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Pedophiles On LikeLike

Question: I've noticed many topics dedicated to teenage boys on this site. Many of the posts going into graphic explicit details of young teenage boys with huge dicks. What's your stance on this site being a pedophile gathering site.
Created by: dave4343 at 04:15:31 AM, Tuesday, November 17, 2009 PST


Pedophiles belong BEHIND BARS!!! Pedophiles are THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! I believe that pedophiles are too busy trying to do their dirty work to be spending time creating polls and posting comments. I also believe that law enforcement is too busy as well, working really hard (as they should!!!) to hunt down and capture those lowlife criminals. There is nothing lower than a pedophile. Upon conviction, pedophiles would need to be placed in solitary confinement because even the most hardened criminals have kids of their own. Once those pedophiles are outside their solitary confinement, THEY ARE MARKED!!!

AnonymousNov 18 2009 1:09am

This entire web site,, is an international gathering place for sick people. This entire web site should be permanently closed down.

AnonymousNov 23 2009 9:52pm
I've noticed this as well, but technically they are not pedophiles, because pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent people, like kids who look like they haven't started puberty yet, but these young, hung guys in this stories (wether they are true or not) are young boys who have gotten far into puberty, so i guess it is some sort of fetish, but it's not pedophilia

JayzMar 07 2011 3:29am
Pedo = child (Someone under 18). Phile = sexual attractment.

ThE TrutH.Jun 24 2012 7:42am
well some of the men on here are trading underage pictures, so I have reported this site it is a danger to children they deal with abuse of children no matter where in the world the website is,the great thing is this site will not be here 6 months from now it will be shut down the people that made it don't give a dam.

motherJan 24 2014 3:55pm
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