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Male Leash Laws

Question: Since we know males need a firm control by women, should males be requried to have leashes?
Created by: Kimberly at 09:50:28 AM, Monday, April 12, 2010 PDT


Since we all know women are superior to males and that males will always cause some kind of problems I contend there should be leash laws whereby anytime a male is in a public place, a woman (or girl) has to have him on a leash, She can use one around his neck but if he has caused a lot of problems, it should be around his testicles and a woman or girl should have oontrol of the leash at all times. Of course he has to be naked but if he needs to use the bathroom, the woman or girl would go in with him and if she has to use the bathroom she needs to give the leash to another woman outside the bathroom as males would not be allowed inside a woman's rest room nor would they be allowed to see any woman in any stage of undress unless they are at home and his owner allows it If the male causes any problems the woman or girl can give the leash a good yank and his balls will alert him to the fact that she is in total control. If he needs his leash yanked too many times, tacks should be inserted on the collar around his balls with the point toward his balls to keep him in line. In winter since it would be too cold we could use an electric collar to keep him in contorl like dogs have on them. There would be three settings, mild, moderate and fry his balls off. If there happens to be a cross signal and another woman zaps her males balls and gets your too...well that will just add to the fun

KimberlyApr 12 2010 5:07pm

Is there a way we could put the males nuts in an electric vise so if the woman presses the swtich on a remote control we can have crushed nuts? You can put the electric leash on my balls Kimberly

RonApr 12 2010 6:40pm
Kimberly You have have brought up some good ideas. My wife has tried the electric dog collar on me, and from a first hand experience it truly works. Anyone can purchase these, at any pet supply shop or home improvment store. Living out in the country I am constantly naked. Only when I am outside I wear the collar around my balls. At first like anything it took some getting use to. Now after two years its become part of me. While I am working outside (manual labor) my wife can set the different settings and zap me up to 80 yards away(after that the current becomes mild)The summer months are very rough on me. We live in a tropical climate and with the hot sun and sweat it is very uncomfortable.I am able to spend 10 or more months outside. Of course my wife watches me from our home (air conditioned) out the windows. When I try to take a break or catch my breath I get a zap. (If she catches me and most times she does) The zap is so unexpected I never know when it will strike. She has past the low setting and uses only the medium and high. Believe me the high setting will cause severe pain. One day I was working in the barn and decided to take a little rest. I had been outside all morning and it was very hot and I became tired. I made a big mistake and fell asleep in a pile of hay. I awoke with such a burning in my balls, I jumped up clutching my toasted nuts. There stood my wife, she had turned the setting up to high and kept it there for what seemed like 5 minutes. I was crying and begging her to turn it down. My yells fell on deaf ears. Finally she turned it off, by this time I was laying on the ground shaking and crying uncontrolable. When I was able to get up She took me to my outside shower where she removed my collar. I was allowed to take a cool shower and she then inspected my balls. They were burned with deep red marks around the sack, and my testicles felt like the were on fire. For a full week I had to put on ointment to heal the burns. I have never done anything like this again. I have full respect for my wife, and never question her. Having a collar around your balls, you learn just who is the boss.

naked collared maleApr 12 2010 8:38pm
I don't need to be leashed. I am A FREE AGENT!!! However, should I have yet another lady in my life, it is a given that if she is a hot enough babe, she will have total control over me without the use of a leash!!!

an UNLEASHED maleApr 13 2010 2:47am
By the time this law IS passed, most males will be obdient but the law will be for males out in public to assure they will be kept under control My dog obeys me but when we are in the park, I still have to keep the dog on a leash

KimberlyApr 13 2010 4:05am
I love the smell of fried balls in the morning LOL

KathyApr 13 2010 4:10am
Kathy, Well Put!!!!

JanetApr 13 2010 5:56am
Thank yuou Janet but I also like the looks of crushed nuts and the faces of the males who provided them for us

KathyApr 13 2010 11:36am
I believe a man's primary (if not sole) function is to please (a.k.a. SERVE!!!) a woman sexually. I cannot think of anything that pleases me more than driving a woman absolutely out of her mind while I am either caressing or sucking her clitoris. I believe, for most women, clitoral stimulation is far more pleasurable than penile penetration into the vagina. In fact, many women themselves admit this openly and outright. Based on my own experiences of having penetrated a woman's vagina with my penis and then stimulating her clitoris without penetration, there is no better (or more pleasurable) task for a man than to CLITORALLY STIMULATE a woman, WITHOUT PENETRATION, either with his fingers or with his tongue (I have used BOTH!!!). One such woman whose clitoris I caressed AND sucked is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am although I am several inches taller than she is (I am a skinny man who likes big women!!!). I had previously penetrated her vagina with my penis but when I finally "went to work" on her clitoris, I drove her ABSOLUTELY OUT OF HER MIND!!! It's a good thing for me because if I hadn't, I KNOW I WOULD HAVE BEEN CRUSHED FOR SURE!!!

a SEXUAL man (a SLAVE of a woman AND HER CLITORIS!!!)Apr 13 2010 4:03pm
You mean our mental leashes will soon become physical?

AnonymousApr 13 2010 9:20pm
I agree with this. It seems entirely practical that us men should be leashed. The only problem that I get embarrassed and don't like to be naked in front of others. Also I get cold easily.

AndrewApr 13 2010 10:48pm
Andrew not to worry. Once all males are naked and leashed you would be comfortable being naked. Its acceptable besides what are you embarrassed about. Its only a penis and a set of balls. From your comments about being cold, I would guess you have a tiny weiner. Once you are expossed and seen and everyone gets a good laugh you are joined in the group of other naked men. Once something is considered common its accepted.

JanetApr 14 2010 4:50am
Andrew you grt cold? Then you should have the electric one and I am sure your owner could turn the juice up and warm you least it would warm your nuts up.

KimberlyApr 14 2010 6:19am
Wife/Mistress occasionally loans me out to Priestess S who likes to take me clubbing on a leash and naked. Following Priestess S on a leash can be very intense as She searches for an appropriate spot to bend me over and blister my bare behind. As for electronic implants, Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote a story called "The Ruins of Isis" where males were controlled in such a fashion.

obedient husbandApr 14 2010 5:01pm
I had an argument with my husband yesterday and he started grabbing my boobs. That infuriated me and I grabbed his balls and squeezed real hard. The pain and shocked look on his face were priceless. After a while he begged me for release.

NicoleApr 15 2010 2:37am
Nicole, there is no comparison the pain you felt in your boobs compared to the pain your husband feels in his balls. You have the right idea, you will win everytime when you have his balls in your hand. You enjoy while he suffers. The weakness every male has.

JanetApr 15 2010 5:24am
No i am a MAN who like my freedom and no girl or women can take that from me.

AnonymousApr 15 2010 5:36am
Nicole, when my wife has me by my nuts, I will do ANYTHING she wants Use his balls to your full advantage. That is the priviledge of being female and our bad luck for being male

RonApr 15 2010 6:04am
Well I don't get why women think they are the bosses all of a sudden?

AndrewApr 15 2010 7:57am
Janet, for a moment I was in total disbelief that about what he did. How could he grab my breasts in a situation like this. After the initial shock was over I became furious and grabbed him, squeezed as hard as I could. Seeing him in so much pain and so helpless and knowing that I did that to him gave me a feeling of absolute control. A feeling I might want to experience some more. I'm a very athletic and fit woman and in a real fight I'm pretty sure I could beat him too but this is much more easier.

NicoleApr 15 2010 9:51am
@Kathy, I know now what you mean, crushed nuts and their faces are priceless.

NicoleApr 15 2010 9:53am
Janet, for a moment I was in total disbelief that about what he did. How could he grab my breasts in a situation like this. After the initial shock was over I became furious and grabbed him, squeezed as hard as I could. Seeing him in so much pain and so helpless and knowing that I did that to him gave me a feeling of absolute control. A feeling I might want to experience some more. I'm a very athletic and fit woman and in a real fight I'm pretty sure I could beat him too but this is much more easier.

NicoleApr 15 2010 9:53am
crushed nuts and their faces are priceless. The naked male lying on the floor holding their balls is not too bad either LOL

KimberlyApr 15 2010 12:11pm
After reading so many comments from likeminded women here I start to wonder what it would be like to have some sort of get together. Then after a while the men will strip down and we can take it in turns to torment there balls and testicles. I'm a bit afraid though that I can't hold back and really rupture some testicles.

NicoleApr 15 2010 12:21pm
Then after a while the men will strip down Nicole, should not all of these males be naked all the time they are with any woman? I would love to see a law passed whereby all males had to be and remain naked when in public. This would let them know that they are the inferior sex as we would all remain fully dresed. It would also give us easy acess to their balls.

KathyApr 15 2010 1:06pm
Kathy, you are absolutely right. My husband would feel very uncomfortable if he was naked and surrounded by strong, confident girls like us. Their discomfort alone would make it worthwhile but seeing them going down one after they other, writhing in agony on the floor holding their damaged balls is even better. I feel very naughty now, what should I do with my husbands balls, should I toy with them or really crush them. Difficult descision

NicoleApr 15 2010 1:19pm
. I feel very naughty now, what should I do with my husbands balls, should I toy with them or really crush them My husband has to check his blood sugar once in a while. One day I told him I would check it and I took one of his nuts and acted like I was going to use the needle thing and get the blood from his nut. Of course with my holding his balls tight, the needle would have gone right into his ball and although I would not do it for real, the look on his face was priceless.

KathyApr 15 2010 1:38pm
KImberly, you have obviously either suffered abuse at male hands, or you are a very sick, evil, depraved and nasty piece of work. But that does not give you the right to torture innocent men. If you were abused, you have my sympathies, but if you are just plain evil, then I can only wish ill upon you!

an intelligent life formApr 15 2010 3:00pm
I am a tall skinny man!

an intelligent life formApr 15 2010 8:57pm
Ladies, once a man takes hold of YOUR CLITORIS, not to inflict pain on you but to give you the maximum in satisfaction and pleasure that you know you are never able to resist (hence THE SOLE FUNCTION of the clitoris), you will be just as much under his control as he will be under your control. In fact, once he starts going to work on your clitoris, your level of ecstasy will be at such great heights that you would not be capable of inflicting any kind of pain on him at all!!!

a SEXUAL man (a SLAVE of a woman AND HER CLITORIS!!!)Apr 16 2010 2:23pm
However we can get away easily if we wanted to, if we had your balls in our hand, with just a simple twist and a firm squeeze which could get harder and harder you could not get away. There was a a woman who woke up to find a naked male standing over her. She grapped his balls twisted them as much as she could and squeezed just as hard as she could. Yea, a lot of males do get a hard on when a woman hits his balls but the males c0ck went soft right away because he thought he was going to have crushed nuts for real. He did his best to get away and could not. He actually fell and she lifted him off the floor by his balls and than lead him to the door and threw him out and than called the cops. They found him because his ID was in his pants he left on her floow and when they arrested him a few hours later, he was still nursing his balls. To add insult to injury, they had a couple of female cops escort him while he was still naked to the waiting polie car right in front of a dozen or more women as well as other males and I am sure they were all wondering why his balls were as big as grapefruits

KimberlyApr 16 2010 7:43pm
I am a tall skinny man!

a SEXUAL manApr 16 2010 8:56pm
Ok,I admit, I am a troll. I have very low self esteem. I publish things under many names on this site because I am deeply ashamed of who I am. I spend all my free time here because no one will help me. Hellllp!!!

an intelligent life form, a SEXUAL man etc...Apr 16 2010 9:01pm
Maybe a woman putting a leash on me will help?

an intelligent life form, a SEXUAL man etc...Apr 16 2010 9:07pm
I am not the idiot above posing as me.

an intelligent life formApr 17 2010 3:53pm
Yes I am. I am totally gay and prefer male company. For sure!

an intelligent life formApr 17 2010 11:53pm
I apologize for using this forum to spread my hate. I am a weak man with out much direction in my life. Even though I am gay I will try to be better in the future.

an intelligent life formApr 18 2010 12:46am
No woman anywhere can get away while her Glans Clitoris is being caressed or sucked by a man (or by another woman for that matter!!!).

a SEXUAL man (a SLAVE of a woman AND HER CLITORIS!!!)Apr 18 2010 2:44am
That would only give us pleasure. OK we know many males get pleasure out of having their balls busted but NOT to have them ruptured so women will still be superior to males any time.

KimberlyApr 18 2010 9:32am
As long as a man caresses and/or sucks a woman's Clitoris, he will not mind at all considering her to be superior to him (considering himself to be inferior to her). In fact, he is all too anxious to raise her high up on a pedestal where she belongs. After all, I will always be a slave of a woman and her Clitoris which I have blissfully caressed AND sucked. The human female alone has the only human body part whose sole function is sexual pleasure (THE CLITORIS!!!). I believe that this, in and of itself, is what makes a woman far superior to a man. Also, I believe the Clitoris should be worshipped by all men, especially by all sexual men whose main purpose is to serve and please a woman via her Clitoris. As far as I am concerned, the Giza Pyramids of Egypt (long known as The First Wonder of the World) do not stand alone. Along with such timeless majesty, I consider The Female Clitoris to be The First Wonder of the World!!!

a SEXUAL man (a SLAVE of a woman AND HER CLITORIS!!!)Apr 18 2010 3:28pm
I talk about this stuff but I'm gay myself. That's why I'm always acting stupid on this site.

a SEXUAL man (a SLAVE of a woman AND HER CLITORIS!!!)Apr 18 2010 7:28pm
Did I tell you that I really hate myself?

a SEXUAL man (a SLAVE of a woman AND HER CLITORIS!!!)Apr 18 2010 7:31pm
Well as least you respect women enough to use the proper terms for our parts. I do not like to see any slang for a wonan but it certainly is OK to call a penis a c*ck, prick or whatever and testicles can be called balls, nuts or whatever because they are on males and we know they are inferior creatures

KimberlyApr 18 2010 8:49pm
this is kinda lol... a womans breast and vagina are wayyyy for sensitive that a mans groin - so all we need is one swift c*nt punt to be free again!!!

A guy who likes other guys.Apr 19 2010 5:25am
Kim you are a slut no offence but all women are. And sluts are not superior.

AnonymousApr 19 2010 6:13am
I love it when men talk like they're angry and try to fight back. It's funny to see them waste all their energy in a futile attempt to resist the inevitable.

MelindaApr 19 2010 10:01am
It reminds me of someone who knows nothing about cars telling an auto mechanic what they need to do. It is dumb to argue with someone that is so much superior to them...dumb MALES! When will they learn how inferior they are to us?

CathyApr 19 2010 10:52am

AnonymousApr 19 2010 11:51am
they won't because they aren't...i mean you should know Melinda...your probably a dude anyway lol!

Like, DuuuhhApr 19 2010 2:06pm
I am the sickest man on the internet; that is why I create hundreds of female muscle polls.

Tall thin skinny manApr 19 2010 9:51pm
I'm also the gayest. I have a deep seated fear of women

Tall thin skinny manApr 19 2010 11:09pm
If you ladies are, in fact, superior, then you will know that some moron out there is greasing up these boards with impersonations.

AnonymousApr 20 2010 4:00am
I am that moron

AnonymousApr 21 2010 1:56pm
Could that be the same moron who feebly attempts to impersonate me?

a REAL intelligent life formApr 21 2010 2:39pm
You don't have any personality to impersonate. You're a pimple faced geek in your mom's basement

AnonymousApr 21 2010 6:08pm
Ok!!! Enough already. I admit it. I write all these crappy polls and make comments under different names because I have no life!

a REAL intelligent life formApr 21 2010 7:25pm
naked collared male you learnt your lesson and you only needed it teaching once.You accepted that you were at fault and even if you did not like it at the time you understand why it was needed.I'm sorry that you burned your balls but it was your fault after all.And it did you no lasting harm I hope.In fact only good.Oh if we all lived in a climate where males could be kept naked all year round whilst they worked hard for us. Please write again its nice to hear men so understanding of the way things need to be.

Big BrendaMay 18 2010 11:49pm
Yes Janet but in a way I want my males to be embarressed and humiliated by being naked so I suppose having them naked in public all the time would lessen that.For as you say it would become the norm. Men always use that excuse don't they.Its so cold thats why its so small.

Big BrendaMay 18 2010 11:52pm
What comes out of these discussions is that Womyn like the power they have over delicate mens balls and they like to hurt them and see their reactions. Yes there should be ball busting conventions where Womyn can learn to safely abuse their males and other males genitals.There would be medical help on site in profusion should there be over zealous use of force and pain or the male becoming skittish and moving at an innopertune time.

Big BrendaMay 19 2010 12:02am
I use my dick for only one thing and that f*cking women. And don't let anybody bust my balls. And I won't let me humilate by a fat ugly breastless feminist.

AnonymousMay 28 2010 11:53am
Anonymous How can we bust your balls? You would have to grow a pair before we could bust them, You have also shown why women think most males are pricks and you are a huge priok REAL men have the balls to admit they are inferior to women and we do have several real men here unlike pricks like you

KathyJun 01 2010 9:39am
And what is your plan against "Pricks like you"?

AnonymousJun 02 2010 11:23am
Almost every prick will prove his own inferiority. Women do not have to do anything, your own actions will prove what a prick he is.

KimberlyJun 06 2010 8:46am
Almost... I am the exception?

AnonymousJun 10 2010 5:49am
Well certainly not every male is a prick just because he has a prick. There are many males who do have the balls to admit that males are inferior to women.

KimberlyJun 22 2010 6:29am
Kimberly please f*ck yourself.

AnonymousJul 04 2010 5:56am
As a male I have the good fortune of belonging to an assertive ball buster.I have long realised my and all of my genders inferiority to Womyn. being naked and leashed around the testes would be very good for her and very good for me.

Lou RollsJul 13 2010 8:18pm
Kimberly you are so right, women are superior to us men.

JoshJul 17 2010 10:08pm
Stephen King wrote A Long Walk which is about 100 boys doing a walk for a huge prize but only one male can win. ALL the other males are shot if they stop the walk Would you all want to have these males do the walk naked? I can think of several reasons for this. No male would have an advantage over another and when they were killed, the millions of women watching would know they were all males If someone watching helps them, that person would be killed also but I contend that if a woman helps one of the walkers, the male she is helping should be killed alone with any male standing beside her. Of course, if another male is helping the walker, both the males would be killed. In this way, we can punish anyone trying to help but we would only kill males

CindyJul 18 2010 9:30am
males are inferior to WOMEN!!

benAug 05 2010 6:17pm
I have to agree, males are inferior, I am young and have already realised that we simply cannot keep up. Time to throw in the towel and acknowledge Womyn as our masters.

SimonAug 23 2010 1:33pm
Cindy, I think they should use 1,000 boys and do it at least once a month if not once a week. Maybe they can use adult males also and have them all walking naked. If a woman helps any male, they should kill the five males nearest her.

KathyAug 23 2010 2:31pm
To naked collared male Get some guts Take the collar off fasten to your wife labia and turn it on high and watch her bounce around

roadrunnerOct 25 2010 5:23pm
most women should come equiped with a shock collar to keep them in a subseviant place

roadrunnerOct 25 2010 5:25pm
Girls are so superior. The fact that our physical beauty can cause a part of the male body to quiver, twitch, or harden whenever we want speaks to our power over the masculine gender. And once we have a man in this state, he is little more than our thrall - he will do whatever we tell him. A male can be two or three times our size and weight, but is invariably reduced to quivering jelly when knocked senseless by our feminity and sex appeal. Every girl should use the natural power she has over boys. I'm looking forward to the day when males are reduced to brawny, grunting thralls whose only purpose in life is to perform manual labor and serve as our sex slaves. It would be fun to go to bed with a collared male, and be able to punish him whenever he did something you didn't like!

PamelaNov 21 2010 8:53pm
To Roadrunner: Once the male gender has been subjugated to thralldom, I might consider purchasing you. Watching you cower as my servant and errand boy for the rest of your life will be soo much fun. I will indelibly etch in your heart and mind a feeling of reverence for and obedience to the concept of Girl Power.

PamelaNov 27 2010 10:23pm
To Pamela: Men are the active part of the world, women - the passive. Activeness cannot exist without passiveness and vice versa. Femininity exists because there is masculinity. A man is attracted by woman and wants to make sex - his penis erects. Women have the power to erect the penis, if you call this 'power', I personally call it quality - because power is something that one can control. A beautiful woman cannot control the efect of her appearance to men, for example. You can harden the dick but cannot soften it. Be wise, the harmony of this world is in the unity of the opposites. Ask the Daos if in doubt - I can assure you they are very wise.

manDec 04 2010 1:58am
To "man": Oh my, an intellectual male (though such a fusion would seem to be a contradiction in terms). Once the matriarchy is firmly ensconced, we will need your type to perform all the mundane technical labor we can't be bothered with. Enslavement is your gender's unalterable destiny...and the reality of it is getting closer every day.

PamelaDec 04 2010 3:08pm
Okay, live with your dreams, if you wish so. We are stupid, we are weak, we must be slaves to women. Have my balls.

manDec 04 2010 9:07pm
Ms. Pamela, do you keep any male slaves now.

Obedient husbandDec 07 2010 5:57pm
To Obedient husband: Every male who has ever come in close contact with me has become my slave, in one sense of the word or another...

PamelaDec 08 2010 12:11am
Ms. Pamela thank you for responding. I would love the hear more.

obedient husbandDec 11 2010 2:27pm
To obedient husband: When a man is mine, he's mine. He doesn't have a choice. He's genuinely helpless. I know when a man is helpless. I don't defeat him with physical force. I really conquer him with femaleness - with my looks and smell and teasing, and with my own self-confidence. I whip him, yes, but with my pussy, remember, a thing as savage in its power as it is sweet and innocent in appearance. And when I have him, I just KNOW I have him. There's nothing to be afraid of. He's helpless and that's all there is to it. The fact is, big and brawny as he may be, I have him pinned. There's no chance he's going to suddenly get up and push me aside and split. No chance. He's not just playing at submission either. He's lost. He's mine. He can't call it off. When I have a man in that state, my power over him is stronger than a prison, and stronger than the heaviest chains and tightest cords. You have to see it to believe it. It's an unbelievable rush to have a man enthralled. It should be part of every girl's education. They should teach it in school. This power as a girl is the important thing, the basic thing. I wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand my views about that. It's SEXUAL power: it's what I have instead of brute strength, and it's much stronger and a total delight.

PamelaDec 12 2010 1:15am
When does this leash law take effect. Is there anything we can do to stop this? Once we are leashed and treated no better than dogs by the female population, men will lose the remainder of whatever control we have left. How would we be able to hold public offices or make any kind of decisions on our own such as voting, how household money is spent, or type of vehicle to purchase. To all women out there, would society function better if all us men do this? Don't we get any say? It will be hard for me to ever be able to regain any kind of authority with my wife once I am leashed and forced to be kept naked in front of all women (her friends, co workers, as well as perfect strangers) while she tugs on whatever body part she plans to walk me by in public. Shouldn't there be a reconsideration of this law?

a concerned maleJan 04 2011 10:41pm
Men should be consulted about decicions but then the Womyn decide.Why should males have authority over any woman.Leashed and naked sends a powerful message as to the correct satus of the respective sexes.

Big BrendaJan 24 2011 9:03pm
Yes but leashing us and requiring us to be naked would make it difficult for us to think our opinions are going to matter. If females carry out this plan and have us exposed and leashed publicly, my concern is that we are only going to be seen by the female race by our penis and testicles. That is how we will be thought of. Males will be made more aware of our genitals which will in turn cloud our judgment in thinking clearly for our self. I personally feel that will send a strong signal that my wife, and all other females in my day to day life will have a firm control over my decisions. Females will then have men making all of their thoughts and ideas through their penis (not just when we are sexually aroused as in the past). Is the purpose for this Big Brenda to be a way of reinforcing the idea that women should always be in complete control? Do a lot of other females agree with you that this would be a better way? I am not so sure.

a concerned maleJan 26 2011 9:32pm
Kimberley, Pamela and Big Brenda are so right! All men are dogs. Its time Women treated them as the sub-human animals they really are! Not only should they leashed. They should also have their balls removed if they remain disobedient to a Woman's commands.

TartarusFeb 03 2011 2:10pm
To: a concerned male. You are rather missing the point. Not really surprising as you are only a mere male. A Woman should not expect too much of you. What goes on in a puny male brain is really not important. His thoughts should be reconditioned to comply with his owners wishes. Just like a good puppy a male should be trained to DO not to think. Thinking is hardly your genders strong point. On the other hand simple commands: Sit!, Stay!, Present!, Beg! are perfect for the primitive male consciousness.

TartarusFeb 03 2011 2:17pm
With it becoming more and more accepted lately that women are the ones in control of positions of authority in the business world, due to recent reports of a wider gap of educated women than men, it has become popular to believe that men can not be as intelligent. While I admit we are sometimes at a disadvantage because of our male parts, I do still feel men can compete for jobs that require thinking and decision making over manual labor. I recently hired and supervised a female office assistant. She was intelligent as well as attractive. My supervisor (also female) was very impressed with her. It did not take me too long to realize she was set on having my job. As the days went on it became harder and harder to focus on my managerial skills and she continued to learn the business and my various duties through observation. My wife would notice my frustration when I would come home at night. My wife being at the corporate level herself, knew it has become more and more of a struggle for males to continue to survive in the business world. As strange as it sounds, she encouraged me to masturbate in the morning before work. She said since men sometimes can't always completely focus when it comes to making decisions, this will help to a certain degree. While a do believe it did some good, I eventually got demoted at my position and became her employee. My supervisor gave her my position and I really could not come up with a good enough argument to change her mind. To try to keep up at work, I started to masturbate at night as well. Anything I could do to equal her abilities, I was willing to try. This started to cut down on my sleep, but if I did not do it, I would toss and turn while worrying at night. This would keep my wife up so she would insist I go do it before coming to bed. My wife started to notice, I was becoming more obedient to her as a result. In the evening, she noticed I would respond to her commands involving household chores. After a while she explained to me that most males are better at understanding and completing tasks when they are aligned with their penis in its strongest form (erected). While she had hoped the masturbation experiment would have given me the ability to stay ahead of my female subordinate, she felt that I am "like the majority of men" (her words). As you can tell by my previous postings, I do not agree completely with her. The only part we agree on is that masturbating helped me focus better. I still say that if I had started doing this earlier, I would have be able to keep her as my employee. As a subordinate of hers, I was eventually let go due to too many differences on how the job should run. I also was frustrated on how she was delegating a lot of the office duties she once did on to me(filing, keeping her messages, etc). I am currently an unemployed househusband. My wife prefers our current roles and is wanting it to remain this way. This is why this poll caught my attention due to my current situation and experience. I still feel that males can contribute and make decisions. Although many men still hold positions of power, if given the sense to fight off our sexual desires we will still make more intelligent decisions when it comes to business and home. I am open to trying a new way of doing things but feel the sexist viewpoints of the women of this poll are too harsh, judgmental, and extreme. You ladies are trying to put all males in the same group.

a concerned maleFeb 04 2011 11:18am
To be honest your example given seems to undermine your initial point that men are truly equal. A Women starts as your assistant and in no time demonstrates she is your superior in every way doing the job you were doing! Before you know it she is your Boss and you are demoted as her humble assistant taking messages and doing her filing. What better argument do you need for male incapacity to equal a bright intelligent woman?

SandraFeb 07 2011 10:42am
To Sandra and the other women of this poll: So why did my wife tell me to masturbate before work. How could this help a man's IQ? According to my wife, she based the idea on how frustrated I would look when I came home and she then realized this girl had the skills to do my job better. My previous three office assistants were males. I never once had to worry about them out shining me at work. Is it possible that this girl just had above average intelligence and determination? My wife has a great amount of input into the hiring process at the company she works for. Lately she mentioned that the female candidates are better suited for the jobs available and tend to land the middle and upper management positions. I keep thinking that she only hires women since she is a woman and she may only telling me this to keep me a househusband and discourage me from ever becoming the head of household. Do you think this is true? I have thought about asking her. My only worry is that she might share in the beliefs about male inferiority as well.

a concerned maleFeb 07 2011 7:21pm
To a concerned male: Reading you posts I am really convinced you are half as naive as you make out here. I think you are a submissive male who just gets off on being told about female superiority/male inferiority by Women posters here. However, just in case you are genuine here are my comments. Generally, the males I have trained to obey me become more compliant when I deny them regular release by spilling their seed. Its well known males release more testosterone after masturbating.This can make them more agressive, and more prone to disobedience. In my experience longer periods of chastity keeps a male more obedient and suggestive to female persuasion/seduction. The male in chastity -like a castrated dog or gelded horse is calmer and better-behaved, making him quieter, gentler and potentially more suitable as an everyday working servitor. Your wife was perhaps thinking this release would help you to be more assertive in the workplace so you could exercise a more managerial role. Plus the sexual tension your new assistant created would be reduced so you could devote your mind to your work. However, paradoxically, by masturbating at the times instructed by your Wife/Goddess you found yourself becoming more obedient to her! I think you need to come out of the cupboard and acknowledge and fully embrace your submissive nature and stop clinging to outdated fictions such as a male being head of a household! How outdated! Rather than just focusing on yourself why aren't you putting your attention on pleasing your wife and making her happy? Rather than being depressed about being a househusband I suggest you put all your focus and energy into your new role. Many men would consider themselves truely blessed if their Wife wanted them to stay at home and care for all her needs! Time to rate your skills in the home. How good are your cooking skills? Can you prepare and serve your Wife delicious meals prepared from scratch? What do you do to relax your Wife after her busy day? Try washing and bathing her feet and giving her a relaxing massage. Is the home tidy and clean when she returns? Do you serve her breakfast in bed when she has time for this? You you give your wife the sexual services she requires from you? There are many small ways you can please your wife and show your focus is her happiness not your selfish concerns and worries. In my view the route to a successful relationship is males putting their ego at the door and learning to fully respond to their partners needs and wishes.

SandraFeb 08 2011 2:50pm
Sorry for the typos I had to type in somewhat of hurry before a business meeting!

SandraFeb 08 2011 2:56pm
To Sandra: First of all thanks clearing up my Wife's reasoning's behind her masturbation instruction. I guess it did not work mainly since my employee/future boss stayed focused while I was not prepared for her competition. My feelings are however of genuine concern over the recent changes in the past few months and in my role going forward. My wife has certainly become more aggressive/dominant (she got a promotion that doubled my salary just before the process of my demotion and ultimately dismissal at my job). Everywhere it seems I look it seems more customary that women are the ones getting ahead and a lot of men, myself included have a difficult time with this. But having said this, You may have figured me out that I am possibly becoming more submissive in return, but if this is the case, these recent accounts have put me in a potion to now be forced to consider this role. I do feel that this is a path that once I go down, it would be hard to return. I also get the feeling from my wife that she is going to continue to lead me fully in that direction. She had her mom (now divorced with a career, former housewife) stay with us for a week after I first started staying home. During that time she showed me how to clean the house, laundry, ironing and cooking. So to answer your question on skills, I am getting better. When my wife comes home, it is now become expected that dinner is on the table when she arrives and she does check on my housework after she finishes dinner. Her feet ARE a major part of her relaxation time and mainly consists of me rubbing each one while she watches TV unless she has me do this while finishing up work at her office at home or while she is on the phone with a client, coworker, or girlfriend. I usually do this until she tells me to stop. I do give her the sexual services she asks me to perform (often after her foot massage). Most times without her returning the favor.This is where a problem can occur. She usually mentions how tired she is after I finish. Since she goes to sleep soon after I am left on my own so I end up masturbating. When this happens, I usually do not perform the household chores as well the following day and it pisses her off when she returns home. Doesn't it seem right for me to get something in return? You mentioned my selfish concerns above but I do not think this would classify as one if I am focusing on keeping her happy. What would be a good way to remedy this problem? Also, if you don't mind my asking, are you in agreement with the women posters here in terms of leashing as a method of control since you already train males to obey through chastity?

a concerned maleFeb 08 2011 11:50pm
Concerned male: Just as Sandra mentioned, you are a submissive. But for some reason you feel the need to hold on to outdated roles that never had a chance to survive the long term. The natural order is for Women to control males. All of them. As humans continue to evolve this too will become the standard. Your job being replaced by a Female is not uncommon. If it makes you feel better this is happening all over, every day. Just enjoy your role as a househusband and quit complaining about equality. From what you've posted, you should just be happy She provides a roof for you and the food that you should be privledged to prepare and have ready for her when She returns to Her home. It sounds to me like chastity would do wonders for you. Don't be surprised if the idea hasn't yet crossed Her mind. Your excessive masturbating keeps you from being truly obedient. Sexual release should be given to you only as a reward when you have performed your domestic male duties to her satisfaction. Your biggest problem as a male is that you are thinking more than a male brain is able to handle. Get ready for the leash and collar and accept this as the natural order.

SilviaFeb 16 2011 10:44pm
I agree with Silvia. Your relationship with your wife has already swiftly moved in a Female led direction. Its quite clear you are submissive and your wife enjoys taking the lead and directing you. This is a natural and an increasingly common state of affairs as it becomes acknowledged that we Women are the natural decision makers. In general our superior intelligence, empathy, multi-tasking and networking skills make us far more suited to making calm , sensible decisions in both the workplace and in relationships. The problem here is not your Wife. Its you! You are focusing our your pleasure and satisfaction while flagrantly failing in your household chores for your Wife. Do you want to be a failure as a househusband just as you were as a manager? Your masturbation is self defeating behaviour and open disobedience to your Wife. No wonder she gets irritated by you! The old saying that ? when the woman is happy the man is happy? seems so apt here. You were never find contentment while you continue to disobey your wife and act like a dog that humps at anything. If I was your wife I would institute a few rules and a daily schedule I would demand that you maintain while your wife is at work. Your daily tasks would checked off by your wife when she returns home. If you had failed in these you would be disciplined. To help you remain focused you would be kept in a chastity device and only allowed release if you demonstrated good behaviour. I believe you should confess your masturbation habit to your wife now and request she considers chastity training so you can better perform your role at home. I think all your worries and discontent stem from a fundamental awareness deep down that you are failing to make your wife happy. By following the instructions I have given you will soon find your wife will be pleased with your new found obedience to her will. In turn you will find contentment and inner peace from knowing you are making your wife happy. Once you give yourself fully to this role of service to your wife you will find your selfish concerns and considerations will melt away.

SandraFeb 17 2011 4:32pm
But even though its becoming more natural to for me to submit to my wife after feeling defeated by this work experience, surely you both would agree that there is some difficulty for a man to transition from earner to househusband. Being married with no children, it is pretty opened up as to how far she may want to take charge and discipline anything she considers bad behavior. My wife has started checking my daily household chores after dinner. The ideas you both mentioned regarding a disciplinary action for unfinished work or work done incorrectly has also been mentioned by my wife. I believe she is planning to put a system for this in place. Her mom still asks her if I am completing the chores as she showed me. Since my mother-in-law is from an older generation, I am not sure she would adapt to the level of women's viewpoints of today in terms of attitudes towards males. If anything she finds our recent role reversal more amusing than anything. My wife on the other hand is definitely thinking long term/perminent. Silvia, as far as my wife introducing chastity into our recent changes, she has not brought it up yet, thankfully. I have heard stories of how men become far easier to control when they are locked in their device. How commen are they becoming in female led relationships? How difficult are they to escape? I have heard erections while in chastity are quite painful. Is it true that achieving an orgasm while locked up is highly unlikely? Sandra, since you mentioned longer periods of chastity on your males work better for you, how long are we talking? Don't males need to release to avoid causing problems to their testicles? My biggest concern is that I will feel the need to release during the day while she is at work yet be unable to. Have your males ever complained of the discomfort of getting hard while locked in chastity when you are having them service you in some form (foot rub, sexually, etc.) Just how will this make me more calmer and obedient to her commands? This can't possibly work overnight.

a concerned maleFeb 17 2011 10:51pm

alexFeb 18 2011 8:07pm
im a male but i agree with kimberly, certain laws need to be issued as i beleive most of us males need to be naked and leashed. im actually on a training program with my ex girlfriend maddie, shes only 17 but shes smart. i got forced into the program after she found out i cheated on her, if i chose not to do it she would post naked pictures of me to friendsl family you name it. i hated the training course at first but after a while i understood from maddie's point of view. i was required to see her every saturday and sunday at her place since her parents go away most weekends. as soon as i arrived i would hand over my clothes and belongings to her leaving ne naked. i would then be leashed (usually by the neck) and go through testicle beatings which went on for half an hour (feels like forever) averaging to 20-30 full power kicks, afterwards i would an explaining session where i would be on my knees and tell her how sorry i am. next i would be leashed my my testicles outside to a tree where i would spend a few hours, sometimes with her other dog. straight after was a 15 minute ball thrashing, this really makes me realise my mistakes, i thanked her for he generosity at times. cleaning tine was my favorite, i would be let off my leash and ide get to clean her house :) playing fetch was after, maddie would throw the stick and me and her dog would run on all fours after it. the last things of the day was a final hour length beating from maddie where i would be leashed naked to a post in her yard and beaten naked, testicles mostly the target. this is over two days a week for 3 months, i would spend the night naked and still leashed in a kennel. when im allowed to leave i get my clothes back, thank her and see her again the next week. i finished my course 6 months ago, im 21 now and im glad she trained me, im so thankfull to her for her efforts and now respect all women and girls.

alexFeb 18 2011 8:42pm
Ms. Pamela, thank You for responding. You sound like a Real Woman. As for a concerned male" he has found his place in life as a househusband slave to his Wife. He should be happy.

obedient husbandFeb 19 2011 7:16pm
a concerned male.I am now convinced that you dont have a problem at all. More likely an overactive fantasy life! In any case why would I want to discuss chastity training in detail with a male like you? That would be like dealing with the monkey rather than the Organ Grinder. I am happy to share ideas with other Women. However, in the hands of feral males like yourself I suspect this would just be masturbatory material. In a nutshell quit moaning and become the obedient houseboy nature intended you to be.

SandraFeb 20 2011 5:30am
concerned male- Sandra is so on point. Obey your Wife, be an obedient houseboy and stop your whining! Also quit humping everything like a dog (laughed out loud when reading)!! As much as I am enjoying your postings as you try to find your way to your only logical destination, you really need to come clean on who you are.Clearly you have more than just a passing curiousity on female superiority from your Mother-in-law's training to your Wife's dominant handling of you. Chastity training has worked for so many Women that have an untrained husband/boyfriend and it can work for you too. Your Wife should be consulted on the subject and have the option to choose the device of Her choice. Your behavior will change especially once She rewards you temporary release as a positive reinforcement. We know how much you like that! Otherwise, do a bad job as a houseboy, disobey her daily schedule and She'll make you wait!!

SilviaFeb 21 2011 8:26pm
my girlfriend has a testicle leash for me, im not sure if shes taking things over the top but she lives on a big block of land and makes me sleep outside naked chained to a tree by my testicles a good 200 metres from the house. i cant actually set myself free from the leash as she really fastens the leash with a small padlock attatched. the excitment wears off fast and i actually feel helpless and pathetic, being naked doesnt help either, now she wont set me free until late morning (10-11am) and she has done this around 7 times now. usually afterwards im very quiet and i dont question anything she tells me. is it actually working on me? am i really becoming obidient to my girlfriend like a dog is to her master? im starting to get a bit worried.

scared maleFeb 25 2011 12:35am
Hahaha! Yeah i think so buddy :p if you're getting more used to the leashings at night each time then i would say shes definantly succeeded in moulding you into a weak obidient male. But don't worry, you'll find your place soon and you'll totally be used to your leashings :)

kristynFeb 25 2011 12:39am
Within 10 years, males will be stripped of their right to vote and own property. Within 15 years, they will lose all their rights and be nothing more than thralls. Their brute strength and brawn will make them exceptionally fit for hard labor and servitude...and their tiny brains will never let them understand how girls enslaved them...or how to extricate themselves from a predicament that will last for centuries. <Giggles>

PamelaMar 11 2011 2:51am
Even today, I sense my power over boys. I have a pool at my house and during the summer the lawn maintenance crew (entirely male) comes once a week to cut the grass and trim the shrubbery. While they are working, I relax and stretch in a poolside lawn chair in my bikini. I pretend not to notice, but *know* the boys are looking at me every chance they get. So then I call one over in the softest of voices and ask him if he would be a dear and get me a cold drink. He is so delighted that I would even speak to him, he answers with an obedient, "Yes, Ms. Pamela"...even though he's older than me! <Giggles> Before he turns away to perform his task, my eyes glance downward to note the bulge in his workpants he's trying so hard to conceal...perhaps the ultimate expression of my power over him...and Girl Power in general. <Evil Grin>

PamelaMar 11 2011 3:14am
That is just the reason it is so frustrating being a man in today's society. Women are as attractive as ever but apart from that, they also have more power, education and financial freedom than before. As women continue to find it easier and easier to command the respect of the business and political world, us men seem to be loosing our grip and are experiencing more failures and usually to women. But because of the attraction we have to women (myself included), we find ourselves becoming more or less obedient possesions to the women we encounter- no different than your lawn maintenance boys. I am now financially dependent on my wife thanks to the accepted gender role reversal of today. So I am wondering what exactly the men did before that gained him most of the control in society and what we can possibly do to get some of it back. If not I fear Pamela's prediction is already starting to come true.

a concerned maleMar 12 2011 10:34pm
Do you listen to yourselves? Men, are you insane? Electric dog collars on your nuts? Women, treating your partners like that. You are in need of medical help.

treatseveryoneequalMar 24 2011 5:43am
"Within 10 years, males will be stripped of their right to vote and own property. Within 15 years, they will lose all their rights and be nothing more than thralls." Good luck with that. LOL. Guys, time to turn up the control when we have their clit sucked into our mouths... Lets remind them who REALLY is in charge.

treatseveryoneequalMar 24 2011 5:49am
"Treatseveryoneequal", you sound like the rebellious type...a veritable R.P. McMurphy from "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest"...full of machismo and masculine rage. If your gender wasn't so demonstrably inferior in every way, I might even be a little scared of you. But I am comforted by knowing the eventual fate of R.P. after the staff at the hospital was through with him...he was as helpless and lost as a little lamb. <Evil Grin>

PamelaMar 24 2011 3:36pm
Would things go better for us men if we just surrendered to women and allowed them to take charge?

CamMar 25 2011 9:37am
We may not have any other choice at this point. But take it from me, it is not very easy once you surrender the power to your wife/ girlfriend. Once they know they have it they are not going to go easy. They assert themselves that much more and are not shy to remind you who is in charge.

a concerned maleMar 25 2011 6:21pm
Yes, but as a male in the 21st century we know things are only going to get worse for us over time. If we find a good woman and surrender to her then she can protect us.

CamMar 26 2011 9:58am
Very Interesting. With the power comes the responsibility.

MAc0ckApr 03 2011 9:53pm
bored while parked in my car at night and just now decided to strip completely naked and brave the harsh rainy environment. i ran naked all the way to the beach and masturbated in the rain. ran back to the car threw my clothes on before another car came, shut my door and was like... woah wtf lol

animalApr 09 2011 3:27am
Are you guys living in a f*ck'n lesbian porno? Wake up from your damn nightmare and realise that we're all equals except for the perverts and sluts that started this post. For the guy that talks abouts his balls being fryed: Really? You have a nessed up sense of marriage. That's called slavery. Idiot

Aiken ArrowsMay 20 2011 1:08pm
Nicole, if you ever get that "get together" I'd like to attend! any dominanat female..I am TRULY interested in a relationship as a submissive.

cfnmguyMay 22 2011 6:44am
I like leashes. I think it's hot. Will it ever become anything more than something to do in the bedroom. No.

AnonymousJun 18 2011 9:28am
Thank you so much Pamela for your absolutely brilliant, prophetic, insightful, and informative post which starts with "Girls are so superior". Yes indeed they are. Although not a long post, it says everything, in fact the mere reading of it, is for me a great turn on, and without actually being able to see "your physical beauty" gives me a bone hard erection, and I am immediately turned into "little more than your thrall to do whatever you tell me". I would just love to wear a collar, and to be punished by you whenever I do something you didn't like. In fact, it would be a joy to be punished by you when I have done nothing wrong. In other words for no other reason than it pleased or amused you to do so, and thereby demonstrate your complete and total control over that which is nothing more than your property. As your property I would expect to be used as a table, a chair, a footstool, a doormat, a waste disposal unit, or what ever else you wished to use me for. I assume my collar would have a lead attached. Also when indoors I would expect to be naked, and when not in use, kept in a cage, and fed on a mixture of kitchen scraps, meal leftovers, and dog food. It goes without saying that I would of course do all the housework, cooking, cleaning, shopping extra. Finally if my service had pleased you, I hope you would reward me by using me as your very own personal human toilet. II can think of no greater honour than to be allowed to consume your body's waste products, and thereby have you treat me with the utter contempt that such filth as I deserve.

faceunder1Aug 01 2011 11:19am
Absolute bollocks

danSep 14 2011 9:33pm
Absolute bollocks

danSep 14 2011 9:58pm
ok first off ladies this is really getting out of hand. Two you're not thinking of those men who aren't interested in women. what about gay guys? they really wouldn't want to be with a woman or anything like that. and thirdly i don't see anything happening in 10 years like men losing control or women gaining power all i see is it getting worse for everyone with all the prices going up and everything else.

me myself and iOct 08 2011 6:42pm
ok first off ladies this is really getting out of hand. Two you're not thinking of those men who aren't interested in women. what about gay guys? they really wouldn't want to be with a woman or anything like that. and thirdly i don't see anything happening in 10 years like men losing control or women gaining power all i see is it getting worse for everyone with all the prices going up and everything else.

me myself and iOct 08 2011 7:01pm
hmm are you ppl suffering from some mental illness or just plain mad....

a person with brainsOct 27 2011 9:53pm
Nope, We're normal, N fact better Than ever now That we Ladies Got The upper hand N This world, And Female supremacy Is def happening, And I've already been playing a big part N It Thanks 2 my Mum whose been a dom 4 over 30yrs, And me I've been 1 my whole life, I've already made so many males N2 slaves, and am continuing That work Til Female supremacy Is Global

Grand Mistress ErinNov 05 2011 12:41am
yeah whatever. it just sounds like you've all got big heads and are blind to the truth. female supremacy isn't going to be global. female supremacy isn't even building up here. it's all equal and what you are all talking about you don't even care if a guy could be gay or not and you'd still treat them like any other guy. and what you all are talking about is anything but normal.

me myself and iDec 01 2011 10:04pm
i just hit this sight. i love the idea of the DOUBLE zap that gets a guys nuts. Sounds like great fun. I say put the leash on the nuts right away. Nothing good ever came of a hard-on. Lets get control ladies.

JenDec 07 2011 8:13pm
I should have been more assertive. I just read about a woman that does not permit a hard-on in her home. She wants to protect herself (good idea) and her 20 something daughter. All women in HER house are encouraged to put a knee to the nuts. good clean FUN and keeps the boys in line.

JenDec 07 2011 8:24pm
I wount mind a c*ck leash or a shock colar arouns my genitals for recreational purposes y of you ladies can feel fre to hit me up

cfnmcolumbus@ yahoo.comDec 09 2011 11:37pm
I agree with Jen, it really will happen just think how far women have come in the last 100 years, so f*cking far and I don't think it will stop. My ex still controls me, I get taken for walks like a dog on a weekly basis, completely naked just as stated about, by the testicles or neck, usually the testicles. This happens at night though in public places where there is no one around, but this goes to show that it happens to males and it's kept secret. The sexual side I enjoy yes, but it sometimes wears of quickly and when it does I can't do anything about it. Completely naked, chained by the balls and one wrong move and she only has to use MINIMAL strength to that of a little girl to yank me back into line, you can have as many muscles as you like it wont work and you wont escape if you really have to risk it depending on the female, who has the control and is fully clothed. Do the math guys. If it happens to you and you don't want it anymore just wait it out until she lets you go and gives you your clothes back. Leave quietly, shes made her message clear and simple.

Am I a victim? :/Jan 01 2012 10:39pm
And by the way, don't let photos get taken, this is how the manipulation starts and has now affected me to the point her friends can do it too, or watch. Respect females, just remember that.

Am I a victim? :/Jan 01 2012 10:44pm
I am a man from france and my mistress asked me to look for a shock collar for testicles that can be locked all the time under my clothes. It must be a discrete item. Is there somebody that can tell me the name of the best model for that purpose

bbballJan 05 2012 11:16am
I have a feeling that all of the "women" who posted in this sight are really just men with femdom fetishes. Women don't like this poo. Women like real men and getting f*cked hard lol.

YouJan 05 2012 6:25pm
Really? It changed shi+ to poo? Gay... Anyway, obviosly I'm into kinky poo or else I'd never have found this page but that's all it is and all it will ever be. Kink. And to the imbeciles saying that men are of inferior intelligence to women. Er...derpy derp, derpy dumb. How many female Einsteins or Newtons have there been? Female DeVincis? How many women did it take to invent the airplane? Oh that's was the Wright BROTHERS. Men have ruled and forged progress for humanity for THOUSANDS of years. You think ONE century of women's lib activists and laws put in place to stack the deck against men, which results in a spike in female productivity is anywhere close to equal to the millennia of male dominance ? Oh and here are some facts for you to feast on.... Average IQ between men and women has been tested again and again and again and again. Always with the same results. Males have a slight 1.7 IQ advantage over women. However, this is NOT because men are smarter on average. In reality, average is average and it crosses gender lines. Men and women are of basically equal intelligence. The disparity, I believe is the result of there being far more male geniuses. There are also more mentally challenged males than mentally challenged females but the 200+ IQ's of the male super geniuses skew the curve kind of like how Bill Gates and Warren Buffet slightly skew the average household income curve. Basically, testosterone acts as a double edged sword. It can make a man phenomenal or it can make him substandard. And no, I'm not angry. Femdom turns me on as much as it does anyone here. Let's just not get it twisted though. People for the most part are equal but the very best of the best are more often male.

YouJan 05 2012 6:37pm
Dammi! It got me with the poo thing again! lol

YouJan 05 2012 6:50pm
hmmm what if i have a younger sister, should i surrender and give her total control over me or what if i am a dad should i submit to my daughter?

submissive maleFeb 12 2012 5:00pm
mistress kimberly, for wat its worth which is absolutely nothing bcoz i am a male i do not think we males even deserve bathrooms we are nothing more than dogs bred for your amusement

submissive maleFeb 12 2012 5:03pm
there should also be a law that males are not allowed to touch their own dicks because as dogs to the female race they should only be allowed to pleasure themselves when we allow them to

female with ideasFeb 12 2012 5:20pm
You people are crazy

A ladApr 11 2012 2:58am
Anyone should have the power to have a male on a leash. Teenagers should have a male on a leash and bring him to school, or just leave him home in a cage.

AnonymousApr 16 2012 7:02am
Anyone should have the power to have a male on a leash. Teenagers should have a male on a leash and bring him to school, or just leave him home in a cage.

AnonymousApr 16 2012 7:03am
Anyone should have the power to have a male on a leash. Teenagers should have a male on a leash and bring him to school, or just leave him home in a cage.

AnonymousApr 16 2012 7:06am
Anyone should have the power to have a male on a leash. Teenagers should have a male on a leash and bring him to school, or just leave him home in a cage.

AnonymousApr 16 2012 7:08am
Sounds like a case for compulsory c*nt kicking.Up The C*ntbusters!

Kick Her CrutchJun 05 2012 5:29am
my girlfriend currently has me on a leash and i have to say men should be on leashs women are much more intelligent and deserving to be in power

my girlfriend has me on a leashJul 01 2012 3:33pm
men should have there balls on leashes. we are way to nice them

men on leashesJul 01 2012 3:53pm
a week ago my girlfriend put a leash on my neck and balls i didn't know why every time i contradicted hear she would pull on it very hard she told me to read this and now i realise women are superior and i always wear my leashes

women are superiorJul 01 2012 7:53pm
balls should not only be leashed but also weighted

rodJul 09 2012 10:53pm
The Svadisthana is a muscular natural leash @the base of the Lingam/penis . Dr Kegel also discovered same years after our Himalaysn Yogis . By breath control & muscular root lock or mool bandh yoga the penod id kept abs. Chaste without interference of any womyn . The Brahmachari yogis do NOT let wimen aporach them ! But they do this yoga for orgasmic transmutation of te etotic urge which id the strongest pwer in the Universe intoba smooth flow of bliss ......Jai Ma Yoni ...Jai Sri Lingam ....Jai Ma Yoni ...Jai sri .lingam

Ashesh ghoseAug 25 2012 9:28am
Concerned male please learn Tantric Chastity Yoga / total erotic chastity yoga -cum- yogic-erotic- spiritual blisssssss!!!

Ashesh ghoseAug 25 2012 9:30am
So this would be an awesome law to have but I have a couple concerns. 1: The problem I see is the physical part of how most males (but not me) are usually larger and stronger than most females, if you can find a fix for this then that would be cool. 2: Another problem is we could easily take the collars and leashes off... find a fix for this too. 3: and How would it be determined what girl gets what guy?? and what about when we are young?? Plz respond with only realistic answers :) p.s. I had a couple friends that were girls that were very controlling and I offered to be there slave but they just acted like it was a joke... it's like wtf it's very obvious that's what you want... but whatever....

a guy who wants this lawSep 21 2012 5:33pm
Oh a fix for #2 could be a steel lockable cover for our hands.... and every guys would have to have this once they hit puberty...

a guy who wants this law Sep 21 2012 5:37pm
I have read the comments above with great interest. I can relate to most of the content. My wife keeps me on a tight leash, if not physically. She is definitely in control of our marriage. Whilst she consults me, she essentially makes all the decisions. I have chores to do and a level of expected behaviour. I have always felt that as a male I am inferior to women and consider myself very lucky to be sharing my life with a wonderful woman. She is not overtly dominant, but she is quite assertive and determined. As a puny male I am quite driven by me desires for her, here clearly she is all powerful, I will do almost anything to stay in her good books and hopefully get some physical attention. This is of course entirely on her terms. I always ask for permission to cum, my main aim is to satisfy her and therefore be allowed more such privileges. As yet my wife does not seem to mind that I masturbate so long as I can perform for her when required. I am not very well endowed, so I am very aware that I must work hard to please her, it’s just as well that her pleasure is not always dependent on my penis. I am a little concerned that if she might at some point decide to experiment with a chastity device. Does anyone know how uncomfortable or painful this might be? I often wake up with an erection, not to mention the enjoyment I get from playing with myself. I should add, I do not make myself cum in case my with expects me to perform for her. I do not wish to risk her disappointment.

Little TimOct 14 2012 8:24am
Being a man which means I am irritating, incovenient and totally useless I am a big fan of the old fashioned stocks for men only women would be allowed to put their men in ,chastity belts only stop a man having sex stocks stop him doing anything at all, he cant move a muscle ,with a leash she has to keep pulling it all the time which can be tiresome once a man has been padlocked in, the stocks do all the work she has the key and total control,once he is securely locked in he cant cause trouble every town could have a large room with rows of stocks ,no air conditioning would be needed ,in the summer the man would be left to swelter wherever this happens would be a trouble free zone as the woman would be keeping him in line while enjoying the benefits of a man free area,they would all be securely locked in stocks under the womans complete and total control

BogeyOct 18 2012 2:40pm
I think me days of being able to have an erection freely are numbered. My wife already controls my ejaculations. I'm only little, not a 'shower' at 2 inches, not a 'grower' at 4 inches. I fear it only a matter of time before me wife extends her control over me to include my erections with a chastity device, does anyone know how painful this would be please?

TimOct 29 2012 11:45am
In many countries there are far more men than women in almost every age group,this gives women a big advantage in relationships ,if there are lots of men competing for every woman she can swat us men away like flies, any man who dosent impress will feel the sting of rejection,a mans ego can be wonderfully crushed by rejection women are keepng us men on our toes ,if there are lots of men pursuing every women ,a women can line men up and put them through their paces and pick the one who impresses her the most ,reminding him he can be replaced by several other men ,who want to take his place

BogyNov 02 2012 3:24am
I have nothing against women but if they do that ill just get my desert eagle, B-52 stratofortres with an atomic bomb and drop it also ill have my army tanks ready to kill anyone who tries to do that

Sargernt Matthew HillNov 05 2012 3:55am
If that happens ill just go into the forrest with a crossbow and remain there until i get enough people and attack and mabye get some rifles and machine guns.

possible future resistance leader in tasmaniaDec 15 2012 4:39am
I was introduced to a the supremacies of a woman at an early age when I flashed my sister, she chased me and got me down and grabbed me by the balls and whipped me and my ball with a belt, I was 15 and she was 17, after that day when no one was home but her and me she grabbed hold of me and made me strip, then she put a cat collar on my balls and then a leash and paraded me all over the house and she pulled hard make me into a very humiliated submissive sub and I’m the same sub today if and when a woman gets me by the balls.

Just a subDec 16 2012 9:06am
I have always respected the authority of women. Growing up it was always natural to take orders from women. As the superior sex, women must always be obeyed. I feel particularly inadequate and inferior to assertive confident women. I am an inadequate small non muscular ‘beta’ male, placid, compliant and well behaved. I am slim, 5’7’’ tall, with size 7 feet. I wear size small underpants and have a small sized penis and little testicles. I adore and worship women and know how lucky I am I would be to be permitted to serve a woman, I certainly know my place. My ex-wife made all the major decisions in our marriage, including having me seen to, I wasn’t very keen on being ‘neutered’ but she insisted, saying that I would have to be a brave boy. It was quite a painful experience, and I did walk quite gingerly for a couple of days, but I had no choice in the matter. This means I can now only manage a small dribble of clear fluid when I ejaculate. We eventually drifted apart, she tired of me not being able to fully satisfy her. I long to submit to a dominant woman. To be her play thing, or her pet, it would be such a privilege to be permitted to serve her.

Just a MaleJan 04 2013 4:42am
All of this hatred just adds to more rot in this world and the end of the human race!

XenaJan 14 2013 11:32am
sandra what the hell? Women are the natural decision makers? what evidence do you have that women have superior intelligence, empathy, multi-tasking and networking skills? you can't just say that b.s. without it being true

get realMar 22 2013 4:56pm
This whole internet, browsers, airplanes, refrigerators, DC and AC electric power, thermodybamics, differential equations, vector algebra, aqueducts, atomic bombs, Hadron collider, Hubble space telescope, ultrasound, CAT scan, polio vaccine - practically EVERYTHING around you was both invented and built by men. Dumb? Not that it matters in this context. But just saying.

nononApr 13 2013 5:50pm
Over the past few decades, the advances in technology have allowed us to take a closer look at what is happening within both the female and male brain. Male brains are larger than female brains, yet females can think and calculate faster than men can. Magnetic resonance imaging and other brain imaging techniques have shown that most female brains are more active than most male brains. Even when the female brain is resting it has been shown to be as active as an activated male brain. Considering such information, it appears that many girls will have an intelligence advantage over boys by being consistently engaged, even when they aren’t trying as hard as a boy. As a further result of MRI scans we are able to see and view the ways in which some boys and girls process information. Generally speaking, the female brain processes more responding stimulants, through more senses, and more completely than the male brain. When information content comes into the female brain it travels in through the limbic system up to the top four lobes of the brain where thinking occurs. On the other hand, many males seem to move this content through the limbic system down to the brain stem. Basically, this means that females are more likely to process the information faster and reach a conclusion, as more of the activity moves into the hemispheres that handle thinking. Comparatively, men take longer to process information than women because their brains have less neurons available for activity and the connections between those neurons are fewer in number than those found in women’s brains. It is hypothesized that because of this, women constantly operate on a superior level of awareness than men, as their brains are always taking in more sensory information. Because of the limited processing in male brains, they are more likely to need a rest period than in females. The study proved that many male brains frequently enter a reboot phase as they become overloaded easier than female brains, which aren’t as limited in terms of calculation. This phenomenon is similar to the fact that a computer with less RAM and a slower processing speed is more likely to lock up than one which is more powerful. In addition to processing speed and greater sensory intake, females also have a larger corpus callosum, which connects both brain hemispheres. Because the female brain can use both sides more efficiently and more effectively than the male brain, it is able to carry more information throughout more connections, increasing its speed and giving the female greater resources for thought. The differences between intelligence between the genders can be explained through biology. At conception, all life begins as female, marked by the XX chromosome. To roughly half of these embryos, a Y chromosome is introduced, turning the original female embryo into a male. Testosterone surges throughout the growth of the baby while in the womb at a much higher rate than in the female. This chemical transforms the original female brain, enlarging the sex and aggression centers. Testosterone also has been shown to kill off brain cells and damage connections within the brain, as while as put the male at a much higher risk for diseases and brain related disorders. To compensate for this, nature has made 105 males be conceived to every 100 females. Because males are more likely not to survive birth or to die at a younger age, their higher numbers shrink quickly, as females become roughly 52% of the population. These biological differences not only explain the limited cognitive abilities of the male brain in relation to the female, but also explain why females outlive males in humans as well as in the all animal kingdoms. These advantages of the female brain go even beyond intelligence. There are many different chemicals in the brain that affect the ways in which we act, feel, and respond in different situations. The feelings experienced as a result of these chemicals are caused by receptors in the brain which produce the effect of the chemical when activated. Because girls have more brain activity and more neurons in their brains than boys, they also have more receptors. A perfect example of a chemical reaction in the brain is orgasm. We feel orgasms as pleasurable because of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin are released in our brain during climax. Because receptors are greater in number in the female brain then in men, orgasm will feel much better for a girl than it does for a boy. Brain scans show that during orgasm the female brain experiences 10 times the amount of pleasurable chemicals than in the male brain. In addition, the chemicals stick around in women’s brains longer than in the male brain, so the pleasurable experience lasts longer. Girls are also capable of multiple orgasms, so their brain remains ready to experience the pleasure over and over again for as long as she desires. Because of the refractory period men experience after they have an orgasm, they remain unable to have another orgasm for a period of time. This results in girls being capable of more powerful and longer lasting orgasms then in men, where orgasms are shorter, weaker, and fewer in number. In scientific studies, the equivalent of the male orgasm was played through the brains of volunteering women. Their experiences were recorded in written testimonies. Common remarks was that the intensity of the male orgasm was much weaker than what they normally experienced from orgasm and that the orgasm ended much quicker than they anticipated. When these women had female orgasms in the lab, they were much more vocal and their bodies contorted as their muscles contracted in response to the orgasm. When the same women experienced the male-style orgasm, they remained mostly quiet and stood almost completely still. They were actually quieter and moved less during the male orgasm then men who had their orgasms studied in the lab. Scientists hypothesized this was due to the females being used to experiencing a more powerful orgasm than the male-style orgasm that they experienced in the lab, while men experiencing the orgasm saw it as normal and had never felt anything better. Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides. There was a theory that if the intensity of a girl’s orgasm was played through a boy’s brain, the shock to his system would kill him. Because of this, it appears the female orgasm remains a treat which can only be enjoyed by women. "I definitely feel very blessed that I was born female" study coordinator Sheryl Task joked. "If I was a man, I'd definitely be really jealous."

from a scientific articleMay 18 2013 10:15am
Simply men are mentally inferior. Through the ages their superior physical strength gave them advantages and the upper had--in the post industrial age the tables have turned and it is now logical that men should be owned and controlled by women. Every male should have a female owner--his mother and then whomever she gives or sells him to--a record of ownership should be kept and males should be licenses just like dogs. At birth males should be collared and their legs manacled. They should always be tethered or led by a leash when take from place to place. I really don't need to intellectualize a lot about this. If his owner wants to tether him by his testicles instead, that is her business. I see no purpose in permitting men clothes--they have body hair that will grow in to coats.

SarahJun 03 2013 9:17am
@sarah I 100% agree with you. Us men should be completely under a woman's control at all times. Your gender is the superior gender and is entitled to rule over us. I wouldn't hesitate to obey your every command immediately without question if I was your slave. The comment above you is more solid proof men aren't as smart as women. Since I know women enjoy their superiority, I invite you to look at this picture of brain scans comparing a male brain to a female brain I'm sure you will find funny:

BillJun 03 2013 9:45pm
Bill, Within the next 25 years, women will hold the positions of power and influence in the majority of government and large businesses, and in turn that will evolve further to virtually complete control. In parallel a reassessment will occur of the education of boys/men and the participation of men in politics and family decisions—eventually women will conclude it is best to disenfranchise men. Women will decide and manage and men will do and serve—men will be relegated to manual labor, intellectually less demanding supporting roles in the white collar world, and household chores. This does not necessarily require direct physical control of males but as so many will resist and men are inclined to violence, disenfranchisement will be followed by gradual enslavement. It is impractical to work men and keep them tethered or leashed all the time, but men in such a world will require 24/7 female supervision. Practicality will require caging, tethering and leashing, and the proposed leash law for the transport of males would eliminate ambiguity. Certainly not all men require such tight control—men such as you, for example—but women having responsibility for the conduct of men, would find the proposed universal leash law sensible.

AnonymousJun 04 2013 3:30am
Sarah, Anonymous, Men belong in chains

AnneJun 04 2013 5:28am
Bill, Men like you are not the issue. I am sure I could make you behave appropriately without 24/7 supervision. Many man will resist the evolution, now at the turning point, into matriarchy. They will become lazy and unproductive--we already see that in many households with women as primary breadwinners--or become violent. It is too difficult to motivate the lazy and sort out those who are troublesome and dangerous. It would be best just to acknowledge the superiority of women, inferiority of men, and the necessities of disenfranchising men and placing them under female control. Male registration and control legislation, which places every male under the supervision and responsibility of a female, and requires women to supervise and restrain their males, is needed.

SarahJun 04 2013 7:50am
@Sarah I agree completely, but I'm sure you already know that. I also agree with anonymous' posts which state that all males should be caged and leashed to ensure they are under a woman's control at all times. Even if a male will be obedient without a leash as I would, it should always be done as a precaution and in order to remind any male thinking of escape that he has no chance. As a suggestion, I think all males should have to wear chastity devices as a sexually frustrated male is more obedient and easier to control. Males should never be allowed to touch their own penis, and the rare time his owner allows him release it should be only after he has pleased his owner and should be as humiliating as possible. I wouldn't object to a law that made it illegal for any man's penis to be touched in any way during an orgasm, as this would force all men to have ruined orgasms only, making them even more sexually frustrated and easier to control. Chastity devices should also come equipped with technology that allows the owner of the male to deliver electric shocks to her slaves penis via a remote control she carries, to enforce proper obedience and training. Chastity devices can also come with a small loop making it easy for his owner to attach a leash to. What do you think of these ideas Sarah? Also what did you think of the brain scan?

BillJun 04 2013 1:20pm
The brain scan says a lot

SarahJun 04 2013 2:00pm
Even though my husband is pliable and obedient, if leashes were in common use, but not required, he'd be on one

SarahJun 04 2013 2:02pm
As for chastity devices, that's common practice around here.

SarahJun 04 2013 2:36pm
@Sarah Your husband sounds like he is a very lucky man. As a lowly male it would be an honor to be owned by such a strict woman as yourself who knows she is superior to any man.

BillJun 04 2013 3:38pm
All the things you talk about are interesting; however, once men are disenfranchised and a decent restraint law is in place, the rest would be up to men's owners

SarahJun 04 2013 4:31pm
@Sarah. As it should be. Making orders is the job of a superior female like yourself. Obeying these orders is the job of men like your husband and myself.

BillJun 04 2013 7:00pm
Once women take control of politics and business, most men will gradually fall into line—and the number of troublesome males will decline but remain menacing. Men will be socialized differently—successful women will look for younger, virile mates—that are pleasant to look at. Increasingly, and then completely, men will be discouraged from attending universities, etc. and start competing for high earning wives Eventually, their opportunities will be as limited as those of women in another era, and men will fall dependent on and subject to the authority of women at work and in the home. It will be easy. Boys are interested in physical things, and girls in learning and building. Males to please females will increasingly emphasize body building and cultivating pleasing appearances for somewhat older females who will make the rules in relationships—all makes sense, as women live longer than men, are more inclined to multitask, and whereas men are focused on sex in relationships, women value and better manage the entire arrangment. With men better socialized, fewer men will be troublesome and resist all these necessary societal changes. Disenfranchising men, limiting their education to their natural inclinations, etc will just tumble into place. Limiting the mobility of men to keep them out of mischief will follow, and after a generation males raised in such an environment will offer little resistance.

SarahJun 05 2013 3:52am
Most respectfully Ms. Sarah is your husband kept naked in the house? When he disobeys, how is he disciplined?

obedient husbandJun 06 2013 6:43pm
Yes they need to be leashed

sissymakerJun 06 2013 8:17pm
Once physical IDs (dog tags, ear tags, etc) and physical restraints are in general use for a period of time, men will accept their condition.

DebbieJun 07 2013 2:52am
If that is what it takes to enforce matriarchy--Sarah is right

AnneJun 07 2013 4:20am
Woman really don't need to worry about how they treat men at all. They're men: they're inferior. Once things are the way they should be and men are leashed and enslaved and under the female sex's complete control women will realize he fact they're smarter/more important than men and treat them like pets. The only time they will even acknowledge the inferior being attached to the leash they're pulling on is when they need to give him a command to obey, punish him, or just need a laugh. Women will strictly be in complete control and punishments for slight disobedience will be harsh, but I'm sure it won't be uncommon for a girl to just randomly punish a boy for fun even if he has done no wrong. It will serve as a constant reminder to the slower male brain a woman owns him, he is under her complete control, and there is no escape. The best bet for the male gender will be to obey every member of the superior sex immediately if you want to have any chance of at least reducing the severity of future punishments.

LauraJun 07 2013 10:00am
Women will expect men to know their place, men will be identified by DNA and tagged at birth, electronically tracked, not be legal persons. However, they will have uses besides as sperm donors, and that will temper how we treat them. BTW, women already know they are superior, and lots of men know they are only hanging on--for now now. It's all happening.

AnneJun 07 2013 12:34pm
Laura, You would be surprised how docile, cowardly and controllable they become once we have them where they belong.

DebbieJun 07 2013 12:41pm
Laura what will you do with you male (husband/son/bf) when you can't take him with you?

Anne?Jun 07 2013 1:06pm
Anne, can I answer? Tethered or in his cage.

DebbieJun 07 2013 3:24pm
I would take my male slave with me always as I know the experience of being lead naked on a leash in public by me would be a constant reminder of who's in charge. Although his head would probably hang down in shame most of the time, I'm sure he'll occasionally look around and notice all the other women pulling their male slaves by leashes as well, which will remind him that women are the superior sex and the male gender is under our complete control. This will add to his humiliation. However if I'm going somewhere and my slave absolutely cannot come with me I will keep him at home in a cage. In the future all women will have cages for their males.

LauraJun 07 2013 9:45pm
Laura, Cages will indeed be standard equipment. But what would you with him, expect of him to make him useful to you? Mine will be a househusband and laborer--do all the things women once did and the grimy jobs we don't want to do. Your thoughts?

AnneJun 08 2013 5:16am
Mine will do everything I don't want to do. Why limit him to only one or a few tasks? He will do everything from cleaning the house to building it to giving me massages and fetching me things when I need them. Men were created to be our slaves and slaves are there to be used so I don't see any point in limiting what he does. Everything and anything is what my slave will do.

LauraJun 08 2013 9:11am
Laura What are his routine responsibilities? At home? And does he have a job to earn money? How many hours week? What do you do?

AnneJun 08 2013 9:34am
In the future, men will not get paid for their work. Slaves do not get paid. His only job/responsibility will be obeying my every command.

LauraJun 08 2013 1:34pm
What does he do for you each day--not in the future but now

AnonymousJun 08 2013 3:00pm
Mine is a househusband.

AnneJun 08 2013 6:03pm
hi everyone! i just found this post and i find it amazing! i caged my hubby about 4 moths ago. the outcome has been nothing less of perfect. he obeys me 90% of the time. after about a month and a half of being caged though he constantly leaks everywhere. ive let him out once so far but just to jerk himself off into the toilet. in the past 4 months hes been uncaged for about 3 minutes. when i leave the house i give him household tasks and i make sure he stays in that room until i get back. ive attached a heavy duty zip tie around his scrotum with a lock to which i attach a steel chain to various eye-hole screws around the house. i have one in front of the sink, the bed post, a corner in the wall and by the front door. so far its perfect but i feel that i need to step up his torment a bit. any ideas?

JoanneJun 08 2013 9:09pm
you women on here are nothing but pompous and arrogant people. first off you want to basically drag men into the dirt or want to treat men like how women were treated in the past. tell me exactly how does that make you superior because if you ask me you are doing nothing but sinking into the same level that men were in the past. so congratulations on that. also in a hypothetical situation that what you women want does come true what about the gay men. you know the guys who love other guys or the guys who act more like women or hell transgendered men. you know the guys who want to be a woman? yeah obviously you're not thinking of them now are you? what about guys who don't care about being physical? yeah despite your claims there are guys who are more into art and reading rather than physical work such as sports and other such things. but of course you hypocritical women don't think about those kinds of men now do you?

me myself and iJun 08 2013 11:09pm
Joanne So creative, congratulations. You have his c*ck caged and tether him by his scrotum while you are out. Make sure you give him periodic release or the semen in is prostate will get pasty and he could be damaged--damaged he would not be so much fun. Mine is in a cuff--as he is a househusband, I don't have to worry to much about it be detected outside the house. My slavey does all the housework, cooking etc. We worked together but I did much better than him overtime, and one day I told him to quit. He thought it was a great idea--now I would think he views it different. Keep it up. If you give him periodic release as a reward for obedience, he will be obeying even more than 90 percent of the time. Try not to expect to much of him--males are evolving into slaves because of their inferior intellegence.

AnneJun 09 2013 12:08am
Joanne, ever consider toilet discipline? I have mine naked sitting on a stool, and give him a glass of water every 15 minutes. I don't let him pee for two hours. If he doesn't obey, I give him an enema and they a good beating. The enema makes him tender and the beating hurt more.

SophiaJun 09 2013 1:58am
me myself and I, You simply don't understand--the work you should do is the work we give you. Your limited male mind keeps you from understanding. You are a good example of why all men should be enslaved, leashed, strapped to the yoke, and worked appropriately.

SophiaJun 09 2013 3:27am
Sophia first off you are assuming things just by being on the internet. for all you know i could just be another woman who disagrees. i could be male or i could be female. this is the internet. you do not know who or what i am so don't be jumping to conclusions. secondly, the one who doesn't understand would be you and those who are like you. arrogant and pompous women who have a false sense of superiority and think they know everything. whether they be male or female i can't stand people like that. and you are a good example of what i mentioned earlier of someone who is no better than how men were in the past.

me myself and iJun 09 2013 9:19am
Joanne, if you're looking for more ways to torment your slave, I suggest not allowing him to jerk off anymore. Males are more eager to please their masters when they are sexually frustrated. However, he needs to have some form of release for health reasons. Therefore, I recommend ruined orgasms. Once a month (with his hands cuffed behind his back) start to give him a handjob. Once he has reached the point of no return - let go. His penis will continue to cum, but it will not feel like an orgasm and will leave him most frustrated. You can increase the humiliation during this by forcing him to repeatedly say things like "Girls rule boys drool" during his ruined orgasm. After this, put an icepack to his penis to get it soft, and lock him back in his chastity device. Men's orgasms don't feel nearly as good as ours anyway, but if he never gets to have a full one again he will be a lot more obedient. In response to "me myself and i", there's one thing that's stayed the same all throughout history: women are superior to men. Even when men were in charge women were superior, but no one knew it yet because science had no reached that discovery. Now that we have, women are not trying to be in charge as some sort of revenge against men, but because we know it's our rightful place. I recommend you read the comment a few posts up about the study that proved the female brain is more intelligent that the male brain. You do realize because I'm a woman I can think three times as quick as you, right? I would also recommend you read "The Natural Superiority of Women", as it contains an abundance of evidence proving the female gender's superiority. Hopefully this will educate you better before you make another comment like that one, but if you choose to be in denial of the facts, I guess it's just your slower male brain desperately trying to hold onto something when confronted with the undeniable truth of female superiority.

LauraJun 09 2013 9:22am
undeniable truth? you want undeniable truth here it is. first off we are all humans. we all have these things called feelings and emotions. some more than others. there is this thing called empathy. ever hear the term because apparently not considering how you all act on here. and as i have said before you do not know what or who i am so do not assume things you do not know otherwise once again you are being arrogant. now then i will not read anything you post for several reasons. 1. while the studies show that a female brain might process things faster it still shows that men are still capable of learning the same things which guess what? that would still make men equal. and also have you been to school lately? yeah in classes there have been some pretty inferior men and women in the classrooms. tell me how is being kept from diseases working for females? oh right they catch diseases just as easily as males do. that's right. false sense of superiority. you are human just as much as males are and are subject to the same rules as all human beings are from diseases to thought patterns to emotions to this or that. there is no undeniable truth to female superiority. there is both dumb men and dumb women. there is plenty of proof to show it. that's just something you don't want to face and just put yourselves on this high pedestal.

me myself and iJun 09 2013 9:35am
HI girls, does he need a release even though he is leaking? he leaks on a regular basis so i assume all the overload is just leaking out anyways. if he still needs a release ill take your advice about ruined orgasms. the toilet training is to get him to pee like a woman? and wouldn't denying him of urinating damage his bladder?

AnonymousJun 09 2013 10:32am
oops, last anonymous was by me Joanne

JoanneJun 09 2013 10:33am
He does need release and I am not certain leaking does it. Prostate milking or ruined orgasms would serve the purpose. Denying him urination privileges for a few hours won't do him an harm. My male is only allowed to urinate at certain times each day--just like the family dog--and I time it so it is indeed on his mind for a few hours. He is required to sit to pee too. He can't pee when I am gone--he is tethered and can't access the toilet. Another neat idea is to fasten his scrotum as you do, attach to three wires, make him squat and tightly attach on wire to the floor, and they the to others at an angle to high points in the room--for example upper door hinges. Then he can't stand or sit without really hurting himself. Leave him alone for an hour or so, and then quiz him about female superiority. After an hour, he will tell you the truth--he will call you a Goddess to get release. Alternatively, you could tether him to the floor while knelling on all fours, an give him a good beating.

SophiaJun 09 2013 10:46am
Anne, I agree with Sophia about release. You can frustrate and train you male with denying him release. The important thing is to use release as another opportunity to frustrate and train him further, as Joanne outlines, or just purge him, by milking him or letting him jerk into to toilet and quickly icing him. However, it is risky not to periodically flush him out. Also keep in mind, we are dealing with males raised to be dominant and now find themselves appropriately in bondage--it takes a lot of work. It's like working with other higher primates--chimps, apes--or even dogs. Frankly, I find it easier to teach my dog not to lick himself and than to kept my slavey's fingers off his corona and the tip of his peen. Patience, firms and the knowledge that it is for his own good that he live in bondage and in your service. Remember he may be a soulless animal but he is entitled to humane treatment and not to be damaged by neglect through your disciplines for his conduct.

AnneJun 09 2013 1:11pm
Remember men are still acclimating to their new status--rule of women born of our genetic superiority. It will take time and our patience for men, raise to believe they were at the top of the evolutionary ladder and we were just her for breeding and serving their needs, are actually inferior to women, and must accept now and for all time, women are the masters of men Ordained by God it is our solemn duty to enslave men and compel them to accept us as their masters.

AnneJun 09 2013 1:50pm
Anne, I am sympathetic to your views, but unless we harsh, men will not comply.

SophiaJun 09 2013 2:16pm
Sofia, what do you mean women need to be harsh or men will not comply? What do you suggest doing?

AnonymousJun 09 2013 6:05pm
Strict and some of the other posters indicated. I though Joanna and Laura are right on target. For one thing, there is no reason for any enslaved male to enjoy pleasure through ejaculation. One firm goal in male training should be to teach them to disassociate release of built up semen with sexual pleasure, fantasy or thoughts of such please. That is why, for example, I have milking--it can be accomplished without an errection. The male needs to be taught his relationship with his owner is not sexual but one of complete service. Males--inferior by intent of God--are here to ensure genetic variation in procreation, and to serve their masters--women. Our generation faces the difficult task of reversing male expectations built up over thousands of years--we need to be firm on these issues, and provide whatever punishments are necessary to accomplish these ends.

SophiaJun 09 2013 6:29pm
Sophia, how are men suppose to not find ejaculation pleasurable if it naturally feels good? Also, in a world where men are under such strict control don't you worry about them rebelling? What steps would you take to prevent this?

AnonymousJun 09 2013 7:22pm
so men can't enjoy an orgasm but women can? that hardly seems fair...

AnonymousJun 09 2013 7:33pm
Women can enjoy many things men should not Women are superior to men, men should be slaves. Slaves should work their lives away, women should enjoy the leisure that provides them. Fair has nothing to do with male inferiority or slavery. You sound like a make. What does your owner say?

SophiaJun 09 2013 8:01pm
My males are kept in chastity devices, and erection are not possible. If I deny them the opportunity to ejaculate, I have denied that pleasure--that is why I milk my slave. He won't rebel. I have him intimidated, what is more he is well pacified. He understands he is inferior and is afraid of me. He is also always either under my supervision or tethered. Right now he is sleeping, cuffed and tethered. Doesn't your master keep you in a chastity device and in chains? She should

SophiaJun 09 2013 8:04pm
yes i'm a male but i don't have an "owner". i don't see most women doing that to men. we're human, we deserve the right to freedom. i'm not convinced, what evidence do you have women are superior to men anyway.

AnonymousJun 09 2013 8:12pm
you should be owned and instructed. As for your inferiority, you were even afraid to sign you posts and show me your gender. Women, now that we have a equal shot, are out performing men at every level of education and young women are landing better jobs and earning more money.

SophiaJun 09 2013 8:31pm
who cares, i can enter any name i want. your most likely a man pretending to be a woman anyway

scrotie mcboogerballsJun 09 2013 8:32pm
hardly. I want to go play with my slavey now good night

sophiaJun 09 2013 8:37pm
My husband was unduly bothersome last evening so I gave him a sleeping pill around 8, and put a zip on his scrotum and attached a chain to keep him from roaming. The scrotie, above, upset me, I could not get my hands on him so I took it out on my slave-husband. I got him out of bed, attached the chain to the bathroom plumbing and proceeded to give him an enema--he staggered about about and I had trouble keeping him on all fours, but I managed to flush him three times--really bloat him up and I am sure he will be tender this morning. Then I hung him from my lacing bar, and as his cramps continued, half conscious he his torso jerked and kicked his feet and mumbled. Every so often it is good to just show them who's who for the fun of it or to relieve stress

sophiaJun 10 2013 1:03am
Hey Sophia, Are you leaving the house today? Are you going to use Joanne's the zip tie and tether technique. My hubby is going into today. I have been tethering him at the ankle while gone, but doing from the scrotum will have such an nice psychological impact. I am putting on a retractable tether, like those used for dogs in yards. I'll give him enough lead to do all his chores, but not leave the house. Of course with a scrotum tether clothes are impractical--I let him wear a tunic, like a girl. I have been permitting him pants a lot less lately anyway. Let's keep the march to matriarchy moving. The momentum to subjugate males is gaining--soon we won't be pioneers but thousands more women will have househusband, but how to control these slothful and violence prone creatures. We are gradually writing the handbook for sub-male management. Gee thanks girls

AnneJun 10 2013 2:17am
Anne, Just waking up her. Hubby has been up for about an hour preparing my breakfast, etc. and he is quite tender from last night. My friend Marie is bringing slave-husband here for the the next three days. Her house is being painted. I have a to-do list that will keep them both busy all day, and I was considering tethering them together--perhaps providing them with enough play to work in the same room, and in turn attaching their joining tether to a retractable leash--like you that is my in house leash for my sub. Joanne, Laura, Anne, I would be interested in your thoughts.

SophiaJun 10 2013 2:57am
Also any other girls care to chime in?

SophiaJun 10 2013 3:31am
Sophia - "My males are kept in chastity devices, and erection are not possible. If I deny them the opportunity to ejaculate, I have denied that pleasure--that is why I milk my slave. He won't rebel. I have him intimidated, what is more he is well pacified. He understands he is inferior and is afraid of me. He is also always either under my supervision or tethered. Right now he is sleeping, cuffed and tethered. Doesn't your master keep you in a chastity device and in chains? She should Sophia" -- Dont you worry that this kind of treatment towards a human could cause serious physiological problems? what is one day he does find away to escape and reports abuse? or worse, out of fear of what you will do to him he could actually hurt you or even kill you?

TomJun 10 2013 7:14am
Not likely. Another male in need of a master!

SophiaJun 10 2013 7:21am
Hi sophia, since you have more than one slave i think it a great idea to humiliate them together. On the other hand you should be careful of what they might talk about while you are gone (considering what tom above has said). They probably will need to communicate to get the chores done which could be a problem. I also had another thought today. as i live in florida, there are a lot of gated communities around here. legally speaking, would it be possible to somehow organize a gated community for women who want to turn the community into a female utopia? i think if it could be done it would gain attention and help spread the word and hopefully cause more communities to arise which would further lead to a female lead nation

JoanneJun 10 2013 7:28am
I don't think we need to worry about men rebelling against or plotting to kill their masters. Men are so stupid most of them enjoy being enslaved and are so hopessless devoted to their masters they simply wouldn't find it in themselves emotionally to kill their masters. Men are really slaves to their sex drive, and women take advantage if this to make then slaves to us. All of my former slaves would do anything to earn a release. Sex is all they think about. In truth, all men are pussywhipped. Part of the reason women are so much smarter than men is because we have so much more on our mind than just sex all the time. It's also why we're not as easily under the control of the opposite gender as males are.

LauraJun 10 2013 7:48am
Joanne and Laura, I don't have two subs--both a friend of mine and I have househusbands. We married to good looking, college educated but lowing earning potential males. We are successful professionals and have domesticated them Laura is right--we both achieved dominance over our hubbies by manipulating sex, withdrawing and rationing affection, and applying our superior intelligence to gradually putting them in a position where they depended on us for money, sex, love and affection and we used this to mold them. Now they are good hausfraus who clean, cook, do laundry, iron our clothes, etc. The games with the devices are consensual and not 365--they can't be A society of women--a gated community of bread winning wives would be marvelous. We would reinforce what we all do in some measure to dependent men. If the men consented, leading them around for walks on collars and leashes--having a local leash law sure would attract attention. Matriarch is coming--the day will come when we will control men as they did us 200 years ago.

SophiaJun 10 2013 2:21pm
also, you are right about them speaking to each other--that is has to be carefully monitored We don't give them a lot of unsupervised time together--or with other men either--but we can't leave Marie's husband in the house with four painters. They might put ideas in his head

SophiaJun 10 2013 2:24pm
Hey girls, don't you think women are taking over? Eventually we will leash them--it will be the norm?

SophiaJun 11 2013 5:05am
Once we get control--and it will be based on our superiority and their inferiority--we we need some kind of leash law to keep them from being troublesome

SophiaJun 11 2013 5:59am
does any one have any actual scientific evidence women are the superior sex other then just saying they are? theres no reason women and men arent equals.

not convincedJun 11 2013 8:57am
absolutely, women are outforming men at universities by a considerable margin, young women are earning more than men, It's over--within 20 years we will control congress, the courts, legal professions academia ....matriarchy is coming. Men will behave badly and we will have to find means to control you, once we have taken over.

SarahJun 11 2013 9:02am
read this

sarahJun 11 2013 9:04am
I told my husband the day will come when I have to take you to the courthouse, register you and pay taxes on you.

SophiaJun 11 2013 9:10am
Sophia, Once the women are doing most of the work, most of the men won't want to take care of the homes etc? What you have managed is exceptional. We will have to take real steps--all women together--to control men. I have seen the Atlantic article and others--men really need to be governed by women. It's an inferior subspecies within our supecies

SarahJun 11 2013 10:02am
wedding photo

AnneJun 11 2013 11:07am
The link you sent doesnt contain any scientific evidence of womens superiority. Obviously women are gaining power-theyre now liberated. So what if they earn more degrees, so do asains, are they superior? Theres no scientific studies that have proved women are the superior sex.

not convincedJun 11 2013 11:24am
the numbers are much worse than you think

AnneJun 11 2013 11:31am
anyway, when it's legal, I'll come for you personally

AnneJun 11 2013 11:34am
Those articles are written by the male bashing feminist controlled media. They never tell the whole story and cherry pick facts. The only reason the number of college degrees women earn is rising is because more are going to college compared to before when they couldn't. It's because they now have an equal opportunity. The same article could be written about blacks. Men still hold the majority of power positions, and those women who go to college most often have male professors, and leave college taking lower paying jobs than men on average. An actual scientific proof of female superiority would be a scientific study (not survey) proving the female genome is somehow more richly endowed than the male (making her superior in longevity, health, intelligence, ect) as these findings would be biological and independent of society. To my knowledge, no study has ever proved such.

not convincedJun 11 2013 12:38pm
when its legal, please be ready

AnneJun 11 2013 12:48pm
I recommend you see a psychiatrist.

not convincedJun 11 2013 12:51pm
I recommend you wear a collar.

AnnwJun 11 2013 2:26pm
Im a woman.

not convincedJun 11 2013 4:58pm
not convinced

AnneJun 11 2013 7:57pm
Anyway, I have a sub to torment as I write this.

AnneJun 11 2013 7:58pm
you're a man, and not fooling anyone.

not convincedJun 11 2013 8:31pm
Obviously I'm a man and I've made this whole thing up. I'm a submissive who can't get a girl so I say things on here hoping to get a hot response from another guy pretending to be a woman that I can jerk off too. Sorry everyone I have some mental issues.

AnneJun 11 2013 8:41pm
i dont mean to interrupt the battle but what do you think of making my hubby eat his own cum after i milk him? too degrading or OK?

JoanneJun 12 2013 12:04am
Not at all, and thank you for changing the subject. We waste nothing here--hubby drinks his own cum. My view is if it is not harmful, it is not too degrading/ One of the challenges with an appropriately broken male is a long term relationship is to come up with new things. You can try variations, like having him shot into a cup and then putting him in a vulnerable position and spoon feeding him. Did you have any fun with yours last evening?

AnneJun 12 2013 1:08am
I had fun with mine last night. Hung him by his wrist, tightened a waist cincher, and then milked him

AnneJun 12 2013 6:16am
To "not convinced" sorry to burst your bubble but if you think there isn't any scientific evidence to women's superiority you are mistaken. Many studies have proven females are superior. In the womb all life beings as female, but for half of those embryos something goes horrible wrong and they become male. They are flooded with testosterone which damages brain cells and delays developement. Science has proven women mature faster than men and are smarter than men. Brain scans have revealed the female brain is more active, has more connections, and calculates faster than the male brain. The male brain is much slower and can only focus on one thing at a time by comparison. The female brain's superior corpus callosum also allows for better multitasking as both brain lobes are better connected. Women can now say men aren't as smart as them and we have the scientific evidence to back it up. In addition, girls have XX chromosomes and men have XY. Having two X's means females have a backup gene of one is defective while males don't. This means males are more likely to die even before they're born, and females are more protected from birth defects and medical conditions. For example, boys are much more likely to be mentally retarded. This is also why females outlive males in humans and all animal species. Science has also proven women have better immune systems, better senses (smell, touch, taste, sight). The list goes on and on. This is the great thing about science: it's factual. There's no shame in admitting a woman is superior to you, because science has proven she is. For men like yourself (it's obvious you're a man) the best bet is to stop denying your gender's inferiority and submit to women. We all know women can get men to do anything they want using sexual power anyway, our actual superiority just adds to the humiliation of the male.

LauraJun 12 2013 9:14pm
If women are indeed superior, should we not only occupy the best paying jobs and positions of power in government, but shouldn't we also have the exclusive franchise to vote, be the presumptive head of families, and so forth? If men don't comply with the changes underway--young women are outperforming young men--and learn to be the subordinate sex, continue to create a lot of disruption and commit violent acts, then we will be justified in taking other measures to pacify the male population. Take over politics is the first step but men may need a firmer had to ensure they are productive and non-treating to their superiors--women.

SarahJun 13 2013 4:23am
Laura, What do you think? Do you believe we will actually win control of gov't--not just a female president but female dominance in Congress, leadership positions? Then will men ever be disenfranchised or even become our property as women were to men?

SarahJun 13 2013 7:01am
My last comment was to "not convinced" who doubted scientific evidence of female superiority exists. Because it does, and because I believe most men secretely wish to be slaves to women, I do believe a day will come where women are the ones in charge and men lose all power in society and are required by law to be our slaves and under our strict control. Men want this as do women. Because women actually are superior to men by a pretty wide margin, a man obediently following his female owner with his head down in shame as she pulls him along by a leash attached to his balls while his hands are cuffed behind his back is a more accurate representation of the relationship between the two genders. A society where everytime you go outside you see every male leashed by his woman in that way is a society I see for the future.

LauraJun 13 2013 7:48am
Well I don't see it as quite that extreme--lead around by the balls and cuffed behind the back--because we need the to be househusbands and to do the jobs women won't want to do. Saving them just for humiliation makes little sense to me. Having them in bondage? Taking away the franchise to vote and hold office--once we control politics--will be the big leap. Enslaving them after that would be easy if we concluded that was the best way to get out of them what we wanted. That will not come quickly but I would gladly chain up my own grandsons and give the keys to their wives, and rejoice with my granddaughters the triumph of women.

SarahJun 13 2013 8:36am
The way I see it, men will only be leashed when they are in transportation (walking somewhere). As slaves, I wouldn't want them to just be there for humiliation. Around the house, they would certainly be unleashed and uncuffed and instructed to take care of all the chores. The slaves would also have to do the jobs women don't want to do as you mentioned, but steps must be taken to ensure they cannot escape from the compound they work at. Working in chain gangs would probably be the best way.

LauraJun 13 2013 8:53am
In such a regime, males should be identified at birth--DNA, IRA scanning, etc--tagged and transmitters implanted. We now have the technology to know where every male would be, whether he was where his owner authorized, for alarms to signal when a male is out of place, and male control officers to go pick them up. They would return them to us, after suitable punishment. What do you do with yours in the evenings? when the chores are done? Do you let them loose around the house, tether them?

SarahJun 13 2013 12:43pm
Laura, Also what would you do with the males that are too difficult to socialize, or too old to be useful?

SarahJun 13 2013 12:53pm
Sarah, identifying males at birth is a brilliant idea. However I still think physical leashes attached to their chastity devices should be used as a constant reminder he's under his owner's control. At the woman's end of the leash is a remote that allows her to send an electric shock to her slave's penis to correct bad behavior. My slave does everything for me. All the chores around the house and he's currently building me a deck. He gives me massages whenever I demand. He's accepted that he will never cum again as I've told him slaves only get ruined orgasms. On another note, just wondering, but I've seen comments on this site from "Sarah" dating back to 2004, is that you?

LauraJun 13 2013 3:18pm
I am a different Sarah. I found this site recently doing a goggle search. Electric shock is good but I like the electrodes on his testes. That sends quite a message. Men will needs some freedom of movement do their jobs--for example, I never want to see a woman carry bags in an airport--electronic leashes are good for that. I agree about chastity devices. If those can be kept on them 24/7, it is best. Males transported in groups should be in leg chains and hands cuffed. Individually with a female, on the leash--always. Does your male have run of the house in the evenings--when his chores are done or do you tether him. How do you handle yard work?

SarahJun 13 2013 3:39pm
He has the run of the house while I'm gone so he can do his chores, but his chastity device is on as it always is. I only take it off when I give him his monthly ruined orgasm. I modified one of those dog collars that gives an electric shock when it has left a perimeter to use on my slave. This is how I make sure he won't leave. We seem to agree on a lot of things, but I'd rather the electric shock go to the slaves penis as it is more sensitive and will hurt more. Other than that fantastic ideas. I've also made my slave get a tighter circumcision with full removal of the frenulum to further desensitize his penis and make him more sexually frustrated. Have you taken any similar steps with your slave? Is he ever allowed to cum?

LauraJun 13 2013 3:52pm
No have not modified their penises. I want him to be sensitive, and I believe that makes denial more frustrating. Mine is tethered in the house--either to an ankle cuff or by his ball sack. He is on a retractable lead with the cuff and a simple chain on his ball scrotum. Outside I have a walled garden--he cannot be seen and I use a nylon rope to his ball sack tether--it is very effective. He is a good gardener, and he works out there in decent weather without clothes. I can have him clothed with the leg chain but not the scrotum tether. Where does your sleep? Retrained at all, handcuffed? tethered?

SarahJun 13 2013 4:23pm
I also use to think the more sensitive the more frustrating, but wow was I wrong. Ever since I desensitized him he has become way more submissive. It's also a permanent sign of his ownership that he can never change, almost like a brand mark. His penis is still sensitive, but knowing I removed it's most sensitive part is a huge mental turn on for him. A man's sex drive is fueled by testosterone, even if I removed his entire penis he'd still be horny (though he'd never be able to get off). I think a tight circumcision is the perfect balance. I brag all the time to him that sex feels better for me than it does for him. To answer your question, he usually sleeps in his cage. The few nights I allow him out he's always tethered. Otherwise I'd worry about him groping me in my sleep as I know men can't contain their sex drives, especially in the state of sexual frustration I keep him in.

LauraJun 13 2013 4:39pm
I think it is nuts to let me go untethered unless in a confined area under direct supervision. I am surprised you let yours have the run of the house while your are gone. I like him on a tether because it reminds him of his condition--I simply can fathom the idea on not being with a man dominate, or who does not fell, in some way, less, inferior and fearful of men. He cringes and quakes when I even look at him cross--that is as it should be. Mine is tethered at night. He has a cage, but if he is good, I don't use it Exceptions include sometimes when I need transport him. On very long drives I but the cage in the back of the SUV and cover it with a blanket. I let him out at rest stops--if we are near people, his remote electric buzzer on his balls is enough to keep him compliant. He is always in a c*ck cuff of some kind--unless it is not practical, such as going through a metal detector. He could stand to pee with his cuff but I don't permit that. He has to sit like a girl.

SarahJun 13 2013 5:59pm
I agree

AnneJun 14 2013 4:36am
I can't think of anything more satisfying than lead a man by a leash attached to his nuts, tethering etc. Men simply should be slaves

AnneJun 14 2013 6:29am
To Laura, I looked up everything you said and found out is is true. I had a problem with people talking about one gender being superior with no facts to back it up. Thank you for being the only one to bring actual scientific studies to prove others' mentions of female superiority as fact. I still don't believe one sex should rule over the other or be slaves as others have foolishly mentioned, but there is enough hard evidence to convince me that women are superior to men by a considerable margin.

now convincedJun 15 2013 3:33pm
I am OK with the leash on my c*ck and have no problem with the electric shocks. I would only go along with this indoors. I have a small c*ck and do not want to go outdoors where women would laugh at my c*ck.

JamesJun 16 2013 1:08pm
James, as a male your rightful place is a slave. You will not get to chose when and where you get to wear your leash. That is for a woman to decide. It won't matter if women laugh at your small c*ck, you will look around and see all other males naked and leashed feeling the same humiliation as you. It should only take a few days for the male gender to adapt to the daily humiliation and adjust to being slaves for the remainder of their lives. Once all males are kept naked and leashed (indoors and in public) it will become the norm and males will get used to it (women will to).

LauraJun 17 2013 8:22pm
Laura - the males that are hung will walk around outside strutting like roosters. Males like me will be naked leashed on our hands and knees trying hide our small c*ck. The women and hung men will laugh at our small c*cks. I gladly accept my rightful place as a naked leashed slave. Please do not force me leashed naked outside.

JamesJun 18 2013 11:49am
James, as slaves you and all other men will have your hands cuffed behind your back. There will be no way to hide your penis or balls. As your superiors women have the right to view any man's c*ck and you cannot be the exception.

LauraJun 18 2013 4:06pm
Laura - thank you for that information, I had no idea our hands would be cuffed behind our backs. Not being able to hide my small penis and balls really frightens me. I must say I am getting comfortable with letting you see my tiny penis, you seem to be a very understanding woman. I like you and would not mind you owning my balls on a leash.

JamesJun 18 2013 4:22pm
Laura, Just like dogs.

AnneJun 21 2013 10:25am

you guys are weirdJun 22 2013 5:18pm
Guys are weird - isn't it the women who want them naked and cuffed hands behind their back and walked with a leash. For gosh sakes their daughters will see them like this!!

GeorgeJun 22 2013 5:27pm
And their daughters will treat them accordingly.

SophieJun 23 2013 8:12am
Saturday was a very pleasant day here, and I put my sub husband to work in our walled garden. As Joanne suggests I tightened a zip tie around his balls, and attached it a 7 pound weight by a one foot wire. That is just enough for him to work on his knees but not get around on his feet without lifting the weight off the ground…. He spent the day crawling around in the garden, weeding, etc. I don’t let him piss standing up and I put a rubber fire hydrant in the middle of the garden. I told him he could lift his leg when needed and shoot the target…. My beagle, Rosie, ran around the garden loose. He asked why the beagle was not tethered but he was? I told him because the beagle is female….. I was also watched the sub-H of a friend. She left him with me in a black maid’s dress with white apron and cap. He served me tea, while tethered. I sat in straw hat and flowered sundress and watched my husband deal with his condition.

SophiaJun 23 2013 8:56am

AnneJun 23 2013 9:54am
Laura where are you? I have not heard from you. You have pretty much got me convinced so let me fully understand what I am getting into. Will we be allowed to keep our pubic hair. That will help, otherwise my bare tiny penis will make me look 10 years old. What about sex, we men still need that. Can we masterbate? If you are walking us on the leash and we get an errection if a pretty girl walks by - will that be tolerated or will we be punished. Last I do have a teenage daughter that thinks highly of me. She will horified to see her dad's small penis. Especially when she sees her friends dads good sized penises. A lot for a man to think about before supporing this. Last I would like my 1st time experience to be with Laura. Perhaps we could go to a nude beach for the leashed walk.

JamesJun 23 2013 11:20am
Whether you are allowed to keep your public hair or not will be up to the woman who owns you. We know men need sex, and that will be a strong tool in how we keep the opposite gender under our control. Each woman will own at least one slave, and she will keep him sexually frustrated as he will be more obedient this way. Slaves will mostly be milked via prostate massage or have ruined orgasms. Some owners may allow their slaves a yearly full orgasm as reward for a successful year, but most women will probably stick to keeping their slave permanently denied as he will be easier to control in this state. The male orgasm is not as good as the female orgasm anyway. To answer your questions about erections, males will no doubt be kept in chastity devices with leash attachments pulled by their owner when in public, which will prevent erections. Any time a man is let out of his device his hands will have to be cuffed to prevent him from touching himself, and the leash will be attached to his testicles instead. A leashed man with an erection will probably be seen as positive, as it is a symbol of his willingness to obey his owner and shows others he is under her complete control. I wouldn't be surprised if most women chose to remove the chastity device when walking their man by leash in public in order for others to see his throbbing erection and view how much she has her male under her control. Daughters will be born into a world where all men are slaves, so seeing their dad controlled by their mom and brothers obeying them will be the norm.

LauraJun 24 2013 1:28am
James, You are worrying too much. Once enslaved, you won't be dealing with these issues. From their first steps, girls will be leading males--including their fathers--by their leashes.

AnneJun 24 2013 2:36am
OK Laura you have asnswered all my questions so I am in. The male orgasm is pretty good so if the female one is better it must really be something. How will you get your orgasm. While on our leash will we be performing oral sex on you. I still somehow need you for my first experience - not sure how we can do that. I assure you I would have a throbbing erection so people would see you have me under control. Anne - I am really only worrying about the small penis. We get to hide that in pants. Scary to have my daughter see how tiny it is.

JamesJun 24 2013 12:59pm
James, I'm glad you're in, but to be honest the consent of males does not matter. Males unwilling to be slaves will be forced into slavery by the time this new world order is upon us. They will soon realize there is no chance of rebellion and obey. Although I'm sure you may think your male orgasms feel good, scientific studies have proven the female orgasm lasts longer and is 10 times more intense than the male orgasm. The clit is also several times more sensitive than the penis. Add this to the fact women are multi-orgasmic and males are not and the difference is pretty huge. This is one of the many reasons why I feel very lucky to have been born female. Also, I already have a male under my control and am not looking for another at this time. I'm sure I could control you easily as any woman could easily control any man. My recommendation to you is to do your best to serve every female in your life and put her needs before yours as she is your superior. Eventually one will find your worthy enough to serve her and make you her full time slave. It is my belief that until a male finds a female to devote the remainder of his life to he should serve all women. We are the gender who chooses whom we mate with, it is not the other way around.

LauraJun 24 2013 1:37pm
James Tough luck Slavery is not supposed to be pleasant.

AnneJun 25 2013 7:17am
James, You might be surprised how many men have small penises. What's more in the new order, men won't be prized for big ones--after all those won't be used to pleasure women. You should focus on developing your oral skills.

AnneJun 25 2013 7:48am
Anne-this is true. Men will have to adapt into a world in which sexual pleasure is a woman's right. Men will be constantly sexually frustrated while women will be constantly pleased. Men need a vagina much more then women need a penis, so oral sex will probably become the main way in which women get off. As women our pleasure is a lot greater than theirs, and men will get use to orally serving women through countless orgasms while they remain locked in their chastity devices.

LauraJun 25 2013 1:56pm
Anne/Laura - no problem here with giving you oral sex. I love to give it and am very good at it. I will give you all the orgasms you want. You would love to have me as your sub. You are correct about the sexual frustration, my penis will be throbbing so much from giving you oral sex that the need to cum will be unbearable.

JamesJun 25 2013 2:23pm
James, You puzzle me. You seem to accept how things are going and that men will end up enslaved but you keep telling us your concerns and what is OK with you—you seem to believe you will have some say in how things will go. My husband—the good slave that God intended him to be—has no say in anything. If I want to put him in a cage, a cuff or tether him by his balls, he understands that I decide and he complies. Period, full stop, finale! If I were stuck with a sub like you, I would tether you by your balls and just use a narrow cuff around you peen. I would lead you by you balls so that your tiny peen was on full display. We humiliate men to control them—not to win there approval. I would likely also try to sell you and/or buy a better endowed man—you could then be our domestic. How are with a nice maid’s apron? Sarah

AnneJun 27 2013 9:10am
Anne, my guess is James is simply a submissive who gets off on being told by a superior woman how we will control him. This is a problem with all males--they are unable to control their strong sexual urges. It's yet another reason why they need us to control them; they're not even smart enough to control themselves. It's good to see your husband has been enslaved long enough to know who's the boss. My slave is the same way, he knows it's not his place to ask questions. If knows punishment would be hard if he ever decided to question me. Heck, I even punish him when he doesn't obey me quick enough.

LauraJun 27 2013 10:39am
Anne/Laura - I never considered myself submissive but exchanging posts with you two has turned me submissive. Anne, thinking of you leading me by my balls has me so excited I needed to masturbate. The thought of you two punishing me has me rock hard. I will obey and do anything you say. That is the kind of power you have over me.

JamesJun 27 2013 11:38am
This is exactly why women need to control all men. If not busy obeying our orders, men would simply be thinking about us masturbating all day. I think of submissiveness as mostly a male trait. How many women would get so uncontrollably turned on by the thought of being on a leash completely controlled by a man obeying his orders? Next to none. How many men wish to be in this scenario under the complete control of a women? Millions. Females are the superior sex by nature, so mother nature has given the male of the species submissive desires and given the female strong sexual power over the male to make it clear who should be in charge. Sometimes when I'm walking my slave on his testicle leash I often look back at his throbbing erection and can't help but laugh. Here I am treating him like a pierce of my property marching him around naked on a leash with his hands cuffed behind his back and he can't help but get a hard on during what should be a most humiliating experience. Sometimes he's even spontaneously ejaculated during the walks. I often hope in the future all females walk there males around publicly this way. Imagine a world in which in any public square you see hundreds of clothed women, all tugging on the leashes attached to the balls of their males who follow meekly behind their masters with their hands hanging down in shame and hands cuffed behind their back. Despite their humiliation, each male has a throbbing erection, itself a perfect symbol of his genders inferiority and loss in the battle of the sexes. I'm sure women would have a great laugh guessing at how long the men could last before spontaneously ejaculating to a ruined orgasm during the walk, as symbol of him being overwhelmed by the power his owner has over him, and a symbol all women have over him as well.

LauraJun 27 2013 12:26pm
In the last post, I meant "heads hanging down in shame", not hands.

LauraJun 27 2013 12:28pm
Laura, Do you suppose James is playing with us? Or worth the taking? I had to work at breaking my husband. James seems hardly worth the effort?

AnneJun 27 2013 12:32pm
His submissive desires seem to be legitimate, I'd say he'd make a good slave. This isn't to say he wouldn't require a little training first however. Just curious, why was it hard to mold you husband the way you wanted? My slave was relatively easy as soon as I got him into his chastity device. If you control the man's sex drive, you control the man. As soon as he realized he wasn't getting release he obeyed me completely just to have a chance at earning an orgasm and avoiding punishment.

LauraJun 27 2013 12:41pm
Laura - you have clearly figured the male species out. It is hard to explain, we are just wired that way. Why a naked man hand cuffed behind his back being pulled by his balls would get an errection is just the way we are. I keep thinking of you and Anne leashing my pathetic penis and I am throbbing. Anne Please listen to Laura, with these posts you two own me. I will do anything you tell me to do. How much more submissive can that be. I really want to turn my balls and penis over to you and Laura - just give me the training needed and you will have an obeying slave.

JamesJun 27 2013 2:57pm
Several years of owning males has helped me to figure your gender out. I've has my current boyfriend enslaved for 7 years, and before that my ex was enslaved for 2 before I got rid of him. Being women we're smarter than you are--you're gender is not too complicated to figure out. The fact you get hard at the thought of women leashing and controlling you is a perfect example of your gender's inferiority. Being male, your sexual desires are so strong they're out of your control; you need a woman to control them for you. When I'm punishing/walking my slave his erection serves as a constant reminder to me how fortunate I was to have been born a woman. To see men not be able to control their erections while they suffer such humiliation at the hands of women reminds me how lucky I am that as a woman, my brain isn't that clouded by sex. Your gender has such strong desires for us that it makes you easy to control. We reserve the right to use those desires to get you to do what we want, and to punish you when you don't.

LauraJun 27 2013 4:59pm
Laura My husband and I are both engineers. We met in school and afterwards worked for the same company. He is as good at engineering as I am, but like most men, he is not as capable at managing people, multitasking etc as a woman with similar technical skills. After about five years we wanted to start family, we didn’t want latch key children and I was earning twice what he was. I had been promoted twice into management. He wanted me to stay home. I told him the only way the marriage could continue would be for him to become the stay at home spouse, and do for me what our mothers did for our fathers. It was difficult for him—he came from a family with a strong male breadwinner and stay at home mom—but I was determined that if I earned the money he was going where men belong these: wearing aprons in our kitchens, cleaning our houses, doing our laundry, ironing our dresses, diapering our children, running our errands, and whatever else suits our comfort and convenience. It took a few years to teach him how to do all those things well. Over the course of this period, I took control of the money and sex (I didn’t let him take any initiatives, and gradually gave him less and less), and with those I took control of him. He learned not to come to me for money, and not do anything out of the ordinary without my permission. Eventually we drifted into a master-slave relationship. It started with bedroom play. He tried to buck it several times—he wanted to go back to work—but I am a strong willed woman, and eventually broke his will. Leashing him started as play in the bedroom but in time things turned. He is not happy but he is not supposed to be. My life is better this way, and that is as it should be.

SarahJun 28 2013 4:45am
Laura, Sarah and I are sisters. I am an architect, and my story is very similar. We often keep the two slaves penned up together.

AnneJun 28 2013 6:25am
I have both of them at my house today. They are tethered together and on a long leash in the yard, doing yard work.

AnneJun 28 2013 8:23am
Anne - since you mentioned leading me around by my tiny penis, I am curious is your subs penis small. Is it smaller than your sisters sub. Also I would wear a maids apron for you and do anything you ask me to do (including performing oral sex on you)

JamesJun 28 2013 8:34pm
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