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Is it healthy to be a small weak man?

Question: 4`8 90 lb Gary Coleman dies last week. 5`11 110 lb Michael Jackson dies a year ago. Michael J Fox 5`4 120 lbs has pakinsons disease. Question: Is it healthy to be a small weak man?
Created by: hmmmok at 08:07:58 AM, Tuesday, June 01, 2010 PDT


I apologize to everyone for making these polls. I have mental problems. I go by many names; hmmmok ,TruthMan or even Tall thin skinny man. I am a mentally disturbed man and I want to molest your children.

hmmmokJun 01 2010 11:43pm

NOT healthy if I can beat the poo out of you

JenJun 02 2010 12:00pm
NOT healthy if I can beat the poo out of you

JenJun 02 2010 12:01pm
NOT healthy if I can beat the poo out of you

JenJun 02 2010 12:01pm
NOT healthy if I can beat the poo out of you

JenJun 02 2010 12:01pm
Hey Jen, was it an accident that your message is repeated four times or were you thinking if beating the poo out of him four times?

TadJun 08 2010 3:40am
Jen must be a big strong lady who is short. My experience as a small weak man who is tall has shown me that a big strong lady who is short is more bold about demonstrating her superior strength over a small weak man like me who is way taller than she is. It gives her a real feeling of accomplishment to physically overpower a small weak man like me who towers over her. I am most likely way taller (over a foot taller) than Jen while she is most likely way bigger and stronger than I am so if that is the case, then I certainly would never want to pick a fight with her or otherwise mess with her!!! My short big strong girlfriends got a real kick out of singlehandedly taking me down in wrestling and/or singlehandedly outlifting me in weightlifting while they were well aware that during those physical contests, I towered over each and every one of them!!! I realized that my great height over them did not help me at all in my attempts to avoid ultimately being defeated at their hand. In fact, I towered over some of those big strong ladies by more than a foot so my guess is: Jen is SHORT, BIG AND AWFULLY STRONG!!!

A Man Who Is Tall (6-foot-1) but Small And Weak (132 lbs)Jun 09 2010 12:52pm
I am a towering 6-foot-1 small weak male. I weigh a measly 132 lbs which means it doesn't matter that I am taller than Jen. My greater height over her would not be enough to scare her (I am very small!!!). I would bet big strong female Jen has larger muscles than I do and I would also bet she weighs quite a bit more than I do which means that even if Jen is very short, I would bet she could easily outlift me in weightlifting and I would also bet she could easily overpower me and then take me down in a wrestling match and I know it doesn't matter at all that I am a male while she is a female or that I am taller (perhaps way taller) than she is. Also, my experience as a tall small male who was easily outlifted, overpowered and taken down by a short large female has shown me that there are quite a few instances where a short large female gets turned on whenever she outlifts, physically overpowers and takes down a tall small male who is way taller than she is. And, of course, I couldn't hide my bulge!!!

A Man Who Is Tall (6-foot-1) but Small And Weak (132 lbs)Jun 10 2010 1:57pm
At 6-foot-1 and weighing only 132 lbs, I have had quite a few wrestling matches with my short large girlfriends (I always had only one girlfriend at a time!!!). Not surprisingly, because a short large female knows she is big and strong, there were times when SHE challenged ME!!! She could easily see her larger size vs my smaller size despite my greater height over her. Obviously, because of my small size despite my great height, I lost most of those matches. One of my short large girlfriends who I wrestled (and who I lost to) was only 4-foot-11 but she weighed a whopping 190 lbs!!! I was even smaller and weaker back then at 6-foot-1 and a mere 125 lbs. Not long before our wrestling match, she easily outlifted me in the clean-and-jerk (an overhead lift in weightlifting). When our wrestling match began, she and I struggled but only briefly because that was when she suddenly overpowered me. I tried to stay up but I quickly went down. She threw me down hard and fast. I WAS LAYING FLAT ON THE FLOOR!!! She was simply too big and too strong for me to have any chance against her. Center of gravity is normally a factor in wrestling but during our match, center of gravity didn't matter at all. That's how much bigger and stronger she was than I was. It really was no contest. It was over in a matter of seconds!!! During mid-match, after she floored me, she stood over me, continuing to watch me as I lay flat on my back. Then she saw that I was getting ready to stand up so she quickly moved in to prevent me from getting up. She held me down with that massive, crushing weight of her body on top of mine. I tried to get up but I couldn't budge an inch. She finally went in for the pin. It was over. I was in TOTAL SHOCK AND DISBELIEF!!! I thought I was simply too tall to be so easily overpowered, taken down and then pinned like that by such a short female. But then again, she was BIG AND STRONG!!! After I went down in total defeat (while she had me pinned to the floor), I tried to hide my huge erection -- BUT I COULDN'T!!! She is the shortest lady who ever beat me in wrestling. She is also the shortest lady who ever outlifted me in weightlifting. Being tall did not help me in the least. She had a whopping 65 lbs on me even though I towered over her by an incredible 14 inches (THAT'S MORE THAN A FOOT!!!).

A Man Who Is Tall (6-foot-1) but Small And Weak (132 lbs)Jun 10 2010 3:24pm
The real TruthMan HATES "Tall thin skinny man" and wishes he would stop creating these sick polls

TruthManJun 14 2010 7:56pm
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YeqLERGbsDQfTUTpUGgDec 21 2014 6:24am
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EPRdYwJPMhqwnDec 21 2014 6:24am
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