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Guys sitting in girls laps

Question: Have you ever seen a guy sitting in a girl's lap? If so, what were their respective heights and weights?
Created by: Ultrabomb354 at 07:55:12 AM, Thursday, February 18, 2010 PST


My wife always makes me sit on her lap. This is a way to show me that she's the boss, and that she will always take care of me.

wkmnJul 06 2011 6:32pm

My wife always has me sit on her lap because I am small enough to wear pampers!!

PamperpantsJan 04 2012 11:53am
I once sat on my girlfriend's lap at the Phoenix airport. I think that she was about the same height as me. Maybe 5:10 but maybe slightly heavier. Like 200 pounds maybe. We sat there for a while with people walking around us. It was quite unexpected and quite erotic

Naughty PaulAug 01 2012 2:34pm
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1Jul 21 2014 8:07pm

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HYHVjFcvPNov 09 2015 10:02pm
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jZlBIOXSaFdkGNov 28 2015 1:01pm
I have one friend who is female with big thighs and she always asks me to sit on her lap. I sit and it is very comfortable as her thighs are firm but also soft and warm

SuganJun 25 2016 7:37pm
@woman here

SuganJul 25 2016 12:40pm
@woman could you lift me? I am 5'5 & 60 kgs

RajeshAug 18 2016 6:20am
Sure I can lift 200 kg. Rajesh

Woman Aug 22 2016 11:35am
How can you lift me? How long could you lift me @woman?

RajeshAug 23 2016 5:43pm
In any position you're so ligt. You're lighter than me in 55 kg. I think I can do it for at least 1 hour. How old are you?

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:48am
Am 20 @woman

RajeshAug 24 2016 9:11am
I like piggyback rides? Can I get that from you? @woman

RajeshAug 24 2016 9:12am
Yes sure you can. You're almost adult and only 60 kg😱. I thought you're a 13 kid. Anyway I'm older than you in 9 years you should call me mum😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 9:51am
Ok deal..i will call u mum @woman

RajeshAug 24 2016 10:49am
But it's a difficult task for you to be my matured enough so to call u mum u shld make me feek as ur baby...i will not let u down in the ground..will fight to have my place over yours...on your lap, back or hips forever..will force you to feed uh? @woman

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:00am
Wow you sound amazing kid Rajesh

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:37am
You're absolutely the type of adult baby I'm looking for. I'm so serious about having adults as my babies. They don't leave the house alone, so if you're going to a school you should quit. You're not allowed to go with your friends, only your male friends are allowed to come to visit you. I'll lift you all the time, you should wear pampers understand? I'll give you my breasts before we sleep but unfortunately I don't have any milk inside it.

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:40am
But I need milk :-(

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:46am
But my babies have duties: kissing and cleaning my feet. Washing my underwear because I don't like the washing machine so you have to do it by your hands. And sometimes they help me shave my body hair. Finally when they misbehave i spank them on their naked asses.

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:47am
It's ok my dear mommy..i agree

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:48am
So sorry my baby:(( I can give you milk while your head on my breasts but not from my breasts

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:48am
Really have you read your duties already??

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:48am
Mommy there?

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:48am
What my baby?? How do you feel being a baby for a woman 9 years older than you😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:49am
Absolutely awesome

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:50am
Miss u mommy

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:50am
Really you like it. So you like washing my dirty underwear? Or cleaning my feet? Or shaving my body hair??

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:51am
Ohhh so cute miss you baby. Where are you from?

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:52am
Yup if u offer me what I

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:52am

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:52am
Lovely, are you small man😍. Will do. I really want to see you cleaning my underwear 😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:53am
Firstly I would like to see my mom

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:55am
I want that too. I live in Turkey

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:55am
Indian women are so lucky to have men like you

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:56am
How can I see you?

RajeshAug 24 2016 11:56am
Calm down let's chat here first get to know each other more. I might be evil woman who beats men up 😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 11:58am
You should tell me more about yourself and I should tell you more??

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:00pm
Am rajesh from india..i love piggyback rides

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:05pm
Haha, okay I know these things. What do you do in life? Do you have a girlfriend? Do your family know you want to be adult baby ?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:07pm
I prefer lifting men in cardle style.

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:07pm
Am not adult dng single till now :-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:08pm
Would you quit your university to become my baby? I'm responsible for my babies. Do you do any type of sport?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:09pm
You do as u prefer..but can I get what I need mommy?

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:09pm
What do you need?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:10pm
Did you know that I'm married woman?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:10pm
I don't do any sport..quitting is difficult but wanna be...:-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:10pm
Yeah u told

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:10pm
Quitting is difficult I don't let men leave my house alone.

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:11pm
Am I talking any unnecessary stuff? Am sorry if it's so

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:11pm
What do you need??!!! How do you feel about the idea of living with my husband at the same house!!

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:12pm
No that's alright I love non sport men. 😍 You're so weak are there many men in India like you?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:13pm
As I told I need piggyback rides :-D if ur husband has no objection I will..

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:13pm
There might be...but I am there :-P

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:14pm
Cool piggyback it's. My husband doesn't like it but I beat him 😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:15pm
I'm met an Indian guy once, he was so small I swear my foot was at least twice his face size. I love Indian men. Are women in India strong?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:16pm
How do u feek me calling u mommy?

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:16pm
@woman there are strong women in India I guess but I haven't met anyone :-D :-(

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:17pm
I love it it gives me great feeling of motherhood which i miss. Also, it shows how men are useless when a man 9 younger than me calling me mummy while I'm much stronger and CEO of my company 💪🏻

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:18pm
You mean am useless??

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:19pm
So sorry, you'll meet soon. Don't you think women are getting stronger and stronger while men smaller and weaker

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:19pm
Yes but I love useless men😍 Who only good in massaging my feet and cleaning my underwear

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:20pm
See I'm dominanted woman who loves to beat and humiliate her men. I'm liberted woman who's married but cucklod my husband. Now what do you think?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:21pm
But should I actually call you mommy? Isn't it looking strange?? :-D I shall talk more about that

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:21pm
No talk at all. You should call me mummy. It's an order or I'll spank your naked ass😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:22pm

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:23pm
Yes, you didn't tell me what do you think ? Of how I live and how I treat men?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:23pm
Yes also kissing my feet is a mandatory duty even in front other people do you understand? Family friends anyone

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:24pm
Actually I don't know much about you :-D should know more :-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:24pm
I told you. I'm married woman but I sleep with other men, and I force my husband to watch. I wrestle my husband his friends our relatives and lift them all of them fear me to death 💪🏻

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:26pm
And i spank most of them

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:27pm
Oh...i have nothing to say about that...if u care for ur husband it's good :-) you are stronger that's are genuine that's what I feel:-)

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:28pm
Oh god...i don't like this serious mommy who adds on questions to her baby mot even bothering whether the baby had something :-(

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:29pm
What do you mean if I care about my husband? And what do you mean by genuin please say your opinion frankly

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:30pm
You don't like spanking?!!

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:31pm
You do what your mind prove yourself stronger...that's wat I meant...don't take it so serious..

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:32pm
You have rights to spank if you have rights to care :-)

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:33pm
Okay so if I said I want to marry you. Would you be happy to marry stronger woman like me?? Liberted as well

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:33pm
Okay cool so I'll take care of you and spank you yesss 😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:34pm
Yeah I will :-)

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:34pm
I splank men using my slippers my foot size is 48 so be prepared 💪🏻

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:35pm
I need more care than spanks :-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:35pm
Really you look so great man. I think you'll enjoy it a lot seeing me f*ck other men 😍

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:36pm
Do I deserve a kiss...affectionate one?

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:36pm
I know but you'll be spanked. What's your feet size?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:36pm
Sure, as long as you don't object on my sexual life

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:37pm
I won' foot size..hmm 8

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:38pm
Now your motherhood has vanished away

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:39pm
I'll do anything to you if you'll help me to bring men to me (your wife ) 😂

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:39pm
8 mine are much bigger. No you can choose husband or baby?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:40pm
Baby husband?? :-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:41pm
Lool, okay might work. As I said you should help me get other men. Would you?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:42pm
Okay...but at a condition your care to me should never fade away??

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:44pm
Daily must fees me, give me atleast one piggyback

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:44pm
No it won't. But first tell me how you'll convince men to come to your wife??

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:45pm
Every man you get you have 1/2 piggyback deal?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:46pm
First explain what is meant by 1/2 piggyback that u mentioned

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:47pm
For every man you convince him to come and see your wife and spend the night at my house. I'll put you naked for half an hour on my back lifting you around the house and to the garden so all neighbors can see my relationship with my husband.😂 Tell me your plan?!

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:50pm
Better if it's one hour

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:50pm
It depends on men quality. I love weak small soft men who I have met them before: friends family members etc..

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:51pm
Ok deal...but for now don't ask how will I bring men...but I will

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:52pm
No that's unfair. You should tell me how. We can think together, give me your general plan

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:53pm
Basically boys might fell easily over strong woman..u can make them your baby easily and then your will work on this strategy to attract

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:55pm
I'm warning you. If I don't get my men when I need, you'll end your night at the hospital. I'm so serious about my this

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:56pm
Cool I could

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:56pm
Yes but I need them inside my house first you idiot I don't have time to catch men

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:57pm
No not cool answer my question as I answered yours.

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:57pm
Lol ok

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:57pm
What answer could I give you?? I better prefer to be your baby

RajeshAug 24 2016 12:58pm
How about telling your friends that my wife is challenging you to wrestling match or would like to do striper for you for fun, or she's training now men on wrestling? Which one you prefer?

Woman Aug 24 2016 12:59pm
f*ck you such a cowered man. 😡

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:00pm
I would tell that you wanna wrestle for fun

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:00pm
Cool am your baby husband

AnonymousAug 24 2016 1:01pm
Okay what if they were scared of me? We should offer a striper dance or money?

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:02pm
There?? Mommy??

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:02pm
My baby should be proud of me and invite everyone to see me😡

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:02pm
Striper dance

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:03pm
What do you mean there? Mommy?

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:03pm
Baby is sad over aren't caring your baby is the complaint

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:03pm
You'll offer them that your wife will do striper dance tell me how you will tell them that?

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:04pm
I don't understand

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:04pm
You should bring me men to take care first 😡

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:04pm
Sorry..i havnt thought about these stuffs...i need some time to think well...will u give me some time? :-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:05pm
Okay let's see

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:05pm
Now...shall we talk about how u could lift me? :-D

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:06pm
Hey there??

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:09pm
Am sorry if I meant something wrong

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:10pm
I thought of ways to bring people

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:17pm
Shall I say??

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:21pm
Yes please hope it's creative ideas

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:39pm
1. Should bet people 2. To create polls 3. To share through social media

RajeshAug 24 2016 1:53pm
What type of polls?

Woman Aug 24 2016 1:54pm
These kinds

RajeshAug 24 2016 2:04pm
I meant what would you write on the poll about your wife

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:05pm
That she could lift men...will attract fetishes

RajeshAug 24 2016 2:07pm
Not satisfied?

RajeshAug 24 2016 2:07pm
It makes wet know what my future will tell his friends and family members about me, and how he'll seduce them, so his wife can get new men

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:08pm
But I want to get me men you already know like your friends cousins etc.. Do you enjoy watching me doing striper dance to you and your family and friends

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:09pm
Muscular striper 💪🏻

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:10pm
Answer my question...what do u think,feel about me?

RajeshAug 24 2016 2:10pm
What do I feel about you?? What do you mean?

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:12pm
You're a bad husband you don't know how to make your wife wet

Woman Aug 24 2016 2:13pm
I you

RajeshAug 24 2016 2:30pm
There? @woman? Waiting for your reply

RajeshAug 24 2016 5:45pm
@woman there?? Reply please

RajeshAug 25 2016 12:48am
Reply for what? Yesterday I was excited and all what I asked you is to tell me how you can invite other men to see your wife? And you failed with that you're such a loser

Woman Aug 25 2016 3:29am
No not that way

RajeshAug 25 2016 3:34am
Havent I suggested u ways?? Truly speaking how can I discuss things in public?? Please reply...u tempt me up to offer me what I need and keep up silence

RajeshAug 25 2016 3:39am
There? Please reply

RajeshAug 25 2016 3:44am
@ woman please be clear what you need? That's it...can't wait..hope you reply

RajeshAug 25 2016 4:23am
@woman don't make me beg...i can do what you need...please reply..let's come to a negotiation or a kind of deal...i have put efforts to think about the stuffs you mentioned..let's discuss

RajeshAug 25 2016 6:43am
@woman won't u reply? No trust?

RajeshAug 25 2016 8:45am
Have you come up with any ideas of how bring men to your future wife?

Woman Sep 03 2016 2:52pm

RajeshSep 04 2016 11:36pm
@woman I really want to be your baby!! Will u accept?

ShamSep 04 2016 11:58pm
Hi woman maybe you could get men by putting out an ad for selling fitness equipment and when they come for the house you show off to them and when they say how strong you are you challenge them to wrestle and say if they lose they have to worship you

SuganSep 06 2016 7:06am
@woman you are such a coward lady behaving like an absolute slut!! Knock yourself damn idiot

RajeshSep 10 2016 2:23am
Woman are you there?

ShamSep 26 2016 7:37am
I am a big thick girl who loves to make little men sit on my lap. Please someone sit on my lap

JenaiOct 25 2016 1:10pm
Hi jenai can u lift me?

VikiNov 09 2016 12:44am
Viki of course I can!

JenaiNov 11 2016 9:13am
Oh...but can you only place me on your lap or lift me even jenai? By the way what's ur height weight and age?

VikiNov 11 2016 9:54pm
Hi yes I'm back. I love lifting beating humiliating other men infront my sissy husband

Wife Woman Nov 13 2016 12:26pm
Wife woman can u lift me?

VikiNov 21 2016 5:36am
Yes I can do it. We can do it infront my sissy husband

Wife Woman Dec 20 2016 7:58pm
Woman can you humiliate me? I have been missing you so much!

SuganDec 25 2016 1:16pm
Oh which way can u lift me?

VikiDec 31 2016 4:09am
GdRYse Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

dCDcJAscQzauaFPquJlJan 31 2017 12:31pm
Viiki I would love to do it in cardle style like a baby but I can do it in anyway

Wife Woman Feb 05 2017 5:38pm
Woman can you lift me?

SuganFeb 17 2017 4:01pm
Wife woman it's great to know.. I like cradle very much as it gives baby feel. I would like to lie on your lap or rest on your arms in a cradle. It will be such a pleasure. So will u cradle me?

VikiFeb 18 2017 7:06am
gK0MOI This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am really pleassant to read everthing at one place.

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dKPNZwOqUBnXwhKWLRHMay 10 2017 7:10am
Hi Wife Woman are you there?

SuganFeb 19 2018 1:25pm
My wife likes to make me sit at her lap but i don’t like it

Ellie Mar 02 2018 6:34pm
Depending how heavy are you and how strong she is

OnanMar 03 2018 7:56pm
I think you’re right Onan because my wife is much bigger muscular and heavier than me

Ellie Mar 04 2018 6:53pm
She is more muscular what do you mean? How big if I can ask?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:24am
I meant she got much more muscles than I have and her muscles are huge

EllieMar 05 2018 6:27am
She’s 6.4 and 210 lbs

EllieMar 05 2018 6:27am
Wow she's a tall lady. But what about muscles does she Train?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:29am
And why you are smaller?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:31am
Yes she’s tall and huge. Yes she’s lifting weights everyday her muscles are massive bigger than all the guys I know

EllieMar 05 2018 6:32am
She's taller and heavier than me. How big are her muscles tho?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:33am
Well because I’m smaller I am 5.7 and 145 lbs. ive never lift weights before

EllieMar 05 2018 6:33am
So she's a pretty strong lady I guess

OnanMar 05 2018 6:33am
I don’t know exactly but she’s really really huge her biceps is like double what the avarage guy got

EllieMar 05 2018 6:34am
I'm average and mine are 13.5. to be so big she must have at least 20. Are you sure about this? You can ask her?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:35am
Yes, so strong she train on fight or karate thing

EllieMar 05 2018 6:35am
I will ask her when she’s back from work

EllieMar 05 2018 6:36am
So I guess she's stronger than you?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:36am
Ohhhh yes way stronger I can’t even stand in front her

EllieMar 05 2018 6:37am
But I really don't like bodybuilding body of a woman because they loose curves even if I actually like fit body

OnanMar 05 2018 6:37am
Do you like to have strong woman?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:38am
Well I think she’s sexy she got some curves near her bott. I think lots of other men find her sexy also

EllieMar 05 2018 6:38am
Of course you have to find her sexy is you wife! How about chest?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:39am
I find her sexy it’s true. But having strong wife is wiered to be honest

EllieMar 05 2018 6:39am

OnanMar 05 2018 6:39am
What do you mean I have to find her sexy? What about the chest??

EllieMar 05 2018 6:40am
Does she like to be stronger? Or bigger? She has no boobs?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:40am
I mean you married her so for sure you think she's sexy

. Chest=boobsMar 05 2018 6:41am
Well you know traditional marriage men should be stronger men might beat their wives in my case it’s the other way around

EllieMar 05 2018 6:41am
Last was from onan

OnanMar 05 2018 6:41am
Yes she has boobs and they’re big onse. Actually, in my culture we have arranged marriage. So, I have no choice in choosing my wife

EllieMar 05 2018 6:43am
Well seems like she's stronger so she could beat you

OnanMar 05 2018 6:43am
Yes I told you she way stronger. Yes she can easily beat me

EllieMar 05 2018 6:44am
Has to be a weird feeling for you! You needs help buddy?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:44am
Yes she likes it alot that she’s stronger and muscular

EllieMar 05 2018 6:44am
Help!! Why? How?

EllieMar 05 2018 6:45am
You luky I like fit woman if they have boobs

OnanMar 05 2018 6:45am
Help you against your wife...2 man Vs a lady is easy win for us

OnanMar 05 2018 6:46am
Thanks I know that lots of other men find her super sexy

EllieMar 05 2018 6:46am
No, thanks she’s not beating me now anymore

EllieMar 05 2018 6:47am
She was actually beating you for real? I thought she just could because she was definitely stronger than you

OnanMar 05 2018 6:48am
Well me and you together we could have win:)

OnanMar 05 2018 6:48am
Only few times. Well maybe but if you are avarage guy I don’t think we can beat her

EllieMar 05 2018 6:49am
I'm 180 for 82 kilos

OnanMar 05 2018 6:50am
So you think she's stronger than 2average guys?!

OnanMar 05 2018 6:50am
I think she’s almost 198 and 95 kg

Ellie Mar 05 2018 6:50am
Yes I’m sure. I witnessed her many times kicking asses of two guys bigger than me

EllieMar 05 2018 6:51am
Ok yes she's taller and heavier but man muscles are stronger and maybe she has big muscles for a lady but mine are bigger

OnanMar 05 2018 6:51am
They were as big as me?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:52am
Yes and maybe bigger. Some of them are her friends in the fighting class

EllieMar 05 2018 6:52am
What you mean by saying that in your culture you can't decide your wife? Where are you from

OnanMar 05 2018 6:53am
Bigger than me? 2 guys lost to her?!

OnanMar 05 2018 6:54am
She uses your weights to train at home?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:55am
Originally i’m from India. Our parents decided that we’ll get married we are kids. Then she moved to the states. When she came back she was much bigger muscular and stronger. With great education and money. While I was struggling to find a job and way smaller and weaker. She came and said I have to marry her now

EllieMar 05 2018 6:55am
She's Indian as well?

OnanMar 05 2018 6:56am
Yes 2 guys bigger than you. I don’t have any weights. She goes to the gym

EllieMar 05 2018 6:56am
Yes Indian. Why?

EllieMar 05 2018 6:57am
Wow seems she's very strong she may be able to list me almost!

OnanMar 05 2018 6:57am
I didn't know Indian women were so tall and strong

OnanMar 05 2018 6:58am
What do you mean to list you?

EllieMar 05 2018 6:58am
Lift me

OnanMar 05 2018 6:58am
Of course not all of them but lots of them are so strong and big

EllieMar 05 2018 6:59am
So lot of Indian woman are strong muscular and tall with big boobs?!

OnanMar 05 2018 6:59am
Yes of course. She lifts lots of men many times

EllieMar 05 2018 6:59am
So you think she can I'm not heavy for her?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:00am
I can’t tell about boobs, but yes about the size

EllieMar 05 2018 7:00am
I start to think your wife is stronger than me aswell I never met any woman stronger

OnanMar 05 2018 7:01am
Many go to gym and have muscles aswell?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:01am
No not at all. She lifts her male friends all the time and they’re heavier than you

EllieMar 05 2018 7:01am
Yes many have muscles also. I think my wife is way stronger than you

EllieMar 05 2018 7:02am
Why she lifts them? More than one at the time?!

OnanMar 05 2018 7:02am
Not a bit but way stronger?!

OnanMar 05 2018 7:03am
For fun or while they’re wrestling or fighting. Yes two at the same time

EllieMar 05 2018 7:03am
Yes I suppose that if she can beat two men your size she must be way stronger

EllieMar 05 2018 7:04am
Wow that would be embarrassing for me...seems she can lift me with one arm

OnanMar 05 2018 7:04am
Yes, I think so. Do you like that??

EllieMar 05 2018 7:04am
I don't know I never tried I don't want her to be hurt

OnanMar 05 2018 7:05am
I don’t think she will. She’s lifting two of her friends at the same time many times for 15 minutes

EllieMar 05 2018 7:06am
15 Min With 2nig guys on the air?!

OnanMar 05 2018 7:07am
Many men ask her to lift them or to sit on her lap I really don’t understand why men like it

EllieMar 05 2018 7:07am
2 big guys*

OnanMar 05 2018 7:07am
Yes 2 guys similar to your size

EllieMar 05 2018 7:08am
And she does lift them of they ask??

OnanMar 05 2018 7:08am
Ok so she can definitely lift me with no much trouble

OnanMar 05 2018 7:09am
Yes, I meant men we know family friends co workers etc..

EllieMar 05 2018 7:09am
So she likes to show off her strength?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:09am
Yes definitely

EllieMar 05 2018 7:10am
Yes very much

EllieMar 05 2018 7:10am
So she likes to show you? What she does?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:11am
Not only me, everyone. Lifting men fighting with them put oil on her muscles and pose etc

EllieMar 05 2018 7:12am
Well lift me is a huge strength demonstration

OnanMar 05 2018 7:13am
She must be as strong as a hrse

OnanMar 05 2018 7:13am
If I was a strong woman like this I would always challenge men's in strength contests

OnanMar 05 2018 7:14am
Well she challenges them luckily not me other men

EllieMar 05 2018 7:16am
What do you mean?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:16am
She challenges her male friends in wrestling arm wrestling, fighting kicking lifting weights etc... she always win

EllieMar 05 2018 7:18am
Well if she trains in combat she has more skills but I wonder how can I check her strength ;) what she show's you

OnanMar 05 2018 7:19am
Her male friend are those bigger than me and they loose in weight lifting and arm wrestling? Does she enjoys that?!

OnanMar 05 2018 7:19am
I witnessed her arm wrestling two men. I witnessed her doing push-ups challenge with me on her back. I witnessed her wrestling two other men. I witnessed her lifting men

EllieMar 05 2018 7:20am
She can do Push up with a person on her back?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:21am
How can she beat 2guys in armwrewtling? One each habd?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:22am
Yes those are her male friends. Yes she likes it a lot she makes fun of them after they lose and humiliate them after the lost they kiss her feet it’s funny to watch

EllieMar 05 2018 7:22am
So I suppose her muscles are larger than theirs

OnanMar 05 2018 7:23am
Yes she can I was on her back. No two men 4 hands vs 1 arm of Fatima

EllieMar 05 2018 7:23am
Yes absolutely Fatima’s muscles ars bigger and harder

EllieMar 05 2018 7:24am
I guess Fatima is your wife name...4hands Vs hers? She asked this challenge a d she won?!

OnaMar 05 2018 7:24am
As you described look like she wins easily and she's easily bigger than them

OnanMar 05 2018 7:25am
Yes my wife is Fatime. Yes she asked for it because she needs some competition and she won

EllieMar 05 2018 7:25am
So one guy using both hands is not a challenge?!

OnanMar 05 2018 7:26am
Yes you’re absolutely right she challenge men to humiliate them later

EllieMar 05 2018 7:26am
It looks like it’s not for Fatima

EllieMar 05 2018 7:26am
You sure?! So if I challenge her with two hands in armwrewtlin she will not.ove an Inch?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:27am
I don’t know you. But from what I witnessed I think that what will happen

EllieMar 05 2018 7:28am
She will be upset if I challenge?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:32am
No why she should be upset?!

EllieMar 05 2018 7:34am
Maybe she is tired I don't know

OnanMar 05 2018 7:34am
Seems she enjoys showing her strength

OnanMar 05 2018 7:34am
For sure for you is useful to have a strong wife. She can help you lifting washing machine when it has to be changed etc

OnanMar 05 2018 7:35am
Does she flexes for you? Are her muscles bigger than yours I suppose?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:38am
Yes for me it’s very useful. Until she beats me

EllieMar 05 2018 7:38am
But you said she stopped so now should be all good even in may understand that is humiliating

OnanMar 05 2018 7:39am
Fatima told me that these polls close at 300. If you want you can move to the one below this one

EllieMar 05 2018 7:39am
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