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Travelers: Would you be willing to strip naked to get on that flight?

Question: In light of the current terrorist threats, would you be willing to strip naked(in a private area ofcourse) and put all of your clothes on the conveyor belt for inspection?
Created by: traveler2010 at 09:05:07 AM, Thursday, January 07, 2010 PST


Hell no! I say get a pilots licence, buy a plane and fly yourself.

AnonymousJan 07 2010 5:14pm

I would like to strip naked even if I can't get on a plane.

EvaJan 08 2010 3:53pm
Men strip naked in public, so all the females get to enjoy the flight. Hell just keep them naked all the time.

BethJan 09 2010 5:26am
lol so all men should strip naked for the entire flight, since men are usually the terrorists?

AnonymousJan 09 2010 7:43am
Sex on planes should be legal then

AnonymousJan 09 2010 11:31am
yes adult flights only. booze porn and plenty of sex

AnonymousJan 09 2010 2:48pm
Beth is MALE

AnonymousJan 10 2010 10:50am
Having already traveled on six continents (sans Antarctica), I would strip naked for a security check but only in private with a young female inspector who is indeed ONE SMOKING HOT BABE!!!

A male world travelerJan 10 2010 12:35pm
Lol be be better if that smoking hot babe strip me naked

AnonymousJan 11 2010 8:30am
#0010 - (Sun.) * 1/17/10

UpdateJan 17 2010 9:22pm
How about a matronly, ugly old woman with body odor. That is more likely to be the case.

BillJan 18 2010 10:46am
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