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To all small weak men with bigger stronger moms: did mom continue to spank you because you were smaller than she?

Question: My mom put me over her knee until I moved out when I was 19. Simply because even after my full growth, I was still a lot smaller and weaker than she. So to all you small weak guys who have bigger stronger mom.Did mom continue whoppin yo butt into your early adulthood because you remained smaller and weaker?
Created by: yeado at 04:26:29 AM, Saturday, June 19, 2010 PDT


Although I am a tall skinny guy who is small and weak, I was never spanked or otherwise beaten up by any lady, large or small (THANK GOODNESS FOR ME!!!). However, I wonder how a 6-foot-1, 120-lb small weak man feels after his 4-foot-11, 190-lb big strong mother grabs him, overpowers him, drags him across the room, puts him over her knee and then spanks the living sh!t out of him before she finally lifts him over her head, carries him off into her bedroom and then slams him flat on his back straight down onto her queensized bed (OR OUT IN THE HAYSTACK!!!). Use your own imagination as to what most likely followed. I am sure that in a country as big as ours (perhaps way out in farm country where no one notices!!!), this exact scenario must have played out somewhere (a short, husky, frighteningly muscular, big strong mother taking complete physical (and perhaps SEXUAL) charge over her towering tall, skinny, SMALL WEAK RAIL-THIN SON!!!).

AnonymousJun 19 2010 2:25pm

Theres no age rule. If you are small and thin enough, it could go on for a lifetime. Well atleast until mom gets osteoperosis and her bones srinks. My mom remained much bigger and stronger until she hit 70, then she started shrinking. Now at 42 and she 84, I can say for the first time I am bigger and stronger than mom, but only ever so slightly

AnonymousJun 20 2010 1:28pm
At 5`3 and 118 lbs, I just wonder what size I will be at 84 lol

AnonymousJun 20 2010 1:34pm
I am only 5'2" and 95 pds at 18. My mom is bigger than me and she swats my butt but never puts me over her knee. My stepdad does. I also get swatted by my younger stepbrother who is only 13 but I can't do anything about it because he is about 4" taller and 25 pds heavier. I know my role and am use to it (although being bossed around by a 13 yo is a bit humiliating).

smallguy4ageSep 16 2011 5:18pm
I'm 24 and my mum's 55, and she often spanks me. She's strong and stocky, she has broad shoulders and big hands for a woman, and I'm very slim and feminine. My arms are really slender and childish, and I'm short and very light and skinny. She often spanks me for being out late, or not doing household chores. She also makes me wear short shorts and white t-shirts, and loves to tickle me in front of her friends and show off how girlish I am.

slinkytickleNov 03 2011 3:51am
My mom still swats my rear end but it doesnt hurt me since she is only a little bigger. Like smallguy4age I have two younger brothers who are lots bigger than me so I try and stay out of there way. I am 15 and they are 12 and 13. They outgrew me in the last few years and it sux but what can I do? The 13 year old swats me hard but the 12 year old isn't strong enough yet but he wrestles me down.

Sore ButtDec 31 2011 8:56am
Sore butt what is the height difference betewwn you and your brothers? My question to both Smallguy and sore butt would be what do you do to get swatted all of the time? Do you deserve this treatment? And do your brother feel that they need to assume the big brother positon for a reason or do they just like control. Do you feel more like the little brother because of this?

interestedJan 14 2012 7:52am
My 13 yo brother is 5 inches taller and has 20 pounds more wieght and the 12 yo is about 2 inches taller and I guess about 5 pounds heavier. He only recently got as big as me. I get spanked for talking back to my mom but so do my brothers. We laugh at her but I dont laugh at my brothers anymore because they hurt, especilly the 13 yo. He is strong enough now that he can pick me up and I cant stop him. He spanks my other brother to and we both are to small to stop him. I am embarrased especially when there frinds are over but I was always small for my age so I am use to it. Just when my brothers got in middle school and started to grow I became the little brother and it got worse.

Sore ButtJan 18 2012 2:09pm
Is there anything that you like about being the little brother/ having 2 big brother 2 now? do you feel like the baby of the family? how do your parents respond to this change?

AnonymousFeb 05 2012 8:02am
Is there anything that you like about being the little brother/ having 2 big brother 2 now? do you feel like the baby of the family? how do your parents respond to this change?

AnonymousFeb 05 2012 12:14pm
Is there anything that you like about being the little brother/ having 2 big brother 2 now? do you feel like the baby of the family? how do your parents respond to this change?

AnonymousFeb 05 2012 3:10pm
No I hate it. My mom doesnt even notice it except she makes me wear my brothers clothes instead of buy me new stuff. (Our dad left us a long time ago). My two brothers use to do what I said when we were younger but now I am owned by them. The 12 year old is getting worse too cuz he is getting taller. I dont know why I am not growing anymore, I am the shortest boy in my high school and it sux.

SBFeb 19 2012 2:41pm
This is sort of weird but last week my neighbor, who is a scrawny 18 year old, was talking back to his mother in the driveway and I watched as she grabbed his shirt collar and gave him 3 quick wacks in the butt. The 18 year old started crying immediately and ran into the house. It was funny but also kind of sad. She was both taller and heavier than him and it never really occurred to me before that she still treated him like he was 10 instead of 18.

Nosy NeighborMar 22 2012 9:00am
hey Sore Butt not sure if you still check this but I was wonderinghow your bros are treating you? Are you the little bro now, are they in charge when your home alone? do they like make you go to bed and stuff?

AnonymousJul 15 2012 12:14pm
Well my Mom works all day and I am suppose to be in charge while she is gone but my brothers dont listen to me ever. I dont really try to boss them and they usually leave me alone since they have there own friends and I have mine. But yes they pick on me at night sometimes but dont make me go to bed since my mom is home at nights.

SBJul 19 2012 4:11pm
By the way, my yougest brother is hitting a growth spurt and is now almost as tall as my other brother. I am not growing at all for some reason. My mom gave me all his clothes and they ARE TOO BIG!! I am humiliated secretly by this. His old swim suit is always falling off me and she wont by me a new one.

SBJul 19 2012 4:14pm
Nosy Neighbor is there anything new going on that you can report?

AnonymousAug 03 2012 9:12pm
does this poll still work

AnonymousOct 27 2012 10:36pm
I guess I am not the only one with this problem. My Mom still swats my rear and it hurts. I am 17 and she is bigger than me. She never does it in public but if I come home past 10 on weeknights she is waiting just inside the door and I get it. I also get it when I say something she don't like. I am small for my age but I don't think she should still be doing this. I told her that and she said I could stop it by being good.

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zsLKTgIMEDKsFklUDec 31 2015 2:59am
My much bigger and stronger mom still spanks me when I'm being bad... Sometimes my 2 little sisters spank me as well... email me at

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ZEPQWxbMeqOct 26 2019 2:42am
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soliloMay 05 7:50pm
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