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Take the Pepsi Challenge!

Question: Do you like Coke or Pepsi?
Created by: KnickNut3 at 02:23:00 AM, Friday, June 16, 2000 EDT


Dammit!! Dude you shouldn't trick people like that...I'm just here hoping to see Sami Sosa..

Sami's biggest fanJul 24 2000 7:20pm

"Sami's biggest fan", you are such a queer!! How in the f*ck did you expect to see him anyway?? GEES

Sami's biggest fan's smallest fanJul 24 2000 7:20pm
I don't know, I was just should always keep the faith, you know what I mean....

Sami's biggest fanJul 24 2000 7:20pm

some fat guy addicted to caffeineJul 24 2000 7:20pm
No!! I don't know what you mean "Sami's biggest fan" You are such a f*ckin idiot!! If I could, I would come across the screen and rip your face off. Dumb poo.

Sami's biggest fan's smallest fanJul 24 2000 7:20pm

the same fat guy addicted to caffeineJul 24 2000 7:20pm
you guys are f*ckin morons, it's just a damn soda...pick one, pepsi or coke, it's that simple...

JoeJul 24 2000 7:20pm

the same fuckin fat guy whose gonna totally kick Joe's scronny lJul 24 2000 7:20pm
I'll cut my bangs, I'll cut my bangs....DON'T MAKE ME CUT MY BANGS!!!!

Marcia ClarkJul 24 2000 7:20pm
no Marcia!

Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
but Jan....

fubarJul 24 2000 7:20pm
God, you all are crazy. I think everyone here needs to lay off the caffeine. By the way, coke rules!!

AnonymousJul 29 2000 12:13pm
Coke all the way!!!! Pepsi sux!

djcjAug 18 2000 6:55am

??Sep 11 2000 5:13pm

PAPPAAug 20 2001 7:05pm
Pepsi is the best!

Britney :)Mar 23 2003 7:37pm
PEPSI! FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG *DING!* lol sorry...i think i had a bit too much caffiene myself.

alkjasd;lfkjdslfkjdlkafjds;lfkj like my name????????????????????Apr 17 2003 3:03pm

A BITCH WHOS PEP[SI krazeeAug 29 2003 3:05am
you all smell coca cola rock pepsi sux c*ck

usher loverJan 06 2004 7:42pm
i like both of them but i would prefer coke just beause my family is in live with coke

AllisonJan 10 2005 10:37am

AnonymousJun 06 2006 3:06pm
Chill people, It's just soda. Though I have to that Pepsi is my favorite fizzy drink, and considering I hate fizzy drinks, thats a big accomplishement.

YUMMM PEPSI!Oct 04 2010 11:10am

DR.PEPPER!Feb 15 2011 11:21pm

TigerEyez c:Dec 27 2013 2:38pm

BrendonDec 27 2013 2:42pm

Lachelle C:Dec 27 2013 3:12pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:13am
Gabby, I have realized I can't live without u, I'm pretty fuked up right new but I can't. So will u marry me?

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:13am
O.o im just 13

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:15am

AnonymousDec 29 2013 10:15am
It doesn't matter ur the love of my life and I wanna send it with u

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:17am
V i can't get married im just a little girl your a grown man!

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:18am
I'm not a grown man, and it will just be on here, at least take me back. I love u

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:18am

Gabby is weirded out and wants Draco!Dec 29 2013 10:20am
:,,( u never even loved me tho. If u did u wouldn't have cheated. Y can't anyone love me?

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:21am
I do ugh......i love you but ur like my brother!

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:22am
No u don't, noone loves me!! U and everyone else just thinks I'm a stupid loser

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:23am

BenDec 29 2013 10:23am

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:24am
Y can't u understand I wanna be with u and for u and of for sex

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:24am
:/ sh..should I leave lol

BenDec 29 2013 10:25am
Hey ben*hugs ben tight*

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:25am
haha *hugs gabby back*,

BenDec 29 2013 10:25am
I want draco!

GabbyGabDec 29 2013 10:26am
But he's gonna want sex and that's it, why did u cheat on me. Y do every time I get with women I'm heartbroken

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:27am
should I leave???

BenDec 29 2013 10:27am
Im just honest V!

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:28am
:/ -starts to back up awkwardly-

BenDec 29 2013 10:29am
NO BEN!!!!*jumps on bens back n wraps my legs around him n wraps my arms around his neck*

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:30am
-smiles- hahah ok Gabby -holds onto Gabby so she doesn't fall-

BenDec 29 2013 10:31am
Hehehe!;P *kisses bens cheek*

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:31am
Y did u cheat then, be honest about that, cause if u were honest u wouldn't have told me u wouldn't sext with anyone else

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:32am
You left me and i wanted to cuddle V and guess what you weren't there!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:33am
-Pokes Gabby's Cheek- :)

BenDec 29 2013 10:34am
I told u I had to go to town, and I would be back later, u said OK, and wouldn't cheat, I got to come back for a couple min, and I fought u seating then u promise not to and u cheat on me, and I had to find out from someone telling me

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:36am
*giggles n sucks bens cheek* ehehe!=}

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 10:36am
-kisses Gabby's cheek-

AnonymousDec 29 2013 10:36am

BenDec 29 2013 10:37am

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:38am
lol :) Gabby

BenDec 29 2013 10:39am
*blushes* hehe ben ur a great friend now ur gunna be my bestie!!!!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:39am
No I wanna here the fuking truth, tell me the truth did u ever care about me. And u also said u were giving me u kik and u never did that

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:40am
Ok ur my Bestie i guess to lol;)

BenDec 29 2013 10:41am
ha yay besties!=) @Ben n yes i do care i've always cared V ok n im not givin my kik ta no one!!

Gabby needs to go eat!Dec 29 2013 10:45am
haha i gtg eat to

BenDec 29 2013 10:47am
Then wat if I give u mine. Kisses u softly, is that wat u wanted?

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:47am

DracoDec 29 2013 10:47am
No V thats not what i want! n hey draco!-sucks dracos cheek-

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:51am
haha :) sorry was playin my ps3

DracoDec 29 2013 10:51am
Then wat do u went from me. I thought u wanted my love, hell I thought u wanted someone to love u

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:52am
UGH YOU GOTTA UNDERSTAND IM JUST A LITTLE GIRL STILL I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE F*CK I WANT STILL!!!!!!@Bubba n its ok;P I lost my phone again!=( that was like my life dude!!!@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 10:55am
aw i was gonna give u my number tho :P o well now ull have to wait c;

DracoDec 29 2013 10:56am
Ur not a little girl, u r a young beautiful woman. If u r old enough to sext and have sex the u r old enough to no wat you want. Y don't u understand I wanna spend my life with u

bubbaDec 29 2013 10:57am
woah! bubba u sound very creepy Φ.Φ

ησισθακλιγDec 29 2013 11:00am
Ughh draco can ya plzz help meh out here!!!=) ahaha wow n i wouldn't have texted or called ya if ya gave meh yo number!!lmfao XDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:00am
heyyy im back

BenDec 29 2013 11:00am
Y because I want someone to love because me and the last girl I dated were in a wreck and she was killed, does that make it hard for people yes. So stfu, and whatever gabby u don't care about me anyways, should have killed myself instead of trying to talk to u

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:02am
wow gabby n bubba wana play that game that u always lose ;)

DracoDec 29 2013 11:02am
HEHEHE :D HEY BEN!!XD Im still eating it takes me forever to eat!!;P

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 11:02am
so am i...:3 lol eatin pizza :3

BenDec 29 2013 11:03am
Draco u want me to shoot u between the eyes, wouldn't mind doing so

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:03am
hahaha xD line up like the rest bubba

DracoDec 29 2013 11:04am
calm ur titz dude :P @bubba

BenDec 29 2013 11:04am
Stfu Ben, and draco u really don't think I will come on, I use a gun every single fukin day I will kill u and be happy in prison

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:05am
I have a hillbilly cuz named Turtle...he is lucky :P

BenDec 29 2013 11:05am
lmfao im eating pizza tooo!!d)•_•(b >_<

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:06am
haha dude come to cali and shoot me then u fake

DracoDec 29 2013 11:06am
Ok bubba stop tryin to be bad ass...X to the fukin D =XD i use a gun to :P oooh thts ah-mazing aint it

BenDec 29 2013 11:07am
so gabby ;)

DracoDec 29 2013 11:09am
Lmfao ok-ok-ok ain't nothin wrong with man titz unless they bigger than my mommas!XDDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:09am
lol hahahahahaha @Gabby

BenDec 29 2013 11:10am
lmfao sooooo.......Guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)))

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:10am
what c:

DracoDec 29 2013 11:11am
YOLO!!!!!!←thats what!>=DDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:12am
haha xD

DracoDec 29 2013 11:13am
what u get at the store

DracoDec 29 2013 11:14am
Lmfao YOLT!!!!!!>=D ←something i made up that happens when ya got nothin ta do!You Only Live Twice!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:15am
If I had a way there and I would, and OK Ben u r the13 yo trying to sext, yea iI am trying to get a online gf because my gf was killed. And I am way older than u and will kill somone

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:15am
i missed u sis -jumps onto u wraping my legs and arms around u kissing u softly-

girlyDec 29 2013 11:15am
ur not older than me bubba

DracoDec 29 2013 11:17am
Oh i just got new shirts,new high waisted shorts,croptops,huh??? new J's n ya!:P God im spoiled!!!>=D

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:17am
dam girl xD put one on let me see :)

DracoDec 29 2013 11:18am
Damn girl calm yo self!:P@Girly

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:19am
mmm hehe #^_^#

girlyDec 29 2013 11:20am
lmfao wow!XDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:20am
haha xD wat?

DracoDec 29 2013 11:21am
so gabby wat ya doin

DracoDec 29 2013 11:25am
Lmfao im not hott trust me!!!Omg i saw my ex at the mall n i was like wtf ya gotta be f*ckin meh right now!!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:26am
lol did u guys talk?

DracoDec 29 2013 11:27am
Ha im just here at home tryin ta see what should i wear fo tonight!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:27am
oh whats tonight?

DracoDec 29 2013 11:28am
I fell on my ass in the f*ckin mall n he saw what do ya think!....o.o ;P

Gabby is sayin ya me n him talkedDec 29 2013 11:29am
Im goin to another party!XDD but he's gunna be there soo i gotta do my hair n makeup n now i have ta look flawless!!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:30am
hold on imma go nude n lay in my bed n get comfy

Draco brb for a secDec 29 2013 11:31am
Draco how old r u then

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:32am
O.O dafuq!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:32am
ur late bubba and wat? its comfy :P

DracoDec 29 2013 11:33am

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:33am
Was washing dishes, I do have things o do thank u

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:33am
haha and ok tough guy

DracoDec 29 2013 11:34am
OK since u say ur older how old r u. And I said I was washing dishes how's that talk big. Damb u stupid

AnonymousDec 29 2013 11:35am
turnin 17 in march

DracoDec 29 2013 11:36am
Ur younger than me then I am 17

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:36am
*pokes gabbys tummy* poke :P

DracoDec 29 2013 11:37am
then y u actin like ur her age

DracoDec 29 2013 11:37am
lol im just in my f*ckin room in my bra n panties just f*ckin stressed out cuz now i got nothin that i look great in n i gotta go lookin awsome n shock the shìt outta him!!!!Pshh i shocked him with what i was wearing when he saw me!....or he was just shocked that i fell!.-. Ima choose to think the first one!;P

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 11:38am
so were both in sexy outfits ok ;D haha

DracoDec 29 2013 11:39am
Like I said u didn't have a gf who was killed in a wreck like I had. So yea, I have problems OK. U don't know me dude, so quit thinking u do

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:40am

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:40am
Well gabby IG I'm quitting like like, nobody seems to want me here so bye

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:41am
haha @ gabby dude dont act tough and lie xD

DracoDec 29 2013 11:41am
Ha yess say that V....but ya gunna be back!......they always do!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:42am
I'm not lieing. We were drinking and driving, I wrecked, she was killed and I walked away without a scratch. U live were I live u see a lot of that. So like I said don't fuk with me wen u don't know me

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:43am
gabby is it cool if i do sometin that might suprise u?

DracoDec 29 2013 11:43am
dude ur life rocks compaired to mine

DracoDec 29 2013 11:44am
Look I'm seeing ho many people want me to stay but I'm finished with u bye

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:45am
Ooommmmmgggggggggg wtf !?!?!? FUK YOU GOD WHY YA DO THIS TA MEHH!!!yes just f*ckin bring danny and andrew they are my only two exs I haven't seen today!!!〒_〒 @Stupid f*ckin jesus

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:45am
How so, explain that too me.

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:46am
no u said u were done so bye

DracoDec 29 2013 11:47am
lolz see...he always comes back!!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:48am
No explain to me how ur is so much worse, that's right its not

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:48am
gabby shut up and kiss me *kisses u on the lips*

DracoDec 29 2013 11:49am
Not talking o u tho, so leave me alone gabby, u don't care about me anyways

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:49am
ok dude what ever

DracoDec 29 2013 11:49am
Mmmm!*kisses u deeply*

Gabby!;)Dec 29 2013 11:50am
mmmm thot u might like that ;)

DracoDec 29 2013 11:50am
Like I said urs is no worse

bubbaDec 29 2013 11:51am
Lmfao but you don't like meh like that!;P@Draco

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:52am
ok then i wont kiss u no more c:

DracoDec 29 2013 11:53am
-grabs gabbys hand and puts it in dracos pants- hehe #^_^#

girlyDec 29 2013 11:54am
Mmkay!!!I'll just kiss something else on ur body!;) xD

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:55am
ummm lol :D

DracoDec 29 2013 11:55am
-.- no sis!

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:56am
aww =(

girlyDec 29 2013 11:56am
Ya really want me to f*ck him huh babygirl?;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:57am
im still here

DracoDec 29 2013 11:58am
yea -nods- u to make a cute couple

girlyDec 29 2013 11:58am
lol nahhhh.....i just like ta tease!;P

GabbyDec 29 2013 11:59am
haha ok

Draco was scared for a minDec 29 2013 12:00pm

Gabbywabby is such a tease!!:3Dec 29 2013 12:01pm
*stares at your d*ick*

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:01pm
No sis don't fake me!

Gabby Dec 29 2013 12:02pm
yes u r *pulls u close to me*

DracoDec 29 2013 12:02pm
-kisses u on the lips- u no u want it so get it hehe

girly away brbDec 29 2013 12:03pm
*giggles n sucks dracos neck* hehe!#^_^#

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:03pm
mmm gabby

DracoDec 29 2013 12:04pm
Lmfao ummm...#^_^#....ok!O.o XDD@Girly

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:05pm
*licks ur lips n bits ur lip*=)

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:07pm
mmm uh mmm :)

DracoDec 29 2013 12:07pm
;P -moans a little and kisses you deeply n slips my tongue in-

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:10pm
*swirls my tongue around urs and kisses back deeply* c;

DracoDec 29 2013 12:11pm

Gabby ruined the moment!Dec 29 2013 12:16pm
haha wat

DracoDec 29 2013 12:16pm
Ok ima wear my new black high waisted shorts with this red croptop that has my name on it n my new black high heels with my hair in a bun n my black leather jacket!!!C;

Gabby is gunna look perfect!Dec 29 2013 12:20pm
Im bored!^_^

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:26pm

kripDec 29 2013 12:52pm

CarissaDec 29 2013 12:52pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:53pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:54pm

BlairDec 29 2013 12:55pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:55pm

BlairDec 29 2013 12:55pm

cupcakeDec 29 2013 12:56pm
Ha im watching sam and cat but nm!C:

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:56pm
lol I am also bored so we shall be the boredom sisters !!! -talking random-

CarissaDec 29 2013 12:56pm
Hehe very funny carissa

BlairDec 29 2013 12:57pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:58pm
So people must really like talking on polls now huh

CarissaDec 29 2013 12:58pm
No not really but i can't fix the error!XD

GabbyDec 29 2013 12:59pm
Wants up

fakerDec 29 2013 12:59pm
Maybe it only does it to the people who are bad>:D

BlairDec 29 2013 1:00pm
Whats*** n nm u?=)

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:00pm
Ha nahhhh....i ain't bad...ya can't fix the error on dsi's n 3ds's!XDDD

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:01pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:03pm
I don't have the error you guys have but it's always nice to talk to friends

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:04pm
Can't get on like like only polls mean in....tha worst thing that will ever happen....I CANT GET A GF ON HERE UGGGG n if u see girl tell her byeeeeee I'm fuken freekin out IMA miss this Place I will reeeely miss it I will miss u n 20 out her exs of mine

fakerDec 29 2013 1:05pm
Heyyy izaac ;)

grlDec 29 2013 1:07pm
Your leaving! D:

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:07pm

fakerDec 29 2013 1:07pm
Lol ok izaac i just wanna actually talk to brooke and shreve and ben they my besties!XD

Gabby is fukin bored!Dec 29 2013 1:08pm
I have to like like ain't working on my 3ds tablet laptop

fakerDec 29 2013 1:08pm
I didn't say that izaac

grlDec 29 2013 1:09pm
U were going to

fakerDec 29 2013 1:09pm
No I was going to say if I could come to or house

grlDec 29 2013 1:10pm
-hugs faker- so this might be the last time i'll see you

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:10pm
O OK NOOOOO u cant

fDec 29 2013 1:10pm
Uhhh yeaaa hopefully I'll get back on once in a whil

fDec 29 2013 1:11pm
Oops faker

fakerDec 29 2013 1:11pm
Awww My friends are like leaving one-by-one

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:13pm

BenDec 29 2013 1:13pm

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:14pm
Are you ready for ready for the perfect storm perfect storm cuz once ur mine once ur mine theres no going back!!!!!!>;)

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:14pm
I wish I could stay I do but yea it won't work uhhh u have an email I got it two days ago so I don't no how it works

fakerDec 29 2013 1:14pm
Yeah I have an e-mail but I barley use it and it hardly works for me

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:16pm
Awww im ur bestie :3 :) @Gabby

BenDec 29 2013 1:17pm

Gabbywabby is lonely cuz she ain't gotta bf! D=D←ima bipolar lDec 29 2013 1:17pm

Gabbywabby is lonely cuz she ain't gotta bf! D=D←ima bipolar lDec 29 2013 1:18pm

BenDec 29 2013 1:18pm
Why did i post that twice!O.o weird!XD

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:19pm
-watches then smiles-

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:20pm
lol -pokes Gabby's Tummy- hahah >:3

BenDec 29 2013 1:20pm
I can do 671 situps!XD

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:20pm
*giggles*ehehe that tickled ben!;P *pokes bens cheek than licks his face*

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 1:22pm
nice :P

BenDec 29 2013 1:22pm
oh wow - hugs u- haha ur my bestie :3

BenDec 29 2013 1:23pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:23pm
I'm just gonna leave you two alone -walks away-

CarissaDec 29 2013 1:24pm
:P -sits on ma bed, yawns- ima bored

BenDec 29 2013 1:24pm
*hugs u back* We are besties!=)

Gabbywabby loves cookiesDec 29 2013 1:25pm
lol-lays beside you and lays my head on ur tummy n licks ur abs-mmm!;P hehe#^_^#

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:26pm
-smiles- Yes we r

BenDec 29 2013 1:27pm
oh abs needed licking? lol ha

BenDec 29 2013 1:27pm

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:28pm
-smils, pets ur head- :3

BenDec 29 2013 1:29pm
coke or pepsi... *shrug* i really dont give a damn about either

ShreveDec 29 2013 1:30pm
Lol right @Shreve

BenDec 29 2013 1:31pm
-moves my hands down from ur abs to ur pants-hehe!#^__^#

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:31pm
-stares at u- um ok :3

BenDec 29 2013 1:32pm
oh idk y'all where here -_-

ShreveDec 29 2013 1:33pm
tht was to gabby

BenDec 29 2013 1:34pm
*giggles,bits my lip and looks at ben*

Gabby ;)Dec 29 2013 1:36pm
-looks at gabby, laughs, and smiles-

BenDec 29 2013 1:37pm

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 1:40pm

BenDec 29 2013 1:40pm
suck his dlck

AnonymousDec 29 2013 1:42pm
Ummmmm...o.o should i anon!?!?!? Ó•Ò

GabbywabbyDec 29 2013 1:43pm
sooo what ya wanna talk about ben!=)

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:45pm
anything... idc :3 0_e anon..she doesnt even like me :P

BenDec 29 2013 1:49pm
yeah suck it :)

AnonymousDec 29 2013 1:50pm
mmmm..... i don't know if i should anon!;)

GabbyDec 29 2013 1:54pm
-hugs gabby :3-

BenDec 29 2013 1:54pm
*hugs ben*

Gabby =///3Dec 29 2013 1:56pm
lol Anon kinda awkward ...:/

Ben, Wuvs Gabby Like a Sis:)Dec 29 2013 1:57pm
oh im sorry..i just thought Gabby liked ya hard feelibgs bro???? @Ben

AnonymousDec 29 2013 2:02pm
But like i wouldn't mind sucking his c*ck!

GabbyDec 29 2013 2:07pm
Oh lolz haha -puts arm around u- @Gabby

BenDec 29 2013 2:09pm

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:30pm
Well whatever😑

Gabby is like Fukin screw it!!!!Jan 18 2014 10:34pm
Well I'll just talk to myself....hi...@myself

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:36pm
Hello sexy bitch!😂😂😂😍😉😘😂@myself

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:37pm
I'm just laying down on the floor in my walk-in closet!;)

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:39pm
Herow :3

KPJan 18 2014 10:41pm
Hello stranger!😍😘😉😜😂😂😂

GabJan 18 2014 10:42pm
Your a carrot Liam hates you!!!!! 😆😈😂😂😂

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:44pm

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:44pm
Hows it goin?

KPJan 18 2014 10:45pm
My tummy hurts...:(((

Gabby😭😣Jan 18 2014 10:45pm
oh nos thats never good...

KPJan 18 2014 10:46pm
Oh well, it's going perfectly fine here for me.....I won 1st place for best belly dancer😘 wby?

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:47pm
im feelin bored n lonely... XP and congrats on the belly dancing...

KPJan 18 2014 10:51pm
XD Awwww I'm sorry that you lonely....:/ and I'm bored too :D

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:53pm
Omg I love cookies!!!! lol

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:54pm
Cookies??? Did you say cookies?????? COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! ;///3 o.o xD

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:56pm

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:56pm
I think I'm fat.-. I weigh 104lbs now 😡😱😫👿😤😪😪😥😠😡😡 I was 91lbs I gained 13lbs >:o

GabbyJan 18 2014 10:59pm
I'm pissed about me gaining weight like 13lbs is A lot!!!!!!

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:03pm
Like I'm heavy as f*ck!!!!! I'm so fukin fat!!!! Ugh....

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:04pm
f*ck pepsi and coke

ShreveJan 18 2014 11:04pm

Gabby :DJan 18 2014 11:06pm
<_< hmm

ShreveJan 18 2014 11:07pm
I love you and miss you!;*

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:08pm
I like grapes😋

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:08pm
did you love me when you called me a spoon -_-

ShreveJan 18 2014 11:09pm
Bows before bros!xD#Girl Code

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:10pm

ShreveJan 18 2014 11:12pm
I won 1st place in the competition for best belly dancer!;D

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:14pm

KiritoJan 18 2014 11:14pm
XD you know I love you booboo!;*

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:15pm
ooh i love belly dancers O_O

ShreveJan 18 2014 11:15pm
XD ha

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:16pm

GabJan 18 2014 11:17pm
What's up

KiritoJan 18 2014 11:17pm
Lmfao I just like screamed like bloody loud!... Cuz I saw an ant-.- XD

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:19pm
An ant? Really

KiritoJan 18 2014 11:20pm
-_- dont move to Louisiana then

ShreveJan 18 2014 11:21pm
Yes they scare me .-. Like Elmo..bye I gtg night.

GabbyJan 18 2014 11:21pm
XD well I guess no one wants my number....;$

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:35am
Oh well it's like midnight over here in palmdale !

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:38am
Hahaha well now I'm lonely and bloody wide awake!:///3

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:39am
XD wtf I don't even gotta phone!;PPP

GabbyJan 19 2014 12:39am
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