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Do you woman like soft knitted sweaters?

Question: Thick soft knitted sweaters makes a woman even bigger especially if she has big breasts. Do you fancy soft sweaters?
Created by: soft_mike at 07:00:05 AM, Tuesday, December 01, 2009 EST


hi, sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kJan 25 2014 4:12pm

no names tonight, just initials.

kJan 25 2014 4:13pm

sJan 25 2014 4:15pm
cool. I mean, HOTT!!!!!!!!

kJan 25 2014 4:16pm
whatcha wanna talk about tonight?

kJan 25 2014 4:16pm
Whatever you wanna talk about, whatcha up to?

sJan 25 2014 4:18pm
have you seen all the hate posts about me? I mean, if I wasn't comfortable in who and what I am, I would be crushed right now. Insults, accusations, I think some of those anons need to get a life.

kJan 25 2014 4:18pm
what am I up? you might say "no good". but then, that's we like being up to the most, right?

kJan 25 2014 4:18pm
that was weird. likelike takes out certain words, and the result is nonsense.

klJan 25 2014 4:19pm
Right hahaha mmmmmmm

sJan 25 2014 4:19pm
I understood it very well , what're you doing

sJan 25 2014 4:20pm
what if somebody finds me here?

kJan 25 2014 4:20pm
just finished dinner with my family, now im in my room. how about you?

kJan 25 2014 4:21pm
r u alone, or r there people around?

kJan 25 2014 4:22pm
Same here, can you tell me what you look like again?

sJan 25 2014 4:22pm
My parents r leaving in a few minutes

sJan 25 2014 4:23pm
yes, if you will do the same for me, okay?

kJan 25 2014 4:23pm
cool. where are they going, and how long will they be gone. will you be alone in the house? don't they know that they shouldn't trust you and me?

kJan 25 2014 4:24pm
Ok and they're going to a party, my grandma will be home but she won't leave her room

sJan 25 2014 4:25pm
will she you and me if cum?

kJan 25 2014 4:25pm
No, but my sister is also home, I'll close my door but she might still just walk in

mJan 25 2014 4:26pm
That last post was from me

s (not m)Jan 25 2014 4:27pm
about me: 14f, 5'4" lez, 32As or Bs depending, 97 pounds, long straight brown hair, green eyes, flat tummy, tight butt, no panties, no bra. how about you?

kJan 25 2014 4:27pm
good, I got scared that I had been found again. seriously--and that is super hottt--would your sister just walk in on you? how close are you 2? what do you know about each other?

kJan 25 2014 4:29pm
15f 5'3" bi, 32b 104 pounds, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes too, skinny but not a twig, big butt, panties and bra still on... For now

sJan 25 2014 4:30pm
your gorgeous, s! I will definitely do you if you let me.

kJan 25 2014 4:31pm
Yeah my sister doesn't know a thing about personal space, she just waltzes right in when she wants, were really close, and I know she's bi too

sJan 25 2014 4:31pm
what will you do to me? what if I say I'm yours?

kJan 25 2014 4:32pm
how old is your sister? what does "really close" mean? I have a younger sister (10) who makes me h0rny all the time, tho she doesn't know it.

kJan 25 2014 4:33pm
I'd love that, and I'd do everything to you, I'll finger you, lick you, squirt on you, pee on you, you'll be my little b*tch kel

zJan 25 2014 4:33pm
The post from z is me too haha typo, and my sister is 14 and by really close I mean we know everything about each other (except for this)

sJan 25 2014 4:35pm
I love how the initials range from s to m to z to k. that must mean you and I are 2 h0rny right now to even type right.

kJan 25 2014 4:35pm
Thats true

sJan 25 2014 4:35pm
in fact, will you hold on a couple minutes? I gotta pee. hey, quick, tell me where and how you want me to pee.

kJan 25 2014 4:36pm
make it really dirty, s!

kJan 25 2014 4:36pm
Are you home alone?

sJan 25 2014 4:37pm
I want you to piss in a bottle today, an old water bottle

sJan 25 2014 4:38pm
I think my parents and sister may have left for the mall, not sure. why?

kJan 25 2014 4:38pm
f**k, I don't think we have such a thing.

kJan 25 2014 4:38pm
Why don't you know if they left or not?

sJan 25 2014 4:38pm
hurry, im gonna burst I gotta pee so bad.

kJan 25 2014 4:39pm
You dont have a bottle? What about a jug or a carton of something

sJan 25 2014 4:39pm
Pee into a container

sJan 25 2014 4:39pm
well, I think they did cuz I hear no sounds from downstairs.

kJan 25 2014 4:39pm
oh, I think I know something in the kitchen I could use. oh, wow, my mother would never know, would she. what do you want me to do with it once I pee in it?

kJan 25 2014 4:40pm
Good, look in the trash can or the recycling bin and get a container

sJan 25 2014 4:41pm
Tell me when you're done peeing in it, then I'll tell you

sJan 25 2014 4:41pm
yeah, I got that part. what do you want me to do with it after I pee in it?Hey, wanna watch?

kJan 25 2014 4:42pm
maybe i'll take my clothes off, and walk downstairs naked, and pee in a container in the kitchen naked.

kJan 25 2014 4:43pm
I would love to watch!!! How can I??

sJan 25 2014 4:43pm
okay, I threw my clothes on the bed, and im going downstairs totally naked. this is going to be so cool. brb...

kJan 25 2014 4:44pm
Can I watch??

sJan 25 2014 4:44pm
Kelly, do you ever worry the police will be at your door in the middle of the night? How do you sleep knowing you're disturbing and preying on children

AnonymousJan 25 2014 4:48pm

AnonymousJan 25 2014 4:55pm
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