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Enjoy lift carry by women

Question: i enjoy be lifted by Women, any body feel the same?
Created by: nadir at 02:05:27 AM, Sunday, November 21, 2010 PST


oh like it very much, when my gf carry me

AnonymousNov 30 2010 6:38pm

my wife can lift up whole mountains!her legs are freakishly strong!!!my arms are stronger,but cant compare her legs are out of my league!!

bobDec 02 2010 1:51am
Really with GF but not my wife

HuniDec 02 2010 2:12am
Good job Huni

RickyDec 04 2010 2:53am
I found a good forum to express myself. It is my life experience. I am a dwarf guy of 4?11? tall and only 49 Kg weight, I leave with my 15 yo dtr and 17 yo sn and my wife 41 yo oif my same age. We mate in the college first, she approach me 1st but I was afraid of her physq, 5?6? tall and 65 kg wt then. But gradually I submit myself to her, and 5 yrs luv affairs we married and got our babies. After marriage she took the main role part in the family. After our son came to us, she start behaving with me as if I am her elder son. When she was nursing our son, she lactate me the extra milk. That?s Okay, as almost every guy lactated by their wife, but she do it cradling me on her lap, being a tiny one, I feet on her lap, and start suckling, on that position, she than carried me to the veranda. By the time my son grown, on Sundays or holidays, she message oil both of us at the same time and she forced me to stand nude with my son. After my daughter borne, she start lactating me. I enjoyed that. Nowadays my daughter start carrying me on her lap. Her mom give indulges on that. When I return from office My dtr will rush to me and lift me on hr 5?5? tall body, then carry me towards her mom and hand over me to her. Then they will start fondle with me. Even on some days they don?t put me down for long time. My wife can work out her job with me on her hip, and happens near children

William bobDec 05 2010 2:05am
My maid often lifts and carries me, i feel erotic when she lifts me and completely own me

anonymousDec 23 2010 10:17am
I've had lots of experiences being carried by women, but I'll tell of most recent one. We went to a beach resort for holiday and we took our filipina maid with us to help watch the kids. So I was walking on the beach and cut my foot on a piece of glass. Our maid immediately came over and helped me wipe off the blood and wrapped it in a hankerchief. Now I'll describe our maid, she's 44 yrs old and though you can tell she's endured years of hard work, she has a rather pretty face. She's 5'2" and 45kg, and for a 44 yr old has a nice, slender body. She's usually pretty covered up, but one of the things I always noticed was how slender her waist was. Her arms are also quite slender. Her calves are actually nicely muscled for someone her size. I'd never seen her upper legs but when she wears pants you can tell her butt is pretty round and firm. Anyways, I tried to get up and walk on my foot, but it was too painful, so our maid said she would carry me up to our cottage. I laughed and said I was pretty sure she couldn't carry me - I'm 5'10" and 93kg. But she insisted so I got on her back and to my surprise she started carrying me piggyback up the beach the 200m to our cottage. Towards the end she was breathing hard and I could feel her slender body straining under my weight - more than twice her bodyweight - but she never stopped. And then we got to the cottage which had about 5 steps to go up. She grunted with each step but made it up and I was so aroused I sure she could feel it. She set me down and I sat on the veranda and thanked her and told her how amazed I was at her strength. She seemed embarrassed and pleased at the same time so I took the opportunity to comment that she must have strong legs and touched her quads and they were very firm and felt larger than I would have expected. I still get aroused every time I see her now. I have lots of other experiences from the past as well that I might share.

nateApr 08 2011 6:48am
Lift and carry is our foreplay, most of the time my gf is the lifter, she is stronger then me, I am 15cm taller but she is 20kg heavier, I love it when she lifts me in the air, she can do all the lifts that possible, yes she lifts me overhead too. Our sex is better then ever with her as the dominant one, she can f*ck me harder then I can f*ck her, she love to show that and I just love it to be her sextoy.

VictorJul 14 2011 11:42am
Well maybe this poll is not for women but for me i lift my husband very often i finde it very excitning for me when i carry him like baby

RamDec 31 2012 2:07pm
i love ln c

AnonymousFeb 07 2013 6:53pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm and weight only 55 kg! my mail is

mick73Feb 12 2013 3:11pm
My wife and I were out of shape and got with our neighbors Ashley and Doug to start working out together. We all started to go to a gym about three times a week. Doug and I worked out together and Ashley and Jill (my wife) together. After about 3 months, Doug and I mostly did cardio and are both on the thin side. Our wives weighed more and they were more into the weights. We both noticed that they were bulking up and I said to Doug we are starting to see results. He told me Ashley's arms were already bigger than his and she liked to flex for him. Ashley he told me also wanted to wrestle him but he was hesitant because she seemed a lot stronger than him. We watched as they lifted and we could tell that they were both becoming quite buff. We continued through the summer and the girls were by this time toned and fit. One evening I told Jill about Ashley flexing for Doug and she laughed and said yes I know and she also wants to wrestle him! I laughed too and said he would probably get hurt! She asked if I wanted to see her flex, I said sure. She did and I wasn't surprised to see two rather large biceps form. I complimented her and said they looked great. One evening not long after we over at their house and Ashley suggested that we all wrestle. But that we would wrestle each others spouses Jill against Doug and me against Ashley. Doug and I looked at each other and said OK but not too enthused at the prospect. THey had a very large carpeted living room, so both couples could wrestle at the same time. The girls changed into bikinis and the guys wore shorts and T-shirts. We began and I couldn't believe how strong Ashley was. Her arms were large and she put me in holds and at one point had me in a bear hug that I thought I would pass out. I looked over at Doug and he wasn't faring any better Jill had him under her applying pressure and he just moaned. The girls wrestled us for almost an hour till we both begged them to stop. They were really enjoying this and giggled when we both lay there on the carpet bruised and battered. I managed to get myself over to the couch half crawling there. Doug stayed where he was and Jill came over and sat next to me. She asked if I was ready to go home I just nodded. Ashley walked over to Doug and helped him to his feet. We said our goodbyes and as we left I saw Doug fall into Ashley, she bent down and he fell over her shoulder. She walked us to the door with Doug lying helplessly over her shoulder. I told Jill that Ashley really worked me over and by the state of Doug she must have done the same to him. She said she had really enjoyed the match, I leaned on her and kissed her neck. She asked if I was OK, I said yeah just a litlle shaky. We got to the steps in front of our house, she stopped and looked me in the eyes and then she too bent down and lifted me across her shoulder like Ashley had done. I was too weak to complain and it actually felt good dangling there as she easily carried me in the house. She said I want to make love to you. I was turned on also as she stopped at the mirror and flexed with her free arm. She carried me into the bedroom, undressed me and herself. We had the best sex ever. Doug and I talked the next day and both agreed it had been worth it. We couldn't wait to wrestle our own wives now! Jill and I wrestled that night and she seemed even stronger than Ashley, she pinned me and exhausted me too. She hoisted me again over her shoulders in a fireman carry. She carried me for some time before taking me in the bedroom. She dominated me and even did me with a strap on. I was in heaven thanks to my Amazon wife!

DavidFeb 18 2013 9:53am
David you are one of the luckiest men on earth, i was once in your position with a great musclar girlfriend but i left her :(

TerryFeb 23 2013 2:36pm
some body lift and carry me -- sultan

sultanMar 20 2013 5:04am
I am skinny boy One day I went a party where the girls in party was very strong many girls lifted me all party time I was lifted by girls

AnonymousApr 29 2013 1:53pm
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ivxPvTInxSep 24 2013 3:40am
I m 4.a5",50 kgs and 25 yrs old boy. 7 yrs ago marraid with a tall 5.5",60 kgs and 15 yrs old girl my wife 22 yrs old,5.8" and 70 kgs waight. We lived with my mom 43 yrs old.who vry slim and short hight and waight,like 4.7",and 58 kgs. And my two childreen jon 6 yrs,m.and isha 5 yrs,fm. We hv very happy family. I worked out for my job start after 12 pm to 5 i go out 11 am, and come home 6 pm. Our familys main role taken my wife and she is the bigest member of the family coz her hight and waightness. My wife behave me and my mom as we r elder child her and she happen 4 child hv her,coz our hight and waight. she wear a sari(indian dress) and dressing mom a little frok and panty of my a t.shirt and short pant of my son. She breastfeeding our child after sleeping them,she blow me and mom.we go to near her,then she take mom on her lap like craddle a 2 months baby.she open her bra mom suck nipple and drink breastmilk on that position.after mom time to come me and i also siting her lap this position she kissed my forhead i drink her breastmilk.after feeding she front lift me and my mom same time and walking to bed room she treating mom honey,baby......and me a monkey.then she laing us on bed and sing a lulby tring to sleeping us. On holy day my wife massage our child at this time she massage me and my mom by oil and forced to stand nude with our kids.she undreesed me and my mom,and first massaging kids and bathed them after my wife pulled my mom and sat on her lap then massage and bathed her then me.after bathing we all play nude without my wife she all time wear sari but i and my two childreen and my mom more times of the day living nude in front my wife taken my naked mom on her hip and treating like her my wife calld us (me and mom) baby.we caling her we made her child.she nurshing us mother hood. After our child grown now they more taler then me and my mom.they r 13 and 14 years old and 1" taller then us. Now the time come, when my daughter carry me on her hip,and my son carries my mom.i also fit on my daughters lap and mom also fit on her grand sons lap.when we looked us in mirror it show like baby on thers parents my daughter calld me baby and i calld her mom and my child make my and my moms parent and my wife also make grand ma. Now nurshing me and my mom by us new parents.who is my daughter forced to undresing me and my mom,massage us by oil and we standing nude in front my child sory,they r our parents.then my daughter carry to my nude mom on her hip and hand over to my wife lactating my son cary me nude then hand over to my daughter take me from my son and feeding me her breastmilk on sat her cradle and i lactating my daughters nipple some milk come in my mouth i drink it. Now i siting on my daughters lap more time in the wife carring my mom.our child made our parents and we living nude on front of my wife and child.i sleeping nude on my daughters lap.and mom sleeping nude on my wifs lap. Our relation was changed.we r so happy on our new relation and enjoy it. I CHALLENGE THAT NOBODY HAS SAME EXPIRIENCE. Oct 09 2013 12:26am
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hVZGOlrvtgHqDec 14 2013 4:40pm
Our neighbor comes over to watch our kids. She is 5'1 110, but plays all sports. One day she came over and started to piggyback the kids. I got the nerve as a joke to say when is it my turn. I'm 6'0 220. She just smiled and shrugged it off. A week later she stopped over to see if we needed her for the following weekend. I had to ask one more time for that piggyback ride. She asked if anyone was home I guess she was embarrassed. When I said no to my surprise she said fine go over to the steps so you can hold the railing. At this point I figured there was no way she could do it. She leaned down between my legs and told me to lower my body onto her back. She had all my weight on her and she scoped my legs and walked for about 30 secs. I could not believe it happened.

BruceDec 29 2013 12:03am

Ajit SharmaJan 06 2014 2:26am
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Ajit SharmaJan 06 2014 2:53am
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ocrovHXtDgsZhTdlrqBFeb 28 2014 11:39am
We have a house made 5'9',not fat at all, have muscles and strong legs. She is the tallest in our family my father is 5'3. Mother 5'4' and i am also 5'4' maid has very we devoloped boobs and ass. She is little bit darker than brown in colour. One day i saw my father wanted to fix a bulb at hight and she lifted my father very easily. She hold my fathers underarms and let them sit on her shoulders in front of my mother who accepted it. It was 2 months ago my parents had gone to marriage party and i was alone in the maid camed and started her work. She wored a salwar kameez. I asked her can she lift me and she said i have lifted ur father. I asked to lift me but she said after work. She was washing crookries inthe kitchen and i got closer to her and asked her to lift me plz plz plz. She holded my arms and lifted me on her hips just like 2 yrs baby. And she continued her work i huged her breast and putted my head on her shoulder and soon wetted my pants. It also wettwd her clothes and without being surprised asked me dont u feel shame to do this. I ignored that. She carried me to the bathroom landed my and with her hands removed my wetted underwear made me nude and started washing my underwear and other clother and said me to sit on sofa after some time she camed and lifted me at every pose during front lift i realised it again and it wetted her clothes as i was nude and she said r u happy babu. She just tried to wash her vlothes little bit and while leaving she said we will do it again shonamonna, kissed my forehead and left. Now a days whenever i am alone with her she lifts me in all pose. When i wet my shorts she grabs my nose and shake it. but cant sex with her which she does not want to

AjiroshMar 05 2014 9:57am
Woh very lucky. But u said she lift your father and ur mother did not objected. How

JayMar 05 2014 11:20am
Actually she is working in my house since 9 yrs. Her main purpose was to take care of my grandpa who died 2 yrs before. Shetook care of my grandpa many yrs and easieasily use to lift them in her hands for wheelchair to bed or wheelchair to dining take and so on. After ma grandpa death i was grown any was given my grandpa room. She had her own small room. In this yrs my family was very close to her. She use to address my father dad and my mother mom even my parents use to address her daughter. She had also lifted my father over head when my father was removing tubelight. One day at night while watching tv my father was sitting next to her he grabbed her both shoulder shaked them and started talking about them with my mother but it was shocking that my father did not removed his hand frm her shoulders for 1 or 2 minutes. So she is very close to our family. Several times i slept with my head on her laps. While watching tv. When my parents leave for work i get excited and climb on her and start liking her throat. And she starts lifting me

AnonymousMar 05 2014 11:32am
Can u send me pics

JayMar 05 2014 11:32am
But it should be private. Giv me ur mob number. Just one pic and our faces will be coverd for privacy

AjiroshMar 05 2014 11:34am

JayMar 05 2014 11:35am
Woh se has so sexy perfect body. Really lucky!!!!. R u allowed to touch her private parts

JayMar 05 2014 11:37am
No. Just throat cheeks, lips,

AjiroshMar 05 2014 11:38am
Did something else happened

JayMar 05 2014 4:52pm
I had talk to her as she is very close to me. She sais i like to lift ur father and you on her hips. A new thing i knwedfrom her that my maid had lifted my mother fully nude and bath with her. She said she wanted to do this to u both and asks me to to be on her hips even when my parents are at home. One day she front lifed my dad and my mom got angry over her than she said she likes to lift you all my mother was little angry because my father was on her hips for more than 2 hrs. After that it became regular. My dad has also being lifted by her sister. That day argument broke between my parents about my fathers sister being strong but my maid proved it wrong. She said my dads sister to lift him and after that she lifted both of them very easily which my dads sister could not do. Soon mom allowed my maid todo my bath and my fathers bath and allowed me to kiss her as she is fabulous. Soon my father and i started to live in underwear in the house and one time she said that during dads bath he hugged me and started kissing me. My mother use to get angry something but she use to lift my mother abd press her head tightly to her boobs or throat so she cant speak. One day my father found me playing in her arms nude with erection but he just hugged her and asked to carry him like that. After that she took tlme to d room where my mother was slept nude and i wetted on my maid cloths my mom saw this she was angry but i wan under protection of my maid so mom cant do me anything. When my mom came closer se lifted her on her left hip and i on her right. My mom was shouting at her but she ignored it like a baby was crying and started bathing my mom and me. When my maid is with me and my dad my mom cant say anything instead on getting on her hips. Soon i started sleeping on her abdomen at nights. One day she startrd massaging my fathers shoulder my letting him sit on her laps.

AjiroshMar 05 2014 5:31pm
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ASeemErMkjxZTeBXGhApr 01 2014 3:03am
any girl would like to lift me, i am 16 years old, weight under 50 kg 176cm??? Contact me: Remember to give me some brief information like age, weight , height and place you prefer to meet.

isaacApr 06 2014 1:13am

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VAgnFMWMBJun 04 2014 2:45pm
My wife is into weightlifting for the last 10 years. She is a big girl about 190cm and 96kg, mostly muscular not fat though. me, as a yoga instructor, im leaner about 69kg and about 173cm tall. she always towers over me, especially when she is on heels but we both got used to that. we never used to talk about her workout so i had no idea what type of weight she use to lift at the gym. Recently i decided to make a surprise visit at the new gym she joined. She was very happy to see me there but i was stunned by what i saw: for some reason she was looking so sexy in her workout clothes (she was wearing just a green bra and blue shorts) all sweaty, with her muscles and veins pumped out from the workout. She was doing standing shoulders presses at that time with a bar. I asked her out of curiosity how much weight is she lifting and her reply left me with the mouth wide open from surprise: "100kg for eight reps" she said and she laughed with my reaction. "omg thats about 30kg more that i weight" i though and started to feel aroused. I told her that i was really impressed by her strength and i stayed for a bit more to see some of her workout routine always checking with surprise the weight she is using: she overhead squat about 150kg, (i was scared cos that more than double my weight) and deadlift about 220kg. :O i decided that ive seen enough so i stood up trying to hide my erectionand i went home thinking how strong my wife is and how easily she could pick me up if she wanted to. Knowing that i started to grow my lift and carry fetish again watching videos and pictures of woman lifting man, but i was to shy to tell her anything which i regret because two weeks later when she randomly checked my pc history and found out about everything her reaction was the coolest possible: the next day she was waiting for me coming back from work wearing just her red red bikini. It was summer time so "she is probably getting ready for the beach" i thought, but then she came over me, and without saying anything, she lifted me over her one shoulder carry me to the couch and put me on her lap while she sat down. "so you like to be lifted by girls" she said in a sexy voice. I was SPEECHLESS, i was trying to say something to find an excuse but nothing could come out of my mouth, couldnt hide my arousal any more so i admit it. "i found the videos you are watching and i remember the way you were looking at me at the gym" she said. "you should have told me about your fetish" she said and then she whispered in my ear: "because lifting small man like you makes me really horny". That was it, i have never felt more aroused on my life and i instantly cum in my pants, but i didnt know that there were more to follow. She left me out of her lap and she went to the other room to put on her 15cm high heels. When she came back she towered over me (she was 205cm on that heels omg) and she asked me to stand. I stand and my head was at the height of her boobs. "you are so tiny, i can toss you around like a rag doll" she said and immediately she took me on a cradle carry and started to curve me and walk around. "i can use you for my warm lol" she laughed. She carried me infront of our big mirror in the living room. "i want to see myself doing that to you" she said and she let me down. "what are you gonna do?" i asked ready to ejaculate again. she looked down to me and she said with her sexy voice: "im gonna lift high over my head baby, are you ready for something like this?" "you can try if you can honey" i replied. "lol if i can??" she replied and in 2 seconds without i even realise it she leaned over she put one hand on my croch and the other on my chest and up i went. She lifted me overhead like i weight nothing, my ass almost touched the ceiling, i was scared and aroused at the same time. She was walking around the house with me said that im a lightweight and that she can hold me up there for hours if she wanted to. "carrying a man over my head all over the house, im so aroused right now" she said. "We should that more often" she said. I couldnt agree more, she carried me into the kitchen, putting me onto her shoulders to go through the door and then pushing high over her head again. soon we both realise that the kitchen's window was open and a young man was standing there shocked with the show. My wife walked to his direction, still holding me overhead, and she stood to the other side of the open window, in her red bikini, with all her muscles stretched and me still holded over her head. "is there any problem?" said my wife to the young man. "no no madam, no problem, i was just leaving" he said and run away. i felt very strange knowing that my wife holding me overhead infront of another man. She left me down and started stretching her big muscle. i hugged her and we started kissing, i asked her to go straight to the bedroom for the best of our lifes. she carried me there and she said "we are gonna have sex, but first i wanna try something last with you". she asked me to wear a belt on my trousers, my imagination were going crazy so i did it. she stand in front of me and grapped my belt with one arm "are you ready to go up once again?" she asked. I realise what was about to happen, "ooh my god she is gonna lift me overhead with one arm" i though. before i even completed my thought she went on her knees and pushed me over her head using only her one arm! she started to scream like she has an orgasm and she tossed me to our bed. she jumped over me and we have the best sex of our lives. Since then we are doing lift and carry for foreplay every time. sometimes she is lifting me overhead in the beach and throwing me in the sea, i find it a bit embarassing to be lifted in public (everybody were watching us) but she enjoys it so i let her do it, and i cant do elsewhere anyway lol.

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AnonymousJul 05 2015 11:28am
Is anyone lifted by ballerina or other dancing girl?

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Hi, I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I have lift and carry fetish. Please any girl contact me. James

JamesSep 05 2015 11:27pm
Agar koi larki khwahishmand hai tu mujh se raabta kare.

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YZAtgxLTvjMyEJan 01 2016 12:51am
i'm 5ft6 and 200lbs, can any woman could lift me in any position, ex fireman carry and how long u could carry me

jackJan 17 2016 11:34am
I am 34 and single. I am 5 foot 10 and 115 pounds. I hired a cleaning lady from Brazil who is about 5 foot 7 and 140 pounds. Not fat or muscular. She is just thick. I dreamed of being lifted by a girl like her. On day she was cleaning and I went up to her and said can you lift me. She said why. I said to see your strength. She said which way. I did not answer and just got on her back and told her to keep cleaning. She said nothing. I felt and slapped her butt. By the way her butt is huge. And I mean like twice as big as my little white ass. I slapped it hard by mistake and even though she said nothing it must of hurt. She then finished and I told her you are strong. She said you are a light man. She is amazing. I always love spanking her ass when she comes even though she hated it.

MattJan 27 2016 8:57am
fUnvjv Usually I don at read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice article.

AxKKTulOmWbTgIVZzMar 01 2016 8:33am
I will tell my experience. This is regarding our maid Sufi, a 5 feet 2 inch tall woman slender build but with strong arms and a tight busty body. Every time I see her wash clothes and especially picking up weights arouses me. So one day when I was alone I told her how much she is strong and how much weight she can carry. She laughed a little and then told me that she can carry weights much larger than her. I asked her whether she can carry me and she said yes. So I told her that I will be delighted and pay her extra if she can carry me. She first hesitated but then we both went to the washroom. She pressed me against the wall and slowly front lifted me wrapping her arms around my legs. I had an erect after some time as she actually lifted me such that my erect was near her face. I was wearing a short and she told me how much I should pay her. I told her if she can hold me for another 5 minutes I will pay her double. She actually still lifted me so that my legs were now on her shoulders and body pressed against the wall. I could see her arms muscles bulge and could not control any further and came out burst with full force. She tried to put me down but while coming down I wrapped my legs around her waist and put my lips on top of hers. She also got aroused by then and started kissing me. She carried me for around 15 minutes and it was one of the best sessions I ever had. Ever since then I always have an arousal on seeing her but have not been able to get her alone!!

DebrajMar 09 2016 10:47am
Wat is ur height and weight debraj... and Wat is her weight?

AnonymousMar 16 2016 6:11am
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qMSBbrguleKDpOgApr 06 2016 1:50am
helo im rahul, is there any girl who lifts and carry me, im 5'7" tall and 60kg heavy.. and i want a girl to lift me and carry me around also she will allow me to sit on her lap for hours...kya koi ladki mujhe apni godi mein legi.....

rahulApr 29 2016 7:42am
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GeorgMay 08 2016 6:53am
helo im rahul, is there any girl who lifts and carry me, im 5'7" tall and 60kg heavy.. and i want a girl to lift me and carry me around also she will allow me to sit on her lap for hours...kya koi ladki mujhe apni godi mein legi...

rahulMay 10 2016 9:47pm
I think my sister can do it

JMay 11 2016 2:42am
hey j, tell me about your sister her age, height weight...and also from where you are... which lift she can do

rahulMay 13 2016 12:08am
Packing Up For Storage аАТ’аЂа‹ Yourself Storage

PKsWTqfnXWdiMay 13 2016 6:53pm
My sis is 14 and looks like 19 or 17...

KaiMay 14 2016 8:05am
oh can i see her or talk with her about lift and carry all this...... will she agree to lift and carry me

rahulMay 15 2016 9:30pm
yes of course but i will be hurt if i ask her

kaiMay 16 2016 5:28am
vZNgST Really enjoyed this post.Really thank you! Awesome.

JWqsuHZjbpuMay 16 2016 8:31am
My best woman friend first lifted me 5 years ago and then she could only lift me bit up as I weight 95 kgs she ca 63 kgs but now after that now she lifts me easily like a baby on her shoulders lifts me by her other side like a suitcase we had sex too while she carried me her arm muscles are very huge hard nowadys and she has strongest shoulders of any woman I know.I just love she lifting me every time we meet her jos now ca 60 me 90

ilpoMay 16 2016 9:08pm
hey kai, so how can i see her, may be a pic of your sis, also tell me how to talk with your sis, if she allows me, then mail me her pic or talk me at

rahulMay 16 2016 11:14pm
Does anyone here enjoy sitting on a woman's lap, r do any women here enjoy a man sitting on her lap?

SuganJun 10 2016 3:01pm
My mom is very muscular

AnonymousJun 12 2016 1:09am
oh really anonymous, tell about your mom like her age, height, her body shape, also from where you are,

rahulJun 14 2016 1:28am
I was lifted by my girl before. She is like 80 lbs 5'6 and im like 135 or 125 i am 19 and 6'0. she is small for her age at 18 but she carry me on her back when we makeout in the dressing room in the mall. nd she got sexy body and i always ask her to let me get on her back. it started wen i gave her something and she was exited and hugged me and picked me up this was yesterday. she say im light and one time she lifted me in some park for hour on her back. but of corse i can carry her to. this is perfecta for beaches in puerto rico where we live. all the girls here are da best

papichuloJun 20 2016 8:16pm
hey papichulo, its superb and cute your girl lifts you for an hour, and she likes you too during she lifts you and do u ever try to sit in her lap, also can i see her a pic, ask does she carry me too, im same of your weight but height will be 5'10 and age also same, can you ask your girl to lift me up also..

karanJun 21 2016 12:17am
I have one friend who is female with big thighs and she always asks me to sit on her lap. I sit and it is very comfortable. her thighs are firm but also soft and warm

SuganJun 25 2016 7:34pm
Delet this pole.

betuJun 28 2016 9:14am
sugan Wat ur and her height weight

AnonymousJun 29 2016 7:31am
@anonymous she is 5'11 and 190 pounds. She has large breasts and a big butt plus her thick thighs. She says she loves for me to sit on her lap and she hug me while I sit

SuganJun 29 2016 9:58pm
main pakistani hun, mujhe bhi yahi fetish hai

just a guyJul 02 2016 2:22am
@sugan does she lift carry u too ... share any experience

AnonymousJul 02 2016 10:04am
@anonymous, usually she just have me sit on her lap. She always pat her thighs to tell me to sit on her lap. Always I sit down. Most times when I try to get up, she pulls me back down. She says "No. Sugan. Sit here." I sit and let her hold me on her big soft thighs with her arms wrapped around me for often an hour or longer. She is tall and I always watch tv sitting on her lap

SuganJul 02 2016 4:33pm
One time she is on a swing being pushed by a tall female friend while I sit near. She smile and give her thighs a big slap. "Sugan," she says "sit on my lap!" I sit and she hold me tightly. It is fun to be on her big soft thighs while I fly up in the air. Then after 10 minutes I sit on the other girls lap while my female friend pushes "It is so fun to have him sit on my lap!" she says "Now I know why you always take him to sit!" Now I sit on both their laps when I see them

SuganJul 02 2016 4:36pm
@anonymous do you have any similar stories of lap sitting?

SuganJul 02 2016 4:38pm
@sugan r u from India? I Sat on my gf lap whn she came to my place but she is thin .. dont hv big thighs

AnonymousJul 03 2016 11:19am
@Anonymous I am but now live in the uk with family. That's too bad. It is so nice to sit on the lap of a girl with big thighs. It feels so comfortable. My female friend is obsessed with me sitting on her lap. She pull me down and don't let me leave. I think she get it from her mother who is a big woman and who also like to have me on her lap sometimes

SuganJul 03 2016 2:49pm
@sugan is she from India or uk

AnonymousJul 04 2016 8:39am
@anonymous she is from uk but has Indian parents

SuganJul 04 2016 1:57pm
@anonymous are you more into lift carry or lap sitting?

SuganJul 05 2016 12:09pm
kST3DR Im thankful for the article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

nNEmbclHdtJJul 06 2016 1:41am
@sugan both

AnonymousJul 07 2016 9:33am
@anonymous how did you first find that you liked those things?

SuganJul 07 2016 10:24am
When i was 15 years old my childhood frnd lift me easily her name was neha and she pick me easily she is so strong and tall her weight is 62 and my weight is 45

AnonymousJul 19 2016 7:49am
@anymous have she ever sat you on her lap?

SuganJul 19 2016 4:33pm
I'm a married woman, extremely big, tall and muscular. I love it when i let my husband or other men sit on my lap

Woman Jul 21 2016 12:39pm
@woman how big are you? I am 5'6 and 130 pounds. Could you sit me on your lap?

SuganJul 21 2016 10:34pm
hello @woman, i am 5'6 as well, can i know how big you are and what would your reaction if i will sit on your lap...also from where you are

karanJul 22 2016 12:27am
Hi I'm from Turkey. I'm 192 cm, 107 kg full of muscles, and 30 inches thighs. Of course you can sit on my lap, mant men do that because I treat all men "my husband, his friends, neighbors relatives" as my childrens

Woman Jul 22 2016 12:44am
@Woman, you look gorgeous can I ask what'd you be wearing when you let men sit on your lap

PhillJul 22 2016 3:17am
Thanks, that's sweet. Yes u can ask me what ever u want. I only let men sit on my lap, when I'm at home. So usually I would be wearing underwear, because there's no clothes can cover my 30 inches thighes and keep me comfortable

Woman Jul 22 2016 4:17am
@Woman that's amazing so they can feel your thighs and muscles when sit on your lap I want to try it

PhillJul 22 2016 4:22am
Yes right, they can touch it, and see how solid they're. I also force them to take off their pants, so I can enjoy the big difference between my thighs are theirs. You're more than welcome I love to have as much as I can new men to treat them as babies, although my husband doesn't like but I don't care I'm the boss of the relationship.

Woman Jul 22 2016 4:50am
@woman wow I would love to sit on your lap. I love to feel your bare thighs against mine while I sit. You sound amazing

SuganJul 22 2016 5:49am
Thanks Sugan. It's really nice to know that many men loves big women because my husband doesn't 😂. And as I said you're welcome

Woman Jul 22 2016 5:51am
@woman I'm sorry he doesn't. I cant imagine why. You sound beautiful. How will you hold me when I sit on your lap? Your lap sounds so comfortable

SuganJul 22 2016 6:01am
It's hard but I think it's comfortable as well. I lift you put you on my thighs hold your thighs and start comparing

Woman Jul 22 2016 6:43am
That's so sweet Sugan, thanks for being sorry for me. But actually that's alright maybe he doesn't like it because I'm way stronger and muscular than he is. And I can beat him really hard

Woman Jul 22 2016 6:45am
@Woman you are welcome. I love to sit on your lap facing forward leaning back against you if possible. I love to compare thighs with you and sit on your lap for a very long time

SuganJul 22 2016 6:47am
That's absolutely fine, I love this position as well because in that case your head will be lying in my breasts and it gives me great feeling of motherhood. For every hour sitting in my lap you have to spend one hour kissing worshipping my feet. 😂 Deal

Woman Jul 22 2016 6:54am
Hi I'm new on this forum, Woman you mean you are bigger and stronger than your husband?

AvalonJul 22 2016 6:58am
@woman deal! Do your breasts make a good pillow for my head when I sit on your lap? When I sit do you wrap your arms around me. If you let me sit I can worship you however you want :)

SuganJul 22 2016 7:00am
Alvon, yes much much bigger muscular and stronger. Sugan great yes because my breasts are so so big. Are you in worshipping women's feet

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:03am
sorry if i ask, you have biggermuscles and you are stronger plus you have apparently huge breasts?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:04am
Yes that's alright I'm nice woman ask what ever you want😇. I have very big muscles and extremely big breasts, so that force me to wear nothing except underwears in the house

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:06am
i suppose you are a sporty person, how you know your husband is weaker? have you tried to train together and he cannot follow you? or maybe lift as much as you?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:06am
Hahaha, I'm 107 kg full of muscles he's 60 kg never trained plus I am trained boxer and wrestler. I beat him and his friends many many times

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:08am
extremely big breast...uhmm sounds comfy eheh

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:08am
oh wow complimets you seems veeery strong, bigger than me, you hide your strenght or you like to show off?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:09am
Thanks yes I think very comfy. I like to show off only inside my house (husband, neighbors, relatives friends) not any stranger

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:12am
your husband enjoys your showing off? howdo you show? hope I,m not bothering too much with my questions

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:13am
@Woman why your husband doesn't like it to let men sit on your lap? Have you discussed about it

PhillJul 22 2016 7:13am
No he hates it. I beat other men, lifting them wrestling them. Challenging them in weightlifting. Phill he's jealous cam u believe it😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:15am
how you challenge man in weightlifting? are you able to lift a guy? impressive!!! why does he hate it?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:16am
Yes I can, I challenge them by seeing who can lift more weights. I think he hates it because he thinks men wrestling me for sexual reasons.

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:21am
Jealous of what exactly??

Phill Jul 22 2016 7:21am
I can use for the biceps around 10/12 kilograms can you challenge me?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:23am
Haha I can use 65kg what do u think. He's jealous because men will be sitting in my thighs touching it

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:25am
65 kilos on a single arm?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:26am
single lift or training repetitions?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:27am
i thought you were strong lady but i think you are a beast! woooooow

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:30am
Thanks single arm, for 25 times. I think u know how my husband feel 😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:32am
Do you let men touch you can I touch you.

Phill Jul 22 2016 7:32am
I'm sorry but i cannot lift that weight with all my body strength I think

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:34am
Yes phill you can if we were wrestling or if you become my baby or my slave. Avalon, that's normal all men around me are avarage so it means so weak and useless comparing to me

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:37am
Wow that's great what do you mean by baby or slave

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:37am
how big are your musclea

aJul 22 2016 7:38am
if you can 65 kilos per 25 reps and your husband is 60 kilos means that you can lift him one hand???

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:39am
Yes I can, my thighs 30 inches my biceps 22 my calves are 25. Phill I mean if you become my slave or baby I'll let you touch me as much as you want

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:41am
22 cm biceps?!!! theyre3 inches bigger than my thighs!!! if you flex i can sit on them omg you are huuuge

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:43am
Thank u. I know I told you I beat my husband and his friends at the same time many times

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:45am
@Woman how can I become your baby

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:45am
im 183 cm 78 kg and 13 inch biceps wha can you do with me to show your strength?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:45am
I can lift you as a bar 😂using my both arms. Phill you will be literally my baby lift you as a baby feed you, you won't be able to do anything of the adult stuff. When you misbehave I'll slap you

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:48am
can you explain please?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:48am
seems easy for you if you smile eheh, can i check my flexed muscles in comparison with yours? is it possible?

avJul 22 2016 7:49am
last post from Avalon

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:50am
I'll lift you as a bar for training but your weight isn't enough. You can check it but men usually are dizzy whe i do this.

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:52am
So should I call you mum. How you can spank me

Phill Jul 22 2016 7:53am
I.m toolight for you?!! whatmean dizzy ? don t you like to compare?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:53am
phil what is with spanking? woman why you like to be called mum?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:54am
I love to compare I meant you can't chrck my muscles while I'm using you as a bar. Yes only 75, i use 140. Phill yes please call me mum I love it when grown up do that

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:55am
I meant slapping

Phill Jul 22 2016 7:56am
I don't know I have a game with grown up men, i act as their mother, it gives me great feeling I prefer it more than sex. When men call me mum i got wet. Phill i spank and slap my babies, I'm too serious about that

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:58am
you truly can train with mmy bodyweight is insane!! when you put me down can I chk your muscles compared to mine?

AvalonJul 22 2016 7:58am
Yes I can and yes you can compare, and while comparing you'll be kissing my muscles and worshipping them

Woman Jul 22 2016 7:59am
what would you do to be my mum? am I maybe to big for that baby role? ;)

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:00am
Slapping and spanking!!! Why? What do you mean too serious

Phill Jul 22 2016 8:00am
can you tell me what reaction you usually see when you compare with guys your musles?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:01am
No you're not I had too older and bigger men than you. Phill yes I'm strict mum spank my babies, I meant if you want to be my baby you aren't allowed to do many things, go outside alone, mastribute, work. I can use pampers you as well 😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:03am
means that you can be stronger than guys bigger than me? btw a baby what should do to please the mum?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:04am
Scared, pooting their pants 😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:04am
you like to see your bicep twice the size of a average man?

avJul 22 2016 8:05am
Be quiet, behave, sleep with me like an angel, take bath with mummy, wearing pampers, saying mummy and fear me

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:05am
Wow you're strict mum, but I like if

Phill Jul 22 2016 8:07am
I ve never saw anybody with 22 inches biceps or calves like yours i don t know the feeling of comparison especially with a woman

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:07am
you like to see your bicep twice the size of a average man?I ve never saw anybody with 22 inches biceps or calves like yours i don t know the feeling of comparison especially with a woman

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:09am
You can try it with me I'm sure you'll like it. Great phill so start calling me mum

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:10am
will i feel small ?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:10am
I love to compare with men if you become my baby we can compare in the bath

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:11am
am I allowed to go bath with you?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:11am
Mumy I love that. Can I have bath with you? We I sleep with you

Phill Jul 22 2016 8:12am
Yes all my babies can go to bath with me. And yes phill you can sleep in the bed with me lying in my breasts but nothing sexual

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:14am
im less than haldf your muscles will be very impressive to see mine muuuch smaller and i think yours are also harder

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:14am
Sure mummy nothing sexual anything you say. I just want to be your baby

Phill Jul 22 2016 8:15am
can you pleaaaase describe to me how you want to compare to me? i want to be your baby i feel as strong as a baby compared to you so I think is a fare role playing

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:15am
womandid I offended you?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:20am
No not at all. I love to be my baby.

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:23am
When you'll be my baby I'll be lifting you all the time, so we can compare while lifting you. And start call me mum

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:24am
can you answer previous questions?

avalonJul 22 2016 8:24am
what do you usually say to guys when yiu see theys muscles flexed are smaller than yours mummy?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:25am
eha can we compare while im off the ground? ahah we can compare your enormous strenght with my no strenght ahaha

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:26am
No if you're baby you'll spend your first days only lifted later we can agree. Usually i say how do you feel whimp i can f*ck u if I want come and kiss your boss feet

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:28am
first day lifted can you explain? isnt it too difficult to keep me up for long minutes?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:29am
As i said you'll be carried by me so your hands will be around my biceps so we can compare that way. When we're on bed we can compare leg muscles

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:30am

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:30am
No it's not I told u I'm so serious about. My babies only wear underwear or pampers, i lift them all the time, or they have to crowl they're not allowed to walk.

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:31am
Sure, but I'm sure I'll feel nothing 😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:32am
what would i feel when i squeeze

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:32am
why pampers? but my question is will you lift me for how long ?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:33am
A small cute, little hands on my arms

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:33am
are your muscles also hard when flexed?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:33am
Because you're my baby, and I like to change pampers for my baby. I know it's so weird but I'll change your pampers. All day, as long as I'm not outside the house

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:34am
Sure so hard. So are you ready to wear pampers and wait mummy to change it? 😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:35am
so if it is sunday and you resting at home i will be off the ground for all day?!!!! are you really that amazingly strong mum?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:35am
do you really like to change adult men? do you like to flex and make me feel it?

avJul 22 2016 8:36am
Yes I'm. Do you love your new mum 😍? Either lifted by me, or having bath, or on my legs spanking you😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:37am
my new mum is pretty impressive,strong and muscular i think

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:38am
Yes I love to flex so I can make men fear me. And I love to change their pampers i know it so weird so I feel full control over them while they're helpless

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:38am
Thank you, so ready for pampers?

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:39am
im already helpless compared to your size and strenght i think

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:39am
Right you don't have problem with topless or naked women. Right?

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:40am
how you think will you put a pampers on me? or how would you change me

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:40am
why should i ? i lovetopless,

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:40am
you still didn t describe your feeling in having such big muscles compared, ho you feel while a man is sooo small to you? why you like this?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:41am
I'll put you on the floor or the kitchen table. Lift your legs up and change for you. Do you like it? No but I'm always topless at home and some men have problems with topless women

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:43am
you said you have big breast so im happy to see them of course

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:43am
I don't know the exact feeling but it gives me feeling of power and domination and makes me wet

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:44am
Cool, because I hate to cover them inside my home.

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:44am
does someone ever tried to armwrestle you? how big your husband arm is?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:45am
how heavy are tour breast?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:45am
Yes many men and they're using both hands. No one was successful. My husband biceps maybe 10 😂

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:46am
one man with both arms cannot beat you? omgmyour husband is smaller than me can he at least move your arm when you armwrestle him?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:47am
I think about 7 or bit more. They used to call me in uni cow, because of my big breasts

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:47am
7 lbs? wow around 2 kg is pretty big 7 lbs one or both together?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:48am
No he can't 😂. 8 kg both of them

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:49am
Soon you'll meet my husband and my breasts.

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:50am
but he is trying hard? 8 kg both what?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:50am
Yes very hard. Each breast is 4 kg I think

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:51am
4 kg each?!!! omg!!! theyr e bigger than my head ahhaha, biggest i ve ever touched were 3 kg total, so much less than a single of yours, amazing, what you say when he cannot move you?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:52am
I make fun of him. Lift him to my bedroom made him kiss and worship my feet

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:54am
sorry but with that size strength and weight if you boobslap someone he can truly fell down eheh

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:54am
is it weasy for you to beat him at armwrestling? fun of him how?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:55am
Haha why saying sorry. I love to hit men with my breasts. You can touch them soon

Woman Jul 22 2016 8:57am
can itouch?

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:57am
you hit man with your huuge breast? what happens

AvalonJul 22 2016 8:58am
Yes when i wrestle men i hit them with my boobs, they beg me to stop. They say it really hurts, some of them cry. Yes do you want to touch it or not?

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:00am
i d love to touchi bet my hands look very small on them

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:00am
Cool. Ya sure as long as you're my baby you can do many things with me

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:01am
for example?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:02am
it was easy for you to beat yourr husband at armwrestling? fun of him how?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:02am
man weaker than a woman pair of breast that s new, they were ashamed?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:03am
Yes very easy. I can tell you later how I don't remember now. Many things like bathing with me, Breastfeeding do you want to try it

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:04am
try to be breasthfeeded? how?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:04am
Yes they were so ashamed. Before the wrestling they'll be mastributing on my boobs and after the wrestling run away from them 😂 Weird don't you think?

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:05am
i betyou made them ashamed telling them your boobs were too strong to them eheh

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:06am
Treating you as a child before we go to sleep give you my breasts like mums do. I know it's stupid because there's no milk, but it gives my babies great feeling of safety and me feeling of motherhood what do u think

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:07am
wellactually they are big enough to seem mum boobs with child and you are much bigger than me so is fine but if im not too heavy to hold n that position

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:08am
Exactly, you know this is why all men around me don't have erection when I'm naked😂 I know it's so weird probably you say about me crazy woman

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:08am
u like to be sooo much stronger uh?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:09am
No, don't worry we'll start the breastfeeding at the living room and complete it in the bed

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:09am
i should leave your breast walk to the bed and continue sucking ?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:10am
Yes, most men keep sucking. I love that until you fall asleep

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:12am
can you walk while im sucking? lifting me as a baby?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:12am
i hope not to suffocate under those massive breasths

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:13am
Well you might they're so huge. Yes i can it's easy. Since they're so big they're the most effective weapon forcme in wrestling

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:15am
do you like to constantly show your strenght at home also to husbands and babyes?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:15am
you really can make an adult man feeel like a baby if i can fell asleep sucking massive mbreast wile lifted aloft

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:16am
i think you are busy mum

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:17am
Yes i flex for them all time. I can make u feel a real baby. Changing your pampers breastfeeded you spanking u

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:18am
camon no woman can spank a man without his permission

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:18am
I'm very busy person in addition to all my babies slaves and husbands I'm CEO of my company

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:19am
have you ever lifted something pretty heavy at work surprising your colleagues?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:19am
U think so. My slippers print is on all my men asses

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:19am
you spank men? do someone cried seriously?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:20am
Yes many times. You can ask my husband when I bring men to the house he hates a lot so i spank him

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:21am
what did you lifted at work for example? what was the reaction? you spank your husband? sometimes he cryes?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:22am
I don't remember specific story in my office. Yes him his friends cousins neighbors many many times they cried

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:23am
all men around you are weaker and got beated?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:24am
Listen this poll might close at 300 comments so move to this one:

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:24am
can you lift your office desk?

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:24am
Yes all of them, I swear all of them when they see me they go to the ground to kiss my feet as signs of respect. I told you when I'm around they don't have erection because of the fear.

Woman Jul 22 2016 9:26am

AvalonJul 22 2016 9:27am
@woman the new poll closed out. Lets move to this one

SuganJul 25 2016 12:39pm
ek bar maine bohot p li thi or maine apni gf k sath badtameezi ki or gaaliyan di to wo gusse me aa gayi or usne mujhe bohot dhoya laat ghuse sab se. mere kapde faad diye poora nanga kar diya or apne kandhe pe utha liya main 5'11 78kgs ka jabki wo sirf 5'2 45kgs or wo bohot sexy upar se usne dress b sexy short skirt or top me thi jo ki haathapayi me fat gayi to wo sirf panty me or main poora nanga uske chote-2 kandhon pe usne mujhe kayi bar utha k patka main uske kandhe pe pada-2 khud ko chudane ki bohot koshish kar raha tha bt ni chuda pa raha tha to main uske boobs dabane laga or fingering karne laga isse wo or bhadak gayi or seedhe overhead position me utha liya or boli ab daba kutte mera hath b nahi pohoch ra tha mera lund latak raha tha or ye soch-2 k ki jo ladki mere kabdhe tak b ni pohochti usne meri aisi halat kar di mere lucd ka ras nikal gaya or uske baalon pe chune laga main ekdum adhmara sa mehsoos kar raha tha....

beaten by gfAug 01 2016 10:17am
i have been lifted by many times by my ex gf pooja who is only 45 kgs 5'2 whereas i'm 5'11 76kgs.i'm 31 kgs heavier n she can hardly reach upto my shoulder but she can lift me even in over her head. i have remembered when i was drunk a lot for a night n i repetedly asked her to lift me while she was not in mood but still she lifted me in ots way n i started fingering her n pressing her boobs she got irritated and li'l bit angry when from nowhere she lifted me overhead i was completly nude n she was in very tiny skirt only i wass lying helplessly watching her boobs and she was roaming around all over room

great liftAug 03 2016 10:49am
q2xz6T Im obliged for the blog post.Much thanks again. Will read on

pNDbiSjYsKGNUriAug 03 2016 9:16pm
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