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Created by: Nikhildg at 12:21:45 AM, Saturday, November 27, 2010 EST


If this post was called scissorworld there would be 100 posts.

AnonymousNov 28 2010 11:50pm


Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:30pm
I can do dirty, or a good girl ;) hahh

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:32pm
no???no horny boys ;P

JadeFeb 23 2014 5:41pm
Lol what happen to your bf?

5.3.Feb 23 2014 5:47pm
plzzz boys im horny!!!

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:47pm
I don'thave one..havent 4 a while...

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:47pm
:\ urghhh i need a guy!

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:49pm
You really wanna talk to a boy that bad, don't you

KiritoFeb 23 2014 5:49pm
Oh, well I think I'll help you out ;p

5.3.Feb 23 2014 5:50pm
wat? lol i just like to sext! lol havent in a while tho so thought id giv it a go

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:51pm

KiritoFeb 23 2014 5:51pm
*kisses your neck*

MjFeb 23 2014 5:52pm
well ppl call me a slut behind y back, y not become one...thts all i v every been treated like....

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:53pm
Don't you have kik jaden?

KiritoFeb 23 2014 5:54pm
i'm h0rny for a pu$$y right about now.

malenaFeb 23 2014 5:54pm
*rund my hand up ur shirt and along your back*

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:54pm
i am not lez...

JadenFeb 23 2014 5:55pm
no @Kirito

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:55pm
*puts hand in your panties and rubs your pµssy*

MjFeb 23 2014 5:56pm
So that's why you're sexting here, but why can't you go into normal posts?

KiritoFeb 23 2014 5:56pm
mmm *bites ur bottom lip gently tounge kissing u*

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:56pm
It wont let me

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 5:57pm
*puts hand under your shirt and squeezes your tits*

MjFeb 23 2014 5:58pm
Maybe people kept flagging you or something

KiritoFeb 23 2014 5:58pm
wtf! jerk no its a fuking error im not flaged -.-

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 6:00pm
Oh, but why am I a jerk

KiritoFeb 23 2014 6:00pm
dammit...i gtg the walking dead it on now....

Jaden♪♪♪Feb 23 2014 6:00pm
The Walking Dead, and idk u just autimatically asumed id been flagged

JadenFeb 23 2014 6:01pm

kenFeb 23 2014 7:36pm
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etWCivxGggDec 21 2014 8:06am

-1'May 21 2015 6:15am

HDURgQnmhopDec 31 2015 6:53pm
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