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short girl with powerful legs

Question: Are you a short girl with powerful legs?
Created by: ultrabomb922 at 02:25:28 AM, Monday, October 18, 2010 PDT



LizOct 22 2010 3:06am

I like your comment liz - yes. Are you the same that commented on my girlfriend not showing me her biceps? That makes sense (your comment) but I'm not sure that's it. I'm thinking she wants to make me feel better by letting me believe that I have better arms. Then she wouldn't have better legs AND arms. Or possibly she doesn't want to believe that she has stronger arms. I think it's something along those lines. Anyway, it's not embarrasing to me, in fact I think it's really hot! What I'd like to know is (maybe someone could start these poles) 1.) Are there guys who like girls who have some muscle and/or are stronger then them, but are embarrassed about it? If so, I wonder how many guys (what percentage)? I'll bet most guys actually like that, but they won't admit it. 2) How many girls (what percentage) are okay with being stronger then their boyfriend / husband ? Do some like it and why or if not, why not? Back to Liz - I've run out of ideas with my girlfriend showing me her biceps. I don't bring it up often but maybe next time we armwrestle, I'll won't give full effort (even though she says "c'mon, pull harder!"). Maybe I really won't but I'll say that's the hardest I can pull......Do you think that would work?

GregggOct 22 2010 10:27am
Well, this is a little off of the topic here but since Greggg mentioned armwrestling, I have a story to tell. I used to work with this girl named Kelly. We were good friends, nothing more. Anyway, she was short and petite (had a small frame). She always wore slacks and either long sleeves or a sweater that covered her arms. Because she was short and petite, you'd guess she was pretty weak. We used to eat lunch together, sometimes just the two of us. Every once in a while, during lunch, she'd talk about working out. One day I asked her about her workout (she was following some program or routine). She said today was guns and buns. I played stupid and asked her what she meant by guns (hoping she'd show me). She just said you know, guns, your arm-muscles? Oh, okay I said. We were soon finished with lunch and we still had some time remaining on our break so I took a chance and put my arm on the table and said something like "c'mon guns" With that I thought maybe she would stop eating lunch with me, but instead she took up my invitation to armwrestle. She said "go" and at first I held with most of my strength, not attepting to win but just to hold my arm straight. I felt hardly any resistance so I lightened up. I thought dang she's weak, but she started pulling my arm slowly towards the table. Well of course I couldn't let that happen so I brought my arm back to the center, starting position. I was surprised that it took a fair amount of effort on my part. More than I'd expected. What I didn't know at that point was, this wasn't everything she had. That's what I thought but I got a big surprise; Her expression changed, she got real serious and her grip with her tiny hand tightened. It was actually squeezing my pinky finger. She pulled my arm down all the way to the table as her face turned red and her head shook a little. When she won she let out a big breath. I was shocked and as I'm there with my jaw in my lap she chuckled. I said "holy poo Kelly you're strong. You almost broke my finger to." I said "make a muscle" she was reluctant and I said "c'mon let me see your, what do you call it, guns?" So she rolled up her sleeve and showed me her bicep. To my surprise, it appeared a bit small. A good bit smaller than mine. Now I'm really confused. Kelly's bicep was small but also an unusual shape; it was like a pyramid, almost pointy. By a knee-jerk reaction, I reached my hand over to feel her muscle but stopped myself just short of her arm (I thought maybe that would be inappropriate). But luckliy for me, she said "feel that muscle" and leaned over closer to me, pointing at her bicep. I don't know how to describe how dense her bicep felt but it felt like it was about to split her skin. The only way I can think to describe in words is it almost felt like a shell, like maybe the hard shell on a golf ball. Still though, I was really baffled how Kelly, this tiny, petite girl with biceps that were a good bit smaller than mine could almost tear my arm off like that. The actual bicep muscle looked smaller than mine but her bicep really bulged out of her skin. Like it was about to pop out of her arm. So I don't know if it was the hardness / density of her bicep or the amount that it raised up or the pyramid-like shape but she somehow had superior guns even thought they were a bit small, definitely smaller than mine. It was an unusual experience. One day maybe a few months after our armwrestling bout, she was making copies and I noticed from the other side of the room that she had short sleeves on which she never wore. I couldn't help myself and went over to the copier to say hi. I couldn't stop my eyes from looking at her arms. She said "I'm getting some muscles" and flexed her bicep but just for like half a second. That little, pyramid shaped

MikeOct 22 2010 5:16pm
After reading my comment above, I noticed the red poo. That's not the word I used at the time, that's the computer screening "bad" words. Anyway, are there any theories about my above comment? It's difficult to theorize without having actually been there to see but Kelly's guns were pretty small. But like I said, they were hard as could be and almost pointy like. Now my biceps although a good bit larger, are not mushy or soft at all but aren't as incredibly solid as Kelly's felt. So my theory is that the density of the muscle is a big factor in the strngth of the muscle. Maybe a small but super-dense muscle is stronger than a larger muscle of average density??? It was wierd. You kinda had to be there because like I said, Kelly's bicep wasn't very big. But it really jumped out, popped up alot and was almost pointy. I wouldn't even describe it as 'peaked' because peaked is usually rounded at the top. This was almost like a pointy edge at the top. It was really unusual. So any theories about this?? Like I said, I'm going with the density factor....

MikeOct 22 2010 5:49pm
Wait, I'm confused - is this a poll about short girls with strong legs or about armwrestling? poo poo poo SORRY just wanted to see if the computer would change s.h.i.t. to poo. Anyway, I had a girlfriend a while ago. Her name was Jenny and she had a sister Julie. My girlfriend Jenny was skinny and a little taller than me. Maybe an inch taller at most. She had long limbs. Her legs were nice but a little thin and not much muscle. She had hardly any calves (cankles) and not much in the thigh muscle department. Her arms were thin and long. One day we were holding hands and I was being goofy and I put her middle finger up and then I said that's not very nice. That led to us comparing our fingers and hands. SHe had big hands. She laughed at how her hands were bigger than mine. Eventually it led into a thumb war. She easily pinned my thumb a number of times. One time she even let me start with her thumb pinned under mine, she still slipped her thumb free and pinned my thumb. I said well that's just because you have long thumbs. We were in the kitchen and she said, oh really (about my thumb comment) and put her arm on the kitchen counter. Now I'm thinking I'd probably break her skinny arm. Jenny's sister Julie came into the kitchen just as we were about to start armwrestling. Julie held both our hands and said 1,2,3 GO ! At first I wasn't trying very hard because I didn't want to hurt Jenny's arm. Jenny goes - She said Go which made Julie laugh. Now that they are laughing even though I was just being nice, I put all my might into it. I moved Jenny's arm a tiny bit but she stopped me and then put my arm down quickly. She drilled my hand onto the countertop with some force. You could hear my knuckled slam onto the hard surface. Julie said 'oh my god' Then Jenny smiled and said "I just totally kicked your ass" Julie said you're kinda weak there Al. I said no, I'm not weak, Jenny's super strong. Jenny said "that's right buck-o" and flexed her arm-muscle. She brought her fist to 90 degrees. Her bicep was at most the same size as mine but longer. I told Jenny to put her fist all the way down to her shoulder. WHen she did, her bicep formed into a ball. It expanded up but it also expanded in width (toward the inside of her arm - if you hold your palm up parallel with the ceiling, the inside of your arm is the pinky side). Jenny said 'let me see yours' So I flexed. Julie looked at both and looked me in the eye and said "her's are alot bigger" To which I replied 'they're not ALOT bigger' Jenny suggested we stand in front of the full-length mirror hung on the bathroom door. Julie put her thumb on the bottom of Jenny's bicep and pointer finger on the top of her bicep. She held her thumb and finger still and put it on my bicep. Jenny's bicep was a tiny bit bigger from top to bottom. Then I said - ya but mine is thicker. Julie said no it isn't and put her thumb and finger across the width of Jenny's bicep and held her finger and thumb up to my bicep. Jenny's bicep was a fair amount wider than mine. It was odd because Jenny's arms are a good bit skinnier than mine. But her biceps are appearantly way stronger than mine. Not bad for a skinny girl, ahe? So I've learned not to underestimate a girl's strength no matter what their build is.

AlexOct 23 2010 10:36am
From what I've read, men have about 80 percent of muscle tissue actually contract and produce power or strength. Women on the other hand have about 90 percent muscle tissue contracting. It is not known why but the difference adds to female muscle endurance and strength. The reason her muscle feels harder or very dence is because much more muscle tissue contracts making her muscle feel hardr than yours. Because it is. You also need more muscle size to compete with her because of the higher percent of fiber contracting. So her muscle is more efficient and pound for pound maybe stronger.

AnonymousOct 23 2010 4:58pm
I am 5'1 and 115 lbs. My husband is 5'9, 175 lbs. I can put my arms around his waist, bend my knees (squat), then straighten my legs, lifting him. I can even carry him around like that. 175lbs is a little more than 1 1/2 times my weight. That'd be like him lifting a little over 260 lbs with his legs. I doubt he could lift that much. In all fairness, I've been working out for a long time and he's very busy / has little time so he rarely works out. So yes, I'm a short girl with powerful legs.

CindyOct 24 2010 3:23pm
I had a buddy in high school who had a younger sister. I'd say she was beween 4'11 and 5'01". She did gymnastics. So I'd go over my buddy Mark's house and his sister would pester me. I think she had a crush on me or something. One time I was over Mark's house. Mark and I were Jrs in high school, 17 yrs old and his sister was a freshman in high school, 15 yrs old. She was punching my shoulder and trying to get me to play-fight. Now I had wrestled in Jr. high school a bit but not in high school. I was either a skilled wrestler or my opponents weren't very skilled. Point is, I knew a thing or two about wrestling. So back to this incident at Mark's house: she was punching my shoulder and to get her to stop, I used my wrestling skills and gently pinned her on the couch. Then I put my hand around the back of her neck and the other under one of her knees. I was about to cradle her but decided to get both legs. So as I went to put my forearm under the other leg as well, she did a slick manuever; she rolled on her side and trapped my forearm between her thighs. Then she clamped down on my forearm, squeezing her leg muscles. I felt the circulation stop in my hand. It was like my arm was getting crushed by two slabs of concrete. I told her to "stop, stop, you're breaking my arm!" I think she didn't know her own strength and I believe she would've cracked the bones in my forearm if I hadn't told her to stop. Unfortunately Mark came into the room just as I said stop stop! He teased me about that for a while after "get beat up by any freshman girls lately?" or he'd say "stop stop you're gonna break my arm!" mocking me. What a dick. He even told our buddies at lunch about the incident. Anyway, that incident was an eye-opener; if a female, even a short one is into sports / working out, you don't want to mess with her legs. I'd never felt anything like that even when I wrestled. Although I did only wrestle in middle school. Still though, I'm just saying...lethal legs they have....

JaredOct 24 2010 4:06pm
My wife talks alot of smack -- she'll compare her legs with mine and call me 'chicken-legs'. I have a slender build. I do a fair amount of bike riding so my legs are defined. My wife is short and her legs are thick with muscle. She asked me to put my ankle on top of hers and see if I can bend her leg (she had her leg straight). I couldn't move her leg at all. She said she's not even trying yet. Then she had leg leg bent and told me to put the top of my ankle on the bottom of hers and try to straighten her leg. Same deal - I couldn't move her leg at all and of course she says "I'm not even trying" "chicken legs" Sam

AnonymousOct 26 2010 6:32am
Don't worry Jared, I did alot of gymnastics when I was younger. My legs are still really strong. My husband and I wrestle and sometimes he wins. I think his upper body might be a little stronger than mine. But I win at least half the time - when I use my legs. I'm not very good at wrestling and I'm short but I can easily overpower my husband with my legs. One time I had his waiste in a hold - scissor hold I guess you call it. He started slapping my leg. Then he yelled at me to stop. He got mad at me because he thought I wouldn't stop but I didn't know what 'tapping out' was. I like to get him to tap out. I have to use my legs for that. One time all I had to do was flex my calves - I had his arm trapped between my calves. My calves are bigger and harder than his biceps and I was crushing his bicep with my calves. He groaned and tapped out desperately. I love that!

LisaOct 26 2010 6:41am
Sam, what are yours and your wife's respective heights and weights? Lisa, what are yours and your husbands respective heights and weights?

AnonymousOct 26 2010 10:18am
help! I tried to lock up guys with my legs and now they overpowered me and trapped me in a terrible castle! their legs are even stronger than mine. even one on one! female superiority is a myth. i just found that out the hard way today. you feminists need a life. but still, come and save me!

damsel in destressOct 28 2010 12:56pm
short brain - idiotic poll, this moron publishes polls like this everywhere - idiot

AnonymousDec 27 2010 2:13pm
I would love to get sqezzed by a girl I'm fifteen and I think it would be fun I think they couldent make me tap but I want to see I wrestle I think I could when and anyone want to sqezz me I live in Ann arbor Michigan any one want to.squezz me there welcome

jakeApr 09 2011 1:35pm
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

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