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Younger Guys with bigger dicks

Question: So, I am a 17 year old guy, who's kinda fascinated with young guys that have big dicks, and makes fun of older guys with small dicks. I have never had an experience myself, but I know that my 13 year old brother have a much bigger dick than me, and I would love for him to find out about my 3 inches, and make fun of me.
Created by: Kig at 08:06:52 AM, Friday, August 20, 2010 EDT


sorry, guys, where it says "I have had an experience with a younger guy that has a bigger penis than me, but I would love to have it." it's supposed to say "I have NOT...

KigAug 20 2010 12:08pm you realize there are six or seven similar threads on this topic? Just type in 'YOUNGER' in the search box.

HenryAug 21 2010 5:20pm
I wish I had a big dick. I'm 20 years old, and my dick is 3 inches. at the pool's locker-room, I see like 10-13 year olds with dicks much bigger than mine, sometimes they even laugh at me, and gice me comments such as "Where did your balls go?" "How old are you? 5?" or "This is the men's room, I think you went in the wrong door, mrs."

LupieAug 23 2010 4:05pm
I'm 15, and my 12 year old brother who is the same height as me, is learning about puberty and stuff at school. And he asked me if I had gone through puberty. I just answered yes, and then he said "cool, so you have hairs down there too?" I don't have any hair there, so I said no. He laughed, and said "So I grew hair first, sweet!" He asked if I wanted to see, and I didn't dare to answer, but appearantly he knew what I wanted, and got naked. I got shocked, he had a large, manlike penis, with big hanging balls, and lots of hair. He told me to touch it. And I was like almost paralyzed, so I sat down on my knees, and grabbed his massive tool, i felt his huge balls, and his dick grew even more, it was at least 6-7 inches. He smiled c*cky and said "this is just like those Epic Boobs pics, with the girls who can't resist those amazing tits (Look'em up if you don't know them) We should call it 'Epic Dick, can turn heterosexual males into faggots in 0.50 seconds, resistance is futile'" and laughed Then he told me to suck it, and I was like totally hypnotized, so I did it, and it was grose, but at the same time sensational. Then he told me to show him my dick, it's 2 inches, and when he saw it, he laughed, and asked if I got made fun of a lot in the locker rooms at school. I told him I didn't shower at school. And he said "Ok, because in my class, the guys with pin-sized dicks and no hair, like you, get's teased a lot in the locker rooms." And then he said that home could be our locker room, and since he was in puberty, becoming a man, and I was still just a boy, he could make fun of me all the time, and I had to do whatever he asks. Which now pretty much describes our relationship. He's also dating a gorgeous 14 year old girl I know. And I often tend to end up staring at her ass, and boobs, which she notices, and just tease me with sexy poses.

RonAug 28 2010 5:29pm
When I was 14 I was proud of my big 6" dick. I was definitely in the top 5 biggest guys out of about 60 my age at school. Even though it's only been 20 years since then, you here all the things about teens being so big nowadays. Is it just internet bragging? or have any of you guys seen, know of, or have one of these alleged larger dicks?

SteAug 29 2010 9:24am
My little brother has always cared about his body, I do too, but have limited time with work and school to devote to our home gym. He has always excercised and eaten healthy food. Has been doing sit-ups, push ups pull ups etc since he was around 6. As he got older I supervised him with weights to improve his body even better. I started puberty at 12, he started earlier at around 9. We share a similar family penis, I am a little bigger at 7.5in by 6.5in he is about a half inch shorter in both regards. Fairly short as a family I am 5'8 1/2", he is 5'7" and hasn't grown an inch in height since he was around 11 or so. So he was swinging 5 soft as early as 10. I remember one sleepover he had where I watched them to babysit, we all change to go swim and skinny dip, he is a self proclaimed nudist and works on his all over tan as often as he can, his friends were shocked at his development both with his penis size and his muscles. He is quite the lady killer, and I have helped him with that too :) we love each other as brothers.

CraigSep 01 2010 8:59am
I am 15 years old and my older brother is 17. I am about 6'3 and athletic. My older brother is about 5'7 and is thin. I've been taller than him since I was thirteen and he was 15. Recently, I discovered that my penis is far bigger than his as well. Mine is about 9 inches and his is about 5 inches. The other day, I walked into my brother's room in a pair of briefs and found he and his gorgeous girlfriend about to have sex. Anna, my brother's girlfriend, turned to me and noticed my size. She gasped and began walking over to me. She came up to me and started to rub my muscular chest and saying that I was a real man. She rubbed my penis and said "Wow, it really is that big. I bet you could satisfy like your little brother here couldn't." Then I started rubbing her big boobs and big, luscious booty. Soon we were having sex on the floor, my brother watching, too stunned to do anything. Since then Anna has become my girlfriend, and we have sex all the time. My older brother has become my slave, he recognizes that I am the dominant brother in our family.

mikeSep 16 2010 8:17pm
There is a huge tree fort back in the woods where I live, that all the neighborhood kids go out to, it is next to a pond and totally secluded. They go out to smoke/jack-off/whatever swim, skinny-dip, screw around with each other and girls. Have camp outs etc. Some of the boys are packing young, see little kids sporting soft ones that rival the older kids and teens, One boy in particular skews the average for his age single hand-idly. He started puberty around 9 or 10, and after a few years is a monster. Is almost 6 inches soft, 5 inches around, and hard gets to 8 inches by 6.5. On a short 12 year old it is freakish though. The biggest is a teen that although thin he is a little over 9 inches long, scary seeing that thing arch up to his chest, he can give himself a blow job too.

WoodsPlaySep 20 2010 1:44pm
I'm 19 and my step bro is 15. We're kinda tight, we talk about sex and things. I know that he's peaked at my c*ck, cuz I overheard him talking wirh his friend. How do I ask him to compare? What about maybe jerkin it with him?

bball18Sep 22 2010 10:14am
On a canoe trip with my brothers and our Uncle we met a family along the way and went into their sons canoe to finish the trip up with down the river. We went off down the slow fork and beached over on a secluded spot near some cliffs, so we could jump off a tire swing up the rocks off a hill. No one was around, and they took off their life vest and got naked, they said they were nudists, which explains why they were all wearing speedos for boys and teens usually embarrassed about their bodies. They had larger than expected penises, all were bigger than me and my younger brothers(me,13, and my 11 and 8 year old bros) they were 12, 10,8. The 8 year old was only a little bit smaller soft than all of us older boys, they were all about 4 inches soft. They all share a family size penis, at that length at least into and before the start of puberty. Their dad they say is 6 soft and 8 hard. And 7 around. The oldest brother and me were the only two with pubes and we all dried off on the bank and jacked off together than finished up the trip. Never saw them again.

AdamOct 29 2010 8:32am
Found out a lot of my relatives on my mother's side are hung. Was having a tent camp out in the woods with a bunch of the boy cousins etc. of mine. We all slept in this huge open tent. It was so hot outside that we just slept ontop of our sleeping bags, and most of us stripped down to just our underwear. A couple of the younger and older cousins though went nude at the drop of a hat. They were all brothers, and were huge, even the kids were big for their age, and the older boys were well into puberty. One was only 11 and was already around 6 inches soft he said, and since he was so short still, it hung down very low. The oldest was the biggest with a fat sausage at around 8x6. We spent hours jacking off and messing around and comparing, having fun. The 6 inch 11 year old was the only one that had the right proportions to be able to suck themselves off, he could get his whole shaft in, right down to the base, was so odd looking.

a non e mooseNov 04 2010 5:54am
Your all f*ckin weird

AnonymousFeb 23 2011 12:37pm
When I was 13 yo, I was 41/2 soft and 71/2 hard,I was 4'11 tall and was 90lbs. I sucked myself and that same age I discovered how far and much of a massive cum load my dick shot out.

unknownJun 23 2011 3:10am
anyone looking to rp alog these lines add/email kyleisawesomer @ live .com

fun_timesJul 27 2011 8:46pm
I'm 18, now, but I remember being the youngest in a group of cousins who live in the four corners of the US. Basically, we live in Georgia, my dad's brother lives in Vermont, my mom's brother is in Arizona, and my mom's sister is in Oregon. Anyways, we had a big get-together, ending up with John (17), Kyle (16), Jason (14), and me, Joseph (12). We would basically play video games, go break windows, etc. I remember when we went to go swimming, Jason suggested we all look at each other naked. We all thought, "Sure, what the hell." I remember that John was the second biggest (hanging at four inches, Jason was third (hanging at three, almost), and Kyle was the smallest (poking out at one inch, but thick as f*ck). But, me... My dick was enormous. It must have been almost seven inches long, and almost two inches across. And I didn't even brag! I didn't get being bigger was better, and I felt embarrassed, wishing I had Kyle's one-incher! Now, I'm 18, and hanging at 10.5 inches, and I'm over 3 inches across. Not suitable for sex, but damn, if it doesn't look good lol (last time I had sex was freshman year, could never fit in a girl comfortably after that).

JosephNov 14 2011 7:09pm
f*ck Me

:/Dec 03 2011 8:22pm
am 13 and my dick soft is 6 inches on hard my dick is 8 iches is my penis large for my age

AydenDec 07 2011 6:29am
Ayden, you're more than twice as big as me and I'm 27.

Ticklish-girly-armsDec 07 2011 8:37am
I'm 13 my penis is 7 inches soft and 10 inches hard is that weird

MonkDec 14 2011 4:32pm
10 inches. That's so big. It makes me feel so pathetic and feminised to know a 13 year old is three times the man I am. I bet you were bigger than me when you were really young.

Ticklish-girly-armsDec 15 2011 5:48am
That guy that sucked his brothers dick is f*ckin gay

AnonymousDec 25 2011 2:47am
one day when i was 12 my cousion and i went to a lake and he said that it was better if we got naked and swim that way. so i said yeah and we striped but before we went in i saw his dick and (he is about 14) and it was about 2 inches long and when he saw mine witch was about 4 he started sucking up to me cause he new that i was bigger and he was older. it is great! he was really mean

pi manDec 30 2011 4:26am
I'm 15 and walked in on my older brother making out with his sexy gf and I was about to go to bed so I was in underwear I went to ask for my cod mw3 back cause he had it and my bros gf came up to me and laid me down on his bed and undressed I just stood there thinking hell yeah! Because her huge tits were in my face and dick up her pussy. I am 7 in. Soft 11 in. Hard at 13 i was 4 soft and 7.5 hard also got blown at 13

LikeabossJan 16 2012 11:10pm
I'm 15 and walked in on my older brother making out with his sexy gf and I was about to go to bed so I was in underwear I went to ask for my cod mw3 back cause he had it and my bros gf came up to me and laid me down on his bed and undressed I just stood there thinking hell yeah! Because her huge tits were in my face and dick up her pussy. I am 7 in. Soft 11 in. Hard at 13 i was 4 soft and 7.5 hard also got blown at 13

LikeabossJan 16 2012 11:10pm
I'm 16 and my dick is 23 cm long is that too big ?

AnonymousJan 17 2012 3:49pm
im 13 and i am 7 inch soft, 11 inch hard. I came in late after i had a club after school. I walked into the room me and my bro share, and saw him and is gf making out. So i just casually started getting changed, then my bros gf said 'STOP!'. She came over and looked at ma package in ma boxers, then she ripped em off and started sucking me off. We then did everything!! It was awsome!

RickJan 19 2012 2:45pm
When I was 13 my dick was 8" soft 10" hard. Now at 17 its 11 soft and 13 hard.. Is that wierd?

hotskullJan 31 2012 4:35pm
I'm 20 inches

UnknownFeb 08 2012 1:12pm
my dick is only 3-4 inches and i have the smallest dick so i took this dick grow and it got bigger

Trevon grahamFeb 10 2012 2:52pm
when i was 9 my dick was 20 inches soft and 40 inches hard

AnonymousFeb 29 2012 3:08pm

anoMar 06 2012 7:06am
i dream of having a younger brother to own me...stronger, bigger, more of a man in every way i wish i had had someone to service like that growing up.

kyleisawesomer@live.comMar 07 2012 7:00pm
I'm 15, I've been gay for about 2years now when I stay round my friends houses , I wait for them to fall asleep and I get horny and I slip my hand in there boxers and jerk them off&they love it, they betend to sleep but I say don't be shy and then we suck eachother off and we do everything, I've proberly come in contact with a males penis about 25 times now and my penis is around 5inches soft and 7inches hard & some of my friends get jealous & suck my dick its really horny, I'm gay I don't care I love c*ck!

big ballsMar 08 2012 3:00pm
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adfasfawe9sdjti wtjaerp04]ewfsdvkf'prlppppedisdssssstsyh aeya saMar 11 2012 12:55am
its true hey this young boys have big dicks 4sure lol bt I feel they cnt use thm dicks.size doesn't matter its hw u use ur c*ck,n b able 2 satisfy ur chick that's all that matters

sizweMar 25 2012 2:33am
Im 14 and 5 inches soft. Bad?

8=====|)Mar 30 2012 8:42am
i'm 28 and only 2" hard

tinydickloserApr 04 2012 2:34am
Lol . I was tryna find porn and it went to this aha!!! tiny dicks wtf!!

JennwasmadeforyouApr 06 2012 5:14pm
This forum is just a bunch of people making up stories that sound like some homo-erotica poo that they want to get off their chest. God how the internet has fvcked up the truth about things..everyone has a big penis now with absolutley no proof! No straight answers on this site! Get this bull-poo page down.

SimonApr 07 2012 1:54am
Haha I was tryin to find porn and it went to this

Suck your dickApr 07 2012 10:37am
What the f*ck

FuckboobsApr 07 2012 10:39am
I got a nine inch dick

FuckboobsApr 07 2012 10:40am
I was trying to find sexy lesbians on here but it showed up tiny dicks what the f*ck this is a piece of funny f*cking poo

ShitdickApr 07 2012 5:37pm
This is f*cking weird and f*cking pooty f*cking terrible and I love f*cking sexy f*cking girls

TannerApr 07 2012 5:39pm
When I was 10 my dick was 20 soft and 60 hard

AlecApr 07 2012 5:49pm
I'm ten and my f*cking dick is 6 inches long and I got hair on my dick and I French kiss my girlfriend

TANNERApr 07 2012 6:26pm
f*ck this messed up poo and f*ck u f*ck Simon f*ck u ugly f*cking bitches on this f*cking websites y'all r f*cking weird and f*cking creepy and f*cking Perverts f*ck ass f*cker bitch ass n-----s f*ck y'all f*ck u f*ck city boys f*ck this website

TonyApr 07 2012 8:01pm
And my f*cking dick is 10 inches f*cking long f*ckers someone answer my f*cking questions so f*ck of f*ckers

TonyApr 07 2012 8:03pm
Damn tony stop cussing so much and if u call me a n----- f*ck u bitch

TANNERApr 07 2012 8:05pm
f*ck u n----- bitch f*cker f*ck so your ten and got a 6 inch dick huh well Im 15 years old and my dick is 11 inches long

TonyApr 07 2012 8:07pm
Guess what I was lying my dick is 10 inches bitch

TANNERApr 07 2012 8:08pm
I'm f*cking 16 and my brother was having sex with his sexy horny girlfriend and then I walked in and my brother wasnt there so his girlfriend stripped me naked and sucked. My f*cking dick and she made me but my dick up her pussy and suck her nipples and kiss her nipples and it was f*cking awesome

SteveApr 08 2012 4:52am
10 inches soft 40 inches hard 7 inches long that's pretty f*cking long for a f*cking 14 year old that is f*cking messed up poo my girlfriend saw my f*cking dick and she stripped and we had the best f*cking time of our f*cking lives f*ckers

TimothyApr 08 2012 2:18pm
I'm 12 and my f*cking dick is 8 and a half inches long. f*ck it bitch ass n-----. My girlfriend is 14 and we had hardcore f*cking sex f*cker ass n----- bitch ass

TannerApr 08 2012 2:20pm
I'm 13 years old and couldnt find my Jock Strap for joggong. I was about to take my brothers out of his drawer when my 17 year old brother walked in. He yelled "what the hell are you doing?" I told him I was gonna borrow his jock. He was about to yell again...but I tugged down his pajama's to his knees...and there it was..a super tiny dick. I said..what do you need a jock strap for...there's nothing to strap down. As he turned all red, I pulled down my sweatpants and started twirling my 8 inch dick. I said...THESE big puppies need support. I can't be bouncing and flopping all over the neighborhood. I then smiled and as I was leaving I said, you probably won't want your jock back because I'll stretch it all out and the pouch will be too big for you. Ha Ha

MeanieApr 20 2012 7:47pm
I'm 20 years old and hard I'm just over 8 inches, so pretty sizeable, I'll acknowledge that, but my brother is 17 and when he comes out of his room in just briefs and I get a look at his package, it looks huge, im convinced hes definitely way past me. He looks really thick as well. Makes me jealous, even with what I have. So frustrating

shaunApr 24 2012 9:46am
i am 19 years old, and my friend ruben (15), watched me being sucked by my my ex.... He interruptede saying 'my c*ck is much bigger' i was shocked but exited, my ex stopped sucking me and went with him.... i came out watching the scene....

AnonymousApr 25 2012 6:51am
i am 19 years old, and my friend ruben (15), watched me being sucked by my my ex.... He interruptede saying 'my c*ck is much bigger' i was shocked but exited, my ex stopped sucking me and went with him.... i came out watching the scene....

latinoApr 25 2012 6:52am
im 11 and my dick is 5 to 4 ch is that bab or good

AnonymousApr 26 2012 6:02pm
I'm 14 years old and my dick is 8 inches long and my brothers friend that was 19 walked inand saw me and my girlfriend having sex naked my dick came out of her pussy and said damn your dick is bigger than mine

TANnERMay 05 2012 7:21pm
I'm 11 and my dick is exactly 6 inches is that to big and I'm dating this 13 year old and she gets horny. She"ll pull my pants down and we shut my door and she sucks my dick and she will get completely naked and I'll kiss her nipples and we"ll have hardcore sex and now well have sex almost every night and she has big bOobs

BrysonMay 05 2012 7:53pm
I'm 10 years Old my dick is 5 inches long

ShaneMay 07 2012 2:52pm
I am 12 and my dick is 5" when hard. Is that 2 small?

KIAMay 07 2012 6:40pm
Dude I'm 14 and mine is 9 when hard and my girlfriend has sucked the f*ck out of it be4 and I'll put it up her puss

KipMay 12 2012 8:19pm
I'm 11 and and my cousins brother was having sex with his 13 year old gf and I walked in naked and my dick was bout 2 inches bigger than his and I said u don't have big dick cuz mine is 7 inches long when hard and he was so ebarresed and his gf dumped him

DanMay 12 2012 8:22pm
i had a 7 incher when i was 12 in sixth grade. i had the biggest dick in the shower room. i showed off a lot to all the other guys that had small dicks

12May 15 2012 11:39pm
When I was 15 I saw my little 2 yr old cousin running around with no diaper he was about 3 in flaccid and at that time I was only about 1 in flaccid

Sm blk guyMay 17 2012 7:01pm
I'm 13 and my di*k is 2.5 in soft and 6 in hard. Is that normal?

potato manMay 20 2012 2:24pm
why are all of you saying how big your dick is. its kind of... gay showoff.

my little pwnyMay 22 2012 8:09pm
Wow there are a lot of liars on this site.

betterthanyouMay 28 2012 4:16pm
Wow there are a lot of liars on this site.

betterthanyouMay 28 2012 4:16pm
Im 14 years old and my girlfriend was about to suck my penis when she realised my c*ck was big as 8 inch necause i had a boner. She was wanking me really fast and just when i had a orgasm my 11 year old brother walked in and he was shocked and ran off and told my mother i was having sex later that night i saw my brother humping his girlfriend she is 12. They were have butt sex his gf bouncing on top of him she had no boobs though

AnonymousMay 31 2012 4:01am
Im 11 turning 12 soon and my penis is 3 inches when erected is that normal and i also saw my friend in the toilets when i had to pee and his penis what very thick and pale and he is only 11 but he is tall and he has facial hair

Dyt 111May 31 2012 4:08am
Gay as white boys keep fantasizing becuz unlike you really like me are satisfied with our size and don't have to show off or lie we straight up bitches! So little kids get the f*ck off of here! Punks!

Slapp Lying Little BitchesJun 02 2012 12:26pm
dream on people. 6-8 inches in the norm. girls can fit 5-7 comfortably. some are growers, others are showers. but seriously, all f*cking your younger brothers. some of you are pedophiles in the making. imagine (which i won't) what you will do with your children when they are 10???

legal expertJun 04 2012 9:20am
im 14 and my dick is 8 inches hard. my 15 year old brother walked in on me getting a blowjob from my gf and a few minutes later i walked in on him jacking off about it and he was only 5 inches. he was really jealous and he really looks up to me now. we both are good looking and get loads of girls but im the only one who gets any sex because hes too embarrased. i always catch him looking at me naked so i think he might be bi.

hung boyJun 06 2012 9:01am
hey hung boy...your brother doesn't have to be gay or bi just because you catch him looking at you. Every guy is interested in seeing someone who is younger and larger. i think guys judge other guys as gay just ooo quickly.

small guyJun 06 2012 1:34pm
I'm 16 and 4 inches soft and 5.6 inches hard. I slept over at my cousins house with her and our friend, he is 12. When I woke up in the middle of the night the others were asleep and he was holding my hand tightly, with his other hand in his pants. I decided to take a look at his penis and what I saw was a soft about 4 inch soft dick and he still didn't have hair(leading me to believe he didn't go through puberty yet). I also put my hand on it and started to rub it softly so i wouldnt wake him. when it got nice and hard it was about 6 inches. He started to wake up so I left my hand on it with my other hand in his. Since we were in a 69 position he took his hand off his dick and reached in my pants and grabbed mine. We slept like that the rest of the night, and when i woke up he was sucking my dick and i pretended to sleep and enjoying it. I then started to stir as if waking up, so he let go of my hand and stopped sucking my dick and removed my hand from his dick. And even now we dont talk about it, but im still jealous at his size.

smaller than youngerJun 20 2012 2:06pm
i am 14 and me and my best friend went in the bathroom and he is 13 his was 7 soft and 12 hard mine was 7 soft and 11 hard wtf but it still felt good

bryceJun 20 2012 4:04pm
7in soft 2in hard....really

AnonymousJun 22 2012 6:42am
the funny thing is that more than half of you guys are lieing about your c*ck size because your emberrased about your size and i dont have an issue with that but lieing about sex is a whole nother story. for starters most people incruding me have sex for the first time around the age of 17 if not later if you have had unprotected sex before than your extreamly lucky, got a drunk girl to do it, raped a girl, has a sex proclamed older sibling who got you a girl. but back to the point its very rare to find a boy a girl that has had "full on sex" before the age of 16. also for you people who thinks im one of those little *ssholes who disslike people that are bi or gay im 16yrs old have a 6inch c*ck soft and 9inch hard i live in washington the fu*cking rainy state im bi and im proud of it if you want to say something about it say it to my face not over the fu*#king internet. anyways i hope you people you are incicure about talking about their true size can grow a pair and to you people that can tell the truth about their size good for you.

a kid who helps othersJun 30 2012 6:10am
Hey...learn how to spell. And stop making assumptions about others you have never met or likely to meet

pooJun 30 2012 5:20pm
big dick

AnonymousJul 01 2012 7:04pm
I am 17 and i am around 3.5 inches soft and 6-6.5 inches hard. That ok??

AnonJul 04 2012 12:27pm
I'm 12 and I started puberty at 8 I am now 5' 9" and have developed hair all over. My c*ck is 4 inches soft and 7 3/4 inches hard.

a personJul 10 2012 1:00pm
Im 14 and I have 9inch dick yup im proud and my 17 year old brother has a 7inch how do I know we jerk off together all the time

JasperJul 11 2012 3:14am

Your MotherJul 11 2012 1:41pm
Im 13 and my dick it 5in soft and 7in hard

martinJul 13 2012 5:27am
I'm 15 and my dick is 7 and a half inches softsoft and 10inches hard and my girlfriend also knows it to cuz we f*cked so if don't believe f*ck ur c*ck

ShitJul 13 2012 1:38pm
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I just turned 13 and my dick is 5.5 inches soft and 8 inches hard

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I just turned 13 and my dick is 5.5 inches soft and 8 inches hard

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My 12yr old brother is way bigger than me. Im 16 n 5'7" he is 5'9 n 20lbs heavier at 155. He reached puberty 5months before me at 10.5yrs old. He has a thicker bigger c*ck n huge saggin balls. He is 5.75/7.75 n im 4/5.25 with small balls that dont hang. He has more pubes n have pithairs. I have way less pubes that only covers a inch across the top of my dick. I envy him so much. He lets me pleasure him n i like it. It feels good playin with a mansize c*ck.

kevvAug 01 2012 6:14pm
Im 18 and my dick is aroun 7.7 inches (19.5 cm). Im a South Asian and at the moment Im quite aware that I have a very big dick according to my ethnicity. (An average South Asian c*ck is around 4-4.5 inches). But 4-5 years ago I wasn't aware of the largeness of my c*ck. I'll be around 6.2-6.3 inches at that time. At that time, I had my first sexual experience when I f*cked a call-girl. At first, she was quite surprised as I was quite young to f*ck a whore. But after seeing my c*ck and f*cking me, she said I was bigger than the last 20-25 guys she f*cked. I was like WTF? That is from when I knew I had a monster inside my pants. I asked my friends about their sizes and their replies were between 2-5 inches. I feel blessed having such a big dick.

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Oh hey, mt name is Annie.. in a 14 year old girl i wear a 3D in bra size i have a small tight but and im really skinny j recently just started going to scool in san antonio texas and im a freshmen. my first day boys would stare but the second they got brave some touched me and others would say i hear ur bra size is three d which explains because they really pop out let me feel hunny.. when they said that i felt like all the guys there were pervs but then this one cute hispanic boy came up and punched that kid in the face his name was nigel and he hit that perv so hard that the boy had knocked someone iver and they ended up slapping me in the face. nigel had carried me to through the halways through all the crowds of people and in the nurses office then he went all the way back got my things out if my locker for my next classes and brought them to me he said im terribly sorry your first days were like this but hi im nigel. if you want i fan help you around school and with any classes he started tutoring me in algebra id go over to his hiuse ever monday wed. and fri. and on the second week i couldnt just stare anymore so i put my whole body over the table and kissed him we started just regular kissing then he pulled me all the way i wrapped my legs around his back and we started french kissing he had his hands in my pockets and found a condom he looked curious yet suprised he said did you want to ... and i replied with an i was hoping.... now this is what happened... he pulled out his dick and unwrapped the condom he laughed and put his penis back in his pants my new fourteen year old boyfriend had a 9 1/2 inch penis but 10 while having an erection he told me wed have to gi upstairs to his room becayse he had condoms that fit his stuff up there.. i said alrught and i got off the table and started walking he grabbed my wrist gently pulled me back picked me up and again i wrapped my legs around his amazing body we kissed all through te house and upstair tgen finally we were in his room. he let me put the condom on him as i asked and i let him take off my skirt he slowlg slipped it in and i moaned it hurt alot he pushed it all the way in and i felt like something just snapped inside of me i started crying and he got really sad he kept asking sweety are u ok i dint mean to hert u im sirry then he finally said lets not di this.. i whispered nigel come cliser he got diwb to my face and u kissed him and whispered in his ear i love you i felt his dick get bigger it was still in me.. i asked him to keep going so he did now that was a year agi and we are still togather :) i love that i lost my virginty to him

anniebellAug 19 2012 3:53pm
im 12 years old and i have a dick that is super tiny. It is 2.5 inch soft and 3.5 inch hard. I get made fun of every time in the locker room. They took pics of me and posted it in their lockers. Even the girls started to call me madam and they measured it to their fingers. They said that they would want to have sex with me and I said really and they said only with a magnifying glass. Would any woman want to have sex with me?

ThomasAug 20 2012 11:01am
I would @Thomas c;

jassmineAug 21 2012 1:01am
Some of you guyss have issues.. My dick is 3 in soft nd hard is about 5 inches.. Nd half of you gus lie because i have the bigest dick than most of my friends.. Soo remeasure yourself nd measure correctly, start at your actual dick not on your groin..

The truthAug 21 2012 6:19am
im 13 and have over 8 inches my 16 yr old friends are 8 inches i guess we all start puberty at differwent ages

jamesscottAug 25 2012 4:59am
I'm in my 30s and have a 7 inch dick. Most of the guys I've been with are between 5 and 7 inches. I know there is a lot of exaggeration online but I find most guys my age on webcam match up with this too. However, as a cam user I often see younger boys too. This isn't what I look for online but for example, if they don't show their faces then it's not immediately obvious how old they are. Anyway, I've found that most of the boys I've seen are packing at least 6 inches which to me is quite impressive for 13/14/15 year olds. Being intrigued by some of them, I've talked to them and some of them have even measured to prove they really are that big... Recently a 14yo measured 7.5 inches and a 15yo black boy was 8.5 inches. Others have all been closer to or larger in size than than my own. And although some of them acknowledge they do have a big one, they also say they have friends who are either just as big or even bigger... 7 inches when I was 14 was considered huge and I think only one guy (out of about 60) in my year at school even came close to possessing such a weapon. I realise that younger guys obviously aren't suddenly growing massive dicks or maturing many years earlier... but something's going off.

SteAug 26 2012 5:01am
i feel small cause everybody on this website is over 5 inches soft and i am turning 13 in a few days and i am only 3 soft and 5 hard and my balls only hang 2 inches and i dont have much pubic hair...........i feel like a girl

batmanAug 29 2012 10:39pm
that is because u r very small ,that 10 year old has a bigger c*ck than u hahahaha

big boyAug 30 2012 10:58am
My dick is about an inch soft and 2.5 in hard. This is small right I am only twelve

MjdAug 31 2012 10:48pm
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guy who is 7 inchesSep 14 2012 9:50am
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BradSep 17 2012 9:32am
Hey, I am 18, my brother is 10. He is just starting to get interested in that kind of thing. My dick is pretty small at 4.5" and very very thin and it is pretty much done growing. But he asked to compare one day and I figured there was no way he was bigger than that, since he was only 10. He had told me that he had learned what an erection was at school last year and that he had just gotten his first that day. I didn't think measuring would make any sense so he just got up on a small ottoman and we planned to hold them side by side. Well I was surprised when we did. His wasn't much bigger than mine, but it was really humiliating considering his first boner was about half an inch longer and a bit thicker than my current one. He told me I had a 10 year old dick and I have to admit that that was pretty funny.

10yrolddickSep 30 2012 7:35pm
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u dont need ta knowOct 01 2012 3:45pm
i am a girl n dont care bout c*ck size i thinks it is bout da looks!! :)

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u dont need ta knowOct 01 2012 4:52pm
I was pissing in a urinal about a year ago (16 at the time) when this kid, barely tall enough to use the urinal, walks up and whips out his soft dick. I had had to piss for a while, so mine was hard, but his was still probably about 2 times the size of mine by volume, soft.

AnonymousOct 02 2012 5:47pm
Hey am 17 with a big penis about 16cm hard

Jack Oct 05 2012 1:51am
when i was 13 me and my 3 cousins were very close.the oldest was 2 years older then me then the other was 1 yr oldr and theoldest one had a little brother he was 3 yrs younger then me.we all jacked off together mine was 5.5 in and very skinny the oldest was 8.5 and very thick the one that was one yr older was 7.5 and the youngest was 2 in and i would make fun of him cause i was biger then him,mine never grew after that but theirs is closer to 10 inchs today and now the youngest one is little over 9 in and massively thick he not only makes fun of me but he also f*cked my wife and would make me watch and they both would make fun of my little dick now my wife has left me and all my cousins are f*cking her and the youngest one always ends up f*cking every woman i meet now so i learned my lesson bout teasing younger and smaller dicks.they even have told my girlfriends and wife that i used to jack em bigger is better and i love to stare at huge c*cks and only wish i could have what they feels so good to hold a big thick c*ck in your hand after holding my small puny one.i envy big dicks.

kentucky cousin envyOct 05 2012 6:33am
Im 13 and my dick is 2in soft and 2.5-3 hard is that to small

Ineedsome answersOct 05 2012 4:53pm
When i was 12 my dick was 12" hard im like tf i seen this nigga with a dick that is 2'3 and is f*cking 67 WTF

my brother jerks me off because im bigger than he is

roscoemeez@yahoo.comOct 07 2012 9:12pm
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My c*ck is not very big, i guess about 4 - 5 inches when its up and hard. I have seen young guys, younger than i am with much bigger c*cks and with more pubes than me! Sorry but i get hard just seeing those young guys.

my cockOct 16 2012 6:09pm
You know that at 14 years old, you most likely have a small one. Stop kidding yourself . . .

my cockOct 16 2012 6:31pm
My c*ck is 2.8" soft and 4.0" hard is that normal

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ThomasOct 22 2012 2:25pm
I am 19, and my 11 year old brother and I put our measurements in the visualiser. I am 88% smaller by volume for my boner than he is for his softie.

AnonymousOct 22 2012 9:52pm
Wow I can't believe the size of all your huge dicks. I'm 25 and only 5 1/2" hard, you make me feel like I have a baby dick.

Baby dickOct 23 2012 6:16am
I'm 23 and a little under 6" hard but on the thin side and all of you 'boy's' are so much larger than me. This thread makes me feel like a little bitch to all you younger hung boys.

Shocked and smallOct 23 2012 6:38am
When I was 18 I had gone swimming in a local lake with some friends. Afterwards I was changing with my friends 'little brother' and I noticed that even though he was 14 he had a much larger penis than I. When he saw what I had noticed he started to rub it and make it hard. I couldnt believe that he had a 7 1/2" and thick c*ck on a little boy. He had a mans c*ck next to my little 5 3/4" long and pencil thin baby dick. He laughed and said something to the effect of did I like his big c*ck. Even though I had never thought of it before his superior endowement turned me on. He then said that I should suck on it because of my meager and inferior size. For some reason I said yes and got on my knees in front of him and took his c*ck slowly into my mouth. It was an exciting experience to have a large warm and hard c*ck in my mouth while this younger kid laughed and called me a little dicked c*cksucking fag. He then said I should let him f*ck me in the ass because I was inferior to his large c*ck. Even though I knew it would hurt and that this would change everything for me I said yes. He had to slowly work it in and gradually was able to achieve full insertion of his c*ck. As he slowly increased the speed and length of his thrusts he started to call me names about my tiny dick and being an ass f*cked faggot. This only turned me on more and made his big c*ck feel great in my ass. He then made me jerk myself off while I called myself a tiny dicked c*cksucker. I came quickly and he continued for sometime until unllading in my ass. Even though my ass was sore for several days afterwards the experience was such a rush that if changed me forever. I really enjoy being used by a man with a large c*ck while he and another woman make fun of my tiny penis.

Small and dominated. Oct 23 2012 7:47am
I was at the beach, and very sandy, so it felt weird when I had to piss. My dick was soft and shriveled up, so it looked about the size of a grape. Then this kid walks up to the urinals, he is like less than 5 feet tall, and his soft dick is surely over 6 inches. Well I got hard pretty quickly and my dick still probably wasn't even 1/3 the total size of his soft dick. He looked over and started pissing in my toilet and said "Wow, that's really tiny. I was bigger than that when I was 6." He asked how old I was, and I said (I'm 18), and he was like "Wow, so you're done growing. That's pathetic."

AnonymousOct 27 2012 9:06pm
A lot of people lying on here. I'm 14, and I have a legit 6 1/2 incher. With 5 1/2 inches girth. Any girls my age wanna get f*cked by it? Let me know.

my dickOct 28 2012 3:55pm
I'm 13 my di#k is. 2inch flat and 5inch hard

idkOct 30 2012 9:01pm
I have 4 inch dick soft 6inch hard im 19 I feel embarrassed :(

Small Dick Tyler Nov 02 2012 5:41pm
Younger guys are getting so big now. The average size must be larger for them. I don't know if it's just me but I rarely used to see a huge dick (8"+) but I find loads of teens now have massive tools.

a guyNov 03 2012 4:15am
What a bunch of pedo freaks.

MeNov 03 2012 11:14pm
Im 19 but smaller than my 13 yr old 5hard he is 5.75 soft/7.75 hard.his soft is also thicker. I reach puberty at 16.5 and he reached puberty at 9 yrs 9 months. Im 5'10 he is 5'6". He likes to compare n jerk off. I also suck him.

toddNov 04 2012 6:16pm
why all lie i had a 3.7 dick at 13 then it grew to 7-8 inches im 18 now and ive f*cked quite alot of girls and say they have had biggger but they didnt like it but they like my dick most girl can only get like 8 inches in anyway

anonamousNov 05 2012 3:51pm
I'm 26 and mine is 5-3/4" long and 4-1/2" around. I used to think I was average but recently was informed by a girl that her last bf who was younger was much larger. It seems that the size is increasing and that average is as well.

Used to be alrightNov 06 2012 10:19pm
Re: Used to be alright. I agree. Put 10 16 year olds in a room with any 10 guys over 30 and I bet at least 4 of the biggest 5 will mostly be the younger ones.

Mr AverageNov 08 2012 5:25am
I currently live in Manfredonia, Italy. I have had jack off parties at my uncles villa when he wasn't there and I was the smallest at 5 1/2" soft and 7" hard....... My friends are bigger than that and I am 16

penegrandiNov 12 2012 8:33pm
Penegrandi are your friends 16 too? If so that means they all have at least an inch more than the average man already. How big was the biggest?

a guyNov 17 2012 11:01am
I'm 14 years old and my c*ck has always been a alot bigger than most. Im hung 8in and almOst a half. I hae to sound like his but hefeeling is great. I mean being nude feels so good and being nude with ither smaller guys feels even better. I swim fod two reasons. To keep my six pack abs and to spend time in the locker room. When my c*ck comes swinging into town, the guys know who the real man is.

GerardNov 18 2012 5:39pm
OMG I know it's possible for a man to be bigger than 8" but Gerard (above), 14 years old and 8 1/2! That can't be possible can it? !!

JNov 19 2012 3:32am
I'm 17, 5'11" tall, and my dick is 1.5 inches when soft and 3 inches when hard. It has almost no hair on it and I have very small balls. My 11 year old brother is 5'3" and has a huge dick. It's 5 inches when soft and 8.5 inches when hard, he has huge balls, and it's covered in hair. He always walks around the house naked to show off. He wears a speedo when we go to the beach and all the girls stare at it. Life sucks.

DNov 21 2012 5:51pm
I'm 12, and my boobs are already C cups. I also hav a pretty good size bush growing around my vag. My twin brother walks around naked all the time and his dick is both hairy and huge. We measured it the other day and it was 7 inches. Our older brother who has never let us see him naked is 19 and still lives at home. The other day my brother pants him when I was distracting him and we found out why he is never naked. He had a tiny dick it was like 2 inches. My brother and I started laughing at it. He said it gets alot bigger when hard so I pulled my shirt down so he could see my boobs. He got hard right away and it only grew like half and inch. Who knew somebody could have such a little pin prick.

DonglovrNov 21 2012 6:07pm
Wow D. It must really suck to be you. I had more dick than you when I was 10. I'm 14 and my dick is 7 inches when hard. I don't even have hair yet so who knows how big it will get.

DongkingNov 22 2012 2:43pm
i am 14 years old and had gay sex lot i hv 20cm ck and all my frnds enjoying frm it.

anyoneNov 27 2012 4:58pm
Hey im... wait, gimmie a sec to let it unboner... aww never mind, im 12 and got a 5.5 incher, and im trying to find out how you can check around with a ruler... XD

EthanNov 29 2012 5:42pm
I'm 13 and my dick is 5.8 inches hard. My little brother is 11 years old and has a 4 inch boner. My older brother is 17 and has a 3 inch boner. I feel pretty good about myself.

DudeNov 29 2012 7:34pm
I'm a 14 year old girl and my older brother is 17. He has a really tiny dick. It's like 4 inches long. I know because he always walks around naked. I see the kid next to me in math class everyday sitting there with a boner and its like twice the size of my brothers. I let all the guys in class see my boobs if they have dicks that are bigger than my brothers and most of them do. My boobs are already c cups. I even let kids I do t know see the. If they have big enough dicks.

SlutgrlNov 29 2012 8:16pm
Hey Slutgrl, would u consider 5.5 inches long good to see ur tits?

EthanNov 30 2012 2:44pm
Def Ethan. Your much bigger than my big bro.

SlutgrlNov 30 2012 5:31pm
I'm 13 and I just found out that I'm bigger then my brother who's 17. We were at our community pool the other day and when we went to the bathrooms I looked over to his urinal and saw he was like a third of my size. He saw me looking and freaked when he realized how big I was. We finished pissing and then stood face to face with our dicks touching I was about 6 inches and he was about two. My balls were way bigger and I had more hair. We got hard and his was about 4 but mine was probably 8 and a half. Our mom was wondering what was taking so long so she came in to get us. She said it was inappropriate and that I needed to put the snake away. Life is great

FlappyNov 30 2012 6:58pm
Hey flappy, wana c my tits. I might even suck u off.

SlutgrlNov 30 2012 6:59pm
I'm 17 and when I went to pick up my little sister from school the other day I had to stop and use the bathrooms. It's an elementary school so all the urinals were the small ones and I'm so tall that my dick isn't even close to them. While I was in there this kid walks in (he looked about 10) and he let his pants fall off completely. Now my dick is 2 inches when soft and 3 when hard, and I have a lot of hair on it so I'm pretty sure I'm done growing. But this kid had a a dick that was already longer than mine and it was still soft. He could easily see my dick and asked why it was so small. Then he started pissing in my urinal so our dicks were right next to each other. His was twice the size of mine, then it got hard and was three times as long. I figured it would be best to leave so I just went out to the car. A few minutes later my sister showed up and said that the kid I saw in the bathroom was in her class and told her all about my "tiny weenie". She spent the rest of the day asking me if she could see it and even told my parents what happened. My dad said it was okay and that he used to be short but that once he was 18 his dick grew. It was a really weird conversation but hopefully it won't be tiny forever.

TinyboyDec 01 2012 1:29pm
I walked into the showers at school the other day and saw one of the seniors there who is probably 17 or 18 (I'm 14) and I noticed my dick is bigger than his. I did my best to make it so he would see my dick but he wasn't paying any attention to me. Oh well.

BigdawgDec 02 2012 10:09pm

susanthaDec 03 2012 5:36am
Bigdawg was he small or are you big? I bet he saw it and was embarrassed.

a guyDec 03 2012 5:41am
I am 15 and have a uncut dick that is 5 inches soft. The girls are more impresssed with my long foreskin

uncut in michiganDec 04 2012 5:41am
I'm 18 and have a 3 inch, circumsized dick (1 1/4 inches when soft. My brother is 14, his dick is 4 inches soft and 7 inches hard, and its uncut. I know this because he came into my room while I was changing and he noticed I didn't have any bulge in my boxers. He pulled down his shorts to show me his, then pulled down my boxers. It was weird seeing the foreskin.

SmalstackDec 07 2012 6:16pm
I'm 16 and my dick is 5.9 inches long when hard, circumcised, and I never shave it. Does it sound okay or should I shave?

anonymousDec 09 2012 10:11am
This is the deal with teens and big dicks...My dick is 7.75" and has been that size since I was 14. I'm 6'1" and 190 lbs now. Back then I was 5'6" and 115 lbs. My dick looked absolutely huge! I could suck it too. Kids dicks aren't bigger, it's just that sometimes they max out before their body finishes growing.

same size at 17Dec 09 2012 3:10pm
My penis is like 9 inches but its like 8.5 inches in girth. its too big for oral and im only fifteen. I was wondering if anybody her could tell me that its normal or not or whether its unattractive?

AnonymousDec 09 2012 9:29pm
I'm 12 right now I and I have a 8 inch soft dick. I can shoot a load of cum!

AnonymousDec 09 2012 9:44pm
I dont think boys dicks have to stop growing just cos they are big when they are younger. When I was 13 me and my friend compared. I was only 5.5" and he was bigger with 7.5". We are 16 now and still growing. I am 7.25" and last time we compared a few months ago he was 8.75" but it had got really thick so it looked huge. I have 2 friends i know of at school who might be bigger than him

JZDec 10 2012 2:55pm
I am an 18 year old South Asian, with a tiny pin dick that is only 1 inch soft and a mere 4 inches hard. I feel so pathetic. But then i fantasise about the bigger c*cks around me. My older brother has a bigger c*ck than me, at least 6 inches when hard, but he's older than me by more than 2 years, so I don't really mind much. What I like to fantasise about is the size of my younger cousin's c*ck. He is 5 years younger than me, and much shorter than me (about 5'6, i'm 6'2), but he is very strong for his age. He is athletic and has a solid build for a kid his age. We often wrestle when he comes over and it's hot! This strong little guy can overpower me (i'm quite thin and don't play any sports, so i'm pretty much an unfit weakling). he is an aggressive wrestler and can even lift me on his shoulders or over his head, despite the fact that i weigh much more than him (mostly fat though). I love having to submit to his superior strength. We recently had a flex off and body comparison, and being a fit sports jock, he easily beat me. He may be shorter than me, but he has got a way hotter body than me. His biceps are about 14 inches, whereas mine are just a puny 10. He had huge, thick, muscular thighs and calves, which looked even more massive next to my beanpoles. but what i was most interested in was his package. i knew that his dick was way bigger than mine. it turned me on so much, especially at that moment, that i just grabbed at his crotch and said "lets do the ultimate comparison. lets see who's got the bigger dick." he's a decent guy, so he was a bit surprised and reluctant at first, but i finally managed to convince him to do it. to make him feel more comfortable, i took off my pants first, revealing my bulgeless briefs. that seemed to comfort him. he took his pants off too and out popped the biggest bulge i had ever seen in my life! they looked like they wanted to burst out of his tight white briefs. i noticed a little cum stain on them, and chuckled to myself. we agreed to show each other our dicks at the same time and both of us slipped out of our briefs. There was no contest! My cousin had me beat by a mile. Looking at his muscular nude perfection, I got hard to a slender 4 inches. realising what was happening, my cousin groped his expanding veiny 6 inch semi-hard c*ck and started tugging at it, smiling at my little effort the whole time. he got fully hard, his dick now oozing with precum and standing erect at a massive 9 inches. he started laughing at me, cos i was licking his lips and his previous reservations died down. he said "come here, bitch boy" and pulled me roughly by the hair towards his engorger pecker. i couldnt care less that he was hurting me, all i could think about was the huge item in front of me. i sucked and sucked his c*ck, before he slipped on a condom, aggressively spun me around and inserted that enormous 9 inch monster c*ck into my tight ass. he f*cked me till i was begging for mercy. he slept over that night, hugging me to his muscular frame as he slept nude so that i could feel his thick c*ck rubbing against my weak unfit body as i slept. i didnt dare to move, i felt intimidated by his newfound aggression and obvious sexual prowess. the next morning, he left with a smile on his face and a wink in my direction. i wanked my little pin dick to orgasm as soon as he left.

little pin dickDec 15 2012 11:04am
i forgot to mention the fact that, i lost my virginity that night. yes, my first f*ck came as a bottom bitch to my 13 year old cousin. i don't mind, cos he's awesome - fit, muscular, strong, everything i'm not. i loved just sitting on his hard c*ck and being manhandled by him.

little pin dickDec 15 2012 11:10am
the next day, he returned and we had another contest of sorts (if you could even call it a contest). he had just returned from a jog, and the sweat glistened down his perfect body as he flexed his huge muscles in front of me. i got a huge hard-on looking at him, i couldnt keep my hands off him as he posed. we armwrestled and he beat me easily (his 2 fingers beat both my hands). what a ridiculously strong guy! we wrestled again. he lifted me several times in the air, on his back, on his shoulders, over my head. it was thrilling to be so easily thrown around like a rag doll by this muscle monster. as if to remind me of last night, he grabbed my head, squeezed it between his muscular thighs and then rubbed it on his crotch so hard that i could almost feel his big swinger on my forehead through the thin track bottoms. he lifted me into a powerful bearhug, threw me down on the ground again and pulled my clothes off until i was left nude on the ground. he got on top of me, pinning me to the ground with his powerful frame, and laughed saying i was so weak despite being 5 years older than him. i could not believe how strong his school sports had made him. he flexed his bulging left gun in front of me. i got hard again and my pathetic 4 inch dicklet meekly rubbed against the bottom of his track pants as he sat on top of me. feeling it, he went closer to it and curled his huge bicep around the little thing, crushing the life out of it. i squealed in exhilaration and cummed a little load in my excitement. he lifted me to my feet with one hand and his hand went to my crotch. crushing my little penis and shrunken balls till i cried for mercy, he went on laughing at me for being such a weakling. it was torture, it was sadistic and i still loved it so so much. he had also gotten hard by now, his 9 incher poked out of his pants, so he revealed it to the morning light. he rubbed our two c*cks furiously together. his was so big that mine was nearly covered by the sheer size of it! he cntinued doing this until he orgasmed and then shot out the biggest load i had ever seen in my life. i had only started shooting out loads about an year ago, and here my cousin was cumming like a pornstar. maybe he was taking a lot of protein supplements. it would explain his impressive muscular growth and absurd strength too. and the forest of hair he had in his armpits, whereas i had only a few strands of hair under my own pits. his pubes too were a forest. after his huge orgasm, which he understandably took a while to recover from, he lifted me up in a cradle carry, still naked, and lifted me upstairs to my room in one hand, like a baby. i felt so emasculated and dominated. but being his bitch was actually incredibly fun and i enjoyed it a lot.

little pin dickDec 15 2012 11:27am
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AnonymousDec 15 2012 12:23pm
Thanks for sharing your story. I completely understand your exhilaration. My cousin may not be as big as the 13 year old you mentioned (who I would sure like to meet!!), but ever since i found out how big that c*ck of his was, things havent been the same. whenever he's around, he dominates me in every way and i am too afraid to oppose him. at the same time, its extremely hot and fun to be dominated by somebody so much younger than me. he has started forcing me to go out with him, to meet his friends, etc. we went to the gym together recently, and it was as if he was mocking me: he benched twice as me, put on twice or thrice the weight i used on all the machines. a girl came up to me and asked "hey kid, is that your older brother? he's so hot." Hearing this, my cousin spun around and smiled at her. the little slut then went up to him and started rubbing his firm chest and marvelling at the size of his biceps. she asked "so how old are you?" and she got the shock of her life when he said he was only 13. then he told her that his pathetic little friend over there (me) was his cousin, and that i was 18 years old. she laughed so much and mocked me, saying "you must be just as small down there". when he was done with his workout, my cuz ordered me to stop mine and lifted me with one hand to the changing room. his buddies were there. as i soon realised, they were all younger than me, but were also bigger than me. they dropped their pants, all revealing dicks that were well over 6 inches soft. they took turns to play with me. i tried to give them piggyback rides but crumpled under their weight. each of them lifted me easily, pressing me over their heads also. i was crushed in firm orgasmic bearhugs and other squeezes/squashes. they formed a circle around me and all of them then spilt their impressive seed on my face and chest. i could do nothing about it, so i just sat there like the helpless teen i was and took it, jerking my little dicklet at the same time. my big cuz said "thats enough" and lifted me out of the gym, still nude, threw me in the car and began to drive (yes, illegally!). apparently he couldnt stand the idea of a submissive little bitch like me drving him around. his new gf (the slut from the gym) was also in the car and just laughed at me all the way home, pointing at and ridiculing my pin dick. we went to my place (my parents werent home, so i suffered no embarassment). my cousin lifted both his gf and me on his back, and went inside the house, up the stairs, and into my room. he threw me on the ground and said "stay there, bitch". then, he put his gf on the bed, on MY bed. he licked her pussy and then gave her a wicked f*cking. she screamed in ecstasy and agony as he penetrated and rammed her with his beastly c*ck. he saw me wanking on the floor next to him and told me to stand, he viciously fingered my hole. then, taking his c*ck out of the girl's ass, he slipped off his condom and slid his c*ck in my ass in one powerful motion and banged me bareback. i had never been f*cked by anybody else before him, but i knew that he had to be one of the strongest f*ckers around, the sheer intensity of his f*cking was amazing! he was clearly a pro f*cker, doing me in every position imaginable. missionary, doggy, spoons, sitting, kneeling, and even standing (cos he was just so f*cking strong!). like the helpless dominated twink i was, i came first, a tiny puddle on my chest. he took his c*ck out and wanked it twice as hard as i had ever wanked my dick. he shot out a great big massive stream of protein-rich cum onto my flabby chest. scooping it up in his arms, he fed every bit of it to me and some to his gf, who said that she enjoyed the gay show even better than her own f*cking! i jumped into his strong arms and planted a kiss on his cheek for that amazing f*ck, and he responded with a firm bearhug that kept me in the air. he held it for so long that i nearly had another orgasm. he then whispered in my ear, half-mocking, half-grateful: "you were the best thing that ever happened to me, you little bitch."

little pin dickDec 15 2012 9:42pm
you're all f***ing creepy

-__-Dec 15 2012 10:15pm
My penis is extremely large at 8 inches and very thick. Most women luv it but then there some where I hit the bottom o their pussy. It it good to have a large penis

MaxDec 16 2012 4:02pm
How old are you, Max? younger than 18 as well? cos that would be very hot :)

little pin dickDec 17 2012 12:01am
Im 15 and 16 is it??

anoynimousDec 18 2012 3:37am
thats not bad at all, anoynimous

AnonymousDec 18 2012 10:19am
there's a lot of people lying on here

AnonymousDec 18 2012 10:20am
this is no joke. i am 18 years and 2 months old, with a dick that is only 1 inch soft and 4 inches hard. i've always kept my size well-hidden, so people don't know, but how will i ever satisfy a partner? understandably, im still a virgin.

AnonymousDec 18 2012 10:21am
You r all the f*cking gayest people that I have ever seen on the Internet. My dick is 5" soft and 8" hard. I'm 12. Is that bad????

WTFDec 18 2012 11:24am
thats great for your age! i wish i was that big.

answering WTFDec 18 2012 8:41pm
my son has a 13 inch penis no joke. all I have is size 5 soft 7 hard.he is huge though 6'7 size 16 shoe, biggest muscles i have ever seen. now whenever he comes home from work he takes of his work clothesleaving his underware and then rips that off too. then walks all over the house nude.i can`t help but try to touch it. all i am is 5`6 size 10 shoe and mildly buff.he always makes fun of me.

jamesDec 18 2012 10:22pm
Mine is so big

gayDec 19 2012 12:30am
I`m 13 and have a size 12 c*ck with lots of hair. i have huhr muscles and big feet does anyone want sex with me

johnDec 19 2012 9:26pm
Wow John. I'm 17 and my dick is only 4 inches hard. My brother is 11 and he is already 5 inches.

AnonDec 19 2012 9:41pm
wow anon so im huge compared to you

johnDec 19 2012 9:57pm
John how big are your feet

jamesDec 19 2012 9:59pm
i have size 16 shoe

johnDec 19 2012 10:00pm
oh i love bog feet hehe

jamesDec 19 2012 10:01pm
do you have any brothers or friends who you dominate or have sex with? im 18 and your c*ck is 3 times my size, i'd love to be your playtoy and have sex with you.

AnonymousDec 20 2012 11:41pm
Hi I have a 18cm and I am 14

RyanDec 21 2012 1:52am
I have a 18 cm penis and I am 14 years old

Ryan Dec 21 2012 1:53am
thats pretty decent, ryan. good for you.

AnonymousDec 21 2012 12:12pm
mine 4 soft and 6 hard and iam 12

AnonymousDec 21 2012 5:29pm
Anomynous are you talking to me

johnDec 21 2012 8:44pm
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jakeDec 22 2012 9:57pm
i'm 5" hard boys

jakeDec 25 2012 7:09pm
im 4" hard and im 18.

AnonymousDec 26 2012 12:57am
Heyyy if anyone wants to show off their huge c*ck to me add me on skype. Nathan.paulso

AnonymousDec 26 2012 1:52am
^ Nathan - Whats ur age and size? and what kinda huge size u looking for?

AnonymousDec 26 2012 7:01am
Im in the 9th grade and a friend from a grade below me has a bigger dick then me -___- first me, him and another friend showed each other our armpit hair (i had most) then pubic hairs (also had most) so then theres me getting all jolly cause i thought i was ganna have a way bigger dick then them.. So we all counted to three and whipped down our boxes and i noticed that i had a bigger one then my friend in the same year as me, but the boy in the grade below us had a bigger dick then up .. Evan though he had very little pubic hairs and no armpit hair? My dick is 4inchs a flop and 5.5inches hard.. So his must be 6inches atleast!!

AnonymousDec 28 2012 1:37pm
I'm in 12th grade, but at my school the seniors sometimes teach classes to younger grades when teachers are absent. The other day I was teaching the 9th grade P.E. class (its an all boys school). Afterwards they had to take showers, but I had decided to play with them so I needed to take one aswell because I had physics next. I figured it would be fine, I'd just show them what they had to look forward to. I'm 6'1" and in pretty good shape, I have a full bush of pubes and my dick is 3 inches flaccid and 5.25 inches hard (it hasn't grown since 10th grade so I figure I'm done growing). Well I get in the locker room and as I expected, most of them don't have any body hair and they are all still rather small (in every way). But as I go to the showers I notice that the two kids next to me have bigger dicks than I do. The both see this and start staring. Then they call their friends over and everyone is looking. Most all of them are only about an inch or two soft, and none of them have more than about ten pubes growing, but the two boys infront of me are easily 5 inches soft. They started rubbing their dicks, one was about 6.5 and the other was about 7. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Thankfully the bell rung and they all started to dry off and put their clothes back on, but now the whole freshman class knows that two of them have bigger dicks than me.

AnonDec 29 2012 7:41pm
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Kinky fucker!!!!!!!Jan 01 2013 1:47pm
Im 15, gay, I have a boyfriend. I have alot of problems (Shyness, immagination, self confidence etc..) My dick is 8 inches hard but alot of the time, I always think its small. He tells me its big but I wat others opinions; Is it big for my age? Im like 5 Foot 4.

JordiiiiiJan 02 2013 9:48pm
jord yes your c*ck big size.

AnonymousJan 03 2013 9:03pm
oh man jordiii i bet it looks huge on your small frame. my c*ck is half your size, and im nearly 19 and way taller than you. i have a child-sized c*ck and balls. be proud of your big dick! i envy you.

AnonymousJan 04 2013 1:25am
Like every single person here lied. 13 with a ten inch. Like seriously if you're going to lie atleast make it believable.

Call it as I see itJan 04 2013 3:41am
im 17 with a smaller dick... will someone with a large dick send me a pic.

hall.henry@gmail.comJan 04 2013 7:26am
Ian iam14 and my is 7.5 in

Aron Jan 05 2013 11:33pm
My is bigger than yours by 5 more in hahahaha

Bigg ballsJan 05 2013 11:35pm
big balls, how big is yours and how old?

JakeJan 06 2013 2:12am

AnonymousJan 06 2013 3:25am
I'm 33 and got the biggest dick out of my mates. It's 4.5" soft and just over 7" hard. I recently got stuck with a group of 15-17 year olds in the showers at the gym. The smallest dick there was the same size as mine! All the rest were bigger and the biggest kid was hanging at least 6"! I was a bit embarrassed and tried to cover up as much as I could.

AnonymousJan 06 2013 6:21am
Im 3.5 flacid and 5.5 erect. I started puberty about 8-9 months ago. Im 13. Is this a good size for my age.

Some1 in the worldJan 08 2013 3:42am
I was spending christmas break with my cousin in Carolina and we spent the first day outside at the river, but it started to rain and by the time we got home we were both soaked. We had to go into he garage to change. I'm 19, 6'1" and in pretty good shape. My cousin is 13, 5'3" and skinny. We got all our clothes off except our underwear, I was in boxer briefs which showed I didn't have much, but my cousin was still wearing his superhero underwear and his bulge looked huge compared to mine. He noticed and started to smile, he said it was hard to get his dick into his underwear sometimes. He pulled them off to reveal his 4 inch soft dick, which even had some hair starting to grow around it, I pulled mine down and showed him my 2 inch softie. I started getting hard but I was the same size as him soft. He said he didn't know how to make his dick hard, but that it was always getting hard in class. I told him to stroke it and that it would feel really good, so he did and it must have been 6 inches. We started jerking and soon enough we were both cumming. Mine dribbled to the ground but his shot out and landed on my stomach. We started jerking every night until I had to leave. It was fun.

AnonJan 11 2013 2:29pm
what the f u c k

not gay guyJan 11 2013 6:18pm
if I have a 7 inches long and 1 inch wide soft and 9 inches and 1 inch wide hard is that good?

that guyJan 11 2013 6:22pm
bigger than mine

TANNERJan 11 2013 6:24pm
im 12 years old and i just started to hit puberty a year ago. my dick is 8 soft 12 hard and most people dont believe me until i show them

joshJan 14 2013 1:02pm
I'm 17 and my c*ck is 6" hard. I would love to have a 14 year old girl tease me and make fun of me for having a smaller c*ck than most boys her age. If your interested please leave a comment in reply!

17yeardickJan 14 2013 2:36pm
Actually turns it out it's closer to 5" but you don't have to be 14. Anywhere between 10-14 is fine. So if your a girl and want to tease and make fun of an older guy who has a smaller penis than your 10-14 year old boyfriend please do tell me in the comments. Your boyfriend can join in too.

17yeardickJan 14 2013 2:43pm
hey, 17yeardick. you pathetic loser, you're only 5 inches?! i was that size when i was 8! i'm 13 now and my soft dick is 5.5, hard dick is 8.35. i'm a pro. i lost my virginity a long time ago, bud - when i was 10. i'd be happy to devirginise a little 17 year old submissive slave bitch like you, by ramming my thick love shaft up your tight manhole! its super thick, as thick as a beer can, so i'm sure you'd feel the pain for weeks. you little-dicked loser!

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jakeJan 23 2013 7:30pm

WeirdosJan 26 2013 12:03pm
My penis is 15 inches and 12 inches in girth, or circumference. I feel like a freak. When it's soft it's 11.5 inches and 10.75 inches in girth. It began when I was 15 (17 now) and I had a penile growth spurt. My penis was 7 inches then, by about 5 inches in girth. But it grew seven inches in length and six inches in girth in just one year. I actually had growing pains in my penis. This means I had a 14 inch long, 10 inch girth penis when I was 16. It grew another inch in length and another inch in girth. I think it's still growing. I feel like an absolute freak and alien. No clothes will hide it, so I have a giant bulge no matter what pants I put on. It's so hard to run that I just can't do it. People stare at me. I can't say every problem I've had, but I'm sure you understand. My parents took me to a doctor because of this! She can't say how, it just happened and it was healthy growth. Please help. My penis is 15 inches and 12 inches in girth, or circumference. I feel like a freak. When it's soft it's 11.5 inches and 10.75 inches in girth. It began when I was 15 (17 now) and I had a penile growth spurt. My penis was 7 inches then, by about 5 inches in girth. But it grew seven inches in length and six inches in girth in just one year. I actually had growing pains in my penis. This means I had a 14 inch long, 10 inch girth penis when I was 16. It grew another inch in length and another inch in girth. I think it's still growing. I feel like an absolute freak and alien. No clothes will hide it, so I have a giant bulge no matter what pants I put on. It's so hard to run that I just can't do it. People stare at me. I can't say every problem I've had, but I'm sure you understand. My parents took me to a doctor because of this! She can't say how, it just happened and it was healthy growth. Please help. Could you help? I am alaskan's older brother. My penis is 15 inches and 12 inches in girth, or circumference. I feel like a freak. When it's soft it's 11.5 inches and 10.75 inches in girth. It began when I was 15 (17 now) and I had a penile growth spurt. My penis was 7 inches then, by about 5 inches in girth. But it grew seven inches in length and six inches in girth in just one year. I actually had growing pains in my penis. This means I had a 14 inch long, 10 inch girth penis when I was 16. It grew another inch in length and another inch in girth. I think it's still growing. I feel like an absolute freak and alien. No clothes will hide it, so I have a giant bulge no matter what pants I put on. It's so hard to run that I just can't do it. People stare at me. I can't say every problem I've had, but I'm sure you understand. My parents took me to a doctor because of this! She can't say how, it just happened and it was healthy growth. Please help.

concerendJan 26 2013 12:46pm
ok kill yourself

ur momFeb 01 2013 11:58pm
im not here to brag about my c*ck...and wow alot of you lie but this is the truth... last week i saw my cousins c*ck who is 5months younger and im concerned for him i havent seen it since we were 6 we are 12 now he is like 4.5" really small 65 pounds... so isaw his c*ck when we were young and i was bigger and last week it was like 1 inch soft and im like 4inchsoft and im 5foot5 he might be a grower but... i doubt it

00000Feb 03 2013 6:11am
does anybody else have theese kinds of things happen?

00000Feb 03 2013 6:18am
To 00000 above: Something similar, when I was 10 my friend (same age) came on holiday with me and we had to share a room. We compared and I remember I was 3.5" and he was about 1/4" shorter. The next year when we were 11 and on holiday we checked again. He said he had gotten bigger but I said I had too so I got out my 4" dick to show him. He then got his out and it looked huge to me. I don't know what happened but his was nearly 6". The last time I saw it was at school when we were alone getting changed after swimming. We were 14 then. I told him I thought he looked bigger soft than mine was hard so we checked. They were actually the same size, about 5 1/4". He also got it hard for me to show me how huge it got. I used my my ruler out my school bag to measure it and it was 8". He let me put my hand around it but my fingers only just touched because it was so thick. I don't know how much bigger he is now :(

zane :oPFeb 04 2013 5:40am
Still looking for a younger girl who can make fun of my 5" c*ck and compare it to boys her age! Not looking for gay sex!

17yeardickFeb 05 2013 3:38pm
I'm a 12 year old girl and my hot little boyfriend who is 13 years old has a way bigger c*ck than you. its already 6 inches soft and gets about 8.75 inches when hard. its amazingly hot and hard! how can you be 17 years old and have only 5 inches? whats wrong with you? grow up, you little dicklet!

AnonymousFeb 06 2013 11:10am
For 17yeardick, I'm 14 and my dick is the same size as yours, but my cousin is 13 and his dick is almost 7 inches when hard. Why are you so damn small.

SukitFeb 08 2013 1:14pm
@Anonymous (12 year old girl) that's hot do you have Kik or something?

17yeardickFeb 10 2013 12:17pm
My little bro is 1 inch longer than me and he is 2 years younger. but his best mate so big he is even bigger than him and also bigger than any of my friends. Ive never thought about gay stuff before but when i think about his size it makes me hard. I would luv to suck him off somehow.

horny4big1Feb 11 2013 2:38pm
Alright we'll I'm 12 turning 13 next month and I always though I had a pretty big dick for my age it's 5 soft and 7 hard any takers? (Girls only)

DrakeFeb 11 2013 5:08pm
OMG Drake. I can't believe a 12 yo is that big. Its bigger than mine and I'm 24.

zFeb 12 2013 7:16am
Omg really I'm 14 year old girl and my boyfriend has an 8" penis! And he's a year younger! Omg maybe I should just f*ck guys my age lol. I bet I could make most of you small dick virgins cum by just showing my c cup tits lol

LizzyFeb 12 2013 2:28pm
My brother is 12 and his dick is 5 inches soft and 7.5 inches hard. He walks around the house naked when our parents aren't around and he likes to make it swing from side to side. My dick is 2 inches soft and 4 inches hard and I'm 17. He and I made a bet a few months ago that whichever one of us had the bigger dick could make the other one jerk him off, this was of course before I had ever seen him naked. I figured that since I was older I probably was bigger but his soft dick dwarfed my hardon. I started jerking him off like we agreed but it was so big that my hand could barely reach around it. He grabbed my head and shoved his dick in my mouth. He started f*cking my throat until he finally cam. Now when he walks around naked, if he gets a boner I have to suck him off, and of course he aways gets hard

SlavbrotherFeb 12 2013 2:44pm
Alright what's up with all these story's that's nasty if he has such a big dick then how come your sucking him off instead of some girl?

DrakeFeb 12 2013 6:48pm
Omg I'm 10 and got pretty nice boobs for my age! You'd think I'm 16 or something! But my bf who's 11 got 8" hard dick. Lol I bet I could make any of you loser cum without touching you!!!!

Ashley Feb 12 2013 8:26pm
All you young guys have got bigger dicks than anyone I know of my age! I'd have thought a 14 yo would be lucky to have like 5 inches. How common are these big dicks now and is the average size still the same?

zFeb 13 2013 6:33am
Well Z some if my friends have 5 or 6 inches but that's it.... Just luck I guess haha

DrakeFeb 13 2013 12:24pm
Im 19 now but when I was 17 I used to mess around with this 14 year old boy named Ryan. He had a 8 inch dick hard and I had and still have a 5 1/2 inch dick hard now. I was always astounded at the size of his dick. But he is half Middle Eastern so maybe that has some kind of affect on the size of his penis. The wierd thing is that Ryan has a identical twin brother that I know has a penis smaller than mine. Ryan never made fun of me because I had a smaller dick but he was a very rude guy. This is a true story, It's not made up by some fat horney 50 year old man ether. It just mine boggles me that such younger guys can have huge dicks.

Coltan Feb 13 2013 12:35pm
I was on omegle once and a german boy with a 11inch dick came on he was 15 huge balls and I have never seena cumshot like it

JOsh 17 looking for some funFeb 13 2013 1:11pm
Im 14 and my dick is 51/2 inches is that bad

AnonymousFeb 14 2013 10:13pm
I luv sticking my dick up a girls ass it feels amamazing I like it better than puss andim not gay is that weird

AnonymousFeb 14 2013 10:15pm
Still looking for a girl to tease me

17yeardickFeb 15 2013 2:26pm
Anonymous 14, 5 1/2 inches is average adult size, so yes you are more than good. But are there any 14 yo boys under 5 inches any more? lol.

zFeb 15 2013 2:42pm
Lol I'm 12 and I have a 7 inches gota find a girl my age that can take it

DrakeFeb 15 2013 3:07pm
My brother has this 9 year old friend Joseph who was always rumoured to have a super super small dick. So I'm 14 and one day I went up to his room to find him for my brother he locked his door behind me and said check this out. He pulled his pants down and showed me his insainly massive dick he pulled out a tape measurer and measured the length. No lie it was 8 inches flaccid and 11 inches with an erection now don't forget he is only 9 years old I'm 14 years old and have an 8 inch erection but this was hypnotizing so I showed my at that point beyond fully erect dick and we both got on his bedroom floor in the 69 position with me on top and I sucked his almost foot long dick until he came in my mouth 6 times no lie even after he came again and again and again I didn't wanna stop he sucked my dick and I came 4 times we both even swallowed each others cum every single time this whole thing lasted 1.5 hours and we still f*ck a lot to this day and his c*ck is 12.5 inches with an erection now a days and he just turned 10 years old I've never had a gay thought even once before that first incident but now all I ever think about is sucking that big fat dick of his and squeezing those big balls of his and by the way he gives a trillion times better blow jobs than any girl in the world gauranteed. When not actually sucking that amazing 10 year olds monsterous dick I constantly masturbate to the very clear mental image of it I still mostly like women in fact he is the only guy I have ever f*cked but there is no better taste in the world than the taste of that kids massive c*ck

BrandonFeb 16 2013 12:03am
The young people having big dicks is bull shot average is 5-7 and it will stay that way unless u take pills that improve your erection and poo. Everyone In the comments are over exaggerating or just bullpooting

BrianFeb 16 2013 5:14pm
I'm a girl and quite frankly I get asked about dicks by my friends and tell them to google it. This cums up(see what I did there) hahaha. I have 100 inch dick btw ;)

girlio dooFeb 17 2013 3:50pm
Lol Brian just cause some people have big dicks doesn't mean they're lying just means they're lucky but your right a lot of people are lying

DrakeFeb 18 2013 11:54am
Looking for a girl who knows how to tease and make fun of if your interested please leave email

OldersmadickFeb 18 2013 2:07pm
Hi Im 3 inchs soft and 7 inchs hard and im 13 years old. ive got HEAPS of hair and love jacking off

13bobby13Feb 18 2013 10:05pm
Yes a lot of guys lie or exaggerate. But I do think there are more younger guys with exceptionally long ones compared to what there used to be. When I was 14 I didn't know anyone even close to 7 inches... how many 14 year olds could say that now?

zFeb 19 2013 4:36am
I'm 17 and my dick is 4.5 inches long but my brother is huge. He's 13 and his dick is just as long as my boner when his is still soft. His dick grows like another 3 inches when he gets hard. It's f*cking unreal, but he's pretty cool about it and never try's to humiliate me or anything like the rest of you guys.

AnonFeb 20 2013 3:01pm
im 13 turning 14 on march 2 and i am really dissapointed with the immature kids that lie about their size. Im 6cm soft and 14cm hard and my dick curves to the left. I like women

AdilFeb 21 2013 12:40pm
Hi, I'm a 21yo italian guy. I have two experiences to tell. The first was when I was 16: I was at the beach with my girlfriend and we had hidden in a corner away from the rest of the people. While we were having sex, we get a kid (no more than 13, I think) with his girlfriend. They get to less than 10 meters from us and begin to have sex too. He was HUGE! When we saw what was bigger than me is I had to stop for the embarrassment it has been at least 20 cm of thick meat against my 14-15! The second one was a few months ago at the gym I was acting as the alpha male of my team in the locker room and I had my dick bigger (16-17cm and pretty thick). One day when I was alone in the locker room Tehea come see me, a beautiful Thai girl of 17 years who trained with us and I took around often (although I liked her a lot) ... Well, I found out that she is a he and has a pendant 25x3cm when soft. it was so humbling and exciting at the same time, but now we're engaged: now, when we have sex, she says that my little c*ck seems to be a giant clit.

barretttFeb 24 2013 2:28am
I am 15 years old with a big hard 8 inch dick.

DavidFeb 24 2013 3:07pm
yeh but mine is bigger! its 8.5 long and nearly 6 around n im 16.

AnonymousFeb 26 2013 2:39pm
I'm 17 and my dick is 3 inches soft and 5 inches hard, but my little brother is 13 and his dick is 5 inches soft and 8 inches hard.

AnonMar 04 2013 2:35pm
I'm 13 and 8.7 when hard

Bro9Mar 04 2013 7:25pm
Bro9 or anon, do you guys have any interesting stories?

AnonymousMar 05 2013 4:01am
As much as I think it's unbelievable for a 13 year old to have 8.7 inches, it does look like all the huge ones are on boys. Are there any men here who can match up to the kids?

zMar 05 2013 6:14am
I am 23 and i'm 8,5" in lenght. An 8,7 dick for a 13yo boy appears unbelivable...

AnonymousMar 06 2013 10:26am
Hello everyone, I want to tell you a true story. I am a girl and my name is Jennifer. I'm 19 years old and I have a boyfriend of 21 years named Alex. He is quite nice (6 'and rather muscular) and good under the covers. His problem? He thinks he's big. I've had several guys in previous years they now have all the same age as Alex and even when they were younger, they were larger than its 8 ". A few months ago we decided to take a break to attend other people from being able to engage in some menage-a-trois. I knew a guy named Adam 15 years rather nice (good physique, 5'7 "). I liked him, but I was interested in his older brother. I was shocked when Adam showed me his pendant was a much larger than that of Alex and far more often, so thick as to resemble a can of Coke. Having sex with him the first time made me feel more pain than pleasure and I'm not able to take it all. Later I enjoyed compare it to that of Alex even soft to adam was almost as long as that of Alex and wider. measuring it I found that reaches 7.8 when soft and 9.7 "when hard. Furthermore, it is as wide as the whole bag of nuts Alex. Now Adam likes to make fun of Alex, saying things like "my child" or "clitty c*ck" and making me scream when he f*cks me in front of him. Moreover, almost every time that Adam is in me, it ends up breaking the condom and I have already had four abortions because of him, while Alex had never happened and continues to happen even when not trying to do it on purpose. Adam's c*ck is better from all points of view: bigger, more beautiful, produces more sperm, and he knows how to use it better than Alex. Alex feels very humiliated, especially because he thought he had a nice c*ck and big, but instead he found himself having just a "cute penis". The situation offends him and excites him and now I do not know what to do.

JenniferMar 06 2013 11:36am
I am 14 turning 15 and I am 7" hard. Not sure about soft though. XD

Special BusMar 07 2013 6:03am
im 13 and my dick is 7 inch hard with a 5 inch girth

AnonymousMar 07 2013 9:25am
The other day i was at the gym when I went to take a shower, and it was right after a basketball practice for middle schoolers had ended. I'm 17 so I'm much older than all of the kids that were in there and much taller. As I got over to the showers they were all playing around under the water and I noticed that the all seemed to have rather long dicks. These four of the six kids, who were probably no more than 13, all had limp dicks that were just as big as mine and the other two were like an inch bigger. Now I'm 3 inches soft so two of these kids were probably 4 inches soft, and I could only imagine how big they were hard. But sure enough one of them tripped and fell right infront of me and as I was helping him up he noticed my dick was smaller than his. He started calling his friends over and one by one they all started to giggle at it. The one that fell started to swing his dick around in a circle and the others began to do the same. I just got my towel and got out as quick as I could but now I see them at the gym every time I go, and they always grab at their dicks whenever they walk by.

AnonymousMar 07 2013 2:51pm
me and my friends all have fairly bid d1cks for some reason were all about 14 about 6 of us are over 5 inch's and then there the othere boy who is ^ but then me 6.5 and thick and then there jordan we call hime dankey he's 8.5 :/ its scary

lolMar 08 2013 9:33am
lol that 13yo kid that said he has a 8.7in

adilMar 08 2013 2:00pm
Hi hey peps wht up

jwkdkMar 08 2013 8:30pm
I'm 17 and in pretty good shape and I always thought my dick was average length until the other day. My cousin was in town and we hadn't seen each other in years, he's 13, and so we spent the day together. We went down to this river that was in the woods behind my house and I always went their because no one else knew how to get to that spot. I had set up a rope on one of the trees and I used to go swimming around their all the time. My cousin hadn't brought a swimsuit out with him but I told him he we could just go naked since nobody ever came by there. We started to undress when I noticed that my cousin, who is a whole foot shorter than me and four years younger, was sporting a rather large bulge in his briefs. And it wasn't because he was getting a boner, his soft dick was just that huge. I realized his dick was easily bigger than mine even though I hadn't actually seen it yet so I began to turn my back to him so he wouldn't notice the size difference. I quickly took off my shorts and my boxers and jumped in the river before he had a chance to see my dick, which is only 2.5 inches soft. I got my head back above the water just in time to see my brother putting his clothes by a tree and I noticed that his dick was f*cking enormous. It had to be atleast 6 inches soft and was swinging all over the place as he walked. It was really thick and his balls were definitely three times the size of mine. I could even see where he was growing pubes just above the base of his massive dong. He noticed the rope hanging from the tree and asked if it was safe to swing on it. I said yes and grabbed hold of it and started to run towards the river. He jumped up and swung out to the middle of the river, almost to where I was, and his dick was swinging all over the place. He let go of the rope, but before I could move he came splashing down on me and his massive c*ck smacked me right in the face. We got back up above the water and he was laughing his ass off at what had just happened but I was so stunned by the size of his dick that I didn't even realize he was getting out to try and do it again. I swam to the river bank so he could jump down on me and he said that I should get out and try the rope. I told him I didn't want to but he kept buggin me about it until I decided I would just try and keep my dick out of sight. I told him he had to get in the river and I would try and splash him but he refused and started pulling me up and saying to just go ahead and jump. I realized I didn't have any choice so I slowly got out of the water and revealed to him my tiny pin prick. He stared at it for a minute and then fell down laughing. He said he hadn't seen a dick that small since he was 9. Apparently all his friends had bigger dicks than me. I told him to shut up and that it was the cold water making it shrink but he knew the water wasn't cold. He said I was lying and dared me to get a boner and show him just how big I was. I'm only 5.5 inches hard so I knew it wouldn't make him stop laughing but I just couldn't help keep from getting hard, his massive c*ck was giving me the hardest erection I ever had. When my dick stopped growing he grabbed hold of his and said he was going to showme what a real c*ck looked like. He started rubbing it all over until it was standing up right and pointing straight at me. I couldn't believe it, it had to be atleast 9 inches long and as big around as my fist. He told me to feel it but I was already reaching for the shaft. It was so thick I couldn't even get my hand around it. I tried to cup his balls but I could only hold one in my hand. He told me to suck it and I started to lick the head when he grabbed the back of my head and shoved that massive stick in my mouth. It was so huge that it hit the back of my throat and made me gag before it was even half way in. He started f*ckng my mouth as hard as he could, with spit dripping all over his c*ck. He would pull it out a couple times and smack my face with it and rub it all over face, then he'd put it back in and start f*cking my thoat even harder. After about twenty minutes he said he was ready, pulled my head down as close as he could and started shooting what seemed like gallons of cum into my mouth, and then all over my face. My mouth was full and my face was literally covered in his seed. As I chocked on his cum I looked up and saw him smiling at me his dick still hard. I knew what was coming next so I just turned around and waited. He bent down and shoved that monster right up my ass and started f*cking me for what seemed like a hour. I could feel his dick tense up as he began to shoot his second load right up my ass, and then cover my back in the rest of his hot and thick cum. He stood up and said I was a great f*ck toy and that he would enjoy the rest of his stay with me.

AnonMar 10 2013 11:10am
I am 12 and I have a 100 inch dick. I f*cked 10 girls

BigdickMar 17 2013 6:44pm
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