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Armwrestle threesome!!!!

Question: Did you have the experience, women/girls of being together and both armwrestling a man/boy and what was the result?
Created by: MrJean at 09:14:22 PM, Monday, December 28, 2009 PST


It happened to me once. They ended overpowering me and handcuffing me. I was blindfolded and put in the back of a van. They drugged me and took me to Las Vegas, where I was forced to marry a woman who has kept me as her slave ever since. This has been happening to a lot of men

obedient husbandJan 04 2010 10:39am

Sorry, but I expected a serious answer and I hope from women, because they are maybe much more honoust!!

MrJeanJan 15 2010 11:11am
i didn't armwrestle two guys at once but I dated a guy for a few months and after the first or second month he suspected I was strong and asked me to armwrestle. We did and he was really eassy to win against. I could beat him using one arm against both of his or armwrestling him back handed. He was a good guy and was ok with my strength

amyMar 05 2010 3:26pm
My aunt armwrestled 9 men in a row before she got beaten, with the same arm and without a break in between the matches. She later on armwrestled the 9th man with a fresh arm and easily over powered his arm as well. She was one hell of a woman my aunt. But I never saw her beating two men at the same time.

LaureApr 06 2010 6:52am
Whaw, Laure, but I mean, for example in your story, was your aunt together with another woman or women in the audience who witnessed her performance. Do you have more experiences, Laure?

JeanMay 07 2010 5:39am
My aunt armwrestled these men in front of several other people, a few of the men's wived for insgtance. Many women can't take seeing their men weak so I guess they had second thoughts about the men

LaureSep 15 2010 7:31am
He obediant husband, if you are kept as a slave how can you have got this message in the poll?

gethewilSep 10 2011 2:50am
I was out for dinner one evening with my wife and a co-worker of mine, a woman about 12 years older than my wife. My wife is petite and Asian, about 4-11 and 95 lbs. My co-worker was about 5-3 and 110 lbs. I arm wrestled both women and pinned them both easily. The two women then arm wrestled and my co-worker had an easy time pinning my wife. My wife was very irritated by this but my co-worker found it sexy that she was the stronger woman, even though she was so much older.

MarkFeb 05 2012 1:28pm
At a social event I saw two women about to armwrestle, of about the same height but one was more muscular. Deciding to join in the fun I got the muscular one, Bettina, to flex. She seemed a street tough lass and had a defined bicep. Apparently she used to weight train hard but does nothing now. I took charge as ref and Bettina won in less than 10 seconds. I chose to armwrestle the other woman first who suggested that I should rather challenge Bettina. "I'm just warming up", I responded giving myself a chance to gauge their strength and also pin them both. They were around 30 and I was a decade more. I took her down but was surprised that I really had to work. She giggle as she said she was stronger than she looked. Next Bettina grabbed my hand then go. We locked up at the top (for about 10 seconds). I remember the other woman went, "Wow!". Not sure if that was because Bettina was holding her own against a man or both our pumped biceps stood up (hers seemed a touch smaller than mine but had more definition and better peak). I wondered what I had got myself into. Then what I feared started to happen. She was taking me down. The other woman let out a "holy sh*t". I managed to halt her a couple of inches from defeat and an involuntary "no" escaped my lips. I was mentally planning my recovery when she grunted and crunched my hand to the table. She looked up c*cky as sh*t. "I won", she declared and flexed the victorious bicep. The increase in size from the pump was astounding. I awkwardly felt it and now it was me letting out "wow". We stood up and she came close and put her hand on top of her head then moved it horizontally to me. What I didn't mention before was that I was a full head taller than these women. She was so competitive and c*cky (maybe had a drink to two inside her) and with a sh*t eating grin turned around and flexed both her arms. Her back muscles flared out like a cobra. I realised this smaller woman's upper body muscles were superior to mine in strength and development. I felt like I had beed hussled but that was probably my mind making excuses for my defeat. I did meet her once again a few months later.

DeanApr 06 2012 8:15pm
A couple of months after I got together with my girlfriend I spent an evening with her and her sister. They surprised me when they started to armwrestle. It was a very tough match with the right hands, I was once again surprised seeing the size of these sisters arm muscles when they wrestled. At the end my gf's sister won. Left hand was the same kind of match but there my gf turned out to be a bit stronger. The sister then wanted to take me on with her right hand. I am not a big guy and never really been any good armwrestling but I couldn't chicken out. I started with most of my power but straight away felt that she could match me, when I was giving all I got she realized that I was no match for her and put me down. Same with left hands. She said that I wouldn't have a chance against my gf and so it was, after 10-15 minutes I armwrestled her and lost. No big deal they seemed to think, they had won against many boys over the years and even no as young women won over men. Since they really didn't tease me much I took it well and started to work out to become stronger. I am more close to my gf in strength now but she still wins when we armwrestle and when we wrestle she wins really easy since her legs are much stronger than mine. But these games are good fun, even if I loose

ScottApr 26 2012 1:56am
The teenage son of a friend of mine approached me last summer and asked if I worked out and wanted to know if I train my arms. I told him that I did and he was very interested to see me make a muscle, first with my right arm and then my left. I enjoyed the attention and even let him feel my arms when he asked. He then wanted to test his strength with me so we armwrestled a few times and I was able to pin him quite easily with either arm. He was blushing like crazy and said he had always been able to pin his mom at armwrestling so he was surprised that I was so much stronger. He said he would love to watch me take on his mom, so I told him that I would the next time she and I were together. About a month later I was at their house and he mentioned our contest and asked if I would take on his mom. My friend looked puzzled and a little angry that I had had this contest with him, and didn't seem to like the idea of taking me on, but she did. Her son couldn't stop staring as I easily pinned his mom's arm, first right handed and then left. He wanted us to compare muscle size but she wouldn't. A few days later he came by my house and wanted to see me make a muscle again, and said that he thought it was so exciting to see me win. I have to say that I was flattered by his attention. Knowing that he is turned on by my strength and arm size makes me want to impress him even more.

MelindaApr 29 2012 1:22pm
have you won against any men before Melinda? I remember a similar story from when my son was 17 or 18. We had often arm wrestled and wrestled when he was younger (hos dad left us when my son waw 2) and I always won of course being older, bigger and stronger. I have kept myself in good shape with a small gym at home. We hadn't matched strength for some time when my son wanted to armwrestle me. He was kind of skinny still but had grown some so I wasn't sure if I should win, sooner or later he ought to be stronger I thought. We started with right arms and I could hold my own without too much trouble. I could see his face getting more and more red from the strain and I realized that this was very serious for him. My mother's heart took over and I let him win, only just but I let him take my arm down. The same procedure with left arms. He was very happy I could see, this was important to him. I had only used 50-60% of my strength, he really wasn't very strong and I guess I was strong. About one week later he came home very upset and accused me for lying to him. He explained that he had been to our neighbours house where his best friend lives and they had armwrestled his best friend's mother and both had lost badly! I said that this woman is a very big and strong woman (she really is) and that it was nothing to be ashamed about. But the thing was that our neighbour woman had said that I was stronger than her. My son had then understood that I had let him win and that two women, 20 years older than him, had been stronger. He was very upset with me. I said that he would be stronger with age, he was still young. He wanted a rematch and I now understood that I should do my best resulting in me slamming both his arms to the table. He was embarrassed but also impressed. He said that I must be stronger than his best friends father since he was weaker than the mother. I told him that this was the case, I had armwrestled this man a couple of times and had no problems to win. After realizing that a grown up man was weaker than me my son accepted to be weaker as well. After that we armwrestled our sons some times after and they never won against any of us as long as they lived home. I found a new man just after this episode. He is slim just like my son's father and I am stronger than him :-)

BetsieAug 14 2012 4:52am
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together

Chris POct 20 2013 8:28pm
my 18 year old son complemented me on my strong looking arms the other day when I came home from the gym. I flexed my biceps and he was really impressed. He said that my muscles were bigger than his. His father Heard it and said that he ought to be able to beat his mother in an armwrestling match. My son said honestly that he didn't fancy his chances but that he would try. So we sat down, I am not very good at armwrestling but I could easily hold his arm upright, he couldn't get me down. I then put my body behind and took his arm down. My husband looked at my arms when I could beat our son rather easily with both arms. My son said to his father, you have to try mom, she is so strong! My husband looked worried but had to try. The match with right hand was quite long but my stamina is better and I could pin my husband's arm to the table. Left arm was almost as easy as with my son. Our son said, cool, mom is the strongest in the family. My husband was clearly embarrassed but later that night he wanted to feel my muscles. He asked me when I had gotten so strong. The muscle worship lead to great sex. I enjoy being stronger then the men in the house.

Vera LFeb 10 2014 2:40pm
Mrs. Vera, for you as a member of the stronger sex it must be normal you can defeat us men in all kind of strength test.

Henni Mar 17 2019 2:20pm
My son's classmate has fully beat me once in armwrestling. I'm 39 and he is 12. It was really unexpected and shamed for me and I hoped my son would know about it.

MarinaMay 04 2019 2:42pm
Marina, how could he do that? Are you trained and in good shape?

HenniMay 05 2019 4:56pm
I'm tall and not a weak. We have already known each other. That day I just went from shop and met him in park with his sport bicycle. We talked about some sports and mentioned arm wrestling. Talking about it he suggested try it. I thought I could overpower him, but he beat me and it was fair strength competition.

MarinaJun 18 2019 10:48am
Do you you often do arm wrestling against men? Do you do workout in gym? How tall are you?

Henni Jun 27 2019 1:37pm
Hi, Marina. You are not a first lady who had armwrestled against boy! In my school in spring were something like "public lesson" of physical culture. And at that lesson were student's parents. There is a boy in my parallel class who often bullied his more weak classmate (They both 12). His mother known about it and wanted to personally talk with bully about it. She meet him while lesson and said him that he should choose someone equal and he probably afraid it. Then she challenged him to arm wrestling match on the arm wrestling table. It was left-handed armwrestling. After they started she became less self-confident because of she met good resistance from bully. He beat her after 30-40 seconds! She was really confused and upset. I, and few other boys insisted on right-handed round but she scaredly refused. Then he said: "She afraid!". After such phrase she succumbed and they tried right-handed where he beat her more faster! After match she with chagrin quickly went away from school and bully only strengthened his authority by beating up a mature woman. The woman was higher than any of us and looked not so weak! Probably she keeps her shape in gym, so we could see her biceps when she were trying overpower the boy.

ChezJun 29 2019 10:49am
Henni, I don't arm wrestling against men, it was only match against boy. I'm pretty tall, about 6 ft (180cm) Chez, omg! Poor woman! I was so lucky that my match against boy was in the park arbor on the table and no one could see it. Do you know how is that woman feeling now? And her son?

MarinaJul 10 2019 10:38am
Marina, do you do sport, maybe even workout! What do you think how much stronger are men to women who don‘t lift? 5%, 10% or 15% maybe 20%? Imagine you would lift and you would more than twice your strength. You would be clear stronger than men and you could defeat them easy. Not you strugle while armwrestling against boys. Men have to stugle while armwrestle against you because you are stronger and they have no chance.

Henni Jul 29 2019 11:05pm
Henni, i think a women who not workout have maybe 80 up to 90 percent of strength of average men. If she workout she can quickly become twice or triple as strong as before, with hard training even more. This means that men who not workout compared to women who do so have only maybe 60 percent down to 40 percent of strength a women can have!

AITOct 22 2019 11:06am
Well it happened, but the other way around sorry 😐. I arm wrestled with my husband and my friends’ husband and neighbor and I won easily. My friend did the same to my and her husband and she won easily as well. To be honest this’s very much excepted and normal as we the wives taller, heavier, muscular, bigger, tougher and the one who’s handling any physical thing in the house. So, it wasn’t a big surprise that the women won but maybe the surprise was men were way weaker than we thought they’re.

SaraNov 27 2019 2:07am
Sara do you a member in a gym and since when?

AITDec 04 2019 11:41pm
Sara, i made this experience very often that a girl starts workout to get stronger muscles than men. In all of my relationships i was weaker then my girlfriends.

Henni Dec 26 2019 10:10pm
AIT, yes I’m. I have been a gym member for 15 years now. As I said before I always arm wrestle against men and I win. Most times I wrestle against more than one man at the same time since they’re much weaker than me. Henni, do you enjoy being weaker than your girlfriends so you wrestle them or they want to wrestle with you? Have you ever wrestled against one woman while you were two or more men

SaraJan 14 2020 8:43am
Yes Sara, it’s a terrific feeling to be weaker than the girlfriend. I know i cant hurt her and she doesn’t it too. But i know she can hurt me very badly if she want. Me and two of my friends we had a wrestling match against my girlfriend and she was to strong for us three men. We lost against her!

Henni Jan 16 2020 1:20am
Wow, really interesting. And I assume that also your girlfriend is enjoying a weaker and smaller boyfriend right? She must be really strong or you must be really weak (like my husband 😂) so she won against you easily. Can you please give more details about this wrestling match. What’s your status and what’s your girlfriend status and what’s your mates status? How did she manage to beat all of you so easy? What was she wearing? What were the guys wearing? Where did the wrestling happened (public place, or in a house) how did it happen? Did she challenge you or you challenged her? How did your mate feel after being beated by your girlfriend? How did you feel watching your girlfriend kick your friends ass? Did she humiliated you after she won (force you to do or say anything). Did any funny or weird incident happened?

SaraJan 16 2020 2:27am
I think i‘m not weak but i‘m an average man who not workout. Compared with women who workout we men are often weaker. Muscles of women who workout are used to it lift heavy. Men who not workout can‘t lift so heavy. Women like my girlfriend who do bodybuilding lift much more. Furthermore she do a special diet who helps her bulk up her muscles. In this reason her muscles are bigger than most men have and bigger muscles are even stronger. With her stronger muscles she could take one of us between her legs and do a head sissor, the second she hold under her arm and my two hands she pin with her last one hand. It was really humiliating for all of us but no one of us is involved in sport, no wonder that we three guys had no chance against her. I think she could cope more of us men but until now we didn‘t try this...

HenniJan 16 2020 9:24pm
Wow she must be really strong and huge. Is she bulky woman? What’s her diet do u know? What were you wearing? How did the wrestling started? How did you feel seeing one of your friends between her muscular thighs

SaraJan 17 2020 12:47am
Yes she‘s a female bodybuilder, she‘s even stronger than many women who workout too! And of course, she‘s pretty bulky. She has bigger muscles than many other women in gym! I felt humiliated but i dont want to be locked between her teight. It‘s very painfull and you can‘t get free.

HenniJan 17 2020 1:21am
Why you were humiliated seeing your mate between your girlfriend thighs? Was your mate crying? What does she do to you and your mates after the wrestling? What was she wearing

SaraJan 17 2020 1:57am
I was humiliated because how easy she could pin us guys. It shows to us how weak we are compared to her. She needs only a few minutes to take us down and we all cried. Against such a woman, men have no chance! We men wore underwear, she wore a thong and a bra. After she defeated us the put on her high heels again to give us the feeling that we men are even smaller and she ordered us to worship her big muscles who are so much stronger than our small male muscles. Do you like to show men that your muscles afe bigger and stronger then their? My girlfriend love to do this and she can do this really good because her muscles are clear bigger and more defined than most other women!

HenniJan 17 2020 5:33am
Ohh I love to show my body. I’m opposed of showing my muscular huge body to men around me. That’s why I ask what other women wear during wrestling. Wanna know if I show too much or all women. I love to show my body during wrestling to my male relatives and neighbours and to my husband mates. Then I love to feel their weak small soft hands around my muscular thighs and rock clave and big feet, and hard stomach and big breast and wide shoulders. I love men to be around me at least clothes as possible to feel their soft skin with no muscles. Do your mates fear your girlfriend and obey her or it’s only you?

SaraJan 17 2020 6:08am
What do you mean with: „Wanna know if I show too much or all women“? If and whom a man obey depends who is there. Mostly the women is the boss over her boyfriend but if a man without his girlfriend is to visit with us, he obey to my girlfriend as well because she is the stronger to us men.

Henni Jan 17 2020 8:27am
Ohh really so your friends obey your girlfriend that’s cool. Do they fear her and show her the required respect? I meant I like to see what other women are wearing during wrestling to know if I show lots of my body (you know some people think it’s sluty) or all strong women wearing similar things

SaraJan 17 2020 10:13am
Yes, what should they do? She is much stronger and if they didn‘t obey, she can beat them up pretty hard! What do you wear normally and if you meet other for a wrestling session?

Henni Jan 17 2020 10:54am
It depends what she likes or how she would like to be respected. So some women like for men to kiss their hands or feet as a greeting. Other like to be called Boss. So, does your girlfriend require any of these from your mates? Well, if I’m outside usually I’ll be wearing shorts with sleeveless T-shirt and open from my back. This way people can say as much as possible from my muscles 💪🏻. If I’m inside wrestling other men I’ll be wearing my underwear or swimsuit. However if I’m wrestling someone close (husband, close friends, relatives,) I might be going naked or topless. Do you think this’s sluty?

SaraJan 17 2020 11:11am
She requires all respect from men as the weaker sex! We have to kneel down, kiss her feet and worship her big muscles. We have to call her godess. Sometimes she wrestle us also in underwear and sometimes even topless. I don’t think it’s sluty. You women can do that, you are stronger.

HenniJan 18 2020 1:43am
Nice name Goddess. She requires lots of respect your mates do that everytime they meet with her? Why she’s going topless sometimes is there a rule or specific person or just based on her desire? Do your mates love or fear your girlfriend naked body

SaraJan 18 2020 8:45am
Nearly always, it depends on her desire if men have to kneel down or if she’s going topless! She can do what she want because she is the strongest! I think my mates respect her but they fear she as well!

HenniJan 18 2020 1:15pm
Cool, can u ask your mates how do they feel kissing woman feet or see her topless

SaraJan 18 2020 3:03pm
I think i can tell it too because if we visit one of my mates and his girlfriend i greet the women on the same way. It is humiliating but exciting. It’s nice to see boobs but it shows the superiority women have over men. Always women dominate us men because with their workout routine they are stronger.

Henni Jan 19 2020 12:27am
Wow so you and you’re mates are at the same humilated situation around your women. What’s so exciting about greeting women by kissing her feet. I force men to do the same they kneel kiss my feet then lift it and put on their heads. What’s the woman training routine? It looks like in my circle and your it’s so normal to show their boobs. Hope soon will be able to show them in the streets. Yesterday my younger cousin came and visited me last time I saw him he was only 12, now he’s 17. I thought that during these years he got bigger, but to my surprise he didn’t he only had like 6-7 cm taller and have a very tiny thin line of mostach his shoulders are the same as a boy, he didn’t grow at all😂. When I opened the door I couldn’t see him. He was so amazed of my body and muscles. When I asked him he said that his size is normal in his school. He’s literally a boy not a teenager 😂😂

SaraJan 19 2020 1:53am
I believe it is exciting to show women male obsequiousness because if we men don’t, the women force us. I don’t know the female training routine but they workout with weights and some do bodybuilding. Men are behaved to eat less and should not do sport. They become hardly taller and keep weaker than women nowadays. I think women still wear feminine but they are more muscular and stronger but nevertheless still feminine. But because many of them wear heels they are also taller than men! It’s exiting, at home if my girlfriend wear no shoes i can look onto her eye brows. Outside she wear heels and i’m to small to look onto her chin. Or sometimes if she wear her extrem high heels, she’s so tall, i can’t look over her shoulder.

HenniJan 19 2020 3:49am
Wow you love being much shorter than your girlfriend right

SaraJan 19 2020 7:22am
Yes, i think it’s a fantastic feeling because i’m not only shorter, overall i’m smaller and weaker. Some years ago it was not happened pretty often that girls wear so high heels and it was not accepted that she has muscles maybe bigger than mens. But i noticed more and more often that women workout and did become stronger than most men. Today it is much more accepted and many women’s show and brag with their muscles and thar they’re stronger than men. Meanwhile most of women are fit and strong and they wear fashion often with pretty high heels so that most men are shorter than women!

HenniJan 19 2020 9:55am
Ya I know it’s very common these days to see tall muscular wife with short weak husband

Sara Jan 19 2020 12:13pm
You know even in my area women no longer need heels to become taller than men, they’re taller barefoot but they only put on heels to tower men around them. So, when my cousin visited last day he was literally way below my breasts when I put my heels on. It was so funny 😂

SaraJan 19 2020 1:25pm
How tall are you Sara? In my region the difference is pretty small and men are little taller but because women often wear heel, they are mostly taller than men! I think it would be fitting that women are taller, they are stronger too! I think i’m not small but most women call me little boy or cutie.

Henni Jan 19 2020 2:19pm
How tall is your cousin?

HenniJan 19 2020 2:21pm
Well you’re cute little boy. I’m 197cm, and my cousin is 160cm, my husband is 165 the average man in my area is 175. How tall are you?

SaraJan 19 2020 2:47pm
Wow, you are very tall! Your husband and your cousin are pretty short, i’m little over 180cm a little taller than them but i have to admit, from your view i must be really a little cute boy because i’m also way smaller than you. My girlfriend is 178cm tall, if she wear high heels she’s similar tall like you, way taller than most men!

HenniJan 19 2020 4:12pm
Thanks. Ya my husband is really small so my cousin I can’t see him if I’m wearing heels. I love it when I look down to men. They look so small and weak

SaraJan 19 2020 11:24pm
When my cousin came to visit me. He was so amazed without my body and muscles. He kept talking and talking about it he wouldn’t shut up. And everytime he would say OMG your arm is like 3 times bigger than your husband your leg is like bigger than his entire body. This makes my husband shy and angry but he couldn’t say anything about it. Then he begged me to compare with my husband 😂😂 my husband anyway is do board from this humiliation anyway but I made him do it. His comments were so much funny, my husband weight is 60 and my cousin weight is 55 so I’m heavier than both of them is together 😂😂 and of course my muscles are bigger than there muscles together of course all these comments were made by the cousin and my husband keep getting more and more embarrassed 😂. Then he spent the night measuring every cm of my body I swear this kid is opposed with muscles. He measured my shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearm, chest, waist, butt, thighs in three different areas, calves, ankle, wrists, feet. He drives my husband crazy 😝. He kept touching me and hugging my arms or legs and tell my husband you’re so lucky you must be so safe next to your wife and my husband is more and embarrassed 😂

SaraJan 20 2020 2:00am
Sara, I admit we men are small and weak, your husband and clusin are no exeptions but they are really even smaller than most men. But so tall as you are i know no man! My girlfriend tell me the same as well. She loves to look down to men who look up to her. I think relating to this she wear often heels because then men are mostly smaller than she. I think this is also exciting. When she is in front of me without shoes i can look onto her eye brows. If she sitting down and puts on her heels, after she stands up i‘m to short to look onto her chin. If i want to kiss her i have to stand on my tiptoes. But sonetimes she lift me up as well, i lay on her arms than.

Henni Jan 20 2020 6:34am
For us men it‘s very exiting to measure and compare how big her female muscles compared with our male muscles. The difference is mostly pretty big because the female average muscle circumference is clear bigger than male muscle circumference. What do you think is average for men and women? May i ask you for you measurements?

Henni Jan 20 2020 6:38am
Ya I always lift men to kiss. I can’t remember the exact measurements for me I think 197cm, 135 kg, 26 biceps 31 thighs, 29 calves, he also measure my hand which was 30 cm and my feet 40. For men I think men should be maximum 170cm and 65kg more than that arn’t pretty on men

SaraJan 20 2020 7:31am
In cm? Sounds small like men have... My girlfriend has biceps 43cm, forearm 35cm, shoulder 50cm, thigs 70cm, calves 42.5cm, she weigh 90kg, 178cm high. I‘m: biceps 32cm, forearm 24cm, shoulder 42cm, thigs 50cm, calves 28cm, 68kg, 181cm tall.

HenniJan 20 2020 9:13am
No only my hight in cm the rest are inches 😡😡

SaraJan 20 2020 9:31am
Oh, than you are very big! No wonder that you are so strong. With such big muscles you can kill each man pretty easy! What do you think about the difference between my girlfriend an me?

Henni Jan 20 2020 9:41am
Well she’s obviously much bigger than you. But in my situation and in my circle the difference between females and males are always bigger than that. Now there’s a new trend with women it would be a shame for any women to be with a man who has any number more than her including the hight. Also, I think for a man you to loose more weight you’re so fat and probably your girlfriend put on some extra killos

SaraJan 20 2020 10:02am
I‘m already pretty skinny! What do you think i should weigh and what she should weigh? The height we can‘t change but because many women wear heels, men are mostly shorter than women.

HenniJan 20 2020 11:06pm
Maximum men should be 60- 62 while she should be about 95 at least so she’s 50% heavier than you. I know lots of women who are about 250% of their husbands weight. About the height you’re right but I’m sure there’s kind of hormones that can make her taller and bigger.

SaraJan 21 2020 1:31am
My girlfriend has the same opinion like you. She said i should do a diet to lose more weight. For herselfe she want to gain mor muscle mass. She means i should weigh less than 60kg. She will try to gain 10-15kg. She means i should workout with very leight weigths to lose fat. Than my tiny muscles will become more visible and the circumference of my arms and legs will be further reduced. Today she bought new shoes with more than 16cm high heel she wants to wear if she regulary go outside wirh me. In this shoes shes even taller as before so i‘m pretty short next to her.

HenniJan 21 2020 2:22am
Well if she’s 105 and you’re 60 this will me more convenient. 16 is nice but she should bought 25 cm, or to consult with her dr about these hormones which can give her 5-6 cm extra so she will be taller than you barefoot and towering you with heels

SaraJan 21 2020 3:59am
Those hormons exist? What do you think how long does it take until it get effect? She already have high heels with 26cm heels but those heels she only wear if we go to a party. If she wear those high heels i‘m to small to look over her shoulder.

HenniJan 21 2020 6:42am
Yez, they do exist. How long? It depends on each person body and how responsive they are. So, women in general especially big women would be very responsive and in really short time, and might have greater impact. While if your genetics don’t help like men genetics so they may not be useful at all. She should wear these all the time it makes more sense when the man is under the woman shoulders

SaraJan 21 2020 7:10am
I think in her highest heels she is so tall i feel like a dwarf next to her. But it‘s exiting! But on the other way i‘m scared that she thinks i‘m to small! If we go to a party many women wear very high heel so all men are basically shorter than women. The highest heels i saw on a women made her so tall i didn‘treach her boobs with my head. She would order boots like these but she didn‘t find them!

HenniJan 21 2020 7:28am
So, what’s the problem if she thinks you’re so small. She already knows you’re so small. Being under her breasts is perfect position for men to know their place around their women. She should bought these heels or try the hormones.

SaraJan 21 2020 7:50am
I told her from the hormones and she will ask her doktor. Do you‘ve done this too? Did this have any side effects? Do you think shes already tall by 178cm and she can grow more than 5-6cm? If she would grow so much i‘m also smaller if she is barefoot. If she wear heels i‘m even much smaller! What do you think?

HenniJan 21 2020 9:55am
Great. No, I haven’t used but I know girls who used it. I’m not aware of any side effects only she might be bigger in general her bones might be thicker so her shoulders and breasts and her entire body maybe hands and feet might be bigger. At least she will grow 5 cm she might grow 10- 15 depends how responsive is her body. Of course you must be smaller even with barefoot so when she puts heels you will be under her shoulders or even her breasts. No woman on these days is shorter than her man. She should contact her dr immediately

SaraJan 21 2020 10:23am
How many girls you know and how tall has these girl gotten? I‘m already smaller and weaker than most women. Even young women who workout since few years are stronger.

Henni Jan 21 2020 1:04pm
I only know two, but heard lots about it. Generally about 7- 10 cm but might more or less. Did your girlfriend ask her dr? So what I know you’re smaller and weaker but you must become also shorter even when these women are barefoot.

SaraJan 21 2020 3:01pm
Yes, she talked with her doktor. I think she will do that but i don‘t know more. The two women you know who used that, what does they have changed? How tall were these women before they used it and how tall were they later? Does they changed any other?

Henni Jan 22 2020 1:17am
Oh great news. The change might happen really quickly depends on her body response, so keep me updated. Say goodbye for seeing your girlfriend eyes on the same level😂. The two women were 180 and became 190 the other one were 185 became 192. As I said usually women will be wider, heavier and thicker, their muscles might grow also little bit more. I heard once that a woman became more manly

SaraJan 22 2020 1:45am
Oh, now i’m smaller than these women lime most other men as well! I’m a little exited if she become taller but than i have to always look up to her.

HenniJan 22 2020 2:08am
Exactly so let’s hope her body will response quickly and widely so she will tower you barefoot. I was talking to one of the ladies and she told that someone not only affected with their high and muscles some will have bigger boobs as well. So u might have a treat 😂. Did she start taking the hormones

SaraJan 22 2020 2:41am
Yes, she did! The Doktor think it need a few days than she can get her first growing spurt. I’m a little exited...

HenniJan 23 2020 3:02am
It’s hard to believe but now she’s equal tall than me without shoes. In one or two weeks she’s propbably taller. Then i’m the shorter one even if she wear no heels.

Henni Jan 26 2020 12:46pm
Hey Sara! Are you still there?

HenniJan 27 2020 9:30am
Hi Henni, how the hormones with your girlfriend is she taller now without heels? Has her muscles become bigger? Any other changes in her boobs, voice body hair? Is she stronger now

SaraApr 20 2020 3:20am
Hey Sara...

Henni Apr 30 2020 5:32pm
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