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ever had an experience with a muscular younger girl?

Question: has anyone ever had an experience of wrestling or armwrestling a muscular younger girl/teenager?
Created by: arsenal man at 03:21:26 AM, Thursday, June 10, 2010 PDT


i tried my cousin who is a swimmer and lifts weights is 14 she can lift me overhead and beat me at armwrestling in a heartbeat and can pin me without breaking a sweat in wrestling i am 20

AnonymousJun 10 2010 10:24am

I'm a very weak and skinny guy. The worst time I ever lost an arm-wrestle against a girl was when I was 19 and I lost against an 8 year old girl, although my arms were incredibly tired at the time. I also have a step sister who is seven years younger than me who is quite stocky and muscular. When she was 9 and I was 16, she was able to use judo techniques to pin me quite easily. It made me feel incredibly emasculated and effeminate to be weaker than a girl so much younger than me. To this day she sometimes likes to wrestle me and show off her strength compared to mine. Another time, when I was 18, I lost an armwrestle against a stocky 15 year old girl despite using both arms and all my body-weight. When I was 20 a skinny 14 year old girl was able to take me down and tickle me until I was virtually in tears, by holding my arms down with one of her hands and tickling my tummy with the other. From what I have seen in the gym, most healthy girls seem to be about twice as strong as me in the upper body.

Ticklish-girly-armsJun 11 2010 1:36pm
yea but u said u ar very skinny try working out

AnonymousJun 11 2010 3:48pm
I do workout sometimes, and have improved my bench press up to about 30 kilos, but I quite like being weak as well. Mostly, when a woman overpowers me now, nice things happen to me.

Ticklish-girly-armsJun 11 2010 7:25pm
My ex-girlfriend had a house party one time, and her 12 year old sister was there, she was really stocky and strong, and she started wrestling me, and it took all my strength to prevent myself from being owned by her. All the other people at the party were laughing at me. Later on she arm-wrestled a 20 year old guy and beat him easily.

FredbarJun 18 2010 10:59pm
A friend of mine wrestled in high school. He was relatively small, and during his senior year he faced a girlw who was either a freshman or sophomore. She was able to avoid being pinned, and eventually wore him down and pinned him late in the match. the weight class was either 120 or 125

Barney FifeJun 19 2010 9:50am
Those arms look so big compared to mine.

Ticklish-girly-armsJun 20 2010 1:32am
I can attest to the fact that as a rule, a stocky girl is stronger than a skinny guy. She has bigger muscles than he does even if her muscles are insulated with thick layers of fat. When a skinny guy is overpowered and then taken down by a stocky girl in a wrestling match, or if he is outlifted by her in a weightlifting contest, he cannot help but to get a huge erection, especially if he is way taller than she is while she weighs much more than he does (despite his greater height over her, he is SMALL AND WEAK while she is BIG AND STRONG!!!). I am a tall skinny guy. Whenever a short stocky girl takes me down or outlifts me (or BOTH!!!), I lose all control and then all I can think about is running straight into the bathroom, closing the door, and then JERKING OFF!!! I had sexual intercourse with my short stocky girlfriends and with other ladies as well (NO HOOKERS!!!) but I have stopped having sex while I am currently in dire straits due to the tanked economy and, therefore, I can barely pay my monthly rent much less run the risk of getting some lady knocked up, many of whom are obviously LOOKING to get knocked up (they are desperately seeking to have a baby and then to receive EIGHTEEN YEARS OF CHILD SUPPORT!!!). Let's face reality: A skinny guy can just as easily knock up a stocky girl. I may be downright foolish at times BUT I AM CERTAINLY NOT STUPID!!!

AnonymousJun 20 2010 3:47am
Lmao, tall skinny guy is gonna be a dad! :D

Ay nohn nei mussJun 20 2010 12:29pm
Wow! My biceps are no doubt smaller. When I contract my bicep it shortens but doesn't nexpand like hers at all. My biceps are smaller! I can't believe the expanding muscle she has! More control over her muscles!

MikeJun 21 2010 8:11pm
Looks like the girl has stronger bones and muscles! Maybe in a strength test SHE COULD BREAK THEIR BONES! I guess if she's pushing 960 and the guy's legs break at less than 700, she would break his legs! Haha

JanetJun 22 2010 11:47am
It would be fun to see them do the lifts side by side so the smaller girl could show how superior she is to the male.

AnonymousJun 22 2010 8:28pm
My younger sister played sports through school. She became muscular and throughout our teen years she would wrestle me down and pin me. She continued to get strnger during those years and I was never able to beat her. Though I exercised and tried, she actually gained more strength and muscle compared to me. I'm 19 and out of the house so it ended.

AnonymousSep 19 2010 12:29pm
The "girl" could break the men's legs in a leg press against their legs! The numbers do not lie! She would be pressing 100-200 lbs over the limit of the men's muscle and bone strength and yes crush their bones! Girl power! Superior muscle and bone!

AnonymousSep 19 2010 12:34pm
When I was 17 i visited my aunt's family for some weeks over the summer. Their 14 year old daughter, my cousin, was into sports, both gymnastics and swimming, since she was very young. At 14 she was too big to become a top class gymnast so she was more and more into swimming. Both sports require a lot of strength and she was clearly more muscular than me, a rail thin boy, 3 years her senior. We spent a lot of time together and had fun despite the age difference. We went swimming to a lake near where they lived, had a place for our selves. She did practice a lot, both swimming in the warm lake and gymnast movements. She could do 75 pushups, walk long distances on her hands, she could do chin ups etc. I tried to follow her but I couldn't do more than 25 pushups for instance. She wanted to exercise her legs and wanted me to sit on her shoulder while she did her legs. I was totally overwhelmed by this strong girl. One day I splashed water on her while she was sunbathing. She jumped up and started to chase me and soon caught me. We wrestled for a while but her greater strength was soon too much for me and she had me pinned under her. She started to tease me, telling me how weak I was loosing to a 14 year old girl. She then dragged me to my feet, threw me over her shoulder and threw me into the water. I was a bit upset and tried to wrestle her down when I came up from the water but she pinned me even quicker this time. She then forced me to admit I was weaker than her and then she started to kiss me. I tried to get loose even if I liked it but I was the boy and I wanted to be in charge. She could of course do with me what she liked, I should have understood that by now so she kept on kissing me and I started to get aroused. When she could feel me getting hard she stopped. We went back home to her house and we didn't talk more about it. We had some contact over the year, exchange cards but never talked about what had happened. The following year I was once again invited to stay with my aunt. My cousin had grown and was now both taller and heavier than me. She had stopped gymnastics and trained real hard for the swimming team. She worked out a lot with weights. I had become a bit more muscular since the previous year but I was once again outclassed physically. We were a bit shy at first but soon we started our daily trips to the lake again. Once again she wanted to work out with me on her shoulders and I was this time very aroused already there. I now realized that I liked my muscular cousin. She told me that she liked me and then she jumped me and tooke me down and started to kiss me again, once again I tried to get the upper hand but she was just too strong. This time the wrestling led to sex, I know, cousins and all, age difference etc. but we really liked each other. We had a great summer but decided to end the relationship when we parted. Since then we have never been intimate but we still armwrestle now and then, and I always loose.

CousinsSep 27 2010 6:50am
Cousins, what are your repective heights and weights now?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 04 2010 11:06am
She is 5'10 and probably 170 lbs, I am 5'9 and about 140 lbs

CousinsOct 19 2010 1:42am
My first loss to a girl was to a head scissors at 10 years old. I got a good boner That was 51 years ago. My last loss was to my wife's head scissors last night. I got a big boner. In between there have been thousands of losses to head scissors and thousands of big boners. I use the term boner as that was the term from 10 years old. Wrestling never gets old.

MikeDec 11 2010 12:46pm
my sister caught me spying on her and her bf when i was 17 and she was 14. she sent him home, came into my room and asked for an explanation. i told her to get lost. she slammed her fist into my stomach and i doubled over. after that she pulled my arms up behind my back and held them there, my face smashe into the bed. she asked me to give and when i di d not she pushe dthem farther up dislodging my right shoulder, i cried in pain, she told me to giv i refused. she stood me up and let my riht hang useless then she suse my gut for a punching bag, finally a right cross put me out cold on my back. whe i came too i was naked, she had rset my arm, but taken the liberty ot shave my man hair. she kept it in a bag and showed it to me anytime i challenged her. i gave in and became subservient to her.

bryceFeb 06 2011 3:55pm
people need to send me pictures of muscle girls please send it at

none yo businessMar 12 2011 10:02pm
I am 15 i have a 13 year old friend she wrestle me all the time and win but once around her house i got mad and shoved her she grabbed my crouch and wrisk and carried me ubove her head i looked in the mirror how big are your arms i asked 14" she said and then she bear hugged me i screamed and screamed but at the same time had an erection

AnonymousMay 15 2011 7:11am
I am 15, and my sister is 9. One day i was lying down, and i suddenly could not breathe. She had put me in a reverse headscissor. No matter how hard i tried i could not get away. To make matters worse, she moved into a facesit, and sat on my face until i passed out. I woke up tied down, and she forced me to smell her feet for an hour. Then she made me promise to be her slave, and to seal it, spat in my mouth and made me swallow.

Abused brotherJun 15 2011 8:45pm
I am 21 years old and my sister is 18 years old. She is been working out for a few years now. I have seen her lifting very heavy weights I could not even move. She developed a really muscular body. She is much much stronger than me or anyone of my male friends. We compared biceps one day and we were ashamed, she had far more bigger biceps than all of us.

Weaker brotherJun 16 2011 7:12am
I was beaten at armwrestling by my 17 year old cousin. I was so ashamed. She chalenged me one day when she was visiting me (I was btw 23 years old then, so 6 years older). But she put my arm down like it was nothing. She than told to use my other hand, but I could not move her arm down with both of my hands! Not even close. She saw the shock in my eyes and then told me that she lifts weigths everyday (she has gym equipment at home) and that she become very strong. She said she beat every guy in the school who had the guts to accept her challenge. Then she rolled up her sleeves and flexed in a double biceps pose. She had enormous biceps. And I touched them, it was like touching steel.

rogerJun 16 2011 7:25am
i easily amwrestled her. she was a good match though she stood longer than msot men stand against me still its a bit boring that i never find girls who are as strong as me

markJun 18 2011 1:56pm
I used to wrestle a muscular younger girl. She was 3 years younger than me and she gave me a better challenge than some of the boys only a year or two younger than me. She never did beat me though. I sometimes wished I was a bit younger, just to see if I could still beat her. I don't think I could have.

strong dudeJun 27 2011 3:32pm
My 2 years younger girlfriend (she is 14 years old) is much stronger than me. She is a gymnast and she is really strong. Last time I saw her beating her 20 years old brother in armwrestling. He is also stronger than all the boys in her class.

PeterAug 09 2011 1:04am
We were having dinner at my fathers friend house. He has a 15 years old daughter Kim, she is 2 years younger than me. After the dinner the parents sat around the kitchen table and talk about stuff. Me and Kim went to her room. When I entered her room I saw a lot of heavy weights laying around. She told me she works out a lot for years and that she loves being strong and that she wants be a bodybuilder some day. I could not believe that such a young girl could lift this heavy. She saw my disbelief and asked me to armwrestle. She rolled her sleeves up and flexed her biceps. I was amazed to see her biceps were very big, much bigger than mine. And ripped too. We compared our biceps and mine were so much smaller than hers. She laughed and we started to armwrestle. She slammed my arm down without visible effort. She teased me about being weak, I was ashamed. She then started to workout and I was watching her muscles expand during her hard workout. She then flexed her muscles to me and made me touch them. Her whole body was rock hard, big hard biceps, ripped abs and legs. She made me feel so small and weak but I loved it. We wrestle afterwards and she threw me around the room like I was a feather. I started to hang out with her and her friends after that day. Her two best friend, Mary and Kate both 15, workout with her and they are also very muscular. Me and my two friends love to wrestle at Kims with them, but we are no match for this young muscular girls. They just toy with us and we are having a lot of fun together.

Stronger girlsAug 17 2011 5:53am
Have to admit that I once lost an armwrestling match to a much yonger girl. I am a skinny man, rather short and just skina and bones. Always been the book worm type. I was invited to the divorced woman next door. She had shown some interest in me and we had talked about doing more and more things together. Her 14 year old daughter was a gymnast, almost top level. After dinner this muscular girl showed me how she could walk on her hands and a lot of other gymnastic movements that required a lot of strength. She also flexed her really big muscles and wanted me to feel them. Rock hard, lemon sized biceps. She then wanted to feel mine, when I said no my neighbour woman told me not to be shy, while she was smiling. I flexed my almost non existing biceps and the girl laughed. She said that she was sure that she was a lot stronger than me and also that she had won against her friend's father in an armwrestling match. She then challenged me to armwrestle her. I can say it was very embarrassing loosing to a girl, 20 years younger than me. The mother told me not to be embarrassed, she said that when she was young she won against many boys and men since she was also a gymnast as a kid. I later lost armwrestling matches against this woman as well but that is another story.

gregAug 31 2011 6:12am
From what you read here, men are sappy, weak, skinny girly-men and that's about as far from the truth as you can get. Have I ever wrestled a muscular teenage girl? You bet and I'm 65, 6'1", 295lbs., a big strong hairy gorilla. She (16, 5'5", 120) tried every tactic to get me to wrestle here including taking off her sports bra and wearing nothing up top. She had huge tits, so off my shirt came, exposing my massive 58" hairy chest and for the next 15 minutes I tortured this little bitch and left her on the floor, tied up, gagged and thinking about the mess she got herself into.

davidOct 01 2011 10:32pm
My first girlfriend was the one that got me into strong girls. We started to date when she was 15 and I was 18. She was more experienced than me when it came to sex, 15 is of legal age in Sweden so we were not doing anything against the law when we started to get intimate. I am today (when I am 42 years old) 181 cm and 65 kgs but back than I was just around 60 kgs making me very thin. My girfriend was 165 cm abd 65 kgs, gymnast and very powefully built. Already the third or forth date my gf wanted to wrestle me for fun. I though that being older, taller and a man would make it easy for me but I was in for a big surprise. She jumped up and hanged herself around my neck and at the same time wrapped her strong legs around my body and started to squeeze. I fell down to the floor with her on top and she had me pinned in a few minutes. She really loved being on top and stronger and she taught me to like it as well since every time I lost a wrestling match she turned into a very loving creature. She, three years younger, taught me how to please a girl. We were a couple for more than 10 years but she changed slowly, she got bigger and bigger after she stopped gymnastics, she started to lift weights but also ate a lot of junk so she was soon more than 80 kgs, she kind of crushed me under her. And she used more and more drugs. At the end I left her. But the women I was looing for after her were the same body types, powerful, wide shoulders and hips and strong limbs.

LelleDec 27 2011 8:27am
I'm a big married male, 55, 6 '1, 280, and love to wrestle anyone strong, muscular - women, men, teenagers. I don't like rules and my first goal is to get my opponents arms tied behind her/him. Then I don't have to deal with a bunch of arms flailing around. In this case, a 17 year old high school girl who claimed to be a wrestler. nonsense I said. Strip, bitch! Wrestling is always very sexual whether with men or women. So after I tied the bitch, she got carried over my massive shoulders to the garage where I threw my mats down and put her in every wrestling position and hold possible. She screamed (had to gag her at one point), kicked, tied to get lose. When she realized she wasn't as good as she thought she was, she pitched a fit. While I carried her over my big shoulders it left her bare ass exposed and she got a good spanking for all her spoiled brat routine. Women will never, generally, be able to take men. There's always exceptions, but let's deal with what generally happens in these situations. Most women need a big strong bastard to take control of them and dominate the hell out of them. Even men enjoy being dominated now and then - whether by a man or a woman.

Dave RDec 29 2011 10:15pm
That reminds me of when me and my friend Natalie tried to wrestle against this big strong older guy, and he was able to pin us both down easily. We were both 16, and about 90 lbs, and he was a foot taller than us and weighed maybe 250. He lifted us, spanked us, tickled us, and eventually we let him have his way with both of us, because we were all so horny about the way he could overpower us and dominate us. He could hold all four of our arms still with one hand around the wrists.

LucyDec 30 2011 1:41pm
Me and my best friend had a similar experience to yours Lucy only that we were boys and the big person we wrestled a girl. My best friend's sister had this huge friend. At the age of 16 she was 6' tall and 230 lbs. Of course a lot of fat but she worked out like a maniac and was extremely strong as we were about to find out. My friend's sister said one day when we were hanging out at their place that her friend could take both us boys in a wrestling match. We looked at this big broad and then looked at each other. But we were boys and thought that even if she was a big girl we were guys and could take her. We were about to turn 15 and we were perhaps 2-3 inches shorter and our combined weight could have been some pounds more than her weight. So there we were facing this huge girl. I whispered to my friend that was abit heavier than me to try to get a hold of her neck while I was attacking her legs. The idea was that we would take her to the ground and I should pin her legs and my friend her upper body. It didn't work I can tell you! I ran into a wall of surprisingly firm flesh that was her thighs. She quickly forced my head between these tree trunks. IN the meantime my friend was haning from the girl's neck. She just loosened his arms and took him in a bear hug. So here she was standing having full control of the both of us and it took a few seconds. She almost sqeezed out a submission from us this way but she had too much fun and sat down with me under her and my friend in a cradle hold. I was almost fainting from the weight. She decided to end the whole thing when she got me in a head scissors and my friend in a strangle hold. My friend's sister laughed and took a photo of us being dominated like this. This photo is now gone and all I have is this memory, very embarrassing but at the same time exciting.

RayFeb 13 2012 2:35am
I am 12 and my good friend Cameron had a sister ( 9 years old ) we were hangimg out in his room making jokes about her then he left to go the restroom his sister was in the closet listening to us she came out I didn't see her but she pinched the back of my neck and forced me to the ground then she got me in a reverse head scissor she was pretty strong for her age and I am pretty thin and meek I couldn't escape no matter how hard I tried then when I was about to pass out she switched to a face sit then I was out cold when I woke up I was tied down and my legs and arms were duck taped to my side I could see I was in her room and I looked to my side and I saw Cameron tied down next to me then his sister came in and put a blanket over Cameron and she took the tape off my mouth and did a face sit for about 15 minutes then she untied me and Cameron and took us to the playroom where 3 of her other friends were waiting they all attacked us and pinned us after at least an hour of that Cameron's parents came in the door the girls quickly untied us and ran away from that moment on I worked out and exercised every day I still can't manage to win I feel really embarrassed around them and they always call me weak and all the girls in her grade want to abuse me and Cameron

Weaker boyFeb 26 2012 7:37pm
I am 12 years old and a month ago I had an experience with a 9 year old girl similar to yours @weaker boy I was at my GF's house and we were in her lower floor her parents were a floor above us and they wanted to talk to her so she ran upstairs and her sister came down stairs then she asked me what we were doing down here, I refused to tell her so she ran over to me tackled me and put me in head scissors she kept demanding me to tell her but I kept refusing and then I passed out I woke up on the ground her sister was gone but my GF was trying to wake me up she asked what happened and I said her sister scissored me out because she wanted to know what we were doing. she ended up getting grounded for scissoring me. before I left she said this isn't over but if you tell anyone I'll be sure you never wake up again so every time she ever gets a chance she scissors me and chokes me until I pass out she's pretty strong for her age too she plays softball excessively and she works out.

DenseMule59Feb 29 2012 6:31pm
Dave you're my kind of wrestler - big, strong, no nonsense MAN. Even though you're an old 55, I'll wrestle you anytime old man. I'm 5'8", 180lbs., 18 yrs old male. I kicked butt on most guys my age but have always fantastized about taking on a big older f*cker. Where are you, tough guy? I like a barebutt match, but will wrestle anywhere, any gear. What you did to that young bitch is unbelievable, got me hard as a rock imagining you at your age and size taking the bitch apart - and carrying her over your huge muscular shoulders. What's the youngest guy you've wrestled? What did you do to him? Same treatment? I sure want to fight you - regardless of the outcome - who knows you may lose big guy? david (davey boy)

AnonymousMar 13 2012 5:02pm
I have a little sister who is 7 years old I am 13 one day while my parents were out and I was looking over her she asked me to wrestle. Now I am pretty skinny just 79 lbs at 13 years old she was 61 lbs and very stocky sonI was nervous she pinned me down easily and held me for a long time she teased me and called me weak and said no one could save me she just kept toying with me then she moved to a body scissor that put me in a world of pain it really hurt my stomach her strong thighs were hard as rocks and as tight as an anaconda when she got bored of that she moved to a head scissor I couldn't breath she was only 7 but it was the most powerful headscissor I had ever been in she called me a wus and as I was gurgling and gasping for air she said nighty-night in a baby voice and with a pulse of her thighs she put me out cold when I woke up I was in my room and there was note saying " you will do everything I say or I will destroy you again weakling" I did feel very humiliated also Bcuz I got a boner at it sh was wearing short shorts and a tight UA shirt she can still beat me easily.

weaker older brotherApr 19 2012 8:13pm
I am a 15 year old skinny boy who lost to an 8 year old girl I am 82 pounds and she was like 80 but she was I was 5 foot 1 and she was like 4 foot 9 she was pretty stocky too she is my best friends little sister one day I was at his house he was taking a dump and she came up too me and said come to my room so I did and she challenged me to a wrestling match I laughed Bcause I thought I would win easily but I was wrong she got me in a body scissor instantly, it hurt like crap she almost made me cry no matter how hard I tried I couldn't escape she was too strong she tried to make me say that I was her slave and I was weaker but I refused so she squeezed harder this time I teared up and cried a little I could barely feel my ribs then she switched to a front scissor with her anus smothering my face and her thighs around my neck I was gagging for air and she was laughing and telling me I had to be her slave I kept saying no and she kept squeezing harder and harder until I passed out. when I woke up I heard my friend calling for me I was tied up in is sisters closet he found me acted an hour or so he said she did this to him a lot too Bcause she liked to show off her strength and superiority over guy 6 years older than her

the very weak guyApr 19 2012 8:26pm
I'd like too meet your older sister and see if she could put me out giggety

Dick JohnsonMay 31 2012 7:22pm
Oh yeah well I'm 15 and a body builder and the other day a 2 year old beat me to the curb and broke my arm! Believe it? Probably no then why do believe these other stories most are lies

JustAnotherLierJun 01 2012 7:09pm
...why do you always talk about fat girls?... Fat girls dont have muscles... They are fat for a reason... Gee...

I like em fit ya know?Jun 23 2012 6:00am
anyone here 14 or 15 ever got stomach punched over and over again by a very strong and muscular girl between 6 to 10 year old,then flexed her biceps afterwards and made you feel them?

girls with ceps luvrJun 23 2012 1:41pm
I had an experience with a muscular teen girl. She is my neighour and she is 16 years old, 2 years younger than me. She has been a gymnast for years. In addition to that she works out a lot lately. Anyway, I was alone one weekend and I invited her over. I've been attracted to her for some time. We have a swimming pool in the backyard. It was a hot summer day and we decided to have a swim in the pool. She undressed and revealed an incredible body. I knew before that she was athletic, but had no idea how. I was almost ashamed to undress myself. I admired her body, almost drooling over watching her move with grace. She wasn't exactly huge, in fact she was smaller than me, but her body was ripped, muscle and veinds popping everywhere. She did not even have to flex her muscles in order to be every each of the clearly visible. As we were enjoying our time in the water, she approached me charmingly. She hugged me and wrapped her thighs around my waist. I could instantly feel the hardness of her body, especially her thighs. She asked me if I liked her muscular body. I could not lie, my hard member was betraying me so a lie would do no good anyway. My hands ran over her incredible thighs. She giggled and started to apply pressure with her scissors. Man, what power she was able to generate with those lethal legs. She was looking relax and smiling, while I was trying with all I have to resist her pressure. But it soon became unbearable. I tried to move her legs with my hands too but to no avail. I couldn't even budge her. She saw the painful expression on my face and slowly decreased the pressure. But she still held me prisoner between her legs. She flexed her bicep and made me feel and kiss it. It was impressive with an incredible peak and definition and incredibly hard. This girl was overwhelming in every possible way. We ended up kissing for a couple minutes. We had a great weekend together. She flexed for me, I worshipped her body and she beat me in every possible strength contest with incredible ease. We've been dating ever since and she totally changed my perspective on girl strength and muscle.

MartinJun 29 2012 6:07am
I am 18 years old, 5'2" and 85 pounds, my little sister is 8 and already 6'4" 280. She has 18 inch biceps and I have an 18 inch chest. She likes to lift up her old brother with her pinky and toss me into the wall like the little bitch that I am. Sometimes my mom joins in, she is 7'6" and 420 pounds of pure muscle. Even though I'm full grown, my eyes only come up to my mom's belly button. She is so strong that she'll just put my whole body inside her vagina and then squirt me out like a cannon. It's emasculating, but that's what I get for being a little genetic defect.

seriously, people?Jul 21 2012 11:26am
At an indoor-outdoor barbeque I spotted, right away, the kid sister of the girl a buddy of mine was engaged to for a while. While her older sister was 5'3 and buxom, Brenda was 5'5, broad, and nothing but arms, knees and legs. And that was when she was 12 !! What an evil and illegal distraction ......... A few years later I encountered her again at someone's birthday party. She had the same snotty, tomboy face, only made-up a bit, and was wearing a shortish green gown and heels. I got word back to her that I wanted to take her out, and that she was beside herself ........ At the time, of course, I was 26 and very aware of the laws. So when we went out for a snack and some Heinekin we went back to my place. I just wanted to have some fun rolling around and wrestling this incredible female specimen, this tomboy who two years before had already been built like one of those women's speed-skaters. Without working out or anything, Brenda was just naturally constructed as a blatant physical challenge to any guy who was into that stuff. Like me ......... Even though she had a pretty rugged looking set of arms on her, she wasn't much at armwrestling. Again, she's a somewhat maidenly 14 kid sister tomboy and I'm a 26 year old guy. And Brenda didn't have much of a legscissors, either. How much experience could a 14-year old girl who was in no organized athletic activity HAVE at that specialty, really? She had no technique except a "pretty good" slicing jolt of a bodyscissors into my sides after a few tries. Wow, all that leg was going to waste. Or so I thought ......... I simply had to feel this one out at legwrestling, the style where you both lie on your back and grab each other's shoulders. I won the first when she was an uncertain female rookie. Then I was taking the second, a tougher one, which I graciously called a tie. I did not win another one that night. She not only was very strong in downing me in the third battle, but in the next three was starting to muscle me down faster and faster. Neither she nor I could believe that a 14 year old girl developed so quickly at this that she was slaughtering a 26-year old male ......... The next time we got together for some beer and smokes and some mild, questionable statute fun, it was like she had become the legwrestling expert, not me. Brenda, and what I estimate were 23 1/2-inch thighs were, in her words, "out-rageous" ......... I often wonder at how early in her life she would have been able to windmill me at that test of power. Age ten? Age eleven?

WaynieDAug 03 2012 1:31pm
Waynie,when you both are laying on your backs in legwrestling,which way are ya'll laying? side by side or what? because if both of you are laying with heads opposit each other,you can't grab each others shoulders.

g.w.c.l.Aug 12 2012 12:42am
by the way,anyone answering my uestion,add to line... strong and muscular girls between 6 to 10 years old - (or older).....

g.w.c.l.Aug 12 2012 12:56am
oops,i meant..."question". not - uestion.

AnonymousAug 12 2012 1:04am
also,anyone ever gotten a boner while being gutpunched over and over then made to feel the biceps of the girl b-tween 6 to 10(or older)?

g.w.c.l.Aug 12 2012 1:39am
@ GWCL : It was done lying on our backs on the floor, my head next to her feet and her head next to my feet. The sensations while peering over each time at those damnably healthy 14-year old thighs and knees of hers, as if they were actually getting bigger and more dangerous with each time she won, was close to indescribable. And as I said, she was pumping me over faster and faster as she went on! At age 14 she had the figure of a girl ten years older (thus ten years more legal :-) ........ I cannot imagine what I would have thought if I had been my 14-year old boy self going up against this same 14-year old, naturally-built female ego assassin ......... This experience with a "muscular younger girl" still makes me stare at the girls of 2012 and wonder how THEY would match up against her.

WaynieDAug 18 2012 7:11am
A few weeks ago I was on the beach at night when this 12 year old girl 5'2" walked over to me and asked me to wrestle. I'm 15 and 5'9' and I laughed at her asking if she was serious. She said yeah and that she didn't like me. Then she just launched herself at me all of the sudden. I felt her slam into my stomach and I fell down. Than all i saw was smooth tan skin. She was wearing short shorts and her thighs were in my face. I tried to push her off and than she forced her smooth thigh deeper into my face. I was struggling to breathe when she just got up and laughed at my and asked if that was all I got. I than lounged at her and grabbed her arm. She wheeled around and elbowed me in the stomach and I dropped down. Then she grabbed my leg and pulled me with 1 hand toward her. I was surprised at how strong she was. Then she sat on my stomach and leaned right over my face and smiled. She was really cute and I became embarrassed when I got a boner and it hit her thigh. She leaned towards me and slapped me so hard in the face. Then she looked down at my boner touching her thigh and then punched me in the stomach. I yelled in pain as she got up and laughed at me as she walked away. I felt so embarrassed. Should I be??

AnonymousAug 20 2012 7:36pm
A few weeks ago I was on the beach at night when this 12 year old girl 5'2" walked over to me and asked me to wrestle. I'm 15 and 5'9' and I laughed at her asking if she was serious. She said yeah and that she didn't like me. Then she just launched herself at me all of the sudden. I felt her slam into my stomach and I fell down. Than all i saw was smooth tan skin. She was wearing short shorts and her thighs were in my face. I tried to push her off and than she forced her smooth thigh deeper into my face. I was struggling to breathe when she just got up and laughed at my and asked if that was all I got. I than lounged at her and grabbed her arm. She wheeled around and elbowed me in the stomach and I dropped down. Then she grabbed my leg and pulled me with 1 hand toward her. I was surprised at how strong she was. Then she sat on my stomach and leaned right over my face and smiled. She was really cute and I became embarrassed when I got a boner and it hit her thigh. She leaned towards me and slapped me so hard in the face. Then she looked down at my boner touching her thigh and then punched me in the stomach. I yelled in pain as she got up and laughed at me as she walked away. I felt so embarrassed. Should I be??

AnonymousAug 20 2012 7:41pm
Damn I always thought this was mostly made up, but yesterday I armwrestled my 14 year old sister and damn I couldn't budge her. First she thought I was joking, but then she noticed because of my face that I was trying and said she was actually barely pushing. I didn't believe her and she then slammed my hand down. I was totally embarassed and she said most of her friends were harder to beat than I.

AnonymousAug 21 2012 6:12am
I thought you guys were kidding until i lost too. I'm 15 about 5'10 and my girl neighbor is 14 and 5'10. I was over her house playing soccer when she challenged me to wrestle. I figured it would be an easy win, I was wrong. She plays lacrosse and soccer so she is athletic and strong in the arms. I always loved her thighs because they're so well toned. So we wrestled and after a few seconds, she had me in a headlock. I couldn't break it no matter how much I tried. She realized she had the upper hand and started to knee me in the stomach repeatedly as she flexed her arm so the headlock would hurt more. I couldn't see through her arms and she started to knee me in the balls. I gave up. She destroyed me. Every once in a while we wrestle or fight and she still destroys me. 

AnonymousAug 28 2012 9:53pm
Dang! i would have loved to have been you at that time! I would have given anything to be wrestling with her and kneed in my stomach and nuts by her thighs! I love most girls with just big hard biceps and well shaped abs, i sometimes forget just how as strong and muscular girls thighs can be

g.w.c.l.Aug 30 2012 11:11pm
WaynieD : Ah! That makes sense - seeing how ya'll started out laying when ya'll played legwrestling! I still don't know what you did next to try and grab at each others shoulders,then go on from there in the game. I don't know,i'll just look it up. I never EVEN ever heard of the game anyway!

g.w.c.l.Aug 30 2012 11:34pm
I one had this one experience with a strong girl i'll never forget. It was when I was about 23yrs. old and I was at my grandparents house for most of the summer. My half-sis was there for awhile to : that's how I got this experience. My half-sis had made a friend with this one girl,and had her come over our gpts. house and stay the night with her(my halfsis)one day! i still remember the girls name,but it's her face i even remember the most. Even though she was real strong for her age(she was 11 and 1/2 i think),but i really never got to see if she had good size arm muscles though. She never really ever wrestled with me either. But,she had some pretty strong legs for her age. She was a stomach trampler at the time,both sitting on and standing! I was in my room my granny had made for me when my 1/2sis and her friend came in. I was playing with a small travel peg game or something on my bed. I was knealing against the side of the bed then,few minutes after my 1/2sis introduced me to her friend,for some odd reason,this girl,her name was jessica by the way,started to grab hold my shoulders and push me down on my back. Then she sat on my stomach and started to pounce lightly on it,but just enough to hear my breath come out my mouth in small repeat huffs - like: "huhff huhff huhff" Then right after,got up and put both her knees on my stomach and just started moving them back-n-forth slightly,just enough to where she could here my stomach juices sloshing and popping around. I thought that part she was doing was pretty weird,but she AND I LIKED IT alot! I could tell she was liking it and knew I was because she was half smiling at me the same time when she was sloshing my stomach juices around with her knees! Then the last thing she did was stand up entirely on my stomach with her feet,then began jumping up and down kinda hard just enought to really make me huff. She did this about four or five times,stopped after that. I thought those three things done all at once to my stomach like that,from a girl such as her was the best stomach torture trampling i had ever had experienced.

g.w.c.l.Aug 31 2012 2:26am
I later had the same experiences other times when that jessica girl spent the night again with my 1/2sis,except the 2nd time,when she came in my room again,all she did jump on my stomach again with her feet. But when she did,she jumped on my stomach three different times but all at once - four times on my stomach by one side of my bed on the floor,then a second time four more times on my bed,then four last times on the floor by the other side of my bed.

g.w.c.l.Aug 31 2012 2:57am
Am trying to determine, probably never will, which is the crueller species. Is it the 13-14 year old female or is it the woman in her 30s or 40s who has a chip on her shoulder from when SHE was 13-14 and was kept out of their little society? Both "species" can be very spiteful. That theory is why I have been looking every now and then for light-wrestling encounters with women close to my size, which is 5'8 140. To me, it is like being 14 again. I'm fussy too because it doesn't matter what she weighs as long as she is hourglass and natural. Is that not how it all began, at ages 14? It is my pony sinew against those curves ......... It really is hard locating someone like that nowadays. But the times when I do find someone like that, who has a few chips on her shoulder going back to when SHE was 14, it is riveting. A female like that will have been shunned at 14 for being too tall, or from a farm instead of from town, or who had been abused, or has a strange accent, or a hundred other insults. those females can be hellcats. They are unloading all sorts of frustrations and a guy better be ready for it. If not, he will get "owned". That seems to be a big word on this site :-)

WaynieDAug 31 2012 7:24am
I am 22 years old guy. I am currently dating a 19 years old girl, named Tina. She has a young sister Maja who is 15 years old. Maja has been into gymnastics and lifting weights since she was a 6 year old. About 6 months ago I was at my girlfriends house. Maja was doing pushups in the living room. I was astonished to see how easily she managed to do 2 x 50 pushups and 2 x 10 pushups singlehandedly. She was wearing short sleeves which revealed her pumped biceps. They were really bulging and looked very very hard. She caught me staring at her biceps. She smiled at me. Than she rose to her feet and began to flex in front of me and Tina. Man, those guns were big. She challenged me to armwrestling and beat me easily in front of my gf. I couldn't even slow down her a little. Tina had a great time watching this scene. She was cheering and laughing all the time. I was really humiliated.

MattSep 03 2012 5:46am
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 4:49am
My 14 year old neighbor has the most good looking thighs I've seen. I can't help but watch her walk by in short shorts each day. I bet her thighs are stronger than me, and defiantly my thighs! She sees my checking out her thighs and says one day, she's gonna kick me so hard. I'm scared.

AnonymousSep 08 2012 10:53am
Who do you guys think is stronger and would win in a fight? Ariana Grande vs Victoria Justice!

AnonymousSep 11 2012 1:53pm
Ariana Grande is probably much stronger since she has bulkier thighs and arms so in a leg wrestle or arm wrestle she would easily win. But Victoria Justice is lean and if she fought Ariana, it'd be close but Victoria would probably win, even though she would nd out muscled and outclassed physically.

AnonymousSep 22 2012 6:45pm
I got my butt kicked a few days ago by a girl. I was walking by her house and she asked me to wrestle. At first I thought it'd be an easy win but I examined her closely and saw she had some pretty muscular thighs. I paid no attention to it and I went to wrestle her. She is 16 and about 5'9 and I'm 15 and 5'9. At first, I quickly gained dominance over her as we rolled around. I could feel her strength and I knew I wouldn't be lasting much longer. Then I felt myself slide off her back and suddenly she was dominating me. She put me into one of the tighter, most enjoyable, yet painful leg scissors I've ever been in. She wrapped those muscular thighs around my neck and squeezed. I was struggling for air and she kept laughing saying I'd have to be her slave but I refused every tine and tried to fight back. Then she switched to a facesit. Her butt covering my face and those muscular thighs wrapped around my head. Finally she got off then slammed me into a head scissor. As I was gasping for breath she told me I'd have to kiss her thighs and arms if she let me go. I agreed and spent the next 30 minutes feeling and kissing her thighs and arms. I must say it was a very painful experience but arousing.

AnonymousOct 04 2012 4:00pm
When I first wrestled Sue I had no idea what she wanted. We were listening to music, me in my gym shorts. het in a very short skirt. She began posing for me sticking out her nice butt and weaving her arms over her head. "What do you think? Can you take me?" I began with a tickle attack, in case she wasn't serious. I got top of her. I had her hands down, and asked her if she would give up. She continued to buck and wtrithe beneath me, totally turning me on.I relaxed for a second and she managed to to get me off of her. After a brief struggle she got astride me and pinned my hands beside my head. "See? Even these skinny little arms can be strong too."I fought for a time. but her weight and strength were too much for me. She asked "Will you give now?" I said "Yes." She let my hands go. But didn't let me up. For the longest time, she sat me and teased me over her victory.

trideOct 26 2012 12:00am
When I was 12 years old I was being mean to my little sister at school. I was demonstrating wrestling holds and picking her up and generally embarrassing her. One of the girls in my class confronted me and told me to stop being a bully. I was a little under 5 feet tall and weighed about 100 pounds. This girl was 11 years old, 5 foot 2 and weighed 140 pounds. She was a Polynesian girl who had only been a the school for a few months. I walked up to her and told her I would piledrive her if she didn't get lost. She quickly took my hat off my head and stepped backward telling me to come and get it. I chased after her and I soon grabbed my hat and snatched it from her. Before I could run the other direction she leaped on top of me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I fell backwards onto the grass and she landed on top of me. As I hit the ground I caught a glimpse of her knickers but I couldn't make out the color as everything went dark when her dress covered my face and she sitting on my shoulders/neck. She then moved backwards onto my torso, held my wrists to the ground and leaned over me laughing. She then took my hat and put it on her head and sat upright and crossed her arms and bounced my stomach a few times. As I reached up to grab her she tried to stand up but tripped backwards and her butt landed on my stiffy. She got up and tossed my hat on me and turned away from me and pulled up her dress revealing her purple knickers that showed off quite a bit of cheek. She shook her hips side to side then dropped her dress, looked at me, laughed and skipped away.

HubbaOct 26 2012 8:59am
I am 15 and 5'9" around 125 lbs and my friend Is 14 and 5'10" and 130 lbs. Last summer, she and I were messing around. I was taking her things and running away until she finally begged for them back. But she was starting to get tired of chasing me and her temper rose. I ended up taking her nail polish remover or something like that. After she chased me into a corner and told me to' give it back to her because she was getting tired of chasing me. I refused and she got angrier. She asked for it back once more and I said shed have to beat me for it. To my surprise she accepted and we got squared into our stances. I quickly took over on top, although she weighed 5 more lbs and was 1 inch taller. But she squirmed more and more and I felt myself lose my grip on her. I gelt a huge whip into my back and she wrapped her big thighs around my stomach and flexed. It drove the breath out of me and she flung me off. I landed in a heap and got up to my feet, only to be met by her foot as she drop kicked me in the stomach and sent me flying. As I laid on the ground in pain she came over and put MD in a body scissor. I groaned in pain and she said to surrender. I said I never would and she squeezed harder and harder and I started to tear up. I finally gave in to her and as I got up she whipped a backhand on me and I collapsed to the ground. Then she took her things and said if I ever messed with her stuff again shed kick my butt even worse.

AnonymousOct 26 2012 8:59pm
Yes, quite a few times throughout my life. One time when I was 18 yrs old. A really strong 14 yr old girl from my school waited for me outside after class, one day. She attacked me and pinned me down to the ground. Her friends were all there egging her on and laughing at me. It went on for about an hour. It happened a few more times throughout that year and it was very humiliating

Small GuyNov 04 2012 6:40pm
I am a 15 year old 5'7" skinny boy and my neighbor who is 12 years old and about 5'8" lifted me! She is a large girl, definetly over 200 lbs and i was walking by her house when she said that she had something stuck in a tree and asked me to help her get it. I can jump really high but i had recently hurt my ankle, so when i told her this she said "no problem!" And put her head between my legs and shoulder carried me so i can get the ball she had gotten stuck up there! When she put me down, she said thank you, gave a great big smile and bear hug lifted me off the ground! She is a large girl woth gigantic breasts and i felt really good pressed against them. I said," you r really strong" and she "i know!" . Later we armwrestled which she easily beat me in and i tried to take her by suprise to pin her to the ground and i jumped on her back but she stayed upright and walked around with me clinging onto her back ! I was amazed by her strength but was embarrased because a 12 yearold was stronger than me

Skinny15yearoldNov 07 2012 8:25am
Once i went to my friends house but my friend wasnt there only his sister. I was about 5'5" and 110lbs at the timeand i was also in my freshman year of high school. His younger sister who was in 7th grade was 5'8" and 270lbs lied to me and told me that he was in his room, so she took me too his room and i became confused. Next think i knew i was up in the air above the huge hands of my friend sister who just overhead lifted me. She then dropped me down on her brothers bed and sat on me until she got tired of that. She compared our bodies an told me that it was embarrassing how a girl has bigger feet and bigger hands than a boy two years older than her! I asked her what size her feet were and she said 13 in mens which was huge compared to my size 7. Her hands were about an inch bigger than mine! I had never really paid much attention to her up to this point and i was really intimidated by her size and strength. She craddle carried me into her living room and made me sit on her lap and watch tv with her for half an hour, while bouncing me on her thick thighs the entire time. After that she began to stand up and i thought that all the fun was over but strangely i did not want to leave. When we stood face to face, i jumped onto her and she frontside piggybacked me around the house. I guess she knew how much i like being carried so she lifted me in many different ways smiling the whole time. She craddled me, bearhugged,piggybacked, shoulder carried and most impressively she over head lifted me again! She even benchpressed me but she couldnt move me down too far because of her massive chest size. When i was ready to leave she gave me a huge hug that had my feet off the ground and me gasping for air. She said to come over anytime and that wenever she sees me shes going to lift me cuz she knew how much i liked it. I said thanks and left. I did not think that she would really do it but sure enough at my highschools football game she stunned me and all of my friends by lifting me overhead in front of everyone! Talk about embarrasing!

Small boyNov 07 2012 1:44pm
Yes i have experienced a few muscular younger girls. I was14 years old and weighed 125 lbs and i am 5'5". Once at a big neighborhood party with a lot of families, the adults were in the dining room chatting and eating and the kids were spread out in two rooms of the house because of how many kids there were. I was in a room watching two kids go at it in video games and they happened to be playing a wrestling game. So then a girl named sara who is 13 probaly 3 inches taller than me and weighs about 180lbs walks in and sees the game playing. Sara i already knew was strong, as she played water polo and swims competitively also. So she saw the game and watched quietly until at one point, one of the wrestlers picked up the other and paraded him around the ring. I saw her eyes flashed and she exclaimed "i can do that!" And lifted me over her head without warning. Then to top it off she walked out with me above her head in front of all the adults. After that the adults got excited and wanted to watch us wrestle. We both armwrestled first which she beat me easily even when i used both hands. Then when we wrestled she managed pin me down woth in seconds ! Its been years since we wrestled but she has grown bigger and stronger and is starting to scare me !

:oNov 08 2012 11:05pm
My family was having a party a few weeks ago for my sisters birthday. A few of my cousins and I were hanging around outside on the grass. There were 4 guys and 4 girls, 3 of them my cousins, one was a friend. For some reason, my cousin said that we should wrestle each other. We all agreed and I challenged my one cousin to wrestle me first. I'm 15 and 5'11 and 140lbs, she is 14 and 5'8 and 120lbs. So with all 8 of us watching we got into our stances and wrestled. At first she seemed like she had a little bit of the advantage as we rolled around in the grass, trying to get the upper hand. After a minute or so, I finally was on top of her and she was pinned under me. I looked up at everyone and said I won but my cousin started squirming so I figured I may as well finish the match. Then she reached her arm around my head and yanked it down to the side and face first on the grass. She slid out from under me and wrapped her thighs around my neck and yanked me backward. I landed down with her legs tangled up around neck. I was losing. As I squirmed around she crossed her legs and the pressure got worse around my back. I was struggling for air and she wrapped her thighs around my neck harder and harder. I was struggling to breathe so I finally tapped out. I had lost to my cousin. I asked for a rematch because i said i wasn't ready. My cousin agreed to wrestle me again so we got in our stances and I ran at her. I tackled her and we fell onto the ground. I emerged on top and put her in a headlock. Then she pulled her knee up and kneed me in the stomach. I loosened my grip and she slid out from me and whipped around, slapping me in the face. I dropped like a rock and she landed on top of me. I was in a leg scissor again. She flexed her thighs and I couldn't breathe. I finally tapped out. I lost to her again. I felt like the weakest guy alive. My friend, she ended up beating my cousin with ease, which made me feel even weaker. I was beat up by a girl. Twice. 

AnonymousNov 17 2012 8:29pm
I've met a girl at a bar once. She was a few years younger, a real cutie though. We ended up at my apartment kissing on the couch. As I grabbed her upper arm I was surprised. Her bicep was flexed for a bit and it felt really hard. And huge too. I later discovered she was ripped all over her body from sports and weightlifting. I was really ashamed next to her as she her muscles were so much bigger. Despite her muscularity, she looked stunning and feminine. I guess muscles can look good on girls too.

MartinNov 30 2012 3:18pm
My first loss against a girl was when i was 24 year old and was on a party . I begin to talk to a 16 year old girl Anna i think her name was . She asked me if i would try to wrestle her but i only laughed and told her i dont wanna hurt her .. then she pushed me over and over again until i got mad at her and told her to stop . She laughed at me and asked me if i was afraid to wrestle a 16y old girl and that was to much for me as her friends ( 3 blonde girls) begin to laugh at me i pushed her back then she run to me and put her arm around my neck a struggle to get he off me but she was to strong and throw me down to the ground and got ontop of me and pin my arms down hard and i was fighting desperate to get her off me but she was alot stronger then she grabed my hair and pulld me up and then forced me down to my knees and i had to kiss her flexed biceps and her her for mercy. when she let go of me i run away from the party humiliated . Later on i have thinking of her and in a way i got hot thinking about it but i have never seen her again

MattDec 12 2012 12:39pm
Wow,most of the stories i read here are mainly wrestling stories with strong or muscular girls! i kinda wished i had a similar experience with that jessica girl i mentioned way back then with her. but,there is one other thing i got out of her that was really one point,she liked looking at my hard-on,then just squeezing it real hard with her whole fist for a few seconds. she would do that a few times in succession w/out asking me(squeezing part).

g.w.c.l.Dec 12 2012 4:23pm
I'm a 6ft3in 260 pound defensive end who made all conference 1st team as a sophomore and our water girl squats more than me!!! She's about 5ft2in and super thick, giant legs and broad shoulders. I would have to guess she weighed 180 She lifted with the football team once and squatted 315 for 12 reps like nothing with perfect form! She's not cut, just swollen.

mnDec 22 2012 11:05am
I kept seeing this girl around all the time. Although I could tell she was younger then me. It was summertime and I was taking a walk around 1am when I saw the girl. I'm 15 and she said she was 12. She was about 7in smaller then me also. I walked over to her and told her that I thought she was cute and I liked her. After a while we walked back to her house and sat in her backyard. While I was sitting there, I noticed how large her thighs were next to mine. They were big! Her thighs were as big as mine and she was 12! She noticed me look at them and she asked if I thought she was strong. I told her that I thought she was, judging by her thighs. As we sat there, I kept getting the feeling that I wanted to wrestle her. Finally I told her and she agreed to. As we wrestled, I could feel her body rippling with strength. She was dominating me with easy. I was aroused but I felt bad at the same time, getting beat so bad by her. So I started squirming and she fought back harder. I ended up hitting her somewhere on accident and she went off. Putting me in led scissors, punching me, slapping me. I was getting beaten. Finally she wrapped her big tan thighs around my neck and started to squeeze. I got a big boner and she smiled and said goodnight and then pulsed her thighs. The last thing I saw before I was out cold was her looking down at my hard member. When I awoke, I was stripped completely of my cloths. Lying on a floor naked. I could feel something against my balls and I looked down and the girl was there, wearing extremely short shorts and a very tight tang top, revealing an amazing body. For a 12 year old, she was smoking. She had great thighs, a nice rack, a great butt.. Her body was amazing and I got another boner while I was laying on the floor naked. She started to feel my balls again and I started to get an erection. She pulled away when she say I was enjoying it a bit too much. But then she jumped on me and started kissing me. I returned the favor but she overpowered me. Being the guy, I wanted to be on top, running the show, but I couldn't get to. She was too much. I got an erection again when I felt those amazing thighs. After a bit more kissing and feeling her thighs, we stopped and I went home. I see her every once in a while and I always remember her thighs and how strong she is. She's built like any other 12 year old girl but she's just a bit stronger in the thighs. natural muscle is a beautiful thing. 

AnonymousDec 26 2012 1:52pm
Im a 15 year old boy and i weigh 105 lbs and is 5'6". My little sisters bestfriend, abby is really strong. She is 13 and is 5'6" also but 150 lbs. One day i was sitting in my room playing videogames when she came in and told me that she and my sister made lunch and it was ready. I told her "ehh carry me" an reached out lazily. I was just joking and i didnt expect her to scoop me up like a baby and carry me downstairs! Pretty crazy. I wanted to have her lift me again so another time when she came over i put a peice of candy on the highest shelf in a closet in the kitchen. When she came in i was pretending to reach for it and she asked if i needed help. Before i could answer i was on her shoulders getting the bar! I think she knew i liked it when she carryy me because when she put me down she let me hop on my back and piggybacked me around for a while

RudyFeb 04 2013 9:49pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 10 2013 2:19pm
im 49 old mom of one 17 year old daughter. shes taller than me now and beats me in armwrestling very fast. so yes, i have much experience with a much stronger younger girl :)

AnonymousFeb 18 2013 5:02pm
I am a 17 year old, 5'6 and 104lbs. I am very skinny. I have a 15 year old neighbor 5'10 who is athletic(swimmer, weightlifter). Her family invited ours to dinner at their house. Her mom said dinner would be ready in an hour. I asked what she wanted to do. She wanted to show me her room. So I followed her in, and I was in disbelief. There was HEAVY weights in there. Heavier than Ir could lift. I asked what and she said she loves the feeling of being strong. She then rolled up her sleeves and asked if I wanted to armwrestle. She had huge 16" biceps. She brought my arm down barely trying while I tried using all my might. I got a huge erection when she flexed. She, seeing my wood, asked if I wanted to squeeze her arms. I did, and it felt like steel. She said she wasn't even done. She olled up her shirt so I could see her abs, a 6 pack. I asked for more but Her mom then called us down for dinner. After dinner my family had to leave. We do an occasional armwrestle every once in a while.

AnonymousMar 21 2013 2:37am
by he way,when that girl "squeezed" me,she would squeeze me first,let go,look at my "thing",then squeeze again. she did this about 4 or 5 times,then stopped,then that was it. i wanted her very much to jerk me offbut i didn't think she ever thought that far with boys yet. but oh well... she sue had a very strong squeeze though! wished i had thought to ask to see how big her arm muscles were at the time.....damn!!!

g.w.c.l.Apr 17 2013 5:00pm
I'm 27 and I've been working out every day for the past 27 years. My friends 1 year old sister beat me up and made me cry. Do you believe that? Well don't, because its pure bullshít, just like every other fućking story on this fūcked up site. Bitches, get real. Some 8 year old making a 15 year old cry, knocking him out and tying him up and locking him in a closet. Listen to that. Bullšhit. If any of these motherfûcking stories were true, you would have heard about it. An 8 year old that strong would be famous. I'm sorry for you dipshíts that never found a strong women, but do you really have to create them? All you níggas are, are wimpy dicks sitting behind a motherfûcking computer wishing you had met a strong woman. Dammit. You pricks gotta get of these sites. Go out in the world and meet these people. I have no doubt that there are some incredibly strong girls out there, but fuçking get your còck out of the ground. Not that strong. Fûck up. For real. You cuñts believed that shït? Damn. Get a fûckin life dipshîts. Fuçking get into the real world. Bitches.

JebediahApr 20 2013 6:22pm
^umad bro

AnonymousApr 23 2013 11:06pm
Fascinating stuff there, Jebediah. Not. I always went for the younger girls anyway. They were closer to being the "14 year old girl that every 14-year old guy wanted". I was very surprised by the leg-wrestling skills these girls had. I got massacred by a busty 5'1 girl (who as a lefty also gave me a real bad time at lefty armwrestling). It was the first times she ever legwrestled ....... One 16-year old babe, who was maybe 132 pounds of baby-fat and curves, bested me in legwrestling more times than I did her. I truly think she was holding back a lot of times, too. By the way, she also developed a SUBMISSION-level bodyscissors. And that was with just 22-inch thighs. Don't underestimate the strength and coordination in the lower female body -- even when they are teenagers.

WaynieDMay 23 2013 9:54am
I am a great admirer of muscular girls. I really can take my eyes of any muscular girl I see.15 years now I have been watching every site, story, video there is about muscular women, regardless of age. I have never read more incredible stories than these, on this site. You guys must realise that a heavyweight female bodybuilder has 15-17 inches Max biceps with very few exceptions that have incredible 18 inches biceps. So please, although sometimes it is fun to read, stop writing stories about teenage girls with 14,15,16 or even bigger biceps and present them like real stories. Fiction is fun, but writing bullpoo is different

ATJun 01 2013 11:08pm
I used to hang around with my cousin Sydney when i was 8 and she was 6 we used to wrestle and I would always pin her and hurt her easily and she seemed to always get really mad. Wen I was 9 ny family moved 9 hours north so i didnt see my cousin after that and totally lost touch with her. When i arrived at my new home i didnt have any friends and became somewhat of a recluse. I spend all my time infront of my computer and never went outside. I lost alot of weight and became very lanky and skinny and would be called twig and pinner. This past winter I am now 17 and only weigh 127lbs and stand 6'1" and I am very boney and my cousin is 15. When I arrived at her house she opened the door and was wearing an extremely baggy sweatshirt and sweat pants. She invited me up to her room when we got up there we started reminising about old times and talking about fighting and wrestling. I was wearing a puffy sweatshirt that made me look bulky. We wear talking about the old wrestling moves we would do on each other. She said "and youd always kick the crap out of me you ass" she jokingly punched me in the arm "holy poo" she said "what" I answered "take off your hoodie. I reluctantly did and sat infront of her in a tshirt "what the hell happend to you" she laughed I replied "what do you mean" "your so tiny and boney" she said "Im bigger than you bitch" I said starting to get mad. She took off her sweatshirt, she was wearing a really tight tank top and I couldnt believe it she had grown huge and was very bulky. She wasnt fat but was very large and had some baby fat on her but up and down her arms ran thick veins and I could see why she was wearing a tank top it was to fit her huge shoulder and large breasts that poked out if the top if her tank. I just stood there amazed I couldnt believe the amout of size she had put on she said "yeah Ive been lifting weights for about 2 years now and Ive definatly added alot of mass" I was really embarrased actually her forearms were bigger than my biceps and she knew it she pushed me down and said "just like old times only this time your a f*cking tiny twig and im massive" she pinned me and pumped her right bicep in front of my face I tryed to move her but couldnt bugde her. I was so embarrased that she beat me but what was more shocking was just how big she had gotten

AnonymousJun 26 2013 8:29pm
This sucks, there isn't a single strong girl in my grade...

ClassifiedJun 28 2013 11:41am
@ g.w.c.l. ......... Much of the legwrestling (mixed or female-female) on You Tube and other places is how I do it, only with two customizations. Both warriors lie on their backs. My head is near, say, her left knee, and her head is near my left knee this. You could call it the 69 position, only you are both on your backs. We wind around and position our left legs around so that both our legs are poised and c*cked, like setting up armwrestling. As you might imagine, BOTH our legs are at a disadvantage, already bent slightly to the bad. So that makes it an even start. Then the count goes 1-2-3-go. You launch into it, and she does too ......... Guys have deeper hamstrings for straight-on power, and girls have broader hips to pull you to the side. But when you legwrestle some femme who has just as much depth as you front to back from quads to the hamstrings, you are going to get tossed ....... I was never a fan of the two legs rocking and c*cking and going 3-2-1 and then colliding. It's too inexact ......... And watch out for those gals who have thighs thicker around than yours PLUS have legs near or longer than your own inseam! They will put you over and she will never figure, or care to figure, why she is so much better than you. It is a game of inches, and thigh-circumference is a quite accurate gauge as to whom has more of "the inches".

WaynieDJul 23 2013 3:18pm
I was a big Guy in high-school, around 6ft3 and 250. On top of that I played football and lifted weights. When I was a senior there was a junior girl who was an absolute tank. Idk what ever happened to her but she was crazy muscular. This girl was 5ft9 and had to be around 215 of solid muscle. I'm talking about 8 pack abs, huge biceps, massive legs, everything. All I know is that she trained at a local gym besides that. So one night I was at a party and she was there. One thing led to another and before we knew it, everyone wanted us to wrestle. It took her under 30 seconds to pin me each of the 3 times we wrestled. She was just that much stronger than me

joeJul 29 2013 7:22pm
all of you who are really in to these stories,keep adding on to here! just entirely ignore dull crappy lifeless ppl. like jedidiah,and,"so called" him! so...blow a "major rasberry" to him and all his kind!! thanks!

anonAug 04 2013 9:13pm
hey none yo busin,do you have any muscle girls pics already ,for others to view,and to see what kind you mean?

g.w,c.l.Aug 04 2013 9:26pm
Got beaten up by my neibour. I'm 12 years old, 4'10 and 92lbs, play hockey and bball. She is almost 12 and 5'1, 96lbs, plays soccer and does some nijutsu thing. She invites me over to her trampoline, and we jump for a few minutes, then says she bets she's stronger than me, and that she could beat me up. Long story short we get set to wrestle. I lunge first, she does some crazy move where she grabs and twists my arm, ending up with me face first into the tramp, arm behind my back, her forcing it up towards my shoulder blades. I wail in pain, and give in after she taunts me. Foolishly I demand a rematch, she willingly agrees. This time I wait for her to strike first. She swings an arm towards my face, but it is just so I am distracted as she kicks my feet out from under me, and I hit the tramp. She taunts me saying she has seen 10 year old girls fight better than me, and I spring up turning to her anticipating to surprise her. She simply steps aside, grabbing my arm, putting it between her legs and me as she wraps her legs around my waist, and tips back, making me fall onto her. She then puts me in a headlock, and chokes me near out before I tap, unable to get free. Childish me wants another try, and I strike quickly tackling her to the ground. Being proud of this accomplishment, I try to establish myself on top of her. As I try to do this, she grabs my leg and flips me off of her, holds my ankle, and lifts it up as she stands, and I am pushed face first into the tramp. I start to kick and manage to get out, but by the time I am free, I find her legs around my neck choking me until I tapped. Going 0 and 3 to a younger female neighbour was not something I was about to do back then, so I went at it again with her. This time she struck first, and she threw me to the ground, and sort of jumped on me, accidentally clipping my balls with her knee, unaware of the amount of excruciating pain I was in, she figured it was the arm bar she had put me in that was the cause of my pain. I tapped, and was done for that day. Over the next two years she could still beat me up as I only grew an inch each year, and she grew 3 each year, and she is 14, 5'7 and 142lbs I am 14, 5' and 110. She has continued soccer, quit ninjutsu and has taken up weightlifting. I sometimes lifted with her, but could never match her, her dad had a bunch of weights, and so we used those. She could bench 125, I could only do 105, she could let press 405, I could only do 140, she could curl 25's, I could only barely do 20's. she could squat 165, I could do 95, her biceps were 13inches, which I had thought was huge compared to my 11.5's. her calves 13.5, mine barely 12, but the biggest thing was she had 23" thighs to my 17.5"! I felt tiny compared to her, and she crushed me in any armwrestle, despite her righthandedness to my left. And wrestling was more like play for her now, seeing as how she could pick me up with ease. Her headscissors were crushingly powerful, and I had no chance against her. I got aroused when she dominated me now, and I was more and more attracted to her. One year later, I have grown 6 inches and 33lbs, she has only grown one inch, but gained 12 more pounds. I am trying to match her now 140lbs bench, and can't get it up from my chest. She is spotting me, and takes the weight off of my arms almost completely showing off her now 14 inch biceps. I get aroused, and stiffy sticks up showing himself in my shorts. She sees and laughs, then comes over as I sit up. She whispers to me: "does your friend think I'm sexy?" I say "not just him, so do I" she then throws me over her shoulder, and carries me to her room, and throws me onto the bed, and slams the door shut. We are home alone. She takes her shirt off revealing a chiseled six pack, and massive arms and shoulders. I go to take my shirt off, and she stops me, the she slides her hand down to my shorts, and yanks them off revealing my stiffy, and my still skinny legs. She the. Takes all of her clothes off and literally rips my shirt off, and the jumps on top of me. We alone start to f*ck, but I then say: "won't I get you pregnant," she pulls out a condom, and I think you know what happens next.... But to feel her muscles against me, it was the best day if my life!!! Most pleasuring feeling ever!

Lucky boyAug 22 2013 5:15pm
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LWsAdcZRNsIOmSep 12 2013 6:01pm
A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at a local sporting store. As I was looking at the fitness gear, a girl vendor came from behind. She was wearing cutoffs and a short skirt. But what caught my attention was her body. I looked at her from the top down. Her arms were insane, huge and defined biceps and forearms. Her cutoffs were short so I could see the lower part of her abs and they were ripped. And her legs, oh man, just stunning. She looked like a Greek sculpture, only much prettier. So we started to talk and she advised on what to buy. Since I am a skinny guy she showed the light weights. She was really nice and as you can imagine, she knew her stuff. She noticed me staring at her muscles and asked me if I liked them. I was a little embarassed she caught me staring, but answered truthfully. I believe she noticed my raging hard on anyway. She then grabbed a dumbbell of 25 kilos and started to do bicep curls with the right hand right in front of me. She managed to do around 20 reps with incredible ease. It looked like she could easily curl twice as much. I usually curl 10 kilos and I knew I could not do 2 reps with this kind of weight. She then flexed her biceps and it was insane. A huge peak, the biggest I have ever seen on a woman or a man.

MateSep 29 2013 4:25am
Continuing.. After that we spoke for another 10 minutes. I was already in love and I couldn't take my eyes of her muscles. She said her name is Nina and I found out she is 19, 4 years younger than me. She said she was doing gymnastics for 9 years and after that she has started to work out in the gym. She is really crazy about working out and she is a fitness instructor too. We exchanged numbers. After she finished working in the evening, she called me and we want on a date. For the first date, we went to her gym. I had a privilege to observe her lifting heavy weights and sweating for almost two hours. I was shocked to see how strong and muscular she is. She lifted weights for reps, weight I couldn't even hope to budge. We had a wrestling session then, and she trashed me. But I was really enjoying her steel hard body wrapped around mine in a series of holds. So yeah, girls can be very strong too!

MateSep 29 2013 4:35am
The girl who beats me up the most is my younger sister. Now I have also been beaten up by girl friends and even some of my sisters friends. I am 16 years old, turning 17 soon, and my sister is already 13 since feb. yet she is only 1 inch shorter than me and already weighs 14lbs more than me, (I'm 5'6 118lbs, she is 5'5 and 132) now I know I am light, and I know she's a thick girl, but she is jacked, not fat; 12.5inch biceps to my 11.5, 22in thighs to my 17in, 14in calves to my 12in, and 11.5in forearms to my 9.5. So yeah, people laugh when they find out I am her older bro, and talk about how she could snap me like a twig. Well I am smaller, any weight I can do she can do more, she benches 125lbs! I can barely get up 105. She can double my leg press and curl 25's, I can barely do 20's. she can literally do any wrestling move she wants me to, and I can't get out. If I make her mad, she beats the poo outta me, if I don't do what she wants, she chokes me until I do. Even some of her friends that are like her, but not quite as tank will beat me up, even if they weigh 20lbs less than me. It has been 2 years since I weighed more than my sis, and 3 since wrestling with her was an even fight, now she can just overpower me however she wants. My life sucks!

Anonymous Sep 29 2013 9:15am
My gf has been a cheerleader since she was 8 years old. Now she is 16 and 2 years younger than me. She also pumps iron at home, does pushups, pullups, crunches, situps, just name it. She eats healthy and she is really proud of her healthy life style. I, on the other hand, don't like to work out that much and I am not that health conscious. She frequently reminds me that I should change my life style, and about a week ago I agreed. We went running and I could not keep up to her, not even closely. When I came home I was exhausted while she was barely sweating. She was really proud to show me how much more stamina she has. Not that I did not actually know that already. She than did her regular work out for about an hour, took a showed and joined me in the bedroom. She came in confidently, she was all naked and proudly showing her ripped body. She is a petite woman, much smaller than me, but her body is, unlike mine, made of pure female muscle. She stepped in front of the mirror in our bedroom and began flexing her biceps. It was the first time she has done that in front of me. I was really shocked to see how big her biceps became when she flexed. A huge peak popped out of her athletic, but slender arm. With a sassy look on her face, she invited me over to touch them. I went for it and I was surprised to see how hard they were. I mean, I knew her body was always hard, but now it was on a whole new level. Her biceps were literally hard as a rock. I tryed to budge them with my fingers, but I couldn't. She laughed and teased me. Than she went down on the floor, and challenged me for an arm wrestling competition. As soon as we locked our hands, I could feel her very strong grip. Being pretty much bigger than her, and a man on top of that, I thought I would win, but he looked confident. I realized how wrong I was as soon as we started. I tried to move her down, but she easily resisted my efforts. She played with me and teased me. She let me move her hand a couple of centimeters off the table, and than it happened. The movement stopped abruptly, she looked me in the eyes and told me that playtime is over, and she started to move back my arm. I could not stop her and before I knew she slammed my arm on the table. She was so much stronger than me. After that, we wrestled and she easily trashed me. The next week we had the best sex of our lives. She is so strong and so confident now. She even increased the intensity of her workouts. I really love her being stronger and I am really proud of her.

StefanSep 30 2013 1:44am
Guys can you help me? Ok, my older sister,(she's 16 and I'm 15)has recently gotten into bodybuilding. She was a swimmer so she is very strong. She's also 6 feet 3 inches tall. I'm only 5 feet 8 inches. Anyways she is lifting huge weights and her muscles are getting giant. Her biceps are 15 inches about and she has a 6 pack. She is strong enough to lift up my oldest brother and beat my dad at armwrestling. She says she wants to be in charge of the family and I am getting worried. What do I do?

AnonOct 02 2013 6:50pm
Im a 40yrs old man, married and we have a daughter 13 yrs. My wife is stronger than me, and sometimes she ofcourse tease me for that. Now also our daughter getting stronger... I already loose when we armwrestle and she likes that a lot. It´s soo embarrasing for me!

Mr WeakOct 07 2013 8:05am
My sister is way too strong. So strong it's annoying. Seriously, she's stronger and more muscular than me, my brother, and my boyfriend. My dad is still stronger than her but the gap is closing. It's annoying having her stronger than me because she f*cking brags about it in front of my friends and my boyfriend. I'm a bit glad i get to move out soon because its embarrassing having her lift things heavier than I can lift and her beating me at arm wrestling and poo like that.

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MeniemJan 18 2014 4:17pm

MenimeJan 18 2014 4:27pm
I got beat in armwrestling by my friend who does cheer and gymnastics she is 4 times stronger than me and can lift me one armed with ease her biceps are massive but we were both 14 and she is half my size she can physically lift the front and back of her dads car and crush my hand between her rock solid bicep she actually broke 4 of my fingers doing this and she squeezed her stepdad so hard when lifting him that she broke 3 of his ribs he says she's getting too strong so she lifts him overhead and says she doesn't care she loves being stronger than most girls and guys. Her little sister is 13 now and we are 14-15 but she's almost as strong as my friend with solid arms legs and abs. My other friend says she's really weak and challenges you to armwrestling then destroys you and tells you that you're weak and feels your arm saying Awh cute feel mine you little weakling then lifts you with ease and admits after that she does weights. She tends to take her blazer off at school and sit there after armwrestling flexing her arm to show you just how strong she is. All 3 of the girls have stinky feet and make u smell them when you're round their house and they force you to lick the dirt and sweat off their feet as they only wear pumps with no socks all the time and the two in my year stink out the classroom when their shoes are removed and put on the desk.

JimbobMar 03 2014 10:42pm
I was 23 years old i am 5.7 tall 12 stone i wrestle a 15 stone 6.2 tall policewoman i submited her my way of a armbar she cry out submit submit

MfvjsdenhfdsMar 11 2014 10:19am
How many of these stories are true? jombobs story seems a little far fetched. Jw.

Question?Apr 10 2014 6:53am
I am a soon to be 17 year old guy and I have a lot of experience with being beaten up by younger and stronger girls. I have a soon to be 14 year old sister who is twice as athletic as I am, and she beats me up a lot. All I do is play baseball and basketball and train in the gym, she does everything, basketball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, cheerleading, and weight training as well. I'm 5'10 and she's 5'8, but she weighs 155lbs and I'm only around 140. She can literally squat double what I can, and pretty much match or beat me at any exercise. But her legs are waaaaay bigger than mine are, and she uses that to her advantage when she ambushes me by wrapping them around me, and squeezing HARD! Like it hurts a lot. And I can't get out of it as hard as I try. She knows this so she uses it against me and beats me up for fun. Aside from her, I also get beaten up by some of my close friends who are girls. When I was 14, my neighbour was 13, but she was already 5'5 and I was barely 5'1. She was a lot stronger than me and took some ninjutsu class so she beat me up a lot playfully. I remember one day we were on her trampoline, and we had both stopped bouncing for some reason, and she pretty much decided to wrap me up with her legs around me and tickle me. After a bit I got tired of it and tried to get out, and when she noticed I couldn't, she put me in a headlock and held me there for almost a half hour before letting me go.

JacobApr 10 2014 10:14pm
I'll continue by talking about more recent events that I remember better, since most people on here seem interested in detail. Just yesterday my sister picked me up and carried me to her room against my will, and put me into a leg lock or head scissor or whatever. As usual, her legs were like rock against my neck, and she choked me almost to unconsciousness before loosening up to let me breathe. In the past week, I have been held hostage by that same neighbour who is still 5'5, only a lot stronger and more muscular. Idk how much she weighs, but she's more than me for sure. Anyways, me and her and another girl I know (who can also beat me up, I'll get to that) hang out a lot, and we were in my neighbours basement that only has two chairs and a tv. So I always sit with one of them on one chair. Well I was sitting with my neighbour, and we can't both for beside each other even tho I'm super skinny, so I sat on top this day. Well after a bit, she started to tickle me, and I got kinda annoyed, so I went to switch chairs, and she grabbed me with her massive legs (they literally dwarf mine when we sit beside each other) and pills me back, then gets me in a headlock. She doesn't have some massive 16 inch biceps, hers are smaller than my 13 inch biceps, but for a girl, I think they're pretty big. They have some bulge, and feel like iron when they're. Up against my neck. But she does have massive calves, they're probably as big as my thighs, and rock hard. Anyways, she beats me up a lot, I can describe some more details if you tell me what you wanna know. I'll check back in a couple weeks or something.

Jacob Apr 11 2014 11:02pm
But anyways, on to the third girl. She is also my longtime friend, but she has always been short. I think she is only 5'2, but she's athletic, she does gymnastics cheerleading and dance. She has an amazing body, honestly a beautiful girl, strong legs, nice calves and bum, nice rack, the whole works. She doesn't have a six pack, but she has a line vertically through her abs. She can't weigh more than 125 lbs. even though she is quite a bit smaller than me, she still beats me up in similar ways to my neighbour, only not as viciously. But anyways,one day we were on my neighbours trampoline, (this is the first time we wrestled) and she decided that she wanted to wrestle me after seeing me lose to my sis and neighbour. So we squared off, and I ended up taking her to the ground, but she got her legs wrapped around my torso, (she is under my frontside) and then, and I clearly remember this to this day, she arched her back, pushed off with her arms, and somehow flipped me over, and she was on top of me (my back is against the tramp). I squirmed and tried to get out, but as little as she was, she held me there. Eventually I made her promise that if I gave up, she'd make it best 2/3. So we squared off again, and when I stayed back and took a more defensive approach, she also waited, but eventually went on an assault. I call it that because she grabbed my one arm and tripped my one leg out, and had me fall back, but she turned me as I fell (which hurt) and landed me on my front. She then wrapped her legs around my torso, and put me in a headlock and choked me out because I squirmed right until lights out. Her arms have some bicep to them too, if I were to guess I'd say 11-11.5 inches, and they were rock hard against my throat. Her thighs were like steel against my sides, and felt so amazing when I tried with my hands to get out of them. But I think the best part of being in that position was feeling her massive boobs press into my back. So firm and perfect, I was probably fighting an erection more than I was fighting her. Anyways, she felt really bad even though it was my fault I tapped out, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek which made me blush, so she playfully punched me on the shoulder and made fun of me then hugged me. That punch hurt, but that hug and having her up against me made it worth it. She may be small and very feminine in appearance, but don't let that fool you, she is very strong, and could beat me up any day.

JacobApr 11 2014 11:33pm
One time I went over to a girls house with some friends as a sort of get together. There was 7 of us there, 3 girls and 4 guys. We are in the 9th grade, and I haven't really hit puberty yet. So I am 5'1 and only like 100lbs. Everyone else is at least 5'5, but idk how heavy. We were upstairs hanging out, and then we went downstairs to watch a movie. I got down second and got a good spot on the couch. The girl who's house I was at came down last and said I was in her spot and had to get out (she wasn't angry, more playful). When I didn't, she came over and sat on me. I couldn't budge her to get her off, and I called her fat. Big mistake. She got up and literally picked me up from my spot, she actually held me up in the air for a second and then set me down and sat on me again. I could barely breathe, but she was taunting me about being so light that she could lift me. Everyone said we should armwrestle and so I had no choice. She destroyed me, both arms. Her biceps were a lot bigger than mine. When everyone saw this, all of the girls started comparing there arms to mine, and they all had bigger arms. I felt so weak and embarrassed and tiny. Then the smallest girl dared me to wrestle her, she does dance and stuff and is still a lot bigger than me. And more muscles. I didn't want to but I had to, so we wrestled, and I got destroyed. When we started she came up to me and threw me on the floor, then wrapped her legs around me and squeezed the crap out of me. Her legs we're really firm and strong. Then she started to tickle me and I squirmed a bunch but couldn't get out. Everyone was laughing at how I couldn't get out, and so I tapped out and lost. I also lost to another girl who pinned my head between her legs and almost choked me out. She wasn't as much solid muscle but still stronger than me.

The boy that was too smallApr 14 2014 9:58pm
A year ago I was beaten by a 19 year dance teacher. i was having group classes when i noticed her leg muscles. her body was incredibly ripped for a dancer. Every move she made I could see her muscles bouncing. Especially her legs. One time I was her dancing partner for demonstration. She was pressing me really tightly against her body and I felt the hardness and strength she possesed. i got a hard on which I tried to conceive but she felt it against her body. After classes she asked me to havr a word with her. We were alone in the locker room and she teased about the situation from before. She undressed there to her underwear and flexed. She had the craziest body. Muscles prominent all over her body. She wrestled me than and she was destroying me. For about an hour she was kicking my but and I couldnt do anything. I was completely helpless against her far superior strength. All the time she made me feel her rock hard muscles and humiliated me.

peteApr 26 2014 12:37am
The next time after the class she, Maya is her name, came again to the locker room and wanted to wrestle me again. I couldnt say no even if I wanted. She called another of the teachers, a 22 yo girl named Donna. She also looked quite athletic though not with the big muscles like Maya. I wrestled and she proved to be much stronger than me too. Her legs were really firm and strong and she would easily made me submit in her scissors. I've been destroyed twice by younger girls. Maya told me how she became so muscular by pumping weights at the gym 4 times per week. She said she can beat any of the guys at the gym. She challenged me to punch her abs than. I was shocked and at first I didnt want too but she insisted. Donna was giggling clearly knowing what was coming. Maya stood there with abs on show, hands behind her back. Her abs looked absurd. A bulletproof 8 pack. I took a swing at them but to my surprise no damage was done. My fist just bounced from her hard stomach. She ordered me too punch harder. I did and again achieved nothing. She wa laughing at me. I was a little in pain. My best shot couldnt even buge her insane abs. She made me kiss her abs and than the two girls would have fun with me for a couple of hours. I wa again completely dominated.

peteApr 26 2014 6:39am
I met my ex gf a week ago. She is now 17, 2 years younger than me. We broke up almost 2 years ago. Anyway we were having a drink and I coldnt stop staring at her muscular arms. She has gotten so much bigger. She has always been fit and a bit muscular from gymnastics, but since we broke up she has found a new passion - gym. Shes been hitting it pretty hard. She noticed my stares and challenged me to armwrestle for fun. She destriyed me with incredible ease. She just smashed my hand down with incredible force. Acouple of guys saw that and laughed. She challenged them and again easily won. Shes gotten super strong.

benApr 28 2014 4:32am
I'm a 17 year old boy who is 5'9 and about 55 kilos, I have a 15 year old sister who's already taller than me, (5'10ish) and 70kg. My almost 20 year old bro is 5'11 ish and about 67kg. Which means yes, I'm a lot smaller than both of them. Anyways, even though I could tell you many stories, but I found this page today after looking up if anyone is in the same boat as me. So earlier today, the three of us get home from my sis's basketball, and once we're inside I take some stuff to my room, come out and my sis has my bro in a headlock on the ground, legs wrapped around his chest with her feet locked. She loves doing this to me, but my bro is back from college at the moment so it's him on the floor. Anyways, she was making him say she was stronger then him and he wouldn't, so she was squeezing her legs and hurting him, and I went to help. So I go over there and try and get her legs off him, and I couldn't budge her legs. They're soooo strong and muscular it's ridiculous! I remember one day she was making fun of how skinny my thighs were, and she made me measure around hers and her legs were 18cm bigger around than mine! She has 62cm thighs to my scrawny 44cm thighs. So yes, I'm skinny and she's really muscular. Anyways, I stupidly try andget a better angle, and she grabs me into a headlock with one arm and flexes her 36cm rock hard biceps (that I am forced to kiss in order to be left alone at least 4 times a week), choking me relentlessly, the rolls her and and my bro both on top of me, choking us both near out and squeezing my bro while I'm pinned. I had to beg her to let me go, and she still made my bro say she's stronger than him before doing so. She also made us both give her 5€ for "wasting her time" and she then went to our basement and started benching my weight and more as well many other things she includes in her workouts. And btw, I would workout, but every time I try she makes fun of how weak I am.

KaleMay 03 2014 11:25pm
Kale amazing storz. Sounds like your sister is a powerhouse! And she is only 15. She will only get stronger, so you guys are screwed. Have you ever seen her beat other guys at armwrestling?

MikeMay 06 2014 1:00am
Mike: yeah she has beaten other guys in arm wrestling, just the other day I had two friends over, and my sister started roughing me up a little, and when they laughed and started to make fun of me, she challenged them to wrestle her. Instead they offered to armwrestle her, and she beat them both. Idk exactly how big they are, but both of my friends are taller and heavier than me, and only the one even put up a fight against my sister, but she still won against them pretty easily. They both play soccer and basketball, so they're pretty athletic, but they were no match for my little sis. After she beat both of them she again offered to wrestle and they both shied away. That at least made me feel a little better about my situation.

KaleMay 18 2014 1:58pm
And btw, I know we're screwed, that's why I wanna get outta the house as fast as possible, go to school or something.

KaleMay 18 2014 2:01pm
I am 17 y/o male. 5ft10 (ish) and I have a neigbour who is 15 5ft 9 (ish). When we were younger she was always taller than me. I remeber she would wrestle me and beat me, carry me around and arm wrestle me (and win). Now last week Phoebe (that girl) and I were just chatting when she bought the subject up. I pretended I was stronger (I knew I wasn't but I love strong girls!) so we wrestled - she won by sitting on my face whilst wearing short shorts and a t-shirt. I HAD THE BIGGEST BONER EVER. Then I challenged her to a lift and carry match (knowing she would win - and she did. My "forfit" was to feel her muscles and let her give me a piggyback around the house whilst calling her my superior. ANYWAY one thing left to another and we ended up f*cking in the shower. She picked me up during the sex like a little bitch. It was the best orgasm I have ever had.

ThomasMay 19 2014 10:36am
I am literally so weak. But I love it. Girls who are stronger are so attractive.

AnonymousMay 19 2014 11:43am
I just broke up with a girlfriend who was bigger and a lot stronger than me. I'm just 14 and really haven't hit puberty yet, and I'm only 5 feet tall and 92 lbs. my girlfriend I just broke up with was 5'7 and she weighed 143lbs the last time she actually told me. I have no idea why I got to date her, because she is honestly beautiful, but she thought I was cute and said I was nice. But her favourite part of dating me became that she could literally hold my like a child and overpower me however she liked. She had massive legs, one thigh was bigger than my torso. Her biceps were 12.5 or 13 inches or something like that, and my thighs were literally 13 inches, just barely bigger than her arms, it was so embarrassing! (She is almost 15 btw, early birthday and mine is late) so when we would cuddle me I couldn't get away from her. And I'm super ticklish so she would always hold me down and tickle me. I know, the guy and girls are switched in the relationship, because I was her little boy toy in the relationship, but I loved it! One of the only things that has developed on my body is my dick, it's already 6 inches, which may not be much to some, but I'm only 5 feet tall if even. Anyways I would get aroused when she would beat me up and tickle me, then I would get hard, and she would either rub it or squeeze it or jack it off. It was soooo pleasuring, if you ever get a hand job, a strong grip is amazing! It wasn't the same if I asked her to loosen up, it was soooo much better when she gripped it really hard! And she had a super strong grip! Idk of I'm telling a good story or not, but I'm just telling some random stuff, so now I'll talk about getting beaten up. The first time we wrestled I don't remember the whole thing, but I remember that she took me to the ground and put me on a headlock but didn't choke me. I remember we were in her basement for 20 minutes like that and she laughed at how weak I really was. Then we arm-wrestled and she let me push as hard as I could on her arm before she set it down like nothing was there. I obviously wasn't a match for her in anything at all, but she beat up my 17 year old brother a few times, I remember the last time, we were all on the trampoline, she went inside to go pee, and when she came out she saw my bro beating me up, so she came and told him if he wants to bully me, he has to beat heron wrestling. He actually said no but she said he had no choice, so they wrestled and she went at him, and tool him down. She almost got his head trapped between her legs, but he managed to get out and put her in a headlock. While he had her in a headlock she rolled over and stood up, then pried his arms off herself, and threw him on the ground, and got him in a headlock. She choked him almost out, but he managed to get out only to get his head caught between her legs. She wasn't going to stop choking him even though he was tapping out, so I had to stop her. She let him go and then carried me inside, but on her way, my bro called her a dumb c*nt so she put me down and beat the sh*t out of him. She ran at him, and he was trapped in the net of the tramp so he only had one way out, and she grabbed him and threw him off of the tramp so he landed hard on the ground, then she jumped on him and kneed him in he balls, then pinned him while he was in pain, and stared punching him in the face. When this was happening I went to get my dad to help cuz she was really hurting him. When I came back out, she had him pinned against the ground face down, and I think he was knocked out, but it took my dad and his friend to pull her off of him, lucky his friend was over. She broke his nose, jaw, wrist and some ribs, but we didn't charge her cuz of what he said to make her mad. I think we shoulda charged her, but idk how it would have worked anyways. I lost most of my feelings for her then Cuz I was scared of her, and I eventually told her I couldn't be with her cuz of that, and surprisingly she didn't take it badly, but she did ask to wrestle then cuddle me once more. I got beat up, ticked, then a very nice and firm hand job, and haven't gotten action since.

KalebMay 25 2014 12:19am

1Jun 06 2014 5:04am
Being a gymnast myself, I can easily tell that a lot of the gymnast girls are outmuscling us male gymnasts. They are more committed to training hard and they are hitting the gym really hard. Some of them have really ripped bodies covered with thick muscle. A lot of the guys dont wanna workout with them at the gym cause they know that they cannot compete with those girls. They fear being embarassed in public. One of the girls Kim is really built like a bodybuilder. I saw her doing bicep curls with 35 kg for reps whereas I can do only 25 kg for 10 reps.

Brian21Jun 09 2014 4:20am
Brian21, it must really be embarassing for you guys to be so much weaker than a bunch of young muscular girl gymnasts. us girls rule!

Tia gymnastJun 09 2014 6:59am
Went to the gym and a girl I know was there, long story short she saw me doing chin ups and challenge me to competition. I am 5'11 and 150lbs but I'm trying to bulk up more. I did 18 chin ups relatively close together, and thought there was no way she could beat that, but she did. She doesn't have massive biceps, like mine are for sure bigger, but they're toned and look strong. She did 25 straight chin ups! It was crazy. She is only like 5'1, and she says she weighs 132lbs. She also beat me at an armwrestle but it was close, she is very strong. Then we wrestled on he mats upstairs and she destroyed me! Made me tap out three times! But she actually wrestles and I don't so I couldn't expect much better. But her thighs were really muscular when she has me in a leg lock and her biceps were rock hard when she had me in a headlock. The other time she won was an armbar.

RoyJun 09 2014 10:33pm
Brian21 - was the 35kgs with both or one hand? Cuz I'm 17 and can do reps with 70 lbs, and I'm only 145lbs at 5'10. (35kg = 77lbs) so if she can do that with two hands, it's impressive for a girl but not that incredible. And just for a piece of advice, girls who are so much smaller than guys can beat them up in wrestling because they have stronger legs and typically a stronger core. The fact that they are always more flexible helps too. I can't beat my 13 year old 5'4 sister who is 125 lbs in wrestling, she beats me up easily every time. My 16 year old 5'2 105 lbs neighbour also beats me up with ease, but that's because her legs are way stronger than mine and she's actually really strong in general. They're both smaller than me and yet I don't stand a chance. They wrap their legs around my body or neck and I'm screwed. Their legs are just way too strong for me.

RyanJun 12 2014 10:02pm
I got my butt kicked by one of my sisters friends she is way bigger than me and stronger than me too. I'm 14 years old, 160lbs and about 45 kg. she's way taller, like 175cm or more and probably 20-30kg more than me. Her arms have more muscle than me and are bigger when she flexes, one day I was watching tv and they wanted to watch a show, so she picked me up off the sofa and held me like a baby. Her biceps were bulging in my back and legs, and I got aroused and I got hard and it stuck right up in my shorts. She dropped me and then they all called me a pervert and then her friend started to laugh because she said I like being her baby so she picked me up again and carried me around with my boner poking out of my shorts. I tried to get away but I couldn't and then she put me down and sat on me which was really heavy then she said that if I could get away from her she would leave me alone. I tried to get out but I couldn't budge or breathe. Then she got off and wrapped her legs around me and put me in a headlock. She is in short shorts and a sports bra so that her six pack was showing, and it was really sexy so I was still hard, but I couldn't get out and she laughed when she saw my little arms. My legs were twigs beside her tree trunk thighs, and her calves were actually bigger than my thighs too. (I am only 45 kg which is 99lbs) also her biceps were bigger than my calves. I tries for almost 20 minutes to get away but she was too strong and when I gave up she punched me in the balls. It was so hard I laid in pain for another 20 minutes and she says that's what I get for having no control. She beats me up a lot since then and it sucks because she's just so strong but it's good because it's so hot to get beat up by her.

English boy. Jun 14 2014 10:41pm

-1'Jun 16 2014 6:04am
I am 30 and have a 23 yo coworker. She works out pretty heavy and last time during the break she let me feel her bicep under her shirt. I did it jokingly but was amazed to see how big and hard it was even unflexed! I said to her that it was rock hard and she let me feel her rock hard 6 pack abs as well. She noticed I was really amazed by it. It was so sexy. Later we armwrestled and she absolutely smashed me. She is really amazingly muscular and strong!

DanJun 26 2014 12:33am
I know this guy, he has a 12 year old daughter who takes gymnastics. They live on a big property and have a lot of animals. Her name is Blake, she's 12 and is very small, around 4 ft 10 but she has the sexiest and best built legs I've ever seen. I know it's wrong to stare because she's so young and I'm 23, but I can't resist to always stare. One day I was talking to her and I asked her how long she has been doing gymnastics, and she said since she was 8. She is very active and at that moment asked me if I wanted to wrestle with her. I said no, because t felt inappropriate. She then told me that I was scared because she knows if she fights me, she can easily hurt me with her legs. She told me, "I know you look at my legs, all the guys do and I know how strong they are too. I was shocked that this young girl was so mature and knew that her legs are awe inspiring. She told me, "don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you". She then took me to one of her favorite pets, a huge grizzly bear standing 10 feet tall. What I saw her do next is the sexiest thing I will ever see. She told me, "I don't test my leg strength by wrestling men, I test my legs on this big guy". As the grizzly was sitting there, she walked up to it and pushed the 10 foot grizzly on its back. She then got into a reverse headscissors/69 position on top of the grizzly and wrapped her legs around the big bears head. She started squeezing with her legs wrapped so tightly around the grizzlies head that it started growling and moaning. As I stood there in disbelief she told me, " I know I can crush the big grizzlys skull if I wanted to, or I can crush its neck, now you know how strong my legs are". I almost jizzed and peed in my pants at the same time. That will forever remain the sexiest thing I ever witness.

AnonymousJul 14 2014 3:25pm
/\Wtf? Pet grizzlies?

Maybe not true. Jul 21 2014 9:59pm
My siter is 17 and has a huge bicep and can catch me when i try to run and her thighs can rip my jeans! call me at 6175845915 to chat about it

AnonymousAug 04 2014 6:27pm
I should have known better than to armwrestle a gymnast girl, even if she was 15 to my 20. I was skinny and our neighbor girl came over to me to eat, I had promised her parents to cook for her while they were away. She was shorter than me but wider and about the same weight since I was skinny. I had known her since she was little but now she had grown and was very attractive. After dinner she said that I was skinny and needed to work out, that my muscles were smaller than hers. She flexed some beefy biceps and I realized she was right. She challenged me to an arm wrestling match where she totally destroyed me with both arms, she really enjoyed showing how strong she was and wanted to wrestle me as well. I said now but she took hold of my hands, dragged me to the floor and started to wrestle me. I had to defend myself but of course had now chance against this muscular teenager. She pinned me and started to undress me. Now I really fought with everything I had but she could take my clothes off and then her own. She continued to wrestle me, pin me, have me in different holds but also started to get me hard and she actually made love to me. I was raped! She then said she was sorry but that she wanted me so badly and always liked me. She lifted me up in her arms and carried me to bed where she once again made love to me. I didn't fight her. After that evening we wrestled now and then and I always lost. I was shy around girls and this gymnast really changed my preferences for women. I am today married a fit, very strong woman that is stronger than me. I have met the gymnast 20 years later, she said she was sorry for what she had done but blaimed her young age. All men aren't stronger than women, I am skinny and have met many women stronger than me. I work out to become stronger but it is sort of hopeless, I have a wirey physique but my wife is robuts, heavy bone structure and big yet rounded feminine muscles. She used to be a gymnast and have kept on working out with weights.

OutmuscledSep 21 2014 9:13am
I have a friend who has a 15 year old sister who can beat the crap out of me. When she wasn't a 5'5 157 lbs beast I used to go over and hug her and pester her for fun, and take things and use my superior strength to bug her. Me and my friend both did. But when she turned 13 (so Me and my friend were 15) she had grown and become stronger than me being a gymnist and swimmer since the age of 4 and a runner since 10 and wrestler as of that year. So she would take things from me and overpower me and beat me up when I tried to get them back. Us picking on her drove her to want to get back at us and so she regularly beat up my friend, and me as often as I came over. Today she has almost 13 inch biceps as a girl, which are much bigger than mine that are 11.5 and my friends. But the fact that she has a six pack and we don't is even more embarrassing. And she has 24 inch thighs, mine are only 16.5 and I think my friends are smaller. But worst of all, she can now beat us both up at the same time! She gets one person between her legs and you can't get out of them. It's impossible. Then she grabs the other person and puts them in a headlock and chokes us out. We don't stand a chance against her. She can bench press me more times than I can do push ups (I'm 125lbs). If she wants to she picks me or my friend up off the ground and pins us against a wall or a locker at school and everyone laughs. It's super embarrassing.

Don't be a bully. Sep 27 2014 11:16pm
My girlfriend is the same age as me, but she beats me up wrestling all the time. She's not jacked or anything, she's just got strong legs from running and soccer and stuff. I guess she did used to be able to do more chin ups than me, but not anymore, and she has smaller arms than me. Except like all girls she has naturally strong legs, and uses them against me. I put up a decent fight, but I really don't know how to wrestle and she does better than I do so I have no technique and she does. Like if I can get her into a headlock, then I can usually make her tapout, but if I can't I'm screwed. She can put me in heads scissors and headlocks and pin my arms and legs weird ways so I tapout. And btw, she's shorter than me by like 5 inches and lighter than me by 15-20 lbs. Like just yesterday we were in my basement watching a movie cuddling and I tickled her a bit, so she tickled me back, and we basically started to play wrestle, and she grabbed my arm, pinned it up behind my back, and pinned me up against the couch. She said easy there tough guy, and then she wrapped her legs around my waist and put me into a headlock, and said you know what happens when you tickle me, you get beat up by a girl. I have no problem with it. It's almost a turn on, and after that we made out on the couch. Sure she may be a better fighter and beat me up, but I still love being with her either way.

Girls can be strongerOct 10 2014 10:51am
My sister is 13 and i am 15 she has 15 inch biceps 6 pack abs 36 dd boobs we always fight with each other she is the strongest in our family she lovrs me and always protect me from my enimies but one day she told me to press here boobs i press them hard so she got angry and hit me like a kid now she loves me and we do sex every weak ends our parent are also afraid of her

AOct 25 2014 2:57am
I always believed that guys are much stronger than girls. But a couple of months ago I first encountered I was wrong. It was my first test of strength to a girl. It was to my 17 yo gf Kim, I am 19 yo. She was a gymnast and fairly small, but very athletic. We were doing some moving around the house and there was a very heavy box. I tried to lift it but it was too heavy so I started to take things out of it. I moved it another room and put the things back in. I went doing other things and when I came back I saw Kim in the middle of the room holding that very box and moving it! And she was doing it with ease! She noticed my surprised expression and asked me what was wrong. I told her the whole story and she did not believe me. Frankly, neither could I, but right in front of my eyes there was the proof. She was still holding the box and I checked her arm. Her bicep had a peak I never seen before. It was quite big. She told me to stop messing with her and passed me the box. But try as I might I couldn't hold it and I let it hit the floor with a thump. I couldn't believe it. Kim was holding the same box for like a minute or two without breaking a sweat. She finally realised what was going on and started to laugh. I was embarassed. She challenged me to armwrestling. We put our hands on the kitchen table and started to armwrestle. She smashed my hand to the table in two seconds with great force. I couldn't even slow down her. We armwrestled again and again and with the same result. The last attempt she told me to use the other hand and she still overpowered me. I was shocked to realize how much stronger she is than me. After all she is 20 kg smaller and a girl! Than she flexed her biceps which exploded right in front of my eyes. The girl had some muscles! I looked at my gf with completely different eyes. She asked me if I have ever tested my strength against other guys. I am not a weakling and I told her that I have and that I am stronger than most guys I know which was the truth. It had me than that she was not only much stronger than me, but also than the guys I know. How could she be that strong? She was delighted at that and wanted to discover a bit more about that.

DanNov 14 2014 4:20am
So that evening, after all those events, we had a discussion about it. Neither I nor Kim could understand how she, a 20 kg lighter girl albeit quite muscular, could be so much stronger than me. But the simple fact was she was. And judging by the events of earlier by a whole lot. We were both really excited by the new discovery and wanted to find out more. I invited my best friend to come by and he is my age and quite a big guy. Kim wanted to armwrestle him as well. So she did and we were shocked to learn that he was no match for her as well. After that we did a tug of war competition: me and my friend against Kim! I had to find out what was she capable of. It was a hilarious sight, a petite girl against two rather big guys! We started to pull but she resisted! I checked her arms and saw her biceps were really popping out from the strain. They were looking absurdly defined and hard. Me and my friend Nick put all of our strength to it and slowly started to pull Kim to the line. But we were really struggling for about two minures and a bit before the line our progress stopped. I could feel my strength drain from exertion and Nick also seemed exhausted. Kim started to shout and put her immense strength to the limit and she started to pull back! We couldn't fight back, she was simply to strong for the both of us! We were both pulled across the line and the young, petite supergirl won.

DanNov 14 2014 10:24pm
Dan darling sounds like you discovered the power of a girl gymnast! Kim is exhibit A. Dont judge us by the size, thats the biggest mistake one can make. Our bodies are all hard, strong muscle that guys can only dream of. I am only 157 cm and 58 kg and was never seriously challenged by any guy, no matter how big. I have once seen a 12 yo old gymnast girl around 50 kg and less than 150 cm win in armwrestling against a much older, twice her size guy. But she was simply superior. It was hilarious seeing that jock overpowered by that petite muscle dynamo. You mentioned that you believed that guys are stronger than girls, sounds like you dont believe it anymore. Well u shouldnt, cause is a myth. Did you witness any more females overpowering or outmuscling guys?

Tia gymnastNov 16 2014 5:37am
So I was walking through the hallway afterschool and I saw a friend of mine from marching band. We weren't too close but still laughed together. She comes up to me (keep in mind I am a sophmore and she is a freshman and I am at least 4 to 5 inches taller than her) and says hey I am finally stronger than you now. I have no idea what she is talking about becuase we never fought or wrestled but I sort of think she is cute so I agreed to arm wrestle her. In the beginning she is winning by a little bit and I was surprised. However, I soon gained the upper hand and thought I was going to win it. When I was about halfway through almost winning it I couldn't get any further. She slowly pushed my hand back and we were tied once again. I had a couple of short bursts to give me the lead once again but she more or less kept me at a tie. A couple of my guy friends passed by and see me struggle against her and I was pretty embarassed. Finally, we both realized no one was going to win and we were pretty much equal strength so we gave up. I said bye and walked away but I secretly was aroused by how a younger shorter blonde girl was as strong as me!

PLZ READ, NOT FAKE I PROMISEDec 04 2014 7:48pm
tomorrow i hope i c her again and hopefully she challenges me again :)

the same person as aboveDec 04 2014 7:50pm
4cbSNs Im obliged for the post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

WjOUZDZrWFxtDec 17 2014 6:08am
owfIO9 Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It's on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!

XXSnqPTeDec 21 2014 8:06am
XAPoHR Magnificent website. A lot of useful info here. I'm sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!

iDzRHKQXdZDec 21 2014 11:54am
I m skinny not soo strong,When I was 16 years old one day my best friend Lara became angry with me , our height was same 5.6" but she was healthy , her chest size was bigger than me , her boobs were so big ... she came to me and put her big boobs on my tiny skinny chest and she hugged me soo tight and picked me up from the ground ... her strong chest were killing me ... she was hugging me soo tightly ...I began to screem .... but she didnot let me go .. all I remember when I woke up I was I was in the middle of the school field . she left me unconscious.

JohnJan 12 2015 7:14pm
Uy5tXj I have fun with, lead to I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

lkOSXwHJZryHJan 15 2015 6:06pm
My step sister courtney is SO BLOODY STRONG she is 6,4 weighs 2 10 pounds of muscle she has almost 20 inch biceps she has 29 inch quads 16 inch calves 12 inch forearms a fully developed 6 pack with bulging muscles to top it all she is the captain of the football,soccer,netball,basketball,swimming and weightlifting club at school.She trains in the gym 4 times a week and does mma on Sundays she is HUGE

henryJun 26 2015 4:32pm
Henry I can kind of

BillJul 31 2015 2:55pm
Relate to you once me and my cousin sam short for Samantha where at my house alone our parents where gone to a wedding far away and we stayed for a week home alone .my cousin is tall at 6,4

BillJul 31 2015 2:58pm
One night she came in wearing a dark cloak .she said"finally I can destroy you in wrestling.she then put on these massive trainers that had heels in them."haha I'm now 7 foot you barely reach my stomach.

BillAug 01 2015 7:48am
I am 21 and 5 foot 10, my sister is 17 and 6 foot 4! She is always parading around the house in 6 inch heels to make her 6 foot 10! She is very powerful, and believe me I know that she is the boss!

Dexter Aug 25 2015 5:38pm
How long has she been the boss dexter?

TimAug 25 2015 5:56pm
She has been my superior for a while but was always nice about it, until last year when she decided that I should be more submissive to her, I have to do degrading things, even in front of our grandparents and parents! She is getting out of control and dad and mum are scared of her as they are both 5 foot 4 and fairly weak, leaving me at her mercy... Of which she has none

DexterAug 25 2015 6:05pm
How young are we talking? ...... Well, at age 28 I had the occasion to be alone for a few hours with a sweet looking miss of 16. She wore glasses and looked (and was) studious, was soft-spoken and very witty, 5'5 and ~ 132 lbs. Cissy wasn't buty, so she had the broad, flat lower body. She had the most marvelously shaped girl's calves I'd ever dated (she thought they were too big, of course), smooth rounded knees, and wonderful arcs to her thighfronts. Back then, I'd place her upper thighs to be 22, 22 1/4 inches. Mine were 20 ........ With her in a shortish skirt and tan panty hose, I HAD to introduce her to legwrestling. We hadn't been intimate yet. But even in a skirt and nylons she let me show her the position, with both of us lying on our backs on the floor, my head at her feet and vice versa, and our left hands clutching the other's left shoulder for leverage ..... I remember thinking, what CURVES on this one's legs! I gave her the 1-2-3-go prompt and we battled. In about three seconds of battle she went soft and I won. The SECOND time, she began to get the hang of it. I knew that because she was starting to buckle me. Some here would know the sensation; you're losing and there's nothing you can do about it! After that second wallop of hers solidly drilled me nearly halfway over, she went soft again ..... In the years we dated I'd say that she won about 20 of these to maybe 12 for me, with an awful lot of "ties" mutually agreed upon. When I'd have an edge I often had a lot of trouble finishing her and she often would rear back and rally. When she had MY leg buckled, I couldn't come back most of the time. I knew that this sweet, bookwormish, very feminine and quietly cultured miss most likely could have won the vast majority of those battles but opted not to.

WaynieDSep 18 2015 6:38am
GFGfbi This is one awesome blog article.Really looking forward to read more.

ngMUPYvKMWDVAFHkSep 27 2015 11:34pm
6GIoq7 A round of applause for your article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

DMEMtjyaswhluOct 15 2015 7:12pm
BomTtG It as hard to find well-informed people about this topic, but you seem like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

YcqptgNuYNov 08 2015 8:18pm
In meiner Schulklasse hatte ich ein Mädchen, die viel stärker war als ich und teilweise auch die anderen Jungs. In der Sportstunde hat sie meistens die Jungs geärgert. Sie hatte ja viel mehr Kraft. Sie hat mit uns gekämft und uns in allen möglichen Varianten hochgehoben und Griffe angewendet. Im nächsten Schuljahr, als wir in die 8. Klasse kamen, haben wir wieder neue Schüler auf die Schule bekommen. Das eine Mädchen, die dann in die 7. kam, war bestimmt einen halben Kopf größer als das aus meiner Klasse. Die beiden konnten sich von Anfang an nicht leider. Einmal trafen sie dann aufeinander und das Mädchen aus meiner Klasse wollte ihr dann zeigen wer das Sagen hat. Als ich die beiden dann sah, konnte ich es nicht fassen. Das andere Mädchen hatte so große Muskeln, ich sah daneben aus, wie ein kleiner Junge. Das Mädchen aus meiner Klasse sah auch aus, als hätte sie Geister gesehen. Sie hatte auch keine Chance gegen sie. Für mich war es unfassbar, wie leicht das jüngere Mädchen mit ihr fertig wurde. Und noch beeindruckener war es, wie sie das Mädchen hochgehoben hat, über ihre Schultern gelegt hat und mit ihr Runden gedreht hat. Sie hatte sie bestimmt 5 Minuten auf ihren Schultern, bis sie sie runter gelassen hat. Sie hat sie danach noch ein paar Mal hochgehoben. Das Mädchen aus meiner Klasse hat sich danach nach Möglichkeit sehr weit weg von ihr gehalten. Das war echt ein unglaubliches Erlebnis.

ArnoNov 11 2015 9:57am
Als ich etwa 12 Jahre alt war hatte ich meiner Klasse ein Mädchen, dass zu Hause viel mit Gewichten trainiert hat. Sie hat öfter mal Jungs und Mädchen hochgehoben und durch die Gegend getragen. Sie war total stolz auf ihre Muskeln und hat sie auch immer präsentiert. Sie war zu der Zeit bedeutend stärker als ich.

axDec 03 2015 10:23am
Ha -- if the original subject includes those battles between a 38-year old woman and a 55 year old guy, then yeah, I had a few humbling "experiences" ....... This was not quite a year ago. A mobile outcall escort of 5'10 and maybe 210 lbs dropped by a few times. She was hourglass, pretty, leggity and cheery. And at light-wrestling, she was quite the winner despite her friendly, laughing attitude. I go 5'8 145. She smeared me at legwrestling every time, to such an extent that I used BOTH of my legs against her one -- and she won! What flanks on this babe! She had 27 7/8-inch thighs (no typo) ....... At armwrestling she has taken me so far 11 times to my once. Her upper arms, natural, go 14 1/2 inches, three inches more than mine ....... I was easy work for those legs when she bodyscissored. That's the kind with the legs at my sides instead of across my stomach. In one scissors, instead of the legs at right angles to me, she had her legs draped down nearly my entire torso and I was beginning to black out....... And dashed if she DID black me out, with one of those sleeper holds around my neck. And I have a thick neck. It wasn't a choke, but just a closing of my windpipe by those big arms. That took me by surprise. I had never been blacked out by anyone's arms........ Perhaps all that qualifies as a "younger girl" experience :-) ? Really, when I was seventeen, she hadn't been born yet.

WaynieDDec 27 2015 7:57am
At the age of 17 I was 5' 7" tall and weighed 114lbs. Our neighbours' 14 year old daughter was about 2" shorter than me but about 7lbs heavier than me. Although she was three years younger than me she was very much my physical superior. She could run faster than me, throw further than me and lift more than me. On one occasion she took me on at wrestling and beat me in front of her two brothers and some female school friends of hers. She was much stronger than me and it took her less than a minute to secure me in a 'schoolgirl pin' much to the delight of the female spectators. I felt totally humiliated.

RicDec 29 2015 9:40am

ARqeFGrfNasDec 31 2015 5:10pm
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AnonymousJan 07 2016 10:14pm
I had a young neighbor who was ten at the time and i was thirty. She came in one day telling me she had beaten her mom at arm wrestling. I had to try this little girl. We sat at the table and gripped right hands. I found i could not bring her down and she could not being me down. We tried left handed and the same thing. i could not believe a girl this young could hold me to a draw in arm wrestling. i found out later her legs were her strongest part and very deadly.

Anonymous Jan 11 2016 6:06pm

AnonymousJan 21 2016 9:47am
I got absolutely emasculated by an ex-girlfriend. She lifted but was only 100 pounds or so. I don't exercise and she made fun of my arms one night. I challenged her to am armwrestling match and she absolutely destroyed me in both arms. I was sweating and shaking while she just laughed and won easily. I could not believe that a woman I outweighed by 80 pounds could kick my ass so easily. That was eye opening and I have never felt like a bigger wimp. I was sore the next day too. Women that lift are stronger than you think. If you have delusions about being the stronger sex, like I did, one of them may just put you in your place. Final score, Christina 2 Ray 0

AnonymousJan 21 2016 9:53am
Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderern da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. Sie hatte extrem breite Schultern und dicke Arme, an denen ich die Adern am Bizeps und Unterarm sehen konnte. Ihre Beine waren auch sehr durchtrainiert. Sie hatte auf jeden Fall viel mehr Muskeln als ich. Zu der Zeit wog ich gerade mal 62kg, war also eher schmächtig, aber ich hatte auch einen recht guten Bezepts. Ihr ist aber auch mein Blick auf ihren Körper aufgefallen, sie hat dazu aber nichts gesagt. Wir haben dann wir immer etwas gequatscht und waren wie immer. Dann fragte sie mich, wie viele Klimmzüge ich schaffe. Da hatte sie mich, ich konnte gerade mal einen. Ich sagte ihr, ich kann 5, und versuchte dann das Thema zu wechseln. Darauf lies sie sich aber nicht ein und wollte das wir das hier auprobieren. Also musste ich ja doch ran. Ich stellte mich an die Stange am Spielplatz und habe versucht alles zu geben. Mit Mühe habe ich gerade mal einen Klimmzug geschafft. Sie lachte mich aus und sagte, ich zeige dir mal wie das geht. Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war soo aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen.So wie das aus sah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, dass sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. Dann stand Sie mit den Händen in den Hüften über mir und sagte, dass ich aufstehen soll. Nun standen wir uns gegenüber, sie größer, schwerer und bedeutend muskulöser. Sie meinte, darauf habe ich schon seit unserer ersten Begegnung drauf gewartet. Ich hatte zwar schon im Fernsehen Wrestling gesehen, aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen soll und vor allem bei dem Gegner. Sie kam auf mich zu und wir packten uns an den Händen. Ich war sofort auf meinen Knien und hatte den Kräftevergleich verloren. Sie ließ mich wieder hoch und nahm mich in einen bearhug. Ich konnte meine Arme nicht befreien und meine Beine baumelten in der Luft. Ich habe kaum noch Luft bekommen und mir tat alles weh. Wie konnte sie nur so stark sein? Sie ließ mich wieder in den Sand fallen und ich konnte mich kurz erholen. Ich versuchte wieder aufzustehen, aber da griff sie mir schon am Bauch und hob mich kopfüber hoch und trug mich durch die Gegend. Sie ließ sogar einen Arm los und trug mich dann so weiter. Sie hob mich mit einem Arm noch höher und fasste mit dem anderen Arm an meine Schuter und schmiss mich so in den Sandhaufen. Ich war jetzt schon k.o., aber sie hatte gerade erst angefangen. Ich sag zu ihr hoch und sie spannte ihren Bizeps an. Oh mein Gott, ist der groß, dachte ich nur. Ich hatte ja auch einen Bizeps, aber im Vergleich zu ihr war der mikrig. Ich hatte 31cm Oberarmumfang, aber sie musste mindestens 36 oder 37cm haben. Sie hat mir wieder hochgeholfen und dann mit einem Arm zwischen meine Beine gegriffen und mit dem anderen an meine Schulter und mich hochgehoben und ist mit mit wieder eine runde gelaufen, als wenn wir Zuschauer haben, und hat mich wieder zu Boden geworfen. Das macht solchen Spaß, sagte sie dann zu mir. Ich wollte eigentlich nur noch weg und hatte Angst, was sie mit mir anstellen will. Ich hatte gegen ihre Kraft null chance. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt, noch nicht mal die starken Jungs aus meine Schule haben so viel Kraft wie dieses Mädchen. Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, dass machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armn und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen.Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hingich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

GeorgMar 25 2016 7:49am
Das ist unglaublich

LukasMay 04 2016 3:31pm
leute beim einen poll kann man nichts mehr senden, wenn ihr wollt kommt mit euren namen auf chat2000 da können wir ja weiter schreiben ich bin fast immer da

KaiMay 05 2016 5:51am
Da komme ich nicht rein, die wollen da ein Passwort haben.

LukasMay 05 2016 7:14am
Warst du heute schon wieder mit deiner Schwester trainieren?

LukasMay 05 2016 7:15am
Nimm den Namen Lucas12345 oder so wenn da steht passwort musst du einfach einen anderen Namen wählen und los gehts drücken

KaiMay 05 2016 9:18am
Ja, schown wieder und sie ist jetzt noch stärker und sexier als zuvor. Mittlerweile sind ihre Beinmuskeln noch dicker geworden und beim Training ist ihre Jeans zerissen

KaiMay 05 2016 9:19am
Sag bescheid wenn du drinnen bist

KaiMay 05 2016 9:32am
ich bin jetzt drin unter likelikeLukas

LukasMay 05 2016 9:38am
Bist du nicht mehr im Chat, Kai

LukasMay 05 2016 10:01am
Kai, kam deine Schwester wieder dazwischen?

LukasMay 05 2016 11:38am
Gerade kam meine Schwester mit ihrer Freundin wieder. Meine Schwester ist dann auf Toilette gegangen. Da kam ihre Freundin bei mir an und, ohne Vorwarnung, fasste sie mir um die Hüfte und hob mich hoch. Sie hielt mich eine Weile und schaukelte mich hin und her, dann ließ sie mich wieder runter. Sie sagte zu mir, du bist ja richtig leicht und ging wieder zurück. Meine Schwester kam dann wieder von Toilette runter und dann sind sie in ihr Zimmer zurück. Ich konnte gerade gar nichts sagen.

LukasMay 05 2016 12:14pm
Ich bin wieder da

KaiMay 05 2016 12:42pm
Sag bescheid wenn du drinn bist

KaiMay 05 2016 12:48pm
Ich komme da leider nicht mehr rein, das lädt zu lange. Ich habe nur so einen Internet-Stick und die Verbindung ist jetzt am Abend so langsam

LukasMay 05 2016 1:01pm

KaiMay 05 2016 1:07pm
ja, das finde ich auch. Ich kann hier drüber schreiben, aber das lädt bei mir eben etwas länger

LukasMay 05 2016 1:08pm

KaiMay 05 2016 1:11pm
War deine Schwester wieder da?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:13pm
Ja, sie wollte das ich sie beim Duschen einschäume

KaiMay 05 2016 1:14pm
Musstest du sie wieder befriedigen? hebt sie dich beim Duschen auch immer hoch?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:16pm
Ja, heute musste ich sie erstaunlicherweise nicht noch mehr befriedigen. Sie hat mich hochgehoben und mich auf ihre Schulter gesetzt

KaiMay 05 2016 1:18pm
Ich finde es krass, wie eine 13 jährige mit dir umgehen kann. Wenn ich vor ihr stehe, gehe ich ihr ja gerade mal bis zur Schulter

LukasMay 05 2016 1:20pm
Sie lacht mich die ganze Zeot aus und zerstört mich. In der Dusche lachte sie laut als ich meine Errektion präsentierte und sie gab mir einen Schlag in Gesicht. Kleiner Perversling, bist wohl etwas erregt huh? Dann grinste sie und hob mich auf ihre Schulter.

KaiMay 05 2016 1:22pm
Ihr Körper ist so sexy, dass ich nach dem Duschen Gliedschmerzen hatte. Sie liebt es enge Sachen anzu ziehen und mir zu zeigen und zu sagen wie schwach ich bin. Einmal zog sie Nylonstrümpfe und eine Bluse an. Bei jedem Schrott spannten sich ihre Waden an und pumpten sich auf, bis die Strumpfhose einfach zeriss

KaiMay 05 2016 1:24pm
Was machte sie dann? Du bist ja eigentlich der "große" Bruder?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:24pm
Heftig, hat sie die Bluse auch zerrissen?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:25pm
Danach, saß ich auf ihren mega Schultern. Sie forderte mich auf von oben ihre Haare einzuschäumen. Na gefällt es dir kleiner Bruder? Ich bin für sie der kleine Bruder. Als ich fertig war musste ich an den Stellen einschäumen an denen sie anspannte. Als ihr Unterleib drann war bemerkte ich, dass sie selbst dort Adern hatte und steinhart war. Als ich fertig war, sagte sie gut gemacht Bruder und ließ mich gehen

KaiMay 05 2016 1:28pm
Ja, sie hat einfach ihre Brüste angespannt und die Bluse riss durch.

KaiMay 05 2016 1:29pm
Siehst du bei ihren Muskeln einen Unterschied vor dem Training und nach dem Training, wenn ihre Muskeln aufgepumpt sind?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:31pm
Ja auf jeden Fall, vor dem Training trägt sie oft einer meiner engen Hemde und eine enge kurze Shorts. Wenn sie aufgepumpt ist, muss sie darauf achten nicht anszuspannen, denn sonst explodiert die Kleidung

KaiMay 05 2016 1:33pm
Ihre Muskeln sind nach dem Training leicht rötlich

KaiMay 05 2016 1:33pm
Hebt sie dich auch vor dem Training hoch, zum aufwärmen?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:35pm
Nein ich bin ihr zu leicht aber sie hebt die Couch während ich drauf sitze mit ihren Beinen zum warm up

KaiMay 05 2016 1:35pm
Hast du denn noch weitere Erfahrungen mit dem Mädchen aus deiner Schule? Oder gesehen was sie mit anderen macht?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:35pm
Sie hat mich einmal hochgehoben und kopfüber Baumeln lassen. Danach hat sie mir en Schlag in den Magen und tritt gegen den Kopf gegebenkai

KaiMay 05 2016 1:37pm
Ist sie in deinem Alter? Wie groß ist sie etwa?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:38pm
Ist sie die Stärkste an der Schule?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:39pm
Sie ist 15 und ungefähr 1,81 groß

KaiMay 05 2016 1:39pm
Jap sie ist die Stärkste von den Schülern in der Schule

KaiMay 05 2016 1:40pm
Also ist deine Lehrerin etwas stärker als sie? Zumindest noch

LukasMay 05 2016 1:41pm

KaiMay 05 2016 1:41pm
Hat auch kein anderer Junge ihrer Kraft was entgegen zu setzen?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:42pm
Nein, absolut niemand

KaiMay 05 2016 1:42pm
War sie schon seit dem du an der Schule bist, stärker als du? Zeigt sie das allen, dass sie viel stärker ist?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:44pm
Sie war nicht so seit ich auf der Schuke bin, erst seot sie 13 geworden ist. Sie zeigt inmer ihren Bizpes damot alle wissen wie stark sie ist

KaiMay 05 2016 1:45pm
Wie war sie vorher? Wie hast du das bemerkt, dass sie immer stärker wird?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:46pm
Sie war vorher extren schlank aber dann

KaiMay 05 2016 1:48pm
Hatte sie vorher gar keine sichtbaren Muskeln? Gehörte sie da eher zu den Schwächeren?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:50pm
Docj sie hatte einen sixpaxk, mehr aber nicht

KasMay 05 2016 1:51pm
Muss off ich erähle dir morgen alles weorlter

KaiMay 05 2016 1:52pm
Wie kam das, dass sie dann so stark wurde? War sie da schon so groß?

LukasMay 05 2016 1:52pm
Ich weiß nicht wieso sie so groß wurde, aber sie war rurnerin, basketballerin und gymnastin

KaiMay 05 2016 10:45pm
Sag Bescheid wenn du in den chat gehst, ich muss dir was erzählen

KaiMay 06 2016 6:21am
Ich bin drin

LukasMay 06 2016 1:15pm
Das ist jetzt wohl schon zu spät :( du machst mich echt neugierig

LukasMay 06 2016 1:30pm
Wann kannst du heute?

KaiMay 07 2016 12:00am
ich bin jetzt wieder drin

LukasMay 07 2016 12:15am
Kai, wo bist du hin? Wie viel hast du noch gelesen?

LukasMay 07 2016 1:05am
Hallo Kai, ich kannte auch ein Mädchen dass sehr muskulös war.

TobiMay 07 2016 3:30am
Tobi, erzähl

LukasMay 07 2016 3:55am
Von einer Freundin von mir die Freundin war extrem stark

TobiMay 07 2016 4:14am
Was hat sie gemacht? Wie alt war sie`

LukasMay 07 2016 6:01am
Lukas, ich musste mit meiner Mutter wieder duschen gehen und ihr beim Training zusehen

KaiMay 07 2016 6:25am
Wenn du in den chat kannst dann komm

KaiMay 07 2016 6:25am
Ich bin wieder im Chat

LukasMay 07 2016 12:57pm
Kai, wann kannst du wieder in den Chat? Bist du gerade wieder bei deiner Schwester und Mutter?

LukasMay 07 2016 1:24pm
Ich habe sie früher immer geärgert, da war sie noch kleiner. Als sie dann älter wurde, wurde sie leider auch größer und stärker als ich und hat sich dafür gerecht, dass ich sie immer geärgert habe. Sie war da gerade erst 14 Jahre alt.

TobiMay 07 2016 3:41pm
Tobi, wie hat sie sich bei dir gerecht? Wie groß ist sie und wie groß bist du?

LukasMay 08 2016 1:08am
Kai, wann bist du wieder im Chat?

LukasMay 08 2016 1:09am
Als sie so 12/13 war, da war sie schon etwa 1,75m und dann ist sie in dem einen Jahr mindestens 10cm gewachsen. Sie muss in der Zeit auch sehr viel Krafttraining gemacht haben, anders ist mir das nicht zu erklären, dass sie solche Muskeln und Kraft hatte. Sie hat mich rumgeschubst, dann hochgehoben und auf den Boden geschmissen. Ich bin etwa 1.80m

TobiMay 08 2016 5:51am
Wow Tobi, das ist wahnsinn. Wie hat sie dich denn hochgehoben? Hast du sie früher auch immer hochgehoben?

LukasMay 08 2016 7:05am
Kai, bist du wieder bei deiner Schwester zum Trainning?

LukasMay 08 2016 7:06am
Nein, ich habe sie nicht hochgehoben. Nur rumgeschubst und so. Ich hätte sie auch nur normal hochheben können. Sie hat mir mit einer Hand zwischen die Beine gegriffen und mit deiner anderen an die Schulter und mich hochgehoben, ist ein bisschen rumgelaufen und hat mich auf den Boden geschmissen. Dann hat sie meinen Kopf zwischen ihren Beinen eingeklemmt und mich kopfüber mit einem Arm hochgehoben und mit der anderen mich am Rücken festgehalten und mich wieder runter geschmissen. Ich lag total fertig am Boden und sie hat nur gelacht und ihren Bizeps angespannt. Ich musste richtig schlucken als ich ihre Muskeln gesehen habe. Ich habe da nichts entgegen zu setzen

TobiMay 08 2016 10:11am
Oh wow, sie scheint ja richtig stark zu sein. Hat sie dich denn noch öfter hochgehoben?

LukasMay 11 2016 8:57am

KaiMay 17 2016 1:52pm
Versuch ab und zu in den chat zu kommen

KaiMay 17 2016 1:57pm
Ich hatte seit ich in der 5. war eine sehr große und nette koreanische Lehrerin. Sie unterrichtete Philosophie, Deutsch und Latein. Wir verstanden uns ziemlich gut, fast wie Freunde. I

KaiMay 17 2016 2:10pm

AnonymousMay 19 2016 9:56am
Ich war kleiner als sie und sie wirkte immer stark sowohl von der Persöhnlichkeit als auch Ausstrahlung. Einmal hatte sie mich in einer Ehtikstunde gefragt, da wir das Thema Schöhnheit hatten:"Kai, was ist dein Geschmack... wann ist für dich eine Frau schön?Also, so als Frage...haha" "Ehm...naja... die Frau sollte halt schon trainiert und nicht pummelig sein." "Ah... also ist das so ein typisch schönes Bild für euch jungen Männer?" "Naja,.. jeder ist anders" "Hmm... okay verstehe". So ungefähr lief das Gespräch ab und jetzt nach so 4 Jahren habe ich etwas unfassbares entdeckt. Da es ja momentan heiß ist, hat meine Lehrerin einen kurzen Rock also bis über die Knien angezogen, stöckelschuhe und ein Hemd mit Knöpfen. Über ihre Größe brauchen wir nicht zu reden, sie ist größer als meine Schwester und ihre "Attribute" größer. Natürlich blickte ich auf ihre Beine und wurde direkt erregt. Ihre Waden waren so verdammt muskulös und definiert. Dann begann ich weoter hoch zu gucken, in ihrem Rock waren dicke Hügel an den Stellen der Beine, ihr Hemd sah so aus als würde es bald platzen und ihre Schuhe als würden sie bald brechen.

KaiMay 19 2016 1:49pm
Ich war nicht der enzige der es bemerkt hatte aber ich war der einzige der verstand, dass es Muskeln waren.

KaiMay 19 2016 1:51pm
Wow, wie alt war sie denn, hast du irgendwelche Erfahrungen mit ihr gehabt?

KaiMay 19 2016 7:48pm
Sie war 34 (P.S nimm meinen Namen nächstes mal raus bei deinen Comments, nicht das die Leute denken ich befrage mich selber)

KaiMay 19 2016 11:41pm
Ich musste die ganze Zeit auf ihre Waden starren. Am Ebde der Stunde als ich der letzte war und weggehen wollte, stoppte sie mich. Sie hob mich am Kfragen hoch und grinste:" Du warst heute echt gut in der Stunde, weiterso" . Ich flog so hoch in der Luft, dass ich dachte wenn sie mich jdetzt loslassen würde, ich mich erndthaft verletzen könne. Sie war so riesig, dass sie dich bücken muss um durch die Tür zu gehen.

KaiMay 19 2016 11:48pm
Wie sah sie denn aus und was hat sie noch gemacht mit dir

KenjiMay 20 2016 6:55am
Sie hatte extrem große Brüste und Nippel, sie hatte schulterlanges schwarzes Haar, mittelvolle Lippen, hohe Wangenknochen und lange Wimpern. Einmal in Latein, während wir Aufgaben erledigen mussten hatte ich ne Frage. Sie kam zu mir und setzte sich auf mich

KaiMay 20 2016 12:24pm
Lukas ich war gestern weg als du mich auf Chat angeschrieben hast

KaiMay 21 2016 8:04am
schade, ich versuche es gleich noch mal

LukasMay 22 2016 7:22am
Hm du warst leider nicht drin, ich wollte dir noch was neues von der Freundin meiner Schwester erzählen :)

LukasMay 22 2016 11:28am

kkMay 26 2016 7:28am
ok, wann kannst du wieder?

kaiMay 26 2016 7:29am
ich war jetzt die ganze Zeit drin, aber ich hab dich nur kurz gesehen und dann warst du wieder weg

LukasMay 27 2016 10:25am
Oh, man kannst du jetzt?

KaiMay 27 2016 12:41pm
schreib einfach das was du mir erzählen wolltest hier

KaiMay 28 2016 4:20am
ich muss der auch noch was erzählen

KaiMay 28 2016 4:21am
Kai, sie war vorhin wieder da und sah toll aus. Als meine Schwester was zu trinken gemacht hat, kam sie bei mir an. Ihr Bizeps war total aufgepumpt. Sie hat gesagt, dass sie gerade trainiert hatte :)

LukasMay 29 2016 2:49pm
Wann kannst du wieder?

KaiJun 04 2016 9:45am
Hallo, ich habe das was ihr geschrieben habt schon beim anderen Poll gesehen. Ich hätte euch da auch was zu erzählen

EnzamJun 07 2016 6:24am
Hey Enzam, was hast du den erlebt?

LukasJun 09 2016 10:41am
Also , meine Schwester hat eine Freundinn und sie ist mega stark

enzJun 11 2016 4:43am
Was hat sie mit dir gemacht und wie sah sie aus?

KaiJun 12 2016 1:07am
Als meine Schwester was in der Küche gemacht hat, hat sie sich umgeschaut. Dann kam sie zu mir rein und begrüßte mich. Ich war so buff als ich sie gesehen hab. Nicht dass sie mega sexy aussah, nein durch ihr hemd hat man mega dicke arme gesehen. Sie sahen so hart und solide aus ... boah

enzJun 12 2016 10:14am
Enz, wie alt ist sie denn und was hat sie dann gemacht?

LukasJun 12 2016 12:48pm

enzJun 13 2016 10:08am
Ich musste die ganze Zeit drauf starren und sie merkte es natürlich. Sie lachte und fragte:"Hast du noch nie einen Bizeps gesehen?" "Doch aber nicht so einen großen und erst recht nicht an einem Mädchen" "Soll ich dir mal zeigen was ein Frauen Bizeps so kann?" Ich nickte und sie hob mich am kragen mit einem Arm hoch.

EnzJun 13 2016 10:41am
Wow Enz, das ist echt stark. Wie viel wiegst du denn? Und wie sieht sie aus? Und wie hast du reagiert? Hat sie denn dann noch was gemacht?

LukasJun 13 2016 2:25pm
Ich bin etwas kräftiger und wiege 70kg. Womit bei der Bescbreibung soll ich anfangen?

EnzJun 14 2016 6:54am
Und sie hat dich mit 70kg einfach mit einem Arm hochgehoben? Wie groß ist sie und was wiegt sie?

LukasJun 14 2016 12:19pm
Ich weiß nicht wie viel sie wiegt aber sie ist gur drei Köpfe größer als ich

EnzJun 14 2016 2:41pm
Ouha, beschreib doch mal ihr gesicht und ihr Bauch

KaiJun 15 2016 6:35am
Sie hat lange schwarze Haare, braune augen, schmale lippen, eine perfekte nase, mega weiße zähne und hohe wangen. Ihr Bauch ist mega muskulös. Ein eightpack mit adern

EnzJun 15 2016 7:09am
Kannst du noch was von deiner schwester erzählen, kai?

EnzJun 15 2016 10:32am
Nur wenn du mir mehr von dem anderen Mädchen erzählst

KaiJun 16 2016 8:38am
Waas soll ich dir noch erzählen?

EnzJun 17 2016 7:02am
Schade, hätte so gern mehr von deiner schwester erfahren

EnzJun 22 2016 8:54am
As a kid of about 16, I somehow managed to wind up in a tug-of-war in the street with a girl. I must have been 5'6, maybe 125, and a quite competitive punk. It was on-the-spot duel, over whose jumprope it was, something along those lines ...... She was maybe 13, went about 5'7, slender, and long-limbed. And in a pretty long one-sided battle, she was pulling me solidly toward her every step of the way with those long legs of hers. I was thinking "This is ridiculous", and watching the backs of her thighs flounce and gnarl and pull my best efforts toward her. The end came when a buddy of mine, seeing the problems I was having, rushed out to help me. We wound up pulling her toward us. The girl was sort of pigeon-toed and she wasn't real pretty, but what a set of long legs she had.

WaynieDJun 29 2016 5:32am

GsvdvdbdbevJul 15 2016 7:14pm
Nach einiger zeit in ich wieder da, lukas

KaiJul 22 2016 8:07am
An asterisk might be required here. The "girl" in question was about 5 years younger than me. I would put her at between 35 and 38......I hooked up with her at one of those porn places with small private rooms. She was one of the nude "dancers" behind a glass door .....She was my height at 5'8, and maybe 160-165 pounds to my 145. She wasn't gorgeous-pretty but still attractive in sort of a druggy way, with an odd-colored short hairstyle. The thing I first noticed was that she was extremely leggy, with what looked like retained baby-fat amplifying the obscene curves of her calves, knees and .... those thighs! I paid the charge for the tiny back room and asked if she would be into some light-wrestling. She said sure ..... With both of us kneeling, it took her about five seconds to bowl me over and pin me with those big knees. It was more like a burial than a pin. She could have kept me pinned all night ...... We armwrestled. She won! She didn't have especially big challenging arms but she was good at it ..... We legwrestled. That's the kind where you lay on your backs, grab each other's shoulder, and use one leg each wound behind the other's at the knee. Her thighs were over five inches thicker around than mine. Up against those overbuilt Rockette gams I wound up being slaughtered at it every time we went at it ..... Next was a favorite comparison event of mine -- a bodyscissors, with her legs at my sides rather than across the stomach. Well, it turns out she had done those before. Thighs 25 1/8 inches around apiece, plus those high school girl-shaped 15 1/8-inch calves simply tautened and wrenched out the worst wails and noises of submission I ever recall making ..... Of course, she wasn't a "young young" girl as was probably the topic here, but what POWER she had in those soft, ridiculously overdeveloped female legs.

WaynieDJul 25 2016 8:39am
I was 22, and was challenged to arm wrestle an 11 year old Gymnast. I punked out. I could tell she would win. I still beat off everytime I recall this, and it was decades ago.

PatheticJul 30 2016 11:33am
Kai, wann bist du mal wieder online? Was gibts neues von deiner Schwester und ihrer Freundin?

LukasJul 30 2016 4:01pm
Komm einfach wieder chat2000

KaiAug 01 2016 1:36am
Ich bin Abends immer online

KaiAug 02 2016 2:12am
Ich erzähl dir dort alles

KaiAug 05 2016 1:09am
irgendwie verpassen wir uns leider immer. ich versuche es heute Abend noch mal. ich bin schon echt gespannt

LukasAug 05 2016 4:38pm
Ok, um wie viel Uhr willst du es heute versuchen?

KaiAug 06 2016 1:21am
Lukas bitte melde dich

KaiAug 11 2016 6:47am
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