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husband-wife wrestling

Question: There are many nice posts about this topic, but I couldn't read all of these. I see that many people have a lot of experience in husband-wife wrestling, so I hope that somebody may give me some advice. The idea of wrestling with my wife seems nice to me, but I don't know how to talk to her. We got married one year ago and I am a bit afraid of her possible reactions. I can't guess whether see will accept or not, but I really want to try wrestling with my wife. How should I speak to her? Thanks...
Created by: wffit at 10:58:15 AM, Friday, May 28, 2010 PDT


well my wife is a bodybuilder and i am just a small enough guy one day she came up from behind me pressed me oved her head with ease but to my surprise(i thoght she was much stronger than me) i got out and we wrestled.i beat her with ease at armwrestling and wrestling and i know she was trying because she was sweating like a pig.i have 14" arms and she has 16.5" arms

benMay 31 2010 8:28am

one day my daughter of 15 challanged me to an armwrestling match i knew she worked out but i thought i could beat her.we started of and she beat me in about 2 seconds nd it was her weak arm i then tried my both arms against her weak arm and she still won easy after than both she an my wife pressed me overhead nd i have known for years that my muscular wife was stronger than me but i thought i wud be stronger than my daughter. i weigh 210 pounds she weighs 165 and has 16" biceps.its really embarising because she really wants to wrestle me now, what should i do?

johnMay 31 2010 8:35am
this is my daughter i am takin about by the way

johnMay 31 2010 8:36am
i know how you feel my daughter of 14 has biceps twice the size of mine and can beat me at armwrestling with both my hands she can lift me day she picked me up in her arms and said is it embarising that you are weaker than a girl of 14 she then flexed and squessed me until i would admit that she is stronger than me she then pressed me overhead and said little weak daddy and then threw me about three metres onto a couch.she then said ill squees you untill u pass out if u start telling me wat to do okay? im terrified of my little girl because i know she could i am 16 stone i am sure she is stronger and more muscular than most men.what should i do?

joeMay 31 2010 8:44am
I married a full bodied woman, I always had a thing for big girls. Not fat but big in a feminine way. I have had fantasies about wrestling girls and women as long as I can remember. Had some experiences with girls that were bigger and stronger than me and I really enjoyed doing my best and loosing to these girls. I didn't marry my wife because of her size, I loved her warm personality, her smile and everything about her but I also had thoughs about wrestling her but just as wffit I didn't have the nerve to bring the subject up. Until one evening. We were watching a tv-show wher Chyna, the female wrestler, appeared. My wife said something that it would take Chyna seconds to pin me in a fight! I am thin and about 25 lbs lighter than my wife even if she is 2 inches shorter. I said that she was probably right but I could easily pin my wife. I then attacked her and started to tickle her, something that I know she doesn't like. Of course she defende herself and soon held my arms in her two hands. I felt her strength and she felt that she was strong. Soone we started to wrestle for fun, we fell on the floor from the sofa and kept on wrestling and laughing. After a few minutes of struggling I felt that my arms were tiring. My wife felt the same and she soon overpowered me and pinned me. I couldn't get her off me. She wanted me to say she was stronger, looking real proud sitting on me. I said that she just had luck. She let me up and wanted to have another go. We cleared the room and started to wrestle again. My wife now had the self confidence from the previous fight. She attacked me and had me in a head lock, she was very strong when she just took me down to the floor. I was fighting with everything I had but again my strength faded and my wife only got stronger. She straddled me again and had me pinned. She really enjoyed this and started to tease me for being so weak. She then wanted to armwrestle on the floor. By now I knew that she was stronger but I accepted the challenge. We had two brief matches and she won comfortably. She then jumped on me again and pinned me. We then had the best sex ever. So thank you Chyna, withouot you I still might have been in the closet with my wrestling fantasies

Chyna fanJun 01 2010 12:24am
I'm a tough guy, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds. My wife is 5'3" and 140 lbs. Her legs are incredibly strong proportionally large. In fact her calves and thighs are visibly thicker than mine even though mine are longer. My arms are stronger than hers, but not really much. She's small, but packed with power. We've wrestled and she can always pin me. Her greater flexibility and endurance always win. She enjoyed it, to, and though it was humiliating at first - in a bad way - that humiliation changed to pleasure when I watched her revel in her victory over me. So I guess you could say, I found myself turned on by getting beaten by her! She uses all her female advantages to the fullest and it's a real turn on for both of us!

beatenboyJun 01 2010 7:07pm
thanks all to you and this site. I talked to my wife about this, first she was surprised, but then she said that she can understand me. We didn't wrestle yet, because as I guess she is not comfortable with it. I will say her to visit this site. Posts about couples wrestling may encourage her.

wffitJun 02 2010 12:44am
to wffit, do you thinkg your wife is stronger than you?

Chyna fanJun 04 2010 6:08am
I found the like like polls just now and found this poll when I searched for wrestling. Things have just changed in my life, my relationship with my wife is different today than one week ago. I have been rather active since new year to loose some weight and get in shape. I have mainly been jogging but also been to a gym once or twice a week. I can't say that I am a strong man, sinewy and good endurance yes but I would say I am a weaker than normal man. My wife also started to loose weight in January, she started to box! One of her friends talked a lot about how good boxing was. First she was doing this once a week but after two months she was totally hooked and went to this boxing gym three times a week. Two days ago I saw my wife in front of the big mirror we have flexing her muscles, something I had never seen before. And the shocking thing was that she had impressive biceps. She wanted me to feel her muscles, she was proud like a teenage boy. They were rock hard. She then asked me to show me mine and flex beside her. I said that I had other stuff to do and then she called me coward. So there I was, beside my wife comparing biceps! And it was very clear that she had me beaten there. I said something that men had stronger muscles because of the testosterone and size wasn't everything. She just laughed and stroked my head as you do with a kid. Later on that evening after dinner and when the kids were asleep she wanted to armwrestle me. What had happened to my wife? None of us are any good at this game so with poor technique from both side she could pin my arms with raw muscle power. Yes, she almost screamed, I knew I was stronger. I said something about that wrestling would be the only way to judge who was stronger. We went down to our basement where we have some soft mats. Now we were in our underwear and started to wrestle. Again I was surprised how strong she was, she pretty much did what she wanted with me, she could take me down and pin me within some minutes and there was just nothing I could do to stop her. I was very very embarrassed and at the same time quite excited. Having all this body contact without having sex with her was rather new. She became more and more c*cky and wanted to have fall after fall. I didn't come close to win once. Even if my endurance at running is good it was something new to use all muscles to a maximum for a long time and I was soon totally waisted lying helpless on the floor. My wife got very excited and took my underwear off and we then had sex, she wanted me to say she was stronger and that I was a weak man. When I hesitated to say this she squeezed me between her strong thighs and threatened to tell everybody about the outcome of our tests of strength. I had to say it. I have been very puzzled since that evening. My wife has been singing and been very happy, flexing her muscles in my face all the time. She told me that I could have a rematch this weekend if I dared. I started to look through the net to see if we were the only ones doing a thing like this. I was very surprised to find loads of polls, loads of video clips of men and women wrestling and armwrestling. I am still confused though.

JoeJun 04 2010 6:32am
to Chyna fan: I am sure that my upper body and arms are stronger than hers. But for legs i am not sure. Her legs (especially calves) are much bigger then mine. Answer depends on how we measure the strenght. And Joe, I had also been surprised when I researched the net about wrestling. Believe me, there are many couples doing it regularly and there are lots of men who want to this. I was also confused, but now I am trying to find a way to put my wife into a wrestle with me.

wffitJun 04 2010 7:23am
to wffit I can only say, stay away from your wife's legs if you want to win a wrestling match. Women can have really strong legs I know. Just like you wffit I am stronger than my wife in my upper body. I have bigger muscles, wider shoulders etc. BUT the first time we armwrestled we were both surprised that I had to use most of my power to beat her. This opened up for a wrestling match, we now wanted to compete and both wanted to win. I did a big misstake when I didn't watch out for my wife's legs. She had a natural instinct to use her best weapons. Her legs are bigger than mine, she used them in a cleaver way and I had to use my arms against her legs quite a lot. She slowly got me more and more tired. Suddenly when lying on her back fighting me off with her legs she opened them up so I fell down between her big thighs. She then closed them and started to squeeze my midriff at the same time she pressed my head against her big breasts with her both arms. She had a lot of power left and I started to get tired. After struggling like this for some minutes I just lost everything I had and she could move me on my back where she pinned me. I had lost! She was very happy about the outcome and I was very embarrassed. We have wrestled several times after my loss. I have won perhaps 25% of our matches. I just have difficulties staying away from her strong legs, she is more limber than me and have greater endurance making her really hard to beat. The times I have won she has been careless and I have had her in a head lock she can't get out off. Good fun to wrestle but still rather embarrassing loosing to your wife.

RickJun 06 2010 11:31pm
Hi Rick, thanks for your advice. I should read it before we wrestled :) We first wrestled last week on bed. It was not a competetive one, but her leg strenght impressed me. I could easily beat her in armwrestling, but when we wrestled it changed. She won 3 to 2. Also we tried some leg strenght test and she definitaly won. She is not trained and doesnt know to use her legs.

wffitJun 12 2010 5:36pm
Yes, I would have told you the same, avoid her legs. My wifes legs are very very strong, add in the flexibility, the natural strength of squeezing they have compared to us and her endurance and stamina, she will win every time if she is able to get her legs where she wants them. I try to avoid them, knowing how strong they are, but she knows how to use them, waits for the opportunity which somehow always happens and then its a downhill battle for me. She is able to not only wear me down as i am forced to put all my strength against her legs, but when she has a tight grip on me, she starts to restrict the oxygen to my muscles and they tire quickly. we have had only a handful of matches, we had a draw once, the rest were all her victories. their legs can be serious weapons if they know what they are doing and have the control with them.

DaveAug 15 2010 5:52pm
Dave, do you have stronger arms than your wife? I am in a similar situatuation as several other men her, I can't pin my wife since she always can use her legs against me. What really makes our tussles oneside nowadays is that her upper body strength is now greater than mine, I always used to be stronger than her. But overall, we have a lot of fun wrestling each other. Even if we are soon 50.

Approaching 50Oct 11 2010 11:38pm
I think my arms are still stronger than hers but that gap is closing in. My wife does not work and has a lot of time to train and workout, once she started adding weights to her workout instead of just cardio the gap closed alot. Add in that i do not work out and have very little time to do so, soon I would imagine that she will be as strong or stronger in the arms. Its almost as we get into our 40s and mid 40s her body is responding to strength much better. maybe that is normal in most couples.

DaveOct 30 2010 4:46am
Dave, yes, my wife got stronger and stronger after 40, she increased work outs and in a few years she was stronger than me. I worked out too but not as hard as my wife and my work outs didn't pay off as well. Kind of strength when we realized that she was stronger than me both in her arms and legs

RayNov 01 2010 7:07am
I originally started our wrestling career when, with my head between her legs pleasuring her I asked her t squeeze. She did and I loved it. But better when she saw how much I was turned on she started initiating it. One hold led to another and wrestling was born between us. It us now our regular foreplay. Here is an example of a typical match. Size rarely determines strength. A much smaller muscular women ca be much stronger than a larger man in decent shape. I know.... I married her. Here is an example if our wrestling matches. I will relate my wife's favorite hold: At some point in almost every match she will get me on my back with her laying across me. I know it is coming but cannot stop it. She lays across my chest with my right arm scissored between her thighs. She puts her left arm over my head and back under my neck. She then has my face trapped in her armpit squeezing with her nicely, triceps, pectoral and lat muscles. She controls my left arm with her right arm. Her entire weight is across my chest and she has total control if my head and both arms. It is an impossible hod to escape from. Then she starts the multiple submissions. She will crush my face or smother me by using all four muscle groups. She usually makes me give up four or five times before making me beg to be released. Then she usually tightens down once mire cutting off air to my nose and mouth briefly until my struggles tell her it is time to order me to pleasure her in a manner of her choosing. I am a very lucky man to have a wife who loves to wrestle and win. By the way I am 8" taller and 70 lbs. Heavier and she still totally dominates our matches.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 10:51am
As to previous comments about avoiding her legs. If winning the match is the goal then avoid her legs although I doubt you will be able to. On the other hand if enjoying the match is the goal speaking from experience there us no mire enjoyable place Ito be for both of you than the man trapped in a head scissors. You will love it and she will love it.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 12:45pm
Wffit well this poll is 6 months old are you wrestling yet? Why not just tell her you talked ti a buddy whi told you he wrestled his wife and she made him give up. Ask her if she thinks she could make you give up. Let her head scissors you and tell her ti first just try ti hold you there for five minutes. That gives you time ti get good and hard. Make sure the hold she has you in allows her tro see your penis. If she sees his excited you are she nay take it further. Oh and wrestle naked to start

AnonymousNov 19 2010 9:33pm
With the added strength from my wifes workouts, her naturally strong legs, flexibility, speed, endurance, it is getting more and more lopsided as we get older. It is almost as if i am on my decline of strength potential and hers is on the rise.

DaveNov 20 2010 4:31am
Dave if it is inevitable that she either is or will be stronger I recommend you go with the flow and enjoy it. My wife and I started wrestling 20 years ago and it has turned us both on and is now our regular foreplay. Why not compliment your wife in her strength, tell her it turns you on and give wrestling a try. I bet you would both live it ands it can energize your sex life.

AnonymousNov 24 2010 11:38pm
We do wrestle, i have never won, but forced a couple of draws. Its like my muscles may have more initial strength but wear down much quicker. AT that point its like my wife is just warming up and getting stronger.

DaveNov 26 2010 5:00am
Dave endurance is key for a woman. My wife is much smaller than me and initially not as strong. She is however in great shape and visually muscular. There is not an ounce of fat anywhere on her body. In the long run she always submits me far more times than I submit her. I must say I am quite happy submitting to a number if different head scissors and she knows I live to be held in a submission hold with her in control but holding back on her full strength. I enjoy the struggle and she enjoys the control. Of course then there is the sex that follows.

MikeDec 08 2010 12:17am
Mike, I understand completely. My wife is not in the shape that yours is, but she works out a lot, her legs are extremely strong and once trapped in them, i know i am in trouble. she knows how to wear me down, reduce oxygen flow without exerting a lot of energy, not using full strength either.

DaveDec 11 2010 6:05am
Dave I see a lot if people post that when a woman gets her legs around them in a head ir body scissors they are in trouble. I look at it a bit different. I am not in trouble, I am in heaven. In heaven and usually quite hard.

MikeDec 11 2010 12:52pm
Mike, Absouletly its heaven, but being that it is a competitive thing as well, that is the trouble i speak of, but its enjoyable trouble! My wife knows how strong her legs are and she enjoys making comments in casual conversation about what her legs can do to me. She seems to enjoy teasing me about winning.

DaveDec 12 2010 5:38am
my wife and i wrestle a lot, but we both fatasize that she is wrestling her best friend who she really wants to wrestle but does not know how to bring it up to her

danDec 22 2010 11:13pm
When my wife and I were dating she would playfully wrestle with me...I noticed how strong she was and secretly have a fetish for it! After we were married it was several years before I could talk to her about her willingness to wrestling with me. All it took was my simply asking for it. She was cool with it. On one instance we were wrestling and I was losing. Afterward she made me submit, she told me that if she were excercising the was she was when we were dating she knows she could totally dominate me! We've wrestled several times since then, I've won a few, but over all she's shown more strength, skill, and stamina than I have. You would think that I would be humiliated by it. It hasn't hurt our relationship at all. It's good excorsise and it's very fun to be close to each other. I've got some amazing stories too...

JojoJan 07 2011 7:58pm
One of the things that really got me going through the years is when my wife and I would debate about some common issue. She is so good at arguing that I usually have nothing to say after a short time. She will even bring up an arguement again just so she can win again. It's something that has frustrated and but turned me on at the same time. I came to realize that she was the dominate one in our relationship after one a few weeks of marriage. I've grown wary of debating and arguing because of her intense skill and (at times) brutal honesty. It was one of these discussions that brought on a short but humiliating match. After she had had the last word and I was biting my lip with frustration, I threw her on the bed, pinned her down and started touching her in "various" places. She told me to stop and I said: "I can touch you were I want to." She then broke my pin and the match began. We rolled around grappling for a few minutes, and I was breathing very hard. She then wound up on top of me and had me pinned and exhausted. I said, ok I give and she slid off. I was lying there in shock and exhaustion when she started squeezing my crotch calmly as if to say: "look whose touching who."

JojoJan 07 2011 8:17pm

GeorgeFeb 22 2011 1:27pm
me and my wife started to wrestle about 20 years after we got together, being in our early 40's. My wife had joined a fitness club for ladies where they worked out, trained boxing, self defense and wrestling. They were tought holds and grips and had tournaments. She didn't tell me about that until one evening when had had been drinking some wine. She asked me if I thought I could beat her in a wrestling match. I was really surprised at the question but said I was pretty sure to beat her. She asked me why, we weighed about the same even if she was shorter, whe was the one that worked out and I was just jogging. I told her that being a man had it's advantages. But we cleared space and boy was I in for a surprise. She threw me around, had me in head locks, in scissors, in grapavines and schoolgirl pins. I probably gave up 20 times that evening. She told me about the wresling at her club and that she could beat 12 out of 22 women! She also told me that all these women could take me in a match. She wanted to armwrestle me as well and once again I lost badly. She was just too strong for me. She then lifted me in different ways, she really liked to show off. I was surprised, shocked but also kind of amused. It seemed she liked being stronger. After this evening she taught me some wrestling moves and our matches got more competitive but I never came close to win. Most men I think had been really concerned about my situation but I liked my new wife, she was glowing and her body got fantastic, on the muscular side but fantastic. The sex got better and we loved the new situation. We skipped television and wrestled instead. After about 2 years my wife again surprised me when she told me she had 3 women over for wrestling in our basement (where we hav a gym and wrestling mats). She also asked me if I wanted to compete? I asked her if I would have a chance and she said that I could probably beat the smallest of them. So when the weekend came I met theses ladies for the first time. Two of them were considerably bigger than my wife meaning bigger than me. They really looked strong. The smallest of the women was smaller than me and the wrestling session started with me wrestling this petite woman. It was kind of strange grappling with a complete stranger but I soon had to defend myself. She was on my like a small tigress and had me in a head scissors before I really had started to wrestle. Her legs were very strong and I had to give. The next fall I was the attacker and took her down and pinned her after perhaps 10 minutes of wrestling. The problem was I was totally spent after this fall. My little opponent notices and wrestled really cleaver in the third and last fall. She had me in different holds that meant I had to fight her legs with my hands most of the time. When I didn't have any power left she pinned me and won. The other ladies screamed with delight. The I could watch the other ladies take turn in wrestling each other. My wife was good but couldn't beat the bigger women. When the winner, the biggest woman, had wrestled her last match she wanted to take me on, even if she had wrestled many matches in a row. I agreed just to have a chance to have my hands on this big, curvy woman. She surprised me when she straight away had me in a bear hug. With her strong arms she could squeeze me until I submitted. I understood that this woman was a lot stronger than my wife. The next fall she had me give up simply by forcing my head between her sturdy thighs and I submitted to a standing head scissors. After this weekend I have wrestled many women, and won perhaps 3-4 matches, always against a smaller woman.

the mixed wrestlerFeb 23 2011 6:24am
My wife and I live in Missouri. Looking for safe and sane matches for her.

JohnMar 16 2011 6:35pm
How can i get my wife to wrestle me I try everytthing but she wont

PaulApr 20 2011 2:17pm
My wife and I started wrestling about 8 years ago now. I should say that I'm 5'10 and weigh right around 200 lbs and never been a "wimp." She is about 5'7 and weighs about 155 lbs. It started on a spring day while the yard was still messed up after an ice storm. We were outside piling up broken branches, cleaning the yard when I came across a tree stump that I couldn't move very much. After struggling with it for about 10 minutes, I went inside to get a drink. When I came back outside, to my surprise, my wife was in the process of dragging the stump through the yard. I was in shock but didn't say anything about it. A couple weeks later we bought a new couch. After getting it home, we were unloading it into the driveway and taking it in the house. Going in the house from where we were parked was about fifty feet. She had one end of the couch and I had the other, both ends weighing the same amount. I had to put the couch down twice to rest while taking it in, she was having no trouble with her end at all. The next day the kids were gone for the weekend and I was home alone with my wife. I nervously brought up these two incidents and asked her if she was stronger than me. She giggled a little and said "probably not but who knows." After discussing it for a few minutes, I suggested we wrestle for fun and just to see who wins. She accepted the challenge and warned me that she used to be "pretty fiesty" when she was younger. Too make a long story short, she beat me about 10 times in a little more than hour, some by pinning me down where I couldn't move and some by making me give up. After it was all over, she was giggling and talking about how much fun she had. She said "I don't know if it proves that I'm stronger than you but I could definately kick your ass if I wanted to. If someone breaks in the house, you'd better let me do the fighting." The way she beat me, I couldn't argue with that. I was both humiliated and turned on. But I had to know who was stronger for sure so I challenged her to armwrestle. She beat me in that too, with both arms. Not even close left-handed, but it was little bit of a struggle right handed. We still wrestle and armwrestle all the time. She has just gotten stronger by working out on weights because she knows that I developed a little fetish for it.

DBRApr 29 2011 12:19pm
I am so glad I found this poll! My husband and I were playing around this weekend, that playing around led to a more intense serious wrestling match that really surprised me but in a good way. I pinned my husband down! It was a rather long match, at least it felt that way. By the end of it he was tired, worn out and getting weaker where I still felt pretty fresh. It must be all the working out that I do and the lack of working out for hubby. It was such an erotic turn on to have him helpless under me, though i could tell his male ego took a hard blow.. He started in that he wasnt really trying, so I said, then lets go again, right now. He was balking at it but ultimately how could he not accept my challenge if he was truely not trying. so we wrestled a second time. He went all out in the beginning and I s tarted to think, hmm maybe he wasn't trying in that first match. But something inside me pushed me harder and I wrapped my legs around his sides and started squeezing. His focus went from trying to pin me to try and free himself from my legs and I kept the squeeze on. i could see in his face that he was starting to wear down again, so i reached up, wrapped my arms around his head pulling his face into my chest while maintaining my leg grip around him. His struggles were getting weaker and i whispered in his ear, if you want to submit tap my leg 3 times, he immediately tapped 3 times. I released my holds, he rolled to his back dazed and confused and more importantly, defeated. I then sat on him, pinned his arms under my knees, smiling down at him and said, do you need any more proof? he shook his head no, and said you won fair and square. I was so turned on by this it led to some incredible sex! I was and still am floating on cloud 9. Me being 4 inches shorter and about 35-40 lbs lighter than him yet claimed 2 victories over my husband! WOW!! maybe there is something to Girl Power!! hehehe.

TinaMay 02 2011 7:39am
I'd love to wrestle my wife. She kind of does get me in holds when I want her to, but I can escape easily because she doesn't really try. But she's actually prettymuscly in the thigh department. With some working out she'd be a real 5ft warrior. Although I'd love to wrestle her more competitively, even more I'd like to watch her wrestle another strong woman. Actually, I'd also love to watch her wrestle another guy - evenly matched not a set up -and where she really has to work to avoid being pinned! Anyone else have this fantasy? (Anyone fancy wrestling my wife?!)

MackoMay 06 2011 1:03pm
Tina, great to ready you posting. Me and my husband are today soon 60. About 20 years ago when I had given birth to three children my body changed dramatically. I got more massive, muscles grow and I got stronger. I was suddenly heavier than my husband. I started to work out and realised I rather quicly got stronger. After two years of work outs 3 times a week me and my husband playwrestled one evening when the kids was away just like you did Tina. Both me and my husband got the chock of our lives when we understood that I was not only stronger than him. I was a hell of a lot stronger and could basically do whatever I wanted with him. We matched strength in all kind of ways and one of my arms was actually stronger than both his both when we wrestled and armwrestled. He has always been slim, a nice runners body. When we wrestled this evening I could lift him, scissor him, pin him and just do it, he couldn't resist. This really turned me on and after a while it turned him on as well. We wrestled for more than two hours and at the end he was totally spent and I could threw him over my shoulder and carry him to bed and have sex with him. By far the best sex I had ever had. He was confused for a long time, he feared I should leave him since he thought that all women want a man bigger and stronger. I loved being the dominant stronger part. Now 20 years later I can look back at hundreds of wrestling matches with my husband. He never been close of winning once, I am still a lot stronger than him today. Thanks Tina for sharing.

RuthMay 09 2011 4:54am
Hi Ruth, I was amazed at how hot and turned on this got both of us as well. I don't want hubby to feel bad but at the same time, I feel great about being able to defeat him. We talked some about it letting him know that he should not feel embarassed and I am beginning to think this is not as uncommon as one would think. I think it is awesome you have been wrestling your husband for that long and continue to dominate him in the matches. I am so excited about this have been watching some videos on various moves and holds, wanting to learn and get better. We wrestled again and this time it was even easier for me to defeat him, wow what a change and revelation! so many thoughts going on in my head now, how this will change our relationship, how much it turns both of us on and the sex that happens after. Now hearing your story gives me even more encouragement to continue. Thank you. I have to admit though, i have been thinking I want to try and wrestle another woman someday. Not sure how to go about that yet, but I guess I want to know how well I would do against a woman. Being that us women are so competitive against other women, I wonder if that would not prove to be a more difficult match and that maybe i am not ready for that yet. So for now, I will continue to wrestle with hubby and practice on him and enjoy what it does for us.

TinaMay 10 2011 2:41am
I use to make fun of my wife at the gym ,she taught self defense lessons to women and also gave boxing lessons I was at the gym one day and said why are you wasting your time with these tiny women ,any guy my size would destroy them <my wife looked at me and said well big mouth your lot bigger then me and I could pin you easily ,i said in your dreams! Now it is true my wife is buff and muscular from all her working out and training,but I was a lot taller and out weighted her by 50 lbs at least.her class was listning and said go ahead Mrs Burke pin his bragging ass.My wife said well honey are you going to get in the ring and get humiliated or back out like most big mouthed men ? Well I couldnt let this go by ,I couldnt wait to tell my beer buddies how I pinned my gym trained wife,and added if you think you can pin me ,then lets make a little wager.My wife worked alot of nights and long hours ,so I usually had to go out to eat or make my own ,and I was from the old school and believed a wife should serve her husband ,and said if I pin you then you have to be home nights to serve me dinner and one of the nights serve me and my buddies our beers while we watch football .I was amazed at how fast she took the bet ,but added if I lost I would cook her meals while wearing her skirt and blouse and a nice apron and she would get to watch the game with my friends as i served them in the same out fit i have to say it gave me a minute to pause ,but thought with my size I would just have to get ahold of her and with my weight and mans strength pin her easily ,so I accepted ! We both changed into trunks and sweat shirts and the match began with all her 25 students watching and clapping for my wife .before I knew what happened ,she somehow used her leg to take my legs out from under me and I went down on my back <The next thing I knew she was on top of me and had me in a head lock .i quickly tried getting up but she with her musculer arms trew me right over her side and had me face down on the canvas ,much to the delight and cheering of her students,I found my right arm ,being easily pulled back behind my back ,and my left leg being brought up to meet it ,i admit I was in pain ,my wife was smiling and said well big boy ,do you want to submit now< tried to get loose and as I did my wife flipped me over on my back with the use of bending my arm and I was flat on my back with my wife now sitting on my chest and her knees holding down my arms,and just to be smart and show off she slaped my face a couple of times and turned to the girls and said who would like to come up and count my little sissy husband out Well they all wanted to ,but she picked kathy ,I guess because she was her tiniest pupil,But I couldnt believe just how muscled and strong my wife was from working out I tried pushing her arms up from holding my arms down and she didnt even break a sweat holding my big arms down ,and as Kathy began the three tap count My wife feeling teally good now ,stopped Kathy at two and said not yet ,sweetie ,lets make sure my big mouthed husband knows this wasnt an accident,and let my weist go and before I knew it again flipped me over on my chest and had my arms both locked behind me and said girls wouldnt it be more satisfying watching him beg and submit out load? All the girls yelled yes ,and my wife pushed my arms up behind my back so hard I think I had tears in my eyes and as she said had me begging to stop and submit,and to finish me off made me apoligize and admit that she was stronger and now the man of the house ,all the girls laughted ,but not half as loud as my drinking buddies ,after my wife took me shopping for a skirt and blouse that would fit and made me wear them along with a pair of her panties while I served her and now" her "drinking buddies as they watched the game and listened to how she had pinned me and made me submit I now do as I am told and my wife throws me around and pins me a couple times a week ,she says it really gets her off knowing she can kick my big mouthed sissy ass ,And I dont arque with her,Brucie

Now sissy Brucie defeated husbandMay 12 2011 5:30pm
My wife is amazing. She just discovered my desire to wrestle her and this weekend has changed our lives. Is there any resources recommended to help her and me learn more?

Beaten and lovin it!May 16 2011 7:08am
my wife and I , started wrestle after two years of marriage. One time she saw me and her brother in shorts wrestling in backyard, and comment me , that she fell very excited looking me sweating and muscular biting her brother. Then I asked her if she wanted to have a wrestling experience with me. Firstly she didn`t want, but after I insisted many times she accepts. From this time we use to wrestle after workout because she loves to contact my sweaty body and smell me during the combat. It`s a very good way to keep she excited y obligated to workout.

markMay 18 2011 4:03pm
mark, what is the usual outcome when you wrestle your wife?

DaveMay 21 2011 4:13am
The results are different, in any cases we arrive to a lock because we don`t have a referee,no one wins. In other cases we try to aply points for slams or pins or we stop when one of us give up. In general she is better on ther floor and I`m better with slams , but right now we are preparing a match because she said I`m a layer. The rules are similar to olimpic wrestling, without shoes or any jewelery.

markMay 21 2011 12:25pm
My husband is asking me for a wrestling and I need to know what he want. He said is very necessary for him, combat with me berore sex. What do you think. What can I do ? I`m shaped because I swim three times a week , but he has a muscled arms and legs like a weightlifter.

soniaMay 21 2011 5:41pm
Sonia, I say give it a try, i think you will enjoy yourself regardless the outcome. Maybe learn some moves or watch some matches. If someone had told me the first time I wrestled my husband that I would have defeated him so easily I would not have believed them. But I did! You may just surprise yourself and your husband. Even if you don't win, you may be surprised at how well you did and that it was not as easy for him to win as you think. My advice, use your legs whenever possible with scissor holds, make him tired as he has to struggle against your strongest body part. Force the match to go on long and it will give you an advantage because of endurance. Like I said, it could be very fun and exciting for both of you, give it a try and let us know.

TinaMay 22 2011 3:09am
I spoke about this whit with a friend married with a man wrestler, and she revealed me she loves wrestling. She knew her husband in a club where he practiced greco roman wrestling and there she until going when he train because she enjoy looking muscle men on the mat in a body knot with her husband. She?ll explain me some movements and y I?ll tell you. Now she is interested in this site. Thanks, I?ll tell you about our progress.

soniaMay 22 2011 4:17pm
I told hubby that over the holiday weekend that I would enjoy us having another wrestling session. I told him I want us to both give it our all and lets put some stakes so the winner gets rewarded and we will both be going at it a 110%. He seemed a little stunned by this but agreed. So If I win, I told him that he would do all the housework for the next month, that includes, laundry, cleaning the house, cleaning the dishes after meals and I expect that he will cook meals on weekends and when possible during the week. He looked at me and said you want me to be your slave basically? I smiled and said pretty much, yes. I then simplified it and said, lets just make the bet, the loser is the slave to the winner for the next month. He seemed nervous but agreed to it. Then his male ego got in there and started talking smack of how he was going to put me in my place. I think he feels as if my wins were a fluke, so its time to prove they were not. I am so looking forward to this weekend. Regardless of the outcome, it will be fun and really exciting for me.

TinaMay 27 2011 2:56am
Well hubby and I had a few hours of alone time yesterday and it was him that reminded me of the challenge. I was a little stunned by this but was ready to go at it. I went in and changed into something sexy, a pair of crotchless lacey boyshort style panties and a sports bra, with the matching lingerie top to the panties, all black garments. As i looked myself in the mirror, I thought I looked pretty good, even intimidating, he was pleasantly surprised of my outfit. We agreed to the terms once again and then started to wrestle the first match in the best of 5. He started off very agressive and had me thinking maybe my wins were a fluke or that he was not putting in his complete effort in the past. It was a very long match, one that he controlled most of, but i was able to avoid many of his attempts for a pin or submission. Then he managed to get me trapped and forced a submission from me. I was actually very turned on by his aggression, even though I lost the first match. He seemed tired to me, breathing heavy but started off the second match much as he did in the first match. Then he started making mistakes that he did not make in the first. He kept me from being able to use my legs in the first match but a few minutes into the second match I was able to secure a heascissor with his face buried in my crotch. He struggled for sometime putting alot of energy into escaping legs. Finally he was able to get free, but as he did i was able to get him in a body scissor. His lack of oxygen was starting to show. he finally escaped that but again, i was right on him and trapped his head in yet another, this time with my calve uner his chin, and my foot under my other knee. his attempts to escape were weaker and I think he realized he was trapped good and submitted hte second match to me. His confidence was way down, he was breathing heavy and i was feeling pretty damn good. we took a 15 minute break and started again and I could tell his intensity level is not as it was during the first match. As the match continued, it was if he was getting weaker and I was getting stronger. I ended that match with him under me, his arms under my knees, my crotchless panties near his chin, the look on his face was priceless as he was completely dominated and schoolgirl pinned by his own wife. I taunted him trying to get h im to attempt escape but he knew what I knew, he was done! we took another break and got ready for what could be the final match. I started off fast and furious, i over powered him, i was quicker than him and in no time at all had him in a 69 type postion, my thighs securely around his head, his nose near my butt, my arms wrapped around his legs so that he could not do the same to me. once secured tightly i started giving him burst of squeezes with my thighs.. I think he wanted to submit but couldnt and i was so wrapped up in holding him like that. He must have enjoyed my thighs on his head because there was a rise in his boxers. I finally let him mouth his submission, i had won the best out of 5 and had a slave for a month! oh my i was so turned on! He was very accepting of his loss and told me how impressive i was and how completly dominating i was during the match. He then said, when do i start serving you? I smiled, well honey, no time like the present, with a wicked grin on my face.

TinaMay 30 2011 3:58am
My friend toke me to the club where her husband trains wrestling. There I saw many sweated men wearing lycra shorts forcing each other on the mat and flexing muslced legs and arms. its excited me and decided give a chance to my boy. I waited him in the afternoon after work decided to wrestle him. After arrived he used to see tv,so when he did this I said knowing that our son is at her friends house until tomorrow, I asked him why he didn?t take a shower because I had a present for him this night. He surely imagine sex, and imediately went to take a shower. During his bath I dress myself whith a brasilian black bikini underwear , sport bra and a pair of tennis. I putted elastic bands around my hair,and when a saw my in the mirror , discoverd a really warrior. So as an amazon decided to undress my bra and see my breast hanging makes me been hot. I turned off the lights and waited in other room, as usually my boy went totally nude to our room and befor he turned the lights I went over him. I pushed him from the back putting my shoulder under his butts and rounding his legs with my arms. We shatter the floor like and esrthquake and he said what happens here. Immediately I let him free of my arms and turned on the light, then I said didn ?t you want to wreste , so wrestle me. He saw me very excited and say ok, rude girl , the he said but we need more space. We went to the living room , move some furniture and put some matress the we did the most hot body to body contact I ever had with this boy. Finally I gave up and fell with his body up.

SoniaJun 06 2011 4:20pm
As an early fathers day gift my wife got dressed in a sexy outfit and laid out the wrestling mats. Pure excitement ran through me. she told me to get changed into the silk boxers she laid out on the bed and lets have some fun. The first match was long and she was especially aggressive last night, i just couldn't seem to avoid her leg holds. she had me so tired and worn out from fighting against her legs that by the end of the match she had me pinned under, 1 arm trapped under her knee, the other easily pinned by her hand on my wrist and her crotch near my chin. She just smiled down at me in this sexy, domineering and confident grin and asked, who is the stronger sex? she wouldnt let me up until i said what she wanted to hear, which i finally said. we took a 15 minute break for me to rest and went for our 2nd match in the best of 3. i started off good but again she got her legs involved and it was a short lived match. my fatigue came back quick and she ended that match with my head in her thighs with a figure 4. very intense and exciting and fun night. What a great fathers day gift of wrestling and sex amazing sex after. wrestling and winning really makes her horny

DaveJun 19 2011 5:40am
At 5'3" 120lbs my wife is a former amateur bodybuilder and is now a personal trainer. I am at least 50lbs bigger than her, active and in good shape as well. Occasionally we use to wrestle since it is a great workout and the close contact can be exciting foreplay. Over the years she has only gotten stronger and has apparently learned some effective submission holds. We haven't wrestled in a long time, but the other night of friend of hers commented that she looked stronger and more fit than I did and joked that we should arm wrestle. My wife was reluctant but after another glass of wine and some coaxing from her friend and I she put up her right arm. As we locked hands it was apparent the she was now serious about this challenge and I admittedly intimidated by the size and shape of the flexed muscles in her bicep and shoulders. It only took a few seconds for her to pull my hand and arm back and pin it to the table. As she flexed her bicep in victory, I was embarrassed how easily she beat me as her and her girlfriend gloated. I challenged her with my stronger left arm and only after a very long battle her arm gave out and I was able to even the score. Her friend suggested that the only way to break the tie was to wrestle each other on the floor. Now I was the one who needed the coaxing since I know that my wife has always had stronger legs from squats and leg presses and she knows how to use them when wrestling. With her friend as the referee we faced each other on our knees on the floor. As we started, I went for her waist and she turned her body and got me in a headlock and threw me over her waist onto my back. The next thing I know she was on top of me with a grapevine hold on my legs and her strong arms wrapped around my neck with my head buried in her chest. I could hardly breath and the pain from the power of her muscular legs wrapped around mine was even worse, but my wife just kept squeezing harder until I had to tap out. At this point they declared and easy victory since I had been so badly beaten and humiliated, but I insisted on another chance. My wife laughed and said she didn't want to hurt me and turned away. With that I jumped on her from behind and tried to get her in a headlock. She grabbed my arm pulled it across her chest and rolled me over her shoulder down to the floor. As I tried to get up she quickly wrapped her arms around my neck with a rear naked choke and pulled me backward on top of her. She then scissored her legs around my waist and squeezed. I tried to break her choke with my hands but her hold on my neck was to tight and her legs felt like concrete around my body. She held me like that for several minutes, with her and her girlfriend taunting me for doubting her strength and wanting to continue. Even though I tapped out, she would squeeze me to the point that I would almost black out and then let loose a bit so they could taunt some more. After one last attempt to wriggle free, my wife tightened the choke hold and I blacked out only to wake up later with my head resting between the tight jeans of her thighs as she sat back on the floor sipping wine with her girlfriend. I knocked the glass from her hand in a last attempt to get some redemption but wound up in a figure-4 hold with my arm in an inescapable arm-bar across her chest. This time I gave up pleading in pain and tears and went to my room as they continued to taunt and gloat. Even thought I knew my wife was strong and fit, I never saw that side of her where she could easily and willfully dominate me physically.

Rocco64Jun 21 2011 7:22am
Rocco, thanks for the story. Have things changed in your relationship after her thrashing of you? Her and her friend seemed to enjoy taunting you alot and she really let you have it! I was just wondering if she has become more dominant in her ways towards you.

DaveJun 23 2011 2:17am
I love it guys! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

TinaJun 26 2011 4:11am
I cant find my cat

GaryJul 05 2011 6:15am
any women in their 60`s looking for a guy in is 60`s to wrestle with

pittbullJul 18 2011 10:20am
My wife is stronger than me. She's 5'7 and just over 200 pounds while I'm 5'9 and about 180. I'm 48 she's 46. We had never tested our strength against each other until three years ago at a dinner party. The host was commenting on how strong his wife was and could give him a run for his money at armwrestling and could probably beat lots of men. She's not a big lady - 5'5 and I'd say 140 pounds but fit from years of aerobic classes. Anyway the males (three of us other than the host) all armwestled her and though we all beat her she put up a strong fight. I found it really hard work moving her arm and it took me about 45 seconds and I had to use all my strength. Later on in the evening when the guys had gone out to smoke and/or drink I came inside to go to the toilet and from the hallway I eavesdropped on my wife rmwrestling the hostess and beating her. It looked a good match up though my wife won in quicker time than I had managed. I heard the hostess commenting that my wife was probably as strong as the guys. It wasn't mentioned when we guys came back in. Driving home I commented that the dinner hosess was really strong and I had had trouble defeating her. I asked my wife how she thought she would go against the hostess and she replied that they had armwrestled when we were outside and although she had won it had been a real struggle and given my wife's size advantage the hostess had done really well. Well we had a match when we got home. My wife is left handed so we did that first and after a long struggle with to-ing and fro-ing she eventually put me down. The right arm, my stronger her weaker, was a similar long struggle but again she prevailed after about two minutes. I was totally exhausted. Later in bed she pulled me towards her and started stroking my arm and said she hadn't expected her weaker arm to be stronger than my stronger one. She then asked me to stroke her arms as she was sore from all that armwrestling but would give me another go in a day or two.

BartholomewAug 06 2011 5:18pm
Bartholomew, me and my wife had her brother and sister-in-law over for dinner. My wife said that she had always been stronger than her brother and this lead to an armwrestling match between them, the first in many years. And what a struggle, my brother-in-law is not a small man and looks strong but boy he had to fight. They decided that they had a draw with right arms and after a very long struggle my wife lost when it came to left arms. My sister-in-law then wanted to armwrestle me. She is not as big as her husband but is quite athletic. Again it was a very tight match with right arms but this time the woman won because of her greater endurance. I am very week in my left arm, had lots of problems with it when I was a kid so I lost real badly. Then my wife armwrestled her sister-in-law, she won quite comfortably with both arms. So it seemed that I was the weakest if us. I never armwrestled my brother-in-law that evening. When our guests had left my wife told me that I looked so sweet when I lost to a stronger woman, almost like a kid, a bit embarrassed and red from the fight. She then said that it was time we had a match. We sort of both knew the outcome, I might have a small chance putting up a good match with my right arm but that it would be a slaughter with left. She proved herself quite a bit stronger with right and left was really a joke. She said she loved me anyway and that she had always been strong, beating many boys and men at armwrestling when she was younger.

RichSep 06 2011 11:54pm
At 5'10" and 180 pounds compared to my 5'7" 145 pounds, my wife is taller, bigger, and not surprisingly stronger than me. We've play wrestled more than a few times and she has completely dominated and overwhelmed me every time. It's very simple. She usually catches my body in a leg scissors and I wind up squirming helplessly in her powerful thunder thighs. It's to the point now where I don't even want to wrestle her anymore because it's so humiliating how she beats me with little effort.

PeterSep 08 2011 6:52am
i m 7.8" my wife 7.7" she can lift me i am riding on her back reqularly. in sixual inter course wshe put on her back and i m on her back up and started 6 she put her qus in my butt her leg,arms are bigger than me she is saxualy much stronger than me i m40 years she 28 years, she love me very much. she often also beaten me

TT KHSep 09 2011 3:41am
5.8" AND 5.7" NOT 7.7 AND 7.8"

TTKSep 09 2011 3:51am
I'm a married male, 5'11", 230lbs. 60 years old. I've always wrestled my even bigger buddy John who is 65, 6'1", 290lbs., One night we asked our wives to wrestle a tag team match. What a surprise. A first it was John and his wife vs me and mine. My wife is 5'2, 110lbs. We wrestled in the skimpiest of thongs. and MAN did I get stiff a board when John got ahold of my wife. I could plainly see he was hard as well and he had her over his shoulder and was threatening to leave WITH her. She protested but I sure enjoyed the hell out of it. Any of you guys had similar experiences? If it often sexual during or after with most of you guys?

DavidSep 23 2011 2:52pm
My wife and I got into a very intense match last night. We were both very focus on victory and I have to say the marks on my body are a good indication of who won. All was going well until she got her legs involved, which i was doing my best to avoid letting her do that. In the end, she was able to get me trapped in her head scissors and that proved to be the beginning of the end for me. After a long battle I ended up trapped in her strong thighs, which she eventually transformed into a complete face smother of her already very wet and ready womanhood. This was the first match we have in a couple of years and I really thought i would finally take her but once again i ended up under her.

DaveOct 17 2011 6:56pm
When I was younger my sisters and I would wrestle and it was very competitive. Being the oldest girl in family of 4 girls I ruled the roost for a long time. Then one by one I started to lose to my younger sisters. I have not wrestled another girl since those years but I have wrestled with my husband. I have not lost to him yet but the matches are usually pretty good. I think he has upper body strength advantage a slight height and weight advantage but that is it. I am quicker, stronger lower body, more stamina and endurance and very obviously, more flexible. I think these advantages is what gives me the edge over his size advantage. I have been thinking alot lately of wrestling another woman thinking it would be more of a challenge because of the similar advantages another woman would bring to the match. Almost like comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. So I was wondering, have any of the other women here found that wrestling other women more difficult than wrestling a man? maybe some day I will get the chance to test my theory.

TinaNov 07 2011 8:41am
My husband was very embarrassed some years ago when we were at the beach together with my older sister. Both me and my sister are in good shape and my husband is kind of thin. My husband was in a playful mood and threw some water at me the lead to a wrestling match. To my surprise I could hold myself well against him and I even felt that I was stronger. When I used most of my power I could threw him down and pin him and he couldn't get out of my pin. He was embarrassed and wanted a rematch. I was interested to see if I could keep on dominating him so we had a go again. This time I could threw him even easier and took him down and made him give up when I had him in a head scissors. My sister laughed at my poor husband. I asked her if she thought she could do better and she said she was sure. So we also had a match after I had rested for a while. And my older sister could win against me as easy as I had whipped my husbands ass. This made my husband even more embarrassed, first loosing to his wife and then see that his strong wife wasn't that strong at all. My sister wanted to wrestle my husband but he said no. I have wrestled my husband since but he is very shy about it. He seems to like the body contact but he is very embarrassed when I win, and I always do. I have armwrestled my sister and she also wins every time. I think I am a bit stronger than the average woman and that my sister is of average strength...for a man.

SisterNov 14 2011 6:03am
...and my husband is probably of average strength for a woman. I have lost armwrestling to other women so I guess my husband would have problems with many women if he got challenged. I love him anyway, I feel a bit protective and strong. He has begged me not to tell everybody that he is weak and I haven't but my sister is sometimes hard on him, she teases him flexing her biceps in his face and tells him to kiss them or she would wrestle him down. This makes me mad at my sister.

SisterNov 14 2011 6:07am
I really get a thrill from sitting astride my wifes stomach and pinning her arms down, when im doing this i like to stare into her eyes, i like to do this for long perriods, does anyone else like to do this ? Gary milton keynes

GaryNov 16 2011 2:13am
I would like to wrestle my wife`s best friend. I think it would be a very good match. If I pin her fast I think I could win but would lose I think if the match went for a long time or if I could not keep away from her very strong legs. How to I get her to wrestle me and not get the wife mad.

PitbullNov 21 2011 1:55pm
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 12:23pm
my friend unfortunately we live in Brasil, but I think my wife could be the best challenge for you. She is the tipical Brasilian woman, with dark skin,black hair, and powerful body. We started wrestling when she was my girlfriend and I saw her scissoring another woman joking at the beach.I loved her shining by sweat squeezing a friend between her oiled legs. After that I asked her to wrestle me and she accept immediately. This night she defeat me two times in totally nude combats in her father ?s house. Now after 20 years she is 44 years old with 80 kilos and from this first combat she makes footing and weightlifting three times a week. I ejoy her sweated legs squeeze every night after her trainin session and we combat every week twice for fun and to ejoy each other . She like combat with girls specially younger and muscled and I generally participate as referee. In general are same weight an size than her but mostly she defeat them because her strength legs oiled by me. Why don?t you come here and make a combat with her. i challege you,,,

garota lutadoraDec 01 2011 5:44pm
remember when I was in Brazil many, many years ago. I stayed at a small pousada, off season somewhere near Aracaju if I remember things right. I was 22-23, rail thin but rather tall at 180 cm. The poussada was run and owned by a woman in her 40's. She was very African looking with a beautiful face and a big curvy body. I was the only guest for almost 10 days and paid close to nothing. This lady was very playful and often joked about my thin body, she liked to give me glimpses of her powerful looking thighs and her big breasts. I started to get fantasies of me and her together. After perhaps 3-4 nights she invited me for dinner, with a lot beer and cachaca to drink. We got drunk and she at one point slapped my bum and told me I needed a spanking as I was very naughty, I returned the slap on her very big behind and we were soon engaged in a wrestling match. A very onesided wrestling matchs since this woman was extremely strong and several kilos heavier than me. I would guess that she weighed 90 kgs and she was about 175 cm. I was at the most 60-61 kgs. She soon controlled me so I couldn't move and she started to undress me, she playfully spanked me a couple of times but we were soon making love instead. I became her lover for a while. We wrestled almost every day and I didn't have a chance against this strong woman, twice my age. So garota lutadora, I know about strong Brazilian women even if it was ages ago.

Ex travelerDec 13 2011 5:20am
wffit, you can see several postings here about wifes and husbands wrestling. Have you wrestled yet? I think the best way is to start in a playful way, perhaps take the remote control from her when she is watching a program on TV. Say in a humorous way that she is too weak to take it back and see what happens. Or teast her that women are so weak for a long time and flex your arms for her. If she has very strong legs as you say, let her get you in a scissors hold and start tickling her, she will automatically squeeze you between her legs and she will realize that you are trapped and give back. Or just say that you already said, it would be good fun to wrestle since you arae not sure that you would win since she is a strong woman. There are plenty of ways but having fun, being playful and honest are perhaps the best ways. This is how me and my wife started. I slapped her behind a few times one evening and she told me to stop or...I kept on teasing her that she was too weak to stop me. Suddenly she was on me like a tigress and actually pinned me in a few seconds. And I couldn't get her off me. I told her she was lucky and that she could never do it again so we stood up, undressed to our underwear and was now actually wrestling for real for the first time. My wife had confidence after the pin so she came at me again with full force, I met her hand to hand but her strong legs pushed me so she was soon pinning me to one of our walls. And she pinned my hands beside my head and we were both surprised that I could get loose. Her strong shoulders together with the power from her muscular legs was too much for me. I got more and more tired in my arms, my wife is working out more than me and is a few poundes heavier so it was more and more obvious that she was stronger than me. She forced me down to the floor where she pinned me with one of her legs to the wall and wanted me to say I was weaker than her. I said that we needed another fall to decide that and she said yes, she really liked what was going on, I am sure she didn't exepct this outcome and neither did I. I was tired from our earlier tussle so next fall was really very quick. I was once again surprised at how aggressive my wife was, she had me in a head lock and hip threwed me, it was the first hip throw in her life but it all came natural. She followed up with a pin and soon was sitting on me with arms pinned with her legs and with my head framed by her big thighs. I had created a monster! She wanted to have sex after and it was kind of strange since she was totally in charge. After this evening we have wrestled many times and I have won perhaps twice out of 20-30 matches.

Watch outDec 22 2011 7:34am
My wife started to go to a gym after many time of inactivity last year. A friend of her said many times that she needed to restart training.Last week my wife comments to me that her friend invited her for a coke after training in her house, but as she was in a hurry they didn?t go for a shower before. As Celeste is my wife?s best friend she accepted and they went for her house. My wife was sitting on cauch when Celeste apeared dressed in a blue wrestling sizzling and with too botles of coke , my wife surprised asked about this, and Celeste said that is her wrestle look. Then she commeted my wife that nobody were there and as they are very good friends and good shaped women she challenge my wife to a combat. As my wife hesitated she said that she wanted to show her what her husband makes with her,and that my wife could practice with me. As Celeste insisted and gave my wife a red sizzling , my wife accepted to wear it. During my wife was dressing in with the sizzling , Celeste slapped many times her legs saying that she wants to test strength with my wife. Then Celeste and my wife wrestled for about one hour enjoying each other physical contacts. As my wife said Celeste won the matches , but she putted fire on my wife . My wife said that after sweating each other for an hour, and when smelling a little hard they stopped, go for a coke, and celeste showed her some videos about she and her husband wrestling. My wife is very excited about wrestling with me, but I don?t know what to do because when I contact her body I imediately have a boner. what can I do? I used to wrestle men in the navy without problems, rather than wrestling in underwear.

Celeste friendDec 23 2011 5:48pm
My wife embarrased me one day, we were watching tv she watching something I didnt like so I took the remote control from he. She kept telling me over and over again to give it back and then she dove at me and we wrestled for the remote for about a minute and a half and she got lucky and got the remote. I felt I had to do something about this. My wife kelly is not big at all she is 5'5 135 and im 5'10 190. I told her she was lucky and she just kept smiling and giggling. She never played sports and she was a girly girl. So I told her if we wrestled I would beat her easily, she agreed knowing that I would win. We started to my suprise she was actually trying, I thought she would just let me win. Im dominating the whole time, but for some reason cant pin her or submit her because she's so squirmy. Then I pin her shoulders down with my hans good I think I got her she's struggling then,she snakes her legs up and wraps them around my head. I didnt think much of it I thought I can easily get out, im prying at her legs but cant get them off. I start getting worried because I cant lose to a girl like this and this hold was just so embaressing to me for some reason. So I start panicking and wiggling around trying to get out of but couldnt. I was in the hold for about five minutes before she let me go. Then she looked at me like she felt bad for me and that just embarresed me even more so I stormed out of the room. It was weird for about two months because I was beaten by a girl in a really embaressing way.

KeithDec 28 2011 9:46pm
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:44am
I am going to share this with you all. Several years ago, my dainty and petite dominated wife and I went to a delayed honeymoon in jamaica, at an all adult only life style resort. While there, TT saw a notice of husband/wife oil wrestling matche. She entered our names in it, and when I found out, I had a good laugh. After all, I am 6 feet tall, 205 pounds, and she is 5 feet 4inches, 124 pounds. The day of the wrestling match, the judges called us onto the mat. All participants must remove ALL their clothing. The judges then rubbed us down with oil, and the match began. All we could do was laugh, and yet, both of us were really turned on, being nude in front of so many resort guests. In a matter of seconds, we both slipped and fell, and I landed on top of her, pinning her arms and shoulders for the mandatory 6 second count. Round 2, and we were rubbed with oil again. TT was not happy, as when I took her down, she bumped the back of head, and she was really pissed off. Noticing her facial expression, I stopped moving, and asked what was wrong. Mistake! Shecharged me, pushed me, I lost my balance, and fell. TT was on me in a flash, and twisted my left arm, behind my back. TT was sitting on me, and I could not get up because of the oil. She pushed my face into the mat, held it there for the 3 second count, (unfair advantage for women), and then stood up. The match was to one. Round 3. More oil, and this time, I am pissed at her. When I went to grab her legs for a sweep, again I lost my balance, and nearly fell. I wouldn't go down, so TT punched me in the stomach, and down I went. She then threw her VERY powerful legs around my groin area and squeezed like nothing I ever seen. I couldn't take the pain, and began slapping the mat, indicating I gave up. She stood up, put her arms up in victory, and danced around the mat, while ALL the women were hi fiving her. The look on my face said it all...I was, (and still am) embarrassed that a much smaller woman beat me...royally. We talk about still, and now it's a turn on for us both. But as a result, she has become very DOMINANT in our marriage, me submissive. Oh, and we did wrestle again when we got home, under the SAME conditions. She won again. No more wrestling

RickyJan 06 2012 11:28am
Last weekend my brother in law Gus came to visit us from a town where he lives with his new wife June. When they arrived I saw for the first time June and I realized that she had a strong body apparently . Because they will be in our house for many days we prepared a room for them in the first floor usually used for guests. Because of the long trip and around ten in the night after a drink we invited our guests to go to their room. My wife showed the way to June and y took a time alone with Gus. Gus used to wrestle me only to compare body strength, in the past and he always spoke about this experience whe saw me . In this time he said that he will explain me about new experiencies in struggle, and challenge me flexing a huge bicep with a pop vein. I only coul gave a punch in his stomach and he dissapeared on his room way. This night in our room my wife and I commented about her brothers wife and she said that was surprised by the amazing body of June. She commented that this physical development was a tool for her because she is a cop. I was speaking to my wife about that his brother looked very muscled and she realized about his biceps, when we started to hear a noise in the first floor. It was weird at this time near midnight, so I went downstairs to verify. I knew that the noise came from our guests room , and I could saw the lights were on, under the door. As I have a doubt about what was happend, I went to the back yard trying to see from the window of this room, but in this moment a terrific touch froze my back. Was my wife who wanted to knew what was happend. I explained her and togheter on the dark we went to a point in the backyard where we could saw the window . Big was our surprise about the spectacle. June and Gus where involved in a hard sweated wrestling match. They move the room furniture to one side and put some bed spreads on the floor . Both of them were nude but wearing tennis shoes and knee pads. That was amazing seeing them sweating and breathing hard. The combats started with one of them in four point on the floor and the upper one with an arm rounding the body until the belly , they shouted go and started to combat until one tapped. I was surprised by June?s body specifically for her terrific wide back. By the other side my wife was surprised because time after time Gus developed hard erections during the combat, and June solved this with her mouth. After an hour of show they went to the shower and my wife and I , wrestled for the first time . We never said anything to Gus or June , but they discover for us a new passion

Wide back JuneJan 07 2012 12:06pm
I noticed that my husband, Ricky wrote to you about our wrestling "matches". He told you the truth. I really beat him, and badly. I have always been broght up to be submissive and obey your man. Something happened to me when we got to Jamaica. I have always wanted to be a free and liberated woman, to be the dominate one, and control physically my man. When I beat Ricky, I have to admit, it was awesome! I am so much smaller than him, and I have seen him lift equipment, even weights. But to know I can beat him in wrestling, a guy's sport, well, that's the best. The day I beat him, when we both got up from the oil soaked mat, he was really embarressed and very mad at me. Of course I taunted him the whole trip after that, and reminded him that now I AM free and liberated. He shook his head in acceptance. To prove it, that night I met a guy, and had an affair, taking my lover to bed, in the presence of my husband. And he has had to submit to my wants and needs ever since. And I love it.

TTJan 09 2012 10:16am
Hi! Anyone know of any good training material on wrestling - would like to beat my husband!

AnonymousJan 18 2012 4:07pm
Pls sister share more of ur experience with ur sister and husband

AnonymousJan 26 2012 7:09am
my friend if you wanna wrestle your husband start weightlifting training and learn any mat skills. I suggest try contact with one of your friends o brothers who wrestled in college. try to invite your husband to enjoy your body squeezing specially showing him the power of your legs. Let me know what happened .

Sandy the wrestle nurseFeb 03 2012 4:35pm
My big sister is so strong nd muscular as well.she is a gymrat.she almst alwyz dominate me and my hubby.we hav to do evrythng she commands,unless my big sis will beat us to death with her manly muscle.we all worship her.she is the boss.Anyone dere xperience sumthng like me.pls rpl

Julia,da lilsubsisFeb 10 2012 12:57pm
Me and my wife met when we were in our late teens. I was a skinny (61 kgs/178 cm tall) boy and she a less skinny (66 kgs/175) tall girl. We fooled around and playwrestled then as kids do but never really matches strength in a real wrestling or armwrestling match. We had our first kids when we were 22. My wife grew a lot with the first baby, she was up to 85 kgs. She actually scared me sometimes when we were intimiate. I was then perhaps up to 63 kgs so she was more than 20 kgs heavier than me. She seemed to enjoy the size difference, we had a lot of sex when she was pregnant with child one. A year after we had our first daughter she was down to 71-72 kgs due to a lot of excersice. Two years after it was time for child two. This time my wife was up to 87 kgs (and I was perhaps 65 kgs) but this time she wasn't interested in sex. We didn't have any more children. The years past, my wife again worked out a lot to become slim again but now she couldn't go below 75 kgs. I had started to work a lot when we were in our 30's and gained a lot of weight, mainly fat and was perhaps up to 83-84 kgs. Douesn't sound that much for a guy my height but I was fat and out of shape. When we had passed 40 my wife was in an excellent shape, a bit heavier than 75, perhaps 78 kgs. I had decided to loose weight and get in shape but before I started I got very sick. I was sick for 2 years almost and lost a lot of weight. I was below 60 kgs for a while. Our children had moved out and my wife nursed me back to health. I got well and gained weight but I stayed a few kgs below 70 kgs. So my wife was now about 10 kgs heavier than me, and more than one inch shorter. Again it seemed that she liked being the bigger of us. She wanted sex more and more and I liked it but felt sometimes that I was too submissive, she just took the lead. Natural of course after taking care of me after my illness. I was working out to get stronger but it seemed that my body just got harder and leaner, no big muscles. One evening we started to wrestle for the remote, like so many others. I felt my wife's strength but this time I wanted to show her that I could stand up to her. The remote fell to the floor and we kept on wrestling on our carpet. My wife loved it, she knew she was stronger and just used enough strength to drain me from all my power. After about 20 minutes of wrestling she pinned me easily just by sittin on me. She ripped my underwear off me and we had sex. I enjoyed it but also felt emasculated in a way. I told her that the day after but she just told me that she had always been stronger than me and what is the big deal. She told me that she had always held back her strength when we fooled around as kids, she didn't want to scare me away since she loved me very much. I was very suprised hearing this. After this wrestling evening she often challenged me to wrestle or armwrestle. She was a lot stronger and I didn't have a chance. And after perhaps a year or two it was all natural to me. I love my stong wife and she loved being stronger (and bigger). Long posting but I liked to share, perhaps somebody was interested to read my story.

Heinz CFeb 17 2012 5:57am
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eduardoFeb 17 2012 10:28am
My wife is bigger and stronger than I am and our wrestling matches usually wind up wihe me being draped acress her knee for a bare bottomed spanking. markiee 2/2012

AnonymousFeb 25 2012 8:27pm
First,we wrestle , then we married. I went for a gym to do my rutine with weight and there saw a short haired woman that attend a body combat class three times a week. I realized after many times of see her , that she had anything special , she was in his forties, and she looks really strong and fit. One day I met her in the hall of the dress room after her class and I decide talk to her. I said that she looks amazing body and that surely her husband is happy ejoying this legs rounding him. She laughed, and said thank you... but I m single... and I specting the man who enjoy my legs. I said that could be me , and she answer perhaps... and runned into the dress room. We started a relationship and after our workout we went to her house and wrestle on the carpet, on the bed in the shower and finish my days between her powerful legs. Now we are married, we continue wrestling every day and squeezing me into her leg wrench.

squeezed by a woman legs.Feb 27 2012 10:31am
Similar experience to those above. My wife and I are about the same size (5 7, 140 lbs). After having kids, she started working out with weights to lose the extra pounds. She now looks fantastic, lots of muscles. I'm thin, a runner and a cyclist. She is much stronger than I am both upper and lower body, and she likes to wrestle and be on top. It turns out I like it too. She always liked being on top, but now that she's stronger than I am she likes it even more.

jamboMar 23 2012 4:37am
My wife wrestles me and easily beats me. Next thing is being draped over her shoulder and carried to bed.

jefffeApr 05 2012 9:28am
Let me share my story. I'm married for 15 years with two kids. My wife is a very nice and gentle person. In the beginning of our marriage I started to bring up the wrestling between us and we have wrestled sometimes, but she didn't do much effort to wrestle or to win. During the years I always wanted us to wrestle, but she didn't like it much. When we wrestled, many times I had to experience, that she had real strength. I had experienced, that she can push my arms up behind my head holding my wrists and I was not able to change it or free myself. Many times happened, that I found myself under her on the carpet or on the matress. I really enjoyed it, but she did't do it often. Since 2008 I started to record our wrestling matches on my HD camera. From the first one, she always wins . Both of us realized soon, that she is much stronger then me. I am not a weak guy, but I'm sure that, her arms, shoulders, her grab, her back and waist and legs are stronger than mine. I'm 169cm (5'8") and about 88kg (193 lbs), my wife 5'7", gained some weight, maybe she is 78-80 kg (176 lbs). I was doing Judo, wrestling and weightlifting till I was 14. She was doing kayak for several years. She excercised her upper and lower body in those school years much harder than me. I win the armwrestling but that's it. If we wrestle, she always wins. In the beginning of our marriage, sometimes I let her to win, but now even if I'm trying hard I can't win. If we start from kneeling, she grabs my wrists and bends my arms behind me or grabs my neck with one arm and pulls my arm and twists me to the mat. Than she sits on me and from then I can't push her off. If we start from laying position, the result is the same. If I grab her wrists amd try to push her arms up, she doesn't allow it. Even if I push hard, she can resist and I can't put her arms on the mat. She can hold my push plus my weight with it. She than twists her arms out of my hand and grabs my wrists and holds it so thight that I can't do the same with hers. It's an embarrassing but othervise a very exciting situation also. Then she pushes my arms up and simply turns me on the side and turns her body over me. I can't do much aginst it because she has a tremendous strength. If we cross our hands, then she can pull and crosses my arms in front of me, rendering me helpless. She realized her strength and gained more wrestling experience during these years. Now she can do anything with me what she wants. After a few seconds I find myself hepless under her. If she wants to sit on my chest or on my face she can do it. I work hard to resist, but she just smiles down at me and tells me, that it is futile. She can tickle me and I just writhe between her hands. I think she enjoys it too because if we are together, she always starts to dominate me. NowShe knows her own power over me so if we start to play with each other, I see on her face and eyes that she is the dominant person in our play. She has a very nice personality, but she says, that: "You wanted this to happen to you, now you're getting it. You taught me how to wrestle". She stays in the dominant position all the time. In these 3- 4 years she became absolutly dominant in our mathces and I had to realize, that physically I am the weaker person in our relationship. I love her, she loves me, but she always uses her power to render me under herself in the bed and playing with me like playing with a puppet. It is and exciting and interestingly new situation in our marriage in the last 3-4 years.If she will have more time, she will start her excercise again with the elliptical. I think she will stay stronger than me forever.

ThomasApr 08 2012 1:43pm
Thomas is necessary you accepts the reality that your wife can be phisical stronger part of your couple. The reason for wrestling into the marriage have to do with enjoy combat, sweat, fill muscles flexing and bodies contact. In marriage wrestling is not important who wins. I was a female judo competitor at secondary school, then I started pumping muscles in a gym. There I met a man who said that he had curiosity about a combat , because I'm taller than him. We arrange this combat, in a friends flat. There he discover my strength and we falled in love. After five years we regularly enjoy wrestling. We prepare a previos ceremony oiling bodies each other and previos movements. Then we start with fury,.. in general my legs finally strangle any part of her body and he taps. He loves it , so explore with your wife how you can enjoy her strength and don't be worried about your wife muscles. Women always will be better on tha mat, because her hip and legs hughe strength.

amazing quads wifeApr 14 2012 6:12pm
My wife and I also box a lot. We wear some small gloves while I strip to the waist and my wife wears a bikini top. We later on started boxing bare chested.

AnonymousMay 01 2012 10:33am
I like to watch my wife sit on other men in parks and open places,I like her to sit on their stomachs and hold their arms down on the grass and just sit still on then and look rite into their eyes the longer the better.

GaryMay 16 2012 5:29am
Hi gary, im helen im a married women living in bucks uk, does your wife just sit on men or would she be willing to sit on me like you describe? I am a straight lady aged 36, But i for some reason enjoy another female sitting ontop of me in the way you describe, its known as schoolgirlpin,I would be willing to compensate your wife for her time and am willing to travel,Hope to hear from you soon, I hope !!!! Helen.

HelenMay 16 2012 5:59am
Hi Helen its gary, just read your message, I phoned jackie at work and asked her if she will sit on you,She says not a problem,She is 5-10 size 14 she is 42 years old we live in bucks to!!!!!! Milton keynes,so not to far for you to travel,weather permitting we can either go to our local park or if you prefer jackie will sit on you in our bedroom ? she can either wear jeans or a skirt its up to you, so ill give you my Email ad and you can contact me when your ready yours Gary.

GaryMay 16 2012 6:30am
This is a question for "amazing quads wife", my friend I'm 46 man who is married to a womanthat used to wrestle me in our first marriage years. Now after 16 years she doesn't like combat me. Be the way a work with a single woman who has amazing quads and is in very good shape (aged the same as my wife). This workmate knows that I?m a mix wrestle fan and saw me training lutta livre in the gym near our workplace, whear she goes training with weights. We are speaking almost every day about our bodies sizes and about muscle gaining. Last monday she challenge me to a private combat in her flat. I?m really desperating thinking about this and I?m training so hard. I love to check strength with her and be squeezed by this legs. But what about my wife , must I ask her for permission? Please give me an advice

amazing chest husbandMay 19 2012 5:04pm
I was messing around with my wife friend in the backyard and had her in a headlock and she just moved leg inside of my and flip me to the ground and in seconds she had her legs around me and I had to give up. If you wrestle a woman stay away from her legs.

PitbullMay 29 2012 10:25am
It has been great reading the postings here. I am a 47 year old woman that just recently found out I am stronger than my husband. I have grown over the years after having three cbildren, I have been working out quite hard to get back in shape while my husband has kept his slim body in good shape. We started to fool around one evening, I was tickling him and he defended himseld by taking hold of my hands. It became a hand to hand struggle, arm to arm and then standing up on the floor body to body. We were both surprised that my husband didn't get the upper hand, it was me who pushed him slowly against one of the walls, and I didn't have to use my full power. I soon had his arms pressed the wall and I followed this up by pressing my whole body against his. He was struggling with everything he had, that was obvious. I whispered in his ear that he was too weak for his strong wife and that made him struggle even more. I just held him and then started to use my wrists to force his hand down and he was soon sitting on the floor. I dragged him out on the floor and pinned him, he was too tired to stop me. I said that this was interesting, that I was actually stronger than him. He said he wanted a nother match.. We undressed and wrestled on our thick carpret. Once again it was obvious that my arms were much sronger than his. I let go of his arms and took him down with a headlock. I forced his head between my strong legs and squeezed and he gave straight away. We later armwrestled and i won easily. When did I get stonger than my husband? I think it was because of giving birth to three children, my body has beoome bigger and more muscullar and the work outs has been more rewarding. Anyway we wrestle now and then and I always beat my husband but we also quite often have sex after our tussles so he is kind of happy after all.

Wife can be strongerJun 04 2012 12:20am
So what do your husband think about being weaker than you and to loose your wrestling and armwrestling matches? Is he bigger than you? I believe I am stronger than my husband, he is not a very big nor strong man (5'10 and 154 lbs) and I am bigger than a normal woman 5'10 and 187 lbs). We both have been married before and have grown up kids so we haven't been together for more than 16 months. I am much stronger than my ex husband and he liked it that way, I liked to wrestle him and we often wrestled as a foreplay. He liked that at first but actually left me for an even bigger and probably stronger woman. Reading your posting Wife can be stronger makes me longing for me wrestling matches with my ex. I am pretty sure I am stronger than my new husband but I don't want to scare him away, since I love him very much. I think I need to have a strategy to get him to understand that it doesn't have to be a bad thing being weaker than your wife. Any comments on that?

MarianneJun 04 2012 2:29am
Mariann, just take him down, pin him and make love to him.

SuzJun 11 2012 6:01am
Hi im karen im 44 and live in the uk,a couple of weeks ago i wrestled my friends son whos 14,It feld great,and i managed to get him on his back and straddle him,i sat myself on his stomach and pinned his arms on the grass,he struggled but could not unseat me,so i kept him there for ages just sitting on him, it felt so good i hadnt sat on anyone like that for years.

karenJun 11 2012 6:55am
Good girl karen, i do the same to my son whos 12 all the time,,, Girl power,,yeah. .

wendyJun 11 2012 6:59am
I have gained a lot of weight since our marriage 6 years ago and now outweigh my husband by 60 lbs. We are both close in height. He is 5'10 and 1 inch taller than me. I was always very athletic playing soccer and running marathons during my college days.My legs are very big and muscular with exceptional strength.My husband makes fun of me being overweight and it really made me mad and I snapped at him and we started wrestling competitively.We have no kids so it was not as shocking an experience. I was really surprized at how easily I was able to overpower him when I locked in my leg scissors around his body. We wrestled for a least 15 minuites and I really sqeezed him so hard around his waist that I knocked the wind out of him.He keep asking me to let go but I was so pissed off that I really wanted to injure him at the time. I remember the look on his face after he punched me and I did not let go but knocked the wind out of him with a harder sqeeze. He was scarred to death as he knew I could have sufficated him to death if I wanted to.I kept him in the move for a good 5 minuites the 1st time I submitted him. It was such a feeling of accomplishment and such a longterm sexual turnon for me to have kicked his ass. I was really mad and angry the 1st time it happened. We now just have friendly competitions and I Win easily as soon as I lock my inner thighs around his thinner body.It is a real turnon for both of us becouse its to the point of me being able to toy with him when I but on my hiking boots and lock him between my thighs. I make him pleasure me and get my way. I never suspected it would be so easy to do this to him. I weigh 225 to his 165 and my legs are much thicker than his. I workout hard with my legs at the gym and almost always outlift 90% of the men with legs. I can squat 400lbs on the lifefitness machine at least 20 times.I always get shocking looks from the men when they watch me on the leg machines and have grown to like it. I know a lot of them seemed to get turned on knowing what I could potetially do to them.

KimberlyJun 12 2012 11:45am
I'm little prettyboy Lenny I'm 24 5.6 tall 110lbs any lady's think u can pin me down or lift me lol.

Thomaslenny92@yahoo.comJun 12 2012 5:41pm
It's me again hi girls I'm little prettyboy Lenny all 110lbs of me at 5.6 tall I'm a private male model I just got done working out. I can bench press 100 legpress 135.

AnonymousJun 12 2012 7:19pm
Hi Karen and Wendy send me a e mail lol I wonder what u would do to me if we wrestle ha ha it's me little Lenny prettyboy model I'm 5.6 tall 110 lbs. tiny build delicate. I'm in my 20s Lady's here lets talk. I got some wrestling experiences of girls pinning me easily.

Thomaslenny92@yahoo.comJun 12 2012 7:33pm
Wendy and Karen, these boys are soon bigger and stronger than you, wrestling down to kids is one thing but adult men another.

Adult manJun 13 2012 7:24am
Yes adult man very true,but their is plenty of other kids to sit on when the others have grown up !!!

karenJun 21 2012 5:28am
I am from ST PETERSBURG 25 yeras old my husband is Turkish He is a very strong muscular and a handsome man I am 182 tall He is 190 tall He is a bodybuilder I am a Martial arts girl One day He told me I am stronger than you I said Wanna try? He told me he is ready for a two round wrestling match We starded and ? ralized he is realy strongI almost beaten but I didnt beten ? must show him I am stronger ? scissors him and wrapped his head into my arms and whispered who is stronger he said me dont forget round two gets up on our carpet he told me I will beat I laughted and round two started it was a short round I pinned with use only my hands ? sit on him looking his brown eyes smiled him and said you are weaker he said yes but ? love you ? smiled rety and looks his face he is looking very sexy ? started kiss him....

AleksandraJul 02 2012 3:25am
I lost to my wife armwrestling. It was a long match, almost 5 minutes, and she slowly pinned my arm after I tired. She crushed me with the left after about 10 seconds. She's a little thing, and it's a little weird knowing she's that much stronger than me, but she's fine with it.

CSJul 02 2012 3:53pm
Im in my mid-20s and recently married. When I first met my wife, one of my first thoughts was that she had nice legs. They were long for her height (5'6) and shapely. I confessed to her early on that I adored her legs and we would play wrestle a lot while dating and pin each other for fun. When we became more intimate, it became a really fun foreplay. I confesed to her how it was such a turn on for me being trapped between her legs and squeezed. She could easily keep me trapped in a neck scissor but I could escape anything else. But then she began getting really into running and fitness knowing how much I craved her sexy legs. I was out of town for two months from her and when I returned, her calves and thighs had become sinewy steel. I could no longer escape her bodyscissors and her reverse neck scissor left me tapping in seconds! She knows I'm obsessed with her gorgeous legs and anytime were together or intimate or just playing around, shell wrap those leggy coils around my waist or neck and squeeze me senseless while smothering me with her chest. (double D's) I'm the luckiest guy in the world I know. And anytime away for a few days, she'll send sexy pictures of her legs or Pics of them squeezing something and teasing me that I'll be her legs' next victim!

JudahJul 03 2012 12:35am
This past weekend my husband and I had another wrestling session, the first one in a several months. We decided the best out of 3 matches. The first match was tough and long, he came at me aggressive and fast but i held on. He was able to avoid my legs and had me on the defensive for the first 10-12 minutes. Then he got careless and tired and couldnt maintain the pace and struggle of the match. Being that I grew up doing gymnastics and swimming, my flexiblity enabled me to get my legs involved when it appeared there was no way i could. It really seemed that he would get his first victory over me but when i was able to sneak my legs up, trap his head and slammed him to the side the tide changed in my favor. we both know from previous matches that once i get him in a head scissors victory is near. he was grunting, panting, and squirming trying to free himself.. I even asked him if he was ok, worried he was over exerting himself as his face was bright red. He assured me he was fine so I continued and i held him in my legs for at least another 5 minutes as he wasted a lot of energy trying to get out. I realized his struggles were getting weaker and i was sapping his strength from him so i became more aggressive and eventually turned that hold into me sitting on his chest. His arms were contained and useless as i sat on him, my crotch near his chin looking down into his eyes. I could see the frustration, and the look of defeat in his, he could see the sparkle in my eyes. it was such a sexual turn on for me and yes i noticed for him too.. giggles. I taunted him telling him he was done and finally after a few minutes of resisting he submitted to me. we took a 10 minute break and started round 2. i could tell he needed more time but i was feeling good and fresh as if the first match hadnt happened. This time i came at him hard and fast, got my legs around his body first, sapped his strength and then got him in another head scissors. in less than 5 minutes i had him in the same position that i had him for the end of the first match. i looked into his tired and defeated eyes and said, you know i won, admit defeat and he did. I sat on him, flexed and said still the undefeated champion, girls rule! From that position i also announced that this has me so excited and he knows what to do. I will keep this clean but we did have alot more fun that night. I think more and more people are not just accepting that the male is the stronger because he is the man. More often woomen are now challenging men and finding out that they can compete and can win. I credit my wins over my husband to my flexibility, my endurance and stamina, my leg strength, my quickness and ability to apply a second hold while my legs sap his strength. I am also very competitive and hate to lose especially if it is just assumed i will lose because i am a female. I am a woman, and i am 3 inches shorter and 40lbs or so lighter than my husband and i am undefeated against him. his muscles may be stronger for burst of power and in the short run, but mine are stronger in the long run and i have proved that to him over and over.

ChristyJul 05 2012 4:57am
I had started working out a few times a week to lose some extra weight I had. My husband had a bad back so he wasn't really able to work out so he started running. I am a little taller and weigh about 25 lbs more than him. after about six months he had slimmed down and had a runners frame. I had began to bulk up and developed a nice six pack and my arms were solid. He noticed the difference and I flexed for him and we compared arms. Mine were bigger and he just laughed and said that I could be the one to open the jars from now on. One evening we started to play around and we arm wrestled. I won easily and I said that we should wrestle. He looked a little concerned but said sure. We moved the furniture and we started. Right away he knew that it wasn't going to be much of a match and I pinned him easily. I loved it and he seemed to enjoy my power over him. I wrestled him for awhile and wore him down. He was exhausted and I seemed to get stronger. He lay there on the carpet and admitted he was beaten. I was totally turned on and I pulled him to his feet. I picked him up in my arms and carried him for awhile. We didn't make it upstairs and made love on the couch. He lay there feeling my arms and I was getting excited again. I again pulled him off the couch and this time I draped him over my shoulder and lifted him. He lay over my shoulder and I carried him up the stairs. He asked if we could continue to do this and he was totally in love with his Amazon. We now wrestle a lot and he loves the lifts and being carried by me. I love it too. Soon he will be dominated by me and I plan to use a strap on and then my domination will be complete!

DebbieJul 10 2012 4:38pm
I also have a wife who is stronger than me. When we wrestle, she always win. When she grabs my wrists I can't pull it out and she can move my arms wherever she wants. I'm not a weak guy, I look muscular and even I look stronger than her, but when we wrestle she always wins. She is about the same height and size like me. We realized, that she is much stronger than me. She doesn't have to give her full strength to defeat me. Basically she can do whatever she wants to me when we wrestle. I can't escape her grip, her arms and legs are powerful. I fight hard to resist and push her arms down, but I can't. It is embarrassing, but she can beat me in wrestling anytime. When she gives me an advance, and I start on top of her, I can't push her arms down on the mat. Ater a while she throws me off of her on the side, grabbing my wrists and moving them behind my head. After then she dominates and I can't do anything against it. When I gave my full strength, she was asking, is that your full power? Because I was n otgiving my all - she said. And was smiling at me down. I was shocked. After two kids she go stronger than she was before. It is interesting to be a husband of a stronger woman than me. As I see the comments, most of the women become stronger then their husbands after a while, especially when they got older. I'm confused now. Who is the stronger sex than? Many times emotionally my wife is stronger than me too. We armwrestled not a long time ago. I was fighting hard, but she pushed my right arm down after a while. ftrthan we tried the left arm. She pushed it down sooner than my right arm. I had to realize, that I'm the weaker one in this marriage.

TamasJul 16 2012 7:49am
These are pictures about real wife vs husband wrestling. She is really stronger and dominates her husband in wrestling.

AnonymousJul 16 2012 1:50pm
our best friends moved away to Australia two years ago, we have had lots of contact via mail and e-mail over the years but we haven't seen each other since they moved away. They have told us that they have been very active physically since they came to Australia, she (Kelly) had started to swim again (she was a good swimmer as a kid) and he (Ron) had taken up jogging and surfing. They both went to the outdoor gym at the beach as well. We hardly recognized them when they came to visit us over christmas last year. The looked fantastic, tanned and toned. When they had changed clothes we almost got shocked to see their bodies. His was lean and sinewy, deeply tanned. Hers were perhaps the most shocking. Her massive shoulders were very wide, her biceps bulged and her thigh muscles were out of this world. She looked very strong and Ron looked more like a long distances runner. My wife straight away wanted to feel Kelly's muscles and complemented her on those. I felt them as well, rock hard big biceps that easily dwarfed mine. During dinner they told us how much they worked out and after quite a lot of wine they also told us that they had joined a wrestling club where couples wrestled! We couldn't believe our ears. The matches were both mixed and same gender, they had 2 weight classes, light and heavy, and sometimes also had open matches, no matter size and sex. Ron told us that it all started with a wrestling match between him and Kelly at the beach early in the morning, just beside where they lived. Kelly had no problem beating her less muscular husband he said, she had always been stronger than him (something we didn't know when they were home) but they kept on wrestling for about an hour. Suddenly this woman came up to them and presenter herself as Julie. She told them that she had seen their wrestling matches and told them that she also wrestled her husband quite often and that she had her share of wins, even if her husband won more than 50% of the matches. Julie also said that Kelly looked at lot stronger than both her self and her husband but that she could do learning some holds. Then she told about the wrestling club. Kelly and Ron were very surprised to hear about such a club. They were invited to Julie and her husband Walt for dinner and they started to hang out. Soon Julie asked Kelly if they could start to sparr in their basement where they had wrestling mats. Kelly thought this might be fun and good exersice so she agreed. Soon she and Julie were wrestling 1-2 times a week, often for 1-2 hours every time. Ron wrestled Kelly as many times and that way learnt the holds that Julie had taught Kelly . One evening they all wrestled for the first time only this time it was men against women in a tag match. It ended up with both men pinned after a long wrestling session. The women had been more active wrestling (and learning holds from wrestling tapes) and had both advantage in skill and strength. By now me and my wife were speechless and wanted to hear more. So Kelly and Ron joined the wrestling club, where 12 couples met to wrestle every month, 2 days in a row. Ron found a few persons as light as him and Kelly found a few that were bigger than her, and stronger. They had now been wrestling for more than a year and it was clear that Ron could beat only 4-5 of all the members, women included. He said he couldn't build up his strength enough. Kelly on the other hand only lost to the 4 biggest men and 3 bigger women. ( Julie and a man were the champions, they were about the same strength but since the man was heavier Julie had a handicap advantage). Sometimes they could win/or loose to persons they normally won/or lost against. It suddenly felt very cool, wrestling each other when you are in your 40's. My wife wanted to see how strong Kelly really was since she has been working out quite hard the last year. It was not a competition at all. I was up next to try my luck and I lost as easy as my wife. Julie is incredibly strong! My wife then arm wrestled Ron. My wife's arm was obviously bigger than his but she had to struggle really hard but she won to her delight, same with left arms. My wife is taller and heavier than Ron, even a bit heavier than me although I am taller. My match with Ron was long and Ron won with right arms and I with left. After resting a while I took on my wife for the first time since we were at school. I was still a bit tired from earlier matches but we were all surprised that my wife could easily win over me with both arms. This is about to be very long but after this evening all four of us wrestled before our friends went back to Australia. Me and Ron couldn't actually beat Julie together. That woman is awesome. She succeeded to get both me and Ron in holds, her husband in a scissors grip and me in a choke hold with her strong arms. She just drained us from all our strength and we had to give up. After they left me and my wife have been wrestling regularely. She normally wins since she can use her strong legs in a better way than me. She also has a strength advantage over all so I need to take her by surprise and be lucky to win. We will go to Australia upcoming Christmas. We will be invited as guest in their club if we want. Me and my wife have bought a lot of wrestling tapes and practice. Just in case we will accept the invitation. We will at least wrestle Julie and Ron. I am surprised how easy it seems for women to get a hold of wrestling, it comes natural to many of them, and Kelly and Ron could confirm this. I have more and more difficulties to win over my wife.

new to wrestlingJul 23 2012 5:56am
My wife and I are personal trainers and even though I am bigger and stronger she can kick my ass in wrestling. Her strong biceps, thighs and round muscle butt seem to get me locked up into a submission hold every time. I admit it is a bit of a turn on and she just thinks I let her win, but as hard as I try, most of the Tim I just can't get out of her choke holds, scissor holds, figure fours, arm locks, grapevines and even a full nelsen. During foreplay last weekend she rolled on top of me and made me pass out with a grapevine that immobilized my legs and a front chokehold with her strong biceps squeezing my head into her chest. I tapped out but she just flexed her butt and legs even more and tightend her muscled arms until I could no longer breath and passed out. I don't think she knows how strong she is.

Rocco64Jul 27 2012 7:29pm
BTW, my wife is 5'3" and 120 lbs and I'm 5'10" and 175. We both strength train 3-4 times a week. She has never trained in wrestling or mma but Can easily put me into a rear naked choke and leg scissor and make me give.

Rocco64Jul 27 2012 7:40pm
u r wife sounds interesting i would lyk 2 fce her rocco64

AnonymousAug 26 2012 2:13am
Wives wrestlin ' weaker , frailer handsome hubbies will slowly fall more'n more hopelessly in love with their vulnerable , frailer halves because tge adhesive of love is a supernatural glue which is not under any Feminazi's command & bodies , minds , genitalia , hearts & souls are not under any rational command &tend to unresonably glue together without any scientific or mathematical , logical reason --- stronger wives will end up becomin' willin' slavegirls to frail , good-lookin' hubbies . Om Shanti Om

Ash-9xAug 26 2012 1:53pm
I love to wrestle my husband. We have wrestled since we were married. At first it was competitive but eventually I got stronger and he didn't have much of a chance. In the last year I have started working out and out weigh him by 25 lbs and am about an inch taller. I have developed a toned body and he likes when I flex you can actually see a firm bicep. He is medium to slim build and he enjoys that I am more muscular. We arm wrestle and wrestle as forplay and is a big turn on for us. One evening for his birthday after getting home for dinner I grabbed him. I put him over my knee and gave him a birthday spanking, he was practically in tears when I finished. I pushed off onto the carpet and took of my dress. Underneath I had a one piece bathing suit like a female wrestler. I pulled him onto the carpet and began to wrestle him. For about half an hour I put him in holds he couldn't escape. I finally stopped and he just lay there without any energy to move or to try to get up. I was really turned on and I began to half drag him out of the living room. He moaned and I helped him to his feet. He leaned on me and I put my arms around him and held him. Babe he said you are so amazingly strong I don't know how I lucked out and gave me a long kiss. I said I am lucky to have you, not a lot of husbands can deal with a stronger wife. Give me a second and we can go upstairs after my head is cleared. Why wait I said I want you now! I had never tried to lift and carry my husband before. I felt strong and something took over. I grabbed his wrist and bend down put my arm between his leg, he fell over my shoulders and I slowly raised up. He gasped as I held him there and let it sink in that I was ready to carry him upstairs. I like this he said. Me too I replied you are really light and I can tell its getting you excited. Flex for me he asked as I carried him up the stairs. I did and he felt my arm. I stopped at the bed at threw him on it. It was the first night I made love to him on top. I wrestle and lift him all the time and he loves it. We even have some lift and carry videos we have made and often watch them during sex.

jimmyAug 30 2012 3:40pm
Recently, during one of our wrestling sessions, my wife managed to get me in an rear arm bar with my neck and arm trapped between her strong thighs and my face smothered in her muscular butt. If I wasn't in so much pain I would have enjoyed this position with my nose up her shapely ass. To make matters worse, we were at our gym and one of our female trainers walked in on us and encourage my wife to make me give up. Suprised and bit embarrassed, my wife released the hold for a moment, and I twisted away and got to my knees only to have my wife get me from behind with a rear naked choke. I have been there before and power of her solid biceps had me tapping out before I was choked out much to the amusement of my wife ant trainer.

Rocco64Sep 05 2012 8:56pm
Just last week i was in a wrestling match on the beach at OC MD.with my buddy's girlfriend... it started when a bunch of us where playing touch football, and i accidently tackled my buddy's gf. she was pissed!lets just say Kim was very fast and played college soccer. she is roughly 5'6 and easily a 150lbs.Everyone there was laughing except Kim. before I new what hit me i was eating sand and had roughly 50 or so on lookers watching this girl kick my ass all over the beach.This was by far the most embarrassing moment in my life.

SteveSep 08 2012 5:42pm
Im a male in my early fifties,living in the uk,ive always loved sitting ontop of people and pinning them down,i spent most of my break times at school sitting astride male and female stomachs and chests some liked it and lay still just stareing up at me, i tended to target the ones that liked it more,since the internet came along ive discovered that its known as schoolboypin,and ive met a few guys now who are straight but enjoy being sat upon in this way, one guy called phil who is 45 comes to my house for a couple of hours most thursdays, and i spend most of the two hours sat astride his stomach holding his arms down at the wrists,we do not speek we just stare into eachothers eyes the whole time, neather of us understand why we like what we do, ive given up trying to understand it and just do it cos i like it and phil thinks the same way.

MikeSep 21 2012 5:38am
i am a male of 28 yrs,my wife is 24 and her sister is 31 yrs sis- in- law is really a strong woman,probably the strongest i ve ever seen.she can lift and carry both of us.she is the tallest among 3 of us.she is unmarried and posses a dominant gene that almost aways eager to dominate who she encounters.we are very open to all of us and we enjoy sex together with she being the dominant and we are the powerless submissive couple.she carries us both on her damn hard muscular shoulder to the upstairs and throw us on bed and then f*ck sexy wife loves being f*cked and dominated by her big sister and she loves her more than she loves me.professionally her sister is a cop and used to work out alot that makes her 6 ft frame looks even more muscular and sexually a lesbian for her lil sis and bi for both of us.

anonOct 17 2012 8:17am
I just got back from the vets with my cat, and it cost me 93 pounds/

peterOct 22 2012 4:00am
I am a female. Me and my boyfriend both 25. He is about 5 ft 11 160 pounds but very strong for his size. I am 5 ft 10 and 388 pounds and I can beat him with ease. Weight plays a big part in wrestling/ fighting in real life.

SarahOct 31 2012 2:29pm
I came back one evening to my house. My wife who is a fitness fanatic about 5 9 and 160. I am 5 8 and 145. She had been threatening to due something to spice up our love life. I walked in a the coffe table was moved and she called that she would be down in a few minutes. She is solidly built and I look thin compared to her. It doesnt bother us but what she had in mind kind of made it obvious who the boss was. After 5 minutes she came down stairs she was wearing a one piece bathing suit. She reminded me of a female swimmer with a little more definition. She came over and hugged me and asked if I was ready to play. I stammered I guess so! She led me by the hand to the couch and told me to sit there. She came in from the garage with a pair of 30 lb barbells. My mouth dropped open as she curled them and her arms began to grow. She kept it up for about a minute and smiled and handed me one. I couldnt even curl it more than 3 times. I put it down and she hugged me and took me to the center of the room. Wrestle with me she said. I said OK and we began. She did what she wanted to me, pinning me and putting me in painful holds. All the time she was telling me how much she loved it. I was too busy moaning to tell her I love it too! After about thirty minutes we both were ready to make love. She rolled me on my back and got on top and forced my legs apart. I put my legs around her and I kissed her arms as she satisfied us both. I was totally spent as she got up and went to the kitchen for water. She brought me some back and I was so weak she had to raise my head to drink. I said that was the most intense sex we have ever had. She said yes its like a new beginning for us! As i lay there she kissed me for a while, you ready to go upstairs now she asked. I nodded and she helped me up. I leaned against her as she guided us to the stairs. I stopped her as we got to the stairs. I kissed her and asked could you carry me upstairs. She giggled and said well I can try! She bent down and I laid across her shoulder. She began to lift me and I was amazed as she held me there in a firemans carry. You are light honey!! I can carry you like this easily! Up the stairs she carried me with little effort. When we got in the bedroom she piggy backed me and cradled me. She lifted me in a front straddle and carried me to the bed where she took me again on top. We wrestle and she lifts and carries me. She has also introduced some private acts which we both love.

FrankilnNov 05 2012 1:49pm
Just experienced how strong my wife is. I woke up seeing my wife in bed reading the paper. I started to feel her big, strong thighs like I do most mornings. She said good morning and kept on reading. I then did something I normally don't do. I started to wrestle her left leg. I lifted it up and tried to fold my wife up in a cradle grip. She just straightened her leg and I had no chance stopping the leg. I tried now to do it again and i succeeded in lifting her leg a bit but soon the same thing happened, she just straightened the leg and I almost flew down to her feet. I stood up on my knees and tried to seperate her legs and she just let me fall in between them by parting them and then closed them again when she had me in a body scissors. I was now fighting with everything I had to get out but her legs are very very powerful. All the time she kept on reading the paper, like she hadn't noticed. I now found it very embarrassing, I couldn't even beat her one leg and was now stuck between her legs and she didn't have to use much power at all to keep me there. This was the first time we have wrestled or lets say the first time I had wrestled her. I used all the power in my body and almost got out of her scissors but she then lowered her paper, smiled and then put on some pressure and I was totally stuck. She asked me what I was doing. She then did something that amazed me. she just lifted my whole body up so I was hanging between her legs and then transferred me so I was lying on top of her. She pressed my head against her big breasts and then squeezed me with her whole body. I tried to scream out my submission but I couldn't since her breasts were smothering me. She eased up her grip so I could breath. She then whispered in my ear that did I really thing I could beat her in a wrestling match, I must understand that she was not only bigger than me but also much stronger. She held me against her body and stroked my head like you do with a child. I stopped stuggling and just let her hold me. I felt so embarrassed and at the same time very safe in her strong embrace. She then rolled over so I ended up under her. She trapped one of my arms under her body, her right arm looked my left above my head and she had one arm free. She startet to touch me and got me hard in no time. She then rode me and it was the best sex we ever had. After she told me that she had wanted to wrestle me for all the time we had been together but since she knew she was stronger than me she thought I would have difficulties being with a stronger woman. This was just two hours ago and everything seems to have changed between us. I am right now looking at my wife, half naked in the kitchen. I can now understand why she could dominate me that way she did, her body is very voloptous and powerful, wide almost massive shoulders that supports her big breasts. Her arms are rounded and big and when she fix her hair her biceps jumps up and they are really big. Her wife hops and strong legs makes her a very powerful woman. 40 lbs heavier than me and we are the same height. I think I will like to wrestle her again, even if I now know that I haven't got a chance. Not very manly I know but she is my dream woman and the discovery that she was so much stronger will not change the fact that I love her very much.

Just been pinnedNov 17 2012 2:59am
I am still shaky, writing is hard but of course I should have written Her wide hips and strong legs...after being so dominated physically I typed in husband wife wrestling and found this site.

Just been pinnedNov 17 2012 3:03am
My wife is 200 lbs and 5'7". I am 160 lbs and 6'. Needless to say when in bed my wife can totally dominate me with her powerful body. She has only recently discovered this and really seems to enjoy her newly discovered power!

Almost 50 and recently physically dominatedNov 27 2012 9:23pm
I would love to wrestle a woman, anyone on Ohio looking to wrestle for some money?

NickDec 02 2012 11:52pm
I am on the thin side about 150 and 5 7. My wife is almost 5 9 and weighs about 180. She workouts out two days a week and is in pretty good shape. I am stuck in an office and maybe get in a hike every couple of weeks. I have been checking out her arms and lately watch her brush her hair as it seemed as though she had gotten a bicep as she flexed while doing her hair. I thought it was a little strange but it kind of got me excited. One afternoon we were going on a short hike. I was sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for her to go. She came in a grabbed a bottle out of the fridge and stood in front of me and then turned around with her back to me. I just leaned my head on her shoulder and scooted up and playfully wraped my legs around her in a fake piggyback position. She kind of giggled and to my suprise she pulled me off the counter and the piggyback was real. She held me there I was speechless. She then set me back on the counter. Wow I said that was fun! My wife said Oh! I didn't know if you would be comfortable that I was pretty strong. I totally am, I think its fine. I pulled her towards me and I gave her a long kiss. She hugged me and pulled me towards her again. This time from the front. I again wrapped my legs around her a she lifted me and held me. She carried me into the living room and moved the coffee table. She pulled me into the middle of the room and started to wrestle with me. I wasn't much of a match but it didn't really matter, it was a big turn on to say the least. I asked her to flex for me and she allowed me to to feel her arms. We wrestled for about an hour. I was totally spent and just lay there. She let me lay there to recover. She went upstairs to freshen up. She changed into some cool frilly under things. She was still girly even after man handling me. She lay down next to me and grabbed my hand and asked if I was ready for the main event. Oh yes! I mumbled. She pulled me to my feet and we kissed. She asked to you like having a buff wife? I said it is a dream come true! We are gonna have some fun! She leaned down and rose up with me over her shoulders in a firemans carry. She said can I tell you something? Sure I said. Well you are really light and this is easy for me. Draped over her shoulders I was carried upstairs and into the bedroom. I looked in the mirror and really saw how much stronger she looked than me! Broad shoulders and big arms it looked great. She put me down and I thanked her she said even if she was stronger she was still my woman. I loved her for that. We made love and it was great. The next day had a whole new respect for her and it showed. She started to wear sleeveless shirts and I could really tell after her workout that she has guns. We got ready for bed that night. I was on the couch as usual and she came down in my pjs. It didnt bother me, I was hoping she might give me a piggy back that night up the stairs. She said before I could ask that she was going to let her more aggressive side out tonight! I said just dont hurt me. She laughed and said never! She pulled me into her lap and kissed me hard. And then stood up with me in her arms. She was even stonger and it was no problem for her. We made out as she carried me to the stairs. She put me down and said I hope you understand but I need to do this. I said OK. We stood there and kissed she was flexing and she grabbed me and before I knew in I was across one shoulder. Carried upstairs she lightly spanked me. Tossed on the bed she wanted to try to give me a shoulder ride something she had never done before. I stood on the bed and she sat down. I climbed on her shoulders as she raised up. Easy she said and held me there till i got a little dizzy. I got down and we got on the bed. She had never been on top in our love making unti now. Now it is the dominant position for us. She was now in control but it was great. Recently we had a great night. We wrestled for a while. She did some lift and carry which she loves. We wrestled some more. I was pretty worn out so she pggybacked me upstairs. I was feeling her arms and I was suprised when she pulled me on top of her. I took advantage of it and tried to make it last but not so long. She gently pushed me off and I lay there. She went to the bathroom and was in there a little while. She came out in a sleeveless robe and carrying a couple of barbells. She said it was her turn. Sure! I said as she did bicep curls and her arms pumped a little. She told me to lay on my stomach and she turned off the light and got on the bed. She laid on top of me and gently moved my legs apart. She knelt behind me and pulled me gently to my knees. I felt her toy and gasped. She got me ready and pulled me into her. She was gentle at first but at time had me in a full nelson as she rode me. She had a very strong orgasm. She said we had to do it again. She lifted me again over her shoulders still wearing her toy she looked awesome. She carried me downstairs and took me on the couch. This time we both were totally satisfied. One more cradle carry to bed. I am lucky to have an Amazon.

luvmywifeDec 17 2012 12:22pm
I have asked my wife to wrestle but she avoids the subject saying some fantasies are best left as fantasies. I have mentioned that it would mean alot to me (this is something I have always wanted to do since a boy) and it would be fun and very good exercise. We are both in our early 40's of similar size,it would be a good match. I adore my wife and would love to wrestle her, she would look fantastic wearing a leotard, she has the curves to wear one.I know she can be competitive. Would any of the women out there be able to assist me with a posting to convince her to try wrestling with her husband. The wrestling club for couples in Australia sounds interesting!

Daryl AustraliaDec 31 2012 8:17am
I found out my wife was stronger than me one evening a few months ago. I had been out a little later than usual and had missed a dinner date with my in laws. when I got home she was not really happy with me at all. She is a little taller and she had been working out for a while and had built up some strong arms and a six pack. I am thin and not really very strong. She was waiting for me at the door and grabbed me as I came in. She marched me over to the couch and pushed me roughly onto it. She said that it was time she taught me a lesson. She was wearing a muscle shirt and I could see her arms and they looked pretty big. I couldn't do anything to stop her as she pulled me across her lap. I was spanked for a while and was helpless across her knees. She stopped as I whimpered I was sorry. She wasn't done yet thought she dragged me onto the carpet and began to wrestle me. I had no resistance at all as she put me in holds I couldn't escape. For a half hour she dominated me and told me how much she was enjoying it. I kept repeating that I was sorry but it didn't help. She pulled me to my feet and got me in a bearhug. I lay in her arms about ready to pass out. She dumped me on the carpet and pinned me. I lay their underneath her and said I would never disobey her again. She smiled and said I know you want and made her biceps pop out and put my hands on them. She said that she was now in charge and I better tow the line. I nodded yes. She got off me and again pulled me to my feet. I leaned on her as she dragged me over to the couch. She said she would be right back and to wait there. I was so exhausted I just lay there letting it sink in that she was now in charge. She came back in wearing a pair of my boxers and again pulled me to my feet. She gave me a long kiss and bent down. I asked you are going to lift me? Yes and then I am going to screw you. I was easily hoisted across her shoulders and she carried me into the bedroom. I loved the feeling and told her so. She carried me around for a little bit and then she did what she said she was going to and now it has become evident that she calls the shots. She is the boss!!!

fredJan 01 2013 8:21am
my wrestles men in a g-string,string top,rft stockings,copper color, and bass flat strappy sandals. she is mean when she wrestles. her friend donna,is just as mean as they do tag team wrestling!!! with both girls being almost 6 feet tall,and about 238#s ,-255#S MEN DON'T HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!

tjJan 01 2013 1:18pm
Folks, nothing is more humiliating than having your small, petite and soft spoken shy wife, utterly destroy you in a nude wrestling match in the company of over 50 men and women. So humiliating in fact, that when she gets you in a choke hold and scissor hold that is so painful, all you can think of is slapping the mat and giving up. But then, to add to the humiliation, she refused to let go and actually forces you to pass out. It happened to me. For years, I was always the loud show off, and made certain my wife knew I could out wrestle her if she ever dared to try. Big mistake, big. Too much confidence. Oh, and if you ever decide to wrestle your small petite wife, DON'T bet her on sexual independence vs. yours. Trust me, after getting my ass kicked, she told me something that I never knew before that...a woman will fight to the DEATH if you threaten to take away her independence, or give you as the man, the chance to enjoy sexual freedom. I lost, and I lost miserably. It still pains me at times to remember that I lost more than a physical wrestling match...time and again. I lost MY opportunity to enjoy sexual freedom, and she, in turn, gained it.But in the end, her being free to enjoy others has strengthened our marriage and given her more of a boost that just defeating me.

JoJoJan 04 2013 12:39pm
I want to wrestle a woman any woman In Ohio that wants to wrestle?

BobJan 11 2013 1:48am
Here are two links with their videos and pics. This is a real match between a couple. This could happen when the wife Is phisycly stronger than her husband. She can do whatever she wants to do with him. She is definitely in better shape than him. He struggles hard but no escape from her. Her wrestling skills are better and she is more fit than him. She, as a teenager exercised harder in the sport than her husband. Here are the results. She totally dominates him. He is totally humiliated by his own wife, because she is much stronger than him. She uses only 60% of her strength to overpower him. This was a big surprise in this marriage. Now he is helpless... She can pull and cross, strech and push his arms anywhere she wants anytime. She can play with him, pin him and can humiliate him in different holds. He can't stop her, he has not enough power to fight back.

ThomasJan 11 2013 12:14pm
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clolineJan 17 2013 2:01pm
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clolineJan 27 2013 12:58pm
my wife is shorter than me by 3 inches but heavier. The other night I was lying in our bed reading, only clad in my underwear. She came lay down beside me, in her pantyhose and bra. She lay down on my right arm, with her head above mine and her breasts nearby my head. I tried to read but she said that she wanted some action. Normally I wouldn't have hesitaded but I was just in the middle of this great book and just kept on reading. Then my wife takes away the book from me takes hold of my left hand and moves it up above my head. At the same time she scissors my legs with her bigger and stronger ones. She whispers to me try to get out of this grip. I start to struggle first just a little but soon I was really fightint. Her hand that held my left arm above my head was like a steel claw, her hands are strong I knew that but that they could easily hold my hand like this was unexpected. She smiled when she could see that I struggles now with everything I had. I changed tactics and started to try to free my legs but this was even more hopeless. Her legs are very muscular after years of bícycling and aerobics. The right arm was looked under her body weight. This was the first time we did some kind of wrestling. She told me to admit I couldn't get loose but I refused. She then started to caress my penis, first with her free hand but also with her nylon clad thigh. She said that I was now her's to do what she pleased and it was actually true. She took of my underwear and then her pantyhose and then straddled me in a flash. Again I tried to free myself but to no use. She pinned both my hands above my head and then spread eagled my legs. She then in some way could take me in her and in this strange way made love to me. I was shocked, partly because she was so much stronger than me but also that this was a totally new side of her. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. She asked me if I was OK. I told her that this was quite shocking but that I had enjoyed the sex. She said that she knew she was stronger than me since we met and that she decided that this was the night to show me. She then wanted to arm wrestle me and we lay down on the floor. It was now even more obvious that she had a bit strength advantage. After this we wrestled again and I ended up under her again, sex was almost as good. I am still confused but the sex has been fantastis since that night.

Pinned husbandFeb 01 2013 7:03am
Any experiances of wives fighting/wrestling with other wives or their friends?

jimboFeb 18 2013 1:20pm
My wife weighs 95 kg length 172 cm I longitudinal 167 cm and weighs 59 kg tried a lot to beat my wife in wrestling, but I could not and my wife can hit me until she pull me down on the ground and sit on me or hold me over her shoulder and pull me down on the bed my wife now is controlling me what should i do ?

tomFeb 20 2013 5:27pm
i am 166cm

tomFeb 20 2013 5:29pm
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GarryneviaMar 02 2013 8:47am
My wife used to go to a gym twice a week until she started to play soccer with other women after office. This started to be more often repeated until she dedicate three days a week in soccer training and playing.I go to a gym too and I thought that her soccer curiosity was only temporary. Last friday she arrived after me to our house and started to speak about how good the soccer was for her body. As I asked why she said that, she started to take out her clothes until remains with only a black tanga. The she advanced near me and slaping her thighs said , because you can check this .... She sounds agressive and I loved smell her sweated body, then I said let's check them in a combat, she said ok but naked, I immediately naked myself and when started to flex my biceps she slam me to the carpet. We were wrestling until she scissored my chest and make me gave up. After I recognized her victory I suck completely her sweated muscle legs, and after that she enjoyed be pinned and penetrated. So the soccer is the better sport for women rounded forties, that want poerful big size legs to give as a present to the husband.

maradonalegsApr 10 2013 9:04pm
Nice Blog. I am 5'4" 145, my wife is 5'4" 195. I have a stronger upper body but when she gets her legs around me it's all over. It is extremely humbling.

AaronApr 12 2013 5:38pm
Can anyone tell me where is the wrestling club in Australia....wrestle my female friend all the time.....

p. BrisbaneApr 14 2013 5:53am
I like to wrestle my husband, wrestling is our lovely foreplay. He coming to bed completely naked, I'm wearing a black lycra g-string leotard. For make our chances equal, I'm sitting on his face and giving him a hardest handjob. He just can kiss and lick my crotch when handjob is not over. After his climax we starting to wrestle and I'm usually win because he is too weak after hard handjob, I'm sitting on his face and squeeze his balls when he starts to free his face from my ass. It's wonderful! Of course winner always receiving a oral pleasure from loser. Sweat!

VickyApr 14 2013 8:31am
My experiance with this area isn't husband/wife,but,boyfriend/girlfriend and it happened back when I was 19.I always preferred bigger girls and dated that way,I was about 5'11' 165lbs at the time,played sports and in good shape,the girls I dated were all shorter,but,range in weight from 150-250lbs and all were rather easy to handle,in fact I carried them,let them ride on my shoulders,etc.and no issues,until I met Marge.It was at a party,large one,at a beach house,hundreds of people,and there was Marge,about 5'8' and I thought about 180-190lbs,but,later found out she weighed 240lbs,she was cute,pig tails,thick legs,full body,absolutely adorable,so I made my move.She was very friendly,great attitude,funny,and seemed interested in me,we talked for over an hour and she told me she was from a nearby town which was about an hour away and she lived on a farmer,as her family were strictly farmers,but,she was a freshman at the local community college and was thinking something other than farming.I was a city boy of course,but,was smittened by her regardless,she did mention that she was a big girl and most guys hit on her because they thought she would be "easy" and if I thought so I should move on,of course I told her I found big girls very desireable and proved it by showing her pictures of me and some former g/fs I had and a couple girls told her as much,so she agreed to exchange phone numbers and addresses.The night ended and we went on our ways,but,I called her like 6 times in the next couple days before finally reaching her,she was flattered and i offered to come out to her house,she gave me directions and said to go right to the barn where she be piling bales of hay and I could help her then she'd make a nice meal and we could watch TV until her parents came home later that evening.So in my car I went and about an hour later I was at their farm,which was impressive,I pulled up by the barn and walked in side and there she was lifting balesof hay and stacking them along the walls of the barn,she had on bib overalls with only a tube top on underneath and she look great,she said to help her and we'd be done in no time so I did my best,she was stacking 3 to my 1,but,I thought it was because she was used to doing this type of stuff and it was all new to me and she seemed to agree.When we were done we walked up to the house, she said she already had dinner started so I should go relax while she showered,so I went and sat in the large family/TV room after about 20 minutes she walked in the room with a tank top on and little skimpy,tight shorts and although she looked hot,she also looked very big,buff,but,huge.I was kinda drooling,but,in awe as well,she didn't hesitate in saying "Ok,I was being kind back in the barn,the fact I was stacking 3-4 bales to you 1 was not really due to you not being use to doing such work,it is obvious,I am way stronger than you and it doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you." I was somewhat puzzled,but,answered with this "I'm not really sure with what you are saying is true,but,I'm attracted to you and wouldn't mind dating you" she replied "I'd love that,especially the fact I know I'd be in control of most everything,meaning sex,of course" I again was scratching my head and answered with "Great,but,the girl usuallly has control of the sex portion anyway,so that point is moot,if you want to go to that level,then we will" she smiled and said "Oh,you are so darn cute,what I mean is that I am physically much stronger than you and I will be able to control positions along with other aspects of the relationship and I just don't want you feeling embarrassed or anything like that" Now I was floored and taken back some and being a guy(a stupid one at that)I said "Ya know Marge,I realize you are bigger than me,but I've dated girls bigger and never had an issue with not being as strong,so this is really a non-issue,just because you have 20-30lbs on me doesn't mean you would be able to take me" she then giggled and said "Oh Kirk,the 20-30lbs you talk of is more like 70-80lbs as I weigh 242lbs and you said you weigh like 165lbs,and not to be mean or sound conceited,but,I am very strong,I've beaten many guys arm wrestling and real wrestling and even flat out kicked a few guys asses,and frankly,you are nothing more than any of them,but,I really like you" stunned, I put the nail in the coffin by saying "Ok Marge,lets get this over with,move a few things in here and we'll put this to rest" she raised her eyebrows and said "Are you sure???" and of course I said "let's go".Before we started,she says "Now let me know if I'm hurting you,I definately don't want to hurt you" I laughed and said "yeah,same goes for you"....So we began,it was embarrassing,maybe beyond that,she threw me down and pinned me in like 5 seconds,she let me up then did it again,and then again,about 3 more times,after the 3rd time she let me try to at least try and hold her down...absolutely fruitless,she was like 10 times stronger than me,it was amazing and I was ashamed,she then consoled and assured me it had no bearing on how she felt towards me and it would be our secret.We dated for several months before we final split,due to the distance when she went to another college that was over 8 hours away.The whole time we dated,which was over 10 months we got along great,the only people besides the two us who knew was her mom and her aunt who lived near the college she went to.Her mom knew,well because she was a mom,she talked to once when I came to the farm to pick Marge up and she was getting ready and she told me "I know Marge is bigger and stronger than you,but,she adores you and will never mistreat you,don't worry about any of it,she dated other guys too and all of them were not as strong as her,but,they couldn't deal with it,but,you can,so all is good" nice words,but,I felt like a wimp.As far as her Aunt,when I took her for a visit to the college she was going to we stay a night at her aunt's and while we were just sitting in her hot tub outside her house and she was sipping wine and looked at us and said "You two look cute together,other han Marge you look like you could mopped the floor with cute lil Kirk" I responded with "Ummm,she pretty much can" She sat straight up and was shocked,Marge couldn't believe I said it,but,told her aunt to tell no one,and she agreed to,feeling maybe she'd be mopping the floor next......One last thing about this very unique relationship,we won a Halloween costume contest the year we dated,I dressed as a cheerleader,she as a football player and we were so convincing and look so damn good,gotta say,afterwards it was the best sex we had,we went at it for hours...good memories.

KirkApr 16 2013 5:00pm
I am stronger than my wife and I beat her in wrestling easily. So, I let her apply holds on me voluntairly and then try to get free from her. There are a little few holds I am not able to escape. Then she let me go again when I give up. She sais often that she could force me to stay with her how long she wants. And one day we tried that out in a pretty serious way if her hold could force me to stay home when I REALLY wantet to go out to a party an evening. We agreed that she wont have any mercy to let me go and let her apply the hold about one hour before I would have to leave the house for the party.Couldnt imagine anyway that she would have the endurance or be so mean or at least let me out a little bit later... Short to say: she forced me to stay home the whole evening. I regret it, was helpless angry and it was the most intense and passionate hold-fight, and this feeling was hard to take when I wanted nothing else to get free from her but was not able to.she was right that she could force me to stay home with that hold

RolfApr 19 2013 3:32am
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ukMay 01 2013 6:48pm
Any other big, strong, muscular men over 50 or so who want to wrestle another man - prize is a very attractive g/f 25,5'2. 105lbs. If you win, carry her off like a caveman and do what you will (I watch), if I win, same thing(you watch). 5'11", 235lbs.

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LindaJun 12 2013 7:37pm
my wife and I started wrestling about a year after we met. This was just fooling around stuff but I was surprised when we first wrestled and my wife pinned me by sitting on me and holding my arms down with her legs. I was embarrassed because she held me down and made me admit that "you let a girl beat you". We wrestled again the next night and I was determined not to get beat again. We were both fully clothed...she was wearing a skirt and blouse with tan nylons. Carol used her legs to trip me and in no time was on top of me. She started teasing me about losing again and as I tried to get free she flipped me on my back and grapevine me, Her breasts were in my face as I squirmed to get free. Carol just laughed and asked me if I had enough. She finally got on my chest and pinned me again by using her legs. My only consolation was that she was not wearing panties under her nylons and I had a closeup of her pussy. Carol sat on me for several minutes as I tried to get loose. I soon tired out and Carol made me admit that I would do whatever she wanted. we then proceeded to have some very hot sex...

JeffJul 05 2013 9:02pm
Since Carol and I started wrestling we have wrestled hundreds of times. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have yet to win a single match. My wife has even felt sorry for me and let me pin her down to start our matches...but in no time she uses her hips and legs to roll me over and pin me. This is very embarrassing as she is usually teasing me as she is pinning me. Once she gets on top of me she will use different holds to keep me pinned and usually starts teasing me about being a wimp or about how I have never beat her...all the while wearing a very satisfied smile. I can tell Carol is empowered by beating me as she always wants me to admit that she won fair and square and that I have to do whatever she wants. There have been several times when she sits on me and ties my wrists together with a pair of her panties or bra. I know that I'm beat before we start wrestling...and she knows as well!! I would like to think my wife is just one of those girls who can wrestle...but I'm not sure if its just her...or me...any advice????

JeffJul 05 2013 9:20pm
Well, I'm fresh off another beating. After drinking some wine last night, my wife decided she was in the mood to "fool around". She asked me if I wanted another chance to win my first ever wrestling match against her and I took her up on it. Carol was still wearing her skirt, blouse and pantyhose from work while I was wearing some shorts and a shirt. I mention this because my wife reminds me as she is pinning me how difficult it is to wrestle while wearing a skirt!! We started our match by me being on top of her and once again she used her hips and legs to roll me over and within 30 seconds she was on top of me...all the while taunting and teasing me i.e. " I thought you said you were ready" and "Aren't you embarrassed by a girl beating you". No matter how hard I try or what I do, I cannot match her hip and leg strength (Carol is a former cheerleader).Now that Carol is on top of me she puts me in a half nelson and turns me over to my back where she immediately puts me in a grapevine. Even though I know this is coming and one of her favorite moves, she simply overpowers me and then stretches my arms out over my head. She asks me how I enjoy being stretched out "on the rack" and by this time I,m yelling for her to stop and that I'll do whatever she wants. Carol usually feels sorry for me and loosens up a little on the pressure but makes sure I can't get loose from her grip. She also enjoys her position of empowerment as her large breasts are right in my face and she continues to taunt me. After a minute or so in that position, she usually sits on my chest and pins my arms with her knees. By this time she has weakened me to the point where I can't fight back. Once she is on top of me she always makes me look at her and admit that she has won (again) and that I should try to throw her off as she did to me...but I can't and that only brings a bigger smile to her face as I struggle underneath her until I'm out of breath. Again last night my wife was not wearing any panties underneath her pantyhose so I got a great view of her pussy for the time she was sitting on me. After making me admit several things, Carol stood up and while straddling me took her pantyhose off and then proceeded to sit on my face while I pleasured her over and over. After she has reached orgasm several times she slides down and takes my shorts off and proceeds to hump me until she comes. After we're done she always has to add a little zinger later on like "who knows someday you might actually be able to beat me in something" as we kiss and fall asleep. I' still sore this morning and still trying to figure out how my wife dominates me in wrestling....

jeffJul 06 2013 5:47am
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johnsonJul 12 2013 11:15am
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AnonymousJul 17 2013 7:10pm
I am in the same position as Jeff. It all started when I teased my wife for being a small Little woman that needed a strong man to protect her. Stupid of me in a way since my wife is heavier and also works out a lot more than me. She wanted to see who was stronger and we sat down at the kitchen table to arm wrestle, none of us good at it. She creamed me, it was so easy for her to win so she thought I hadn't started. We did it again, I really fought with everything I had but she was just to strong, in both arms. I claimed that she had better technique, that her bigger hands and longer lower arms helped her. She than said that let's wrestle. We cleared the room and stripped to our underwear, my wife suddenly looked very strong in her bra and pantyhose. Her shoulders wide and massive almost, she fixed her hair and her biceps jumped up and down and looked damned big. The match started and she pressed my wrist back and I had to kneel, she just pushed forward and there I was laying on the floor on my back, she kept holding my hands and just sat down on me pinning me and I couldn't get up. It had taken seconds. We then wrestled for about an hour and I had to give up many timed, she was a natural and knew how to pin me, scissor me and put me in holds that i couldn't get out and the worst thing, she was a lot stronger than me. She really got off being so much stronger and wanted to wrestle almost every night. I was outclassed and frustrated but the good part was that we often had sex after our matches and the sex was great. My wife has increased her workouts and has become stronger. She also is excited seeing me loosing to other females and I have arm wrestled two of her work out friends, both stronger than me. I don't like to complain, we are having a good relationship and lots of sex but I just have to take being weaker than my wife. Have tried to work out to become stronger but I am too far behind.

KarlJul 27 2013 5:06pm
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AG9Jul 29 2013 9:10pm
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muscle pixieAug 15 2013 11:45am
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AG9Aug 20 2013 7:52am
I need some advice. Carol came home from work a couple nights ago in a bad mood. Rather than listen to her complaints, I decided to go upstairs. When I got to our bedroom, I noticed the laundry had not been done so I yelled down at Carol and 'thanked her' for not doing the laundry. Well, that really set Carol off and she came storming into the bedroom and charged towards me where she pushed me in the chest with two hands...which sent me falling back onto the bed. I got up and being mad charged Carol and pushed her...barely moving her back!!! Carol came at me again and pushed me down again. I was now beginning to realize that I was in trouble so I got up and tried putting Carol in a headlock...which she slipped out of and then put me in a headlock and threw me to the floor. Carol immediately got me on my back and sat on my chest pinning my arms with her legs. I tried throwing her off, but couldn't budge her. Carol then grabbed my hair and pulled hard...I was completely helpless...and all I could do was yell for her to stop. Carol then let go of my hair and slapped me several times asking me if I would give up...I yelled that I gave up and she stopped slapping me and just sat on me lecturing me about how I should do the cleaning around the house. I was in no position to argue and I agreed to each of her demands. She stood up and put her foot on my chest and asked me if I had learned my lesson...I told her I had and she went downstairs. I laid on the floor for several minutes trying to take in what had just happened...and then went downstairs to start the laundry. Carol watched TV while I cleaned. I have been sleeping on the couch the past couple nights and doing all of the housework...I hate to admit it but I am afraid of my wife and what she can do to me...Should I stand up to my wife...and perhaps get beat up again...or just accept the fact that I need to do what she tells me???

jeffAug 22 2013 4:56pm
Jeff she looks like much stronger than you and very dominated woman, for me if you do not want to ask her for divorce you should accept your position in this marriage and that she will not stop there she will be more dominated and you will be more submissive

Fred Aug 24 2013 6:53pm
Jeff, get rid of her, it will get worse

AnonymousAug 25 2013 8:39am
i am a strong woman i am 187 cm and 94 kg, i was always attracted to small weak men and i married much weaker and smaller and thinner man than me he is 166 cm and 57 kg, we always wrestle and ofcourse i win every time very easy by using half my strength, also i am very dominated woman and i control every thing our marriage, but a few days ago my husband asked me if i can wrestle other men and if he can watch it, he said this is the most exciting happened to him in his life when i wrestled one of his friends in front of him. What do you think should i do it or it is very odd and unusual.

evraAug 25 2013 7:19pm
Jeff...If Carol can beat you up as easy as you describe you don't really have a choice. Your wife is now the head of your house and you are must do as she says. She already knows you are afraid of her and that she can beat you up as she already has so she will keep you in line with threats and innuendo...accept your inferior position and try to keep her happy.

DebbieAug 27 2013 4:15pm
way to go Carol!!!! Guys...listen up...the female of today is different from the girls of 40 years ago...we know we are equals and want to be treated like it. Jeff, you probably had it coming to you and I'm glad your wife put you in your place! My guess is that your wife won't let you forget who wears the pants now!!! GIRL POWER!!!!!

Lisa DAug 28 2013 7:43am
To Debbie and Lisa D, Jeff had been the one that beat Carol up and let her do the laundry and dominate her and even beat her, had you liked that? I Think Jeff should leave Carol ASAP Before she starts abusing him more. I was in my first relationship when I was 16 and the woman I dated was 10 years older. She was also bigger and stronger and after some time she started to beat me when I didn't do as she told me. I should have left her straight away but it took me 4 years Before I had the courage to leave her. She actually came after me and I had to move to Another town after being beaten up badly. Go awya from her Jeff!

NigeAug 31 2013 1:50am
Jeff and Nige...and you other wimps getting beat up and outwrestled by're pathetic!!!! It's one thing to get beat by a female in a wrestling match where the girls have a natural advantage in leg and hip strength...but to be so weak and wimpy as to allow a girl to hold you down and beat you up and not be strong enough to do anything about it...well that is the true definition of WIMP!!!! wouldn't do you any good to leave Carol because the next woman will treat you the same way once she finds out how wimpy you are!!!! I say do as Carol tells you...or start working out...although it sounds like it would take you forever to catch up to Carol...GOOD LUCK WIMP!!!!!

LisaAug 31 2013 9:48pm
to Lisa, you write about euqality beween the sexes but what you realy want seems to be that women run the show instead. So you think it is OK that men are getting beaten up and abused?

NiceSep 01 2013 10:18am
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loveSep 02 2013 5:53pm
Lisa...I am not a wimp just because my wife can hold me down and beat me up. Even though I outweigh Carol by 50 pounds, I am no match when it comes to wrestling because of her hip and leg strength. When Carol lets me start our wrestling matches by getting on top of her and sitting on her in a schoolgirl pin...and then proceeds to throw me off by using her hips and then is sitting on me and pinning me within 30 seconds should tell you everything you need to know about Carols strength. I learned a long time ago that Carol could outwrestle me but didn't think she would ever get violent and beat me up. I am still doing all of the cleaning and laundry to keep my promise to Carol. I know my wife could outwrestle most...if not all of my male I choose to give my wife credit for being strong

JeffSep 03 2013 7:25am
Competition is not a goal with my wife and I. She knows I love to be controlled and she is good at it. I have been in control my entire business life and being controlled is a nice switch. A strong head scissors is a great place to be. A figure four head scissors is even better. Tapping out isnt a bad thing for me. She knows that so at times apies just enough pressure to get me to tap, eases up then applies the pressure again. She knows I love it. She has many other holds also. I taught them all to her.

WrestledadSep 05 2013 12:00am
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Jersey boySep 09 2013 7:15pm
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no more yoga , now wrestleSep 09 2013 8:24pm
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lauraSep 09 2013 8:40pm
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MarcelaSep 15 2013 5:15pm
Marcela, just push him to the bed and pin him, then tickle him and he will defend himself, works every time. That is how my husband got me to wrestle but he got the surprise of his Life when I could turn the table on pin him, I was stronger and that surprised both of us. Good luck Marcela, wrestling has spiced my Life with my husband and I think he is OK with it as well

red megSep 16 2013 1:58pm
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staceySep 20 2013 1:33am
Recently I had a conversation with a man who works with me about sports when I met him at the gym. He surprised me when I saw his body there that seems really strong with muscled legs and arms. The conversation became a little hot and he confese me that he love wrestling but her wife don't like this kind of contact with him. So i confesed him that i love wrestling too and my husband is the lucky man who enjoy my legs scissors. Then he suggested me try solve his problem . What can i do for him?

ValerieSep 21 2013 7:59pm
My girlfriend and I started wrestling a few months ago. At first, it was just fooling around. I was surprised at how strong and skilled my girlfriend was as I am 5 years older, 4 inches taller and about 50 pounds heavier and yet my girlfriend would pin me by sitting on my chest and holding my arms down with her legs. At first, Carla would pin me and then let me go right away as she could tell I was embarrassed by being pinned. I could tell Carla was a bit embarrassed for me but the more we wrestled, the more confident she became and she would pin me and then challenge me to throw her off. I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. Once, Carla let me pin her by sitting on her as she does to me...and then threw me off her and pinned me within 30 seconds!!! I couldn't believe she did this and did it so easily. Once she pinned me, she teased me and challenged me to throw her off as she had done to me. I did everything I could think of, but could not buck her off. The more I tried, the bigger her smile became until she started laughing at me. At that point, we both realized the same thing...our wrestling matches were completely one sided. Since then, Carla has teased me about my lack of wrestling ability and has pinned me several more times while sitting on me and challenging me to throw her off...which I can't do. Does anyone out there know any tricks or strategies to escape this type of pin???

AnonymousSep 22 2013 1:01pm
my friend not all in mix wrestling ia so complicated. You must try dirty movements during the combat. First if she is teasing you accept the challenge but select your conditiions. Try to invite her to a naked combat and with oiled bodies. In this conditions it'll be very difficult to her pin you so easily and you can try another ways to escape. Trying to be dirty in the combat you can put your fingers into her ass or vagina and can pull her pussy hair. On the mat all is accepted when no referee is present, and it could move you to a hot sex finish.

oiled boogieSep 22 2013 3:47pm
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tanishaOct 04 2013 1:51pm
My parents kind of wrestled one time, my dad used to hit my mom when I was younger. One day she was wearing a tank top and short jean shorts, my dad was upset because his buddy was over and he thought she was showing off. When my dads friend left she was in the kitchen doing dishes, he slapped her a couple times and now they are in a bit of a tussle. The roll around for about 20 seconds, then my dad gets the upper hand. He starts to choke her she's below him trying to kick him off her knees are at his chest. Then she snakes her legs up around his head and starts squeezing. He stops choking her and trys to pry her legs apart but I guess her legs are stronger than his arms. She tells me to call the cops, I do the he starts begging her " I can't breathe please let go please". Than he passes out the cops arrive and aresst him. My parents have been split ever since.

kyleOct 05 2013 12:03pm
Great job from your mum she did what she had to do and every other woman should do the same.

AnonymousOct 11 2013 4:47pm
good for your mom, I think if more women would stand up for themselves like that, they would find that their husband is not as over powering over her as they think

daveOct 12 2013 8:08am
My wife came home the other night with two of her girlfriends from work. They had been out at a happy hour after work so all three were rather loud. My wife started bragging to her girlfriends how she was stronger than me and that she could beat me in wrestling. Her girlfriends challenged her and me to start wrestling. I knew I was in trouble as my wife regularly beat me in wrestling matches as a prelude to our lovemaking. My wife kicked off her heels and came at me. I tried slowing her down by grabbing her and putting her in a headlock but she slipped out of it and put me in one and tripping me at the same time. My wife was now on top of me on the floor with her two friends cheering her on. I was on my back struggling and kicking to try and get loose when my wife straddled me and pinned me in a schoolgirl pin hold. Her two friends were congratulating my wife and telling her she had pinned me in 30 seconds. They started laughing with my wife and all three taunted me about getting whipped in wrestling. My wife then told her friends that she has tied me up in the past with her panties while sitting on me. Carol told her friends where her clean underwear was and one of them went to get a pair. My wife then proceeded to tie my wrists together using the two leg holes in her panties to bind my wrists together. The whole time I was struggling to get free, but couldn't get my arms free. My wife then sat on me and had a glass of wine as her two friends celebrated.

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My wife has along with a few of her friends been working out for about a year together, some more than others. At least a couple times a week. My wife and I are close in height and weight. At this point she had beaten me in an arm wrestling match, it didn't bother me much. About 6 months earlier she told me about one of her more enthusiastic friends had beaten her husband in a wrestling match and they had great sex after she had pinned him. I laughed and said that sounds like fun!! Nothing much more about it was said. Sometimes she would relate a story from one of her friends had shown their boyfriends and husbands they were stronger. We already knew my wife was stronger or at least as strong as me. Her arms were firm and she actually had biceps after over a year worth of gym. She never pushed the point and I liked it so it was a non issue. We went out one night recently for dinner and stopped at a local bar and had one more for the road. My wife began talking about one of her friends husbands had not paying much attention to her and she was going to make him make it up to her. She was another strong lady and she told me when he came home from the office late again. My wife told me the wife pretended to be asleep. After about 15 minutes she got up wearing a sexy nightgown. She came out and grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. She told him she was tired of being ignored and wasn't talking it any more. She had went to the gym for him and he didn't appreciate it. She went over to him and pulled him out of his chair roughly. He was caught off guard and he tried to stammer an apology. She said too late for that! She grabbed him and squeezed him. I am strong remember honey she said. He went limp in her arms. She kissed him and he opened his eyes. I am taking you now the wife said. She bent down and threw her husband over one shoulder. Dangling over her shoulder had got him really excited and his wife noticed he was enjoying it. She said it was her turn now and she had a surprise too. I told my wife wow that story is pretty hot! She smiled and said the wife didn't tell them what the surprise was. I laughed and said maybe we don't wanna know! We left the bar a little late my wife a little more buzzed than usual. Not much for her. We settled down in front of the TV. I could tell she was feeling frisky which was nice fo me! She had a robe on it was sleeveless. She said look hon when I flex. Are they too big now I don't want you to be turned off! I walked over and kissed them and smiled. She smiled back and we knew it was like a new chapter in our marriage. She grabbed me and asked if I wanted to play I couldn't resist as she wrestled with me on the carpet. She said she would wrestle in the gym with her friends so she had a little practice. I on the other hand...She wrestled me for a while. I called in sensual wrestling where she would put me holds I couldnt escape. Towards the end of the match she had me in a bear hug and before I knew it I was over both her shoulders in an airplane spin! I said after a few spins as she held me easily. You are my amazon beauty!! She smiled as she put me down and pinned me. On the floor we were so turned on that she stayed on top, I put my legs around her hips as I call the amazon position now! It was fantastic and we both were changed then. I was drained and just lay on the carpet and she came over and asked if I was tired I nodded weakly. She said let me help you. She gave me her hands and she pulled me up. She bent down again and I mumbled Not another spin!! No silly I am just taking up upstairs to bed. Just like her friends husband I was over one shoulder and being carried upstairs by an amazon wife. It was nice to be over her strong shoulders. I almost nodded out as she got up stairs she said I really do know what my friends surprise was! I said OK as she stopped at the door holding me easily. She walked over to the dresser and said I will show you. Holding me over one shoulder she pulled the drawer out and pulled something out. I couldn't tell what she had as she walked over to the mirror and saw it was a strap on. She told me that her friends husband fought back so the strong wife had to punish him. I gasped and said that's wild! She held me there and we giggled. I noticed I was starting to get hard again. She walked back over to the dresser, opened the drawer and I asked Baby would you be up to trying that?. Oh yes she said I thought you would never ask! She grabbed the lube and as I was still over her shoulders she got me ready. Tossed on the bed, she got her toy ready and did some great biceps for me. No comment other than it was the new addition to our love making now. Our foreplay now includes wrestling and lift and carry. She and I both love it and she no longer goes to the gym. I tell her workouts with me produce better results. She says her friends are jealous how she can keep her body so toned and not go to the gym. She just smiles and says Diet! Her arms and legs from lift and carry, her 6 pack from using her surprise often!

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As a benefit from my office I have a free pass to a big gym from last year. With my office mate we started to workout using jogging machines and weights. We don´t like aerobic classe and on tuesdays and thursdays we saw passing to the dress room a big room upstairs where on a blue mat covering all the floor some men were wrestling. Firstly we saw at a glance but after many weeks my freind and I took a time looking this beautiful scene. This men without more clothes than a short and tennis were slamming each other to the mat making building shatterig slams. Then they made knots with theire bodies that seems oiled by the sweat. We enjoy to pass over this room after our workout to look this boys and smell this deep sweating and men fragance. On july we saw in this room something strange, a couple of wrestlers using sizzlings, and big was our surprise when realize they were women. They were enjoying slams and body knots like men on the same mat. After the class we wait this women and in the dress room they explained us about the sport and invite us to go to this class. To be short we started to wrestle with this girls and now we are pretty experienced and confident in wrestling women. My husband didn´t know about this but he realized that my body have the marks of the combat after training and that my arms legs and back were oversizing my normal size. When I told him about my wrestling experince he became so excited and went to the gym to look a class. That was today , and he was so excited looking me wrestling that after the class we go home, wrestle for the first time and make love as never before. Please girls try to train wrestling , and apply it with your husband. I´m 48 but in this year my body was chiseled like a 35 one.

steel legs SandyOct 22 2013 6:25pm
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me and my husband started to wrestle each other some years ago, playwrestling. I won sometimed and my husband more than me. What he didnät know was that the times he won I let him. I consider myself qute a bit stronger than him. Some weeks ago we were discussing if a woman could rape a man. My husband said no, even if a woman was stronger she couldn't get the man hard, I said that he oftem woke up with a hardon meaning he had no control over his Willie. The night after my husband was on his way to go out with his friends, they see each other once a month and my husband really enjoys these nights out. I decided to prove my point and that I should take him despite what he wanted. When he was about to leave I stepped between him and the door, clad only in bra and black pantyhose. I told him that I was about to stop him from going out, that I should undress him and then ride him to climax. He laughed at me but looked a but unsure. He tried to push me aside but I took hold of his wrist with one hand and twisted it so he was down on his knees in front of me. I then took hold of his hair and forced his head between my thighs and started to take off his trousers, he was fighting and sweareing to let him go, that he was late and that he could beat me later. I had his trousers by his feet and then turned him around so one of my arms had him from behind in a choke hold whiler my other arm took his shirt off. He was now really fighting with Everything he had and was confused over my true strength that I had never shown him Before. He was soon naked except his underwear. I let him go so he could defend himself, this was too easy. He cqme at me with full speed and I just took him in my armds and lifted him up in a bear hug, I squeezed him for a while until he had lost most of his strength. I then carried him to our bedroom and threw him on our bed, I followed up with laying down on his right arm and then easily pinned his o ther arm over his head. I now had my right arm free. I lowered his underwear and started to work his penis. I could see his embarrassement and that he tried to think of other thinks to avoid being hard but I know how to treat him. From then on it was easy. I graoevined his legs and took him. He was totally silent after and didn't say a word. I suddenly felt badly about the whole thing but at the same time strond and dominant. We talked about it some nights after, he said that I was right about the rape, that he really didn¨t want to make love to me that evening. He said that he was embarrassed and didn't know if he should stay with me. I said that I was sorry but that I really wanted to prove my point, and that I hadn't hurt him, just overpowered him. He asked me for a rematch and we had 10 matches that night, I won the all and told him that I had been stronger than him since we met. I dominate him in bed still, I felt a bit bad some weeks after, if he had left me I had really regretted what I did. Anybody else with similar experiences?

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My wife is a judo fan and she practice three times a week. She enjoy judo combats and she can defeat women of similar weight. Last saturday a friend of us who works as a personal trainer challenge my wife to compare strengths in a combat. The combat was wearing swimsuits and nevertheless the two girls are very similar in body size, my wife lost the combat. In fact her girlfriend pinned her three times after a sweated wrestling.

judo not enoughMar 11 2014 3:48pm
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humiliated husbandMar 12 2014 7:34am
Well it sounds like you got what you deserved. I would have farted on you and sat on you for even longer. You need to just admit you got beat up by a girl he he he

Lisa who would like to beat you up toMar 12 2014 7:43am
Lisa you could have at least a little bit of compassion. I just didn't think my wife had it in her to do that to me. And after begging for mercy she continued to just sit on me and smother me. That's what is so humiliating about this. So all of you women can totally rejoice in the fact of a man was totally beaten and humiliated.

humiliated husbandMar 12 2014 8:11am
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My wife is much strongerApr 07 2014 7:17am
My wife is in her fourties, and she always was very active. She works out every day for one over at midday break in her job. She is strong specially in her legs. As she know this she wears short skirts and hig heels that shows her legs, specially rounded calves. Neverthless I love suck her legs, she tried scissors on me in differents ways. Rounding my neck, over my chest or my stomach her quadriceps pushing pressure on me make me feel hot. I enjoy feel this pressure and touch her steel legs on me. She discharge her power and energy from her legs for any minutes, after that and when I reached her c*nt with my tongue or her ass with my finger, she lack the pressure and gives for the pleasure. Obviously she is stronger,and shown my by this traps but accepted this but each other she relax this steel and become a pussy cat.

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My wife told me that her best friend had met a new man and that they had arm wrestled and wrestled on their second date and that her friend's man didn't have a chance. He had been embarrassed but they had both been turned from the physical contact. Next time the man wanted a rematch but now he was totally chanceless since my wife's friend was confident. I laughed at the whole thing but also knew that my wife's friend was a big, strong woman that I often had looked at wondering if she was stronger than me. My wife asked me what I laughed at and said that this man was obviously not a big strong man. My wife said that he was bigger than me she then asked me if I thought I could take her in a match. Now, my wife is not small but I never though she could be stronger than me. We started with the arm wrestling, we armwrestled for ever with right arms and finally decided for a draw. But left arms was a shock. My wife took my arm down in a second. Yes she screamed, I knew it. We then cleared space in the living room and wrestled best out of three matches. Submissions only. The first match was very tough, we wrestled for about 20 min and nobody wanted to tap out. I knew now that she was strong and tried to end this match knowing her stamina was better but she seamed to get stronger. She suddenly used her legs and got me in a neck scissors and the first fall was over, the pressure was just too painful. So far my wife had used her arms. Now she knew how to use her legs the second fall was over in less then two minutes. Her arms were now much stronger then mine, she just forced me in between her powerful thighs and squeezed me into submission. My wife has now told her friend that she is also stronger and the seem to love this fact.

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sue in kansasAug 10 2014 1:46pm
Like many women these days, my wife started working out with a couple of her friends. After a year they all looked really strong with arms that had biceps and six packs. When we got together with them us husbands would talk about how we were now weaker than them and we were all office types and were slim and not muscular. A couple of the guys said that they were kind of loosing control of the bedroom now and there wives had been calling the shots about when and how much sex they would get. Luckily my wife wasn't to that point although she was a lot stronger than me. At a bbq one afternoon a couple of the wives were swimming and arm wrestling each other. My wife just smiled but didn't participate. One of the girls grabbed her husband, carried him to the pool and dumped him in. We all got a kick out of it even he laughed as he got back out. He gave her a playful hug and I noticed he squeezed her bicep too. I looked over at my wife and winked. She winked back as she pulled her hair back in a pony tail. She flexed and smiled at me sexily. I hadn't really thought about how strong she was really becoming, but when I saw her arms I knew. One of the girls said she was learning to wrestle and was going to show her husband what she learned tonight. He smiled and said he couldn't wait! We all laughed and I looked at my wife who winked at me again. As we were getting up to leave I was rubbing my wife's shoulders and I let my hand stray down to her arm and I squeezed. Do you like that honey she asked. I said Wow babe they are firm. She giggled and said and I haven't even worked out today! On the way home I asked her if we could try wrestling each other sometime. Sure that would be fine and the winner will get to do whatever they like to the loser. It's a deal I said. How about next weekend when the kids are at my parents? Great, it will be perfect we can move the furniture and I can get a sexy outfit too. That night we had a great love making session and she even let me as she called it have a little bicep. I pretty much knew I wouldn't be much of a match for her but the after match would be great. During the week she went to the gym about everyday teasing me she was getting in shape for our match. That night I dropped the kids off and came back home. She had moved the furniture and had even gotten a mat for us. She called downstairs and told me to put the shorts on that were on the chair in the living room. I did and about five minutes later she came down in a one piece swim suit. She looked really strong as I had second thoughts about what I was getting myself into. She did a double bicep pose and asked what do you think? I mumbled you look amazing! Are you ready she asked I nodded and we started. She grabbed me and flipped me onto the ground with a thud. She got on top and put her legs around my waist and squeezed. She stopped and pushed me on my stomach and laid on me with her arms underneath mine in kind of a full nelson. She pulled me on my feet and again flipped me over. She asked if I had enough and I said no. She put me in a grapevine and applied some pressure. She knew she could probably really hurt me so I could tell she held back a bit. She wrestled me for about 30 minutes and I was really starting to weaken. She finally pulled me to my feet and bear hugged me. I looked at her and said I give. I went limp in her strong arms. She smiled and gave me a long kiss before letting me slide down her to the mat. She peeled off her sweaty swimsuit and sat on me and did a victory pose. I raised my hands a felt her biceps. She then moved up on me and I pleasured her with my mouth. It was a fantastic way to end our match. She got up and I lay on the mat totally exhausted. She left the room for a couple of minutes and then came back wearing jeans and a wife beater t shirt. She pulled me to my feet and I collapsed against her. She surprised me by bending down and I fell over her shoulder. She easily held me and said I going to make love to you now. I was dangling over her strong shoulder as she carried me upstairs. I felt something rub against my leg and saw she had a strap on harnessed around her hips. This is too good to be true honey I mumbled. Get used to it babe cause its gonna be a regular thing from now on. She took control and we couldn't be happier!!

jonathanAug 14 2014 2:21pm
To my husband, who is nothing but a wimp, I told DONNA on how you can't talk about the wrestling match between your DAD and DONNA and ME!!! How it really bothers YOU when I talk about it even if it did happen 25 yrs. ago this October!!!!!!!!!! Maybe what bothers you the most, is the last hour of the match, when DONNA and I started to get some EXTREME WRESTLING MOVES and some TORTURING in on your DAD Or maybe it was my RIGHT SIZE 11 BASS SANDAL STOCKING FOOT TO HIS FACE that put a SURPRISE LOOK ON HIS FACE as he staged all around the mat before he dropped face down on the mat not more than 3 feet away from where you was sitting. Or was it DONNA's REVERSE HEAD SISSORS then REVERSE FACE SITTING, or my NIPPLE TORTURE using my PERFECT BIG TOES AND LONG SILVER TOE NAILS HAVING HIM YELL UNCLE SUSAN , UNCLE!!! As I use my bare toes on his CHEST POUNDING MY TOES VIOLENTY on his CHEST, and WORKING MY BIG TOES ALL OVER HIS NIPPLES ,or maybe it was my TOPPLESS VICTORY POSE OVER HIM RESTING MY SIZE 11 RIGHT BARE FOOT ON HIS BEATEN AND BATTERD FACE AS I LOOK DOWN ON HIM WITH MY HANDS ON MY HIPS SAYING, " KISS THAT FOOT YOU OLD BASTARD" !!!! IS any of that bother you, that makes you so tongue tied that you refuse to talk about the match!!!!

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Through friends buy sildalis “This is a monumental moment in the fight against lung cancer,” the group said in a release. “If approved in final form, it will trigger Medicare and insurance coverage and bring about a dramatic drop in the leading cause of cancer deaths.”

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Have you got any ? bimatoprosta 0 3mg/ml The FHA is required by law to maintain reserves equal to 2 percent of the total amount of home mortgages it insures. The 2 percent capital reserve ratio is aimed at covering projected losses over the next 30 years in the agency&rsquo;s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund.

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Can I use your phone? misoprostol pharmacology But he may actually be right. Take a second to stop heaping praise on Calvin, and remember back to the game where he broke Rice&#8217;s receiving yards record last year. No one seemed to care that his team was down, and the offense was driving down the field&#8230;..on the catch where he broke Rice&#8217;s record, he ran down the field, then out of bounds while the DB closed in on him. Enough yards to secure the record, but not so many where he&#8217;d put himself in harm&#8217;s way.

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I'll put her on buy cheap albenza Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy on Sunday again urgedcommuters to work from home, saying that although he welcomedefforts by Metro-North and the Consolidated Edison powercompany, service would be limited and trains crowded.

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Could you ask him to call me? buy albendazole tablets The Shanghai Composite Index finished up 0.7 percentat 2,174.7 points, jumping 9.9 percent this quarter - its bestsince the third quarter in 2010. Counters seen related to theShanghai free trade zone also rose after the initiative wasformally launched on Sunday.

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I've got a full-time job order bimatoprost without rx "The Isle of Skye is renowned for its stunning landscapes, which possess an almost ethereal quality, and its abundance of wildlife, making it the perfect place to virtually twin with Skylands, home to Skylanders: Swap Force,&rdquo; says Visit Scotland&rsquo;s Alan Mackenzie. &ldquo;We're thrilled to be teaming up with the Skylanders franchise for this unique partnership, which will help raise the profile of this beautiful part of the world, encouraging families to enjoy a real-life adventure on the Isle of Skye &mdash; nowhere else on Earth comes close!"

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We're at university together cheap buy online bimatoprost This New York City apartment is listed as a &#8220;large studio&#8221; on a &#8220;high floor&#8221; with &#8220;lots of light&#8221;. It includes a &#8220;separate kitchen&#8221; with a &#8220;top of the line roof deck&#8221; with &#8220;24/7 concierge,&#8221; according to  the listing.

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I saw your advert in the paper where can i buy bimatoprost online Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and GovernmentReform Committee, made the request in a letter to Google, Microsoft, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Oracle and Expedia, committeespokeswoman Caitlin Carroll said.

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What part of do you come from? bimatoprost without a presciption Although new &#x93;Saturday Night Live&#x94; cast members come from many different avenues, there&#x92;s ultimately only one way to get on this NBC late-night franchise: impress Lorne Michaels, the &#x93;SNL&#x94; creator and executive producer who has run the show for 33 of its 38 seasons and is known for his cryptic, sphinxlike presence over the show.

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Would you like to leave a message? bimatoprost doctor consult “Her number one concern is her children, her son Adam and her pregnancy,” our second source says. “She has never once said she feels badly for herself in all of this. She’s only worried about Adam.”

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I have my own business buy bimatoprost 5ml in india Spain's Telefonica, now Telecom Italia's biggestshareholder, is pushing for the indebted Italian group to selloff TIM Participações. Bankers and analysts have speculated thatTIM Participações could be split up and sold to the other localcarriers since none would likely be allowed to buy the wholegroup for antitrust reasons.

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I'm not sure buy nizagara online uk The twin-engined propeller plane took off from Teterboroairport in New Jersey on Friday morning and had been attemptingto land at Tweed New Haven Airport, about 40 miles (67 km) southof Hartford, in rainy weather when it crashed.

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Where are you from? nizagara safe Hardline Islamist rebels also appear to be leading the fight to seize Khan al-Assal. Western powers such as the United States are alarmed about the rising power of radical Islamist groups, particularly since Washington has pledged to offer military support to Assad's opponents.

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Can you put it on the scales, please? nizagara 50 Rams 38, Texans 13: HOUSTON &#8212; Sam Bradford threw three touchdown passes, St. Louis added a score on defense and special teams and the Rams stunned mistake-prone Houston. The Rams (3-3) were up 24-6 early in the third quarter before rookie Daren Bates returned Keshawn Martin&#8217;s fumble on a kickoff return for a touchdown. Alec Ogletree pushed the lead to 38-6 when he took an interception by T.J. Yates back 98 yards for a touchdown. Yates was in after Matt Schaub sustained an apparent right ankle injury.

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I didn't go to university nizagara 50 mg McLaren has delivered the first of its $1.15 million P1 supercars to its lucky and presumably wealthy customer, and has finally pulled back the curtain on its performance figures to coincide with the event.

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Hold the line, please buy nizagara pills Maybe that ghostly presence in the castle is a clue to the series&rsquo; ultimate direction. Maybe the fluttery, bewildered Mary will find herself facing off against paranormal adversaries. Maybe she&rsquo;ll be able to regenerate her own head...

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I'm only getting an answering machine blue pill nizagara "This program doesn't need another tax reform, because weknow this threatens our small- and medium-size companies,threatens national savings and investments and thus threatensthe successful formula of providing more jobs and betterpensions, which is growth," Matthei's campaign manager FelipeMorande said in a televised press conference.

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I'm happy very good site nizagara dosage Rushby suggests that future exoplanetary investigations – "or SETI campaigns" – might do well to focus on such planets, since the evolution of intelligent life is likely not a simple, few-billion-year affair. In his paper, however, he rightly cautions that "This tendency to view evolution as a progression toward increasing biological complexity and intelligence likely stems from an anthropocentric bias."

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I can't hear you very well nizagara tablets medicine Barratt put the housing market's recovery down to improved consumer confidence and particularly the greater availability of mortgage finance, driven by the Government schemes such as Help to Buy which helps get buyers with smaller deposits onto the housing ladder.

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I'd like to send this to buy bimatoprost online uk Gaps remain on three issues Palestinians say need to be settled before talks can begin — the baseline for border talks, the extent of a possible Israeli settlement slowdown and a timetable for releasing veteran Palestinian prisoners.

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Some First Class stamps where can i get bimatoprost cheap U.S. exports for corn, wheat and soybeans for the quarterended Aug. 31 were down nearly 30 percent from a year ago,dragged lower by corn and soy shipments, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Have you got any experience? buy bimatoprost 5ml in india "I apologize if my words have generated controversy or misunderstanding, or if they hurt someone's sensitivity," the statement says. "I have the utmost respect for anyone, without distinction of any kind. I have the utmost respect for gay people and for everyone's right to express themselves. I've also said -- and I would like to reiterate -- that I respect gay marriages. In its advertising, Barilla represents the family -- because it's what welcomes everyone."

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I hate shopping online bimatoprost Mr George, who last week lost his latest battle for compensation, claimed Miss Dando&rsquo;s relatives had &ldquo;not been told all the truth&rdquo; and suggested there were more leads out there that could be followed up by police.

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I quite like cooking non prescription bimatoprost "Ahead of the 40-year auction, I think that makes sense. TheBOJ purchased (JGBs) on Monday and Wednesday. They came in twice... The next time they will come in is probably after the40-year auction," he said, adding that those investors werelikely to keep on their steepening trades until after the debtsale.

pRQXPTbeOztHuYONov 05 2014 9:41pm
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