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Women, are you amused, when you're stronger than a man?

Question: Women, girls, are you amused when you are stronger than your husband, boyfriend or other man in strength tests like armwrestling, mixed wrestling, apple crushes, tearing telephone books, lifting weights, etc.? Do you like it, when they moan, gasp and find out their wife, girlfriend or just a woman/girl is stronger and superior?
Created by: Jean at 01:18:12 AM, Friday, February 19, 2010 EST


I know I cannot vote here. I can only comment. I am at the other end of the spectrum. I never got into anything like crushing apples or tearing telephone books but I had one girlfriend who put me to shame in overhead weightlifting. She got a real kick from outlifting a small man like me who is way taller than she is. She even reminded me that SHE outlifted ME!!! At an even 6-foot and 128 lbs, I didn't stand a chance against a 5-foot-1, 195-lb monster of a woman with big huge muscles!!! As small as my muscles are, she is definitely superior to me. This is not the first time I was bested by a bigger stronger woman. Whenever I am defeated by a woman in this way, I ALWAYS GET A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION!!!

An Inferior ManFeb 20 2010 3:19am

Quite a funny poll this! I am a quite athletic woman with a past as a swimmer and now a gym rat. My new boyfriend wanted to come with me to the gym some months ago. I showed him how to use the machines and set the weights to appr. half of what I was using. He got upset about that and wanted to lift the same as me. I was afraid he migh hurt himself since he is not a muscular man, rather the opposite. I enjoy slim men more than big burly muscular ones. Now my boyfriend soon realized he couldn't lift the weights I was dealing with, especially not with his legs. I can bench 80 kgs for reps, 3 x 12, in the machine, I use 60 kgs for reps when it comes to free weights. He couldn't move 40 kgs more than once. I thought we was rather cute when he used everything he had to move about half of what I can lift. He was really quite when we went home to my appartment after. I told him he didn't have to feel bad about being weaker th an me since I had been lifting weights and working out all my life, and apart from that I am bigger than him. He asked me if we could armwrestle so he could see how much stronger I was. I could beat him without using more than half of my strength. I then dragged him to his feet and lifted him in my arms like a baby. I told him that this could be our little secret, but that I liked to be stronger. I am often rather amused when I go to the gym and see guys getting embarrassed when they see I am stronger. What's the big deal?

JenFeb 21 2010 11:42pm
More and more men and women are "coming out of the closet" about how they really feel when it comes to the physical strength or weakness of the opposite sex. I am a very tall man and I am also very thin and I am not the least bit ashamed or embarrassed to admit that I have a huge sexual attraction toward a woman who is very short and very big and who weighs more than I do and who also has bigger muscles (both in her arms and in her legs) than I have. SHE CAN HAVE ME ANY WAY SHE WANTS ME!!!

AnonymousFeb 22 2010 1:38pm
Hi Jen - how big are you and your partner?

MC030310Mar 03 2010 4:41am
I am a man who becomes completely helpless while I am being dominated by a woman who is bigger and stronger than I am.

A man with experience being dominated by big strong womenMar 04 2010 3:06am
Woman are the weakest sex on earth so it is impossible to be stronger than me. @all men above: you are softies.

AnonymousMar 04 2010 5:11am
Women the weakest sex on earth? Not anymore. Things are changing. Where have you been? Some women are stronger these days. Women are moving up and moving ahead in nearly every area of life.

AnonymousMar 04 2010 5:40pm
More people like you jen

amusedMar 17 2010 8:49am
I have always kept my body in good shape, I bike all the time, I swim, I have been going to aerobic classes for ages etc. When I turned 40 I got a gym membership with a personal trainer for a year! This woman really changed me, I never wanted to get too big muscles before but this trainer told me if I wanted to get stronger I shouldn't be afraid of getting some muscles, she also told me that I would never look like a body builder. So I started to work out with weights tree times a week. My body changed, firmed up and then started to beef up. My husband first complemented me on my new trim figure but later looked more and more worried when he saw my muscles growing. After a couple of years he actually asked me if I was working out to get stronger than him? I was suprised at the question but then understood that he felt threatened when he saw my muscular body. I felt amused, here I could see my husband afraid of being weaker than his 42 year old wife. I told him to feel my biceps and asked him if he thought that he could match the power of my arms. He stammered something like yes of course. We sat down at the kitchen table for an armwrestling match. This was the first time I armwrestled but my husband wasn't that much more experienced. I could quite easily pin his arm to the table without using andy body weight, just my arm strength. I really thought that he could put up a better fight. But the thing is that I had worked out hard and he has never been to a gym so even if he is bigger he just didn't have the power to stop me. I really loved seeing him after he had lost. He was very confused and looked almost like he was about to cry. Later on that evening he admitted that his first thought when he lost was that I should leave him, no woman could be with a weaker man. I comforted him first, then I wrestled him to the bed and pinned him, enjoying my dominance over him. We are still a happy couple and he got used to be weaker.

VeronicaApr 08 2010 7:52am
I love bigger and stronger women. I welcome the opportunity too date a women bigger and stronger then I.

TadMay 11 2010 9:13am
I've been weight training for a year and when my husband felt my flexed muscles for the first time, he started shaking and actually turned pale! I have bigger, stronger,and harder muscles then he does and it only took one year!!! His smaller muscles are squashy or mushy compared to mine. I thought he was going to pass out when I started to flex for him.

SuzyMay 22 2010 10:37am
Suzy did you already armwrestle with your husband?

MrJeanJun 04 2010 6:03am
Some months ago I was sitting drinking wine together with my closest friends, 4 women all together. We are all physically active and pretty strong. One of my friends, let's call her G suddenly told us that she and her husband had armwrestled and wrestled some nighs before and that she had easily beaten him at those games! We were all a bit shocked and curious to find out more. We all know that her husband is at least 4 inches taller and probably 20 lbs heavier. She said that he had never been very strong, he was very thin when they met and most of the weight on is body was fat. G said that he had challenged her to armwrestle for fun and that he got extremely embarrassed when she won. Right arms had been a rather tough match but she had totally dominated him with left arms. And then he had suggested wrestling since he wanted revange. G said that this was rather stupid of him since her legs are very strong and she had just prooved that her arms were stronger than his. She told us she pinned him three times in a row before he admitted her to be stronger. We all laughed and started to think about our own relationships. My husband is actually one inch shorter and perhaps 15 lbs lighter than me, he is in good shape but plays tennis and golf while I am lifting weights. I thought that I could probably take him in armwrestling and wrestling, I told this to the others. C is the biggest of us, her husband is perhaps a little bit bigger but they are of similar build. She said that she might be stronger than her husband since he almost never worked out, he spent most of his time at the office. D is the smallest, she doubtet that she was stronger than her husband but perhaps she could take him in a wrestling match since she had a much more flexible body and very powerful legs. We decided to wrestle our husbands and meet again and tell each other about the outcome a month later. When this evening came we first watched a film that G had bought, a film about mixed wrestling! We were all very excited seeing powerful ladies wrestle men into submission, for some reason this was all thrilling for us. Then at last we could tell each other about our experiences. G had asked her husband if he wanted to try to win against her and he had accepted. The outcome was the same, he lost badly both in armwrestling and the wrestling matches after. C, the biggest of us, told us that due to lack of experience when it came to armwrestling she had lost the first match right handed but had won with left since her arm strength was impossible for her husband to match. They had a new match with right hands and then C had won. First of all her husband had thought that C was crazy but than accepted, she hadn't told him about G's match nor that we all wanted to challenge our men. The wrestling matches had been very tight where C's husband had won the first fall after more than 30 minutes, then it had been C's greater endurance and also strength advantage that had given her a 2-1 victory. D had been right about the outcome of the armwrestling matches, her surprised husband had been ever more surprised when he really had to fight to pin his petite wife in the armwrestling matches. When she suggested wrestling matches as well he thought of other activities. D told us that her husband had been totally surprised and shocked when he found himself in a head scissors he couldn't get out of. He had won the next match since it was now more serious, D had been clever and used her legs against his arms as much as possible making him tired and at the end she had pinned him and won 2-1. My husband and I used to wrestle 20 years ago when we met in our 20's, he always won but I didn't do my best. It was OK to let him win. My husband is today busy with politics, takes most of his time, so the tennis and golf is more rare. He is still very slim though. I asked him one evening if he remembered the wrestling matches from our youth, and he said yes and that I had been pretty strong - for a girl! This was exactly what I needed, I told him that I had let him win, that I was stronger than him then and that I was probably much stronger than him now since I work out more than him. He swallowed the bate and there we were sitting at the kitchen table, armwrestling. I know a little about armwrestling since my father used to be a champion. I am proud to say that my husband didn't have a chance. I slowly pressed first his right hand and then the left to the table. When we wrestled he had problems from the start since I am both heavier AND stronger than him. I played with him, I wouldn't say humiliate but I showed him how strong I was compared to him. I was happy to see that he could take it. He said that he knew that I was strong and that he now and then wondered if I was stronger than him. Now he knew. The four ladies had shown our men that women can be strong. I think that the difference in strength gets smaller and smaller with age, and women are getting more physically active. I have wrestled my husband some more times after this, he is not doing so well but I guess all my muscles are stronger than his so how could he win? The four of us are now working out even harder and sometimes buy DVD with mixed wrestling that we watch and drink wine. Good fun!

KJul 19 2010 7:02am
Most women with enough effort can tear a telephone book. If you spend 5 minutes, and book doesnt begin to rip. Then you should be concerned

lolJul 27 2010 2:58pm
Where I work we are 7 men and 4 women. We are all between 30 and 40. Most of the men are computer freaks, bookworm type of guys and all four of us women are athletic women, all going to the gym. Of the men only one is going frequently to the gym. Some time ago we all had some drinks at the office on a Friday. The issue of working out came up and most of the guys hated to lift weights, some of thm jogged now and then but apart from that they spent most of their time in front of their computers. The biggest guy, the one that now and then went to the gym said that a non trained man could take a woman in any type of physical challenge. I looked at my female collegues and we all smiled knowing that we were stroner than many men at our gym. The biggest of us ladies, challenged this guy to armwrestle her. He is perhaps 20 lbs heavier and a couple of inches taller. He suddenly looked a bit nervous seeing the bare, muscular arms of the woman that just challenged him. But he couldn't back out. So ther we were watching a battle between the sexes. At first very little happened in the arm wrestling match. I could see on the woman's arm that she didn't use her max power. The guy started to get tirend and then suddenly you could see the female armwrestler's bicep grow and she slammed the man's arm down to the table. The same happened to the poor man's left arm some minutes later. Then us women armwrestled all the men and the outcome was disasterous for the "strong sex". The strongest guy actually beat one of us women but the rest of the men couldn't match our strength. We were really amused and have since then teases the men and flexed our arms regularely at the office. All the men accept for the strongest one are OK to be weaker since they know they aren't athletic and have weak bodies but the biggest of them have been seen more frequently at the gym. Men are in general very embarrassed to loose anything to a woman, and of course that worst thing is to loose something that requires strength.

Amazon crewAug 12 2010 5:06am
sorry about the spelling errors but I am not English

Amazon crewAug 12 2010 5:08am
I am 6'4" and 220 lbs a d much stronger than my wife. I know it and she knows it. She is 5'6" and 140 lbs. She runs about 30 miles a week, lifts weights 3 X a week and can do 50 pull ups. She is visually muscular and hard bodied including a six pack stomach. She knew I loved her body and wanted me to feel and squeeze her hard muscles. She then wanted to play wrestle. I was hooked for life. I am stronger yet she is. Quicker much more agile knows scores if holds and how to apply them and the big one she never gets tired. You. Can see where this is headed. I might win a couple early falls but in the e d she always wins. This has been 20 years of great foreplay. I have grown to appreciate and love rock hard muscles holding me in positions that not only I cant escape bot have no desire to escape. She gets hot winning and I get hot losing. We hVe our favorite holds. Every type of head scissors of course and grapevines. She introduced me to a hold with her behind me scissoring my waist. She then pulls my head back with her arm over the top of my face. In that position she can cut off the air to both my nose and mouth smothering me. When she stretches her body out it is an instant submission. If she eases off I could lay in that hold forever. When she wins she wins and when I lose I win. How perfect is that. I think I will go enjoy a head scissors right now.

WrestleDadNov 17 2010 6:25pm
I had my moment some years ago. I had been working out quite hard for a couple of years with an instructor, I wanted to gain strength and build muscle, not like a body builder but muscular in a feminine way. I had just divorced my husband and was a 46 year old childless woman. At the office the other women often complemented me on my new, more muscular look. The men didn't say anything but I could see that they looked at me in a different way, the more muscular I got. One Friday when we had drinks at the office I was wearing a sleevelees dress. One of the younger men, around 30, commmented on my muscular arms and said I looked very strong, for a woman, and then laughed. I had been drinking a few drinks and wanted to show this young man that woman almost as old as his mother could be strong so I challenged him to armwrestle me. He suddenly looked veru unsure of himself. He could see my muscles and he was kind of slim. I had also learnt a bit about armwrestling. The whole office watched us, I felt from the start that his strength was easy for me to match so I played with him, let him use everything he had and let him take me about 2 inches from the table. I then adjusted my shoulders and slammed his arm to the table. He was shocked and so were the rest of the men. The women screamed and I was their hero. Then an older man said that they couldn't send a boy to do a man's job meaning he, as a 40 year old, could do better. He was bigger and looked strong. This match was a lot tighter but my hours at the gym paid off, I had better endurance and after about 4 minutes I could pin this man's arm as well. I armwrestled 7 men that afternoon and none of them could take me. I must say I really enjoyed this. The men have changed after that, they treat me with more respect and sometimes even ask me to flex for them. There has been some rematches but so far I am the strongest at the office.

LauraJan 28 2011 7:47am
If the stronger wife cradle-carries ,lifts on her hips & generally mothers her husband like an adolescent their bond becomes very intimate & powerful! One danger the strong ladies might want to guard against is male pattern baldness ,ugly facial hair & all types of dominant testoterene secondary symptoms ! also deepening of voice until it becomes "manly" or "masculine" should be guarded against ----a mother -son syndrome will bring maternal feelings in her breast & douse out all testoterene over-flooding with secondary symptoms[baldness , facial hair ,deep voice]which will be stamped out !

Ashesh GhoseFeb 06 2011 7:09am
I won an arm wrestling match against a heavier woman who had won an arm wrestling match against another man. I defeated her easily too. She was a good sport about it though. Not all women are stronger than men, believe me.

DJul 29 2011 6:52pm
I remember when my wife started working out and getting strong. One day she tried to wrestle me- big mistake. She forgot I was a high school wrestling champion so I slammed her. She never pulled one like that on me ever again. Martial Arts > Strength

Da bOMBAug 08 2011 9:07pm
I am a single male of 60 thin built and have only dated tall strong women i AM 5/10 AND DATE A GIRL WHO IS 50 AND 6FOOT AND she WEARS PRETTY DRESSES AND TONES OF MAKEUP. AND IS VERY PRETTY. sHE IS A LOT STRONGER THEN ME. aND DRESSES ME IN WOMENS CLOTHES TOO BECAUSE I am weak for a man I wear a size 10 in pretty dresses and love them

AnonymousNov 03 2011 1:58am
D, of course women are in general weaker than men. BUT, the exceptions creates all these polls about people, mainly men, fantasises about being weaker and physically dominated by women. And of course there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. I know of at least 5 relationships where the woman is stronger then her man. I am now in a relationship where my man is stronger than me but I have dated several men that I could beat in both armwrestling and wrestling.

BellaNov 07 2011 12:30am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 11:49am
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:26am
I love showing my husband that I am stronger. Not only my husband. Since I am frequent gym visitor since many years I am quite strong and I have shown quite a few men that not all women are weaker than them. I love the look of a c*cky man that is just realizing he will loose the armwrestling match to me, a woman. Of course I have lost to men as well but I have quite a few male scalps in my belt.

Annie B OFeb 17 2012 6:03am
poll commentary are foreign ladies or indian ladies?

AnonymousMar 13 2012 5:25pm
Why should the commentators be Indian ladies , pray ? They could be European , African , Brazilian , Indonesian , American , Chinese or Russian ladies for all you know ???

Ashesh GhoseMar 15 2012 10:56am
There is this white girl of five feet and 106 pounds, and she beats most men.

AnonymousApr 16 2012 4:29am
put ya c*ck away

edApr 28 2012 7:45am
I have been working out for years, 3-4 times a week. The last year I have really worked out for max strength. My husband commented on my big muscles and said that I better stop lifting heavy or I would become stronger than him. I said to him that I had always been stronger than him even when we met 25 years ago. He said that this wasn't true. We sat down at the kitchen table and armrestled. He was actually weaker than I thought, a lot weaker then most of my female friends. He got very embarrassed loosing so easily against me, I threw him over my shoulder and took him to the bedroom where I made love to him. Since that day I have been the dominant when it comes to sex and I really enjoy showing him my strength. He likes it more and more, since our wrestling and armwrestling matches leads to sex most of the time.

deniseApr 29 2012 6:36am
A lot of these don't sound real. Please get real

BApr 29 2012 3:53pm
people that have difficulties to understand that stories that deals with relationships where the female is stronger need to understand that these polls attacts these couples, that of course aren't the norm. But they exist, of course, many people can tell stories about strong women, of couples where the woman is stronger and sometimes also bigger than her man.

AnonymousMay 02 2012 12:32pm

iuMay 06 2012 6:29am

iuMay 06 2012 6:29am

iuMay 06 2012 6:29am
For all these women who have been going to the gym frequently and so on, I admire the fact that a man who is weak and has a certain attitude against women becomes dominated; It's kind of funny. But let's not forget the time it took for these women to get stronger than most of these pansy men. But let's say if we put a man in the shoes os these women, who work out in the gym the same amount of time... Then their female counterparts who do the same won't match it. This is because a man is naturally stronger than a women and naturally progresses faster too.

A Mesomorhpic ManMay 09 2012 9:12am
Let me share my story. I'm married for 15 years with two kids. My wife is a very nice and gentle person. In the beginning of our marriage I started to bring up the wrestling between us and we have wrestled sometimes, but she didn't do much effort to wrestle or to win. During the years I always wanted us to wrestle, but she didn't like it much. When we wrestled, many times I had to experience, that she had real strength. I had experienced, that she can push my arms up behind my head holding my wrists and I was not able to change it or free myself. Many times happened, that I found myself under her on the carpet or on the matress. I really enjoyed it, but she didn't do it often. Since 2008 I started to record our wrestling matches on my HD camera. From the first one, she always wins . Both of us realized soon, that she is much stronger then me. I am not a weak guy, but I'm sure that, her arms, shoulders, her grab, her back and waist and legs are stronger than mine. I'm 169cm (5'8") and about 88kg (193 lbs), my wife 5'7", gained some weight, maybe she is 78-80 kg (176 lbs). I was doing Judo, wrestling and weightlifting till I was 14. She was doing kayak for several years. She excercised her upper and lower body in those school years much harder than me. I win the armwrestling but that's it. If we wrestle, she always wins. In the beginning of our marriage, sometimes I let her to win, but now even if I'm trying hard I can't win. If we start from kneeling, she grabs my wrists and bends my arms behind me or grabs my neck with one arm and pulls my arm and twists me to the mat. Than she sits on me and from then I can't push her off. If we start from laying position, the result is the same. If I grab her wrists amd try to push her arms up, she doesn't allow it. Even if I push hard, she can resist and I can't put her arms on the mat. She can hold my push plus my weight with it. She than twists her arms out of my hand and grabs my wrists and holds it so thight that I can't do the same with hers. It's an embarrassing but othervise a very exciting situation also. Then she pushes my arms up and simply turns me on the side and turns her body over me. I can't do much aginst it because she has a tremendous strength. If we cross our hands, then she can pull and crosses my arms in front of me, rendering me helpless. I can't pull her arms and force them to cross it on front of her. Her pull is stronger, much stronger. She realized her strength and gained more wrestling experience during these years. Now she is faster, experienced and can do anything with me what she wants. After a few seconds I find myself hepless under her. If she wants to sit on my chest or on my face she can do it. I work hard to resist, but she just smiles down at me and tells me, that it is futile. We can be in any position, she can move my arms wherever she wants. Sometimes pushes my arms wide apart like she puts me on the cross, or crosses my arms over my head. In this position she can hold both of my arms with one hand, because I can't pull out my other arm, because her arm is around and bloks my elbow to pull it out. She uses these position to play with me, tortures me with tickling. If I try to escape and sometimes I can push her on the side, she grabs one of my arm and pushing it down to the matress, makes that arm useless. After this, it is just question of time when she can force me to turn back on my back and pin me again. If I lay on her, she streches her legs around my legs, streches them painfully and makes them useless. She frees her wrists from my grip, grabs my wrists strongly, that I can't pull them out from her grip, then forces my arms to strech them over my head or on the sides. I try hard to free my arms, but can not lift them up from the matress or move them where I want. Finally I get tired and lose strength and she overpowers me. Even if my arms pointing downward, laying close to my body, she can force them with a sudden move upwards over my head, or pulling them slowly upward. Definitely her arms, backs and shoulders muscles are more superior over mine. The end result is always the same. She renders me helpless and sitting over my shoulders, or simply just holding my arms down with hers laying on my side or over me. I just writhe between her hands while she tickle me . I think she enjoys it too because if we are together, she always starts to dominate me. Now She knows her own power over me so if we start to play with each other, I see on her face and eyes that she is the dominant person in our play. She has a very nice personality, but she says, that: "You wanted this to happen to you, now you're getting it. You taught me how to wrestle". She stays in the dominant position all the time. In these 3- 4 years she became absolutly dominant in our mathces and I had to realize, that physically I am the weaker person in our relationship. I love her, she loves me, but she always uses her power to render me under herself in the bed and play with me like playing with a puppet. It is and exciting and interestingly new situation in our marriage in the last 3-4 years.If she will have more time, she will start her excercise again with the elliptical. When we stand next to each other she can force my hands behind my back grabbing my wrists and I can't stop her doing this. It's weird but it's true. I seem stronger, but she can grab and push my arms back with ease and pins me and I can't do the same with her. If I want to pin her, she just lifts me up when I hold her wrists, and overpowers me. Yesterday we armwrestled. She won with the right and the left hand too. We wrestled again in the living room. She pushed my arms behind me like a stick. I was resisting but she pushed me to the sofa and my arms were over my head again. I couldn't move my arms. Then we got to the floor. She sat on me fast. I couldn't resist her exploding strength. She said, she didn't have to give her full strength to defeat me. I'm amazed how she does it. I try hard but she doesn't have to. She gave birth for two kids. She says that women got stronger and stronger after every childbearing. It can be true, because in the beginning of our marriage she was not this strong. Now I can tell, that she is much stronger than me even if I look stronger.

ThomasMay 10 2012 12:51pm
Always known that I am stronger than my husband but when we met he was sensitive about it, I could feel and I let him win any play wrestle, arm wrestle or even let him lift stuff I could easily lift. This became so normal I didn't think about it. The difference in strength have increased over the years. I notice that my husband needs to use most of his power to lift something that I can lift pretty easily. The last years I have really wanted to show him how strong I really am. He should of course understand that anyway, when we make love I pretty much move him the way I want in bed, I can also sometimes notice him glancing at my muscular arms when I am combing my hair. I have read the different boards and postings here for a while, I read about a woman that lifted her husband in her arms and how everything changed after that. Me and my husband rented a house in the country side last summer. We went for a swim and the rather cold water in a nearby lake. When we came out of the wated my husband was freezing a lot, having very little fat on his body. I was not cold at all. I wrapped him up in a big towel and started to rub him when I suddenly just scooped him up in my arms and walked around with him in a cradle carry. He was surprised of course, how easiy I could carry him but he didn't say anything. I sat down with him in my lap and kept on drying him and warming him, I felt big, strong and protective and very much in charge. I then layed him down and made love to him. In the evening I asked him how it felt being lifted in my arms. He was very quite and mumbled something about that a man shouldn't be carried like a child in his wife's arms. The day after we went for a swim again and again I dried him when coming out of the water. And again I lifted him and now he protested. I laughed and told him to try to stop me. He was suddenly game and we started to wrestle. I was surprised how weak he was and this actually made me turned on, being so much stronger than him. I soon had him pinned and again I made love to him. In the evevning we had some wine and I asked him how he felt being weaker than me, his wife. He said that he wasn't sure I was stronger and wanted to armwrestle me. I am very bad at armwrestling but had no problem winning without any technique, with my raw strength. I walked around the table and lifted my husband once again in my arms and carried him to bed. We wrestled for a short while but I soon had him in my new favourite position where I could control his body and make love to him the way I wanted. The rest of the three weeks at this summer house changed our relationship. The wrestling, carrying and armwrestling kept on every day and so did the love making after. My husband appreciated the physical contact and also started to anjoy feeling my muscles and also admit that he was weaker. After this I am the one that is in charge in the bedroom, and sometimes even outside. We have had more sex the last year than any other time in our rather long relationship. Reading about other couples in similar situations makes me very excited. I have started to work out more than before and now the difference in strength between me and my husband is even bigger.

Ruth HMay 14 2012 12:21am
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 11 2012 12:53pm
Woah! I'm really loving the template/theme of this website. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's challenging to get that "perfect balance" between usability and visual appearance. I must say you've done a amazing job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Opera. Superb Blog!

fake oakleys saleSep 19 2012 9:23pm
I think I was about 20 and my GF was 17 or 18. She played softball and played catcher. She had a great arm and could throw out many a guy who tried to steal second. "Hell, she was only a girl, it should be easy," they thought. She could throw a ball harder than I. But her major assets were her legs. They were like tree stumps and she could push me at will all over the lot. I did not stand a chance. In those days, girls should not show such strength. guys were always stronger. I was, as a matter of fact, very strong for my size, but she was about my size and a hell of a lot stronger. I loved it. I always thought there was something wrong with me until a few years ago i discovered the internet and found out there are many very strong women out there and many more guys who do appreciate such strength in women.

Old TimerSep 25 2012 1:48am
All the women in my family are enormous! My "little" sister now stands an even two feet over me at 6'6". My mother is six feet even. My aunt is the tallest and strongest, though, and loves to show off her big muscles. I am personally turned on by big, strong girls.

A Little ManSep 25 2012 10:48pm
I have 30 pounds on my wife and am definitely the stronger of the two of us. I can beat her in armwrestling, but amazingly, she takes me every time in a wrestling match. She is quicker and more flexible than I am, which is what I think makes the difference. Once she gains control, I just cannot reverse her to save my life. So eventually she wears me down and I end up on my back. It's fun but frustrating. Any suggestions on how to beat her? It would be really satisfying to pin her -- she's getting a little c*cky!

AnnoyedOct 01 2012 1:26pm
Try to go for a fast win.

MarfamOct 02 2012 7:27am
That’s actually a good thought. I beat her quickly in arm wrestling; the few times it’s gone a long time she has beaten me. So I’m probably stronger out of the blocks, but she’s got better muscle endurance – likely because she works out all the time. I’ll give the quick pin a try.

AnnoyedOct 03 2012 6:11am
Well, I took your advice. I still got pinned. I just can't get into a controlling position against her.

Really AnnoyedNov 02 2012 9:11am
I think the question here was, who is stronger man or woman. most of the commnets have ladies as victors. which is no surprise. since they all go to the gym, and compite against untrained man. the real test would be for a trained woman against a trained man. belive me the comments will definately change. I go to the gym 4 times a week i see muscular ladies who cannot lift half of what i can in upper strength, but we are almost equal in leg strength in comclusion man are 30 to 25% naturally stronger than women.

RaulNov 14 2012 1:01pm
to annoyed. you probably do not know how to wrestle. the hevier you are the better chances of winning. so use you weight against her. and try to trip her with your feet as you push her. be carefull not to fall on her she could get hurt.

RaulNov 14 2012 1:08pm
i am here to tell you about a girl in my high school; she was probably the tallest and strongest girl in whole school . if any guy dumped a girl she would not spare that guy. almost each and every guy was scared of her. once me and my friend were making fun of her tall big body and somehow she came to know about that. it was the most embarrassing day of my life she beat me and my friend alone lifted both of us and threw and kicked us so hard , yes she was tall about 6'7 -6'9 nobody was tall enough to touch their head with her shoulder . the most scariest girl in the world . after few days when she saw me again she lifted me with both her arms in front of my gf. it was even more embarrassing . i had to go and apologize her for my mistake and since then we are good friends . i never likes the idea of stronger girls earlier but now whenever i visit her she hugs me and lift me . i sit on her lap sometimes and it feels great to be in her strong massive arms . i feel so protected in her arms . now we are in relationship and nobody in school tries to mess with me and everyone respects me and its all because of her . even the strongest guy of school has no chance against her . i am 6feet 2 inches tall and upto her shoulders. i know it's awkward to be like this i never liked this thing earlier that a girl overpowers me but now i enjoy that a lot

have been liftedDec 07 2012 11:48pm
I have been with my wife for 15 years. I am 46 and she is 42. We were at a bar with one of those video game machines where you punch a punching bag and it returns a number for the strength. My wife did it and then a bunch of folks wanted me to do it. My wife is 5'6" and about 135 and I am 5'9 175. She had a higher number after the punch than me and she and the girls and guys got a kick out of it. She does Pilates and she has gotten pretty strong. A couple months later she brought it up again and I told her that I probably didn't hit it straight on. We decided to arm wrestle and she won every time in both arms. She did not think I was trying the first time. I was trying really hard and she was clearly stronger. Everybody knows she is the boss in the family and she now new she was physically stronger as well. every once in a while he will point to her muscles to remind me and just the other day I tried to move her toward door because we were a little late. I was just playing around and I could not even move her at all. then tonight we stood in front of each other a half a dozen times and she could throw me down every time. I do most of the cleaning and she usually drives when we go out and she is the tool user and fixer and she says it is fitting that she is stronger and calls me her 50's housewife. I think we found each other for a reason and I am ok with my role.

AndrewDec 27 2012 1:31am
I personally love big strong girls. I get turned on when one dominates me. At 5'1 and 110 lbs I've obviously been beaten by a lot of girls. I love a girl who could stand behind me, flex and she is taller, bigger and stronger than I am. Any girl who thinks they're stronger than me and would like to chat, or add me on yahoo messenger!

Dworceshire Jan 09 2013 4:18pm
Here are two links with their videos and pics. This is a real match between a couple. This could happen when the wife Is phisycly stronger than her husband. She can do whatever she wants to do with him. She is definitely in better shape than him. He struggles hard but no escape from her. Her wrestling skills are better and she is more fit than him. She, as a teenager exercised harder in the sport than her husband. Here are the results. She totally dominates him. He is totally humiliated by his own wife, because she is much stronger than him. She uses only 60% of her strength to overpower him. This was a big surprise in this marriage. Now he is helpless... She can pull and cross, strech and push his arms anywhere she wants anytime. She can play with him, pin him and can humiliate him in different holds. He can't stop her, he has not enough power to fight back.

ThomasJan 11 2013 12:25pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm and weight only 55 kg! my mail is

mick73Feb 09 2013 5:00pm
i am big woman from jalanghar punjab at too big far any man i am 6'7" and 190 kg due this no one marry me i get upset and i am only daughter of my parent they both expire in accident after that i get more upset and i have no friends due my physic so i live alone i my house one day i saw one man come my house to get rent he was from up and i see most man are weak and small from up and i gave him i think he is 5'3 and about 55 kg he was nice man but i notice he us to sacred with me before he give rent on time but last three month he not gave rent one day i ask he say i have money problem in my family i give all money to my family i say nothing but one day when i go market i saw her expending money on baar dancer i get angry when he come in mid night he was drunk and i asked give my rent he say same problem i say don't tell lie i see you in market he say it none of your bussiness and he abuse me i got angry and slapped him he fall on floor and then i pick him beat more slap by catching his collar and bend his both hand lift in air he started crying and say leave me and i lock her in the room in moring when i woke open the room see he is sleeping and when i enter in room he woke i saw his face ha swell and he was so sacred off me he pissed in his pant and i lift him wash him change him he only speak pls don't beat mam , i put him in my lap say what are u doing is bad and you are good boy and then i put some oil on his body his body look like small baby in my hand then i cook food for him i saw he eat less 10 yr boy and i say i have not beaten you for rent for lie show never speak lie and i tell don't give 3 months rent and he say how much strong you are so never beat me again i started laughing since he good boy so i always cook for him and after some time i started caring him wash his clothes etc one day he come and say i love u as i lisen i don't belive and i marry her and at first night we have sex he enjoy at moring i bring tea for my hubby she drink and while he touch my hand say you hand are big storng and i notice her bicep were less my wrist and i say you are so weak he say yes i lift him take far bath i see his thighs are less than my bicep and his chest is thinner than my thighs but i smile in mind and take from bathroom dry him and say your hole body is like small child he say i know he say he want to lift him with one hand ang i do but when i get angry my small hubby suffer

pretoo kaurFeb 11 2013 10:43am
preeto kaur your are huge woman and plz share your more experience when angered with you husband ,is your husband try to dominates you

mohanFeb 14 2013 4:39am
i am preeto kaur , when i get angry my hubby when he is behaves good since he has smoking habit and in sikh religion smoking is not allow but he smaoke behined me one day he was smoking in bathroom i smell , i asked what are you doing he say nothing i say come out he come out and once again i ask he say nothing but i smell an shouted on him say truth , he started severing abut he on accepting and i get angry and slap him and hold is wrist and bend his hand and beat him many slaps and say you have to pay for speaking lie and i naked him and seat ob sofa and put him in my lap and hit many time on hip it become red and he was cry and i say to stand and hold his both little hand in my one hand and ask why you tell lie he was sacred i feel so bad to punish him but to teach him lesson is important and then i lift him and go to bed and hold his both leg in my thighs and put his head between my breast and hard him , and rapes him when he discharge i sleep on him and i was still crying but i say why you speak lie , he say i will not do again and i touch my feet ,i she he was afraid more with me now , when i speak little loud , he pissed and always obey all my order

pretoo kaurFeb 15 2013 1:28am
preeto kaur pls tell about your husband ever try to overpower you?

mohanFeb 15 2013 10:24am
mohan you ask me that my husband ever try to overpower me ,not at all he know my power and he touch my feet two time daily , just today morning he woke and kiss me say good morning , put him in my hand smooch him and raped him and lift him to bathroom and bath him he say that pls don't rape me in morning and i say i will ask you what to do ? then i hold his ears say take to room just lay down on him he started crying and put her head in my breast after that i clothes him and lift to kitchen to make break fast for him and feed him in my lap and than bear hug him and say just come one time to home other wise you know better he say yes mam touch my feet and go to office and come on time to home and i lift him change his clothes and bring tea for him and say to come in my lap , he come and kiss me say i want some money to do party with my friend i say no but he reggret and i punish him and i sleeping in my lap just now

pretoo kaurFeb 16 2013 12:03pm
lol. hadn't lifted in years. got fat/squishy. just got back to the gym. racked 185 & put it up 3x8. if there's such a thing as a full-grown guy who can't handle 40kgs on the bench i'd be shocked. lot of wishful thinking on this board :)

srslythoMar 05 2013 10:33am
that was 185lbs btw

srslythoMar 05 2013 10:34am
Total crap here. Men are and will always be able to outwit women in any physical activity regardless of the amount of time spent in gyms and the like. This is simply designed for horny men looking to satisfy some silly infatuated mindsets

AbdeelMar 16 2013 4:53am
Abdeel, there's some truth in that, but many women do outpace men in real life. Some of the stories here reflect reality.

AnonymousApr 21 2013 3:16am
preto kuar, i want you to put yourself in his shoes and tell me how you would feel. How would you feel if a man beat up a woman because she told him a lie? I think your story has shown to us that women are not less aggressive than men in marriages. Women do not commit domestic abuses less not because they are better people, but becos they do not posses the strength the man posseses. You should be ashamed of yourself! Dont think that man is enjoying anything in the marriage. The worst thing is; most people are not going to see him as a victim but as a worthless man who deserves every thing you are doing to him.

annonymousApr 22 2013 11:06am
Well in general guy's win most of the Times against women. I workout a lot in martial arts ( wrestling MMA judo bjj) although there are some good women fighters who can beat some of the guys in the clubs I go to, the best fighters are all guys and I've never lost to a woman and I love a challenge. Also if you look at some the world's best female fighters Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg they even say they can't beat any of the top male fighers.

MartinMay 08 2013 6:12am
I was riding on my bicycle once and saw a girl who looked the same age as me, but she looked much bigger. I sped up with my bike to catch her and I started talking to her, about cycling. She was just saying she was going home from Gym. It was summer so she was wearing a stretch tank top and i was wearing my t-shirt. She also wore a gym armlet on her bicep and I asked if I could borrow it. When I tried to put it on my Bicep, it just fell off, because it was enlarged to match HER bicep, not mine. She laughed and tightened the armlet so it could fit my arm and she said to me 'you got very little arms'. That's how we met. Now it's been 5 years and we have a family...

LiphJun 17 2013 1:26am
my husband is mine annonymous so don't interped in my matter , my husband love me ,i too but when he do mistake he has suffer

preeto kaurJul 28 2013 5:41pm
I've wrestled a boy who is smaller and weaker than me. I'm curvy, 5'11'', and 193 pounds. I'm in good shape but I'm not particularly athletic or muscular. The boy though, is only 5'6'' and 110 pounds. I can beat him very easily in a match. I can make him helpless, too. He has a bad temper and once went into a rage, where he'd actually punch, kick, and bite. I slammed him into the wall to knock the breath out of him, then sat on his belly. I grapevined my legs around his so he couldn't kick. Then, I grabbed his hands and pinned them to the floor. He couldn't move anything except for his head now, so I pressed my breasts into his face. He kept trying to bite me, but his mouth had already been fully open and he couldn't close it much. He thrashed around and struggled, but I kept him held down, and then I got off of him after a minute. He was weak and out of breath, so I wrapped him in a blanket and tied it shut so he couldn't move. And that was that.

amandahhJul 29 2013 2:17pm
I can beat my 16-year old nephew in wrestling easily, he got the small genes because of my brother marrying a petite woman. I'm 35 years old and in shape with some curves, at 5'9'' and 175 pounds. I work out casually, occasionally going for a short sprint. I sometimes lift some weights, but not a lot, so I'm not that muscular, but I have powerful legs from playing volleyball, and playing a game with my friends that involves lying down on a wide scooter while kicking off of objects. My nephew is only 5'6'' and 120 pounds, a good runner, but not muscled. Whenever I see him, instead of saying how big he's gotten, I just jokingly tell him how small he still is. I wrestled him once when he was 12 and easily won, and he's always wanted to beat me since them. We've wrestled again recently, and he lost again. I wanted to see how my times I could pin him, so for 20 minutes, I dragged him around the mat and would best him a different way. He struggled a ton, but he's so weak. When I wrapped my legs around his waist, he couldn't get them off of him. He was starting to get tired. I decided to get him mad, see him try to get out then. So I grabbed his groin and told him he was tiny even there. It worked. He was suddenly struggling a bunch. We were both standing up and facing each other, but he was bent over because I was pressing down on the back of his neck. He kept ramming me in the belly with his head. I pushed down some more. His head was directly in front of my thighs now. As he came forward, I went on tiptoes and spread my legs, then closed them over his neck. I had his head between my strong thighs now, he wouldn't be getting out of this one. He put his hands on the sides of my large thighs and tried to yank his head out, but he couldn't. I moved his head farther in, then his arms too. My legs were around his chest now. Then I sat down. Here's how it was now. He was lying down face-up, while I was sitting on his chest. His arms were flailing around, so I put my knees on them. Then I grabbed his legs and pulled them up to me so his knees were on my shoulders, and his speedo was right in my face. I told him that if he didn't admit that he'd never beat me, I'd pull his speedo right off. He quickly complied.

:)Jul 30 2013 5:12pm
Your nephew sounds like a smaller version of me. I am 15 and 11 months and about 134 pounds. You could wrestle me, I am quite competitive so we would probably go for a while. I run about a 6:44 mile and swim well. BMI = 18% body fat. I might be able to beat you on a good day. ;) Email:

WestonAug 10 2013 1:29am
I would like to try to arm wrestle you AmandaHH. I think you would beat me though.

David RiceAug 13 2013 11:07am
I'm a boy and 14 years old, I'm not especially big, 5'5'' and 112 pounds. I play soccer and wrestle, so I'm strong and in shape, and my mile time is 6:19. My cousin (girl) is 5'8'' and 165 pounds, at age 15. She always makes a big deal out of how much stronger than me she is. She's in good shape, not as much as me, but still good shape. She can easily beat me in arm wrestling. And we've wrestled several times. The thing about her being that much bigger than me is that sometimes if she takes me by surprise, she can knock me over then sit on me, and I can't get up. But we've had a couple wrestling matches, and I usually win. I feint a bunch then suddenly ram her over, then we struggle some. She usually overdoes the charging, so I can twist around her and then shove her down and fight to keep her pinned. She might be stronger than me, but I'm the quicker and more agile one.

AzmrlAug 14 2013 1:38am
Dear Stronger Ladies / Weaker Hubbies Greetings from the Land of Himalayas & Yogis ! We do have a Divine Couple like your Goodselves the Terrifyin' Lady-Goddess Kali standin' arms akimbo atop Her Yogic supine Hubby Lord Shiva God of Death'n Destruction !!! Try out their Yogic solution to this Divine Conundrum !! the Penile-Vaginal Erotic Muscular Chastity Choke-Lock-Hold !!Jai Sri Lingam ! Jai Ma Yoni !!

AG9Aug 14 2013 11:21am
Oh, but I know a girl who definitely was. When I was 12 years old, I was a little bit shorter than average, and scrawny. A 16-year old girl that I managed to piss off dragged me outside then scissored my neck between her legs. She was a lot bigger than me so I couldn't do anything about it, and I blacked out.

maxAug 14 2013 2:45pm
pretoo kaur⁠ What did you mean with raped your husband?

regular Aug 17 2013 8:08pm
In the Penile Vaginal Erotic Chastity Muscular Choke-hold -lock the Penile Tip enters just the Vaginal Lip & stops : No Thrustin' , no Rubbin' , no Friction ! Both Partners Inhale Deeply & squeeze the Base of their respective Organs : the Man his Penile Base Muscle & his Lady the Vaginal Base Muscle !

AG9Aug 20 2013 1:54am
Intense Orgasmic-level Arousal floods the Penis & Vagina ! Both partners chant silently Victory Lady Vagina ! Victory Lord Penis ! They can enjoy these feelings as long as they can Withold Inhaled Breath & Squeeze Respective Muscle Lock/Hold/Choke !!

AG9Aug 20 2013 2:04am
then Exhale ....Release Muscle Lock ....Rest ....Recuperate ....& Repeat Procedure thru-out the night for continuous Enjoyment , Pleasure & Satisfaction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AG9Aug 20 2013 2:06am
i wish i were your nephew miss :)

AnonymousAug 29 2013 2:50pm
I'm a 13 year old girl, my friend is a boy and 12. We're both very athletic, but I'm 5'4'' and 135 pounds, while he's 5'3'' and 104 pounds. His mile time is a little bit faster than mine, and he's better at climbing, but we're equal in sprinting and I swim better. My shoulders are broader than his, my thighs are thicker, and I'm more muscular than he is. I can easily beat him in a wrestling match.

endaSep 07 2013 11:33pm
I don't know if this counts or not, but I saw a skinny boy who looked to be around 12 or 13 running around my office building, so I grabbed his arms and pinned him to the wall. Wasn't too hard though, I'm quite tall, big framed, and athletic.

pamelaSep 07 2013 11:47pm
p1L3cX I appreciate you sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

wgqlqnRqlCrSDIQQSep 13 2013 10:17am
I started to work out when I got 40, I really loved lifting weights and was soon working out 3-4 times a week, plus starting every day doing pushups and situps. My husband is traveling a lot but is very disciplined when it comes to jogging, he is jogging every day and has a very nice and slim body. I am now 51 (husband three years younger) and has gained many kgs most of it mucle the last years. I was sitting in front of bedroom mirror some months ago, brushing my hair, I looked at my biceps jumping up and down and realized how big I had gotten. I then saw my husband watching my muscles as well but he didn't say anything. I asked him if he was envious, if he wanted to have big muscles like his wife. I was teasing of course but by now I realized that I had much bigger muscles than my dear husband. He stammered something about that he didn't know what I was talking about. I told him to feel my biceps and he did, he said oh my God, you have become bigger and he also commented how firm my biceps were. I then stood up and asked him who was stronger. He said something like "I honestly don't know". When we were younger we often wrestled for fun and also arm wrestled. I could sometimes beat him when we wrestled, since my legs were much stronger than his and he had never won over me when we armwrestled left handed (my strongest). We lay down on the floor and armwrestled for the first time in years. We were both almost shocked how much stronger I was, he actually rolled over to his back from the force when I took first his right arm down and then the left. I then sat down on him pinning his with my weight alone and asked him who was stronger. He smiled, embarrassed but anyway, you are my strong wife. We then had the best sex in ages. We have since wrestled and armwrestled many times always me winning. And we both love it.

BrittaSep 15 2013 3:50am
V3U6EI Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

RAZhMXXukLTajkBvXFSep 24 2013 4:43pm
I'm a tall and athletic woman, 5'11'' and 180 pounds. I run a mile every other day, and bike every day. My frame is naturally curvy, but I'm not fat. My husband is 6'1'' and 195 pounds. He's stronger than me, but I can take him on in wrestling and usually win. My son (age 16) is 5'10'' and 150 pounds, very athletic. A few weeks ago, he decided that he had probably gotten stronger than me. We wrestled, and I pinned him down easily. We arm wrestled, but I had a hard time winning. My legs are a lot stronger than his though. I think I was hurting him when I scissored his head with my thighs.

rhondaSep 24 2013 10:55pm

AnonymousSep 30 2013 10:56am
start by undoing the capslock?

AnonymousOct 10 2013 4:28pm
Male Master Race checking in. Your Angus peppered yet?

The one rustling your jimmies.Oct 10 2013 7:58pm
i am a mexican woman married to a mexican man, i am 5 foot 3 and he is 6 feet tall. i have always been an obediant wife bexause my man says men are always in charge. I was seduced by an asian girl and she wants me to tell my husband so we can be together mote often. .one day she came to our home. my husband know we are friendd at work. I was surprised when she told my husband we are lovers. my husband got so mad he told her to get out. beautiful asian girl like 5 feet maybe 90 poinds. she told my husband to make her my husband 230 poinds. i have seen my husnand hurt some people i told my girlfriend its ok go home, she said NO. we cleared thhe living room and they went at itit was amazimh she was fast and strong. I was watching my lover beating up my husband shetold him im going to let you recover just in case you think i got lucky he is layinh om the floor in pain. My lover came and gave me a beautigul long kiss by this time my husband was back up my lover said now we are going to box even though he is bigger with a longer reach he could touch her he was all bloody and finally knoked him out by the time he wakeup we had him stripped naked by this time i had 2 orgasm watching my girlfriend dominate my husband. when he awoke she said now wd are going to wrestlebeing much bigger he thoight he had a chance no chance. My lover subnittef him reapetefly by the end he was crying begging her for mercy. My lover stood above him and said you want the pain to stop then start jacking off my husband startied jacking off when he came she told him i hope you enjoyed because youf hand is your new pussy. My lover kickef his ass again he begged and pleaded tyo no avail she kicked his balls so hard then ko him. she took me to the bedroom where we made passionatd love for 3 hours we took a shower then set the ground rules my. husband had to stay because. he needed to pay bills and i sometimes needed c*ck now i also learned i can cick his ass he is such a pussy sometimes we kick his ass and make love in front of him while he jacks off he is no chance for my powerfull legs

lesbian loverOct 12 2013 5:30pm
Come on!!! Lesbian lover The Asian girl is a ninja? I love heroins and strong women but this fantasy story sucks

straight man Oct 12 2013 8:22pm
straight man you are scared and afraid to admit women can kick your ass

lesbian loverOct 13 2013 12:26am
Lol Lesbian lover I will love to deal with big, strong, sexy woman And to be beaten by her But your story has some interesting points: 1. You always obey your husband because you 5'3 and he 6'. Ok 2. You found a petite sexy Asian lover. Ok (great for you. I'm jealous ) 3. Asian girl (as you said 5') beat a 6' guy. Ok (not usually. But possible) 4. Now you can get your husband in submissive position with you powerful legs. Where is the part you became so strong so fast ?

straight man who loves strong women Oct 13 2013 3:44am
im not strong or fast but playing competition volleyball and baseball i have a very strong base when we weestle i use his power to bring hin down once between my legs hes done. Maybe he scared to beat my asian girlfriend would kick his ass. Rohnda Rousey would make you cry like a bitch

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I find few women who are stronger than me (I'm 23 230lbs 6ft 3 and play rugby) but I really enjoy feeling helpless to women when it comes to bed, shame few are stronger.

AnonymousOct 17 2013 3:47pm
That's because your head isn't in the clouds like the rest on this site...there I said it.

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I have a male friend who's 14 years old. He's 5'6'' and 115 pounds, stick skinny. He has some muscle and is strong for his size, a very good track runner and tennis player. He started wrestling recently and beat all the people in his weight level and beat some who were above, then he started boasting a bunch about how good he was, and said he'd beat me easily even though I'm bigger than him. I'm 17 years old and 5'8'' 165 pounds. My frame is curvy but I'm still in good shape and I play volleyball. I'm still not that athletic, but I have strong legs from playing volleyball and doing squats every morning. Anyways, we went to the wrestling mat (I was wearing my swimsuit) and we started. At first, we charged each other. But with my extra weight, he was the one who got knocked over. I sat on him and forced his wrists down, and he couldn't move. We wrestled two more times. I was surprised at how easily I was beating him. He was so weak, I didn't have to expend much effort. In the end, I just sat on his face until he started to panic running out of breath then didn't want to wrestle me anymore.

EricaOct 27 2013 1:51am
The two people I hang out with most nowadays are my older brother and one of our neighbors, who's a girl named Christina. One of the things we enjoy doing is having my brother and her wrestle, I like to watch it. They're both 16 years old and good wrestlers. My brother is really athletic, but he's also skinny, but still strong, 5'7'' 125 pounds. Christina is bigger, 5'10'' 170 pounds. She's also athletic and plays volleyball and wrestles in school. She has broad shoulders. Her waist is slim but she has thick hips, and thick thighs, big legs. It's entertaining watching them wrestle. Christina is a lot bigger and heavier, and she really knows how to use that weight to her advantage. She's also stronger than him so can sort of brute-force him down sometimes. My brother is really fast at dodging though, and often he uses her momentum to knock her over and get a pin on her. She still usually wins, though. As for me, I'm obviously not a match for my brother, since he's basically just a bigger and faster version of me. No surprise tactics or anything would work on him, I'm only 5'3'' and 100 pounds at age 13. Christina I'm also no match for, even when I take her by surprise. If I tackle her from behind, she'll just twist around then get her legs locked around my waist and starts squeezing hard until it hurts. She does this every time I annoy her and I can't get out of the grip, and I know she's enjoying it. She also likes to tease me sometimes about how small and weak I am. Just for the fun of it, she'll randomly grab me and force me to the floor, then get me in a full body pin that makes me completely helpless. And she knows I can't do anything about it. If I try, she'll just put me in that painful leg lock, and we both know how much she loves crushing me.

jacobOct 28 2013 1:38am
When I was in eighth grade, I beat the best girl wrestler in my school at wrestling. She was three inches taller than me and twenty pounds heavier, but I beat her three times. It wasn't easy, but I managed it. I think she was stronger than me though, I won with agility and speed.

arziiiOct 28 2013 1:48am
I'm a 35 year old woman, and I'm still able to dominate my male neighbor, Jake, who's 20 years old. We've known each other for a very long time, and I used to be his babysitter even up into his teenage years, when he felt he didn't need one (I'm good friends with his parents). I started babysitting him when he was eight years old, and one thing he realized early on is that I used physical strength a lot to keep him in check. He would whine about going to bed early, so I'd drag him up the stairs, kicking and struggling, into his bedroom. Then I would shove him onto the bed and get on top of him so he couldn't move and I wouldn't leave until he'd calm down. If he did something bad, I would spank him. And I'd give him piggy back rides. Since he was ADHD and didn't bother with medications, he was always hyper and bouncing around all the place. When this happened, I'd grab him and force him to the floor and pin him down. I'd keep him pinned until he calmed down, then I would let him up. Jake always told me that one day, he would grow bigger and stronger than me and then he would the one who could boss me around. But that hasn't happened. We wrestle a lot. I enjoy it and it's an outlet for his energy. But he was bugged that he always lost so easily, since I was so much bigger than him. I stopped babysitting him during his teenage years, but then one day when he was 18, he came to my house and said he bet he could beat me now. I was 5'11'' and 183 pounds (athletic and curvy, a lot of my weight is in my "thunder thighs" from volleyball and biking) while he was a mere 5'7'' and 120 pounds, which was roughly the size I was when I was twelve. As expected, I beat him easily. Now he's twenty and I can still beat him easily. I crush him between my thighs and then he's in pain and begging for me to stop. Makes you wonder sometimes. My sister I wrestle as well. She's smaller than me, 5'8'' and 155 pounds, but she can still take being between my powerful thighs well. In fact, I've sometimes lost to her in wrestling because she's so fast and flexible. She wrestled Jake and beat him like I did, but he wasn't in as much pain. She has an obvious crush on him though. She always plays around with his private parts while she's got him in a headscissor. She knows he can't do anything about it, and sometimes she even slips her hand under his underwear and fondles him. The first time she did this, the wrestle was supposed to only be 5 minutes long. Jake knew he might be in pain from her and didn't want it to last. Now though, she was fondling his penis and stroking it. His body seemed to be enjoying it but he was also desperately trying to escape and begging her to stop. Eventually, she stopped and he thought he was out of the water. But then she put it in her mouth and gave him a blowjob. Now he's afraid of her and always avoids her, lol.

AliciaMOct 30 2013 12:33am
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boredOct 31 2013 3:26am
it really does not surprise me women are strong i am trained by a female m.m.a instructor i would not stand a chance against her i would love having a dominant women in my life someone who can take charge i like the idea to be honest

paul uk :)Oct 31 2013 10:56am
HI pretoo kaur I love my wife if she is also like you. Wife dares to rape men in the morning itself. Thanks God awesome movement.

ShashiNov 07 2013 3:16am
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I love being stronger than men. I did gymnastics akl my youth which made me strong. The first time I tested my strength against a man was years ago. I was surprised to see how much stronger I was. I loved the feeling. I started to workout like crazy after that episode. I have built a muscular and really strong body over the years. I have beaten several males over the years and enjoyed it every single time. Most of the times I found it quite easy to do so.

PetraDec 07 2013 2:45am
Gymnastics are usually strong but petite Petra

HughDec 10 2013 6:24pm
Well, it can be funny. I'm a 5'8'' woman and 167 pounds... Husband is 5'6'' and 132 pounds. We're both moderately athletic tennis players and fit. We're about equal in upper body weight lifting, but I'm a lot stronger in lower body. I'm also better at tennis than him, but he can beat me in long distance running. Anyways, he's not really a match for me in wrestling. I have broader shoulders than him and thicker hips, and my legs are thicker and more muscular than his thin ones. When we wrestle, he's a little quicker than me, but I can use my stronger legs and weight advantage to usually win.

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Robert Dec 23 2013 8:59pm
If women are stronger than men then why are police jobs, fire departments, and the military have more men that fill the positions?

Robert Dec 23 2013 9:01pm
Only time that happened to me was when I was a scrawny 12 year old... I was just starting wrestling but there weren't very many people so it didn't rally go by weight divisions. I ended up wrestling the instructor. She was 5'8'' 165 pounds and athletic. Since I wasn't much more than half her size (and half her age too) she crushed me effortlessly. She kept telling me how to counter her holds and everything but it didn't matter because I was too weak. Eventually she stopped going so easy on me and I was actually in pain. She kept using her legs to cut off my air, or wrapping them around my waist then squeezing with full strength. Believe me, that hurt a lot. I think she was having fun, too. I wanted to leave early but I couldn't, as long as time wasn't up she could do whatever she wanted with me. When it finally ended, I could barely move because I was in so much pain. She had to carry me to my locker room while everyone laughed at me.

MackDec 26 2013 1:32am
I generally don't fight women, so I wouldn't know. I'm a brawler, 5'9'' and 180 pounds age 24. I haven't been in any cage fighting, but I've been in a lot of fistfights, and I run ten miles a day and always spend at least an hour a day lifting weights. Other than when I got beat up by my older sister when I was a kid was pretty much that only time. When I grew older and was able to fight back and broke her nose I got sent to juvie. Currently, I know one woman who is physically stronger than me. She's slightly bigger than me and muscular, but she's no match for me in a wrestling match.

VarzDec 26 2013 1:39am
Let's see girls tackle 200 plus lbs nfl football players

Robert Dec 26 2013 5:12pm
Robert, It's commonly accepted that men on average are stronger than women. It can just sometimes be funny when a woman is stronger than a man. I happen to be bigger and stronger than my husband and the whole humor of the situation is that it goes against the grain.

jessicaDec 26 2013 10:34pm
OMG what is the world coming to, Woman trying to be men and men turning into woman.

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God made men stronger then women to protect us. Well there is so much evil in this world that because pf his decision for the males, the females are being beat and kidnapped and tooken away more easily. Women are always being told, " I can'r possibly be beat by a girl." Well I'm working my way up to have the strength of the average man no matter what it takes because I hate to say it but it was a huge mistake to make men stronger, it said in the bible we were made equal...... whattttt??????? Well GOD explain why you made guys so much stronger and why us women have to live under their command. They have caused alot of trouble because of it. And them bodybuilders probably think the same way I do. I want to become one to. So watch out guys, this weakness was passed down to us from our weak ancestors well now time is changing and there are more women out of the kitchen now, getting stronger,passing it on to the next girl. Because you idiots wouldn't let us do much back then and we were just there to feed you and to give you attention. Well listen up, alot of us don't wanna be a pity weakling to back off about you saying you strong. Maybe God did make us equal but women never did build their strength, jut stayed in the kitchen acting like a girly girl. I absolutely hate girly girls.

AnonymousMar 25 2014 4:42pm
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There are so many polls and comments about “wife stronger than husband” well some people stereotype things that women cannot be stronger than men come what may, others fanaticise this and glorify this as this turn them on To be honest most of the time an average man is stronger than average women but there are always exceptions and there are many many exception regarding this particular topic and you can observe by yourself too every day. Let’s start from apparent look at first place, you go out to any public place and in many cases let’s say 70 % cases a man is taller and looks stronger than woman accompanying him but at least in 30 % cases by built women are larger than their counterpart s and such couples easily get attention. I have seen many couples where women are like 175-185 cm and looks like 80-90 kgs and males shorter and smaller than them , first impression you get in this case is that woman is powerful and dominant ,towering her male , massive lower bodies as compared to him. Now naturally men are much stronger in upper body areas and generally women have their strength in lower body (even a smaller sized woman can match lower body strength with a bigger male) . Now if women start training, sports and lifting weights then at some stage they can match upper body strength with the men who don’t train. So yes in couples wife can be stronger than husband by virtue of her natural build like I wrote above and also if she is training , doing sports and husband is lazy. I am an average male 175 cm and 80 kg , do not go to gym very often and my wife is like 165 cm and 60 kg , smaller than me ofcourse . she doesn’t train too and she tried to armwrestle with me on some occasions and I easily won but when comes to leg strength she has naturally much power there , we tried sometimes if she pins me strongly, I can’t release myself easily from her pin . Had she doing some weight training, she could have given tough time to me in arm-wrestling as well. When comes to lifting heavy weight , I can still manage to life more than her due to my built but she is not far behind , we do many things together like lifting heavy objects in house, moving furniture here and there and she helps me equally My conclusion is yes woman can be stronger than man , like couples where woman is like 80-85 Kg with massive things and arms and husband is like 65-70 kg with chicken legs and skinny arms and in cases where women train and go to gym and men are not into fitness. An only thing is that most women do not know how strong they are, once a woman realize her strength she can match a man in strength.

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She got a couple of DVDs and after the winter I told her if she was still into doing it I would get her a treadmill or bike or weight bench with more weights. She smiled and kissed me and flexed. She laughed and said IOU two firm biceps by the spring!! I laughed and said a piggyback ride too! We both hurried back to make love. We saw the neighbors and got a kick out of the way she thought no one watching and bear hugged him and held him off the ground for a long kiss. It was a long winter and my wife had by the end was working out with 15 pounds on her barbells and by the spring she had made good on her IOU for two firm biceps. She had beaten me in arm wrestling much to her delight. She held me down during sex pretty easily now. She also knew I liked to see her flex and she would do that telling me they were going to get even bigger! She would take both my hands in one hand and flexing her bicep with the other arm. It was fantastic how in a short time she had gotten stronger than me. I asked her what piece of equipment he wanted and I soon got her a treadmill which I used tothat also figured into her choice. She wanted to keep me thin she said. I surprised her with a weight bench for her birthday she was very happy and promised me an anniversary I wouldn't forget. Our anniversary was coming up in June. In the meantime she had become quite buff and looked really good. Even the neighbors stared as she walked out to check the mail in her sleeveless blouse. She was just as strong looking as the wife next door! She spanked me sometimes now as foreplay. I loved it and fantasized being lift by her too. I was pretty sure she could do it easily. She was hinting about her own fantasies too. She was investigating her dominant side was all she told me. In June our anniversary finally came. I had a half day and my wife had something special planned when I got home. I couldn't wait as I opened the front door she called for me to come up stairs. 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Will I be paid weekly or monthly? klonopin prescription assistance As has become its custom, NBC will air the Primetime Emmys during the final week of August to avoid a conflict with the network’s highly rated “Sunday Night Football,” — the most watched show on television.

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I need to charge up my phone 10 mg hydrocodone 500 mg acetaminophen “I’m about to pick up the ‘Saga’ series. I’m a little behind on my reading,” admits Dawson, blaming another nerdy habit for her comic-book backlog. “I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately. I just discovered ‘Fallout.’ I know that’s terrible. Where have I been?”

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Looking for work moles of acetaminophen in 500 mg tylenol Earlier this summer, suspicion fell on sharks for the death of  California surfer Brandon Beaver's until an autopsy determined he'd killed himself. Perhaps the greatest fascination with the creatures-outside 'Sharknado'-came when the story of a blood-thirsty super shark in the novel 'Jaws' was released to the masses in 1975. Not to mention the millions who will watch the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, which kicked off yesterday.

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What's the exchange rate for euros? acetaminophen codeine dosage elixir Commercial paper is a type of short-term debt that banks andcompanies issue to fund their daily operations. Money marketfunds tend to buy this debt, which often matures in six monthsor less, because it is fairly safe but carries interest ratesslightly higher than comparable U.S. Treasury notes.

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I've just graduated 1/2 mg klonopin It is a genre that at times challenges a political reality in countries where even peaceful protest can be a one-way ticket to a lengthy jail term, while at other times helps to explain the otherwise unimaginable splendour of an almighty God.

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I'm retired klonopin 1mg half life The baby prince was the star attraction and appeared oblivious to the flashguns of the world's press photographers going off, but did seem to be partially awake during his first public appearance, as his hand poked over the white shawl he was wrapped in.

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Is this a temporary or permanent position? imovane 7.5 mg ulotka Separately, a committee of 14 other states and federal authorities monitoring the settlement are expected to announce agreements with both Bank of America and Wells Fargo to address similar compliance concerns over loan modifications and other issues, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

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I've only just arrived lunesta 7 day coupon Preheat the oven to 150C/300F/gas 2. Dust the worktop lightly with flour and roll the dough into a rough square 18x18cm/7x7in, about 1cm/½in thick. Lift with a spatula and place on the baking sheet. Neaten the sides with a palette knife and lightly roll so the square of dough has an even thickness. Neaten the sides again, trimming the square of dough if necessary.

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I've just graduated cheap soma cube puzzle “Google and others already work with international law enforcement to block for example child porn from search results and it has provided no coherent, responsible reason why it can't do the same for illegal, pirated content. Copyright infringement is a serious crime that threatens our economic future.”

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I like watching football buy phentermine in uk Economists looking for a clear picture of the job market's state of health will continue to be fogged by the Labor Department's indefinite delay of the September jobs report, originally scheduled for an Oct. 4 release.

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How many more years do you have to go? dormicum 15mg dosage It took a little convincing — Ferguson has never been mistaken for being loquacious. “At one point I had asked him to talk to the young linemen. He waited a couple days, thought about it, then during one of the minicamp sessions asked if he could speak,” said offensive line coach Mike Devlin. “He started to go, (and) I legitimately put down the clicker, I then started writing notes. Because I’d never heard someone dissect it (like that). Brick’s a quiet guy, but his approach is different than I ever heard before.”

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I'll call back later eszopiclone zopiclone The contested settlement replaced a process overseen by Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney who managed compensation for the victims of the September 11 attacks. Some plaintiffs were upset that damage awards under Feinberg were not flowing fast enough, and both sides agreed it would be better to settle.

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Where are you calling from? midazolam 3mg The country expects to start its fourth crude exportterminal by the end of the first quarter next year, with totalexport capacity likely to reach 4 million bpd, the ministersaid. (Reporting by Meeyoung Cho and Florence Tan; Editing by ManashGoswami and Tom Hogue)

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I really like swimming imovane 7.5 mg overdose "Safety is our top priority and a robust quality controlsystem is a vital part of maintaining the world's safest airtransportation system," U.S. Transportation Secretary AnthonyFoxx said in a statement announcing the action.

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Hold the line, please dormicum dosis "The inescapable conclusion is that letting the (additional $500 billion in cuts) persist would be a huge strategic miscalculation that would not be in our country's best interests," Hagel told a Pentagon news conference.

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I need to charge up my phone buy klonopin 1mg GOLDMAN STAFF GET 17 PCT PAY BOOST Pay at Goldman Sachs rose by one sixth in the secondquarter of the year, the U.S. investment bank is set to declarethis week, meaning that the bank's 32,000 staff will have earnedan average of $106,000 over the three months to the end of June.

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I'm doing an internship generic klonopin 1mg "It's a case of the confused lines of responsibility andaccountability," said Judith Seddon, director in law firmClifford Chance's business crime and regulatory enforcement unitin London. "When you're pursuing an individual, if they'vedelegated responsibilities ... it's much more difficult in a bigorganisation."

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I'm retired phentermine prescription cost Talks failed in 2011 to get Lee's old home and it became a short-time hotel. Fans have criticized the government over what they say is the lack of a more significant memorial for one of the city's most famous sons.

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Will I get travelling expenses? picture of generic xanax bars There’s a crucial difference separating Google’s new effort from Facebook’s Sponsored Stories: While Facebook users were unable to opt out of Sponsored Stories altogether, Google users can. Google made this distinction clear: 

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I'm on a course at the moment buy limovan The 977-count indictment against Ariel Castro includes charges of rape and kidnapping and two counts of aggravated murder on accusations that Castro starved and punched one of the women while she was pregnant until she miscarried.

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I'm interested in this position buy zimovane sleeping tablets "Older people always complain about youth and I think it’s a good thing because it is always changing. The young will be better at different things. But long hours in hot kitchens is not one of them. I have never seen anything so wet behind the ears [as British kids] I have mummies phoning up for 23-year-olds saying to me, ‘My son is too tired’.”

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We've got a joint account zopiclone dosage 7.5 mg Ousted from power in 2011, the 77-year-old billionaire nearly came back again earlier this year after an effective election campaign won him almost a third of the vote but legal troubles quickly beset him.

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Would you like to leave a message? is 10 mg of zopiclone too much Rousseff retains broad support among Brazil's poor, thanksto unemployment near record lows and her party's success inreducing poverty over the past decade. She also has the backingof former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who remainsBrazil's most popular politician.

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What's your number? taking 3 7.5 zopiclone The surprisingly swift decision to cancel the project cameafter hundreds marched to city offices on Friday that forcedofficials to pledge an extension of public consultation by 10days. Locals had planned more protests on Sunday.

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How do I get an outside line? 2mg blue lotus xanax bars Dramatic helmet-cam video released by the Army shows Swenson lift his badly wounded comrade into a medevac chopper, stopping to kiss him on the forehead before returning to the fight.  Westbrook's wife would later thank Swenson for helping keep him alive long enough so that she could say her final goodbyes.

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Punk not dead buy limovan sleeping tablets The legal question, which the court crafted itself from those raised in the six petitions, indicates the court does not plan to revisit the underlying reasoning behind Massachusetts v. EPA but will weigh whether EPA went further than allowed under the Clean Air Act.

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Looking for a job order zopiclone online canada BT went head to head with BSkyB when it launched its sports programmes in August. The telecoms company has offered the service free to existing broadband subscribers, however the UBS analysts said it had been a “slow start” with less than 30pc of BT broadband users taking up the free offering by the end of last month.

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I saw your advert in the paper bromazepam 12 mg Alexis said he had “never felt anything like this before" and that "he was worried these people were going to harm him," Fitzgerald said. “He said he never had a history of mental illness.”

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Could I have , please? zopiclone tablets price Yet the company’s drug development efforts have encountered setbacks. Last year, Amgen halted testing of a pancreatic cancer candidate because the compound wasn’t showing a benefit. And Amgen is a few years away from finishing development of compounds, especially one to fight high cholesterol, that are thought to have the biggest commercial potential.

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I'd like to change some money buy limovan The Prirazlomnaya rig - a crucial part of Russia's troubledeffort to tap oil and gas in the Arctic - is slated to startoperating by the end of the year and is expected to reach peakproduction of 6 million tonnes per year (120,000 barrels perday) in 2019.

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I was made redundant two months ago zopiclone 7.5 high Bringing a team of trained terrorists into the United States would be extremely difficult today, an audacious endeavor even by al-Qaida standards. Improved intelligence worldwide has degraded the operational capabilities of al-Qaida and has made its operating environment more hostile. And any large mobilization of terrorist personnel would likely be noticed by intelligence gatherers.

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Sorry, I'm busy at the moment zopiclone generic This isn’t the first curved OLED TV (LG got therefirst) but it is the cheapest. The S9C goes on sale exclusively at John Lewisfor £6,999, but you could split that price in two if you’re planning on viewingeverything in double-vision.

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The United States xanax bar many mg U.S. involvement in Syria so far has been limited to providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and non-lethal aid to the Syrian opposition. But Obama is moving ahead with lethal aid after determining the government of President Bashar al-Assad has sometimes used chemical weapons.

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Photography cheap limovan The timetable for disarmament was laid down by U.S.Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign MinisterSergei Lavrov a week ago in Geneva when they set aside sharpdifferences over Syria to address the chemical weapons issue.

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How much does the job pay? bromazepam online kopen Nigerian forces say their offensive has enabled them towrest back control of the remote northeast from Boko Haram. Theysay they have destroyed important bases and arrested hundreds ofsuspected insurgents.

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Can I call you back? fake xanax bars for sale Content engaging our readers now, with additional prominence accorded if the story is rapidly gaining attention. Our WSJ algorithm comprises 30% page views, 20% Facebook, 20% Twitter, 20% email shares and 10% comments.

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I didn't go to university zopiclone 7.5 get you high Robles was stopped by Miami-Dade Police Officer Vicki Thomas, but instead of taking her into custody, Thomas ran her criminal history and found nothing major, so she charged her with a misdemeanor and a notice to appear in court.

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I love the theatre buy limovan A small herd of goats arrived Wednesday at the 35-acre site, in the shadows of Capitol Hill, to gnaw away at Kudzu and other underbrush so dense it is strangling trees that threaten to topple onto headstones. 

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Looking for work codeine 300 Reilly said Raymond James is "substantially complete" withtheir integration of Memphis-based brokerage Morgan Keegan,which the company acquired last April for $1.2 billion fromRegions Financial Corp.

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Could I have an application form? clonazepam with breastfeeding In the weeks leading up to the Six Day War, Arab leaders repeatedly threatened Israel with annihilation. Together with Egypt’s ejection of United Nations forces, the closing of the Straits of Tiran, and the massing of troops on Israel’s northern and southern borders, the fiery rhetoric created a state of existential fear in Israel.

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Hold the line, please apap/w codeine 300/30mg Charles Evans, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank ofChicago, said on Tuesday that the Fed would probably scale backits bond-buying program later this year, perhaps beginning asearly as next month, depending on economic data.

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Have you read any good books lately? 300 mg codeine overdose Islam's holy month of Ramadan, which began this week, is celebrated by Muslims worldwide marked by fasting, abstaining from foods, sex and smoking from dawn to dusk. It is a time for soul cleansing and for strengthening spiritual bonds.

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Whereabouts are you from? hydrocodone cod As high-end smartphone sales hit a plateau, the $2 trillionindustry - telecom carriers, handset makers and contentproviders - is buckling up for a bumpier ride as growth shiftsto emerging markets, primarily in Asia.

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I'll put her on clonazepam 1mg tablets uses Using specialized MRI machines, researchers found the brains of patients who were physically nonresponsive lit up on cue when the patients were told to answer yes or no questions or pay attention to specific words.

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I'm doing an internship generic klonopin for It is outside the tackles where the Colts' defense is vulnerable, giving up 8.1 yards per carry this season. But Gore can't take advantage of that. Kaepernick is the only 49er currently fast enough to run around the outside against the Colts. You should expect him to carry the ball 10 to 15 times on Sunday.

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Until August clonazepam gotas generico Dr. Benjamin Taragin, director of pediatric radiology at The Children's Hospital at Montefiore in Bronx, New York, who also wasn't part of the study team, said involving parents in the discussion can perhaps steer the conversation to alternative options, such as ultrasound or even watchful waiting, if possible.

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I'll put him on klonopin discount This is the second time the media companies have considered selling Hulu but decided against it. They had collected bids for from parties including satellite provider DirecTV and former News Corp president Peter Chernin, sources had previously told Reuters.

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It's funny goodluck 325 mg hydrocodone how many to get high The International Olympic Committee (IOC) eventually staged its news conference and announced that he had been stripped of his record, his Olympic title and medal after testing positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol.

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I'd like to send this letter by prescription klonopin The first is at least understandable. While the belief that pole fitness is always a sexualised activity seems overly simplistic, I’ve always been equally irritated by claims that there is no link at all. I mean come on, do we really expect anyone to hear the term ‘pole fitness’ and not immediately conjure up the mental image of scantily clad women writhing around greased poles? But looking into it further, I realised that this insistence that pole fitness must solely originate from the strip clubs of the Western world says more about our skewed perceptions than it does about a conspiracy to disempower women.

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About a year hydrocodone apap 7.5 325 mg The official start of production is was marked at a ceremony on Line 2 by John Martin, Nissan’s Senior Vice President for Manufacturing, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management in Europe, and the UK’s Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, former Darlington MP, Michael Fallon.

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I'm about to run out of credit buy cheap hydrocodone online When operations are in full swing, the road to Hpakant is clogged with vehicles bringing fuel in and jade out. Such is the scale and speed of modern extraction, said Yitnang Ze Lum, Hpakant's jade could be gone within 10 years.

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In a meeting clonazepam 1 mg vs xanax 0.5 mg By speaking out with compassion for gay people, Francis was buying time for himself in deciding what to do about Ricca, whom he has so far supported, and the larger task of rooting out corruption in the Roman Curia. Italian news reports, largely unconfirmed until Magister’s article, referred to a gay cabal within the Curia.

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How do you know each other? codeine 30mg to buy In his seven seasons in the Japanese Pacific League, Ichiro collected 1,278 hits. During his 13 years in the United States, he now has 2,722 major league hits. He surpassed Lou Gehrig for sole possession of 59th place on the all-time major-league hit list.

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How much does the job pay? klonopin price per pill "If you look at their current account deficit and the amountof (maturing) short-term debt and amortisations as a share ofcurrency reserves and compare with other emerging markets,Turkey is the worst."

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How long are you planning to stay here? codeine sulfate 30 mg dosage "Some (Gypsy) families are starting to be anxious. Tomorrow, some people could be moved to action and come to threaten them." Bourdouleix's words "reinforce rejection, discrimination and exclusion," Sauve told The Associated Press. He threatened to sue the politician.

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Will I have to work shifts? hydrocodone apap 30 300 It is likely that a number of accountants across the UK will now be scurrying to check the records of their high net worth customers to ensure that their tax arrangements and their company set-ups are in order. Indeed HMRC has the ability to look back 20 years in the most serious cases of potential tax avoidance which could potentially open up a can of worms for many people.

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We'd like to invite you for an interview valium disorders At one point, while discussing how his alleged victim Hannaford Bros. supermarket chain will pay millions for new security, Kalinin says: "They would better pay us not to hack them again," according to the indictment. Another alleged conspirator said that he used Google News alerts to track when his hacks were discovered.

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I've lost my bank card buy valium online no prescription cheap Japan spiralled into deep recession after the sales tax wasincreased in 1997 to 5 percent from 3 percent. Economists aredivided on how much the hike was to blame, as the Asianfinancial crisis and then Japan's own banking crisis followedshortly afterwards.

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I'd like to cancel a cheque Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets The investigation was launched following complaints by parents after children took home two creationist books, How Do You Know God is Real?, and Exposing the Myth of Evolution, which they had been given at assembly.

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We'd like to offer you the job is there a generic for effexor xr 150 Iv always said if a console wants to take over the market, they should release it with some form of LCD glasses. Id much rather have VR over kinect. They could even make the glasses transparent so you still play the game on the TV but it has added features by putting a HUD or 3d effects in the glasses.

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Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account? effexor 37.5 mg withdrawal MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused onpurchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms.

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I'll put her on 150 mg effexor lot Officials at NHSBT said families often override their relative’s wishes by refusing permission for a transplant, a practice that contributed to the deaths of more than 1,300 patients awaiting transplants last year. The consent rate from relatives is currently 57 per cent, a proportion NHSBT want to see rise to 80 per cent.

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Have you seen any good films recently? levaquin 250 mg tablet "He (Rodriguez) ought to take the responsibility, do the time that he is ultimately given and do what's right for baseball now," Tygart told Reuters. "Instead he is dragging it out, creating chaos around him.

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I work for myself Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics And then, in Week 14 (finally!), Manning and the Colts got the victory when he completed 65 percent of his passes for 210 yards and three touchdowns as they knocked off the hapless Bengals in Indianapolis.In the process, he broke Charlie Conerly's record for touchdown passes by a rookie that had stood since 1948.

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I'm doing an internship Caduet Price Adobe's chief security officer Brad Arkin revealed that, as part of the attack, hackers managed to steal source code for Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion, ColdFusion Builder and other Adobe products. That essentially gives the hackers blueprints to find further weaknesses -- and exploit them, several security experts noted. It heightens the danger for anyone using Adobe products.

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Can I use your phone? Permethrin Spray Where To Buy The P5 1 talks yesterday were held in UN Security Council chambers and thrown together to include Zarif just days ago, so they proved more relaxed than the typical P5 1 meetings in Istanbul, Baghdad, Moscow and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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I study here bactrim 400 mg The transaction has received approval from federalregulators, but regulators in several states have questionedwhether the plan would increase transmission rates for Entergycustomers without providing sufficient benefits.

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Where do you study? buy cheap bactrim "Someone saw me for who I was and singled me out and picked me because of that," Steed said. "All my life [I] never believed in myself. It was so easy for me to get lost in the crowd of family, but out here it's so easy to be seen in a crowd and not get lost."

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It's OK how to get off effexor 75mg A Christie's spokesperson revealed in a statement to USA TODAY that the 16.21-carat Lorraine Schwartz bauble "saw active participation in the room, on the phone banks, and from Christie's LIVE. This impressive diamond ring was sought out by two bidders in the back of the room, one online bidder, and was ultimately won by a bidder on the phone."

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Do you know each other? effexor xr 150 price "The PC remains one of the world's most popular gaming platforms, and we're committed to offering PC players the best possible experience with our games," said Ubisoft SVP of sales and marketing Tony Key.

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I'd like to send this to effexor 75 mg vs 150 mg Project leader Professor Aneta Stefanovska said, "Not very far from now, a £200 to £300 device will be available to everyone for home use. I hope we are developing something to encourage people to take care of their health".

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Could I borrow your phone, please? Atorvastatin Price Winemakers in the area are keen to protect their brand. The new Chinese middle class may like to be seen drinking wine, but they aren't always used to the taste. So, if you order a glass of red in China, you may find it's served mixed with sweet fizzy drinks and ice.

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I'd like to tell you about a change of address Elimite Price Giving away upside for free isn’t unusual in public DB plans. Wisconsin state employees and some Illinois teachers are offered two options when they retire. They can either take what they were promised, based on salary and tenure, or they can take what they would have earned if their contributions earned a market return (or in the Illinois case, the return plan trustees hoped to earn). According to pension economist Jeff Brown, when returns were high, many other plans increased the generosity of promised benefits. The problem is plans don’t cut benefits when the fund does poorly. This asymmetry undermines the health of the plan.

RsDRMkQESMYhFeb 04 2015 1:41pm
I'm interested in Purchase Acetazolamide Online The storm dumped heavy rain and it had to be pumped out ofprotective containers at the base of about 1,000 tanks storingradioactive water, the by-product of a jerry-rigged coolingsystem designed to control wrecked reactors.

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Did you go to university? effexor 37.5mg tablets The lead on-scene investigator, Van McKenny of the NationalTransportation Safety Board, said he was not at liberty todiscuss what might have caused the plane to swerve off therunway. He said any problems with the landing gear or otherpossible factors would be covered by the crash investigation.

RsDRMkQESMYhFeb 04 2015 1:41pm
I was born in Australia but grew up in England price of effexor xr without insurance He sacrificed his voting coalition, splintering it in his rush to war. He no longer matters and we all know it; and all just to impress the Israeli Neocon war hawks with which he has surrounded himself in his second term. He is political toast about 7 months into his new term, after all of our efforts to re-elect the little pretender.

RsDRMkQESMYhFeb 04 2015 1:41pm
I'm in my first year at university effexor 75mg generic The Red Sox will throw two pretty good pitchers themselves, sending Clay Buchholz out against Scherzer in Game 6 and John Lackey against Verlander in Game 7 if it gets that far. The Tigers need Scherzer and Verlander to be the great equalizers — though a hit or two from Prince Fielder wouldn’t hurt, either.

RsDRMkQESMYhFeb 04 2015 1:41pm
I like watching TV 250 mg levaquin For a glamorous couple who jet-set the world clad in the finest designer threads (Kim chose Valentino on engagement night), the baseball stadium proposal actually seemed down to earth, say some Kimye fans.

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WczhDe Hello! I've been following your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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How many weeks' holiday a year are there? seroquel 50 mg sleep A sharp retreat in U.S. labor force participation coincided with the start of the global financial crisis in mid-2007 and accelerated a downward trend that was already in place, for reasons economists do not yet fully understand.

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How many days will it take for the cheque to clear? levofloxacin (levaquin) 500 mg oral tablet Propagating Nazi values or praising the era is illegal in Austria. Kammerstaetter, the historian, has formally asked state prosecutors to examine whether the government's sale of the bell is a criminal offence. He says the change of ownership could constitute a case of "spreading National Socialist ideology" on the part of the government agency in charge of state-owned property

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I'd like to open a personal account domperidone online uk The San Francisco-based fund, which manages about $12 billion for clients, owns 0.8 percent of Microsoft's shares. Co-founded by finance industry veteran Jeff Ubben in 2000, it has made a reputation for building stakes in companies and working with management to change fundamental strategy.

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Looking for a job seroquel 25 mg anxiety As the world of work changes, employment histories are looking increasingly like patchwork quilts made up of various types of jobs. People and companies increasingly opt for (or are forced into) constantly shifting, project-based relationships instead of more permanent salaried ones. That news might be unsettling for those who prefer stability (and the related benefits), but Fabio Rosati, president and CEO of Elance, a freelancing website, sees opportunity in that constant churn, and he thinks you should, too.

hgxRpyouwmwoawRpaFeb 05 2015 8:06am
very best job seroquel 25 mg for depression Britain's second biggest drugmaker will pay $350 millionupfront and in subsequent non-contingent payments, plus futuredevelopment-related milestone payments of up to $465 million,for rights to FG-4592 in the United States, China and certainother markets.

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I've only just arrived how much does levofloxacin cost without insurance Some uninsured people have filled out paper applications that will prolong the enrollment process by weeks. Organizers say most are content, however, to learn about benefits including federal subsidies and provide their contact information so they can act later when the online system improves.

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Children with disabilities levaquin tab 750mg In interviews Monday to promote his last-minute bid to enter the controller’s race, Spitzer showed he hadn’t lost his ability to sound smarter than the average pol. With infectious enthusiasm, he called the office he seeks a “tremendous opportunity,” including a chance to move beyond “tedious and green eyeshade” financial audits to assess “whether the policies we are paying for are working.”

hgxRpyouwmwoawRpaFeb 05 2015 8:06am
Will I get paid for overtime? seroquel 500 mg day According to the American Cancer Society, more than 22,000 women will be diagnosed this year with ovarian cancer, and more than 14,000 women will die from the disease. Often called “the disease that whispers,” ovarian cancer in most cases is not discovered until it has reached an advanced stage. Now, researchers believe a new screening strategy may change that by detecting the disease before it becomes lethal.

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I'll text you later levaquin 500 mg dosage He acted in response to a scandal which saw the Unite union, the party’s main paymaster, accused of paying for people to join Falkirk Labour Party to give its preferred candidate a better chance of being selected.

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Children with disabilities buy domperidone online uk * Hotel chain Hilton Worldwide Inc is preparing for a returnto the public markets, choosing four banks to manage a sharesale as the hotel group's private equity owner looks tocapitalize on a rebounding real estate market and stronginvestor demand for initial public offerings. ()

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How many are there in a book? levaquin buy The hearing was otherwise largely a retread of past such hearings. Committee Chair Dianne Feinstein offered the witnesses (which also included Clapper) plenty of opportunities to defend the programs, saying, "It is up to you, gentlemen of the intelligence community, to lay out the case and set the record straight." The committee's vice chairman, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, critiqued Edward Snowden, saying that there was "no doubt" the committee was there, proposing some reforms, thanks to him. But, he cautioned, "Mr. Snowden may be a hero to our enemies, but he is certainly no whistleblower."

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I've been cut off levofloxacin tablets cost in india “I don’t think you ever throw at anyone because maybe you don’t like them or you don’t like something they’re doing, because it’s dangerous,” Girardi said. “I respect that. I respect Joe for saying that.”

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Where do you study? levaquin 500mg tablets price Werner said federal public defenders currently representingdeath row inmates in Ohio's Southern District will likely try touse Ohio's action to stop the state's next scheduled execution,set for Nov. 14.

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It's serious levaquin 500 mg a single dose The growth in online videos is still maturing, analysts say. YouTube, Twitter’s Vine video service and Facebook predict fortunes from selling ads against popular videos of babies biting fingers and cats dressed in shark costumes, as well as from placing ads alongside video channels for Internet celebrities. Some stars have millions of regular viewers.

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Where are you from? levaquin online ROME, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Silvio Berlusconi's bid to pushItaly into new elections faces a test on Monday when he meetslawmakers from his centre-right party who have shown growingunease over his shock decision to pull support from PrimeMinister Enrico Letta's coalition.

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The United States seroquel 50 mg xr "We're in favour of talks, we're in favour of pushing thingsforward, but only insofar as nobody is left behind," saidMickael Wamen, head representative at Goodyear for the CGTunion, which represents a majority of workers.

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Thanks funny site domperidone online new zealand “What is new here is our observation that West Antarctica did not wait for a cue from the Northern Hemisphere before it began warming,” Brook added. “What hasn’t changed is that the initial warming and melting of the ice sheets triggered the release of CO2 from the oceans, which accelerated the demise of the ice age.”

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Have you got a current driving licence? 50mg seroquel high The photo was leaked by EVLeaks with a caption below that said Another Upcoming Kindle. Some reports said that Amazon could launch as many as three tablets during this year, instead of the normal two it has done for a number of years.

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Will I get paid for overtime? levofloxacin 500 mg The HMIC report said that the failure of forces to collaborate represented a major lost opportunity in cutting costs, but chief inspector Tom Winsor warned that mergers involved a “serious degree of disruption and expense”.

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I've only just arrived seroquel 50 mg for sleep T-Mobile launched its 4G LTE for the first time a couple of months ago with a handful of devices on board that offer the carrier’s faster data speeds. However, during T-Mobile’s NYC event today, the carrier announced even more devices that will support T-Mobile’s LTE network, including the new Sony Xperia Z and Nokia’s Lumia 925.

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I'm on business same day cash advance for bad credit The challenges mirror those faced by much of China's manufacturing sector, from cement and steel to shipbuilding - local governments chasing jobs and economic growth over-invested in often high-cost, low-tech capacity in the mid-2000s when demand for solar panels was booming. That boom is now over.

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We went to university together play games earn cash "The country's foreign-exchange reserves are already at avery low level and pressure on reserves is likely to rise due toincreased domestic demand for foreign currency in the autumn andsignificant foreign-currency-denominated debt repayments untilend-2014," Moody's said in a statement.

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In a meeting what is unsecured line of credit Soon after the fire at Heathrow, U.K. tour operator Thomson Airways confirmed that one of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes travelling from England to the U.S. had to turn back after experiencing a technical issue.

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I want to report a bad credit refinance loans Meanwhile, the head of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), which provides many of the federal government's services to the country's 566 recognized Indian tribes, said his skeleton staff was busy addressing a series of minor crises, some stemming from the absence of support workers for government services that otherwise remain operational.

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Accountant supermarket manager payday loans with low fees Apparently Microsoft is still passionate about bringing the Xbox Community indie games on the Xbox One. Lionhead Studios’ Creative Director Gary Carr claims that the company is readying an announcement regarding their stance on smaller studios publishing games on the console. Carr didn’t have any…..

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Where do you live? find fast loan Nechelput will continue in his role as finance director forGSK China and will remain based there. News last week thatNechelput had been stopped from leaving China sparked concernabout the scale of the probe facing GSK, although GSK said hehad not been questioned or detained by authorities.

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I read a lot 1000 loans bad credit The bottom line is that very few, if any, of the primary causes of the crisis have been properly addressed; they have merely been papered over. Trade imbalances within the eurozone and between America and China have admittedly got better, but only to be replaced by different manifestations of the same underlying problem.

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Which university are you at? online payroll advances “When those (bad) things happen, I try to put it in perspective,” Smith added. “It’s my second start. I’m still a rookie. I’m still learning. Every guy who’s ever come into this league has made those mistakes. That’s the way I look at it. But I don’t want it to happen.”

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How many would you like? blue mountain online loans "We reviewed our plans after the (botulism) crisis. Wereviewed whether we should delay it, and we said 'No', so it'sfull steam ahead," Spierings said, adding he was stepping upFonterra's China expansion, prioritising growth in its consumerbrands and food services there over other regions.

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Jonny was here need money now bad credit just got bank account JPMorgan initially said in the note on Wednesday morningthat based on its Washington D.C. contacts and comments from theadministration, it believed an announcement of a delay couldcome as soon as Wednesday.

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A Second Class stamp quick easy payday loans bad credit While short-term use of hormone therapy may be useful to treat hot flashes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms that harm quality of life, long-term use for chronic disease prevention "is not warranted," Dr. Elizabeth Nadel, of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, said in a journal editorial published with the study.

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I'd like to open a personal account note for loan Barring guns from civilian patrols is a legal gray area since most U.S. citizens have the legal right to bear arms, said Kenneth Novak, a criminologist at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, who has studied watch programs.

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Canada>Canada 500 cash advance A good tip is to find out when the developer’s year end is. Better discounts tend to come at half-year and end of year. And just because they offer you a deal, it doesn’t mean you can’t also secure a cash discount.

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I was born in Australia but grew up in England tree loans Critics also point to the infamous Bre-X scandal of the late1990s, in which investors lost billions of dollars after amassive gold find turned out to have been a fake. No one wasever charged with fraud, and the lone figure who was chargedwith insider trading was acquitted.

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What's the exchange rate for euros? ing direct personal loans WASHINGTON - Worries about rising interest rates and falling stock prices dinged U.S. consumer sentiment in early July, while other data showed a firm rise in wholesale prices, which could make the Federal Reserve more comfortable reducing its monetary stimulus.

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Could you tell me the number for ? direct lender bad credit same day loan Headteacher Kirsty McNicholas said in a statement on the school website: "Whilst the fire has caused significant damage we are determined to get the school and lessons up and running as soon as possible."

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We went to university together check credit loan military no payday The devices exploded near the state television building in central Damascus, sending shockwaves through the area. After the first, lesser, explosion, the newsreader flinched but continued with his bulletin.

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Would you like to leave a message? loans blogs Jon Lester allowed two runs in 5.1 innings, and the Boston bullpen, which entered the game having thrown 13.1 scoreless innings in the series, allowed just one run over 3.2 frames. Closer Koji Uehara got the final five outs for his second save of the series.

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What's the exchange rate for euros? seroquel xr 200 mg reviews The Scotsman provides news, events and sport features from the Edinburgh area. For the best up to date information relating to Edinburgh and the surrounding areas visit us at The Scotsman regularly or bookmark this page.

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Through friends where can i buy atenolol Metro-North will also be opening up more than 8,600 free park-and-ride spaces at locations where other rail lines or buses will be available for commuters. The latest train schedule is available at

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Where do you come from? Slimfast Uk The timing of the CPI delay comes when there are growing expectations the economic drag due to the first federal shutdown in 17 years will force the Federal Reserve to stick with its $85 billion monthly bond-purchase stimulus into 2014.

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What university do you go to? Slimfast Meals Jose Carlos Martins, executive director for ferrous andstrategy at Brazil's Vale, said demand growth in China, theworld's top iron ore consumer, was likely to moderate next year,but did not expect any big decline.

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How many are there in a book? 800 mg seroquel dangerous With shock from that disaster still raw, the lower half of the Dodger order taunted St. Louis starter Joe Kelly in the bottom of the second. Gonzalez led off with a single, moved to second on Yasiel Puig’s one-out hit and scored the game’s first run when Juan Uribe drove him in.

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Who's calling? buy cheap atenolol Goodwood is mostly about seeing priceless cars being driven enthusiastically up the hill, but there’s also plenty of new machinery this year worthy of your attention. Top of the bill is McLaren’s P1, shown in stealth black – it’s acceleration off the start-line is really a sight to behold.

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I quite like cooking tenormin tablett 25 mg The NCAA is searching to maintain relevancy in a time in which its relevancy is eroding. One way to do so would to ensure that all investigations are based solely on facts, wherever they lead. Especially a potential investigation involving the reigning champs.  

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Hold the line, please Purchase Slimfast Online Furloughed contract workers will lose their pay, unless their companies decide to pay them out of profits, said Alan Chvotkin, general counsel for the Professional Services Council, a trade group for mid-sized contractors.

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Have you got a current driving licence? generic seroquel "We were brought all the way here from Afghanistan to see if justice would be served. But not our way. The justice was served (in the) American way, their way," he said. "We wanted this murderer to be executed but we didn't get our wish."

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A book of First Class stamps order tenormin That'll be cool if they get the Apple to light up like they do on the laptops. I think it would be neat if they could use it as a camera flash too if there's a way to make it bright enough as the iPad doesn't have one.

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I'd like to transfer some money to this account seroquel xro 200 mg ms A planned marketing blitz, which includes enlisting actorRobert Downey Jr. for a reported $12 million to star in its adcampaigns, is expected to weigh on profit margins and analystsremain wary about the company's longer-term prospects as Samsungand Apple have much deeper pockets to develop new products.

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What's your number? buy quetiapine uk But the decision on whether to adopt such a policy - already in place in Australia - was delayed earlier this month, with ministers saying it was important to gather more evidence on its effectiveness.

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I went to quetiapine online bestellen “If you’re at a large mall, you can fire up the app, and see where the sales are … it makes your shopping trip more efficient,” she says. The app has already been downloaded thousands of times and has overall positive ratings in the iTunes store.

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Children with disabilities seroquel xr 300mg WASHINGTON - The Justice Department sued on Tuesday to block the merger of American Airlines' parent company AMR Corp and US Airways Group Inc, saying the deal would hurt consumers by leading to higher fares and fees.

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An accountancy practice seroquel xr 300 mg sleep “We will not compromise the investigation of the testing,” McLintock told The News, insisting the autopsy will be thorough and that investigators will take as long as needed to determine the cause of death.

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Thanks funny site tenormin mite 25mg Onyx sells Nexavar, a treatment for liver and kidney cancer, and the new colon cancer drug Stivarga - both in partnership with Germany's Bayer AG. Onyx last year began selling Kyprolis for multiple myeloma, which some analysts estimate will reach peak annual sales of $3 billion.

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I was born in Australia but grew up in England 25mg atenolol "Just as a sender of a letter to a business colleague cannot be surprised that the recipient's assistant opens the letter, people who use web-based email today cannot be surprised if their emails are processed by the recipient's [email provider] in the course of delivery," the motion said.

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magic story very thanks seroquel 200mg tablets best price SIR – Your report, “Vince Cable: Olympics’ £10 billion economic benefit claim is a marketing exercise” (July 19), raises a crucial question about the long-term legacy of London 2012. The Government acknowledges that any improvements in public attitudes since the Paralympics may have been undermined by welfare reforms.

sGfuHEsrhPvVtDBOQgPFeb 06 2015 10:49pm
very best job Slimfast Offers However, these findings should be viewed in the light of that fact that only 11 teenagers were involved in the analysis, and none of the teenagers were followed up over time. This means that we can’t say whether singing in a choir leads to better health.

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I love this site fort wayne cash advance The agency, New Faces Development Center, "built a lucrative business by crushing the dreams of hopeful children and conning parents out of their hard-earned money," said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice.

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I'd like to tell you about a change of address personal installment loans hong kong That’s one of many self-aware and funny lines that pepper the CD. “They should put a few more mirrors in here/so I can stare at myself,” he cracks in “Pound Cake.” “I make mistakes/I’m the second to admit it,” he allows in “Tuscan Leather,” while in “All Me” he compares himself to toilet paper. “I’m on a roll/like Cottonelle.”

TxOjsTfwbDpcRFeb 07 2015 3:10am
Just over two years loansforpoorcreditonsocialsecurity Boulder and towns along the Front Range of the Rockies northof Denver were especially hard hit as water poured downrain-soaked mountains and rushed through canyons that funneledthe runoff into populated areas.

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I'd like to change some money cash advance loans virginia "We don't know where these bodies came from, but we already have brought to a local morgue 31 bodies for identification," she said, adding that morgue officials awaited the arrival of the 14 bodies to add them to the toll from the disaster.

TxOjsTfwbDpcRFeb 07 2015 3:10am
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A financial advisor cash advance st louis Expanded export capacity to countries bypassed by TAP could be fed by Absheron and other new generation fields such as Shafag-Asiman, which will be developed under a production-sharing agreement with BP, Azeri officials said at a ceremony to announce the selection of TAP last month.

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Who do you work for? 100 day loans no employment verification Legal scholars and activists feared that if Manning, 25, was found guilty of aiding the enemy - a charge punishable by execution, although prosecutors were not seeking death in his case - it would establish a precedent that would chill future leaks to the media.

TxOjsTfwbDpcRFeb 07 2015 3:10am
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