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woman could lift and carry man

Question: Have seen in movies woman lifting man is woman really lifting and carrying in real life
Created by: ramku6 at 06:18:34 AM, Sunday, October 03, 2010 EDT


my sister in law,she is only 15y.o.can piggyback on her back her father,mother and brother for about 20min.walk!her mother is able to carry four people included me!her father is very strong as well but he could manage to piggyback carry only two people-his wife and son for about 10minutes walk.girls rock!

hennOct 06 2010 4:01am

i always thought boys are stronger but,its not the sister in law and her mother-their legs its just amazing pure mountains of muscles.i have seen her mother crossed her legs in sofa and couldnt believe,how muscular and huge they are.she had high heels and miniskirt so i could see realy how huge legs she have-more than twice of the size of my or my uncles legs mass.

hennOct 06 2010 4:07am
Candy Clark was supposed to have carried David Bowie in the film The Man who fell to Earth. But you only see a back view of her so it was maybe only a double. Also Xena and Wonder Woman are seeing cradling men but you never see below the man's body so he could be on some kind of trolley. In the film A Different Story the woman did cradle the guy it even appeared on the posters.

hymatOct 17 2010 10:18am
my wife can easily carry me, she set me on her waste, and carry me to the bed after dinner. that makes our foreplay better.

baby hubbyDec 01 2010 10:06am
I live alone in a house with my wife my height is 5ft 10inch and my wife is 5ft wife and me work in day i got ill that time i cannot go to bathroom alone my wife lift me and take to wife bring her sister from home to take care of me his age is the next day my wife go to his work at that time i need to go toilet there is no one except her first she tryed to take me there to his sapport but i can't even stand then she lift me and said you is not so havy she take me to toilet and bring from them.when her sister come she told her that she take me to toilet by lifting my wife told thank for doing this at the next day my wife sleapt from stairs and enjure her back dactor told her complet bad rest.her sister is god for us.she regularly doing her duty by lifting me and her sister to loilet and bring back. She also lift her to her arm and walking around the house (my wife weight is 60kg) after me and my wife fully geating alright i asked her what your weight she said just 5okg

ImranJan 04 2011 6:56am
can any girls lift and carry me away? i am 22 male 6'1" tall and i weigh 56 kg...

tallbutslimJan 10 2011 3:06am
Two days ago i lifted from my sister in law in kitchen. She cutting vegetable from behind i lifted her for just a 10sec after i put down she trun to my face and front lift me i force her to put me down but her tight is saw hard to broken she then cradle in front of my wife and my causin

ImranJan 27 2011 5:24am
My wife can lift me.

frankFeb 08 2011 9:35am
My wife had gotten a stay at home job and was complaining that she was gaining weight. I suggested that she start exercising and got her some dumbells and a few exercise DVD's. I work nights so I said her exercising wouldn't bother me. She started working out during the day and I was surprised to come home one day and find a weight bench set up. I thought it was a good idea and told her so. She said that she wanted to firm up and the dumbells weren't cutting it. IAfter a few months I noticed that she had lost weight and was lookinf toned. I said to her that it was a good idea for you to get the bench and I was really happy she was looking good. I didn't get a chance to watch her work outbecause of my hours but did notice that she had 75lbs. on the bench which I thought was a pretty heavy weight for her to be working with. Over dinner I mentioned that and she laughed and said I can bench more than that but it was a comfortable weight for her reps. One day I had stayed home from work and got a chance to see her work out a little bit. When she was done I noticed her arms looked strong and she really looked pumped! She went back to work int he office and a little later called me in to help her. She said I think I put a folder on the top shelf in the closet can you see it? I said yes it is up there and tried to reach it. I couldn't and she came behind me a lifted me a little off the ground and I grabbed it. I said Wow you are getting strong! She just smiled. A few weeks later I was on the computer and I came across a file she had saved. It was some photos of women lifting and carry men. I was a little suprised and didn't think much of it. I thought it was kind of cool anyway. A few week later we wnt out to dinner and came home. My wife put on a tank top and some shorts. I really noticed then her arms were firm. I said that it looks like you are starting to get a nice set of muscles! She laughed and said well you got me started. She flexed and said what do you think? Great I said and playfully gave them a squeeze. THey don't turn you off do they? She asked. Just the opposite they look great! I hope you would say that, I was worried. No problem they look sexy. I thought of the file I saw and asked if she would mind if I sat on her lap. She looked suprised and said OK if you want to. I sat on her lap and kissed her. I said I hope you don't think I am weird but could you try and lift me. Again she looked suprised and said really? Yes, unless you think I might be too heavy. Well I can try she said. She put her arms underneath my legs and under my back and stood up. She smiled and kissed me. She held me for a minute or so and then put me down. She said that was cool. I said was I heavy? She said no, you are really kind of light! I asked could you try a piggyback? Sure! She bent down and I jumped on her back. I put my arms around her neck and then felt her biceps. She carried me around for a while and then put me down. She hugged me and lifted me in a bearhug and told me to wrap my legs around her waist. Honey you are amazing! She carried me over to the kitchen counter and put me on it. She grabbed us some water and put me on her hip and walked us back into the living room. She asked are you having fun? Little did she know that I have never been more exicited. What else can you do I asked. She sat on the couch and instruced me to sit on her shoulders. I did and she stood up and said from now on you can do the high dusting!! I laughed it would be fine with me. She carried me for awile and then put me down. Another cradle and I asked her if she could lift me over her head. She laughed and said not yet but I'll work on it. She sat down on the couch again with me on her lap. She asked can you think of anything else? All I can think of is getting you upstairs and into the bedrom I replied. My thoughts exactly, she said. I saved my favorite carry for last she said. she stood up, put me on my feet. She grabbed my wrist and bent down. Her shoulder in my stomach and other arm between my legs she lifted me easily across her strong shoulders. I said I love this carry too. I kissed her bicep. Are you gonna take me all the way upstairs? Oh yes, our fun is just beginning! Wow I said there is nothing better than being carried upstairs on your Amazon wife's shoulders. She laughed and said I guess you could call me an Amazon. A beautiful Amazon I replied. We got to the bedroom and had the best sex of our lives. We now do lift and carry all the time. We made a video and she has made me her willing slave and the other night came down stairs wearing a strap on and threw me over her shoulders and had her way with me. All on video and I am the happiest guy around.

AnonymousFeb 08 2011 11:48am
can any girl lift and carry me away? I am 22 male 186 cm tall and i weigh 118-123 lbs /53-56 kg..

tallbutslimMay 02 2011 2:10am
My stronger wife lifts me in the air almost every night, she is proud of being stronger then me and loves to show it, from the start of our relationship we knew that she was stronger and we were both aroused of it, our dreams came true, I am taller then her but she is heavier, her biceps and legs are bigger then mines. We also armwrestle and wrestle eachother, I never beat her, in bed she is the dominant one, she ride me in heaven, having a stronger wife is the best a man can get.

SanderJul 18 2011 9:57am
Sometimes in movies a female knocks out a the next scene he is tied on a bed or on a chair in another building .but how did he get there?did she carry him?They never let us see how she got him there.

gethewilSep 10 2011 9:28am
me and my husband got into lift and carry very late in our relationship. Our kids had moved out and we were in our early 50's when everything started. I really missed the kids, my husband was working very much and traveled a lot while I was home a lot, working as a translator. I had plenty of time to use our rather new home gym and was in really good shape. One night when my husband came home from a week of traveling he went straight to the shower. He called for me to bring a towel since he had forgotten to bring one. I was in shorts and a sleeveless top. When I saw his thin body wet and he was freezing a bit something happened in me. I wrapped him up in the towel and started to dry him, I hugged him and suddenly I just lifted him up in my arms like you do with a child. We were both very surprised about this I had never lifted him before and he had never lifted me (I am much heavier than him). He was very light, I think he weighs 130 lbs to my 175, we are both around 5'9. I just smiled at him and walked around with him in my arms drying him. When he was in my arms like this, very vulnerable, I felt more inloved with him than in many years. I also felt strong and in charge of course. He was too tired to protest. He was lying in my arms. I then carried him to our bedroom where I lay him down and then made love to him. After this evening I very often lift him in my arms in different ways, sometimes over my shoulder or shoulders. He never says anything, he just accepts it and I know he likes it. Something new also happened, I am always on top when we make love, he actually caresses my muscles when we make love, I have quite big biceps and shoulder muscles for a woman in her 50's, and I have a lower body to match. He is thin, hard and totally hairless, almost like a boy. It is all kind of weird how it all changed this evening and perhaps even more weir that we never have said one word about the new situation. He never protests when I lift him or take him in my lap. I treat him both like a child and like a man that lifts his woman. We also have a normal life when we are very equal and discusses everything but it can all stop in the middle of a discussion, the other night for instance we talked about where to go for holidays over Christmas. He wanted to somewhere down south and I wanted to go skiing. Before we started to argue more loud I just lifted him in my lap and then stood up with him in my arms. He went dead silent straight away, I said before I carried him to bed that it looks like it will be Austria after all. Anybody had similar experiences or heard of similar cases? We both love our new discovered sex life/games but it is kind of strange that none of us want to talk about it. I have started to look at the web for similar experiences and I have found this poll and others.

JohannaOct 24 2011 7:11am
I am stronger than my husband too. He accepts it and I love to carry him across my shoulders as foreplay and wrestle him. I work out and my arms are big. I love be the stronger one in the marriage and he loves it too. When we make love I am dominant and he is really turned on by it. I have used a strap on now and then and if you havent tried it you really should.He loves being thrown oover my shoulders or cradle carried after sex.

gwendolynOct 28 2011 3:36pm
Johanna, we have a similar story to relate. After the kids had moved out me and my wife both had more time than before, I started to jog almost daily and my wife added two more working out days, from one to three times a week. My wife has grown over the years, yes, some is fat but her muscles have really grown and now they got harder. I lost strength but gained andurance. So the physical status between us reversed little by little. One evening we were standing in front of our big bedroom mirror. It was so obvious now who got the muscles so we both laughed. My wife flexed her arm muscles and I did the same. She then turned to me and lifted me up in her arms and told me I was her baby. She than lifted me in many ways and we both got turned on of this situation. Her strong body has been the pleasure for both of us, she loves my thinner body as well.

ReyMay 02 2012 12:27pm
I was lifted by my girl friend who is two four inch shorter than me but she's very strong.and i love to be carried by her on the hip coz its got some other hand to do something.She always loves to lift me and she does with a great perfection.She lifts daily on her hip,gives me cradle,bearhug,frontlift,piggyback.....

AnonymousJun 20 2012 8:28am
I was lifted by my girl friend who is two four inch shorter than me but she's very strong.and i love to be carried by her on the hip coz its got some other hand to do something.She always loves to lift me and she does with a great perfection.She lifts daily on her hip,gives me cradle,bearhug,frontlift,piggyback.....

AnonymousJun 20 2012 8:28am
"I would say LSD enables your mind to siseourly consider ideas that were there all along, but your normal conscious mind always pushes them to the rear."On thing I believe it did for me was help me think "outside the box" a little. It seems I could arrive at unconventional solutions that might never have otherwise occurred to me or might in general be considered a "bad" solution but in that specific case, perfect for the situation.It is very difficult to describe exactly what it did, but one thing I am fairly sure of is that it enhanced the part of the mind that engages in abstract thought. So a person who is pretty much a "concrete" thinker can come away from it with a much better "abstract" thought process.This allows one, in my opinion, to get a better grasp of "big pictures", seeing synergies that might have been missed before, and noticing problems in complex systems where a problem in one part of the system manifests in a completely different part of the system. It enhances the ability to "see" (for lack of a better word) how a lot of things fit together and allows one to be more creative by enhancing the ability to visualize an end goal and create it.It is extremely difficult to explain exactly but that is as close as I can come with the words I can find. In general, it enhances abstract thought.

LjnETRNPUYbXPXqpCaOJul 02 2012 12:43am
My girl friend is 55's a good hiker and a cyclist. When we go on trips I have a hard time keeping up with her but I was to embaresed so I didn't complain. We work out separately but one time while on vacation we went together. She matched my weights then did 50% more reps. I matched her so she did more again abd I realized I couldn't match her. She weighs 135lb to my 175 and we're the same height. It's now clear she's stronger. On a hike I sprained my ankle so she ended up carrying me piggyback 3 miles back to our car. I lve her being strong and she doesn't make a big deal about it. Our sex life has never been better.

RandyOct 14 2012 2:09pm
Once i was at my friends house wondering if he could come out and play, but only his mother was home who i had a healthy relationship with. She was an extremely nice latina lady who was always smiling and happy. She also was really big ! I am about 5'6" and 110lbs which makes me very skinny. She was 5'10" and according to her son, 510 lbs ! She workouted on a regular basis but she only work on her arms. her arms were still very flabby but she had a lot of power underneath them as she is able to lift many heavy objects easily. And she was alway wearing tight dresses that showed off her extra weight. Anyways she had been on a trip to somewhere in south america and i had not seen her in months. Like i said, we have a healthy relationship and when she answered the door she smiled widely and said "hi" very loudly and bearhugged me straight off the ground! I had my face squished into her giant breasts and found it hard to get out! Anyways while she was bearhugging me she asked me how i was, very excitedly. I replied "goooood" and asked if her son was home. She said no but you can hangout with me. At this point she was still bearhugging me off the ground and she released one arm to shut the door of the house. It was amazing how she was able to keep lifting me with one arm. Anyways after she shut the door, i said wow you are really strong! I had a huge boner that was smashing against her soft stomach. She said really? How so? And i replied how she had lifted me straight off the ground was impressive and she looked confused. I do not think she realized that she had me off the ground until that point. She said "oh thats nothing" and she literally threw me over her shoulder and took me too the couch where she sat me on her lap. She bounced me on her lap and she could see that i was amused. She then cradle carried me around the living room pressing my head against her breast telling me that i was her little baby and asking if i wanted some milk. It was insane. After that she really howed me how strong she was by shoulder carrying me and incredibly lifting me overhead! She had me over head for a good minut just smiling down below. That was probaly the best lift and carry experience ive ever had. She still carrys me but now in front of her son and even in public! Our families are close so once when they invited us to dinner at their house she hugged me an my two older brothers an lifted us off the ground at the same time. She likes to do it in public too, for i was at the mall and she snuck up behind me and frontsidepiggybacked me around the mall, going to all of her favorite stores for literally two hours without letting me down. She has a gigantic ass too and when she is standing straight on the ground i can stand on it. I really love strong ssbbws the most

Ssbbw lift loverNov 08 2012 9:56pm
Once My 26 year elder sister had front lifted me. I m 22.

Lift loverNov 20 2012 10:11am
Please dont judge me by age. Im a girl 16 and like piggyback people. i want to see how heavy i can carry. how do i ask a bigger or older person. my brothers friends are not a challange.

saraNov 25 2012 7:00pm
sara will u carry me im 20 and 5.6 and 53kg i want to be carried by a girl i feel shy to discuss abt ths wit my colegues if u like 2 carry me plz rply me

arunDec 07 2012 11:17pm
I really hope to lifted by any woman .im 18

ahmedJan 02 2013 3:07pm
hey i m 17 and weight 42kg any girl plzz lift me

sidJan 03 2013 8:08am
sara i love to be lifted by you plz rply me i need hipcarry plz rply im 5.5 & 53kg 20yrs old

sunilJan 28 2013 9:11am
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 08 2013 5:41pm
May all the world am a lucky person My wife and my clothes Phen Phena day I took my clothes at night And then I will lift And my lip kisses and speaks of the doll you're so cute After that I will carry cradle And then I'm sitting on the bed and bringing her love takes seated lep pe

AnonymousFeb 09 2013 3:33pm
My wife lifts me on her shoulder and I m 270 lbs. she weighs 145 lbs. it s just unbeleivable !

UnbeleivableFeb 11 2013 4:01pm
HI..iLIFT AND CARRY MAN for money.i m a girl of 20.piz contact me 8001915823.low prise.

lc prosFeb 21 2013 12:00am
ic pros where you from

arunFeb 25 2013 9:07am
ic pros ur mail id?

krishMar 21 2013 1:33pm
when you are 58 kgs and 171 cm almost all women can lift you so I have been lifted more times than I can remember. Many women like to lift small men, I think they feel powerful. BUT it is really difficult to find a woman that would like to be together with a small man like this, at least when you live in a Nordic country like I do. The last time I was lifted was when we had an office party. One of the older women, an attractive lady in her late 50's is a motherly type. She got a bit tipsy and suddenly just lifted me up in her arms in a cradle. She bounced me up and down in her strong arms (she works out a lot) and everybody was laughing. Then she transfered me to a younger woman, a girl that is my assistant. She could also carry me with ease and being a bit drunk she also showed everybody how strong she was and how easy it was to lift me. Another woman wanted to lift me and took over, once again in a woman's arms and so it was until most women had me in their arms. Not totally unpleasant but at the same time embarrassing. After that the women at the office smile at me and look at me but unfortunataley more like big sisters at their little brother.

O BMar 22 2013 3:59am
O B, some women like to be bigger and stronger than their men. I Think that the motherly type is your type if you enjoy being carried and protected. I am now Close to 60 and had a wonderful Life with my husband that unfortunately passed away two years ago. We met when he was 35 and I was 20. I was already then a lot bigger than him, he was very thin but had a nice long distance runner type of body while mine was more a shot putter's (I was into track and fields). The night we met I straight away felt strongly for this thin, older exciting man, this was at a party and there were very few places to sit so I asked this man if he wanted to sit in my lap. He hesitated but I didn't take a no for an answer and just dragged him down in my lap. There he stayed for the rest of the evening. He was funny and clever and I fell inloved, totally. I insited that he came home to my house (my parents were away). When we came home we started to make out and then suddenly I just lifted him up in my arms. It felt very natural to lift the person you like in this way. He half heartly protested again but I just laughed and carried him to my bed. I carried him around for 35 years after that. Not too often in public but at home. It was the total role reversal and we both loved it. Even if he was 15 years older than me I felt like the protector. He was embarrassed at first being a lot weaker than me (what did he espect, I outweighed him probably by 100 lbs then). I have missed him so much. I have just started to see Another man, about my age, he is also thin and I am sure weaker than me but so far I haven't had the nerve to lift him or take him in my lap.

Lady BApr 09 2013 6:59am
Sara plzz lift me on your sexy shoulder

johnApr 21 2013 7:00am
Have you the lift and carry video collection at this site? It's awesome!

Lady lifterApr 21 2013 12:09pm
Its funny that I found this question on here, cause I actually got lifted up by a girl at my college a few months ago. I'm 6 foot and weigh about 180lbs, she is around the same size. But yeah she clutched her arms like a bearhug around my legs and lifted me off the ground for about 10 seconds. So yes, it can happen in real life as well as in movies.

JrJohnMay 10 2013 4:37pm
Sara, who is the heaviest guy you have piggybacked and how far did you carry him? Can you carry a guy sitting on your shoulders?

Jim L.May 17 2013 7:08pm
When my girlfriend came back from a party, she told me a girl (who was very strong since she lifted heavy objects in her job) had lifted her that night: I felt a certain pleasure listening to this. Some time later we both went to another party and I met that girl: she was really strong and muscular, and she easily front lifted her girlfriend (she is lesbian) many times while kissing her. I found that very sweet and playful, they were adorable, with the lifted girl's legs wrapped around her stronger partner's body as she firmly held her. She also flexed her biceps for us all then. I'm less than 60 Kg and I'm favourably impressed by strenght in girls. I also find lift and carry very exciting, and I wished to be lifted by a stronger woman on her shoulder...

Lord TeatMay 24 2013 3:00pm
Lord Teat, my wife could lift you on her shoulders for as long as you want !

UnbelievableJul 04 2013 8:02am
Tôi là đàn ông Việt Nam, có bạn gái nào ở Việt Nam thì liên hệ với tôi. Tôi rất thích được như trong các câu chuyện kể ở trên.

Man_VietNamJul 18 2013 10:13pm
I am a Vietnam man with girlfriend in Vietnam, contact me. I would love to be like in the story above.

Man_VietNamJul 18 2013 10:15pm
Are there any girls in Sydney Australia who can lift an 85 kg man? Please leave tel. or email for a contact.

AnonymousJul 23 2013 11:38pm
You can contact me by email as Thank you so much!

Man_VietNamJul 24 2013 12:42am
Anyone who wants to be lifted by my wife ? She's 5'6, 66 kgs. She can lift on her shoulders up to 133 kgs !

UnbelievableJul 24 2013 8:50am
There are girls who are living in Vietnam that can lift carry the man. Please contact me by email Thanks!

Man_VietNamJul 30 2013 12:57am
I found that my girlfriend was able to lift and carry me some time ago. We were home and I was trying to climb her body, as for joke, when she just closed her arms under my back and front lifted me with ease. I was impressed because she is shorter and a bit lighter than me and I told her, but she answered me I was as light as a feather. Then she tried and succeded in lifting me in a cradle and then on her shoulder. After that day, to my pleasure, I've often been lifted by her, and she is quite proud of her strenght, since she discovered she can lift me and carry around with ease although she never works out. When she wants to have sex, she just comes to me, grabs my arm throwing it behind her neck, then she puts her shoulder against my body and lifts me on one shoulder without a grunt, then she carries me to our room and lays me on the bed. Once she posed in front of the mirror and contemplated herself holding me on her shoulder: we were both naked and she took a photo. When she showed it to me I almost wet my pants.

Happy B.Jul 30 2013 8:49am
Last week a sex worker had front lifted me with ease

pramodAug 01 2013 12:03pm
That's the way to do it Happy B.

UnbelievableAug 02 2013 8:45am
is there any one who can carry me am 68 kg

AnonymousAug 07 2013 2:59am
I got lifted by my mom's best friends daughter because she was taller than me and i knew she looked she weighed more than me i asked to her to lift me and she did it was awesome to carried again by someone younger than me she was in the 6th grade at the time while i was in the 10th

will liles aka biggest braves fan in the worldAug 09 2013 6:26pm
Anonymous, I told you up to 133 kgs !

UnbelievableSep 05 2013 11:45am
A2oQGQ Fantastic blog.Really thank you! Great.

LDtYlYaTfsQDxSep 06 2013 11:57pm
Unbelievable, I wish I could really hitch a ride on your strong wife's shoulders... By the way you're really lucky! Unfortunately, strong women who are likely to lift and carry guys are not easy to find where I live.

Lord TeatSep 13 2013 9:04pm
I am really lucky.

UnbelievableSep 23 2013 12:23pm
FuSYuk Hey, thanks for the blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.

DAHbiiyePmuOct 24 2013 12:09am
mujhe meri bhabhi ne peeth pe utha rakha hai , mami ne bhi god main liya hua hai ,

ajay k kumarNov 06 2013 11:57pm
ajay k kumar, apna experience detail mein btao....

karanNov 13 2013 7:04am
HdeYkV Im grateful for the article. Really Great.

wolWafffuNov 18 2013 1:31am
Unbelievable u r in which country

rajuNov 19 2013 10:50am
Give me ur number unbelievable

AnonymousNov 19 2013 10:51am
I am 207lb ur wife lift me overhead

AnonymousNov 19 2013 10:52am
Canada, Ontario. She lifts me on her shoulders, and I'm 275 pds. Anonymous, at 207 pds, she could lift you overhead.

UnbelievableNov 26 2013 8:45am
Oh realy I cnt believe it ....

AnonymousNov 27 2013 1:51pm
Where are you from ?

UnbelievableDec 03 2013 11:26am
If she wanted to, I could show you very nice pictures.

UnbelievableDec 03 2013 11:27am
Everytime, I think she might not do it this time, and she does lift me with such ease !

UnbelievableDec 03 2013 11:28am
Giv me ur email

AnonymousDec 10 2013 1:10pm
Koi women muje lift krega frnt

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 10 2013 6:58pm
better, give me yours

AnonymousDec 12 2013 8:05am
Better, give me yours

UnbelievableDec 13 2013 11:51am
RXHv8S This is one awesome blog. Really Cool.

SyfWNsXwIDec 15 2013 4:00am
Our neighbor comes over to watch our kids. She is 5'1 110, but plays all sports. One day she came over and started to piggyback the kids. I got the nerve as a joke to say when is it my turn. I'm 6'0 220. She just smiled and shrugged it off. A week later she stopped over to see if we needed her for the following weekend. I had to ask one more time for that piggyback ride. She asked if anyone was home I guess she was embarrassed. When I said no to my surprise she said fine go over to the steps so you can hold the railing. At this point I figured there was no way she could do it. She leaned down between my legs and told me to lower my body onto her back. She had all my weight on her and she scooreallyped my legs and walked for about 30 secs. I could not believe it happened.

BruceDec 20 2013 3:21am
Should say scooped my legs

BruceDec 20 2013 3:23am
Kya koi ladki mujhe lift kar sakti h mera weight h 67

raajDec 23 2013 11:44pm
8fQt7g Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

gXkcdPFngPIalGwLJan 09 2014 1:01am
mv8Per Im obliged for the blog article. Cool.

fnnmGwKeSDsBCBPywJan 17 2014 11:10pm
Can a girl or woman lift and carry me? I live in london I weigh 58kg

AnonymousJan 26 2014 1:06pm
Anonymous, is this London Ontario ?

Unbelievable Jan 30 2014 1:48pm
W19T20 Really enjoyed this article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

beJwFaofvZRazylEwYJan 31 2014 3:30am
No London england

AnonymousFeb 05 2014 9:33am
Too bad Anonymous. She lifted me on her shoulders 2 nights ago, and I'm 293 pds or 133 kgs. She weighs 65 kgs. What a performance.

UnbelievableFeb 11 2014 8:05am
can any women or girl pls lift and carry me? i live in london england and weigh 58kg

AnonymousFeb 23 2014 7:22am
can any girl lift and carry me, kya koi ladki mujhe apni godhi mein legi, im 5feet 9inch tall and weight 65kg

karanMar 01 2014 6:08am
Hi! My name is Miklos. I'm from Hungary. (Sorry for my poor English..) I'm weak (38yo 173cm/60kg) but I like strong (and/or) muscular young girls very much, but unfortunately I have never met such a girl. I really want to meet and date and feel a strong girl's muscles (or a muscular girl's strength :)) How much can a strong girl lift and carry, and how easy and how long can a similar girl lift and carry a man like me? I would like to ask how could I meet a muscular strong girl?

MickeeMar 04 2014 8:28am
Hi Mickee! Some girls can lift and carry very much, indeed: as I wrote some time ago, I discovered my girlfriend was able to lift me with ease. My wheight is 60 kg, just like yours, and she was an ordinary girl, just a bit lighter than me, and never worked out, so I had never expected she was so strong. She was able to simply sling me over her shoulder, holding me with one arm as she carried me around our home. I guess a strong or muscular girl could lift a man like us almost effortlessly and carry for a lot of time. I think girls like that are rather uncommon, but you see, even an ordinary girl can be stronger than we expect and could be willing to lift and carry her guy.

Happy B.Mar 17 2014 5:58am

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any girl would like to lift me, i am 16 years old, weight under 50 kg 176cm??? Contact me: Remember to give me some brief information like age, weight , height and place you prefer to meet.

isaacApr 06 2014 1:14am
Me and my girlfriend were just relaxing at my place, she is same height like me, very beautiful and delicate by looks, but she weighs 68kgs, 7 more than me. while sitting in living room she said she would like us to take shower which I agreed but said I dont want to move, to my surprise she just scooped me in arms from coach with no effort. this was the 1st time in 4 years she lifted me. I asked her to stop in front of mirror where she did few squats. I loved her even more since than

SteveMay 11 2014 3:14pm
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AnonymousMay 12 2014 11:57am
kya koi ladki mujhe apni godi mein lift kregi...i like it very much, i weigh 62kg and 5feet 7inch tall...can any girl or women lift and carry...

karanMay 13 2014 9:29am
Are there any girls in Sydney Australia who can lift a man 82 kg? Please write an email or tel. to contact.

AnonymousMay 27 2014 5:44am
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PCZafzclJun 04 2014 11:31am
My wife is into weightlifting for the last 10 years. She is a big girl about 190cm and 96kg, mostly muscular not fat though. me, as a yoga instructor, im leaner about 69kg and about 173cm tall. she always towers over me, especially when she is on heels but we both got used to that. we never used to talk about her workout so i had no idea what type of weight she use to lift at the gym. Recently i decided to make a surprise visit at the new gym she joined. She was very happy to see me there but i was stunned by what i saw: for some reason she was looking so sexy in her workout clothes (she was wearing just a green bra and blue shorts) all sweaty, with her muscles and veins pumped out from the workout. She was doing standing shoulders presses at that time with a bar. I asked her out of curiosity how much weight is she lifting and her reply left me with the mouth wide open from surprise: "100kg for eight reps" she said and she laughed with my reaction. "omg thats about 30kg more that i weight" i though and started to feel aroused. I told her that i was really impressed by her strength and i stayed for a bit more to see some of her workout routine always checking with surprise the weight she is using: she overhead squat about 150kg, (i was scared cos that more than double my weight) and deadlift about 220kg. :O i decided that ive seen enough so i stood up trying to hide my erectionand i went home thinking how strong my wife is and how easily she could pick me up if she wanted to. Knowing that i started to grow my lift and carry fetish again watching videos and pictures of woman lifting man, but i was to shy to tell her anything which i regret because two weeks later when she randomly checked my pc history and found out about everything her reaction was the coolest possible: the next day she was waiting for me coming back from work wearing just her red red bikini. It was summer time so "she is probably getting ready for the beach" i thought, but then she came over me, and without saying anything, she lifted me over her one shoulder carry me to the couch and put me on her lap while she sat down. "so you like to be lifted by girls" she said in a sexy voice. I was SPEECHLESS, i was trying to say something to find an excuse but nothing could come out of my mouth, couldnt hide my arousal any more so i admit it. "i found the videos you are watching and i remember the way you were looking at me at the gym" she said. "you should have told me about your fetish" she said and then she whispered in my ear: "because lifting small man like you makes me really horny". That was it, i have never felt more aroused on my life and i instantly cum in my pants, but i didnt know that there were more to follow. She left me out of her lap and she went to the other room to put on her 15cm high heels. When she came back she towered over me (she was 205cm on that heels omg) and she asked me to stand. I stand and my head was at the height of her boobs. "you are so tiny, i can toss you around like a rag doll" she said and immediately she took me on a cradle carry and started to curve me and walk around. "i can use you for my warm lol" she laughed. She carried me infront of our big mirror in the living room. "i want to see myself doing that to you" she said and she let me down. "what are you gonna do?" i asked ready to ejaculate again. she looked down to me and she said with her sexy voice: "im gonna lift high over my head baby, are you ready for something like this?" "you can try if you can honey" i replied. "lol if i can??" she replied and in 2 seconds without i even realise it she leaned over she put one hand on my croch and the other on my chest and up i went. She lifted me overhead like i weight nothing, my ass almost touched the ceiling, i was scared and aroused at the same time. She was walking around the house with me said that im a lightweight and that she can hold me up there for hours if she wanted to. "carrying a man over my head all over the house, im so aroused right now" she said. "We should that more often" she said. I couldnt agree more, she carried me into the kitchen, putting me onto her shoulders to go through the door and then pushing high over her head again. soon we both realise that the kitchen's window was open and a young man was standing there shocked with the show. My wife walked to his direction, still holding me overhead, and she stood to the other side of the open window, in her red bikini, with all her muscles stretched and me still holded over her head. "is there any problem?" said my wife to the young man. "no no madam, no problem, i was just leaving" he said and run away. i felt very strange knowing that my wife holding me overhead infront of another man. She left me down and started stretching her big muscle. i hugged her and we started kissing, i asked her to go straight to the bedroom for the best of our lifes. she carried me there and she said "we are gonna have sex, but first i wanna try something last with you". she asked me to wear a belt on my trousers, my imagination were going crazy so i did it. she stand in front of me and grapped my belt with one arm "are you ready to go up once again?" she asked. I realise what was about to happen, "ooh my god she is gonna lift me overhead with one arm" i though. before i even completed my thought she went on her knees and pushed me over her head using only her one arm! she started to scream like she has an orgasm and she tossed me to our bed. she jumped over me and we have the best sex of our lives. Since then we are doing lift and carry for foreplay every time. sometimes she is lifting me overhead in the beach and throwing me in the sea, i find it a bit embarassing to be lifted in public (everybody were watching us) but she enjoys it so i let her do it, and i cant do elsewhere anyway lol.

AnonymousJun 08 2014 4:02pm
mi ex esposa me levantaba con facilidad mas me gustaba cuando me ponía en sus hombros me excitaba mucho a ella también le gustaba cargarme de todas las maneras la estraño mucho por eso,

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I love to be lifted by a girl.I want 2 sit on a girls soft hip.sitting on between the Brest and hip and need a short jorney.riding a girl is a lucky thing

punkJul 09 2014 12:41am
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AnonymousJul 16 2014 2:13am
i want a girl to dominate me and carry me its my dream i am only 5'4 and 130lbs if any girl wants to lift me txt me my number is 478-397-2355

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Hi im want tell about my lifting experiences.First of all i m 90kgs and my best woman friend ca 58 kgs once few years ago as i asked her to try lift me so she did and lifted me ca 50cm up of the grond and hold me 1 minute up and i got orgasm and got my panties all wet and she smiled to me and said to me u are my lioght man now and forver .After that we see very often she lifts me many ways we both nude nowadays and i got many orgasm and ejaculate to her muscular arms and her mouth as we have decided not to have sex normal way.She lifts me even harder ways and best lift was over her head .Huh she is strong and i have probably ejaculated in two years time she lifting me hundres of times.Last night she lifted me again one hour i was on the air whole time as she yet again showed me her power and ejaculated every time in her mouth as she had me on her shoulder.She is 13cm shorter than me but what a goddess she is to me.One day i bet she wants me in her she carrying me she said that she cant wait any longer do that so next time will be new experience to me as being lifted and f*cked same time

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JoeApr 06 2015 1:16pm
Hi. I'm the one that just commented. I'm in PA. in the US. I really want a big girl to lift and carry me in as many ways as she can think of.

JoeApr 06 2015 1:19pm
I'm six foot two inches tall and 170 pounds. I'v e had a lift fetish for years. Could any girl out there cradle lift and carry me?

kjjeijgiApr 08 2015 11:00am
I met about a year ago beautiful long legged brunette, she looked like Jayde Nicole (now she is my girlfriend). She trains acrobatic gymnastics (dancing in pairs). When we met she showed me a video where she overhead lift her girlfriend from dance. I did not believe her, so we bet. She told me that she can probably lift me over hear head and told me to came to her training (you know how dancers are hot in their bodysuits and shiny pantyhose) and she will show me that she can lift me overhead. I came to her training (there was a hot girls as I said before). She called a nice blonde girfriend (also a dancer) to be a witness. She stood behind me and took me by the waist and she told me ''jump'', I jumped around 10 cm from the floor and she raised me above her head and then i felt her strenght. She hold me for about two minute. Then instead let me down to the floor, that the shame be bigger she put me in her girlfriend arms and than she carried me abouth 10 minutes. I asked brunette girl if she would mind if I sat on her lap. She looked suprised and said OK if you want to. I sat on her lap and kissed her. I said could you try lift me like you lift your partners in dance. Again she looked suprised and said really? Hell yeah. Well let's try Front Angel she said. She places hands on the my hips. When i jumped, i hold her wrists for more support, and she lifts me overhead. Than she want to try One Arm Flag. I stand on her shoulders and she give me hand than she said that I need to transfer weight on her arms, then she lowered her left arm and held me on just one hand. How cool is that. Than I suggested to make one leg balancing. She make a bridge with one foot up and the I climb on her than I was balancing on the raised foot but not long because she was wearing pantyhose and that was bad because sliding. I am 172cm and 73kg (i'm built like Brock Lesnar and i train MMA and Parkour) and she is 176cm and 62kg and her girlfriend is 173cm and 60kg. They was not ugly muscular but they was very nice toned especially arms, legs, tits, sexy but and beautiful flat hard six pack abs. On a hike when I was practice parkour I was sprained my ankle so she ended up carrying me piggyback 5 kilometers back to my 68' Charger. A few weeks later I was in garage and I called her to help me. I said I put a Garret GT4718R turbocharger on the top shelf in the closet can you see it? She said yes it is up there and tried to reach it. I couldn't and she came behind me a lifted me a little off the ground and I grabbed it.

OEApr 09 2015 4:35am
i have story with lift

casper manApr 14 2015 4:56am
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curious87Apr 18 2015 1:58am
Unbelievable - are you still getting lifted by your wife?

StrongwomanloverApr 23 2015 1:19am
My girlfriend keeps lifting and carrying me. Since she discovered I like it, she started doing it as a way of dominating me, and we both love this. Once she allowed me to sit on her lap (I mean, only one lap, I was sitting only on her right thigh), although my feet were not dangling in mid air since I am taller than her; and she told me “Do you see how my thighs are bigger and harder than yours, although I never work out?” Then she stood lifting me in a cradle carry and treated me like a baby. Lift and carry has become a part of our foreplay. Sometimes when she wants to have sex I refuse, but it's a game: I say no because I know she will understand it is a joke, and she will consequently seize me by force. In fact she smiles, most of the times calling me her “naughty boy”, then she pretends to knock me out mimicking the gesture, and then she actually slings me over her shoulder. The whole thing is weird because she never works out and is a bit lighter than me; but she has thicker bones, arms and legs, and her strong is all natural.

Happy B.May 03 2015 3:33am
Strongwomanlover, yes my wife still lifts me. She just lifts me two different ways just last Friday after work. I am 291 right now, and she's 146. The thing is that she lifts as if I weight 150 pounds ! She says it's not that hard ! But it,s hard for me to believe this !

UnbelievableMay 11 2015 1:51pm
My gf carry me in cradle bt for only for few seconds

AnonymousMay 12 2015 1:56am
Anyone compared muscle size?

curious87May 15 2015 4:44pm
My wife told me a story from when she was a Nurses Aid. They had to move an overweight patient off the bed onto a gurney, and one of the male aids said he needed three guys to help him. My wife said the female RN told her to get the legs, the RN got the arms and the tow of them moved the (very) fat patient while the male aid stood their stunned by what he just say.

Lucky HusbandMay 18 2015 7:22pm
Lucky husband , does your wife train or something? she s stronger than you?

curious87May 20 2015 8:48am
Strongwomanlover, how much do you weight ? She'd probably lift and carry you quite easily !

UnbelievableMay 21 2015 12:12pm
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MhHfvCPLCpHNTVMay 30 2015 5:33pm
I'm lifted by a ballerina. I'm 18 year old, 5'7'' and 127 lbs. My moms girlfriend from work is ballerina. She is 30 year old, 5'11'' tall and weighing about 120lbs. Mom had once brought her home, because they are supposed to go together shopping. While mom cooking in the kitchen, her girlfriend sat on the couch in the living room and took off her shoes. Mom offered her to lie down on the couch while she prepare lunch. A girlfriend was dressed in tight crop top which emphasized her abdominal muscles, mini skirt and pantyhose. I did not know that she is ballet dancer. I offered her to rub her feet, she was agreed. As I massaged her feet I noticed that there are very strong and muscular legs. I asked her is she workout something. She said that she is ballet dancer. I laughed and said that ballerinas are weak, when I said that she gently pushed me with her sexy foot in nylons. I said that I'm serious ballerinas are really weak, just jumping around. She then stood up and told me to get up and she will show me something. First I was surprised how tall is she. When I stood in front of her she put her right hand to my chest and with left hand she caught me between the legs, she slightly crouched. When she stood up, I was lifted off the ground and in the height of her breasts. A couple of times a deep breath and she began to lift me over hear head. For a few seconds she was holding me over the head. She kept me overhead for about 2 minutes. When she put me down she said ''Never say again that ballerinas are weak !''. I sat in her soft and silky lap and touching her feet in pantyhose, she did not mind. When mom said that the lunch is ready, ballerina stood up me so gently placed hand on the back and the left hand under my legs, and she was carry to the kitchen. Mom was very surprised that her girlfriend carry me.

DeeDayJun 27 2015 9:22am
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swatiAug 21 2015 4:23am
Are there ay girls in Sydney Australia who can lift a 75 kg man?

DaveAug 21 2015 10:44pm
hey swati Rahul here, i want a girl will lift and carry me, will u lift and carry me also like to chat with, i will send a msg on your mail... i hope i will get a reply soon

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HYpITSJKzOct 16 2015 7:27am
Hi, I'm ballerina and I like lifting may friends overhead. I'm pretty tall for a ballerina 180cm (5'11'') and pretty hevy 62kg (136lbs). I can lift my 75kg (165lbs) friend in ''Romeo & Julia'' overhad press and hold him around 1 minute (usually men do this lift, but I like do it to with mens). Regards from Poland

MashaOct 31 2015 7:41am
hey Masha, this is kevin... and weight about 130lbs also 175cm(5'8") taller... can u lift me in all possible ways like hip carry, cradle carry, front carry, piggyback, may be on your shoulder as well as overhead too.... if you then tell me...

kevinNov 03 2015 12:45am
4XJ1Sw It as nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you are talking about! Thanks

BQfvctufZNov 09 2015 6:28am
hi i m male my weight is 80 kg can u lift me in all possible ways like hip carry, cradle carry, front carry, piggyback, may be on your shoulder as well as overhead too.... if you then tell me...i m frm madurai any girl like to lift me pls contact this number 9941482283

rajaNov 19 2015 5:22am
hey Kevin of course I can lift you you are quite light

MashaNov 24 2015 1:23am
80 kilos is light for you???

curious87Nov 26 2015 1:59am
hey Masha, its amazed for me to know, you can lift me... eagerly waiting to chat you also, wana know how u lift me in a story way.. also what you wear during lifting me and what about me to wear also little bit excited to be feel in your arms... and wana carried by you.... waiting for you response masha....

KevinNov 26 2015 5:06am
I was lifted by a girl 8 years ago....she was 4 years younger to me......she lifted me many times. From that time i always wished to.get lifted by girls and women which are slim but strong....but didnt get any chance...nor found any girl who agree on lifting if any girl loves lifting guys ...can please lift me too.......i am 23 years old...74kg....5'9".....i really want to get lifted by some slim and strong girl.

ShubhamsisDec 03 2015 1:11pm
hey shubhamsis, i hope u will be lifted by ur dreamy girl in future, but can u share ur lifting experience in detail...

karanDec 03 2015 8:35pm
Alia bhatt lifted varun very easily

mohsinDec 07 2015 6:29pm
Hey Kevin sorry for not responding to you. I would wear black nylons and nothing more that's make me horny. You wear only shorts. First I would legg press you and than overhead press you after that i would carry you around and sit with you in my lap.

MashaDec 29 2015 8:42am
Hey Masha, first of all its new year waiting eve, i hope u enjoy alot, but i want a differ and a special eve to celebrate with u, to be carried by you, and sit in ur lap is really excited and enjoyable as well as horny for me, so i want to be carried by you in front and hip carry, also play with you in sitting on ur lap.... how u do it with me masha, and thanx for your response....admiring your strength

kevinDec 30 2015 10:56pm

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lifterJan 13 2016 4:43pm
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singhJan 15 2016 8:32am
@Unbelievable i live in quebec prov, near ontario. im 5f6 and 200 pounds, u think your wife could lift me across shoulders or overhead

curious guyJan 21 2016 8:17am
hi I m male 30old u can lift and carry me on ur shoulder pls contact 9941482283

rAjJan 21 2016 10:45pm
Curious guy, I'm way over 200 pounds, and she lifts me like nothing. Of course, she could lift you in any way you want.

UnbelievableJan 22 2016 11:15am
I m in Ontario but very close to the province of Quebec.

UnbelievableJan 22 2016 11:16am
It would be nice to see her lift somebody else than me.

UnbelievableJan 22 2016 11:17am
u think she want to lift me in many ways, i live near grenville, qc (near hawkesbery). would enjoy what she have to say about fireman carry 200 pounds guy like me. im ready to feel her strength as soon as she will be ready

curious guyJan 22 2016 9:32pm
@ unbelievable, my mail is, send me photos of your wife lifting you, wish ill be a lucky guy soon

curious guyJan 22 2016 9:56pm
My cleaning lady is a 5 foot 10 Brazilian women and I am. 5 foot 5 white man. She cleans my house and one day I had to use the bathroom but she was there. She was bending down and I wanted to jump on her back like a horse so I did. She yelled at me but I told her that I would pay her more if she carried me. I slapped her big butt and told her to move. She was starting to enjoy this. She is like my mom and I always ask her to do this. She loves being slapped in the butt. One time she was about to leave and she did not know where I was. I was behind her and jumped on her back and give her a slap on her butt and I said you know the drill. She wanted to leave but also knew I wanted this. She said whatever mr. Also I struggle with heavy things so she always comes over to help.

MikeJan 26 2016 12:15pm
Mike that is amazing. So lucky. Wish I could have that lady too.

JeffJan 26 2016 1:11pm
Jeff I know she is. I love her big Hispanic ass and her tallness. She does what I say.

MikeJan 26 2016 1:12pm
I wish she would do my house too. Could you ask her.

JeffJan 26 2016 2:57pm
Jeff please stop asking me things. I don't know her personal life. I am not asking her. Stop being a baby and leave me alone.

MikeJan 26 2016 2:58pm
Your the baby mike. She is like a bitch too you. Your the baby being lifted and making her carry you everywhere.

JeffJan 26 2016 2:59pm
So what Jeff. She wants to do this. I am not making her.

MikeJan 26 2016 3:00pm
Curious guy, I live about 40 minutes from Grenville. We were there last Saturday. I asked my wife if she wanted to lift you, and I'm sorry to say that she doesn't want to ! She said she just wants to lift me. Nothing I would have like more than seeing her lifting another man than me. It would have made me feel so horny ! Sorry.

UnbelievableFeb 02 2016 8:40am
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im 6'1 187lbs any big powerful amazons out there that can cradle carry me?

AnonymousApr 08 2016 4:09pm
Anonymous, my wife would walk around for 15 minutes with you on her shoulders. 187 lbs is really not much for her. And she weights 145-150, 5'6`'.

UnbelievableApr 14 2016 1:46pm
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plz mail if any girls can give me a hip carry and shoulder ride I'm waiting my id

punkMay 18 2016 2:52am
68kg male. love wearing tight black smooth lycra bottoms/white undies. love being lifted up and overhead.... crotch/bottom lift all night by powerful older dom man.feel you power over me. feel my weakness..spank me while lifted.lets talk,

babybumMay 22 2016 6:51pm
Iam 183 cm and 80 kg, anybody interested lifting me in side hip,i realy love it

ajayMay 25 2016 4:51am
I went to ma massage parlour in Kolkata.. There I was lifted by the female therapist and carried upto the shower room.. She was fully dressed and I was nude in her arms..

AnonymousJun 23 2016 4:45am
FSHx1p Muchos Gracias for your post.Thanks Again. Cool.

clCWImWQbdCMdYrkZoJul 05 2016 5:12pm
hi I m KARTHIK raja any girl can lift and carry me from madurai in tamilnadu my height is 165 and my weight is 70kg call me at 9941482283

karthik rajaJul 07 2016 9:25am
ho anonymous ur wife can lift and carry me on her shoulder 20 mins pls cal 9941482283

karthikJul 07 2016 9:28am
Anonymous. What is you hight and weight and hight and weight of the female therapist ? What was your reaction whrn she carried you nude to the bathroom ?

harryJul 22 2016 3:10am
I'm a married woman I love to lift and carry my family and friends nude. Its so much fun. And we compare muscles I always win.

Woman Jul 24 2016 10:10am
My gf lifted me up she is 80 lbs 5'2 im 120 5'9she is small but damm she easily did it like 12 times just now

Puerto rican boyJul 24 2016 9:41pm
Woman. In what styles do you lift them nude ? Are you muscular ?

radJul 25 2016 2:16am
In many ways. For me I prefer cardle style. I also lift them above my head, or throw them on my shoulder and walk

Woman Jul 25 2016 3:26am
And yes I'm so so big and muscular. 110 kg, 195 cm, 30 thighs, 25.5 calves, 21 biceps

Woman Jul 25 2016 4:29am
Woman. Have you ever lifted someone overhead ?

radJul 25 2016 6:42am
Yes, many times friends relatives many men. I lift them overhead and squate

Woman Jul 25 2016 7:12am
Do you lift women overhead too ?

radJul 25 2016 7:54am
Nude no, I don't lift women only men. But not nude yes I did few times

Woman Jul 25 2016 7:59am
Wow ! How do nude man feel when you press them overhead ? Are they turned on ? And what is the reaction of women lifted overhead ?

radJul 25 2016 9:00am
Reaction are different, but in general they seem amused surprised and bit scared. If I lift them after wrestling no they won't be excited. If before wrestling, yes most of them will be so excited and generate big erection, which is so awkward lifting men with erection above your shoulder 😂

Woman Jul 25 2016 9:04am
If you would lift me overhead I would get a big erection too. You must be a very impressive woman. I would realy like to see a picture of you. If you want you can sent a picture to my email:

radJul 25 2016 9:28am
Thank you. Really, you love naked muscular women, because there're a lot of men would say I'm very masculine woman.Not now maybe later.

Woman Jul 25 2016 10:17am
Hopr to hear from you. In what country are you living ?

radJul 25 2016 10:24am
I live in Turkey. What about you? Are you big or small guy?

Woman Jul 25 2016 10:29am
I am about 190 cm. But my thights are about the same siza as your biceps and your calves are bigger than my thighs. I weight about 88 kg. Could you lift me overhead ?

radJul 25 2016 10:39am
Sure. Your thin tall guy. How old are you?

Woman Jul 25 2016 10:41am
I am 53 years old. What is your age ?

radJul 25 2016 10:49am
Wow, I'm 30. Are you married

Woman Jul 25 2016 10:51am
No I am not married. Are you a weightlifter or bodybuilder ?

radJul 25 2016 10:59am
Weightlifter, wrestler, boxer.

Woman Jul 25 2016 11:09am
How much do you weigh? Where do you live?

Woman Jul 25 2016 11:14am
I weight about 88 kg. I am living in Germany. What was the haviest person you ever lifted overhead ?

radJul 25 2016 11:27am
88, ya I can lift you easily. It was 120. Are muscular

Woman Jul 25 2016 11:42am
Unbelievable ! You lifted a 120 kg man overhed like a barbell ?

radJul 25 2016 11:52am
Yes, just couple of days ago. He was african guy i wrestled

Woman Jul 25 2016 11:55am
Wow ! This is incredible. What was his reaction ? You must be able to lift a normal man up from the ground with one hand.

radJul 25 2016 12:11pm
Yes I lift my husband in one arm he's 65. Actually I lifted thr african guy after beating him so badly in a wrestling match, he was terrified and crying 😂

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:15pm
In what way do you lift your husband with one hand ? ?

radJul 25 2016 12:23pm
From his neck. Before when we used to have sex, I used to lift him until his dick between my breasts

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:25pm
I regret you are living so far away from me. I would like to grt lifted from you in different styles. If you have some pictures of you lifting peaple overhead, it would be grat if you could sent them to my email adress abov. I must stop now chatting. I am back tomorrow.

radJul 25 2016 12:38pm
Woman, your husband is a lucky guy. He must get very excited when you lift him by the neck. When you lift men with huge erections over your shoulders and you prss them overhead, are some of them so excitrd that they get an orgasm high in the air ?

radJul 26 2016 12:13am
Hi red. About my husband I told you unfortunately we don't have sex anyone😢. About other men yes many many of them get so excited and ejacute 😂

Woman Jul 26 2016 1:35am
Are you turned on when a man ejacultes over your head ? That must be an amzing feeling !

radJul 26 2016 1:44am
Actually I like the idea of men getting excited on my body cause as you know not many men like huge women with huge muscles

Woman Jul 26 2016 1:49am
Especially that my husband doesn't get excited anymore at all. He's like a furniture in the house

Woman Jul 26 2016 1:57am
I think it must be a good satisfaction for your had trainig, when men are so excited by feeling your strenth. When you lifted the women overhead. Did you lift them after or before wrestling ?

radJul 26 2016 1:59am
No I don't wrestle women. I only wrestle men, and I lifted women only couple of times long time ago. Yes it's seeing the erection is a great after hard working

Woman Jul 26 2016 2:01am
Sorry about the problems with your husband. I would be very excited, when a big muscular woman lifts me like you can do it. Do you have a special place for meeting men for wrestling and lifting ?

radJul 26 2016 2:15am
That's alright, I'm used for it now. Plus it was my mistake. Wish all men like you, most men fear me and don't get excited 😢. I only wrestle at my house because I have to take off my clothes

Woman Jul 26 2016 2:22am
Do you have a wibsite or email adress for confirm meetings ?

radJul 26 2016 2:38am
No, I'm not professional. I just do it for fun, and with people I already no.

Woman Jul 26 2016 2:41am
Have you ever lifted a man with one hand between his legs ?

radJul 26 2016 2:54am
No, I lifted him between his legs, using one foot

Woman Jul 26 2016 2:58am
Have you ever been in a relationship where the woman is much stronger muscular better than you?

Woman Jul 26 2016 3:00am
No never. Women with your body and strength are rare. I would like I could meet you. d o you have an email adress for chatting ?

radJul 26 2016 3:05am
Yes, but no always online. Yours?

Woman Jul 26 2016 3:06am
I will send you an email in the next minutes and you will see my adress.

radJul 26 2016 3:13am
Hello woman. Did you receive my emaik or is there a mistake ?

radJul 27 2016 6:24am
Yesterday no I didn't receive anything. Today I haven't checked yet

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:49am
Please check and if you did not receife, please check if the email adress you posted is right.

radJul 27 2016 7:09am
woman. If there is a problem, please contct me. My email is

radJul 27 2016 7:56am
No nothing. Send it to

Woman Jul 27 2016 10:46am
I will ry now

rapJul 27 2016 11:06am
woman. I have sent two emails to you from two different email accouts. If you do not receive them, please inform me here.

radJul 27 2016 11:39am
Yes I received it. But let's keep chatting here first

Woman Jul 28 2016 1:30pm
Ok. If you want it. What I wanted to ask you is,when you lifted the 120 kg african man over your head, after the wrestling, did you lift the overwhelmed man acroos your shoukders and surprised him, when he went above your head and so he cried ?

radJul 28 2016 2:11pm
Yes i lifted him across my shoulders. He was already crying from the wrestling match 😂😂

Woman Jul 28 2016 4:22pm
When you pressed him overhead, was he lying completely limp and tired above your had ?

rapJul 29 2016 1:16am
Yes he was exhausted, so was totally lying on my shoulders with all his weight and naked

Woman Jul 29 2016 1:19am
Was he lying on your shoulders or did you lift him then completely over your hed ?

radJul 29 2016 1:30am
At first he was lying on my shoulder, did few squads, then I lifted him completely over my head

Woman Jul 29 2016 1:34am
Wow ! You must have a lot of strength in your 21 inch arms. When you flex, do you generate bicep peaks ?

radJul 29 2016 1:38am
Thanks. Yes sure huge peak. What about you do you have muscles? Have you been lifted by woman before

Woman Jul 29 2016 1:42am
I am slim, not much muscles. I was not lifted from a strong woman until now. Would like you would lift me. Do you sometimes lift men up under the armpits ?

radJul 29 2016 1:47am
Ohh slim cool thin men with no muscles are better. Ya I might lift you if we meet someday. Yes I love it, and I carddle them as well

Woman Jul 29 2016 1:49am
Yes I hope we can meet someday. When you lifted the women overhead sometime ago. At what occasions did you lift them ?

radJul 29 2016 1:57am
Actually as I told you it was too long time ago. It was just to test my strength. I prefer lifting men only

Woman Jul 29 2016 1:58am
Did you lift the women in the gym ? When did you start to lift weights, and when did you start to lift men ?

radJul 29 2016 2:05am
No I don't. I started lifting weights when i was 14. And I started lifting men when i was 19. In the university

Woman Jul 29 2016 2:06am
I like to lift to show men my strength and humiliated them. To have motherhood feeling towards them, to own them. This's why I don't lift women

Woman Jul 29 2016 2:08am
Do you remember your age, when you lifted first time a man above your heda ?

radJul 29 2016 2:13am
I don't understand these questions. What digress it would be if I told you 2- or 22?

Woman Jul 29 2016 2:26am
21 or 22. Ask intersting questions hfff

Woman Jul 29 2016 2:27am
Can or did you lift once two men at the same time ?

radJul 29 2016 2:31am
How did you lift your husband on one foot ?

radJul 29 2016 2:39am
I didn't lift my husband on one foot. But I lifted 2 men at the same time many many times. It might each one of them in a shoulder. Or one if them in a carddle way while the other on my back. But when you lift two men each on shoulder naked it's so weird because you'll have dicks everywhere 😂

Woman Jul 29 2016 3:03am
Did you lift them one lying across your shoulder and the oter cradle ?

radJul 29 2016 3:10am
Yes I did this one as. But the most lifting way I like is carddle

Woman Jul 29 2016 3:11am
When I understand right you lifted sometime two men, each sitting on one of your shoulders naked ?

radJul 29 2016 3:17am
Yes exactly. It's embarrassing for them, but full of dicks for me

Woman Jul 29 2016 3:21am
Wow 1 I think full of erectet dichs ?

radJul 29 2016 3:25am
Haha. Ya if I lifted before wrestling it'll be erectic dicks, hitting my face😡. After wrestling it'll be sleeping dicks on my shoulders and crying men😂

Woman Jul 29 2016 3:27am
That must be a gtrat feeling for you 1 Did it happen one or both men ejaculated while sitting on your shoulder ?

radJul 29 2016 3:34am
Yes, actually I love it. I want to be surrounded with weak naked men all the time. Yes, it's disgusting but I force them to give me a proper bath after their ejacuting

Woman Jul 29 2016 3:36am
Have you ever tried or did you lift a weak man over one of your shoulders, and then putting one hand under him and lifting him with one arm over your head ?

radJul 29 2016 3:48am
No actually I haven't, but I should try it. But in this case I shouldn't lift him from his ball or ass

Woman Jul 29 2016 3:53am
Can you carry an over your head lifted man around the room or did you do it ?

radJul 29 2016 3:59am
Woman, I would like to ask you something about a lift picture I found in the web. May I sent it to your email adress ?

radAug 01 2016 1:59am
Woman, do you think you could lift me from the ground ? I'm 130 kgs. My wife lifts me from a chair. It's already very very good for my weight !

unbelievableAug 02 2016 12:38pm
xsbXzg Thank you for your wonderful post! It continues to be very useful. I hope that you all carry on posting your wisdom with me.

RKBPOBZurgJFLxwvAug 03 2016 1:59pm
unbelievable. In what way does your wife lift you from a chair ?

radAug 03 2016 2:53pm
I'm standing on the chair, and she put me on her shoulder from this position. she can hold me for quite a while. She can also walk with me on her shoulder. At my weight, this very impressive to me.

unbelievableAug 04 2016 8:27am
Woman seems to be very strong...just wondering how strong she really is...

unbelievableAug 04 2016 8:28am
unbelievable. I am currently 80 kg. I must be a lightweight for your wife. In what ways do you think can she lift me ?

radAug 06 2016 3:03am
She could lift you over her shoulders for sure, walk around for ever as if you weight nothing, cradle lift, back lift, and probably bench press you.

unbelievableAug 08 2016 8:27am
Woman could you lift me? I am 5'5 & 60kg

RajeshAug 18 2016 6:23am
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