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lift and carry

Question: is there any girl who can lift me as i am only 5'8\
Created by: mpsmps at 07:57:25 AM, Sunday, August 08, 2010 EDT


My name is Adaria. I am 23 years old and happen to resemble Lindsay Lohan in physical appearance somewhat except im not a drunk or a substance-abuser, of course...I happen to be a very clean, sweet wholesome law-abiding woman who happens to be very natural. Im very athletic and outdoorsy, blondish-brown hair, 5' 3" and between 165 and 170 lbs very solidly muscular especially around my legs and thighs. Im of northern Italian descent and I totally love hiking and camping and also cave-exploring. Im pretty sure I could carry you very easily for an extended period of time and distance depending upon your body weight.

AdariaApr 05 2013 11:08pm

Where r u Adaria?

mpsmpsAug 06 2013 9:24am
2TukY5 Thank you ever so for you article.Much thanks again. Will read on...

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I’m not sure if she can carry you, but when I was a bit younger I helped my mother (who was retired) babysit. I was 14 at the time and my mother babysat my niece and two other children. The other children were a boy name Jackson and his older sister Audrey. Audrey was 10, my niece was 7, and Jackson was like 5. I typically entertained the kids as they were roughly my age and we all got along pretty well. Audrey was kind of arrogant, but I didn’t mind too much. At that time you and I were of similar height as I was 5’7” ish, and I found an old scale so I figured we should weigh ourselves for fun. Jackson went first and he weighed almost 50 lbs. my niece was next and weighed 80lbs. I went next and weighed 109 lbs, and Audrey went last weighing in at 105 lbs. she was a somewhat stocky girl but also tall for her age, blonde, a little tan, and well endowed, but even so, I was surprised she could weigh 105 lbs. I said “wow the scale must be wrong.” To my surprise she said “that’s what I thought when I saw how light you were, but that is about how much I weigh.” I was surprised after that. I said “I’m pretty heavy don’t you think?” She said “oh no, not at all, you are super skinny and light my Aunt is shorter than you by a bit and weighs a bit more, and she’s light enough to carry, you’re super light.” I was in disbelief a bit, but it wasn’t brought up for a while until I began playing Minecraft with my niece and Jackson, Audrey wanted to join but I only had 3 controllers. My niece bet Audrey that if Audrey could pick me up and carry em my niece would forfeit her controller. I said “don’t be ridiculous, Audrey will hurt herself.” Audrey said “really, okay” and wrapped her arms around my waist, leaned back an inch or so and hoisted me off the ground without a terrible effort and held me in the air for a few second while walking around before putting me down. She didn’t look very tired or worn out, but I was absolutely shocked and I looked it too. She giggled and began playing. I was so shocked I decided I’d try to lift her to see how it was. After she got up from the chair at some point and moved around I wrapped my arms around her waist and heaved with nearly Herculean effort and could manage to get her a few inches off the ground and walk a couple steps with her. I put her down exhausted, and she had a weird expression with a smirk on her face. I said “see? It’s not that hard.” Audrey just walked away while looking at me. My niece left the room a bit afterwards as my mother called her and I was alone with Audrey. She said “wow, I can’t believe how strong I’ve gotten recently.” I asked what she meant and she said “I’ve been really practicing for cheer and it’s made me pretty strong, wouldn’t you say?” And she flexed her arms. Her little arms popped out mini boulders of muscles and she coaxed me into feeling them. They were absolutely rock solid, and as soon as I squeezed them she sprang into a bear hug.I gave up to her.

JackJun 23 2021 4:23am

jcuUglaqqApr 18 2022 8:28pm
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