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TO ALL LADIES!!! Do you believe a woman is superior to a man if her arms are stronger than his arms are?

Question: In other words, do you believe she is SUPERIOR OVER HIM IN EVERY WAY if she beats him at armwrestling PLUS bench presses more than he bench presses PLUS lifts a greater weight over her head than he lifts over his head?
Created by: *A GENTLEMAN* at 08:12:00 AM, Tuesday, February 02, 2010 PST


A woman is superior in every way regardless.

JillFeb 02 2010 10:16pm

If a woman is superior in every way, it could only be for one reason: HER VAGINA!!! Governments have TOPPLED because of THE VAGINA!!! Man has turned against man IN ALL-OUT WAR because of THE VAGINA!!! Fortunes have been GAINED and then LOST because of THE VAGINA!!! Perhaps the greatest force in the entire universe is: THE VAGINA!!!

AnonymousFeb 03 2010 12:25am
My little husband got a shock when he challenged me to a leg wrestling match, both indian style and sitting opposite each other and try to press the oponents thighs together. He had been working out for a while and thought he was stronger, I killed him in these games. My legs are far more muscular and bigger than his so he should have understood. Then he said that he at least was stronger in his arms. Another big misstake. I had been working out really hard to strengthen my upper body and I knew I was strong. But I was actually surprised how easy for me it was to pin his arms in these matches. We ended his humiliation when we wrestled. I am not only stronger, I am more limber, I have better endurance. I am 169 cm and 75 kgs he is 177 cm and 70 kgs. I feel superiour to him. After this evening when I showed him who was stronger I started to dominate him, not that I order him around but I decide most things. I am the boss in the bedroom and I have actually discplined him twice when he was too drunk. Yes, I took him over my knees and spanked him. I love to be in charge and he seems to accept it. I have neved beaten him up and would never do that since I love him deeply.

BetsyFeb 03 2010 12:32am
Lots of men have trouble dealing with the fact that there are women who are stronger than they are, especially in the arms where the average woman is actually WEAKER than the average man!!! I am a man who has no trouble at all yielding to a woman or a girl who is stronger than I am although I must admit (yet again!!!) that it is somewhat embarrassing for me because I happen to be very tall. However, as tall as I am, I am very light (very skinny!!!) which is a primary reason why many women have already proven themselves to be stronger than I am, especially in the arms. One day, I challenged a woman to a clean and jerk (weightlifting) match to see which one of us could lift more weight overhead in one lift. I actually thought I could easily outlift her because she is so short while I am so tall. At the time, she stood only 5'1" (a whole foot shorter than me!!!) but she weighed 40 lbs more than me (her 175 lbs vs my 135 lbs) and her flexed biceps were 15 inches (vs my 11-inch flexed biceps) and her forearms were also much bigger than mine, prompting her to say to me (because she knows I'm proud to be tall): "I've got what you haven't got" (she meant big muscles). SHE OUTLIFTED ME!!! There was no way I could match up to her superior strength over mine. In fact, I could easily tell that she got a big charge from outlifting a guy way taller than she is but then again, when she outlifted me, she was outlifting A VERY SKINNY GUY!!! The real question is: Could she have outlifted a muscular guy my height? I say: HIGHLY DOUBTFUL!!! Still, she proved that she is stronger than I am. She is the one who outlifted me (not the other way around) so I actually believe SHE IS SUPERIOR TO ME!!!

An inferior man (ALWAYS INFERIOR TO A STRONGER WOMAN!!!)Feb 03 2010 1:34pm
Actually, I am an inferior man who is always inferior to a BIGGER, stronger woman (like that short 5'1" woman who outlifted me).

An inferior man (ALWAYS INFERIOR TO A BIGGER STRONGER WOMAN!!!)Feb 03 2010 1:49pm
I believe that if a woman show more strength in upper body,arms-then she is definitely stronger overal.Everybody knows that in general females have much greater muscle development of the legs and in addition to this,they are pound for pound stronger.Female muscles have much greater durability,flexibility,endurance.Female muscles recover faster,simply woman have strong stamina and manage to withstand for men unbearable physical pressure.

AnonymousFeb 05 2010 6:15pm
Jill did you ever overpover men in some way?Betsy do you think that your legs are a big way stronger than your husband's?if yes,do you think you would be able to handle two men like your husband in wrestling in same time?do you think you would be able to wear them both down to the mat and defend against them for some time?

suzanFeb 05 2010 6:27pm
This poll was obviously created by the pathetic "Tall skinny man."

AnonymousFeb 06 2010 8:10pm
"Tall skinny man" is not pathetic, he is a beacon of truth and integrity. He is the only one with the courage to confront the issues most men shy away from and cower in shame. Instead of trying to discredit him, you should thank him for opening our eyes to the universal truth.

Tall Skinny Man FanFeb 06 2010 10:19pm
I have lived in a world where women are heavier and much taller than myself. While the "tall skinny man" is taller than most women, we are both in a world where we are smaller and weaker than the vast majority of those women. Like tall skinny man, I face the fact that some women could beat me to death in any fight. It takes a real man to face that fact! I am strong because I face the truth and accept that i am weak. That empowers me!

AnonymousFeb 08 2010 3:22am
You must never leave the house little man! You r Enpowered because I can squelch you??? Huh????????

LindaFeb 08 2010 1:57pm
A strong woman becomes weak (even weaker than a small weak man!!!) while she is sexually aroused. HER CLITORIS IS HER WEAKNESS!!!

AnonymousFeb 09 2010 2:59am
Nope a woman is never superior with fat arms or not. If women are superior why are there almost only men at the top?

AnonymousFeb 09 2010 6:14am
TSM has a right to his views but he's so creepy and obsessive that he has emptied the site of most visitors, which is surely not good for debate.

AnonFeb 09 2010 2:59pm
I appreciate the compliment. I am a beacon for all small weak men regardless of their height because a small weak man should never feel like "less of a man" simply because he is small and weak whether he is short or tall. A small weak man is often the target of bullying (either physically, verbally or psychologically) by a bigger stronger man who considers the small weak man to be competition as far as the pursuit of ladies is concerned despite his smaller size. However, if a small weak man treats even a big strong woman like a lady, he will increase his chances of winning her over. As a tall skinny man who is small and weak, it has always turned me on being taller, smaller and weaker than a woman who is shorter, bigger and stronger than I am (bigger meaning she weighs more than I do). I remember one of my short, big, strong girlfriends from awhile back who actually prided herself on being stronger than I am and weighing more than I do although she pointed out that I am still the man while she is still the woman (because she always wanted to make me feel like a man!!!). She was a self-proclaimed sex maniac with nipples highly sensitive erotically just like mine. In fact, while we both stood in front of each other on a level floor (no platforms of any kind in an attempt to make her appear "taller"), she and I caressed each other's nipples using our thumbs while she looked straight ahead at my nipples as I looked way down at her nipples. Whenever we sucked each other's nipples, she had the advantage of standing up straight to suck mine while I had the disadvantage of having to bend way down to suck hers!!! That is how much I easily towered over her. And, yes, she became weak (as the comment above points out) whenever I caressed her clitoris. She loved it and after she climaxed and got her strength back, I wanted to continue but I was not strong enough (not even with both of my hands!!!) to stop her from pulling me away from her highly sensitive clitoris!!! Many women (including her) prefer direct hand (or tongue) stimulation of the clitoris over intercourse which means that a man who does not know how to caress the clitoris is going to leave his woman awfully frustrated -- AND REALLY ANGRY!!! Guys, if you know what's good for you, you don't want to do that to ANY big strong woman ANYWHERE!!!

Tall skinny man (INFERIOR TO A BIGGER STRONGER WOMAN!!!)Feb 09 2010 3:02pm
More power to you brother.

AnonymousFeb 12 2010 6:46am
No matter who is stronger, the matteris to be a good guy to everyone.

NickFeb 16 2010 3:48am
The clitoris pf a woman is in fact stronger than a penis, coz the clit is built for multiple orgasms and a c*ck not.

MrJeanFeb 18 2010 5:08am
Any man who knows what to do with a woman's clitoris is a real winner with the ladies!!! THE CLITORIS is the only organ of the entire human body WHOSE SOLE FUNCTION is sexual pleasure. It is fitting indeed that such an organ be assigned by nature to the female because there is no greater satisfaction for me than to please a woman sexually through her clitoris -- BY HAND AND BY MOUTH!!!

"a clitoris man"Mar 21 2010 1:02pm
If a womans arms are stronger the guy would probably be toast wrestling as her legs will be far stronger. If she controls the upper body strength and totally dominates the lower body then she can do anything she wants ti him. It could be really bad or really enjoyable for the guy depending on the woman's attitude.

AnonymousNov 20 2010 3:46pm
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I'm such a tiny and weak guy. All women are taller and stronger than me. I'm also very socially anxious. It's good that most women and girls are very nice (almost motherly) to me... anxiousjohnny2(at)

Anxious JohnnyMar 31 2:13pm
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