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Couples who wrestle regularly

Question: Are there many couples who wrestle regularly and the woman also enjoys?
Created by: dextraextra at 08:32:08 PM, Thursday, November 19, 2009 PST


I am a man who has wrestled some of my former girlfriends. I have wrestled only my girlfriends (I wrestled no other women). I believe it is not uncommon that when a man and a woman engage in a wrestling match against each other, it is not only exciting for them. It is SEXUALLY EXCITING!!! I believe that, in many cases, it is even more sexually exciting for both when she is large and he is small while she is taking him down. That is what happened to me when I wrestled one of my former girlfriends. I was skinny while she was stocky. She had 40 lbs on me even though I towered over her by eleven inches (ALMOST A FOOT!!!). In fact, while she and I were seated at a restaurant, she clearly pointed out her greater size over mine by saying: "I weigh a good 40 lbs more than you do." I believe that was her way of saying she could take me. Soon after, while we were at her place, she and I locked arms and then we began wrestling. I was down within five seconds. For me, IT WAS OVER!!! She had me pinned and there was nothing I could do about it until she finally allowed me to get out from underneath her. I knew for sure that she became sexually aroused after taking down a small man who stood almost a foot taller than she did. While she had me pinned (I couldn't move!!!), I was getting a big, stiff erection. I am convinced that when a bigger woman takes down a smaller man, SHE BECOMES MOIST AND JUICY while HE PITCHES A HUGE TENT!!!

AnOnYmOuSNov 21 2009 1:08pm

Wrestling is all about SEX!!! It turns couples on when they wrestle, especially when the female is larger and stronger than the male. I am a thin man who lost a wrestling match to a stocky lady and when I lost, I was unable to control my massive erection!!!

AnonymousDec 01 2009 2:48pm
I teased my wife about a year ago when I was tickling her. She told me to stop or...or what I said? Or I will wrestle you down and tickle you until you scream for mercy. I kept on and then we had our first wrestling match. My wife is not a small woman, she is 176 cm and 82-83 kgs, I am taller at 182 cm but lighter at 70 kgs. I was shocked at her strength, we had never wrestled like this before, she never showed her strength like this night. She threw me around and then pinned me, she tickled me until I screamed for mercy, she kept on pinning me and told me that I was her slave. She took my clothes off and we had fantastic sex. She wanted to wrestle me almost every night after this, always with the same result. Her massive shoulders, strong back, stronger legs made it impossible for me to win. She started to call me her slave when we were alone, I told her I didn't like it and she asked me what I should do about it. I jumped her from behind in an attempt to take her down. But she stood up with me on her back, she took my legs and transfered me to her front where she carried me in a cradle. She carried me over to a chair where she sat down with me in her lap and then she started to squeeze me in her arms and with her legs. My good it hurt, I begged her to stop and she did when she realized how much she was hurting me. Since that first wrestlin match things have changed. She is really dominating me.

never tickle your wifeDec 20 2009 2:17pm
I wrestled many times with my live in x-boyfriend who was smaller boned and about 40 lbs lighter at my peak weight.I am 5ft6 and about 180lbs but very strong and muscular in the legs with huge calfs about 16 inches and my inner thighs are exceptionally strong.I dated a thin small boned man from India but educated in the US.He came from a rich family in India and really looked down on women and was very bossy and condecending towards women.He was very slight and unathletic at about 5ft7 and 135-140lbs.After dating him for a few months I was very curious to test his strength which I assumed was still slightly stronger than mine.To my supprise when we wrestled I totally overpowered him with my legs and scissored him so hard I think many times I could have strangled him to death if I did not let go and release my leg locks.It was so 1 sided it felt like I was wrestling a little girl and not a man.I have since broken up with this arrogant little wimp.I have also read somewhere also on this board of another similar experience of another women who found Indian men in particular to be very wimmpy as well.

ASHLEYOct 26 2010 9:03am
I wrestle with my husband and find it very enjoyable when I win.When we 1st got married although I was more athletic and had slightly stronger legs than him at the time he would still usually win 60% of the time.He also had a height and weight advantage those 7 years ago.He has stayed the same weight at 150 lbs and 5ft9.I on the other hand have gained considerable weight and strength since those days.I presently go 5ft8 and 183lbs.I teach strength training part-time at my local Lifetme Fitness gym to women and seniors.I am a self confessed gym rat that runs 5ks and bikes and lifts regularly to fight my weight problems.I have found that I am much stronger than your average male who lifts in our gym especially in the legs and thighs.When I know wrestle with my husband I always have the upper hand and the margin has shifted my way to a much larger degree especially recently.When I recently wrestled him the last time after he made some crude remarks about my fatass and thunder thighs and he used my more manly looks as the reason we can t have kids.This really pissed me off and put me in a really dominant mood.I challenged him to a wrestling match something we have not done in over a year becouse he was getting intiminated by my strength and indurance advantage.Becouse the last time we wrestled I hurt his hamstring and he had deep bruises under his arms from being put in a full nelson hold by me.I really overpowered his upper body for the 1st time and he was embarressed.This time I challenged him to a naked match becouse he said the last time I had on my high top tennis shoes and it made my scissors unfairly too lethal for his thin stomach.Anyway we wrestled for about 40 minuites And I must say I have gained about 15 more pounds of muscle and a lot more strength and endurance since then as well as learning a few new lethal holds like the rear naked choke from my self defense classes for women.Anyway I totally overpowered him and humiliated him this time like never before and after winning the 1st 3 or 4 submissions from him I actually say major fear in his eyes becouse I did not let him out for a minuite or so after he submited to my scissor holds.He stated punching me with his fist which is against the rules when wrestling.I must still admit he can beat my ass when he starts punching but it is still great to know I can know overpower him at wrestling at least 90% of the time and this feels very sexy to me.

WinnieNov 14 2010 9:35am
My wife and I have wrestles on average twice a week fir the last 20 years. That is over 2000 matches. I am much larger than her. I am in good shape but she is in great shape and has superior genetics. Her body is like a strong wound steel coil. Size is not a determinate of strength. A small steel cable is much stronger than a much larger rope. The score for us stands at 2000 to 0. Once she locks her muscles in a hold there is no breaking it. I have tapped thousands of times in head scissors, grapevines, and a variety of smother holds. You might wonder why if I cannot win I keep wrestling. Simple I love her muscular body and it is the best foreplay imaginable. There is no hotter place than having your head scissored by strong legs.

MikeNov 25 2010 8:50pm
My current gf is athletic, and we sometimes wretle as foreplay. If I don't overpower her right away, she'll get me in a leg lock, then try to work behind be and get an arm around my throat while controlling my legs with hers. When she does this, it's all over. she'll let me struggle for a while, then run her hand down my belly and begin to stroke my erection. For some reason being completely helpless is a huge turnon.

MattDec 28 2010 10:27am
My wife and I wrestle in bed sometimes. She loves to do the rear naked choke on me. She has wresteld other women for me at times. We live in Missouri. Hard to find her matches.

JohnFeb 13 2011 9:56am
some years ago we moved to a house in a new town. Our new neighbours were quite different. The always run around in their garden half naked, very tanned. What was peculiar was that the woman was far more muscular than her husband. Sometimes they wrestled and she always had him pinned rather quickly. My wife and I couldn't stop looking from our window. They seemed to like these tussles even if they were very one sided. After about 3-4 week we were invited over to their house for dinner. The lady, Ruth, had a very short skirt and a wrestling shirt on and her husband, Rick, shorts and a wrestling shirt. She was really muscular and he was skinny. She fixec her hair all the time during dinner making her biceps jump up and down. My wife hade to ask ?f Ruth was going to the gym, she told us they had the whole basement turned into a gym, with wrestling mats. She also told us that she wrestled her husband regularely but that he also wasn't strong enough to be a challenge. She was then looking at me, I am also thin, and said to my wife that she probably needed two men her husband's size to get a decent workout. She also looked at my wife and said that she was probably a lot stronger than both the men in the room. My wife smiled and said that she was quite strong but that she wasn't sure she was stronger than me, her husband. We had never wrestled or armwrestled but my wife is quite a bit heavier than me and I know she is strong. Nothing more was said that night. When we came back to our house my wife told me she liked to wrestle me to see who was stronger. I was actually also qurious so we agreed to wrestle, best out of three falls. My wife prooved already from the start that she was strong and she got more and more aggressive. I had to defend myself. She soon had me down and used her very strong legs to zap the strength from my body. I got weaker and weaker and was soon pinned. 1-0 to wife. We rested 5 min and then she came at me again, fresh and very strong looking. We had a hand to hand fight where she prooved to have a stronger upper body and then took me down and had me in a body scissors that I couldn't get out of. 2-0 and victory for my wife. She was happy as a kid to beat me and I was a bit ashamed. A month later we were once again over to our neighbours that we now had talked to a lot and knew fairly well. My wife told Ruth about our wrestling match and that she was stronger than me. Ruth than asked if she could wrestle me and her husband at the same time. My wife said yes and I was qurious about the outcome and said yes. I talked to Rick and asked him about how we could beat his strong wife. He wanted me to try to get her into a head lock while he tried to trip her, and then we should try to pin her together. So we straight away jumped this powerful woman, he dove for her legs and I threw myself around her neck and we actually got her to the ground since we took her by surprise. But then everything went wrong, Ruth rather easily powered herself from my head lock and soon had me in a similar grip, her husband was quickly caught in a head scissors between his wife's sturdy thighs. She then started to squeeze us both at the same time and we gave up simultaniously. My wife screamed with delight. The next round we both attacked Ruths upper body, I fought her left arm and her husband the right. She quickly pulled so I collided with Rick and we got almost knocked out, she then took us under each arm in head locks. She powered her husband down under her and pinned him while she had me in some kind of bear hug. She wanted my wife to count to 10 to see if we could get out but we couldn't. Ruth was very strong from years of working out, shot putter, wrestler etc. but loosing two men against one woman was neverhteless embarrassing. My wife then wanted to wrestle Rick while I wrestled Ruth. They played with us and had us pinned quite quickly. After this evening we have wrestled a lot together. My wife has never been able to win over Ruth and she has never been able to beat both me and Rick at the same time. But the women are a lot stronger than us. Since this is not about sex I can just say that things have developed further. We have a good time with our swinging neighbors.

Living next doorMar 15 2011 6:49am
How can I get my wife to wrestle me

Can't waitApr 22 2011 2:56pm
WE live in KC Missouri. Looking for safe and sane matches.

JohnApr 23 2011 4:12pm
living next door what is the size difference between the couples men vs. women

anonJun 22 2011 3:36am
Ruth is 5'11 and 225 lbs, her husband 5'9 and perhaps 135 lbs. My wife is 5'9 and 170 lbs while I am 5'10 and 150 lbs.

Living next doorAug 09 2011 4:17am
both of the men in this story are small, very small for men. almost any man can beat most any woman. Then with a piece of rope to tie her hands behind her, the man could carry her off and do his deed! Simple as that.

steveSep 15 2011 11:23pm
Please teach the rest of these internet hoiolagns how to write and research!

yAQJgjvapzHWFbDec 04 2011 5:48am
There should be a site fro single mean and women that want to wrestle

jcJan 14 2012 10:51am

yMar 09 2012 2:43pm
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

AlyApr 17 2012 9:19pm
Ive just had sex with a dead fish.

markJun 01 2012 1:47am
Me and my girlfriend wrestle 2-3 times a week. It is she who want to wrestle alot more than me and that is she who is the muscular one and it makes her horny to pin me down she even try to rape me

MattJun 11 2012 1:55pm
That's really messed up that she tried to rape you, but it does turn me on too when I overpower my husband.

AlyJun 18 2012 8:27pm
God, Aly, you are my dream girl. Your husband is a lucky man. Have you ever really hurt someone with your legs? How much damage do you think you could really do if you went all out on a guy?

BillyTJun 19 2012 5:16pm
Hilarious bullpoo. If any SINGLE one of these bullpoo stories were true each and every guy here who made up a story about how strong a woman's legs can be needs to GTFO of our genepool.

AnonymousJul 04 2012 4:29pm
Im 23 and my girlfriend is 21,she sit on me and pins me down all the time, and shes been known to stay sitting on me for nearly two hours, she really pins me down ans stares into my eyes the whole time, is this normal do you think ?

mikeJul 06 2012 5:44am
sound normal to me mike. but if your worried about it, ill stand in for you anytime....

AndyJul 06 2012 5:46am
me and my wife had our first wrestling match when we were around 50 years old! We had both stayed in shape, she by doing pushups and situps every morning and evening as well as taking aerobics twice a week. She also had dumbells at work that she used when she was taking in the phone. I jogged to work almost every day and played football (soccer) ones a week. We had naver matched strength although I knew she was strong, she is powerfully built, wide shoulders, big breasts, big arms and wide hips, very stong thighs and calves. My sister in law came to visit one summer, she is big boned like my wife and very strong looking. We were sitting outside zipping a drink when the sisters decided to armwrestle after a discussion about who was stronger. I was surprised but they explained that they always wrestled and armwrestled when they were kids and teenagers. I could see there biceps swell when they started to armwrestle. I didn't know that my wife had such a big armmuscles and my sister in law was equally big. After a long fight my sister in law won. She then looked at me, sitting with my upper body bare in the sun. I guess you haven't got a chance against your wife she said. I said that I was a man and we are stronger. She said that she had been stronger than all her boyfriends and also her late husband. She put her arm up once again and challenged me to armwrestle her. My wife looked amuses, she said that I should prepare myself to loose since her sister was very strong. And I lost badly with both arms. My sister in law said that I wouldn't have a chance agains my wife. I said that I rather wrestled so there we were my wife and I wrestling on our lawn. It felt strange to fight my wife, being close to her female yet strong body had always been a pleasure but now the same body seemed to be very powerful, too powerful. My wife just overpowered me and took me down, where she had me in a body scissors and she squeezed me very hard so I had to give up. Next fall she just stood there and I tried to get her down. She showed me that I couldn't take her down even if she didn't fight back. Suddenly she lifted me up in a bear hug and once again I had to give up. She still had me in her arms and sat down with me in her lap. She patted me on the head and said that we could wrestle more often. My sister in law laughed at me and asked if she could wrestle me as well. I said know but she then said she didn't ask me but my wife. My wife laughed and said that she thought I had enough of female power for that day. We have wrestled many times since and I never win. The reason for me to keep on is that we almost always have sex after our wrestling matches.

AliJul 18 2012 12:59pm
So many of the postings here feature a heavyweight wife against an averaged sized husband. But even a very dainty wife like the one featured at could handle a husband no bigger than herself and there are at least 5% of men who fall into that catagory. Also consider the point that females like her are liable to become fitter and stronger without becoming bigger as the tide of female emancipation grows and more men join that that already existing 5%. Just think of her already in her night attire waiting in bed for her thin light husband to come upstairs to have sex with her But all he wants to do is watch television downstairs. So she decides to go and get him and to his amazement and fright she overpowers and then carries him still fully clothed upstairs to bed. After a few instances of this he is going to become totally afraid of her and become even weaker than he was before. A Queen Kong type of woman you would expect to be tough and hard but when a wife who looks so sweet and demure can also do the same to her emasculated husband then that is truly frigtening indeed.

hymatOct 07 2012 7:44am
I'm 43 years old, me and my wife wrestle regularly. She is smaller, but much stronger than me. I look muscular and seem stronger than her, but we realized, she had to use only 60 percent of her full strength to overpower me. Now she likes it and she can do literally anything with me when we wrestle. When she grabs my wrists, she can move my arms anywhere where she wants: Behind my back, or over my head, or apart. She plays with me in the bed and she enjoys it. I'm absolutely helpless against her, but she never hurts me. It is evident now for both of us, that she is the stronger one in our marriage. When we wrestle, I can't push her arms back, but she can do it anytime with mine. It's exciting for both of us that she can overpower me anytime. She can sit on my face if she wants and I can't stop her, or can hold me down pushing my arms over my head in the bed an I cant move. Only by her muscle strength she can hold me in any submissive position as long as she wants. Both of us knows, if we would fight seriously, she could even hurt me with her arms only.

ThomasDec 22 2012 4:24am
Here is a couple pictures:

ThomasDec 22 2012 4:49am
Sharing a house with my girlfriend, we had been off and on, and we were comfortable with the relationship. One night I was just out of the shower in my bathrobe, and she was sitting crosslegged in front of the TV. I sat next to her, still drying off. "Hey, you smell nice!" she said, and slipped her hands under my robe. I grabbed her hands and laughing, tried to push her away. That turned into a tussle and she pushed me down and sat on me. With my robe open, and her in a skirt, there was mothing between us but her panties. "Are you a weakling? Or. . Oooh!" She felt me getting hard beneath her. "You like this, don't you? Getting beat up by by a woman?" She began to tease me and taunt me as I struggled beneath her, and I could feel her panties getting wet. When I came, she sat and wriggled a bit. Then she sat back on my thighes, raised her legs and stripped off her panties. Sitting down hard on me again, she dangled them in my face. "see what you did? You naughty man. Now I'll have to punish you! It's off to my torture chamber." Her bedroom, as it was. There she let me get on top for an instant, then rolled me on my bassck and straddled me again. She wiped her long blond hair back and forth across my face as she rode me, staring down at me and smiling.

carlDec 31 2012 9:24pm
Are there any couples whose wrestling matches are more even and competitive. That would probably be very exciting. It was true for us some time back but wife is now weaker. Small bets add to the fun.

DextraextraJan 10 2013 9:51pm
Here are two links with their videos and pics. This is a real match between a couple. This could happen when the wife Is phisycly stronger than her husband. She can do whatever she wants to do with him. She is definitely in better shape than him. He struggles hard but no escape from her. Her wrestling skills are better and she is more fit than him. She, as a teenager exercised harder in the sport than her husband. Here are the results. She totally dominates him. He is totally humiliated by his own wife, because she is much stronger than him. She uses only 60% of her strength to overpower him. This was a big surprise in this marriage. Now he is helpless... She can pull and cross, strech and push his arms anywhere she wants anytime. She can play with him, pin him and can humiliate him in different holds. He can't stop her, he has not enough power to fight back.

ThomasJan 11 2013 12:16pm
My wife and i wrestle often,she enjoys it beacause she is good at it.Her legs are insanely strong ffom 14yrs of swimming and horse back riding.Her body scissor is deadly i cant move when she locks it on,and she can squeeze me into submission at half power.Her grapevine pin is scary!

AnonymousJan 29 2013 6:18pm
Well my hysband and me wrestle regulary its always end by him submitting to me

RamJan 30 2013 4:36pm
My girl friend of many many years and I wrestle all the time and find it to be extremely erotic. She is 5' 1" and 110 lbs. I am much bigger. I can use my weight to control her but she has lightening speed and strong legs which she uses to gain contol. She will scissors my leg, my arm, my body but once she gets her thighs around my head and neck it is over. She doesn't squeeze me out but she just uses her thigh muscles to dominate me. Fortunately we are both extremely turned on by this and it always leads to passionate love making.

nature guyMar 23 2013 7:53am
i haven't won a match against my wife or here girlfriend since we started wrestling abt. 8 yrs. ago. i'm sure i could get a pin if i wanted to but would rather be humiliated and submitted by my wife and sometimes her gf. i am usually dropped to the mat by a well placed foot or knee to the balls. if i cant defend myself,she will quickly do a reverse facesit ,pull my stiffened c*ck out of my shorts and vigorously work my c*ck and balls until i empty my load all over my chest and sometimes my face. as soon as the musky aroma of her hairy sweaty crotch enters my nostrils i'm done.

a skinny dominated pakistanian manApr 03 2013 9:20am
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm a male, 38 yo, 89 kg. I've got a very beautiful 24 yo, 91 kg girlfriend. We sometimes do competitive mixed oil wrestling. My girlfriend is really strong and sometimes she outwrestles me but it doesn't happen often. As a rule after some intense struggling I manage to get on top of her curvy body. I love to sit on my busty counterpart, precisely controlling every move of her body. I feel excited when I have her under me - heavily breathing. sweating and smiling. She says it's a real pleasure to a woman to be overpowered by men. She struggles and squirms in order to shake me off - just to be pinned by me - again and again. She loves when I finally force her to give up but wants at once a rematch. But most of all she's happy when she manages to escape from my holds. I guess that women ENJOY mixed wrestling. Now my question to the ladies in here: I've got a 55 yo aunt. She looks very pretty and is in a good shape. I would like to wrestle her but I am not sure. As I said she's pretty. When I get atop of her and press her body by mine it may cause a quite natural reaction. Did anyone of the ladies in here have such wrestling experience with a nephew? Was it okay? Or am I overreacting and there's nothing bad in reminding a woman of her sex-appeal?

Mixed wrestling fanMay 04 2013 2:53pm
My wife has recently wanted to wrestle. She is taller and weighs about 20 lbs. more than me. She likes to give me piggy back rides. She has also lifted me over her shoulder and she can tell I like it. She is probably stronger than me and I am kind of worried that if she beats me in a wrestling match things will change with us. I don't know how long I can avoid it, but I may have no choice.

davidMay 06 2013 8:04am
This sounds very interesting. Never done it...but would consider. Look at my pics on under Candy28 and let me know if you'd like to chat. I live in Vegas.

Candy28Jun 14 2013 4:52pm

deuce444Jun 28 2013 9:29am
If the belly scissors is applied right it can be a humiliating hold. If you press your crotch into your opponent's side, and lock your knees on the other side there's no place for the opponent's solar plexus to go. There's bone in the back, crotch on one side, and locked knees on the other. By using the muscles in your hips and ass you pull your knees in and the solar plexus is right in front where you can punish it with squeezes of your thigh. You can look in your opponent's face and tell when the squezeout is complete. This isn't a knockout as no punch is delivered, but the lower body is immobile and you can't rise up on a ten-count. You're not out like a boxer who has been hit hard, you're aware of everything, it's just that your lower body can't make the rest of you move. All you can do is crawl on the floor trying to get your strength back. And be sure your bladder is empty ahead of time or the squeezeout may empty it for you which will add to your humiliation. Women with wide hips, thick thighs, and a short crotch to knee length are particularly lethal with this hold.

deuce444Jun 28 2013 9:44am
Check out

GJul 08 2013 9:18pm
To all loving sexy couples who wrestle , Greetings ! IMHO couples can excercise together by testing their strength against each other but should unite into loyal , loving Tag teams & wrestle other couples . Also couples having discovered the joys of Mixed Wrestling over plain vanilla sex may be open to Vagina-Phallus Sex Yoga ! Wherein the Man stores his Semen , Testosterone by means of an intensely erotic breath controlled muscular Chastity Lock & the woman too experiences Intense Eroto-Yogic pleasure : also the end of semen wastage / leakage that occurs in vanilla sex makes the Man a formidable Wrestler , athlete & opponent on tge Mat !!

AG9Jul 29 2013 12:54pm
Continuing from above : the Vaginal-phallic yoga involves both the man & wife takin' a deep breath. Then the Tip (mind you , just the Tip) of the engorged, Erect Penis is enterd / kisses the Lip ( just the Lip) of her Vagina .both muscle squeeze the base of the Penis & Vagina respectively , silently murmuring " Victory Father Penis ! Victory Mothe Vagina !" both the Man & the Woman enjoy intensely erotic & sexy Pleasure ! As long as they can hold their breath ! Then exhale , relax n' release take rest 'n repeat !

AG9Jul 29 2013 1:02pm
As there is no silly rubbing , friction , ejaculation but intense erotic , sexual pleasure by means of Muscle controlled Chastity lock the Man builds up his Stamina , Endurance , Strength , Muscles & his Wife will enjoy his increased strenth ! & have respectful , submissive , erotic feelings too for her Man / Wrestlin' Pardner' !!! It's a win-win situation for both members of the Chaste Erotic Wrestlin'Couple Tag Team !!!

AG9Jul 29 2013 1:07pm
met my gf some months ago, she is a full bodied woman with wide shoulders, big breasts on a big rib Cage, narrow waist and broad hips, big yet firm thighs and calves. She looks 100% feminine. The first time we were intimate I felt the power in her body when she moved me around in bed like I weighed nothgin. Now I am a thin man, many lbs ligther than her but I am firm and in good shape. Second time we were in her bed she suddenly had me in a body scissors, she rested on her elbow looking at me struggling to get our of her rather painful grip. Strong legs huh, she said and squeezed me even harder. Then she just moved me towards her and she took hold of my upper body and head and pressed me to her big breasts. I now struggled with all I had, feeling that his moment was important to show her that I wasn't a weakling. She just lauged at my attempts to get out of her grip, she now squeezed me with both legs and arms and I started to loose all power in my body. She whispered in my ear, now you are mine, just relax and let me take charge of your body. I tried one more time to get out from her grip but she didn't have to use any power in her strong muscles, I was caught good. When I surrendered she moved me and had me on my back, she then made love to me and I felt so embarrassed because it was the best sex I had ever had so far. I then fell asleep in her arms. The day after she asked me if I was OK and if I still wanted to be with her. She told me that she loved showing her strength, she loved to have a thin man like me at her mercy. I was silent, I really didn't know what to say. She realized how embarrassed I was and told me to come and lay down with my head on her arm. She dragged me slowly towards her and I did like she said, I laid with me head on her arms and she hugged me with her strong arm and pressed me agains her big breast. She carressed my neck with the other hand and I felt safe and warm, she threw one big thigh over my body and hugged me, I knew I couldn't get out from there and I truly didn't want to. I was hers and I still feel that way. We have wrestled almost every time we have been together since that night and I loose big time every single match. She also lifts me, sometimes threws me over her sturdy shoulders or just pick me up in a cradle carry. When she did that once in public I got angry, I told her that I felt very embarrassed when she did that and she promised never to lift me in public again. She says she was born strong and she have been working out for ever to avoid being over weight. I now love being in her arms and between her legs. I have surrendered in a very nice way. I am sure there are other relationships like this. My sister-in-law is married to a smaller man, I am sure she can do whatever she likes with him. One of my collegues at work, a big Nigerian woman, is married to a much older and smaller man. He disappears in her big arms when she hugs him, they seem to be very much inloved. Role reversal can be fantastic.

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My wife and i after we get out of the shower and get dressed for bed, we'll lay down and i usually watch tv while she's reading a book.well i'll usually get up and walk past the end of the bed on my way to the bathroom and look up her nightie to see what color her panties are.when i walk by on the way back in the room i'll look again and then i'll taunt her about kicking her a** and then i'll start pushing her shoulder and make her lose her place in her book.after i do that she'll lay her book down on the bed and get up and come around to my side and let me get up too.then we start slap fighting and she has to shoq me she's faster than i am.after i tuck my head to defend myself she'll grab my arms and trip me and wrestle me to the floor and sit on me.its really embarrassing but when i see her panties while im down i am more embarraased.sometimes when we are in the car i will threaten her too and she'll trply stop this car right now and i'll stop on the side of the road or in a parking lot somewhere and we'll get out of the car and wrestle and she always gets me on the ground and sits on me. Until i give up.while i feel lucky to have a wife like this i also am embarrassed because i feel humiliated.she also said she wasnt afraid to do this in front of a crowd because we went out in thr frpnt yard a few times at nite while she was in her nightie and she would still get me on the ground and sit on me

steveOct 16 2013 3:53pm
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Did women also want to be stronger than their men? If yes, let me here your respond. Coz i want to have a chat with one.

YaqubOct 31 2013 11:16pm
I've enjoyed wrestling with a couple of ladies. Only one totally overpowered me in a way that I will never forget. I got her good the next time, but I know she is capable. TODAY, I am dating a super HOT and STRONG gal that I am trying to get her to arm wrestle with me. It is getting closer to her doing it. I know I will have my hands full. My dream would be to wrestle with her because it would be competitive, great foreplay and I KNOW the sex after would be off the charts! Just can't seem to get her to be excited about it...

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I am a 28 year old male 6'3 " 190 lbs. and I wrestle my wife who is 49 years old 5'0 tall and weighs about 145 lbs. I will admit with such a huge size advantage doesn't help me during the match, my wife is undefeated against me. She is a full blooded Puerto Rican with jet black hair and a sexy strong body with huge arms and legs like tree trunks. My wife knows that I enjoy wrestling with her so much she doesn't mind doing it with me because she loves the competition. I never win because my wife is freaky strong and she might deceive you with her 5 foot stature. I have had her pinned pretty good before but she is so stubborn I have never gotten her to submit. I have a chance with her when it's a battle of our upper bodies, but her legs are so much bigger and stronger than mine that when she gets me in a hold with her legs I'm done for. She's usually wins by having a full Nelson lock or her favorite the sleeper hold and she will wrap her legs around me and I squirm and struggle I try to get out but no matter how hard I try I know she has me. So I tap out or tell her to her face I give or I submit. What scares me is she tells me she was hardly putting any pressure on, so I can only imagine if she went all out, she would break bones. Now granted I love wrestling her and I'm not trying to say I'm wrestling her as hard as I could, but I'm not humiliated to say that my wife has bigger stronger arms than me, and upper and lower bodies are more defined than mine and are stronger, as she usually slams my arm down quite easily in arm wrestling. I have always been turned on by women flexing and wrestling, good natural muscle not big steroid pumping espn2 bodybuilding types that's not for me. I am so turned on after we get done wrestling my penis is hard as a rock, and she commands me to stick it in, and I give her great pleasure, which leads to some awesome love-making. I really enjoy wrestling my wife it is great exercise, competition, it's fun, and it's a major turn on. My ultimate fantasy is to pair my wife up with a woman around her size and experience for a wrestling match, I hope she would be up for it. I know she would do really good, I hope she would be as open to it as she is to our husband vs. wife matches. Remember men are stronger than women is not the truth. Thanks.

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RickyFeb 04 2014 7:23pm
yei have had several boyfriends and I beat all of them up. every boyfriend I let go they were all to scared to break up. the nigjt I got married we had wonderful sex but only after I kicked his ass and let him know who is in charge

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I wrestle with my husband a lot i am taller than him in 20 cm and weight more than him in more than 30 kg and my muscles are super huge, so i am much stronger than him when i wrestle him it is almost a match from one side he can do nothing against me. I also wrestle other men as well and can beat them easily

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My wife and I had a next door neighbor that was recently divorced and we were casual friends. We had her over a few times and helped her get over her recent divorce. She was tall and had started to work out to lose some extra weight as she wanted to get back into the dating scene. My wife was a little taller than me and had done athletics in school and had gained a little weight but not much to worry about. I weighed in at about 150 and was on the thin side. Our neighbor Meagan, had started to gain muscle and liked to tease me that she could pin me and was stronger. My wife just grinned and I said that she probably could and might be stronger too. She was always dropping hints to my wife that she wanted to wrestle me. When my wife mentioned it to me I always said no. Meagan was pretty persistent and finally my wife agreed that it would be OK with her. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled at all and didn't want my wife to see me embarrassed like that. I finally agreed to a match with Meagan, but only if my wife wasn't there to watch. Meagan quickly agreed and my wife said OK. That weekend was when they set it up. On the Saturday night Meagan had us over, she had thrown a mat down in her living room, I still wasn't happy about it but I figured I would just get it over with. My wife left and I said only for 30 minutes and no longer. Meagan frowned but said OK. I changed into shorts and Meagan came out in a one piece swim suit. Her biceps were firm and it looked liked she might have a six pack under the suit. I was understandably nervous because I looked weak compared to her. We began and I fought hard which she liked but I was no match for her. She put me in various holds. I was stretched and sat on. She actually had me over her shoulders n an airplane spin, which strangely felt good and I think she felt that I got excited as she put me down and sat on top of me. She grinned and said I think you are really enjoying this aren't you? I said Meagan please don't tell Mary she would be pissed. She winked and said I don't think she would but I will keep it a secret. She continued to punish me and after the half hour I lay on her mat helpless. I could barely move, Meagan called my wife and said that we were finished and thanked her. She said I would be over in a few minutes. I said Meagan it will take me awhile to be able to get up and walk back to my house. She said no it won't because I am going to carry you! She helped me to my feet and easily picked me up in her arms in a cradle carry. She asked if I had fun I nodded yes and I couldn't resist giving her a kiss as she held me. She looked surprised and then grinned and said I better get you home to your wife!! Good idea I said as she carried me out of her house. It felt nice to be in her arms and took away the sting of being woman handled by her. As we got over to my house Mary was on the front porch. She smiled and said I guess we know who won the match! Meagan grinned and said I hope I didn't hurt your hubby too much. I laughed and said Meagan thanks for going easy on me. She thanked my wife again and instead of putting me down she just handed me to my wife and I was shocked to be in my wife's arms now, as Mary easily carried me into the house and over to the couch. She sat down with me on her lap. I said honey when did you become so strong? She laughed and made a muscle and her bicep popped up. Remember in high school I did weight training and I never lost my muscles, I just didn't show them off. She asked do you like them, I mumbled yes! We can wrestle too some time if you want. Can you start working out a little a little too. Sure she said I will start soon. She joined a gym and we began to wrestle frequently. I was no match for her either and she and Meagan began wrestling each other which I loved. They were evenly matched and used to really go at it. They would lift and carry me which I enjoyed and flex for me. I would end up over my wife's shoulders and carried back home where she continued her domination. I was a lucky guy!

gilbertJun 11 2014 9:06am
James vs gf carol carol a shot putt for her school me a wrestler at school carol a big head wrestler me best of 5 i submissed her 5 times she was a w.p.c (policewoman)

JimJun 14 2014 10:24am
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gilbert, it sounds fantastic for you and the two women near you. I have always been a strong woman, athletic back ground and I grown even stronger and bigger after giving birth to three children. When the kids moved out my husband left me for a younger woman. Something that made him move I think was because I started to tease him for being smaller and weaker than me, just to get him irritated so we could arm wrestle and wrestle. I have always liked when we had a tussle when we were younger and I could always pin him rather easily. He never liked it. So when we were in our 50's I one evening slappled his behind a few times to irritate him enough to get me to stop. The wrestling match that followed was quite embarrassing...for him. I didn't go full out since I wanted this to last. So I pinned him a number of times. Just two months later he told me that he found another, "more feminine" woman. I go really angry since I at 55 years still could get appreciating looks from men, sometimes 20 years younger. I have now found a new man that I straight away asked if he could take being stronger than him. He was a bit surprised at the question and tried to say, what makes you think your stronger. We arm wrestled and wrestled, he was even weaker than my ex and I enjoyed my dominance over him, especially when I carried him to bed after wrestling him into submission. Some women like being stronger, just like your wife and neighbor Gilbert.

Strong ladyJul 06 2014 4:51am
Thank you Gilbert and Strong lady for sharing. Our divorced neighbor woman, a Polish woman, 10 years older than me and my wife, was over for dinner some time ago. She had been working out a lot the last years and my wife complemented her on her big muscles. My wife also flexed her's and I was surprised how big they looked although not as big as the Polish woman. The started to arm wrestle after dinner and after 30-40 seconds of struggle my wife lost. And then my wife said that I had to save the honor of the family. So i gripped hands with this muscular woman and already straight away knew that I would lose. It took her 5 seconds to pin first my right and then my left. My wife said that I would not have a chance against her since she did better against the neighbor and that her muscles were bigger. And she was right. I lost to mo wife as well, after 40 seconds with my strongest and in seconds with my weakest. I started to work out the week after, but my wife is now going to the gym with the Polish woman and her muscles seems to grow faster than mine. But I actually find it rather sexy with strong women so loosing to the neighbor was not so bad after all. Gilbert, have you lost to other women and have you seen your wife or neighbor win over other men or women?

RafJul 06 2014 4:59am
On other boards I have heard that as we age the woman retains her strength more readily than the man. So if a man and woman start out basically the same strength level, the older they get the greater becomes the strength difference in favor of the woman. Do any of you find that to be true?

WooferJul 13 2014 1:34am
According to my experience this is true. When I met my wife I was stronger than her but she had better endurance. I wasn't a lot stronger but Always won when we armwrestled and wrestled. Today we are getting Close to 60. Some time ago we arm wrestled for the first time in perhaps 25 years an to our surprise my wife won easily. She didn't think I was doing my best so we armwrestled perhaps 10 times with both arms and she won 10-0 with both arms. We then leg wrestled, the way where you sit opposite each other an try to press you opponents legs together. I had no chance at all. So at the end we went to our bed and wrestled. She pinned me a number of times until I couldn't move anymore. She was sitting on my flexing her rather big muscles and had me to admit that women are stronger than men when they get older. My wife told this to her best friend and this friend told my wife that she was also stronger than her husband now when they were older. This couple came home to us for dinner and the arm wrestling came up. Me and the other man lost to both women. If I had been 30 I would have been totally ashamed and humiliated, now being 59 it wasn't the end of the World. And to be honest, these strength contests have really spiced up our sex life. My wife loves to wrestle me down Before we have sex and I am happy and proud of her.

59Jul 15 2014 11:13am
Interesting to read this. I am a 64 year old woman and my husband has just turned 60. He have lost a lot of weight the last 10 years and is very thin today, for me it has been the opposite, I have gained weight, some fat but also a lot of muscle since I work out a lot since I turned 50. When me and my husband met he was stronger than me but over the years this has changed. When I turned 50 I got a membership with a personal trainer as a present from my husband, he joked and said that I needed to get stronger to match him. After my first visit to the gym my personal trainer said that I was quite strong for a person that never had lifted weights Before. I have been doing different kinds of work outs like aerobics and like to work in our garden but nothing more than that. My husband asked me how the first training was and I said that I will be very strong and stronger than him in a short time. He challenged me to armwrestle him. We were both quite surprised when he couldn't pin my arms. We armwrestled for several minutes until his arm started to shake. I realized he was more tired than me so I gave Everything I had and he couldn't stop me from winning. The same with left arms. He was very frustrated, even before I had started to work out I was stronger than him. He wanted Another match and I felt rather fresh and won in seconds with both arms. I felt really good about this. Later I had some tests and they showed that my testosterone level was very high for a woman. The work outs paid off really well and I got stronger and stronger. I could beat almost all our friend at armwrestling, something that made my husband happy, he wasn't the only one loosing to me. At 64 years today I outlift several younger people at the gym, men included.

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cXaxoHieCNGfABRJul 19 2014 4:42am
Strong lady, recently my wife has been hinting about wanting to use a strap on as part of our sex play. I am a little nervous. I probably wouldn't be able to stop her anyway. Have you used one and do you have any advice?

gilbertAug 03 2014 11:50am
hi, i am sorry to intervene. I am strong woman much bigger and muscular than my husband. My muscles are almost twice his. I am about 27 and he is 29. We've been married for 6 years. In the last year my husband was not able to satisfy me on his dick anymore. I think about using strapon many times, but i was not brave enough to do it. Now i wrestle him all the time and force him to pleasure me with his arm and tung, not only him, also i wrestle many other men and force them to pleasure me as well. Until now i have not had sex with any of them. I also always think to have sex with other men, but i am still not sure about it.

Woman Aug 03 2014 5:46pm
Woman, its all good. My wife and I wrestle with our neighbor frequently. But no sex is involved. Our neighbor has wrestled other guys, but she prefers to wrestle me and my wife only, which is fine with us. As far as the strap on goes, I think she wants to use it, but I am a little nervous. We will see. She is OK with me sexually so she doesn't want to stray. She is also much stronger than me too. I can't really give you any advice other than the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Maybe spice up your sex life with the strap on and see how it goes.

gilbertAug 03 2014 9:32pm
Thank you very much Gilbert. It is great that you and your wife are having good relationship sexually, and she wants to try something new with the strap on. For me he lost his erection maybe because he fears very much, and i'm still young woman it does not make sense to stop having sex when i''m only 26 only because he can't. Any way if your wife use the strap on you could you post your experience here.

Woman Aug 04 2014 3:04am
Also i have a neighbor, he is a single man. He is very good friend with me and my husband. He likes feet very much and has a foot fetish, so now i take advantage over this, and makes him give feet massage all the time, also i wrestle him and force him to pleasure me with his toung. The thing is my husband likes the new situation because he does not have to give me a foot massage daily as before.

Woman Aug 04 2014 3:25am
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ZIForqlWKaGVMUZgCAug 06 2014 3:44am
I am a owner of a small business do a lot of office work and am not too active. My wife on the other hand got interested in working out and recently started wrestling in a local gym with some other girls. They have competitive matches all private though. She has in the past six months or so became quite strong looking with biceps and broad shoulders. I am sure she could easily take me but she doesn't seem to want to flaunt her strength in front of me. I would admire her arms while she lifted barbells at home before bed. I like to massage her back after a shower and I would squeeze her biceps but she didn't really notice that it turned me on. I am thin and our sex was really good as she had recently started to enjoy being on top. she would pin my arms above my head and control the lovemaking and she really enjoyed it as did I. One evening she told me that she was allowed to bring her husband to the matches if he wanted to go. I had been curious for a while so I said yes right away. At the gym I noticed just a couple of other men who were probably husbands or boyfriends of the other women wrestlers. I watched as the women warmed up, I was surprised by how much weight my wife was lifting and her arms seemed to get a lot bigger after she was done. All the women looked really strong and I wondered if the other guys were a little intimidated by their girls. The night started out with a tag team match that was very entertaining as the women wrestled for about a half hour ending with a small but powerful girl pinning a larger girl after a tough struggle. My wife was scheduled for the second bout. The first one ended quickly with a large powerful black girl pinning her opponent pretty quickly. It was time for my wife's match, she was matched up with a younger girl about the same height and weight. My wife looked fantastic in a one piece suit. Broad shoulders and firm muscular arms and legs. They began and seemed pretty evenly matched. The young girl was very strong too. after ten minutes I thought my wife had been beaten the young girl had her over her shoulders in a back breaker, she couldn't hold her and she escaped and they continued for another five minutes or so. My wife then lifted her in a bear hug and seemed to start to wear the young girl down. She dropped her on the mat and picked her back up on her shoulders this time carried her across the mat and dropped her again and covered her for the pin. I applauded as my wife looked over at me and winked. The ref raised her arm and she left the ring with the youngster helped to her feet. It was amazing and I loved seeing my strong wife on the winning side. After the matches were over and she had cleaned up she was starving so we went to get something to eat and go home. I told her how much I enjoyed the evening and that she was fantastic and I was lucky to have a powerful woman like her. She was relieved because some of the girls' guys didn't like them wrestling and wanted them to stop. I said I thought it was great and as far as I was concerned she could do it as long as she wanted. Not that I could stop you anyway honey! She giggled and said that's why she loved me! You must be a little sore after that match, it was good that young girl was pretty good too. She was she said and actually the last time we wrestle she won! No kidding I said. I leaned over and kissed her and said well you are always going to be my champion. She hugged me and I wanted her to squeeze me. She said let's take a shower and have some fun! We got in the shower and I soaped up her back and rubbed her shoulders and felt her arms. She actually flexed for me for the first time and it was amazing to feel them after she was pumped up. She then got behind me a put me in a full nelson and humped me and whispered to me that she had a surprise for me. We rinsed off and got out of the shower. Allow me she said as she easily scooped me into her arms and carried me out of the bathroom. She held me in her arms and kissed me. This is unbelievable I said as she carried me down the hall to the bedroom. You are so light babe she said to me it's really easy for me. She took me to the room and dropped me on the bed and said she would be right back. After a few minutes she came back and had put on another wrestling outfit. She was carrying some barbells and started doing bicep curls. After a few minutes she grabbed me and said now is our turn to wrestle. I looked at her and said no honey you will hurt me! No chance of that my sweet boy, I will go easy on you and you might even like it!! She let me to the garage where she had her weights and wrestling mat. We wrestled for about a half hour and she put me in various holds and making out with me in between. she was right it was great. She at one point had me over her strong shoulders and carried me to the mirror. Like this she asked? I mumbled amazing. I weighed 150 and she pushed me over her head for a few seconds giggling how light I was. After she had totally wore me down she left me exhausted on the mat. She said she would be back in a few minutes to take me to bed and finish me off. I lay there dazed and almost asleep as she re entered the garage. I smiled as she pulled me to my feet and across her shoulders again this time in a firemans carry. As I lay across her shoulders she carried me back into the house and she took my hand and placed it around something she was wearing I didn't know what it was at first but laying behind her I saw a harness and a toy was strapped in it. Are you game she asked? I was surprised but said OK. You are going to love it my weak boy she said. I began to stroke it as she carried me back to the bedroom. She dumped me on the bed and climbed on top off me, she moaned as I put it in my mouth. For the rest of the night she used it on me, I was hooked and so was she. She wrestles me and has her way with me regularly now, it couldn't be better!!

nicholasAug 18 2014 1:50pm
a lot of free mixed wrestling pictures on my website - welcome!

StephanieSep 23 2014 8:19am
I learned a long time ago that men shouldn't just think they can defeat a woman. my ex wife and I wrestled over the years and I never won one match 11-0 was her undefeated record against me, it was usually her legs that made the difference but also stamina, flexibility, endurance and determination to win. recently I have been hanging out with this woman a little older than me, she is 51 I am 48, she is 4'11 I am 5'6. She has always told me how naturally strong her legs are, she inherited that from her mother. I got to experience a little of that over the months, but last night I not only got to feel the strength in her legs, but we both realized how much she enjoyed it and I can assure you there will be more to come after last night. It started with foreplay, nothing physically challenging with each other , but she trapped my hand in her thighs, it felt like my bones were going to start breaking. my comment led to a discussion and then a challenge, she proceeded to trap various body parts in her thighs. Her thigh muscles crushed my thigh muscles and the difference in the hardness was unbeleiveable. I actually have soreness and slight bruising on my thigh. She claims she didn't even use full strength, she trapped my head next. I have never felt anything like that before, my ex has nothing on her when it comes to leg strength and as she was squeezing me she started to have orgasms, actually as she put it, one extremely long orgasm that wouldn't stop. we took a break and went outside, as we were sitting on the patio, she was still having an orgasm. of course constantly talking about what transpired she said she was not using full strength she didn't want to hurt me. We went back in for some more play time, she wanted t osee if she could break free and had me pin her down her down. So I pinned her arms down. wrapped up her legs with mine... it took a few minutes of squirming and resisting but she was able to free her legs, once she did that, she started rolling and pulling her arms, and eventually rolled us over. she used her legs to shove and once she was on top I was spent from the struggle. once again she wanted to experience the intensity between her legs as she squeezed me so she trapped my head again and got off again.. Unbeleivabe experience is all I can say

defeated Oct 11 2014 4:17pm
I would like to marry a strong girl in future who would wrestle me and love me. I am just 20 years old. Wish I had a girlfriend like that.

JRTOct 23 2014 6:42am
My wife is a powerfully built woman, 175 cm and 88 kgs. I m taller at 182 cm and weighing in at 72 kgs. Until we were in our late 40's we never really matched strength, I knew she was strong but always thought I was stronger. About a year ago my wife invited her boss and her husband,both in their mid 50's. The boss was a strikingly beautiful and also powerfully built woman with wide strong looking shoulders, muscular but female arms, big breasts, wife hips, strong looking thighs and calves. Her husband was considerably smaller, almost skinny, and he seemed to be rather shy and almost hid behind his big wife. During dinner my wife asked her boss to flex her arm muscles, they talked about how all men at work looked with awe at their boss's muscles. And boy did she have big biceps. I also felt her arms, rock hard from years of gym visits. My wife's boss also said that my wife also had impressive muscles and with that my wife flexed. When did she become so muscular. The women smiled at us men when we all realized that around this table the men were smaller and weaker. When the older couple had left my wife said that her boss was really strong and that she had won over most of the staff at the office when they had arm wrestled at a office party some time ago. My wife also said that she had won her share, also against men. And with that she put up her arm for an armwrestling match. I fought hard and long but lost with right arm. With left it was no match I am sorry to say, my wife won very easily. She smiled and said that I had actually put up a better match then she would have thought. I got a bit irritated and said that I thought I could take her in a real wrestling match. She laughed and said just look at us honey,I am just so much more powerfully built than you. True but now I wanted to win. We cleared space and started hand to hand first, no chance, I should have known, then she had me in a headlock and took me down where she easily moved one leg over my body and straddled me. I struggled but she could pin me with my arms under her knees. We wrestled for about 1,5 hours until I was too tired to do anything more. She won 11-0. Embarrassing but also quite exciting and it all lead to lovemaking. We have wrestled regularely since. I have also arm wrestled my wife's boss on a dinner after they were at our place, and lost to a 10 year older woman. It is kind of sexy with strong women.

RedOct 29 2014 9:50am
Woman what is your weight? Can you lift your husband? What are his and your measurements?

robynNov 05 2014 2:03pm - a lot of free mixed wrestling pics, updating weekly!

StephanieNov 10 2014 10:27am
Are there any wives out there that enjoy watching their husband battle another man.?

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FzRrSmLLjBNoxJan 15 2015 6:53pm always on the lookout for opponents for my wife.shes forty,130lb thai woman.not big,but determined and scrappy.willing to travel and to pay well for a straight up contest without too many rules .have you got what it takes to go one on one

samJan 22 2015 3:55am
Me and my husband has kept ourselves in good shape over the years. We have both been doing yoga and jogging, long walks and been eating good. Until about three years ago we were both the same size, 5'10 and 140 lbs. My wife had an ski accident and broke her leg and one arm. She started the rehab to get her strength back. After about one year she was stronger than ever before AND she had started to like working out with weights. She was almost daily to the gym, she started to eat proteins since she was lifting heavy. About a year ago we were standing in front of our big mirror in the bathroom. We used to see a couple, slim, in good shape but where none of us had big muscles. Sinewy would be the right expression. Now we could see that my wife hade added some serious muscle! I asked her what she weighed and when we looked at the scales I was surprised to see that she was now 170 lbs. She had gained 30 lbs of muscle. She flexed her biceps and I was shocked to see how big they were. My wife smiled and asked me to feel her muscles. Rock hard. This led to a series of arm wrestling matches, something we had done when we were young (I always won then). Now I didn't have a chance. She was so strong it was embarrassing. She then wanted to wrestle me and I was totally dominated. But the good thing was that the wrestling became very sexual when my wife for the 10th time pinned me. She enjoyed the dominance she had over me and I was aroused from being so close to my wife (we were naked). After this night we have been wrestling many times and I always loose. My wife has added another 10 lbs of muscle and is more than ripped today at 50. I joined my wife at the gym a few times but didn't like it at all so I am still 140 lbs with almost no body fat, my wife is almost 180 lbs. She can beat almost all our male friends and relatives at arm wrestling.

ray cFeb 02 2015 12:45pm
Sorry about the confusing start of this post but I should have been writing me and my wife.

ray cFeb 02 2015 12:46pm
szc1JB I am curious to find out what blog system you are using? I'm having some small security problems with my latest website and I'd like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any solutions?

JrRAIRAZdvSdGurFeb 05 2015 9:45am
MY WIFE used to WRESTLE quite a bit in 1970 in college and in se Kansas. SHE also did a lot of DORM, APARTMENT, AND TOWNHOME WRESTLING!!! SHE also did some mixed tag team matches also!!! SHE did this until 1992. SHE said that the best one was when she and her girl friend DONNA, tag teamed against my DAD in 1989. BOTH women, are big gals . BOTH are close to six feet tall, and weight about 240#s . WHAT a match it was!!!!

tjFeb 20 2015 1:46pm
TJ, why don't you tell us about the MATCH!!!! I am sure all that read this post, would like to hear all about it !!!!!

GLORIAFeb 22 2015 12:05pm
YaDt4s I am usually to blogging and i actually respect your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I'm going to bookmark your site and preserve checking for brand new information.

FkdANUiohOawrMar 06 2015 3:33pm
Me and my husband are in our 30's, we gott married two years ago and we haven't got any kids, yet. We work a lot and come home late, exhausted and tired. LAte dinner, some tv and then bed. Weekends we help our parents and occasionally we go to bars with some friends. That means very little time for us as a couple. We were actually drifting apart. I got frustrated about this and to avoid getting crazy I started to work out at the company gym, first twice a week but after a while I worked out almost every day between 1-2 hours. A colleague of mine had been a PT and helped me to work out the right way. I started to add muscle. I have always been sort of big, not fat, not muscular but big and strong, from birth. When my husband and I used to play wrestle before we got married he really had to do his best to pin me. To be honest I never really went at it 100%. After I had been working out for almost a year I was sitting in front of the mirror brushing my hair before coing to bed, clad only in pantyhose and bra. I looked at my rather big biceps that jumped up and down, whend did I get so big? The muscles in my shoulder were equally big and strong looking. I then saw something behind me, my husband was sitting in our bed and looking at my arms. He looked like he had seen a ghost. I turned around and asked him what he was looking at and he actually stammered a nothing dear. I then smiled and flexed my right bicep and asked him if this was what he was looking for and he gasped out, yes, my God they are big! I told him to feel it and he moved over and felt my baseball sized bicep, that was rock hard. But how...he said. I told him about my work outs. My husband is a slim very good looking man. When I now looked at him, he was in his underwear, his muscles were not near mine in size. And the difference was even bigger when I looked at our legs. I teased him that it seems like I had the muscles in the family and that he, the man was only the second strongest. He then got of or his almost trance like state and actually took hold of my arm and dragged me to bed where he tried to pin me. I was taken by surprise but when I started to resist I could straight away feel that my strength was far bigger than his. I dragged him back so he fell over my thighs with his face down. I instinctly throw one of my strong legs over his body and kept him in some kind of scissors. He was struggling to get loose but I could easily keep him there. This was kind of funny having my husband in a spanking position and it had taken me very little to get him there. I pulled down his underwear and took his socks off. And started to caress his bums. What are you doing, he said, I just said I enjoyed myself. I then slapped him a few times on his now naked behind before I let him loose so he fell to the floor. He as now a bit angry but most of all embarrassed. He threw himself at me and we were fighting hand to hand. He looked in awe at the muscles in my shoulders when I slowly but steady pressed him down to our bed where I quickly pinned him with his hands above his head. Well , I said, who is stronger. He stammered out a you took my by surprise. I said we could have 5 more falls and then the looser had to agree who was stronger. I loved this, why hadn't we wrestled before. The body contact was sexy but the most exciting thing was for me to be so much stronger that I could basically do anything I wanted with my slim husband. The next fall he tried to have me in a head lock. I took hold of his arms, one at a time, and parted them so I could get out of his hold. He was fighting with absolutely everything he had and was actually shaking. I then played with him and just used as much power in my arms that he had to give everything while I was perhaps using 50-60% of my power. His arms got very tired, he never works out with weights and what keeps him so slim apart from genetics is jogging 2-3 times a week and now and then plays tennis. My gym muscles was too much for him. I once again pinned him and this time my body weight alone kept him in place. He was struggling but got weaker and weaker and soon lay still under me. Looking so embarrassed. This was hurting his male ego a lot I could see. I flexed my arms and told him to feel my muscles. He obeyed me. I suddenly felt him getting hard under me. Did he like being wrestled down like this? I certainly did like it, I was by now quite excited and wet. I asked him if he gave and he just nodded. I asked him if he needed a break before the next fall and again he nodded. We went to the kitchen to drink some water and on our way back to our bedroom my husband suddenly attacked me from behind and tried to get me down to our thigh living room carpet. He was not doing a good job though, soon hanging with his full body weight on from my neck. I instinctively took hold of his body and lifted him up in my arms in a cradle. I felt very much inloved with my husband that was laying so vulnerable in my arms. I carried him back to our bedroom where I threm him in our bed. I sat on him and asked him if he had enough. He nodded weakly. I then told him to say it, to say that I was stronger than him. He surprised my saying, yes, you are a lot stronger than me, I am helpless at your powerful body. I took off my pantyhose and bra and then placed myself over his erect member and the sex we had after was by far the best we have had since we met. After the lovemaking he fell asleep in my arms. This evening changed our relationship. He had never treated me badly but he was much more considerate, he also asked me to lift the heavy stuff, to pull the impossible corks in the wine bottles and the best of all, he actually wanted to wrestle me, even if he didn't have a chance. He after a while admitted that being helpless under me was very exciting, something he had never felt before in his life. Since that evening we wrestle at least 3-4 times a week, not TV anymore. He has started to work out, as he says, to be able to come up to 50% of my strength. We also armwrestle now and then and of course I win. The other night we had our best friends over for dinner. The subject of male/female strength came up and the woman said that it was obvious who was stronger in our relationship but did we know that she was stronger than her husband? He is bigger than her but he smiled and admitted that he didn't have a chance when he wrestled and arm wrestled his wife. He was very cool about it. My husband then said that he was much weaker than me but that he also was proud of my strength. We then arm wrestled each other's husbands and I had no problem beating my opponent nor had the other woman. When they left I was so horny that I threm my husband over my shoulder and carried him to bed. Well, I hope you liked me sharing even if it got a bit too ling perhaps.

UnaMar 28 2015 7:04am
Normally my wife and I wrestle every night. I'm 6'1 289.5 lbs. and she's 5'8 149.6 lbs. I usually pin her down it leads to foreplay and even though she's usually squished she still wants to do it.

DavidMar 31 2015 11:19am
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YfjwwPSjLMay 05 2015 2:02am
My wife and I wrestle every night in bed. I'm 6'2 279lbs. And she's 5'5 136lbs. I win about 65% of the time and she's improving. After i pin her down we make out. Also I have a foot fetish so she always rubs extra soft lotion on her red-pedicured size 9 feet. I found that the wrestling has made sex more pleasure able.

Foot fetish guyMay 10 2015 2:41pm
I love the idea of competative sexual wrestling. Meeting a random couple and having a sexual bout mvm/fvf to establish dominance would be so hot. Starting our in simple underwear and strip wrestling to nothing and fighting to make our rival cum. Then a tag team match where couples would work together to dominate the other physically and sexually.

sexfight fanJul 09 2015 9:03pm
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PowXfcQtXUhdcNov 08 2015 9:28pm
I love to wrestle not very good, have wrestled nude with men and women,ko bye one lady,liveing in cornwall , is hard to find oponents not look fore sex as much ,but male or femail to fight with,dont mind is her hubby watchs

blairNov 17 2015 10:40am
if thwere are any men or women in cornwall who wont to wrestle get in touch like to fight nude

blairNov 17 2015 10:43am
Me and myhusband used to wrestle regularly, but after a while i became much stronger muscular than him. So he couldn't take it anymore. So i started other men it's much better now and we both enjoying it that way. Me because i have different man every few days, and him because he doesn't have to be beaten up every few days.

Woman Nov 20 2015 5:08am
Are these just copy texts from fetish Ebooks or real stories?!!! What land are you living in? too many weak men, unbelievable!! I am 32 male, 6 feet tall and 85 KG. I was 110 KG but with working out I lost weight and gained muscles. I can do Standard,Zottman,Hammer biceps 15 reps in a set with 45lb dumbbells, diamond,standard,military and wide push ups each about 50 reps each set. I also do Bench press 180lb. I run 4 kilometers in 30 mins easily and gained huge stamina. I should let you know I gained all of this in one and a half year, never exercised before in my life. Also I never used any Sports Supplements, all natural food. Doubt if any of the above women/girls can handle me. Men in the stories above look so badly weak, thin, outpowered and office types. Just saying beating a weak guy doesnt prove you are strong. This is becoming another YouTube "girl beats guy" scene in text without videos. Peace :)

Not a champs, nor a wimpNov 25 2015 2:24pm
You're beating weak men doesn't prove our strength. But i think tjhiswebsite gather many weak men and strong women. For me I don't wanna prove anything anymore because I already did. Now I just want to enjoy my strength over weak men.

Woman Nov 26 2015 9:43am
Yeah I guess this board is not for me then :) cheers.

Not a champ, nor a wimpNov 26 2015 1:06pm
Maybe, but it's absolutely for me. However, i guess you're not the strongest man in the world. So u might meet some day a woman who is stronger than u.

Woman Nov 26 2015 2:40pm
All women I met were those sports types who were no where near me in terms of strength. On the other hand if I decide to wrestle anyone, I`ll crush them. I`m not like those weak small men above who are beaten by the women next door and being handed their wives like a cub. But sure of course there are girls stronger than me, an hell there are tons of boys stronger than them :)

Not a champ, nor a wimpNov 27 2015 9:25am
You can never know if there're tones of boys stronger than them because strength isn't based on sex. And there're lots of men who're way weaker than their women around the world. My husband is one of those men and he can do nothing about it.

Woman Nov 27 2015 11:44am
you husband is weakerthan you?

tallboyNov 27 2015 11:51am
Yaas, way weaker. He isn't match to me at all. Anyway I'm taller heavier more muscular than him.

Woman Nov 27 2015 11:56am
can you lift him in anyway?

tallboyNov 27 2015 11:58am
Yes, i can cradle him(lift him like a baby) lifthim over my shoulders and other ways too

Woman Nov 27 2015 11:59am
oh thats impressive, for more than 2 minutes u can keep him airborne?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:00pm
Yes i can do easily. He's 37 kg lighter than me

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:07pm
wow how long can u keep him up? and if i may ask what are your height and weight

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:08pm
It depends but avarage i can do it for 12 min. I'm 192 cm and 98 kg

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:09pm
with me wouldn't be that easy, I'm 184 cm and 84 kilos, I'm a pretty heavy guy

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:09pm
Ya, but I'm muscular and strong woman with extremely huge thighs and calves. Plus i did it to many men before similar to your size

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:11pm
so wouldn't be difficult for you to lift me? am I not heavy? do you train?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:14pm
you are taller and bigger than me I should change my name in smallboy

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:15pm
Yes i can lift you. I lift weights every day

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:15pm
how big are your muscles if I may ask?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:16pm
Hahaha most men around me are small men

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:16pm
My thighs are: 29 inch and my calves are 21.5

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:17pm
well until 2 minutes ago I thought I was fit big and strong , but I'm changing my mind!

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:17pm
Comparing to me you're small boy

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:18pm
but I can try to armwrestle you I may win! how big is your arm?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:19pm
I don't think so. Biceps are 17

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:20pm
Plus i play boxing once a week

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:21pm
wow mine are almost 14! I think I may need both arms to beat you!

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:21pm
Hahah, ya i think so. Although i must say many men couldn't win me with two arms. But you maydo it

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:22pm
you think with one arm I cannot? do you like being stronger and comparing strenght and muscles?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:23pm
btw my calves are 15 and my thighs are 21

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:24pm
Yes i love it. It's the best thing ever for a woman

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:24pm
Haha so your thighs are smaller than my calves. Small boy

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:25pm
omg! I cannot even encircle your calves with both my hands!! what do you like more on strenght comparison?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:27pm
Most thing i like is comparing my legs with thin men

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:28pm
ahhaha with me you will have muchfun than

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:28pm
Ya the thinner the better for me

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:30pm
you like to be bigger than guys?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:30pm
Yes i like small thin weak men

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:31pm
would be funny for you to see a guy armwrestling you and he sweats like crazy and cannnot move your arm while you smile or lough because he is too weak to do anything?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:31pm
well you are so big and apparently so strong than 70% of boys in the word are thin and weak for you!! is impressive

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:32pm
Thank you. Actually this happened a lot. I wreste and arm wrestle many men. Since my men can't take it anymore

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:36pm
what you mean your man can t take it any more? do you enjoy if a guy armwrestling you and he sweats like crazy and cannot move your arm

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:38pm
My husband can't take it that I wrestle him everyday anymore, so i wrestl other men and i enjoy it.

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:42pm
cant he fight back if he doesn't like?

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:42pm
No I'm way stronger than him

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:43pm
I mean even if you are so big and strong your husband should put you on his knees and spank you to teach you some respect for him :P

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:44pm
if happens that you armwrestle me would you keep me trying to beat you until my strenght fails? just to enjoy me being not able? or you benig too strong

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:46pm
What!!! I'm the one who does that in the house

Woman Nov 27 2015 12:46pm
you saiing that you pick your husband and spank him? sorry I am just curious and fascinated by this situation I don't want to misrespect you

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:48pm
sorry if you get offended, I'm just speachless you must be very strong to be able to spank an adult man, I'm scared you could do it to me as well

tallboyNov 27 2015 12:56pm
Of course there are tons and tons of boys/men stronger than any girls in the world, what now you wanna change the way nature works? The only period of life when girls are stronger than boys is when boys are before the age of 17. After the age of 19 boys vs girls comparison (equal in weight and height) are way stronger than girls 95% of the times. There are tons of scientific reason why men are stronger than women like how men`s body responds to work out after 24 hrs rest or the amount of Testosterone men`s body produce which directly affects Stamina and ..... On the other hand, above you said you are Stronger, Taller and Bigger than your husband. I dont see a puzzle here why you should not beat him in any kind of challenge. A girl should be very strong to be able to compete with me for instance in a wrestling or arm wrestling challenge and also there are tons of girls stronger than me, but the fact is those stronger girls can easily be beaten by many other boys who are stronger. Of course you are stronger than your man in the house, but the moment you try to compete a man not as wimp as your husband, they so badly beat you. Here on this poll, I read all men are begging for a strong wife crushing them. Submissive personality is what they have. Not all men give you that pleasure :)

Not a champ, nor a wimpNov 27 2015 1:47pm
Tallboy, no I didn't get offended at all that's too normal you have all the right to be curious it's not a normal situation but yes i have a real unique relationship with my husband and i'm strong in unusual way

WomanNov 27 2015 4:58pm
Not a champ, you might be right anyway this is your opinion.

Woman Nov 27 2015 5:02pm
Tallboy, you're not alone many men fear me.

Woman Nov 27 2015 5:03pm
you like if they fear you?

tallboyNov 27 2015 10:54pm
but you did not answer are you really able to spank an adult man even if he tries to escape?

tallboyNov 27 2015 11:34pm
Yes & yes. However it depends on the male. But anyway u can ask my husband and neighbor

Woman Nov 28 2015 12:26am
well a male with my height and weight for example

tallboyNov 28 2015 12:29am
I think I can do it. U should be careful i use my slipper to do it which is pretty big

Woman Nov 28 2015 12:50am
I have never met one woman that strong! can you lift be from my armpits off the terrain?

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:05am
Thanks, yes I'm exceptional woman. Sorry i'm not sure if I understand right, but i can lift men from under their armpits

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:12am
put your arm under my arms and lift me up off the ground

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:14am
Ya i do it easily, and i like when I treat adult men like my small children

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:16am
you can lift me off the ground easily?!?!! you just lough at me suspended in the air just from your arms strenght?! I will feel a bit weak in that moment

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:18am
Yes i co it to many men, but not in public. I my husband a lot like this,and I do it to other men to show them my strength

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:20am
waat you will think when u ee me scared up in the air?

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:21am
I'd love it. This why i train daily like the hours everyday day to see this look on menfaces it makes who excited

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:22am
I usually train my arms with 12 kilos for biceps can you do more? As you describe looks very easy for you to keep my feet high up out of terrain I have never tried something like this I thought I was very heavy

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:24am
Ya i can do at least 25 kg. for me you aren't that heavy

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:26am
25 for warmup?? I start to feel really like a children seems like you are too big and strong for me

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:27am
Thanks it's terrific feeling when men feel like small weak children comparing to me

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:29am
well I'm sure now that if I armwrestle you with a single hand I cannot move you by a single inch even if I try for all day

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:30am
and I think you will let me try as much as I want for as long as I want just to see me failing and enjoy your bigger I wrong?

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:31am
Hahaha, no I don't think u can. But I like to wrestle more than arm wrestl

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:32am
wrestle? with your calves bigger than my thigs? and your biceps bigger than my calves? you will totally play with me not a wrestling!! I will just get spanked!

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:33am
Haha, you're absolutely right. But i really like. I don't spank in wrestling because when i spank i use my slippers and in wrestling we should use nothing

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:35am
first time in my life I feel small and weak!I feel like you can put my head between my own knees with no effort !

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:36am
have you ever tried to lift your husband overhead? it s a very hard thing

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:38am
Ya, but for me it's great feeling when i make men fear me and fear me

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:38am
so you really think you can beat me in wrestling without problems? or that u can be able to put my head between my knees easily? someone ever cryed when you wrestle him?

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:40am
Yes i can do it. Sometimes when I scissor men between my 29 thighs they cry and when i spank them

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:41am
u feel mother when u spank a grown weak man like a children? that s what you like?

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:42am
Yes probably. You know now my husband and neighbor fear my slippers

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:43am
I can immagine! you sound incredibly strong I would fear you just watching you flexing

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:44am
No you should consider me strong mum

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:45am
a strong mum? so I would be a child? u think our strengt difference is so big?

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:46am
Ya i think that. I have this relationship with many other men

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:47am
should I call you mum? ahahah mums usually punish childs or teach them or feed them or cardle carry them etc, help them with heavy things to carry around

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:48am
I can punish you lift you, but I don't have time to teach you. About feeding u mean feeding u from my breast

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:51am
It feels like I cannot be the boss uh? Yes breastfeeding

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:54am
No u can't. I might do it when i have milk, but now I don't. I can do it while I cradle you

Woman Nov 28 2015 1:55am
Omg I was joking but you can really lift and force me to suck you?!!!!

tallboyNov 28 2015 1:57am
Haha, yes i can, but I won't force you to do it. I force u to suck my tits when u lose wrestling

Woman Nov 28 2015 2:03am
Why would a woman force a guy to suck her titts

tallboyNov 28 2015 2:13am
Because it's something we enjoy

Woman Nov 28 2015 2:15am
Anyway men who wants to be feeded by my breasts they should accept to be spanked with my slippers and worship my feet

Woman Nov 28 2015 2:42am
I don t think if you decide to spank me I may have big choices! ahah

tallboyNov 28 2015 4:06am
but you like if your husband stay weak or you wish him to train with weights to give you a bit of a challenge?

tallboyNov 28 2015 4:37am
No u don't have any choice if we're together. No i prefer small weak men

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:08am
I think it will be humiliating for me to be spanked

tallboyNov 28 2015 6:11am
Ya but you will get used to it like the other men

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:12am
you say it like for you is easy and very normal

tallboyNov 28 2015 6:13am
what may be the reason why your husband deserves a spanking? he enjoy it?

tallboyNov 28 2015 6:15am
this is all b****it a woman that strong does not exist, she would be able to lift the rear of a car if she is able to wrestle an adult man, so no chance! be realistic!

realisticNov 28 2015 6:39am
No my husband doesn't enjoy it. Usually i spank him if he disobeyed me or act in a jealous way

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:45am
Realistic you believe that it's your choice but strong women are existed

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:46am
for how long usually he gets spanked? its hard for you to hold him while punish him? does he cryes?

tallboyNov 28 2015 6:47am
I'm not saying strong women are not real I'm saying that to be able to spank a guy you are strong enough to lift a side of a car, which is very rare

realisticNov 28 2015 6:48am
Usually for 10 min. It's not easy to keep him in my knees but i do it. He cried few times.

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:52am
Yes you're right it's so rare. I'm not saying its common thing but i do it

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:53am
can you lift a side of a car?

realisticNov 28 2015 6:54am
your friends knows you spank your husband? did you feel sorry when he cryed?

tallboyNov 28 2015 6:55am
I should join to help him maybe 2 big guys against you may have a chance

tallboyNov 28 2015 6:57am
For few cms yes. My friends don't know details but they know that i beat him. Yes i felt sorry, but i should lead the relationship

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:57am
YYou wanna help him? I won't breastfeeding u then

Woman Nov 28 2015 6:58am
i just thought you are too strong for him and 2 guys would be a nice way to show your superior strengt, but yeah is too much I was dreaming ahha

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:00am
oh s**t i bet between you and hubby you push the car isn't it?

realisticNov 28 2015 7:01am
By the way i wretled two men many times. Once while i was spanking my husband i was putting my neighbor in the floor and forcing him to kiss my feet

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:02am
what? can you beat so easily two man? do you sometimes enjoy asking your husband or a guy to lift something heavy and watch them fail while you can do it easy?

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:03am
No I don't ask men to lift anything i just beat andhumiliate them

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:06am
how you humiliate them?

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:06am
I was thinking about you in the gym lifting much and a guy arrive after you and cannot move the weights at all, I think you would be amused by that

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:07am
woman why you don't answer

realisticNov 28 2015 7:08am
Forcing them to kiss my feet, beat them, kiss my ass suck my tits

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:09am
well its humiliating because I am having my butt kicked by a girl and I cannot stop her

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:10am
Beating by girl is the easiest thing you'll have

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:11am
what do you mean?

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:12am
happen that you go out and you watch man s calves and compare to yours? they are enormus, have you ever see someone with bigger?

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:13am
I mean from ehat i know; men hate to spend 30 min in kissing my feet or worshiping them they consider so humiliated than the spanking or the ideaof beating by girl

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:14am
No never met a man with bigger legs

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:15am
yeah but kiss feet is a consequence of you beating me.. if i get beated than i obey

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:16am
you think if i start push you from shoulders i can move you? with this muscles it feels hard to make it for me

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:17am
Exactly, good obey boy

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:17am
ahahah you are sure 100% to be able to make me obey

tallboyNov 28 2015 7:18am
I like weak submissive men. I'm around 100 kg. do u think you can move me.

Woman Nov 28 2015 9:16am
Realistic on what you want me to answer?

Woman Nov 28 2015 9:23am
@woman you spank your husband because he acts in a jealous way?? That's so cruel and unfair may because he loves you. And you said you spanked your husband while your neighbor was in the floor, what was he doing in the floor?

Phillip Nov 28 2015 6:57pm
Yes, i spanked him because he was criticising my liberal way of lufe. I'm very liberal woman and i can never accept to be told from a man how to dress or if I'm allowed to wrestle other men than him. We had many problems about the fact that i wrestle other men wearing a swimsuit or underwear or topless, and wrestling is real important thing for me. However, now he is totally submissive and never say a word about these issues.

Woman Nov 28 2015 7:27pm
You mean you wrestle other men topless?? And when he crticises that you spanked him??

Woman Nov 29 2015 1:26am
This was me phillip

Phillip Nov 29 2015 1:29am
Yes, I wrestle other men sometimes topless, it depends. I don't let any man control or criticise my life or how i live, this why i was spank him a lot. Also, I don't understand why wrestling with other men topless is weird thing for my husband, i hate this idea that men are allowed to go topless but women are not. Don't say that you have this closed mind as well

Woman Nov 29 2015 1:57am
Good thing I'm not married yet, but now i'll think twice before talking with my wife I don't want to be spank. Of course I don't have this mind i'm so scared to have it

PhillipNov 29 2015 2:39am
well i think maybe i can move you some cm, what you think?

tallboyNov 29 2015 7:50am
my question was : between you and hubby you push the car? do you like to beable to help him in heavy duties like gardening(moving heavy stones he cannot etc)?

realisticNov 29 2015 9:27am
Realistic, yes i can push the car and of course i do all the heavy duties in the home. I like it it gives good feeling in power and superiority

Woman Nov 29 2015 9:47am
I think yes you'll move me a little bit. However if we fight someday i can beat you really badly and makes you total submissive to me

Woman Nov 29 2015 9:48am
Good for u, i only like men who believes women can do what ever they want. Can u believe someone who till these days have problem because his wife go topless in mix wrestling match

Woman Nov 29 2015 9:50am
I mean if we compare our leg muscles I think for you is a very easy job moving me around the house while I try to push you back just sliding my feet on the floor I think eheeh

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:11am
Ya probably this what'll happen. And later i can lift u in a cradle way to show u how small and weak you're

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:14am
well at least you don t lift me against the wall

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:15am
would be embaressing if you can push me against the wall easily and smiling while I am fighting and pushing with all I have

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:16am
You can never know. I lift my husband and the other men against the wall after I finish from beating them, they would be terrified

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:17am
you lift them by the lapels of their shirts? omg

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:19am
If they still have their clothes i'll

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:20am
never happened to me that someone was able to put my feet high of the ground since I was a child

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:21am
@woman i think it's a little weird to wrestle men other than your husband topless because there's a lot of touching, but for woman like u I think it's normal

PhillipNov 29 2015 10:22am
which kind of heavy duties you talk?

realisticNov 29 2015 10:22am
Phillip if a woman topless has big boobs why not:)

realisticNov 29 2015 10:25am
Tallboy, i did to many many men. @phillip what do u mean woman like me and why it's weird i know there's a lot oftouching but so what I don't care, plus it's pleasure me sometimes. @ realistic everything i play the male role inthe marriage change the car wheels lift the furniture etc..

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:26am
I just imagined yourself moving tables and chairs on the garden and your husband over it just to have a nice training in the meantime :)

realisticNov 29 2015 10:28am
@realstic i know, but i was saying maybe a lot of men would fell jealous about it. I might do I don't know I'm confused about it. What about you?

PhillipNov 29 2015 10:28am
you did to many man bigger than me? or as big as me? I start to really feel like a baby compared yo you

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:29am
what about me what?

realisticNov 29 2015 10:29am
Realistic i like your way of thinking about being topless. BTW i use my husband a lot as barble for training purposes

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:30am
well so means you have big boobs? you can really move a table with your husband over it? or a chair? which kind of training?

realisticNov 29 2015 10:31am
Guys when this poll reach 300 comments it'll be closed and we'll move to this one.

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:32am
is not working

tallboyNov 29 2015 10:32am
Realistic, i mean you don't mind that your wife will wrestle other men topless

PhillipNov 29 2015 10:33am
So we'll move to the one directly below this one

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:35am
of course I mind but I think if my wife grows muscles and strength so much bigger than mine I have not much choices

realisticNov 29 2015 10:35am
Realistic, yes i have huge tits honestly they're too big. My friends usedto call me the strong cow because of my muscles and hige tits. But I'm shocked you mind if your wife wretle topless you should accep it and like it. Tallboy you can be my baby if you're weak man

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:39am
womna are you nstill there? realistic

realisticDec 29 2015 6:35am

yKHRTWtExBDec 31 2015 9:26pm
Looking for match in Texas. Over 40 yrs old, 150 to 170 lbs

inthering50@yahoo.comFeb 29 2016 9:55am
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