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Do you think boys lost out to Girl power ?

Question: Girl power is a consumed and commercialized and the most visible into popular media.It is like girl power beat the machismo concept in the 21 century,girls lead the way at all levels,outclassed boys in everything, do you think that girl power trend gives the young examples of modern female role models, and can guys mucho lifestyle confront against modern girls ?
Created by: viktfar at 09:55:40 AM, Saturday, October 17, 2009 PDT


I AM A REAL MAN!!! I would never want to be a boy growing up today. Too many boys growing up today at the mercy of self-serving females ARE GROWING UP PUSSIFIED!!! Boys are being neglected in school and, as one radio guy put it: Boys are being raised by their single mothers to "PEE SITTING DOWN!!!" That same radio guy WARNS men: "STAY AWAY FROM SINGLE MOTHERS!!!" He says to them: "She already had at least one 'accident'. YOU don't want to be the cause of her next" ('ACCIDENT!!!'). Throughout my entire adult life, one of my strictest rules for myself has always been: NO SINGLE MOTHERS!!! I can't speak for other guys but I always made sure ALL of my own girlfriends HAD NO KIDS!!! I feel sorry for boys growing up today, especially with no male role model there to guide them along the path to MANHOOD. I grew up during a time when BOYS GREW UP TO BECOME REAL MEN!!! That is because THERE WAS A DAD AT HOME and, as Tom Selleck pointed out, IT TAKES A MAN TO BE A DAD!!! That means NO WOMAN ANYWHERE CAN ASSUME THAT ROLE!!! I am extremely grateful that I had my dad there at home GUIDING ME ALONG THE PATH TO BECOME A REAL MAN!!! It sickens me to see the way so many boys are being raised today by self-serving females (REAL BITCHES!!!) who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the well-being of the boys they are MISraising. That's right. They are MISRAISING those boys. That is yet another form of CHILD ABUSE!!! You females who are MISRAISING the boys under your "care" OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!! If there really is true justice in one form or another for the wrong you are doing, and that includes deliberately keeping the dad away without a good reason, I believe it will all come back to you someday. I believe you will get exactly what you deserve!!! One more note: If you are keeping a dad away who has either court-ordered visitation rights or court-ordered custody, THEN YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW!!!

A REAL MANOct 18 2009 3:15pm

Now that you are done with your long winded angry rant, the answer to the poll question is yes, boys have lost out to girl power. Society is evolving, and the feminine style of leadership is in more demand to meet the needs of the future. Case closed.

JerryOct 19 2009 9:09pm
The bottom line: alot of single mothers are small weak women IN FACT MOST OF THEM ARE! They have no will and zero self esteem. When they raise boys of their own, it turns out to be a disaster. A big strong woman, who physically and psychologically can stand toe to toe with a guy will usually not allow him to get her pregnant. And if it does happen and she has boys, she will instill in them the benefits of personal power(both physically and psychologically). It is true, most women who are physically big and strong are very strong psychologically. maybe thats because a big strong woman can better compete in a male dominated society, which means more self esteem. And that seems to be the case, which I would never date a small weak woman with kids. BUT I might consider dating a big strong woman who does have kids.Because she holds her ground well and instills the right values for success to her kids.

AnonymousOct 21 2009 4:08pm
Yes, boys have lost out to girls. Girls are aware of their own superiority, and boys tacitly acknowledge it. I saw a documentary clip the other day that surveyed a group of junior high school girls & boys in America. When asked which was the superior sex, all of them, including a male teacher, replied "Girls".

AlanOct 23 2009 9:14am
What do boys see most of the time? Moms raise them, female teachers teach them, girl babysitters bath them. Girls are shown as smarter and stronger in all the TV shows and movies. That's what boys grow up with. When I had some boys stay over, my kid sister came into the bathroom when we were in the tub and took all the towels and clothes. We had to run stark out of the bathroom to the linen closet and then into the bedroom. My sister and her friends video taped us and put it on YOUTUBE. That's jus one of many humiliations I suffered at the hands of my kid sister. She even beat me out of a spot on the wrestling team when I was junior and she a sophmore. She's in college now, I'm good at video games.

You Tube boobOct 23 2009 12:56pm
The superiority of women has been a known fact which has been denied for decades. People are just recently coming to terms with it. Ashley Montague's book, The Natural Superiority Of Women was first published in the 1950s, presenting solid evidence of the fact that the female is created by nature as a biologically superior being. The fact that on a genetic level the female has 2 X chromosomes as opposed to the male, which possesses 1 X chromosome and 1 weaker Y chromosome could explain why women have a stronger constitution physically combined with a higher intellect. Boys lost out to girl power from the beginning, and never had a chance. The only difference now is that people are becoming aware of it.

SusanOct 23 2009 2:16pm
But Susan, don't you think if girls would go easier on boys, give them a chance in class, don't humiliate them so much on the playground, or beat them up in the neighborhood and embarrass them at summer camp by winning all the contests, that boys could grow up without an inferiority complex towards girls, and feel they had a chance in college? When girls whip a gang of boys and make them run naked thru the neighborhood, what effect do you think that has? Particularly, when they see simular things in movies and TV. Just because females are superior does that mean they have to reduce males into looking like first rate flops and idiots. If you want better husbands, don't hang boys up by their underpants, then go off and do your homework. Agreed.

Still hanging around...Oct 23 2009 2:38pm
"When I had some boys stay over, my kid sister came into the bathroom when we were in the tub and took all the towels and clothes. We had to run stark out of the bathroom to the linen closet and then into the bedroom. My sister and her friends video taped us and put it on YOUTUBE." And...she didn't get arrested for that? Hmmmm I'm calling ur bluff.

Very lost, very sad, very lonely guyOct 23 2009 7:12pm
If that were my sister, and she did that to me I would make her VERY sore, believe me. As for females posessing a higher intellect, no, but yes, they have a much stronger constitution than males.

an intelligent life formOct 24 2009 4:59pm
I had lost several times to girl/ woman power, but the latest incident took place when my sister in law came to our place few days ago, one afternoon she had easily lifted me from front and kept me off the ground for almost 30 seconds.

SauravOct 25 2009 2:06am
THE WAR AGAINST BOYS!!! That's right. "THE WAR AGAINST BOYS: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men" is a book by Christina Hoff Sommers (A WOMAN!!!). There is yet another book, "SAVE THE MALES: Why Men Matter. Why Women Should Care" by Kathleen Parker (A WOMAN!!!). Two books clearly pointing out the HAVOC feminization and emasculation are WREAKING upon our society.

One man STANDING PROUD!!!Oct 28 2009 10:08pm
As women gain power at an increasing rate, it seems like a waste of energy to try to resist things you can't control. This is just the way things are going.

AnonymousOct 29 2009 3:51am
My 2 sisters see me naked all the time. When I am taking a shower or going to the bathroom they walk in on me. My Mother allows them because she says its ok for girls to see boys naked. At first I was very uncomfortable, but I had to get use to it. They laugh at my tiny weiner and have squeezed my balls till I was hurting. I have complained but my sisters pretty much do what they want. Girls are stronger, and smarter, its the way life is.

AnonymousOct 29 2009 6:54pm
If a woman grabbed and then squeezed my testacles to the point where they started hurting, I would quickly strip her naked before it would be too late and then I would make a sudden move to either caress or suck her clitoris!!! There is no part of the female anatomy more sexually vulnerable than THE FEMALE CLITORIS!!! You ladies are always pointing out how vulnerable our balls are. Well, it's about time more men started becoming fully aware of the high vulnerability of your clitoris which lots of men know very little about. A woman whose clitoris is being caressed or sucked is under the complete control of the one who is doing the caressing or sucking. While a man (or another woman, for that matter!!!) is caressing or sucking a woman's clitoris, there really is not much (if anything at all!!!) that she can do about it while her clitoris is being caressed or sucked because she herself would be IN TOTAL CAPTIVITY!!! If you are a man who is IN HER CAPTIVITY while she is IN YOUR CAPTIVITY, just make sure she releases her firm grip on your balls BEFORE YOU STOP CARESSING OR SUCKING HER CLITORIS!!!

A man with LOTS OF CLITORAL EXPERIENCE!!!Oct 31 2009 4:41pm
What the f*ck? These stupid feminist bitches are weak ass c*nts who need to humiliate and degrade young boys or men to feel empowered. To sissies like saurav and anonymous, fight back and dont take poo from any lil bitch, doesn't matter if it's your site. Some stupid c*nt grabs your balls, give her an eye rake or twist her tits. The only reason these dumb whores have any power, is because some idiot pussy whipped men let them. Im a real man, I got my self respect and pride intact and if some dozy broad tried to hurt me, I would annihilate that filthy c*nt to pieces and humiliate her in a way that the bitch would never ever disrespect a man ever again and know her place. Don't mistake me, as I would never harm anyone and do like and appreciate good women who respect men. But have less than zero respect for stupid feminist poo bag c*nts who get a kick out of humiliating and hurting young boys or men. Come on men, stand up and fight for your self respect and for other males. Im not asking anyone to turn into violent animals, but to defend yourself from these pathetic feminists or their weak poo theories like "girl power". What bullpoo. There are good, decent non feminist women out there who truly respect men and would never think of humiliating anyone. Choose them to be your wives and mothers of your kids. These lowly feminist c*nts or pathetic excuses for women who rebel and try to destroy men will rot in hell.

RyanNov 15 2010 2:01am
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

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What world are you people living in(Not all of you)I have trained hundreds of men and women military and civilian and can say from my own experience that gender makes little difference where the ability to learn is concerned,these were semi skilled and skilled positions. The only real differences that were noticeable to was the gossiping and sometimes catty attitude of the women towards each other.Not to say that men are perfect as they tend to be a bit more HARD headed (NO pun intended) than women.

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