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Best mixed wrestling holds

Question: I have wrestled dozens of women and am interested in the best holds
Created by: Wrestledad at 06:20:17 AM, Saturday, November 13, 2010 EST


I am 6'4" And 215 lbs and have lost to every one of the list holds. I must admit I loved them all but I never try to lose. I am interested in your responses and experiences both men and women.

WrestledadNov 13 2010 11:24am

I started this poll as a forum for those who enjoy wrestling. My wife knows I love it and it is a regular form of foreplay for us. She knows that if she can get me in a figure four head scissors that I can not escape and if she is in the mood to make me submit she can easily do it. Many times she makes me submit over and over, never allowing me out of the hold. With each submission she knows I get more aroused which arouses her. The more aroused she gets the more she likes to submit me. She know she can hurt me in this hold and always respects my limits. When she is ready she makes me admit her wrestling superiority and then does anything she wants with me. It is always a win win for us both.

WrestledadNov 13 2010 12:40pm
Hi wrestledad. My wife and I have arm wrestled and wrestled a lot. She caught me in strength over a year ago, and now is much stronger than me. Similar to you, I get very aroused by being overpowered, pinned, dominated and held helpless by her. At first I was quiet about it, just savoring how I felt. But as time went on we both have got much less shy about the whole thing. She loves being the superior one and I love submitting to her.

KeithNov 14 2010 9:29am
The reverse headscissor and the double leg grapevine are the most dominant holds to put a man in.Most men cannot brake out of either hold.But both are very difficult to apply unless you totally wear the man down endurance wise.

JadeNov 14 2010 9:48am
I am quite sure that even if I could beat my wife I would not want to. Many times now, not in a true wrestling match she qui just put me in one of our favorite holds and she can enjoy having me completely helpless and I can enjoy the same. For instance a non scissors hold we both enjoy: Size rarely determines strength. A much smaller muscular women ca be much stronger than a larger man in decent shape. I know.... I married her. Here is an example if our wrestling matches. I will relate my wife's favorite hold: At some point in almost every match she will get me on my back with her laying across me. I know it is coming but cannot stop it. She lays across my chest with my right arm scissored between her thighs. She puts her left arm over my head and back under my neck. She then has my face trapped in her armpit squeezing with her nicely, triceps, pectoral and lat muscles. She controls my left arm with her right arm. Her entire weight is across my chest and she has total control if my head and both arms. It is an impossible hod to escape from. Then she starts the multiple submissions. She will crush my face or smother me by using all four muscle groups. She usually makes me give up four or five times before making me beg to be released. Then she usually tightens down once mire cutting off air to my nose and mouth briefly until my struggles tell her it is time to order me to pleasure her in a manner of her choosing. I am a very lucky man to have a wife who loves to wrestle and win. By the way I am 8" taller and 70 lbs. Heavier and she still totally dominates our matches.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 11:37am
I think the best mixed wrestling hold when a woman wrestler lifts the male wrestler in a tight bearhug

anonymousNov 15 2010 9:26am
For me it is the double leg grapevine with my winter hiking boots on.Another women mentioned this move in another thread and I tried it with great success on my current boyfriend. My legs are stronger thicker boned and more muscular than his.When you apply the move you must spread his legs out wide in a split this way you can pin him. It is a very sexy move and inexcapable for him if you have stronger legs.I am shorter than my boyfriend by 3 inches at 5ft6 to his 5ft9 but I have 20 lbs or so on him at 175.

HannaNov 15 2010 10:38am
Hanna and Jade, I have been the recipient of your favorite hold and it has led to submissions every time. Thankfully the women respected my limits because I am sure any strong woman could seriously injure a man. I. Live wrestling and only once has a woman intentionally gone beyond my limits and even though I tapped out and begged her to stop she poured it on and left me unconscious from a front head scissors. In my opinion this goes to far. What do you think?

WrestleDadNov 15 2010 11:37am
Tell me Jade, about using those holds, when you beat a man in wrestling?!

MrJeanNov 16 2010 11:49am
Another move I put on my boyfriend during sexual forplay and he seems to enjoy and also feels very doninant for me is the upper thigh leg scissor but you have to get it up very high. He trys really hard to break out of it but my legs are much stronger and thicker than his.

HannaNov 18 2010 6:23am
My wife's legs are much bigger than mine so a double grapevine can be painful and impossible for me to escape. She has been going to the gym and gotten stronger and more muscular so I'm having trouble trying to pin her and usually can't. She usually gets me pinned.

BillNov 18 2010 9:00am
Hanna. You are so right. The higher a woman gets a man in a head scissors the easier it is to submit him. A high front head scissors can be used a a smother hold also. I do not like ti be unable to breathe but I love her ability to apply the hold. Far to Many men view mixed wrestling like a bar fight instead of a sensual experience.

AnonymousNov 18 2010 1:13pm
If a woman loves to control and submit her man and the man loves to to be controlled and submitted then they both win. My favorite hold has my wife on her side with my head between her legs where I can look up the length of her rock hard stomach and firm breasts and I can watch the look on her face as she hold me there. The higher she pulls my head up between her thighs the more control she has and the easier it is for her to submit me. Sometimes she just prefers to smile and look at my face trapped and unable to move. Also sometimes she will pull my head so tight that she creates a smother hold covering both my mouth and nose. She has told me she loves to watch me struggle for a brief time my face turning red. She will at times order me to pleasure her if she releases the hold which I am more than happy to do. Damn I love her.

Mc2222Nov 18 2010 4:04pm
I experienced a hold which I have never seen discussed on any forum I have ever been on and it was inescapable. My wife and I were wrestling and I had her in a pretty good position moving toward a submission. She was on her back and I was across her torso at a right angle with my back to her chest. I had a hold of one of her legs and was going for a headlock for a reverse body pin. She quickly pulled her head away and wrapped her right arm over the top of my right arm and back under my back. She then Scissored my left arm in a figure four tight tro my shoulder and pulled both arms down to the floor. She was on her back with total control of both if my arms with my back across her torso. I could not move. To sit up I would have to bring her entire weight with me. I could not roll out as she controlled both of my arms out to the sides of my body. Her left arm was free and she started to play with my nipples which she knows I like. She then said I know you like that but how do you like this. She threw her pelvis up and pulled down with her legs and her right arm. I was stretched so far I had to tap immediately. She of course did not release me for several more minutes and several submissions. She also made me beg to let me go. It was a completely dominating hold. Congrats to my wife for teaching an old diog a new trick.

JonNov 18 2010 9:19pm
I am not talking about a head scissor which can be very dangerous and you could be knocked out by this even by a person with little strength man or women. The move I am talking about is scissoring my boyfriends upper thigh my preference is his left all the way up to his instrument area.My thighs are bigger and stronger than his and he usually bruises becouse I apply it so tight.I then headlock him and make him suck my breasts. I also like to grab his woody with my right hand lightly as he submits to me.It is just sexual fun.He cannot breakout becouse I am just to strong for him.

HannaNov 19 2010 3:36pm
Hanna you are a woman after my own heart. Strong and likes ti combine wrestling and sex. My wife has a hold where she scissors both if my thighs will I am lying on my back and she is om Her side. My left arm is under her torso and she has my right arm pulled up behind my back. She then makes me suck on her breasts. This same hold would work with one thigh scissored. In this hold she has forced me to masturbate and in that position she gets to watch. Being forced to masturbate while my wife watches is really humbling. What other holds do you get him in? Humbling but I still love it.

AnonymousNov 19 2010 4:15pm
Hanna points out that a head scissors cambe very dangerous and she is right. I have been knocked out in one and is no fun. On the other hand when used by responsible women it is also totally controlling and actually loved by most men. I have been in many head scissors since that time and it continues to be my favorite hold to submit in. Figure four is my head scissors of choice as I like the thighs and the calves to be involved. If my wife submits me she wins but I win also.

JonNov 19 2010 7:23pm
A woman lifting a man and making him submit in a bearhug. Especially if its a big girl.

JamesNov 20 2010 1:13pm
James bear hugs can be great. If you like bear hugs I bet you would also like a body scissors. A hug with legs instead of arms.

AnonymousNov 20 2010 5:49pm
The best hold I have submitted my husband in is a rear figure four head scissors where I get my left leg over my right foot and tucked in behind his left shoulder. I have seen others describe this hold and my experience is that it is impossible for him to escape and with the leverage I have I can easily submit him as many times as I want to. If I am in the mood I have made him submit up to 10 times. He is like jelly by the time I release him.

He is mineNov 21 2010 1:11pm
The rear naked choke with scissors apllied around his ribs at the same time.If you get behind him it is very easy to implement.A man will get very tired trying to break out of this hold. My favorite dominant move only when your legs and flexibility are much greater than his is without a doubt the double leg frontal grapevine smother. If you want to totally humiliate the opposite sex. A tight grapevine split is the move. I find headscissors to be to dangerous and risky so for that reason I set the perameters in the begining of my matches no head scissors for either party.

Sue M.Nov 21 2010 6:42pm
Sue I would really miss head scissors. In 200 matches I have only been knocked out once and she did it intentionally ignoring both my hand tap and verbal tap. For a man a head scissors is one of the most sensual and sexual holds ti enjoy. Of course we always know up front this is not a death match but rather fun wrestling. I have had scissor sessions with many women where that is all she applied. I understand your opinion though.

WrestledadNov 21 2010 9:29pm
I see nothing fun about a rear naked choke. A headlock... Great. A head scissors.... Great. But not a choke hold. I am into wrestling to get horny not choked. Sorry Sue you lost me there. I will admit up front you win but give me enjoyment not an ass whooping.

AnonymousNov 21 2010 11:32pm
I know this comment will be a little different from the others on here, because it is coming from the point of view of a woman who has had this hold applied to her by a guy instead of me applying to a guy, but I found out from painful first-hand experience how effective a figure four leglock can be. I work out (run, exercise, etc.) and I have pretty strong legs, but recently while wrestling my husband, he trapped me in a figure four leglock, and in spite of my leg strength, I couldn't escape from it and he forced me to submit.

ChristyNov 22 2010 6:21am
Christy was that a figure four leg lock or figure four head scissors. They are both good holds. Nice to have another woman's perspective. Make sure to vote everyone I need the points. Do you ever get your husband in submission holds?

WrestleDadNov 22 2010 7:59am
Christy I hope you delivered as many submissions as you received. I submit my wife occasionally but that just irritates her and later in the match she almost always gets her payback. She told me a few nights ago after I pinned her with a headlock body press that she would not quit until she paid me back 10 times over. Sure enough she did. I was totally worn out after three so she submitted me seven times in the same hold without releasing me a side figure four head scissors.

JonNov 22 2010 8:38am
Actually, WrestleDad, it was a figure four leglock, kind of like the way Ric Flair does it. Jon, I do get submissions on my husband as well, usually using my legs as a body scissors or head scissors, he just happened to catch me off balance that time, and got me down on the mat. I couldn't react quickly enough, and by the time I realized what he was doing, it was too late to avoid it.

ChristyNov 22 2010 9:15am
Christy, as payback fir the leg lick use my wifes method. Next time you get him in a head scissors and make him submit, ease up just a bit so you are in control still and when he starts to struggle submit him again. Submit him about 5 times then tell him nest time he uses that leg lock you will make him submit 10 times. It sure gets my attention. She submits me about 5 to 1 now. If she loses a fall I pay for it. I sure can't say I dislike her muscular thighs around my head/ lol

WeNov 22 2010 1:40pm
Christy, as payback fir the leg lick use my wifes method. Next time you get him in a head scissors and make him submit, ease up just a bit so you are in control still and when he starts to struggle submit him again. Submit him about 5 times then tell him nest time he uses that leg lock you will make him submit 10 times. It sure gets my attention. She submits me about 5 to 1 now. If she loses a fall I pay for it. I sure can't say I dislike her muscular thighs around my head/ lol

WrestleDadNov 22 2010 1:42pm
My favorite hold has the woman applying a body scissor s from the side around my waist. She has my head in a headlock over the top of my face and back under my neck with her right arm. My left arm is trapped under her body. She can smother my face with her right arm as she. Pinches my nipples with her left hand. The woman who placed me in this hold was my GF 10 years ago. She became my wife 8 years ago. We wrestle every week and she has been in control from day one. I rarely am able to get her in a good hold and when I do she makes me pay for it with a variety of holds to follow.

Likes to loseNov 23 2010 1:34am
Why have there been no mention of rear naked choke, arm bar or triangle chokes which seem to be the three primary submission holds in mma matches? Not what you would call sensual holds but all are effective.

AnonymousNov 24 2010 6:50pm
A rear figure four head scissors is a great hold especially if the woman is sitting up leaning against a couch and the man is laying on his back. If she locks her calf in tight under his chin it is all over for him. She can submit him at will or just control him and watch him struggle.

AnonymousNov 25 2010 10:00am
Rear naked choke or triangle choke are sure winners.

AnonymousDec 01 2010 4:53pm
Rear naked choke or triangle choke are sure winners.

AnonymousDec 01 2010 4:53pm
I would vote for a very tight front heads scissors smother. Squeeze the neck and smother the face at the same time. Then make the man submit.

He is mineDec 04 2010 1:06pm
I wrestled a girl a couple of weeks ago. She is a natural body builder (no roids) and was really strong. She got her legs wrapped around my rib cage and started this pulsing scissors crush. She would pour on the power and then let off...pour on the power again and again. I was sore for a week.

CalwrestDec 05 2010 8:35am
Breast smother, Duh!

lionDec 08 2010 3:00am
Calwrest, I enjoy regularly the same pulsing from my wife but usually in a variety of head scissors. She uses the pulsing to submit me over and over again without releasing me. She also knows this excites me and many times while pulsing with her thighs on m head she will match the pulses with her hand on my penis. I am truly in love with her.

WrestleDadDec 08 2010 10:59am
Let's face it many men love being scissored by strong women. It is not a small number of men either. It is a huge number. There is nothing about not being a REAL man. Some men like breasts others asses other female genetalia. Legs are just another preference. There is no difference in ceeling legs with our hands than feeling them with our faces heads and necks. My wife is ripped. She is an extreme hard body and I love it. When she applies a rear figure four head scissors I get to feel a rock hard thigh on one side if my face and neck. A rock hard calf under my chin and in the other side of my neck and can enjoy the tense strength in her muscles. I get immediately aroused. I get aroused just thinking about it. I dont choose to be aroused any more than a man who is aroused by breasts. It just happens. I would imagine almost ANY man would be similarly aroused if they ever experienced the same scissors. I am a female muscle lover.

AnonymousDec 09 2010 2:34pm
Figure 4 Head Scissors is the best submission wrestling holds.

FightingirlsDec 27 2010 7:17am
I am 34 MY G/F 37 I can always make her submit with a hammerlock

AnonymousFeb 05 2011 6:25am
I do wrestling sessions with a jiu jitsu girl ,immobilization headscissor and body scissor she has nice legs and strong squeeze every time she puts me in a body scissors I cannot breathe due to the powerful smashes leg and sometimes she fainted ja me with the body scissors After every fight we have sex and she applies on me more powerfull body scissor until I pass out

jjota77May 31 2011 4:29pm
My wife was a figure competitor and is now a personal trainer. At 5'3" and 120 lbs her strength is deceptive. When we wrestle, she effortlessly makes me tap out with a sleeper hold and body scissors combination even though I am 50 lbs heavier and more athletic. The last time we wrestled I did my best to make sure she could not get me into the rear choke hold, but she easily managed to submit me with a painful grapevine pin and then a triangle choke between her well trained and muscled legs. She works out every day but has no formal fighting or wresting training and does not take our wrestling that seriously. I work out regularly as well and use to wrestle in high school so I try my best to beat her, but she always seems to get the best of me. I am thinking of taking a MMA or jiu-jitsu class to counter her skills, but I am afraid that she may just be too strong for me. What should I do?

Rocco64Jun 21 2011 11:44am
I like to slide my hosed legs around his into a grapevine hold. I keep up the pressure by spreading my legs and then smother him with my ample breast. My husband taps out after a minute or two

sheer black hoseAug 14 2011 11:54am
My wife is into horse back riding swimming and juijitsu. I find the grapevine pin to be most effective when she applies it i cant even move.Also her triangle hold os deadly as hell.Rear naked choke also effective since her legs are so strong, pretty much once she has them wrapped around me its over.She had enough power in her thighs to submitt me from her gaurd, this is due to years of horse backriding.It really develops the inner thigh mussle.

AnonymousSep 10 2011 6:53am
sheer black hose, you seem to be a lot like my wife. She enjoys the strength advantage she has over me and quite often take me down dressed like you. I get aroused even if I am also ebarrassed, a man should be stronger than his wife! I think that this role reversal thing is actually spicing up our sex life. My wife is very strong from a physical work and from an athletic back ground. She is working out almost daily. In addtion she is carrying a lot of heavy items in her work. She has beaten many of our male friends in armwrestling, the last time she did that was last week. We had two couples for dinner, the ladies complemented my wife for her muscular arms. One of them said that she looked stronger than any of the men. My wife than challenged the guys and she won quite comfortably. I armwrestled the two ladies, I won against one of them but lost left handed to the second. When our guests had left my wife said she really got hot winning over the men and seeing my loosing to another woman, she took off her skirt and top and wanted to wrestle me. As usual she won and we had great sex after. Kind of weird perhaps but that is the way it is...

VerneSep 12 2011 1:31am
I once was with a girlfriend to a WWF show that included a mixed match. Don't rememeber that name of the wrestlers but of course the woman kicked the man's butt. My girlfriend than was buxom, powerfully built, her legs were really big, attractive and strong looking, always in black shiny pantyhose. She really enjoyed seeing this women threw the man around, she almost went wild when the woman had the man in different scissor holds. I said something like that this was a rigged match and that the man could probably beat the woman in a real match. She whispered in my ear, look at my thighs, do you think you should have a chance against these babies and than she took my hand and placed it on her big, hard thigh. I was totally shocked since we hadn't really exchanved anything but good night kisses so far. I said that her legs looked really strong but that she needed to get me there to make me submit. When we came to my apartment she was on me like a tigress. She ripped my clothes off and took off her skirt and top. She really looked strong. She then attacked me again and had me in a head lock and soon she presed me down to the floor where she wrapped her big thighs around my head. She had me give up in seconds. I told you she said. We wrestled and made love the whole night and I will never forget her.

LenOct 03 2011 5:02am
That become normall won

MickeyOct 31 2011 8:19am
i love getting my husband in grapevine hold, he trys to apply grapevine on me and i silde my nyloned legs out of the hold and get him in a reverse head sizzors. he taps out in seconds. this wrestling gets him hot, so i finish him off with a reverse cowgirl.

deadly in sheer nylonsNov 01 2011 2:32pm
wtf is a reverse cowgirl? And why isn't he using his stronger arms to beat you deadly in sheer nylons?

stronger than most womenDec 13 2011 5:02am
when a girl wraps her legs around your head its really hard to get out of. My cousin sarah is a real girly girl and one day a bunch of my cousins were havin a fun wrestling tournament, so I thought i would win. Sarah was the only girl so we draw names out of a hat and of course i got hers, "first round bye" is what i said so we start to wrestle im dominating the whole time but i cant pin her she was real squirmy. I finally get her shoulders down ready to do a 10 count, i had her shoulders down with my hands she was struggling and the she throws her legs up and wraps them around my head. I tried to pull them apart but i couldnt she kept me in the hold. my whole family was watchin me lose to a girl that couldnt fight at all she had jean shorts on and her legs werent that big after about 6 minuts in the hold she pinned with the same hold, i dont even know if its a real hold. it was the most embarrising time in my life.

ianDec 25 2011 2:41pm
To Len, I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:24am
news flash guys... Hanna a man... Such fools

anonymous...Jan 07 2012 1:15pm
I am much shorter then my boyfriend but I am a little chubby and he is pretty thin. for an inescapable gravevine hold my legs are to short. My strategy is to put all my weight on his neck Some holds are inescapeable for him: A cross body pin over his neck where I have one of his arms with my two hands and the other arm between my tights. A reverse figure four scissor when one of his arms is trapped together with his head between my legs. A headlock when I scissor one of his arms the same time. A headlock where I have his head and one of his arms under my arm that he cannot pull his arms out between our heads anymore. a lotus lock where he is on his stomach and me on my back pulling his arms behind his back over my legs and lock my feet over his head.Or I sit on his back pulling his arms up over my shoulders. A headscissor where he is looking down my back side legs and I have his arms rounded with my arms tight behind his back. Or also a judo hold kesa gatame. The most importand is that he cannot reach the holds with his legs anymore. And because his legs are free and I am sittig tight on his neck and arms its not total domination its more like him sittig in kind of a mouse trap still able to move arround often.but then I only have to wait and he gets weaker and weaker as longer he is trapped.

JohannaFeb 12 2012 12:06pm
I married a bit woman, I big woman with big forms. I like that in a woman. What I didn't know was how strong she was. We had been married for some months when I first experienced her real strength. I knew from being intimate with her that under the soft flest were big hard muscles but I anyway thought I was stronger than her. One evening I took hold of her hands and tried to force her on her back in our couch. I tried more and more but she just held our hands still, as if she didn't notice my efforts. I put my hold body behind, I am not a heavy man, but she easily held me still. Suddenly she started to move my arms, slowly, she forcced them behing my back abd then pushed me down on the floor so I ended up between her big thighs facing her. So it is a wrestling match you are looking for she said. She then stood up, took off her skirt and top and was standing in front of me in her bra and black hose. She suddenly looked very big and strong. I also took off my trousers and shirt standing in my briefs only. Her big body intimitaded me. Then she did something that really changed our relationship in a way. She scooped me up in her arms in a cradle, walking around in our living room with me. She then sat down in the couch and started to squeeze me so my head was pressed against my knees. It hurt and she kept on pressing me. She whispered do you realize how strong I am and how much stronger I am than you. I didn't say a word so she increased the pressure with her mighty arms and I said yes, you are very strong, please let me out of your grip. She then turned me around so I was laying face down over her big thighs. She started to spank me, very mildly but just to show me who was the boss. She then again turned me around and lifted me up in her arms and started to kiss me. After that evening she has been very dominating, she treats me now and then like a child or a smaller brother and sometimers she threws me over her strong shoulder. As you have understood by now I accept this and even is excited about her strength but also very embarrassed being so much weaker than her. We have wrestled many times after that evening, she lears holds that she wants to try on me so I have been threw all in the list. The most embarrassing hold is still being cradled and folded in her arms.

RolandFeb 15 2012 1:40am
The craddle is cool but Ican not hold this with my hands if my boyfriend presses his leg out of it..

JohannaFeb 15 2012 7:13am
I like to watch wrestling videos where a girl/woman squeezes guy's neck with her thighs (headscissors?), it looks very sexy to me. Recently i asked my very good female friend to try this on me. I am male, she is female of slim build, no workout, no sports. She laid on the bed, on her back and i laid on my back the way that my head rested on her belly and my neck got between her legs, so her legs got above my chest. Simply: My neck was between her thighs. She has no extra muscle in her thighs (but she has muscular calves and that is very sexy). I asked her to squeeze my neck with her thighs. What happened next changed my thinking of power of headscissors. She just put her thighs closer to each another, squeezing my neck. I was laying and looking on her knees as they were getting closer to each another. The hold was so strong that not just it closed my blood service to my head but i also couldn't breathe AT ALL. It took just a second or two but it was very intense, it didn't hurt but i felt very weird in my head, kind of pressure, and my throat was so squeezed that i couldnt breathe. She asked how it felt but i couldn't reply at all, i couldn't get any sound out of me. AND, she didn't even lock her feet together!! She just used her pure thigh power. After she released me, my throat felt kinda dry and i said that i have never felt so much power applied to my neck. I cannot put that moment out of my mind. And it's been 2 weeks since then. I just wanted to share my experience here with you. We are no wrestlers at all, just tried it because i find it sexy. And now, also very, VERY dangerous. If she held me this way a bit longer, i would soon lose consciousness since my blood stream was cut and the force was even so immense that my throat got closed so i couldn't breathe at all. And if she would have locked her feet, she would probably seriously injure me, crushing some parts in my throat or break my neck probably. Since then i have big respect for ANY girl i see because they have so much power between their legs. They don't need to be bodybuilders to squeeze you so hard that either some guts or lots of cum gets out of you.

meApr 09 2012 3:15pm
Hi Johanna, I tried that lotus lock with my sister 2 days ago. Never again! Its still hurting everywhere! I managed to roll to the side but didnt get my f...inck arms out of this. With her crossed feet she pressed my head forward while squeezing my arms together with her legs behind my back. I had the feeling that she will break all my bones. And she was such a bitch, she didnt let go for over 2 hours. I just got a real panic feeling because it was hurting like hell and nobody there to help me out. Every movement was hurting until I was in tears. I never want to be with my arms in that goddamn leg hold again. I like wrestling with my sister but I want to have at least one hand free everytime that I could force her to let go by hurting her (only in emergency) if her hold gets too tight. This hold was like bondage for me and i dont want my younger sister to slave me like that. I will never let her do that again having my both arms with her legs

RolandMay 04 2012 12:23pm
for me that is an easy question. i think most average guys would have a hard time in my figure four scissor from mount position. i got short legs butt thick thighs. when i get me thighs around a guys neck and straddles him in this position it is very difficult for him to breath. and he will get tired quickly. i love to wrestle guys that i can outweight. i am 165 cm and 65 kg. my thighs are 65 cm.

AnonymousJun 11 2012 12:30pm
I tried to wrestle this one girl not to long ago and im not often the one to get beat in a match. well i weigh about 200 and this girl was about 100 and atleast 7 inches shorter then i. we ended up rolling around and before i knew it she was atop my chest and i was on my back and the first thing that came to my mind was to try to grab her with my legs and pull her off. Before i knew it she had my legs pinned above my head while i was on my back. It was the most difficult position to escape from that ive ever been caught in and she ended up squeezing a few submissions out of me using that hold. Ive never herd of it before and it was the first time i honestly felt completely overpowered by a women half my size.

AnonymousJun 29 2012 12:17am
I like reading about the holds that women use on men,just wished I wasn't so afraid to make the first move.

ChrisJul 27 2012 8:45pm

AnonymousAug 20 2012 6:12am
love putting my guy in a head scissor hold, we wrestle alot as foreplay, we are both very fit and have great sex.

Tina MSep 08 2012 5:12pm
Love to wrestle a women.But can` find one willing to wwrestle for fun.Any women here WILLING and live in the gta area of ont.

abmSep 10 2012 2:26pm
love scissor holds and pin. especially a thighs throat pin:)

miss 25 inch thighsSep 11 2012 9:32am
me and my wife wrestle every day last night she was whereing super small blue bikini it could barely hold her boobs and the botom first she throw me on the ground and sat on my face for an hour than she breast smothered me huge boobs for 2 hours and then she stood up placed her foot on my chest to keep me down then she said "now the fun begins " and she ripped her top off exsposing her huge boobs and dropped them on me for three hours

AnonymousSep 29 2012 12:14pm
When I met my husband he was very slim, and so was his brother that used to hang out with us. Me and my husband used to wrestle and I always won using my strong legs to scissor his slim body. The most efficient hold was the head scissors, he could never get out of that one. I worked out a lot and my upper body strength grew and my husband was much weaker than me. One day when my brother-in-law was drinking with us I challenged them both to a wrestling match, 2 men against me! They were on, my husband was tired of loosing so he felt the chance to win. I didn't wait for the to plan how to get me down so I took hold of my brother-in-laws neck and head him in a hold and took, my husband tried to help his brother and this was just what I wanted, I sweapt his feet away and sat down on him still having a hard grip on his brother. I leaned back with one brother on my side squeezing him hard with my strong arms while I had my legs around my husbands head, soon secured between my thighs. I then started to squeeze almost as hard as I could. Both brothers gave up at the same time. I felt very strong and dominant, sent the brother home and made love to my week little husband.

GwenOct 09 2012 9:02am
this is interesting and i would like to try

jjrNov 20 2012 1:37am
I asked a female friend to apply a surfboard hold on me because I wanted to experience if it was as painful as it looked. We both removed our shoes to stocking feet and I laid face down on the floor. She stepped onto the back of my thighs, flexed my knees and entangled each of my feet around her shins. Leaning forward, she grasped my wrists and pulled my arms behind my back while lifting upward until she fell back onto the floor while still maintaining her grip on my wrists. As my arms were being pulled closer together behind my back, she now also began slowly raising my arms upward to make the hold even more effective. I relized that I was trapped in a legitimate, extremely painful hold that I could not escape from. I heard her giggle softly as she continued to work the hold, listening to me moan softly through tightly clenched lips. After 30 seconds I muttered that I understood what the hold was about and I was ready for it to end. She laughed and said that because I had asked for this, she was going to force me to live the experience until she felt it should end. She continued working the hold, slowly increasing pressure and then eventually backing off slightly before increasing again while I continued suffering, wondering when it would end. After a full 20 minutes, I felt her grips loosen and the pain start to lessen as the hold was now being released, much to my releif. As I laid face down on the floor, I felt quite proud of myself for enduring this hold for so long. She laughed and said next time I should be careful what I wish for. I laughed back and thanked her for giving me this experience. I haven't said anything yet, but I am hoping some day soon, she will put me in a camel clutch so I can have this experience too. LOL PS: 3 days later and I am still sore.

nylonsJan 01 2013 10:57am
My wifes favs are bodyscissor,grapevinepin,rear naked choke,arm bar scissor.In the mount position she like to cross her ankles under me and squeeze her legs.Possible pin to escape.She also does that move Hanna is talking about,surprisingly tough to get out of.My wifes legs are insanely strong!

AnonymousJan 29 2013 6:41pm
loves the midsection body scissor the thought of never being able to escapemnomatter how hardi struggle

RussJan 31 2013 1:59am
After having been taortured in a surfboard hold by a close friend about six or seven weeks ago, I asked her last Saturday to work me over in a camel clutch and she readily agreed. With both of us in stocking feet, I laid face down on the floor and she straddled my body and squatted down sitting on my lower back. My arms were placed over her shapely thighs and she place my hands in the crook of her knees so that I would not be able to flail my arms in any way once the hold began. She keylocked her fingers, cupped my chin in her hands, and started to slowly pull upwards. The pain began almost immediately and continued to worsen as she pulled my chin higher and leaned back to hyper extend my spine. As she lessened the pressure momentarily and then increased it again, I knew I was in for a torturous ride. At this point I decided I would suck it up and withstand whatever pain she doled out, rather than beg her for mercy; after all, this was my idea. She giggled as my face contorted in pain and said she was going to use some modifications to make it more challenging for me. By now I was pulled so far back that I was looking at the ceiling. She then raised up onto her toes bringing my arms higher and the pain to a new level. She continued rising to her toes for several seconds and then returning her heels to the floor and repeating over and over, listening to me moan through gritted teeth. She now unlocked her fingers from under my chin, and while keeping a tight grip on my chin with her left hand and maintaining the clutch, placed her right hand on the top of my head and forced my head to the right into a neck breaker with camel clutch. This was brutal, but I refused to beg for her mercy. After a total of 20 minutes the hold was released and it was over. As painful as this hold was,( and that's the idea right?),it is possible for anyone to withstand, albeit it is not an easy one to take. Try is some time!

nylonsFeb 10 2013 2:04pm
My wife is an extremely talented submission artist. She has wild.variations of every submission hold. She will apply a camel clutch for at a few minutes just to wear me me down. That is when she gets serious and the pain really begins. She will.take one hand off the chin and glab an ankle of mine and tuck it in under her armpit, and then does the same on the other side. Now i am caught in a camel clutch with both legs pulled up and tucked under her arms. She holds this excruciating manuever until i am like jelly and cant fight back, often watching t.v. while doing it as i am completely helpless. I can submit if i want, but it wont do any good as almost every match ends in an extremely painful pretzel hold. Look that move up. Absolutely humiliating. Plus, she is almost always wear black knee high leather boots which make my bare legs stick to her more which insures no escape. I cant lie, the boots are very sexy. But the worst part is at that point, begging or submitting wont get me out, as the submission she requires is for me to squeal like a pig. She has no idea how dangerous she is either as i have been rendered unconscious many times in figure four scissors. She is amazing and scary all at the same time.

tapped outFeb 16 2013 8:59pm
gay man here that gets turned on when pinned.Would like a woman to pin me.I am 45yo.5"10.160lb and live in Bristol UK.Would like to cyber too. My email is

UKFeb 19 2013 10:56am
I love it when a female lifts a male over her head and use him as a barbell.

gethewilMar 09 2013 2:50am
My favorite is the schoolgirl pin. My wife and I wrestle naked on the floor. She forces me down on the floor on my back, straddles my chest, pushes my arms down to the floor with all her weight, and pins my arms with her legs, her knees pinning my forearms while her hands are pinning my wrists. She holds me in this position for about 10 minutes while I struggle to get free. She taunts me and calls me her sex slave. I get incredibly aroused. This is our foreplay.

The RaptorMar 26 2013 10:45am
my husband and i wrestle but not sexual just for the workout . i studied pro wrestling till an injury had to stop. i use alot of lifts and pro move they work the best. my favs are leg and elbow drops. working over his midsection first

janiceJun 06 2013 3:20pm
i like piledriver move on girl/women

Deepak Salunkhe From india / mumbaiJun 18 2013 10:56pm
any one lady from india or from mumbai then can contact me on my e-mail id For Fun wrestling. i will pay 4 wrestling thank u.

AnonymousJun 18 2013 10:58pm
I have to agree with Sue!My wifes fav is rear naked choke,grapevine and body scissor.Sometimes she feels bad when she gets me with the grapevine pin.It is very humbling when you cant even move,and she can just add a bit of strength to get a tap out.She usually just uses it as a pin,but we both no if i dont give up it will become a submission.Most times i abmiit to being pinned before she has to strech me out lol

AnonymousJul 11 2013 9:29am
I was at a friend’s house and he was teasing me about his new girlfriend. She is about 5ft tall and maybe 100lbs. Well shaped for her size. However, she is a submission artist in disguise. My buddy said that she can whip my butt anytime if I wrestled her. I am 6ft 285 and not afraid of much. She said well then lets go at it. First, I asked her if I needed to be on my knees, and she said “no, I can take you down pretty easy” well she did. First she moved into my stance and took her right hand and reached across her body and grabbed my right wrist. Then she applied a hard heel kick to the outside of my right knee with the back of her right heel just above my knee cap area. This caused a shooting pain in my leg and weakened my stance big time. As I stumbled to my right, she used her weight to pull my right arm down as she still had my wrist and she twisted it over her head and hard down with my hand to the floor to where she was now standing with my right arm in between her legs and the rest of her small body behind me. I am now bent forward and to my right side about to fall. She then stepped her left foot in front of my right foot while also applying pressure with her left elbow to the back of my right shoulder where my arm connects. That alone hurt as she was on some sort of pressure point with her elbow. This simultaneous motion forced me to the floor face down. Then while still having my right wrist she grabbed my right arm and placed it between her legs and scissored her knees around my arm just above my right elbow. Then she put me in a crossface by reaching forward and interlocking her fingers in a reverse judo punch form to where her little wrist and hand were under my nose. She then pulled back as hard as she could while also stretching her lower body out away from mine at the same time. I could hear the joints in my neck each pop while she pulled back and it felt like my shoulder was becoming dislocated all at the same time. Now I realized what the elbow pressure point hold was for that she was using earlier to get me to the floor because that is exactly where I started feeling the most pain right now. Even the pain from my neck and upper thoracic spine wasn’t as bad as the shoulder pain and she knew it. She kept arching back further and then I started to hurt pretty evenly in both areas. I still didn’t submit. She kept the hold applied and started to pulse it by stretching her legs out further using her abdominal muscles against my shoulder and pulsing my head back with her arm strength. This now started hurting more under my nose and everywhere else too. I tapped with my free hand and she ignored it at first. She persisted to pulse tighter and looser even faster which sent me reeling in pain, and I thought I was going to cry. She told me to ask her to stop by squealing the words stop please I give. About a minute later, I was squealing and she released the hold. I rolled onto my back in agony, she stood over me so Im looking up her skirt and at her face. She said next time, she has to submit me, “I might roll you on your back, kneel over your face, pull my panties aside, pinch off your nose, and shoot some pee in your mouth”. To which my buddy said “Go for it!” she giggled and said “nah, next time I will make sure I have to pee before wrestling him down for a tapout”. To which, I couldn’t wait for the next time. LOL

Whoa NellieJul 22 2013 5:26am
Hi to all Sexy Mixed Wrestling Couples : IMHO Mixed Couples should form Tag Wrestling Teams & challenge other Couples ! Also Mixed Wrestling Couples might like the Penile Vaginal Erotic Chastity Hold ! Jai Sri Lingam ! Jai Sri Yoni !

AG9Aug 04 2013 12:09am
In this Erotic Penile Vaginal Chastity hold the Tip of tge Penis just inside the Lip of tge Vagina & held there . The Man & Woman both inhale deeply & hold breath : they both squeeze the Muscle @ the Base of their respective Sex Organs ! This leads to indescribable pleasure , sensations & excitement !!! Both should silently chant Victory Lord Penis ! Victory Lady Vagina ! Then Exhale , Relax muscle ....Rest .....Repeat Cycle ! .....Jai Sri Lingam ! Jai Sri Yoni !

AG9Aug 04 2013 12:20am
I will write more later but a few years ago got totally humiliated in a wrestling match with a woman with whom there is a mutual dislike. My girlfriend at the time and her were rivals from childhood, and she and I had tension. Short story is that about 14 of us were at a party, and she challenged my girlfriend to a wrestling match - my girlfriend was drunk and I could tell she didn't want to risk getting beaten by this b&*^ch so I stepped in and said "try me". This woman is smaller and weaker than me, but she knows how to wrestle and has incredible core strength. She basically exhausted me in about 20 minutes of stand-up grappling to establish a hold and a take down- by that time, I was panting and exhausted, and praying for someone to call a draw, but she was not tired at all and just kept relentlessly going after me. She managed to stick her leg behind mine and push me back and in my exhaustion I fell back. But she didn't try to jump on me and pin me like I expected- she grabbed my foot and twisted my leg painfully and next thing I know she has me in a figure 4 leglock which I am completely helpless to break. So I figured that we would have to call a draw. But then she took the foot that was straight out on her chest, and started to pull my running shoe off. I didn't get what she was doing, until I saw this really evil smile on her face. I wasn't wearing socks so my bare foot was exposed and right in front of her face. I dont know if you have ever been in one of these leglocks but I couldn't move my leg at all. So she stared right at my girlfriend and started tickling my bare foot. I tried desperately to endure this but was barely hanging on- my girlfriend had a horrified look on her face and gave me a pleading look to hold out and not give this b((ch the satisfaction of breaking me- well, all I can say is that once she dug her fingernails under my toes I broke, completely and utterly defeated, and laughed like a hyena while writing like a snake. This woman just kept smiling at my girlfriend, and said "want it to stop? take me on....I will continue later

AnonymousAug 12 2013 10:21am
My absolute fave hold is when my sexy girlfriend gets me in a reverse figure four headscissors. Once she has the hold applied she slowly tightens it, pulling on her upper ankle as my face is forced further and further up between the smothering cheeks of her amazing arse, pushing my nose right up against her anus. As she works the hold, wriggling her arse into my helpless face, I can feel her crotch getting wetter and wetter as she enjoys her dominant position over me. When she is ready, she reaches back with her free hand and pulls the crotch of her panties aside so my face is pressed tight into her wet smothering crotch. She then makes me earn every breath of air by using my tongue to pleasure her to orgasm. After this we have an amazing night of sex, I am truly a lunch man.

SmotherLoverAug 30 2013 3:32pm
If anyone (especially ladies) is interested in the subject of facesitting and crotch smothering to get a man right where you want him and at your mercy, please make contact at I'd love to swap ideas with you on this subject!

SmotherLoverAug 30 2013 3:42pm
LosYVE Thanks so much for the article post.Thanks Again.

FWyQqHBTmilJESep 06 2013 10:17pm
MY wife lifts weights and takes spinning classes to keep her weight down. Her legs are exceptionaly thick strong and much more muscular than mine.She loves to wrestle with me and overpower me as forplay before sex. When she was 40 pounds lighter I could overpower her but it was still close. But embarassingly she has now become Stronger and learned various dangerous scissor holds. I must say I have been caught in a grapevine of hers a few times and it was totally humiliating and inexcapable with her stronger and more flexible legs. She is 5ft7-205 to my 5ft10-170 do any other of you guys have a problem like this as your wife has gain weight and strength?

GlenSep 30 2013 4:02pm
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together Any race.

Chris POct 20 2013 8:50pm
WW7OZs Thanks a lot for the post.Thanks Again.

TirTgHJARcOct 25 2013 7:08pm
James 42 years old 5feet 8 tall 11 stone i have had 7 wrestling match v ladies never beaten i.have beat a lady bodybuilder and a 6feet 4 tall shot putter i submited all the women any lady want a match ps policewomen welcome

JamesNov 08 2013 8:18am
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I don't really know any holds but I had an experience with my younger sister nikki. I was 18 she was 16 she is a real girly girl never been in a fight. My dad got us tickets to the cubs game which is baseball one for me one for her. I was on the couch watching tv and she and her friend came out dressed in cubs gear. My sister had on a cubs tank top and some small jean shorts. I said what are you doing she said dad said I can take sarah to the game. I said no the other ticket is for me we argued then she tried to walk out the door so I grabbed her and tried to take the ticket. I trip on accident she falks with me and we're rolling on the ground each one of us is trying to get the upperhand. I end up on top she is kicking my chest trying to get me off then she kicked one last time and her thighs end up around my head. Neither one of us realize it because we don't know any wresting holds. Then she noticed something and started squeezing my head I immediately try to pull them apart but I guess she put some kind of lotion on her legs because they were soft and smooth and I couldn't get a good grip on her thighs to pull them apart. So I'm flailing and prying at her legs but couldn't get out then she realized she got me in a hold and I couldn't get out of it. She looked at me tilted her head and raised her eyebrows and said I'll let you go if you say I can take sarah to the game. I said no I can get out of this your legs are just to smooth I can't get a grip. She said ok your not gonna get out I got you trapped so I struggle to get out for about ten more minutes. I wanted the embarrasment to be over so I said ok take sarah just please let me go. She smiled really big and released me and her and sarah left. It was the most embarrassing thing ever my younger girly girl sister put me in some kind of leg lock I've never seen and I couldn't get out. I can never tease her again because she tells people what happened that day.

brandonDec 30 2013 12:29pm

QLNgLyIMjgMSOjkbogJan 28 2014 1:51am
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