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True or false? MOST fat women are STRONG!!!

Question: Size and physical strength generally go hand-in-hand which is the basis of my question: MOST fat women are STRONG!!! True or false?
Created by: QUESTIONMAN at 03:34:30 AM, Tuesday, December 01, 2009 PST


Believe it or not, I saw a fat woman overpower a guy of average build. I am a very skinny guy. There is no doubt that same fat woman would make short work of me!!! In fact, I have been defeated by most fat women I encountered and I am inclined to believe that the fat women who I "defeated" actually LET me "win."

AnonmousDec 03 2009 3:08pm

Get this straight. There is no case anywhere to support that being out of shape makes a person strong, regardless of gender. A fat person is either lazy, has an eating disorder, or suffers from some thyroid malfunction. In addition to being physically compromised, a fat person probably suffers emotional and psychological damage as a result of this condition. There is no advantage to being overweight, and it should not be encouraged. Please do not take offense, I am only speaking the truth because I want to help people.

DirkDec 04 2009 10:46am
QUESTIONMAN, when you say, "MOST fat women are STRONG!" are you talking about ORDER???

JackDec 04 2009 9:55pm
QUESTIONMAN, when you say, "MOST fat women are STRONG!" are you talking about ODOR???

JackDec 04 2009 9:58pm
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UpdateDec 04 2009 9:59pm
It is not about odor. It is about physical strength.

OpDec 07 2009 1:48pm
Fat women who are truly obese and sedentary (lying on the couch all day) need to lose weight and get some exercise. Actually, they need to see a doctor!!! However, I believe this is about ACTIVE fat women who are not sitting around all day. Such women are larger than other women and even men so when they move about during the day, their larger bodies require additional muscle which I believe could actually make them stronger overall. I am inclined to believe that a fat woman is strong for that reason alone. Her larger body requires additional muscle which could actually make her stronger than other women and even men (especially skinny men with small muscles!!!).

AnonymousDec 07 2009 2:55pm
Active fat women? If someone is active, they do not become a lard ass, period. This is not a complex issue. And yes, they do smell.

DirkDec 08 2009 10:44am
Maybe he means active women who happen to weigh a lot with out any fat

Heavy girl but not fatDec 11 2009 2:36pm
That is doubtful. You are only kidding yourself.

DirkDec 12 2009 12:34pm
There ARE heavy girls who are NOT fat!!! Those girls are SOLID. Those girls are HUSKY, STOCKY AND AWFULLY STRONG!!! Those girls have ROCK-SOLID BICEPS!!! That girl posting above who is heavy but not fat could probably take down two guys simultaneously, especially if those guys are SKINNY!!!

AnonymousDec 12 2009 3:15pm
Fat women are stronger than skinny men.

AnonymousDec 12 2009 3:21pm
Tall Skinny Man, for you, getting a life starts when you leave this web site and never come back to in. Now GET A LIFE!!

AnonymousDec 12 2009 8:09pm
Fat women are slower than skinny men.

AnonymousDec 12 2009 9:23pm
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UpdateDec 12 2009 9:23pm
Fat women are slower than skinny men except in one area; they eat faster.

AnonymousDec 14 2009 10:17am
I admire the skinny man because he has the courage to confront issues most of us run away from. He already has a life, and he inspires us all.

JoshuaDec 14 2009 3:52pm
My wife is 357 ibs and she is a fuking beast.

AnonymousJan 05 2011 11:30am
Its simple, for example, a 120 kg woman, if she simply walks is working her legs, the same way a 70 kg woman carrying a 50 kg. So she develops strong leg muscles, at least.

JerryApr 07 2011 11:16am
My last lover was a short fat woman, she showed that strengh depends on bodyweight, she challenged me armwrestle and wrestle, she swept the floor with me and started lift and carry me after the battles. Very arousing for both of us

sjaakJul 16 2011 12:19pm
a fat body is most likely an inferior body out of all the successful war heroes in history is there any fatso in the list? no of course not the greatest soldiers happened to be quite muscular, or athletic build, fast bodies or hard bodies. like a teacher of mine once said: "if society came to mass starvation and we had to eat each other to survive, you can bet fat people will get eaten first. they cant catch you, yet you can certainly catch them"

AnonymousAug 21 2011 6:00pm
Dirk doesn't know what he is talking about. Some fat people are lazy but not all. Do you think you can win in a grappling wrestling with a 300 pounds if you are about 140 pounds. Sumo wrestlers are heavy for a reason. Physics tells us that force=mass*acceleration. 1 month ago we were playing fun grappling-wrestling match He was about 5 ft 9 and about 165 pounds. He is all muscle trust me, he had his shirt off when we wrestled. I am about 6 ft and 397 pounds and I there was no way he could have beat me. He us strong for a guy of his weight but I am just too big for him. I weigh more than twice of his weight. I don't care how much muscle you have in a grappling competition if you are that small i will dominate them with ease. All I have to do is use my weight and try to lean on him and get on top of him. Mission accomplished. I can probably have rapped him if I wanted haha.

Sarah aOct 17 2012 4:58pm
Sarah is right. Fat people can use their weight to produce stronger force. I am a woman who is tough physically. I have been in real fights with other people. Last year I got in a fight with a robber. He was about 5 ft 10, well built maybe about 200 pounds of muscle ( max) he was quick and landed punches quickly but given ghat I am 6 ft 4 and 456 pounds that wimp had no chance. Seriously he was crazy for picking on me. I picked him up and chucked him on to the floor. And then sat on him and start punching away. Trust me I am extremely strong. My ex who was about 6 ft and about 155 who was more athletic than me but had no chance against me. I could actually lift the back of his car. I have weights at home. I can bench my best friend who is 250 pounds. I can squat 300 pounds on me and dead lift 500 pounds. I can do an Olympic lift of 150 kg. I could overhead press my ex. I have never in my real life seen a man stronger than me. If someone is stronger than me in lifting weight it doesn't matter because I weigh more than them and I am proud if it. I have huge belly. Tree trunk thighs, huge breasts and a huge ass. If you are about 170 pounds and about 5 ft 7 (all muscle) it is pretty impressive but you have to be dumb to think you even have a chance against me. I will squash you and there is nothing you can do. Therefore I demand respect if you want me to respect you.

MalloryOct 22 2012 5:36pm
Fat girls CAN provide a stronger force definetly. My bestfriends sister who is 17 years old 6'2" and 500 lbs can deadlift 600 lbs and squat 350 lbs. i tried to match that but i could only deadlift 90lbs and squat 40 lbs. she is the dstrongest person i know and can lift the back ends of cars easily. Once she challenged me to a piggy back contest of who can piggyback the other the longest. I could piggyback her for 2seconds. She piggy backed me for 2 hours straight at a party. She also can overhead lift me and she can more than six people at a time.

JoeyNov 10 2012 9:20am
Sarah a your really hot

unknownDec 10 2012 12:02pm
I posted in a similar thread, but this bears repeating: ***** Many very light women can deadlift (or clean and jerk) surprisingly heavy weights, but you never find a tall (5'9" or taller) woman who can lift a lot, unless she is VERY heavy and trains a BUNCH. (Or if she takes steroids.) So, a lot of these women's strength lies in their leverage. For example, women with very short arms can bench press A LOT, but that is mainly due to their the short distance (range of motion) of the lift. They only have to being the bar down a short distance, and when I can lift off a box (I have long arms), I too can bench ha lot more. ** DEADLIFT: Also, when you have very short women dead-lifting, they can often lift a lot of weight (300 pounds or more is no trouble), but then when I only have to lift the weight a short distance, I can lift a "lot more" too. Remember: Short people (men or women) don't have far to reach down to deadlift a weight. It's a matter of leverage, that is, how far you have to bend down to pick up the weight. (Long arms help a lot in the deadlift, and short arms help a lot in the bench. And, in the squat, the distance of the femur bone, the bone between the hips and the knees, determines the lever-angle of leverage there: People with short femur bones have "better leverage.")

Anonymous amateur powerlifterDec 11 2012 8:49pm
Sarah and Mallory both sound like the kind of women I've been looking to meet my entire life. I love both their intelligence, confidence and how much they enjoy their strength and using it. If you ladies are currently single let me know. I agree that big/fat women can be very very strong as they train everyday simply by walking because as previously mentioned they are carrying all that weight. I too have had bigger women literally kick my ass. Not only were they very strong but at 300 or 400lbs they are impossible to move and I got exhausted just trying to move them and had nothing left to actually wrestle or fight. However, there are some women who are just all flab and sedentary and they are likely weak and the weight could weaken there bone structure and thus be frail. So it all depends. There are never any absolute answers. But Sarah and Mallor I'd love to meet either of you, you both sound awesome. You can always email me at

EricDec 14 2012 2:13pm
Fat girls are strong. Im 14 years old and i weigh 120 lbs and im 5'6". I was running te snack bar at a basketball game for community service and i wasnt really doing much but texting off my phone and minding my own business. Anyways i was working with a 7th grader named gabby and her mom and also an 8th grader nicole. The 6th grader who was probaly 5'1" and 160 lbs was commenting on how skinny i was and said that she could beat me in armwrestling. I accepted the challenge thinking that she couldnt beat me and i was sad to say i lost on both arms. Gabby who was kind of a bratty girl started bragging to her mother about how she was stronger than me. Her mother who is very playful and silly told me that she could probally beat me and she asked me if i wanted to armwrestle and i was immeadiatly intimidated because she was fat and i knew fat girls are strong. She is 5'7" and was about 180 lbs but she had adnormally large tits. She beat me easily and told me thati was very weak and that i had one more chance to redeem myself by beating the 8th grader nicole... Well i knew that wasnt going to happen. Because nicole was te biggest 8th grader i had ever seen! She was 5'10" 250 lbs and suprisingly had a really cute face and she had a slight pig nose. Laughing the entire time she beat me easily even tho i was using both hands! Gabby was making a big deal about how big nicole was to me her feet were more than an inch bigger than mine and so were her hands. Anyways so people started coming and buying stuff and we forgot about it for a while, until we needed to get more cups from a drawer in the snack bar that was higher for all of us to reach without stepping on the counter which gabbys mother told us not to do. I was about to get a chair to stand on but i felt a hand on the back of my collar from gabbys mom who turned me around and bearhugged me into her large tits and then slowly pushing me up her body until i was in a piggyback. Still we couldnt reach it so she put me down and i was just cathcing my breath when nicole put her head between my legs and lifted me off the ground to get the cups! It was amazing. So i brought it down and nicole took me off her shoulders and craddled me in her arms for what seemed like forever. It was a weeeeiirrd night lol

ScottJan 06 2013 11:33pm
fat girls are stronger, thats why you have weight divisions in fighting sport

AnonymousMar 20 2013 3:03pm
of course fat women are strong as a general rule. A 150 pound person no matter how hard he/she works out will be at a severe weight disadvantage if he/she is facing a 300 pound person in a fight.

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I am 460 lbs and yes I am stronger than my 160 lbs boyfriend.

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XMpKDyXGTPNIUJan 17 2014 11:32am
Fat girls are strong, I am 12 year old girl, 5 ft 6 inch tall and 335lbs, I'm stronger than my daddy

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bOnicLYNQceHLnOgrlFeb 28 2014 7:06am
How physically strong are plus-sized models? Stronger than many men?

amazonfanMar 04 2014 7:39am
amazonfan. I doubt it. But they would be stronger than the skinnier models and women of course.

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QcKYEwcqGMpPlApr 01 2014 7:04am
when I was in 7th grade I was sitting beside this huge girl. I was at that time about 45 kgs, 160 cm and she was about 10 cm taller and weighed probably 85 kgs or so. She was surprisingly fast for a big girl and she was into shotputting and had the school record. She was best friends with one of my friends, a petite girl smaller than me. ONe day when I came to the smaller girl's home the big girl was there. She was about to lift the smaller one over her head, something she did easily. She then wanted to see if she could lift my weight and the extra 5-6 kgs was no problem. I felt so weak being lifted over her head on her strong arms. The big girl then suggested we should wrestle, all three of us, two small against one big. This big girl toyed with us, we didn't have a chance. She just threw us around and then sat on us and the match was over. I then had problems winning over the smaller girl in arm wrestling but at the end I won. later in life I have come across some big fat women that also have been very strong.

Still skinnyMay 04 2014 10:06am
Mallory is a big fake, just idiot lying about how strong she is. The "robber" would have decked her if he was the first to land a punch at her. Just because you are fat doesn´t make you invincible. And for example, the World record of snatch in the heaviest weightclass for women is 151 kg,(mallory wrote she could do an Olympic lift of 150kg) and I doubt this "mallory" is as good as a World champion. I think whoever this mallory is should get a f*cking reality check. And by the way, a lot of the people who writes here are just making things up because there are people out there with "musclefetish"(nothing wrong with that)and they wanna read stuff like this. Mallory is a complete fake.

truthhurtsMay 05 2014 12:36am
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JmuTRhboQaOKQMay 11 2014 5:44pm
Fat is just that,its not muscle and its nothing to do with strength.a slim female will normally take a fat one,although if the bigun is a slugger theres a lot of weight behind her punches,but the slim one is usually able to avoid them by her speed and agility.however if the slighter female gets taken to the ground and the big woman gets on top of her shes in trouble.i saw a straight up fight between a slim but wiry girl and a much heavier girl,both with reputations for fighting.the slim girl avoided getting involved in a wrestling type fight,kept her distance and whacked away at her with her fists and knees.the big girl was too slow and paid for it with a beating.the opposite was true of a fight between a slimmish woman in her thirties and a big old lump in her early twenties who were neighbours.they had a lot of noisy rows and fought over an argument between their kids.the slim one started it and hit out at the other,and at first the big woman was taking some punishment,but then the slim one must have felt the natural female urge to get at her adversary close in and personal,and threw herself at her, grabbing hair and then things changed.with hands buried in each others hair the biguns greater weight meant she could swing her adversary about,eventually taking her tothe pavement and climbing aboard to beat her black and blue,the smaller woman not having the strength to force her off.

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Most fat women are VERY STRONG. In fact, most fat women are INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! That includes SHORT FAT WOMEN SND SHORT FAT GIRLS. I always become SEXUALLY AROUSED whenever I know that a short fat woman or a short fat girl is way bigger and stronger than I am. especially when I tower way over her. I have A SHORT FAT GIRL EXPERIENCE to tell: I met a short fat girl who I started a conversation with. I was at my usual height and weight, standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 125 pounds (VERY TALL and VERY SKINNY!!!). She was VERY SHORT and VERY FAT!!! I could easily tell that I towered over her by at least a foot, if not more, and I could just as easily tell that she outweighed me by dozens of pounds. Because I am so skinny (with long, tiny arms), I am not strong at all. In fact, I can't even bench press half my weight. That's how skinny I am!!! I started asking her about her weightlifting after she told me she lifts weights. First, I asked her about her stature. She told me she stands "almost 5-foot-1". I already knew she far outweighed me so I didn't even have to ask her about her weight but I learned anyway that she tipped the scales at 195 (outweighing me BY SEVENTY POUNDS!!!). Then came my question to her: "How much do you bench press?" She answered: "120 pounds twenty times" Wow. That's only five pounds under my own body weight which means as skinny as I am, even though I am way taller than she is, I know she could easily bench press ME!!! Upon hearing her tell me how much she bench presses, I WAS GETTING THE DEVIL OF AN ERECTION!!! I let her know that I can't even bench press half what I weigh. She wasn't surprised, obviously because of my being so skinny. We had just met but I leaned down to her and then I placed my lips close to hers. I knew I risked being clobbered but my lust took complete control over me. To my complete surprise, she followed through and then she and I began kissing each other and fondling each other. She noticed "that huge bulge" at my crotch so she could tell that I was sexually aroused. She then asked if she could pick me up. I said o.k. She asked me to try picking her up first. Because I stood way taller than she did, she didn't have to bend down while I grabbed her under her armpits. I tried to lift her. I was totally unable to lift her from the floor. Then she tried. Of course, I had to bend my knees way down so she could grab me under my armpits while my body was lower than hers. After she grabbed me under my armpits, I raised my legs from the floor and I found myself being suspended in mid-air. And then SHE EASILY LIFTED ME RIGHT UP OVER HER HEAD!!! There I was, a tall skinny guy being easily lifted overhead by a short fat girl who I towered way over while she far outweighed me. We continued fondling each other. We didn't undress but after I loosened my belt, she placed her right hand underneath and then she began stroking my already hard penis. She loosened her belt (she was wearing jeans) and I placed my right hand underneath and then I began alternately caressing her clitoris while inserting my middle and index fingers simultaneously into her vagina. We then proceeded to pet all the way to an almost simultaneous orgasm (I ORGASMED before she did). We didn't have sexual intercourse so after I returned home, I quickly became sexually aroused again. My nipples are extremely sensitive so while I was fantasizing about her, I caressed my nipples with my thumb and my middle fingers (because of my being so skinny with such a narrow chest, my nipples were close together. Unfortunately, that was the last time we saw each other.

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