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lifting and carrying older women/girls when you were a boy or child

Question: do you ever wanted to lift and carry women/girls older than you especially when they were any of your relatives & when you were a boy or child . . have you ever succeeded in doing so . . share your experiences and comments. . how did the women find this experience of being lifted by you(a younger boy/small boy/child) . . share comments and experiences . .
Created by: amazed asian at 01:47:14 AM, Thursday, September 23, 2010 EDT


When I was in 9th, I used to lift my paternal aunties. I weighed 50 kgs, 53, where no 1 au 56, 52, 38 yrs & no 2 48kg, 53, 34 yrs. I did this till 19th year. Once, my maternal 3 aunties saw me lifting both one after & 2 of them wished to be lifted. This, no 1 h. 55 avg body, 60 kgs, 32yrs, & no 2, 56, 70 kgs & 26yrs me 58 kgs. My height was, 56 lifted no 1 in front by 1 arm & after no 2 in both arms for 2mins each also rounding of house. Both were happy.

Aunties lifterSep 23 2010 11:36am

not many people are writing into this topic. its kind'a strange as i think everybody must have had this experience especially in south asia and europe, australia and not to forget america. i know i enjoyed lifting up older women mostly my relatives and family friends and neighbours .. it was a great experience always

anonymousSep 27 2010 12:12pm
there are not much choices given to vote for but there is plenty to share in this forum . i once lifted my aunt (mausi) when i was 10 ears old and she was 28 ears old. she was amused b this act. she was wearing beautiful saree. she started laughing. after that i had lifted her a few times. she scolded me but never ever physically resisted my act of lifting her.

devSep 27 2010 12:17pm
i used to lift my maid when i was 7 years old. She was 14 years old then. i was a very small boy for my age but i had the energy when it was a matter of lift and carry. She was offering resistance every time that made me more eager to lift her. then i started lifting another maid after 3 years. she was a bit heavy. she was about 16 years old. she onl resisted once. then she would not resist. she would enjoy. when ever i had time, i used to grab her and lift her , either front lift or from behind. i also lifted some cousins whose story i would post latter . .

boxerSep 29 2010 2:15am
I am 13 now, and have always been kinda big, and looked older than I am, since I was 10 I've been lifting my hot step mom, and sometimes i feel up her butt while lifting her, and she likes it.

royOct 01 2010 6:03pm
wow roy .. which country are you from? how old is your step mom and how much she weigh? i have never lifted my step mom but i have lifted my step aunt many times. she was always amused. i am 16 now and lifted her for the first time when i was 11 years old. however i have lapsitted my step mom when i was 7 years old.. she was 50kgs (about 105 llbs)

anonymousOct 01 2010 11:59pm
Hey, I am from the US, and my step mom is 32 years old, and i think she weighs about 110-120 lbs. She sits on my lap too, which feels great, because she has this perfect bubble butt, and is always wearing tights. My step brother really doesn't like it, he's 16, but he's like 5'6" and skinny, and I'm 5'9 and kinda muscular, so I look like his older brother.

royOct 02 2010 3:20am
hey anonymous, do you still lift your aunt ?

amazed asianOct 02 2010 5:16am
yes, i still lift her. now i craddle carry her and lift her for longer times. i lift carry her whenever she comes to our home or i go there on holidays. now mostly i lift and carry her in private.

anonymousOct 02 2010 6:54am
i lift my neighbour when i was little boy. i used to give her piggy back ride. but she liked lapsitting the most. she was a very strongly build woman. now she is 45 and i m 28. she is still my neighbour.

triggerOct 02 2010 6:57am
jee .. you are too tall for a 13 year old. my little brother is 5'. he is 12 year old. he can lift me very easily. i am 18 year old, 133lb . you don't have to front lift your mom with this built. you can just craddle carry her or lift her over your head. my brother could have done it if he was as big as you at this age

dolliOct 02 2010 11:12am
Yeah, sometimes i do craddle carry her

royOct 02 2010 4:11pm
honestly shoulder ride is not my main fetish, i prefer having girls sitting on my lap (especially heavy) since i was 12. but i have given shoulder rides to lot many all of them loved it

vic-79Oct 03 2010 11:31pm
honestly shoulder ride is not my main fetish, i prefer having girls sitting on my lap (especially heavy) since i was 12. but i have given shoulder rides to lot many all of them loved it

vic-79Oct 04 2010 12:05am
My heaviest lift and carry was a rider to ride on my shoulders was about 83 kg. Since I weigh only 63 kg, I was able to carry her for no more than about 10 minutes. she was strong. What about you

ponyOct 04 2010 12:06am
i remember. when i was 4 years. a neighbour-hood old girl used to come at our house. she was 18.. and she gives me horsy rides on her back.. and after taking my rides.. i desperately request her. .to sit on my back ..and ride me. which she sits always. .but i was always crushed to the floor.. than.. after some time.. i started giving ride to my older sis..and i was always looking after ways.. that how could any of aunts of neighbourhood can sit on me. or i can carry them.. i remember.. one time. my parents were not at home. and i am a single child.. the lady adjacent to our house.. was very strong and good looking.. and form starting.. i wanted to be her horse..and wanted to carry her on my shoulders.... that day. i was just thinking out some ways.. that how cud i call tht lady. so tht she can sit on my shoulders..or back.. as my parents were not at home.. i was small in height as compare to her. wht i did was. i throw the keys of the car at the top of the almirah.. where my hands cannot reach.. than i went to her home.. and called my aunt.. that if she can bring back the keys.. as she was taller. than me.. but i have thrown at such a height..tht even her hands cannot reach... and than i can offer.. to carry her. in my arms. or on my shoulders.. she came.. looked at me. obv. her hands were not reaching there. but i was not able to express. she brought a stick and tried to bring them down. i was afraid that if i do something she might complain to my parents. i was scared but i asked her that i would lift her and she wud bring the keys. she laughed saying you are little. but i insisted. i bend down, wrapped my arms around her big buttocks and front lifted her. she felt quite heavy to me because she was very heavily built. she was laughing.

triggerOct 04 2010 3:17am
great experiences. hope i also get someone to lift and carry. m shy to ask women if they would let me carry them. any sugestions for me how can i make something up so that i can do what i want. m 11 years old.

DboyOct 04 2010 3:20am
woman like being lifted and carried. its in their nature. its also exciting thing for young boys like you to have this desire. boys like to lift women and girls especially older ones. you should have some courage to do it. don't wait for their permission to let you do it. once you do it, they'ill enjoy it. you must be from somewhere in india or pakistan. in india you can do it easily but i am not so sure about the other country or may be you are from bengladesh. even then you have a good chance of doing what you want as you are not that old. any woman who did not like your act wont say much to you as you are just a small boy and not an adult. so just go for it. and do as much lift and carry as you can because in some of these countries its not easier later on to do it because of social and cultral circustances. so enjoy your boyhood as much as you can. believe it, it is fun.

vivxOct 04 2010 3:32am
vivx is righttttttttttttttt ! every one of us did it in our chilhood and boyhood. i do it even now as an adult. but it will be more fun i think in your part of asia where there it is not this common. this makes it even more an interesting thing to do. i have heard that people live in joint family system in most countries of asia. doesn't it make it easy for you people to do stuff like this ?

jonesOct 04 2010 5:50am
hey guys, just share your experiences on this forum rather than giving lectures. dboy should manage it himself.

anonymousOct 04 2010 11:57pm
whoz this 13 yr old 5'9 giant. don't you think its too much tall for 13 yrs.

DboyOct 05 2010 11:21pm
dont think much about roy. i know hez lying becoz he has a stepmom who is 32 yr old and a step brother who is 16, so it means that his stepmom gave birth to her son when she was 16yr old herself . what a crap... most of people wud lye on the poles especially asians or indians. they enjoy doing it. anyway, dboy did u manage to lift any adult female??

jonesOct 07 2010 11:23pm
1 month ago i front lifted my fat sister. she is 5'6 and 70-74 kg. she was wearing loose clothes. i kept her in the air till she shouted to put her down now. i also tried to craddle carry her but she slipped out of my hand. she than ran from me becase she feels shy. but she enjoyed it. m 12 year old 5'3 and 40kg. i first lifted her when i was 10 year old. she was not that fat then.

harryOct 08 2010 3:40am
i really enjoyed the experience of aunty lifter. its the story of every house in our india . any more experiences from him, plz do write more...

dasOct 08 2010 3:42am
i lift my mausi. i am 13, she is 26. always when i find her alone i lift her because she shouts when i do it. i like doing it. she has complained many times but i dont stop doing it. now she complains less often. i now also make her sit on my lap. she is like a big thing sitting over me. i looks like i am hiding underneath her. i love the soft bum over me and her weight. it is my favorite hobby lifting her .

roodiOct 09 2010 11:52pm
roodi . . you ar 1 lucky guy .. tell us more details

AnonymousOct 09 2010 11:55pm
i live in us but m from india. our family lives together with my 2 of my chacha (uncle) and their wives also living with us. i have been lifting my chachis (aunties) since i was 11. i find one of them quite light and i keep on lifting her for more than five minutes. especially when their is any occasion and they she dresses tradional indian clothes , saree or kameez and shalwar. i have lapsitted them many times especially when our family went for drives becoz usually their is space problem as cars are less as compared to the number of our family members. in over tradional dress that an adult woman is wearing, its always a great feeling when she sits in your lap or you lift carry her. when they smile or laugh and specially blush in shy, it really makes me to lift them even more and more. they are beautiful ladies , one is 32 with 2 kids and other is 34 with 3 kids. i also lift my elder sister but i enjoying lifting aunts more as they enjoy it too.

bhatiaOct 10 2010 4:58pm
so bhatia, u r 1 "nri". gud for indians , living together and their young and teens enjoying stuff like this and even their adult women enjoy it.

AnonymousOct 11 2010 5:39am
Hye I am aunties lifter & liftee. Please paste your questions here!

Aunties lifterOct 14 2010 5:10am
Just went for vacation with no 1 aunty for 15 days to her home as my uncle - her husbund went for training. I am now 21 now my all 3 aunties maternal wives of my mother's brothers lift me as they all have now strong body & me still as i was on 19

Aunties lifterOct 14 2010 5:22am
how have your maternal aunties got strong bodies now, AUNTIES LIFTER?

AnonymousOct 14 2010 9:11am
though its not a forum for this discussion but as aunties lifter didn't reply to me on another forum and i found him on this forum, I would like to know more from the AUNTIES LIFTER about his interesting experiences. Also I had some questions to ask if he could kindly answer . 1- how did u started lifting your paternal aunties in the first place? Did you just approached them and lifted them or did you made something up for it? 2-what was their response? What is their response now? Do they enjoy it or offer resistance or don't bother much? 3-do you lift them any place you want ? & do you lift them in front of other people also? 4- how many children do each one of them have (both paternal and maternal aunties) & whats the ages of their children & for how long have they been married? 5- what clothes do they wear when you have carried them ? & in what ways have you carried them? 6-do your paternal aunties also carry you ? if so then in what ways & for how long can they do it ? & for how long you carry your aunts ? 6- please clearify exact relation as paternal aunties can be either your father's sisters or they can be the wives of your father's brother? & also the same question for your maternal aunties i.e do you mean that they are your mother's sisters or are they the wives of your mother's brother? I m looking forward for a generous reply from you . hope you would reply soon . I have organized the questions so that its easier to answer each and no question's answer is missed. Hope you would share the interesting experiences with us . . !

amazed asianOct 14 2010 9:15am
found you after a long time. earlier u were lifted by 2 of maternal aunties, now u get lifts by 3.... tell us some more about your 3rd aunt and do u lift her also. but 1st answer this amazed asian , who looks more desperate. he sure has asked questions in detail. hahaha

anonymousOct 14 2010 1:24pm
i won't be on the forum for 1 and half month as i am going to attend special school camp. but i have left questions for aunties lifter. when i come back, i will be happy to see a detailed reply.

amazed asianOct 15 2010 8:23am
1. I didnt like to be lifted by female, I started from 9th sta. at 13. In many occassion they want to lift me but I started as I was Boy.

Aunties lifterOct 18 2010 1:18am
2. Paternal aunties are my daddys brothers wives. They were liking always. They never denied. Now they have blood pressure problem both so I dont lift them.

Aunties lifterOct 18 2010 1:19am
I'm 16 years old, and my 13 year old brother, who's bigger and stronger than me likes to lift my gf, and have her sit on his lap, she loves it too, and acts all flirty when she's around him, i'm really jealous

PakOct 20 2010 3:45pm
thx for replying AUNTIES LIFTER but u did not answer the questions of Amazed Asian properly and there was no detail. read his post again and then answer it plzzz

anonymousOct 21 2010 12:35am
what lies are you saying pak. which country are you from?? is she your gf or your brothers. you are trying to fool others

DboyOct 21 2010 12:40am
lagta hai AUNTIES LIFTER ko english ziada nahi aati. is liye detail reply nahi kiya. aray baba hindi may likh lo na . .

dasOct 21 2010 2:17am
i m sure auntis lifter can write in english. hey das, don't u know that we indians can speak english better than others. but its ok if he wtites in hindi also. i like hindi also.

devOct 21 2010 2:19am
i only wanted aunties lifter to reply to amazed asian properly that is why i asked him that. amazed asian ko pura reply karo so that he can get an idea that hum hindustani kitne achay hain

dasOct 21 2010 2:35am
3. That mainly in night I lift & only when I go to their places or they come to my place. I used to lift paternal aunties at my home anytime as we are living in joint family & I was just in 9th standard so never erotic with paternal aunties, still not. But I lift most no 1 maternal after dinner when I go to vacation or she comes as I also help her in after dinner work & then we play cards, carom, chess & after all sleep we start lifting eachother. I don?t lift or get lifted in front of anybody still my uncle knows. My this aunty had younger brother died at the age of 5 looking same like me when she got married so she treats me as brother & that is why my uncle doesn?t have any prob. My grandmother (mother of my mother) was also behaving badly (now no more) that is also the attachment of her towards me. My aunty also knows about this & happy for huge response from all. 4. Paternal have 2 each containing 1 elder bro & 1 young sis. So they are 4 & me is first among we 5. They all are ranging 12-16. They married no 1 for 20 & no 2 for 18 yrs back. Maternal no 1 has 1 girl aging 11, no 2 has one boy of 2 & no. 3rd has about to come. No 1 married for 13, no 2 for 4 & 3rd for 2 yrs married. After marriage of 3rd maternal, I was lifting my paternals & maternal came to our place for just kitty party & watched us that started lifting with maternals. 5. My paternals used to wear gowns, Indian salvar kameez & manytimes Indian sarees. My maternal no 1 always wears sarees by anytime. She never wears even salvar kameez as she is from tehsil background. No 2 wears mostly salvar kameez & jeans t shirts. No 3 wears most of jeans & t shirts & ocassionaly she wears saree or salvar. I was always lifting paternals from front lifting, made them up, throwing in air, rounding them, from back & then rounding like marry-go-round. I was making shoulder rides to no 2 paternal as she was so light. Now to maternal 1 I do all lifts including cradle & piggy. No 2 is now of 75 kgs so only front lift & very less time. No 3 just 4 times in 2 yrs doing front. Not possible from last 6-7 months as she is pregnant. This no 3 is light so I did even fireman carry also but she never able to lift me. Sorry to mistype above. 6 Both. Paternals are the wives of my father's brother called Chachi. Maternals are the wives of my mother's brother called Mami. My paternal never carried as I hate lifted by girls & women after my 10th year of age. These are only regarding maternals. I am on just inner wear to upper (babiyan) & lower side I use to wear very short shorts with no hair on my lap as I started my no 1?s hair remover vex jelly. No 1 has now weight of 68 & mine is now 65. I can carry no 1 for even 10 mins & no 2 for 5 mins. My no 1 carry me in all fashion. I like piggy & shoulder most. When she wears non silky saree she just increase the distance of her foots where from front I give right hand to her right hand, put right leg over her right lap in standing position & climb then go to behind & thus sitting on her shoulder. When she wears silky saree I climb on little top place from behind & sits on her shoulder. For front, I just open hands to 180 degrees where she gives me simple front, puts me on her shoulder lying. For piggy, I just climb from behind nothing hard. She also likes piggy & shoulder. Even I enjoy side lift & front hip carry. You can watch from Indian hip carry where Indian actress beautiful Nagma has carried one fellow on his hips for long time. My no 2 can lift me in fireman style with all lifts above. I always wet my clothes as she is sexy when l & c with no 2 so it doesn?t go for long sessions. I had never made sex with any aunty & never got L & C experience with any body though trying with my gf. I can?t add polls on previous poll as I think it has closed adding it. Tell about your experiences. I don?t have cameras so can?t get pics but can share all experiences. My no 1 aunt is not much educated but she is really very happy as I have huge response from all & she has thanked amazed Asian & like like. To anonymous All my 5 aunties are doing all work at home so they are strong. Generally, Indian girls & women are so strong, is now people take into account. My 3rd can?t lift me as she is so light & not so strong & now she is pregnant. Clarification My no 1 is like mother to me. Whenever I have any problem she helps me a lot. When I got sick she helps & takes care more than my mom. I am like her first born baby. Her daughter has not bro so I am her bro. Another comedy experiences with both maternals. I taught no 1 gearless 2 wheelers. I can?t teach her motorbike as she always wears saree, but Indian has one type of saree called Maharashtrian saree in which there is gap between two legs so you can sit on bike as if you sit after wearing pants. But only once in a year she wears that saree so I can?t teach her motorbike. But my no 2 is from rich family so she drives four wheelers also. When she got married I asked her to teach me car & she conditionally agreed that I need to teach her motorbike with gears. I also enjoy bike riding with no 2 as well as no 3. I enjoy with no 1 on Honda Activa gearless bike. Whenever going to ride I prefer to sit back & always wrap my hands towards stomach of aunties especially when they wear sarees where stomach is bit opened. I never drive gearless vehicle when I go to any place with my aunties though most of the times I need to drive with gear motorbikes. Regarding my girl friend My no 1 patched up me with my gf. She is short fat woman of 5 feet of 70 kgs. I told so many times to her to lift me but she failed & once I injured my back with 1 week complete rest. I would like to tell others that short fat women are not necessarily strong. I always need to lift my gf. She is bit lazy even not getting her glass of water as she is very rich. I hope I would make her workouts & then enjoy to be carried. In India, there are friendship relations with - Big/any cousin (preferably big) brother?s or best friend?s wife called ? Bhabhi - With ? Mami - With ? Chachi - With wife?s sister (preferably younger) ? Saali These all above relations are so friendly, innocent & so loving. Indians have mainly friends like these relatives only. To conclude, I am writing these not for erotion but for showing Indian traditional system. Lift & carry should be helpful to build the relations which I hope.

Aunties? lifterOct 21 2010 7:19am
I would really like to share one experience which was little embarrassing when it actually happened to me but now I miss it. I was young boy aging 16 at that time & tall skiny guy of 5.10 feets with just 47 kgs. I was really like dove. The incidence was that when my neibhour aunt came to our home for fighting with my mom, snatched mom took outside & started physical fight. I came from tution class where I relived my mom from that aunty. Still she was going towards my mother so from behind I climbed on her back holding neck tight & became bit up to make her fall down, but I found my self in air. She made me rounds where I gathered courage for me squeezed her neck so tightly then she fall down becaming bit unconscious. People arounding we started laughing actually. We all three needed to go to hospital where we were going in 1 common auto-rikshaw where we compromised with that aunty. For fun we made measurements for height & weight in hospital where she was 5.1 of 71 kgs. She aged 38 years at that time. For that year I enjoyed lots of lifts & carries with her. For immedicate next year I needed to leave my city for further studies & somehow it stopped. Now I am of 24 single & weigh 60 kgs. That also changed her nature as she was earlier of fightful nature. Then we never able to meet her as she also changed her home.

My neighbor auntyOct 21 2010 7:19am
To aunties? lifter, I have read the whole story earlier in another poll. Good to find you here. You told that kids of aunties told you to be lifted. The same was happended to me. In front of my flat there was 1 little baby girl living & I was playing with her in morning before going to college. I was aging 19-20 when she bevame 3 yrs old. I was doing lots of lifts to that baby. She childlishly told to lift me but of course she couldn?t so she called her mom to lift me where obviously she became bit ashamed. But that girl really started crying like anything & nobody could stop her. Then finally I told her mom to lift me & with little embarrassment she lifted I from front for 3-4 seconds. I felt bit ashmed immediately & told her to relieve me but she enjoyed & started throwing in air and catching for 2 mins where baby enjoyed lot. Then that became regular affairs as baby was crying if I miss. This continued till 2-3years. I really enjoyed those days. That gave me experience of heaven. That aunty was giving me piggy & front only. All persons of my apartment knew this & many are watching me from available holes. That was not embarrassing latter to me as I also enjoying. When for first time I was lifted I was of 56 kgs of 5.4 & she was 30 yrs of 5.5 of 63 kgs.

Baby?s mom lifted meOct 21 2010 7:20am
i was replying seperately now i would confuse you. You will find one dot. after each no so sorry to amazed asian.

Aunties' LifterOct 21 2010 7:45am
to My neighbor aunty & Babys mom lifted me , this forum is about sharing experiences of you lifting older women when you were little and not about you getting lifts by them. cant you read the title??? if you want to tell your stories of being shamefully lifted by women, go to other forums which are many of this sort on Like Like polls. got it .. its only 1 pol for us boys, dont destroy it.

DboyOct 21 2010 6:02pm
yeh, i agree with dboy. besides i know that this Babys mom lifted me , My neighbor aunty & Aunties lifter is the same person who is writing the posts by these names. .

vic-79Oct 23 2010 12:14am
yesterday i picked up my elder sister. she protested. i read the posts on this forum and became interested. i am 16 now. may be i am a bit late but i am planing to lift all women in my family and neighbourhood before i get 17. i wish i could become 12 or 13 or even 10 years old again so that its lot easier for me to lift any female easily without caring about any trouble of their objection.

shanOct 25 2010 2:20am
i lift my elder cousin. she was spending her vacations with us when it all started. she is 5.2" and weights more than 70 kg. i once lifted her. she shouted and laughed. then after that she used to ask me herself to lift her. then i started lifting her when ever i wanted. i also made her sit in my lap. she earlier refused to sit on lap but then she ok with it. now she often sits on my lap herself especially when we are using computer or watching tv or just talking.. its a real fun.. i am 12 and she is 20 years old.

gagaOct 25 2010 3:20am
i lifted my neighbour aunty when i was 11 years old. she was 28 years old. i used to go to their house. i used to baby sit her little daughter. little child was very cute. she came to our house and asked me to take care of her daughter while she makes arrangements for some guests those were to come to their house. i went with her. i was playing with her daughter. she was angry with me. she wanted to stay with her mama. she went to kitchen where her mama was cooking. she started crying that she wanted to be with mama. when i tried to pick her up and take her out of kitchen she started crying. i told her that i would buy you toffees, lets go to shop, holding my hands towards her. she was still crying. i told her if you didn't come with me i would take your mama to shop and buy her toffees. her mama also said that yes, then we wont give you toffees. then i approached the baby and tried to pick her up, she backed. i said that ok, i will take mama. and held her mama from waist. her mama also said that yes, if you don't go with him, i would go. i told baby that i am going to pick up yor mama and we are going to candy shop if you are not coming to me. her mama laughed at this . she thought i was jocking and said that yes, i will go with jack(me). when baby didn't come her mama told me lets go to shop, c'mon. she was just acting and facing me holding my arm around her which i had earlier spread around her waist to act infront of baby. when she made me grab her waist, pretending in front of her baby, i got a strong desire to pick her up. i slowly moved my arms under her rounded bum and lifted her up. i got so excited that her weight felt like nothing to me. she was shocked and then blushed. she became very shy. i loved the experience. i had never lifted anything softer than her. she felt so soft. i never wanted to put her down. but after sometime she said to put her down put her down. that moment, i had a full erection too but i turned away after putting her down so that she could not see me. she wore beautiful saree. it was my first experience of lifting an adult woman. whenever i remember it, something hardens in my pants....

butOct 25 2010 6:32am
vic-79 What the hell you are telling. I am not anybody other than aunties lifter. I could not add other experiences & could not answer to amazed asian so i am replying to him by this. you go to hell. i don't require other names & don't have any other experience so you can't blame me.

Aunties LifterOct 25 2010 7:05am
i like to lift my bhabhis & cousins sisters who all are older than me. me can lift all females upto 75 kgs. me of 13 & 56 kilo grams

Bond James BondOct 25 2010 7:19am
hey bond, share your experiences with us of lifting your bhabhis! what is their response? experience of but was great!!

AnonymousOct 25 2010 8:47am
hey cool down both of you, aunties lifter and vic-79

anonymousOct 25 2010 8:51am
hey JAMES BOND! when did you started lifting your bhabhis ? how many are they? whats their ages and any children? also tell us about your cousin sisters? who do you carry your bhabhis? any experiences...plz share !

AnonymousOct 26 2010 3:02am
hey Aunties Lifter, does your uncle (mama) also lifts your mami or does she lift him, craddle him all the time? tell us more about the couple

anonymousOct 26 2010 8:13pm
my friend "anonymous", this forum is for experience sharing of young boys who lift adult females. ask such questions to aunties lifter on some other forum suitable for such kind... :)

boxerOct 26 2010 8:18pm
hey james BOND , any REAL experiences that you would love to share??? plz share... but must be real

dasOct 28 2010 7:53am
i lift one maid. she is babysitter of my little cousin as my uncle and aunty both work so the brought a babysitter for their baby. i go to their house which is adjacent to our house. i acted as i was playing wrestling with her. then i grabed her waist and lifted her. she held my face with her claw hand but then she released it. she earlier felt a bit heavy. then again i lifted her after some time. she again resisted. i put her down after some time. then i again lifted her and this time she didnt resist and i felt she started enjoying it. she is 16 year old and i will be 10 soon. i also like to move my hand up and down her rounded buttock as i lift her. i now go daily to their home for it.

vikasOct 28 2010 10:29pm
i was always very strong as a teen and lifted a lot of girls and women. one of my favorite memories was lifting my friend's mom - i think it was because she was such a beautiful woman and so light. she was about 5'5" and probably weighed 50kg. i was 14, 5'6" and 75kg. i think she liked it because she would alway comment on how strong i was.

nateOct 30 2010 5:15am
@but and nate any new experience after that

jamesNov 01 2010 6:22am
I lift my bhabhis from childhood. they are longer & thinner than me. I was 14 when i first lifted my both 2 cousin bhabhis they were 18 & 21 age

James BondNov 02 2010 3:08am
To My All Fans!! I have added another interesting poll which you might have never seen before. Just follow.

auntylifterNov 02 2010 3:10am
Have you felt in paradise with lady 2 wheeler driver? Question: Hye! I am ur favourite aunty lifter. I use to backsit on 2 wheelers when ladies are driving. What do you fill? What do you do when you are sitting in behind & lady dominationg sitted on driver sit? Created by: auntylifter at 03:01:36 AM, Tuesday, November 02, 2010 PST

auntylifterNov 02 2010 3:10am
what poo is this aunty lifter talking about. this forum is about boys domination, not women domination. go and sit in your aunt's lap. i told you people earlier also about this guy

vic-79Nov 02 2010 5:45am
yeh, its right. its not a correct forum for auntylifter. atleast he should not post stuff like this here. this forum is for young boys lifting carrying older girls, women

dasNov 02 2010 5:48am
does have u seen an boy lifting aunt or mom??

jaNov 02 2010 10:49am
do u know that in advertisement they show son lifting mom or grandma in commercials can u give me the name

helloNov 02 2010 10:51am
there are a few advertisments... dont remember exactly now. some indians too

dasNov 02 2010 12:48pm
can u find out n tell me

helloNov 02 2010 7:01pm
found it. its not on internet.

dasNov 04 2010 1:54am
tell us more about your lifting james

rahulNov 04 2010 5:08am
m gonna try n lift my nanny n then comment how i did it if i was able to do it

machoNov 05 2010 9:08am
das then tell me if u have found

helloNov 05 2010 11:34am
i found it on TV ... not on internet, otherwise i would have tell u the link. its biscuit add..

dasNov 06 2010 6:51am
hi ja.. dont try to do publicity of your poll on this pol.. if u have anything to share about this poll, then share it. otherwise dont tell us about other polls. we can check other polls ourselves. its exclusive forum for lift and carry for boys lifting and carrying or lapsitting women/older girls

rahulNov 06 2010 6:54am
i usually lift my bhabhi (sister in law). i have lived with my brother and his wife since i was 7 years old. she is 36 and i am 14. she is like mother to me as i was brought up by her. its fun..

neelNov 07 2010 10:03am
I was always very strong and have lifted many, many older women in all ways - 99% loved it and always wanted more, only 1 or 2 didn't want me to do it

ctohtuiNov 07 2010 3:44pm
m back. thnx for a detailed reply aunties lifter. others should also tell details of their experiences . it will be more interesting then!

amazed asianNov 09 2010 7:16am
Here's one story; Loooong time ago I was over at my friends house wanting to visit him, but only his mom was there. I don't even know how this happened, but somehow I ended up rubbing her shoulders, her back (She was about 48 at the time?) she was a tall blond, maybe stood about 175 CM, weighed about 60kg (Guess) and after giving her a rubdown (Which she really seeemed to enjoy) I kind of lifted her up off the ground and into my arms, don't even know why. She freaked out at first, and tried to get away, but I found out that it was pretty easy to hold her, so I started to tease her, pretend like I was going to drop her, and then toss her up in my arms again. She relaxed eventually, and I sat her down on my lap on her couch where she kept commenting on how strong I was. After a while, she got up to go do something in the kitchen, and I snuck behind a corner and waited until she came back, and I ducked down, and lifted her right over my shoulder :)) She screamed for me to put her down out of surprise, but I held her fast and found my hands wandering up and down her legs...Anyway, any time I had any private time with her, I'd always pick her up and carry her around in any position; I never really put the math together and understood how turned on she was, and I know a few times she did orgasm while on my shoulders but I didn't figure it out for a long time after :)

ctohtuiNov 09 2010 6:27pm
thats some story. real experiences would be encouraged more!

anonymousNov 10 2010 12:25am
I got quite a few more experiences (Glad you like it!) some with older women, lots with GFs and such) Speaking of all that, where could one find a forum where young boys/men are carrying/dominating older women? Does it exist at all?

ctohtuiNov 10 2010 8:23pm
good comments

mancho boyNov 28 2010 11:54pm
Hey vic-79 ! Why jealous? I had so many fans so i replied as not able to reply on another polls! Don't want to see you f*****!!!!! Go to hell! I never told sexy stories but just loving relationship with my aunties

Aunties LifterNov 28 2010 11:56pm
I can remember the day when I first carry my baby sitter, I was 8yo then, and she (Betty) around 23yo but tiny in physique. She loved me a lot. After she was carried me to the Balcony I just ask her when I will be grown up. Cutely she answered ?when you can carry me, as I am carrying you?. I dropped from lap and bear hugged and lifted her. Walked with her two or three steps and dropped down. She was shocked and scared. After mamma (a school teacher) came from school, Betty explained this to her. But mamma not believed it and asks me to lift her. I tried but failed as she was a little bulky. Then again I lift Betty and she enjoyed it very much. Then almost every day playfully Betty asks me to carry her. Some times she fed me my lunch sitting on my lap. But, not for a long period. We both enjoy a lot. On any occasion then I have lifted my aunts, elder cousins. When I was 11yo I first lifted my mamma on her 37th bday. Now I am 18 and gave up carrying women as erection is an embarrassing thing which I could not control. Now I only carry my mamma occasionally as it does not make any erection. Now Betty is married with one daughter. I never ask her whether she is being carried by her daughter. Because she like to be carried.

MorganDec 01 2010 2:41am
Good work morgan. Though there are my oppositors but I would like to tell u that I am great lifter also with liftee.

Aunties LifterDec 02 2010 2:28am
It is very embarrassing that my lil sis (9yo) lift me (16yo) publicly. I'm a tiny boy. I told my parents to resist her, but they laugh only.

tinyboyDec 03 2010 10:39pm
I can share experience of the day whn we females of our fmly proved our strength. It was a family gathering. My slf along with mom, aunts (2 mtrnl), granny, the females, my dad, 2 cuz (tiny), granpa on the male part. We were dancing on Bangaboys, after a while mom stop dancing and sat on the chair. My father start teasing her about her strength, and dancing with aunt (mom?s yngr sis, 36yo). Mom smiled on that and was observing the dance. After atleast three or four times papa teased her she came and joined again. All of a sudden my aunt lift him with her arms and scooped him, start tossing him on the air, papa? s face was turned red, then mom rushed there, aunt thrown him to mom?s lap, mom caught him and she also tossed, they exchanged my papa three to four times and tossed. Mom then asked him, ?do you still say anything about the strength of women or I will through you to our daughters (me) lap? Papa was so scared that he can speak nothing, but I took the chance rushed there and took my dad on my lap. I tried to toss him but it was too heavy for a 15yo girl. Then I saw that aunt lifted my mom on her shoulder, and asked me to hand over my dad on her lap. I lay dad on her two arms, without holding him just with one jerk he shifted my dad to mom?s lap. On aunt?s shoulder mom took dad on her lap. I was then really stunt with their strength. But that was not the end, on that aunt told me to place my granny (her mom) on her hip. And I did that. With three on her lap aunt moved around the room for a while and released them except my dad. Almost throughout the party my mom and aunt carried my father, on their hip, shoulder back. Dad was so tired and weird, she accepted their strength, and then they release him. This was around 35 to 40 minutes. Throughout the session dad was looking like a kid. After that day mom used to carries my dad often, dad enjoys that. I too lift dad and mom on my lap. Now I can carry my mom and dad at the same time on my two hips.

momenDec 06 2010 10:31am
go f*ck your aunts. aunty lifter. nobody is jealous of u

vic-79Dec 08 2010 4:56am
hey u dumb momen...its not for sharing your untrue fantasies. its about real experiences and that too of boys lifting women and not the other way round, you wierdo...

dasDec 08 2010 4:58am
vic-79, You are very jealous. I clarified that i am lifter as well as liftee. Now I will f``k you if I find anything again.

Aunties LifterDec 10 2010 2:49am
i will f*ck u and your aunties together

vic-79Dec 11 2010 6:20am
hey no bad language both of u. vic and aunties lifter, either share your experiences or just leave this poll.

rahulDec 11 2010 6:22am
I carried lots of older women when I was young, all seem to enjoy it but because I was young, especially when I lifted up one of my teachers, she was very embarrassed to have someone as young as I was pick her up and carry her, but she like it in the end

whatchadoinDec 13 2010 6:01pm
@whatchadoin can u explain in detail how have u lifted the teacher and how it started

aDec 14 2010 9:25am
Oh it was when I was going from one school to another, think I was 13, well I was saying goodbye to my favorite teacher, she was from Spain I think. She was really tall, maybe about 6 feet? But she was also slender and pretty with dark hair and dark eyes, so I hugged her, and tried to pick her up, but I couldn't because I was much smaller and shorter, so she said "Not strong enough, and you're too small" Well that made me kind of mad, so I leaned down, wrapped my arms around her butt and then found that it was really easy to lift her up. She kind of gasped and tried to tell me to put her down, but I kind of tease her for a while (Class was empty, since it was the end of the day) and I wrapped my arms around her as tight as I could so she can't squirm away and I carried her from one side of the class to the other. Now she started to laugh and tell me that I can't tell anyone, especially her husband what I did to her. So I put her down and she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. We said goodbye, and before I walk out, I ran back quick and slipped my arms around her waist and legs again and lift her up in my arms, twirl her around a few times (And now I felt a little of her breast with my hand, very sneaky!) I kissed her again on the lips, and her mouth opened just a little. Now I know that she wanted to taste my tongue, but I was too young and silly to understand what she wanted, so I just kissed her sweet and nice, put her down and kind of ran away :)

whatchadoinDec 14 2010 5:41pm
u lucky guy, whatchadoin.. who were the others u lifted?

anonymousDec 15 2010 12:06am
vic-79, if you dare then come to Mumbai in christmas. I can pin down you in 3-5 mins

Aunties LifterDec 15 2010 2:36am
Hehe, well I have carried lots, from my stepmum any time we were alone to girlfriends of my older brother, work- collegues of stepmum, even once her boss at her office. A few times with some women I also did some other things with them, I was always a bad boy once I learned how women like it to be carried :))

whatchadoinDec 15 2010 8:25am
can u give in detaol whatchadoin how it started to ur workcollegues and anymore in detail

aDec 15 2010 9:40am
das, poor jealous boy, If you can't do something, that does not prove, it's impossible!!!

momenDec 15 2010 10:53am
eh, I can give more detail, but I only dont know because I have made a lot of sexual things with some of these older womens, is it allowed or forbidden to tell about it on such a website as this? How is my english, you can understand me well?

whatchadoinDec 15 2010 11:52am
If I make a poll about carrying older women on another website, such as Mrpoll, you would answer there? They don't care about such adult subjects and there I will more willingly tell about what I have done with some of the women I carried. :)

whatchadoinDec 15 2010 12:31pm
u can tell in here too whatchdoin

aDec 16 2010 2:34am
lets see what others have to say about this

aDec 16 2010 8:16am
u katush or whatchadoin, the site u r telling is poo. it has got no experiences like this forum.

anonymousDec 17 2010 2:05pm
I never said there were a lot of experiences from others on that site, did I? I said on that site I'd be more willing to message about the subject, and because I want people to visit my poll and tell about their experience too - this site bugs me because there are so many people who want to start fights and rant at each other.

KatushhasbeendrinkingmalibutonightDec 17 2010 7:04pm
i think its a better site on which everybody can express himself of herself and share things with others too. its not just limited to some boring poll but its an interesting readable and communicable forum ! i enjoy this site !

markDec 18 2010 6:28am
y r u doing publicity of ur site on this site. if u have some experiences to share, then share them. don't mind but its not for publicity...

ramuDec 18 2010 6:30am
Aye aye, Ramu, king of the board, I will obey you. Pffft! Guys Look, I don't like using these boards too much because it's mostly people saying "Uh huh, tell me more" and then getting off on other peoples messages, if you don't want to share, well I'm not going to.

KatushlikesfiveguysburgersDec 18 2010 9:40am
why is poll freezed ?????????/

daDec 27 2010 5:17am
I am imran.first i get shock by watching girl lift and carry man when i saw this video and picture of lift and carry i aimed to my sister in law to carry her(she came to our house by getting married about 7years ago) my height is 5ft 3inch age 20 and weight 57 and my sister in law height 5ft3inch age 33 yrs weight 63 kg first i goes near to him and set she asked do you want tell samething to me i say no but i want to watch some video and picture of such wonderful thing after see watch this she love it at that time i told one incect is side of you she stand up and that time i lift her in my arm first i tought if she get angry and tell this what i do that why i put him down but she said nothing to me i understand she might enjoy it that why i slowly put my hand in to her soft bum and carry her again she smile and said after many year some one lift after my dad and mom i gave her full sapport to give ride hip,cradel,front,burhug,piggyback,hojo carry after i finish she also carry me in all from and tell me that she gave many boy and girl ride but nobody lift her after that my sister in law and me become friend and lifting each other

ImranJan 05 2011 1:03pm
Ones i lift my neighbour bhabhi i use to go ther for her 3years son he is so cute i go to ther house for play with him.(my age is 16years weight 50kg and my neighbour bhabhi 25years and hot sexy body) one day she call me to come his house then i go there she said his guest is comming today that why i have to takecare his son i said ok.when she go for cook in the kichen he start crying.for his cry his mother came from kichen for his cry stop i said come with me to shop where i give some delicious chocolate son said no then i told that if you don't come i will take your mama to shop and gave more tasty chocolate he said i not want to come i tryed to carry him but he run away then i told him if you don't come i carry your mama the and we goes to park then bhabhi said her son go with him if you don't go i will go with him.son said go wear you want bhabi said cmon i give my hand to her wast and told him i carry you mama there bhabhi he don't com shell we go i took my hand slowly under her soft bum and lift her.she felt saw shy. i fell so light to carry her.i start walking with her and asked her what is your weight she said 43kg i told that why i fell comfortable when i walk son again cry and said i want candy then i put her down and take her boy.

SohabJan 06 2011 12:13pm
u bloody f*cking sohab, u have copied but's story.. looks like u r posting from 2 names , imran & sohab.. bloody indian cheats...

markJan 08 2011 12:00am
hey mark, u can not blame all indians for the action of a few indians

ramuJan 09 2011 12:15pm
yes, i agree with u but such people make me angry by cheating

markJan 09 2011 12:17pm
Good work Imran!! Carry on. I do the same but don't allow sister - in - law to lift me.

GangudasJan 10 2011 1:00am
hey gangudas, any of your experiences, share with us??

dasJan 14 2011 7:10am
2 months ago i lifted our maid servant. she felt shy and shouted. i put her down after some time so that she does not tell anyone else. she ran away. after that whenever i found her alone & got a chance to lift her i lifted her. earlier she used to resist but now she doesnt say anything and laughs. she enjoys it now. she is 19 years and i am 11

wattooJan 14 2011 11:59am
I lift my maid, her daughter. Maid is 45 & daughter is 19. I am 15 from Kolkatta, west bengal.

GangudasJan 17 2011 1:02am
hey gangudas, how did it all happen?? what did they say when you lifted them?? give some details man..

dboyJan 17 2011 11:36am
can any girls lift and carry me away? i am 22 male 186 cm tall and i weigh 56 kg...

tallbutslimJan 18 2011 2:48am
f*ck you tallbutslim ... ass hole, its not a forum for a wimp like you. go to other forums of female domination.. this forum is for male domination

dboyJan 20 2011 6:49am
I am rosna i carry my husband brother wife it happend two month ago when she get unconsious i have to lift her to upstir in her room.i lifted many man and female my first lift is my elder brother when i am 22 years and height 5ft 2inc my weight was 55kg and my brother weight 61kg and age is 30 and height 6ft my brother become too hot and going to bit our sister in law i and my younger brother can't hold him he start beating for separate them i have pull and lifted him 40ft to his room.

RosnaJan 20 2011 10:55am
f*ck you rosna.. go to some female fantasy site.. u are actually a male trying to appear as female

anonymousJan 20 2011 11:17pm
It happened when I was 11 & mother maid told me that why you not lifting me to avoid me. So tried & thus it was started to lift both of them.

GangudasJan 21 2011 1:18am
hey gangudas, what do you mean by this, "y u not lifting me to avoid me". i didn't understand what u wanted to say... plz explain

dboyJan 23 2011 9:12am
As she was becoming older & tired after working ins so many houses so she was tired that day so she asked me childishly that when I will lift her? So I told OK & to her surprise I lift her. Then I also started lifting her daughter who was also ocassionally coming to my place. After that I never get lifted by mother housemaid. Now a days mother maid operated for harnia so lifting stopped so her daughter now married to our driver-cum-gardner gets lift from me. Any more questions?????

GangudasJan 24 2011 1:30am
Boys/Men lift & carry Girls/Women Question: Are there any Boys/Men who do lift & carry to Girls/Women? or All have died!? Please join me Mancho Boy. Created by: Mancho at 02:45:49 AM, Thursday, January 27, 2011 PST

ManchoJan 27 2011 2:48am
Boys/Men lift & carry Girls/Women Question: Are there any Boys/Men who do lift & carry to Girls/Women? or All have died!? Please join me Mancho Boy. Created by: Mancho at 02:45:49 AM, Thursday, January 27, 2011 PST

ManchoJan 27 2011 2:49am

qFeb 02 2011 8:05pm
i have lifted my cousins , wives of cousins , aunts (both from father's side & mother's side) , elder sister , mom , house maids & their daughters , women & girls in the neighbourhood ... its used to be my favourite hobby when i was a kid from 8 to 11, 12 years old..

gogoFeb 19 2011 10:37am
There were a few girls/women I lifted or even carried. They were around 15 - 22. When I was 11 at my friends house his sister was in the kitchen(she was 20~) and pretty and just for fun I thought to lift her up. She was alone so I wrapped my arms from behind around her. Surprisingly with no effort I just lifted her up and she was scarred for a moment. I laughed and hold her tight. She resisted and struggled a little but she couldn?t get away. Then I even walked around with her because she was so light. I let her down but I thought of something and I lifted her up again. I carried her to my friend and found out that I was alot stronger than her because she couldn?t get away. My friend was speechless when I walked to him with his big sister in my embrace. It was really fun because she was light like a feather to me. Like I said before I have lifted some other girls but I don?t know if this interesting enough to write about them too.

genkiFeb 28 2011 2:42pm
we would like to hear your other experiences also genki .. do write them also

dasMar 02 2011 11:52am
Another experience I had with a friend of his sister. His sister told her that I lifted her up and her friend laught because she didn?t believe an 11 year old boy could do that. I told her that I could easily even carry around you too. I knew I could do it because she was younger than his sister(I think 17/18) and smaller. Even though she didn?t want I took her in my arms and lifted her up with ease. She was shocked and just when I wanted to walk around with her she begged me to let her down. Later then I tried to lift her again and waited when she walked by alone. I just grabbed her from behind and lifted her up saying "gotcha". I was so excited her weight felt like nothing to me. She yelled at first but then seemed to like it, because she asked how long I could lift her up. I think I hold her around 2 minutes before letting her down again. Whenever I saw her at my friends house I tried to lift her up. Sometimes it really bugged her but it was just too much fun to lift or carry her. She was one of the girls/women I lifted most.

genkiMar 02 2011 3:10pm
Is there no one else sharing his experiences here anymore? I have so many I could write a lot about them.

genkiMar 02 2011 4:06pm
i remember bein lifted by a 12(?) year old boy when i was 17. they seem to like liftin girls. this genki here could lift me without problems i suppose, so would others.

marogirlMar 03 2011 4:36pm
After my brother saw richard sandrak on tv, he started working out like a crazy person. He was 6 and our parents wouldn't buy him a gym, so he did pushups ,situps, pullups etc. he did get a barbell and dumbells for his birthday when he was 8 after he had shown noticable progress in his body development physique-wise. He quickly got abs and a six-pack, little pecs, beiceps and veins all over. He loved showing off his muscles and lived practically in his underwear or naked. When he turned 13 he got a full gym in our basement and got huge, looked like he was 15-18 body-wise but with a young face, it looked a little funny. But yeah he would pick us all up over the years and carry us etc. He once when he was 10, picked me up and put me upside down into a trashcan.

greentintMar 05 2011 1:03am
Aren?t there any sites of boys lifting older girls? I remember a yahoo group.

coMar 13 2011 1:27am
just carry her around for an hour

dominantMar 13 2011 2:53pm
my sister told me to lift and carry her but i refused. she is 4 years older than me. i can lift her easily but i didn't

king A.SMar 18 2011 3:40pm
@marogirl - no problem, I would have lifted you easily...

genkiApr 07 2011 3:10pm
i am x, i lift many of my bhabhi when i was 16 yrs old my brother get married after the married we planed to go outside our family member is 7 my brother is already their that mean we left 6 person.inside the car just 5 person contain that mean one had to sit on the lap bhabhi said me to sit on her lap i said her that if i sit on your lap your sari may be damage that you you sit on my lap then bhabhi sit on my lap i fell so comfotable to carry her it is so soft

AnonymousMay 13 2011 6:57pm
with 12 I could lift a girl by putting her under my arm and carry her around.

genkiJun 18 2011 8:42am
3 days ago a funny thing happend. I m very free with my older sis. She is 21, 5 feet 5, 55 kg. I jokinly said her that i wanna lift u up. She thought i m lil boy so i wil fail. I m but to her surprise i lifted her on my shoulder.i started to walk with he, after 2 min she said to put her down. When i did so i saw she ejaculeted. She was so blushd.

Strong boyJul 07 2011 10:33am
she ejaculated means could you please explain strong boy

coJul 07 2011 1:35pm
most of the freaks here seem to answer their own questions... it doesn?t matter under what name you comment, anybody can use them.

whatever...Jul 08 2011 2:20pm

dateJul 09 2011 8:23am
Once i had lifted and carried my neighbour aunty 4 around 5 min in cradlecarry. It was great fun for both of us. She is 30yrs 5.8 tall and 65kg.

MaxiJul 28 2011 8:46pm
@maxi can u tell in detail how it started

jaJul 29 2011 9:46am
@marogirl that?s just a piggyback ride. It?s easy even if I don?t know your weight. I could carry 17 year old girls like dolls.

genkiAug 01 2011 2:33pm
It happen when to her place, when i enter their living room she was alone in the house. She was standing on a chair trying to fix a portrait hanging on the wall, then she suddenly slip and fell on the floor, her right knee was enjured. When i pull her up she said she can't stand so i told her to sit on chair she told me to take her to her bed. I support her with my hand but she can't walk, i havn't lift or carry any adult person before as only 16 years 5.9 and skiny so i thought i should try, the i put my hand around her legs and lift her but to my surprise her weigth was nothing to me. She look at me and said you are strong max... When i put her on bed she said she feel like a child in my arm and requested me to carry her as before so i carried her she close her eyes laid her head on my chest for about 5 min my arms start exosted as she was 65kg so i put her on her bed. She was in deep sleep she looks like a cute child. I feel very excited and funny.

MaxiAug 03 2011 7:09am
@maxi any other lift after that with her or any one else

jaAug 15 2011 6:44am

zalySep 06 2011 9:27am
i love to se clips how yong men lift and carry meture women whare can i se or can some wone give a link thanks

zalySep 06 2011 9:29am
i love to se clips how yong men lift and carry meture women whare can i se or can some wone give a link thanks

zalySep 06 2011 9:29am
when I was a young boy around 13, my uncle's wife, she was around 24 and tiny, She was about my height but skinnier, she passed in front of me and kinda teased me, suddenly I grabbed her waist with my left arm and another arm grabbed her legs, I cradled her and began to rocked her like a little baby for any minutes, she's surprised and then screamed, but a little while she began to calmed down, I thought she felt comfortable being carried, and she began to put her head on my shoulder. It was a great experience carrying an older woman. It was my first time and I felt so great. Now I'm an adult under 40.

ZenithSep 11 2011 10:53pm
when I was a young boy around 13, my uncle's wife, she was around 24 and tiny, She was about my height but skinnier, she passed in front of me and kinda teased me, suddenly I grabbed her waist with my left arm and another arm grabbed her legs, I cradled her and began to rocked her like a little baby for any minutes, she's surprised and then screamed, but a little while she began to calmed down, I thought she felt comfortable being carried, and she began to put her head on my shoulder. It was a great experience carrying an older woman. It was my first time and I felt so great. Now I'm an adult under 40.

ZenithSep 11 2011 11:01pm
When I was about 14, my mom signed me up to take French lessons from a friend of hers. It was with a small group, usually only 2 or 3 other students. The teacher was in her late 40s, but still quite beautiful and had a slender, attractive body, so it was sometimes hard for me to focus on the French. Anyways, one day we were learning the French word for muscle and the teacher used my arm as an example. I was average height for a 14 yr old, but I worked out a lot and was quite muscular. One of the other students piped up and said I could probably lift the teacher. I looked at her, and she just smiled at me like she was ok with it, so I reached down and picked her up in a cradle. She felt so light in my arms, I just held her for awhile. It was a complete turn on for me and I often thought about that experience of holding her in my arms and how nice it felt.

AnonymousSep 14 2011 10:22pm
As a teen, I ran track. The track coach was a middle-aged woman who was about 5'7" and 140 lbs. I was 5'8" and 150 lbs. One of the drills I would do was carry the coach in a piggyback and run up the bleacher steps. It was a tough workout, but I loved the feeling of carrying her all the time.

AnonymousSep 14 2011 10:51pm
In next occasion, I just arrived home, I saw the same woman mentioned above. That time, I was already bigger and taller than her, she slept at the couch in our living room, no one else was there, I looked at her, she was so adorable in my sight. I had a strong desire to carry her to bed, so I slowly slipped my arms around her back and her thighs, carefully I lifted her in my arms, she stretched a little but didn't wake up, her head leaned on my chest and her hands and feet were dangled, although she's older 11 years than me, she looked like a little girl in my cradle, really a cute tiny woman. Very carefull in order I didn't woke her up, I walked and carried her to bed, put her on it and covered her body with a blanket, once again I stared at cute face of her before I left her. When she woke up, she came to me and questioning "did you move me to bed?," I answered "yes", and then she was blushing and turned her face.... :D

ZenithSep 16 2011 8:41am
I saw wonderful lift and carry scean in england that two girl and her mother stay into a house one day they want to go to cinema to watch film her mother wear so light cloth its make her whole body watching they sit in to the chair when film was finish and she stand up his cloth cut by the sit pin and his body naked then his elder daughter give his blazer into her body and lift and carry him into the car and sit her mon into her lap and again carry her mother into house.(his mother height is 5ft and weight 65kg) from then she always lift her mother.

AnonymousSep 20 2011 12:19pm
I like to carry my stepmom shes light and easy to hold

AnonymousOct 11 2011 8:42am
f*ck u , anonymous and f*ck not funny. this platform is not for pimps like u. it is for boys power..

zemNov 05 2011 8:28am
king as , why did you refuse ...

S.G.Dec 06 2011 8:35am
When I was 11 at my friends house his sister was in the kitchen and just for fun I thought to lift her up. She was alone so I wrapped my arms from behind around her. Surprisingly with no effort I just lifted her up and she was scarred for a moment. I laughed and hold her tight. She resisted and struggled a little but she couldn?t get away. Then I even walked around with her because she was so light. I let her down but I thought of something and I lifted her up again. I carried her to my friend and found out that I was alot stronger than her because she couldn?t get away. My friend was speechless when I walked to him with his big sister in my embrace. It was really fun because she was light like a feather to me.

mrDec 19 2011 1:49pm
i often lift and carry my bhaby my sisters.kissing them and play with there body.i like it very there is one thing i like it most..when they lift me up and kiss me.i like to lift my got bhaby.cause she is soooooo hot.her boobs her hand her but so soft.when i kiss her lips i swued her boobs lift her up kissing eachother.and i also like to lift my younger sister who is 4 years younger than me.she is f*cking too sexy.i like her soft body.her boobs a bit bigger than my she is georgious.i lift her suck her lips squeeze her boobs her but we both enjoy it.i also lift my second eldest sister.we lover eachother very much.sometime we useto sleep together in a single bad.while she was asleep i feel her lips.her soft boobs.oneday she came to a room where me and my bhaby were chating and watching tv.. My bhaby lying next to me and my hand was no his stomach.i was eating crisps.suddenly my sister came in.and sat on my lap.i pull her a bit closer to me.i ate fell her perfume.she had just finished her shower she didnt were any bra.her dress was so wet that i can easyly see her beautiful tits.she was looking at my face.dn she bite no the crisps which was in my mouth.then she opened a chewing gum she put it in her mouth half and i took other half from her was very nice we both like it. Now m gonna tel something and my older sister she is a bit shorter than others.but stronger than others.we often dn frenchkissing eachother.i lift her so many one day she lift me up start kissing eachother.put me dawn in the bed.she undress me.she undress herself.and we did our a days she often lift and carry i enjoy kissing my bhaby.

AnonymousJan 05 2012 7:32am
@anonymous how it startd lifting bhabhi

aJan 11 2012 11:38am
@genki could you lift me up? I am 20 years old, female and weight is 49kg.

dauJan 14 2012 2:53am
I wonder if there are any artists who'd not mind doing arts (3d) about a younger man with super strength who likes to lift and carry his mum and teachers in every position to embarrass them and make them submissive (No sex, light nudity) Or anyone know of stories such as that?

AnonymousMar 21 2012 6:08pm
there are a few animes with boys(~11) who lift/carry older girls(16-20) with ease.

genkiMar 23 2012 3:49pm
genki, you know where to find, a youtube link or from another source?

AnonymousMar 24 2012 6:27pm
For example, watch Monster Rancher episode 20 on youtube. Some versions of this episode are edited, try the german version its uncut. There is a 11 year old boy who carries a woman in his arms and over his shoulder.

genkiMar 25 2012 1:54pm
I was at a pub in UK and it was pretty crowded. People were dancing and I had very little money so had only a beer and I managed to find a chair.then all of a sudden a lady falls on my lap as she looses control. I was 22 and always wanted to lapsit a older woman and it was time. She falls on my lap and takes a while to get up. then she turns and apologises and kisses on my cheek.she then placed her bag and he drink on my table and asked me to keep an eye. then she started dancing .every time she had a sip from her drink she took a break from dancing and sat on my lap I was just happy.she was a blonde may be 38-40yrs and weighed about 50-55kgs. along side was her daughter and she seemd ok with what her mother was doing. This happend at least 5 times and every time she sat for 5-10mnts. I was in a state of shock though, may be I could have tried more with her but i dint. Then I saw her Husband come there similg at her and grabed her to the dance floor, he too seemed ok with it.It was too shocking for me and she said bye and left. I still fantasise those moments and I never had any other woman other than my ex gf sit on my lap since then. Hope i get lucky again

CeekyMar 26 2012 7:06am
I was at a pub in UK and it was pretty crowded. People were dancing and I had very little money so had only a beer and I managed to find a chair.then all of a sudden a lady falls on my lap as she looses control. I was 22 and always wanted to lapsit a older woman and it was time. She falls on my lap and takes a while to get up. then she turns and apologises and kisses on my cheek.she then placed her bag and he drink on my table and asked me to keep an eye. then she started dancing .every time she had a sip from her drink she took a break from dancing and sat on my lap I was just happy.she was a blonde may be 38-40yrs and weighed about 50-55kgs. along side was her daughter and she seemd ok with what her mother was doing. This happend at least 5 times and every time she sat for 5-10mnts. I was in a state of shock though, may be I could have tried more with her but i dint. Then I saw her Husband come there similg at her and grabed her to the dance floor, he too seemed ok with it.It was too shocking for me and she said bye and left. I still fantasise those moments and I never had any other woman other than my ex gf sit on my lap since then. Hope i get lucky again

CeekyMar 26 2012 7:10am
Genki, thank you, it's really nice :) Have you seen the seven seas cod liver oil commercial lift or in small wonders TV show? I always like to carry women as a boy and even now; my fantasy was to have superstrength, and to carry every woman I found whether they wanted or not, lol

AnonymousMar 27 2012 10:33am
Mere pati bahut strong hain. Mujhe yad hai shadi k din jab saari rasme ho gai to meri vidai hone lagi. Sab ne jor diya kiya wo mujhe apni god m utha k le chale . wo bhi yahi chahte the. But unke dimag m us waqt ek sharart sujhi. Unhe mejhe baahoo m uthane k bajaye apne kandhon p utha liya, jaise mujhe apni dulhan bana kar ni mera kidnap karke mujhe le jaa rahe ho. Lekin agle hi pal unki ye shararat sabko samajh m aa gai, actually mujhe uthane k baad unhone turant apni saali, matlab meri behan stuti ko bhi apne dusre kandhe p utha liya. Wahan jitney log the unki aashcharya ka thikana nit ha. Stuti bhi ghabra gai aur sharm se paani paani ho gai. Phir unhone ne majak m kaha , stuti ko dahej m le hja raha hun. Sab unki baat pe hans diye. Wo sach me hum dono behno ko apne kandhon p utha k le jaane lage. Mujhe rone ke bajaye hansi aa rahi thi. Mene unhe dheere se kaha, arey stuti ko to utariye, log kya soch rahe honge. Aur ye kah kar wo hum dono behno ko uthaye hue car tak le gaye. Sabhi ne videos banai, pics li. Stuti to bechari sharma gai. Shaadi k baad to mere pair jammen par hi nahi padte. Jadatar to me inki baahon me hi rehti hun. Saturday nd Sundays ko inko off hota hai aur mere liye rahat. Kuki mujhe ye jadatar apni godi me hi uthaye rehte hain. Stuti bhi jab aati hai to , my god, use itna chedte hain .aksar hum dono behno ko sath m hi utha lete hain . vaise inki god m uthane ki aadat m shuru se janti hun . I mean shhaadi se pehle se. yahan ghar pe bhi aksar ye maami ji ko apne kandhon p utha lete hain. aksar hum dono jab room m akele hote hain to undergarments m hi hote hai. Inko underwear m dekhna mujhe bahut accha lagta hai. Aur mujhe to ye koi kapda pehanae hi ni dete. Inke pas saari frenchi underwear hai. He likes it. Saari mene hi kharidi hai. Jockey , amul macho, fruits and looms. Inhe underwear m dekhan aisa lagta hai jaise wwf ke fighter ko dekh ri hu. Aur ye underwear ppehan kar jab mujhe apni godi me ya apne shoulder pe uthate hain, oh my god man karta hai . mar java?.. kapde m hamesha inki pasand k pehnti hu. Bra panty tak ye decide karte hain ki mujhe kis colour ki bra nd panty pehanani hai. Abhi recently mera bhai aaya tha. Mere 3 saal chota hai. He is also very strong. Raat hum dinner karke baithe the. Sunny deol wali movie aa ri thi . the hero nd scene tha jisme he was lifting priety zinta. Mene aise hi majak m kaha apne bhai se. kit ere jeejai tujhe preity zinta ki tarah utha lenge kaise sunny deol ne utha rakha hai. Mene ye isliye kha kuki me inki strength jaanti thi. Nd bhai neb hi dekha tha ki shaadi me kaise inhone hum done sisters ko uthaya thaa. But phir bhi wo challenge karne laga. Tab inhone wrestling karne ka offer kiya. Bhai was wearing short nd t shrt. But ye apne short utar diye and he was in underwear only. I told bro ki short pehan kar tum kaise wresting karoge thn ho also came in underwear. Oh my god two hunks in frenchies. They started fighting. But mujhe pata tha ki kaun jeetne wala hai is fyt me. My pati thoda sa jhuke nd unhone bhai ko apne kandhe p utha liya. Bhai bechara apnehatha pair hilane laga apne apko chudane k liye. Mere apati ne koi mauka ni diya bhai ko. Mere dimaga me khayl aya. Mene inse kaha ki ise utariye and phir se fyt shuru kariye. Mai digital camera laati hun . puti wrestling shoot karungi. Unhone use kandhe par se utara. Bhai bechara sharma gaya tha. Mene kaha ab phir mere pati se lad kar dikhao. And m ye kah kar camera lane chali gai. Jab came ra le aai tab tak inki fyt almost start ho gait hi. Dono ne 1 dusre ko pakad rakha tha. Mere pati ne bhai ka hatha pakad kar aasani se khud ko chuda liya nd phir wohi scene. Unhone ne mere bechare bhai ko phir aasani apne kandhon p utha liya.bhai bechara mere pati k kandhon p latka pada tha. Ab unhe (pati) ek sharata sujhi. Wo mere pas aaye and mujhe bhi apne kandhe p utha liya. But mujhe uthane me pyar tha. Koi fyt nit hi. Me to vaise bhi unke liye rose flower hun. Mujhe shaadi wala din yad aa gaya. Jab unhone mujhe and stuti ko uthaya tha. Aj wo mujhe and sachin ko uthaye the. Bahi soch kah raha hoga ki kaun si manhoos ghari m mere pati ko chaleenge kiya tha. And m to hamesha enjoy karti hu jab wo mujhe uthate hain , mujhe thodi der baad inhone utar diya tha but bhai ko kaafi der tak uthaye rahe jab tak usne haar ni maan li. Use uatarne k baad inhone mujhe apni baahon m uthaya and mujhe bed room m le gaye. That?s was really grt, coz I am the wife of wineer. My strong hubby. I love him

vineetaApr 22 2012 11:09pm
any girl, or jo chahte hain ki mai unhe uthaun . mail me at

shivamApr 22 2012 11:27pm
aby guy girl who want to carried by guy. mail me at

shivamApr 22 2012 11:29pm
which language you post in, vineeta>

AnonymousApr 24 2012 8:31pm
are there any groups or sites for this?

AnonMay 08 2012 5:23am
i want to lift my aunty

bobyMay 18 2012 9:59am
i want to lift my aunty

bobyMay 18 2012 9:59am
i want to lift my aunty

bobyMay 18 2012 9:59am
In an advertisement of krishna ghee (india).

AdMay 20 2012 12:16pm
In an advertisement of krishna ghee (india).

AdMay 20 2012 12:50pm
who has lifted and to whom in krishna ghee

mtMay 21 2012 3:55am
who has lifted and to whom in krishna ghee

mtMay 21 2012 4:19am
great . . plz tell more ads also

tomMay 21 2012 10:50am
go ahead and lift your auntu boby. what are you waiting for ??

mohitMay 21 2012 10:51am
Yerterday i carry an older woman, as i was going to a friend's place, there i saw an older woman around 36 yrs af age sitting on ground with an enjured leg. No one was there so she ask me to take her to nearby hospital, i was confuse how to take her as i have no vehcle with me. As she is a bigbuild woman around 5.8 feet and hope she much weigth 65-70 kgs. so im not sure i can carry her to hospital which is around 120metrs away. With no other option i told her to hold around my neck tightly so she did and i pick her up in cradle style, to my surprise she was not to heavy to me. Then i carry her to hospital. She thank me for helping her and i got an experiance to carry beautiful woman in my arm.

JohnMay 29 2012 4:04am
anyone wants to share any other experinces of lifting

AnonymousMay 29 2012 6:34am
@john wts ur age

AnonymousJun 01 2012 11:31am
@amazed asian where are you from long time????

Aunties lifterJun 04 2012 10:08am
Im 20yrs old

JohnJun 06 2012 7:30am
i want to life a girl,,,anyone???

neoJun 06 2012 2:04pm
if any girl want i shd lift her please contact in india

neoJun 06 2012 2:06pm
@amazed asian where are you from long time????

Aunties lifterJun 10 2012 2:33am
amazed asian has made this platform for us. rather than findind him, we should vote for this platform so that he is also happy, where ever he is !

jayJun 19 2012 9:33am
boby , have you lifted your aunty yet or not

devJun 19 2012 9:44am
@amazed asian where are u???? from long time....

AJul 15 2012 11:43am
Even I'd carried many girls i.e my cousins and college mates all in Cradle carry style...I'd got mixed responses...

Cradle Carry FanJul 20 2012 1:59pm
One day our neighbor aunt visited our home. I was 14yo and she was 39yo, then we were discussing about strength. I explained my strength. Then my mom told me to show. Our neighbor aunt was 173 cm and 58 kg and I was 165cm and 50 kg. I lifted her with bear hug; then she crossed her leg around my waist and wrapped my neck with her arms. I grabbed her butt to hold her safely. I was feeling her boobs on my face. That was my first lifting an older woman like a baby. I was so excited and she helped me to carry her. I carried her all around our house. After that day, I start carrying her also in different ways. Sometimes she called me her home to carry her. Of course, my mom does not know about our lift and carry parties. Most position she likes is cradle carry. I scooped her up and she laughed. She put her hands around my neck. She said that she had felt like a child when I had lifted and carried her in cradle position. Sometimes she sited on my lap and we watched TV. However, my favor position was straddle one. It was our first. Her legs around my waist, my hands grabbing her butt and her arms wrapped my neck?We had never a sexual relation. She just likes being lifted by me.

AnonymousJul 26 2012 6:03pm
Actually i love to lift girls/women in cradle carry style...If there's anyone plz lemme know..

Cradle Carry FanJul 30 2012 5:10am
send me link of kids lifting woman

gabiJul 31 2012 10:03am

1Sep 06 2012 11:33am

-1'Sep 06 2012 11:33am

AnonymousSep 12 2012 1:46pm
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whats this poo from some poo nuTFQmAjyELjW . who the f*cker is this nuTFQmAjyELjW. doesn't it know what this form is about.

bilawalOct 03 2012 8:43am
yeh, right comments by bilawal

djOct 03 2012 8:44am
i want to lift my aunt but m afraid if she doesnt like it

anonymousOct 03 2012 8:45am
i like lifting older women when i was a boy

raviOct 03 2012 10:42am
ravi can u share any exp

AnonymousOct 10 2012 12:42am
mumbai ki koi ladki hai jo mujhe utha sake mai bhi lift and carry ka maja lena chata hu. contact me

AnonymousOct 17 2012 2:31am
mumabi ki koi ladki hai jo mujhe uta sake. emailid

girllifterOct 17 2012 2:33am
mumbai ki ladki tujhe chode . . o girllifter gandu, vinodsawant, ye ladki uthanay ki site hai. ladki se chudwanay ko site nahi.

dasOct 20 2012 8:34am

oldwomancarrierOct 25 2012 10:20pm
When I was 11 I was often picked on by my older cousins girlfriend, they were both 18. So when he left I thought about to show her that I am not as weak as she thinks. I sneaked behind her and tried to lift her up but she grabbed my hands to prevent it and she wrestled against my grip. I knew I was stronger than her and so I slowly locked her up in my arms. She struggled desperatly, most likely because she didn´t want a kid to lift her up or even carry her around. Even so she was 7 years older she was a twig and with ease I could lift her up. While I was holding her up I realized that she was even lighter than I had first thought and she was weak...there was no way she could escape and I didn´t plan on letting her go. While I carried the proteting girl around the room I wanted to try another grip. I ket her down but immedeatly picked her up again to put her under my arm and carry her like luggage. Even with one arm she wasn´t any heavier, but while she was tightly locked in my arm she managed to squirm free. She tried to run but I grabbed her and wanted to lift her again, so I scooped her up onto my shoulder and carried her. While she struggled to get down I walked with her into my room.

finNov 04 2012 3:13pm
does anyone send me links about kids lifting woman up. thank u

adrianNov 26 2012 10:31am
Hey fin, what did you do with her when you carried her into your room?

nutzDec 05 2012 6:45am
On this topic

linkerDec 23 2012 8:30am
can anyone send me links or photos of kids lifting woman up?

gabyDec 26 2012 3:47am
I lift and carry my mom on a regular basis. Right now, I am 14 and she is 38. I'm 5'1 and she's 5'6. I mostly cradle carry her since that's what she seems to enjoy most. We have been doing this since I was 12, when I picked her up and carried her for the first time. It was at a mother-son dance at school. She was dancing to the music along with other other moms. I was just sitting at the table since I didn't like to dance. She then said: "come on, dance with me!". So I got up, scooped her up in a cradle carry style, and started spinning her around. She seemed confused as to what I was doing at first, but once I got her nice and secure in my arms, she started laughing and extended her right arm out and leaned her head back as I swung her around. She then high-fived me after I set her back down. The other moms who she was dancing in a group with before I picked her up thought that me literally sweeping my mom off her feet was the cutest thing ever (probably because she was about five inches taller than me)and they asked me to pick her up again so they could take pictures. My mom thought it was the cutest and funniest thing ever, so now I lift and cradle carry her at least twice a day.

someguyMay 22 2013 12:08pm
These days i carry my Girl friend in Cradle carry Style...She loves it a lot.. I love that feeling of lifting and carrying girls....Wow....!!!

Cradle Carry FanMay 26 2013 8:26am
Hey fin, how tall and heavy were you and how tall and heavy was your older cousins girlfriend

Flame Jun 25 2013 9:13pm
never mind me...

FlameJul 11 2013 7:41am
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AG9Aug 14 2013 10:10am
vdOWhj I value the blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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Cs1VrH Very good post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

vGoIzsrXXaxmSep 07 2013 1:24pm
rUuv7L Major thankies for the article post.Much thanks again.

YiCxDDYyNfVGhtTJjnSep 12 2013 10:40am
P3vms5 Wow, great blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

zxVQsHMCkXiSep 12 2013 1:43pm
it all started by accident, here's the story. when I was 14 I was at my grandmother's house (63 years old) with my cousin 19 years old. since my cousins was the highest my grandmother asked him to help her pick up a box with books on a shelf, once grounded, however, my cousin could not lift it, then I told my grandmother that I can leaves i'm more muscular than my cousin. My cousin was getting annoyed by this because you could see right away that my arms and chest were much more robust and my grandmother said was true, but you're small. At that point I lifted the box and onto the other side of the house as my grandmother wanted. My cousin said he was tired that day and for this reason he canKt lift, but he was stronger then said that he could even raise his grandmother (60kg), I said ok let's see who is stronger!he leaned down and with his arms around ass lifted for a moment my grandmother. I knew to be stronger I immediately responded by raising my grandmother with an arm around the waist and the other under his legs. my grandmother shouted and was shocked by this, she said ok you've won put me down i'm heavy for you, I said sure Grandma? I started to walk around the house with her in my arms and she did not believe it was true, she said now you have shown your cousin that you're smaller but stronger now you can not even get up put me down. ok grandmother I still can not hold you in my arms I pretended to stoop to let her go but then I immediately raised a moment sending her flying. my grandmother said at that point yet stronger than I thought make me feel light as a child was no longer tense but she is relaxed and has begun to touch the muscles of my arms were commenting on how big and hard muscles, asked my cousin to show his muscles in his arms and touching my grandmother said I'm sorry your cousin is much stronger and has almost twice your muscles even if it is smaller! only now I grounded my grandmother who once dropped did not believe she said that although she told my aunt or my mother did not believe

miOct 05 2013 2:14am
hye my fan anynymos me aunties lifter find me on FB as my profile Rajesh Rajpure. Mention me over there....

Aunties LifterOct 15 2013 7:31am
KXqmZc Major thankies for the post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

kuWhocDPUadOct 15 2013 11:32am
4HsrhF Enjoyed every bit of your post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

uMabfeFhLiBOct 16 2013 2:29am
LStPQp Thanks so much for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

CegTPCYOOct 24 2013 12:33am
aYiMRs Very good blog post.Really thank you! Cool.

zydnIiujcfyWOct 24 2013 10:10pm
I have add and was in learning support in high school. my learning support teacher's aid was a pretty bruntette late 30s, i was 18. She and I were really close. it was casual friday and she was in a nice hoodie/sweater type shirt and jeans that made her little body look great. we talked about sports and I mentioned I was a wrestler, she said I looked strong and had the build for it and touched my arm and squeezed it, there was no one else in the room, so I put my arm around her and told her I was gonna pick her up. She laughed and said yeah right, so I lifted her in a cradle and spun her around and held her up for a few minutes. She was cool wit it, but said to not tell anyone I did that or ever do it again because she'd get in trouble

DanNov 20 2013 11:40am
some days later after i lifted my grandmother for the first time, she sit on my lap i was embarassed she ask me if she is so heavy, then i stand up and lift her and i answer: what do you say? she replay I know you can because you are the strongest nephew. this make me very happy and i started to jump always with her on my arms. then i put her down and lift her immediatly over my shoulder. i like a lot to lift older woman and she like too. after this day i lift her a lot of time in every position

AnonymousNov 21 2013 3:09am
soo cool

ézioNov 21 2013 7:10pm
there are animes with boy carrying older girls except Monster ranchel ??

tomaNov 21 2013 7:15pm
at the age of 17 years, one day, when I'm alone at home, the wife of my uncle came, she was very sexy, with a colant tight, a really very hot body, I always dream to carry her, I told her mom is not there, she said "ok, I'll wait," she prolange in a sofa and starts watching TV, my heart beat fast, I could not resist this body, I fesais somblant seek my nds, she wanted to meet me but this time I put my left hand under her legs and my right hand on her waist, and I took her in my arms, she started to laugh and tell me "" weighs how much I "" I said that she was very lightness "" she weighed about 70 kg "" all his body was in my arms, I did not want to release it, after I put it in my legs, she was shocked, then I release it, it was too good feeling

toma Nov 21 2013 7:38pm
when I was 15 I was on a school trip to visit a city. after walking all day , my teacher 38 years beautiful lady with a fantastic body that I liked said that her feet hurt because of heels and hoped to get to the hotel as soon as possible so as not to walk more . I could not escape me an opportunity like that and I told her that I carry it in my arms, she replied that she did not expect this response, I reply that I'm not joking she says she weighs too much and I can not lift it . At this point I put my left arm around her waist and my right arm to take her legs and lift . she cries to put it down immediately , I answer with a firm tone looking into her eyes you said you do not want to walk and that I 'm stronger than you 'll help , women must be protected . she looks at me and says nothing in the meantime I was taking her up to the hotel. after 5 minutes with very gentle voice tells me to bring it down I will be tired with all this effort , I say that she is light in my arms and then I'll take you in my arms until the hotel is not discussed. she looks even more surprised and tells me they are very strong and have a great personality but too young.

MINov 29 2013 6:34am
when i has 14, i carried a lot of women , the best carry that i do is carrying Maria Sharapova on cradle carry in Niagan , i loved that

redNov 29 2013 8:38am
i have no father.i was living witn my mom .my age is 18 and my mom wt 50 and my mom 68.our maid is one day our birthday is celebrate me cut the cake then my mom kiss it and me hold mom neck then mom front lift easily 2 minutes then she adjust me on her side hip.and drop down then she enter the kitchen cook busy i was jump on her back she was doesnt any strain

azarDec 06 2013 8:56am
after that we will gone to temple festival.lot of people comming .i told cant see anything then she set me on her hip 30 night we are walk in the street we will saw wife carry drink husband on her hip.

azarDec 06 2013 9:04am
it was a rainy day me gone to college eventhough rain drop small.then college over the rain large drop i will not going to mom comming in the road side dirty water,mud so my mom placed md on her hip finally i landed on my mom hip.

azarDec 06 2013 9:10am
your mum carry you lol

AnonymousDec 07 2013 2:56pm
i am 18 .i like hip lift carry i convinced but my mom she does'nt like can i ask i am a basically shy person

mathanDec 10 2013 9:55am
told him how you weighs, after , said that you would try to carry her , and said that you can that ,

AnonymousDec 11 2013 4:53am
how you weight your mum , and how old she have ?

AnonymousDec 11 2013 4:57am
lift her without asking. When there is' an opportunity not escape it (you create the situation). Woman like determination.If you lift her suddenly creates wonder and then hold lifted her for a long time so she understands that you are strong and she starts to trust and relax. Try to believe! I attempt your mom lift post

MIDec 12 2013 10:15am
I too lift my elder sister i am 15 and my sister is 21 one day she came from hostel for a long time break to home me and my cousins are waiting to invite her once she is came out of car i ranned to her and carry her like a baby in my single shoulder my parents and sister are shocked during this incident she never thought that i could lift her in my shoulder, then i carried her to home and i placed in bed all my family members are shocked by seeing this.

HarrisDec 13 2013 8:02am
you dont carry her in cradle carry , the true carry is cradle carry then you can say that you carry a woman

AnonymousDec 19 2013 9:24am
there are a film or anime or seri with bou carryng woman ?, please tell me if you know one

AnonymousDec 19 2013 9:28am
red! write about your lift a lot of woman please

AnonymousJan 07 2014 5:47am
i lift a lot of woman , when i has 14, when i has only i me home , one very beautiful sexy woman of 32 old it name is sara ,she come and ask me if me mother has her , she has very tall than me 1,80m and very hot body ,and me 1,60m , then i tell her "" me mother must be here now , welcome inside "" she tell "" ok i will wait her "", i has very happy , i wanted very much carry her in me arms , then she sit in sofa , i dont have any idea how to do to carry her , and i has soo streng to carry this big woman ? , then i tolk that ,"" i eat very much but i dont be fat "" , she tolk that " it strange , how much you weight ? i aswer "" 50 kg , you ??" she aswer "" 75 kg "" , when hear that , i has shoked , i come to her and put me arms in his back and leg and carry her in cradle carry, wawww all his boddy in me arms , she cry , and tell "" what are you doing , are crazy "" i tell that she has very light , but she is not , then she bigin to smile , i dont wanted to put her down , i walk with her in me arms into the house to found mirror , she tell "" put me down , you hurt yoursef "" i dont care i tell him that i dont want to put you , you are me baby now i have take care of you , she tell ""ok me heros , you are the firt to carry me "" i tell "" you are never be carried, it soo cool , i would let you in me arms forever, "", i let him in me arms about 30 min witout puting her , 35 min with older sexy woman of 75kg in me arms, i never wanted to put her down , but me arms hurted me soo much , it one of me best carry , i carry older girl after that more weithy than sara , but sara is me first weithy girl

redJan 08 2014 6:13pm
well done red!! is a pleasure to read you again

AnonymousJan 09 2014 5:48am
thank you, I'm very glad that you enjoyed of my story, even if I wrote the wrong english

redJan 09 2014 6:51pm
this story it for you

redJan 09 2014 8:12pm
it is a story ,still in my memory, I was 13 years old, one day, was between family, my parents decided to travel urgently through, there were my uncle and his wife with us, his wife did not want to travel then I also wanted to stay in order to be alone with her, it was an opportunity not to be missed, my parents leave and leave me alone with the beautiful woman, she was a woman of 1.74m and 56kg of weight but it was very beautiful like a princess, you know I never approach the ugly girl, just beautiful girl while she was in the process of watching TV, I think of a trick to lift my arms, I start doing push-up so that she notices me, I was told "" look I'll do 70 push-up "" and said, "" ok, I'll count you how you gonna do "" know it although I am very strong, so I did 80 push-up, she was really surprised, I took a little rest and then I told him how much you weigh, she answered that she did not know, I ' I said ok, I'll know by now, she said "" I did not understand how "" I said "" I will raise you and tell you after "" she reddened, she remain silent I said "gone" stand up "" she is up, and I lift her front carry, both my hand touched her buttocks, I felt nothing, she was too lightness, she said that I am strong , two minutes after I put her back down, and soon I raise it in the cradle, i love cradle carry, she was shocked, I was beginning to throw her in the air and take her in my arms, then I walk into the house, she was shocked she thought I has going to the bedroom, she told me "" where you are going, "I entered a room that was very far from the room where we were before, there were a large miroire, I saw this little boy wearing this big girl in her arms, then she said something that inflame me "" even my husband can not wear me like you makes , you're too strong, i had in me arms a perfect body of the woman , soo sexy , beautifull leg , now she really feel underpad, I start to turn,she enjoyed, after a 45 min after, she felt that I wanted to to put her down , she told me "" Hey, brings back me where you find me ,in the other room, I was back, my little boy wearing a large woman in my arms, imagine if my parents watch me wear this great woman , that will be me Hell, it was too cool as experience ,

redJan 09 2014 8:13pm
here a strange lift story, i remember the particular because she was very very pretty and sexy. i was 14 and see the woman dressed in a mini skirt and high heels with a sexy body and very tall. she came out of the supermarket with a heavy bag and saw that she had a very hard to bring. i approach her and asked "i can i hel you?" she answered: " you are very kind but the bag is really heavy and it is hard for me, you can not you're smaller than me. thank you so much. this response bothered me and I respond with a firm tone " You do not know how strong I am if I want I can lift the bag and at the same time carry you. she starts to laugh and said "i want to see" sure I was joking and I could not do it. i answer "ok you'll see that you change your idea" i take the bag with left hand and immediatly I put my right arm under his ass and I lift her. she was shocked and with frightened voice said " ok, you are strong, this is impossible. put me down. i answer " since you doubt me I'll take you to the car because you're weak and you can not even lift the bag" Meanwhile, I was walking with the bag on one side and her on the other and she starts to relax and said: ok my baby strongman. my car is black them. this made ​​me mad!arrived at her car i put her down and greet her. she kisses me on the cheek and palpated my biceps.that you're just a young man can get up quietly with only one arm, you're stronger and more muscular than my husband. go on like this. the best greeting!!

MIJan 10 2014 4:07am
waw , very nice story "" MI "" , you carry her with one arms , you are strenger than me , i never carry a woman with one arms

redJan 10 2014 8:47am
You are strong too you lift a 75kg in a cardle for 45min it is impressive. I don't ask how she weight but she is to light for me she is thin, i think she is about 50kg. Lift a girl with a one arm is simpler that you think. This is the first time i lift a woman with one arm. At first time i want to lift her in fireman over my shoulder but when i lift her i feel nothing is so light for my strenght and i want to try carry her with one arm. Ormons help me a lot. I hope you write soon another your story. I find another boy like me. It is goog to change story, thanks “red”

MIJan 10 2014 9:31am
thanks " MI" ,i am very happy too , to found you , we have much to told , we have almost the same adventure of carry , how old are you now ?

redJan 10 2014 5:33pm
at the age of 17 years, one day, when I'm alone at home, the wife of my uncle come she has 34 years old, she was very sexy, with a tight dress ,a really very hot body, I always dream to carry her in me arms ,was 4 years , whenever I want to wear her something happens and i dont do that but this time ,I will do everything possible to get there ,I told her mom is not there, she said "ok, I'll wait," she lengthen in a sofa and starts watching TV, my heart beat fast, I could not resist this body, I do like i am loking for my nds, she wanted to stand up , to let me her place ,she was lying on the sofa but i dont let him the time to stand up I put my left hand under her legs and my right hand on her waist, and I took her in my arms, she started to laugh and tell me "" weighs how much I "" I said that she was very lightness "" she weighed about 70 kg "" all his body was in my arms,his body was warm ,his hand surrounded my neck , just like me bride ,her breasts were so stick to me I did not want to put her down,I felt the softness of her buttocks by touching it, she felt very well and she tell "" now you can carry me ,once this is me who carry you , you become a realy man "" I could not resist, this time, I did something I've never done in my all me life after 30 min to carry her ,I pretended that I was tired and I wanted to sit down , i sit and I put her in my legs to feel even better the smoothness ,it was the first and last woman who i do that, i fell that i have a very big beybe in me leg , that has me best feeling , she has so hot so wheity but she was shocked,she did not believe what just happened, it was starting to get restless , then a tell"" sorry "" but what really impressed me is when I put her on me leg i dont touch him ,she could stand up, and she is not up, it stay on my leg , i stand up with carry him in me arms i wanted to let her in me arms but it finish , i put her down , i finaly win to carry the best sexy woman this is my best experience and that is why I wanted to rewrite

redJan 10 2014 6:28pm
Does ur parents know red abt this anytime if yes wt they said

aaaaJan 17 2014 11:52am
BMU2HO Say, you got a nice blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

UkDDgWCdIJan 17 2014 7:32pm
very nice "red" have you another lift story of your lots of to write? i have

MIFeb 12 2014 1:46am
my one friends kids can both lift her.

AnonymousFeb 20 2014 4:47pm
hey anonymous. write about please

MIFeb 21 2014 5:52am
yeah, its pretty amazing, my friends son cou;ld lift her since he was 9 yrs old and now her 11 year old daughter can lift friend is very petite.

AnonymousFeb 21 2014 5:51pm
I was at my friend's house and his mom asked us if we wanted tea and biscuits. we respond yes and she goes into the kitchen opens the closet to take the cups but does not come as too high. she was a beautiful tall woman 40 years old and I am 15 and since I love to lift women who are older or bigger than me I immediately took advantage of. I said to her: I come to help you. mom replies, you're shorter than me, do not worry I'll get the ladder even if it is uncomfortable in the attic. I: do not worry about the ladder, I will get up. mom laughs and says:i'm heavy, let me take the ladder I: you are kind that prepares the snack, I help you seek without the ladder and then you see you're very light Mom keeps laughing: you are nice, just wasting time I'll get the ladder I say ok she leaves the kitchen and goes before us at this point I subside, with my left arm squeeze her legs resting his left shoulder under his seat and lift. she makes a high-pitched scream and then shut up. I start to walk with her on my left shoulder and say you've seen that we do not lose time and you're light? mom: Put me down, I'm afraid to fall, you get hurt back I start with the right hand to caress her legs: you do not put it down. do not worry you're too light to fall I can keep for a long time. before you take the cups and then I'll put you down mom looks at me and smiles: okay I see you're strong, take me to the closet I: good you understand. once took the cups mom says ok put me down now that they are heavy and you are injured I: So you did not understand that I am strong and I can get up when I want! I start to do 10 squats with her on the shoulder and the last climb very fast in order to blow her up and take her on the fly in a cardle and then walk towards sofa and I sit her on my lap and say: now you understand you're light? mom red in the face and a timid voice said: no one has ever raised with ease like you and then I'm stubborn you had the courage to do the same and I'm left without words, never happened. I like you're a tough guy you are very strong and determined. I am very glad of his words, I look straight in hes eyes and with my right hand stroked her thigh with my left hand and give her a pat on the butt and say: go to prepare a snack. she squirts and while lifting with her hand gently skims from hip to the chest where it makes more power with the socket and always looking me in the eyes with a soft voice says: very pleased with my strong boy.

MIFeb 24 2014 7:02am
we must always remember that all people needed to be treated with harming anyone..peace..

AnonymousFeb 24 2014 7:14am
Hi MI. how many ladies have you lifted and carried? and have any of them got mad at you?

AnonymousFeb 25 2014 6:36am
anybody else have any good stories?

AnonymousMar 01 2014 7:47am
hi. i lift a lot of lady i don't c*nt. none of them was angry. at most said they did not seem to be a thing of beauty raised by a younger guy

MIMar 03 2014 1:32am
thats good MI..

AnonymousMar 03 2014 4:40pm
When I was 6 years old I often carried my 14 year old aunt piggyback across the park for about 5 minutes or so at a time. She loved being carried piggyback by me and I loved carrying her alot. She felt pretty heavy and her thighs were built very very solidly thick but I was able to carry her far and it felt real real good with her on my back and her very long blond hair and ponytail smelled wholesomely sweet and innocent in the warm sunshine. She told me that she weighed 145 lbs. and I weighed 60 lbs.To this day I always fondly remember carrying her piggyback and bonding together. She carried me piggyback alot too.

JoshMar 08 2014 1:54am
My 11 year old son can very easily lift and carry me. He's very big and strong all over. He's starting to boss me over a bit.

catalina3Mar 19 2014 1:27am
Hi catalina3. How does your son lift you and what are your feelings?

MIMar 19 2014 2:00am
Hi Catalina3, thats amazing.i have a female friend that is very petite and her 11 year old daughter can pick her up.

AnonymousMar 22 2014 11:09am
My younger brother who is 10 can easily pick me up and carry me

Alessandra VeaMar 22 2014 1:20pm
I'm a like poo how does he do it

Alessandra VeaMar 22 2014 1:20pm
HI Alessandra Vea, how old are you? do you like it?

MIMar 25 2014 1:14am
interesting stories

AnonymousMar 27 2014 6:37am
hey write more stories

sheamusMar 27 2014 9:29pm
hi I am also interested in lift and carry and I have also lifted many woman when I was 10 to 15 of age

sheamusMar 27 2014 10:27pm
when I was 11 I had my first experience of lifting a girl. I was at my elder cousins house my mom and aunt went for shopping so I was left alone with my cousin. she was not at all attractive and I never liked her more. she is an indian ans at that time she was 17 years 5'6 and weighted more than 65 kg . I was a lean guy but I worked out a lot so I was strong and had slight six pack abs. I was almost 35 kg at that time. I was on the ground floor watching tv. and she was also on the ground floor ,cleaning the spider webs on the wall. there was a function tomorrow so she was cleaning the house . she was standing on a stool . then suddenly a leg of the stool broke and she fell down with a thud! I came running and saw this hilarious moment I was laughing for a moment but saw she was seriously hurt I tried to make her in standin position but she couldn't. I gave her support but it was of no use. then somehow she stopped shouting . I had no idea what to do as I was alone at home. it was the time for function so all the sofas were sent for cleaning. the nearest place for seatng was on 1st floor. then I thought I shoul lift her . I was waiting for this opportunity to test my strength. then I told her to get ready I was going to lift het. she told that it was no time for joking. and told that how a thin twig like me lift her. I took it as an insult and then quickly raised my shirt and flaunted bu abs she was dumbbounded as she thought I was just a lean weakling. then quickly I placed my hand under her knees and one at her neck and then scooped her and craddled her in my arms she felt heavy as she was 30 kg more than me. she was shocked as well as happy as she had desired any boy to lift her it wasnt possible as she had acnes all over her face and was not pretty . I wasted no time and climbed the stairs she forgot her pain then . I was having trouble with her weight and indian bungalows has huge stairs then finally I reached the bed and was about to drop her on the bed she resisted I told why she told that she was enjoying it . it was too much for me and I dropped her down. I was about to leave to get water for her she held my hand and pulled me towards her I was amazed she removed ger top and pant and was only in bra and panty I was shocked first time my penis went erect then she removed my shirt and pant I was just in my underware. then I got horny and then unhooked her bra it was amazing to se them then she made me naked and saw my erect penis and commented about my physique. and called me macho man. I was full of exitement then I lifted her in cradle carry and in that position started sucking her boobs . they were succelunt I knew almost everything about sex even 69 so I told her lets do intercourse. she hesitated but I told her that I dont release semen so she agreed we then opened the internet and saw many positions and performed them I enjkyed them all then she was about to cum I opened my mouth and drank it . I then lifted her in my arms and was tossing her then I inserted my penis in her pussy and then kept her hands on my and then lifted her I was lifting her with my penis but some weight was on my hand. then we stopped and then I went and bought the first aid and mended her foot then I lifted her in my arms and took her down then there was no stool in house so I offered her to shoulder carry she agreed so I lifted her . now whenever I meet her in alone I lift her and do sex with her. now I am even more mightier and carry her for long time and she love it hope u like it and comment about it

sheamusMar 27 2014 11:30pm
is there any mistake in my passage and should I write more experiences?

sheamusMar 28 2014 5:29am
I know that u wont believe some part of my story. do u know how to add pics in like like post I will add pics of me lifting woman

sheamusMar 31 2014 8:48pm
in my last story I was in india for my summer vacation. I have an indian baground but I was born in florida and left it when I was 6 I then lived for 6 yrs in cairo then came back to florida. this experience is when I was in florida. I had a neighbour next door she was my mom's best friend and was of same age of my mom but was very hot she looked young and was in perfect shape. I got a urge to lift her and f*ck her. now after my first experience I started looking for opportunities to lift a woman. I was 12 at that time and was still skinny. she was 5'6 and weighted 55 kg. in cairo I was going to a English school where all hot chicks of the city studied I wanted them to be my girlfriend but none of them was ready. then I thought that I should show them my abs so I joined swimming all the hot girls went to swim so I thought that it would be a good opportunity to flaunt my abs then every single girl was impressed and commented about my abs. so I learned swimming. then in florida there was a swimming comp. there I just wanted this opportunity then I made a masterplan. I told mom that I wanted to take part in it my mom agreed so that day I bought a swimming trunks 2 size smaller than my regular size then at night when everyone was asleep I dirtied my house's swimming pool with mud leaves etc. then the next morning I got a used defective bulb and I kept it in my bag then I asked my mom if I can go to aunt senra's house(my neighbour) to swim as my pool was dirtied she agreed. then I went to her home in my trunks itself and told that can I swim in her pool? she replied that sure I had bought the most transparent trunk so that my erect penis would be visible to her. then I went and started swimming her kitchen was facing the pool and she was seeing me I looked her big boobs and my penis went erect due to the small size and transparency my penis was visible she was drooling it. then I asked her that can I wash up? she agreed I took my bag and I went to the washroom opened my bag I had bought a portable chair that could easily fit in a bag I removed it and stood on it and removed the bulb it was on a great height I placed the defective bulb in the place of the orignal bulb then I called my aunt and told that the bulb is not working. she bought a new bulb and was about to enter the bathroom a nd told me to wait as she went to bring a stool I told her to wait as I can lift her on my shoulders then she laughed and told how can I lift her then I told her that cant u see the 6 biscuits on my stomach? then I bent down and lifted her up on my shoulders she changed the bulb I could feel her soft bum I loved that experience. then I put her down then I took bath and I asked her for a towel then I partially opened the door and I stood in such a position that my penis was visible my plan was going on track I was excited and my penis went erect and at that time she came and saw it she was a divorced woman and did not had sex from ages so she was having an urge to f*ck me I caught her hand and pulled her then made her naked and wen to the bed room and lifted her upside down In such a way that she could suck my penis then I told her to get ready to f*ck her in doggy style we were having troble as my penis was not going in I then applied oil and then tried it went in just 1 try she told that u r very small to do sex I told that Im not then I was enjoying doggy style and in that position I told her to wrap her feet around me and then told her to keep her arms around my neck I ensured that her no body part was touching the floor and her full body weight was on me I loved it an then I craddled her and I finished doing sex and enjoyed it I kissed her and asked her if she enjoyed it she told yes and then told that the last time she saw my penis was while changing my diaper

sheamusMar 31 2014 10:03pm
well done sheamus, You have it all planned out and domains woman

MIApr 01 2014 5:57am
When I was 15 I was sitting on the couch my aunt (39 years old ) said I had to get up because I had to clean responded aunt doing after I'm comfortable here . he gets nervous and takes me by the arm , I get up I immediately free from his hand I grab her by the arms and standing perfectly with your body still I lift her in the air with only my arms. she screams to put her down now , still holding her in the air and shaking her cry aunt do not worry . at that point she changes her look and tells me : ok sorry I was nervous . only now I bend your arms and legs to give momentum to her and without letting it touch the ground I take her to the flight I sit her on my right arm with his left while massaging her legs tell her good aunt now you have to be quiet with me. she tells me she has no words for my strength and the ease with which I was raised and still continue to hold her up with one arm . now my aunt is really relaxed and always sitting on my arm lowers his head and strokes my back with my left hand I take her legs and I still keep in the crib and she rests her head on my chest and paws the muscles of my arms, saying that she has never touched so big and powerful I say, even if you're taller and older than me I can do what I want you You're light for all my muscles.I sit on the couch and put you sitting on my lap and started to kiss me while I caress her back, her tits and legs. she says to me, now I'm the smallest you are young but extremely stronger than me who knows when you grow up. From that day my aunt has changed asks permission to me to do anything, she loves to be picked up as long as possible because he feels young and light. pice to me so this makes me mad as she got up and when I want. after a few years at a dinner with the whole family we were talking about strength and my aunt said in front of everyone (my grandmother, my parents and my uncle her husband) that I am sure of the strongest and most muscular and says now nephew raises me. I said okay aunt but it is easy because you are light (in these years I trained so that I had increased my strength and so I wanted to surprise her again). I'll take to her hips and lift into the air, all the relatives are amazed I pretend to put her down and start to bend and straighten my arms without ever touching her on the ground after 5 repetitions with her always put my hand up under her belly and keep her in the air with one arm and in the meantime I'm going to take a glass to drink then return in the middle of the living room and only now taking her down with her on the flight with one arm under her legs and the other behind his back. still in my arms, my aunt said to me in the ear that i'm getting stronger and she likes more then tells everyone, then who is stronger? her husband (the more muscular after me) approaches want to lift as I did. He took her by the hips but can not then try with folded arms and lower legs but can not again. My aunt says, needless my nephew is the strongest man! the next day my aunt invited me to her house, and I go to see her with a robe and she says lift me as only you can. I pick her up in a cradle and kiss her with a hand pick only one of his legs and the other arm and lift her over my head, my aunt says: i'm feeling nothing in your arms, I lose my head at that point the Down with the kiss again and immediately after the lift again and as she had no panties start to lick her clit with her always in the air until she is coming. she said she has never been so well and has never felt so helpless with my extreme strength and my big muscles...

MIApr 01 2014 5:58am
Thanks mi I have many more experiences

sheamusApr 02 2014 5:23am
anybody knows how to ad pics here I want to ad pics with me lifting women

sheamusApr 02 2014 5:26am
at the movie theatre where i work at one time while i was in the ticket box office i saw this little boy play pushing his mom then he got behind her and put his arms around her and i think that he lifted her up a little bit. she';s a small pretty woman and she looked at me with a smile on her face, it was kind of creepy actually lol

AnonymousApr 02 2014 12:50pm
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