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Are men put on this Earth to serve women?

Question: I am A FREE MAN and I ask all females and males: Should men be slaves of women?
Created by: A FREE MAN at 09:10:34 PM, Sunday, April 25, 2010 PDT



CastratorApr 26 2010 8:20pm

No, women are made for doing the dirty jobs and for sex.

AnonymousApr 27 2010 5:58am
I think we all have a purpose. At 5'3 118lbs, it seems my purpose is to serve the bigger stronger female. For bigger stronger men, their purpose is to protect

AnonymousApr 27 2010 8:09am
With women being superior to men in every way except physically, Yes, men are put on this earth to serve women. We are 'designed' to work hard and do menial chores for the benefit of women.

PeterApr 27 2010 9:54am
@118lbs Stop fantasizing!! You think u like being small and weak, huh? goto find the biggest lady there; go competitve, then youll see how disillusioned you really are. You want to know what its like to be small and weak? dude you`ll get a reality check of a lifetime!

OMGApr 27 2010 12:15pm
I serve a bigger stronger female just like the 5'3", 118-lb guy does (I actually enjoy it!!!). Greater height is not a factor in determining who the bigger stronger one is. Being taller means nothing compared to being bigger and stronger. I am 6'1" but I weigh only a dozen lbs more than he (the 5'3" 118-lb guy) does so I know I am certainly no match for my 4'11", 185-lb big strong lady. If she wants something done by me, I GET IT DONE RIGHT AWAY!!! Oh, yes, in return, she protects me (HER SMALLER WEAKER MAN!!!) from all harm. I always feel safe and secure being protected from all harm by my big strong lady so I believe it is only right that I serve her any way she wishes to be served whenever I am called upon to do so.

AnonymousApr 27 2010 12:29pm
OMG let me tell you. I am going though a family crisis right now. At one point I literally burst into tears. My girlfriend who is is much taller than me and over 190 lbs hoisted my 513 118 lb frame onto her lap and I cried on her shoulder for almost an hour. I havent cried in almost a decade, but I was so broken up. She just lifted me off the ground and I was engulfed by her beautiful body. It is the most heart wrenching experience. And for that reason, my woman must always be bigger and stronger than me. It has nothing to do with ~wrestling~, I just like to be loved and a bigger stronger woman can do that for me!

anonymousApr 27 2010 6:04pm
Big strong women ROCK!!!

AnonymousApr 28 2010 1:24am
Emotionally weak men should also be small and weak because they need that stronger womans shoulder to cry on. They need to be rocked and held lovingly in the arms of a much bigger stronger woman. That's qa fact and unfortunately a lot of big strong men are emotionally weak leading mental illness, domestic violence. Honestly, I believe if all emotionally weak men were to magically shrink small enough to safely nestle themselves on awomans lap, the world would be a much safer place.

AnonymousApr 28 2010 11:43am
No, I think women are on the earth to serve men.

AnonymousMar 27 2011 8:13am
I'd love to serve a woman!

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 1:16pm
Males definately exist to serve women. They are so easy to control and they are more muscular so that they can perform the heavy physical labors. Males are also meant to be sex objects as well as sperm banks. Males should also be circumcised during the marriage ceremony with no anasthetic. This extremely painful ordeal would show the male how much power the woman has over him.

FemSupremeDec 28 2011 5:47pm
Woman is both man's servant and master.

an intelligent life formSep 14 2013 2:57pm
Or, is it the other way round? This matters not, for the roles are in fact interchangeable.

an intelligent life form.Sep 14 2013 3:00pm
I have to admit - our culture and our biology seem to be pushing males toward second class status. Males are becoming less and less sure of themselves and more and more desperate for the approval of women. Males are being "tamed" by pro-female laws, male bashing culture, and a bombardment of femdom imagery in advertising (see Gabana ads), movies, TV shows, and of course, porn. Now, all this talk of mind controlling Copulins letting women reprogram us to obey them and to define our happiness by what women tell us it is? The brute force of males becomes useless. The mental capacity of males is already losing to that of women. How much more will we be diminished when our memories, our beliefs, and our very thoughts are not our own but we believe they are? I am tired of fighting this battle. I surrender. Collar, cage and claim me, ladies.

CesarOct 04 2013 11:41pm
Cesar - I think you are right. Whether we realize it or not, we are being "re-educated" to be compliant. I used to hate going down on my girlfriend. Then she got me into this Tantric Yoga and coupling where you physically get together but nobody moves or orgasms. I can't explain it, but after a few months of coupling, I didn't want intercourse any more. Now I have a mental obsession with and a genuine hunger for giving her cunnilingus. Some time she makes me beg for the privilege. Even when I look at porn, or see a woman at work or on the street, my eyes focus hungrily on the woman's crotch. I begin to drool and have actual hunger pains. That's when I have to seek my girlfriend out for relief. She jokingly calls these events "feedings". I now participate in multiple "feedings" per day. Even now, I am so hungry for her. What has she turned me into? I can't resist - most times I don't even want to. Gotta go - I need to "feed".

StepfordOct 05 2013 12:08am
Stepford - Just let go of your fears and go with your new lifestyle. It sounds like you will continue to be well fed. Recommend "coupling" to all your male friends so they too can be well fed. All males should be well fed in this way.

Wicked WandaOct 13 2013 12:11am
This isn't funny. My wife got me into this 'coupling' and I started letting go of all the things I cared about. I try to watch football, or hang out with my friends and I start to feel sick to my stomach. I try to engage in intercourse with my wife and I can't seem to get hard and stay hard until I go down on her. As long as I am licking her, I have a raging hard-on until I try to get back to intercourse and It deflates. The only way I can get off is to lick her to orgasm while she rewards me with a hand job. I told my wife that I needed to go to counselling - that this was not normal, but every time I tried to make the appointment, I experienced such anxiety that I could not go through with it. My wife took me to a female marriage counselor who re-enforces my wife's opinions on coupling and my 'natural' desire to please my wife orally. The more I write here, the worse I feel about it. This was a mistake . . .

AnonymousOct 16 2013 2:13am
Don't believe this propaganda. "Coupling" is a perfectly innocent Tantric practice that creates a bonding between a man and a woman. This bond saves many relationships by resolving conflict once and for all. Why shouldn't every male learn to want what the women in their life want? Why shouldn't they learn to give up their selfish needs and satisfy ours? When every relationship is reduced to the unified sound of "one hand clapping", there will be the peace of conformity. Women will be that firm "hand".

TrishOct 17 2013 12:13am
Trish - So you want to "resolve conflict" between males and females by taking away the free will of males - by reprogramming us into obedient drones??? Don't try to make that sound "noble"! This is about male enslavement! Throughout history, good men claimed to be "bewitched" by women who made it impossible for them to resist the witches evil will. What you are suggesting is no less evil. Copulins are the new "witchcraft" - and you know what that makes you? Remember what used to happen to witches??? Men - don't cooperate in your own enslavement - refuse to "couple".

Salem Towne CryerOct 18 2013 12:32am
Cryer - If men refuse, there are other ways - a little too much wine or beer - a well placed sedative - a little bondage or blackmail to overcome your objections. Then when you are fully dosed, we will erase your uncooperative attitudes and replace them with a hunger and addiction to obey and serve US. It's very difficult to burn witches when you always have your tongue between our legs. I guess witch is the new witch!

TrishOct 19 2013 12:54am
That's bitch is the new witch! (And auto-correct is a bitch)

TrishOct 19 2013 12:57am

MDec 22 2013 10:18am
Something is happening to us men. I don't know if the women planned it or not. Cesar and Stepford both make good points. I feel like we men are becoming more submissive to women every year. At the same time women are starting to have higher IQs , getting better jobs and seem more qualified to be in charge.

DaveMay 26 2014 7:47pm
dFbTJx I cannot thank you enough for the blog post. Really Great.

nqysFaoJlZQHJul 18 2014 11:14am
Well as a man you usually take charge during Funtime with the ladies but the truth is, and it’s hard to admit this in public, but i secretly looovvve fierce feisty fiery women and when they dominate the lovemaking its so hot how they act so teasingly royal and cool while the guy is fighting for air and totally seduced by her. Especially big round luscious butt beauties that like to make men worship their booties and sit on their faces. When I read those stories on the net about femdom girlfriends, I find it hot and exciting how these ladies endlessly tease the guy and have him wrapped around their little finger for their endless erotic amusement! I would looovvve to serve a hot mistress/dominatrix! DAMN SON! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT! JEAHHHHHH!!!!!

AjayFeb 17 2020 7:44pm
Ajay, with my first girlfriend who i was together with her a longer time i was used to be in charge during fun-time. But she was falling in love with muscles and because i could not buit muscles so fast she wents into the gym and start workout. She learnd from other how she can bulk up muscles and after two years she was so much stronger than me that she was in charge. It was amazing but not easy for me because she became more and more bossy and suppressed me. One day i ran away from her.

AITFeb 25 2020 4:19pm
For sure it‘s not easy for a man to realize he‘s weaker than his girlfriend but because of the fact that much more girls workout than men and many wants even bulkup muscles, it become more and more common that girls are stronger. My made exactly this experience with all my girlfriends and also my current girlfriend. Any of my girlfriends surpassed me after she start weight training. I was always the weaker one in all my relationships and i noticed it‘s also the same for most other couples arround me. She is much more muscular and stronger than him. It was already always the case that the stronger one rules the weaker one. Nowadays it is more and more common that women rules men.

Henni Jul 07 12:28pm
In my situation yes. My wife is 2 meter hight I’m 162 she’s 109 kg I’m 57. So yes i only serve her especially as feet slave

Small Jul 26 3:59pm
Wow, your wife is really big and tall. But i‘m also much smaller than your wife. My girlfriend is a few inches shorter than me but mostly she wear heels so she‘s taller than me. I weigh 72kg and i‘m 185cm, my girlfriend is 180cm and weigh more than 90kg. In heels she‘s over 190cm.

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