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Are physically large and powerful girls more sexually turned on than other girls?

Question: Do you believe a girl is more sexually aroused than other girls if she is big and strong?
Created by: POLLTAKER1 at 08:12:30 AM, Saturday, March 06, 2010 PST


In case you haven't figured it out, it is the guys who are turned on by this subject, not the girls. Most girls would prefer to be small and petite.

AnonymousMar 08 2010 10:54am

AS a Female teacher I once had would say, the above comment is true but not correct (eg it doesn't actually answer the question). I think many large Women ARE intimidated by the fact that they do not fit the social norm and therefore are less sexually active then Women who are small and petite but if a larger Woman can get past that She will probably be more sexually aggressive than the norm. For one thing, Her larger size gives Her more confidence that She can control the action and She often does buy into the Amazon image.

obedient husbandMar 08 2010 5:49pm
What an idiotic statement. Her large size gives her confidence? Exactly the opposite is true. No woman wants to be big and fat.

AnonymousMar 09 2010 10:38am
How about BIG, FAT AND STRONG!!! Many, if not most, fat women are STRONG!!! Yes, I concede there are fat women who are not strong but they are basically sedentary. Most fat women are active in one way or another. In fact, most of my fat girlfriends have beaten me at lifting weights, armwrestling and wrestling matches.

A man standing behind fat womenMar 10 2010 1:23pm
No such thing as a fat strong woman. But there are some very big stocky women who are very muscular and strong

AnonymousMar 14 2010 8:53am
To anonymous I said "If She can get past the social stereotype" I have known Women who refuse to date males taller than themselves because they want to be the physically dominant partner. I agree that a majority of Women don't buy into this but those that do are more likely to be sexually aggressive.

obedient husbandMar 14 2010 4:14pm
No such thing as a fat strong woman? I used to believe that until an obviously obese girl proved how much stronger she is than I am (I was a skinny boy) and then, as a skinny man, an obviously obese woman outlifted me. Underneath all of her thick layers of fat: BIG BICEPS!!! She outweighed me by many dozens of pounds. After she outlifted me (in the clean and jerk), I was embarrassed for two big reasons. (1): I am a male while she is a female and (2): I tower over her by more than a foot!!! So much for that false term "No such thing as a fat strong woman." That's just like saying there is no such thing as a skinny man who is weak.

AnonymousMar 15 2010 1:36pm
I happened to see a program called Biggest looser some time ago. There were really obese women and men. What surprised my was how strong they were. Even the women could carry men 150 kgs on their backs, not only for a short distance but running with them on their backs for quite a distance. And they could lift huge weights with their arms. I estimated these women's strength to be at least twice mine, both in legs and arms. Of course they weighed 120-140kgs and I am 72 kgs.

AnonymousMay 06 2010 5:08am
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