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TV Sitcom: The Small Weak Man

Question: the dating life of a small weak man. He is smaller and weaker than 70 percent of all women. He is smart and witty with the ladies, yes they all know they could clean his clock and take him anytime. He is active in the dating scene and works in an office that is all female, who are also bigger and stronger. I can envision alot of hilarious situations. And it would be a hit because I think we are all into role reversals. It might be so big, that every guy is going to try to get himself small and weak. And the title would simply be the \
Created by: **MOVIEMAN** at 05:40:17 AM, Sunday, June 27, 2010 PDT


Title Small weak man

**MOVIEMAN**Jun 27 2010 12:42pm

Fox kept pushing back its reality show When Women Rule the World (although they did show it in England). I wonder if they had trouble getting sponsors.

obedient husbandJun 27 2010 3:08pm
the sponsors arent listening to the people in my opinion

AnonymousJun 27 2010 6:35pm
That's right!!! Sponsors take note: There is a whole lot of sampling and test marketing that needs to be done that is not being done. It's just like the slogan of JACK-FM ("We play what WE want!!!"). Imagine giving the frenzied public exactly what they want: A muscular woman easily defeating a well-built man in armwrestlng and also a big strong fat girl easily lifting a small weak skinny guy over her head.

AnonymousJul 01 2010 10:17pm
There was a syndicated show in the late 1970's called "All That Glitters" that took place in an alternate universe where Women had always been the dominant sex. It was a role reversal soap opera. The Women were all business executives and athletes the men were secretaries and housewives. It only lasted one season and I do not think the tapes exist in any form. It is not quite what the poll creator was talking about here since the emphasis was on social, financial and sexual Female dominance rather than physical dominance but it sort of approximates his concept.

obedient husbandJul 02 2010 6:30pm
Nothing turns me on more than a woman or a girl who is bigger and stronger than I am.

**Small**Weak**Man**Jul 03 2010 3:19am
Culture is changing. 20 yrs from now, every guy will be seeking a bigger stronger woman. Every woman will be seeking a cute little guy. Romance movies in that time, it will be the men who get the flowers, courted and swept off his feet by that beautiful, big strong woman

AnonymousJul 04 2010 11:35am
I think its natural for man to be turned on by a bigger stronger woman because genetically we know a woman is bigger and stronger. Pretty soon she will bigger and stronger

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