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A question for all large women and girls (either fat or stocky): Did you ever physically overpower a skinny guy?

Question: Maybe at a gym or at the beach? If indeed you overpowered him physically (perhaps you are proud that you overpowered him!!!), was he shorter than you? Or was he taller than you? Or was he the same height as you? Also: Regardless of whether you are fat or stocky today, when you physically overpowered him (perhaps after you challenged him or after he challenged you), were you fat at the time? Or were you stocky at the time? You might also want to comment about how you overpowered him (armwrestled him, etc.), pointing out if he was the same height as you were, or how much shorter he was than you were, or how much taller he was than you were when you overpowered him.
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LOOOORDJul 16 2010 4:31pm

When I was in middle school I got in a wrestling match with a boy in my class who had been teasing me. I was shorter than he was, but probably weighed about the same, and i headlocked him, then tripped him. we fell to the ground, and I straddled him, then grabbbed his wrists and pinned his arms over his head. He tried to buck me off, but I haled him down, and made him admit he was pinned. A couple of other kids watched this, and he was still getting teased about it months later.

AnonymousJul 19 2010 1:58pm
Wowwee! You put that bully in his place!!! He most likely teased you because you were shorter than he was but you showed him who's boss!!! More girls and also more women should stand up for themselves the way you stood up for yourself. Even though you weighed the same as he did, your body was larger than his body (because you were shorter) which was most likely why you defeated him. He paid the price for misjudging your size! Teasing is yet another form of bullying. The only real way to stop a bully from bullying is to stand up to that bully (the way you did!!!) because ALL BULLIES ARE COWARDS BEHIND A MASK!!!

AnonymousJul 20 2010 1:42pm
Have a similar story from school. The bully in our class kept on hitting us other boys, sometimes we stood up to him but it always ended up with us being black and blue. One day we had a newcomer in the class, a girl. Big and mature looking for a girl 13 years old. She had a tough look and the other girls almost at once accepted her as their leader. She was taller than the rest of us and had filled out with breasts, wide shoulders (she was a swimmer), wide hips and fantastic curvy muscular legs. She almost always had short skirts. One day the bully was kicking the smallest boy's as when the this new girl saw what was happening. She just walked over to the boys where the bully was just pinning the smaller boy. She took hold of the attacker by the neck and threw him off. He was shocked, this was something new and he didn't know how to react so he tried to slap her. Big misstake! She caught his hand and then hit him in the stomach so he doubled up. She then took hold of his hair and pushed him to a wall where she hit him again. She once again pressed him to the wall and delivered a punch to his noose so he fell on the ground. She then sat on him pinning his hands above his head. He struggled but she could easily hold him down. She then slapped him until he promised not to attack anybody smaller than him. She then let him up. This boy was stupid enough to think she just was lucky and had taken him by surprise. About a week later he challenged her and quickly throw a punch in her stomach. She took the punch well, she was muscular from all the swimming and working out. After this punch the match was very one sided. She actually beat this guy quite badly, he had both his eyes blackened, he was bleeding from both noose and mouth. She then dragged him away and looked herself and the boy in the toilet, we never found out what she did to him in there but after this day he did what she told him to do. She had taken over completely. We all admired this girl, we dreamt of her, this strong girl actually got me into strong, big boned women and I got married to one many years later.

StuJan 10 2011 11:42pm
I'm sure I will regret sharing this from all the other posts the ignorance never ceases to amaze me. I grew up on a farm with 3 brothers that were LAZY so I seemed to do most of the hard chores and my parents appreciated it and in turn it made me quite strong. I'm not a short girl either, I have been 5'9" since I was 14. I'm not a skinny girl but I don't think I'm fat, *and here is where you guys will make fun of me so those that do f*ck off* when I was 14 I weighed 230 pounds, a lot of it was muscle but a bunch of it was fat, I had hips, slightly puge on my belly and broad shoulders with thick arms that were quite solid, mostly. Being honest. We had a bully in our school, he was taller than me, I don't know 6'? 6' 1? I'm never got the chance to measure him, He was in football as a Quarter back so he was in good shape. a side note(Why are coaches of football and wrestling in high school always encouraging their kids to bully people, Don't even tell me they don't I have watched them do this poo!) anyway, I was a freshman and he was a senior so he was 17 and I was new to the school. The first three weeks I watched him beat up and humiliate boys and even push girls around and pinch their ass, grab their breasts and what ever he wanted right in front of the teachers they would say oh Jessie and he'd be like awwwww, smirk make a motion like he shoots them with a gun and go on with what He was doing and the teacher would walk away. There was a boy I liked, He was just HOT, I like sci-fi nerds, He was..... *sigh* afraid of me, I had tried talking to him but when he saw me I'm a little taller than he is, he's really skinny, I disgusted him. He avoided me like I had poison flees he was going to catch, that would eat him to the bone and he would die. I'm older now, I'll admit I'm not exactly pretty, *Fathers by the way EVERY little girl needs to be told they are pretty and cute and beautiful at some point, early better than later* I'm older now, I'll admit I'm not Hideous but at the time I thought I was, I'm not ugly by any means but I don't get noticed either. So after around four weeks in I guess I rounded a corner and saw Jessie picking on this guy I liked. He was pushing him, and knocking his books out of his hands kicking him in the ass when he bent over to pick them up. I had never been in a fight before but I was furious, there was a teacher that was watching down the hall that was laughing. I stormed up to him and shoved him in the chest, he flew to the ground hitting back first causing him to grunt and gasp for air, he got up and ran up and punched me in the face hard twice, I was stunned but I didn't fall and I saw him winding up for a big one and grabbed his bicep stopping him cold n i punched him in the nose he flew to the ground again this time he was slower to get up and he stumbled backwards then took a few steps back. He said That's it your dead he ran at me and planted his shoulder into me and took me down hard when i hit i saw stars and was stunned again he was grabbing me around my neck with one arm into a head lock and tried to pull me off the ground. I grabbed his hand and pulled with mine to get his arm around my shoulder and it was hard but I slowly pulled it off of me he was looking at me with surprise, I didn't know why but he was not moving so I grabbed his shoulder with my free hand and shoved him off of me and got up that's when he punched me in the stomach I'd never been punched in the stomach and all the air rushed out of me and It hurt I got mad and punched him in the stomach but it was hard so I hit it again and again and against ill he was groaning and looked barley able to stand. I grabbed his collar and punched his hand three more times till I hit his jaw n hurt my hand so I let go of his collar and shook my hand he slumped to the floor out cold bleeding. They had to call an ambulance and I guess he was out cold for 3 hours. I was suspended for three days which was good I was really soar the next two days. My dad was proud of me and mother and one of my brothers. But when I got back to school and when he came back the next week and the rest of the time he was in high school he didn't mess with one person and if I told him something he did it and did it to a T.

KalliAug 29 2011 6:22pm
My bad, *I grabbed his collar and punched his face three more times till.........

KaliAug 29 2011 6:35pm
My bad, *I grabbed his collar and punched his face three more times till.........

KaliAug 29 2011 6:40pm
My bad, *I grabbed his collar and punched his face three more times till.........

KaliAug 29 2011 6:40pm
Kalli, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! No but I got pushed around a lot and wish Kalli would have been in my school and my friend!

MelissaSep 01 2011 6:44am
aww thanks hun

KaliSep 17 2011 5:50pm
During my school time i was beaten up by a few girls who were stronger than me. Because of this i was scared by stronger girls like Kali. When i had a girlfriend she was also stronger than me but she was a nice person. She helped me and protects me. Since then i had stronger girlfriends than me again and again. I’m used to it next to my girlfriend to be weaker.

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