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Should a tall thin guy be embarrassed if his short stocky girlfriend is bigger and stronger than he is?

Question: Should he be embarrassed? Perhaps even ashamed or humiliated???
Created by: PRAGMATIC A at 05:15:40 AM, Tuesday, March 02, 2010 PST


my girls are! muscle bitch

wimpyboyJan 28 2017 5:12pm

Why do you know your girlfriend is stronger than you?

HenniNov 18 2018 10:17pm
Henni, she pinned me twice wrestling and beat me armwrestling. I was so shocked and very embarrassed. She was so happy and proud of herself! That's when she started calling me "Wimpy Boy"! Bitch.

Wimpy Boy.Dec 27 2018 10:32am
Wimpy boy, does your girlfriend force you to use „Wimpy boy“ as nickname? I have a similar story! Since my girlfriend start weight training she becomes much stronger than me! Sometime she noticed that her muscles are clear bigger than mine. We do some strength tests but i loose all. Since this day she calls me her little weakling. That annoys me but i can’t do anything. Sometimes if i ask her to call me not „weakling“, she shows her superior strength to me and i have to admit that i‘m much weaker then her. It’s embrassing!

HenniJan 12 2019 5:15pm
How big is she?

TopicmasterJan 27 2019 1:55pm
Topicmaster, she is 5‘-6“ tall and very muscular. She weigh 190 pounds.

Henni Feb 01 2019 11:40pm
Oh Henni and wimpy boy, you look similar to my husband situation i’m 6.2 foot and 210 lbs

Fatima Feb 05 2019 11:24am
Wow Fatima, you are really a big girl! In what a Situation is your husband?

HenniFeb 05 2019 10:11pm
Thanks, but sorry didn’t understand your question what do u mean by husband situation

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:53am
You wrote that Wimpy Boy and me in a similar situation like your husband. Can you describe in which situation is your husband?

HenniFeb 06 2019 4:51am
I meant that my husband is a small weak man. I’m much stronger muscular and more manly than he is. Also, I called him sissy or cuckold while he calls me Boss

Fatima Feb 06 2019 4:55am
Why are you more manly? Because you are much more muscular and stronger than him or of another reason? How much muscular are you than average men?

HenniFeb 06 2019 12:50pm
I’m much more muscular than the average man. My biceps is 19 inches and my thighs are 28 my calves is 22. I think people describing me as manly for different reasons I’m tall, heavy, big, I’m muscular and maybe because of my job and maybe my attitude the way I sit, eat and smoke stuff like that. And some people say my voice is manly. Long story short I’m hard strong solid woman. While my husband weak, soft and small man

Fatima Feb 06 2019 12:58pm
Hey, where did you go? Don’t worry I’m not manly 100%. I have some girly stuff my boobs. This’s how people can tell that I’m not the man and my sissy husband is the woman 😂😂

Fatima Feb 06 2019 1:17pm
OMG! You are really very big and muscular. I‘m not small but compared to you my muscles are tiny! Do you sometimes wear heels? If yes how high they are?

Henni Feb 06 2019 1:27pm
Thanks. What’s your size? Usually I only wear heels when I want to make men around me feel so tiny 😂😂. My heels I wear usually are 15 cm so I’ll 2 meters and 7 cm. But usually I don’t wear it. I always wear flipflop

Fatima Feb 06 2019 1:33pm
So, do you think I’m manly or not?

Fatima Feb 06 2019 1:34pm
I‘m 6‘ 2,8“ high, arms 15“, weight nearly 190lb. I don’t know the measurements of my legs but i think they are small. I‘m not sure you are manly or not but you are big and it sounds you are very strong!

HenniFeb 06 2019 1:52pm
Okay, thanks. You’re big comparing to other men. What about your wife is she big? How’s your relationship with her

Fatima Feb 06 2019 1:54pm
Many men describe me as manly woman, Probably even my husband 😂😂

Fatima Feb 06 2019 1:55pm
Yes, she weigh the sane as me but she is more muscular and stronger than me but she is shorter. But sometimes she wears heels with this she is taller than me.

HenniFeb 06 2019 2:00pm
Wow she looks big woman as well. How do you feel about being weaker? Does she control the relationship

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:02pm
I think you look feminine but bulky! Not a small tender women! Only your voice i can’t imagine. Do you have a hard voice?

HenniFeb 06 2019 2:03pm
Thanks. I don’t think I’m feminine no one ever told me this. Yes, my voice is little hard, and I’m muscular and people tell me it’s the way I live

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:05pm
I have learned to accept to be weaker than her but i had a hard time! But mostly she is nice to me!

HenniFeb 06 2019 2:05pm
That’s nice. How was the hard times? Does she control you?

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:06pm
I think only muscle doesn’t made you manly if you have some female characteristics. Why do you have a hard voice?

HenniFeb 06 2019 2:07pm
I don’t know why? But simply I don’t fake things like other women i act and talk the way make me comfortable. I have big boobs, that’s the only feminine I have

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:10pm
If she becomes more and more stronger she show it to me that i‘m more often to weak to do something she orders me. Yes, she controls me and our whole relationship!

HenniFeb 06 2019 2:12pm
That’s cool. I think it’s normal that women theze days take control physicaly and in every aspect of the relationship

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:14pm
Do you wrestle?

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:15pm
It looks like you’re busy now. Hope she’s not discipline you 😂

Fatima Feb 06 2019 2:48pm
No, it was late and i was tired and falling asleep! May i ask you how much weight can you lift with one arm bicep curl?

HenniFeb 07 2019 12:05am
Sometimes my girlfriend wrestle me but it‘s not really fun for me because she’s much stronger than me and i always lose!

Henni Feb 07 2019 12:09am
I do my biceps training with 25 kg for 10 times. What about you and your wife? My husband hates to wrestle also. What would you be wearing when you wrestle

Fatima Feb 07 2019 12:13am
25kg!?! Wow! My girlfriend lift maximum 22kg! I‘m happy to lift 13 maybe 14kg. My girlfriend called me often weakling but compared to you i‘m really a very weak weakling!

Henni Feb 07 2019 12:21am
Do you think i‘m a small weakling?

Henni Feb 07 2019 12:25am
Of course you’re. But that’s normal for men now. Most of the wives can beat their husbands. So what wouyu be wearing when u wrestle

Fatima Feb 07 2019 12:32am
It’s differs in dependency to the situation. But i favor to don’t wrestle! My girlfriend loves to pin me in bed!

HenniFeb 07 2019 12:38am
You really hates wrestling. Does your wife wrestle other men?

Fatima Feb 07 2019 12:39am
No, but she loves to show other guys with big mouth that they probably not the stronger ones.

HenniFeb 07 2019 4:48am
How she does that to them

Fatima Feb 07 2019 4:55am
It looks like you’re so busy to chat

Fatima Feb 07 2019 10:12am
Sorry Fatima, i was on the road. You ask me how my girlfriend show orher guys that she is stronger! Mostly it is enough if she wear short sleeves she ties her hair together and flex her arms during she do that. Most men doesn’t have so big and round bicep like she have! Sometimes she armwrestle other men and i never saw that she lost exept against the one or other women.

Henni Feb 07 2019 1:34pm
Wow she looks strong. She should try to wrestle other men at some point new challenge. Are guys scared when they see her biceps? Does she flex her legs muscles are they big too?

Fatima Feb 07 2019 1:43pm
Fatima, you wrote above that you think that i‘m big for a man but nevertheless you mean i‘m a weakling. Well i see that your muscles much bigger than mine and therefore they‘re much stronger. But it you think that i am a weakling, most men must be weaklings compared to you, isn’t it? Do you know other girls or women who are stronger than men or even weaker than men?

Henni Feb 07 2019 1:48pm
I always try to wear really short shorts to show everyone how big and muscular my thighs and calves are. Men are so scared when they see it

Fatima Feb 07 2019 1:49pm
Yes, Henni I meant you’re weakling, and your wife is absolutely right to call you little weakling. Most of the married couple around me wives are stronger than men. But I have one neighbor who’s very strong and muscular while her husband is so little and weak. We humiliates our husbands a lot

Fatima Feb 07 2019 1:52pm
Yes, in the swimming bath she wears a bikini. Everybody can see her big muscles, some muscle fibers are visible. She looks hard and strong. Also if she wears heels she is taller than most men. Most guys have respect!

Henni Feb 07 2019 1:55pm
Wow, her muscles look really hard. Are scared or proud of her? How do u feel when you see all those guys fear her

Fatima Feb 07 2019 1:57pm
Both! Sometimes i‘m proud to her but sometimes i‘m scared of her especially if i remember what her big strong muscles can do with me! Sometimes it is embarrassing for me if she call me weakling in public! It‘s humiliating!

Henni Feb 07 2019 2:05pm
Well. I think you’re lucky because she doesn’t other guys. Because i do it, and my husband not only doesn’t like, but now everyone of his friends know the pain that Fatima’s muscles 💪🏻 can do

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:08pm
Also, i call my husband sissy while he calls me Boss. I think this’s more humiliating than little weakling

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:12pm
Yes, i hope my girlfriend will never try a fight against me! She could beat me to the hospital! I will don’t give any idea about this to her!

HenniFeb 07 2019 2:24pm
Yoi should be scared of her. This’s how most couple these days. Have you watched her are wrestling others?

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:26pm
Only as i describe above! She doesn’t made sessions to wrestle anyone but if it is possible she loves to show her strength!

Henni Feb 07 2019 2:29pm
Maybe you should suggest to her to wrestle others. This way you can make sure when she needs to fight someone it won’t be you 😂

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:32pm
I think i should not give her ideas! May i ask you what sissy means?

HenniFeb 07 2019 2:36pm
Since she’s bigger and muscular than most of the guys and she already proud about it, I’m sure that she already thought about it. So, direct her to different guys before she comes after you. Sissy mean: weak girly, soft

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:39pm
we talked about it and she promised to me that she don‘t beat me so long i will obey to her.

Henni Feb 07 2019 2:44pm
This is the reason why i have to go into the bed! She called me! Have a nice evening...

HenniFeb 07 2019 2:46pm
Okay, that’s good for you. I just don’t understand how strong muscular woman like her doesn’t have a need to wrestle or be in a physical context

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:46pm
Better to go man should follow his woman order

Fatima Feb 07 2019 2:56pm
Fatima, what do you have done to become stronger and when do you have started?

HenniFeb 07 2019 10:25pm
I’m big and muscular by bith. Also I trained a lot and I mean a lot. I lift weights i used to train as boxer and a kick boxer, I swim everyday for about 2 km. while you men what do u do? I started when i was 16

Fatima Feb 08 2019 12:19am
When do you first observed that you stronger than average men? Sometimes i‘m running to stay fit or use my dumbells at home.

Henni Feb 08 2019 12:40pm
Fatima, yesterday i was in the gym and i must admit that i‘m much weaker than most women and girls. Most of them lift twice or more times heavyer wights than me. Compared to most men i‘m a little over the average! I ask myself how it must be for a women to become much stronger than men.

Henni Feb 10 2019 4:29am
Well I can’t remember when I first became stronger. As far as I remember i was always stronger than boys and men around me. So, it was just normal to me that i’m stronger. What’s the difference between your weight and your wife weights? Why you’re so shocked your wife is stronger than so it’s normal that women are stronger than men. For me I can handle two men easily. So your wife still not wrestling anyone?

Fatima Feb 12 2019 6:14am
Fatima, how old was you when you observed that you are stronger than adult men? Do you repressed adult men when you was a teen girl?

Henni Feb 12 2019 12:31pm
Not when i was a teen. But when i was at hight school I used to wrestle college boys who were my husband and his friends

Fatima Feb 12 2019 4:47pm
Fatima, do you had a time in their you noticed that you became more and more stronger during men become weaker and weaker compared to you? How was the feeling?

HenniFeb 13 2019 4:03pm
Ya, I started to notice that men are usually are much weaker after 30 while women become more stronger and aggressive after 30. Also, men are so weak when you take their breath away that’s why I stick my breasts to their faces so they can’t breathe properly.

Fatima Feb 14 2019 3:24am
Fatima, what do you think about men’s strength? Do you think they are strong but you are stronger or do you think men are weaklings? Because you are a big girl you can dwarf neary all men. Do you think that men are only smaller than you are men tiny especially that their muscles probably tiny compared to your much bigger and stronger female muscles. What do you think if you see an average man outside about his body and his strength?

Henni Feb 14 2019 11:40pm
I think all men are weak. I think men are the weaker sex physicaly, mentally and financially. I believe when man and woman are in a relationship the women should be in charge and the normal situation is for the wife to be the stronger and the head of the family. Look around you, you can see women in gym more than men and overpowering men. When I see a normal size I think how weak he is, and how easily I can beat him and control him and humiliate him

Fatima Feb 15 2019 12:16am
I can imagine that men normally much weaker than you. They have only tiny muscles compared to yours and they mostly smaller an lighter than you! And compared to other women i see an equal picture compared to men. What’s your opinion? Do you think you can win a fight against a man more probably against a women or is it more probable to win a fight against a women?

HenniFeb 17 2019 1:56am
I think i’m much stronger than most men and more muscular. Of course there’s men out there who’re stronger than me but I haven’t met them yet. I can easily wim against three average men. For women I’m stronger than the other but these days women are better fighters

Fatima Feb 17 2019 3:40pm
Wow you are very strong, much stronger than i assumed. I know no other men how can take three average men at the same time. Maybe successively! But what is your experience with other women? How much stronger they are than men? What do you think? Mostly equal strong, stronger or much stronger?

HenniFeb 17 2019 10:51pm
Thanks. As I said before I think women these days are the stronger sex generally. Look around you in the gym or maybe between couples you can relies this easily. Almost every woman around me is stronger than her man. It’s women power 💪🏻

Fatima Feb 18 2019 12:29am
Fatima, may i ask you which weight use the weakest women in your friend circle for bicep curls?

HenniFeb 18 2019 1:41pm
Sure. You can ask anything the weakest one I think she uses between 12- 15 kg on her biceps training. What about you and your friends? You know the last day we were talking that soon might be the symbol for strength is the women breasts or boobs. Don’t u agree

Fatima Feb 18 2019 2:53pm
Wow! Normaly i use between 9 and 11 kg. Maximum 13 or 14 kg but only less reps. Most other men i know do the same. I think today the symbol of female strength is their whole body. I must admit that all of their muscles stronger than male muscles.

HenniFeb 18 2019 9:07pm
Well so still the weakest woman I know use heavier weights than you and the average men. By the way this woman she uses 15 kg to do 20 reps. I meant breasts shouldn’t be the symbol of female muscles. They’ll be the symbol of power, strength and muscles for both men and women since they are women symbol and women now are for certain the stronger sex

Fatima Feb 19 2019 12:21am
20 reps with 15kg!!! What power and endurance! You are true, it seems that women really are the stronger sex! Sometimes i wish i could be a women and have equal strength and endurance! It‘s really impressive!

HenniFeb 19 2019 6:56am
Thanks for admitting this. I know now it’s normal for men to wish to be similar to women but sorry weak men this will never happen. Boobs rule 😂😂

Fatima Feb 19 2019 9:33am
Fatima, i have no choice exept admit that women regularly much stronger than men! I‘m happy that my girlfriend is mostly nice to me and i don’t make her mad to me! on the other hand i admir the strength of strong women and their endurance! I had never believed that men compared to women are so weak.

HenniFeb 19 2019 11:11am
Good for you. I hope more men will become like you. How’s your girlfriend? Is she getting stronger and muscular

Fatima Feb 19 2019 11:59am
Yes, when we met us first time i was stronger then she was. Sometime she had seen a female bodybuilder on tv and this had influenced her to start with training. First time she started with cardio to increase her endurance. Because she was very slim her muscles gotten visible very fast. This pleased her very well and she decided that she wants to get more clear visible and bigger muscles. From this day i could see how her muscles increased more and more. Before she started i was proud of my nearly 15“ muscles compared to her small 13“ arms. After nearly a year her muscles had the same size like my but hers are harder and more veny. Then she needs only 2 month to get bigger muscles than i have. As she noted that her muscles are bigger than my she was very proud to her muscles and her strength but she wants more. Today she is much stronger with her big 17“ bicebs flexed. With 15,5“ unflexed her arm is bigger than my arm flexed. The wights she use for warmup i can’t lift with same muscle groups. And the haviest weight she use i can‘t lift even with my whole body. She is a little shorter than me but often she wears heels in which she is taller. From my view it looks mostly impressive in front of a so tall, much stronger and muscular girl. She loves to flex her muscles, compare them to my and then she say, i am her weakling and my tiny muscles are so cute.

HenniFeb 19 2019 12:45pm
Wow she improved her muscles really quick. See that another prove that women muscles are better than men muscles. Does she wear heels all the time so u feel small and weak? Does she call weakling in public

Fatima Feb 19 2019 12:53pm
Mostly she wears heels in which she is taller than me and yes mostly i feel small and weak. Only sometimes she calls me weakling in public but if anybody talk about strength she loves to show her muscles. Sometimes she challenged me to compare my arms with other people, mostly guys. She loves to show other guys when they are smaller or equal to me and the she flex her gorgeous biceps and say that men’s muscles are tiny and cute. After this she ask if any of us weaklings want to armwrestle her to try to beat her with our so tiny weak muscles.

HenniFeb 19 2019 1:36pm
Fatima, do you think my 15“ muscles are tiny and cue?

HenniFeb 19 2019 1:36pm
Wow, she looks amazing. I bet she likes to humiliate guys. Have anyone of those guys challenged her? Your 15 inches are too small and really cute i’m scared I might hurt you only by hugging u

Fatima Feb 19 2019 1:49pm
I know that my muscles smaller and weaker than yours but do you think 15“ are tiny? Sometimes the was challenged by guys and then she loves to humiliate them.

HenniFeb 19 2019 1:54pm
Yes, I think 15 are actually so tiny and the muscles are for little girl or a man. Really did she beat the guys easily, how did she humiliated them

Fatima Feb 19 2019 2:49pm
Yes, she defeated most men without any effort. Sometimes she need a few seconds more but i have never seen that she have struggle to beat a men. What did you mean that my muscles so tiny and for little girl?

HenniFeb 19 2019 3:29pm
I meant that ur muscles are so small so, I think they r equal to a little girl size and strength. Also, I find it cute and sexy on men to have weak small muscles like yours. Wow ur girlfriend looks tough one. What’s her name? How do u feel when u see her overpowering these men and humiliating them. I bet she was so proud with her muscles after she defeated these pussy men. Any remarkable story

Fatima Feb 19 2019 4:06pm
Speaking about muscles as u know I love to compare muscles with weak men and show off. So, the other day a guy was at my house for a wrestling challenge and after beating him he was checking my muscles he couldn’t believe how tough my muscles are. So, he couldn’t squeeze my biceps and calves even 1 cm. But his big surprise was when he reliesed that my boobs have muscles as well he was shocked. Poor guy

Fatima Feb 19 2019 4:25pm
Yes Fatima, i understand that my muscles tiny and cute compared to yours. But what do you mean with little girl? Small women or teen girl, child? After all 15“ is 2“ bigger than the average man!

HenniFeb 19 2019 9:25pm
Little girl means a girl age between 10 and 14. I don’t know ur sizes men, but when i see a man with 15 inches biceps I have the feeling to hug and play with this small thing

Fatima Feb 20 2019 12:24am
So, what do u think about this guys who was touching my muscles and poo himself from my muscles size and strength? Also, u didn’t tell me how do u feel when u see ur girlfriend overpower other guys

Fatima Feb 20 2019 12:33am
I‘m not sure what i should think about guys who touch your mighty muscles but i could imagine, if you threaten to me with your huge muscles, i would poo in my pants too!

HenniFeb 20 2019 12:21pm
Do you really think a girl between 10 and 14 yo can have muscles bigger than the average man?

HenniFeb 20 2019 12:22pm
Ohh yes I’m sure that if u tough my body and muscles you’ll be so scared. Of course athletic 14 year girls can have 15 inches biceps. Do u compare muscles with your gf in public

Fatima Feb 20 2019 1:00pm
Yes, we compare our muscles in public but actually it becomes less because my muscles looks so small compared to hers! It‘s a little funny that you say that a girl can have bigger muscles than an average man. When my girlfriend and me met us first time she was 12 yo. Before she was 14 she had bigger muscles than me and she was stronger.

HenniFeb 20 2019 1:10pm
What?? How old you were when you were with your girlfriend? Are u embarrassed when u compre muscles with her? What people reaction to ur size differences

Fatima Feb 20 2019 2:14pm
I know girls can easily be stronger and muscular than a man. While for women the older they get the stronger and muscular they get. I’m becoming much more muscular and stronger and more manly after i pass 30

Fatima Feb 20 2019 2:32pm
When we met us first time i was 17 yo. 5 years and 1 month older than she is. She overtook me when i was 19 yo. At the first time we compared muscles in public her muscles were smaller. Later her muscles become equal to mine. When she was 16 her muscles were way bigger and much stronger. I was unable to keepup with her. This was embarrassing!

HenniFeb 20 2019 9:47pm
No this’s not embarrassing. You should admire her muscles and strength. You should be proud of your girlfriend and be ready to serve her. What about other muscles thighs and calves. My legs are super big and muscular while men usually have chicken legs

Fatima Feb 21 2019 12:30am
I always try to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts so everyone can see how my muscles are way bigger than my men

Fatima Feb 21 2019 7:42am
Today i‘m proud to her but when we met us first time we had a normal relationship except she was 12 and i was 17. after she start her training and was equal strong like me when she was 13 and i was 18. A few weeks befor my 19 birthday we compared our muscles and she was bigger and way stronger. At this time she still was 13! When she was 16 and me 21 her muscles were much bigger than mine and she was so very much stronger than me! It was a hart time for me because i had to learn that i‘m the weaker sex. My strength was nearly nothing compared to her strength! She could overpower me in everything and the worst thing was, she needs alwys only a few seconds because i could do nothing to oppose. During i trained with small weights to increase my strength she had done much bigger steps. For example i need 6 month to increase my strength for biceps curls from 9 to 9,5kg with 13 to 10 reps. She increase from 13 to 14kg in one month. After 6 month she lift 18kg with 15 reps! To do the same i need propably one year she could reach in only one month. Or i would need more than 8 years to get the same strength she reached in 6 month. When i finaly was able to lift 10kg she was already more than twice as strong than me.

HenniFeb 21 2019 3:00pm
Good boy, you’re proud her strength now. That’s normal women gain muscles and strength much more quicker than men. That’s why men don’t have a chance once a woman starts to lift weights. So, does she compare leg muscles with you

Fatima Feb 21 2019 3:25pm
Yes, she does! But we doesn’t measure! But she squats much more i can do!

HenniFeb 21 2019 3:34pm
I impressed with how quickly your girlfriend gained all these muscles. How old is she now? I’ve noticed recently that I’m not only gaining muscles, but I become more solid and tough than ever. I feel with all the power and strength in my body. Opposite to men around me who day after day they become soft tired looks more weak than ever and men in general these days look so soft

Fatima Feb 21 2019 3:37pm
Yes, it was really very impressive and scaring! With the time her gaining was slowing a little but in relation to me she remained very mutch faster to gain her muscles. She becomes a more cut look and much clear visible muscles. My muscles barely not visibel during she can‘t hide her muscles because they are simply to big! If she wear my pulover it will be stretched. I can wear one of her shirts and i have lots of space in it. My shoulders a much to narrow and my arms don‘t fill the sleves. I can stuck my both legs in one of her trousers leg and i‘m still have space in it. Now shes 26yo.

HenniFeb 21 2019 9:00pm
Ya, I know what are you talking about. When men borrow my clothes same thing happens. Her thighs must be huge so your both legs fit in one of hers. I rap my bra around men bodies it’s so much fun. You should try it

Fatima Feb 22 2019 2:30am
Fatima, her bra is wide for me. She can rip her bra if she flex her lats. I can‘t do that by far because i‘m much to narrow.

FatimaFeb 22 2019 4:40pm
Fatima i read some comments about the strength difference between girls and men and it looks like that girls between 12 and 14 mostly can overpower guys with ease! Latest if girls are 16 yo normal men are not able keepup with girls. Do you think its true? In this case a man could serve a girl as slave because she can force him.

HenniFeb 22 2019 4:52pm
Oops, my post above a thought for the next comment i want to write, sorry...

HenniFeb 22 2019 4:54pm
Lool that’s alright. Exactly my bra also so big for men that’s why i put it around them to make fun of them or put around their necks and drag them from it. And yes i think girls especially these days are much stronger and muscular than men. I’m pretty sure that girls at age 16 are way powerful than men. Just take a look to schools and universities these days and you can say how much women are stronger

Fatima Feb 22 2019 7:12pm
About men being slaves for women, let me tell you one thing that you’re so lucky because you have a powerful and muscular girlfriend who doesn’t make you her slave. Men becoming slaves for women are much more common these days. Lots of men are their women and wives slaves. I have lots of male slaves permanently and temporarily my husband, neighbor friends etc

Fatima Feb 22 2019 7:15pm
I could imaginze that men who are your slaves fear you very much because they could see how small they are compared to you. If they realize that your big mighty muscles much bigger and very much stronger than some of them together with they tiny soft muscles. How much men can you overpower with arm wrestling to the same time? I could imaginze that 2 or 3 men are not strong enough with both arms against one of your single arm.

Henni Feb 22 2019 10:17pm
Yes, you’re right for arm wrestling 3 men are not enough. Once I beated 6 men at the same time. They were all using their both arms. It was funny to watch too many men with lots of tiny thin arms trying to take me down and struggling. And to ne honest with you it wasn’t super hard to beat them. So, probably I can take on 7 but I’m not really interested. While for a free wrestling I beated once 4 men at the same time it was little hard but i did it at the end and forced these 4 men to worship and pleasure me all the same time. It was AMAZING

Fatima Feb 23 2019 2:30am
Wow! It‘s very amazing how strong you women are. Today i accomanied my girlfriend to her gym and i watched the girls during their training. I saw many women in different age and all of the used more weight than i could use or most other men i know.

Henni Feb 23 2019 12:25pm
Thanks. Did u train with your girlfriend? So have your girlfriend ever beated more than one guy at the same time? Are you scared to become a slave to a strong woman like men around me

Fatima Feb 23 2019 2:06pm
Yes, she did! She had beaten 2 guys at the same time and she did it with ease how i never saw it if one guy beat another one guy. It has looked if it was absolutly no challange for her. Sometimes i’m scared she will do it and force me to serve her but always it’s only for a short period.

HenniFeb 23 2019 2:26pm
How she does it for short time? You must be shocked when she beated two guys? Does she get excited when she beats guys

Fatima Feb 23 2019 5:01pm
When she arm wrestle these guys i see that the two guys struggling and they get a red face during she keep her arm simply straight without any sign of effort on her face. She talked with them but they’re unable to speak because they have to struggle very hard! Then she puts the hands of both guys down to the table and has defeated these two guys they have really to fight during she has played with them. She becomes exciting if she defeat guys. I couldn’t believe that if i don’t had see that but it’s true. She’s a very nice person but she had become a muscle monster.

HenniFeb 23 2019 11:10pm
Wow, that’s interesting I would love to see or talk to her. I believe those guys were super embarrassed. Do people around you have any comments about her being much stronger and muscular? I can imagine if i’m gonna meet with her and you, how me, her and my neighbor will have three men and potentially much more under us struggling and begging while we are having a chat

Fatima Feb 24 2019 3:31am
Hey Fatima, i’m Bianca Hennis girlfriend. The weakling told me about this chat and it’s funny to read.

BiancaFeb 24 2019 6:37am
Hi Bianca, nice to chat with you chatting with strong female not a weakling male

Fatima Feb 24 2019 6:52am
I think also! I read your stats! You are really a big women and you sounds very strong. I could imaginize if Henni the weakling stands next to you he looks like very small and tiny. Next to me he looks like a stick figure also.

BiancaFeb 24 2019 1:05pm
Haha, that is so funny. I really like the fact how men these days become so tiny, thin and weakling. When i stand near my husband it likes mother and son. I love to stand with my husband and his friend so each one of them will be under one of my armpits while standing

Fatima Feb 24 2019 2:29pm
Actually I’m taller than Bianca but I’m thin and when she wears heels she is taller than me.

HenniFeb 24 2019 9:19pm
Well, so u still shorter when she wears heels and u look like stick figure

Fatima Feb 24 2019 11:25pm
Fatima, you wrote i should wrestle Henni. Do you think it’s a good idea? I could hurt him so easy. I‘ve seen it when i armwrestle him! He‘s struggle before i beat him within less seconds and it was very painful for him. He‘s really a poor weakling!

BiancaFeb 25 2019 11:42am
Of course you should don’t worry about him. You can go easy on him. Just make him submit. Once he’s done you can have fun on him

Fatima Feb 25 2019 1:09pm
There’s no need to use your entire power over him. Just a little bit and when he starts crying or screaming loudly you can make him your little slave. Or you have another solution where you can invite another male for the wrestling match (your friend, his friend, relatives) so in this case you will be wrestling two men at the same time so your little weakling boyfriend will not suffer a lot because your power will be divided between two males. But believe you should start wrestling men there’s nothing better than wrestling men and squeezing their tiny body between your thighs and watching your muscular big body next to their small thin bodies. Nothing the bodies touching in physical context with a man

Fatima Feb 25 2019 1:52pm
I‘m not sure if i have fun with this weak boy if he is tired! I think i must slow down very much for him! What do you do to show your boys how much stronger you are and what for weaklings they are?

BiankaFeb 25 2019 1:54pm
Hi Bianca, believe me it’s fun to wrestle and humiliate weak boys. With my boys, after I wrestle them I put my feet on their chest and flex my biceps. Then usually i carry my victim and stand up in front of mirror show this sissy boys how weak they are flexing and comparing ever inch of our bodies. Then the loser men will worship and kiss every cm of my body sometimes they clean it and oil it. However, during the wrestling i breast smoother them squeeze them between my thighs, lift and throw them, bear hug them etc

Fatima Feb 25 2019 3:14pm
Fatima, you was right! It‘s really funny to show this weakling that girls are the superior sex. I pinned him and he was unable to move his legs and arms. It was so easy! I maybe need a few seconds to pin him. I stopped only when he admitted that he is a weakling and he must worship and kiss my muscles the whole evening. It was a great feeling this small boy runs around me and admire my big and strong muscles. I think i want to buy new, even higher heels, within i‘m even taller.

BiancaFeb 25 2019 11:09pm
That’s great you already did it amazing. I told u so mich fun to play with these weakling creature. You should buy the highest you find the taller the better. You can have more fun if u want by something him with your breasts or squeeze him with ur thighs and make him cry just for a little while. Or to spice it up you can wrestle two guys together

FatFeb 26 2019 12:00am
Fatima, about what do you‘ve talked with Bianca? I‘m not amused, my whole body is hurting! Each muscle is painfull.

Henni Feb 26 2019 3:34pm
Hi, Henni sorry for that but you’re the weaker sex and you should get used to it. I’m sure you will. Also, your girlfriend(Boss &Godess) was happy and that’s all what you should care for. Men are here only to serve their women

Fatima Feb 27 2019 12:07am
Hey Fatima, today i had shown to henni how weak he is compared to us girls. He has tried to arm wrestle my niece and you can guess who had won...

BiancaFeb 28 2019 2:15pm
OMG. It’s so obvious who won. Those weak useless men are good for nothing. I hope your niece enjoyed showing her strength over older men to know from the beginning who’s the stronger sex. It’s so nice when you make your man wrestle other women or makes him watch you wrestling other men. Yesterday, I humiliate two of my husbands’ friends while they were here. I arm wrestle with them, beat them smoother them crach them etc. Keep it up girl Women Power Women Rule 💪🏻

Fatima Feb 28 2019 11:41pm
It was so embarrassing to lose against a young girl but she is much to strong for me! I hope really that Bianca and her niece don‘t tell it to other people! Why do you enjoy it that we men are weaklings today?

Henni Mar 01 2019 9:29am
Sorry for you Henni, but this’s how things are today. You shouldn’t be embarrassed you lost to the stronger sex that’s do normal. For me it turns me on when i overpower men and makes them beg for mercy. So, has your relationship with Bianca changed after she kicked your ass so easily

Fatima Mar 01 2019 10:01am
I don’t know anymore! The time she was weaker than me was short and is long ago! The first time when she becomes stronger than me was hard! At first i don’t want to believe that she becomes stronger than me she was still 13 when i was already 19yo. But this was not all she done. When i was able to lift 10kg she could lift 17kg with one arm. Two years later when i could lift 11kg she was able to lift 23kg. Today it is more unbelievable, her niece is even younger and she is so much stronger than me. It’s so humiliatingly!

Henni Mar 01 2019 12:37pm
I can feel you. Just accept it, and show these powerful ladies a respect be a submissive man and boyfriend

Fatima Mar 01 2019 12:51pm
It‘s not easy for him especially because the one lady is a girl but he has to accept it. He has no choice! Henni and my niece made biceps curls and she could lift heavyer wights and more reps. It was exciting to see that this weakling can’t even meassure with girl power.

BiancaMar 02 2019 1:04am
Haha, this’s so funny. Henni looks so weak first time he posted here he was trying to make himself a bit stronger than the other from what you’re saying he’s just another weakling useless male. Was the difference big between his weights and your neice weights? I can imagine he can’t move your weights same as my husband. So, do you wrestle or compare with other male around you since your boyfriend level is small girls

Fatima Mar 02 2019 1:30am
Yes, my niece lift 16kg for 12 reps. Henni lift 12kg only for 5 reps. Compared to me he is even weaker. I could lift the half of wight i can lift and he made only fraction of rep i can do with much heavyer weight but his muscles are tiny compared to me!

BiancaMar 02 2019 6:57pm
Don’t you like when you see your big huge solid muscles next to his weak soft timy body. I love this

Fatima Mar 03 2019 12:35am
Oh yes, i love to see his body with his tiny muscles and how weak he is. When we met us first time, he was stronger and sometimes he was a macho! Today he can’t do that! The most of my female friends train with wights and they are mostly stronger than their boyfriends. I see it at my niece, she loves to made sport and become stronger than boys!

BiancaMar 03 2019 2:39am
That’s great. I’m pretty sure you’re the maco one now. You should do a gathering with your friends and their boyfriends and wrestle and humiliate those weak useless men.

Fatima Mar 03 2019 2:53am
I don’t think that men useless! I think men are funny and good for entertainment!

BiancaMar 03 2019 11:50am
Ya maybe to have fun with them. For me i use men to pleasure myself and to worship me. As, I’m doing now with my cousins they both young weak and I control and beat them easily

Fatima Mar 03 2019 12:59pm
Yesterday, my two cousins came and visited me. They’re lovely cute little weak teenager males. They like me a lot and they admire my strength, muscles, body and power. They love to come to my house to spend few days with me serving and worship me. However, I have a rule in my house that any man will enter it should test my strength. So, after we finished our dinner I invited them for a strength contest we started by comparing muscles, so we took off our clothes keeping only underwear on to see how my body compared to theirs. I can tell you that i was almost as big as both of them together. Then we played a game who can lift the other I easily lifted both of them at the same time for like 15 minuets while discussing some business on the phone while they couldn’t lift me at all, both of them tried at the same time and couldn’t lift me at all. I love it when men are so helpless. Finally we had a wrestling match of course there’s no need how it ended. I destroyed them without any efforts. So, I wasn’t really satisfied so I brought my husband into the match beat him with them. So, I beated three men at the same time. At the end I ordered them to give me shower and massage me and worship me. It was lovely night three men under me💪🏻

Fatima Mar 04 2019 12:31pm
Sounds cool! I would like to try that too! Especially to observe if two men try to beat my niece! But probably she is not strong enough. What do you think? Also i bought new plateau high heel boot. I excited to put them on if henni is here!

BiancaMar 04 2019 3:16pm
Cool sure try it while he’s around. Have you ever tried to stand on him with your heels? Why don’t you try to wrestle two men first before your her? Maybe you can invite one of Henni friends or your male friends

Fatima Mar 04 2019 3:25pm
What do you mean? I think these heels are to high to stand on him! I don’t know which other man i should invite...?!?

Bianca Mar 04 2019 3:44pm
I meant there’s something called trumpling it’s when a woman stands on her submissive man wearing heels or barefoot after she beats the man. I think it’s a very important experience to beat more than one at the same time and I’m sure that you can do it easily. Also, you should widen your wrestling experience beyond Henni. I don’t know which other men you can invite but from my experience and other women experience we start with friends, maybe Henni friend or college at work challenge them and invite them to your house for a wrestling match. Prepare the room to host the match dress something expose your body muscles and heels to make them feel small and weak and start the beating against those little men

Fatima Mar 04 2019 4:04pm
Never saw a woman lifting 30 kg on single arm. How it's possible?!

TopicmasterMar 07 2019 2:08am
Do you have ever see a man who lift 30kg on single arm? I have! Why should a women couldn’t do this?

Bianca Mar 07 2019 10:17am
Of course i’ve seen. How? By training and commitment. Bianca, these days women are the stronger sex. So, if a man can do it that means lots of women can do more. Any updates about wrestling with friends or relatives?

Fatima Mar 07 2019 10:58am
Yes, a friend of henni when he was to a visit. We talked about which sex is stronger! He doesn’t believe that women are stronger but he was impressed that my muscles are bigger and rock hard. First we had an arm wrestling match, he with both arms against one of my arms, later he and henni against my single arm. It was hard but i defeated them both together in less than a minute! After arm wrestling we had a wrestling match on the floor. It was really easy to defeat them both at the same time. Henni between my legs and his friend i hold in a head lock! After they both lose against me i let them admire my muscles and they had to admit that they both are much to weak compared to my female muscles. It was really exciting when they both kiss my flexed biceps admitting that thy‘re own biceps is much smaller and flabby! Both look to my flexed biceps and compared they‘re own biceps! It was funny to see when they realize how much smaller there own biceps is! And again and again i show to them that my muscles can easely overpower them!

BiancaMar 07 2019 1:28pm
Well bianca can you train with 30 kg? Fatima?

TopicmasterMar 07 2019 2:42pm
At the moment? No! But i can lift nearly 25kg but not for normal training!

BiancaMar 07 2019 3:00pm
Wow, Bianca that’s really impressive. This’s awesome two guys using both hands and you defeated them. I’m so proud. Women Power 💪🏻. Can you give me more details about the other guy, name size muscules etc?? How he reacted being so humilate against you? How Henni felt when he saw you beating two guys easily? I’m pretty sure when you had two guys kissing you admitting your power and authority? What were you wearing? Hope something shows you muscles and powerful body

Fatima Mar 07 2019 3:20pm
Bianca, again that’s impressive 25 kg. Almost close to me. Topicmaster, yes I can. If you’re a male why don’t you tell us about your training weights?

Fatima Mar 07 2019 3:22pm
You can how much fatima? I can do less weight but more repetition. Maybe I can lift 20 kg once. I actually train my arms with 7/8 kg

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 1:02am
Exactly, that’s my point Topicmaster, you’re just another weak pathetic man. Who’s trying to deny being the weaker sex. See we women training with weights between 25- 30 kg with probably 10- 20 repetitions, while you hardly can lift 20 kg once. 7-8 kgs I haven’t used such weights in years I warm up using 15 kg, double your training weights. Look at Bianca, she started few years ago and now she beats two men easily and humiliate them

Fatima Mar 08 2019 1:59am
So you saying you can do 30 kg for 20 reps or something?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 2:06am
So if I do 7 kg 12 reps and you can do 30 kg 12 reps your arm maybe 3 times stronger than mine?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 2:08am
How big is your arm than?!

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 2:08am
Fatima? Bianca?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 2:19am
What? My arm is quite big my muscles always so clear without flexing I know my biceps size 23 inches. What about yours sissy boy ?

Fatima Mar 08 2019 3:03am
Wait your flexed bicep is 23 inches? Is fat on it?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 3:06am
If is all muscle I can believe you can actually lift more than 30kg

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 3:07am
Mine I just measured there's 9.5 inches smaller. 13.5

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 3:14am
Yes all muscles. I’m sure also Bianca at least double your size welcome to the women world 💪🏻.

Fatima Mar 08 2019 3:23am
So you can train more than 30 kg😯😯

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 3:34am
Yes, how much is your weight?

Fatima Mar 08 2019 3:48am
80 and you?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 3:49am
I'm sorry but I can't lift from the rack a dumbbell of 30 kg

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 3:50am
I’m around 95. Why are you apologising? You’re man the weaker sex it’s expected from you not to lift weights as women the stronger sex do

Fatima Mar 08 2019 4:10am
Well if I see a girl with arm as big as your I certainly feel less strong...I bet to beat you in armwrestling I would need both of my arms

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 4:20am
Yes, that’s normal all men feel around me weak and small. I think men not only weaker they’re stupid as well. Didn’t you read what Bianca wrote? She wrestled and arm wrestled her boyfriend and his mate both of using two arms and she beated them. This means she’s stronger than 4 men using one arm. Then she kicked their asses and put them put her thighs and her arms. I advise you if you want to wrestle or arm wrestle women like us bring 2 or 3 males with you

Fatima Mar 08 2019 4:37am
I didn't read. Sorry. So I can not beat you even with both arrms 😯

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 4:38am
No, you can’t. To have chance you need to bring another male or two at least. See what happened to her boyfriend and his mate

Fatima Mar 08 2019 4:40am
Omg. You enjoy this superiority. I didn't know some women can be so strong

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 4:43am
Well, now you know. Of course we enjoy it. Bianca also enjoyed it humiliating these men

Fatima Mar 08 2019 4:46am
I bet is super useful to have such a strong wife around the house

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 4:46am
So I'm sorry but my arm is not even close to be as big as yours. Maybe also your forearm is bigger than my bicep 😱😱

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 4:47am
I don’t know my forearm size. The only useful way to have strong wife is that she’ll protect you. But for me I beats my husband. I think Bianca does the same. So, it’s not useful for you men

Fatima Mar 08 2019 4:52am
You beat him? How ? Why? Well if I need to do gardening I don't have to call a friend to help if I have my strong wife

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 4:53am
Yes, I do. How? In different ways; I wrestle him, I slap him i spank him etc. Why? Depends on the reasons; he didn’t clean the house, or the food wasn’t tasty or my foot massage wasn’t nice or he arguing about other men etc

Fatima Mar 08 2019 4:57am
Spank him?!!!why he let you do it

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:00am
Yes, he doesn’t let me of course. I’m beating him of course that’s against what he wishes you idiot

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:02am
Can you?! Is hard?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:04am
Of course I can. No, it’s not hard for me. Probably hard on the men 😂😂

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:05am
By the way how old are you? And what do you do in life? Where do you live?

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:06am
He cries? I'm from London. I'm 30 and I study

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:08am
Sometimes he does. You’re 30 and still studying!! I’m 31 and I’m married and have my own my company. Women are stronger and more successful

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:09am
He cried because you spank? How hard is it omg

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:10am
Well hopefully after stidy I will make good money

AnonymousMar 08 2019 5:10am
Previous was from topicmaster

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:12am
Hopefully, or you can marry successful women and stay at home. Like my husband. Yes, i don’t know how hard it is. But I have a friend when I spank him he cries every time he said it’s the most painful thing

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:12am
Are women strong in the UK?

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:13am
One spank and your friend is crying already?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:17am
I never met anyone as strong as you. Especially if Seems like you can put hands under my armpit and lift me very easily

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:18am
Sometimes, however when I spank men i do it for some time like 5 minuets. He starts crying after 1 minuet

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:19am
They don't try to get away in this 5 minutes?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:20am
Of course they try, but my arm will be over their back, and their arms between my thighs. So, I have full view for their asses and nothing they can do

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:22am
They are soanked because they missbehaved?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:23am
If your legs are as strong as your arms I don't think they can ever get their arms free

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:25am
As I said depends on the reason. Usually the reasons are: Bad cleaning, Bad cooking, Bad massage or arguing with me about other men

FatiyMar 08 2019 5:25am
Of course they can’t move unless I allow it

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:26am
Tell me for example what happens if your husband does bad cleaning. How you check? How you get him to come to you and get spanked? You say something to him?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:27am
So you can hold one of my arm between your legs and enjoy me trying to get free?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:28am
I doy check much. But if I come home and find dust or dirt. I shout at him and ask him about the reason if he doesn’t have good one. I immediately lift him hold his hands, start to take off his clothes until he’s totally naked. Lay him on my thighs, put his arms between my thighs. Take off my slippers and start spanking him. Saying things like you idiot you should be greatly cause I’m your wife you’re small and weak poo

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:31am
With that arm size I bet the spank force on a man ass is tremendous

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:31am
Ya, I don’t enjoy you trying to get free, I enjoy beating men

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:31am
immediately lift him hold his hands, start to take off his clothes. You lift him off the ground holding his hands?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:32am
Thanks, yes men usually cry and scream while spanking them with my slippers

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:32am
Yez, it’s so easy to lift him he’s so thin only 68kg.

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:33am
So even if they cry out you don't stop?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:34am
Depends on the situation and how much they cry

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:34am
Wait a second you can lift a man off the floor hanging on only one arm?!!!

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:35am
I meant I lift him with one arm and naked him with other one

FatiyMar 08 2019 5:36am
Exactly you can do this? His feet are not touching floor?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:36am
Yes his feet don’t touch the floor

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:38am
If they start cry you stop the punishment?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:39am
Otherwise how I will naked all these men?

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:39am
So you are enormously stronger than me omg

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:39am
As I said depends on what they did. It depends on my mood

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:40am
Of course I am. Want to be naked and spanked? 😂😂

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:40am
Well from the floor you can naked them I never thought you could naked them while they are hold on to the air by the strength of your arm

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:40am
It seems painful if you are able to make adults cry like baby

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:41am
Yes, that’s what i do

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:41am
You are so strong. I would be afraid of you

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:42am
Maybe it’s painful but they should learn to respect women.

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:42am
You teach respect with red ass?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:43am
Of course you’re afraid. Not only you my male friends, husbands, employees all men fear me

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:43am
You enjoy if there's someone scared of you

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:44am
Yes, with red asses, with my ass on their faces, with my feet on their faces, with my feet on their asses too many ways 😂

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:44am
Of course I love it when my husband and friends are scared from me

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:45am
I will be ashamed of seeing my arm close to your

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:45am
I bet your husband starts to cry when you upset

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:46am
Haha that’s normal for men around me

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:46am
What's Normal?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:46am
Haha, almost, he’s so scared from me

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:47am
Men are ashamed to stand next to me

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:48am
How big are his arms

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:48am
About 8.5 inches

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:48am
Of course they are my flexed bicep is much smaller than yours relaxed

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:48am
8.5 flex? And you 23? My arm's and your husband together one on top of the other are smaller than yours

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:49am
👍😂 it’ll be fun to see u and my husband next to me

Fatima Mar 08 2019 5:52am
How much is your real max lift on single arm

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:53am
Not for us. I feel small already

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 5:53am
What we do next to you

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 6:00am
My real max is about 45. You’ll be standing next to me naked comparing our bodies together where two men can’t be equal to my size 😂😂

Fatima Mar 08 2019 6:18am
45?! Omg I can't even move it. My weight close to your weight training aeems a toy

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 6:19am
Haha, thanks Toy boy 😂😂

Fatima Mar 08 2019 6:20am
I'm tryboy?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 6:20am
Yes, you’re a toy for me and Bianca

Fatima Mar 08 2019 6:21am
If we armwrestling I would be very frustrated beccati I think your arm wouldn't move a single cm

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 6:21am
We can meet and you throw me to bianca like a beach ball and she can catch me and send me back to your arms 🤣

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 6:22am
That would be a great idea. Hope Bianca will be back soon to let me know about her previous wrestling and confirm this amazing ideas

Fatima Mar 08 2019 7:00am
I was joking wasn't a real idea

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 7:04am
Y not? Maybe we can do it some day. Let’s wait and see Bianca opinion

Fatima Mar 08 2019 7:09am
Can you really throw me on the air?!

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 7:13am
I’m not sure, I don’t think it’s going to be easy but it might be doable. Bianca should give us her opinion. The issue is that you’re little bit heavy 80 kg. If you’re 60 or 70 It woll be much easier

Fatima Mar 08 2019 7:55am
Is doable means that anyway you can lift e up no problems but not throw me so far?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 7:59am
Doable means it might be done. However I can lift you for sure but how far I can throw u not sure. Also, this depends on Bianca hope she will be back soon

Fatima Mar 08 2019 8:22am

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 8:47am
I wonder if you can lift your husband over your head than. You compare muscle with him?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 8:49am
Of course i do, and I don’t compare muscles with him he got nothing. He’s so weak and feminine

Fatima Mar 08 2019 9:03am
Is difficult to lift him?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 9:18am
No not at all. I lift him and the other men at the same time easily

Fatima Mar 08 2019 9:24am

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 9:32am
Ya one over the head and one or two on my hands

Fatima Mar 08 2019 9:34am
Sorry maybe I misunderstood. You can grab one man and lift with your hands all the way up close to the ceiling with your hands extended fully up? Thinks what overhead means

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:05am
Okay, now i get it. Yes, I can do this with one mwn only. Come my husband is only 68 it’s easy

Fatima Mar 08 2019 10:06am
And what with 80?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:11am
Yes, I can do it too. But I need something in return i have bunch of men who I can lift why should I lift you

Fatima Mar 08 2019 10:14am
Was just curiosity. I'm impressed about you size and strength and I bet your muscles when flexing are soooo much harder than mine... what do you want to receive?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:16am
I don’t know. Usually men after loosing to me, they: massage my feet and ass, or being beated for a long time or dragging them like dogs while my bra around their necks, or washing my shoes and underwear. Choose of these.

Fatima Mar 08 2019 10:22am
Beated for long Time means? I rather wash your stuff u too strong and I don't want to feel pain

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:28am
Anyone asked to be spanked and he regretted immediately?

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:34am
No one asked to be spanked, but all of them regrets so much being in my house. Okay so you will be responsible to wash my shoes, flip flops, slippers, socks, bra and underwear. Note that I ask men to wash using their hands. Good luck

Fatima Mar 08 2019 10:44am
As far as you don't beat me ok. But I want something on exchange if I can ask

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:48am
No you can’t ask for anything. But if it’s something I like that’s fine.

Fatima Mar 08 2019 10:50am
I wish to be able to squeeze your muscles while you flex. Maybe be lifted overhead sometimes and I wish to try to armwrestling you

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:51am
Ohh, stuff like that of course. I love to lift men that’s my pleasure. In relation to the wrestling it’s mandatory to any man in my house to wrestle and arm wrestle me. And for squeezing my biceps I don’t mind as well probably i will not feel a thing. In return you should massage and wash my feet and ass

Fatima Mar 08 2019 10:53am
I'm already Washing yoir clothes! I bet they're very hard. If you push my face towards flexed bicep I will be hurt

TopicmasterMar 08 2019 10:54am
Of course you’ll be hurt. You don’t want to massage my feet and ass??!! Do u think my shoes and underwear are disgusting 😡😡

Fatima Mar 08 2019 11:01am
Hey guys; Bianca, Henni alnd Toyboy. This poll will close after two comments. Please move to the poll directly above this one title has a girl. The link

Fatima Mar 08 2019 11:03am
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