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my 15 year old daughter is stronger than me

Question: my 15 year old daughter is stronger than me and twice as muscular she wants to wrestle what should i do? she can press me overhead and destroy me in armwrestling some advice please
Created by: embarised dad at 01:56:17 AM, Monday, May 31, 2010 PDT


this happened to me recently.i was messing around with my daughter who i had no idea was even into sport.all of a sudden she said in a serious tone i have been lifting johns weights this is my eldest son.she said that she could beat me easily she challenged me to an arm wrestling match she was left handed but she said she could take me with her right when we began i tried as hard as i could but could not budge her she had not even tensed her arm yet the second she did my arm smacked the table and she was grinning triumphantly flexing her massive bicep(still on her weak hand) i had never even seen guys at my gym with arms this big as i began to get up and walk away i said lay of them weights. huge mistake. she then said how dare you tell me what to do she turned me around toke me by complete suprise an lifted me straight over her head. i was gazing in the mirror at this and said who big are your arms 16" she said happily,i could kill you with these.i became very scared now and said put me down immediatly she jus put me on my feet.i was walking away and she was right me haind me and said wer do you think your going weak man.i pleaded no more embarresment she then wrapped her arms arond me and began to squees me the pain was immense.she had takin of her top now to show me how muscular she was she was all veins and muscles not one trace of anything else i shouted stop and to my comlete horror she squeesed harder and i simply couldnt belive this stage she was lifting me up and bear hugging me i then passed out with the pain when i woke up she was sitting on me in her bikinni she was flexing her immense biceps now and her legs wer just as hard as her arms.she said now im the boss of this house she gave me one last squees with her powerfull legs amd said im off to show john whos boss.i was in too much shoke and pain to do anything i heard screams and begging put m down you unnaturaly muscular freak.when i finaly got the strength to get up i saw she was bear hugging john aswell i said emma seriously stop she then grabbed me and through me ontop of john she then pinned us both down flexed her huge veiny arms and said now my little weak boys u now hu is boss and u will never disrespect me again or i will unlease my full we wer petrified wats her full strength i wondered if she can make two men pass we wait on her hand and foot and are too afraid to say anything to her she always weres tank tops to show us just how big her arms are.she claims she is the same size as a bodybuilder named colette guimond.emmas biceps are now 17" her calfs are the same size she is the youngest in out family at only 15.she has already won a bodybuilding competetion.she is the complete boss of our house.she is stronger than a 42 year old man and a 19 year old man can u imagine the strenght of my daughter who is now the boss of me and i cant be a pparent anymore because of her strength before that day she completley outpowered the strongest men in our house i had no idea she was even sporty she is the strongest and most muscular person i have ever seen now.i am completly terrified of a 15 year old girl and so is every1 else in my that is embarrsing.please please please giv me some advice on how to regain some order all be it she will probably just make me pass out again if i try=[

father of beastMay 31 2010 11:29am

oh dear god this girl sounds like a future strongest woman in the world.

jimMay 31 2010 11:34am
yea=[ i reently brought her to my gym and she beat every man there.she looks even more muscular now she needs to stop growing she looks unhealthy.remember she is only 15 and she can beat a gym full of men this cudnt be normal especially for a member of the weaker sex which i now have my doubts are after seeing my 15 year old daughter in action

father of beastMay 31 2010 11:37am
recently it was my youngest sons bday emma had been working out vigorously so she cud show every1 that she is the strongest in the was all going fine until my tempermental nephew challenged her to an armwrestling match he is quit big but not as big as emma.he worked out a lot and wen they started emme using her weak arm she beat him in a matter seconds..he then challenged her again and he cheated by using both arms and she still beat him without trying he then got angry and emma to gloat picked him up and pressed him overhead he got so embarest because this was infront of every1 he jumped down slapped her in the face and called her a freak.That was the end of his day she then grabbed him and squeezed him as hard as she could he past out in about 10 seconds two men had to try pull her of she swatted them aside then tore of her top so every1 cud see how muscular she is(even more than the last time) she then shouted out any1 else want to try? in the end it took 5 men to restrain a 15 year old bodybuilder(and even they struggled) my nephew had to be brought to hospital.a 15 year old girl is the strongest in our family this surly isnt natural i have to tell her to cool down on the weights because she is getting stronger and stronger and i know feel she is taking stroids.but i fear if i tell her she may get angry and i may suffer a faith worse than last time.can any1 please tell me this is normall or give me advise on how to stop emma becoming too obsest with all this?

father of beastMay 31 2010 3:07pm
call the police and have her put in an asylum

AnonymousMay 31 2010 3:48pm
she is just so strong and wants to prove that she is stronger than most men she is not crazy a lot of people are erroused by her

father of beastMay 31 2010 3:56pm
If she is a threat to your safety than she shouldn't live with you

AnonymousMay 31 2010 4:40pm
yea but she has calmed dwn now she said she just wanted to show everyone who is boss

father of beastMay 31 2010 11:59pm
yeah right!

AnonymousJun 01 2010 12:27am
k dont belive me i hope u meet her 1 day nd she"ll show u

father of beastJun 01 2010 7:33am
ok so whats the problem?

AnonymousJun 01 2010 3:20pm
im just saying she is very strong

f o bJun 01 2010 3:29pm
ok cool

AnonymousJun 01 2010 3:56pm
holy!if she was able to bring-down five adult men in the same time and all of them was struggling with her,i would call your girl real beast.she must have real stamina!i cant imagine if she is only 15 now,can you imagine how many guys would have to jump on her to get her when she would be 30?id say you would need good ten massive big guys on top of her to get her pinned jeeesus christ!!!

h.i.Jun 01 2010 6:36pm
hello there.i have similar experience with my daughter was 13 when she was able to legpress-wrestle me and my son in one time,we wasnt able to beat 13 y.o.girl she had allready muscles on her legs bigger than any average adult man.once she pressed her legs against ours we didnt stand a she is 14 and was able to wipe the floor with me and my son on top of her,my wife had to join to help us pin her to the floor!her main part are her muscular huge is your daughter legs looks like?

mattJun 01 2010 6:49pm
i found out that emma was using steroids...she has stopped using them now and already her arms have shrunk

f o bJun 02 2010 9:14am
would she still be stronger than you without the steroids?

AnonymousJun 02 2010 1:14pm
not sur she does workout harrd to say

f o bJun 02 2010 2:52pm
matt....emmas legs wer massive but they are becoming smaller as sheis nolonger takin steroids

f o bJun 04 2010 3:33pm
fob, I'm having serious trouble believing this. 16" arms on a 15 year old??? I think this is fantasy territory.

SteveJun 05 2010 2:23am
because she was taking steroids steve

f o bJun 05 2010 4:52am
so how big are her arms now

AnonymousJun 05 2010 9:22am

f o bJun 05 2010 3:57pm
ihave seen schoolgirls with unbelieveble muscles on legs or arms,but mostly legs!i dont think this could be a fantasy.girls just comes with more and more muscles every decade.

AnonymousJun 09 2010 1:48pm
you should see my cousin,she is a swimmer and incredably muscular, once the whole family has lifting bricks and everyone shared a brick between two people and she was lifting them on her own! when she got make in she said thats muscle boys and then flexed and she had bigger biceps than anyone there including all the men,later on that evening she beat every man in an armwrestling match.later that night she and i had a wrestling match needless to say she beat me easily she was showing me all her muscles while pinning me she also has able to lift me was funny i got a bonner from it and it touched her fand she then said someones excited she is 14 and i am one year seinior she also said that her younger sister could probly beat me wenever of the younger kids need something lifted they ask her no longer me

AnonymousJun 09 2010 3:05pm
I am convinced that it is definitely a sexual turn-on for a man when an adolescent girl proves to be bigger and stronger than he is and it must be one helluva turn-on when that girl is his adolescent daughter!!! Because incest is immoral and statutory rape is illegal, if I were ever in such a situation, I might wrestle her but in order to avoid any possible legal or moral consequences afterward from being so turned on (especially with A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION!!!), I would go straight into the bathroom and then I would jerk off LIKE I NEVER JERKED OFF BEFORE!!! There is no shame in jerking off!!! But then again, where is his wife? HOW ABOUT HIS WIFE INSTEAD OF HIS MITT???

AnonymousJun 12 2010 1:27am
I don't think this is fantasy at all. I'm a 14 year old girl who is already 6'4" and I am very strong and muscular. I basically rule the house, my parents are scared to death of me and I could beat them up at any time. I lift weights and can bench press 300lbs and leg press 550lbs and curl 160lbs with each arm. Girls are just getting stronger than guys and soon we will be recognized as the true stronger sex.

bigmegJun 13 2010 7:24pm
bigmeg, if that's true you should be in the Guinness book of records for curling 160lbs at your age.

anonJun 16 2010 12:09am

AnonymousJun 19 2010 6:26pm
ye right bigmeg

benJun 29 2010 4:56pm
father of beast and matt can you put video s or Pictures for your daughter

fbb loverJul 03 2010 5:12am
ust wondering though, how did you feel through the bearhug. was it the constriction of your breathing that made you pass out or the sheer rib cracking pain and what was your nephew treated for? any cracked ribs? can you describe a little pls?

AnonymousJul 18 2010 9:26am
im 17 and im dead skinny but my sister is only 13 and she is proper built and she beats me in armwrestles. i am 5 foot 11 and weigh 100 pounds. my sister is 5foot 8 and weighs 150 pounds. once she snapped my arms.

esterbanSep 07 2010 10:21am
ayyo bigmeg can you beat me? I'm 20 yo guy and I'm 6'0" and 120 lbs.

AnonymousSep 10 2010 3:55pm
esterban can you post video??

hummer209Sep 11 2010 11:22am
Both of my daughters are bigger and stronger than me. They played softball all the way through college and their coaches have had them weight lifting for about 7 years including high school. Both of my girls have wider shoulders and bigger muscles then I had when I was their age. One is 5'10" at about 200 lbs. and the other is 6' at 220 lbs. I'm 6' at 180 lbs. and my wife is 5'6 at a solid 170 lbs. I'm the thinest in our famally. over the years my wife grew stronger than me, has more endurance and is now more muscular than me in our fifties. She loves to workout and my daughters can not go more than 3 days without a heavy workout. It drives them nuts to not exercise. Both of my daughters are stronger than their boyfriends and a little bigger. Both boyfriends are ex- military and in good shape but sports has made my girls bigger and stronger than most men. I can no longer beat any of the women in my family at armwrestling. Things have changed. Culture is changing and girls are certainly not as weak as we had thought.

FrankSep 19 2010 12:09pm
y'all are letting your fantasies get the best of you. Leave your daughter out of it. The "girl" who said she can curl 160 with each arm, nobody woman ever done that, and a 550 leg press is light so you can't even write fantasy stories very well.

meNov 08 2010 8:15pm
I meant to say "no woman" not "nobody woman."

meNov 08 2010 8:16pm
Some of these things are simply just bullpoo.

rofl......Dec 09 2010 12:28pm
Show us your daughters email so we could contact her on facebook.Bigmak,show us your fb id too.These are mere turn on phantasies.Stupid liars.

i'm 35,6.2ft, teen girl can beat meJan 22 2011 2:22am
Show us your daughters email so we could contact her on facebook.Bigmak,show us your fb id too.These are mere turn on phantasies.Stupid liars.

i'm 35,6.2ft, teen girl can beat meJan 22 2011 2:22am
Show us your daughters email so we could contact her on facebook.Bigmak,show us your fb id too.These are mere turn on phantasies.Stupid liars.

i'm 35,6.2ft, teen girl can beat meJan 22 2011 2:23am
Show us your daughters email so we could contact her on facebook.Bigmak,show us your fb id too.These are mere turn on phantasies.Stupid liars.

i'm 35,6.2ft, teen girl can beat meJan 22 2011 2:23am
i thing the whole thing is bs

AnonymousMar 07 2011 4:49pm
father of beast is a freaking retard none of that is even slightest true he is just some guy trying to entertain a crowd of people and the stories aren't even realistic why he avoid calling cops plus she was normal until she beat her dad in armwrestling..... im calling bullpoo on this one

none yo businessMar 08 2011 1:11pm
I would die of embarrassment.

boostMar 12 2011 12:45pm
if she wants to wretle ak her for a playfight and not hurt you

AnonymousMay 14 2011 3:24pm
some i bullpoo

AnonymousMay 15 2011 3:18am
this whole site wreaks of BS

AnonymousAug 05 2011 7:19pm
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:32am
Have you thought of running away and joining a circus?

SteveSep 03 2011 1:50am
lol a load of crapola

AnonymousNov 09 2011 1:26pm
bigmeg says, "I lift weights and can bench press 300lbs and leg press 550lbs and curl 160lbs with each arm." LOL, you are obviously full of sh!t. Most of the strongest men in the world can't even curl 160 lbs with each arm. And most of the strongest women in the world only curl around 70 lbs or so with each arm - nowhere even remotely close 160 lbs - so you are obviously full of sh!t, and you are obviously really just another man with a fetish just posing as a female. Now maybe if you had said that you could curl 40 or 50 lbs in each arm you would have sounded much more believable (but still very unrealistic since 99.99999%+ of 14 year old girls and 99.999%+ of fully grown women would not even be able to curl 50 lbs in each hand). So not only are you a liar, but you are a very, very bad one as well. You should have done your research first, because people like me who actually do know their stats laugh at morons like you who make up some of the most absurd, outrageous claims imaginable.

AnonymousNov 09 2011 9:22pm
If thats true better move out of the house mister.

anonymous2Nov 12 2011 10:40am
make her fight a pro mma fighter she cant do poo

mmaprofighterDec 10 2011 3:21pm
make her fight a pro mma fighter she cant do poo

mmaprofighterDec 10 2011 3:23pm
make her fight a pro mma fighter she cant do poo

mmaprofighterDec 10 2011 3:25pm
f,in poo

noneshittakerJan 08 2012 12:06am
f*ckin peice of poo father ofbeast get a god damn life

fuckJan 08 2012 12:07am

glichJan 08 2012 12:07am

glitchJan 08 2012 12:08am
fake bullpoo. Post pics to be convincing lol

TJFeb 02 2012 2:25pm
im a guy im 5 11 and 245lbs im in highschool and there are no girls stronger than me but there are some girls stronger than some of the guys and some girls who are bigger than me i dont konw about someday being the "stronger gender" but not every girl is just the week house wife but some of these stories are and no offence but horse poo

AnonymousFeb 13 2012 4:37pm

AnonymousMar 09 2012 8:29pm
I'm calling Bullpoo on the 6'4" Girl who can Bench Press 330#. The Leg Press @ 550# is more believable.

Middle-Aged Kurt Angle.Mar 23 2012 10:50am
She's your daughter don't take crap from her, just yell and be scary.

Dr. VirusApr 09 2012 9:11pm
It would be an unblievable sight to watch a 14 year old girl lift an adult male high over her head and hold him there for 1 minute.

Anonymous2Apr 28 2012 8:51am
Unfortunatly this poll fell apart, starting with father of the best and then following up with more fairy tales and a bunch of people whose vocabulary is a notch above the vocabulary of a moran. It would have been nice if real athletic girls participated in this poll. And yes posting pictures by honest people would have added an extra dimension. Let's face it guys, you are turned on by strong girls and women.

Anonymous3May 11 2012 5:12pm
i m 43 year old my wife 30 she is 64 kilo i 52 kilo her hands and legs twice me her thighs larger than me she is 7th time sexy than me her legs and hands are bigger than me can i beat her pl speak

IzatJun 06 2012 7:12am
i think 8 men can not compate her in sex, she is boss me, i afraide that one day will come when she starting beating me. she can lift me i some time lift on her back and do sex with her she always said that my leg are just baby legs. she always squez her leg in my back hole she is very bossy and some time act that i m her wife. she is becoming healthy day by day.

izatJun 06 2012 7:54am
what i do tel me please

izatJun 06 2012 7:56am

1Jul 02 2012 5:27pm

1Jul 02 2012 5:27pm

-1'Jul 02 2012 5:27pm
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 3:04am
is this world normal?

wdfOct 30 2012 12:32pm
My little sister (15) is very strong. She takes advantage because of I'm weaker than her, and always submit. She plays with me like if I was an old rag doll. Sometimes, even makes me kiss her ass when she has locked me with a headscissors. What can I do? I'm desperate.

JorgitoDec 01 2012 7:39am
Denial is not a river in Egypt!

AnonymousDec 04 2012 5:10pm
what the hell are u people doing man

AnonymousMar 09 2013 1:50pm
Anonymous alright u dumb smellt fats b get a load of this u think u are strongest sex u miserable crum of liveing disgrace faggots think ur so tuff check these dudes out huh World's Strongest Man - In History - Heaviest Plane Pull - 1/3 Million ... repsent a 200500 lb pulling plane lets c a female do these kind of stuff huh dumb punks think u got so tuff lets c u do this kind of stuff pulling a truck with his ear!! Georgia Man Pulls Truck With His Ear | Video - ABC News yes sir we bob we dont have to sit here n listen to ur fake stuff lets c it in the records book sistas dumb useless b heres how what i feel like doing to that 15 year old monster cutting her up from toe makeing it unbearable pain all da way up to head death n wish to be burned in sun 50 trillion times hotter then it are ready is hows that for disrespect

AnonymousMar 09 2013 1:55pm
a message for the retard degenerrate bigmeg LOL come on u female think u can do this kind of stuff bab u ruined wrstleing lets see the proof female ruin these with their strength eh In an unbelievably weird and phenomenal performance, a Chinese martial arts expert has defied the laws of gravity (not to mention the limits of human belief) and actually pulled an airplane for five meters (more than 17 feet) by a rope hooked onto his eyelids! Read more at check it out u dumb b lets strong females as walk the walker u tell us u r on these retarded lame site huh do it oh u cant ur weaking disgrace family didnt raise u right

AnonymousMar 09 2013 1:59pm
oh yeah u think u can beat the new buff guy stuff oh yeah u cant cuz ur miserable talking randon crap over a worst site i ever seen in my life u sick people be ashamed of ur selfs

AnonymousMar 09 2013 2:00pm
get our man hood back it was ours not theirs go man team check this dude out pulling a plane with his bare hair lets see women do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnonymousMar 09 2013 2:02pm
My daughter is 17 and she can beat me pretty easily in arm wrestling. Actually, she is stronger than me in every body part, and it is embarrassing! I guess I wouldn't feel so bad if she was a big beefy girl, but she's not. She is 5'-9", 130 lbs, and she looks skinny. I'll never forget the shock of losing to her in arm wrestling the first time. I turned 10 shades of red as she danced around the house and she told EVERYBODY!Now it is like she is the adult and I am the kid and likes to show off in front of her friends whenever possible. She isn't mean about it, but a couple of her friends tend to take things a bit too far. I feel like i've lost my manhood, and I've got to get it back!

Troubled dadApr 18 2013 6:03am
my name is kathy im 14 i have leaned that it good to be strong but its bad to be to strong

kathyJun 09 2013 3:32pm
How is it bad?

steveJun 16 2013 6:21am
Emma shouldn't be stronger than John I mean they WERE John's weights, ot would make no sense if John was skinnier than Emma

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hZdJAfZGmaBihiBSep 24 2013 5:40pm
Some amazing stories here. But I just want to say that youg girks can be very strong. My daughter is 14 and are on her way to be stronger than myself. Already today she beats me in armwrestling (left arm only, so far). And if she┬┤s holding the remote and we start fighting for it - there is no chance I can take it, she's just that much stronger.

Weak DadSep 25 2013 5:19am
probably lying 15 year old with 17 biceps yeah right

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yHHSPXvCgNov 18 2013 11:54pm
My wife can lift me over her head because she is taller and stronger then me and when I get lifted over her head I get a boner and it touches her head and she looks up only to say well well well look who is exited then she throws me into bed

AnonymousDec 02 2013 9:14pm
Father of beast I want you to post pictures of her

AnonymousDec 04 2013 6:04pm

father.of beastDec 05 2013 1:59pm
Father of beast you should get a boner when she lifts you over head

AnonymousDec 05 2013 2:02pm

father of beastDec 07 2013 8:25am
Bull poo

AnonymousDec 10 2013 8:28am
Poo mother f*cker ass tits c*nt c*ck

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When I 20 there was a girl named Sally she was 22 & had very big shulders & arms.One night we got drunk in our local pub & she asked me to armwrestle I said yes she removed her coat to reveal the biggest pair of biceps I'd ever seen on a girl.I asked her if I could feel them,so she let me wrap my hand round her relaxed arm muscle.when she flexed her bicep it bulged to the size of a great fruit it was huge !! Her arm must of been at least 15 inches thick much bigger than my little 13 inch arms.we locked hands & started to armwrestle with all my strength I could not move her arm an inch.she beat me easily in seconds.Sally was the strongest girl I had ever met.

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