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Mixed wrestling holds.

Question: I've wrestled a couple of girls before, and none of them gave been able to submit nor pin me.:) just wondering, what holds do u girls like most? and is it effective, like headscissors, schoogirl pin, facesitting? smothering?
Created by: juanito at 02:49:35 PM, Tuesday, September 28, 2010 PDT


Im gay and after being reverse headscissored by a girl i have to say ive NEVER encountered a hold as tough! Ill post my email if anyone wants detailsss..

xxxSep 30 2010 10:39am

headscissors for sure. My wife is a better wrestled than me, she can always get me between her strong legs and squeeze out a submission, happens 100% of the matches nowadays. I used to be able to pin her sometimes when we were younger but her upper body is now stronger than mine and I just have to accept loosing. Headscissors are lethal.

Man, 52Oct 03 2010 11:21pm
I wrestled on the guys' team in my last two years of high school, and was a ranked swimmer in college. I'm in my mid twenties, and my current bf is my age and about my size. When we wrestle, I can regularly pin him. He has more upper body strength than I do, but not by much, and my legs, hips, and belly muscles are all stronger than his. All I have to do is avoid getting over whelmed in the first two minutes or so, and then I can scissor him and start to wear him down. After a struggle, he's weak enough, that I'm able to roll him so I'm on top, grapevine his legs with mine, and put him in a head and arm. Soon, he's totally pinned.

KathyOct 04 2010 12:53pm
Kathy, it sounds just like when my wife wins over me. I have never been able to dominate her the way she does me nowadays. When I had a stronger upper body I won perhaps 60% of the matches but when she started to use her legs to wear me down I lost more and more. And over the years she has become stronger in her upper body while I have lost more and more strength. How does your boyfriend react when you pin him? Since you have a wrestling back ground and also strength from swimming it is not that strange that you win I guess.

Man, 52Oct 05 2010 2:03am
My boyfriend has always liked play wrestling with me, or should I perhaps say used to like it:-). He is not a big muscular man, good looking though if you prefer the slim type. He used to let me get the upper hand and then used his (marginally) greater arm strength to turn the tables. He one night asked me if I would like to watch a DVD with mixed wrestling, just for fun. Why not? We then watched 60 minutes of matches between men and women where the woman most of the time came out as the winner! I had to say that this really caught my interest. The matches did look like they were for real, it was matches from wrestling series where girls met boys, from private filmed matches where you really could see that the man tried to win and from matches where a bigger woman dominated smaller men. I also got interested to see how women wrestled using their legs all the time. Women's legs are often very strong, I recently read that women's muscles pound for pount are stronger than male and have better endurance and I am sure that if the man and woman are of equal size, the woman's legs are probably stronger. Anyway, I watched this DVD many times when my boyfriend wasn't home. I started to go 3-4 times to the gym instead of twice a week. I got hooked on wrestling. After the evening when we watched the DVD it took perhaps 5-6 weeks before we wrestled again. I worked out a lot, and also bought more DVDs with mixed wrestling, I found some of them as rather silly, it was obious that the man let the woman win but some were for real. Anyway they gave me ideas of how to wrestle. So when my boyfriend started a friend tussle he got the shock of his life when I rather quickly caught him in a head scissors and had him giving up in less the 3 minutes. He wanted another match and this time he came at me fest with his arms and tried to get me in a head lock. I fought his arms with my legs and he was stupid enough to try to beat my legs with his slim arms. I could see that he got more and more frustrated and tired. After ten minutes of fighting where he alomst got the upper hand a couple of times he started to get real tired while I was still rather fresh. I met him hand to hand and understood that his power was gone. I for the first time outmuscled him with my arms! I slowly pressed him to his back and pinned him. He was just too tired to resist. He asked me where I had learnt to wrestle and I just told him that I wrestled for real for the first time and that he had won becaus I had let him before. This made him really frustrated and he soon wanted a new match. He avoided my legs and used all the power he had in his arms and he had me in a head lock and took me down, I all the way tried to make him more tired using my bigger muscle groups against his arms. But he won, partly because I wanted him to go on, I really enjoyed this by now. He won and the score was 2-1 for me. Boyfriend wanted to have a rest before match nr 4. This time I threw myself at him and took him down, it took him by surprise and I succeded in having him in a body scissors. Since he is very slim and my legs are really long and powerful I could put in a lot of pressure in the hold. He struggled to get my legs off him but he couldn't. I just keep on squeezing him. After 10 minutes he went limp, almost blacked out, lack of air and power. I just sat down on him and asked him if he gave up. And he did, he didn't want to have another match. I won 3-1. We have wrestled many times since and I am winning most of the time.

Wrestle grlOct 05 2010 4:01am
pft, ur boyfriend is a wimp. i would easily make u submit in a headlock in 10 seconds, w.o u ever being able to even come near wrapping ur legs around me or sitting on me.:>

TheBestOct 05 2010 10:53pm
well Best, good for you, I prefer my "wimp" since I like slim, non aggresive men, you seem to be a man from the stone ages. I am very lithe and can easily throw my legs around any men in a flash, two python legs around your neck would change things. I hope you find a strong woman that can put you in place.

Wrestle grlOct 05 2010 11:07pm
lol well if you prefer a scrawny pathetic sad excuse for a man as your boyfriend than good for you. i have no problem with a girl being athletic, and if she's good at wrestling than good for her, but put an average guy vs an average girl, and yes i said average, no muscle freak, than the guy obviously wins. if girls want to spend their entire day at the gym just to look all muscular and nasty like a gorilla, than obviously they're gonna dominate average men, but i mean, what kind of guy would want to touch yet alone be with a woman that looks like a man?lol.. all in all, average men beat average women, muscle freak men beat muscle freak women.:> and about ur legs, you wouldnt be able to get them around me, im to quick and strong, ill have u submitted before u even know it.:>

TheBestOct 06 2010 8:48pm
Wrestle girl and kathy did you also beat men, who tought they had you; I mean a close win at the end, where the man was completely surprised and overwhelmed by your endurance.

JeanOct 07 2010 6:17am
In high school, that happened a lot. boys would think that they had it made wrestling a girl. I won over 60% of my matches, and usually when I won it was by pin instead of on points. Guys usually tried to out-muscle me, and when I hung in there, they'd start to get frustrated. Once they tried their "best stuff" and I was still fighting back, the chances of them making a mistake I could use to beat them increased dramatically. I swam year round and played soccer in the fall, so I was in great shape even before wrestling practce began. some of the boys I wrestled tired out way before I did, and once I'd weakened them to the point where they could barely fight back, they were easy to pin. Some of them threw their headgear, and few of them even cried.

KathyOct 08 2010 10:39am
Whaw, Kathy, thanks for your answer!! Did you also wrestled your boyfriend when he maybe had beaten another girl, for example a friend of yours, and that you then wrestle him and beat him as a kind of funny punishment?

JeanOct 08 2010 10:57am
No, the first time my boyfriend and I wrestled, we were just fooling around. He won that match by simply overpowering me , but he was really shocked at how good I was, and by how hard he had to work to pin me. When we wrestle, it has been competitive (I hate to lose in any sport), but friendly/fun.

KathyOct 11 2010 10:01am
Kathy, can you maybe tell me, if you were impressed by some videos of mixed wrestling? And I really mean real wrestling and not where the man let the girl win. I also hate to lose in sports and games. I think it's a natural feeling. This question is also meant for Wrestle grl. who has seen a lot of those videos.

JeanOct 12 2010 11:15am
Can anyone give the link of youtube video in which women lifts men during mixed wrestling

anonymousOct 26 2010 12:12pm
You have to type worsd like mixed wrestling and woman lifts man. You can combine these two sentences.

MrJeanOct 28 2010 5:30am
I Teach mixed martial arts and Self Defense to women police officers part-time and I can tell you if applied properly the rear naked choke is very easy to apply if you can get behind your opponent.Some men are very tall so then you must take the man to the ground which can be tricky.Fighting and wrestling requires lots of strength,technique and stamina.But if a very strong women becomes trained properly in MMA she can many times submit your average untrained male.The big diference is that most men have better striking power and are usually superior strikers in most cases.

TrudyOct 31 2010 9:17am
Did you ever see, Trudy during that training that one of the women you trained could beat a man in wrestling, who thought he had beaten her with a good wrestling hold, that she could come back and recover and teached him a lesson?!

MrJeanNov 04 2010 6:27am
Having wrestled women of all shapes and sizes up to and including bodybuilders I consider myself an expert and to "the best" I say this.... You are full of poo. I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and in pretty good shape. Almost any woman can submit almost any man in a variety of holds. To name a few.... Front, side or rear figure four head scissors a relatively strong pair of female legs can knock you out if the woman so choose. I could list many more not just leg holds. Spending a few minutes in a head scissors can be quite enjoyable as a prelude to great sex.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 11:15am
Jianyun, If you are curious as to the feeling of being submitted find a willing woman and let her put you in a variety of head scissors. Start with a standard rear head scissors. She sits on a bed and you sit on the floor. She wraps her thighs around your head pulling your head as tight into her crotch as possible. She ten locks her ankles, straightens her legs out and squeezes as hard as she can. This can be switched to a figure four by her tightening her calf up against your face and locking her foot with her knee. Then you can realize why many of us live it so much.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 11:27am
I want to question something. Is a very erotic hold, the facesit. How how effective is a facesit?

barbaroticoMar 13 2011 1:31pm
These have to be all men posing as women...

GetrealMay 31 2011 10:11pm
These have to be all men posing as women...

GetrealMay 31 2011 10:12pm
I mean really the men are responding to othermen, LMAO

GetrealMay 31 2011 10:13pm
I'm fifteen and I want a girl to sqezz me so bad really I live in Michigan and I would pay but it seems so fun how do I get a girl to sqezz me

jakeJun 22 2011 7:39am
I'm fifteen and I want a girl to sqezz me so bad really I live in Michigan and I would pay but it seems so fun how do I get a girl to sqezz me

jakeJun 22 2011 7:39am
I'm twenty and I wreslte with my boyfriend and its funny cause I knock him out in headscissors

jasmineJun 28 2011 11:38pm
Actually why do you want a girl to headscissor you jake? Most of them are older than you

E.N.AJun 29 2011 10:33am
Hey Wrestle girl, u sound confident there. I'll take u on and make u my bitch

AnonymousJul 01 2011 11:12am
In fact all of you ladies

AnonymousJul 02 2011 8:35am
Are you sure? My legs can hurt.

Lauren xAug 20 2011 6:39am
I would love to wrestle with a women.But can't find a women willing to have some fun for a hour.

A.B.M.Sep 06 2011 2:09pm
Why not try me? :) x

EmilySep 16 2011 1:58pm
Emily love to try you let get it on.But hope you live in my area of Ontario.

ABMSep 29 2011 12:19pm
Nah I don't live near there.

EmilyOct 02 2011 10:54am
Sorry to hear there would love to wrestle with you.Let try to a ranch it if you want to.Where do you live.

ABMOct 03 2011 1:58pm
I am looking to wrestle a girl I've had a few sessions but the girls I were wrestling were unable to make me tap and I was put in some headscissors and I was even smothered by breasts a few times, just lookin for some comp, I live in ny and pa any takers?

girlscantbeatmeOct 22 2011 8:30am
man theres nothing sexier than a girl who likes to scissor, id love to find a girl who likes that kind of stuff!!

collegestudOct 23 2011 3:17am
Any women in the Ajax area of Ontario who would like to wrestle.Drop line here.

ABMOct 29 2011 4:04am
Hey. How about we wrestle 'girlscantbeatme' ill surely 'beat' you and make you my bitch! Any other guy can try as well

LunaNov 11 2011 3:40pm
Luna I will wrestle you anytime you like just need to know the place and time.I hope you live in my area.

ABMNov 14 2011 5:19am
I dont. I live in MA

LunaNov 15 2011 12:27pm
I love watching a women kick some guys ass all over the mats.

njoNov 20 2011 2:15pm
I love getting my ass kicked all over the mats by sexy women

Austin MJan 11 2012 3:12pm
I'm 17. If any sexy girls around my age want to sexy text, give me your email with your number, and I'll contact you.

Austin MJan 11 2012 3:14pm

Austin MJan 11 2012 3:14pm

Austin MJan 11 2012 3:16pm
okay, sexy text sounded stupid....any girls interested in chatting, let me know

Austin MJan 11 2012 3:33pm
Still looking for a women to wrestle with.Would like someone who want to try wrestling it will be for fun.

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AnonymousMar 30 2012 8:09am
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abmApr 08 2012 1:39pm
Still looking for a sexy women to wrestle with.just want a playful time.

AbmApr 28 2012 6:42am
i enjoy to pin males by sitting on their throat because i love to see them struggle to get out and breath. when i sit on a throat it doesnt take long time until the guy i exhausted. the throat pin suits me well because i have wide hips and thick thighs and short legs. so when i sit down i can really squeeze the throat with my ass and thighs.

AnonymousMay 24 2012 3:10am
i enjoy to pin males by sitting on their throat because i love to see them struggle to get out and breath. when i sit on a throat it doesnt take long time until the guy i exhausted. the throat pin suits me well because i have wide hips and thick thighs and short legs. so when i sit down i can really squeeze the throat with my ass and thighs.

AnonymousMay 24 2012 3:11am
Anonymous want to wrestle me I know I would enjoy it.Would love to be pin by you.bring it on girl.

AbmJun 02 2012 5:22am
My wife prefers the body scissor.Her strategy is like kathys.She will scissor my leg or anything she can get,to wear me down.She loved the grapevine pin as well as the scissor pin.Really she just likes any move using her legs,she knows they are deadly lol

AnonymousOct 14 2012 8:04am
Once I was playing around wrestling with my girlfriends sister,and since she was alot shorter the me but thick I lifted her up high in a bearhug with her titts at eye level she quickly push my head back with a very rough chinpush usung both hands and in a few seconds had bent my head all the way back.I was facing the ceiling.She was trying to take my head off.

rickey williamsNov 19 2012 1:16pm
guys usually jerk off before a mixed wrestling match in order to not be turned on during the match thats why they are exhausted and lose the match

AnonymousDec 28 2012 7:13pm
Luna, I'd like to wrestle you! I'm also in MA

MEJan 27 2013 8:29pm
Another thing to remember is weight class during matchups. A 140-pound male is going to have roughly 70 pounds above and below the waist. A 140-pound girl is going to have about 84 pounds below the waist. And a lot more of that weight advantage is going to be between the knees and navel. That's because males tend to have bigger calves and feet. So a trained female who can ward off the upper-body moves of the male long enough can win once those upper legs and hips start getting the range. That lower center of gravity can be just as big an advantage as the male's upper body ......... Competitive school wrestling is also a somewhat different tangent from foreplay, though, :- )

WaynieDMar 23 2013 9:07am
Footnote : I was an athlete at four sports in school. Through the am-fem magazine I matched up with a girl wrestler my height. She was mid-20's and had described herself as having "strong legs" so I was intrigued. She was no bodybuilder, just an average 5'8 150 or so. We started. Within seconds, wham -- she got me in a stranglehold and a bodyscissors from behind. I was finished. ....... We armwrestled twice; I won. We legwrestled ; she embarrassed me. But after having been in fights a lot as a kid and as a teen, and knowing I was very quick, I was really amazed at the speed with which this gal just TOOK it to me.

WaynieDMay 23 2013 11:46am
Has any of you had highschool scissor memories of sqezzing a young guy or your old boyfriend.

JakeMay 29 2013 7:31pm

AnonymousJun 02 2013 9:38am
Nothing fake about a gal about 33 at one of those X-rated turnpike places, Anonymous. The place is now closed. She was my height and outweighed me by maybe 16-20 pounds. She has odd-colored hair and massive legs. With both of us kneeling to start wrestling, boom! Wow, did she have some drive in her legs. I'm on my back in maybe three seconds and she's got her knees on my shoulders for a long, long pin. She had some knees, too, and knew it. And her thighs went a shade over 25 inches. Later in the session, she literally had me gargling out the worst noises of surrender I ever heard coming out of me with a sample bodyscissors. I'm convinced that this female wasn't even using everything she had, either, to make me submit. Some of these night-owl types really know how to use their body -- especially their legs. And man, when a 5'8 girl with pole-dancer legs decides to let you feel what she's got in them .......

WaynieDJul 26 2013 4:07pm
Headscissor! I was 18 at the time my sister was 16 we both needed to use the bathroom my sister was a girly girl cheerleader so she made it to the bathroom first so I ran in ther and threw her down I was dragging her out of the bathroom but she managed to kick me off of her so I came straight foward my head ended up between her thighs she didn't realize it at first but once she did as she squeezed so I grabbed her legs prying them but couldn't escape she pulled me down to my side she looked scared but she knew if she let me go I would hurt her I kept prying and flailing next thing I know I woke up outside the bathroom door my sister locked herself in her room scared to come out it was pretty embarrassing!

KeithAug 19 2013 9:38pm
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XLeZQUPyKGSep 07 2013 6:22am
It's far easier for a girl to make you submit to a neckscissor than a bodyscissor. There have been two girls I light-wrestled with who could not get me to give with the bodyscissors. Being leggy, they came close. Real close. But each of them positively blacked me out with the neckscissors ......... In my active life I've only submitted to the bodyscissors of six girls. Yet, I've had to tap out of far more neckscissors. The very first time I got worked over, and a few times after, I was left with reddish marks under both ears on my neck. I'd estimate that I've had to tap out of female neckscissors maybe twenty times. I've learned that when you START to feel your mind spin, start tapping! Neckscissors submissions have ranged to the upper thighs of girls that went from 21 1/2 inches to 28 1/8 inches. Even these "everyday" girl next door gals pack a lot of danger through those parts of the body. Be real careful what you wish for!

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A recent session here was with a big ol' gal of 37, 5'10 and maybe 210, good figure, softish, but with big arms (14 1/4 inch) and thighs (27 7/8 inch) ...... She outweighed me by an estimated 65 pounds and was two rangy inches taller. I'm convinced that if she and I were to wrestle ten times that she'd win at least nine. From behind, to "see if I can get out" (yeah, right) she had me in a headlock and a body scissors at the sides. Instead of scissoring at right angles to my sides, she had her legs parallel to my whole torso, affecting from my armpits to my hipbone. Envision a peanut being cut precisely at the middle. THEN picture the same peanut being sliced along its entire length. The pressure of those big and lengthy legs was starting to black me out! As soon as I started to feel myself at that twilight point I yelled "Stop!" ..... I have been made to "give" several times by females whose legs scissored me at right angles, but NEVER experienced anything like this gal had done.

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BobMay 21 2016 10:38pm
As we progressed with our wrestling she lost more and more inhibitios while wrestling. When she had me down she actually would facesit and climax on my face. Using a grapevine she would even rape me. She never assumed the dominant role outside of our wrestling. She was a sweet girl. She got off submitting me over and over, wearing me out. The idea of hearing 10-15 submissions from me was music to her ears She said what she loved most was seeing the fear in my eyes. The sex was gallactic

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I wrestled once with my young sister in law. she was 16 and I was a young man. She had very big powerful legs. She wasn't an athlete , just blesse with big powerful legs. As we play wrestled on the floor , It was getting bit embarrassing that I couldn't get out of her holds. She had a side headlock on me that made me feel light headed and I realized that if I didn't give up she could knock me out with her 16 year old arms. I got reprieve she let go of the headlock and rolled me on my back and solidly straddled me. To my horror, in my weakened condition she was able to put easily pin my arms with her arms. She looked down at me with "see if you can get out of this' look. She then moved forward, tucked my arms under her knees and sat on my throat. She quite proud to have dominated and hold helpless a twenty something grown man. She lifted my head and brought her knees together capturing my head between her legs. I was in heaven and hell.Her arms were free so she brushed her hair. I refused to give so she rolled me to the side and clamped a head scissors on. The power in her legs were unreal. She kept asking if I gave and I was unable to answer. She finally let me go and laughed but stood over me for second to take in her one sided victory

BillMay 21 2016 10:59pm
My sister in law never spoke of that time again and we never wrestled either. Both of u sknew it was sort inappropriate. Once when we were swimming we formed a three person pyramid. She was on top of my shoulder. The lifegaurd whistled us to break it up , but before she got off. she locked her ankles and gave me a huge squeeze before she got off . I was quite dizzy and she gave me a knowing grin, as if to say remember what I can do.

BillMay 21 2016 11:04pm
Has anyone ever combined wrestling with role playing? The girl who was taller than me who could outwrestle me, also like to spice up our wrestling with roleplaying. in our case the wrestling was real and she elgitimately beat me every time, but we added sexy scenarios like-fighting over the remote-tests of strength, arguing over her lifting a box I couldn't. Almsot any normal reason for couples to fight could be used in scenarios. We also got into dark ones, like attempted rape by either. Sometime I would come into her unlit apartment and she would be waiting and would jump me. She would play police woman and and squeeze confession out of me. We would pretend we were strangers and she would bump into me and we would start a fight. Sometime she enter my darkened bedroom and rape/face rape or simply rough me up. It was fun

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got challenged to wrestle by my girlfriends mom when i was 20 and she was 41. she was stronger than i ever expected and was wearing me down when she clamped what i learned was a grapevine on me and pinned me to the floor. i couldn't escape her. it felt like she was going to tear my legs off and she held my arms over my head with her large breasts hanging over me. There was no question i had just been beaten by a woman.

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WaynieDMay 10 2017 6:29am
Going back 40 years ago At the time I was challenged by a girl who was a cheerleaderI never back then thought about what attracted me to a particular girl. As I see it today every girl I dated had muscular legs sexy ass. The cheerleader she was dry humping me I would thrust upon was on the bottom She realized that I was somewhat weak because her thrust always overpowered me and she later said that she wanted to arm Wrestle she won left I won right now she wants to leg Wrestle I am trying desperately to get out of this she tells me to Wrestle or no pussy and take her back home. She taunting me saying Pussies don't get Pussy I leg Wrestle the Bitch and no effort she wins she says I didn't try I get pissed and toss this bitches ass on the bed I am looking for a c*nt to f*ck I to her and I am looking for a girl who wants to f*ck She says that she is not f*ckin a man she could destroy in any type physical competition She says come on Pussy the only thing that you can Wrestle and win your girlfriend and I think that you are weak and I am going to beat the f*ck out you She Wrestles me into ahead lock and I feel her bicep pressure against my face and she keeps flexing it I tell her to stop flexing and she said that she would like to squeeze Iam now feeling more pain than I ever imagined and it was a long time until this c*nt let's up I got loose anew seconds before I gonna leave she started a fight with me her f*ckin muscular legs around my neck I didn't even think anyone would do this I passed out and I awoke she squeezing again I passed out and I would like to go home she continues about 15 to 20 times I passed out my face has been been severely beaten I don't remember what I was thinking about I was going home and again she called me a Pussy and she thinks My c*ck is a f*ckin joke that I was challenged by her I have lost a match yet she Wrestles both me and her new boyfriend and I am staying or she is going to beat me again her new boyfriend shows up some guy doesn't go to our school and I am concerned about losing to the dick head He says a contest for his girlfriend to see who has the largest c*ck I wanna go home my face is swollen and this guy is muscle head and I don't know if his c*ck is big little And I look at his little c*ck and mine isn't hard he demands me to get one I can't so he started a fight with me after he beat the f*ck out me I was hard and gets really pissed because my c*ck is huge and I think his may be 4 inch penis and skinnyIwsd proud of my 8 inches and the fact that it was 6 inches around I get beat up by my girlfriend watched her boyfriend show me a little c*ck school was no fun

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I haven't seen very much on this site about what is perhaps the most riveting and dramatic mixed wrestling hold of them all. To me, it's the bodyscissors with you facing the girl, her feet crossed behind you, and her legs clenching into your SIDES instead of across your stomach. The so-called "missionary position" for sex ...... Now, neckscissors are terrific. You get to see all those wonderful curves at work in front of your eyes, tautening and squirming. I'm speculating that hold is the easier of the two scissors for a girl to get a guy to submit. It takes less effort. In my days I've had to slap out a surrender to over a dozen girls that way, and was even blacked out twice. Those times were between thighs ranging from 28 1/8 inches down to a svelte 20 3/4 inches. It can certainly be a scary, nervous hold ...... The BIGGER gauge of a girl's prowess, however, is the face-to-face bodyscissors. My sides have experienced the thighs of girls measuring from 28 1/8 inches to 22 inches. Only six girls have forced a submission from me that way. In my travels I've found that many girls can get smoke coming out of your ears with a neckscissors. Some of who I'm sure were even holding back. But the BODYscissors, face-to-face, is more involved for many girls. I've withstood those from two bodybuilder girls who didn't use the technique of trying to pull me up into them. The face-to-face bodyscissors is a tougher grip for most of them to perfect. As such, I find it to be the more erotic scissors.

WaynieDDec 31 2017 6:31am
The bodyscissors with the girl directly behind you is also quite erotic. You can see the great calf curves bow and stretch out, and see (plus fondle) the knees closing together. Once the thighs start to grind, though, is the true test of your endurance and of her prowess ...... I prefer the face to face joust more, however. Seeing the girl's expression, with both your sets of eyes staring, is a more tense standoff. Whose eyes will falter first? If it's my eyes, then I've been "owned" ..... I had heard this is the more dangerous of the two scissors types (the other type being with her one leg flat across your stomach and her other leg at your spine). The man who made that statement says that there "was no way" he'd gauge a body scissor the way I do. But I know when I've had enough. So far there's been no damage. It seems that even the owners of the really frightful legs know how to regulate their curves

WaynieDJan 01 2018 9:01am
I am female 5'10" and 150 pounds. Have very shapely legs with defined calf muscle and solid thighs. I have locked many males and females between my legs in inescapable scissor holds. With my long legs I like to get victim in body scissor with them either on their back or stomach. In a short time they are gasping for air and tapping out. I also find the reverse scissor painful and impossible to escape. With victims face pressed to my cheeks and ankles locked enabling me to exert vibrating pressure has my victim suffocating and tapping my thigh in surrender.

JenniferJan 19 2018 12:33pm
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