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Can Girls Lift Boys?

Question: Are Girls Stronger Than Boys?
Created by: Liftmepleasenow at 02:38:04 AM, Saturday, October 30, 2010 EDT


Good question, but no doubt for me: YES! Girls are perharps also stronger today than yesterday. I'm a proud guy, I like to win like everybody, but... I changelled girls many times in armwrestling, and they always beated me! I believe that women and girls have great power in modern society.

Oh Yes, Girls Are StrongerOct 31 2010 3:23pm

Girls in general are not stronger than boys. Perhaps girls in thier early teens are stronger than the boys of similar age. But, there are plenty of srong girls that are stronger than boys for sure, and plenty of adult women stronger than men.

AnonymousNov 01 2010 12:39am
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auntylifterNov 02 2010 3:12am
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markNov 02 2010 5:41am
i would like to sit behind the aunty of aunty lifter when his aunty is naked. it will make my c*ck enter her from behind then. it will be a dominating position

joshuaNov 02 2010 11:25am

anonymous tolNov 02 2010 11:33am
of course girls can lift boys!back in time in school,loooots of my girl-classmates was capable of double even triple piggyback-ing boys on their girl was able to hold on her back 4-YES FOUR GUYS!no boy could do it!boys was able max-double piggyback,girls with ease tripple.also legpress and squad on gym classes was regularly won only by girls!

josephNov 04 2010 2:57pm
thats only because their hips and legs are stronger,so they can carry a lots of weight for long period of time.

AnonymousNov 07 2010 3:34am
girls legs rocks!they can carry mountains of weight-go to gym and use legs-machines like legpress after girls!i can guarantee you will be removing weight,rather than adding on it if you are woman,they are capable of moving the weights of minibus on these machines!

jayNov 07 2010 3:42am
It's true, at school I do have to remove weight when a girl was on a machine. Our school gym programe has girls weight training before my class. We might have more girls in sports than boys and I see boys changing weights from the girls class and they are removing weight. Go figure?

AnonymousNov 11 2010 12:28pm
if the boys can lift girls than girls can definitely lift boys!girls lifting power is way greater,as jay says about legpress.have you seen woman lift up toyota corrola?actually rear of it,girl in the high school did it,she is my classmate and she was in high heels while she manage to pull it up.there was a clearance of rear wheels about 3-4inch over the ground

AnonymousNov 12 2010 6:58pm

jgjkdghsjdsNov 24 2010 6:32pm
ive bin lifted loads by girls doesnt mean theyre stronger!

person bein lifted by girlsJan 25 2011 10:46am
my neighbor who 14 she likes to play with my son who is 9. One day she wa giving him a piggyback ride. I was messing arond and said i will have one too. She is 5'2" 115. She said I can carry you. Im 5'11 177 pounds. I said no I will hurt you. She begged me to try it so I did. She lifted me with no problems. In the end a had my son on my back 43 pounds and she piggy back both us same time. now when she comes over she asks to do it all the time jeff

jeffJan 29 2011 9:10pm
100kg weight on 52kg girl HOW STRNG GIRLS ARE i also want to sit on that girl

handy manyFeb 04 2011 10:18am
Yep, I get lifted by one of my friends quite often, she has no problems

AnonymousFeb 06 2011 11:17am
My sister has a friend who can lift me over her head pretty much.

AnonymousFeb 06 2011 11:20am
Dont know if this fits here, but I am 210 pounds. My sisters freind is like 110. She cant lift me but when my siter leaves the room she runs to the couch and has me sit on her chest or stomach. real turn on for me

SAMMar 19 2011 10:21pm
My younger sister is actually stronger than me! I'm 16 and she's 14, and I am genuinely scared of her if we ever fight.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 3:57pm
Once I was in love with a strong woman who lifted me in the air with ease,it was often a fantastic foreplay, she was much stronger then me, ver arousing.

ZicoJul 05 2011 2:25pm
Of course we can, we are the stronger sex, I lift my lover off ground and carries him and he loves it, I can do all possible lifts with my 80kg bf, when I lfted him over head he came in his pants. By the way I am 92 kg, 1.65 against his 1.80.

VickyJul 15 2011 2:04pm
Yes Girls can easily lift guys. It is even better when it is done during foreplay. It spices up our romance. I am looking forward to having it in my life.

UnmarriedAug 13 2011 10:08pm
I got fked

DragonAug 14 2011 6:19am
Had been out drinking and on my way home sprained my ankle. Coming home I realized I would have problems walking all the stairs up to the forth floor. Just when I started to climb the stairs on all four (told you I was drunk) my neigbor came home. She is a divorced woman, about 45 years old (I am 27). She asked me if I needed help and I said yes, I couldn't walk. She is working as a nurse and said she could look at my ankle once we came up. Then she just lifted me up in her arms and carried me all the way up without stopping. I am a light weight but she was really strong. I complemented her on her strength and she said she cold carry men a lot bigger than me. Nothing more happened that night. A few weeks later the light bulb outside our apartments got black. She rang my door and wanted my help to change it. She again lifted me up so I could change the lamp. On the way down she held me in a bear hug and squeezed me real hard so I couldn't breathe. I again said that she was very stron...for a woman, laughing. She then carried me into her apartment, threw me on her big rug in the living room and pinned me. She then undressed me and we had a great evening, wrestling and having sex. We now and then play like this since that evening. I now and then have girl friends but as soon as I am alone again I can knock on her door for a night of sexual domination. Gotta love strong women...and I love being lifted since.

WernerAug 29 2011 5:15am
Sam, do you sit full weight and for how long?

jamesSep 03 2011 8:49pm
it is very happy movement for me

sanjayNov 19 2011 4:22am
I like to be lifted by agirl overhead specially with one arm

maxDec 08 2011 6:08pm
yah! me too, I like to be lift by a girl specially on their back

AnonymousDec 28 2011 9:16am
Hi.. it's wiki from oxford... is there any girl in oxfrod who can lift and carry me i am male of 25 height is 5ft 5 or 6 and wight is 65.. i can pay for it.. my id is

AnonymousJan 02 2012 4:28pm
helli it's shaaveeta from new dehli.. i would like to add my tory.. once i have date with my bf and hi is 5ft7 wt 65 me 5ft5 wt 70... in my date he wish me to lift him and i did it easily.. i give him pgy bck, cradle, side hip lift front lift, bear hug...

shaveetaJan 03 2012 8:45am
can u lift me shaaveeta. am 5'3 tall 50 kgs. my dick is erecting.

manavJan 08 2012 5:33am
Up to the age of ten boys and girls are roughly of equal size and strength. But then girls start to mature faster than boys and gain in size and strength from the age of ten to thirteen when they are about 6% heavier than boys who gradually start to catch up and at the age of sixteen they are again equal but from then onwards males move ahead. But if girls were to press home the advantage they have early on then maybe they could stop the boys maturing physically ahead of them. For instance if boys school time devoted to PE and sports were cut down to a minimum just required to stop them getting obese and actually keep them them thin and frail. Whilst the time given over to girls was increased not only to keep them from being obese but also make fitter and trimmer. Also if boys were forbidden to lift or carry any girls not that very many of them would still be able to. Whilst the girls were encouraged to lift and carry boys rather than other girls in gymnastics and so on. All this in turn would naturally lead to an ateration in the balance of society with women not so much becoming the stronger sex but men by default the weaker sex. Of course men are not willingly going to accept this reversal and try to maintain the position of power they have.

hymatMar 04 2012 7:10am
i had a friend she is equal to my height and weight 5.6 wt 64 once we went movie in that actress lift actor I asked her she was exited and lift me easiy side hip carry

hannaApr 23 2012 7:25am
i was lifted once by a girl with equal weight with one single leg. I sat down on her sole and she just made me fly, and no for a couple of seconds but one minute at least

gregJun 10 2012 2:23pm
i was lifted once by a girl with equal weight with one single leg. I sat down on her sole and she just made me fly, and no for a couple of seconds but one minute at least

gregJun 10 2012 2:23pm
also i was lifted by a 9 years old when i was 25 but this time with both of legs, no hands, just with her soles in airplane move, and she kept me in the air for a while too. I was specially impressed because she was really really skinny, but her feet were unbelievely powerfull

AnonymousJun 10 2012 2:38pm
also i was lifted by a 9 years old when i was 25 but this time with both of legs, no hands, just with her soles in airplane move, and she kept me in the air for a while too. I was specially impressed because she was really really skinny, but her feet were unbelievely powerfull

gregJun 10 2012 2:39pm
Yes my younger step sister used to give me piggybacks all the time when we were young. Last time was when she was 10 and I was 17. We then grew out of it.

tezzaAug 30 2012 11:35pm
I'm 16 girl and I like giving piggy backs. I want to see how heavy I can go. Not sure how to ask a bigger older guy.

SaraNov 16 2012 9:27pm
a can you lift me on your hip for long time shaveetha

rajNov 23 2012 10:58pm
sara please lift me on your sexy hip...

abhiNov 23 2012 11:00pm
sr is just like her

guessJan 20 2013 12:36am
sara is just like her

guessJan 20 2013 12:39am
Can any of you girls lift a 100 pound guy by lifting up with your legs? For how much time?

AnonymousFeb 02 2013 9:08pm
sara ask me im ready to be lifted by u im 5.5 and 54kg i like hipcarry but i feel shy to ask ny girl..

sunilFeb 04 2013 4:58pm
Do any of you guys or girls know if a 100 pound guy could be lifted by a girl or woman's legs? (Sort of like the airplane game) And if yes for how much time or how many reps can I be lifted? Please answer! :)

ShawnFeb 04 2013 8:41pm
i stay in bangalore..i weigh 58 kgs..i really love to sit on a girl's lap and be lifted by there anyone who can lift me and hold me on the lap?? my mail id is

pavFeb 12 2013 6:22am
I m a boy from Mumbai and love when girl lifts me. Any girl want to lift me.

hiren Apr 19 2013 11:05pm
When I was 14, I was able to carry a couple of boys in my neighborhood piggyback quite easily and for a very long distance. There was this 18 year old guy that I carried quite frequently whenever our friends played flag football or soccer after school in the park...he was about 5' 8" and 150 lbs, and he felt very very light and real easy to carry on my back...I could carry him for about just over a half mile or so. I was about 5' 4" and 145 lbs, very athletic and pretty muscular for a girl, especially my legs.We would take turns carrying each other piggyback, but I was always able to carry him much longer than he could carry me. Kristen

KristenApr 26 2013 11:21pm
Kristen can u lift me

hiren May 17 2013 9:24pm
Hiren, what is your height and weight? I'm 17 years old now and have grown to 5' 6 1/2 inches tall barefoot and 168 pounds (without clothes on) solidly muscular especially around my thighs and calves which are built very thick and solid from all the soccer practice and bicycling. I'm sure I could carry you very easily. My boyfriend that I mentioned in my comment above is now 21 and is still 5' 8" tall and weighs between just under 144 (without clothes on) and 150 (with clothes) now and still feels as light as a feather whenever I carry him piggyback especially since I now weigh just over 25 lbs more than him now.

KristenJun 01 2013 12:21am
hey kristen will you try me i am 18 year old my height 5'10 inches weight 65 kgs i you want to give me piggyback call me +919685601871 i wish you call me

akshayJun 13 2013 10:44pm
Akshay, I would be able to carry you effortlessly because your body weight is considerably lighter than mine. I am 27 pounds more than you even though you are 4 inches taller than me (I am 5' 6"). Plus your body weight is less concentrated and more stretched out and dispersed because of your taller height, thus making you actually feel as light as a feather whenever I would carry you piggyback. I would say that I'd be able to carry you piggyback for at least about 4 or 5 hours nonstop, most likely even much more longer because youre alot taller and alot lighter than me.

KristenJun 14 2013 11:44pm
Hey Kristen where do u live. I want to sit on ur lap

jackJun 29 2013 4:57am
hey kristen even i like to be lifted and carried by u and more than that i would like to sit on ur lap.. my weight is around 58 kgs (130 lbs.will u b able to hold me on ur lap ??

AnonymousJul 14 2013 9:24am
कोई लड़की मुझे अपनी गोदी में उठा ले तो मजा आ जाए

वीर बालकJul 23 2013 11:11am
kriesten even i want to ride a piggy back ride on you. can you lift me

sriJul 24 2013 5:50am
I am suma, i am 16 years old and i weighs about 63kgs. I like to give piggyback ride to boys to check how much weight can i lift.

sumaAug 10 2013 5:34pm
suma were are you from

raviAug 16 2013 1:31pm
Can anyone here legpress me? I am 120lbs and 5ft5... I'd love to be legpressed by a strong girl!

ShawnAug 23 2013 6:32pm
Actually boys are stronger compared to girls. But its a fact that preteen girls are stronger than boys. That is, at the age of 11-14

inplatformAug 28 2013 9:58am
Im a fairly tall rather slender 19 year old guy (5'11" and 122 lbs)and there is this cute tom-boyish but very attractive 12 year old girl in my neighborhood that likes to carry me piggyback alot. She obviously likes to show off how strong she is and always encourages me to hop on her back. She is actually quite strong for her age and has a naturally muscular build (she's 5'3" and 137 lbs). I enjoy being carried by her quite frequently and encourage her to carry me for as long of a distance as she can. So far, the longest that she has carried me is just over an hour effortlessly...and that is walking on beach sand!

RyanAug 31 2013 2:25am
i am a very hot panjabi girl / .5.4 /64kg .i can lift and carry any indian boy up to 100kg.

rituSep 02 2013 3:42am
ritu kya mujhe lift kar sakti ho mera weight 72 h

RoshanSep 04 2013 8:32pm
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KZtrbxWmzkKvSep 24 2013 7:18pm
Ritu can you legpress me? I am 125lbs

ShawnOct 03 2013 7:57pm
yes shawn

rituOct 08 2013 7:55am
hey Ritu, can u lift and carry me. kya tum mujhe apni godhi mein logi.....

karanOct 12 2013 12:16pm
SRDjV1 Really enjoyed this article post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

rPPzFUxWLWfujvHzOhaOct 15 2013 10:57pm
a8UV48 Very neat blog article.Thanks Again. Want more.

schPINdVOct 16 2013 5:30am
szpVaz I cannot thank you enough for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

uIRTdMtUlGzyOct 24 2013 4:10am
6O9jkt I am so grateful for your post. Great.

HqqoCssrjrGEtZWwrCNov 01 2013 12:57pm
Hey kristen i weigh 55 and my height is 5'5. How long can u carry me piggyback??

johnNov 09 2013 9:49pm
I love to have piggyback rides on girls. Is there ant girl who accept to that for me?? Pls. I weigh 55 kgs and my height is 5'5 and i am now 18 yrs old.

johnNov 09 2013 9:53pm
jBxN5M Im grateful for the article post.Really thank you! Will read on...

JYORHmSXONov 17 2013 8:26am
Hey John, I can carry you piggyback easily for at least 3 hours or so nonstop if you sit still on my back

KristenNov 24 2013 12:00am
Rito miji otha sakte ho mera weight 93 kgs hai?

AnonymousNov 26 2013 2:09pm
Haan aram se ma tmhe 30 mint tak otha sakte hu apne hatho me ... tum ajao punjab

rituNov 26 2013 2:11pm
Ritu kya tum utha sakthi ho(piggyback)? Mera weight 58 kgs hai. Tum mujhe kitna der utha paogi?

amitNov 26 2013 10:41pm
Whats ur age now kristen? Have u lifted any1 recently for quite long?

johnNov 26 2013 10:42pm
John, I am 18 yrs. old now and weight at 170 lbs and 5'6 1/2" tall. Recently I carried my 21 year old boyfriend piggyback down the beach for about a couple of hours. He's very easy to carry, plus I carry him on my shoulders too. The longest I have carried him piggyback is just over 3 hours nonstop, when I outweighed him by just over 27 lbs. He now weighs at just over 150 to 155 lbs and about a couple of inches taller than me. Currently I weigh about 15 to 18 lbs more than him.

KristenNov 30 2013 1:21am
Wow kristen its interesting! I am a 14 yr old skinny indian guy. I weigh around 40 to 45 kgs.i like lift and carries.can u lift me? I know u wld say yes but i want to know how long u can carry me in piggyback position? Can u do other lifts like hip carry etc etc

abulNov 30 2013 5:05am
kristen im 26 6 foot 185 lbs. how long could you piggyback me.

davidDec 06 2013 4:55pm
Abul, since you weigh around 40 to 45 kgs (which is between 88 to 99 lbs)I could carry you piggyback for at least 7 or 8 hours nonstop, possibly as much as 10 hours or so if I am carrying you on flat terrain. David, I could piggyback you for about 2 to 3 hours.One of my friends, who is 15 and about your height weighs 170 lbs and I carried him nonstop for almost 3 hours on a mountain hiking trail(several miles)...going downhill of course. Since I weigh the same as he does, I made him carry me piggyback the last mile to the trailhead...also downhill of course lol.

KristenDec 07 2013 1:12am
Thats really impressive Kristen. send me an email at

davidDec 07 2013 2:47pm
Thats great kristen!you are really muscular. Will you feel tired when you carry people more than the limit you mention?

abulDec 07 2013 5:20pm
Dave, I could carry you piggyback easily for at least 3 hours or so because you don't weigh that much more than I do even though youre a full 6 inches taller than me. I measured myself Friday morning just after I got out of the shower naked and weigh at exactly a solid 178 1/2 lbs and 5' 6" tall. My very long ponytail which goes down to my knees probably constitutes at least 2 lbs of that body weight lol.

KristenDec 08 2013 1:57am
Thats amazing Kristen. I would be a featherweight to you. I imagine you have strong muscles Could you piggyback me longer on a flat/downhill surface?

davidDec 08 2013 3:12pm
Kristen i could bet u cant lift me.. I am 6ft 4 in tall and 88kilos..

nishanDec 09 2013 5:56am
Kristen upto which weight you will be able to carry a day long on your back? Is this possible? Have you ever done lifts other than piggyback?

johnDec 10 2013 11:55pm
5jz1Bp Major thankies for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

NXNSRcIMWUOvWtgGkOcDec 15 2013 7:34am
David, I would be able to carry you piggyback a lot longer and at a slightly faster speed on a flat/downhill surface...probably about 5 to 7 hours compared to the 3 to 4 hours carrying you uphill, given that you are about the same body weight as me (I weight at 185 with my clothing on and about 180 naked).The musclemass in my thighs and legs is very dense, solid and exceptionally thick in girth, so that contributes alot in the endurance factor.

KristenDec 15 2013 12:17pm
John, for an all day long piggyback carry...I would say about 120 or 125 lbs or less.I have also done front carry lifts, shoulder lifts, back to back lifts and occasionally cradle lifts.

KristenDec 15 2013 12:24pm
Ok kristen. Nice to read your answers. Can we build up our friendship beyond this poll? I would like to make friendship with you. This is my mail id you can mail me kristen. Also pls send your pics(if you wish) hope you will.

johnDec 16 2013 5:59am
Kristen cant u carry me piggyback for more than 4 hours on a flat surface? How will you feel when you carry weights beyond the limit you mention?

johnDec 16 2013 8:27pm
kristen... can u carry me... i m 88 kilos nd 6ft 4in...

nishanDec 18 2013 5:54am
Hey Kristen can u carry me? I am a guy 26 years, 5.5 weight 75 kgs.

RonDec 21 2013 6:02am
Hi John, I could carry you piggyback nonstop very easily all day since you only weigh 55 kg. I'm curious about how long you could carry me piggyback nonstop on a flat surface. On average, I usually weigh 82 kg (180 lb) just out of the shower and close to 5' 6" tall. My bodyweight has a tendency to increase slightly during my monthly period which is where im at now (several lbs more than 180). I also like being carried piggyback alot and am curious to see how long of a distance a guy can carry me especially from guys who are about my height or taller who also happen to weigh less than me. I find it interesting that it varies from individual to individual...mostly based on one's stamina and endurance.

KristenDec 21 2013 10:03pm
Hi Nishan, I have a friend who is 5' 8 1/2" tall and weighs 190 lb totally solid muscle. I can carry him very easily for fairly long distances even going up hill on the long steps east of the university campus in Berkeley (up to about 2 to 2 1/2 of hours or so). So, Im sure I could carry you almost as easily as well even with your long legs dangling.

KristenDec 21 2013 10:21pm
Hi Ron, I can carry you easily as well. Hop on!! You feel as light as a feather.

KristenDec 21 2013 10:25pm
if you dont mind.. i just wanna see you... i just wanna see how strong u r... can u send ur pic in my mail id... its

nishanDec 22 2013 1:30am
kristen can u carry in other ways or only in piggyback.. btw pls send ur pics in my mail. i m vry eager to see u....

nishanDec 22 2013 1:33am
kristen i can carry you for more period of time than you can carry me... i can guaranteed that to u.. bcos i m taller than you nd i also go to gym regularly...

nishanDec 22 2013 6:07am
Kristen.. i like it. You express your wish so frankly. Carrying you piggyback.... is not so difficult. Am not so energetic as you are carrying people for hours long. I dont have broad back and a well built hip to place your weight as girls have. But i am sure i can carry you atleast for an hour. If we happen to meet i will definitely carry you but wld also like to get carried by you for the maximum time u can. It will be a test to your stamina and power.mail me to the mail id i already mentioned. Pls mail me your recent pics if you wish to be my friend

johnDec 22 2013 11:06am
Kristen havent you boy friend carried you? Or none of your friends carried you? I guess the times you carried them would be more than they have carried you. Your boy friend is so lucky and nothing to talk about the kids you will have. Because you will carry them for quite long that too many a times. Wish i were your kid. Sorry if i have crossed my limit..

johnDec 22 2013 11:24am
kristen what do you think... is it easy to carry a tall guy of 88 kilos or a short guy of 88 kilos...???? just pls tell me why??

nishanDec 24 2013 12:11am
Hi John, I get carried piggyback alot by my boyfriend quite frequently. In fact he carries me considerably more times than I carry him (I carry him piggyback on average about twice a day!)...even though I outweigh him by 25 lbs. He said he loves the feel of my thick solid muscular thighs tight around his waist and my long ponytail wrapped around his neck while he carries me. He even has admitted on many occasion that he is very turned on by the fact that I have more endurance and that I am stronger than he is. When we first started dating he admitted that he is very attracted to girls that are "intellectual jocks" and totally loves that I don't wax the dense blond fuzz off my legs! lol

KristenDec 28 2013 9:34am
Oh.. thats great Kristen carry on..

johnDec 28 2013 9:45am
When i was 16,my high school bud Jason and i were coming back from a schooltrack meet one weekend and he introduced me to his younger but cute tomboy sister Kim who was 12. On our way back walking through the park, we challenged each other to see who could run the fastest. Damn if i have to admit that his little sister outpaced both of us...just barely though! I noticed that her legs were very very thick and strong looking compared to her brother's and mine even though were both several inches taller than she is. She then challenged us to a piggyback race with her carrying me since im the lightest of the 3 at 120 lb.and 5'10". Jason weighs 130 and 5'7" and his sister Kim at 165 and 5'2". So I hopped up on Kim's back and she carried me piggyback a pretty far distance across the park about a 1000 yds. almost outrunning her older brother who wasnt carrying anyone! Amazingly, she was not that far behind- only about 20' or so. She said that I felt as light as a feather. After that, I tried lifting her piggyback for awhile and she felt pretty solid and her thighs rather thick and well-toned. I carried her for about 1000 yards. Later with her wanting to show off, she then carried me piggyback the rest of the way home, like about a mile. She has carried me piggyback a good number of times since and can even piggyback me and her brother at the same time!

Sean M.Dec 29 2013 12:50pm
Kristen why do you think you can carry me very easily... is it bcos i m tall and thats why its easy to carry me.. will you pls tell me why tall guys are easy to be carried... if you look me in front of you.. how easily can you carry me and for how long.....

nishanDec 29 2013 11:53pm
Hi Nishan, I know that I can carry a taller guy easier because I have carried a number of taller guys that are as light as a feather compared to shorter guys that are the same weight or even less. The reason for that is that the body weight of taller guys is more dispersed through their length and less concentrated. For example, I have carried piggyback a good number of times a very very cute dweeby friend of mine who is 6'4" tall and only 143 lbs. with his hiking boots on and 138 without. I carried him piggyback up a fairly steep mountain trail for about 3 1/2 hours nonstop and he felt virtually weightless. He has very long legs, so he wrapped them tightly around just above my waist so his hiking boots wont drag on the ground. Sometimes he holds his legs out straight or much more frequently especially going downhill he swings his legs back and forth if I boost him up even more higher on my back. On the way back down the trail, he carried me piggyback almost 2 hours even though I outweigh him by 40 lbs. and then after that I carried him the rest of the distance back down to the trailhead which involves a minor shallow stream crossing. Another close friend, who is 6'6" tall and weighs only 150 lbs.with his hiking boots on and 145 lbs without felt totally and completely weightless as I carried him piggyback in the woods for about 4 hours nonstop. He also wrapped his very long legs tightly around just above my waist so his hiking boots wont drag on the ground. Im just as amazed as you are how a taller person can actually feel lighter than a shorter person with the same weight.

KristenDec 31 2013 11:29pm
actually kristen i have never got the experience of getting lifted by a girl. thats why i am always very eager to get lifted by a girl. many girls tried but failed to do so. therefore lets see if any girl can lift me in my life. i think i need a friend who is as strong as you to lift me. lets see whether i can make a friend(girl) as strong as you to lift me... i m very eager to get the experience.. btw can you send ur pics to me in my above given id

nishanJan 01 2014 12:40am
Kristen pls reply. Can you send your pics mail id Am waiting for your reply.

johnJan 02 2014 7:23am
kristen... i experience a front lift from a girl last night... she is my neighbour and she is 5ft 4in wid 145lbs... i challenged her that she cant lift me and she accepts my challenge and lift me in front lift for more than 15 secs... i feel so light in her arms.. oh my god its such a great experience... but kristen i cant believe how can you lift me for so long time.

nishanJan 02 2014 10:47pm

PAVJan 04 2014 10:30am
Hello Pav, with your 130 lbs body weight, sitting on my lap or getting a very very long shoulder ride would be so would feel as light as a feather. My boy friend Tim, who I mentioned above is 6' 6" tall and weighs 145 lbs with his clothes on (minus shoes), feels completely and totally weightless whenever I carry him piggyback or front carry. He enjoys for me to carry him piggyback alot and likes to be boosted up real high on my back so he can dangle his long legs back and forth gradually increasing his body warmth on me the longer I carry him. I can carry him easily for at least 6 or 7 hours nonstop possibly longer if I didnt have to take a pee or a drink of water! Usually I carry him for about 4 or sometimes 5 hours during weekend mornings and about a couple of hours during weekday evenings.Last Wednesday morning,when we recently compared our respective completely naked body weights on my bathroom scale, I weight at 180 1/2 while he weighs just barely 141, which is a good 40 lb differential even though he is just over a foot taller than me.

KristenJan 04 2014 1:11pm
hi kristen... i wanna look your pic.... pls send me ur pic in my mail id....

nishanJan 05 2014 3:31am
kristen How long could you cradle carry in you arms like a baby.

davidJan 08 2014 10:50pm
cradle carry me in your arms

davidJan 08 2014 10:50pm
MxYsZr I appreciate you sharing this blog.Really thank you! Really Great.

VtTjRhnibIWzwJPJan 09 2014 12:07am
Kristen i wanna see your pic so that i can judge how strong you are. Pls mail me your pic to john

johnJan 10 2014 12:31am
Have any of you guys been carried piggyback by your girl friends and if so...what is your favorite position that you would like for her to carry you? My boyfriend Tim says that he likes being carried piggyback so he can be close to me, embrace his arms around me,nuzzle my long ponytail and bond together very tenderly to the point of being totally one with each other and share each others warmth. I notice in particular that his body warmth increases alot especially the insides of his thighs whenever I carry him piggyback...which feels so good during this weirdly cold "Bi-Polar Vortex" weather that we're having lately! lol

KristenJan 10 2014 11:26pm
Kristen i have never been caried by a girl.

johnJan 11 2014 1:58am
kristen i love to get carried in craddle carry by a girl... can you carry me in craddle... if you can... then for how long can you craddle me....

nishanJan 12 2014 11:32pm
hey kristen which part of the world you belong to ?

pavJan 15 2014 10:10am
Kristen u told that u carry your friends while going uphill etc etc but how do u carry them i.e whether they ask for a piggyback ride or u yourself volunteerly ask them to climb on your back? In weekends does your boy friend ask for a long piggyback ride?

johnJan 17 2014 7:29pm
Kristen why dont u think that we can chat on gmail? Do u feel unsafe?

johnJan 17 2014 7:30pm
ymM4bw Enjoyed every bit of your blog article. Fantastic.

rtFTXmfILaoGxJan 18 2014 8:23am
Hi Nishan, I'm not familiar with "craddle carry". I don't believe that I have ever tried position that before. Hi Pav, I belong to the world of California. Luv it here :) Hi John, My boyfriend usually asks for a piggyback ride (about 90% of the time)rather than me voluntarily asking him (about 10% of the time) because he knows that I'm most always willing to carry him anyway. My boyfriend usually voluntarily asks me to climb up on his back as well...he enjoys carrying me piggyback alot. In fact he carries me more than I carry him even though I outweigh him by 40 lbs. He is able to lift and pick me up in a front carry position with my thighs locked very tightly around his waist while we make love. He is able to hold me in that position for about 3 to 4 hours, sometimes even alot longer than that if I'm not giggling and laughing too hard! lol

KristenJan 18 2014 12:28pm
Kristen u r a very strong girl i think... I really admire the strength of a girl like u have... I really wish to have a gf like u who is strong nd sexy so she can carry me as well as i can... I dont find any girl lifting me wid comfort.. I really wanna girl like u who can lift me very easily with utmost comfort.. I think u can carry me with comfort.. Isnt it so???

nishanJan 18 2014 1:05pm
Hi Nishan, Please describe what "craddle carry" is all about. I have never tried that position before. I'm more familiar with piggyback and front carry probably because they involve close intimate contact, especially the latter. Both my boyfriend and I are pretty strong, so we are able to take turns carrying each other for very long periods of time. Speaking of which...whatever happened to your girl neighbor who was able to carry you front lift for more than 15 seconds on New Years Day evening? She seems pretty strong, judging from your description where she said that you feel so very light in her arms. Hopefully there will be another opportunity where she can carry you again so that you can feel the pleasure of being lifted and carried by a very strong and loving woman.

KristenJan 19 2014 4:44pm
Hi John, In weekends my boyfriend, Tim asks for a long piggyback ride which usually lasts for about 4 or 5 hours (from about 7:30 am to about noon time). His body weight (145 lb)feels extremely light and totally weightless on my back considering his 6' 6" tall height. I most usually carry him from our apartment down to and along the beach which goes on for about several miles in either direction. Because he is so light and me being only 5' 6" tall, I always carry him up real high on my back so his long legs wont drag on the beach sand.

KristenJan 19 2014 6:51pm
Oh Kristen I will never be able to get lifted by you because I live in India and you belong to California..we are far away from each other..:( ..anyways its nice that you and your partner enjoys lift and carry...keep sharing your experiences...hope I find someone who can lift and carry me :)

pavJan 19 2014 7:03pm
Hi Pav. I understand that there are alot of girls in India who like to lift and carry...particularly piggyback rides and front carry...and probably "craddle carry" too! One of my friends who was from India but now lives in this country likes to carry her friends and her boyfriend piggyback just to compare bodyweights, strength, stamina and endurance...and also to playfully show off. For some reason or reasons, people in India like to do that more than people who live here in this country. It is my impression that people in India have more of an open sense of curiousity than people in this country do. That is a good thing and I think that is very healthy. For some reason, people in this country have a seemingly prudish attitude toward lift and carry as though it were some sort of forbidden behavior, politically incorrect sexual harassment or convoluted taboo of sorts. My boyfriend and I first met each other together at an annual India Festival in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco last year and we both took turns lifting and carrying each other...and indeed we find that it is also a very beautiful way to make love together :)My boyfriend and I both incorporate lift and carry into our lovemaking rituals particularly front carry where we are both naked facing each other and I am standing on the bed and I embrace my arms and legs securely around his very tall slender frame as he supports the full 180 lb weight of my body by grabbing my thick heavy thighs just above his waist as he slowly and gradually squeezes inside of me while I gently rock back and forth feeling him go deeper and deeper into me then slowly and gradually increasing the force and intensity of my thrusts...bonding together and becoming completely one in the Karma Sutra tradition. Pav, I have no doubt whatsoever that that you will indeed find the girl of your dreams and desires sooner than you think. Best wishes, my friend. Best wishes :)

KristenJan 20 2014 12:30am
Hi kristen... Craddle carry is actually... Put ur right arm before ur boyfriends back and ur left hand in the back portion of your boyfriends knees.. You must be in a position so that you must face the sideways of you bf... Now ask ur bf to support his arm over ur shoulder.. Nd since u r vry powerful u can easily lift him in that way... U will get a superb pleasure in craddle carry... I can guranteed u... Btw u can check this out in youtube.. Just search by craddle carry.. U will get the idea frm youtube..

nishanJan 20 2014 6:38am
Thanks kristen :-)

pavJan 20 2014 6:25pm
im a 14 year boy that likes getting piggyback rides from this younger girl in my neighborhood who is just 10. Shes always eager to carry me almost every day and likes to show off how strong she is. We both weigh the same at 120 and she is awesomely strong. I always just hop up on her back and she carries me for like an hour.When my friends see this they get jealous lol

LiamJan 26 2014 12:43am
hi kristen. i am 5'7" and weigh 67 kg. pls tell me how long u can piggyback me.

RayFeb 06 2014 12:03am
i would love a strong women to lift and carry me

AnonymousFeb 08 2014 1:41am
hi Ray, Since you are 5'7" and weigh 67 kg (147 1/2 lbs) and I am 5'6" and weigh 83 kg (182 1/2 lbs), I can carry you piggyback for at least 2 or 3 hours. Have you done any piggybacking yourself...either carrying and/or being carried? My boyfriend and I share piggybacking quite frequently and so do my 2 younger cousins. My youngest cousin who is 9 years old can actually carry me piggyback for a good number of minutes even though he's like 75 lbs less than me. He's getting alot closer to me height-wise (just under 4 inches difference now) but he still has a long ways to go to catchup with me weight-wise.

KristenFeb 08 2014 12:25pm
hey Kristen I am an indian men.....I can lift u easyli my weight is only...60kg...

veruFeb 09 2014 12:41am
Hi Veru, Im sure that you can lift me easily despite the difference in our body weights. I have found that it doesnt matter how much a person weighs in regards to determining a person's strength and endurance. Im an 18 year old university student and am very solidly built at 83 kg (182 lb)and I never cease to be amazed at the strength and endurance of many persons who weigh considerably less than me while they are carrying me piggyback, shoulder ride or front carry. Obviously I most enjoy being carried/lifted by those who weigh alot less than myself so I can feel their strength, endurance and stamina. Both my younger cousins enjoy carrying me piggyback quite frequently, especially my 9 year old cousin (he weighs 103 lb)who likes to show off how strong he is. He carries me piggyback at least about 5 or 6 times a week, usually alot more. He can carry me front carry easily for long periods of time as well. However at this time,I am much too heavy for him to lift me up on his shoulders. When he readies himself to carry me piggyback I stand behind him on the couch or a park bench and I embrace my arms around his shoulders and my solidly-built very thick thighs tightly enough around his waist so he can get a secure hold of my much heavier weight while he carries me. When it comes to giving me piggyback ride,I have found that usually the most difficulty comes when a guy tries to get a secure hold onto my thighs which are extremely heavy and have a very very thick solid girth...that's why I squeeze my thighs tightly enough around just above my partner's waist so I wont slip off. Just as I do,the other girls on our university soccer team (most of us have solidly thick legs!)use that same method whenever our boyfriends carry us piggyback or front carry. Half of us outweigh our boyfriends!

KristenFeb 09 2014 12:34pm
hey kristen it would be awesome to be lifted by u!!! my weight is actually 57kgs( sorry for typo)..i am 21 years old...not the athletic type, more of a nerd u could say!! I have been lifted by my younger cousin, she is 3 years younger but is 5'11" tall. she has lifted me piggyback twice i think...but didnt get further opportunities

RayFeb 09 2014 11:59pm
Hi Kristen, I am 18 yrs old too but am just 5'2" and weigh around 45kgs... how long will u be able to lift me?? and in what all ways? will lifting me be very easy for u??

vinodFeb 14 2014 8:00pm
Hi Ray...I know what you feels good to be lifted and carried by our younger cousins. You would be lifted and carried so easily by me for very long periods of time because of your much lighter body weight. I weight about 55 to 60 lbs more than you even though you are taller than me by about an inch or so. I could actually carry you forever, it seems...especially along a flat hard-packed sandy beach..which would be ideal for such an extended piggyback carry.I find that the longer the piggyback..the more pleasureable it feels..both for the rider and the carrier. This past Monday evening, my 9 year old cousin was able to lift and front carry me for just over 35 minutes despite the vast difference in our body was like a very long extended hug except my legs were up off the floor and gripped tightly around his waist with him supporting my full solid 182 lb body weight. I'm quite impressed that he's pretty strong for a kid who weighs only 110...he likes to show off and likes lifting me alot especially giving me very long piggyback rides which seems to be getting much more easier for him to do each day. One of these days we will try a craddle carry but we will try that gradually because it involves more potential strain.

KristenFeb 14 2014 11:05pm
Wow Kirsten,carry me forever!!! How I wish I could actually experience that!

RayFeb 15 2014 5:47am
Never had the chance to be lifted by my cousin for long durations or frequently cos she lives in another city...I guess she is very strong, was able to lift me with ease and even do 20 squats with me on her back! Would u be able to do that?? btw I could lift her for just a few mins unsteadily

RayFeb 15 2014 5:50am
Hi Ray, How much does your cousin weigh? I have friend on our soccer team named Maggie who is also about the same height(5'11")as your cousin and she carries her boyfriend, Kyle, up on her shoulders very easily and for very long periods of time...She weighs 155 and he weighs a solid 167 but she's just over 3 inches taller than him...he's 5'8". She can carry him piggyback and also front carry nonstop for well over 2 hours at a time...and she has done that quite frequently. She told me that quite a few times she and Kyle have made love while carrying him front carry position for almost 3 1/2 hours nonstop! One time at Yosemite trailhead parking lot, both Maggie and I did squats with our boyfriends on our backs and I did 43 and she did 37...which is pretty close. Our boyfriends were not able to do as many squats with us on their backs. Kyle was able to do 28 with Maggie's lighter weight on him while my boyfriend Tim was only able to do 7 with me on his back.

KristenFeb 15 2014 10:41pm
Hi Ray, Kyle is also able to frequently carry Maggie in a front carry position for just over 4 hours nonstop...which is a bit longer than she can carry him in that same position. She's about 12 lbs lighter than him.

KristenFeb 15 2014 11:02pm
hi Kristen, eagerly awaiting your reply!!!

vinodFeb 17 2014 6:23pm
Wow your friend seems to be as strong as you are!!! Wish I was also in California....

RayFeb 17 2014 11:10pm
My cousin must weigh around 80kgs. She has carried me around only two or three times over the past year...but each time she does so with real ease!! so far she has piggybacked me and lifted me in fireman's carry...she was doing squats with me on her shoulders and in piggyback style but both times was called by her mom downstairs for somethimg :( considering her strength I bet she would have crossed 50!! I was able to piggyback her for a few mins with question of lifting her on my shoulders or squats...the fact is am not a physically strong person

RayFeb 17 2014 11:21pm
I am easy would it be for u to carry a person as light as many squats would u be able to do then??

RayFeb 17 2014 11:23pm
hi vinod, no offense but u are quite short and light for your age....dont u agree Kristen??

AnonymousFeb 17 2014 11:24pm
Kristen how long can front carry or cradle carry me. I am 6 foot 195 lbs.

DavidFeb 19 2014 2:33am
Kristen by chance if i come to california,will u carry me? Am eagerly waiting..

johnFeb 19 2014 3:00am
Hi Ray, Judging from your description of her, I agree that your cousin would be able to do beyond 50 squats with you on her back or shoulders considering her strength and weight advantage over you. Since your cousin and I weigh about the same, with her weighing 80 kg while i weigh 84 kg, I would be able to do about the same number of squats as she would with you on my back. I would actually like very much for you to try to carry me piggyback for as long as you possibly can in order to see if you could carry me for as long as you were able to carry your cousin. I know that im about 60 pounds heavier than you (i weigh a rock solid 186 1/2 lbs naked)even though youre well over an inch taller than me (im just under 5'5 1/2" in my bare feet...5'6" with my shoes & socks on). Im sure you would be able to carry me some distance because my younger cousin (he's only 9)who weighs a little bit lighter than you is able to carry me piggyback and front carry for a surprisingly long period of time. Last weekend he was able to lift me in a front carry stationary position for almost a full hour (54 minutes)! minutes! Hi Vinod, You are so light that you would be floating effortlessly above my head like a warm sweet halo :)

KristenFeb 20 2014 10:38pm
HI Kristen, pls long u can carry me?? in what all ways?? how many squats can u do with me?? It would be awesome to be lifted by someone who is as strong as u are!!! and taller than me too!!

VinodFeb 20 2014 11:21pm
Hey Kristen! Your cousin seems to be an exceptionally strong person !! I have been able to piggyback my cousin for max 7 mins walking around unsteadily and maybe around 10 mins stationary....My cousin likes to play tests of strength with me known full well that she outclasses me totally. Armwrestling and playwrestling are her favorite. She is a swimmer since young age and so she has very strong arms and shoulders. Her biceps arent big but rock hard. Wrestling against her is more or less a joke actually!! she simply demolishes me in a matter of minutes! Just puts me into various holds that I have to eventually submit....the last time we wrestled she firstly put me in a bear hug while slowly tightening her hold on me....then the next round scissored me....finally she just lifted me on her shoulders spun me around and let go!!! She always wants to playfully show off her strength but lifting me around( which I also enjoy btw!!) Lifting me around is just so easy for her!! I think thats due to not only stron lower but her stong upper body too...not many girls have strong biceps or shoulders or abs...what about u ??

RayFeb 20 2014 11:36pm
Hi, Kristen,Judging by the fact that you and my cousin nearly weigh the same and you are than her by nearly 6 inches I dont think I can piggyback you for more than 5 mins...

RayFeb 20 2014 11:39pm
Hi Vinod. Because you are so much lighter than me...I could carry you forever and do infinite amount of squats with you on my shoulders or back. I weigh like almost 90 lbs more than you which is nearly double your body weight. I could carry and lift you in all many different ways for infinite eternity because you are de facto weightless. Let's put it this way...I could carry you all day nonstop as though you were my baby.

KristenFeb 21 2014 9:54pm
Hey Ray! It seems like your cousin and I are very much alike. We both like to play tests of strength on guys alot and also like your cousin, I have very solid rock hard biceps..not exceptionally big in girth but rock hard nonetheless. I do swimming, rock climbing, bicycling, mountain climbing, cave exploring and play on the womens soccer team at our university. I wrestle my boyfriends alot but I always end up winning because im stronger, heavier and have more endurance. Today my 9 year old cousin was able to carry my very tall 140 lb boyfriend, Tim piggyback for well over an hour...which is not really surprising considering that there is less than 30 lbs difference in their weights. My cousin weighs 113 and hes close to my height and was able to carry me piggyback nonstop for well over a half hour today. I notice hes getting stronger each day and testing endurance is a big factor too.

KristenFeb 21 2014 10:45pm
Hi Kristen! Wow you can beat your boyfriends eventhough they seem to be strong!! I wonder how easily you could demolish me in wrestling or arm wrestling??? do u, just like my cousin, carry around your opponents after beating them to show ur dominance?

RayFeb 22 2014 4:05am
Wow Kristen I think you will be like wonderwoman when u lift and carry me around!!! how I wish I could really experience being carried around for the whole day like your baby! would u be able to jog or run with me on your back?? Pls tell me what u think will happen if we wrestle?!!

VinodFeb 22 2014 4:33am
btw where do u study?

VinodFeb 22 2014 4:33am
Wow Kristen u are one really strong woman. Rock hard!!

PeterFeb 22 2014 4:41am
Kristen i wanna get carried by you. What do u say?? Am eagerly waiting for ur reply..

johnFeb 22 2014 6:45pm
Hi Kristen, i am Shiv from India. I am 5'3" and easily would u lift me??? wish i would really experience lift carry by a girl....

ShivFeb 23 2014 1:39am
Hi Shiv from India, I am actually more than twice your body weight. I weigh 186 1/2 lbs.(84 kg.) while you weigh 92 lb.(42 kg.). I would lift you so easily and so effortlessly in every different lift & carry position for an infinite amount of time because you are completely light as a feather. Please tell me more about yourself and any experiences that you may have had if you have ever been lift carried by a girl before. Also, what is your favorite lift carry position?

KristenFeb 23 2014 6:51pm
Im a 24 y.o. guy and recently I was lifted and carried piggyback by my 13 y.o girl cousin. I declined at first but she insisted upon trying to see if she could carry me up on her back piggyback for a long distance. Shes pretty athletic, has very strong well-toned legs and is into gymnastics and school sports, so I just kind of like hopped up on her back and she grabbed a hold of my thighs and carried me a pretty awesome long distance along the jogging path like about over a half hour. She said that I feel as light a babe. Mind you, as I found out soon to my profound surprise she actually weighs 8 more pounds than me even though I'm a half foot taller than her.I'm at 5'11" tall while she is 5'5". When we got to my apartment, we both took off our running shoes and our sweatpants off and compared our weights on my bathroom scale. I weighed in at 134 1/2 lb and she actually weighed more than me at 146 lb. It really surprised me and made me kinda rather envious that my younger 13 year old girl cousin actually weighs more than I do. It surprised me all the more because she looks about 110 lb or so due to her slender and athletic appearance but yet has exceptionally very thick, well-toned solid muscular thighs and legs when her sweatpants are off. I joked to her that her weight advantage over me was solely due to her rather long thick ponytail which goes all the way down to just below her knees level! She then wrapped her sweatpants in a knot around her waist and then hopped up on my back and told me to piggyback her from my apartment and then back down along the jogging path for an hour. She actually felt surprisingly quite heavy on my back and it was hard to get a secure enough hold on her well-toned solidly thick thighs but I wanted to prove to her that I was just as strong and could carry her for as long as she was able to carry me. After about a half hour of carrying her, she then carried me piggyback along the jogging path for almost an hour. My cousin and I agreed that me carrying her and her carrying me piggyback together feels quite enjoyable for the both of us.

Joel R.Feb 23 2014 9:09pm
Hi Kristen, my name is Jordan and im 5 foot 8 inches tall and 140 lbs. How many lift and carry positions can you do and How long. I would love a lift carry experience.

JordanFeb 24 2014 11:50am
Eagerly awaiting ur reply Kristen!!

RayFeb 25 2014 7:28pm
Pls reply Kristen

VinodFeb 26 2014 3:41am
Wow Kristen!!! That sounds so superb! I am 19 years old but sadly never gained much in height, weight or physical strength :(. I have been lifted and carried around just 2 times by my personal favorite was when she lifted me literally on her single arm!!

ShivFeb 26 2014 4:43am
Hi kristen am shakthi from india.. i am 15 yrs old and i am around 5 and i weigh around 40 kgs and how longcould you carry me? My favourite position is piggyback actually but i love all kinds of lift carry positions. May be twice or thrice i experienced lift carry from girls. One of my friends me asking her carried me for around 10 mins or so. Am interested to know ur capacity.. i also love hip carry. How long can u carry me in how many ways?? Am waiting for ur reply

shakthiFeb 27 2014 5:27am
QYbk8V Appreciate you sharing, great blog post. Will read on...

lkKPNDCfzqonnUfYFeb 28 2014 11:59am
Hi Jordan, I can carry you any different kind of position you like for an unlimited period of time. Carrying piggyback is the easiest. Because I weigh between 45 to 50 lbs more than you, I could actually carry you piggyback forever because you feel so very light on top of me. I would let you stay on top of me for as long as you like. Plus I could lift you front carry and up on my shoulders forever as well. What is your favorite position ?

KristenMar 01 2014 1:01am
This morning at the beach I carried piggyback both at the same time my very slender 6' 6" tall, 136 lb boyfriend, Tim and my 5' 4" tall 117 lb 9 year old cousin, Christopher. Tim first mounted on top of Christopher's back and tightly wrapped his very long legs securely well above Christopher's waist so he can be carried piggyback for a long while. Christopher carried him piggyback for well over about 45 minutes and mentioned that Tim feels as light as a feather whenever he carries him even though Tim is extremely tall (almost 15 inches taller than Chris). Then I lifted both of them up on my back at the same time. I was really surprised at how very very light their combined body weights felt on my back even after carrying them piggyback for over an hour. It felt so very very warm and sweet carrying both of them :)

KristenMar 01 2014 12:30pm
Wow! So you can lift me like a baby. You must have strong legs and muscles. My favourite is front lift that way you can parade me around then i can feel your breasts on my body. Piggyback is my second favourite. Can you cradle lift me forever too.

JordanMar 01 2014 1:42pm
Kristen how long could you carry me. Am 5 tall and weigh around 90 lbs(40 kgs)

shakthiMar 01 2014 11:13pm
Hi! My name is Miklos. I'm from Hungary. (Sorry for my poor English..) I'm weak (38yo 173cm/60kg) but I like strong (and/or) muscular young girls very much, but unfortunately I have never met such a girl. I really want to meet and date and feel a strong girl's muscles (or a muscular girl's strength :)) How much can a strong girl lift and carry, and how easy and how long can a similar girl lift and carry a man like me? I would like to ask how could I meet a muscular strong girl?

MickeeMar 04 2014 11:45am
kristen i realy driming about a girl like you...i mean you are my dreem girl i can do anything .....if u give me a piggyback ride.....i am only 65 kg....and 5.8.....indian man....

great fan of lift and carry....Mar 08 2014 3:12am
Hi, im Brad again and im 17 and my close neighbor friend Sandy who is a 12 year old girl play tennis alot together almost every other day or so after school and the weekends at the tennis courts in the park down the street aways. Anyway i mentioned before that shes very cute, strong and athletic and we take turns carrying each other piggyback alot. I found out that one of the reasons why she is so strong and her very thick legs have such good solid muscle tone is because she practices swimming for almost an hour everyday. I notice that with a few other girls at my school as well. She has a fairly slender waist but her legs are built so awesomely very thick and heavy. The girth of her thighs and ankles is like about at least 3 times thicker than mine! (I told her that I feel tempted to measure them with a tape measure!) I notice that especially when she wears shorts or pulls off her dark blue sweatpants. Also i noticed she has never waxed the very dense soft blond fuzz from her legs and thighs...she told me that she prefers having her legs looking completely natural. I told her that it actually looks good on her, it compliments her very long ponytail and that shes a true individual. Anyways, I try to carry her piggyback for as long of a distance than she can carry me...and im finally able to get pretty close to achieving that goal. Yesterday we took turns comparing our weights together on my parents bathroom scale...she weighs a surprising 163 1/2 lbs (with her tennis shoes and sweatpants off) while im just barely 120 exactly, even though im over 9 full inches taller than her...well over 40 lbs difference! We then compared and measured each other's heights against the bathroom wall and I measured at just slightly under 6' tall and she at exactly 5' 2". I then asked her for about how long of an extended period of time she could lift me in a stationary front carry just to see how light i would feel on her in that position. She was willing to give it a try and then asked me to stand on the edge of the bathtub so i could embrace my legs around just above her hips securely and my arms around her shoulders. As she was carrying me in this position i felt myself immediately getting a hardon, so i was completely enjoying all this! Plus all the while i was nuzzling and sniffing her blond hair and ponytail and it smelled very sweet, warm and wholesome like new mown hay. She was able to carry me very easily in that position for well over an hour and 15 mins. and she said that i feel so light that i actually feel completely weightless on her and that she could carry me forever! After that it was my turn to carry her,so I then lifted her in a stationary front carry position like she had carried me and she felt very very warm and heavy against my body as she securely embraced her thighs tightly and up high enough around my waist so she wont slip off. After I got a secure enough hold onto her thick thighs, she playfully gave me a couple of gentle monkey bites and we then started kissing Suddenly, my younger sister who is 14 then opened the bathroom door, saw us and gasped "OMG !!"

Brad R.Mar 15 2014 10:22am
Anyways, Sandy was totally embarrased by my younger sister catching us in the act while we were starting to kiss each other in the bathroom. So she then put her sweatpants and tennis shoes back on and went home. Later I talked to her and she said she still wants to play tennis with me and hang out together alot. Thats cool and so today we played tennis, shared piggyback rides, back & shoulder massages and kissed together in the park.It felt like the first day of spring!!

Brad R.Mar 15 2014 9:50pm
Hi kristen, I'm from India and weigh 150 pounds, how long can you lcarry me and how much squats can you do with me on your back?

PatelMar 20 2014 3:04pm
kuxEXP Very neat blog.Thanks Again.

SxUrYUongNCDMar 22 2014 5:55am
Hi Kristen, I am Jacob, I'm from Boston. I weigh 150 lbs and i am 5'11. My favorite position is piggyback. Can You lift & carry me and if so, how long?

JacobMar 22 2014 3:01pm
Hi Jacob, Yes, I can lift and carry you piggyback for about 5 or 6 hours nonstop easily. Have you been carried piggyback before and if so, what is the longest that you have been carried? Also, what is the second longest piggyback ride that you can remember?

KristenMar 29 2014 1:45pm
Hi Patel, Yes, I can lift and carry you piggyback for about 5 or 6 hours nonstop easily. Have you been carried piggyback before and if so, what is the longest that you have been carried? Also, what is the second longest piggyback ride that you can remember? Also, I can easily do at least between 45 to 50 squats or so with you on my back. I know because I have tried that several times before with someone with your own exact weight on my back. I'm pretty sure that I can do at least that many squats with either you sitting on up on my shoulders or embracing me piggyback.

KristenMar 29 2014 1:58pm
Hi Shakthi, Believe me..I can carry you alot longer than 10 minutes! I can actually carry you piggyback forever because you would feel as light as a feather on me. Plus I could lift and carry you in many different varieties of positions, including one of your favorites "hip carry" since you only weigh 90 lbs and I am slightly more than double your weight.

KristenMar 29 2014 2:14pm
Hi Jordan, Yes, I can front carry you and cradle lift you very easily forever too while you braid my long hair! Front lift carry and piggyback are both equally my favorite forms of lift & carry positions. Because your legs are slightly longer than mine, when I front carry can wrap your legs very tightly and securely around just above my waist. All the while positioning your full 140 lb body weight and body warmth pressed tightly against me and then hold to on me with your arms securely around my shoulders without leaning back. That way, it's a very pleasureable position for the both of us. Front lift would be my favorite lift and carry position with you because you are actually just over 40 lbs lighter than me plus you are several inches taller than me and the fact that I have very thickly built strong legs so that I can carry you forever, feeling each other bonding front to front very closely together in the process and intimately sharing each other's increasing body warmth and psychic energy.

KristenMar 29 2014 3:24pm
Welcome back Kristen!!

ShivApr 01 2014 4:15am
K3jvu1 Hey, thanks for the article post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

nEBmZfxgdDgApr 01 2014 7:20am
Hey Kirsten my name is Rick. Can I have your email id? I have a feeling we can be the best of friends discussing the stuff we like best. Say what? :)

AnonymousApr 02 2014 7:16pm
Hi Kristen will u be able to lift using your one arm just like my neighbor ?? from what u have said u seem to have solid biceps and great arm strength!!

ShivApr 03 2014 3:13am
Hi Patel!! like me do u have previous experience of lift carry by a girl??

ShivApr 05 2014 12:57am
Hi Shiv, That's so awesome that you were carried around with just one arm by your neighbor friend.Im pretty sure that I could lift you around just as easily as she could, since I am slightly more than double your body weight (I weight at 188 lbs and 5'6" tall. Yes, I have solid biceps and great arm and leg strength as well. The girth of my thighs is extremely thick (37 1/2") and solid and is even quite a good number of inches thicker than my waist.

KristenApr 06 2014 12:11am
Hi Kristen!! Yea that was so superb when she lifted me like that :) She is a German girl. she is 17 and I am 18. She says lifting me is no problem at all cos of her 6 ft height and 80kgs weight..thankfully she enjoys lifting me as much as i enjoy getting lifted!!!! Two days ago during our morning jogging she carried me piggyback style and jogged for nearly 15 mins!! It was awesome :) Have u ever done something like that??

ShivApr 07 2014 8:19pm
Kristen i really would like to enjoy long piggyback rides on a girl like you. But i never will get such a chance. I would just climb on holding my hands around your neck and wrap my legs around your waist reaching as high as possible on your back... if i get a chance.

shakthiApr 08 2014 9:31am
Hi Shakthi!! do u have any previous experience of lift carry by a girl?? u are quite short and not heavy..girls would actually find it easy....

ShivApr 08 2014 8:06pm

-1'Apr 09 2014 7:23am
Hi Shakthi, When I carry you piggyback, you would lift my very long ponytail aside (or more preferably wrap my long ponytail securely around your waist so it wont get in the way when I carry you), mount up on top of me,hold your hands around my neck, tighten your legs up around my waist and then be able to gradually thrust your weight up real real higher up on my back as far up as you can possibly go because you feel so totally and completely weightless on me. Since I weigh slightly over 100 lbs more (I weigh 193 1/2 lbs naked just out of the shower) than you plus im a full 6 inches taller than you, I could carry you nonstop for at least 14 hours, maybe even alot longer than that!. You would be about by far the lightest person Ive ever carried in a long time. You could even give me a neck massage while I carry you piggyback!

KristenApr 27 2014 11:50am
14 hrs piggyback! I dont think its possible kristen. By the way you have so long ponytail!! I like to get piggyback rides from a girl with long ponytail. It would be nice to take breaths of your ponytail when you carry me. And i am sure you cant carry me forsuch a long period of 14hrs

shakthiApr 30 2014 10:28pm
Im a 13 year girl with very thick muscular legs and i can front carry and piggyback my skinny 22 year old boy cousin very easily. When we compare our height and weight im like 5'3 1/2" and 167 lbs and he's way taller at 6'1" tall and only 118 lbs. It feels so good whenever I carry him piggyback alot because he feels so totally weightless on me. He can just barely carry me piggyback because of my 50-55 lb weight advantage over him but hes able to front carry me somewhat longer.

RachelMay 04 2014 1:31am
hi Rachel, its nice experience, will lift and carry me also

karanMay 06 2014 12:58pm
Hi Kristen, My name is Nick and I am a 17 year old male and I love being lifted and carried. I weigh 160 lbs and i am 5'5. What ways can u lift and carry me? How tall and strong are you? I would love to be lifted by you

NickMay 06 2014 9:34pm
Hi Nick, I weight at slightly over 192 1/2 lbs solid muscle with very very thick thighs (38" in girth) & calves and about an inch or so taller than you at slightly over 5'6" tall in my bare feet. My boyfriend, Tim measured my height, weight and thigh girth yesterday morning after we got out of the shower naked. By contrast,he measures 6'6" tall in his bare feet and only just barely 137 lbs naked! When Tim and I make love together, he actually prefers the entire total full weight of my much heavier muscular body (about 193 lb)constantly on top of him so he can be overwhelmed by me! Plus I can actually lift him up above my head with both arms for a long period of time. He is pretty strong himself and is able to carry me piggyback for rather long periods of time and distance (about 2 to 3 miles on flat beach sand) even though I am about 56-60 lbs heavier than him (I have to squeeze my thick heavy thighs securely tight around his waist and my arms embraced around his shoulders when he carries me piggyback!). I can lift and carry you any position, mostly piggyback, front lift, shoulder lift, cradle lift and fireman carry. Because of your much lighter body weight, I can lift you very easily for long periods of time :)

KristenMay 11 2014 11:10am
Hi Kristen, where do you live? I would like to be lifted and carried by a young strong girl.

MickeeMay 12 2014 1:16pm
Kristen, I would love to be lifted by you. How strong are you and what ways can you lift me? You're sure you can lift 160?

NickMay 14 2014 9:10pm
Do you have kik or Instagram Kirsten? I would live to talk to you about you hopefully lifting me

Nick May 14 2014 9:10pm
can any girl or women pls lift and carry me!!?? i live in london and i am 5'5 and only weigh 60kg.... my email address is

AnonymousMay 15 2014 3:13am
hi Karan, I can lift and carry you. How much do you weigh? Im 5'3" tall and 170 lb totally solid muscle. I can carry my boyfriend piggyback alot and especially my older cousin who's like over 10 inches taller than me but way lighter.I was really surprised how much lighter he is than me when we compare our weights on the bathroom scale considering im 13 and he 22 years old.

RachelMay 16 2014 12:42am
Rachel I also want a lift from you?? please I m very upset bcoz I m shy about lift carry.

harshMay 16 2014 7:47am
Kristen, I would love to be lifted and carried by you. I.m 17 and 160. Can we kik, Instagram or talk about lift and carry and you lifting me?

NickMay 17 2014 7:09am
hey Rachel, im 5'7" taller and weight about 150lbs and i really like it when u lift and carry me. can u tell me which way u try to lift me(piggyback, side hip carry, cradle carry, front carry).

karanMay 17 2014 1:41pm
Hey Karan, I could try to lift you in any variety of those lift and carry positions you just mentioned. I do piggyback mostly because its easier to carry for a longer period of time.I mostly carry my older cousin alot because hes so easy and very very light weight to carry. He always asks me to carry him piggyback alot so I just let him stand behind me so he could put his arms around my shoulders to position himself on me for awhile and then let him jump up real high on my back because he feels so weightless. I can carry him piggyback for over well over 3 hours at a time nonstop. I could probably carry you piggyback for about 2 hours or so since you weigh more than he does. I weigh about 20 lbs more than you and I now weigh 55 lbs more than my cousin. This morning we compared our weights with our shoes off on the bathroom scale and I weigh 171 and he weights only 116 even though hes over 10 inches taller than me.What is your favorite lift and carry position and would you be able to try to lift me too even though im heavier than you?

RachelMay 17 2014 8:12pm
hey Rachel, i will also try to lift u in piggyback and cradle carry, but dont think like i will be able to carry you in cradle for not more than one minute and in piggyback can carry you up to 15 minute. well my favorite position in lift and carry is side hip carry, but i like all above. how much time will u lift and carry me in side hip carry, also tell me how u lift me in side hip carry.I really like to be carried by you and very much excited.

karanMay 17 2014 9:07pm
Rachel, I weigh 160 I'm 5'6 and 17. Can u lift me and in what ways? I want to be lifted

NickMay 17 2014 11:44pm
Rachel where are you from?

yadavMay 20 2014 2:19am

1May 22 2014 2:10am
hi Nick, I can lift you in any variety of ways for a long period of time. I carried my brother's friend, Josh piggyback for about almost 3 hours nonstop a couple of days ago. He's 15 years old and is 5'5" tall and weighs a totally rock solid muscular 193 lbs when we compared our weights on the bathroom scale. Im 5'3 1/2" and 171 lb.I was really surprised that I could carry him for such a very long period of time considering that he feels so heavy.I also carried him front carry for quite a long while and his thighs feel extremely thick and solid.

RachelMay 22 2014 10:52pm
Hey Rachel, how long can you get piggyback and cradle carry me. Im 6'0" 195 lbs.

DavidMay 23 2014 2:46pm
hi David, I could carry you piggyback for at least about 2 or 3 hours or so nonstop. Tuesday evening, I carried my brother's friend Josh for about almost 3 hours and we weighs about the same as you. Wednesday evening we both took turns carrying each other front carry for about over a couple of hours and it felt kinda like really hot & heavy for the both of us. When I carried him, he squeezes his solid thighs way too tight around my waist plus he tries to hypnotize me with his turquoise eyes lol. I havent tried cradle carry that much, so im not sure exactly how long I could carry you in that position. Maybe about at least an hour or so I guess.

RachelMay 24 2014 12:14pm
I weigh 171 and Josh weighs 193. Both of us about the same height. Hes about almost an inch taller.

RachelMay 24 2014 12:23pm
Oh yeah I am stronger then boys I'm 14 and my baby brothers are 11, 9 and 10 the 11 year old fell off his bike hurt his foot and could barley walk so I had the 9 year old take the bike and the 10 year old help get him on my back which was easy cause he kept refusing he weighs 60 pounds and same with my other brothers I weigh 120 pounds so I carried him home 4 hours walk so anyways he is easy to carry

Madeline May 25 2014 8:37am
Wow Rachel! Any other lift carry positions that u do as well. what body type do u have? I would love to be piggybacked while u show me off.

davidMay 25 2014 10:05am
BTW Rachel how long can u front carry me a and make out

DavidMay 25 2014 2:01pm
Hi rachel i m 24 yrs old guy from india. I m 5'4 and 48 kgs. Will u lift me. if yes then send me frnd rqst on fb

VikiMay 25 2014 2:02pm
hi David, I can lift carry up on my shoulders for long periods of time. I tried that with some of my classmates during PE class. Im built like a soccer girl with very long brown hair in a ponytail,cute face with attractive bod, weigh 170 to 175 solidly muscular in all places with wide hips and a bubblebutt. Josh came over to visit and we took turns carrying each other on our shoulders. We also took turns measuring each other's height and we are both about 5'4" tall without our shoes on with me actually being slightly taller than him by just over 1/4th of an inch. Im 5'4 1/4" and hes 5'4". I was really surprised that I am actually taller than him but he still weighs 20 lbs more than me yet hes real easy and lots of fun to carry. Yes I'll admit, Josh and I made out while I front carried him. He has awesomely innocent turquoise blue eyes, blond hair with brown eyebrows and totally smooth thick muscular legs which he likes to playfully squeeze around my waist alot lol. Im curious Dave, have you ever been carried piggyback by a girl before? If so, did you enjoy the experience or were you somewhat embarrased by it.

RachelMay 25 2014 11:52pm
I was piggybacked by couple of girls including my younger sister. At first I was a little embarrassed but I enjoyed by strength and how at ease. I am taller and my weight is more spread out so I think you can piggyback carry me a long time. Wow I think I have great body going by your description. Just out of curiosity where do u live? Private msg me my email is one more question how long can u carry me on your hip aka side lift. Thanks Rachel.

DavidMay 26 2014 1:43am
Hi David, Im sure I could carry you piggyback a much longer period of time than Josh because your body weight is more spread out and less concentrated. Both of you weigh exactly the same except youre 8 inches taller than Josh. Plus its difficult to get a real secure hold on his thighs because they are built so very solidly thick and his skin texture is slippery smooth. Thats why he has to embrace his arms around my shoulders and squeeze his thighs real tight around my waist so he wont slip off. I live in Fairfax, CA which is in Marin County, north of SF.I could probably carry you side lift for about at least couple of hours or so, maybe 3 or 4.Recently I noticed a Chinese girl in my neighborhood playfully carrying her 130 lb boyfriend in that position for well over a couple of hours while giggling.It looked real easy the way she was carrying him, plus I think she had at least 5 lbs advantage over him.

RachelMay 26 2014 12:54pm
Rachel can u lift me m 5.6 and weight 50 kgs

rahulMay 27 2014 1:14am
Hi Rachel,thanks for answering my questions. I am sure you can easily side carry me for 4 hours. I am sure your big thighs will secure me while you carry me like your baby boy. When do you realize how strong you were. How long is your longest piggyback/carry? Anyway, thanks again Rachel your awesome.

DavidMay 27 2014 12:51pm
Hey Rachel, I'm Nick, I'm 5'5, 16 and 150 lbs. Can you lift and carry me? In what ways can u lift me? Where are you from? I live in in California. I love being lifted and carried and it'd be amazing if you can lift me

NickMay 29 2014 12:06am
hi David, I think I realized how strong I was when I was in 4th Grade while playing soccer on our girls team. I'm pretty sure I could carry you piggyback for about 5 hours nonstop easily and side carry you for about 4 hours. Longest piggyback was 6 hours and I was carrying a boy who weighs the same as me going mostly downhill on a hiking trail in the mountains. That was about a year ago. He felt very light plus he was way taller than me, about 5' 10" or 5' 11", so his body weight was more dispersed.My friend, Maggie took turns carrying him piggyback too and she also had the same opinion that he felt very light.She carried him for well over 3 hours nonstop and he fell asleep on her back like a baby!

RachelMay 30 2014 11:11pm
Hey Nick, im from Fairfax, California. I could lift and carry you in many different ways, mostly piggyback, shoulder lift and cradle carry.Have you been lifted and carried before and if so, what are your experiences.It seems like alot of my close friends and I have enjoyed lift and carry ever since elementary school about 4th grade.

RachelMay 30 2014 11:34pm
hi Rahul, Yes, I can lift and carry you so very easily because of your 50 kg (110 lb)body weight dispersed on your taller 5' 6" height. Timewise I could carry you nonstop for about as long as a school day session.

RachelMay 30 2014 11:49pm
Rachel, how strong are you? I wish we could talk and you could lift and carry me

Nick May 31 2014 2:12pm
Hi rachel how long could u carrry me? Am 5'2 tsll and weigh around 46 kgs

arunJun 01 2014 5:17pm
Hey Rachel do you find lift tand carry a turn on. Do guys marvel at your strength How long can you give me a firemans carry and a leg lift. Thanks.

DavidJun 01 2014 10:58pm
JOTiRS Thanks for the blog. Fantastic.

PykiIYFDJun 04 2014 4:44am
geKu6g Muchos Gracias for your blog post. Keep writing.

afCJKFBEMJun 04 2014 1:21pm
Hey David, I enjoy lift and carry and so do all my friends, plus most of them lift and carry me alot as well. My parents were out all night at a friends party, so Josh came over last night after dinner and we went out in the backyard and took turns lifting each other back to back, which is kind of like a back stretch. It felt really good for the both of us plus afterwards I front carried him nonstop in a stationary position for a longer period of time than ever before, from 7:00 pm to just after midnight! We were both amazed that I could carry him for such a long period of time considering that he weighs just over 26 lbs more than me. But I noticed that the more longer and more frequent I carry him the much more lighter he feels plus we were making out and kissing very very heavily. His thighs felt very hot and slippery wet so i encouraged him to gradually keep boosting himself up higher on me so he wont slip down. After about 2 hours his full body weight (197 lbs)on me actually feels almost completely weightless because im so used to carrying him around all the time. Its almost like hes become a part of my body! In answer to your question I dont think i've tried firemans carry or leg lift before. But I'll give it a try.It sounds interesting.

RachelJun 07 2014 8:13pm
Hey Rachel im a 14 year skinny boy and this really cute girl across my street always likes to carry me piggyback alots. She always reminds me that i feel so way light on her back. Shes 11 and weighs 134 and i just barely only weigh 120. Plus i havent develop any body hair yet and she has. How come even younger girls than me are so muscular and strong and gaining weight faster than me ? taking steroids ??

LiamJun 08 2014 1:12am
i can lift all thin.weak indian boys and men...very easyli...

a paakistani panjabi girl...Jun 09 2014 1:47pm
Hey Rachel, Can you lift and carry me? I'm 165 lbs, 17, 5'6. I would love to be lifted in all ways. How strong are you and how much do you lift? What ways can you lift me?

MattJun 10 2014 10:09pm
Hi Matt, We both weigh about the same, so I can lift you in all different ways like piggyback carry, front lift, shoulder lift, cradle lift, side carry and fireman carry. I'm 13 and am 5' 4" tall and 170 lbs without my shoes and sweatpants on. I could probably carry you piggyback for at least 4 or 5 hours nonstop. What is the longest that youve been carried piggyback?

RachelJun 11 2014 9:51pm
Ek meri maa mama gar gahi thi meje path nahi tha roja meje meri maa kanakiltity mene kaneko maga tad meri sistar kana leyke ahi ow 19yar ki thi or mey 22 ka tha mene pucha maa kaha he wo boli temare samne kadi he mey bola kay tem ow boli ha mey pucha kay temne meje kadi uthay he tad usene kaha ha tad mey kaha kad fir ow mere pass ahi or moje apni hip me uthay pahile usne mere hatoka apne khande par raha or apne hip ko toda jokakar mere pirke apne hato se uthay tad usaka ek hat mere kamr ko or dusara hat mere leg ka uthay tha

VishalJun 12 2014 11:01pm
hey rachel, its kevin here, can u lift and carry me?, im 130lbs and 17 years,height about 5'4,i love to be lifted in all ways, but piggyback and side carry i like most..

KevinJun 13 2014 12:26pm
Hi Kevin, I weigh just over 40 lbs more than you and we're exactly the same height, so I can lift and carry you in all different ways like piggyback carry, front lift, shoulder lift, cradle lift, side carry and fireman carry. I'm 13 and am 5' 4" tall and 174 lbs without my shoes and sweatpants on. I have very thick solidly built muscular legs from playing soccer alot so I could easily carry you piggyback for at least 6 hours nonstop. I like piggyback the most too. What is the longest that youve ever been carried piggyback ? And would you be able to carry me piggyback, even though I weigh alot more than you. And if so, how far? I love to be carried piggyback alot by boys that are way much lighter than me just to see how far they can carry me.

RachelJun 14 2014 11:20am
hey Rachel..i have been carried by my cousin in piggyback for 3minutes and i love it, i will try to carry u on my back but not sure can carry u not more than 2 minutes..and can u carry me side carry then how far u can carry me in side carry.. :), hey, what u say while u carry me in piggyback and what u wear.

KevinJun 14 2014 12:10pm
Hey, pakistani punjabi girl, can u lift me and im 5feet 6 inch tall and weight about 58kg.. im karan and also a punjabi indian boy

karanJun 14 2014 12:12pm
hey rachel, how far u go while u carry me in piggyback.....

kevinJun 15 2014 11:27am
Rachel I wanna be ur frnd can we

rahulJun 18 2014 10:12am
Hey rachel or kristen, im 174 cm tall and weigh 80 kgs, and my dream is to get carried by girls, and especially while wrestling...

RexJun 20 2014 5:17am
Hi Kevin, I can carry you piggyback for 20 miles nonstop. I came to that calculated figure because since you weigh 130 lbs and my weight at 170, I could carry your full weight up on my back for at least 6 hours nonstop. At the rate of 5 miles per 1 1/2 hours, that comes to 20 miles total, plus I have pretty strong thick legs and a good amount of endurance. It can vary somewhat depending upon how much uphill, level or downhill.If I were to carry you side carry, it would be a shorter amount of distance. Im not sure how much though.When I carry piggyback I always wear running shoes and usually wear running shorts or sweatpants depending upon the weather. I like matching dark blue and white colors for my clothes. My question is: what would you feel like and what would you say after I carried you piggyback for like 20 miles nonstop? I havent carried anybody that long of a distance before, but pretty close to it and that was with a boy that was close to my weight but alot taller than me. His body weight actually felt very very light the entire amount of time while I carried him. It was on a hiking trail in the mountains going mostly downhill and that was for about 6 full hours. He rewarded me with an awesome shoulder and back massage and braided my very long ponytail after we reached our camp site that evening. Plus he also braided Maggie's ponytail, because she took turns carrying him piggyback too!

RachelJun 21 2014 9:46am
Hi Rahul, I wanna be your friend too. Tell me about yourself :)

RachelJun 21 2014 9:52am
Hi Rex, Dreams are so beautifully enchanting and awesome. I wish I could remember all of mine but I had some really interesting and weird ones just this past week :)

RachelJun 21 2014 10:04am
Hey rachel. Am around 52 kgs and 5'3 tall. How long could you carry me piggyback?btw can we be friends?

amitJun 22 2014 1:58am
hii rachel..i am 19 yrs 5'10" and 70 kgs(154 pounds) you think i can carry you in any position or you can carry me in any??

amanJun 23 2014 8:12am
hi rachel, omg u can carry me 20 miles, its amaging, i appreciate ur strength and wana feel, ur huge thighs and strong legs,and whisper in ur ear i wana stay on ur back and little kinda funny touch urs. on ur back i feel, im light and just like a feather also i was in heaven may my dick will be erected and it will touch ur back. i really feel hotness of ur neck, sweating back, which i really like.. i cant express my feelings just say i really wana more and more ride, how u feel when my dick will erected.. and enjoying ur ride, wana more rides from u rachel...

kevinJun 23 2014 12:05pm
Rachel I m a guy from india who love lifting and carrying by girls and also I really respect girls very much.... I wanna ur frnd so how can I contact u...plz reply

rahulJun 24 2014 1:35am
hi Kevin, omg you are quite graphic in your forthright candor, honesty and enthusiasm. I take it that from your midnight rantings, you had more than just a mere touch of the Malt lol

RachelJun 28 2014 6:33am
rachel, can u plz explain it, i didnt understand.....even wana say will u lift me in front carry

kevinJun 28 2014 7:16am
Rachel forgot me ?

rahulJun 28 2014 8:31pm
Yesterday afternoon my friend Josh and I took turns lifting and carrying each other at the beach. It was a pretty warm day and was like totally awesome because we experimented in different types of lift and carry positions for nearby 6 hours. At one point it attracted a number of onlookers watching us and that actually kinda like turned on Josh...all the attention and stuff. We were both dressed in shorts and tanktops and Josh took off his tanktop to show off! Later in the afternoon, one of the families there gave some extra barbequed oysters to share with us. It was so totally awesome!! We're going to go to the beach again today & have a blast :)wooHoo!!

RachelJun 29 2014 11:06am
hi Rahul, I didn't forget you...we can be friends and respect each other because we both like lift and carry. Have you been lifted and carried by a girl before? Tell me more about yourself. Our names look almost alike :)

RachelJul 04 2014 12:26am
Rachel am 5'3 tall and weigh around 53 kgs. How long could u carry me

amitJul 04 2014 9:23pm
Hi rachel am 5'4 tal and weigh around 53 kgs. How long could u carry me?

amitJul 04 2014 9:26pm
hi Kevin, I could lift you in a front carry position or piggyback ride for about 7 or 8 hours very very easily because you feel as light as a feather. Even though I am 4 years younger than you and that we are both exactly the same height, your body weight is considerably lighter than mine making it very easy to carry you for a real long period of time. Right now I weigh around 180 when i get out of the shower and my "soccer girl thighs and legs" are built very very thick with strong heavy solid muscle.Im curious if you could be able to try to carry me in a front carry for awhile and that way you could actually feel how heavy and thick my thighs are around your waist. For some reason, the more longer that I am carried piggyback or front carry the insides of my thighs always increasingly get much more warmer and warmer and kinda like get very moist & hot. Maybe we could like whisper in each others ears what it feels like lol

RachelJul 05 2014 11:38pm
yes rachel, i like when u will carry me in front carry. it really feels nice and hot.and u know how it feels like :), i like to be carried by u everytime, can we friedns and kik me at rozer12345. i wana feel light and feather in ur arms and around ur waist. u know how it feels when mine will get hard and it will tounch urs tummy and belly. it really feels the hottness of ur body, ur strongest thighs.......

kevinJul 06 2014 1:52am
Kik me Rachel. Let's talk about lift and carry

MattJul 06 2014 4:19am
Rachel my height 5.4 weight almost 52kgs and I had been front lifted before only one time by my younger sister ....I m from india and u want some female frnds who can understand my interest about lift carry

rahulJul 07 2014 4:14am
hey kristen, how long can u carry me. im a 16 years old and skinny 125 pound 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall. My girlfriend Robin is 14 and 5 foot 6 inches weighs 174 lb and she can piggyback me always well over 2000 yards no sweat. Shes very strong and has massive thick solid soccer girl legs. When we wrestle together she squeezes me real tight with her thick heavy legs. Several times she has wrestled me with her mother's nylons on while her parents were not arrived home yet. And this lasts for hours and hours! Hey guys- speak about getting totally erected huh? lol

Tyler B.Jul 12 2014 12:33am
Nfg58F Great, thanks for sharing this blog article. Will read on...

rswzhUqzIrtPJqJul 19 2014 1:05am
some girls can carry certain guys, defintely. this past year on the first day of school (it also happened to be my 16th birthday), my friend kurt who lives in my neighborhood met up with me as i leaving my house and decided to carry me on his shoulders to the bus stop about 3 minutes awya as a birthday present. he carries me all the time and is bigger/strong then me so i knew he could, so i let him. we approached the bus stop at the end of our street and there was girl isabelle who was new to town and starting her freshman year (she was only 14). she saw my friend carying me and when he put me down she was like, 'i want to try!" now im not the biggest guy that's true, at the time i was 5' 8" and 130 pounds. she was about the same height but stockier/heavier so even though i wasn't sure i figured she probably could take me. she crouched down and i put my legs over her shoulders, and was amazed as she picked me up and held me for about a minute. after she put me down she held me like a baby in her arms for about 20 seconds and then on her back for like 30 seconds, the bus came right about then. found out later she plays field hockey, basketball and softball so she's always been prety athletic and strong.

MarioJul 24 2014 3:52pm
Hi Rahul, I am also 5'4" tall but weigh alot heavier than you at 82 kg (slightly over 180 lbs).You would feel totally weightless when i carry you piggyback, front carry or on my shoulders. I understand your interest in lift and carry because I started having that since playing on girls soccer team in elementary grade school and also comparing strength with boys in our class. How did your interest in lift and carry begin ?

RachelJul 26 2014 9:35am
any one frm north karnataka can carry me ah i'm 5'10 nd my weight is 55nly

guruJul 27 2014 10:08am
Hey Rachel my interest in lift carry begained when my classmate girl front lifted me. .at that tym I was not interested but after few years I realised that lifting moment. ..but now I feel very shy to talk about lift carry

rahulJul 28 2014 10:29am
AERo2r Appreciate you sharing, great post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

zbVlPsfbdEaPMAug 01 2014 10:54pm
Hello Matt, I would like to try and lift and carry you in as many different ways as possible like piggyback, front carry, shoulder carry and more. I like to compare heights and weights alot and also endurance. Since I think I remember your bodyweight is about very close to my weight, Im curious as to how long we could take turns carrying each other both distance and timewise. Im sure I could probably carry you piggyback for about 4 or 5 hours nonstop.

RachelAug 02 2014 10:28pm
yeE5d1 I really like and appreciate your article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

AxECyoDBkUmAug 03 2014 1:53pm
NrzP81 Muchos Gracias for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

hboWDhaNzgmdTfDhxRoAug 04 2014 3:31pm
2ET1Zf Thank you ever so for you blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

UodeRFYtUWtAug 05 2014 1:34pm
LvR5vD Hey, thanks for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool.

aHaqcFAuMzghUmtCDuAug 05 2014 8:51pm
4Vg7Xy Hey Hey Hey thank you sooooooo much for the blog article. Awesome...Awesome...Awesome...Awesome...Awesome...Awesome!!!

Fq8CmDHjeDuMadQuack2Aug 09 2014 8:39am
Hey Rachel its David again. How long can you piggyback me in miles. Im 6 foot 190 lbs. Can your friends piggyback me too.

DavidAug 12 2014 10:27pm
Hey Rachel, I would love to be lifted and carried by you. How strong are you and what ways can you lift me? I would love to be carried by you and it'd be really fun.

AnonymousAug 19 2014 12:53pm
indian boys are very weak....

saaniyaAug 20 2014 9:40am
Saaniya y u think that

rahulAug 22 2014 7:35am
I have been lifted so many times by a younger girl living next door!! I am 5'5" and 54kgs while she is 5'11" and 75kgs!! Awesome experiences!!!

RaviAug 23 2014 5:14am
hey saaniya, karan here, will u lift and carry me

karanAug 24 2014 4:03am
ya karan i can i am from paakistan...and i know thet u indian boy are very thin and weak....only in panjab area boys are so so...

AnonymousAug 24 2014 2:56pm
saaniya, then its little hard for u, coz im from punjab, and im 5ft 7inch taller, weight about 62kg, will u lift me and if u can then tell me which way u can lift me,hope we will chat more on here

karanAug 25 2014 12:29am
Saaniya. .have u lifted anyone before

rahukAug 25 2014 1:43am
I have easily lifted some of my older cousins....It was soooo easy lifting and overpowering them!!!!

Strong GirlAug 26 2014 6:20am
ya i have lifted one of my indian frnd...he s tall but thin i lift him very esili in front..pojition... karan ur also not very heavi..i can lift u i all styal of lifting evan i

AnonymousAug 26 2014 9:13am
strong gl where r u from.....and y u do it.

veeruAug 26 2014 9:16am
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