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Are there as many female serial killers as male serial killers

Question: I hear rumors that there are as many female serial killers as males. However, they always slip the radar because the typical profile is male. Example: In Phoenix, a big black woman beat to death a handicapped man. No one would have found out until she confessed to it. Apparently she had killed many times before.In northern california,a Sunday school teacher, brutally raped and killed a young girl. She tried to do the same with a guy by trying to dope him up.So I ask, are there as many female serial killers than men? And that the only reason you never hear of any is because they are never suspected because of their gender?
Created by: amwondering at 02:39:40 AM, Thursday, May 06, 2010 PDT


Thanks to modern standards, there are probably thousands of women killing and getting by with it. That monster Melissa Hucakby almost got by with it. She probabaly has been doing this for many many years. And yet remained unsuspected

AnonymousMay 06 2010 11:06am

Thanks to modern standards???

lol a freudean or what?May 06 2010 7:38pm
Still 90% of all violent crime and all murders are done by MALES but there is one good thing about it....males usually kill other males

KathyMay 07 2010 8:38am
Oh some women are nutsacks just like some men. They just go undetected. I know that for a fact. When I was 11 some woman tried to force into her car. Its my only near abduction I ever had

AnonymousMay 07 2010 10:24am
Are women as likely as men to be serial killers the answer to this is I believe no. Although there are a tiny number of females who do kill for pleasure they are so out of joint with their sexuality they can be discounted. Women are primarily ego centered beings whereas the compulsion to kill and enjoy violence lies with the mortido or now more popularly called thanatos part of the id. Now the point is the id and the superego both of which are essentual to create either a serial or what is called a spree killer are either not present in the female or not present in sufficent power to overpower the feminine ego. There are indeed instances of women and hopelessly dysfunctional men killing but these are crimes of passion or random unplanned one off killings. Serial and spree killings require the energy of the id and the planning to some extent of the male ego and the rationale of the superego to carry them out.

wwMay 11 2010 4:02am
How do you explain this. 10 yrs ago I was in this chatroom for strong women. At the time I was 5'3 and 110 lbs and I mentioned it in the chat. Right away this woman by the name of kelli pms me. She was 5'10 and 170 lbs. She was into brzilian jitsu and would love to see what she could do to a man my size. I was kind of startled. She then says, she only wanted to try certain "holds" on me and promised she would not hurt me. I was still reluctant. So she tries to entice me by promsing me 1000 in cash when I get there. But here was the giveaway, her husband was gone and will never tell him. She requested that I say nothing about this to anyone, not my friends, family, co-workers, not even anyone in the chatroom.. It is our "little secret". Instructed me to meet her at some payphone where she would take us to some quiet place "so that can wrestle to the max without being disturbed." "Wreslte to the max"? I thought she just wanted to try some holds lol. She contradicted herself. Now she must have a bird brain if she thought I would fall for that. Nevertheless, there are dangerous women, just as there dangerous men.

AnonymousMay 12 2010 12:46pm
As I stated above there may well be a tiny number of women who enjoy violence and hurting people. But they are the exceptions, women have unlike men a strong aversion to killing and violence. Only in the male does this aversion not exist partly for the reasons I described above.

wwMay 13 2010 6:04am
I agree, almost all murders are by the male and when women do kill, they usually kill males who are harming them or their children so the males deserve it. Personally I think any woman or girl should have a get out of jail free card if she kills a male who is trying to harm her. Of course some will ask what about if the male was innocent and answer would be that ALL the women were innocent and a dead male is better that a raped or dead woman

MikeMay 13 2010 7:36am
anonymous#5 she wanted to kill you or use u as HER slave!

AnonymousMay 13 2010 4:15pm
when woman kills its mostly in selfdefence.i know the case where one woman killed two men while she was in adrenaline rush,when they tried to rape her.most of guys dont realize woman can multiply her strenght a lot more and thanks to strong survival instinct be stronger than two or even three that stage she becomes killer.

AnonymousMay 13 2010 6:34pm
When a man is attacked, he will fight back. But if the attacker is smaller than the victim, he stiil hold back. Now when a woman is attacked and the attacker is smaller and weaker, she moves in for the kill. A woman will rarely premptively attack someone. But if you attack her and you are only half her size, she will kill you. I guarentee it.

AnonymousMay 20 2010 2:42pm
When a man is attacked, he will fight back. But if the attacker is smaller than the victim, he stiil hold back. Now when a woman is attacked and the attacker is smaller and weaker, she moves in for the kill. A woman will rarely premptively attack someone. But if you attack her and you are only half her size, she will kill you. I guarentee it.

AnonymousMay 20 2010 2:42pm
It all boils down to conditioning. The process of socialising and culturing in order to instil desired behavioral traits, giving rise to different ways of thinking, acting and behavior. What is considered desirable behavioral traits in one sex is encouraged to the N'th degree, and those traits which are considered undesirable are, at best frowned upon, and at worst, brutally suppressed. Boys are still too often conditioned to be aggressive, that is a probable explanation why more S.K.s are male. This does not make females any less capable.

an intelligent life formJun 17 2010 4:56pm
I think there are NO female killers, for women are basicly passive.

bogdy90Jul 09 2011 4:20pm
Yoo are, unfortunately quite wrong. These tendancies are less pronounced in women for the above reasons.

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