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teenage girls stronger than teenage boys

Question: Have you ever seen a teenage girl who was stronger than a teenage boy? How do you know she was stronger? What were their respective heights and weights?
Created by: ultrabomb1031 at 02:34:05 AM, Tuesday, November 03, 2009 PST


Many, if not most, teenage adolescent boys are skinny and weak with small muscles while many teenage adolescent girls are stocky and strong with large muscles. It should be easy to notice an adolescent girl who is bigger and stronger than an adolescent boy, even if he is way taller than she is.

AnonymousNov 03 2009 11:55pm

I was a skinny teenage boy in high school. Even then, many of the girls in high school were overweight. Because I was so skinny, I knew that every one of those girls was stronger than I was because they were all so big!!! In high school back then, just like now, the boys in their junior and senior years were already quite a bit taller than the girls. I was already six feet tall in my junior year but I weighed only 120 lbs. Most of the chubby (and very heavy) girls were short (5'2" and under). Some were in the 5'6" range but very few were above 5'8". I was taller than every one of those girls but they all weighed much more than I did. Because they could easily see that I was as skinny as a rail even though I was very tall, some of the short chubby (and very heavy) girls who weighed much more than I did used to look way up at me in a bold manner as if to say: "I know I'm stronger than you are!!!" I figured that was their way of challenging me with their large size despite their short stature. And they were right because while they were moving around, I could see how big the muscles in their arms and their legs were, even under all of their fat. The boys and the girls had separate gyms back then so I couldn't watch while the short heavy girls were lifting weights. However, I was sure those short heavy girls could bench press and leg press a whole lot, certainly a whole lot more than a rail-thin tall skinny guy like me. One of those girls was 4'10" and she weighed 170 lbs. I fantasized over how many pounds she could bench press and how many pounds she could lift over her head. I was sure she could do both with more than what I weigh!!! I was too shy to ask her out because I felt so inferior to her sizewise and strengthwise. Even though I was way taller than she was, I was little in size compared to her while I was standing next to her. I was over a foot taller than she was but she outweighed me by fifty pounds!!! I was certain that she could easily lift me over her head but I never had the nerve to ask her to try. Oh, well. After high school, I had quite a few short heavy girlfriends, one of whom actually lifted me over her head!!! I'm sure it must look funny to some people when they see a short fat girl lift a tall skinny guy over her head.

An Anonymous Tall Skinny Guy!!!Nov 04 2009 1:23pm
As a very tall, very skinny guy standing in total shock and disbelief, I have to admit that I got A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION right after I looked way down at a very short, very fat (AND VERY STRONG!!!) girl standing in front of me who had just finished outlifting me in weightlifting. At the time she outlifted me, I stood well over a foot taller than she did but she weighed many dozens of pounds more than I did. I also must admit that I was quite embarrassed after I watched her lift a fully-loaded heavy barbell over her head that I tried but was totally unable to lift even above my knees!!! As she and I were standing in front of each other immediately afterward, while I was looking way down at her and she was looking way up at me, I could no longer control my huge erection. I went straight into the bathroom and she didn't even know that I immediately jerked off right after I closed the door!!! I was outlifted previously by quite a few short fat girls but not one of those girls was as short or as fat (OR AS STRONG!!!) as this very short, very fat girl who outlifted me. I was embarrassed and sexually aroused at the same time!!!

Very tall very skinny guy outlifted by very short very fat girlNov 05 2009 12:26pm
I was a very skinny teenage boy, being as tall as I am today but with no muscle at all. I was 183 cm and 59 kgs until I was 20, then I started to get some muscle on my body and today I am 42 years old and 70 kgs. Today I would consider myself stronger than the average woman but weaker than the average man. When I was a teenager all the girls in my class could beat me at armwrestling and my closest girlfriends could beat me in seconds when we wrestled for fun. When I was 17 years old a 14 year old girl beat me both at armwrestling and wrestling, she was a very powerfully built gymnast and she was probably twice as strong as me. Very embarrassing. I was 30 years old before I could beat me mother at armwrestling (she was quite a bit heavier than me), she was then 58 years old. But little by little my body has grown. I am today married to a woman that is about my weight, I can beat her when we armwrestle right hands but always loose with my left, she is stronger in her legs so when we sometimes playwrestle she wins if she wants to. But I am happy to put up a good fight, if I had stayed as thin as I was as a teenager I would have been a lot weaker than the average woman.

Ex-skinnyNov 09 2009 12:03am
Just like way back then, a short big lady who is bigger, heavier and stronger than I am really turns me on!!! When I was a teenager, I always encountered a short girl who was bigger, heavier and stronger than I was even though I stood way taller than she did.

Currently (and proudly) A TALL SKINNY MAN!!!Nov 12 2009 11:50am
A very tall, very skinny teenage guy who is weak becomes sexually aroused immediately upon the sight of a very short, very fat teenage girl who is strong, especially if he knows she is way bigger, heavier and stronger than he is!!!

AnonymousNov 14 2009 4:02pm
I was very skinny and weak as a teenage boy, and I had such tiny little upper arms that I could easily wrap my fingers around them so they met. When I was 15 I was five feet eight and weighed just six stones, and lost an arm-wrestle against a small nine year old girl in front of her friends. Another time not long after that, a twelve year old girl held my arms down with one hand and tickled me with the other, and I couldn't stop her, no matter how hard I tried. By the time I was 19 I had grown to 6 foot 2 but still only weighed 9 stones, and I lost an arm-wrestle against a slim 14 year old girl in front of lots of my friends. She even let me stand up and use both arms, and I couldn't beat her. Not long after that my friend made me go to the gym and do bench presses, and I could only manage to just about do the 20kg bar, while his 15 year old sister could easily bench 50kg, and he could do 120. It was so emasculating and humiliating to be so weak, but it felt very effeminate and sexy too. I lost at wrestling to lots of younger boys too, the worst occasions were losing to a 6 year old when I was 13, and losing to a 10 year old when I was 20.

ticklish girly-armsFeb 10 2010 1:46am
Growing up I had a friend, Maryanne, who was bigger and stronger than her own brother. He was a year older than her. I'm sure it emabarassed him to no end to know that his younger sister was bigger and stronger than him. I remember going to her house and hearing shouting coming from inside. She would chase her brother around the house and would invariably catch up and tackle him down. I felt bad for him, especially because I thought he was cute. Maryanne would pummel him and leave him with bruises and a bloody nose. She would then grab his ear and make him say out loud that she was stronger than him. They moved away when we turned 16 and I never heard from them again. I wonder if he ever grew bigger/stronger than her.

AmyMar 15 2010 8:37pm
I saw my 14 year old cousin beat up this emo boy in the local park. She grabbed his skinny arms and made him submit to her. It was kind of comical, watching this girl beat up a boy. Try as he might, he couldn't stop her or overpower her. She sat on his chest and threatened to pull his ballies off if he told anyone. She let him up and he ran away. Poor kid.

AnonymousMar 15 2010 8:42pm
My comment deals more with a grown woman being stronger than a teenage boy. When I was a kid, there was this family up the block. The father re-married this large woman. he had 2 kids, a boy and a girl. I remember when the boy was about 14 or 15, he got into trouble for something and was brought home by the police. I was hanging out in the woods next to their house. The stepmother thanked the police and lead the boy inside by his ear. I could hear screaming coming from her and aloty of "sorry, I won't do it again" from the boy. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for the stepmother. I heard alot of noise, like she was betaing the carp ourt of this boy. Then I heard her scream out, "Get them down Now or I'll pull them down myself!" After a minute of silence, I can hear "Smack!" and the boy crying like a little kid. I sneaked around and looked in his window. He had his pants and shorts down to his ankles and the stepmother was smacking his naked ass. Every once in while, she would puch him down and say "You want to fight me? Go ahead" The boy just stood there, docile and no doubt humiliated by what was happening to him. Although he was practically grown up, this woman easily overpowered him. Teenage boys should not assume that they are stronger than women.

A neighborApr 18 2010 3:18pm
The following story you are about to read is true. The names have been changes to protect the innocent. Growing up, I always assumed that boys were stronger than girls, whether by a lot or a little, a boy was assumed to be stronger, particularly if he was of the same age or older than the girl. That changed when I entered junior high school. My school decided to combine not only gender, but all grades, as well, for gym class, so that boys and girls in grades 7-9 could be in the same gym class. There was this 9th grade girl named Heather; she wasn't huge, but was bigger than alot of the boy. She was probably 5'9" and weighed about 160 lbs. Compared to my small 12 year old, 5'2" 110 lb. body, she was big, but not as big as many boys in the 9th grade. Anyway, we were playing the classic dodgeball. This 9th grade boy, Tom (an inch or two taller than Heather and probably 20 lbs heavier), wails the ball right in her face and her nose starts bleeding. She goes out and sits on the bleachers and the teacher gets her some tissues. When we started a new game, she gets the ball and wails it right at Tom. He catches the ball and laughs at Heather. At that point, she loses it. She runs right over to him and tells him she's going to kick his ass. He makes a wise comment. She then grabs him by his shirt and pushes him around. He couldn't stand his ground. She kept pushing him around like a rag doll. He tried to act as if he wasn't fighting back. Then she tells him that he will either fight back or she'll continue to push him around. I can tell he lost all sense of superiority. She kept saying "come on. Fight back." He didn't do a thing. Then she told him to try to escape. He tried, but couldn't. She pushed him to a wall and started banging his head against it (fortunately, it was one of those padded walls, so it couldn't have done much physical damage, but plenty of psycholigical damage.) He was turning red in the face as she continued to squeeze and push him. He finally took a swing at her and connected. Wrong choice. She was dazed for only a moment when she started swinging back, and hitting him in the head, the chest, the stomach, etc. Then he jumped on her. They both went down, but within a minute she was on top, punching him. She held him down long enough to say out loud to everyone "look at this. He's actually fighting back" as she sat on top of him and smacked his face. He struggled, but to no avail. Finally, the gym teacher pulled her off (the teacher himself struggled to get Heather off of Tom). Tom was beaten, not just physically, but emotionally. In the weeks to follow, when I saw them in the hallway or lunch room together, she would make like she was taking a swing at him. He would back off and run away. This teenage girl was definitely stronger and a better fighter than this boy.

JonApr 19 2010 8:35pm
My friend's 14 year old daughter, Carly, is about 5'10" and 170 lbs. She's not a giant, but she is big. She actually play wrestled in her backyard with a couple of her friends; boys, age 14 and 15, at the same time. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her grab each boy in a headlock and bring them down to the ground. The boys strugled, but couldn't get out of her hold. She finally released them, tussled their hair and told them "It's a good thing for you two I like you; otherwise I would have pummeled both of you." She treats these boys like they're her younger brothers, even though one is her age and the other is a year older.

amazedSep 20 2010 10:01pm
Not often in the upper body but it is very common for teenage girls to have stronger legs. The guys eventually catch up and pass as they get in their upper teens or eary twenties.

Seen itDec 14 2010 12:50am
I have first hand experience of a teenage girl proving physically stronger than a teenage boy. At the age of 17 I was beaten by a 14 year old girl in a back yard type wrestling contest. Although I was several years older than her and had just left school, we were of roughly similar size. I was 5? 7? and weighed 114 lbs and the girl, her name was Jan, was 5?5? and weighed 119 lbs. Jan was a tomboy who was good at sport and physically strong and liked to compete against boys when the opportunity arose. I was the epitome of the puny youth, useless at sport and physically weak. Jan became aware of this and, out to show off her physical prowess, got her elder brother to arrange for her to wrestle me. I tried hard to wriggle out of it but, under considerable peer pressure, I was forced to accept. It was in the corner of a field in front of a sizeable gathering of excited youngsters that I was ushered into a makeshift ring of hay bales to face Jan. I must admit to having been a bit scared. Unfortunately for me, amidst raucous cheers from the girls and taunts of weakling from the boys I got beaten, swiftly and soundly, by a girl, not only three years my junior, but substantially stronger than me. It was all over in about 20 seconds with me securely pinned and conceding defeat.

RicJan 10 2011 3:16pm
Well I'm 15 and I know a girl who's stronger than me, it's not that uncommon really. I don't know her height or weight but she's pretty similar to me and I'm 5 ft 7 and weight and 9 stone. I fairly sure she's stronger than me as she was able to lift me for longer than I could lift her.

AnonymousFeb 06 2011 11:05am
One day i came out from house to go to school. I saw a girl of another school. She was same aged as me but 2 inches taller. She already walked a long way and must be tired. Her bag was heavier than mine. I walked faster to make her feel weak. But the sound of her steps gradually got closer. Suddenly she left me behind. She was not using extra energy to defeat me. I think she also had muscles. A woman saw this and got astonished and may be proud also. I felt like the girl made me naked, tortured me and raped without condom and the woman was recording it in her camera!

AnonymousFeb 16 2011 6:04pm
At least half the girls from age 12 to 16 have stronger legs then the boys. Arms and upper body the guys start to take over early and become a lot stronger. Guy legs are generally skinnier than most girls until they start to fill out. If the girl does not workout they will past peak by age 21 where a guy is just starting to get strong. I have seen teenage girls over power teenage guys in legs wrestling all the time. When mature a guy will have twice the strength of a girl in the upper body but only 25 to 30% more in the legs

High School Gym TeacherMar 05 2011 2:50pm
I once found myself in a babysitting situation when I was 16 wish a friends younger sister, she was 13. When her bed time (as said by her parents) came around I tried to get her to go up. She however decided to challenge me to a wrestle to determine when she was allowed to stay up, and I made 2 fatal mistakes.1 I accepted and 2 I put my earnings from the night on the line, after she pinned me and I said the deal was off (I'm a sore loser) she tied me up and dragged me into the garden, where I had to stay till about 10 mins before her parents got back at which point I agreed to give her the money to keep her mouth shut, she did not...

AnonymousMar 26 2011 7:42pm
Just watched a girl in my school do the human flag thing on an actual flag pole, she's stronger than me!

DanApr 08 2011 10:43am
i am a 17 year old but in my class their are only 5 girls & no boys. Every day i'm afraid of girls ,,, they are taller and stronger than me.. I am about 29kg only and they were 38-43kg . Their body is too sexy , one girl had lifted me for 2 min. in my classroom...what should i do

brooneyMay 05 2011 9:49am
brooney are you a boy and at 6st your a skinny f*ck no offence

DanMay 10 2011 11:15am
well im a 14 y/o male . i will be 15 next month. My friend who lives across the road is two and a half years younger than me but alot taller. i thought she was weaker til she said we should play strength games. i laughed and accepted BIG MISTAKE SHE WON... she sat on my shoulders i got up but couldnt walk i sat on her she walked around saying your lite as a fether i got an erection she then pinned me since this she has been quite good only embaressed me a few ttimes for examle when it was me her and her friend at the park i was being rude to her and she lifted me over her shoulder i stuggled to getdown she walked round i shouted "put me down" she laughed eventully he did and i pushed her she pushed me bak i fell on my ass she is a f*ck lot stronger and i am slightly attracted to it

tommyMay 10 2011 11:21am
one day, i was getting in a train. A girl of about 2 or 1 year older than me was also there. I am 5'4 and was wearing high heel shoes. Still she was some inches taller than me. She had a heavy luggage with her. Her weight was may be 75+kg,and i am 65. She was dectating her companions showing her dominant nature. I was in a hurry to get into the train. But she overpowered me and got in before me. I think she would break my bones, if she knew that i was trying to defeat her!

AnonymousMay 14 2011 4:19pm

AnonymousJun 06 2011 6:16pm
be strong

mega biceps?Jun 06 2011 6:17pm
I am a 13 year old boy, weighing in at 88 lbs, height 69 inches, i have a pretty heavy friend who always pwns me, in the time outs of.our school, i was relaxing behind a tree, while my friend was bullying somebody, the bullied kid sad "when you.poke me once again, i'll slap the emo (i am being called emo all day) my friend poked once.again... I was just listening music... POW i got the face, i was trying to stand up, but after.a.few.seconds a group of heavy girls saw me.lying there, and had the fun idea to " make some fun with emo kid, so they all jumped on me, i nearly got no air, then they stepped. Off me and began to laugh. After i.stood again, a girl. Again. Conclusion. Girls are.stronger

harryJun 15 2011 1:29pm
Woah, you are tiny. At 88lbs, it doesn't even have to be a strong girl to overpower you.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 2:43pm
at 88lbs a cat can overpower you

AnonymousJun 28 2011 12:51pm
88bls at 5ft9 sounds unhealty. Last time I weighed that much I was like 4ft8

AnonymousJul 10 2011 6:43pm
When I was at a party, I challenged some girls my age I had a crush on in strength tests(just to get close with them), and I was having a hard time.. a couple beat me in leg pushing, arm wrestling, real wrestling

AnonymousJul 28 2011 9:33pm
They're especially stronger when they use their legs.. like I was wrestling a girl and she kicked her legs up and over my back and I couldn't get her off.. or when they hit you in the balls, it just makes you feel powerless and where girls are stronger than you

AnonymousJul 28 2011 9:35pm
I think boys have more weaknesses than girls in teenage years. When they "fight" a girl, their body tells them it's sexual whereas girls think nothing of it. Also, teenage girls have more muscle and leg power because boys don't finish puberty until late teens. And I also believe this is why you see female teachers abusing teenage boys. An older woman is especially stronger and guys this age fall into many traps.

AnonymousJul 29 2011 8:01am
Teenage boys are very likely stronger than teenage girls, but some of teenage boys are really very weak. i'm one of them. It seems to me that we, weakling guys, always have a huge endowment, making us more targeted by bullies , whatever boys or girls

Jason PAug 22 2011 3:22am
nope girls are physically weaker then boys drrrr. besides a weed here and there.

boy muscleOct 22 2011 6:35pm
was also sick is those manginas the huge female body builders with man heads lol

boy muscleOct 22 2011 6:39pm
you all are f*cking dumb asses

jmanerJan 01 2012 5:02pm
...All i hear... Tall skinny boy is weak! Short Fattass girl is strong! ... Maaaan... I know girls can be way stronger than boys... But all thse stories sound the same... There's variables... In my school, guys are quite short, and strong cause they're obsesed with football, the girls are all way taller, and as they also play sports they are really strong too, i've seen these guys who could break you in half getting owned by a group of girls... What i mean, SINCE WHEN DOES FAT MEAN STRONG?!

a confused guyJan 02 2012 7:51am
Girls today are very strong, even stronger than boys. I am 14 and in my class there is an even number of boys and girls. One time in the gym class our teacher proposed that we have some fun with some strength competitions. We started with a tug of war, guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls. One of the girls proposed that we have a mixed fight and we were all OK. We thought we will put together mixed teams but she said that we should try girls vs. boys. We laughed and said this will not be interesting. Anyway, they persuaded us into accepting the challenge. We started 5 on 5. The moment we started to pull the shock came. The girls were pulling us fastly and with ease to the line. They won rapidly. We were in shock and ashamed. We competed best out of 5. The next round ended with the same result, dominant victory of the girls. The third round the girls did not start to pull with full power, they just held their ground and make fun of us. One of the girls released the grip and they were still holding us. Another one released the grip and the 3 girls left were strong enough to hold us. They still won, eventough this time with great effort from the 3 girls. The teacher and other girls, female, were having a lot of fun and rooting for the girls. Since then we have a big respect for the girls cause we do not want to get in a fight with them.

MikeJan 04 2012 6:12am
hey mike i am a 14 year old boy too, i am 5ft 11in tall and 240 lbs there arent any girls stronger than me but there are girls stronger than some guys a lot of the guys in my grade are really weak and some of the girls are stronger

AnonymousFeb 13 2012 4:44pm
There's many thing girls can do better than boys. I'm a 17 yo girl and I have wrestled and beaten several boys my size and age. 1 of them includes my brother and 2 of his friends, who are 14 and going through puberty.

AnonymousFeb 14 2012 3:33pm
Down the road, boys grow bigger than girls but until then, the stronger teenage sex is GIRLS! In boys brains, they can't fight to full strength until they're like 19, haha. Girls have more leg strength and stamina. They can last longer in fights or in running.

AnonymousFeb 14 2012 3:36pm
It takes boys soo much longer to develop. I'm a freshman and boys in my grade voices have barely started to change. They still need to grow facial hair and get a growth spurt. Until then, girls are much stronger because we are almost fully developed by now. haha, boys will just have to live it..

AnonymousFeb 14 2012 3:39pm
It takes boys soo much longer to develop. I'm a freshman and boys in my grade voices have barely started to change. They still need to grow facial hair and get a growth spurt. Until then, girls are much stronger because we are almost fully developed by now. haha, boys will just have to live it..

AnonymousFeb 14 2012 3:39pm
im a man & we are sure little girls sr stronger than little boys in age under 12 also we know boys are pretty than girls in ages under 15,mmmmm....little girls are hard & lilboys are smooth.

boyriderMar 27 2012 12:17pm
When a boy faces a girl in anything physical, it's in his mind about fighting against a girl, and they just fold

AnonymousApr 07 2012 8:39pm
I think teenage girls are stronger. because I have a younger sister. When we fight. It is always ends up with the tears in my eyes and her smiles. Most of the time mom scolded her not to hit the brother.

rawApr 15 2012 1:04pm
Exactly@anonymous before raw

AnonymousApr 15 2012 5:23pm
I'm a 17 year old boy your 5'11" tall and weigh 240 dang i'm 4'4" tall and weigh between 80-90 lbs. i be kinda small to you huh

2shortApr 20 2012 3:50am
You called that other boy who is 13 and is 5'9" tall and 88lbs "tiny" I am 4 years older then him but he is 5'9" tall to my 4'4: tall so he is like almost a foot and a half taller then me but we are close in weight so i guess i;m small to both of you but you could probably hold me to where my feet dangle in the air or hold me any where you wanted i guess

2shortApr 20 2012 4:16am
Oh i forgot to tell you that I have a moustache and a goatee I wear a size 5 shoe

2shortApr 20 2012 4:20am
I have always been attracted to stronger adult women. I would love to meet a wmen who likes to win at armwrestlng, or is willing to build muscle and would like a guy who is supportive of her in developing strength and power. Email me at

Chris PMay 07 2012 11:05pm
I'm 14 and about 169 cm tall. I have a crush on this girl who hates me so one day I was teasing her and she warned me that she could take me down easily. She's 158 cm, she's older than me by a few days and is pretty slim so I thought she was kidding. She bet in 30 seconds and I just laughed. In the end it took only about 20 seconds. I didn't hit her of course but I tried defense but her shots were hard and painful and I was way too weak for her. I got a massive erection in the end though.

RuppeltMay 15 2012 6:35am
I was at my friend's house one evening. Her parents were away, so there we were me (17), my friend Elisha (17) and her sister Monica (15), my friend Dave (17) and his gf Lisa (16). We had a wonderful time hanging out together. Elisha is pretty much into pumping iron and dragged her sister into this too. They have a lot of weights laying around the room. Monica wanted to have a little armwrestling competition. We all agreed that it would be fun. And it was, but only for the girls. We were totally destroyed by them and they proved to us that they are much stronger. The strongest one was Elisha (I expected it, judging by her physique), than little Monica, Lisa, myself and Dave. Dave seemed pretty upset by the losses, especially against his gf. But Lisa proved to be surprisingly strong and won easily against me and Dave. She is a cheerleader and we learnt that they are pretty strong eventhough they don't look so. Lisa is much smaller compared to any of us. So I wanted to know the source of her strength and I asked her to flex. She flexed her bicep and a nice bicep popped out. It was really defined and very hard. So I realized that looks on girls can be deceiving. Girls were having a great time that evening proving their superiority over and over again in different tests of strength.

MikeeeMay 17 2012 4:13am
I have wrestled my friend many times, and every time I beat him. He is very skinny. I always throw him to the ground and pin him. Then the other day, I wrestled a girl, and it was close but she beat me. Then she flexed her big arms, and I was surprised

SteveJun 07 2012 3:36am
I'm little cutie boy Lenny I'm 19 5.6 tall 110 lbs I know girls and boys who can lift me like I'm nothing and can pin me down easy as pie.

Thomaslenny92@yahoo.comJun 13 2012 7:42pm
I'm little cutie boy Lenny I'm 19 5.6 tall 110 lbs I know girls and boys who can lift me like I'm nothing and can pin me down easy as pie.

Thomaslenny92@yahoo.comJun 13 2012 7:42pm
I am 14 and I have a friend that's a girl that's 14. We are best friends but she has these daily beatings where she overpowers me and beats me up. We are both skinny but she is like three inches taller than me. She throws me and punches me and I can't win. She broke my arm and ankle once. She is hot and even though I'm crying I get sexually aroused

AnonymousJul 19 2012 11:04am
I am 14 and I have a friend that's a girl that's 14. We are best friends but she has these daily beatings where she overpowers me and beats me up. We are both skinny but she is like three inches taller than me. She throws me and punches me and I can't win. She broke my arm and ankle once. She is hot and even though I'm crying I get sexually aroused

AnonymousJul 19 2012 11:10am
I am 14 and I have a friend that's a girl that's 14. We are best friends but she has these daily beatings where she overpowers me and beats me up. We are both skinny but she is like three inches taller than me. She throws me and punches me and I can't win. She broke my arm and ankle once. She is hot and even though I'm crying I get sexually aroused

AnonymousJul 19 2012 11:11am
I am 14 and I have a friend that's a girl that's 14. We are best friends but she has these daily beatings where she overpowers me and beats me up. We are both skinny but she is like three inches taller than me. She throws me and punches me and I can't win. She broke my arm and ankle once. She is hot and even though I'm crying I get sexually aroused

AnonymousJul 19 2012 4:55pm
im 15 in im already 1 of the strongest teens in the world

AnonymousAug 01 2012 7:07am
and im a bloke

AnonymousAug 01 2012 7:07am
I was a small and weak teenage boy, and was often picked on, beat up and bullied by stronger teenage girls

Small GuyAug 20 2012 7:11pm

AnonymousOct 23 2012 6:02pm
U guys should work out for hours on end then beat the poo out of the girls

Strange guyOct 25 2012 1:04pm

anonymousNov 03 2012 2:21pm
girls for the most part are not stronger then boys. I have never lost a strength competition with a girl. i've have always been very big and muscular. in junior high school I could beat pretty much anybody in the school at arm wrestling. it was a big thing during lunch. alot of the times kids and even some teacher would watch me armwrestle during lunch they would gather around the table some kid would always roll my sleeve up if it was covering my biceps some would even touch it and squeeze it lol. all the girls that challenged me I was able to defeat pretty easily most were tomboys or played sports. some of those girls probably could have beat the wimpy boys.

strongest kid in schoolNov 17 2012 6:27pm
A girl in my school is ripped she's only sixteen but she has 15.5 inch biceps I measured the peak on them and it was 1.5 inches tall.

AnonymousNov 21 2012 8:01pm
Waterpolo girls are really strong. Im a freshamn an in my pe weights class there is a tall yet stocky girl who can lift more than me. Im 5'6" 120 lbs an she says shes 5'10" 180lbs. She can deadlift and bench press more than most boys in our class

AnonymousJan 04 2013 3:02pm
I'm about 5'6 and I weigh 125lbs. I look really bony. :/ everyone always tell me that I look to skinny. I am losing work gut every day like crazy! Is this normal for a growing teen boy? Oh and btw I'm 13. Do I have a normal weight?

This random guyJan 09 2013 8:32pm

1Feb 08 2013 8:22am

-1'Feb 08 2013 8:22am

AnonymousFeb 10 2013 11:56am

AnonymousFeb 10 2013 11:56am
Just by looking at teenage girls legs in the class rooms I know I will get my ass kicked (14)

AnonymousFeb 14 2013 1:25am
They are also super hot and I find myself staring at them

AnonymousFeb 14 2013 1:26am
i am stronger than many boys

AnonymousFeb 19 2013 6:27am
I use to wrestle with my boyfriend and I win all the times, except for when I let him win. The truth is that I'm a bit taller and much heavier than him, I'm 5"11 and 194lbs while he's pretty skinny, 5"8 and 114lbs! He's 18 and I'm almost 17. I usually pin him down easily and then sit on his chest or back until I get him totally exhausted! Poor boy always loses, I'm much stronger than him but I know we have a significant weight difference.

HelenaFeb 28 2013 8:11am
i am 16 year old boy and i am told to be the strongest guy in school and i agree girls are stronger than boys because i embaressingly got pummeled and a broken nose by a pretty looking 13 yr old girl and made me begged 4 mercy infront of school so i did and i agree females are stronger than males

ANONIMOUSEMar 17 2013 12:03pm
to anonymous with ripped 16yr. old girl was her biceps just rounded or ball shaped?

m.s.(musclegirl searcher)May 18 2013 2:15pm
i'm looking for any blog sites that tell about and have pics of real strong preteen and teen girls from ages 1o-15yrs.,and a few 16yrs.old that love to dominate,major gutpunch(gp stories included)boys,and possibly show and flex bi's and abs for pics. i would really appreciate it. also,maybe a few pics show younger boys feeling older girls biceps.

AnonymousMay 18 2013 3:45pm
Oops! on that last comment - a corrrection on the first line should be for: preteen and teen girls from ages 1o-15yrs. - age 1o should instead be: ages 10-15yrs. ...

AnonymousMay 18 2013 3:54pm
Any strong and muscled girls here from 13 to 16 yr. olds who would like to dominate and stomach pummel me,an older guy who's 40 but very young in age,email me when i make a new one soon to add here in my next comment,let me know right after this comment. Be sure to add your bicep size please,and your body size and weight. Thanks. Here's mine - 5'9" 158lbs.

m.s.(musclegirl searcher)May 19 2013 2:46pm
I am a 13 year old boy im very scrawny at 5ft 3 90lbs girls i like dont like me back probably cuz im skinny anyway whenever i dont listen to a girl in my classes she says she'll beat me up and i have to listen one time this popular girl in class lifted me up hen the teacher wasnt there and beat me in a arm wrestle every one laughed at me i hav really skinny arms and legs so everyone can tell that girls are stronger than me

Scrawny weak kidJun 03 2013 1:06pm
S.w.k. so...what's your question or penny for your thoughts on that matter?

m.s.Jun 07 2013 2:03pm
In the early teens, its not hard to find girls who are stronger than most boys, but boys develop a lot of strength and leave most girls behind by 18.

AnonymousJul 04 2013 6:34am
I am a 14 year old boy and I am quite well built as I do a lot of extreme sports and my girlfriend who is in my school year but 13 is smaller than me like all her friends but is loads stronger than me and she has more muscle than I do we used to armwrestle a lot but I went to her house and found out she has benches and weights and she works out on sleep overs with most of the girls in my year so she invited them round and they all showed me their muscle and they are all really strong but I found out their feet smell really bad as well so they kept wrestling me down and making me smell their feet and I liked it for some reason but it happens far too often at the moment

AnonymousJul 09 2013 3:37am
girls are stronger than guys,in muscles too.

afghAug 28 2013 5:55am
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IjgLVxLPwGXjCbNROct 31 2013 8:03am
when I was 18 I was at a party at my friends house. This 15 year old gymnast was there and she and the other girls were armwrestling. The 15 year old was quite developed with big breasts, wide hips and full, muscular thighs. And wife shoulders. She won against all girls except one, a 14 year old, consisderably smaller than the 15 year old. I was challenged by the 15 year old and she absolutely killed me, her strength was awesome but at the same time know that a smaller girl, 14 years old, could beat me was embarrassing. Many of the guys lost to these Girls this evening.

BroNov 24 2013 8:56am
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Robert Feb 26 2014 8:16am
I'm an adult male, almost 40 years old! I'm 5'10'' and 150-160lbs. So according to this survey, most people are implying that most women and young girls are stronger and bigger than me? I don't think so! Very hard to believe

Robert Feb 26 2014 8:27am
I'm not saying that girls are stronger than boys, but some of them are, but it's something that isn't very common. I can tell you right now that in my school there is really only one girl who is considered to be strong by the guys in school. She's really hot,about 5'11 and 150lbs, she's kinda my friend, like she'll be there at social events when I hang out with a group of my friends and we'll talk and stuff. Anyways she's a very attractive girl and pretty muscular. She has really big legs, her calves are like 15-16 inches, thighs are like 25 inches, she's got four inches on me. I weigh more than her, and lift more, but not by much. She squats 215 which is her max. I squat 240 which is my max. I power clean 135 for my max, the most she's ever done was 115lbs, but i know she can do more. She outlifts a lot of guys during track. She benches like 115. Squatting is her expertee, she flexes a lot in the weight room, and she has HUGE traps, she even mentioned something about competing. On the track she's an amazing javelin, discus and shot put thrower, and she's really fast when it comes to running. She's an all star basketball player and volleyball player. It's really funny to see her squatting 135lbs like it's nothing and a puny guy next to her TRYING to squat 85lbs. Our coach says she has really good form, like the best he's ever seen, and this guy is like a pro, he could easily be a pro cross fit guy. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the cross fit games in the future! She's a quarter black, but you can't really tell. She's got a REALLY nice ass, and she can twerk too!

Track GuyMar 22 2014 5:34pm
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lDqLWkBHVMay 11 4:45am
Girls are working out a lot more than guys these days. And girls are lifting HEAVY! Strong is the new skinny. The gender gap in strength is narrowing, we're cathcing up guys ;) I outsquat my boyfriend by far (120 vs 80 kg), and almost bench as much as him (70 vs 80 kg), so I would probably kick his ass in a real fight.

Samantha, 21 years oldMay 26 10:07am
I've been working out for a year. It's so funny to put untrained guys in their place when they show up at the gym for the first time. They're really weak compared to me and my female friends. They will spend some time catching up, and in the mean time we will be even stronger, hah!

Jill, 18 years oldMay 26 10:10am
How strong are you Jill and how much do you weightlift?

MaxJun 01 12:35am
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kzIgxyGZZkbVnNOWCYJun 04 10:43am
In 9th grade I had just started my growthspurts, but I was pretty thin 5'5 107lbs and I arm wrestled a girl who was about my height but she was a little more muscular than me she probably weighed 119-120ish. I lost and it was kind of embarrassing since a couple of friends saw it happen. Now I'm 17 now about 5'9" and 134, but my upper arm strength is still kind of weak, but since I do track my legs have always been somewhat strong.

JustinJun 14 12:09pm
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NURHNEuQHdueQFCaBRJul 03 6:24pm
Hi Max. I usually do 3-4 sets of 7-8 reps. Benchpress - 70kg, Squats - 110 kgs, Deadlift - 150 kg. More than many guys can do. What do you think? :)

Jill, 18Jul 05 8:17am
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hJGqPgXmJul 18 10:39pm
It only happens to wimps or puny boys

AnonymousAug 02 10:55am
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CXibnFiZRURRXBpgAug 05 7:49pm
i'm 17, 5'9", 142 lbs, dating a girl who's 16, and maybe 5'7" but around the same weight as me. recently we went to an outdoor concert and joined a group of people who were holding each other on their shoulders to see better. my girlfriend and i took turns, and I'm pretty sure she's stronger because I held her up for maybe 5 minutes, and when we switched she held me for almost 10

DarrenAug 15 4:30pm

HAug 29 9:38am
I am 16 years old and male.Im about 5ft,8in tall,135 lbs with light brown hair and blue eyes.With my frame,Im never going to be considered a muscleman,but I am well bulit and I suppose Im strong for my size.My guy friends and I play a game called "Mercy."Its very similar to the "test of stregth"you see on pro wrestling.Both players lock their hands together,and the one that forces the other to the ground and gets them to submit wins.I personally have about a 50/50 record when I play.Recently,one of the guys had his sister with her when we were playing,and she wanted to have a turn with one of us.The rest of the group were uncomfortable with playing with a girl,but like an idiot,I jumped at the chance.She was wearing a short blue skirt and matching blouse,with knee-high white socks and tennis shoes with cleats;I was wearing jeans rolled up to my knees,a red T-shirt and was in bare feet.The guy told me that his sister played lacrosse,lifted weights,and was "very,Very strong!"Looking at her,I belived it.Her name was "Heather."She was my age,about 6ft tall with blue eyes and blond hair that was done in a ponytail. "Heather"was a slim,pretty girl,but the arms looked very developed.Still,I wasnt worried.I figured that I being male and her being female would make this no contest.A big mistake.In fact,when we locked our fingers together,I made some sort of comment about how Id "try to go easy on you..."That was a HUGE mistake."Heather"brought me to the ground with a single thrust in a second.My eyes went as large as saucers,I made this noise that was halfway between a gasp and yelp,and exclaimed "OH DAMN!"in a voice that sounded like Daffy Duck.I would have submitted right there,but I was in such pain that I couldnt even speak and my face was scruched together like a lemon."Heather"wasnt done with me yet.With me kneeling before her,she REALLY started to crank up her grip,lifting me up and down and bending my fingers to a right angle.My face was a mask of pain,and I was making all sort of "Ekk,Akk"noise un that Daffy Duck voice.That girl was SO strong!It felt like my fingers were caught in a vice!When "Heather"was done,she bent down to my face,and said in a flat,clam voice:"Give up or I break them."I was still in too much pain to speak,but I quickly nodded my assent to give up."Heather"mercifully let me go.She just stood over me with her hands on her hips,looking down at me with a smirk on her face.I was still on the floor,just staring at my fingers and trying not to cry."Heather"and absoultely CRUSHED my fingers!They were so numb that I couldnt move them for about an hour afterward,and they were throbbing in pain so much that I ended up having to put them in icewater!At to make matters worse,"Heather"decided to have some more fun with me,I suppose for good measure.She strutted off after the contest,and,while I was still on the floor,bent down and started tickling the bottoms of my feet!My feet are INCREDIBLY ticklish,and I was yelping the whole time she did it!While she was doing this,she remarked""Thanks for going easy on me!"Of course,the other guys were laughing their heads off the whole time.Look,I dont deny that I found the whole thing humiliating(I understand her winning the contest,but I think the thing with tickling my feet was uncalled for)but at the same time I do feel lucky,as I have no dought in my mind that "Heather"could have broken every single one of my fingers with ease if thats what she would have really wanted to do.Ill NEVER underestimate a girl again!!

DavidSep 03 11:35am
Wow, there are certainly strong girls mentioned here but many surprisingly weak teenage guys as well. I myself would probably never be beaten by any of these adolescent females. I'm 16, "6'1-2, 175 pounds, with 14-15 percent body fat. I lift regularly but had definition in my muscle before working out, which has been for more than 2 months now. Max squat is something like 225 pounds with max deadlift being like 250. Those numbers themselves should easily be enough to beat any girl in my age group. Bench is something like 140 which I'm not too proud of but I don't bench a lot. I also do plyometric workouts (shock training) on my legs to make them more explosive and improve my overall athleticism. I would easily destroy any of these wimps on these posts. I truly feel sorry for some of your genetics and what you have to put up with. Sometimes, my own limitations are very frustrating, but when I look here, I can truly feel like the top 10%. It took 4-5 guys to flip me over on my back 3 years ago in wrestling. Please do yourselves a favour if you haven't already and start weight training. Some of these girls here have started and you weaklings are probably losing muscle by the month. Credit to the ones that are already doing this. Be a man.

Anti-WimpSep 19 11:07pm doesn't happen. Most guys wou;dn't hit a girl for real, but no, some little teen chic can't beat up a guy. Unless maybe he's like 10 and she's 15. Girls are cool, I love em, but please stop being all acting tuff. Guys can kick ur booty. I'd fight ANY girl and win!

KingManSep 22 9:17pm

MicutuSun 2:59pm
You are very strong for a girl

MicutuSun 3:00pm
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