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A MALE BEING OUTLIFTED BY A FEMALE!!! Is this normal? Or is this ODD?

Question: Normal? Or ODD?
Created by: ECCENTRIC at 01:12:54 PM, Wednesday, July 14, 2010 PDT


IT HAS BEEN KNOWN TO HAPPEN!!! have you ever tried saying finsbury park backwards?

`??"Jul 23 2010 4:02pm

this is not ususual. since the ressesion hit two years ago my mam who is 40 lost her job.she then worked as a transporter in a furniture factory.she used to drive but one of the liffters hurt his back and my mam said she would help out she was weak at first but after four months she could left as much as the men and she developed big muscles in her arms they grew from 12" to 17" in 6 months and now has become addicted to building muscle her states are arms 17 calfs 16.5 thighs 24 chest 38 c and has a six pack she can lift a couch with me my brother and my dad on it she can press us all over her head with ease wrestling is no contest and she can beat us with her left in armwrestling even when we use both she can lift more with one had than we can with both and can press 395 and can curl 85 she is an absolute powerhouse and is the strongest in the furniture business and is the most muscular woman i have ever seen

weaker than mamJul 26 2010 10:13am
Lol of course it is normal, if the woman is bigger than the man. Im a small enough guy that some women could beat me to death in any hand to hand confrontation. That is also normal because I am a small guy and some women are pretty darned big

AnonymousJul 27 2010 1:58pm

: )May 15 2011 2:27pm
I am a slim guy, had an accident and had to go through physical therapy and spent some time at a gym. After the first visit thre I was shocked! It was a small gym, about 6-8 people at the most were working out on the different machines and free weights. The reason for me being shocked was that I was the only male there and I was by far the weakest of all. I later found out that these ladies were athletes that had been injured and was on their way back to normal strength. I felt small and weak seeing these muscular ladies lifting weights I could never dream of lifting. After a while we became friends, they thought it was quite normal that I was much weaker than them. The bigges of them, a shot putter was the one I got on best with, she was quite feminine despite her muscular physique and we started to hang out together and actually became a couple. I now realize quite a few women are stronger than me, even if I am today quite a bit stronger than I used to before my accident.

LAug 26 2012 1:58pm

AnonymousDec 19 2016 9:17am
Sometimes i accompany my girlfriend when she workout in gym. I’ve also noted that almost only women workout and i’m the only man there. Compared with this women who workout pretty hard with weights i’m weaker. The advantage is i have never to wait for weights because because the weights i use are not needed by the women because they are to light for there workout.

Henni Sep 01 11:49pm
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