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FOR LADIES ONLY!!! Do you believe too little attention is being focused on the clitoris?

Question: I ask this question because the mere mention of the word (CLITORIS!!!) seems to be forbidden everywhere. I once heard a 17-year-old girl call into Dr. Ruth Westheimer's (then) local radio talk program in New York City called 'Sexually Speaking' and she asked: 'Dr. Ruth, where's the clitoris?' Dr. Westheimer actually had to explain to the young lady, in detail (LIVE ON THE AIR!!!), where her own clitoris is. As a man who has plenty of intimate experience with ladies, I WOULD BE TOTALLY LOST WITHOUT THE CLITORIS!!! In fact, one of the above-mentioned ladies actually gave me the name 'Clitoris Man', saying to me: 'Some men are leg men'. 'Some men are breast men'. 'You're a clitoris man!!!'. Still, I do not enjoy having to limit my use of the word (clitoris) to intimate ladies in my life. I always wonder if some lady who I am having a friendly conversation with would suddenly slap me right across the face if I would even dare utter the word (clitoris) to her. I believe that to prevent or to suppress widespread knowledge of the clitoris (to females and males alike) is to suppress the advancement of the female herself. Men and women alike should be familiar with the clitoris and its sole function (sexual pleasure). How could a lady possibly enjoy a healthy sex life if she doesn't even know where her own clitoris is? In fact, it is mind-boggling (at least to me) that previously unknown details about the entire clitoris, most of which is actually internal (rivaling the penis in size!!!), were only recently revealed in the medical profession thanks to Australian urologist Dr. Helen O'Connell. Her groundbreaking work even forced the rewriting of medical publications. I believe it is a crying shame that all of this highly important knowledge has only recently come to light. Despite these new revelations, do you still believe too little attention is being focused on the clitoris? (You might also want to post your comments)
Created by: Clitoris Man at 07:00:19 AM, Saturday, July 24, 2010 PDT


guys dont pay enough attention to their own g-spot! I advise all guys to *ahem* dig deep and find that magical spot!

Goddess of Bountiful JoyAug 02 2010 3:00pm

R U by any chance referring to the Male Prostate gland , Goddess o' Bountiful etc. ???

Ashesh GhoseJan 25 2011 3:09am
Compulsory male training should be required by law so that males can properly fulfill their obligations and meet female expectations and requirements in this area. Voting, job holding, and property ownership should depend on completing such training and demonstrating proficiency to the female instructors. Perhaps an annual refresher course and demonstration of proficiency could also be required - much the way we have to renew our driver's license in order to continue to drive legally. If the rights of males depended on repeated demonstrations of proficiency in this area they would be more motivated to improve in technique and practice daily. Wouldn't it be delightful if a female poll worker or a female interviewer or a female boss or a female professor at a university, or even a female motorcycle cop could demand an on the spot demonstration of proficiency before the male could continue to vote, work, learn, own property or live free? Males would learn to like it - whether they liked it or not. So ends the civics lesson, boys.

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