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Do most girls have stronger legs than guys?

Question: My legs have been stronger than all of my previous boyfriends. My upper body has always been much weaker than my BF's. Girls are your legs generally stronger than most boys?
Created by: suko at 02:10:00 PM, Wednesday, February 10, 2010 PST


No, most girls don't have stronger legs than guys. Guys typically have stronger legs than girls, but girl's legs are closer in strength to guys than their upper bodies. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? How tall have your previous boyfriend's been and how much did they weigh? Do you have particularly big legs? Are your legs a lot bigger than your previous boyfriend's? How do you know your legs have been stronger?

AnonymousFeb 12 2010 9:27am

Age is also a factor. How old were you and your previous boyfriends when they were your boyfriends?

AnonymousFeb 12 2010 9:29am
Men have stronger legs than women because they are bigger. But compare similar sized men and women and the outcome will be different. I am 169 cm, 75 kgs, with big strong thighs. I can outdo more than 50% of the men at my gym when it comes to legs. And several other women are stronger than men even bigger than themselves in their legs. Women focus on leg and butt work outs and men do their upper bodies. I have leg wrestled lots of men and only been beaten two or three times. When I was younger I could beat all my male friend in legwrestling, both indian wrestling and leg wrestling where you sit opposite each other trying to press the oponents legs together. So I will answer yes, women have stronger legs, if you compare men and women of equal build. And shy shouldn't you? You are not comparing a 200 lbs man with a 130 so why do that when it comes to men and women? I am 48 years old today and still wrestle, leg wrestle and arm wrestle my husband. I kill him in leg strength and have since three years back also been able to win when we armwrestle. Wrestling is not a problem, I always win.

Strong legsFeb 15 2010 11:39pm
great Strong legs, youre strong and proud of it and you are absolutely right, why compare strength between men and women if you don't take size into consideration?

Laura logicFeb 23 2010 4:13am
I am not small women at 5'8" 140 lbs but my BF's have all been taller and heavier than me too. My Present boyfriend is all ripped up top and can destroy me in any upper body test but I have done squats for years and can beat him handly in a leg strength contest. My legs are bigger and more muscular than his. He does not do very much leg strength training so that is part of it. Even before I did squats I could beat the guys in my high school in leg strength exercises. I am aware that guys can get stronger than girls and have all the records relating to leg strength but what I am wondering is pound for pound without all the power lifting training. I think women stack up very well then. Too many women don't exercise much so it is no wonder why they have weak arms and legs.

SukoJun 17 2010 5:51pm
Suko, I am frequenting a gym where we are 75% women, I am pretty sure that pound for pound women are stronger in their legs, and I would also say if men and woman work out the same way, women are as strong as men, that is comparing men and women of similar sizes. So overall women are stronger than men that are the same size. My husband is bigger than me, 6 feet to my 5'9 and 20 lbs heavier. He can beat me when we armwrestle but nowadays he really has to fight hard to win left hands. But, I am much stronger than him in my lower body. I am also more lithe than him. This combination works in my favour when we sometimew playwrestle. My husband has to use his arms against my legs and that really takes the power out of him so I can always beat him when we wrestle. He wins perhaps 10% of the tussles. I am working out hard to get a stronger upper body and I am sure that within a year I will be stronger than my husband even in my upper body. Looking forward to that.

Strong ladyAug 24 2010 11:47pm
Yes,I workout at the gym with heavy weights on a regular basis and know for a fact that I can lift much more than my husband in the legs by a large margin.In fact my legs are probably stronger than 98% of all men under 40.I played varsity girls soccer in college and have taken Judo classes on and off for 3 years.My height is 5ft7 and I now weight 183 lbs my legs are super strong becouse I train them all the time and take creatine to help me for bike races.I will admit the creatine increased my extention leg lift strength by 40 lbs.I can do 220lbs 20 reps,my husband can only do 150 6 times max.When doing reverse leg curls the difference is even more dramatic,I can do 130 lbs for 20 reps.He can only do 60 lbs for 6 or 7 reps.Although this is true his upper body strength is slightly better in the bench press.At 5ft11 190lbs he benches 180lbs to my 160lbs max.However when we wrestle with each other at home I can beat him 90% of the time straight up with no advantages.But when I put on my winter hiking boots and wrestle him when he comes out of the shower I can totally dominate him 100% of the time.The last time we wrestled I totally humiliated and embaressed him by catching him in a double leg grapevine I then spread his legs out in a split and pinned him for at least 4 miniutes.He was complaining that I was Really hurting his hips with my split so I let him go.But I know I could have raped him if I wanted to with that move which felt very sexy and dominant.I am sorry to sound mean and dirty but have any of you other girls ever done thi to your husbands or boyfriends.

fitgirl222Sep 11 2010 12:34pm
My girlfriend is a personal trainer at a gym in manhattan.She is about 5ft8 and 155 lbs with very strong muscular legs.She once confessed to me that she accepted a date from a young male client of hers from India who had a good Computer Programing job and made good money.But she trained him and said he as weak as a 12 year old girl. He was 5ft7 and about 145 lbs.He could only bench press about 110lbs.She was play wrestling with him at her apartment one night and she leg scissored around his waist and knocked the wind out of him with her overpowering thighs.She said this really turned her off sexually becouse she knew she could have done whatever she wanted to him he was so weak.She said Indian and Philopinno men are very weak as a rule becouse they lift like girls.She said some of the girls from the WNBA lift in her gym and they could physically overpower 90% of the Indian men.

JUDY ZSep 11 2010 1:15pm
Reading this board I find many of your comments very interesting regarding this subject.I used to wrestle in High School and can tell you some women and girls are very capable at wrestling and researching it further on youtube I was quit suprised to see the number of girls who are able to pin boys in varsity matches.Do a youtube search for girls pinning boys in High School Wrestlig matches.Two girls in particular really suprised me at how easily they dominate the boys.One is Loni at 130 lbs and the other is Joey a girl.I did not beleive Fitgirl22 above with her comments about grapevining her husband but now I do after watching the LONI videos on youtube.She just totally dominates and sexually humiliates those boys with her grapevines.I am sure she could rape some of those boys if really wanted to which I find amazing.

PhilSep 11 2010 1:54pm
yes,girls have strong legs than a girlfrnd and i wrestled a bit n she alwaz win..

himantaSep 12 2010 11:50pm
no,girls r no stronger than a boy...though my leg is big and muscular than my bf i m unable 2 defeat ny boy..

parismitaSep 12 2010 11:53pm
PHIL,I watched some of those videos on you tube also but the name of the girl is Lani.I also found some of her double leg grapevines in an actual match to be almost unbeleivable the way she totally humiliates them.She wrestles at 130 lbs so Iam sure she could dominate most of her untrained boyfriends at the 150 lbs level or below.She just mounts them in those matches and those high school boys are totally overpowered by her more powerful thighs.I honestly beleive she could rape most guys under 160 lbs.

Mr GuptaOct 04 2010 11:52am
boys focus on there upper body so girls usually have stronger legs. but i doubt it when a boys trains his lower body. so yes but naturally i think boys are stronger

..Oct 20 2010 9:20am
i wanna have a wrestling match and get dominated i am 13 yrs old i really wanna have fun with girls legs!do u think gymast girls legs could beat up a average boy like me?i am 140 lbs. and 5,,8

boyNov 01 2010 9:40am
Hi.. Its all about training... Who strive , he will get.. thats all

MultibananaJan 07 2011 11:22am
Even in sumo contest, u can see a man,Kirishima Kazuhiro,his weight is only 127 kg, defeat heavier opponent, Konishiki, his weight is around 287 kg. 287 - 127 = 160 kg!! This is the difference. Even a light woman, in my opinion, with appropriate training, she can surely overcome a heavier man who is untrained. God do what He want to do.

MultibananaJan 07 2011 11:30am
Hey Multibanana.. u r wrong my friend.. Not Kirishima Kazuhiro, but Mainoumi, his weight is only 98 kg. 287kg - 98 kg = 189 kg!! Mainoumi defeat Kinishiki in Kyushu 1994. :) Not angry, just want to tell

Smiling manJan 07 2011 11:41am
Oh.. thanks for the correction. As a conclusion, train.. train.. train, and train. Its worth a try

MultibananaJan 07 2011 11:42am
my research reveals that bone size determines muscel size. In high school wrestling they wrestle according to weight which in tern is determined by bone size. In such matches boys have no advantage as long as they are not biger boned then the girl.Many boys are humiliated when they loose to a girl when they shouldn't be. Society has set them up for humiliation when beaten by a girl because the myth that generation X girls are shattering is the myth that boys are by biology suspose to be stronger than girls. The only boy that has an advantage over a girl is when he is bigger boned. Since in wrestling they wrestle according to bone size the boy has no edge. Now girls here is how you can put an end to domestic violence. By choosing hunks to be your mates you are setting yourself up for potenial domestic violence.Why choose tarzan? Do you need Tarzan? No! Girls you are getting horny over the wrong body build. Broad shoulders, muscular chest, and wash board abs are not necessary in today's world. What you should be seeking in a mate is a man of the same bone size as yourself. Then you should work out to develop your strengh while seeking men who do not work out.That way you will be stronger than your mate and able to defend yourself from him should he get violent with you. Even if he decides to work out because you are of the same bone size as he is he won't be able to get stronger than you.If every woman followed this simple stragedy and only went out with men that didn't work out and of the same bone size no husbunds or boy friends would be capeable of doing doemestic violence. So girls you have it with in your power to rid society of domestic violence but the problem is women are hardwired to be attracted to visible signs of strengh because back in the hunter gather times a strong man was needed to be a mighty hunter and protect you and offsprings from predetors. But who are the predetors you need protection from today in modern times? It is the very ones whom you are so attracted to.How dumb is that? what you should be looking for is an intelligent man with a bulging brain not bulging muscels. Its his brain that will put food on the table. So smarten up and do yourself and society a fravor and even do men a favor because if they can't do violence to you they won't have to feel guilty afterwards and be spared jail time, and kids won't have to witness their mothers be beaten up. Why do you suspose men work out? It is because we have read your novels where you describe your hunk as men with the v shape. We are working out to score with the you not for health REASONS. IF YOU START REJECTING TARZAN men will put the weights down and go to school to build bulging brains if thats what we think you want because more than breath itself we want your love. Now I have just given you the stragedy to protect yourself and rid society of domestic violence. If you do not heed this advise than you have no one to blame but yourself. Come on girls society is counting on you to do the right thing.The right thing is mary a man you can handle. It good for him,good for society,and good for you.

David GoldcoinFeb 09 2011 6:02pm

dARKFeb 10 2011 2:58pm
women legs are six times stronger than men

ahmetFeb 15 2011 3:38pm
pound for pound mens legs are stronger but only bye a fraction,because back when we were hunter gathers,men did the hunting and hunting often required long periods of jogging, to keep up with a herd (deer for example). as a result females would off probably choose the men with could keep up with the herds, which meant that they would get a good share of the meat that they provided.

Fact FinderMar 02 2011 3:11pm
Hello I am doing research for an article I am writing for Cosmopolitan Magazine. would some one please resond to my following questions. Many women on this site claim they are looking forward to getting stronger than their husbands. I find this hard to believe. Why? When women describe their idea of a sexy man they call him a hunk. In the dictionary a hunk is defined as a Well-built, thick set,abled bodies man. In a few words, a strong man. This means that women are attracted to strong men sexualy. If then you women who say you want to get stronger than your husbands succeede and actually do get stronger than your husbands are you prepared to loose your sexual attraction for him. Won't you loose respect for a weaker mate? Please some one respond. No one ever responds to my posts. Why is it? please send response to Thanks.

deepthinkMar 06 2011 9:32am
some one who calls himself as dark responded to my very well reasoned out comment suggesting women can put an end to domestic violence by simply marrying men of the same bone size because bone size determines muscle size which in turn determines strengh all this means that as long as women marry men of the same bone size their husbands can't get stronger than they are and that would put an end to most of domestic violence. Dark only responds with "All this is crap" Notice that dark doesn't offer anything for his justification of calling my post crap. Probably its because dark has no evidence to justify the position dark takes. Dark's response is emotional rather than well reasoned. I'am not ashamed of what I wrote so I will not hide my identity. I bet Dark won't reveal his/her true name because you know the real crap here is dark's response.

David AuCoin deepthinkMar 06 2011 9:53am
men try to hide it that

AnonymousJul 13 2011 2:38pm
men try to hide it that they are weaker than women in most of the times.But pound for pound,proven by science, women are much stronger than men. it is is shown that a womens pitted against a ma n would win the fight 8.5/10. another fact is proved by the result of the my regional wrestling tounament the champion was a girl not to menchion the 2nd and 3rd. women are stronger mostly because of their legs, the full strentg h of a womens thighs could tear a mans head of or easily break his neck

julia cristalJul 13 2011 2:50pm
julia cristal, women are not much stronger at all, not even pound for pound but some women are stronger than men. And I do agree that female legs can be very strong, I always used to win when I playwrestled my wife, that is until one day when she got my head between her thighs. Her legs could easily have killed me, I had problems with my neck for a long time after that and have stayed away from her legs when we wrestle now and then.

AnonymousJul 18 2011 5:50am
Much to do is made out of the belief that women have stronger legs than guys. But none of these women who comment on girls having more muscula legs than guys give any indication that they know why ? They seem to think it is because women carry 12lb babies around for nine months. If this were true then why is it that girls have stronger legs prior to childbearing age and long after their childbearing years? The reason girls offten have more muscula legs than guys is very simple and easy to understand if you ladies used a little of that superior intelect many of you think your gender has. The explanation is really quite simple. Young men go to the gym to build their upper body muscles because that's the area of male bodies which girls describe when they talk about a "Hunk" which is the female word for sexy man. The dictionary defines a hunk as able bodied, thick set, well built. since women never indicate that they find a man's legs sexy it is not surprising males neglect to buiild that part of their bodies females don't find attractive since the reason young men work out is to develop muscles as a means of attracting females. Hence males offten look like Tarzan from the waist up while walking around on chicken legs. Females on the other hand know that males find shapely muscula legs on girls as very sexy therefor it is not suprising females spend a lot more time working on their legs hence have stronger legs. As for you girls who think you can defeat boys in wrestling by grapevinning them as several girls like Lani and Joey mentioned above post have done. I blame the male coaches who have coached girls to use their legs and not developed a defense stragedy for the boys to use to defend themselves from these grapevines the girls use so successfuly.All the boys Lani and Joey have pinned should have known how they winn their wrestling matches and simply either avoided letting these girls grapevine them or the coaches should have made sure their boy wrestlers worked out their legs so that they would have the strength to have resited the girls. Franky as I have observed many high school wrestling matches on the internet how stupid the boys appear to be and how they never use their legs. Yes the explnation might be because they feel the girls legs are too strong for them to challenge the girls but as I have already mentioned is because the stupid male coaches don't have them develop their legs. I work out at a gym and have observed that there are machines there that especialy are designed to develop the hip muscles buns and upper thighs percisely the muscles girls use in grapevinning male wrestlers. Most males avoid these machines like the plague. Why? They are afraid of developing wider hips which are identified with feminity I think. Any ways I foud that when I used these machines I had to take off a considerable ammount of weight if a girl had just used the machine and forgot to pull the pin back to zero. Yes I hoped nobody especialy a girl witnessed me doing so. I was amazed that even girls who didn't look as if their legs were stronger than mine used heavier weights than I was able to do. After several months of using these machines I found myself closing the gap with the girls to where I think I am pretty much even with the strongest females which I think proves my thesis that if males really wanted to we can develop the leg strenth to atleast equal the girls. If I were a male coach of a boy's wrestling team I would have both genders develop their legs and teach both genders how to do the grapevine as well as how to escape or avoid an opponent using the grapevine and If I were to wrestle a female I would avoid letting her use the grapevine on me while I feel because I have developed my legs confident that I could successfuly meet any challenge from any female as far as legs are concerned. Unfortunetly there appears to be too many coaches who don't appear to be good coaches atleast as far as their coaching their male wrestlers is concerned.

DeepthinkAug 15 2011 7:29am
My sitser thighs are bigger than mine(she is 15 n me 23) almost two times bigger than mine when m sit beside her i always felt embrasd

NiksSep 04 2011 10:37am
My sitser thighs are bigger than mine(she is 15 n me 23) almost two times bigger than mine when m sit beside her i always felt embrasd

NickSep 04 2011 10:38am
My sitser thighs are bigger than mine(she is 15 n me 23) almost two times bigger than mine when m sit beside her i always felt embrasd

NickSep 04 2011 10:38am
My sitser thighs are bigger than mine(she is 15 n me 23) almost two times bigger than mine when m sit beside her i always felt embrasd

NickSep 04 2011 10:39am
My sitser thighs are bigger than mine(she is 15 n me 23) almost two times bigger than mine when m sit beside her i always felt embrasd

NickSep 04 2011 10:39am
Deepthink, the thigh machines you mention at the gym I can use max weights, have never seen a guy come close

AnonymousSep 28 2011 5:42am
If you look at the legs of most females and you compares those with the legs of most males you will see that the legs of females are bigger.

Anonymous2Oct 09 2011 7:14am
This thread is f*cking crap. First off, i'm INDIAN and can squat well over 500 pounds, i can bench in the 300 lb range, and deadlift 585. I have been training for 3 years. Now show me a girl who can exceed an indian and we'll talk.

noybNov 10 2011 5:34pm
I was wresling with my cousin and she is fifteen I kept tickling her feet then she wraped her legs around my head and held me tgere I told her I dident hurt so she started squzzing and I had to tap she just kept squzzing sayin does it hurt now she is 16 and about 5.2 im 15 and about 5.10 she does competitive cheer can someone tell me why her legs are so strong

JakerNov 28 2011 3:25pm
I was wresling with my cousin and she is fifteen I kept tickling her feet then she wraped her legs around my head and held me tgere I told her I dident hurt so she started squzzing and I had to tap she just kept squzzing sayin does it hurt now she is 16 and about 5.2 im 15 and about 5.10 she does competitive cheer can someone tell me why her legs are so strong

JakerNov 28 2011 3:25pm
I was wresling with my cousin and she is fifteen I kept tickling her feet then she wraped her legs around my head and held me tgere I told her I dident hurt so she started squzzing and I had to tap she just kept squzzing sayin does it hurt now she is 16 and about 5.2 im 15 and about 5.10 she does competitive cheer can someone tell me why her legs are so strong

JakerNov 28 2011 3:30pm

AnonymousDec 07 2011 8:17pm
I wrestled my girl and beat the poo out of her cause she leg sicssored me and jaked me off and i was helpless i was so embaressed the next day i came home grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face into the wall so hard her eyes went crossed and she started slurring her words and drooling so i f*cked het until she passed out and left.

AnonymousDec 07 2011 8:21pm
i has wrestled women a lot,as well as girls in college in my past and i must be honest here,that girls-women have tremendous power in their legs and once they know or learn how to use them-its a trap for every man,-boy wrestler.i have found difficulties to get out of scissors even very novice-untrained women,as even untrained girls have just amazing strenght in lwr mates-male wrestlers too,find great difficulties to not get trapped between girl wrestler's legs.golden rule we kept was avoiding their legs.some girls were just impossible to beat,once they trapped you between legs-you was totaly gone,helpless as they applied force and stamina along!

manwrestlerJan 01 2012 4:56am
girs legs r steonger hate to break it to u bouts but girls r way better at every rhing

ha girls rockFeb 23 2012 6:53pm
jk but girls do have strongeregs its scentific kmowlge boys work harder on there abs and girls just run more its not a bad thing its just howbthe body functioms

AnonymousFeb 23 2012 6:54pm
I have wrestle a lot of girls and women and their legs are very strong. the longer the match goes the more they can wear a guy down and win the match.

pitbullMar 11 2012 5:46pm
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

AlyApr 15 2012 9:29pm
I am totally attracted to women with strength and power, especially over men. I always encourage them to continue to increase their power. I would love to chat with, be a friend with and hopefully be in a relationship with a strong woman. Even if you are at the beginning of building your muscle and power, but want it. Email me at

Chris PApr 27 2012 8:27pm
There are girls able to hold their legs so tight together. Suddenly you see a muscle definition in her tights when a girl is sqeezing her legs together. And a man who is with his neck between them has a problem. I could experience how it is not beeing able to get her legs apart no matter what I tried. And then its like a trap. Still able to move but the head is trapped and you feel like not enough air anymore its hot as hell and it makes you so hopeless and out of power

RolandMay 15 2012 4:23pm
There are girls able to hold their legs so tight together. Suddenly you see a muscle definition in her tights when a girl is sqeezing her legs together. And a man who is with his neck between them has a problem. I could experience how it is not beeing able to get her legs apart no matter what I tried. And then its like a trap. Still able to move but the head is trapped and you feel like not enough air anymore its hot as hell and it makes you so hopeless and out of power

RolandMay 15 2012 4:23pm
There are girls able to hold their legs so tight together. Suddenly you see a muscle definition in her tights when a girl is sqeezing her legs together. And a man who is with his neck between them has a problem. I could experience how it is not beeing able to get her legs apart no matter what I tried. And then its like a trap. Still able to move but the head is trapped and you feel like not enough air anymore its hot as hell and it makes you so hopeless and out of power

RolandMay 15 2012 4:23pm
I hate admit it but my wife can lift heavier weight and do more reps than me when we work out on the leg machnes at the gym,its actully embarrassing.

RandyMay 22 2012 3:46pm
I want to add that I weigh 185lbs and she weighs 140. So Ill let you figure it out.

RandyMay 22 2012 3:51pm
All this men/women saying women has stronger legs whatsoever are mentally sick. Women are much much weaker than men in the legs area including hips, just trust me, studies showed that not only men have stronger legs but they are fast and move better.

AdamoMay 27 2012 12:05am
Jeg ser ofte jenter løfte mer på benøvelser enn gutter/menn som er tilsvarende størrelse eller større. F.eks. benpress. Skjønner ikke helt hvorfor det er slik, men kanskje det har noe med at jenter tar seg mer ut på benøvelser. Det er jo mange jenter som trener altfor lett overkropp siden de er redde for å få store muskler.

KnutJun 19 2012 11:12am
I've met some girls with really strong legs, there upper bodies weren't that strong. A girl who was really athletic like a gymnast, if she knew how to use leverage could seriously hurt a guy in a scissor old...I know from experience

Td35Jun 19 2012 5:11pm
Ha ha... Sounds like you've experienced first hand how strong a gymnasts legs can be ;)

AlyJun 19 2012 5:12pm
any woman in 60`s would you like to wrestle the pitbull

pitbullJul 24 2012 2:10pm
Guys with weaker legs than girls are actually girls pretending to be guys

AnonymousSep 06 2012 2:35am
I couldn't find a strong woman at gym to experiment her leg siccors so tried 3 large fun wrestler ladies in different occasions, none really could make me submit although all 3 were 6 ft plus and pretty strong, if a lady wants to practise this skill on me I'm happy to be contacted on zagrosmohsen@yahoo.couk London, uk

MoOct 09 2012 4:24pm
No. On average, men are physically stronger in every way, even for the same height, size and weight.

CLASSIFIED Oct 15 2012 10:52am
I do not really have much of a arguement because i mean it could go either way depends on the boy and depends on the girl depends on how much they exercise and it depends on how strong or heavy they are. I have wrestled many of my friends who are girls sometimes I beat them some times they beat me.

EricMar 24 2013 6:48pm
when me and my husband are out biking I can sit and cykel uphills (I don't have any gears on my old bike) while he has to lead the bike. My legs are much bigger and more muscular than his. I am stronger than him overall but when it comes to legs mine are more than twice as strong as his. I love him anyway, I like to be strong

CinMay 26 2013 7:21am
My sitser thighs are bigger than mine(she is 15 n me 23) almost two times bigger than mine when m sit beside her i always felt embrasd

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fJBwKyQNnhbtAOct 24 2013 10:46am
Men have stronger upper-body, but we have easily stronger lower-body, it's funny when boys in my class think they're really tough and can beat us in any physical sport... I once told to a tough guy that let's see if you can beat me... We started with armwrestling, he easily beat me and laughed saying "See, what I said!" Then we went wrestling, I got him between my thighs and squeezed a little, saw his face which was red and asked "Huh, you were the tough boy? We'll see that in few minutes." Then I squeezed and kept the pressure on (just 3/5 of what I can do) and he just shouted "Is that all you got, b***h?!" That's when I thought I'd give this boy a lesson, I applied full pressure (which would make all of you guys cry or pass out from the amount of pain, really) and he began begging me to stop, I just released my other thigh a little and heard him breathing in, and immediately applied the full pressure again, making him cry from the pain. I kept it on for 30-40 more seconds when I realised he had passed out, I made a really strong squeeze and heard a snap from his rib, that's when all of the boys looking our wrestling match backed off. He got back concious, I grabbed his arm and pulled him up and shouted "How did it feel like? Losing to a girl in wrestling?" He didn't answer. That guy has treated me like a princess since that day.

MelissaNov 06 2013 5:08pm
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gvBOnoyEvyCbhczUVdBJan 15 2014 3:38pm
That is so awesome that you put him in his place Melissa.. I did a very similar thing to my husband years ago and continue to remind him. Its changed the dynamic of our marriage for sure!

ChristiJan 24 2014 11:23am
Men have stronger legs on average, like way stronger. It's science.

EzrealFeb 22 2014 8:14am
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gHeRojQFiUdffkpyhWFeb 28 2014 5:53am
Men are stronger in every way,and by far, there are so many trolls on this website its not even funny and if any girl on here actually thinks girls legs are stronger or even as strong if a boy and a girl the same weight, height and the same training wrestled, the girl would be raped.

Apparently the only person here who has at least some knowledge Mar 07 2014 12:08pm
I met a woman on Friday night and we made plans t o go out on Saturday night, I am 47 she is 52 and only 4'11, now I am not a huge guy but at 5'6 I am 7 inches taller than her. while sitting on t he couch I noticed how firm her leg muscles were as I massaged her legs and I said you must work out a lot, she said no, I just have really really strong legs, so does my mother, it just runs in the family on the women side. She said I could literally crush your head in my thighs and make you beg for me to release you. I sort of chuckled at that and said, look its obvious you have strong legs but first off there is no way a 4'11 52 year old woman would be able to keep me in her legs let alone make me beg. She raised an eyebrow and said, that sounds like a challenge as she grinned at me. then said, lets bet on it, if you cant get free and beg me to release you, you will take me out again, if you can get free and not beg me I will give you a BJ. I smiled confidently and said your on, lets rock! so with her wearing her ankle high boots and black leggings I let her get me in whatever position she wanted me in. she wanted to see my face so she laid on her side raised a leg and tapped her thigh to invite me to lay my head so I was looking at her and she slowly lowered her leg down so ii was firmly held by her thighs, my mouth and nose just inches from her sex which was very warm and wet. she applied a little bit of pressure and said, ok try to get out big man. The muscles in her thighs swelled and hardened and I began my struggle to free myself. my head was neck and head were really really hurting but I figured she was putting everything she had into and I had a chance to free myself and was for sure going to get that bj. what I didn't realize, she was hardly applying any strength to holding me there at all and she started taunting me. I could barely hear her as my ears were covered by her big thigh muscles. she started saying well are you going to try and get loose I haven't really started to squeeze you yet and she gave me just a little burst of squeeze which caused me to moan out loud in pain looking up at her with fear in my eyes now, her grinning down at me and saying I love to see a mans face as he feels my powerful legs. it hurt like hell but and although I was now knowing I would never escape my male pride would not let me beg her even though I have never been in such pain before in my life. my hands now laying on her thighs as she holds me there grinning down at me. that little burst is about a 1/4 of my strength and since I like you and don't want to hurt you I am not going to past that level but now I am going to apply that 25% strength and hold it there. at this point I started to regret the challenge and knew what she said was all true. after holding at 25% for a bit she let up and now I was really torn.. a part of me wanted to beg her to stop and most of me never wanted to leave the feeling that these powerful thighs had. I was amazed at her legs and scared of them as well. she had t his grin on her face..she knew I wanted to beg for release but she also knew that I was now infatuated with her legs and she would not only get that second date, she knew I wanted that second date. so she applied it to 25% nad held it, then said, I am not going to give you a burst of 50%, if you survive that I will go back to 50% and hold it. I could think was for the love of God please stop but I couldn't talk. I wanted to beg and beg loudly, please stop but I was getting light headed I couldn't speak. I lightly tapped her thighs...she said are you begging? if yes tap 3 times which I immediately did,she backed off to a small fraction and said can you hear me? I tapped 3 times, she said I am going to let you loose and you will officially beg me for mercy, understand? I tapped 3 times and she released me. it took me abouto 30 seconds to recoup and get my senses back and she said, well start begging or I put you back in my thighs, so I begged and pleaded with that I cant take anymore tonight. so here I was begging her and she said well you will need to worship my legs now. which I did, I massaged them kissed them worshipped them and she loved every second of it. as agreed I will be taking her out on a second date. I cant stop thinking about this 53 year old woman with the most incredible thighs I have ever experienced, she completely has me and I cant wait to see her again. I will never doubt a woman again when she says with such confidence what her legs can do. I really didn't believe her because she said she doesn't work out at all. But wow she was right that small 4'11 inch woman just has naturally strong legs and it was passed down from her mother to her and her sister as well.

DavidMar 09 2014 11:02am
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jgDFHsHRYmGxWApr 01 2014 2:16am
I've worked as a personal trainer. In my experience many women have psychological barriers towards weightlifting, but as soon as they put their mind to it, they have the capability of lifting scary amount of weights with their legs. The leg extensions machine is a good example. It's not uncommen for women of equal size to lift maybe twice as much as their male counterpart. Even though most books probably tell you men are stronger in all parts of the body, it's no question in my mind what women have stronger legs on average. I think the whole new attitude towards female weightlifting ("strong is the new skinny") will make this more and more apparent in the future.

Wayne, 31May 02 2014 6:49am
It's a common misconception that men are stronger in all parts of the body. It takes just a quick look around you to prove this false. Most men's legs look like sticks, while women usually have more thickness and definition in their legs and lower body. This is how nature has evolved,I think, and probably also what most men find sexually attractive. It's associated with fertility and strength (e.g. reprduction and life). In addition, women work out their lower bodies a lot more than men.

HeatherMay 02 2014 7:10am
Men can't have it both ways. If they want shapely,round and strong female figure, they at the same time must accept that it's a result of a lot of hard work. For instance, many men have complimented me on my thighs and butt, without realizing that I can squat 120kgs for reps. They don't realize that it's muscle.

LaurenMay 02 2014 7:17am
This is very true. I feel almost sorry for my boyfriend. We have been working out together for the last year, and he can't keep up on the leg machines anymore. I squat 100kgs (8reps, 3 sets), while he does the same with 70kg. It makes me quite triumphant.

ChristineMay 02 2014 11:46am
And I want to add (as a reference to what Lauren wrote): when we get home I sometimes strip for him and bend forward so that he can touch and worship my strong, feminine body :) And he appreciates it even more because he has seen my determination and will-power in the gym. And sometimes we discreetly flirt also in the gym, for instance when I'm squeezing out my last reps on the leg-curls-machine, he comes over and just gently puts his hands on my butt.

ChristineMay 02 2014 11:51am
I remember dating this gal in high school, I was a junior, she was a freshman. I worked out a lot back then and i was in pretty good shape. she was a dancer. I had one of the workout benches that had a leg attachment for doing extensions and there was some weight on the bar. she sits down and puts one leg in the middle, which this thing is designed for a leg on each side.. she proceeds to rip out 10 reps with such ease. i remember thinking, i use both legs and cant lift that weight that easy. later when she was gone, i tried lifting it the way she did with one leg, i was able to lift it 4 times with difficulty and barely did 2 more reps after that. my thighs were burning like crazy. it was a huge ego buster as i realized my younger girlfriends legs are so much stronger than mine. it was an eye opener for sure. Since that time i have always noticed womens leg strength and from what I have concluded, women do have stronger legs in more cases than not. i also think more and more men are admitting it and accepting it. women tend to work out more and stay in shape more than men and when you think about how long women have been participating in sports and working out compared to men and think about he progress they have made, it is very impressive.

DavidMay 05 2014 8:43am
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FXpipbskpVtcclyiiaMay 11 2014 6:36pm
My girlfriend can squat twice as much as me and legpress three times as much as me. She says her strength is about AVERAGE for girls, which I really thought was nuts. But yesterday, she joined her female friends in the gym, and they lifted approx. the same amount as her. I don't think any of my male friends come near that amount of weights. Seriously, how many of you guys can squat 120 kgs for reps, like my girlfriend does?

BillyMay 28 2014 12:33pm
I think your girlfriend is right. A girl of normal built, who works out seriously, will have no problems squatting 100kg or more. Some guys can squat 100kg too, but they seldom work out legs as much.

Piper, 27May 28 2014 12:38pm
Even thoug most guys don't believe it, I'm convinced that girls have superior legstrength. I've been working out for one year, and I can squat 105 kg, which I'm quite proud of, and I'm still increasing the weight. My two brothers and my ex-boyfriend can't squat that much :)

Heather, 19 years oldJun 01 2014 9:17am
That's impressive Heather. I'm a guy and I've been working out for two years, and I usually squat 70-80 kg. My girlfriend has just been working out for 6 months, though, and she is already squatting 80/90 kg. I'm much taller than her, but quite skinny, while she has a well developed lower body, from swimming. I thought maybe she was stronger than most girls, but she has told me that most of her friends can aquat more than me too, and that females in general have an advantage in lower body. Sweet.

Justin, 23 yearsJun 01 2014 9:23am
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FHaBQzVPJgQxJun 18 2014 3:28am
If you're a guy, just look at the girls and women around you. I bet 99% of girls/women have thicker thighs than you. There are many more female working out in the gym than before. You don't get a shapely figure for free - it's a result of hard work. 130kg squat = sexy ass :)

HeatherJul 03 2014 7:36am
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vHJeYdSkzhXNSJdnlJul 03 2014 3:54pm
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wVckQMonvIZQGJul 03 2014 8:37pm
I agree Heather, the best way to get sexy steel buns is to do some heavy squats. 130 kg is very good. Is that for reps? I'm only squatting 95kg at the moment (3 sets, 6 reps), but then I have worked out for only half a year. I want to break the 100kg barrier before august :)

Jen, 20Jul 07 2014 2:56pm
I'm surprised the amount of weights you girls are lifting. My girlfriend who is a gymnast can squat 100kg, but I didn't think she was representative for girls in general. I see a lot of girls lifting less.

Brian, 24Jul 07 2014 3:01pm
The average girl should easily squat 100kg. It's absoutely normal. Many girls don't lift heavy though, because they are afraid of getting big. But those get past this psychological barrier and start pushing themselves, will often be surpised of their strength. From nature's side, womens legs are much stronger than a mans, and believe me, I know this is a fact. The upper body, it's the other way around...

Shelly, 32Jul 07 2014 3:07pm
Yeah, many girls don't realize their own legstrength. And, of course, many men don't realize this either. It's a false belief out there that men are stronger in everything, even though some of my male friends are starting to aknowledge the superiority of female legs, because they simply have been outlifted so many times by girls who work out seriously. Girls have a natural advantage and gain strength in legs quicker too. To me it's so obvious, that it's nothing more fun than to show off to "c*cky guys". A guy who once asked me out on a date, has slim legs, and was struggling yesterday on the legpress, pushing 130. A couple of friends of his were pushing 140/150. I went over to them, began using the same machine next to them. I nailed it with 450kg for reps. Most of the girls I know lift 300kg +. As I said, not fair to compare, because we girls have much thicker, bulkier thighs, while men have thin legs.

Mary S, college studentJul 09 2014 8:31am
Legpressing 450kg for reps, that's just incredible. I didn't even know you could put that many plates on? What kind of machine are you using, there are a lot of different types? :> How much you squat? I'm still doubtful whether girls in general have stronger legs, though I'm tickled by the idea. I asked my girlfriend about, and she confirmed it (no contest in our case at least), yet I'm still not convinced. My girlfriend said she was going to prove it to me the next time we're in the gym, by gathering a group of people and having a contest. I can't wait :)

Brian 24Jul 10 2014 6:45am
I'm very strong in my legs Brian, I won't tell you how much I squat, because I won't intimidate you. Let's just say it's more than your girlfriend. For me the strength difference in legs is so apparent, that I'm really surprised to hear people still don't know this in 2014. Girls work out like crazy to get shapely butt & thighs, and it's also part of what men find attractive in women's bodies. I know my boyfriend really worships my muscular lower body :)

Mary S, college studentJul 10 2014 6:57am
Had a squat-contest at the gym today, arranged by my girlfriend. Four people: Jeff, Kevin, Susan, Janet. They are pretty average people, in the age range of 20-35. The demand was to go deep(below 90 angle) and do 6 reps. Here's the result: Jeff = 80kg, Kevin = 75kg, Susan = 105kg, Janet = 120kg. As I've said before, my girlfriend usually lifts 100kg, but today she actually liftet 110. She must have increase strength lately. I myself can do 80kg. So I'm starting to believe that girls actually DO have stronger legs. All the guys were about a head taller than the girls, but the girls have wider hips and more bulky thighs. When I really look closely their lower bodies DO look quite powerful compared to the guys. Wonder why I didn't realize this earlier?

Brian 24Jul 11 2014 3:37pm
It's a nice feeling to be stronger than the men in something. In fact I have never met a guy who could match my legstrength. It's a good thing more people are starting to realize the truth about this.

Shirley, 32Jul 12 2014 5:40am
You're right. I can't even squat half of what my previous and current girlfriend did. It's bizarre. I don't understand why girls legs are so much stronger.

Jimmy, 19Jul 12 2014 2:56pm
But I see a lot og girls squating less than 100kg... I still see a lof of men outlifting girls on leg exercises.

TedJul 12 2014 3:01pm
The reason many people still believe men are stronger in everything is because often girls don't make a real effort. This is due to cultural stereotype and fear of getting big. The girls who get past this stupidity quickly discover that their legs are in fact stronger than their male counterparts. Just try and check out your squat-max Ted and get one of your girlfriends to do the same, and then you'll find out :)

Mary S, college studentJul 12 2014 3:02pm
I'll do that. Currently I'm not that strong, but I can squat 60kg with proper technique. Haven't checked out my max yet.

TedJul 12 2014 3:03pm
I'm embarassed. Today my legpress max was 200 kg (my girlfriend's was 550kg). My squat max was 85 kg, my girlfriends max was 175kg. Her legs are bigger than mine, but pretty verage looking for a girl. I'm just amazed.

TedJul 13 2014 9:11am
Your girlfriend would really kill you in a real fight Ted. Legs are much stronger than upper body you know. A man tried to rape me once - he had big arms and muscular chest... but when I squeezed my legs together he suddently just paniced from the pressure, and i broke three or four of his ribs... guess he learned his lesson

Shirley, 32Jul 13 2014 9:15am
My god Shirley, that's brutal. But it's good to know anyway, that you are able to defend yourself. All girls should learn to do this in self-defence classes.

JessicaJul 14 2014 3:29pm
Can't the man just punch you in the face or other places in the body? I can't see how a girl can use her legs like that. Also the kind of squeeze you're talking about here is not the kind of strength you build in legpress/squat etc., but more inner thigh muscles, I guess...

Brian 24Jul 15 2014 3:31pm
Yes brian, it's inner thigh muscles, and those are very strong in women too... You don't have time to react if i apply full force, because the pressure is so enormous... you will panic immediately... and if I crack a couple of ribs on you, you will fall screaming to the floor.. Of course I can apply less pressure, for tease or erotic reasons, but that's a totally different matter :)

Shirley, 32Jul 15 2014 3:37pm
What are yours and your boyfriend's respective heights and weights, Mary S?

AnonymousJul 15 2014 7:02pm
What are the heights and weights of you, your girlfriend, Jeff, Kevin, Susan, Janet, Brian 24?

AnonymousJul 15 2014 7:04pm
Me: approx 165 cm tall, 68 kg My boyfriend: 1.80, 80 kg. Our bodies are shaped very differently. Even though he is taller andre heavier than me, I in fact have MUCH wider hips and bigger thighs.

Mary SJul 17 2014 8:17am
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WrUssQDcLUDNPEyAug 04 2014 9:15pm
my girlfriend has great muscular ass and legs, she loves to flex and show off her glutes, hamstrings, quads etc. she's been a gymnast since childhood. very fit, very strong, great balance! probably stronger than 99% of the guys out there :)

collegedude, 19Aug 16 2014 7:16am
the lower body of women is stronger than that of a man, for obvious reasons. and because many women work out today, the gender gap is probably larger than ever before. women gain strength in the lower body quicker than men too. my wife can squat 150kg, now how many of you guys can do that?

rayAug 27 2014 2:38pm
the female superiority in lower body has become an obvious fact. as a personal trainer i see this every day. girls/women work really hard on lower body, because that's what's considered attractive. squatting 150 kg is not uncommon.

phil, personal trainerSep 02 2014 1:01pm
150 kg is easy. i see guys out there struggling with 80-90 kg, makes me smile ;)

Mary S, college studentSep 03 2014 12:14pm
a few years back i didn't see many girls making a sweat at the gym, but today girls really put a hard effort into their strength training. the lower body strength of many girls i see is quite incredible. even girls that are smaller than me. for instance girls lifting the whole stack in leg extensions or legpress, or squatting more than most guys. it's quite a view to behold.

Will, 37Sep 05 2014 8:55am
many people still seem to think guys have stronger "everything"... why is that? not long ago i would have really laughed at this thread, but recently i have seen many girls outlift me on leg exercises, so i'm not so sure anymore...

raymond, 25Sep 06 2014 4:39pm
it's good you're starting to wake up raymond... i know for a fact that the natural strength of the female lower body is MUCH superior to that of the male lower body, so my guess is that you will see more and more girls outlifting you, because more and more girls are starting to lift heavy and push themselves at the gym...

Mary S, college studentSep 09 2014 9:07am
The sexiest exercise is leg curls. Many girls have really strong butt and legs, and can do reps with the whole stack. Really sexy :) I haven't seen many men using that machine. I tried it once, just for fun, and couldn't get the weights going off the ground, not even with just half the stack.

Jim, 26, car mechanicSep 10 2014 8:37am
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AYUCwalNNov 23 2014 12:59pm
hi everyone i'm 16 years old and i couldn't imagine that a girl could be stronger than me? Can someone explain me why my friends (girls) haven't defeat a boy yet?

NathanDec 07 2014 9:06am
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XcPHRegioCuDQyliDec 17 2014 9:42am
Hi Nathan. I'm not sure what you mean by "defeat", but if you compare the size of your own thighs with those of the average girl I'm pretty sure you'll find that theirs are bigger (unless you are really well muscled). Girls legs are bigger (and stronger), it's a natural thing. And (luckily) most girls today are not afraid of lifting heavy weights at the gym, something i'm sure you'll find out for yourself, when you start hitting the gym :)

Heather, 19Dec 19 2014 4:15pm
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YxHvCygcsgODec 20 2014 3:30pm
Girls have more fat in their thighs, but also more muscles and are therefore stronger in the lower body compared to men. Most girls however are unaware of this fact and might even be unwilling to demonstrate it, because many men are turned off by it. However, the new generation of girls are less timid about this, so i see girls and women outlifting men at lower body exercises all the time. Even on all-around body exercises like the squat, which also depends a lot on core- and upper body strength. How much do you guys squat by the way? Because I work as a personal trainer I have some records and statistics on it. Would be interesting to compare.

philDec 22 2014 8:25am
I've been working out quite hard for 3-4 years, and my max squat is 90 kg, and i work usually with 65-75 kg, maybe 5-6 reps, 3 sets.

brian, 19Dec 23 2014 1:51pm
After working out for one year i was able to squat 100kg for reps, and now, after a year and a half I work with 120 kg (3 sets, 3-4 reps). My personal max is 155kg.

Heather,20Dec 24 2014 4:15am
I have no idea about my max, but me and my sister squat 105kg, 4 sets, 8-10 reps.

Cindy, 22Dec 24 2014 4:31am
Heather, I'm just in awe. Are you a big girl?

brian, 19Dec 27 2014 5:01pm
Here's an exmpmle (from youtube) of a modern woman who demonstrates the strength of female lower body. She looks quite normal and curvy to me. Most men would be intimidated by this amount of weight, but it's not uncommon among women who work out seriously. I myself can squat 135kg.

gymgirl1986Dec 27 2014 6:05pm
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OczGpQfUsUZzjFiEFJan 15 2015 3:13pm
Girls do not, they think they can beat me in wrestling too with that stupid leg lock but I can get out of it in 2 seconds, come on guys...I'm 6 foot 190 any girl can't put a leg hold to over power that

AdamJan 29 2015 9:47am
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Anyone who believes that women have stonger legs is fantasizing.

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QfYgpjiMhVHPNntCJun 30 2015 11:03pm
Both the younger generation of men and women are starting to realize that females have much stronger legs than males. Than us men should be telling women to lift the heavier furniture and other appliances when moving from an apartment to a new house. This heavy stuff requires leg strength to lift so why should us men struggle to lift this stuff if women can lift this stuff very easily with their strong legs?

chrisJul 05 2015 11:00pm
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WQJLmOlxhTNov 28 2015 2:48am
girls legs are by far stronger than guys legs, nuff said my boyfriends thighs are so thin i can easily grip around them using both hands my thighs are probably twice his size, and when i flex them, maybe three times his size

jessica,21Nov 29 2015 7:55am
hi jessica know how much u and ur bfs legs measure? Jo 28

Hero87Dec 05 2015 12:17pm
i'm not sure, don't have any measurement available, but girls in general have massive legs compare to guys, much more bulk, much more of both fat and muscle

jessica, 21Dec 08 2015 9:41am
e.g. i legpress 500kg for reps, but my boyfriend can only legpress 120 kg

jessica, 21Dec 08 2015 9:43am
interesting, how old u both? is he couch potato guy or fit?

Hero87Dec 08 2015 12:28pm
i'm 21, he's 20. he plays tennis a lot, and is reasonably athletic. i like horsebackriding, a couple of days a week. we're both healthy and have active life styles, but he is probably more active in sports than i am. yet, biology makes my legs much stronger than him. he is taller, yet i weigh more than him, due to the thickness of my lower body and wideness of my hips. most guys have very slim lower bodies.

jessica, 21Dec 11 2015 8:49am
have u ever leg wrestled him for fun etc?

Hero87Dec 26 2015 6:09pm
My girlfriend is bigger than me in the bottom half. She can beat me at leg wrestling too she loves to giggle about that!! Grrrr. I am alot stronger than her tho in the upper body! :)

JasonDec 29 2015 10:28pm
Everyone who said men's legs are stronger than women's is completely uninformed. Women's legs are naturally built to be stronger than men's. Since women have wider hip bones, their legs are naturally more angled, especially the upper leg. This angle provides much more support than the males straighter leg bones. This is why men are more likely to break bones in the leg. This does not mean a males legs can't be stronger. Naturally if you work your leg muscles more, your legs will be stronger. But when talking simple bone structure, women are stronger

AnonDec 30 2015 12:51pm

EYhZoGPRsUaQkJdDec 31 2015 1:58pm
Jason ur gfs legs bigger by a lot and does she easily beat u leg wrestle or bit of struggle?

AnonymousJan 03 2016 1:47pm
hero87 are you serious? my thighs are twice his size... my thighs are about the same widt as his skinny waist, so...

jessica, 21Jan 05 2016 9:38am
I am a 22 year old woman my bf is 19 I wrestled in highschool he played baseball but I am 2inches taller than him @ 5'10"but we both weigh 140 lbs after 2 months of dating he finally just got curious if his legs looked smaller than mine or is it in his head. so one day I had our friend measure. We stood back to back both wearing those shiny black spandex running tights and we were in a right mirror. Well in observance you would need to measure them to physically see not only are my legs a lot longer but my legs looked huge in comparison, He just started a gym membership 7 mos ago yet I have lifted light weights since 7th grade and jog 3-5 miles 6 days a week. He still insists on measuring and our friend is like do you maybe want to wait a few months to measure cause from me looking at your legs together Jennifers are like waaaaaay more developed and muscular. No he says well Jenny your thighs are 24 in and calves 15 1/2 and Kurt yours are not even 20in they are like 19 1/4 and 13 in calves and very little shape omg he litterally broke down crying

pjJan 05 2016 1:28pm
So in 2 months time Curt slammed protien powders and hit the gym hard and still thinks his legs are stronger than mine yet he has only gained 1in in sz, I took him down and held him spread eagle and stiff as a board in a wrestling double leg grapevine and he cried in pain I feel horrible lol

JJJan 05 2016 1:33pm
OOPS My 1st blog never posted this may make sense now but Curt is sooo self conscious because he knows my ex before him was a much bigger and had a nice build at 6'2" 185 lbs but he was such an ass and I wouldn't trade Kurt for NO other man in the world i tell him its his character and yep he is my pretty boy and he truly is model material in a yr of gym

JJJan 05 2016 1:41pm
u wrestle him alot jj?

Hero87Jan 06 2016 9:16am
Even guys who work out their legs hard will be nowhere near the average girl in leg strength. My boyfriend is a bodybuilder, I can still beat him in legwrestling. I think the comparative difference is about the same as for superior upper body strength in males.

Jenny-RJan 15 2016 11:10am
interesting Jennr, even untrained women in the legs seem larger leggs than average male wonder if they are stronger too

Hero87Jan 18 2016 5:05pm
It's very hard for a girl to reach the same amount of strength in the upper body as guy, and for legs it is the exact opposite. My bodybuilder-boyfriend is really annoyed I can easily legpress two or three times as much as him, even though I almost never work out, lol.

Jenny-RJan 20 2016 9:43am
awesome, u find ur legs alot bigger than even jock athlete guys?

Hero87Jan 20 2016 12:43pm
My legs are pretty average seize for a girl. They look kind of soft when I'm relaxed, but bulge with muscles when i make the effort, say, when i'm doing legpress.

Jenny-RJan 23 2016 7:26am
My boyfriends' legs actually look bigger when relaxed, but my legs expand quite a lot when i flex them. Girls have a lot of hidden natural muscles in the lower body that guys don't have.

Jenny-RJan 23 2016 7:29am
and u said urs are far stronger than his? JennyR

Hero87Jan 23 2016 9:46am
absolutely... i'm so much stronger in my legs than him it's not even funny... in any leg contest i can crush him completely with almost no legs are MUCH bigger than his when i flex them

Jenny-RJan 23 2016 5:20pm
i love worhsipping my girls legs... they are so soft and beautiful, but when she flexes them they grow huge and massive... she doesn't work out, but have big muscles in her legs that are completely natural... my legs look like toothpics compared to her

Chris, 19Feb 05 2016 10:47am
ever measure urs and hers Chris?

Hero87Feb 10 2016 7:55am
I'm not 100 % sure, but my guess is that my girlfirend's thighs are about 22/23 inches unflexed, and 28 inches when flexed. My own legs are about 23 inches both when flexed and unflexed. It's so much fun keeping my hand on her butt and thighs and feel the expansion from soft thighs into huge massive thighs. Her musscles are really big and hard and 100% natural,

Chris, 19Feb 14 2016 10:41am
It's also very fun to compare legs, because my legs look a little bit bigger when unflexed. It is quite a shocking sight to see the difference when flexed

Chris, 19Feb 14 2016 10:45am
Hi Chris. Having bigger and stronger legs are one of the great advantages of being a girl. Just compare the thickness of your own legs with the average girl in the gym, and you see what i mean...

jessica, 21Feb 16 2016 7:31am
hi, i'm a highschool wrestler, and i work out very hard to submit other guys. but at home, my girlfriends legs are still much stronger than mine. she does a little bit of dancing that's all, but her werstlingholds, used mostly in a playful way in bed, is the strongest i've ever felt. i feel like i'm going to break in half, and i have to scream out submissions immediately. really cool and sexy! she is my first girlfriend, so i don't know about other girls, but i see a lot of girls having quite big, firm thighs

Steven, highschool studentFeb 17 2016 6:25am
hers look larger too steven?

Hero87Feb 17 2016 11:07am
yeah, i thought it was mostly fat in girls, but as Chris said, they really grow big and hard when she flexes her legs. jeeez, i have very strong ab muscles, but they just collapsed when she squeezed me with a bodyscissor, something no male wrestler has ever made happen to me

Steven, highschool studentFeb 18 2016 10:41am
it was not just a strong hold, it was like SUPERSTRONG, and i had no chance to budge that hold, i mean ltierally she could have killed me right there if she wanted to... but luckily she let go when she discovered i couldn't breath... a little frightening too

Steven, highschool studentFeb 18 2016 10:43am
big difference in size of ur quads or slight?

Hero87Feb 18 2016 11:52am
have male wrestlers who attempted that hold on you been possible to pry them off steven?

AnonymousFeb 18 2016 12:07pm
with male wrestlers i'm usually able to break or weaken the hold when i'm fighting back, but with my girlfriend the pressure was just so freakingly enormous and relentless i just panicked...

Steven, highschool studentFeb 18 2016 1:56pm
what are the male wrestlers legs like in comparison to the gf steven

Hero87Feb 18 2016 2:48pm
the guys i'm wrestling with have muscular legs, but longer... my girlfriends legs are a bit shorter, but thicker, and she has wider hips so she can get an even better grip on me...

Steven, highschool studentFeb 18 2016 10:27pm
so hers are a lot thicker than theirs? and how much stronger than the guy wrestlers would you say?

Hero87Feb 19 2016 3:30am
i would guess 30 % thicker and maybe 300 % stronger (?) or something, the pressure was as i said, enormous, and impossible to endure for more than a few seconds

Steven, highschool studentFeb 19 2016 4:19am
you will tap out in panic, or you will pass-out in less than 5 sec, believe me

Steven, highschool studentFeb 19 2016 4:20am
most girls have a very strong grip/compression power, i too used to play with my boyfriend this way... i can do reps with all the weight on the yes/no machine in the gym

jessica, 21Feb 19 2016 4:23am
sounds about right, u can clearly see almost all female wrestlers in HS to college legs seem to be 30 per cent thicker sometimes more than the male counterparts

Hero87Feb 19 2016 4:53am
you should try leg wrestle with your girlfriend steven, you know the kind where u press eachothers legs like the leg press machine at the gym..see how it goes haha

Hero87Feb 19 2016 5:17am
girls have much stronger legs than guys so such comparisons/contest are kind of unfair, not even top-trained male athletes have the same kind of natural lower body strength that women have. i don't work out much, yet my legs are ridiculously much stronger than all the guys i know, who are involved in sports. they have worked their legs to their utmost potential, yet in any leg contest i completely crush them, because they simply don't have the genetic and natural advantage that i have.

Valerie, Feb 20 2016 5:32am
you should watch out Steven, most girls could to the same to you as your girlfriend, and just imagine the strength of a girl that actually works out her legs too... a year ago i actually broke 3 ribs of a guy who tried to rape me, by squeezing his chest between my thighs

jessica, 21Feb 20 2016 5:35am
valerie what sports the guys do u seen had weaker legs? see them in shorts ever?

Hero87Feb 20 2016 10:36am
yeah, like soccer, many of my male friends play soccer. their legs have muscle definition, and they work out at the gym in their spear time, yet they don't have the mass and bulk that i have, because i'm a girl. i'm a goodlooking girl, and during a party many of the guys wanted to do the leg-wrestling game where you sit opposite each other on a chair and try to squeeze the opponents legs together and apart ( you know that one?), and i had no trouble beating all 7 guys, even the biggest ones. there's really no way a guy can beat me in lower boy strength, no matter how fit he is.

Valerie, Feb 20 2016 3:36pm
fun thread, with my legs i can dish out brutal punishment, something my boyfriend knows all about ;) i can make him scream in my reverse headscissors, fighting like crazy to pry my legs apart, i have ko'ed him many times

Susan, 18Feb 20 2016 5:36pm
ur legs bigger larger than his too? how much stronger woulld you say they are Susan?

Hero87Feb 21 2016 4:40am
actually my legs are quite thin, yet they are extremely strong

Susan, 18Feb 21 2016 2:56pm
would he be able to do the same things to you with his leg strength?

Hero87Feb 21 2016 4:19pm
haha, no, my legs are skinner than my boyfriend, yet they are much stronger. VERY much stronger as a matter of fact, he says my inner thighs muscles (adductors) feels like iron vice grinding into his skull, and impmossible to break free from Is this normal?

Susan, 18Feb 22 2016 8:31am
as i said, girls squeezing power is extremely powerful, i don't most girls realize how powerful it is, as i said, i easily cracked several ribs on a guy when i squeezed my thighs together around his upper chest (as he tried to rape me), i'm not particularly strong either, i think most girls can do it

jessica, 21Feb 23 2016 11:04am
It has to do with giving birth, it has made women evolve muscles down there

ValerieFeb 23 2016 11:06am
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ZjJoZkElgLgkDFeb 29 2016 1:41pm
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cEQVVmrLTNHMrntYiHVApr 05 2016 3:33pm
Bs Jessica, ID own you..used to play football...quarterback actually...6 ft, 220...ID have you pinned and laugh at you

AdamMay 04 2016 8:16am
Really enjoyed this blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

AUnjopYMYmJqOiHGvMay 13 2016 10:49am
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DVcZDEdviUMay 15 2016 4:54pm
Its curious read many of the comments. Maybe some of us are forgetting many things to make meaningful comparations. For example it is not the same a girl that for example have made gymnastics for 5 years and after decided to be a gym rat that is obsessed in make her legs stronger, and even have use anabolics; that a boy that never have really train his body and came a time when he decide to practice a sport and go to the gym in a recreative way, because its not his priority to get super strong legs. The truth is that male are naturally stronger than woman in every part of the body, but the difference of strenght is bigger in the upper part than in the lower part. It means that its would be really very rare that a woman would have more legs strenght per pound that a man, when both have trained the same with equal dedication. In particular if you look the weightlifting records, you will see that for example in the 69kg category, the womens world record is of less than 80% of the mens world record.

DavidMay 20 2016 4:43pm
Its curious read many of the comments. Maybe some of us are forgetting many things to make meaningful comparisons. For example it is not the same a girl that for example has trained gymnastics for 5 years and after decided to be a gym rat that is obsessed in make her legs stronger, and even have used anabolics; that a boy that never has really train his body and came a time when he decided to practice a sport and go to the gym in a recreative way, because it never have been his priority to get super strong legs. The truth is that males are naturally stronger than females in every part of the body, but the difference of strenght is bigger in the upper part than in the lower part. It means that it would be really very rare that a woman would have more legs strenght per pound than a man, when both have trained the same with equal dedication. In particular if you look the weightlifting records, you will see that for example in the 69kg category, the womens world record is less than 80% of the mens world record.

DavidMay 20 2016 4:51pm
I'm not that knowledgeable , i only speak from experience, and practically all the girls i know have much stronger legs then most of the guys i know, and in a few cases, very much stronger. If i was pinned by a 220 guy i probably wouldn't get up, but if you are curious to know, my ex-boyfriend was close to 200, and i could get him to scream and tap if he put his head between my thighs

jessica, 21Jun 07 2016 11:20am
Do any men here like to sit on the lap of a woman with big thighs? Or do women with big thighs like to have a thinner/smaller man sitting on her lap?

SuganJun 25 2016 4:58pm
I have one friend who is female with big thighs and she always asks me to sit on her lap. I do sit and it is very comfortable as her thighs are firm but soft and warm

SuganJun 25 2016 4:59pm
I 'm quite scared how strong are the legs of women. I'm afraid of women to know this monstrous and frightening strength they have in their legs. I have seen many videos on youtube and I realized that with their legs with the pressure force , could kill any man no matter how strong he is . A detail , I am Brazilian , and here in Brazil , a man rarely recognizes that women are stronger than men in the lower body . But that's it , the woman is not the weaker sex at any time. It's stronger than we thought men . rsrsrsrsrsrsrs

AnonymousJun 28 2016 3:44pm
my boyfriend pays a lot of tennis in his spear time and he has worked hard for over a year to increase his legpress load from 100 to 150 kg, but when i started out i had no problems legpressing twice as much (300kg), and recently i'm doing reps with 500 kg.

Carrie, college studentJun 30 2016 8:28am
most girls have bigger and thicker thighs,

PTJun 30 2016 8:30am
Did a quick search. Here's a gym couple, the man is obviously stronger in the upper body, but seriously now, she probably is 3-4 times stronger in the legs.

gym ratJul 04 2016 5:58am
iriJr6 You made some nice points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most persons will approve with your blog.

sHDkFYiIGkBymTKJul 05 2016 9:35am
The strength of male legs are not even comparable to female legs. It's the opposite pattern cokmpared to upper body strength. I'm an ordinary girls, i like to dance and have done some gymnastics (but not for the last year). I can easily outsquat and outdeadlift (etc.) even very athletic guys my own age, and i have never met a guy who comes even in close in legpress.

Marion, 22Jul 30 2016 10:00am
Being more specifc: I squat 140kg (3 sets, 6-8 reps). Most girls i know that work out a little can easily squat more than 100 kg. My boyfriend has been struggling with 70-80 kg for a very long time, so there you go.

Marion, 22 Jul 30 2016 10:04am
And just for adding a fun fact: I legpress 580kg, while my boyfriend legpress 120kg, and i even do more reps than him, lol. My ex was a big guy, and doing wrestling, and even he couldn't legpress more than 300kg.

Marion, 22 Jul 30 2016 10:07am
I'm stronger and a lot more muscular than my boyfriend. Last time we took turns measuring each other, I'm like 7 inches shorter than him but I outweigh him by 45 lbs plus my thighs are like more than 3 times thicker than his.

Kelli, 16Jul 31 2016 4:36pm
I so totally agree with you girls. I'm always a little surprised when i have to increase the weight after a guy on leg exercises. My average workload usually surpasses most guy's max weight.

Betty, 19Aug 01 2016 11:18am
Pic of man & wife. Both work out. He has upper body advantage, but she completely overpowers him in lower body strength.

gym ratAug 01 2016 2:42pm
My boyfriend and I took turns measuring each other last night and he's 6'2 1/2" and weighs at 131 lbs while I'm at 5'7" and 178 lbs. I can carry him up on my shoulders effortlessly for well over an hour while he could just barely lift me up for only a few seconds. Whenever I carry him piggyback he feels totally weightless. I'm able to carry him piggyback nonstop for well over 3 hours and he's able to carry me nonstop for just over 20 minutes which is pretty awesome.

Kelli, 16Aug 03 2016 8:56pm
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JkufbZlUlpAug 04 2016 1:36am
Stupid question. Of course girls have (by nature) stronger legs, it's obvious to anyone with half an eye open. The hips are wider and the thighs are thicker. It is true that girls have more fat in their thighs also, but most of it is pure muscle. It's almost impossible for a guy to match this, even if he works out hard, because he simply does not have the biological advantage.

Nancy, 42, gymnastsics teacherAug 07 2016 4:37am
I encourage all girls to work out their legs like crazy so they can really impress guys in the gym. I think the difference in strength can be quite monumental (e.g. look up Marion posts above). Actually we live in a modern world, and I think most guys like it and get a kick out of it.

Nancy, 42, gymnastsics teacherAug 07 2016 4:42am
The misconception that men are "stronger in everything" will easily be correccted when more girls start to lift heavy and push themselves at the gym. Currently, a lot of girls DON'T WANT to lift heavy, because they are afraid to "get big", but this has more to do with a cultural stereotype than with reality. Trust me, girls who work out hard will relatively quickly discover that they are a lot stronger than they thought beforehand, especially in the lower body. Me, for instance, after my first pregnancy at 28, i started really hitting the weights hard, and discovered that i could easily outlift the male college athletes who use the same gym. A lot of them gave me long stares, thinking i was some "crazy strong woman", without realizing their girlfriends could probably lift the same weifhts as me, if she just put her mind to it. I would never talk to them, but would feel their looks. I think that today somewhat older woman are less concerned about being pretty & skinny and therefore has less reservations about lifting heavy. Most of my female workout partners have much bigger and stronger legs than these guys.

Cory, 31, fit motherAug 08 2016 8:48am

rOsspzUezHKvVAug 10 2016 8:49pm
women are obviously MUCH stronger in the legs

JHAug 14 2016 5:33am
This was embarassing. I've had an ex girlfriend burst a soccerball between her thighs infront of me and my mates. She told me not to kick near her and the ball did. She just placed it between her huge thighs which completely covered the ball! Locked her ankles and slowly squeezed. You could see her thighs expanding as the ball was no where to be seen. Then we all heard the ball begin to hiss then a muffled BANG!! She just laughed :( Any other girls reckon they could make a soccerball dissappear between there thighs?

LovesthigsAug 14 2016 9:57pm
Compression power in females is particularly strong, just look at the yes/no machine, almost used exclusively by women, and most girl shave no problems doing reps with the whole stack. I've seen well-trained male athletes who settle for half the weight.

Garry, PTAug 16 2016 9:07am
Yeah, the yes/no machine is an exercise that most girls really impress with. My girlfriend has really strong inner thighs that are put to use in the yes/no machine. She did 3 sets with 6-8 reps, I tried to lift the same weight and it wouldn't budge at all, not a single rep!

Jeremy, 23Aug 20 2016 5:25am
Actually women are so much stronger in the legs that i would prefer if we could get our own set of lower body machines, because the max weights are simply to easy.

Cory, 31, fit motherAug 21 2016 7:47am
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Pally walnutsSep 04 2016 5:38am
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Paully walnuts Sep 04 2016 6:13am
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doc4uOct 26 2016 9:56am
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ApCMar 17 2017 4:22am
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BrCNXEYOJul 10 2017 7:53am
Women who know that they are stronger than a man and are sure that no one is watching them without thinking twice about it will over power you because they are bitter and they don't like you

TomSep 01 2017 12:24am
I know this because I am 5 6" 135lbs and have had muscular woman start a fight with me and beat me up for no reason

TomSep 01 2017 12:31am
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AnonymousNov 27 6:22pm
Mel.c a judo black belt 4th Dan a judo expert and a champion

AnonymousNov 27 6:24pm
I have been rendered helpless by females when locked in a head or neck scissor hold and forced to submit. It was not because I was not physically capable of escaping it was because I become weak, submissive and sexually stimulated when I am scissored between sensuous shapely muscular female legs.

BobNov 27 6:57pm
My colleague a female challenged me to wrestling matches and has in the last six matches comprising nearly ninety rounds has completely destroyed me trapping and crushing me in her thighs at will winning all 90 rounds .I am amazed at the strength a female can have in her legs .If she keeps on crushing I might loose my consciousness also .

AnonymousDec 23 9:14am
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AnonymousJan 10 4:50am
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davidFeb 13 6:25am

AnonymousMay 10 1:04pm
I'm a guy who his a wrestling fan and when I asked some women who like also wrestling to put the figure four leglock on me it was really painful and I didn't have choice to submit because otherwise it was a broken leg for me. No matter if you are a man a woman could do some damage if she uses the strength of her legs to hurt you.

ClaudeMay 10 1:17pm
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