carrying me over her shoulder, secured with one of her arms, and holding her phone in the other, and took several photos. I was trying to escape, but nothing I did made any difference. Eventually she switched to video and recorded a few minutes of my struggling. Then she told me she'd put me down if I agreed to say what she wanted me to say. I had to say to the camera that I was a weak little kitten and she was stronger than me, along with a bunch of other embarrassing stuff. Then she put me down, and wasted no time putting the photos and the videos on the internet. I didn't even try to stop her, she would have just beat me up and probably recorded it as well. I was really nice to her for the rest of the day, doing whatever she told me to, just to stay on her good side. The one time I refused, she just smiled at me and flexed her bicep, and that was enough to scare me into obedience. My entire school had seen the photos and the video by the next day.

KeithMay 29 2020 11:32am
I have a step daughter that I inherited when I married her Dad. i am a small 5 foot woman and when I married her dad she was a cute little 5 year old. I adored her. However my husband and especially his ex wife are very tall and big so my step daughter started almost being as tall as me when she was 7. I tried to wear heels all the time but I could tell she was growing so fast and soon I would be looking up to her. It started when we were at church when she wanted to try on eachother's shoes. She couldn't get her feet in my shoes and my feet were several sizes smaller than her shoes. Then we stood back to back and she was almost as tall as me at 7 years old.

sarahJun 13 2020 8:15am
By the time she was 8 she was already half a head taller than me and when she was 9 a full head taller than me if I wasn't wearing heels. She was really enjoying the dominance over me and I felt weird looking so far up to a 10 year old. Her dad was 6'4" and her mom was 6'2". By 11 years old she was looking her mom in the eyes and I was down at her small little boobs. She really hit a growth spurt at 11 and by the time she was 12 she was taller than her dad at 6'6". Her mom bought her some of those heels that have platforms on them giving her another 6 inches. I'll never forget one day when I got home I kicked off my heels and was in my stocking feet and felt myself lifted up from behind with my arms inside her arms so I couldn't move my arms. She was so powerful to me. My feet seemed a mile off the ground and she whispered in my ear from behind "you are just a little doll to me now. Look how tiny you are. It's so cute". She then put me down and I realized she was wearing those heels and I was staring at her belly button area. She took both of her hands and placed them on my face and turned my head way upward so I could look into her eyes and then said "hey little one". I felt so tiny looking up to this young giantess. She seemed as tall as the ceiling to me. She then bent way down where she was eye level to me and said "I can't believe I was ever this small". From then on I was humiliated by my small height and carried around like a baby. Always made to sit on her lap like a little kid.

SarahJun 13 2020 8:29am
I am a single mother. My daughter who I have raised alone since she was 3 is now 13. By the age of 10 she was only a few inches under me. I am 5 ft on a good day. At 11 years old, she hit a growth spurt that bumped her up to about 5'3, as well has grow out her boobs. The next year, when she was 12, she was over half a foot taller than me, and had outgrown me in the chest department. I could barely fill out her old bras. I wear 34a's and shes at 32c. Last month, (she is now 13) I came hom from work and was about to go change when she barged into my room and gave me a giant hug. She was telling me about how she aced her first exam of the year, and in the process, lifted me up completely off the floor. Her hands were around my waist and my face was practically in her boobs as she jumped around telling me all about her day. She was really excited and it made me happy, although a little embarrassed I was lifted up by a 13 year old girl. That night I got a little turned on by that fact and that she has a bigger chest than me. Embarrassing turn ons are still turn ons I guess!

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AnonymousFeb 16 12:25pm
This happened to me about a month ago, as my daughter’s friend is insanely strong. I am a well grown, single 28 year old man, and I live with my 12 year old daughter. Last month her friend from school Katie had planned on coming over a few weeks ago, and as it was confirmed that she was virus free, I accepted. Her mother dropped her off January 20th and left. She was dropped off in the morning and would leave after 5. Most of the day I just watched tv in my living room as my daughter and Katie played in my daughter’s room. I made them lunch around noon, and they both ate it. I made turkey sandwiches on rye with stone ground mustard and Swiss. Both the girls loved it and my daughter hugged me and said thanks. Katie also came, but as she hugged me around the waist, she stood up a little on her toes, lifted me off the floor and spun me around before setting me down and going back to play. I was stunned that this happened to say the least. Though I wasn’t huge or anything, I was much bigger than Katie I stood at 5’9 and weighed what had to be around 140 pounds. Meanwhile, Katie was nearly a foot shorter than me, as she only rose very slightly above my shoulder in height. At around 2, my daughter and Katie came out of my daughter’s room and started playing in the living room. Within a little while they began rough housing and wrestling for some fun. Though my daughter and Katie are around the same height, Katie is a little bit bigger (not taller) than my daughter. But even so, Katie effortlessly beat my daughter over five times in a row in their little matches, and manhandled and pinned her without any effort. Than my daughter wanted to wrestle me. I was willing to entertain her so I pretended to struggle before pinning her easily. Katie than wanted to wrestle, but I was quite opposed to this, as I was not really willing to wrestle a little girl. I denied her, but she said “cmon, I can take it” before getting into a wrestling pose. I again denied, but she rushed towards me, grabbed my butt, and heaved. She actually lifted me off the floor again and took me to the ground. She coiled her legs around mine and interlaced her hands with mine, and started trying to pin me. I was absolutely blown away by this. This little girl was absolutely insanely strong. I’m not the strongest person, and I’m likely a little weaker than the average man or late teenage male, but still. She was able to lift my weight of the ground, and then compete with me in strength. After I was on the ground she began pushing my hands to the carpet. I then pushed against her, and to my awe she began slowing down but I hadn’t stopped her. I then began pushing with more than half of my strength, and her advance was halted. She then grunted and I saw this crazy power with my eyes. She was wearing long sleeves and yoga pants, but I was shocked to see her biceps and shoulder muscles pressing against her shirt. My hands were now barely off the carpet and I grunted and pushed with all my might. We were both sweating now and my face was red, and I was quickly tiring. Katie’s face was reddening every where from her effort, and both of our arms started shaking with strain and fatigue. At seemingly the last second I pushed her off me. We were both beat and she said that it was a really challenging wrestle and that I did good. After that, nothing really happened until she left, but yeah. A little 12 year olds girl named Katie easily lifted me twice and almost matched me in overall strength. She was insanely strong, and in a year she’d probably be stronger than me.

AnonymousFeb 16 1:40pm
I too was lifted by my daughter. We have always had a pretty close relationship, and I was proud of her. She had just turned 14 and was a good swimmer on her school’s swim team. So I threw her a pool party, and we got to the pool two hours before her friends or anyone else would start arriving. She was growing into a fine young woman, and I was so proud that we looked so alike. She was 5’5 and 130 according to her last physical, and I myself was around the same at 5’7 126. She was standing at the edge of the pool so I decided to be the cool mom and push her in. She heard me running behind her and could tell what i was going to do by the look on my face. She moved to the side and I grabbed her getting ready to throw her in, but she grabbed onto me too. I started pulling her towards the edge and she stepped back from it pulling me too. We got into a little grabbing match, and I realized it was kind of competitive. So I strayed doing everything I could to get her in the pool. After a few minutes I got her to the edge of the pool when she ducked under my last push and came up behind me and trapped and arm and my neck in a headlock. She whispered “in you go mom.” And she put her other arm under my legs and cradled me while holding my arms captive. She walked to the edge and I looked into her eyes and pleaded “wait... Cass, no please I-“ and she threw me in the deep end. I realized that day, not only could my daughter lift me, but that she was stronger too.

TanaFeb 16 1:50pm
Though I am generally a fairly nice guy, I was a little meaner when I was in the awkward 16 years of age phase. I was often forced to hang out with and partially take care of my little sister as my family was pretty poor, and my mom was the only parent we had but she was a drug addict and was very rarely there for us. So I often had to entertain my sister (who was 13) and anyone else that she happened to bring about. So she often had her best and pretty much only friend Mary (12) over quite a bit. I often times was forced to do most things for both of them when they were over and as such was not typically active with them or privy to their activities. The only times I engaged with them heavily was to occasionally play one of their make believe games with them when I had the time. They’re games were usually fantasy inspired and I was typically the bad guy. Most of the time tough, due to my little spare time I had to typically hurry along and Mary was a little slower in the games pacing than my sister, so I often wound up unintentionally harsher with Mary than my little sister. I would cut her off sometimes and whenever the dress up and talking stage of their game devolved into rough housing, I would be sure to beat Mary as swiftly as possible. Anyways, Mary had been visiting since she was 6 and my sister was 7. But by the time they were 12 and 13, I decided I’d try to give them a nice weekend to hangout and prepared as much as I could in advanced. I got what fast food I could and pre cooked some ramen ahead of time. I actually played with them this time. I got to listen to all of their silly dialogue and everything then we played the game. After they were about to move onto the rough housing Mary mentioned to my sister that she had been working out at home for softball. Mary was a kind of little kind of heavy set girl. But she flexed and a little lemon sized and nearly lemon shaped bicep popped out of her arm. That was intriguing to me as my sister was nowhere near that level of physical development, and her biceps were pretty big for her age, and she ate well, so it wasn’t hard to imagine how she got them. I on the other hand, judging solely from looks, was only a little bigger in the arm department. She then talked about how a boy named Jacob had introduced them to arm wrestling and how she beat him, and now she wanted to arm wrestle my sister. So they did at wrestle, and when I said go, Mary won in about a second or so, literally almost immediately. She then turned to me and put her arm out. I said I’d go, but since my arms are naturally longer, I’d have an advantage, so we needed a textbook to even it out. Her elbow now rested on a textbook and our hands at essentially even elevations we locked hands. Her grasp while not crushing, was stronger than I had expected. My sister said go and I gently resisted her push while we were at neutral. She began moving my arm so I pushed harder. No effect. So I kept pushing progressively harder until I hit her with about 75% of my total effort and our arms were locked back at neutral position. I increased my effort, but we were still stalemated. I was now pushing with nearly all of my effort, and we were still locked at neutral. I looked at Mary’s bicep and it was pumped from the effort. It was now probably of similar size and shape to an orange and looked almost exactly the same size as my bicep. I pushed with all of my effort, our hands both began trembling and we were both sweating, but Mary’s strength finally gave out and I won, but only barely. We were both grunting and breathing a lot, tired from the exertion. I told her “you almost got me there.” She said “yeah I thought I had you, but not bad for a twelve year old, huh?” She then flexed her bicep. As she did I cupped it with my hand. It was hard and spherical with and was orange sized basically. I squished with my hand, but it gave some surprising effort. I then transferred my still cupped hand to my bicep. My cupped hand touched the peak of my bicep, but the sides didn’t fill out to totally touch the hand. I told Mary “you’re very strong. You are super close to me, and who knows, if you keep up the hard work... you may very well be stronger one day.” A month later she came over for the weekend again, and my mom had left the house for an undesignated amount of time. Mary, my sister, and I all played the game as we always did and then we got to the rough housing part. My sister was a princess again (same as always), I a troll, and Mary was an elven Amazon. We were doing everything we normally did and as I went to challenge the princess the elf got in my way. I decided I’d take our Mary kind of fast, and I basically pushed her shoulders and used my body weight partially on top of her to force her down. However, she didn’t fall this time. She stood steady and grabbed my shoulders and applied her body weight. We were now standing evenly against each other, and though I was a fair bit taller than her, she fought like a dynamo. She was constantly pushing off my partial body weight and deflecting my grabs. I decided I’d end it and I grabbed her shoulders and applied my body weight fully one her. She held for a few seconds but stumbled down. However, in stead of me easily pinning her with my weight and power she raised her legs and arms and pushed me off. I then was going to go for another push when she grabbed my waist. She was know pushing me backwards from my waist. She wrangled me and almost man handled me around by pushing and dragging me. I began to push against her shoulders and barely got out of her grab. She then jumped at me, grabbed my waist from behind while leaning back and crouched down then she stood up, lifting my feet a bit off the ground. She then tossed me down and we began wrestling on the floor. It was real close, and my sister said “you guys need to resolve this. Arm wrestle!” So we set up the table and text book and Mary and I locked hands again. Her grip was a bit harder than before, and soon enough we started again. I started off at 70% power, but Mary started making progress with that. She got me a quarter of the way down and I went to 90% power and we got back to neutral. I noticed her biceps were swelling with strength now, and on this girls tiny arm, biceps a little bit bigger than oranges were now formed, and they were growing a tiny bit every second. I was soon applying almost all my force when Mary grunted and my hand was half way from the table. I now poured all my strength into this and we both started shaking at the hands, I was making a stellar recovery towards neutral, but she kept resisting, and before I knew it my hand burned out. My arm had no more gas and she grunted and slammed my hand on the table. She squeezed it and rubbed it there as I collapsed into my other hand and arm. She posed her arms in a double bicep pose and said “my muscles are stronger than yours” and began moving her head back and forth between them kissing each bicep. I congratulated her “yes, well done. You’re muscles are too strong for me.” She then grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me towards her right arm which was now relaxed. She clenched a fist on her right arm and said “get ready to kiss my muscle.” She then flexed and a swelling ball of flesh entered my mouth. It was salty from the sweat, but was nice and hard.I cupped my hand on her mighty bicep as she heaved and flexed her arm upwards towards her head. I moved a bit on my seat, almost traveling upwards. She put the other flexed arm on the opposite side standings in front of me, and she said “do that to the other one too.” So I cupped both of her biceps and she flexed again, and pulled them up. My butt actually left the chair for nearly a second. She then said “let’s get back to the game.” We reassumed out position standing again, this time though, the pump from our arm wrestling match let her use her full power, and she pinned me and won.

Beaten by Mary Feb 17 11:57am
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